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Remember You

Remember You 03

Title: 너를 기억해 / Remember You
Previously known as: 헬로 몬스터 / Hello Monster
Chinese Title: 記得你
Genre: Romance, Thriller, Mystery
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-June-22 to 2015-Aug-11
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


This drama is a romantic thriller that centers around a criminal profiler, Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) who previously work as a consultant at the police department in New York. After he returns to south Korea, he’s in charge of a special criminal investigation team. Due to his special insight, he can analyze the crime scene and the suspect at one glance. He works together with an elite detective, Cha Ji Ahn (Jang NaRa) to solve the crimes and they develop a romantic relationship.


Main Cast

Seo In Guk as Lee Hyun
Hong Hyun Taek as Lee Hyun (Child)
Jang NaRa as Cha Ji Ahn
Park Ji So as Ji Ahn (child)
Lee Chun Hee as Kang Eun Hyuk
Choi Won Young as Lee Joon Ho
Park Bo Geum as Jung Sun Ho
Hong Eun Taek as Sun Ho (child)

Supporting Cast

Min Sung Wook as Son Myung Woo
Kim Jae Young as Min Seung Joo
Son Seung Won as Choi Eun Bok
Im Ji Eun as Hyun Ji Soo
Nam Kyung Eup as Kang Seok Joo
Shin Dong Mi as Yang Eun Jung
Jun Kwang Ryul as Lee Joong Min (Lee Hyun’s father)
Do Kyung Soo as Lee Joon Young
Tae In Ho as Yang Seung Hoon
Shin Jae Ha as Park Dae Young
Choi Duk Moon as Na Bong Sung
Yoo Hyung Kwan as Yang Jin Suk
Lee Won Jae
Kim Kyu Chul as Park Young Chul
Seo Young Joo as Lee Jung Ha
Im Sung Uhn as Ji Hyun Sook
Go Kyu Pil as Park Soo Yong
Lee El as Kang Sung Eun
Kim Min Kyung as Park Soo Yong
Shin Jae Hoon
Kang Ui Sik as Seung Min Yeok

Production Credits

Production Company: CJ E&M
Director: No Sang Hoon, Kim Jin Won
ScriptWriter: Kwon Ki Young


Lee Jin Wook was previously offer for leading cast in this drama. However, he drop out this offer and replaced by Seo In Guk.


2015 KBS Drama Awards: Popular Actor – Nam Joo Hyuk (School 2015: Who Are You?) & Park Bo Geum (Remember You)
2015 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor – Park Bo Gum (I Remember You) & Kim Gyu Chul (The Merchant: Gaekju & Jingbirok)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-06-22 1 5.6 5.4 4.7 4.7
2015-06-23 2 5.6 (<7.3) 4.7 4.5
2015-06-29 3 5.2 5.8 4.7 4.8
2015-06-30 4 4.9 (<8.2) 4.0 4.1
2015-07-06 5 4.6 (<7.7) 4.6 4.8
2015-07-07 6 5.4 (<6.3) 4.8 4.9
2015-07-13 7 5.0 (<8.2) 4.7 4.5
2015-07-14 8 4.2 4.7 4.6 5.0
2015-07-20 9 4.5 4.6 4.9 5.1
2015-07-21 10 4.6 (<7.4) 5.0 5.0
2015-07-27 11 4.7 5.1 4.8 4.9
2015-07-28 12 4.6 5.5 5.0 5.2
2015-08-03 13 4.1 4.1 4.5 4.7
2015-08-04 14 4.7 4.9 5.3 5.4
2015-08-10 15 4.6 (<6.7) 4.5 4.9
2015-08-11 16 4.3 (<6.4) 5.1 (<6.5)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Dy.K Says:

    The synopsis remind me of The Mentalist.

  2. 2 : Remember You | Movie Story Download Says:

    […] Korean Drama […]

  3. 3 : Admaliah Says:

    A different genre for Jang Nara . . .

  4. 4 : Jin Says:

    Wow looking forward to seeing NARA unnie in a new role ^^
    i think it’s gonna be a big hit Inguk and Nara <3 I already ship them hehehehhe

  5. 5 : niczej Says:


  6. 6 : Doctor's Daughter Says:

    Seo In Guk new drama. This is the only thing I can actually think of.
    Seo In Guk.
    Seo In Guk.

  7. 7 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Welcome back Jang Nara ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😆 can’t wait………

  8. 8 : D.O kyung soo Fan Says:

    Kyung Soo…oppa Fighting!! You r the little Lee Hyun…Do Kyung Soo is the best EXO D.O Fighting!!Saranghae Yo!

  9. 9 : bigeye Says:

    i cant wait to see the drama

  10. 10 : anchel Says:

    counting the days until June 22… just miss Seo In Guk and Jang Nara who are both superb performers…

  11. 11 : queens Says:

    Count me in

  12. 12 : Remember You - 너를 기억해 VIEW CHANNEL Says:

    Remember You On youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qtH04NF-iM
    Subcribe for Update

  13. 13 : Lclarakl Says:

    I wish it was any other lead female that Jang Na Ra. I’m expecting to see the same character from School 2013 and Mr. Back/Beak. She acts the same character in most dramas.

  14. 14 : selen Says:


  15. 15 : Dy.K Says:

    Ooouch..love the poster. Hope this pair have a good chemistry together.

  16. 16 : Sharlene Says:

    OMG! Looking forward to this I love Sue In Guk…

  17. 17 : super b Says:

    omg!!! Seo In Guk can i ask if “King Face” k-drama lose ? because you have 2 drama this year.

  18. 18 : super b Says:

    SEO IN GUK has 2 drama this year. king face and remember you . for me King Face is Ok while this drama is????

  19. 19 : tagalog salita Says:

    Jang Nara laging inaapi ,iyakin at hindi marunong umarte pero nakaka pasok sa 20 below list drama.

  20. 20 : rian Says:

    i dont like your acting jang nara.
    for me you dont know how to act like IU,SSK

  21. 21 : rian Says:

    jang nara, iu , ssk, suzy
    these 4 girls are dont know how to act.

  22. 22 : JEROME Says:

    jang na ra, is super good in fated to love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will be watching this!

  23. 23 : Noni Says:

    Hellooo.. no.21..hv u seen most JN dramas b4? Well to me she is good in acting…

  24. 24 : Emily Says:

    So it’s going to be like korean drama version of Criminal Minds?! Hope it’s good!!!

  25. 25 : Angel Says:

    期待仁國同娜拉的浪漫愛情故事 ……

  26. 26 : hanna Says:

    jang nara and Seo In Guk team work … nice !!! waiting to watch this coming kdrama …

  27. 27 : kenzobella Says:

    i will watching this. i love Jang Na Ra

  28. 28 : freedomdemon Says:

    tomorrow release~!!!!!!!!!!!
    so excited~!!!!!!!! ^^Y

  29. 29 : Fan jang nara Says:

    Relesase I Remember You Episode 1 Update Engsub and Indosub here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=706yuNlB6lc

  30. 30 : tera Says:

    ep 1 was nicely done….
    I have a lot of expectations from this drama….

  31. 31 : rex981 Says:

    chemistry right away from the start good job oppa chic magnet hehehe

  32. 32 : Memoshared Says:

    Wahh i was watch the first episode, the story is good

  33. 33 : Memoshared Says:

    good akting of D.O Exo

  34. 34 : Memoshared Says:


  35. 35 : freedomdemon Says:

    today had release~!!!!!!!!!!! sure straight download to watch~!!!!!!! ^^Y
    so excited~!!!!!!! (*v *)
    love all the actors~!!!!!!
    know them from the other dramas, from last time~!!!!! (*o *)

    thank you~!!!!!!!! <3 (~v ~)

  36. 36 : mariana Says:

    Very interesting story!

  37. 37 : Ki Says:

    this drama is tiresome to watch, and jang nara is very poor at acting. we need new concepts KBS2

  38. 38 : majoy Says:

    Seo In guk and Jang Na Ra ..what a chemistry..In Guk has a good start.. I tried holding my laughter…its fun watching…good luck…..

  39. 39 : hannie_ Says:

    Admin, I don’t think Do Kyung Soo act as Lee Hyeon (teen).
    His character is Lee Joon Hyeong.

    Btw, I enjoy this drama so far. I think I’ll continue to watch this.

    (@hannie_ from admin: Thanks for inform us.)

  40. 40 : annmasae Says:

    enjoying this drama. interesting story line. i agree with all the comments about the great chemistry for the main couple. Jang Nara fighting!!!!

  41. 41 : Noni Says:

    I find this drama very is very interesting, something different..n fun to watch howcome the rating is very low..i dun get it..

  42. 42 : cassie Says:

    Loving this drama and OMG their chemistry greaaaaaaaaaaaaat. thanks

  43. 43 : mml Says:

    Episode 1 seems to be a mystery episode and I think I will look forward to comedy and romantic instead. I will still prefer to see Jang Nara with a sweety cute hairstyle rather than the hairstyle shown in episode 1.

    Looking forward to watch Jang Na Ra with a better , sweeter, prettier look in the subsequent episodes,

  44. 44 : raionkisaki Says:

    Seo In Guk!
    Seo In Guk!
    Seo In Guk!
    Definitely watching this 🙂

  45. 45 : cheonsaaa Says:

    great impression on two first episodes

  46. 46 : Xxxkoreaina Says:

    Does anyone know what song played at the last scene of these episodes? I mean the title of original soundtrack and also the singer? Thank you

  47. 47 : rian Says:

    i watched korean drama since 2000 so that i know Jang Nara’s past dramas.

  48. 48 : Noni Says:

    So..Whts wrong with jang nara’s past dramas….reasons

  49. 49 : anchel Says:

    so far so good… the drama is intriguing; Seo In Guk as expected is marvelous physically and acting wise.. every episode left me thinking just like a puzzle i need to put every pieces of it or at least a half of it before i can come up wih a conclusion… I like it very much….

  50. 50 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    Seo In Gook is soooo cool and adorable in this drama.
    It’s really good that he is the main actor of this drama.

  51. 51 : Junci Says:

    Their chemistry is good! The plot is good.
    … but it’s boring. The thrill is lacking.
    and obviously Jung Sun Ho is David’s little brother.

  52. 52 : rian Says:

    i waTched her dramas noT because of her buT because of some casT.
    i don’t like jang nara even her act anymore.
    im telling my own opinion.
    if u like her okay fine!

  53. 53 : Subha Says:

    @rian if you are telling ur opinion then its okay n why are y being so emo?? Other people are also hv their own opinion but they dont do it in emotional way..the way u expressing its wayy..tooo..emotional….try to control yrself ..

  54. 54 : icegirl Says:

    Jang Na Ra as an elite detective?! come on! its too unbelievable! interesting storyline though…wished the producers got a different female lead…she’s too bubbly and cutsie to be taken seriously…

  55. 55 : Admaliah Says:

    Any comments or reaction for ep. 3&4. TY.

  56. 56 : hiravee Says:

    I have done watching ep 1-4… So far the episodes were great… it didn’t make me bored to watching. Guys… approximately who had killed Lee hyun’s father?
    The attorney, the doctor, the man who was arrested in China or the old man who looked in ep 4 with the attorney? hahaha…. daebak

  57. 57 : “Remember You” drama coreano de próximo estreno (Nuevos Carteles, Imágenes, Trailer, Teasers y Videos) | Asia V.I.P. Says:

    […] Fuente:  koreandrama.  hancinema. […]

  58. 58 : rvcrose Says:

    I like this drama but why is the rating poor. I like Jang Nara and Seo In Guk! Wish it’s Monday can’t wait for Episode 5!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  59. 59 : neea Says:

    @ Icegirl #54

    totally agree, would be better if the lead actress is someone with a stronger presence, not a cutiepie, can’t really relate JNR as a police officer, image too soft

    Just my opinion

  60. 60 : kyna Says:

    the story is so good..I’m surprise how I get into the story without skipping the video though I don’t really like crime drama….seo in guk look hot…love this drama…hwaiting!!!!

  61. 61 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    I’m really really in love with this drama.. Seo In Guk is soo cool and hot in this drama..

  62. 62 : kitkat Says:

    So far so good. The storyline seems good. Sensible dailogue.

    Looks like writer had done some research on the subject of “mentally sick” people for this drama.

    Seo In Guk plays his part well as a professional criminal analyst, but can’t say for the rest of the crime busting team. This crime busting team seems to give viewers the image of some pop idols on action in an entertainment variety show. Just look carefully, there isn’t a hair out of place on their heads, or can you see a cringe on their shirts and pants, or on their “beautiful” jackets ? And their complexion does not even look as if they had ever been out in the sun busting crime before. So clean shaven, etc. And…. yet they are so lucky to be classified by Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) as has having average observation skills. And imagine, this bunch of pop idol police detectives is assigned the serious task of catching a very dangerous serial killer ! Shivers !!!!

    Looks like if I want to stay alive to continue watching this drama, I must ignore this bunch of pop idol police detectives and only stay focus on the storyline and on how will Lee Hyun catch the serial killer.

  63. 63 : Dy.K Says:

    Well okay…may it’s my bad to make a comparison between this drama to US drama with the same genre after 2 eps, just can’t help it because i like US criminal investigation drama. But….i think the writer make so many talented cast wasteful.
    They are SPECIAL Investigation Unit…but i didn’t see something special, brain/brawn/skill?
    And IMO this drama have many serious (read: boring) conversation scene, and the backsound made it unbearable.
    Uuurgh writer-nim i really want to like this drama, i like the cast, the genre, the stort. I like your previous work “All About My Romance” & “Protect The Boss”, you always try different kind of formula for your story. With this one you really need to cook the formula well, please explore more smart dialog n more funny chemistry between the team. Fighting!

  64. 64 : Roni Says:

    Hello..if anyone think this is serious crime drama ..they’re wrong..this drama supposed to be fun watching not like CSI drama frm US okay..pls dun not compare with american CSI or any detective series frm US So far this drama is really fun, plus romance n funny..

  65. 65 : Hellokitty Says:

    I am sad to hear that it isn’t doing well ratings-wise because to me this is one of the, if not the best drama of the season. It’s a mix of thrill, romance, comedy – plus the fact that it was written well. The actors are awesome too! Jang Nara and Seo In Guk is a joy to watch! I just feel that it is underrated. But I do hope other people get to like it as well.

  66. 66 : kitkat Says:

    @64 Roni

    Sorry to say, I for one, take this to be a serious crime drama for the very simple reason that it is about serial killers, and very dangerous ones too. Tell me, when serial killers start killing innocent people as and when they like, and are addicted to killing for pleasure , and worse, kept on killing until they are caught. If this not a serious crime, what kind of crime is considered serious then?

    Wake up ! Wish I could add here all lollipops and hello kitties for you, but I can’t.

    Looks like you should be watching Gag Concert instead. But be ready not to be disappointed, ‘cos most of the sketches here are parodies of the realities of life too.

    By the way, which planet are you from?

  67. 67 : jamera Says:

    is it boring?

  68. 68 : Roni Says:

    @jamera it is very intriguing storyline.mystery plus comedy n romance..this the best kdrama ever for 2015 something different..rather than usual rich n poor love romance kind of drama..i wonder why the rating low in korea…but in the internet it is most n no 1 search show..u can find a forum thread for this drama at soompi Current Drama 2015] I Remember You 너를 기억해 ..

  69. 69 : Gugu Says:

    Am at epi 8, i find the whole story a bit lacking thus i fast forward to see Seo In Guk interpretation of his thoughts and the crime. I watched weekly due to curiousity as to who is Lee Joon Young is. Now we know that the long lost brother is Attorney Jeong. As for Jang Na Ra, she best suit romcom like Babyfaced Beauty. She hv that sad and frail feature suits best for being a victim more than a detective.

  70. 70 : hannie_ Says:

    Enjoy this drama better than High Society.
    Remember You fighting ^^

  71. 71 : amaal Says:

    its lovely so why the low rating

  72. 72 : Sinopsis Hello Monster / Sinopsis Remember You Episode 1 - Terakhir « Kdramastory Says:

    […] Review Drama: (klik di sini)koreandrama.org dan asianwiki.com Rate/Rekomendasikan Drama Ini : (klik di sini) Reader Kdramastory.com dapat […]

  73. 73 : rian Says:

    jang nara’s not good to be a detective role.
    poor rating!!!

  74. 74 : Subha Says:

    @64 i think u r misunderstand wht noni is trying to say..of course serial killer wld be a serious crime but wht she/ he sees in this drama are include mysterious, crime plus comedy plus romance scene and not a very serious crime kind of series e.g. nypd or csi type..chill up man….gag concert? Are u serious? U re so screwed..lol ..by the way hv u been watching IRY drama?? I mean really2 watching frm the beginning…

  75. 75 : Rita Says:

    I Remember you intriguing mystery drama that is popular……to international viewers!!! You know the drama is good when viewers who aren’t even Korean/from Korea watch the show and gives praises. The drama is more popular on social media.

  76. 76 : Carmarie Says:

    This is one of the better written Korean crime/mystery/romance dramas. To compare this drama to CSI or any other crime show in the US is like comparing apples and oranges. I am a fan of Criminal Mind and the NCIS and CIS franchises. These shows typically showcase one crime per episode or two episodes at the most. Remember Me is basically about one man and his quest to find his brother and the killer of his father. This drama unfolds as a puzzle, with each episode revealing another piece of the puzzle. There is no comparison.

    The Forensic Specialist (coroner) remained me of the Lieutenant Columbo character when he was removing all the items from his pockets while looking for a handkerchief.

    The drama is written in a way that the viewers can also put the pieces of the puzzle together and draw their own conclusions. This drama is more of a crime/mystery drama. People are being killed and people are being apprehended; however, the as a viewer I am interested in knowing what happened to the brother that he became a serial killer, and was the need to kill always there or was it nurtured.

    I hope that KBS does not make the decision to reduce the number of episodes, because Remember Me is a very watchable, engaging drama.

  77. 77 : Jinci Says:

    we have finished half of the series but it’s still boring…the low ratings show it.

    but i will watch because i am waiting for the truth to be reveled (although it’s obvious) that Jung Sun Ho is David’s brother and Lee Joon Ho is actually Lee Joon Young (D.O.’s character)

  78. 78 : Yoona Says:

    I really love this drama. It’s so thrilling, not boring, jinjja. Good storyline and cast. For the first time i doubt Jang Na Ra to act like an elite detective. But she really show many progress. Esp on ep 10, when he get kidnapped.
    But i don’t understand why the rating is low. I think this drama is one of a kind than any other drama. So, don’t judge this drama by the rating. I think the rating is false.
    Remember you, hwaitiiing ^^

  79. 79 : amaal Says:

    i just dont get why the low rating?^10000000000000000000000000

  80. 80 : Jessie Says:

    Quite interesting stories, dig into dark side of human. But due to some funny plots, make the drama not so dark, balance off the ambience. And, first get to know the Two wolf stories, very enlightening. The rating so low in Korea, I think korea ahjuma do not like this kind of dark story, scary sometimes. Honestly, I like the stories, acting, something different from those romance dramas.

  81. 81 : Jessie Tey Says:

    Interesting stories, dig into dark side of human. But due to some funny plots, make the drama not so dark, balance off the ambience. And, first get to know the Two wolf stories, very enlightening. The rating so low in Korea, I think korea ahjuma do not like this kind of dark story, scary sometimes. Honestly, I like the stories, acting, something different from those romance dramas.

  82. 82 : salma mhdh Says:

    a very good drama

  83. 83 : Dena Says:

    I like this drama so much. So different from the usual rich guy, poor girl story. Good work to the director, writer, actors and staffs. Don’t care about the ratings. I hope they complete the 16 episodes.

  84. 84 : Sandy Says:

    I so love this drama, a lot of killings, well it’s a serial murderer type of story, but the characters and performance of both lead actors Jang Na Radio and Seo In Guk is just awesome and enchanting!! I loved him since his performance in The Master’s Sun, looking forward to more lead roles for him. He is doing such a beautiful job on this one. I cannot forget to say that I just simply loved the OST, especially the one they play in their romantic moments. Can’t wait til today’s episode!!!

  85. 85 : Dena Says:

    Just finished watching ep. 12 raw. No sub but can understand their actions. My heart broke in the scene when I guess they realized they’re brothers. Seo In Guk and Park Bo Geum should get an award in this drama. The best drama in my years of watching Korean dramas. Thank you all for doing a good job.

  86. 86 : torri Says:

    this show is so good i just don’t get the rating at all ,is damn great drama

  87. 87 : Ahjamma 2012 Says:

    Damn the ratiings!! This drama is simply delicious!! Its like cleaning your plate and holding it out for a 2nd helping. I love the human dynamics of it. I have so many questions I want answers to, such as how a psychologist father locks up the wrong son? Was he an idiot? Did he never view their art work, even tho LH tried to cover his monster brother’s sins? What was the 1st incident where LH lost his memory, when his mother died. Why his foster mother lied to him abt looking for his brother. She admitted she didn’t look, but didn’t tell us why. Why did her boss back up her lie? Is 1 of the detectives really a part of the murder club? I love the crime solving and can’t wait until next week to see how poor CJA escapes this latest dilemma. Loving it!!

  88. 88 : Carmarie Says:

    I love this drama, I actually teared up during the brothers reunion in episode 12. This drama is an unexpected gem. I am bracing myself for a sad ending, because I believe one of the brothers is going to die. I hope before that time, the writers let the brother truly bond and Mim know that his brother never forgot or abandoned him. I knew the coroner was weird, but I never expected him to be a killer. So far this drama is well written, I hope the quality does not change.

    The one thing the writers of K-dramas should remember is, although they are writing for a Korean audience, there is a much larger international audience also watching these shows; therefore, the initial ratings, while they matter, do not show the whole picture. “Hello Monster” writers, directors, and actors, please keep up the good work and do not worry too much about the ratings. There are many people watching this show because the acting and writing is exceptional.

  89. 89 : Mira Says:

    I like this kdrama because its different and not like your usual kdrama with love triangles, frustrating characters, rich n poor and cliches like High Society and The Time We Were Not in Love. If I have to watch tht kind dramas again, it would have to be fullhouse or personal taste.

  90. 90 : Kim Jongin Says:

    i watched this drama because my D.O of exo,,

  91. 91 : adewidya Says:

    love all the casts so much. before, i dont like seo inguk for no reason. but after watching this. i really like him. so talented. love his acting. great chemistry
    but, why the rating so low ?? i dont understand

  92. 92 : Sandy Says:

    What can I say about these last 2 episodes, 11&12, as that they were superb!! I’m like, Coroner is the most wanted person in Korea, Lee Joon Young? and Min ah his younger brother? I am so hooked on this drama, that ratings to me are not so important as a viewer! I love dramas that have substance such as this one, to me it is more than a bunch of murders, as for all the killings fall in the right space within the puzzle of the entire plot. I love it. The relationship between brothers, even how the psycho coroner is also craving for attention from Lee Hyun. I love the chemistry between the main lead actors, Jang Na Ra and Seo In Guk, and the whole cast. I wish for a more episodes rather than only 16 🙂 Fighting!!

  93. 93 : hanna Says:

    too much expectation ? you’re not the writer …. just watch and enjoy … dont say bad words to the lead stars … please …. thank you… PEACE (^_^)

  94. 94 : Gugu Says:

    Hello Monster starts to get interesting after epi 11!!! Am loving epi 13. The brotherly love is just too cool. First time am swooning over boy-boy relationship. The Uncle also trying to get into Min’s good book. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode 14!!! Hello Monster fighting!!!

  95. 95 : Stella Says:

    I like this Kdrama because of Seo In Guk and D.O

  96. 96 : Ahjamma 2012 Says:

    Ep. 13 & 14 are WOW!. Great writing, dialogue, acting, intensity, the play on words (ex, “Grow my tree”). OMG its dynamite. Can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this drama. Such a pity that more viewers aren’t watching. By far, it is def in my Top 5 for 2015. Lining up my hankies for the snot fest that is sure to come in final eps. Fighting!!!

  97. 97 : es Says:

    I just watched this drama yesterday until now from episode1 to 14…and now can’t wait for the last 2 episodes..I was impress about Seo In Guk acting here he’s potraying his role really great….First I watched episode 1 and 2 and so on until I need to wait for the last 2 episodes…I never get bored watching this drama…every episode u want to know more and more …interesting drama….

    Remember You fighting!

  98. 98 : Gugu Says:

    Epi 14 & 15 was great… Can’t wait for 16 tonight.. I really hope that a happy ending is possible for the brothers. Park Bo Geum played his character so well making me a fan. His expression of pain and hurt is so real. Woohoooo…. Fighting Remember You!!

  99. 99 : Gugu Says:

    I love Seo In Guk and Park Bo Geum combi as brothers. Epi 16 was great!!

  100. 100 : Ahjamma 2012 Says:

    This is certainly a drama worth watching!!! So sad it is over and hoping for a 2nd season. Found the ending imperfectly perfect, with equal parts of satisfaction and some parts open-ended. But overall, I give it 8.9/10. Thanks to all concerned – cast, writer, crew, subbers and seggies. Loved it well enough to watch again in the future. Will def miss SIG’s manliness and PBG’s cuteness overload. Now the hard part begins…withdrawal pains. 🙂

  101. 101 : sandra Says:

    i don’t understand d ratings?!?!??! 🙁 give us more :'(

  102. 102 : Sandy Says:

    I sooooo loved this drama to the point that I want more!!! Same cast and everything. I will not change main lead actors. I want to see the fact that when you are aware that you have choices how can you turn your life around as in Min ah’s case. A very good drama, worth watching…I don’t lead my Korean drama watching based on ratings. I guess those can be manipulated. This drama is proof of this, and there have been others where its ratings are not really telling the truth of the entire production quality. Fighting!!

  103. 103 : Stella Says:

    OMG Ireally love this drama I’m sobsad cuz i finish it -_-
    All the actors was very good love u all guys ♥♥ Min ah u r cuuuute omg
    I’m sad too cuz i dont see clear ending ..

  104. 104 : Stella Says:

    I’m fall in love with u Park Bo Geum 🙁 ♥♥♥

  105. 105 : Jessie Says:

    Although it was not highly rating, but I still love this drama, it was quite a good script. It mixed of Mentalist, Criminal Mind & CSI, but it positioned as romance drama, so it does not really like any of those, what I like about the story is digged deep inside of human mind, how childbringing impact to a person, then become anti social. The script writer paid lot of attention about it, and kind of like the conversation in the drama, using lot of Pun, very tactful in using language. Like the Finale ending, life is matter of choice, always have anxiety souls among us! Must say EXO Do Kyung Soo acting is awesome !!

  106. 106 : T.O.P Says:

    This drama was different from the other dramas I’ve watched which made it more interesting. It was a drama really worth watching! I just realized that the child actors who played little Lee Hyun (Hong Hyun Taek) and little Lee Min (Hong Eun Taek) are actually real brothers in real life.

  107. 107 : OK OK OK Says:

    my sister keeps saying this is an interesting drama. Will watch in future – bc now busy with Oh my Ghost, Yong Pal, Make a woman cry, and just finished My beautiful bride…. 😛

  108. 108 : Areda Says:

    Really love this drama..
    Really love Lee Hyun and Lee Min part.. keep me cry again n again.. Lee Min character so cute..
    I think I understand Lee Min.. why he do that.. 20 years it long time..
    Second time watching this drama..
    Looking forward for next season.. if have… i hope so.. Please..

  109. 109 : demah Says:

    i love this drama i don’t care about the rating , just perfect drama , i hope will be season 2

    really i remember you again & again

  110. 110 : Marie Says:

    I love this drama! It’s worth watching!

  111. 111 : Marie Says:

    I love this drama! It’s worth watching! The ending is just perfect!

  112. 112 : neea Says:

    Park Bo Gum , absolutely perfect. He nailed the character. Looking forward to your next project

  113. 113 : nana Says:

    I love this drama! good actor, goood script, absolutely perfect ending. The story about how a child become pshycophat make me impressed. I love it so much. It’s worth watching

  114. 114 : Wondergirl Says:

    Most interesting drama ever 9/10. I just recognized one of the actors from Tomorrow Cantabile, a great actor, Park Bo Gum. Best drama of 2015!

  115. 115 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Nice drama. Yeah I agree with #114 Wondergirl 9/10. I couldn’t take my eyes off in the subtitle because I’m afraid I wouldn’t follow the story. Haha… Very interesting story line. The actors are superb, outstanding casting. Jang Nara and Seo In Guk are WOW.

  116. 116 : Minna Says:

    This was refreshing drama, the plot was awsome! Is a monster born or raised to be a monster? Actors where great (aah I loved the main bad guys!). Jang Na-Ra was better that ever, Choi Won-Young also did especially good acting. I loveloveloved the two brothers + Joon-Ho chemistry. Brilliant!

  117. 117 : Korean Drama Review HM/IRY | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Hello Monster/ I remember you (2015) 記得你 […]

  118. 118 : karen Says:

    Seo in guk definitely matured in this drama. Very promising. More matured roles for him. Thanks. Jang nara hats off. Kudos to all the production team. A must watch drama. Cant get over for 3 days.

  119. 119 : Jacklyn Says:

    I love so much Seo In Guk charisma in this drama.

  120. 120 : Yulia Says:

    I think Seo In Gook is so cool in this drama. He is so awesome, perfect acting. Waiting 4 your next drama In Gook. Can’t stop watching Remember You till the end. Fighting!!!!

  121. 121 : Jem Says:

    Seo In Guk always a natural and excel in his acting role. He leads you to the story and excite the audience with his expression, reaction, spontaneous reaction. Professional actor. Bravo Seo In Guk. Applause to your good work

  122. 122 : maknaee Says:

    I’ve just marathoned this drama for three days. Never expected that it will tore me a lot, the brothers story is so damn heartbreaking *tear*

    I already knew that Jang Nara and Seo Inguk are great actors, but thanks to this drama I found a new gem, : Park Bogum. It’s the first time seeing him here, and I already fall in love with him. Min is one of my fave character. PBG made Min is so believable :’D

    It’s a pity that this drama is underrated, why K-viewer often missed good dramas. LOL

    Well done, Remember You team! 😀

  123. 123 : soel Says:

    i watched this in a day!!!.. its one of the best psycho dramas i have ever watched. it was well done and Min’s character was so well done. park go bum was amazing here as he was in Reply 1988. he is one of those few actors that leave an impression where you are not sure whether to like the character more or the actor. he is great and will be watching out for him in the future. probably my next favorite after Ji Sung oppa. it also got me thinking about how we view heroes and psychos and what the world feeds our minds with. one of the best dramas on psychological issues!

  124. 124 : Sophie jj Says:

    I just finished this drama and I regret not watching it earlier.
    I usually love to watch korean love stories between men and women, but in this drama instead of the love story I just more focus with bromance. They were separated since childhood but they finally meet again as adults.
    I just cant bear to see those bromance moments because its too heartbreaking watching park bo gum trying so hard to make his brother remember him. But finally they are get back together.
    I really didnt care much for the relationship between seo in guk and jang nara. I think this drama dont need romance between cha ji an and lee hyun. I didnt see this interesting. She is just too annoying! I dont like her! She is too tiny and too much! She just scared but pretending that she is strong!
    I just focus to the story of min and hyun.
    park bo gum and seo in guk were fantastic in potraying their bromance and their respective roles. Love of family is really touching!
    I tried to watching this drama because of seo in guk for the first cause he was the man lead, but I just know that park bo gum also play here as his brother who was missing. Omg I am so happy to see them both. They are my favorite. Their acting is really awesome! Well I can remove my stresss! Thanks to korean drama!! Psstt park bogeum is so cute 😍😍

  125. 125 : Asuna Lamperouge Says:

    Please i want season 2. Its cliff hanging… i want to know what will happen to min.

  126. 126 : Asuna Lamperouge Says:

    Season 2 please… jebal…. 😫😫😫😫😫😫

  127. 127 : Bilu Says:

    This is good drama… Very recommended.

  128. 128 : Kay Says:

    Remember You is a great drama! Seo In Guk and Park Bo Gum were both fantastic and gave amazing performances. I also loved Jang Na Ra. Mystery, thrills, heart, and a dash of romance made for a wonderful watch!

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