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Title: 로드 넘버원 / Road No. 1 / Road Number One
Chinese Title : 一号公路
Genre: Action, drama, romance, war
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-June-23 to 2010-Aug-26
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Based on the events occurring around “Route 1”, which lies between Seoul and Pyongyang. The story about Officer Lee Jang Woo who finds himself in a war that he is not prepared for in order to protect Soo Yeon, the woman he has known and loved since youth. However, he is able to put it past him and he displays extraordinary survival skills, friendship, cooperation and ideology under brutal war conditions. Soo Yeon awaits Jang Woo’s return, but eventually gets engaged to Tae Ho. When Jang Woo returns alive, however, Tae Ho discovers Jang Woo and Soo Yeon’s unbreakable bond and feels betrayed.


So Ji Sub as Lee Jang Woo
– Jang Min Ho as old Jang Woo
Kim Ha Neul as Kim Soo Yeon
Kim Yoo Jung as young Soo Yeon
Yoon Kye Sang as Shin Tae Ho
Choi Bool Am as old Tae Ho
Choi Min Soo as Yoon Sam Soo (Commander of the 2nd Company)
Son Chang Min as Oh Jong Ki
Kim Jin Woo as Kim Soo Hyuk (Soo Yeon’s elder brother)
Nam Bo Ra as Kim Soo Hee (Soo Yeon’s younger sister)
Julien Kang as U.S. Marine Corps Platoon Leader
Kim Ye Ri as Jo In Sook
Jin Sun Kyu as Go Man Yong
Do Si Kang (도시강) as Kwon Jin Chul
Kim Dong Gon (김동곤) as Kim Duk Shil
Kim Jung Woon as Kim Byung Goo
Park Kwan Sik (박관식) as Kim Bok Soo
Han Gook Jin (한국진) as Kim Sang Gook
Cha Hyun Woo as Ma Chang Kil
Oh Dae Hwan as Park Moon Ho
Shin Dam Soo as Lee Geun Bae
No Hyung Wook as Young Soo
Lee Jin Sung as Jo In Je
Park Byung Eun as Han Young Min
Song Jae Hee as Yang Kang Tae
No Young Hak as Heo Chan Shik
Kim Soo Hwan (김수환) as Woo Bum Jin
Jo Wan Ki as Park Hong Ki
Yoo Jung Ho (유정호) as Byun Dae Young
Yum Dong Hun as battalion commander
Shin Hyun Joon as North Korean officer Jo Sang Wi (cameo)
Lee Chun Hee as soldier in the Youngchongyo bombing (cameo)
Jung Kyung Ho as supplies seller (cameo)
Hwang Bo Ra as girl who lived in Jong Ki’s home (cameo)
Oh Man Suk (cameo)
Moon Chae Won (cameo)
Kim Yeo Jin (cameo)
Jung So Young (cameo)
Lee Kwang Hoon
Min Bok Ki

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jang Soo, Kim Jin Min
Screenwriter: Han Ji Hoon (한지훈)


The budget for this drama is estimated to be around 10 billion won.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-June-23 1 11.2 (14th) 12.2 (12th)
2010-June-24 2 10.1 (13th) 10.8 (11th)
2010-Jun-30 3 7.3 (<7.8)
2010-July-01 4 7.7 (19th) 8.0 (19th)
2010-July-07 5 6.9 (<7.8)
2010-July-08 6 7.7 (19th) 8.0 (16th)
2010-July-14 7 (<7.2) 7.5 (19th)
2010-July-15 8 7.5 (20th) 7.6 (19th)
2010-July-21 9 7.7 (17th) 8.5 (13th)
2010-July-22 10 7.5 (19th) 8.6 (15th)
2010-July-28 11 (<8.0) (<7.9)
2010-July-29 12 (<7.1) (<7.0)
2010-Aug-04 13 (<7.3) (<7.3)
2010-Aug-05 14 (<7.8) (<7.7)
2010-Aug-11 15 (<7.9) (<7.9)
2010-Aug-12 16 (<8.1) (<8.2)
2010-Aug-18 17 - -
2010-Aug-19 18 - -
2010-Aug-25 19 - -
2010-Aug-26 20 - -

Source: TNS Media Korea

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233 Responses to “Road Number One”

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  1. 1
    autumn Says:

    Cant wait to watch this drama. So Ji Sub so cool. Like him alot. Hope is not a tragic ending…

  2. 2
    white flag Says:

    so ji sub is my favourite actor , i love him so much,can’t wait for this drama especially because it seems like the movie ” pearl harber” i don’t know why i got this feelin 😀

  3. 3
    1ch54N Says:

    I like

  4. 4
    Sue1 Says:

    My favourate actors and actress !

  5. 5
    Taber Says:

    God, I wish it was a different actress. I love Ji-Sub and Kye Sang but I never care for Ha Neul in drama, she was good in movies, but she fall short on long term project.

  6. 6
    autumn Says:

    I agree with you. I feel that So ji sub suit a smaller size actress…. Kim Ha Neul look too tall.

  7. 7
    white flag Says:

    i never seen ha neul in drama before, i know that she was the lead in “on air” but i didn’t have the chance to watch this series.anyway the important thing is that our “so ji sub ” is in this drama 😀 and who knows , may be ha neul be great and suit her role very well.let’s not judge her now..

  8. 8
    nina Says:

    good luck for this drama

  9. 9
    mutiara Says:

    omo!! so ji sub!!! :)) <3

  10. 10
    hohohaha2600 Says:

    I love Yoon Kye Sang. He is very good at acting these kind of drama

  11. 11
    Wallae Says:

    Huh ? So this is a what kind of show ? Gay show ?

  12. 12
    http://www.expdrama.com Says:


    can’t wait for the drama looks good.

  13. 13
    caca Says:

    The story is like Pearl Harbour. I’m not going to watch it.

  14. 14
    farahsmile Says:

    i’m dying to watch this drama till come out and BOOM the korean ratings television for its story about their(korean) war with engaging storyline and skilled director and of course the top actor, i mean TOP ACTORS such as:the new hallyu star SO JI SUB and the talented KIM HA NEUL (oh i just love her acting especially in My Girlfriend Is a Agent) and she is such have chemistry with Kang Ji Hwan.About YUN KYE SANG i can’t say for more cause i just watch his acting field in one drama beside he is an ex-member of idol group GOD (oh my GOD that’s so long ago) and now he is trying to become actor well good luck for them and the drama itself and

  15. 15
    anoymous Says:


    This blog is really good.
    Most of recent dramas are uploaded with 450p, which is really good quality
    don’t hesitate, just go and check it..

    Again, ko-drama.blogspot.com

  16. 16
    hendro Says:

    it seems so promising…
    hope it has different story with other drama..

  17. 17
    ontak Says:

    wwwwwwwwwwwuuiiihh,, cant wait to watch it

  18. 18
    Alghie Says:

    want to see it

  19. 19
    nahdra Says:

    so ji sub is my favourite actor ,,, ^^

  20. 20
    mel Says:

    i wanna watch this too

  21. 21
    ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  22. 22
    Rae Says:

    Why it has to be with this acress Kim Ha Neul as I really dislike her …but I love So Ji Sub and have been waiting for his drama….why why…not other better actress and she look much older then him ????

  23. 23
    Ear Says:

    Oh man, why is it has to be So Ji Sub to be paired with Kim Ha Neul? I really really hate him! Can’t they find a better actor to go along with Ha Neul?

  24. 24
    samuel Says:


  25. 25
    samuel Says:

    @–>—–고맙습니다 ~ (^_^)/

  26. 26
    nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  27. 27
    dramalover Says:

    Hey, I just watched the first episode of this drama series online…I think it’s got a good start. I liked it better than the other drama series called “Brother in Arms” (전우) which is also new. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen So Ji Seob in any drama series. You know when I was in the army I’ve talked to a veteran from Texas who fought in the Korean War and how he visited Korea again in 2002. He told me how much Korea had changed in the last 50 years. Just goes to show you how the Korean War wasn’t just a war fought by Koreans… Anyways, I hope this series develops well with a good storyline. BTW, I watched the drama online at Jemibox…google it and see for yourself

  28. 28
    ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  29. 29
    hachi Says:

    hi, just want to know how you looked this drama if on the website you said its just on Korean and it dosen´’t have any subs in english, please let me know cause i’ve been looking all over for this drama and i can’t find it on english.. thanks bye

  30. 30
    belle fry Says:

    Would love to watch this movie with eng sub….mainly because the best actor and so good looking SO JI SUB is in this drama!!!!!!Please have eng sub!!!!!

  31. 31
    Belle Says:

    Storyline is not logical. A girl (Soo Yun) who does not marry yet (even a married woman who does not have any child yet), how can she have any milk for baby? It dramatizes illogically. Thumb down! Bye!

  32. 32
    christine Says:

    i have watched the 1st and 2nd episode and its beautiful, i believe its going to be the best drama for year 2010.

    i love kim ha neul, she is a beautiful, talented and graceful actress. From what i have seen so far, both of them ie so ji sub have very good chemistry, they are so engrossed with each other, so in love… perfect couple…i love their kissing scenes so natural…..

    cheers to yun kye sung…his acting is beautiful too…

  33. 33
    mutiara Says:

    I love korean drama!!

  34. 34
    jane Says:

    I’ve wahtched ep1 + ep2…..the acting skills of the 3 leads (so ji sub, kim ha neul, yoon kye sang) are very good. Kim Ha Neul impressed me the most though. She is so pretty even with less or without make up.

    I liked the breast-feeding scene, Kim Ha Neul looked like an angel with her smile.

    And Ji Sub – Ha Neul make a very cute couple!

    This drama is so amazing with beautiful view, beautiful music. Thumbs up to Road No. 1

  35. 35
    Puji Says:

    I Love So Ji Sub…
    Can’t Wait to Watch It…

  36. 36
    jen Says:

    i wish also it was different actress,i dont lyk kim haneul,i agree he suit a smaller actress lyk han ji min,love cain and abel.

  37. 37
    christine Says:

    why leave negative comments?

    kim ha neul is the best actress and they hve chosen well! both so ji sub and kim ha neul compliment each other and have very good chemistry?

    i have seen ep. 1-4 and definitely a versatile drama and i will support all the way…

    so ji sub, kim ha neul and yun kye sung are versatile actors and they hve done a great job and played their roles well.

    its the greatest drama for year 2010!

  38. 38
    lyn Says:

    i stop wtchng til ep.3 i luv so ji sub so much,but 4 me he has no chemistry 2 the lead actress.

  39. 39
    cacai Says:

    im so addicted of so ji sub and yoon kye sang but when i saw kim ha neul i lost interest.

  40. 40
    Alghie Says:


  41. 41
    ma hye ri Says:

    yeh, look, this drama is NOT good.
    prosecutor princess is the best drama of this year
    KSY is better than Ha Neul. Medical student does not have basic knowledge that girl, women do not have milk to feed baby unless after they deliver baby.

  42. 42
    christine Says:

    kim ha neul, you are my favorite actress and your performance in Road No. 1 is beautiful…

    disregard those negative comments, they do not know how to appreciate such awesome performance from you, so ji sub, yun kye sun and the rest of the crew…. cheers to all who are involved with this beautiful drama.

    i have been waiting patiently for the episodes to come out and so far it has been really worth viewing and will definitely follow to the final episode….

  43. 43
    AMEIR Says:

    hi!i’m from iran!thank you for series & So ji sub is best actor!

  44. 44
    AMEIR Says:

    this film is very goooooooood

  45. 45
    Suzy Says:

    Hey, just wondering did so ji sub die??? cos i know at the beginning of the show they only show the other lead actor….

  46. 46
    Rae Says:

    I love SJS but why why the actress have to be KHN , why her..she look old.. There are so many actress in Korea …why her. Because of her , I am not sure to watch this drama but I love So Ji Sub….if the actress is some other lady…this is will a good drama

  47. 47
    jennifer Says:

    i agree w/u rae,of all korean actresses y KHN i dont lyk her also i am a fan of SJS but bcuz of the female lead im not interested 2 watch road 1.

  48. 48
    christine Says:

    those who anti khn are just jealous of her …..

    i believe all the actors and actresses have proven themselves and their performance was great…versatile and splendid..simply beautfiul

  49. 49
    julie Says:

    where can you see this series?

  50. 50
    juno Says:

    so ji sub soooo hot..but i dont like d chemistry between him and khn,.i will continue 2 wtch road 1 only 4 so ji sub..oppa fighting!

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