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Title: 사임당, 빛의 일기 / Saimdang, Light’s Diary
Previously known as: Saimdang, the Herstory
Also known as: Saimdang, Memoir of Colors
Chinese Title: 師任堂,光的日記
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 28 (30-2)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2017-Jan-26 to 2017-May-04
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


This is a 100% pre-produced drama. Filming began on 2015-August-10 and finished on 2016-June-4.

A reinterpretation of Saimdang from the Joseon times. She was a genius artist and passionate lover. Lee Young Ae takes on two roles; Seo Ji Yoon, a college professor who specializes in Korea Art History and Shin Saimdang.

Meanwhile, Lee Gyum (Song Seung Hun) is a man who had a fateful first encounter with Saimdang in his youth and has carried her in his heart for whole life.


Main Cast (Past)

Lee Young Ae as Shin Saimdang
Park Hye Soo as Shin Saimdang (young)
Song Seung Hun as Lee Gyum
Yang Se Jong as Lee Gyum (young)

Main Cast (Present)

Lee Young Ae as Seo Ji Yoon

Supporting Cast (Past)

Oh Yoon Ah as Whieumdang Choi
Yoon Ye Joo as Whieumdang Choi (young)
Choi Chul Ho as Min Chi Hyung (Whieumdang Choi’s husband)
Choi Jong Hwan as King Joongjong
Yoon Suk Hwa as Queen Dangyeong
Yoon Da Hoon as Lee Won Soo (Saimdang’s husband)
Noh Hyung Wook as Won Soo (young)
Jung Joon Won as Lee Hyun Rong (Saimdang’s son)
Choi Il Hwa as Shin Myung Hwa
Jang Seo Kyung as Hyang Yi
Lee Joo Yeon as Princess
Lee Kyung Jin as Saimdang’s mother
Jung Ah In as Whieumdang Choi’s helper
Park Jung Hak as Escort warrior
Lee Sung Wook as leader of wandering people
Heo Sung Tae as Wang Jung Chul

Supporting Cast (Present)

Yang Se Jong as Han Sang Hyun
Choi Jong Hwan as Min Jung Hak (Professor)
Kim Hae Sook as Kim Jung Hee (Seo Ji Yoon’s mother-in-law)
Lee Hae Young as Jung Min Seok (Seo Ji Yoon’s husband)
Lee Tae Woo as Jung Eun Soo (Seo Ji Yoon’s son)
Park Joon Myun as as Ko Hye Jung (Seo Ji Yoon’s friend)
Kim Young Joon as Teacher assistant Nam
Kim Mi Kyung as Director Seon
Song Min Hyung as CEO Heo
Anda as Anna


Hong Suk Chun
Sul Jung Hwan
Song Joon Hee
Kwak Ji Hye
Kim Min Hee
Goo Hye Ryung
Jo Seung Yun
Kim Jung Hak
Ban Hyo Jung
Shin Soo Yun

Production Credits

Production Company: Creative Leaders Group8 Inc., Emperor Entertainment Korea Ltd.
Director: Yoon Sang Ho
Screenwriter: Park Eun Ryung


Lee Young Ae makes a TV comeback through this drama after 14 years since 2003 MBC drama “Dae Jang Geum“.

Kam Woo Sung was offered the lead male role, but declined.

Shin Saimdang who born on 1504-October-29 is an artist, calligraphist, poet and she appears on the current South Korean 50,000 won bill (highest value).


– She was the mother of the Korean Confucian scholar Yi I who appears on the current South Korean 5,000 won bill.


– The series was originally scheduled to air at 10:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, beginning in 2016-Oct-08, but on 2016-Sep-27, SBS announced that the broadcast of series would be delayed and has finally confirmed a time slot for this drama. It will be broadcasted after “The Legend of the Blue Sea“. (Source)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2017-01-26 1 13.9 (4th) 16.0 (3rd) 16.3 (4th) 16.6 (3rd)
2017-01-26 2 11.8 (7th) 13.4 (5th) 15.6 (5th) 16.6 (3rd)
2017-02-01 3 10.6 (10th) 12.2 (5th) 13.0 (4th) 13.5 (4th)
2017-02-02 4 10.2 (11th) 11.5 (6th) 12.3 (5th) 12.6 (5th)
2017-02-08 5 8.6 (15th) 9.9 (6th) 10.7 (6th) 11.0 (5th)
2017-02-09 6 8.7 (13th) 10.3 (7th) 12.0 (7th) 12.5 (5th)
2017-02-15 7 7.0 (17th) 8.7 (12th) 9.7 (9th) 10.2 (5th)
2017-02-16 8 7.8 (16th) 9.0 (14th) 10.3 (9th) 10.9 (6th)
2017-02-22 9 7.6 (16th) 8.6 (9th) 9.8 (8th) 10.4 (5th)
2017-02-23 10 8.3 (13th) 9.9 (7th) 10.1 (10th) 10.7 (6th)
2017-03-01 11 7.7 (16th) 9.1 (8th) 9.6 (9th) 9.7 (8th)
2017-03-02 12 8.4 (17th) 9.4 (8th) 10.3 (8th) 10.3 (6th)
2017-03-08 13 7.8 8.7 10.3 (8th) 10.3 (6th)
2017-03-09 14 8.4 (12th) 9.1 (8th) 10.5 (8th) 10.7 (7th)
2017-03-15 15 8.4 (13th) 9.0 (8th) 10.4 (7th) 10.8 (5th)
2017-03-16 16 9.3 (11th) 10.5 (6th) 10.2 (9th) 10.2 (7th)
2017-03-22 17 8.3 (16th) 9.0 (10th) 9.4 (8th) 9.1 (6th)
2017-03-23 18 9.0 (10th) 10.4 (5th) 10.0 (7th) 9.9 (7th)
2017-03-29 19 8.1 (17th) 9.7 (8th) 9.0 (9th) 9.3 (7th)
2017-03-30 20 8.2 (17th) 9.4 (9th) 9.3 (9th) 9.3 (8th)
2017-04-05 21 8.6 (16th) 10.0 (7th) 9.4 (9th) 8.8 (10th)
2017-04-06 22 8.7 (15th) 9.3 (11th) 9.6 (9th) 9.3 (8th)
2017-04-12 23 7.4 (19th) 8.4 (12th) 8.5 (11th) 8.4 (10th)
2017-04-13 x Postponed      
2017-04-19 24 6.0 6.2 6.1 (20th) 5.9
2017-04-20 25 7.2 (18th) 7.9 (18th) 8.3 (12th) 8.8 (11th)
2017-04-26 26 6.4 6.9 (18th) 7.8 (11th) 7.7 (11th)
2017-04-27 27 7.4 (16th) 7.8 (15th) 8.4 (10th) 8.5 (9th)
2017-05-04 28 6.8 (18th) 7.5 (12th) 8.2 (9th) 8.8 (7th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Saimdang, Light's Diary Poster1 Saimdang, Light's Diary Poster2 saimdang-lights-diary-poster3 saimdang-lights-diary-poster4

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293 Responses to “Saimdang, Light’s Diary”

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  1. 51
    casey Says:

    Saigono kissu waTabako fara aroma gashitaNigakute setsunai kaoriAshita nu ni imagoro waAnata wa Doko ni irun darou’Dare aviz omotte ‘rula darou’You întotdeauna va fi loveItsuka mea îndrăzni kato ni ochitemoI’ll KOI Mata amintesc să Loveyou ma învățat cum te sunt întotdeauna o să fie oneImawa mada kanashii dragoste songAtarashi utaeru uta făcut

  2. 52
    futa Says:

    कोई स्वाद gashitaNigakute setsunai kaoriAshita कोई imagoro नी waAnata वा doko नी Irun darou’Dare omotte wo ‘चलाने darou’You हमेशा वाला हो जाता है मेरा loveItsuka हिम्मत काटो माता Koi नी ochitemoI’ll याद प्यार करने के लिए मुझे सिखाया howYou हमेशा होने वाला कर रहे हैं oneImawa माडा kanashii प्यार songAtarashi Uta बनाया utaeru

  3. 53
    dylan Says:

    3 days to go yes saimdang !!!!

  4. 54
    Perdere Says:

    visualizzare che finalmente

  5. 55
    ビクトリア Says:


  6. 56
    Hannah Says:

    Can’t. Wait.

  7. 57
    tiara Says:

    tonight ….

  8. 58
    denise Says:

    wow ! saimdang finally !

  9. 59
    licca Says:

    the 1st 2 episode so good. nice ratings. good job guys. im so excited to next episode. fighting!!!

  10. 60
    rian Says:

    Jewel In The Palace is super graded A. And this drama Saimdang is super graded A too. Looking forward until the end of this drama.

  11. 61
    عشق Says:

    من مانند لی جوانان نمایشنامه های بدست آورد.

  12. 62
    Hannah Says:

    Watched the first two episodes! It’s really good!!

  13. 63
    Venus Says:

    I enjoyed watching this drama.

  14. 64
    OMG Says:

    more interesting. i love it. highly recommended !!

  15. 65
    Cruise Says:

    The drama looks good and Lee Young Ae is still beautiful.

  16. 66
    Back2Back Says:

    At last, Saimdang! and the first two episodes are really good! Very interesting..10/10. Highly recommended!

  17. 67
    pjs Says:

    For another user, please use english. Thanks for ur appreciate.

    Eps 2 is more interesting than eps 2. Actually ep 1 is a bit boring. I m so excited after adult lee gyum and saimdang appear. And how they separate after 20 years. Woowwww….

  18. 68
    mee Says:

    maybe just me, i prefer modern scene than joseon scene, maybe because it just the begining so i feel joseon scene a bit slow. Or maybe i prefer older saimdang than younger one. I hope it will continue to switch between joseon and modern era, so we can see imediately how it affected her in modern era. Glad to see lee young ae again after 14 years…

  19. 69
    tigerb Says:

    ep. 1: ji yoon was kissing ass so she can get a better position in the university, and for that ‘mistake’, the head department dropped her, forgetting that she was like a servant to serve him. i hate that in the professional world, danggg, but it’s just the beginning of the series.

  20. 70
    tigerb Says:

    …’mistake’, the department head dropped her, ……

    ep 2: looks like ji yoon is reincarnation of saimdang? let’s see how much history i’ll learn from this series.

  21. 71
    MaxT Says:

    The first 2 episodes were very boring. I fast forward more the 60% of scenes. Maybe it’s not my cup of tea.

  22. 72
    Greia Says:

    There are lots of pressure for this drama, since this drama stars Lee Young Ae. This is another drama from her after 13 years. Also for Song Seung Hun, almost 4 years. Because of these two stars, media (including Social Media) gives much pressure with their provocative news title and fans’ give too much expectations (in my opinion).

    Since this is 100% pre-produced drama, PD and their crews can’t change another story plot. For me, the timing is a little wrong. Since the 1st eps broadcasting schedule keep changed, might if netizen have big expectations. Always nice to see two of them individually, by thwe way.

  23. 73
    Hannah Says:

    Ep 3 and I still like this drama. I kinda expect the slow storyline in the beginning as this drama has 30 eps, which is longer than usual. So every details and every story are important.

  24. 74
    Feli78 Says:

    It’s a usual for people who don’t like the drama, since this drama has just broadcasted for 3 episodes only. Might be a boring. This is a process for a drama.

    I say I’m a little agree with @Greia says, this drama has a lot of pressure and timing off for 1st episode broadcast schedule. Myself asking: What work that has this PD and Writer done before?? I only heard about this drama wrote “Bride of the Century” , which wasn’t that famous. How they convince the two of few elite Korean stars to star in this production?

    There are three possibilities: Big success, like DOTS. Second, pretty good although not meet too much expectations, like Legend of the Blue Sea (although not 100% pre produced), or Fail, like Uncontrollably Fond. Let’s just see, because the journey is still long enough.

  25. 75
    inggit kayo Says:

    hindi naman boring ang Saimdang. wag kayo mag kumpara sa ibang drama dahil naman ito parehas sa mga iyon. para sa akin best drama ito dahil mahusay gumanap si LYA at SSH. kumpara kay LMH at Suzy hindi marunong umarte.

  26. 76
    BOBO KAYO! Says:

    DOTS,Uncontrollably Fond,LOTBS,Goblin,Scarlet Ryeo are boring.

  27. 77
    Hannah Says:

    This drama is getting better! The love story between Lee Gyeom and Saimdang is so tragic. 😭 Can’t wait for ep 5!

  28. 78
    Timar Says:

    Young Saimdang’s naive action triggered a wave of human carnage in a highly volatile political environment. She gave a painting to a peasant child containing a poem which she did not and could not have foreseen the ramifications.

    Excellent drama.

  29. 79
    queen of asia Says:

    wow! interesting drama this year. more excitement ! best LYA ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  30. 80
    tagalog salita Says:

    mga puta kayo mag comment kayo dito. maganda ang drama na ito kumpara sa mga iba walang kwenta. pinakamagandang kdrama sa taong 2017. bravo !

  31. 81
    mga ulol Says:

    hoy kayo dyan mga ulol hindi ba kayo marunong tumingin kung anong drama ang maganda. ito na yon Saimdang is the best. super panalo at walang pwedeng tumalo dito.

  32. 82
    Ricca Says:

    Love love love
    love love love
    love love love

  33. 83
    Back2Back Says:

    Brilliant. Great cast, amazing acting and soul touching storyline. Love watching every minute of Saimdang. Highly recommended.

  34. 84
    Caurie Says:

    I just finished watching episode 4, i can say that is really amazing drama! Recommended ♥♥♥♥

  35. 85
    Micky Says:

    I am so thrilled and so happy! Finally after a very long wait and anticipation, Lee Young-Ae is back with such a FANTASTIC drama (“,)

  36. 86
    L.O.V.E Says:

    why this drama is super ……………… awesome…………… amazing…………..
    drama that i’ve ever watch this year.

  37. 87
    flower Says:

    muah muah muah. importante drama in asia.

  38. 88
    annie Says:

    Sorry, but I can’t not comment about the Italy part, because I live there! The so-called Bologna part was filmed mostly in Florence – when they are on that terrace you can see the Duomo/Cathedral of Florence and Palazzo Vecchio in the distance (and the terrace is probably the rooftop of one of the posh-est hotels in town). The only things filmed in Bologna were the day scene after she left the hotel dragging the suitcases (when she talks to her friend in Korea), the hotel Paradise and the shop where she bought toiletries. When she cries on the bridge, in the background there is Ponte Vecchio, but it can’t really be seen because it’s very blurred. I don’t know where is that villa, and I’m ashamed because it might be a very famous one, but I’ll keep looking!
    The Italians’ way of speaking is quite true to life. As regards them addressing her as “Beautiful One”, it is not an exaggeration, it’s just a common way of greeting a woman here. A friend (including a female friend) might greet you with “Ciao, bellissima” (Hello beauty) or maybe an older shopkeeper might greet you like that (even the project managers who send me work e-mails use “Ciao Bellissima” sometimes, and they have never met me or seen me!).
    The guy at the manor was not the owner, he even told her that finding those objects was a miracle, so he will give them to her as gifts, because he is not the owner 😉 (the translation of the Italian subtitles was quite off on the site where I watched it). He was probably tasked with selling the manor, so I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t let her see the other rooms, as long as he believed she was a buyer! The thing that irked me the most was the fact that he kept talking to her in Italian (he kept asking: Why don’t you listen to me?), when she was clearly a foreigner – there is a lot of tourism in Italy, so people usually know a little bit of English and they don’t automatically assume that you understand Italian! At most, they might try to explain you with lots of hand gestures.)
    The only exaggeration were the 4 young men on the bridge – don’t worry, if you come to Florence they don’t really behave like this!
    I’m thrilled that Lee Young Ae is in a drama again and I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. From Saimdang’s biography on Wikipedia, I liked that she received the same education as a male heir would, and also the fact that she had an understanding husband. I suppose this was quite revolutionary for that era.
    I suppose I am a feminist at heart and, in my opinion, girls should get an education and become strong and independent women, capable of taking care of themselves without waiting for a Prince Charming to come and save them. I can’t wait to see how Ji-yoon grows a spine (we have already seen that she’s intelligent and well prepared)and becomes strong enough to crush the evil Professor!

  39. 89
    paku Says:

    Let me say this firstly, LYA is gorgeous!! She glows through the screen. I love her!!

    That said, watching the whole 1st episode made me ill, like realy physically ill, my stomach hurt. I hate the kind of story where the main character has to go down in the gutter, with a supper villain pushing her even deeper. I hated it with my whole body. Yes, i understand this is a set up for a great comeback and revenge, and thanked god for her friend!

    Maybe this is the reason why it feels outdated, because makjang is not in trend anymore (at least not for me). I hope the revenge will be sickenly sweet, and i need that prof. Evil to get what he deserves, that is eternal damnation. Eugh i hate him!!

  40. 90
    paku Says:

    Saimdang’s production cost was approximately $20M and about half of that money came from a Chinese investor. Since Dae Jang Geum was a huge hit even in China, maybe they thought any Korean sageuk about a strong female main character would make them a lot of money especially if Lee Young Ae chose it as her come-back piece after 13 years.

    What’s more, they originally planned to air this simultaneously in Korea and China but because of the fall-out between the two countries over the THAAD issue, China refused to approve its airing. Instead of going ahead with airing it in Korea only, SBA put off even the Korean airing date by a few months while continuing to promote it heavily. This also ticked off many Korean viewers and many already feel fatigued by this drama. And so far what I have seen (ep 1-2) does not make me feel optimistic about this drama.

  41. 91
    paku Says:

    Lee was last seen in Park Chan-wook’s thriller flick, Sympathy Of Lady Vengeance (2005), but most audiences will remember her best for playing the king’s first woman physician in epic period drama Jewel In The Palace (2003).

    The lavish 54-episode series, which was reportedly exported to about 90 countries, solidified the regional popularity of Korean television, which had early hits such as the 2000 melodrama, Autumn In My Heart.

    Jewel In The Palace, about perseverance and triumph in the face of injustice, has become such a classic that it continues to be rerun on various TV channels today. Lee says: “I sometimes watch it with my kids because I think it contains good messages for young children. My kids know that I am in it and they love it.”

    She will have no regrets if none of her future work eclipses the immensely successful Jewel In The Palace.

    “As long as a drama has an interesting storyline, like in Saimdang, I will do it. Now that I have kids, I believe I tend to choose film and drama roles that can be watched by everyone from the young to the old.

    “In the past, I didn’t think about those things. I used to think only about myself, but now, I have to think about my family as well.”

    Still, there is something else about Saimdang that drew her to the project – the chance to work with South Korean heartthrob Song Seung Heon, 40. In the series, Song plays Lee Gyum, an aristocrat and painter who was Saimdang’s childhood sweetheart.

    Lee says: “As we all know, Song is an actor who is loved by women across Asia. The female staff members on the show adored him so much. I believe that the love story between Saimdang and Lee Gyum in this series will touch viewers.” http://www.star2.com/entertainment/tv/2017/01/28/lee-young-ae-is-one-fussy-k-drama-star/

  42. 92
    paku Says:

    I don’t have any idea of Saimdang before but as its own story, this drama manage to make their set up believable.
    This drama has quiet tone and I think the fuss about artwork can’t be explained that she doesn’t have any money left.
    It’s all accidental and she gotta do what she can do, smuggling painting which hasn’t been found, get found accidentally and more likely include fate (cause this has the reincarnation vibe) by an art professor/student can be easily done, as impossible as it sounds but they’ll not search on your luggage cause it just a paper and nothing is missing, besides she didn’t use the big cargo to smuggle it.

    The Painting in here (as much the debate about the originality) is about finding a 500 years old artefact, that alone is a big deal. The story is about how someone infatuated with the past while looking a 500 years old artefact, I don’t see how this is a questionable thing or downgrade the story.

    I like how jiyoon is an actual person that need the history’s clue because of her passion and her own job. Finding Saimdang’s diary is what makes Jiyoon finds her life again and I like the setup so far.

  43. 93
    paku Says:

    Lee Yong Ae looks gorgeous and that is about it. The first episode is underwhelming and didn’t make me want to keep watching.
    It was hard to watch her character being so subservient and grovelly to her professor at the beginning even when her family circumstances had not begun to deteriorate yet.

    To me this is a beautiful drama. In fact it is my “cup of tea” to be exact. So, I am looking forward very much to what happens next.

    Huh? Gidget. Ignore the history between China and Korea. Not sure what you mean. But, let me tell you, Korea is very much under China influence since Tang Dynasty. This entails importing wholesale Chinese surname, handwriting and painting styles, Confucius thinking, poems, lunar festive and dumpling eating habits, and the very design of hanbok (is in fact an adaptation of Tang Dynasty fashion), Buddhism enters Korea through China, national flag, etc etc…few years back, Korean changed the name of its capital from a Han City (i.e. Chinese city) to Seoul. In the Ming Dynasty, Korea was part of China. Hehe…similarly, Japanese did the same during Tang Dynasty. It is through the one road, one belt concepts i.e. modern Silk Road that China putting forward now that you have correctly pointed out to dominate the land and sea routes from Europe to the Pacific. However, this time, through capital and technology (rail, especially).

    With the decreasing population growth in Japan in the next 50 years, it will be a peripheral economy by the turn of 22nd century. Korea may be the same too. History is a better judge than any of us.

    Rather than trying to determine whether An Gyeom’s painting is a genuine one, it is better for the Korean government to intervene to go to the international tribunal to retrieve the An Gyeom’s paintings from the Japanese. Japan used to colonise Korea in the turn of last century and they stole many many paintings and artefacts from Korea. History is still fresh? Let’s do it!!!

  44. 94
    paku Says:

    Ok, from your comments, it appears that you have little understanding about the Joseon era and the contemporary Korean society. Kids/children are normally referred to as piglets for easy raising. Even today, it is common for the parents to call their kids as piglets. The classic example being Song IL Kook calling the triplets as piglets.

    It is nothing disrespect to the children. You are reading my comments in the light of a Western view. I am writing in English, but from a classic view. Understand?

    it could just be me but i feel Yang Se Jong’s acting si better here in saimdang than in RDTK? Even though he filmed this first he feels better here!! As for the male lead which everyone is complaining about i have never seen any of his works but i don’t have a good feeling about his acting skills based on what i’ve seen so far……

  45. 95
    paku Says:

    Oh you two! Miss you much!

    I’m really anticipating what you both can do to 30 episode of lovely SSH. Bring back YOBOSEYO and the mesmerizing power of The Hand Towel to the limelight!

    Who knows the extremely superbly awesome Don’t Call Me Mr. Hand Towel would deign to grace us with his presence. Aja aja fighting!

    This is for you, jomo.

    ~Towel of Love~

    (Sung to “Circle of Life’/ The Lion King)

    From the day he arrived on the planet
    He’s been broodin’ and showerin’ every show
    He’s always angry, he’s always angsty
    He’s gonna smash all those paint pots, I’m sure

    He’s the Towel of Love
    And he moves us all
    “He’ll be great this time!”
    “No more bug eyes, no more tilting, fetus begone!”
    He will set the screen on fire
    He will be the Best Bestest Actor
    Hail Hand Towel
    The Towel of Love

  46. 96
    paku Says:


    1..Check, if staring strangely out a window counts.
    2..Yes, maybe not with modern plumbing but he can find a waterfall or pond. He is kinda like a human divining rod. He douses regularly.
    3..Yes, of course, because if not, life has no meaning.
    4..Check. Did you see his room? It wasn’t like that before the help interrupted him while he was painting.
    5..Check. In this episode, he smashed the mirror using the dove’s wings flapping, which a clear signal of his long forgotten rage over being interrupted while painting.

    I was not at first interested in watching this show until, YOBOSAYO, the Hand Towel. Then I thought, wow, I will write poems, and there will be YY, and VOILA here you are!
    Thirty episodes? Are you kidding me? We will have so much fun. <3

  47. 97
    paku Says:

    You think if the actress could speak Italian they would have written the character as someone who speaks it as well? Probably, I guess you would take advantage of that to show how well educated she is but than again, we don’t really know do we? That scene wouldn’t really have worked much differently though because she was supposed to be in a trance state and someone would hardly have a full fledged discussion in that kind of a mood.
    I’m confused by the opening episodes of a lot of K-dramas where atmosphere and emotion are more important than clear storytelling. Same here. I enjoyed watching LYA again but kept wondering, Why are we in Italy? The bit with the Italian actor following her around the house talking and talking and talking while she ignores him was almost comical — it just made it obvious to the viewer that the actress couldn’t speak Italian.
    “Flowing and flowing. To feel regret for the death of an innocent. Letting go of this desperate sadness to the skies. The past memories must be written.”

    Given that the action at Siesta di Luna takes place in 1551, I can’t help but wonder if Signor Lee has just learned of her demise.

    You know where the dated feeling might come from? The cinematography reminds me sometimes of older movies. Long shots with the camera being positioned at the far end of the room or above looking down like in the scene with her in the hotel room. Even the beginning when we got first introduced to her and she looks directly in the camera. That reminded me of Ozu somehow ^^maybe the director wanted to go for a classic feel. Oh, or when the mc is preparing drinks in the background while the lady of the house is talking to her, there is no cut to her even when she is speaking she is still in the background.
    I personally like how it is filmed and I don’t really mind of the coincidences because the show clearly suggests the idea of fate. Even stuff like the mirror breaking was okay to me because the story clearly has magic.

    However, the illogical things like the way she treat the painting/ old artifacts, stuff like that did annoy me.

    Still, I like this show right now and am curious how it’s going to further develop.

  48. 98
    paku Says:

    hmm i didn’t think the show felt dated. i liked the first episode well enough. i didn’t have high expectations for it either way, so i’m content. i did think all the stuff where she was kicked out of her hotel + creating a ruckus on the streets was quite unnecessary and melodramatic. only in a kdrama, but at this point in my kdrama career i’ll just have to roll my eyes and move on.

    but… the italian man at the estate. most annoying foreigner in a kdrama in recent memory. i don’t know a word of italian, but i could just tell that he was a bad actor. so noisy and dramatic—i just wanted to tell him to shut up because he was so distracting! haha

    I love his voice. At first was annoyed with him in RTDK but later, i started to like him better. Initially I thought he will just play a younger part of SSH in this drama, but little that I know he will have some major parts in modern setting too. I know he is a lot younger than LYA in this drama, but i already love his interaction with her so far. Maybe I will love to see their scenes more than LYA-SSH later.

    Hopefully he will get more projects after this. After all, starting the career with two great drama with two A-listed veterans is the best thing to any newcomer.

    I for one think Lee Young Ae was born in the right era. To make it even better, she even chose the perfect job that displays her regalness.

    Both being on TV and having that air of magnificence that no one else can pull off for a period that no one can go back to cemented her place as precious and perfect and created a niche role for her.

    Basically, if she were in Joseon, her beauty and elegance would only be known by a few or may not even have been much of an issue, since there will be other ladies like her. But in the 21st century, she’s the only one we all know who fits the bill the best.

    I haven’t watched the show yet, but from the recap, this looks interesting. (Minus comments about Song SeungHeon’s terrible acting… that I fully believe in. He’s not called the Hand Towel for so long for nothing. But, we’ll see.)

  49. 99
    paku Says:

    I will be happier if they casted someone like Ji Jin Hee beside Lee Young Ae rather than hmm.. At least JJH is more believeable and has more experiences in sageuk. I won’t be surprised if rookie actor Yang Se Jong acts better than Song Seung Heon, though.

    I love what I watched so far, especially on epi 2. Maybe most of times i was more captivated with LYA in hanbok, i dont know. lol.Park Hye Soo and Yang Se Jong both are OK playing the younger parts, although the pronounciation comes not so natural. Yang Se Jong probably served the country in the past, for his first two drama got to act with veteran actors like Han Suk Kyu and Lee Young Ae.

    I guess when you put it that way, it does seem ridiculous. However I don’t know I guess it was easy for me to overlook just because the atmosphere was beautiful, and the way the events were shot was smooth (I guess this is a testament to good execution). I view it as a fairy-tale, and I think that is why it is easy for me to suspend my disbelief. About her hanging the painting outside, I just assumed that she hanged it out for like 15 minutes, so not a long time (at least that’s my attempted explanation for the scene). Anyways this drama has something that just pulls me in, so far. But I have to wonder how the hero fits into this story, and how the romance will work, but I’m hoping for the best.

    I’ll persist with this for a few more episodes. It might not come out the gate in a grand way but it hints at greater things (hopefully). I’m also curious by SSH’s acting. Can it be, possibly, after all these years, he finally steps up as an actor? The eternal optimist in me just want to give him one more chance.

    I cringe at the Italian scenes where Ji-yoon interacts with locals, especially the owner of the manor *facepalm*. It is just illogical but yes let’s go with the plot.

    Lee Young Ae just glows in screen. She has that magnetic and delicate quality that draws you in.

    Honesy, for me, I found the first episode to be intriguing. I am very excited for what’s to come as well, and to hear that the ratings for the two episodes were 15% and 16%, respectively, shows the Lee Young Ae power everyone’s heard at least once about. I’ve been waiting for this drama since 2015, too, so I can’t say much either, heh ^^
    Lee Young Ae made me forget that she is LYA for this episode. She just is the character itself for me at the moment, ha. I got mini jolts whenever I heard her voice because it’s so… regal, I guess. Not the usual voice you hear these days in dramas at least. I am so excited for this!! 🙂

  50. 100
    paku Says:

    SLVR: I suggest you check this too link to have some background about the story:
    And by the way Shin Saimdang is the first woman to appear on a South Korean banknote, the 50,000 won note, first issued in June 2009. So I think she is well known by most SK people!

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