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Ruby's Ring 03

Title: 루비반지 / Ruby’s Ring
Chinese Title: 紅寶石戒指
Genre: Family, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 93
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-19 to 2014-Jan-03
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45


Two sisters’ fates change when they get into an accident.


Main Cast

Lee So Yeon as Jung Ruby
Im Jung Eun as Jung Luna
Kim Suk Hoon as Bae Kyung Min
Park Kwang Hyun as Na In Soo

Ruby and Luna’s family

Jung Ae Ri as Yoo Gil Ja
Byun Jung Soo as Jung Cho Rim

Kyung Min’s family

Jung Dong Hwan as Bae Chang Geun
Kim Seo Ra as Park Kyung Sook
Kim Ga Yun as Bae Se Ra
Kim Young Ok as Jo Il Soon

People in JM Group

Ha Joo Hee as Seo Jin Hee
Lee Hyo Young (이효영) as Hwang Suk Ho
Kim Gyeo Wool as Song Hye Ryun


Lee Hyun Woo as Noh Dong Pal
Park Jin Joo as Go So Yeong
Han Kyung Sun as Jang Geum Hee
Kim Ri Won as Lee Eun Ji

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Jae Sang
Producer: Park Ki Ho
Director: Jun San
Screenwriter: Hwang Soon Young


2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Daily Series) – Kim Suk Hoon (Ruby Ring)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Daily Series) – Lee So Yeon (Ruby Ring)


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85 Responses to “Ruby’s Ring”

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  1. 51
    jury Says:

    @50 John K
    LOL, it’s not only you who watch this drama as long as korean viewers like it, they will keep this drama until 120 episoe. Fortunately, this drama has rating > 14 % which rank no.4 for daily rating and no.10 for weekly rating

  2. 52
    jury Says:

    @50 John K
    LOL, it’s not only you who watch this drama as long as korean viewers like it, they will keep this drama until 120 episode. Fortunately, this drama has rating > 14 % which rank no.4 for daily rating and no.10 for weekly rating

  3. 53
    mal20 Says:

    well the story sucks, sorry, i don`t know were they are taking it, but i will keep watching it though 😛

  4. 54
    John k Says:

    What a piece of shit drama!! They finally shorten this dumbass drama to 95 episodes. The writer,producer,and director

  5. 55
    John k Says:

    Should never be in the entertainment business again. The writer should get his or her head checked for thinking and writing this drama. What the fuck is wrong with you??!! This is the worst drama in history,what were you thinking? You all should be blacklisted forever from making dramas because you made a horrible, you all sealed your fate!! Never never never again should the writer,producer and director be able to work in this field.

  6. 56
    mal20 Says:

    john: really 95 eps, waah so happy 😀

  7. 57
    Hanover Says:

    Stopped @ ep 60. I really tried to go on. Couldn’t bear with the ridiculous script. It’s still too long @ 95 episodes.

  8. 58
    Maddie Says:

    I really needed to hear comments that saves me from the agony from watching.

    Thank you.

    I’ve sat through some bad ones and felt the same as @John k. Some writers ought to be bound half-naked to the local town’s shame-tree, with ample rotten vegetables within a spectator’s arms’ reach. That’s just the precursor to the psycho-ward incarceration, along with an injunction prohibiting them from being near a pen, chalk, crayon, quill and/or word processor.

  9. 59
    sangjhoon Says:

    i just started watching this a few days ago & am liking it! i hate the sister Runa she’s a bad character though! i luv the two lead actors esp Kim suk hoon, i liked him since watching him in Tomato drama a few yrs ago then followed with other ones like twinkle twinkle etc. Glad it raked good ratings!

  10. 60
    sangjhoon Says:

    woah after reading so many negative comments here i feel like i shld’ve not started watching this drama! 🙁 i think this drama attracted me for one thing i like both the lead actors but reading the short synopsis where the sisters’ lives changed after the accident, then reading the comments, the drama doesn’t seem to intrigue me now! i wldnt wanna waste 100 plus episodes & then get disappointed! one good drama to watch though it’s only 2 yrs old i think is Yellow Boots or it’s also titled Ice Adonis – this is a nice drama!

  11. 61
    reindeer song Says:

    I started to watch this drama after hearing so much of it, but stopped after a few episodes. First off the character Rua, I simply dispises nothing about her is attractive, her attitude, her entitlement issues she is just disgustingly bratty, sisters like her I do not like. How can anyone who knows them by switching faces how can a personality change, imposible! So I’ve decline to watch any further, I will read the blogs.

  12. 62
    hibiscus Says:

    @reindeer likewise i started watching a few days ago & reaching epis 12 i was set off bcoz of that charac runa who is very despicable, wicked n there’s really nothing positive about her that is worth spending time for! The writer of this drama is absolutely not being realistic, how can you switch two personalities & also did she real ruby hv amnesia I wondered? Runa’s b/frnd realizes though that definitely it’s runa who’s laying in bead bcoz of her distinct mole on her left foot; but then insu her b/f also decided not to say anything? Absurd! I’m only watching bcoz of kim sook hoon otherwise I also wld wanna stop!

  13. 63
    joy Says:

    This drama has poor casting.How can sisters change faces? The other one is shorter and got colored hair/Real Ruby got black and long hair.Switching is impossible.They could have used same person acting as twin then that is belivable.

  14. 64
    melwang Says:

    What a load of crap, 93 (or 95) episodes too long and boring after 10 episodes. Absurd story how can the plastic surgery made such a new and flawless faces after they were totally smashed up ridiculous. Don’t waste your time. Watch ‘Wonderful Days’ and the lovely Kim Hee-Sun instead lah.

  15. 65
    vikki Says:

    sometimes…I feel like though Korea has a different definition of literature cos almost every Korean drama I av seen doesn’t end with a resolution like every literary piece is supposed to…seeing all these bad comments I think I better stop watching ruby ring cos if I dnt wanna get disappointed…I really thot it would b different buh obviously not…what a shame!the writers and producers should go drown themselves

  16. 66
    Siok Says:

    I agreed. A mother who brought them up should be the first to know who they are. After so many ep, the mother, aunty,friends & boy friend still so ignorance to notice who is who and allow the evil one to manipulate the inlaw, husband and sister. I just want to know the outcome and how the writer write it.

  17. 67
    Whattheheck Says:



  18. 68
    joy Says:

    Casting is poorly done.How can two people exchange faces when the other got long hair and the other short?They are not even real twins.Mother should know each one.If they use one actress to act…it could be believable at least.

  19. 69
    ekruminlee Says:

    i love it. love the writer 2 ur soo talented its way better than melody of love, and dear cat. it off the hooke .

  20. 70
    MOONCHAI Says:

    The false Runa should only do this: Gather all the family members on both sides and let them ask questions to Runa and Ruby- and find out who answers right. Like Geongmin asks question to the false Ruby-questions that only the real Ruby and him knows the answers. Bingo! Then throw away the false Ruby into the hinterlands or wherever, better in jail.Then Geongmin can reunite with the real Ruby. End of story. Not so hard Mr. writer! And why is the real Ruby scared to expose the impostor? Tsk tsk! Everyone’s gone crazy 🙁

  21. 71
    MOONCHAI Says:

    I agree, the cast and crew, writers, production people, everyone connected with this drama – ought to have their heads checked. 🙁

  22. 72
    Hanna ataklti Says:

    Hey guys i didn’t excpect that kind of comment.i am really enjoying the drama .i can’t really wait 2c the last episode.cuz @first i hated runa,but now i can understand her cuz it’s what evry one would have done.there is no who dosen’t want succed.but there is a lot of way to succed.may be she has choosen the wrong way.

  23. 73
    Oreanna Says:

    This show is unreal to the bone. like some say, they should have used the same girl because these two girls are not the same in height and that should have given them away. so, unreal, so long and no one seems to want to tell the truth it’s the easiest thing to solve all the mystery. Just one little truth coming out of one’s mouth and bingo, the show is over but, letting us be mad and prolong this charade, it’s just disgustingly horrible. Even the mother who now knows the truth wants to take it to the her grave, and it really does not help us people. I’ve been mad ever since the accident because it’s a nonstop bunch of lies on top of other lies and no one is capable of telling the damn truth for heaven’s sakes, please somebody open their freakin’ mouth and blab out the truth. I’m tired of all these characters hiding the real problem here.

  24. 74
    Dahilia Says:


  25. 75
    MOONCHAI Says:

    Some of the things that are noticed in Korean dramas: there are flashbacks in every episode; when someone hugs somebody that somebody just lets his/her arm hang loose no reciprocity at all. Is this real for all Koreans? The characters freeze for several seconds while the cameras revolve around him/her. Huhummm 🙁 The endings – well there is a fotoshoot where everyone is present; the lovers run towards but never reaches each other and bam!-the end. Anticlimactic to the very end 🙁

  26. 76
    Ruby Ring Says:

    Best Drama ever ! I love it ! People who says that it sucks, means that they sucks.
    I hope there will be more episodes than 95.

  27. 77
    CW Says:

    Have not been able to watch most of this drama, so I need to find earlier episodes to try to understand why this & some other dramas have no continuity. Let’s say the bad sister had the plastic surgeon switch faces. How did the surgeon change the difference in height. One is short & the other is not.

  28. 78
    Ruby Ring Says:

    93* of course 🙂

  29. 79
    Lily LI Says:

    Saw part of it on holidays in Malaysia but would like to buy DVD with English subtitle. Like what I saw

  30. 80
    Ruby Ring Says:

    It’s all over now 🙁
    Thanks everyone: director, scriptwriter and especially actors for amazing Drama. I hope that there will be another “season” 🙂

  31. 81
    hanniekyu Says:

    Finally, it’s ended. Need of superb passion to watch this drama, and not to angry with the character. Sorry, I don’t like all the main character here, too bad, especially the twin’s mom (Yu Gilja) and Na Insu. I like others like Bae Sera and Jihyeok, and the office worker 🙂
    Well, beside that, this drama teach us how desires can ruin ourselves and other if we can’t manage it.
    But, I’m not satisfied with the ending, hell after the long long long episode, that’s all I’ve got??!!! Ugh, cmon writers… T.T
    My review: 1 star of 5.

  32. 82
    CW Says:

    First wanted to go back & see ep’s I missed, but now–forget it. I was so disappointed in the ending. If the man that, supposedly, loved me couldn’t tell the difference in my body shape (what he never held her), body height,voice, mannerism — forget him.

    Hope Trot Lovers is better.

  33. 83
    B Hom Says:

    Who is the actor who played Noh Dongpal’s son, Noh Jihyeok?

  34. 84
    teri Says:

    Is the real Ruby going to leave with Na Insu? That’s gross he made the real Runa pregnant meaning they slept together and now he’s going to marry her sister. Yuk

  35. 85
    rose rachael Says:

    At the end it leaves viewers in suspense

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