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Red Sky

Title: 홍천기 / Red Sky
Also Known as: Lovers of the Red Sky
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2021-Aug-30 to 2021-Oct-26
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


This drama is based on 2 volumes of novel “Hong Chun Ki” by “Jung Eun Gwol” which was both published on 2016-Dec by “Paran Media”.

It’s a drama with the writer’s imagination added to the story of the only female painter of the Joseon Dynasty, which is briefly recorded in historical records. It features Hong Chun Ki (Kim Yoo Jung), a woman painter who entered the Gyungbokgung Palace, Ha Ram (Ahn Hyo Sup), who lost his sight but read the skies and constellations and Prince Ahn Pyung (Gong Myung), an artist who loved beauty.


Main Cast

Kim Yoo Jung as Hong Chun Ki
– Lee Nam Kyung (이남경) as Chun Gi (young)
Ahn Hyo Sup as Ha Ram
– Choi Seung Hoon (최승훈) as Ha Ram (young)
Gong Myung as Grand Prince Ahn Pyung
Kwak Si Yang as Grand Prince Suyang

Baek Yoo Hwa Dan

Kim Kwang Kyu as Choi Won Ho
Choi Kwang Il as Hong Eun Oh (Chun Gi’s father)
Yoon Sa Bong as Kyun Joo Daek
Jung Young Ki (정영기) as Kang Choon Bok
Hong Jin Gi as Cha Young Wook (Chun Gi’s best friend)
Hong Kyung as Choi Jung

Ko Hwa Won

Jang Hyun Sung as Han Kun

Seo Moon Kwan

Ri Min as Jang Joo Boo
Bae Myung Jin as Park Sa Ryuk

Wol Sung Dang

Yang Hyun Min as Jung Swoen Nae
Song Won Suk as Moo Young
Kim Hyun Mok as Man Soo

People around Prince Yangmyeong

Ha Nam Woo (하남우) as Shin Jung Woo
Go Kyu Pil as Chung Ji Ki (Prince Yangmyeong’s servant)


Jo Sung Ha as King Sungjo

People around Prince Juhyang

Chae Gook Hee as Mi Soo
Jung Dong Keun (정동근) as Ahn Young Hoe
Lee Sang Woon (이상운) as Seo Ki Jung
Jo Won Hee as Sung Jin Ki

God-Ghost-Evil (Shin-Gwi-Ma)

Moon Sook as Samshin (goddess of life & death)
Jo Ye Rin (조예린) as Ho Ryung (tiger goddess)
Park Jung Hak as Kan Yoon Kook

Supporting Cast

Han Sang Jin as Ha Sung Jin (Ha Ram’s father)

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio S, Studio TaeYou
Chief Producer: Hong Sung Chang
Director & Executive Producer: Jang Tae Yoo
Screenwriter: Ha Eun

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2021-08-30 1 6.8 - 6.6 (10th) 6.4 (8th)
2021-08-31 2 7.2 - 8.8 (5th) 8.5 (5th)
2021-09-06 3 7.4 - 8.0 (7th) 7.4 (6th)
2021-09-07 4 8.4 - 9.6 (4th) 9.1 (4th)
2021-09-13 5 7.8 - 9.7 (5th) 9.5 (4th)
2021-09-14 6 8.6 - 10.2 (5th) 10.3 (4th)
2021-09-20 x Chuseok Holiday - -
2021-09-21 x Chuseok Holiday - -
2021-09-27 7 7.9 - 9.3 (5th) 8.9 (4th)
2021-09-28 8 7.7 - 8.9 (5th) 8.7 (4th)
2021-10-04 9 7.4 - 9.6 (4th) 9.3 (4th)
2021-10-05 10 7.7 - 8.5 (5th) 8.2 (4th)
2021-10-11 11 7.1 - 8.8 (6th) 8.4 (5th)
2021-10-12 12 7.6 - 8.8 (5th) 8.4 (4th)
2021-10-18 13 8.2 - 8.9 (5th) 8.9 (4th)
2021-10-19 14 7.9 - 9.3 (5th) 9.0 (4th)
2021-10-25 15 7.7 - 8.9 (5th) 8.1 (4th)
2021-10-26 16 - - 10.4 (3rd) 10.0 (3rd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : OK OK OK Says:

    Hope it is nice with good ending. 🙂

  2. 2 : tigerb Says:

    there is not much to watch, so am waiting for thi

  3. 3 : Weng Says:

    Finally waiting for this

  4. 4 : OK OK OK Says:

    Nice 🙂

  5. 5 : Weng Says:

    Finally waited for this

  6. 6 : tigerb Says:

    interesting fantasy

  7. 7 : kuli pasar Says:

    u can watch the drama here :

  8. 8 : Hong hong hong Says:


  9. 9 : Edge Says:

    It just Amazing 🤩

  10. 10 : N Says:

    so far so good!!

  11. 11 : mml Says:

    This drama should include comedy effect to make me enjoy the drama . Drama also needs to have comedy effect for me to laugh .

    TV CHOSUN TROT TOP 6 , group one we have Trot Park Young Tak and a ‘fake Japanese school girl” Trot Lee Chan Won . Group two we have Trot Jeong Dong Won and a ‘fake Japanese school girl’ Trot Kim Hee Jae and group three we have Trot Lim Young Woong and a ‘fake Thailand girl’ Trot Jang Min Ho and therefore , when I watch TV CHOSUN PPong School , TV CHOSUN Saranghae Call Centre I really like all of them .

    Thank you very much to TV CHOSUN for having cute, funny, interesting and good nice songs for me to enjoy .

    This drama also need to find some comedy , as I have already finished watching episode one to episode 4 and cannot find any comedy ..

  12. 12 : YJ Says:

    Dont get me wrong, I do like Kim Yoo Jung. But I think her acting skills are not versatile enough. No change. She acts the same in all the dramas she been acting in. You see one character, you see the same character in all her dramas. We do not want to see the “same person” each time we watch her dramas. Running in a loop. It is boring.

    As an example – IU may not be in many dramas, but you can see she portrays each character differently, according to the script. This tells the viewer that they are watching another new drama.

    Peace !! No offence meant. ✌✌

  13. 13 : YJ Says:

    I had to stop watching after the 2nd episode. Could not bear to watch the same character anymore, eventhough its a new drama. Sometimes too much is too much !

    Have mercy !!

    Sorry, Yoo Jung ! ✌

  14. 14 : annmasae Says:

    Love Ahn Yo Sup. Enjoying drama very much.

  15. 15 : AnCe Says:

    Hope they’ll make again more Saguk like this! I so love everything…even that 2nd Prince!

  16. 16 : Joanne Tan Says:

    Ahn Hyo Sup is handsome in historical drama

  17. 17 : Johanna Says:


  18. 18 : Nacho Says:

    The drama is supposed to be a traditional classical piece but in this particular case, its wedged between old and new. Old, in ideas and traditions as a backdrop, but new in the way the story is delivered. The result … a pleasant relaxing drama to watch.

    If the traditional and classical props were removed, this drama could be any comtemporary tasteful horror drama.

  19. 19 : Cheorin Says:

    By the 12 ep. the drama falls flat. I agree with the criticism of the actress but the script isn’t helping either. It’s dragging when the pace should pick up. And it can’t lean too much on the paranormal to save itself tho that maybe too late now that the writer opened that pandora’s box.

    What we know of the demon is that it has been around a really long time—like from the start of the universe (?). But none of that explains why he/she/it is still around scaring mere mortals for what . . . kicks? Sentients get bored; why hasn’t he/she moved on to greener pastures? The writer hasn’t told us.

    The tiger spirit has a job and like all the demigods they don’t occupy the position permanently. Just like a government post, they serve their term and another will take over and so on. The demon has no post, he’s on his own terrorising humans for god knows how long, and the demigods didn’t arrest him during the millions of years he was around wreaking havoc til a Joseon era king became his host?

  20. 20 : Nacho Says:

    #19 Cheorin

    I think the pace of the drama is ok considering that its a 16 episode project. I think what makes it seem draggy is the format .. the token evil prince spoiling things for everyone, then followed by the expected defence from the poor bullied opponents, etc.

    Lets hope the 12 episode trend will catch soon, so that future dramas will be without useless fillers. Which is a good solution too to cut down on production costs x 4 ??

    Hahaha … where did you get the history of The Demon from? Interesting. I didn’t know that its so old and bored of living. Hence, its behaving badly.

    The emperor did the right thing to want to capture and seal the Demon in an ancestor’s picture. This particular demon is a malevolent one. Emperor’s picture is used is cuz its internal force is powerful enough to overpower the demon’s. Compared to the Genie in Alladin’s lamp, this particular grumpy demon can only be beaten by the emperor. Whereas for Alladin’s genie, it loves a nice gentle rub on its lamp and “baklova” it appears to grant you three wishes !! Haha !!

    Jokes, religions, cultures aside .. actualy I had not questioned the origin of the demon in this drama. Took it for granted that demons are evil creatures from another realm of existence from ours. But some do exist among us. They are mischievous cause they are bored with having super powers but no where to practise them on until they meet us ? Haha !! That’s why we must be careful not to give any chances for them “to have fun” on us. Let’s say .. do not tempt the devil ? Hehe !!

    Anyway, in the latest episode this demon refused to be captured and be sealed in again. It created havoc, hurt those who wanted to subdue it. Even tore the emperor’s picture to shreds. Poor Chun Gi’s hard work went to waste.

    Now Ha Ram, Chun Gi and friends are either imprisoned or on the run from the ambitious Second Prince. He is arrogant enough to think that should the demon reside in him he will be “superman”. Not so Second Prince. Worse will come of you.

    Till the next episode …

    Have a nice day. One more day to weekend !!

  21. 21 : Rhe Says:

    So??? Is it worth to watch? Still hesitate to Watch. I dont wanna Waste my Internet data. Bcause kind of Have imagine how Female Actress Would be like. Playing too innocent, she play too save.

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