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Rock Rock Rock

Title: 락 Rock 樂 (락락락) / Rock Rock Rock
Chinese Title : 樂摇滚
Genre: Docu-drama, music
Series : Drama Special Series (Season 1)
Episodes: 4
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast date: 2010-Dec-11 to 2010-Dec-18
Air time: Saturday 22:15


A docu-drama about the life of Kim Tae Won, lead guitarist of the legendary rock band Boohwal, or “Resurrection”, as well as the different people who played a part in its history, such as former lead vocalist Lee Seung Chul.


No Min Woo as Kim Tae Won
Hong Ah Reum as Hyun Joo
Jang Kyung Ah as Soo Yeon
Lee Jong Hwan (이종환) as Lee Seung Chul
Bang Joong Hyun as Kim Jong Seo
Devin (데빈) as Shin Dae Chul
Kang Doo as Lee Tae Yoon
No Min Hyuk (노민혁) as Jimmy Hendrix
Kim Jong Seo as Tae Won’s uncle
Kim Yoon Tae as Lee Seung Chul’s manager
Song Joong Geun (송중근)
Joo Ho
Lee Duk Hee
Lee Dal Hyung
Lee Won Hee (이원희)
No Young Hak
Ahn Jae Min
Kang Eun Ah as Tae Won’s Younger Sister
Jo Sun Hyung as Lee Ji Woong

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Bae Kyung Soo
Producer: Kang Byung Taek (강병택)
Director: Lee Won Ik
Screenwriter: Park Kyung Sun (박경선), Bang Hyo Geum (방효금)

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  1. 1 : chika Says:

    quite interesting drama..noh min woo RoCK!!

  2. 2 : kimerica Says:

    This was terrific! What a powerhouse performance from Noh Min Woo!…and Kim Jong Seo was good,too. Even though short, This may be the best drama I’ve seen all year. Hope KBS puts this out on disc since it isn’t even available on KBSworld in the US.

  3. 3 : naz Says:

    hi, i’m malaysian … i couldn’t find any of this Korean song(memories III, saranghae, etc.). i love all of it! gooosh! can anyone please tell me where to find it?

  4. 4 : K Says:

    hey naz!
    give me your e-mail address. i’ll send some of them to you.
    i’m a corean.

  5. 5 : Marjorie Says:

    where can i watch this?

  6. 6 : ryee Says:

    I saw the trailer on youtube. Unfortunate cant see this drama yet… hope KBS will release the dvd, so all the fans of BooHwal from all over the world can see it tough ^^

  7. 7 : Gary Says:

    hi, i’m a singaporean … i couldn’t find any of this Korean song(saranghae and never ending story). is very touching… can anyone please tell me where to find it?

  8. 8 : derham Says:

    To Gary,

    I have found this link for never ending story, I do not know whether it has english sub.

  9. 9 : derham Says:

    I also add the link for 사랑할수록

  10. 10 : Comel Says:

    Excellent powerful performance from No Min Woo.

  11. 11 : eyza Says:

    can anyone send me a link to download or listen the ost for this drama.. i found that it is hard to find it TQ. i love boo hwal song in this drama

  12. 12 : mary grace tejeda Says:

    … ughhh… where can I watch this?

  13. 13 : mary grace tejeda Says:

    …I REALLY WANT to have a copy of this.. goshhh…

  14. 14 : azlin Says:

    i really love the story about kim tea woon…how about his ex?never found her…oh..so sad soo hyun..u never fight for your love…sara neeee…

  15. 15 : Rock Rock Rock Episode 1-4 End (MedQual) (EU) – Nubishare.com Says:

    […] More INFO : KoreanDrama […]

  16. 16 : xty Says:

    you can download the song from soribada.com

  17. 17 : hakim Says:

    k, can u send it to my mail? [email protected]

  18. 18 : devi Says:

    moga flm nie d puter ndek indosiar aminnnnnnn…..:)

  19. 19 : Rex Says:

    From this docu drama,i’ve known that kim tae won has struggle A LOT to keep boohwal alive.kim tae won,keep on rockin’!! we always with u and boohwal!! Rock will never die!!

  20. 20 : fransiska Says:

    lain bgt wajah no min woo – nya ..:)

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