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Reply 1997

Title: 응답하라 1997 / Reply 1997
Chinese Title: 回答1997
Also Known as: Answer to 1997 / Answer Me 1997
Genre: Sitcom
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2012-July-24 to 2012-Sep-18
Air time: Tuesday 23:00 (2 episodes back to back)
Related Series: Reply Series


This drama will focus on the extreme fan culture that emerged in the 1990s when idol groups took center stage and K-pop was blossoming.

It tells the story of 6 former high school friends from a school in Busan who meet again in 2012 and brings back memories to 1997 when they were still high school students. Moving back and forth between the ’90s and today, the story centers on the life of Sung Si Won (Jung Eun Ji), who idolizes boyband H.O.T. and her 5 high school friends.


Main Cast

Jung Eun Ji as Sung Si Won
Seo In Guk as Yoon Yoon Je
Shin So Yool as Mo Yoo Jeong
Hoya as Kang Joon Hee
Eun Ji Won as Do Hak chan
Lee Shi Un as Bang Sung Jae

Extended Cast

Sung Dong Il as Sung Dong Il (Shi Won’s father)
Kang Kyun Sung as young Dong Il (ep 9)
Lee Il Hwa as Lee Il Hwa (Shi Won’s mother)
Park Cho Rong as young Il Hwa (ep 9)
Song Jong Ho as Yoon Dae Woong (Yoon Jae’s brother)
No Ji Yeon (노지연) as Jang Dan Ji
Jung Kyung Mi (정경미) as Kyung Mi / Eun Dok Ki
Kim Sun Ah as Sun Ah / Eun Gak Ha
Baek Chang Min as Kid


Kim Gook Jin as MC of Star Date (ep 1)
Tony Ahn as himself (ep 1, 3)
Kim Ye Won as Sung Song Joo (Shi Won’s older sister) (ep 4, 9)
Siwan as ROTC student (ep 4)
Lee Yoon Suk (이윤석) as Lee Dong Gyu (ep 5)
Kim Jong Min as doctor (ep 5)
Shin Bong Sun as Busan club H.O.T. president (ep 6)
Choo Min Ki as Chu Shin Soo (ep 8 )
Kim Tae Won (김태원) as karaoke room guest (ep 8 )
Jung Myung Ok (정명옥) as karaoke room guest (ep 8 )
Jung Joo Ri as karaoke room guest (ep 8 )
Park Ji Yoon as Joon Hee’s sixth older sister (ep 8 ) / seventh older sister (ep 10)
Ryu Dam as Lee Dae Ho (ep 8 )
Yoon Bo Mi as young Moon Jung Mi (Yoon Jae’s mother in 1968) (ep 9)
Yang Joon Hyuk (양준혁) as Yoon Joon Hyuk (Yoon Jae’s father in 1968) (ep 9)
Son Jin Yeong as young Joon Hyuk (ep 9)
Kim Ki Wook (김기욱) as cell phone store salesman (ep 9)
Yoon Hyung Bin as Eun Dok Ki’s husband (ep 10)
Yang Se Hyung (양세형) as Eun Gak Ha’s husband (ep 10)
Ahn Young Mi as Sechs Kies fanclub president (ep 10)
Kang Yoo Mi as H.O.T. fanclub president (ep 10)
Shin Dong Yup as MC of 1998 Golden Disk Awards (ep 10)
Lee Joo Yeon as Joo Yeon (ep 14, 16)
Lee Sol Ji (이솔지) as Lee Sol Ji (TV program MC) (ep 15)
Go In Bum as Shi Won’s great uncle (ep 15)
G.NA as Choi Jin Ah (Yoon Jae’s blind date) (ep 15)
Bae Da Hae (배다해) as Shi Won’s colleague (ep 16)
Lee Soo Geun (이수근) as hired driver (ep 16)
So Hee Jung as Shi Won’s senior at work

Production Credits

Director: Shin Won Ho (신원호)
Screenwriter: Lee Sun Hye (이선혜), Kim Ran Joo (김란주)

Episode Title

Episode Title
1 Eighteen
2 Becoming more and more different
3 What you see is not everything
4 Fair play
5 Life's counterattack
6 Love makes you do things you’ve never done
7 Future hopes
8 D-day
9 The thread of fate
10 The reason why I like you
11 The fairness of relationships
12 The meaning of hands
13 Later...no, now
14 Love Is Ordered by the Heart
15 While i loved you
16 The reason why first loves don’t last

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Average Rating (%) Peak (%)
2012-07-24 1 & 2 1.20 1.80
2012-07-31 3 & 4 1.20 1.70
2012-08-07 5 & 6 1.60 2.10
2012-08-14 7 & 8 3.25 4.56
2012-08-21 9 & 10 3.00 3.80
2012-08-28 11 & 12 3.46 4.43
2012-09-04 13 & 14 3.70 4.70
2012-09-11 15 4.17 5.52
2012-09-18 16 7.55 9.47

Source: TNmS Media Korea

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


The last episode of this drama aired on four cable channels: tvN, OCN, Mnet, and O’live. Therefore, the ratings was combined from these four channels. (Source)


2016 tvN10 Awards: Special Acting Award – Sung Dong Il (Answer Me series)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Content Award (Drama)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Made in tvN (Drama, Actor) – Seo In Gook (Answer Me 1997)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Best Kiss – Jung Eun Ji & Seo In Gook (Answer Me 1997)
2013 49th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress (Jung Eun Ji)


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Trailer I & Trailer II

Behind the Scenes 1 & Behind the Scenes II

Press Conference

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  1. 1 : (: Says:

    hope this drama
    is good

  2. 2 : rocky Says:

    “an sitcom”? I always thought that the correct form is “a sitcom”.

  3. 3 : grace Says:

    HOYA!!! =P me wan watch!!

  4. 4 : @funnyvino Says:

    yah its “a sitcom” 😀 hope that its g0od

  5. 5 : alyahanisahomar Says:

    what eun ji won? haha.. congrats for being an actor oppa.. looking forward for this sitcom.. oppa fighting! i’ll always support u! 😀

  6. 6 : Jennie Says:

    I hope they will play lots of songs by H.O.T and that the members from the group especially Woo Hyuk and Kangta will make an appearance 😀

  7. 7 : dramaku Says:

    anyway, just 8 episode this drama…

  8. 8 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    finaly, there’s a korean sitcom which has short eps… just 8..??!?
    hope it’s good..

  9. 9 : Ayaara Says:

    Wow! love eunji! ^^ Hoya~

  10. 10 : snow26 Says:

    Omo~~Eunji eonni fighting !! saranghaeyo <3 #CPP (Certified Pink Panda)

  11. 11 : thirfishy Says:

    this drama is the most anticipating after to the beautiful youuu.. aaaaaa seo in guk and hoya!!! can’t waittttt

  12. 12 : Jiahara Says:

    I love seon in guk!

  13. 13 : MJ Says:

    Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle:


  14. 14 : CUTE Says:

    wow I am exited
    can I have ( SRT ) of this drama? please

  15. 15 : amouragh Says:

    me too i really hope that this drama is good moreover i know a bit about H.O.T cause one of the member tony an was one of the MC in oh my school this show was so funny

  16. 16 : ha-neul Says:

    I would like to see this drama

  17. 17 : leemyis Says:

    Hoya is so good at acting along with the rest of the actors and actresses in this drama. Hoya fighting!!!

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  19. 19 : nadhira Says:

    i had watched it, and i think it’s cute xD fall in love with seo in guk

  20. 20 : Reply 1997 Sitcom (2012) Says:

    […] Synopsis: Set in the 1990′s, “Reply 1997″ follows female high high school student Si Won (Jung Eun Ji), who idolizes boyband H.O.T and her 5 high school friends. [ Read more ] […]

  21. 21 : luvyluna Says:

    I’ve read for recap, and it was adorable where we’re flashback into idol crush at 90’s.. So cute and funny.. And it still happen until now with more craziness fans of idols.. 🙂

  22. 22 : momo Says:

    i love Seo In Guk & EunJi!

  23. 23 : Fang Says:

    Just to inform everyone that the total number of episode is change from 8 to 16…isn’t that great!

  24. 24 : Charlie Says:

    I love this show. If it ended at ep 8, I’d be heart broken.
    Sincerely hope Si Won will end up with Yoon Jae after all the twists and turns.

  25. 25 : Jennie Says:

    Yeah, happy that episodes have been increased. Love the two leads 😀

  26. 26 : Charlie Says:

    I’m surprised not many comments left here. This is actually a very. Ice little show. Although no big names, but new stars are rising. I love Seo In Guk. He looks like a real man. 😉

  27. 27 : ance Says:

    I admit I under estimated this drama because of the unfamiliar actors. But it’s a really a hilarious drama, I’m really enjoying it. I can relate to them. Maybe it’s because I’m also in high school in 1997. Wahhh I’m old…hahaha! I can relate to Si Won and her girl friends character, back in the day that we memorize all the songs of a newly released album of our idols. Or go to their TV broadcast. Or record their shows on tv or radio (on tape or VHS).

    I really like this drama. maybe the younger generations can’t relate or doesn’t get the characters high school experience but I really recommend this drama, it’s really funny!!! I hope really hope it’s 16 episodes coz some say it’s just 8… 🙁

  28. 28 : Jennie Says:

    @ance That’s the beauty of this show. It reminds us of our idol crazy days and makes us all feel good and reminisce. Seo IG is great here, he was funny and annoying at the same time in LR but probably good practice for him to be able to be the lead and do so well here 😀

  29. 29 : ance Says:


    Thanks Jennie I was really surprise that this drama would turn out great. I just finished Episode 6, I really want to watch episode 7 & 8 but I think its still airing in Korea right now. Glad to know that I’m not the only one here in their late 20’s,hahaha! You’re right, about our idol crazy days…the spice girls, backstreet boys, boyzone, nsync, westlife, moffats…even in my country, that time dancers are popular (we have the streetboys, UMD, and Maneuvers). I remember when the Moffats came to the Phillipines, we rush at the TV station just to get a glimpse of them from a far, in our high school uniform (we ditch class…sshhh…).

    I can’t wait for the next episode…I’m really enjoying this drama. I was so curious who will annouce the engagement, I thought Si Won and Yoon Jae’s Brother will get married. It’s a big relief that it’s another couple. Now another mistery…Who is Si Won’s husband? Ahhh I really hope it’s Joon Jae…Hope they will post the new episodes soon with english subs…

  30. 30 : KDaddict Says:

    I LOVE everyone and everything on this drama!
    I believe this is the first time when there is a drama with so many chars on it, and everyone of them is lovely!

    I just finished ep 8. Now it really has me worried. I want younger brother to get the girl. But it doesn’t look like it. Now there is a week of waiting.

    Even after watching ep 7, 8, we STILL don’t know who Shi Won’s husband is! Agony.

  31. 31 : ance Says:


    really? i was so sleepy last night (2am here) that i got tired of waiting for new episodes…maybe i’ll just watch it when the eng subs to come up…i also hope it’s yoon jae…coz its not fair that the big brother will also get si won…he already got si won’s unnie (too bad she died)…it’s too early to tell…hehehe! their making this drama much more interesting that’s why it’s attracting more viewers!

  32. 32 : ance Says:

    sorry i mean “they are making this drama more interesting, that’s why it’s attracting more viewers”

  33. 33 : ance Says:


    do have any link where i can watch it? even if it’s raw? i searched at epdrama and drama crazy but the video has been removed. kimchidrama haven’t posted any…do you think it’s still in youtube?

  34. 34 : ance Says:

    guys i don’t know how to save/copy a link (i’m stupid with this things), i just copy-paste it…but here i found a raw episode 7…

  35. 35 : ance Says:

    guys i found a spoiler of who might be the “baby daddy”…but it says that we shouldn’t watch it unless we watched ep. 9 or 10…but i’m really curious to know that’s why i watched it…here’s the link


  36. 36 : KDaddict Says:

    I’d really appreciate it if you would be so kind Not to post any spoilers on Unaired episodes. We love the show, love and hate the suspense at the same time, and really want to experience the freshness and the surprise when we watch without foretold information. Pls see No Spoiler sign at bottom.
    I tend to watch on tv.

  37. 37 : dara Says:

    @KDaddicts: I think it’s fine since ance already post it’s a spoiler and shouldn’t watch it unless we already watched 9 or 10.
    And beside we can’t read/watch it unless we click the link. so it’s all back to our choice again whether can wait to watch it on tv, or just read the spoiler if we’re too curious.
    It helps some of those who can’t wait.

  38. 38 : ance Says:


    i’m sorry it won’t happen again…i was just so excited to show it, but it didn’t give away much so i thought it was ok to post that link…in my understanding, it’s already down to the two brothers anyway, of who might me the the husband coz hoya’s character is either gay or confused so i think it’s imposible for him to be the father…again i’m sorry…i just hope that this doesn’t spoil your enjoyment for the drama coz i’m really enjoying it.


    thanks dara…it was so thoughtless of me…i hate it when people post what might happen or when they say that the ending was bad in one drama, and here i am posting a spoiler. i hope no harm done…thanks again for the defending my post…

  39. 39 : nicanicnacs Says:

    This drama is a must watch! 🙂

  40. 40 : Charlie Says:

    I watched ep9&10, but I still don’t know who is the baby’s father. it could be either one of the brothers. I really want Joon Jae to be the father.

  41. 41 : Charlie Says:

    @ ance 35,
    Don’t worry. Your link is not a spoiler at all. It still doesn’t show who the daddy is.

  42. 42 : ance Says:

    i haven’t watch ep 9 & 10…i’m still waiting for english subs…but i really felt bad for yoon jae in ep 8…ahhh D-day unsuccessful 🙁 …i can’t wait for ep 9 & 10 but i’m really restraining myself to watch it with subs…


    thank you!

  43. 43 : eli Says:

    Oh my God…somebody help !!
    PLEASE I am going crazy …Who the damn father is ? I dont want older bro to get girl !! I am serious …I would NOT like it .
    A great drama with almost no famous cast …these guys are doing awesome job ! At first I thought it might not take me in coz I was 8 in 1997 but I was completely wrong ….I am all and all IN ! counting days for big Monday.
    P.S : YOON JAE take her please or I will travel through the time to fix it so get the girl and FORGET about being gay !

  44. 44 : ance Says:

    ep.9 in subs are out but no ep 10 yet…i really love that picture of the two families…i didn’t get that part when tae woong asked shi won out…when she called tae woong, does it mean that she agreed to date him? aawww nooo!!! i really like yoon jae and shi won!!!
    i also like that they showed the part of the lovestory of the parents…it was nice coz i was also wondering how/why their families are so close that even when yoon jae’s parents are gone, shi won’s parents still helps them (like the hospital bill when yoon jae had the accident).


    yeah take me with you, let’s make sure that yoon jae gets shi won,hahaha!

  45. 45 : kdfan Says:

    This is another little gem. After watching Love rain I was very charmed by Seoinguk. M only at ep 3. Really liking Seoinguk here.

  46. 46 : run_san Says:

    Although I have never seen this drama and just read the recap but I just fell in love with this drama
    I love this drama,,,,
    very sweet n romantic
    and I was surprised when I saw this drama rating higher compared with Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

    Yoon Yoon-jae oppa i love you ^^

  47. 47 : eli Says:

    Did you watched ep9 ? What the hell did exactly tae wong do ? asking out ? OH my lord you dont have any idea how hardly i am tring to keep my self not to watch raw file.. since i watch double episodes i have to wait for ep10 to be released then watch but let me tell you sth :IT IS KIND OF TORTURE ! I am an absolute impatient .It is already Monday and still noting . Locky you !
    PS:dear shi won why dont you take sweet yoon jae and not leave tae wong for us ? We can take good care of him .

  48. 48 : chloe14 Says:


    i also haven’t found ep 10 in subs until now…that part when tae woong asked if they should go was a broken link in so skipped that part so i just assumed that he asked her out coz the start of the next part was “…go out with me?”… sorry i’m no help…i was also planning of watching ep 10 raw but i also don’t want to double watch coz my electric bill is so high (hehehe) i have to save electricity too…LOL!

    but really please can somebody post a link if ep.10 w/ eng subs is out…tomorrow’s tuesday and we still haven’t watch ep. 10…wwaaaahhh…
    i’d really appreciate it…thank you so

  49. 49 : ance Says:


    sorry my daughter used this in commenting in to the beautiful you, i didn’t noticed the name isn’t mine…hehehe!

  50. 50 : ance Says:

    for those who have been patiently waiting for episode 10 with english subs go to kimchidrama…i don’t know why but i can’t seem to publish my comment here with that link, i tried 3x already…sorry guys…

  51. 51 : eli Says:

    You are probably aware by now .., i just check my beloved sakuraigurl88 s site and ep9-10 is ready to use …by the way it is CHAN and on missing minutes !

  52. 52 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict i want younger bro to get the girl too although i love oppa as much. i m already so heartbroken for yoonjae, can’t wait!

  53. 53 : eli Says:

    I mean NO missing minutes .

  54. 54 : floovyn Says:

    I’m enjoying this drama soo much, can’t wait for next episodes!

  55. 55 : janice llabor Says:

    love this drama…

  56. 56 : janice llabor Says:

    will you please upload seventeen the movie of sechkies… please, please, please….

  57. 57 : kdfan Says:

    the new ost duet by eunji and seoinguk is very nice. and i just checked out eunji’s singing in youtube. her voice is amazing!

  58. 58 : ance Says:

    even after ep. 11 & 12…i’m still not sure who the father is…they really are brothers…how did they do that? same ring for the same girl? im guessing si won is wearing yoon jae’s ring…
    im still confused with the coffee coz there’s not subs yet…but from what i understand tae woong ordered the americano with caramel? (im not sure) and joon jae liked coffee with lots of whipping cream…so in ep 11 when they showed a guy’s hand with the ring and getting the coffee with cream…does it mean the husband is yoon jae? omg i really hope so…can’t wait to watch it again…but this time with subs…i wanna know every word of yoon jae’s confession of his feelings to si won…

  59. 59 : Nay22 Says:

    My speculation about Si Won’s husband is Yoon Jae. First, when she was on the way to Seoul, she wore the ring that Yoon Jae gave her. From my sight, Si Won’s wedding ring looks the same one with the ring that Yoon Jae gave her. From the last scene in ep 11 on 43:21, Yoon Jae shows his right hand and there is no ring on his fingers. The hand that take coffee with cream is left hand, and the ring looks like the one that Yoon Jae gave to Si Won. So my guessing is it is Yoon Jae’s hand.

  60. 60 : Jennie Says:

    I am pretty sure Yoon Jae is the hubby and father. First, during the reunion, when they showed the sonogram of the baby, Yoon Jae was sitting next to her and TW was sitting next to Yoon Jae. If TW is the hubby, why is YJ in the middle? Also, did you guys see the proud look on YJ’s face when they said the baby looked like Daddy, especially the eyes? And this episode was aired right after the episode when YJ bought the puppy because it had its eyes. The writer tried to confuse us later when YJ said he and his brother looked alike, especially the eyes. Next clue is when he adjusted her shirt. If he was the brother-in-law, he would not do such a thing. He has a sense of propriety. Remember just before the episode, he was angry with SW each time she touched/hugged him because he thought she was dating his brother? He also said that his brother wouldn’t like it either. Last thing is of course the puppy. The title of that episode was The Thread of Fate. Now what are the chances that the right puppy (meaning the one which YJ bought) would go back to the rightful owner i.e. SW? Am not so concerned about the rings though, because it can be the fault of the crew/production if she wasn’t wearing a ring in that particular scene. This drama is awesome and the thing that adds to the enjoyment is the cameos that the stars make on this show. Jeez, practically the whole faculty of comedians in KDland have made their appearance. And the background songs – daebak 😀

  61. 61 : Jennie Says:

    @Nay I just finished watching Ep 11 and yes, agree with you. Definitely it’s Yoon Jae’s hand. Furthermore, why would they mention that the couple ring was more important than the wedding ring to SW if YJ isn’t the hubby, right? Her friends have to be more sensible if it’s otherwise.

  62. 62 : ance Says:


    good point there…when si won said to tae woong that they have to talk i assume that she cleared things out, coz if she really likes tae woong she wouldn’t be confused when yoon jae confessed his feeling right? it’s definitely yoon jae (husband). i love your views…i really like your explaination…i’m having trouble expressing myself coz of language barrier but i’m trying my best to give a constructive opinion. thanks girl!

    do you know any link with subs of ep 10 & 11 now?

  63. 63 : Jennie Says:

    @ance Kimchidrama just released 11 😀

  64. 64 : Salama Says:

    i notic somthing the one who take the amricano coffie was waring the ring on his left hand and Seo In Guk is a left hand notice that in the last scen he was holding his mobile phone with his left hand.. after that his brother show in the next shot taken the coffie from the girls with his right hand!! dose that main she end with Yoon Yoon Je (Seo In Guk ) at the end yeeeeeeeeees hhh…. hope my thoughts are correct…!!

  65. 65 : ance Says:


    thanks! i’ve already watched it at dramaholics last night before arang’s ep.5 raw was released…still waiting for ep. 12 with subs though… 😉

    i played back that part when YJ & TW gave their ring to SW…for me they really looked the same…maybe the writers are still playing our minds into thinking that there’s still a posibility that it’s TW (if there are SW&TW loveteam fans)…and i hope that they will show in the next episode what happened between 1998-2005, does it mean that they both went to seoul still mad at each other? only 4 episodes…ahhh its so fast…i’m really enjoying this drama 🙁


    yes we all hope that it’s YJ… 🙂

  66. 66 : wulan-Indonesia Says:

    Wooowww……it’s a great things to see such a lot of comment there. But we have in 1 thing in common. We agreed that this drama is awesome!!

    Episode 12 is on the youtube, but without english sub. Enjoy it chingu!

  67. 67 : Jennie Says:

    @wulan-Indonesia TQ for info but I think most of us need the subs 😀 But I’m desperate enough to give it a go and then go in search for the recaps. But I read somewhere that YJ confessed in Ep 12. Hope so..yay!
    @ance About the rings I read that TW’s ring is actually of a different colour (some of these netizens really have super eyesight :-D), so we still have hope! I really wish Ep 13 & 14 will reveal them as a couple, go on dates and have plenty of romantic moments together (taking it for granted of course that Yoon Jae is the one) and Ep 15 & 16 showing them as adults, getting married and making babies lol.

  68. 68 : qiky Says:

    i really like this drama,, i hope yoonjae and shi won together…

  69. 69 : Micc Says:

    OMG, such a torture! I am dying to watch episode 13! Both brothers gave similar rings, both drank caramel mocha! This is driving me crazy! hahaha!

  70. 70 : duckie Says:

    loving this drama proves that idols that act euji from apink and seo in juk (singer) 🙂 hope to see more of both of them in future dramas! im surprised that eun ji won looks so young haha he is surely still a chodong

  71. 71 : KDaddict Says:

    Who is the husband?
    In ep 1: When YJ showed up at the reunion, the 1st thing he said to Siwon was: “You gained weight?” like the other classmates said.
    In another ep, when TW got up from the table at the reunion to remove his car, Siwon said to him very off-handedly: “Get me my jacket from the car.”
    So, I’m not too hopeful that YJ is her husband, tho I very much want him to be.

  72. 72 : KDaddict Says:

    Up till ep 12:
    I think this drama is lovely in that it shows girls as they really are, instead of the usual KD heroine attitude of “I’ll die a thousand times over for my love for you”.
    At 18, Siwon is not ready to be in a serious relationship, as these two brothers are. She is still in the mindset of going to college to see her Tony An oppa! She needs to spread her wings, be independent from her parents and grow up.
    So in 2005, when she runs into YJ again, they can date. If she falls in love with him, they can marry. If she doesn’t, cos she can’t stop seeing him as her boring, meticulous picky sibling, then he can move on without feeling like his heart had been ripped out like the previous time.
    If this was a typical KD, she’d end up w YJ for sure. That’d make all fans very happy.

  73. 73 : Micc Says:

    I agreed with KDaddict. In episode 12, SW asked YJ whether they could just be friends again after YJ confessed his love. I am not optimistic either and I will be really heartbroken for YJ if he’s not the one.

  74. 74 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi there! I didn’t check out the link to see if it revealed anything not yet shown in screened eps. Just afraid that it might. 😉 Thx for understanding. Great drama this one, isn’t it?

  75. 75 : ance Says:


    yes it’s a great drama and i’m really enjoying it…i haven’t seen ep.12 in subs…i’ve been checking out kimchidrama,epdrama & dramacrazy but there’s still nothing…maybe later i’ll check again and share with the others who are also waiting for that episode with subs…hehehe!

  76. 76 : ance Says:

    guys i found ep. 12 with subs finally…i’ve been searching late last night now it’s there…here enjoy! i’ll watch it later!


  77. 77 : hwang ri ra Says:

    when the ep. 13 will come out ??

  78. 78 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict & Jennie hi fr Sokcho! Managed to catch ep 12 after dinner today. I remembered those early clues KDaddict said making us think that taewoong is the husband but somehow along the way seeing more development although not (yet) the romantic kind between yoonjae n shiwon, i felt the connection the writer has built for these two is much stronger n meaningful to be married in the end. Having shiwon ended up with taewoong would make this drama end on a rather flat note. I think this will be another typical KD ending pleasing the viewers. Btw if boring is one of the criteria, both brothers meet it n i would still pick sweetie pie yoonjae :).

  79. 79 : eli Says:

    Are these guys really 18 ? I dont think so !! they are so mature .I love yoon jae ahd shiwon s talk in singing room .She might look a little carefree but actually she is a smart girl ..if i were in her shoes i would probably accept one of them so fast and move on… on the other hand I cant put my feeling into words to express how i adore yoon jae …could a man confess his love to a woman better than this in such a hell ..mess situation? NO .the rush of emotion pulsed through me when he did the confess !!
    I am almost positive YJ is the hubby coz he kissed the girl(ep2) and he is gonna take her since tae woong just had forehead kiss ! (kind of rule in kdrama) but I cant keep myself not to worry about the end becoz sometimes i find even myself saying : it is ok if jae woong is the father…i feel sorry for him he is a sort of devoted brother .

  80. 80 : KDaddict Says:

    YJ or TW:
    YJ is SW’s punching bag n slave. He carries her bag, does her homework when she wants him to, surrenders his underwear when she demands it, offers up his hosp bed w no protest. He is completely devoted to her and we love him for it. SW? She plays tricks on him (frog) n just takes him for granted.
    In 12 eps, I haven’t seen 1 hint that she thinks of him romantically at all. I didn’t call him boring, she did. She kept repeating to her friends that he is boring, picky and difficult. That’s her impression of him.

    For graduation, YJ runs around for months trying to get her a puppy. He also gives her a box of chocolate for D-day. What does she get him when he asks for his present? She goes and picks up a bit of wire on the road, which she says resembles an S, to wish him entry into Seoul Univ. It is funny, but it is also sad, cos it shows how little he means to her, at that pt.

    And what does she give to TW? A tie, that she buys w money that she earns working at the convenience store. So it is for that purpose that she works late n goes home late by herself.
    These guys r truly brothers, they both have a sweet tooth; they both love caramel mocha; and they both love SW. So it is up to her to choose one of them. I believe that at 18, she isn’t ready to make that decision.
    We’ve 4 more eps to go:
    If it is abt SW falling in love w YJ, it’s rather straight-fwd, and probably not enough material to last 4 eps. I think the story will be abt:
    1. SW figuring it out that she loves YJ like a brother, but sees loves TW as a man;
    2. YJ coming to terms w her feelings, and finally being OK or comfortable around her, not as her lover, but as her bro-in-law.

    I’ll soooo happy if/when the show proves me wrong! Plz!

  81. 81 : Jennie Says:

    @eli Yes, I love Yun Jae in that confession scene too. I believe it was an awakening for SW as to how much Yoon Jae cares for her, just as she realized the depth of love and concern her parents have for her. She said so herself at the end of that episode that they begin to realize who and how much some people mean to them in their lives and they grow up/become adults as a result of it. And another rule of KD is the hero always saves the girl/come to her rescue and get bloodied for her, which YJ did 😀
    @KDaddict YJ loves mocha caramel with lots of whipped cream, whereas TW just drinks mocha caramel and SW bought a mocha caramel with lots of whipped cream in that crucial scene. And TW suddenly coming into the picture as a love rival so late into the drama is only because of the drama’s extension (at least that’s what I think 😉 ) For me, the ‘s’ wire that she gives him is more meaningful than the tie to TW because it shows that both SW and YJ are meant to be together. He tried to throw it into the bin but it landed on the road, remember? Lastly, when all of the them went their own way, YJ never attended any of the reunions because he didn’t want to see SW again after his confession but the fact that he showed up in the reunion in 2012 must mean that they have gotten back together again 😀 And hey, would TW close an eye on his brother being so familiar with his wife, eg adjusting her shirt, massaging her shoulders etc in full public view and he running for President? Don’t think so! I can go on and on but I think I better end here, ya?
    @kdfan Haha, you must be so into this drama that you r catching up even though you are on holiday. Hey can you read hangul? Maybe you can get some spoilers from the media there 😀 Yes, I think so too, that if she really does end up with TW, the story will go flat. It’s a simple tale with exceptional writing that keeps the interest but it’s really a tale of SW’s journey from a carefree teenager to an adult, and her reply to a guy who falls for her in 1997.

  82. 82 : Micc Says:

    Don’t know if anybody posted this, no hint at who’s the father but funny nonetheless.


  83. 83 : ance Says:


    that’s a funny article! thanks for sharing! it made my day! 😀

  84. 84 : KDaddict Says:

    The writer/director are playing with our minds, by placing evidence for both brothers! Everyone is looking for signs that point to YJ, and you r doing a good job at it. It wouldn’t be fun if I join that side, becos a game needs 2 sides. I hope you are right.
    It is another aspect of how good this show is in that it shows everyone the same things, but allows different interpretations. It is a youthful show, but it is not juvenile in its essence.
    YJ and Joon Hee both study at Seoul Univ and should be close during that time. Maybe they’ll be roommates. I hope they have a good bonding time together. I ship them too, Not as lovers, but as two ppl who mean a lot to each other.

  85. 85 : KDaddict Says:

    Thanks for the article. I love it that not only we are suffering, but even SIG/YJ, who may well be the father, is in the dark too!
    Have a nice weekend! 🙂

  86. 86 : AsianBeauty Says:


    All the lead guys always end up with the girl ( haven’t seen one that didn’t, if there is one feel free to correct me ). Well knowing the fact that the story was made for them to do so ( lol )

    If we would base the story to others, it really is clear who she ended up with but not minding these things makes the story more interesting. And TW is also a good catch, I’m rooting for YJ but oh well.. it’s really exciting how they would end up together …

    episode 13 .. please hurry -.- I got so addicted and finished everything in a day and a half .. now the curiosity and excitement if killing me.. aiiigooooo

  87. 87 : qiky Says:

    i’m never thought this good drama,,until i found a recap n start to read. it’s sitcom,,but now look like drama,,daebak for it!!,,i really like plot of all,it’s really make me addicted to watching.. eunji apink n seo in guk oopa daebak!!,,

  88. 88 : eli Says:

    You are exactly right ..they are growing up and it is why i love this drama !
    It make me to think , to put evidences beside each other and come to the conclusion and every time it is yoon jae who wins the game .I don’t know why but i never look for things to prove jae woong is her man …because i believe heroine always chooses the tough guy not the good one !
    I find KDaddict right in some way but since I am in yoon’s club i just wanna dont think about what she said an accept yours !
    dear KDaddict : please for god sake… to make me sleep tight nights make a list like above to prove yoon jae is father .(LOL……..)

  89. 89 : KDaddict Says:

    @eli, Hi,
    I’m firmly in YJ’s club too. But if everyone makes a list of the ‘evidence’ that YJ is the father, then it is like a done deal, there’d be no tension. What’s the fun in that? 😉
    Another thing: Did u watch 49Ds? I was so shocked by her death at the end, I was traumatized for months, becos I never expected it. So from then on, I kinda like to expect the unexpected, to prevent directors/writers taking me by surprise like that again. I think of it as a prevention shot, like a flu shot.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if the remaining 4 eps are about SW falling in love w YJ?

  90. 90 : kdfan Says:

    Yes the writer is making our thoughts go from yoonjaen taewoong every other moment. But if I can compare siwon’s reaction when she was kissed. With yoonjae she was surprised by realized maybe something more than friendship for a short moment. With taewoong, although just a forehead kiss, she had almost no reaction.

    @Jennie. Unfortunately I can’t read hangul..in myeongdong now .. WOW.. but only have 1.5hrs to shop.

  91. 91 : eli Says:

    Hey…before talking about 49d,let me welcome you to the club !!
    49D? tell me about it ! I was as much shocked as you ..believe me it almost paralyzed my life for a week that i have promised myself not to watch melodrama again (but i am gonna watch nice guy…lol), I realized i am not a good audience for this kind of show (i stiil feel sad ..) so you r right prevention shot is good idea …I am in , I seriously don’t wanna go through that again .
    It would be 4 awesome ep if they do that …SW-YJ ? WOW ,remember the scene SW asked JW to talk ? I hope she has just refused him and the time skip helps her to think more,maybe it cause her to realize the part of her heart that belongs to YJ …that would be a great brand new start for her .I HOPE SO !!
    I want her to do what Hye mi did in dream high ….would it be possible?

  92. 92 : KDaddict Says:

    @eli, Hi,
    A few weeks ago, I had no idea who Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji were, but now I am a fan! Their acting is incredibly good! SIG is 25, but is so believable as a hi schooler, well except when he took off his shirt at the taps. But who’s complaining? I saw the press conference where he was being himself, and quite charismatic! I also saw some BTS where he and Hoya were clowning around for the cameras.
    SIG said to Hoya: Your hands smell so nice.
    Hoya: I put on hand lotion just for you. It is the scent u like.
    SIG: You have broad shoulders/chests.
    Hoya: I work out. You can feel how hard they are. Those two were such teases! Hee.
    Whereas Jung EJ is only 19, and completely melts into the role she is playing. She reminds me of a hi school friend of mine, sb mischievous, but fully of char and totally popular in school!
    This show is v good at teasing us. I’m enjoying the ride, n am looking fwd to sweet moments between our OTP.

  93. 93 : Reply 1997 aka Answer me 1997 « DrEaMz Says:

    […] Yup..this post is abt another Kdrama i’m currently so in love with…hehehe About drama […]

  94. 94 : Jennie Says:

    Tonight’s the night and I hope the sites will put up the new episodes quickly with subs. I am so in love with the entire drama and I wish we have more episodes. Never knew I’d go gaga over SIG, downloaded his first album, liked it, was impressed with his acting skills in Love Rain and now, he has become a superstar! How much one’s popularity can rise or fall with just one drama!

  95. 95 : ance Says:

    for those who haven’t seen what will happen tonight…

    a preview of Ep. 12 & 13…


    i really can’t wait!!!


    let’s still watch it even if it’s raw…hehehe!

  96. 96 : Jennie Says:

    @ance Yep, I am definitely going to scrounge the sites for the raw episode or even a recap is better than nothing. Btw, preview for Ep 15 is out too: http://redpinkboxes.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/answer-to-1997-episode-15-preview/

    And the OST Part 2 by our two lovebirds is also out. Check it out. It’s a beautiful song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56vZYiy1IO8&feature=player_embedded

  97. 97 : qiky Says:

    cut of ep .15,,

    Yoonje: Hyung, actually..
    Taewoong: You like Shiwon right?
    Taewoong: Even though in this world, you are my most beloved brother, i won’t give up on her. (I won’t give in when it comes to women)
    Yoonje: Hyung, i also won’t give up. I can’t give up on Shiwon.

    i can’t wait..!!

  98. 98 : Jennie Says:

    @qiky Right at this moment, I find the brother, TaeWoong such a pain 🙁 But I just love YJ’s reply. Can’t wait too.

  99. 99 : ance Says:

    wow i can’t wait for that scene!!! now the war is on!!! thanks!!


    thanks i will surely check it out! please post a link of a recap when you find one huh?thank you again! 🙂

    question: why is there a title of episode of 15 & 16 when 13 & 14 doesn’t?

  100. 100 : qiky Says:

    @jennie : me too,,sorry for tw,, but i want yj doing something to,,i don’t want he fail !
    @ance: ur welcome.,.:))

  101. 101 : Jennie Says:

    @ance Live recaps here: http://www.vingle.net/posts/49160

  102. 102 : kdfan Says:

    Why are episodes 13 & 14 crossed out? Is it ending at 14?? Its so hard waiting that I rewatched last episode esp Yoonjae’s confession, it was so good still at second watch.

  103. 103 : Jennie Says:

    @ance Another link for recap: http://redpinkboxes.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/answer-to-1997-episode-13-mini-recap/
    @kdfan There are no titles for 13&14 yet. Ep15 & 16 will be shown on its own, an hour each I guess since they needed more time. Are you watching on tv there? If yes, lucky you. We have to make do with only live recaps 🙁

  104. 104 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13 + 14:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! They are okay! We are okay! I can go to sleep with a smile on my face!
    Our love birds kiss and make up.
    I think TW has met the woman whom he’ll marry. He’ll need time to handle, re-arrange his emotions, but they’ll, and we’ll be in the clear.
    Ah, sigh of relief!

  105. 105 : Jennie Says:

    Ep 14 spoiler
    @KDaddict I think it’s the doc for TW? 😀 Yep, we can all go to sleep with a smile and dream a happy dream…ah, another 7 day wait ‘sigh

  106. 106 : eli Says:

    Oh my God …you gotta be kidding me ! guys you watch new eps?
    YES YES ,I KNEW …I KNEW THAT ….MY BOY .But let me say sth ,I don’t think i will be able to sleep ..I soooo damn happy .
    Thanks everyone .

  107. 107 : ance Says:


    thanks for the recap link! wow finally a good night for all of us…i really wanna watch it now so i can see that kissing scene!!! too bad it’s already late here…first thing tomorrow morning i will definitely watch the raw episode! ohhh i’m so happy!!! i also think that the writer is making a twist and a new love for TW…thanks unnie i can sleep now and have a sweet dream about SW & YJ…LMBOF coz of happiness! so excited to watch!!! good night! 😉

  108. 108 : Micc Says:

    Woo-Hoo! Thank you gals! ㅋㅋㅋ Happy!

  109. 109 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13 + 14:
    @Jennie, Everyone,
    I think that TW was suffering after the death of Dong Joo. He ‘parks’ his feelings in SW for a few years. It is a safe n familiar place, w/out real emotion or physical engagement, n w/out having to feel lost n adrift. After a suitably lengthy period of time, he should be able to move on, n fall for sb else, who is also charming, quirky and funny, which is what he likes. The doc certainly fits that bill. She is Joon Hee’s guo jang nim at the hosp, and is a gt match for TW. Plus, who can imagine SW as 1st lady? Or even as the wife of the presidential candidate?? Ha ha.

    As for the kiss:
    SW has the flu; she’s been coughing, sniffling in front of YJ all day. But when SW asks him if he still likes her, n to answer within 3 seconds, he leans in and kisses her before she counts to 3. He kisses her knowing that he will get her flu. Then she smiles brightly and gives him her medicine. Next day, he begins to cough. So cute. Poor puppy!

    Love the cast, even the newly appearing female doctor, who farts in front of TW. That’s the 1st thing she does!

  110. 110 : KDaddict Says:

    You say you listen to Kpop once every 2 weeks. Where and how? TQ.

  111. 111 : aussie_fan Says:

    OMG I LOVE this show i did one better and found links to ep13




  112. 112 : ance Says:


    wow you found 13 & 14 already…thanks! i only found raw ep 13…but i think it’s the same…from daily motion but mine’s mirror to dramacrazy…thanks again! still no subs?


  113. 113 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict #110 I usually use Youtube to listen to Kpop Hits for that week/month and I just search and d/l songs that I like. For a compilation of mvs of the latest songs and osts, I like http://koreanmusicblog.blogspot.com/2012_09_01_archive.html and the ost link provided by admin is okay too. I don’t have an favourites but all my files are mostly downloaded from mediafire or 4shared.
    #109 – I haven’t seen the episodes yet except for the kiss scene 😉 but I read the recaps. It seems that it’s the same doc who treated YJ when he was in the hospital and there was some kind of play of words which referred her as the sis in law. The thing with this writer is that she’s so good with all the twists and turns and her hints are all so subtle that when we finally realise it, it turns out to be so obvious!! And the kiss – now that’s a real kiss between two persons who like each other – two way kiss, you know what I mean. Best part is, YJ went for a second one immediately after haha! I likeeeee 😀

  114. 114 : ance Says:

    ep 13 & 14 are worth the wait!!!

    -i really love that stairs kissing scene…i was also worried that YJ might catch the flu but it was so cute that he still kissed SW; not saying directly that he still likes her but kiseed her instead is way better! even catching a flu after is way worth it! 🙂 …and what’s with that fire exit? it’s suppose to be a safe place to talk yet everyone who’s not suppose to hear is sitting upstairs,hehehehe!

    -TW’s new love interest is so cute…KDaddict is right, SW doesn’t fit the image of a 1st lady…the doctor suits it better…

    -i really feel bad for JH…but what can he do? he also knows that YJ is for SW…all he can do is support those two and love YJ (secretly) as a friend… 🙁

    -i really like HC and YJeong’s story too…even though YJeong’s character easily change (like her fav. band or artist or someone she likes), she remained loyal to Hak Chan…their story what a common high schooler/college students usually experience…break up form silly things and solves it with simple things like that cross-stitched pillow,hehehe!

    -loving this drama and a little sad that the end is almost near,huhuhu! 🙁

  115. 115 : Jennie Says:

    @admin The titles for Ep 13 & 14 are:

    Episode 13 : Later…no, now
    Episode 14 : Love Is Ordered by the Heart

    Please update accordingly. Thanks.

  116. 116 : ance Says:

    love their voice…nice ost!!!

    all for you – jung eun ji & seo in gook


    just the way we love – jung eun ji & seo in gook

  117. 117 : Jennie Says:

    @ance Thanks for the links. I have already copied them to my phone and ipad..both the songs and mvs. Played them over and over again, wherever I am LOL.

  118. 118 : qiky Says:

    i like this comment from soompi,,

    -Even after 6 years seperation, YJ still cant let go of SW, so much so that he confronted his brother abt his feeling for SW, so if SW still rejected him & marry TW, I’m sure YJ wont be at the 2012 reunion, – wildcherry-

  119. 119 : ance Says:


    unnie did you watch this link? look at YJ hand at 3:53 when he was giving SW a massage…i cna’t seem to recall what ep is that, do you know? i wanna check it again…thanks!

  120. 120 : Jennie Says:

    @ance Depending on which site you watch it from, some sites it’s at the end of Episode 3 and some sites, it’s at the beginning of Ep 4 (LOL took me some time to figure that out, cos I just couldn’t find it at first :-D) I can’t see anything on his fingers, assuming you wanted to check whether he’s wearing a ring? Heehhee

  121. 121 : maryta Says:

    BECAUSE “”””””””JUNSU””””””””””””
    HE IS IN MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SEPTEMBER 6H 2012

  122. 122 : gishela Says:

    i’m not sure YJ married with SW, because the title of 16 ep “The reason why first love don’t last”. But i hope they can get together!!!

    can’t waiting ep 15 and 16…

  123. 123 : Laluna Says:

    @ance: if like jennie said you want to check the ring, don’t be too bother if yoon jae didnt wear any ring when he gave massage to shi won. because in episode 2 you can also see shi won didn’t wear any ring.

  124. 124 : Micc Says:

    Laughed my head off the first 10 minutes of episode 13. YJ and SW, now that’s love!

  125. 125 : aussie_fan Says:

    @ance, sorry for the late reply.

    I don’t like the title of ep 16 ‘the reason why first love doesn’t last’ it makes me question who is her real husband etc is futher more. this is my version of how it all plays out in the end with the title being that of ‘the reason why first love doesn’t last’ and also based on ep 13/14 continued till end,from point of view.

    -TW will keep fighting for SW,with YJ not backing down (as shown in ep15 preview).

    -SW will finally confess to TW of her feelings for YJ early on ( as described by YJ she is this type of person who if she likes or dislikes something will be straight forward about it) with SW questioning TW about the true reason he likes her.

    -TW will question his true intentions towards SW for his own sake as well as his love for his brother YJ comes to the realization that though SW has similar traits to that off her sister she is no way a replacement and he finally can put her to rest.

    -With this, TW starts to notice the doc (A.S jiyeon) more and figures out her true feelings towards him, thus a cat and mouse love story to last the remaining eps.

    -TW finally gives his blessings to YJ and SW and apologizes to YJ as he was pig headed, stating it was because some parts of him were still not over SW sister and he saw her as a sort of a replacement but in the end he had to come to terms she couldn’t be replaced but let go in order for him to be able to move on (staring at the doc whilst talking to YJ) and telling him to go for it as he regrets not going with SW sis like she wanted before getting on the bus.

    -TW then tells YJ ‘the reason why first loves doesn’t last’ is because first love is just that, a person’s first which will always have a place in that persons heart and that if he wait for SW this whole time it would no longer be a first love but true love (hence the title).

    -YJ runs after SW and finally confesses his feelings and tells her that he loves her, SW narrates this is her reply from 1997 with her confessing and pulling out the ring he had given her all those years ago and YJ putting it on her ring finger (symbolizing an engagement) and the two kiss.

    Fast forward to 2012 where Yoon Jae is shown as her husband and baby’s father and TW is married to the doc with her arriving late and SW stating though as a teenager she thought she would marry tony oppa he was just that of a first love compared to YJ who had loved her her own life and the same back. The End.

    I had alot off time to think about this but I just want to state that this is just a scenario based on the title of the final ep, If SW doesnt end up with YJ i will be pissed and never watch another TVN drama again.

    But as a note of kdrama writing:
    -their has never been a kdrama were the leads do not end up together and this drama should be the same.

    I’m gonna miss this show reply 1997 hwaiting=_= I ship SHIWON&YOONJAE

  126. 126 : Micc Says:

    The ending of eps 14 is driving me crazy, once again! I start to think SW has two husbands! Hahahaha!

  127. 127 : ance Says:

    @Jennie & Laluna

    really? that scene really had me worried…i’ll still check ep 3&4 though,hehehe! thanks for the reply!


    wow you sure made a lot of thinking! thanks for sharing that…i don’t know what to say coz i feel like you’ve said everything…hehehe! i guess i just have to agree with you that we’re gonna miss this drama…seems the ratings is good, is it possible for extending 2 more episodes? hehehe!

  128. 128 : ance Says:

    i also don’t like the title of episode 16…it seems negative to me…oh no please…is it possible that TW is SW’s 1st love that’s why it’s called like that?
    i also believe that 1st love don’t last, but not in this drama please…i really want YJ & SW to be together…happy ending please!!!!

  129. 129 : aussie_fan Says:

    I hope not I’d drive myself even more crazy trying to figure out who shiwon’s husband is keke=_= we’ll all i hope is that shiwon and yoon jae end up together I’m shipping them to the end.

    I seriously think the doc and yoon jae’s bro end up together because she fits the bill and they wouldn’t have introduced her character and activeness in TW life for no reason except to drive us insane!!

  130. 130 : Jennie Says:

    @ance Just to put ur mind at rest (can’t really write a long one cos am on the train n I will be reaching soon heehee), SW’s first love is Tony from HOT 🙂 Catch up with u guys later.

  131. 131 : Jennie Says:

    @ance, aussie_fan & Micc LOL you guys are worrying for nothing. After the super duper kiss and all the reasons we have discussed, YJ is definitely the hubby and TW will end up with doc. The writer is just playing with our minds. I guess TW is just testing YJ by not giving in so easily. Probably he wanted YJ to be very sure of his feelings for SW, that it was the real thing. 😀

  132. 132 : aussie_fan Says:

    thanks for the reassurance^-^, just my mind on overdrive lmao.

  133. 133 : KDaddict Says:

    As they say, so much in life is about Timing! This drama shows that clearly:
    TW beats YJ to a declaration of love by 10 mins. That gets YJ to withdraw for 6 years.
    YJ declares his frustrated love to SW at the karaoke, when she is not ready for it. It leads him to stew in his own prison of emotions for 6 years.
    YJ meets SW at the coffee shop when they r 26. She is now ready and willing to make a commitment. That’s good timing.
    Doc meets TW the day before he hears abt YJ and SW’s kiss at the stairwell. As successful n popular as TW is, he must have had many admirer over the years. But when he hears abt their kiss, his wait/fight for SW is coming to an end. So he can be free to accept her love.
    Joon Hee’s love for YJ has no chance of success. That has nothing to do with timing.
    TW’s love for SW also cannot compete with her bond w YJ. He can fight/wait till hell freezes over. That also has nothing to do w timing. I’m not worried.

    It’s enjoyable to be on a thread where everyone loves the actor, the actress, the pairing, the OTP, the story, everything abt the show. Ahhh, no stress! 🙂

    Thx for the music link.

  134. 134 : Micc Says:


    I hope you are right! 🙂
    Can’t wait for another week!

  135. 135 : ance Says:


    Unnie thank you! you’re the best! that made me so happy!! did anyone found ep 14 with subs? i’ve watched it 3x because of the kiss even though it’s raw,hahaha!

  136. 136 : Jennie Says:

    @ance So far haven’t seen any with subs. Some are even down because of copyright issues re the drama. Sigh, I hope they will be able to get it out before the next episode comes. Thank goodness we have recaps 😀 Heehee, I watched the kiss scene many times too 😀 😀 😀

  137. 137 : Tonberry Says:

    Finally caught up to the latest ep. This show is amaaaazing! Why are subs not coming any faster? XD

  138. 138 : ance Says:


    i really loved that kiss…they look good together…they would also be a good contender for couple of the year but i guess it would be close to impossible coz of Rooftop prince, the moon that embraces the sun, Queen In Hyun’s Man, gaksital, A&M, King2hearts…etc…so many great actors competing this year….they are both newbies…oh well they are still cute…i feel that they are really a couple (hoping,hehehe)… 🙂


    mamma good to see you’ve finally catched up here! yes sometimes i get to watch the 2nd ep with subs by monday…unlike arang that they sub the ff day…reply takes 2-3 days for the 1st ep then a week for the 2nd ep… 🙁

  139. 139 : Jennie Says:

    @Tonberry Wonderful to see you here. This drama is currently my latest obsession (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ Please let me know your thoughts about this drama. I’d love to know what you think about the cast, story etc
    @ance Yes, we have been getting very good dramas since the start of 2012 and it seems to get better and better. Definitely augurs well for the filming and entertainment industry. Do you know about the current craze worldwide on Psy (a singer) and his mv, “Oppa, Kangnam Style”? I hear the song everywhere I go and read something about it online almost every other day! From your list, both Rooftop Prince and Moon Embraces The Sun are OUT for me as Couple of the Year. The rest are okay. Gatsital and Reply 1997 look promising. Read that they are the darlings in Korea now. Both Eunj & SIG’s song is currently No.1 in the charts 😀

  140. 140 : ance Says:


    why are RTP & TMTETS are out?well less competition for Eunji & SIG,hehehe! i haven’t watched Gaksital, all i know is that they are #1 and afecting the ratings of A&M coz it’s ending…hehehe! i love reply’s ost, been listening to it over and over, esp. all for you…and yes “gangnam style” is also a big hit here in the philippines…so proud that a fellow asian killed the dougie craze,hehehe!

  141. 141 : kdfan Says:

    What a long wait for the subs n finally a great episode with sweet kisses. I am convinced yoonjae is the hubby. They have an unbreakable bond. 6 years changed yoonjae but shiwon can change him back with just a snap of her fingers. I am curious what other barriers they have to cross before reaching the altar.

  142. 142 : Jennie Says:

    @ance Micky and I are already a ‘couple’, so he can’t win another Couple of The Year with Han JM 😀 As for TMTETS, the chemistry between the OTPs is not enough to win, that’s all. And yes, less competition for our Reply 1997 couple as well. Did you see the video of their interview where they talked about how to be successful in auditions? They were holding hands – so sweet 😀

  143. 143 : a Says:

    there is Juyeon’s afterschool as comeo in ep 14 !!!

  144. 144 : a Says:

    but i dunno who’s her name for cameo X___X

  145. 145 : Micc Says:


    Hahahaha! Great one! 🙂

  146. 146 : ance Says:


    no i haven’t watched that video, but i saw an article…that one when eun ji was asked what’s her reaction if in gook is her boyfriend…she said that would be hard coz seo in gook fans might not hate her if that happens (which is unlikely…)…then what about if hoya is her boyfriend and she laugh and said that it would be more difficult coz hoya has so many fans…hehehe! it was so funny!
    really? yoochun is yours,hehehe! ohhh i like jae joong though…hehehe!

    seo in gook reminds me of kim soo hyun when i see him… 😉

  147. 147 : ance Says:


    Unnie…is it true that they will stretch the two episodes? i mean this tuesday would only be ep. 15 but it would be 1 hr? then i means that Reply 1997 is somewhat extended another week…though another week of torture…i still like that it is somehow extended… 🙂

  148. 148 : ance Says:

    *in gook’s fans might hate her…

    sorry typo error

  149. 149 : Jennie Says:

    @ance Yes, it’s true. We have another two weeks to go. Episode 15 and 16 will be one hour each. Seems they needed more time to end the drama nicely. I’m happy that we get to see more of this drama too. Will definitely miss it but I intend to watch it again once the dvd comes out 😀

  150. 150 : BubbleBomi Says:

    the ending of ep 14 is driving me crazy!!!>< who's shiwon's husband!!!!! i hope it'll be yoonjae~ ^^……..ep 16 "why first love don't last"….==" oh man!~

  151. 151 : Tonberry Says:

    This drama is soooo addicting. I don’t know why I hesitated to watch it before. Writing, directing, acting… everything about this show is pitch perfect. It makes me feel both old and young again. I can’t believe it’s been over 12 years since the 1990s! Lol. I can still remember some of the props the characters were playing with. Like that Giga-pet thingy that Sung-Jae had. I had one of those, too. XD They call it something else in the drama, but where I’m from we call it a Giga-pet. Mine keeps dying overnight too, so when I saw that Sung-Jae had one and it keeps dying, I was cracking up with delight.

    This show depicts the 90s in a faithful, realistic and genuine way. There are no cheesy conflicts, no silly misunderstandings that makes you roll your eyes and sigh. The characters are fleshed out, and their interaction with one another feel authentic. I love that the boys do boy-ish things… like watching porn, and making childish bets with each other, then fullfilling those bets when they lose. I love that the girls had a fallout over their favorite boybands and not over a love triangle like I thought they would. I love that the fallout was resolved simply, easily, with one hair cut, one look, one sheepish smile. It was adorable! Everything about these characters warm my heart. It’s also refreshing to watch a drama where there is no villain, no bad guy to contend with. The conflicts derives from everyday life and that makes it relatable across the board.

    I also have a lot of respect for how this drama portrays and treats its one gay character. Sure, Joon Hee has an unrequited love for his best friend, but he isn’t a tragic or pitiful character. Not like Choi Do Bin in “Personal Taste,” for instance. Joon Hee is smart, strong, successful, and his best friends accepts him for who he is. The drama didn’t belittle him or his love for Yoon Jae because it was never about how Joon Hee was different or even about his sexuality. It was just a matter of feelings… and how you can’t help who you love or can’t love. Heartbreak hurts just the same no matter if you’re gay or straight, and in this drama, every character’s feelings matter regardless of whether or not those feelings will come to fruition.

    I will forever love Shi Won for her friendship with Joon Hee. And Yoon Jae, too, for that matter. I was so scared that Yoon Jae was going freak out and shun Joon Hee when he found out about him, but thank god, he only felt bad about how oblivious he was to Joon Hee’s feelings. He didn’t turn his back on his friend, and for that I will be forever grateful to this drama. ^^

    Shi Won is one of my favorite Kdrama heroine ever. She might be slow when it comes to love, but she’s loyal to a T whether it’s regarding a friend or a favorite boyband. She’s not a stereotypical Kdrama heroine that’s for sure. She’s brash, straight forward, simple, and she doesn’t hesitate when it comes to matters of the heart. For me, she’s one of the strongest, most well-developed kdrama heroine in recent history.

    The last time a drama made me this obsessed was “Shut Up, Flower Boyband.” Have you seen that drama, Jennie? It’s an amazing drama, too. Before watching “Answer Me, 1997,” I thought that was going to be drama of the year for me. But now I don’t know! Lol.

    There is sooooo much more for me to gush about, but I’ve written so much already. Gonna save it for another time. This long post is just to make up for being so late to jump on this bandwagon. heh. Again, this drama is freaking… awesome…

  152. 152 : kdfan Says:

    Good comments! Did you also watch Queen Inhyun’s Man? Most comments there had the same rave over how tight that story was too. To me, QIM and Reply 1997 are my 2 top drama this year so far. I read a lot about how good ShutUp FLower Boyband is but haven’t the time to watch it yet. And now I am hearing about it again. I will need to check it out soon.

  153. 153 : ance Says:


    i think i also have to re-watch “shut-up flower boy band”…i liked that drama,but for you to think that it would be the best drama of the year made me thinking…did i not appreciate that drama enough to think that it also has a say in winning drama of the year?
    i really love this drama and it makes me so sad that it’s almost over…thank you for that long yet precise, intellectual and fun comment…you really speak what we can’t say or explain…that’s why i really wanted you to watch it.. 🙂

  154. 154 : Jennie Says:

    @Tonberry & ance TQ for that wonderful piece, Tonberry. I knew I could rely on you to summarize all the reasons why we love this drama so much and why it will always be one of our favourites. One of the reasons is because it reminds us so much of things that we used to do too, me and ance had our boybands craze over Back Street Boys, NSYNC, Westlife, Moffats etc, then the little handheld toy (we call it Tamagotchi here) which I still keep (:-D) and yes, those VCR tapes that I often had to cut because it got all tangled up in the player etc. Yes, there’s no one that we hate (though I got a bit annoyed with TW’s sudden crush on SW) and we love every one of them, flaws and all. Our love for the characters does not centre around the OTPs only. Instead we have come to know and love every single one of them because the writer did not neglect in telling us a little bit of their lives as well.
    Yes, I love Shut Up Flower BB as well. In fact it was because I liked this drama that I gave Reply 1997 a chance, in view that TVN so far have produced some decent dramas, including the first ever Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Both Shut Up and Reply have similar plots – growing up years, friendships, family, passions etc. Btw, has any one of you seen What’s Up? It’s not nearly as good as these two, but I liked it too.

  155. 155 : Tonberry Says:

    No, friend. I haven’t seen that drama. I’ve heard lot of good things though, so I’m definitely going to watch it soon. 😀 Thanks for the reminder. You know, I just remembered that SUFBB was a tvN drama, too. I’m very pleased with this tv station right now. It keeps putting out one good show after another. ^^ And yeah, you should definitely check out SUFBB. If you like the authentic feel and realism of this drama, then you’re gonna love that drama, too.

    Hiya ance! ^^ How’re ya?
    Heh, everyone has different tastes. Don’t worry about it if you didn’t find SUFBB to be as awesome as I did. I loved it mostly for the friendship between the boys and the style/tone of the story. My flatmate liked it, too, but thought that the romance took a backseat to all the bromance, and that lessened her enjoyment somewhat. Maybe it’s the same for you? For me, though, the friendship in that show was epic and memorable enough that I would’ve love it even without the love story, which was adorable in and of itself. ^^ The acting for some of the actors (like L and Hyun Jae) there were definitely a bit weak, though, so in that department it loses to “Answer Me.” 😀 But I still love it very much, and yeah, I do think it’s one of the best dramas of the year.

    I’m sad that “Answer Me”” is almost over, too. But that’s not to say that I want an extension or anything like that. The pacing of the drama has been pretty perfect so far, so I don’t want anything to mess it up. Heh.

    You haven’t watched all the episodes in subs yet, right? Hope I didn’t spoil a few surprises for you with my long post.

  156. 156 : Tonberry Says:

    I also felt a bit icky about Tae Woong’s crush on Shi Won. First of all, he dated her dead sister. So… uh, awkward. Secondly, he’s a teacher… more specifically, her teacher. The fact that he quit his job before asking her out doesn’t really change that for me. He’s been her teacher all this time. He shouldn’t have started thinking of her “as a woman” at all during that time.

    And thirdly, he’s so much older than she is. I usually don’t have a problem with age gaps in a couple’s relationship, but Shin Won was just too young! TW’s crush on her felt inappropriate and just didn’t sit right with me. Because of her age and his position in her life, at times, I even felt as though he was taking advantage of her.

    She’s so young, and impressionable, and ignorant about life. This is a girl who placed last in her class because she spent all her time daydreaming about H.O.T. instead of studying. With a track record like that, how can he expect her to make any kind of rational decision about starting a relationship… with a fully grown man? And it’s obvious from their brief relationship and break up that she had no idea what she was doing or feeling when she agreed to go out with him.

    So yeah… I was kinda put off by that whole thing. Thank god Shi Won ended it as soon as she realized her heart wasn’t in it.

    -No, I haven’t seen “What’s up”? You recommend it? I’ll add it to my to-watch list if you do…

  157. 157 : kdfan Says:

    Re yr comments on Gangnam Style, it was playing everywhere I went when I was there that my 6-yr old could sing it by the end of our trip! Btw, hv you seen our very own’s parody of it? Have a good laugh 😀 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOFkFHKVzyg&feature=g-logo-xit

  158. 158 : Jennie Says:

    @Tonberry What’s Up is definitely worth the watch. It’s a story with a lot of heart. First episode will remind you a lot about Dream High 1 but it becomes a really heart-warming drama – a combination of Dream High & SUFBB. Dramabeans have the recaps, so maybe you should have a look there first before you decide 😀 Btw QIM is light-weight, fun and easy to watch.
    @kdfan I highly recommend SUFBB. You’ll love it!

  159. 159 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan LOL, thanks for the link. Haven’t seen the vid before but hear the song all the time on radio. Just last week they had a one day 3 hour special “Oppa, KL Style” on Hitz FM and they also played KPop hits the whole time. It was pretty fun! Even my hubby can hum to the tune, lol, he was pretty impressed with Psy’s video!

  160. 160 : kdfan Says:

    I am so addicted to their duet and keep watching their MNet performance over and over again. Gosh, it’s the first time I am so crazy over an OTP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPbOlL5pQ2g&feature=relmfu

  161. 161 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Once again, thanks for the link. Haha, so these two have overtaken QIM couple already? Love them and their songs to bits too 😀

  162. 162 : ance Says:


    i’ve watched that link…i dont know how to say it in english but in our language we say “it’s super kilig!”…i downloaded that song…ohhh i really think they’re a good match…


    i guess you’re right that the bro-mance in SUFBB was the focused there so i may have not appreciate it…i really agree on you that acting wise, eunji & ingook really are good here in reply 1997…i can feel that it’s real (or maybe my imagination,hehehe)…


    yes that was a tamagochi…unnie (i keep calling you unnie but im not sure if you’re really older than me) i never had that toy coz when than was a crazed here, only rich people had it,(those who are in private school)hehehe! and yes,ahhh our boyband craze…hahaha! i’m just so happy that reply 1997 took us back when we are in high school…i really laugh when i see H.O.T.’s hair highlights,ahhh those were the days…hehehe!

  163. 163 : sara Says:

    Sometimes, when i’m watching this drama, i think i ‘m watching a family documentary. Although the same actors play 18,25,33 and even without much changes in their faces, you can feel the passing of years. We see 18 SW in one scene and 33 SW in the next one. Still you can feel she is not that 18 year old girl. I don’t think it’s because Eunji is a great actress or anything but the story-telling style and filming technique create that atmosphere.

    In most of the dramas, the circumstances are dramatic, unreal and sentimental which mostly just happen in the dramas. But here, everything seems real. Characters, their reactions, their feelings, their way of living. I cried when Taewoong came in such a hurry that his shirt was inside out, and he was too worried to even notice that. It was so real. This is how you love your family members.

    And acting. These new comers really impress me. Is Hoya an idol? Yes, he is. But you can’t tell at all. He ‘s not showing off anything. There aren’t any traces that continually remind us that he is an idol. He is Junhee, the adorable, caring and calm friend of YJ.
    I loved SIG in Love rain. But i never thought he could be this talented. He portrays a perfect image of YJ from the charismatic to clumsy one at the same time. That frog scene is one of the best scenes of the drama.
    SW. Sometimes, i want to hit her coz she acts like a stupid crazy girl but then i remember she is just 18 and i acted the same in her age. Eunji is a good actress. She really proves talent is the most important thing for acting and you can’t become an actor just by PS.

    Besides YJ who is my most favorite character, i love SW’s parents very much. They are just too adorable and natural. They shine in every minutes of their air time. The bus scene is so emotional. I don’t know how many times I’ve cried and laughed while watching this drama. It’s just like the real life.

  164. 164 : 52drama Says:

    The drama ratings are amazing. It is higher and higher. I should start to watch this drama. Other forum highly recommend this drama and said this drama is so good as “Queen Inhyun’s Man”.

  165. 165 : ance Says:

    yey it’s tuesday! can’t wait for tonight’s episode!!!

  166. 166 : ance Says:

    found any recap for episode 15? guys? it’s 1:32 am here, but i haven’t found anything…ahhh i guess i have to sleep without reading the recap… 🙁
    later guys!

  167. 167 : ance Says:


    for those us who haven’t watched episode 15…i guess this is the preview/teaser for episode 16..i accidentally found it (i was searching for episode 15)

    (i don’t wanna spoil anything but it doesn’t reveal much, i really liked it…)

    응답하라1997, Reply1997 Ep.16 : 첫사랑이 이루어지지 않는 이유

  168. 168 : ance Says:

    ohh i didn’t get the link…sorry guys…but i guess if you copy-paste it on youtube you might get it…so sorry again…i’m stupid with this things…

    응답하라1997, Reply1997 Ep.16 : 첫사랑이 이루어지지 않는 이유

  169. 169 : jen Says:

    Wow I’m only on ep 7 and thought that maybe by the time I got to 12 or something they would have revealed who her husband is….This is a really nicely done drama…I enjoy how they take you to different times back and forth…It’s almost like watching literature hehe

  170. 170 : ance Says:

    one last try…preview for episode 16

  171. 171 : aussie_fan Says:

    picture recap of ep 15 with eng word yippy:)

  172. 172 : aussie_fan Says:

    sorry wrong link guys ep 15 raw

  173. 173 : ance Says:


    wow thanks for the link of episode 15…ohhh i sure hope they’ll sub it soon! thanks again!

  174. 174 : aussie_fan Says:

    @ance that’s ok enjoy while you can before youtube pulls it down found it like in 5mins so looking forward to the end:) hope siwon ends up with yoon jae!

    lol i hope they sub it soon it easier to watch it with the eng recap http://redpinkboxes.wordpress.com/2012/09/11/answer-to-1997-episode-15-mini-recap/#more-1338

    otherwise you might get lost trying to understand whats going on, I am studying hangul at the moment as my 3rd language and i still get lost at times so this helps with understanding:) hope this helps

  175. 175 : ance Says:


    i just finished ep.15…many many thanks! hehehe! wow you’re studying korean(as your 3rd language?wow!),congratulations!

    i merely understand most of the scenes coz as usual i only get to catch familiar phrases or words (too many kdramas i’ve watched)…but i like the scene when YJ was asking for a kiss then SW touched his face and turned it…i really thought she would at least give him a peck on the cheek, but hugged him instead.it was so cute for me…

    though i barely understand the scene of the two brothers, i really love the both of them; their respect and love for each other.

    i don’t know what was written in the last text message but i think that TW gave up right?coz he went to that blind date instead of YJ…(still crossing my fingers)
    and where is the doctor?i really like her to be TW’s wife…but from what i understand the girl in the restaurant is from a well off family and she’s a precious daughter of someone important, so may also be a good candidate to be TW’s wife…(others are ok so let’s just crossed SW off the list ok?hehehe)

    the writer is still trying to confuse us with that 2013 episode ending…no no no no no…i will not be fooled anymore…i really believe that YJ is the daddy.period. (so i can sleep and make it through next week,hehehe)

  176. 176 : ance Says:


    i should have read the recap before posting my comment here…but thanks again for the episode link and the recap link!

    *so the text message says that “hyung is sorry…”
    ahhh finally!
    *and is the blind date really G.na? i saw a video about that but i didn’t watch it coz i thought G.na sang one of the ost (so that’s why she’s so familiar…)

    what a really great drama! 1 more episode to go… 🙁

  177. 177 : aussie_fan Says:

    kamsahamnida:) yep its alot easier than learning English, I speak Teochew and Hokkien(Chinese dialects) at home have been since i was born but did not start learning English till i started school( Chinese Australian), I always thought the Korean (Hangul) language was cute with their terminology unnie and noona but i also have to learn because of work and travelling.

    me too when i first started i remembered phrases mainly used in dramas and then i moved on to reality shows and then songs easiest way to learn.

    I love the relationship between the two brothers even though their relationship wasn’t the best it was realistic, I hope this means Yoon jae is the father.

    2013- the last scene gave me mixed thoughts because as soon as i saw TW i was like; “he’s the father!!,like really???!!!” but then i saw yoon jae but the parents emotions towards TW gives me a quick thought maybe yoon jae and shiwon never worked out? please let it not be!! I wanna ship shiwon with yoon jae for my drama addiction=_= kekekeke

    Yeah i was a bit bummed that the doc wasn’t in this ep maybe it was just for the one ep, but i’d like to see him TW end up with someone as sassy and the reputation to end up with him i wish the doc could be in the last ep married to him.
    P.S TW text to YJ said “Hyung,…Is sorry” and replaces YJ as the man in the blind date ( I hope it symbolises him moving on, for all our sakes)

    the writer is amazing at confusing and pulling us in for the final kill coz were all dying to know who her husband and baby daddy is.

  178. 178 : aussie_fan Says:

    thats ok,
    yep thats GNA for you as TW blind date lol,
    and TW really and finally apologises for hurting YJ (hope this means he’s moved on)

    one more ep i’m so excited i just want to hurry up and find out who is her baby’s father and husband is so i know everyone lived happily ever after and so i can also mourn over the end off this drama=)

  179. 179 : Jennie Says:

    Hi gals. Seeing the preview makes me grin from ear to ear – we are getting another hot scene heehee 😀 And ance, you’re right, the scene where she teases him with a hug instead of a kiss is so adorable- someone made a gif of that scene and I have looked at it countless times – I must be such a hopeless romantic! As for the coming hospital scene, I think bothTae Woong and Yun Jae are going to be fathers at the same time, SW/YJ and TW/doc/GNA? 😀

  180. 180 : ance Says:


    so it’s really G.na…well i don’t care if it’s the doc or the date as long as it’s not SW,hehehe!


    yes unnie that scene in front of SW’s house was so cute…they still make something like that for us not to be disappointed coz the kissing scene in ep.14 was daebak! hehehe!
    you mean the preview for ep.16?ahhh will there be a love scene?(what am i thinking?they’re too young for those kind of scene,hehehe)
    well i know the ending will be a big for us to be blown away…i don’t think the writers will disappoint the viewers after all the long hoping,praying and guessing that YJ ends up with SW right?(ohhh i really hope so!)

  181. 181 : melina Says:

    always in the Korean drama kissing couple stays together, we hope that will be the case this time, because this couple is beautiful!

  182. 182 : aussie_fan Says:

    yeah i hope its not TW who ends up with SW it’ll be a real bummer

    your right, just got to stay positive. But you never know with this show

  183. 183 : Micc Says:

    The bromance is as good as the romance! Awww….one more episode left…어떡하죠?

  184. 184 : Snow26 Says:

    REPLY 1997 is really great but it will end next week so sad 🙁 …i wish there would be a season 2 for this drama cause this is such a cool drama..full of emotions and etc.

  185. 185 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie yes i think u r a hopeless romantic 🙂 does this show hit yr core since i think u mentioned u n hubby were also high school sweethearts?must be very nostalgic for u watching this. i like yr idea that TW is also there for his bb. u r totally into the writer’s style! i hope so it is rather than making the scene just to keep us guessing. it would be a little ridiculous for him to be so anxious if he is not the father.

    when i saw the preview for ep 16, i thought wow isnt this writer a genius! we were kept guessing for 15 eps – i said 15 bec by now i m very sure it’s YJ. but he/she is really saving the best for the last.

    @ance they r no longer young. they are already in year 2005 when they got back together. but what i wonder is what happened between 2005 and 2012. i would hv thought they would be married soon but y r they only having a bb 7 years later.

  186. 186 : ance Says:


    no i mean the actors are young…the characters are in their early 30’s right? but i haven’t watched an idol Kdrama that has a love scene in it…some doesn’t even have a good kissing scene…in my observation, kissing in korea is a big deal esp. in idol dramas coz of the fans…but i guess we can still hope for something eh?hehehe! 🙂

    i’ve watched it with subs…i’m surprised with myself that i actually understand it even when i watched it raw…i think i’m starting to understand korean due to so many dramas i’ve watched…hehehe!
    though i’m also sad that this drama is ending, i still feel happy that i found a great drama worthy to be nominated as best drama (if ever).

  187. 187 : kdfan Says:

    @ance ah sorry i misunderstood u. yes real age-wise eunji is rather young. i doubt the love scene will be heavy bec of that. kissing has become more common in KDs nowadays, so i m happy with just that. also i m glad for some mouth movement during their kiss, i can’t stand those that looked like the camera has frozen 😀 i m also sad it is ending but i m looking fwd to SIG’s next new drama, although he won’t be the lead.

  188. 188 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Naw..I’m just a sucker for romances and these two are just the perfect couple for the perfect drama. Heehee, yes, my hubby and I knew each other in high school but we were in different schools- I went to a all girls Methodist school while hubby was in a co-ed school 😀
    @ance – my dear dongseng – how are you? Preview 16 is stirring up all kinds of our imagination LOL. It does look as if they are living together. Maybe they have gotten married. Just as kdfan, we are happy that we get some kissing and lucky us, we get some really nice kissing scenes (thank G for TvN haha cos I doubt if we can see this on public TV stations :-D). I really hope that the last episode will show us what happened between the missing years ie adult years – I know it’s going to be just great. I wish I can see it live though. Have been searching since last week but nothing really works. Anyone any idea where we can catch this live?

  189. 189 : kdfan Says:

    this episode should be called how deep is a brother’s love. it didnt sound right when TW said he could give everything to YJ except SW bec all this while that was what TW was doing, he gave up his career opportunities, his company, his wealth, but he could not give up SW who doesn’t love him back? when TW told YJ he is meeting SW to give one last try, it was really to test YJ’s love. but didn’t TW already know YJ will pass the test bec TW switched the meeting places ahead. I love Songjongho as TW, his totally exudes the calm, giving and loving person that TW is. i love this show for the fuzzy warm feeling in my belly it gives me through all kind of lovelines between the characters.

  190. 190 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan I was on the verge of writing about how relationships are portrayed in this drama this morning but deleted it half way because I was afraid I was getting all weepy just thinking about my siblings and my dad especially. Yes, this drama makes everything so real and we can all relate to it one thing or the other. The tale is heartwarming, heartfelt, down to earth and the fact that there’s no villian, no hatred, not even jealousy and all the makjang that usually make a drama popular make it all the more meaningful for us viewers. I hope they win an award for this drama, if not all awards.

  191. 191 : KDaddict Says:

    As Joon Hee said to himself, “Teacher is no ordinary person”. After TW (Teacher) hears his brother’s confession of how he gave up a soon as he heard that TW was in love w SW on that graduation night, but how his heart couldn’t be turned off no latter how he pushed SW away in the ensuing years, TW knows what’s the right thing to do. His text message said: Hyung is sorry (to you). And then he didn’t show up to meet SW. It is as much to save SW the difficulty n embarrassment of having to tell him, as it is to save himself fr it. TW is a very good person too. Couldn’t SW have come clean earlier, instead of clinging to the Daddy Longlegs reference for 6 years?
    Preview of Ep 16:
    It looks like YJ “sleeps over”, so the next morning, SW hits him for it!!! Ha ha ha. I wish.

  192. 192 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict SW did tell TW that she does not feel the same way towards him. but i understand why SW doesn’t push TW too far away too bec she treasures him as a good friend, brother and family. she lost YJ for 6 years bec of that. i think she didnt want to risk losing another one again.

  193. 193 : Jennie Says:

    I just learnt that Seo In Gook is in another drama immediately after Reply 1997 😀 The title is Rascal Sons, a family drama and it will begin in September. One of the brothers is Ryu Soo Yong who was the second son in Ojakyo Brothers . Seo IG plays the role of a hubby who cheats on his wife and the actress who plays his wife is a newbie. Hmm, can’t imagine SIG as a unfaithful hubby after Reply 1997 😀

  194. 194 : ance Says:


    wow good for SIG,but i also can’t see him as an unfaithful husband after this childhood best friend-first love-first kiss-first heartbreak-ever loyal lover and brother-Yoon Yoon Jae character of him…hmmmm 🙁

    i think i was a little crazy for a minute…i’ve been so frustrated for 30 mins coz i was looking for episode 16 and talking to myself why i couldn’t find it…then my daughter said “mommy it’s thursday! i thought you only watch Reply when it’s wednesday?” i was really shocked! i really thought that the time had fly and it’s already wednesday here (i watch reply 1997 raw either 2-3am wednesday or afternoon)…
    i really hope it’s tuesday already so i can watch the ending…it’s still a torture!

  195. 195 : Charlie Says:

    It’s nice to see you all here and loving ghis drama. I guess we have similar taste.
    Yeah, this is such a nice drama with so many lovely characters. It made SIG a star. It’s sad that it will end next week. The good thing is there is still one more ep to go.

  196. 196 : KDaddict Says:

    When SIG puckers up his lips to wait for SW to kiss him, he looks JUST like that white puppy! It’s amazing! LMAO.
    Everything is great abt this drama!
    Hi there. I think you r right. It must be hard for her to be too harsh with TW.
    She told him 6 years ago on that graduation night, that he is dear to him, but in a daddy longlegs kind of way. She told him again, 6 years ago in that little kitchen when he dropped by her apt. He asks: Am I still Daddy Longlegs to you? You know how Daddy Longlegs ends?
    The problem with that reference is that in the story, Daddy LG waits for the girl to grow up n then he marries her! Not the best reference if u want to turn an older guy down. Good thing TW is a special person n can handle it so well. Hooray for loving brothers who always have each other at heart! <3

  197. 197 : KDaddict Says:

    It’s great that we’ll have many opportunities to watch SIG.
    There is Korea SNL on 9/15; Rascal Sons on 9/22, and he is currently filming “Boys will be boys”. This boy sure gets busy! Good for us.
    Ya, unfaithful husband. That we’ll have to see to believe! That love YJ has for SW is the ideal, isn’t it?

  198. 198 : theaegyoapprentice Says:

    where can i watch this online?? kimchidrama streamed this before, but they removed it recently. please, somebody help me. this show is the best show ever! the most daebak sitcom or tvdrama or whatev so far, such a troll. can you please share some links?

  199. 199 : KDaddict Says:

    What a cute name!
    If you go back a few pages, I think sb else asked the same Qn, n ppl gave the answers there.

  200. 200 : Jennie Says:

    @ance Heehee..life is good for you huh that one week flew by so quickly lol. How cute, your little girl even knows which day you watch which KD-smart girl 😀 I think all of us need to keep our fingers crossed that we get to see the finale next week. A lot of sites have been removed because of this drama. I’d probably cry if I don’t get to see the ending!

  201. 201 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie nice number 200 heehee. oh is that y i m having so much probs watching KDs lately! how do u know it’s bec of this show? dcrazy site must be crazy heavy which is y it is always not loading right. i m watching SUFBB, it was good in the beginning but slowed down in the middle, then i get less interested in their issues.. reply is still da best!

  202. 202 : Tonberry Says:

    Just watched ep 15, and no, nope, uh uh… doesn’t matter if Yoon Jae feels bad about his hyung. Shin won is not portable property that they can’t just pass back and forth to each other. Her feeling matter, too… it matters the most, actually. And she clearly doesn’t love hyung. Plus, after that big speech Yoon-Jae gave to his hyung about fighting for his love, if he gives up now because of guilt, I will murder him. Well, from the preview, it looks like Shin Won’s working pretty hard on that murdering business, so maybe I’ll just leave it to her. Anyway, we all know who the baby daddy, is so why are they still playing that guessing game with us?

  203. 203 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan I am having the same problems too with Dramacrazy, up to the point where I gave up and went over to Epdrama. Read that a lot of blogs offering soft subs to Reply 1997 have either been removed or blocked and some of those with hard subs had been taken off, which is probably why Kimchi is out – probably for the same reason? TvN is known to be pretty tough and due to the immense popularity of Reply 1997, they are working extra hard to prevent “poor netizens” like us from watching. Really, not that we have a choice, we can’t watch live, we can’t subscribe but we are major contributors in making them gain international recognition, right? If they are worried that we won’t buy the DVD, for collectors like me, if it’s good, I will definitely get a copy. Just worrying that I won’t get to see the final 🙁
    @Tonberry The writer is probably having too much fun fooling around with us but smart gals like us aren’t taking it lol. I mean, we are down to the last episode, unless Shi Won had a mental breakdown or she had a memory lost during that time gap, TW being the dad is simply unthinkable 😉

  204. 204 : KDaddict Says:

    You guys are still worried abt TW being the dad? You can’t be! That became out of the Qn the min. SW confessed that she liked YJ in that old car 2 eps ago. By now, the two brothers arriving at the maternity ward at the same time is just a running joke, with a hood, a wink n a chuckle. 😉

  205. 205 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict We are just playing along with the writer and having lots of fun doing so. As far as I’m concerned,it was a done deal a couple of episodes ago 😉

  206. 206 : ance Says:


    Eonnie why are they doing that? ahh it would be a big disappointment not to watch the ending if they will take down every sites…besides here in the philippines we can’t access viki.com so epdrama, dramacrazy, dramafans and kimchidramas are the only sites that are available here in the Philippines, though not as fast as viki.com to subs it’s still ok with us…too bad kimichidramas is out (hope they’ll be back soon).
    yes my daughter is very smart…too smart sometimes that i really want to smack her in the head (joke),hehehe! she knows that i really love reply 1997 coz that’s the only show i watch on tuesdays (or wednesday here coz we have to wait for someone to upload it), she watches Arang with me so she knows that after Reply 1997 it’s her turn to watch Arang & TTBY (by thursday & friday)…she’s 8 so i guess she’s already allowed to watch idol dramas,hehehe!

    only a few more days…i really can’t wait!!! too stressed with what to expect with ending…though i’m really loving TVN shows i still hope that the ending will be daebak! 🙂

  207. 207 : shem Says:

    i think i’m going to die from waiting for the ep16 of this drama…it’s really good…i know that yoonjae is the baby’s father but why are the writers still confusing us? one thing is know is that I REALLY LOVE THIS DARMA!!

  208. 208 : KDaddict Says:

    Why are the writers still trying to confuse us? It’s called a “running gag”. A joke between the writer and the audience that runs thru the duration of the show. It is almost like a theme, a thread that unites all the eps in a show. It happens often in comedies.
    I know that you know the mystery’s been solved. Just trying to help calm some jittery nerves out there.

  209. 209 : Lenny Says:

    PULL-EASSEE. we all know who the father is. I dont understand why they are trying to confuse us.. if they wanted to add the last minutes of ep 15 in, why did they show who the father was in the middle? coz then, if it wasnt in ep 15, we wouldn’t know what to expect… who did she have the kid with? who’s the father? But, either way, its a reeaalllyyyy good drama! finished it in 2 days. (:
    Can’t wait for the last ep! Joon Hee is hawt as. <3 why does he have to be gay? ): not being mean. i respect lesbians, gay and bi-sexuals. (:

  210. 210 : Tonberry Says:

    I think it’s hot that he’s gay. 😛
    Wish they’d given him a love interest, too. It’s sad that he’s the only one without anyone at the end.

  211. 211 : Jennie Says:

    @Tonberry I miss you, gal. Where have you been? I am hoping that the writer will give us some kind of a closure for Joon Hee – maybe a love line from his new room mate? And Sung Jae too 😀

  212. 212 : lildedprinxez Says:

    ONE OF THE BEST KDRAMAS of the year!
    Watching this reminds me so much of How I met your mother.
    This drama is so unpredictable leaving you questions after question every episode. The story plot is so great touching every aspects of life — family,friends,school,fangirling,love. I so love the quote in every episode very inspiring. 🙂 I wonder why this drama is so under rated. hopefully, more people could watch this. I can no longer wait for the finale this week! WHO’S THE BABY DADDY!! hahaha please let it be Yoon Jae!! 😀

  213. 213 : Grace Says:

    Where can I watch the 1st Ep??

  214. 214 : Jennie Says:

    Here’s a funny video I found about Seo IG telling us about How To Be Yoon Yoon Jae : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvdyHarR2B4

  215. 215 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie I m getting very worried. Even epdrama has taken the show down..

  216. 216 : aya Says:

    best drama 2012. better than arirang and 2 the beautiful u …recommended!!!

  217. 217 : aya Says:

    i have no idea, i cry when i saw they kiss in 15 ep…it’s such a beautiful kiss…!!

  218. 218 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Me too. Going to try tving for live streaming. Not sure if it works. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  219. 219 : ance Says:

    dramacrazy is still ok, if someone is still looking where to watch episodes 1-15 here’s a link of episode 15…



    Eonnie hope you can share a link later for live streaming…i really wanna watch it too…hehehe!

  220. 220 : ance Says:


    and thanks for the link about how to be yoon jae…it was really funny…i even saw another video of SIG in a show (i dont know the title but he was in a taxi) and got a little disappointed when they ask Eun Ji of what’s her reaction when SIG sent him a recorded message shouting “I LOVE YOU EUN JI!” but she said that it was “burdensome”…ahhh SIG was saying that he feels a little something for Eun Ji but she said doesn’t feel the same… 🙁

  221. 221 : Jennie Says:

    @ance Sorry it’s late but had to feed my kids first heehee. The link I have :
    http://www.tving.com/live/player/C00551 Just went there. Very confusing and have to keep on refreshing. I don’t think it works cos maybe have to subscribe. For live recaps : http://www.vingle.net/posts/51115-Live-Recap-Answer-to-1997-Korean-Drama-EP-16-LAST-EP

  222. 222 : momo Says:

    i love EunJi + SeoInGuk!!!!

  223. 223 : Jennie Says:

    @ance It works but have to keep refreshing and plenty of adverts. Watching it now 😀

  224. 224 : ance Says:


    thanks eonnie! motherly duties first of course…it’s 11 here so my 2 girls are asleep,hehehe! i have all time to watch it now…thanks again…ohhh i hope it works here! *crossed fingers* 😉 thanks again!

  225. 225 : Jennie Says:

    This is surely the best drama of the year, from episode 1 to episode 16. I’m so happy and sad at the same time. I will surely hold dear this drama because everything is just perfect. The PD surely made my day in the finale because they also mentioned DBSK 😀 TW becomes the president of DBSK fan club and played a song by DBSK too. Oh I miss the boys from DB5K!! I shall definitely add this drama to my collection. Now back to rewatching all the kissing parts again and there are so many of them LOL
    @ance Daebak ending 😀 Did you manage to see it live?

  226. 226 : Jennie Says:

    #225 Correction : TW’s wife is president of DBSK fan club, not TW 🙂

  227. 227 : qiky Says:

    i’m so happy …this d’best drama in 2012,, actually sw pregnant is for second child,,n their first daughter so beautiful..

    n d’best news is this drama got A HIGH RATING all over .. I’M SO HAPPY .. Thanks for PD,Screenwriter “Good Job !”,,n for SIG,JEJ,HOYA,etc “Daebak !!”

  228. 228 : ance Says:


    Eonnie sorry the electricity went down i didn’t catch it… 🙁
    but i read the recap…though not so satisfying it will still give me a good night sleep…i heard the ratings are so high…you’re right DAEBAK ending!

    congralutations to the actors, staff and crew and all the brains behind the scenes! great drama! a really MUST SEE!

  229. 229 : ance Says:

    Wow 63.8% final episode ratings! Daebak!

  230. 230 : kdfan Says:

    this is prob the most anticipated final ep of a KD for me. not just to know how all things wrap up but also bec not knowing if the raw will make it to dramacrazy which is the last site standing for this show as far as i know and also whether it will be taken down before i watched it! paranoia drove me to refresh like crazy for an hour. so satisfied i watched it. we finally get to see yoonjae is a really guess t-shirt! super love the ending. what a great show. cant wait to watch again with subs. i think i’ll sleep with a smile tonight 🙂

  231. 231 : kdfan Says:

    i mean yoonjae in a real guess tshirt 😀 or at least i think it’s real ..

  232. 232 : janice Says:

    Hi. Im from the Philippines. May i ask whom did shi won end up with? thanks

  233. 233 : kdfan Says:

    @janice it’s yoonjae and in the last episode several of the previous scenes where this was almost revealed were replayed to reveal the whole conversation showing they are a couple.

  234. 234 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Good morning. LOL, you slept only this morning? Couldnt help but notice that you were still posting at 2 plus in the morning (our time) and you are now up and about already. Am going to check if soft subs are out. It wasnt as much fun without understanding what they were saying but after reading the recaps on some of their conversation, can’t help but get all excited to watch again with subs.
    @ance We are all so happy, yeah? But I think the 60+ ratings is for online streaming only, which means I too contributed to the ratings heehee. I read that the production crew tweeted to thank all international and Korean viewers for the support. How nice of them 😀

  235. 235 : janice Says:

    thank you so much!

    What happened to Joon-hee?
    chongmal komapda… ^^

  236. 236 : Jennie Says:

    @janice Joon-hee found someone new to love although his/her face was not revealed 😀

  237. 237 : something Says:

    admin, the last episode rating was combine from 4 channel that broadcast the last episode on sametime (tvN, OCN, Mnet and O’live), Dramawiki add that information already

  238. 238 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie i slept at 3am, i think i had a perpetual smile on my face till i woke up 4 hours later 😀 with school-going kids no chance for sleeping in. I couldnt understand most of it but sort of get the drift and still laugh lots. thot the kisses were kinda ‘heavy’ for a 19 y o huh.. but was nicely done.

  239. 239 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan LOL you’re a true KD fan. I do that only when hubby is away on trips 😀 Pity that we didn’t get to see a wedding, huh? I like how the writer wrap everything up, all the clues and hints given and answered. I also like the fact that in the final episode, the writer continue to describe the turn in their relationship, from childhood friends to best friends and how they become lovers (which of course is the best part) and did not end just like that, as the usual well behaved married couple. Instead, they still continue to fight and that their love and passion for each other are still present. The funniest side to this drama is that it reminds me of myself when it comes to fangirling. I gave up fangirling long ago over groups like Backstreet Boys, Moffats etc but I still have favourite groups and singers and am still a loyal follower of some tv series and movies and still go gaga over some idols especially the Korean ones. I guess some things never change ≧=ʘ‿ʘ=≦

  240. 240 : witria Says:

    Kyyyaaa~ I’m so curious about this drama >///0<

  241. 241 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie indeed it’s the best story of a couple in a KD for me. totally realistic and the best part about this show is the funnies. while SUFBB had similar magic, it did not make my mark bec it has very little funnies. what i like best is this show reminds me of friendship in schooldays. like them, friends from school are the ones I still keep in touch, still the closest ones. yes, there are friends from work but they are never ever the same as friends from school. when i get together with my friends fr school we somehow always reset ourselves back to those days. btw that was one of my fav part when yoonjae got reset back by shiwon, so funny n so true!

  242. 242 : ance Says:


    oh that’s why it’s so high…hehehe! i was also wondering that coz tvn is a cable channel right…but good one though…

    i already saw it in dramacrazy though it’s raw like kdfan i was also laughing and was shouting “YES!” when YJ said that he’s the husband…and when he kissed SW in the kitchen…hehehe! truly this drama have captured our hearts and made us reminisce our high school days. the writers sure made it more realistic tackling issues of family,school,friendship,love and life. i really feel sad that it ended so soon but i will also put this drama in my top faves.

    again congratulations to the Reply 1997 Family! TVN continue to make lots of good drama!

  243. 243 : twitch Says:


    I’m also an avid fan from the Philippines. I waited until 2am to check on any recaps about the ending and was so happy to found out who ended up with who. I’m kinda satisfied with it, just from reading it. Believe it or not, I haven’t seen any complete episode yet, only previews and have read the recaps from different blog sites. Will I be able to watch a subbed episode even after a month? I read that due to copyright restraints they might even pull it out from dramacrazy? Please enlighten me on this. Thanks

  244. 244 : kdfan Says:

    @twitch so far all other drama sites have already taken the show down so i really don’t know if and for how long this will still be available. hope u can find the time to watch it soon. perhaps other sites will bring it back after the buzz has died down. i hope to be able to rewatch in future too.

  245. 245 : twitch Says:

    that’s sad. So I really have to start watching starting tonight? What site would you recommend?

    Thanks for the response =)

  246. 246 : kdfan Says:

    @twitch dramacrazy is the only site i know that has it. but as said i don’t know if they will or will not take it down. so far dramacrazy has never been down though.

  247. 247 : twitch Says:

    oh…I now feel a sense of panicking…

  248. 248 : janice Says:

    @twitch. im also from the Philippines. I do hope we will still be able to watch it at dramacrazy for few more days. Aja Aja

  249. 249 : twitch Says:

    hi janice!

    Few weeks ago I was planning of doing a am1997 marathon and finish all ep in one sitting. Now, I’m starting to feel a bit afraid that I might not watch even 1 ep. =(

    Are there other options available to watch AM1997? Please… =(

  250. 250 : floovyn Says:

    Just finished watching the finale raw, what an awesome ending so perfect,so so perfect.
    I trully enjoyed this drama, but now it ends, i feel so happy and empty at the same time,my tuesday will never be the same. I will miss it

  251. 251 : twitch Says:

    where did you watch the raw file?

  252. 252 : floovyn Says:

    at Dramacrazy.net

  253. 253 : Micc Says:

    So DW did end up with the doc!

  254. 254 : ance Says:


    hello kababayan…i think you should watch it at dramacrazy while you still can…i’m also worried that i might not be able to watch the final episode with english subs coz i got to watch it raw earlier this morning…nice to see another kababayan who likes reply 1997 coz my friends are still hooked at Arang & the Magistate so i can’t share this drama with them. hope you can find the time to marathon while dramacrazy has it! i assure you that it’s worth all your time! 😉

  255. 255 : twitch Says:

    thanks floovyn…gotta check it out.

  256. 256 : twitch Says:

    for sure it is ance.
    Imagine just the recap and preview made me go crazy, what more will it be with the complete episode? =)
    I told my korean friend that this satoori accent is just like a melody in my ear. And I got to admit this has a new approach in story telling and capturing viewers attention, it makes you want to crave more.

    Too bad I can’t watch tonight, there’s heavy rain and no electricity. Im using my mobile with this post. =(

  257. 257 : Charlie Says:

    I envy you guys had watched the last ep already. I didn’t loose the electricity, but I lost cable connection, no Internet.
    The writer can really twist, based on the comments you guys left. I didn’t expect this would be their second child although I knew joonjae had to be with Shiwon in the end. This is really a great show.

  258. 258 : KDaddict Says:

    This is a wonderful series. The finale wraps up loose ends, n brings the story to a satisfactory closing.
    I think Joon Hee has a gf now. The person who picks him up in a Bright Red car is most likely a girl. Some teenagers feel an emotional attachment to someone of the same gender. Most grow out of it as they get older.
    I’m waiting for this weekend to see SIG in Rascal Sons when it premieres on 9/22. Haven’t seen a good family show for a while. Looking fwd.

  259. 259 : KDaddict Says:

    I love it that TW marries a girl who falls for him the first time they met. He deserves that. And she’s such a crazy girl, just like SW, just his cup of tea! She takes time off work to fly to Japan for a 동방신기TVXQ concert!
    I also love the txt messages that YJ n SW exchanged. He is thinking of her in bed, n texted to ask what she is doing. Her answer?
    “Shitting”. Not “Going to the toilet”, not “No.1”. No such euphemisms for our SW. Shitting! How like her!
    Another time, he asked: Are you thinking of me?
    SW: “You crazy man”. And YJ got so upset he rolled off the floor.
    Those r my fav moments in this ep!

  260. 260 : sara Says:

    This year is tvN year. Great job.

    1.Shut up flower boy band
    2.Queen Inhyun’s man
    3. Reply to 1997

  261. 261 : sleeplessnseattlekdcrzy Says:

    this is an amazing show!…i never thought i would love it…but i do…more like i’ve fallen in love w/ the writers…i was so impressed in the plot and twist of the story that i ended up looking for infos about them and their past projects!…i hope they will write more amazing dramas in the near future!…to admin,how about including infos of screenwriters and directors on this site?… just an idea… 😉

  262. 262 : kdfan Says:

    Subs for ep 16 are out at dramacrazy!

  263. 263 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Thanks. Finally get to watch with subs. Will be my third time watching this episode 😀 First time watched it live, second time after reading recaps and now third time with subs. Going to savour every second of this episode:-D

  264. 264 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie after watching the subbed it will really feel like it’s over. Reply and QIM are my best dramas this year. Although I love watching SJK n MCW’s acting, I don’t think melos will ever make it to my top list.

  265. 265 : jaejoongloveryj#1shipper Says:

    I’m only watching it because i heard of TV5Q being in it. And apink was she second kpop group i listen to when i just enter kpop. And i like eun ji smile (hope that’s how her name is spell)

  266. 266 : jaejoongloveryj#1shipper Says:


  267. 267 : witlily Says:

    Very entertaining and hilarious, this must best kdrama this year \(^0^*)/

  268. 268 : F.Ids Says:

    One of the best dramas of the year. Really fresh. Love ALL the characters

  269. 269 : jnt Says:

    eun ji is a better actress than all those young singers i have seen in KDramas.

  270. 270 : pamela Says:

    park chorong also did cameo siwon’s mom

  271. 271 : Oana Says:

    Great,great,THE BEST korean drama in 2012.
    If you want to remember your childhood memories,or if you want to just feel the beautiful ties in friendship this drama is a must for you.
    I HIGHLY recommend it to you!

  272. 272 : Hariez Says:

    The Best Kdrama 2012
    very very funny
    very good storyline
    Same opinion with Oana great KDRAMA 2012

  273. 273 : alk Says:

    THE BEST !!! <3

  274. 274 : redmie Says:

    This movie make me want back again at high school, n enjoy the friedship with other friend n falling in love again with my memories abaout high school.

    I want have friend like si won friend..
    The best korean drama that I ever watch..
    Love “Reply 1997”

  275. 275 : annie Says:

    love this drama

  276. 276 : Natalie Says:

    Where can i watch this with eng subs?

  277. 277 : ista Says:

    4 Thumb for Reply 1997, I Love it so much :*
    i hope Reply 1997 have a part 2 😀
    LOVE IT 😀

  278. 278 : bluesakuraa Says:

    I watched it on dramacrazy. try it 🙂

  279. 279 : 279 Says:

    love reply 1997

  280. 280 : 300 Says:

    funny drama 😀

  281. 281 : len Says:

    luv this drama so much i’ve finish watching it for 2 days…..

  282. 282 : deby murti Says:

    i lovvvvvvvve this drama very much. the storyline isn’t ordinary and i admaire it. great job for the sceenwriters.

  283. 283 : Hikmi's Says:

    I dont know why, I reallllyyyy falling in love with this drama, so crazy and love love love….. funny n crazy couple, congrats 4 eun ji and seo in guk ( and the gangs ) N all of crew.. and no comment….. aaaaaaand thanx thanx thanx
    Or make season 2, I’ll be waiting………..LOL

  284. 284 : goeyisujulovers Says:

    can someone tell me if this drama has an happy ending pleaseeeeeee 🙂

  285. 285 : joo rae won Says:

    it’s so…………….how can I describe it????????

    it’s so marvelous drama

    this drama make me laugh from the first episode until the end.

    tx to beautiful ost that made me watched this drama(maybe i would postponed to watch it next year if i didn’t hear it and watched the mv when i walked around to buy a drink)

    i really love the story,the players and the ost. thanks to everyone who made REPLY 1997, an enjoyable drama of 2012

  286. 286 : sevenlovers Says:

    amazing….best drama ever…love it so much

  287. 287 : dinokey Says:

    love this drama so much!!

  288. 288 : kyoseloris Says:

    this is THE BEST DRAMA i’ve ever seen! i love this drama so much!
    i hope there will be another season of it.. 😀

  289. 289 : wazabi Says:

    fall in love so badly with drama..nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu sarangheyo……….

  290. 290 : dinaz Says:

    its such a wonderful drama.loved it alot..it was nice to know a lot about the 90s.the actors were really good.shi won’s father was really good and funny i love his acting.and shi won and her father’s conversation was hilarious specially the scene where he chopped off her hair.haha!everything was good glad that i watched a beautiful drama like this one. 🙂

  291. 291 : j01010199 Says:

    i love this drama so muchhhhhh!!!! <3

  292. 292 : biyas Says:

    I love this one!!
    This drama can make you smile and cry at the same time. It makes you remember how sweet your first love.

  293. 293 : Лучшая Дорама 2012 Года — Корея | Мираленд Says:

    […] Her Heartbeats (jTBC) Panda and Hedgehog (Channel A) Queen Inhyun’s Man (tvN) Queen Insoo (jTBC) Reply 1997 (tvN) Rooftop Prince (SBS) Salamander Guru and the Gang (SBS) Salaryman (SBS) Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil […]

  294. 294 : hyunhwa Says:

    although i’m a bit to late to watch this, but i still love it…so funny, refreshing dan makes me fell how to be highschool once again ke..ke…ke…

  295. 295 : joo rae won Says:

    If you enjoy watching this drama, please choose it as the one of your Best Korean Drama of 2012. Thank you 🙂

  296. 296 : Area11 Says:

    This has to be the best Kdrama I have watched….. The director, scriptwriter and actor did such an amazing job…….. 16 Episodes is toooo short, I miss it so much.
    How talented is this team, it is so unbelieveble. I LOVE LOVE this show.

  297. 297 : Melda Says:

    Love this story. NEver thought that I will watch this drama. BUT, I marathon finishing it in one day. Unbelieveable!

  298. 298 : Soyeon Says:

    Can anyone upload this drama episodes on youtube? cuz i wanna watch it….

  299. 299 : erickagrace Says:

    I also llike this drama.. mixed emotions!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  300. 300 : irfanbatagor Says:

    AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, hardly to see the last episode.. *crying*

  301. 301 : lisa Says:

    i just watched the final episode on Yodrama. Its the best drama ever!

  302. 302 : giselle Says:

    boring!! boring…drama

  303. 303 : Stephanie Says:

    You sure have taste in dramas, Giselle, if not, why would this drama get an explosive viewer rating?

  304. 304 : syahira yusra Says:

    why i just can watch the drama only until 5 episode?

  305. 305 : bla bla Says:

    really a nice drama ^^

  306. 306 : Rani Says:

    the story of the drama are really exciting…… make me back to 1997 when i was 17 years old like Si Won … hahaha…. i really really really like this drama……..

  307. 307 : Linda Says:

    ouh….i love the drama,rather same with my life

  308. 308 : aning Says:

    This series really touching my heart. awesome story, casting, bring so much laughter and bring back my 90′s memories! Never get bored watching over and over again.. Definitely a must watch series!! 😀

  309. 309 : J.M. Says:

    Funny Romantic Nostalgic drama.. that’s all I can say..

    I’m a 90’s baby since I used to play Tamagotchi, Dance Revolution (Dub I Dub Song..lol) and I also use ballpens with grip to rewind my casette tapes.. hahahaha!

    The best episode for me is when Yoon Jae kissed Si Won at Si Won’s place.. =P

    The funniest episode I ever watched from this drama is when Hak Chan forgot Yoo Jeong’s birrthday and all of his friends poked him… =))

    Recommendation to overall drama: (5-highest, 0-low)
    5!!!!!!!! =))))))

  310. 310 : Elly Says:

    LOVE this drama so much!! I’m Seo In-Guk and Eunji’s fans now!! ^_^

  311. 311 : d_zhiany Says:


  312. 312 : Rifqah Says:

    Seo In Guk acts so well here – really > Hope you’re interesting with this drama. ^^

  313. 313 : faith Says:

    i really like it. though I can’t relate but I love the story!!!

  314. 314 : Vini Says:

    For me,its the best drama in 2012..daebaaak.!!!!love all the characters..especially Join Hee…kkk

  315. 315 : aSza Says:

    “Do you know how long we’ve been waiting for you? I’m Korea.”

  316. 316 : aSza Says:


  317. 317 : [مقالة] ترجمة مقابلة Sooyoung و Seohyun في مجلّة Céci | Fans Soshi Says:

    […] ” , حقا إشتقت للأوقات التي مرت في Reply 1997 (دراما كورية هنا )  لدرجمة انني اردت البكاء, الآلات أصبحت اكثر ذكاءا لكن […]

  318. 318 : yin jen Says:

    This drama is interesting, especially the sort-of-oblivious relationship between Seo In Guk and Kang Joon Hee. It’s so cute!

  319. 319 : yea_ayel Says:

    This drama is really good and nice. Thumbs up. :bd

    not a typical K-drama but still, i love it <3 <3
    I like the story plot so much.

    sobrang nakakaKV din kilig to the bone. hihihi :’)

  320. 320 : gail801 Says:

    first half of the series is kinda “where will this go” type. but i continued watching anyway feeling nostalgic with the connection to the 90’s … tamagochi, dance rev, starcraft, eastpack! its crazy! 🙂

    but towards the end i found myself waiting for more….

    plus great OST! 🙂 love their voices esp in All For You! 🙂

  321. 321 : hwang Says:

    One of the best drama I’ve ever seen!

  322. 322 : clairerosean Says:

    Wow! Wow.. i think that’s all i can say.. surprisingly this k-drama was way beyond what i expected.. i felt so bad for not watching it while it is airing though i am thankful i’d still had the chance to watch it..

    To anyone who is still hesitating, DON’T!! Just give Reply 1997 a try.. it is all worth it.. funny-touching-crying, family-friendship and love.. it is all there..

    There is no dull moment.. 🙂 Peace to All!

  323. 323 : icegirl Says:

    Nostalgic trip down memory lane to the 90s! Well-written, fast paced, superbly acted and i love the way those flashbacks and the present scenes come together seamlessly to tell the story…this is one truly unforgettable drama…growing up, school life, first love, unrequited love, sacrifice, being different, being a fan, of family and friendships…all these anyone can relate to and that what makes this drama so great!

  324. 324 : CarolineDL Says:

    I LOVE this drama. Just recently watched and I also wonder why I didn’t watch it when ti came out and why it has so few comments here. It is funny, touching, and cute. It touches on so many things of life… Really perfect.

    Great acting. Especially the lead couple! They have crazy chemistry and for once, their relationship is not cheesy. Realistically portrayed.

    It does not hurt that the 90s makes it so much more special! I had to look up a few references but even without getting all of them, I laughed a lot!

    WATCH IT! I agree with icegirl: a truly unforgettable drama!

  325. 325 : keroo Says:

    guys , i need help, will you name some site/s where can i watch REPLY 1997? please •• thankss.

  326. 326 : keroo Says:

    guys , i need help, will you name some site/s where can i watch REPLY 1997? please !! thankss.

  327. 327 : dramafreak Says:

    just watched it yesterday….i know i am kinda slow…but hey….i really get hooked after watching this drama! it’s so nice! and i do believe 1st love will last long….so sweet!

  328. 328 : Susu Says:

    @keroo, try watching at gooddrama.net

  329. 329 : niname Says:

    I always remember the voice of sheep on this drama…lol ^^
    Replay 1997: Realistic Drama, The Funniest Drama, Unique Script ^^

  330. 330 : msmelchidec Says:

    GREAT DRAMA, i thought this drama is boring because of the title, and the way they talk (Busan dialect) thats why i did not watch this drama.

    But, recently when i watch all the top/most drama every one says its the best drama that they watch, and also the comments, that why i watch it, and DAEBAK it’s nostalgic specially the the sound of the goat.

    PLEASE WATCH! you will like it

  331. 331 : yuri Says:

    best drama ever..

  332. 332 : ZU Says:

    really great drama…..it’s great to watch…

  333. 333 : minsul Says:

    is there a dvd movie that I could always watch everytime? pls send us in the philippines…plss led us a copy for it

  334. 334 : seoji Says:

    pllssss….replay this movie in the philippines. I hope I’m not too late 🙁

  335. 335 : viagra for women Says:

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    Thanks, I appreciate it!

  336. 336 : aonaaa Says:

    What I got from the comments: goats

  337. 337 : qwerty Says:

    I first watched this drama during its broadcast period because of curiosity as it was often menyioned in allkpop and soompi. Then I tried to watch the first episodes and felt like “this is just so me!” Eventhough I was born in 1995, I just could feel the passion on shi won and I’m not tryong to overact but I think I’m really similar to shi won. This drama is so realistic and could relate to every days issue. The romance is so asdicting and sweet. A drama doesn’t have to have a chaebol character or a bad boy or a veryyy perfect second lead or a dumb lead female. It could be a combination fantasy and realistic like this drama. Having a boyfriend who waited and only liked you for all his life and being an ordinary fangirl and busan girl at the same could make a great drama like this. I just found it quite boring in ep 10 I thought. But after the karaoke confession, it was really addicting. Totally recommended!

  338. 338 : Aicha Says:

    amazing serie , it’s so daaam funnyyyy ,, plus romance 😀 i can just replay it every year 🙂

  339. 339 : heol's hana Says:

    you can see the whole episode at dramacool. it’s guaranteed 🙂

  340. 340 : خرید کریو Says:

    very good

  341. 341 : dimples Says:

    Love it, really good drama. Watched 1994 first then this. I would say 1994 is funnier to me , makes me laugh more. Nonetheless, this is still really good, feeling young again watching it. haha.

  342. 342 : San Says:

    Honestly one of the best dramas!! It’s so real and very entertaining!!
    Just like Friends English drama I can re-watch this every night while I having dinner and never get enough of it..!!

  343. 343 : خرید vpn Says:

    this one is a must watch , I enjoyed it !

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