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Ruby’s Ring

Ruby's Ring 03

Title: 루비반지 / Ruby’s Ring
Chinese Title: 紅寶石戒指
Genre: Family, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 93
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-19 to 2014-Jan-03
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45


Two sisters’ fates change when they get into an accident.


Main Cast

Lee So Yeon as Jung Ruby
Im Jung Eun as Jung Luna
Kim Suk Hoon as Bae Kyung Min
Park Kwang Hyun as Na In Soo

Ruby and Luna’s family

Jung Ae Ri as Yoo Gil Ja
Byun Jung Soo as Jung Cho Rim

Kyung Min’s family

Jung Dong Hwan as Bae Chang Geun
Kim Seo Ra as Park Kyung Sook
Kim Ga Yun as Bae Se Ra
Kim Young Ok as Jo Il Soon

People in JM Group

Ha Joo Hee as Seo Jin Hee
Lee Hyo Young (이효영) as Hwang Suk Ho
Kim Gyeo Wool as Song Hye Ryun


Lee Hyun Woo as Noh Dong Pal
Park Jin Joo as Go So Yeong
Han Kyung Sun as Jang Geum Hee
Kim Ri Won as Lee Eun Ji

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Jae Sang
Producer: Park Ki Ho
Director: Jun San
Screenwriter: Hwang Soon Young


2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Daily Series) – Kim Suk Hoon (Ruby Ring)
2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Daily Series) – Lee So Yeon (Ruby Ring)


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  1. 1 : Poy Says:

    They look almost same.

  2. 2 : tigerb Says:

    it’s a first for me to see that the leading ladies names are not korean. synopsis does not say much so one must really watch what it’s all about, but 120 episodes? oh well, must have plenty of twists and turns. will see!

  3. 3 : kimnic Says:

    it was interesting but 120 episode i think i’m gonna bored of this anyway my idea in here it must be a change of their soul after the accident.

  4. 4 : mml Says:

    Okay, i will watch this drama and see whether is it nice and romantic, if it is nice , i will try to continue to watch .

  5. 5 : zam Says:

    This is one of my anticipated dramas of 2013. I’m hoping that this gets subbed in English and uploaded hours after each episode broadcast.
    I love Kim Suk Hoon so much and I hope it runs over 120 episodes so I can see him everyday…3 days and counting….

  6. 6 : Ruby’s Ring | Dododiddodo Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=28872 […]

  7. 7 : Miki Says:

    I’m a Big fan of Kim Sora and because it’s rare to see Korean American actress doing so well in Korea I’m looking more forward to seeing this drams. I first read about her in viki site of Jang Ok Jung, I envy her beautiful skin!

  8. 8 : Darachan Kun Says:

    I would love to enjoy, thanks. Best wish for Mr.Director.

  9. 9 : satchi22 Says:

    very nice drama

  10. 10 : Angelia's Says:

    Everyone please tell where can I watch this drama

  11. 11 : mml Says:

    Is a sad melodrama, as i have finished watching from episode 1 to episode 6, i hope that Im Jung Eun will get bad Karma when the right time comes.
    I seldom like to watch melodrama, but i hope that Lee So Yeon will be treated in good hands for this drama. Looks like her sister Im Jung Eun is jealous with her and finding all ways to destroy and win her.
    Sad to find this drama that the sister get jealous and evil.
    There is a price to pay when a person is evil and wicked. I hope, the writer can arrange Im Jung Eun to receive bad karma for her evil actions and minds that she had done.
    Im Jung Eun will have to face and will be punished by God for her evil that she had in this drama .

  12. 12 : jewles Says:

    Please, please…

    I would like to ask everyone to use characters’ names instead of actual actors names. It is so confusing since I am following the story of the characters not the actors.

    Thank you!!

    From a simple minded K-drama fan. 🙂

  13. 13 : mml Says:

    @12 jewles,
    Lee So Yeon is acting as Jung Ruby and Im Jung Eun is acting as Jung Luna.

    All comments and suggestions are up to viewers’ preference to put to type and list at this website. There is no rights or wrongs for everyone’s preference.

    I prefer to remember Actors and Actress their real names rather than their names in the dramas so that i can recognise and remember their face better.

  14. 14 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 7 to episode 12 , is a sad melodrama , anyway i hope that the real Jung Ruby can find her happiness with Na In Soo (Park Kwang Hyun ) as the fate Jung Ruby will need to suffer in time to come because of her wicked actions.
    The real Jung Ruby is a kind lady, i hope that the writer will arrange her to get her happiness with Na In Soo when the right time arrives.

    Is a revenge drama , looks like Na In Soo is planning for his revenge and hopefully he will not hurt or harm the real Jung Ruby and hope that both of them can build up a strong faith with one another and protect this love from being hurt whereby the fate Ruby is extremely evil to destroy both of them.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 13 and see what are the changes.

  15. 15 : truth Says:

    they say, one man’s meat is other man’s poison,very rear to see a woman who want to abort her child,most cases the man always says no that he is not ready,but in this case the man want the baby why the woman don’t.the sad case about the whole thing is that, the person she is rejecting may turn up to be the heir of the money,and the person she betrayed her sister for, may turn up to be not just heir at all,therefore,her sin will catch up with her,thinking i have succeeded once in my wick way by taking my sister boy friend away from her once,I can do it again, if i succeed once,I can succeed again by taking back what was right fully mine start it.than, she find out it is not always easy get you what you want.

    My hope is that, the writer don’t say they are sisters, Ruby should be stupid righteous and allow her sister to take back the man she discarded back again, there fore reunite each other back again,that will be boring, when she was the one that betrayed her sister because of greed,hope she is strong enough,not to allow sister to do this evil deeds again to her,also please writer no stitching,just make it a very good love story,that what you discarded may be your truth dream comes truth,and what you long for by doing evil to get it may not be all so dream comes truth.Good lesson if the writer make good use of the script very well.

  16. 16 : truth Says:

    they say, one man’s meat is other man’s poison,very rear to see a woman who want to abort her child,most cases the man always says no that he is not ready,but in this case the man want the baby why the woman don’t.the sad case about the whole thing is that, the person she is rejecting may turn up to be the heir of the money,and the person she betrayed her sister for, may turn up to be not just heir at all,therefore,her sin will catch up with her,thinking i have succeeded once in my wick way by taking my sister boy friend away from her once,I can do it again, if i succeed once,I can succeed again by taking back what was right fully mine start with.than, she find out it is not always easy get you what you want.

    My hope is that, the writer don’t say they are sisters, Ruby should be stupid righteous and allow her sister to take back the man she discarded back again, there fore reunite each other back again,that will be boring, when she was the one that betrayed her sister because of greed,hope she is strong enough,not to allow sister to do this evil deeds again to her,also please writer no stitching,just make it a very good love story,that what you discarded may be your truth dream comes truth,and what you long for by doing evil to get it may not be all so dream comes truth.Good lesson if the writer make good use of the script very well.

  17. 17 : say Says:

    I feel so sorry for Na In Soo, poor man not only he watch the woman he suppose to be inlove with discard him,he also lose his unborn child taken away from him,what a mess up woman Jung Luna is,this what they call heartless,she watches her mother and smile to her after what she done to her sister.The whole family will be one hell of a mess when Kyung Min find out the child is not his but other man plus other woman with change of face,wow what a mercy world.
    Na In Soo should not follow her around again,he is making things hard for himself,and he can be accuse of stalking,let him concentrate on his work dear writer leave him alone for now,he has been punished enough for nothing,you can’t keep punishing him, find something else to give him to do,at least let him start helping Ruby to heal for now.

  18. 18 : mml Says:

    @17 say say,
    is a good ideal to let Na In Soo to start to help the real Ruby to heal.
    Episode 14, the real Ruby lost her memory, actually the real Ruby and also Na In Soo both got hurt deeply.
    I don’t think Na In Soo will forgive the hurt he had suffered.
    Hopefully, while he is helping to heal the real Ruby to regain her memory, Na In Soo will gradully fall in love with the real Ruby. Both of them will rebuilt a re-born new romance and is a happy romance and is also a new hope for viewers to expect.

    The real Ruby is a kind lady , i do not want to expect that this melodrama will also make the real Ruby to suffer further.
    She should be given a chance to find a new happy romance through the writer to arrange it.

    This drama is 120 episodes, it should be given ample time for the writer to adjust it to the extend that Na In Soo will re-start a new sweet romance while the wicked fate Ruby will suffer bad romance in time to come .

    The fate of the 2 sisters changed after they got into an accident. Viewers like me also hope that the real Ruby can also meet happiness. Looks like Na In Soo is a very devoted guy although he is not rich, nevermind that he is not rich.
    After all the real Ruby is a kind person ,maybe she can heal Na In Soo for all his pain in his heart in certain ways and both of them fall in love and have faith towards one another and the love stay stronger and better than the previous relationships.

  19. 19 : say Says:

    @mml,you are right,I so feel sorry for Na In Soo,you know he might be rich because the writer has not introduce his family background plus the writer may use this to teach a lesson with those people that don’t have patience before they greedy act and again the fake Ruby may in time regret and want to come back to him again that is when her sin might catch up with her,because now no will ever believed Na In Soo story, in fact everything has gone to Luna favor,so it will be a waste of time if he try to take a revenge or start stalking her that will get him into big trouble.first,the face change, second,the mole underneath her feet,she already took it out,the only doubt or evident left is the child,but she can also denial the child and say that the hospital gave her the wrong child or DNA you know she is a bad person she can give a fake DNA .It will be very difficult for anyone to prove that she is fake.the way to prove that she fake is to make Na In Soo very rich than she will want Na In Soo back by using her child that is when everybody will discover the horrible things she has done to her sister even everybody is going to be affected by she has done.there is lot of story to be told by the writer, i just don’t want the writer to make Na In Soo as a stalker that will kill my taste for the drama but let him use his time help the real Ruby and make Na In Soo very rich.

  20. 20 : mml Says:

    @19 say say,
    maybe you are right too, in the sense that the writer did not mention that Na In Soo comes from what type of family background, the fake Ruby only knew Na In Soo stays in a small room, but did not mention about his parents.
    Therefore, maybe,there is also a possibility that Na In Soo comes from a rich family, that depends on the writer’s arrangement.

    Na In Soo should take this opportunity to rebuild his love romance to heal the real Ruby. After all the hardships and love towards the real Ruby and through his patience, the real Ruby can recover her memory and marry to Na In Soo which is even better and richer than Bae Kyung Min (Kim Suk Hoon ).

    When Na In Soo can prove to be better and richer and powerful, that is the the time his revenge back towards the fake Ruby will be successful.

    The fake Ruby bullys and dispise Na In Soo all mainly due to Na In Soo , he himself is not rich, maybe he has rich parents to backup his future plans.

    I really hope, that the real Ruby can find her happiness and hope that Na In Soo will protect and love her all the way. Looks like the real Ruby, once recover from her memory, her sister will kill her and destroy her. The only way is to get Na In Soo to love and protect the real Ruby otherwise how to form this as a Romance drama.

  21. 21 : say Says:

    @mml,you are right,the real Ruby need a strong person to protect her also to love her.if she and Na In Soo is poor like that,the fake Ruby will not hesitate to get rid of her and, there is nothing Na In Soo can do about it,the fake Ruby can even frame him, there-by leaving him to riot in jail,therefore he need something to back him up, if not he can’t make it with the real Ruby,because the fake one will not sit around to see both of them threatening her with their present .if you can remember[[ yellow boot]] if the frame girl in that drama did not have the rich guy backing her up,you can image what could have happen to her.who knows what the writer have in mind,at least, the script writer has gotten away with the way he or she stitch the two women not because there are identical twins,two sister with different face,different type of body, how in the world the doctors was able to do that.very unbelievable,the most artificial drama seen i have ever watch,but this is just a drama everything is possible, so far the drama keep you entertaining,let see what will happen next.

  22. 22 : zam Says:

    She lost the baby during the accident. What I want to know is if Kyeong Min will realize that she’s no longer a virgin during the honeymoon.
    When fake Ruby had her mole removed, the surgeon advised her to keep it dry, so it will be completely removed and will never grow back. After the surgery, she soaked herself in a bath tub, such an implication that it will grow back…she may have thought that she’s hidden one very important evidence of her crime, but in the end the mole will reveal it all. Even if someone changes an outside appearance, the personality and character will remain the same.

  23. 23 : say Says:

    @zam,i was thinking that the baby is still alive with her,that is what surprises me because the whole accident, how can the baby still be alive,but she also told Kyung Min grandmother that, why will she ask her not to marry Kyung Min when she lost her virginity to her grandson,whether she, Kyung Min grandmother want to treat her like a use good for other man to take over,in a way of pressuring Kyung Min grandmother to give in for Kyung Min to her,but i might be wrong,correct me.the mole thing can be easily be taken care off,the fake Ruby can remove that mole by herself with no help from the doctor .it will be very hard to prove that she is fake,the face change is her deadly weapon,to wipe out any arising suspicious [email protected] i was thinking the baby is still alive that could have been the only truth way to prove that she is a fake Ruby.

  24. 24 : mml Says:

    @23 say say,
    one important thing is at episode 15, do you notice that Na In Soo requested to the fake Ruby to give a baby of his own then he will let the matter rest.

    That means it may be a tragic drama, as what i forsee is that, if, Na In Soo had such a revenge plot that means he may not fall in love with the the real Ruby . If is a tragic drama, i may discontinue to watch this drama.

    I watch this drama all because of, it consists of Romance, therefore, i am still hoping that Na In Soo will fall in love with the real Ruby.

    It is the greatest sympathy given to the real Ruby, that her sister had created such a drastic hurt in her heart just because of her greedy wanted to marry a rich man.

    Can the writer arrange the real Ruby and Na In Soo for both of them to fall in love with each other so that i can have something sweet to watch.

    This is a melodrama so definitely i am expecting that the fake Ruby will suffer when the time arrives. But, i do not wish to see the real Ruby to suffer for no reason.

    When the real Ruby goes back to work that doesn’t mean she has already recover from her memory, but, Na In Soo is always besides her to comfort and take care of her.

    I am looking forward to watch episode 16 to episode 20, if is really all about Na In Soo only care about his revenge and did not fall in love with the real Ruby then i will not watch this drama as it may be boring to me as from Monday to Friday the whole topic will all be the same that is all about Na In Soo’s revenge, if, is wilth some romance about real Ruby then i will continue to watch.

  25. 25 : zam Says:

    @mml, if the baby is still alive they would have known that during the recovery period in the hospital, that took a year at the most, her tummy would have grown bigger and she could have given birth there,too. The doctor informed Gil Ja that Ruby lost her baby, but Kyung Min wasn’t aware of it. Gil Ja was contemplating on telling Kyung Min, but she lost the chance. I still have a feeling that mole will play a big role in revealing the real Luna, aside from her character and personality. She would have not noticed that the mole is still there because it’s not something that you can see everyday, so all along she thinks nothing will be uncovered as she was able to conceal the main evidence InSoo has against her. Insoo is taking revenge on Luna because she intentionally caused the miscarriage and lost the baby that he’s so excited about..reason why he keeps on looking at the baby’s ultrasound film. There a forum on the web about Ruby’s Ring, a full detailed translation of each episode is posted there but I’m not sure if I can post the link here.

  26. 26 : say Says:

    @mml,Thank you,me too I can’t stand tragic drama,if that is the way the writer is going about it than I will withdraw from the drama too,I was expecting him to help the real Ruby to heal too and both fall in love with each other,I am kind of surprise his obsession to the fake Ruby and the revenge thing demanding for a baby is ridiculous,he should be happy that mad woman leave him and go away,how can a man dream of having a child with type of a woman who is crazy obsess with money,she will bring her own down fall,without the baby especially when, Kyung Min get tired of her been obsess with everything.I just don’t want Na In Soo to continue be in love with the fake Ruby,since the baby is gone,let the writer find other way to show what the fake Ruby has done to her own family.

  27. 27 : mml Says:

    @26 say say,
    thank you very much that you don’t like tragic drama, me too, me too . Don’t you think that the real Ruby with Luna’s face after her surgery, she looks kind, innocent and sweet too .
    If, Na In Soo is smart enough to understand things, maybe, he can think it, as God that wants him to find an even better and more suitable wife for him, this is one of the way to lessen his pain in his heart.

    Na In Soo is very caring to the real Ruby, his mind is thinking that the fake Ruby ruin his happiness, therefore, he did not notice that the real Ruby is right in front of him to let him regain back all his happiness.

    Not sure, what is the writer’s arrangements ? Anyway, viewers are smart, if ,they realise that too much tragic are involved, after sometime, they will not like to watch the drama.

  28. 28 : say Says:

    @mml,Thank you,you said it very well.sometime one may think he or she has lost,but lost sometimes can be blessing to you,I hope the writer can make Na In Soo realize that the woman in front of him is God sent,and a big blessing to him,focus on healing instead of thinking of the baby he lost, he has shown that he loved the the baby even though the child has not yet been born,it is not his doing that the baby is gone, which if you have to think of it,he has lost nothing but gain blessing.I also wish the real Ruby can become pregnant and have a baby with Na In Soo,and Na In Soo is also rich,the fake Ruby got jealous and than try her tricks again and get caught.

  29. 29 : enjoy! | Movies Says:

    […] 루비반지 / Ruby’s Ring / 紅寶石戒指 Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-19 Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45 […]

  30. 30 : truth Says:

    Lee So Yeon is really good in her acting as a bad girl,especially in this drama.she is wonderful in her crazy act,this role really fit her,good job Lee So Yeon .

  31. 31 : say Says:

    even when the fake ruby is bad but her acting indeed is hot,she is no nonsenses person,wow watch out Luna, if you don’t put your feet down,she wouldn’t let you sit around too long,I hope the writer can give us more of luna and Na In Soo,please writer I want love story.

  32. 32 : littleuniverse Says:

    does anyone know where you can watch this, with eng. subs.?

  33. 33 : say Says:

    What will make me drop this drama is Na In Soo obsess with fake Ruby,common writer,there is nobody in their right mind,knowing what the fake Ruby has done will still want to be with that type of woman,if I where him I will run away as fast as I can,he is using the baby issue to pursue nonsenses,he should be happy that he did not end up with her,so why in world is this writer making Na In Soo other victim again? with what happen in the yacht today episode really shows that In Soo is still in love with the fake Ruby,after what she has done to him,even when they both was in the relationship,she usually leave him and go and party in club with different men,how can he still be harboring feelings for such a woman who deliberately went on a suicide mission to get what she want including killing her own baby in the process,is that the kind of person the writer is till trying to tell us that Na In Soo is still in love with,what a cruel way to write somebody.I don’t know how long I can hold on to this drama.

    What I am sensing from the writer is that he or she wants to put back the real Ruby with Kyung Min at the end,that is not the way to write Dem love story,if the writer take it that way I end watching this drama.

  34. 34 : say Says:

    Today episode,get me worried,I hope Na In Soo is not the one using cell phone taking pictures of Luna and Kyung Min,hope not, you can’t say you are protecting somebody from a mad person,and than you go again and trigger what will make that person go more insane, hope the writer is not going to continue with quest of Na In Soo revenge, as i can see there is no need for Na In Soo to take revenge, everybody has the right to leave the person they don’t want,either good or bad,so what is the writer trying to tell us here,that In Soo has the right to pursue revenge because fake Ruby left him for other,if that is,that is not a good course,it equally shows Na In Soo as bad as the fake Ruby.

    I am getting tried of Korean writer copy catting each other writing, Kyung Min the writer want him to go back to the real Ruby,same story line One man two sister in bed with one man,how could that be,for a family to swallow that after one of them courses the family a lot of pain.hope Korean writer do think before they write some very unacceptable issues.

  35. 35 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 20, i think maybe Na In Soo may fall in love with the real Ruby.

    I personally, hope that Na In Soo can regain all hope to love the real Ruby, as they are very suitable to be together.
    Some dramas in the beginning of first many episodes they will trick viewers to love to watch and after sometime the writer changed the story to disappointment . I hope that this drama will be a nice one in the sense that Na In Soo will have good romance with the real Ruby.
    I hate fashion king this drama, this drama is one the dramas that trick me into being hooked to watch and in the end is a tragic ending. Those actors and actress who performed in fashion king this drama, their subsequent dramas which performed by anyone of them , i will never watch their dramas anymore.

    I will try out to continue to watch for somemore subsequent episodes and see how it goes and once if , i discover that is a trick to viewers or lead to disappointment i will definitely stop watching.

  36. 36 : Hanover Says:

    All of a sudden Ruby (who is actually Luna) can work so diligently in ep 21. For some novice in this line of work to be able to “save” the situation, who needs experience or on-the-job training. No freaking way. Get real.

  37. 37 : Tina Says:

    It is not on Viki… Anyone knows where we can watch it??

  38. 38 : mml Says:

    @37 Tina,
    you can watch at Taiwan or China website and also youtube without English subtitle.

  39. 39 : Lovemoon Says:

    Hello, mml–should I start this drama? I like the lead actress and actor but reading everybody e-mail seems like it is not a good one to watch.

  40. 40 : mml Says:

    @ 39 Lovemoon,
    you can start watching this drama and also do your own judgement.
    We can like our own favourite actors and actress, but do not forget one very important thing is, when we watch a drama, it is not just so simple based on the actors and actress that we choose to like, it is also based on how interesting the drama is.

  41. 41 : John k Says:

    Dumbass trauma of 2013

  42. 42 : Shen Says:

    John k (41)

    Hahaha…… John, John …. sorry, I can’t help laughing at your comment.

    ” Trauma of 2013 ” what a description. Tells all about the drama.

    I will not watch it then.

  43. 43 : truth Says:

    If the fake Ruby kill In Soo.I wouldn’t blame her,he ask for it,the writer is insane to write this ridiculous drama this way

  44. 44 : Hanover Says:

    What’s with the “helper” in the house? First, a big mouth, then a “blackmailer”. Wonder why they should keep such a person in the house. The writers need something else to refine the storyline – which is so forcibly made up.

  45. 45 : mml Says:

    This drama should changed to 50 episodes instead of 120 episodes, the storyline is getting boring as the fake Ruby has too much nonsense , i think, the writer is trying to drag the storyline to a long boring drama.
    The real Ruby (with Luna’s face) i have not seen her falling in love with Na In Soo , i think, the writer should make the real Ruby(with Luna’s face) find her own happiness with Na In Soo .
    After watching episode 29 , i started to get tired with fake Ruby’s nonsense, i hope the writer can arrange something different, maybe the real Ruby should have more time to care and love Na In Soo so that things can be better in situation.

  46. 46 : say Says:

    @mml, are you still watching,the drama have gone down hill, guess what, now that the real Ruby remember,the writer might bring back Kyung Min and Ruby together,that will be a disaster,my poor Na In Soo now he gave up the obsession, only to have other heartache from the real Ruby.I don’t like Kyung Min, even though his character is a good one but till don’t like him, well @mml, have a happy viewing.

  47. 47 : mml Says:

    @46 say,
    if, you guess it correctly that the writer will arrange Kyung Min will be together with the real Ruby then i will not watch the drama. Actually, am hoping that the real Ruby (with Luna’s face) will end up with Na In Soo that’s why currently, i am still watching the drama.

    Or should i wait for the drama to finish filming all the episodes and if the final episode is, Na In Soo will end up with the real Ruby then i will watch the drama, maybe, it is the best way to avoid disappointment to the drama ?

  48. 48 : say Says:

    @mml,I truly hope that my guesses does not come true because it will kill my taste for this drama, I am so very angry with the writer for allowing Ruby(luna) to remember so quickly like that,I was thinking after marrying Na In Soo than later she will remember what happen by one step to other as the drama progresses,but my thoughts was wrong.I am so disgusted hearing her in today episode calling Na In Soo ( Kyung Min)and I said to myself Korean writers will never mature enough not to disappointing you in their writings,now that (luna) remember is she going to start pursuing the past,or look forward to make the fake Ruby regret for leaving a good man like Na In Soo who knows her and can tolerate her bad behavior,also see how she brought down fall to herself,that was my assumption the way the writer was taking the drama to,but now Luna is going after( Kyung Min) it seems that way,which is very sad.

    This is the only long drama I invent my time watching a very day because of the fast,quick,pace at the rate it progresses,but now I am not so sure where the writer is taking it to.this drama is 100+ how is the writer going to drag this on without the amnesia story which could have made it very good story.Well if the writer take the story backward by wanting two women to be fighting over one man as usual in Korean dramas for no good apparent reason I will say goodbye to this drama.

  49. 49 : mml Says:

    @48 say,
    if you really will say goodbye to this drama.
    Nevermind, currently, there is a touching MBC drama, the name of the drama is take my hand.
    Take My Hand is quite interesting to understand what viewers wish to expect. You can try watching Take My Hand this drama.

  50. 50 : John k Says:

    Please cancel this drama and bring a new one!!!!

  51. 51 : jury Says:

    @50 John K
    LOL, it’s not only you who watch this drama as long as korean viewers like it, they will keep this drama until 120 episoe. Fortunately, this drama has rating > 14 % which rank no.4 for daily rating and no.10 for weekly rating

  52. 52 : jury Says:

    @50 John K
    LOL, it’s not only you who watch this drama as long as korean viewers like it, they will keep this drama until 120 episode. Fortunately, this drama has rating > 14 % which rank no.4 for daily rating and no.10 for weekly rating

  53. 53 : mal20 Says:

    well the story sucks, sorry, i don`t know were they are taking it, but i will keep watching it though 😛

  54. 54 : John k Says:

    What a piece of shit drama!! They finally shorten this dumbass drama to 95 episodes. The writer,producer,and director

  55. 55 : John k Says:

    Should never be in the entertainment business again. The writer should get his or her head checked for thinking and writing this drama. What the fuck is wrong with you??!! This is the worst drama in history,what were you thinking? You all should be blacklisted forever from making dramas because you made a horrible, you all sealed your fate!! Never never never again should the writer,producer and director be able to work in this field.

  56. 56 : mal20 Says:

    john: really 95 eps, waah so happy 😀

  57. 57 : Hanover Says:

    Stopped @ ep 60. I really tried to go on. Couldn’t bear with the ridiculous script. It’s still too long @ 95 episodes.

  58. 58 : Maddie Says:

    I really needed to hear comments that saves me from the agony from watching.

    Thank you.

    I’ve sat through some bad ones and felt the same as @John k. Some writers ought to be bound half-naked to the local town’s shame-tree, with ample rotten vegetables within a spectator’s arms’ reach. That’s just the precursor to the psycho-ward incarceration, along with an injunction prohibiting them from being near a pen, chalk, crayon, quill and/or word processor.

  59. 59 : sangjhoon Says:

    i just started watching this a few days ago & am liking it! i hate the sister Runa she’s a bad character though! i luv the two lead actors esp Kim suk hoon, i liked him since watching him in Tomato drama a few yrs ago then followed with other ones like twinkle twinkle etc. Glad it raked good ratings!

  60. 60 : sangjhoon Says:

    woah after reading so many negative comments here i feel like i shld’ve not started watching this drama! 🙁 i think this drama attracted me for one thing i like both the lead actors but reading the short synopsis where the sisters’ lives changed after the accident, then reading the comments, the drama doesn’t seem to intrigue me now! i wldnt wanna waste 100 plus episodes & then get disappointed! one good drama to watch though it’s only 2 yrs old i think is Yellow Boots or it’s also titled Ice Adonis – this is a nice drama!

  61. 61 : reindeer song Says:

    I started to watch this drama after hearing so much of it, but stopped after a few episodes. First off the character Rua, I simply dispises nothing about her is attractive, her attitude, her entitlement issues she is just disgustingly bratty, sisters like her I do not like. How can anyone who knows them by switching faces how can a personality change, imposible! So I’ve decline to watch any further, I will read the blogs.

  62. 62 : hibiscus Says:

    @reindeer likewise i started watching a few days ago & reaching epis 12 i was set off bcoz of that charac runa who is very despicable, wicked n there’s really nothing positive about her that is worth spending time for! The writer of this drama is absolutely not being realistic, how can you switch two personalities & also did she real ruby hv amnesia I wondered? Runa’s b/frnd realizes though that definitely it’s runa who’s laying in bead bcoz of her distinct mole on her left foot; but then insu her b/f also decided not to say anything? Absurd! I’m only watching bcoz of kim sook hoon otherwise I also wld wanna stop!

  63. 63 : joy Says:

    This drama has poor casting.How can sisters change faces? The other one is shorter and got colored hair/Real Ruby got black and long hair.Switching is impossible.They could have used same person acting as twin then that is belivable.

  64. 64 : melwang Says:

    What a load of crap, 93 (or 95) episodes too long and boring after 10 episodes. Absurd story how can the plastic surgery made such a new and flawless faces after they were totally smashed up ridiculous. Don’t waste your time. Watch ‘Wonderful Days’ and the lovely Kim Hee-Sun instead lah.

  65. 65 : vikki Says:

    sometimes…I feel like though Korea has a different definition of literature cos almost every Korean drama I av seen doesn’t end with a resolution like every literary piece is supposed to…seeing all these bad comments I think I better stop watching ruby ring cos if I dnt wanna get disappointed…I really thot it would b different buh obviously not…what a shame!the writers and producers should go drown themselves

  66. 66 : Siok Says:

    I agreed. A mother who brought them up should be the first to know who they are. After so many ep, the mother, aunty,friends & boy friend still so ignorance to notice who is who and allow the evil one to manipulate the inlaw, husband and sister. I just want to know the outcome and how the writer write it.

  67. 67 : Whattheheck Says:



  68. 68 : joy Says:

    Casting is poorly done.How can two people exchange faces when the other got long hair and the other short?They are not even real twins.Mother should know each one.If they use one actress to act…it could be believable at least.

  69. 69 : ekruminlee Says:

    i love it. love the writer 2 ur soo talented its way better than melody of love, and dear cat. it off the hooke .

  70. 70 : MOONCHAI Says:

    The false Runa should only do this: Gather all the family members on both sides and let them ask questions to Runa and Ruby- and find out who answers right. Like Geongmin asks question to the false Ruby-questions that only the real Ruby and him knows the answers. Bingo! Then throw away the false Ruby into the hinterlands or wherever, better in jail.Then Geongmin can reunite with the real Ruby. End of story. Not so hard Mr. writer! And why is the real Ruby scared to expose the impostor? Tsk tsk! Everyone’s gone crazy 🙁

  71. 71 : MOONCHAI Says:

    I agree, the cast and crew, writers, production people, everyone connected with this drama – ought to have their heads checked. 🙁

  72. 72 : Hanna ataklti Says:

    Hey guys i didn’t excpect that kind of comment.i am really enjoying the drama .i can’t really wait 2c the last episode.cuz @first i hated runa,but now i can understand her cuz it’s what evry one would have done.there is no who dosen’t want succed.but there is a lot of way to succed.may be she has choosen the wrong way.

  73. 73 : Oreanna Says:

    This show is unreal to the bone. like some say, they should have used the same girl because these two girls are not the same in height and that should have given them away. so, unreal, so long and no one seems to want to tell the truth it’s the easiest thing to solve all the mystery. Just one little truth coming out of one’s mouth and bingo, the show is over but, letting us be mad and prolong this charade, it’s just disgustingly horrible. Even the mother who now knows the truth wants to take it to the her grave, and it really does not help us people. I’ve been mad ever since the accident because it’s a nonstop bunch of lies on top of other lies and no one is capable of telling the damn truth for heaven’s sakes, please somebody open their freakin’ mouth and blab out the truth. I’m tired of all these characters hiding the real problem here.

  74. 74 : Dahilia Says:


  75. 75 : MOONCHAI Says:

    Some of the things that are noticed in Korean dramas: there are flashbacks in every episode; when someone hugs somebody that somebody just lets his/her arm hang loose no reciprocity at all. Is this real for all Koreans? The characters freeze for several seconds while the cameras revolve around him/her. Huhummm 🙁 The endings – well there is a fotoshoot where everyone is present; the lovers run towards but never reaches each other and bam!-the end. Anticlimactic to the very end 🙁

  76. 76 : Ruby Ring Says:

    Best Drama ever ! I love it ! People who says that it sucks, means that they sucks.
    I hope there will be more episodes than 95.

  77. 77 : CW Says:

    Have not been able to watch most of this drama, so I need to find earlier episodes to try to understand why this & some other dramas have no continuity. Let’s say the bad sister had the plastic surgeon switch faces. How did the surgeon change the difference in height. One is short & the other is not.

  78. 78 : Ruby Ring Says:

    93* of course 🙂

  79. 79 : Lily LI Says:

    Saw part of it on holidays in Malaysia but would like to buy DVD with English subtitle. Like what I saw

  80. 80 : Ruby Ring Says:

    It’s all over now 🙁
    Thanks everyone: director, scriptwriter and especially actors for amazing Drama. I hope that there will be another “season” 🙂

  81. 81 : hanniekyu Says:

    Finally, it’s ended. Need of superb passion to watch this drama, and not to angry with the character. Sorry, I don’t like all the main character here, too bad, especially the twin’s mom (Yu Gilja) and Na Insu. I like others like Bae Sera and Jihyeok, and the office worker 🙂
    Well, beside that, this drama teach us how desires can ruin ourselves and other if we can’t manage it.
    But, I’m not satisfied with the ending, hell after the long long long episode, that’s all I’ve got??!!! Ugh, cmon writers… T.T
    My review: 1 star of 5.

  82. 82 : CW Says:

    First wanted to go back & see ep’s I missed, but now–forget it. I was so disappointed in the ending. If the man that, supposedly, loved me couldn’t tell the difference in my body shape (what he never held her), body height,voice, mannerism — forget him.

    Hope Trot Lovers is better.

  83. 83 : B Hom Says:

    Who is the actor who played Noh Dongpal’s son, Noh Jihyeok?

  84. 84 : teri Says:

    Is the real Ruby going to leave with Na Insu? That’s gross he made the real Runa pregnant meaning they slept together and now he’s going to marry her sister. Yuk

  85. 85 : rose rachael Says:

    At the end it leaves viewers in suspense

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