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Romance Is a Bonus Book

Title: 로맨스는 별책부록 / Romance Is a Bonus Book
Also known as: Romance Is a Supplement / How To Publish Love
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2019-Jan-26 to 2019-March-17
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:00


This drama is about the love story between two people in their 30’s, who work in the world of publishing.

Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk) is a genius writer and the youngest chief editor ever at his publishing company. He is smart and handsome. He is also even tempered at work, but he has a warm heart and a reasonable personality.

Meanwhile, Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young) used to be a popular copywriter, but she is not anymore. She is now broke and unemployed. Even though she tries to find a job, due to her impressive career and excellent educational background, she is unable to find a new job. Finally, Kang Dan Yi gets a job by lying about her background at a publishing company where Cha Eun Ho work as chief editor. They begin to develop romantic feelings for each other.


Main Cast

Lee Jong Suk as Cha Eun Ho
Kim Kang Hoon as Cha Eun Ho (young)
Lee Na Young as Kang Dan Yi
Choi Da In as Kang Dan Yi (young)
Jung Yoo Jin as Song Hae Rin
Wi Ha Joon as Ji Seo Joon

People at the Publishing Company

Kim Tae Woo as Kim Jae Min
Kim Yoo Mi as Ko Yoo Sun
Jo Han Chul as Bong Ji Hong
Kim Sun Young as Seo Young Ah
Kang Ki Doong as Park Hoon
Park Gyu Young as Oh Ji Yool
Lee Kwan Hoon as Lee Seung Jin
Choi Seung Yoon (최승윤) as Bae Gwang Soo
Lee Ha Eun as Chae Song Yi

People around Kang Dan Yi

Oh Ui Shik as Hong Dong Min (Dan Yi’s ex-husband)
Lee Ji Won as Hong Jae Hee (Dan Yi’s daughter)


Lee Ji Ha as Hae Rin’s mother
Jung Jin Seo (정진서) as high school girl
Im Ka Young (임가영) as high school girl
Choi Eun Kyung as Ji Yool’s mother
Lee Ho Jae as Kang Byung Joon
Park Seung Tae as Yoo Myung Soo
Han Seung Hyun as distribution center employee
Ko Jae Won (고재원) as Bong Chan Min
Kim Eun Sun (김은선) as nurse
Kim Esther (김에스더)
Lee Chae Eun (이채은)


Shin Hye Jung as Eun Ho’s girlfriend (ep 1)
Cha Soon Bae as drunken man (ep 1)
Noh Jong Hyun as Ji Yool’s boyfriend (ep 4)
Jannabi (잔나비) as themselves (ep 5)

Production Credits

Production Company: Studio Dragon
Director: Lee Jung Hyo
Screenwriter: Jung Hyun Jung

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2019-01-26 1 4.280 -
2019-01-27 2 4.420 -
2019-02-02 3 4.385 -
2019-02-03 4 4.256 -
2019-02-09 5 4.436 -
2019-02-10 6 5.064 -
2019-02-16 7 4.962 -
2019-02-17 8 5.378 -
2019-02-23 9 5.8 -
2019-02-24 10 5.822 -
2019-03-02 11 5.029 -
2019-03-03 12 5.238 -
2019-03-09 13 5.329 -
2019-03-10 14 6.345 -
2019-03-16 15 5.018 -
2019-03-17 16 6.651 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : Pjs Says:

    Another bored themed drama.

  2. 2 : Fishnet Says:

    @Pjs you couldn’t guarantee yet since it is lee jong suk. His dramas had high viewership rating.

  3. 3 : Sungailagu Says:

    Thanks you, i like this movie

  4. 4 : BloggerGaes Says:

    I can’t wait for this drama. Yeah

  5. 5 : Cindy teo Says:

    This drama sure will hve high ratings since lee jong suk is starring in the drama

  6. 6 : Pe Evans Says:

    First Lee Bo Young – I Hear Your Voice
    2nd Park Bo Young – Young Blood
    3rd Lee Na Young.. I hope He and Lee Bo Young will have a drama again they have so much chemistry

  7. 7 : Lee Jong Suk ✔ Says:

    Thank you my fans for the love & support.

  8. 8 : Yeah Says:

    LNY is rather in her 40’s and the gap age between them is 10 years and even if she looks younger than her real age I don’t think it won’t show on screen at all. There are so many good actresses in their 30’s who I’m sure would have been fitted for this role but whatever…

  9. 9 : Light Says:

    I wonder too… why LNY? When there are a lot of younger actresses that are much better and suitable for this role, to show compatibility with LJS…

  10. 10 : Yeah Says:

    at least I read somewhere that LJS said she’s his ideal type so I hope, if it’s true, that he’ll enjoy the filming, what can I say?

  11. 11 : Yeah Says:

    The synopsis written above induced me in error thinking that the main characters might have the same age and based on that I wrote my comment #8, but Kang Dan I is 37 years old, not far from the actress real age and Cha Eun Ho is at least five years younger than she so they fit each other as age for their story and choosing Lee Na Young for this role doesn’t seem inappropriate anymore.

  12. 12 : Ryyn Says:

    Another romcom boring drama . The production team is idiot to choosing Lee Na Young . She is not fit in this drama . The female MC should be pathetic and funny. Lee Na Young face is not pathetic and funny at all.

  13. 13 : annmasae Says:

    Enjoying this drama. At first I thought LNY was too old for Lee Jong Suk but they have great chemistry together so I’m ignoring their age difference. I like the story line where a divorced woman is trying to make it on her own. Hope the ratings increase. Glad it is being shown on Netflix.

  14. 14 : MaxT Says:

    Will skip this drama because of LNY. She’s not pretty at all.

  15. 15 : TW Says:

    Lol! Not pretty? Well, aside from being married to one of the most handsome men in South Korea, Won Bin, I think she is quite stunning and at times when the camera catches her natural beauty, she is simply incandescent.

  16. 16 : TW Says:

    Isn’t it the case that when these actresses return after a long hiatus from the camera, talk of a breakup follows? I hope that isn’t the case for Lee Na Young and Won Bin.

  17. 17 : Silver Spurs Says:

    @Yeah—That’s right, Na Young and Dan Yi are close enough in age. Dan Yi married, had a child, and while raising the child the douchebag husband gave in to the impulse of his tiny pee-pee.

    It is all set. We have the love triangle in the making. Eun Ho and Umbrella will compete for Dan Yi’s affection.

  18. 18 : Maja Says:

    Love this drama and the cast…

  19. 19 : Liza Joergensen Says:

    Eun-ho YouTube Are The best and all The cast.i felt inlove again 😍😍😍
    Fan from Norway .

  20. 20 : besma Says:


  21. 21 : Hoang Says:

    amazing movie . Love 2 main characters. love Lee Na Young

  22. 22 : jnxdoe Says:

    This drama has a great story and casting. The editing and ambience kindda remind me of Goblin 😉

  23. 23 : Azza Says:

    I wish the drama happy ending in the end 😍 Eun Ho with Dan Yi and Hae rin with seo joon😊

  24. 24 : tigerb Says:

    oh, please, love and romance can happen to many kinds of people, and for this drama, qualifications by the viewers do not count! just enjoy the series as it depicts many aspects of love and romance! cheers!

  25. 25 : Linh Says:

    Lee Na Young is so beautiful, the more I watch this drama I’m in Love with her and now I understand why Lee Jong Suk has crush on her for a long time, why some people is so mean, what wrong with the age? She more younger than I thought and perfectly with character she be in this drama 😍

  26. 26 : Joarnee Lim Says:

    What a wonderful drama before Lee Jong Suk leave us!

  27. 27 : Chae Won Says:

    Love this drama.

  28. 28 : Mirjana Says:

    Greetings from New Zealand. Absolutely love the story. The main characters complement each other beautifully. Well done to the whole acting cast. The topic of an age difference where a woman is older than a guy is contemporary – this is the 21st century after all. I am surprised how much Korean language I have learned just by watching you – komsomida. 🙂 Wishing you all many good dramas. 🙂

  29. 29 : Vero Says:

    Love all Lee jong suk drama. His so cute and funny

  30. 30 : Milena Berlatazky Says:

    Amo está Serie.Su estética, guiones , poesía visual son únicas… la escena e la que está nevando es conmovedora… Gracias. MILENA desde Argentina

  31. 31 : tigerb Says:

    it’s worth watching, inspite of the simple plot. LJS does not seem to age.

  32. 32 : Silverswan Says:

    To me it is not the actor/actress be pretty or handsome. It is more important that they know how to act. I thought this was a romantic drama, and dose not matter the age difference, it is a modern world and men preferred matured women. The actress is pretty for her age, and to me this drama is a great love story
    Great drama and thanks to :
    Production Company: Studio Dragon
    Director: Lee Jung Hyo
    Screenwriter: Jung Hyun Jung

  33. 33 : Marie-Jeanne Licari Says:

    I love Lee Jong suk, but find Lee Na young insipid in comparison. Not a good match, but a very enjoyable show.

  34. 34 : lai Says:

    love and pretty are subjective…what is match or not? who decides?

  35. 35 : Kay Says:

    Found this one a little slow, but I really enjoyed Lee Jong Suk as I always do and thought he had a sweet relationship with Lee Na Young 🙂

  36. 36 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Jong Suk is so charming. His complexion is super smooth n fresh. Love 🙂
    Nice drama

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