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Title: 응답하라 1997 / Reply 1997
Chinese Title: 回答1997
Also Known as: Answer to 1997 / Answer Me 1997
Genre: Sitcom
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2012-July-24 to 2012-Sep-18
Air time: Tuesday 23:00 (2 episodes back to back)
Related Series: Reply Series


This drama will focus on the extreme fan culture that emerged in the 1990s when idol groups took center stage and K-pop was blossoming.

It tells the story of 6 former high school friends from a school in Busan who meet again in 2012 and brings back memories to 1997 when they were still high school students. Moving back and forth between the ’90s and today, the story centers on the life of Sung Si Won (Jung Eun Ji), who idolizes boyband H.O.T. and her 5 high school friends.


Main Cast

Jung Eun Ji as Sung Si Won
Seo In Guk as Yoon Yoon Je
Shin So Yool as Mo Yoo Jeong
Hoya as Kang Joon Hee
Eun Ji Won as Do Hak chan
Lee Shi Un as Bang Sung Jae

Extended Cast

Sung Dong Il as Sung Dong Il (Shi Won’s father)
Kang Kyun Sung as young Dong Il (ep 9)
Lee Il Hwa as Lee Il Hwa (Shi Won’s mother)
Park Cho Rong as young Il Hwa (ep 9)
Song Jong Ho as Yoon Dae Woong (Yoon Jae’s brother)
No Ji Yeon (노지연) as Jang Dan Ji
Jung Kyung Mi (정경미) as Kyung Mi / Eun Dok Ki
Kim Sun Ah as Sun Ah / Eun Gak Ha
Baek Chang Min as Kid


Kim Gook Jin as MC of Star Date (ep 1)
Tony Ahn as himself (ep 1, 3)
Kim Ye Won as Sung Song Joo (Shi Won’s older sister) (ep 4, 9)
Siwan as ROTC student (ep 4)
Lee Yoon Suk (이윤석) as Lee Dong Gyu (ep 5)
Kim Jong Min as doctor (ep 5)
Shin Bong Sun as Busan club H.O.T. president (ep 6)
Choo Min Ki as Chu Shin Soo (ep 8 )
Kim Tae Won (김태원) as karaoke room guest (ep 8 )
Jung Myung Ok (정명옥) as karaoke room guest (ep 8 )
Jung Joo Ri as karaoke room guest (ep 8 )
Park Ji Yoon as Joon Hee’s sixth older sister (ep 8 ) / seventh older sister (ep 10)
Ryu Dam as Lee Dae Ho (ep 8 )
Yoon Bo Mi as young Moon Jung Mi (Yoon Jae’s mother in 1968) (ep 9)
Yang Joon Hyuk (양준혁) as Yoon Joon Hyuk (Yoon Jae’s father in 1968) (ep 9)
Son Jin Yeong as young Joon Hyuk (ep 9)
Kim Ki Wook (김기욱) as cell phone store salesman (ep 9)
Yoon Hyung Bin as Eun Dok Ki’s husband (ep 10)
Yang Se Hyung (양세형) as Eun Gak Ha’s husband (ep 10)
Ahn Young Mi as Sechs Kies fanclub president (ep 10)
Kang Yoo Mi as H.O.T. fanclub president (ep 10)
Shin Dong Yup as MC of 1998 Golden Disk Awards (ep 10)
Lee Joo Yeon as Joo Yeon (ep 14, 16)
Lee Sol Ji (이솔지) as Lee Sol Ji (TV program MC) (ep 15)
Go In Bum as Shi Won’s great uncle (ep 15)
G.NA as Choi Jin Ah (Yoon Jae’s blind date) (ep 15)
Bae Da Hae (배다해) as Shi Won’s colleague (ep 16)
Lee Soo Geun (이수근) as hired driver (ep 16)
So Hee Jung as Shi Won’s senior at work

Production Credits

Director: Shin Won Ho (신원호)
Screenwriter: Lee Sun Hye (이선혜), Kim Ran Joo (김란주)

Episode Title

Episode Title
1 Eighteen
2 Becoming more and more different
3 What you see is not everything
4 Fair play
5 Life's counterattack
6 Love makes you do things you’ve never done
7 Future hopes
8 D-day
9 The thread of fate
10 The reason why I like you
11 The fairness of relationships
12 The meaning of hands
13 Later...no, now
14 Love Is Ordered by the Heart
15 While i loved you
16 The reason why first loves don’t last

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Average Rating (%) Peak (%)
2012-07-24 1 & 2 1.20 1.80
2012-07-31 3 & 4 1.20 1.70
2012-08-07 5 & 6 1.60 2.10
2012-08-14 7 & 8 3.25 4.56
2012-08-21 9 & 10 3.00 3.80
2012-08-28 11 & 12 3.46 4.43
2012-09-04 13 & 14 3.70 4.70
2012-09-11 15 4.17 5.52
2012-09-18 16 7.55 9.47

Source: TNmS Media Korea

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


The last episode of this drama aired on four cable channels: tvN, OCN, Mnet, and O’live. Therefore, the ratings was combined from these four channels. (Source)


2016 tvN10 Awards: Special Acting Award – Sung Dong Il (Answer Me series)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Content Award (Drama)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Made in tvN (Drama, Actor) – Seo In Gook (Answer Me 1997)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Best Kiss – Jung Eun Ji & Seo In Gook (Answer Me 1997)
2013 49th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress (Jung Eun Ji)


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Press Conference

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343 Responses to “Reply 1997”

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  1. 301
    lisa Says:

    i just watched the final episode on Yodrama. Its the best drama ever!

  2. 302
    giselle Says:

    boring!! boring…drama

  3. 303
    Stephanie Says:

    You sure have taste in dramas, Giselle, if not, why would this drama get an explosive viewer rating?

  4. 304
    syahira yusra Says:

    why i just can watch the drama only until 5 episode?

  5. 305
    bla bla Says:

    really a nice drama ^^

  6. 306
    Rani Says:

    the story of the drama are really exciting…… make me back to 1997 when i was 17 years old like Si Won … hahaha…. i really really really like this drama……..

  7. 307
    Linda Says:

    ouh….i love the drama,rather same with my life

  8. 308
    aning Says:

    This series really touching my heart. awesome story, casting, bring so much laughter and bring back my 90′s memories! Never get bored watching over and over again.. Definitely a must watch series!! 😀

  9. 309
    J.M. Says:

    Funny Romantic Nostalgic drama.. that’s all I can say..

    I’m a 90’s baby since I used to play Tamagotchi, Dance Revolution (Dub I Dub Song..lol) and I also use ballpens with grip to rewind my casette tapes.. hahahaha!

    The best episode for me is when Yoon Jae kissed Si Won at Si Won’s place.. =P

    The funniest episode I ever watched from this drama is when Hak Chan forgot Yoo Jeong’s birrthday and all of his friends poked him… =))

    Recommendation to overall drama: (5-highest, 0-low)
    5!!!!!!!! =))))))

  10. 310
    Elly Says:

    LOVE this drama so much!! I’m Seo In-Guk and Eunji’s fans now!! ^_^

  11. 311
    d_zhiany Says:


  12. 312
    Rifqah Says:

    Seo In Guk acts so well here – really > Hope you’re interesting with this drama. ^^

  13. 313
    faith Says:

    i really like it. though I can’t relate but I love the story!!!

  14. 314
    Vini Says:

    For me,its the best drama in 2012..daebaaak.!!!!love all the characters..especially Join Hee…kkk

  15. 315
    aSza Says:

    “Do you know how long we’ve been waiting for you? I’m Korea.”

  16. 316
    aSza Says:


  17. 317
    [مقالة] ترجمة مقابلة Sooyoung و Seohyun في مجلّة Céci | Fans Soshi Says:

    […] ” , حقا إشتقت للأوقات التي مرت في Reply 1997 (دراما كورية هنا )  لدرجمة انني اردت البكاء, الآلات أصبحت اكثر ذكاءا لكن […]

  18. 318
    yin jen Says:

    This drama is interesting, especially the sort-of-oblivious relationship between Seo In Guk and Kang Joon Hee. It’s so cute!

  19. 319
    yea_ayel Says:

    This drama is really good and nice. Thumbs up. :bd

    not a typical K-drama but still, i love it <3 <3
    I like the story plot so much.

    sobrang nakakaKV din kilig to the bone. hihihi :’)

  20. 320
    gail801 Says:

    first half of the series is kinda “where will this go” type. but i continued watching anyway feeling nostalgic with the connection to the 90’s … tamagochi, dance rev, starcraft, eastpack! its crazy! 🙂

    but towards the end i found myself waiting for more….

    plus great OST! 🙂 love their voices esp in All For You! 🙂

  21. 321
    hwang Says:

    One of the best drama I’ve ever seen!

  22. 322
    clairerosean Says:

    Wow! Wow.. i think that’s all i can say.. surprisingly this k-drama was way beyond what i expected.. i felt so bad for not watching it while it is airing though i am thankful i’d still had the chance to watch it..

    To anyone who is still hesitating, DON’T!! Just give Reply 1997 a try.. it is all worth it.. funny-touching-crying, family-friendship and love.. it is all there..

    There is no dull moment.. 🙂 Peace to All!

  23. 323
    icegirl Says:

    Nostalgic trip down memory lane to the 90s! Well-written, fast paced, superbly acted and i love the way those flashbacks and the present scenes come together seamlessly to tell the story…this is one truly unforgettable drama…growing up, school life, first love, unrequited love, sacrifice, being different, being a fan, of family and friendships…all these anyone can relate to and that what makes this drama so great!

  24. 324
    CarolineDL Says:

    I LOVE this drama. Just recently watched and I also wonder why I didn’t watch it when ti came out and why it has so few comments here. It is funny, touching, and cute. It touches on so many things of life… Really perfect.

    Great acting. Especially the lead couple! They have crazy chemistry and for once, their relationship is not cheesy. Realistically portrayed.

    It does not hurt that the 90s makes it so much more special! I had to look up a few references but even without getting all of them, I laughed a lot!

    WATCH IT! I agree with icegirl: a truly unforgettable drama!

  25. 325
    keroo Says:

    guys , i need help, will you name some site/s where can i watch REPLY 1997? please •• thankss.

  26. 326
    keroo Says:

    guys , i need help, will you name some site/s where can i watch REPLY 1997? please !! thankss.

  27. 327
    dramafreak Says:

    just watched it yesterday….i know i am kinda slow…but hey….i really get hooked after watching this drama! it’s so nice! and i do believe 1st love will last long….so sweet!

  28. 328
    Susu Says:

    @keroo, try watching at gooddrama.net

  29. 329
    niname Says:

    I always remember the voice of sheep on this drama…lol ^^
    Replay 1997: Realistic Drama, The Funniest Drama, Unique Script ^^

  30. 330
    msmelchidec Says:

    GREAT DRAMA, i thought this drama is boring because of the title, and the way they talk (Busan dialect) thats why i did not watch this drama.

    But, recently when i watch all the top/most drama every one says its the best drama that they watch, and also the comments, that why i watch it, and DAEBAK it’s nostalgic specially the the sound of the goat.

    PLEASE WATCH! you will like it

  31. 331
    yuri Says:

    best drama ever..

  32. 332
    ZU Says:

    really great drama…..it’s great to watch…

  33. 333
    minsul Says:

    is there a dvd movie that I could always watch everytime? pls send us in the philippines…plss led us a copy for it

  34. 334
    seoji Says:

    pllssss….replay this movie in the philippines. I hope I’m not too late 🙁

  35. 335
    viagra for women Says:

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  36. 336
    aonaaa Says:

    What I got from the comments: goats

  37. 337
    qwerty Says:

    I first watched this drama during its broadcast period because of curiosity as it was often menyioned in allkpop and soompi. Then I tried to watch the first episodes and felt like “this is just so me!” Eventhough I was born in 1995, I just could feel the passion on shi won and I’m not tryong to overact but I think I’m really similar to shi won. This drama is so realistic and could relate to every days issue. The romance is so asdicting and sweet. A drama doesn’t have to have a chaebol character or a bad boy or a veryyy perfect second lead or a dumb lead female. It could be a combination fantasy and realistic like this drama. Having a boyfriend who waited and only liked you for all his life and being an ordinary fangirl and busan girl at the same could make a great drama like this. I just found it quite boring in ep 10 I thought. But after the karaoke confession, it was really addicting. Totally recommended!

  38. 338
    Aicha Says:

    amazing serie , it’s so daaam funnyyyy ,, plus romance 😀 i can just replay it every year 🙂

  39. 339
    heol's hana Says:

    you can see the whole episode at dramacool. it’s guaranteed 🙂

  40. 340
    خرید کریو Says:

    very good

  41. 341
    dimples Says:

    Love it, really good drama. Watched 1994 first then this. I would say 1994 is funnier to me , makes me laugh more. Nonetheless, this is still really good, feeling young again watching it. haha.

  42. 342
    San Says:

    Honestly one of the best dramas!! It’s so real and very entertaining!!
    Just like Friends English drama I can re-watch this every night while I having dinner and never get enough of it..!!

  43. 343
    خرید vpn Says:

    this one is a must watch , I enjoyed it !

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