Title: 로드 넘버원 / Road No. 1 / Road Number One
Chinese Title : 一号公路
Genre: Action, drama, romance, war
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-June-23 to 2010-Aug-26
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Based on the events occurring around “Route 1″, which lies between Seoul and Pyongyang. The story about Officer Lee Jang Woo who finds himself in a war that he is not prepared for in order to protect Soo Yeon, the woman he has known and loved since youth. However, he is able to put it past him and he displays extraordinary survival skills, friendship, cooperation and ideology under brutal war conditions. Soo Yeon awaits Jang Woo’s return, but eventually gets engaged to Tae Ho. When Jang Woo returns alive, however, Tae Ho discovers Jang Woo and Soo Yeon’s unbreakable bond and feels betrayed.


So Ji Sub as Lee Jang Woo
– Jang Min Ho as old Jang Woo
Kim Ha Neul as Kim Soo Yeon
Kim Yoo Jung as young Soo Yeon
Yoon Kye Sang as Shin Tae Ho
Choi Bool Am as old Tae Ho
Choi Min Soo as Yoon Sam Soo (Commander of the 2nd Company)
Son Chang Min as Oh Jong Ki
Kim Jin Woo as Kim Soo Hyuk (Soo Yeon’s elder brother)
Nam Bo Ra as Kim Soo Hee (Soo Yeon’s younger sister)
Julien Kang as U.S. Marine Corps Platoon Leader
Kim Ye Ri as Jo In Sook
Jin Sun Kyu (진선규) as Go Man Yong
Do Si Kang (도시강) as Kwon Jin Chul
Kim Dong Gon (김동곤) as Kim Duk Shil
Kim Jung Woon as Kim Byung Goo
Park Kwan Sik (박관식) as Kim Bok Soo
Han Gook Jin (한국진) as Kim Sang Gook
Cha Hyun Woo as Ma Chang Kil
Oh Dae Hwan as Park Moon Ho
Shin Dam Soo (신담수) as Lee Geun Bae
No Hyung Wook as Young Soo
Lee Jin Sung as Jo In Je
Park Byung Eun as Han Young Min
Song Jae Hee as Yang Kang Tae
No Young Hak as Heo Chan Shik
Kim Soo Hwan (김수환) as Woo Bum Jin
Jo Wan Ki (조완기) as Park Hong Ki
Yoo Jung Ho (유정호) as Byun Dae Young
Yum Dong Hun as battalion commander
Shin Hyun Joon as North Korean officer Jo Sang Wi (cameo)
Lee Chun Hee as soldier in the Youngchongyo bombing (cameo)
Jung Kyung Ho as supplies seller (cameo)
Hwang Bo Ra as girl who lived in Jong Ki’s home (cameo)
Oh Man Suk (cameo)
Moon Chae Won (cameo)
Kim Yeo Jin (cameo)
Jung So Young (cameo)

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jang Soo, Kim Jin Min
Screenwriter: Han Ji Hoon (한지훈)


The budget for this drama is estimated to be around 10 billion won.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-June-23 1 11.2 (14th) 12.2 (12th)
2010-June-24 2 10.1 (13th) 10.8 (11th)
2010-Jun-30 3 7.3 (<7.8)
2010-July-01 4 7.7 (19th) 8.0 (19th)
2010-July-07 5 6.9 (<7.8)
2010-July-08 6 7.7 (19th) 8.0 (16th)
2010-July-14 7 (<7.2) 7.5 (19th)
2010-July-15 8 7.5 (20th) 7.6 (19th)
2010-July-21 9 7.7 (17th) 8.5 (13th)
2010-July-22 10 7.5 (19th) 8.6 (15th)
2010-July-28 11 (<8.0) (<7.9)
2010-July-29 12 (<7.1) (<7.0)
2010-Aug-04 13 (<7.3) (<7.3)
2010-Aug-05 14 (<7.8) (<7.7)
2010-Aug-11 15 (<7.9) (<7.9)
2010-Aug-12 16 (<8.1) (<8.2)
2010-Aug-18 17 - -
2010-Aug-19 18 - -
2010-Aug-25 19 - -
2010-Aug-26 20 - -

Source: TNS Media Korea

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232 Responses to “Road Number One”

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  1. 226
    isaac nartey Says:

    i simply loved this drama. everything about it moved me from the beginning to the end. it is truly a masterpiece.

  2. 227
    Jason Sud Says:

    What is it about the main actress? She’s really not pretty yet they use her in romantic dramas. Besides, her speech is always slurred.

  3. 228
    Mia Andriyani_Indonesia Says:

    Road No. 1 is good and interesting drama,, and this drama describes fighting of love, friendship, and loyality of our country,, good job for all crews, actors and actress,, and the main is the writer of the drama,,,

  4. 229
    toronto Says:

    WOW. wow and wow. Amazing drama. Amazing drama. A must see. I love you SO JI SUB. You’re SUPER HANDSOME AND AMAZING. My goodness, you’re one sexy man. I love Choi Min Soo as well. A masterpiece and a must see. Wonderful. Thank you to Jo Si Sub, Choi Min Soo and Yoon Kye Sang. Love this drama soooooooooooooo much….

  5. 230
    zarima Says:

    this kdrama is one of a kind.. love it.. two thumbs up…. so suspense and what a love story they have,, really a good one..

  6. 231
    Valerie Says:

    Road Number 1 is just a meaningful picture showing the effects of war, post traumatic distress syndrome and the sufferings of lovers separated. I still do not understand why the ratings were low and this drama did not win any award. I would have given all the awards for this drama. Best actor, best actress, best drama, best director. simply swept all the prizes. Keep it up So Ji sub. Please do not bedisheartened. You had a story to protray. It is just that the public has forgotten about the war how tKoreans sufferred. I remember as the Malaysian rubber prize shot up blecause of this war.

  7. 232
    Valerie Says:

    So far that I have seen So Ji Sub’s dramas, I find that it has dealt with alot of issues.
    “Sorry I love you” dealt with children sent for adoption overseas and abandoned on the streets to fend for themselves. This must be true otherwise the director would not have dared portray this.
    “Kain and Abel” dealt with sibling jealousy and how it can take a very severe turn.
    “Road Number One” is such a good drama in that even though the budget was high, it honoured the people of South Korea at that time whilst the rest of the world slept and Malaysian rubber tappers were so rich that they bought refrigerators even though they had no electricity to store their clothes.
    “It happened in Bali” was also a tragedy stemming from a culture which must match wealth with wealth and be blowed with love.
    I have not seen “glass slipper” to make any comments but it must be equally good.

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