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Sa Yug Shin


Title: 사육신 / Sa Yug Shin
Chinese Title : 死六臣
Genre: Historical, Period
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2007-Aug-08 to 2007-Nov-01
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


The drama is based on the historical background of King Sejo (1455-68) and the six loyal subjects, known as “sayuksin.” The story tells the tale of six royal officals of the court who try to help restore Danjong of Joseon to power and fight against the coup led by Sejo of Joseon. It is a story of six loyalists who were killed in an attempt to restore the dethroned King Danjong after the notoriously brutal King Sejo seized power.


Jo Myung Ae as Solmae
Park Sung Wook as Sung Sam Mun
Kim Ryun Hwa as Jung So Yeon
Bang Suk Woon as Yoo Eung-bu
Lee Boo Ik as Park Paeng-nyeon
Park Sung as Ha Wi-ji
Lee Hak Chul as Lee Gae
Lee Young Joon as Yoo Sung-won
Yang Hye Seung as Sung Seung
Kang Nam Hoon as Kim Jil
Kim Sun Ok as Cha San-boo
Suk Sung Je as Na Gil (Ra Kil-suk)
Song Young Man as Ha Chun-mok
Kim Chun Gil as Moo So
Lee Hyang Sook as Gop Dan
Kim Soo Il as Kim Jong-suh
Park Choon Bum as Lee Jing-ok
Park Sung Duk as Hwang Hee
Choi Bong Sik as Prince Soo-yang (Se-jong)
Park Yong Chul as Han Myung-hoe
Go Seung Ryong as Shin Sook-joo
Suh Myung San as Jung In-ji (Jung Rin-ji)
Moon Sung Chul as Kwon Ram
Kim Young Il as Choi Hang
Kim Young Hee as Ms. Yoon
Kim Eun Joo as Ms. Park
Baek Seung Ran as Shin Sook-joo’s wife
Hong Kang Hwi as Yang Jung
Im Ho Nam as Hong Yoon-sung
Kim Joon Sik as King Se-jong
Lee Sung as Dan-jong
Ahn Sun Young as Ms. Yang
Park Geum Heeas Queen So-Heon
Kim In Sam as Hwang Bo-in
Kim Jung Ryong as Ki Jeon
Park Na Sup as Huh Hoo
Choi Byung Nam as Jung Chang-son
Hwang Wal Cho as Lee Gye-jeon

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Park In Suh, Kim Il Joong
Director: Jang Young Bok

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  1. 1 : Miami Says:

    It’s NORTH KOREAN drama!!!

    By Chung Ah-young
    Staff Reporter

    The huge popularity of epic dramas is very evident on major networks this season.

    Yet a different kind of epic drama is expected to air soon which is likely to stimulate the curiosity of viewers.

    The first-ever television epic drama jointly produced by South and North Korea will finally be unveiled on KBS2 Aug. 8.

    Titled “Sayuksin,” the much-awaited show was produced, shot and edited by (North) Korean Central Television.

    South Korea’s state-run broadcaster KBS has paid 1.9 billion won, or roughly $2.1 million for the production costs and has provided the infrastructure including technology.

    The airing makes a five-year wait since North Korea first suggested co-producing the drama in 2002.

    The drama was originally scheduled to be released last year, but was postponed due to tension between the two Koreas over North Korea’s nuclear issue.

    The drama, consisting of 24 episodes each of 70 minutes long, features more than 170 North Korean actors and actresses including North Korean dancer Cho Myong-ae. Cho is a well-known North Korean celebrity in South Korea as she co-starred with South Korean singer Lee Hyo-ri in Samsung mobile phone commercials a few years ago.

    The drama is based on the historical background of King Sejo (1455-68) and the six loyal subjects, known as “sayuksin.”

    Sayuksin is originally a historical term referring to six high-ranking officials during the reign of King Danjong in the 15th century.

    It is a story of six loyalists who were killed in an attempt to restore the dethroned King Danjong after the notoriously brutal King Sejo seized power.

    King Sejo is known for killing many scholars who fought against his tyranny.

    The drama will reinterpret the historical events and shed light on the sayuksin’s loyalty and fidelity.

    The drama has raised expectations as it is the first to be outsourced to North Korea by a South Korean broadcasting company. It is also the first North Korean drama made with the digital technology and equipment support of KBS. Another first for the drama is that it would be the North’s first live recording in drama production.

    But the piece retains North Korean cultural characteristics as it carries more than 30 North Korean music pieces such as the background music and the main theme music.

    North Korean writers wrote the script that was later revised by writers from the South.

    The drama was shot on the streets of Pyongyang, Gaeseong and Mt. Myohyangsan, and in the studios of (North) Korean Central TV.

    North Korean actor Park Sung-wook plays Sung Sam-mun, one of the six loyal subjects, while actress Kim Ryon-hwa performs the role of Jung So-yeon, a character who falls in love with Sung.

    Cho Myong-ae plays the role of Solmae, a fictional character, who is a daughter of General Kim Jong-seo.

    Na Sang-yeop, producer of the KBS drama production team, said that the drama is expected to draw favorable responses from South Korean viewers as it lives up to their expectations.

    “Particularly, grandiose music created by North Korean orchestras and choruses will mesmerize our viewers,” Na said in a press conference along with its premiere on July 20.

    He also said that in the drama, North Korea’s viewpoints on the Joseon history are surprisingly similar to South Korea’s viewpoints.

    Kyung Myeong-chul, director of the TV production team, said that the drama looks plain and simple but is a very honest rendition without too much exaggeration or lavish effects.

    “The episodes seriously focus on the main theme without superfluous elements to escalate the dramatic climax,” he said.

    The drama will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. on KBS2 from next week.

    [email protected]


  2. 2 : GiGi Says:

    Sound very interesting. Do you happen to know if it will be broadcasted on KBS World in the US?

  3. 3 : Miami Says:

    In my opinion, if this drama becomes popular, you’ll watch this drama on the internet.

    Maybe, it is already on the internet such as Youtube or Veoh…

    Anyway, it’s on p2p.

  4. 4 : lalaila Says:

    i love JOOJINMO very much in QUEEN OF THE GAME

  5. 5 : mutiara Says:

    It seems interesting… 😀

  6. 6 : mel Says:

    is this drama good to watch?

  7. 7 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it..

  8. 8 : tunde Says:

    should i watch it

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