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Queen Seon Duk

Title: 선덕여왕 / Queen Seon Duk
Chinese Title : 善德女王
Genre: Historical, period
Episodes: 62
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2009-May-25 to to 2009-Dec-22
Air time: Monday & Tuesdays 21:55
Related Series: Six Flying Dragons (SBS, 2015), Deep Rooted Tree (SBS, 2011)


King Jinpyeong did not have any sons to name as a successor to his throne. Thus he named his eldest daughter, Princess Duk Man, to be his successor. The drama will be about the life of Princess Duk Man who was later known as Queen Seon Duk, the first Queen of Silla.


Lee Yo Won as Princess Duk Man, later Queen Seon Duk
Nam Ji Hyun as Princess Duk Man (15 year old)
Ko Hyun Jung as Lady Mi Shil
UEE as Mi Shil (18 year old)
Uhm Tae Woong as Kim Yoo Shin
Lee Hyun Woo as Kim Yoo Shin (young)
Park Ye Jin as Princess Chun Myung
Shin Se Kyung as Princess Chun Myung (15 year old)
Kim Yoo Jung as Princess Chun Myung (10 year old)
Yoo Seung Ho as Kim Chun Chu (Chun Myung and Kim Yong Soo’s son, ep34~)
Kim Nam Gil as Bi Dam (King Jinji and Mi Shil’s son, ep21~)
Park Ji Bin as Bi Dam (young)
Lee Seung Hyo as Alcheon
– Ho Hyo Hoon (호효훈) as Alcheon (young)
Jung Ho Bin as Moon No (the 8th leader of Hwarang Warriors)
Jo Min Ki as King Jinpyeong (Duk Man and Chun Myung’s father)
Baek Jong Min as Jinpyeong (young)
Kang San as Jinpyeong (child)
Yoon Yoo Sun as lady Ma Ya (King Jinyeong’s wife)
Park Soo Jin as Ma Ya (young)
Seo Young Hee as So Hwa
Im Ye Jin as Lady Man Myeong (Jipyeong’s sister; Kim Yoo Shin’s mother)
Jung Sung Mo as Kim Seo Hyun (Man Myeong’s husband; Kim Yoo Shin’s father)
Park Jung Chul as Kim Yong Soo (King Jinji’s eldest son; Princess Chun Myung’s husband)
Do Yi Sung as Kim Yong Choon (King Jinji’s 2nd son)
Shin Goo as Eul Je
Lee Soon Jae as King Jin Heung (ep1)
Im Ho as King Jinji (ep1)
Jung Woong In as Mi Saeng (Mi Shil’s younger brother; the 10th leader of Hwarang Warriors)
Dok Go Young Jae as Se Jong (Mi Shil’s husband; the 6th leader of Hwarang Warriors)
Jun Noh Min as Seol Won (Mi Shil’s lover; the 7th leader of Hwarang Warriors)
Kim Jung Hyun as Ha Jong (Mi Shil and Se Jong’s son; the 11th leader of Hwarang Warriors)
Baek Do Bin as Bo Jong (Mi Shil and Seol Won’s son)
Kwak Jung Wook as Bo Jong (young)
Song Ok Sook as Seo Ri
Ahn Kil Kang as Chil Sook
Lee Moon Shik as Jook Bang
Ryu Dam as Go Do
Kang Sung Pil as San Tak
Joo Sang Wook as Wol Ya
Jung Ho Geun as Seol Ji
Jun Young Bin as Gok Sa Heun
– Jung Hyung Min as Gok Sa Heun (young)
Park Young Seo as Dae Pung
– Lee Suk Min (이석민) as Dae Pung (young)
Go Yoon Hoo as Ho Jae (the 14th leader of Hwarang Warriors)
Hong Kyung In as Seok Pum
No Young Hak as Seok Pum (young)
Kang Ji Hoo as Im Jong
Kim Suk as Im Jong (young)
Suh Dong Won as Deok Chung
Lee Do Hyun as Deok Chung (young)
Jang Hee Woong as Bakui
– Seo Sang Won as Bakui (young)
Lee Sang Hyun as Pil Tan
– Kim Tae Jin (김태진) as Pil Tan (young)
Kim Dong Hee as Wang Yoon
– Choi Woo Sung (최우성) as Wang Yoon (young)
Ryu Sang Wook as Dae Nam Bo
– Kim Sang Bin (김상빈) as Dae Nam Bo (young)
Kim Dong Soo as Hyeop Seong
Moon Ji Yoon as Si Yeol
– Shin Tae Hoon as Si Yeol (young)
Choi Sung Jo as Seon Yeol
– Oh Eun Suk (오은석) as Seon Yeol (young)
Jung Hye Sun as Lady Man Ho (Jinpyeong and Man Myeong’s mother)
Park Eun Bin as Bo Rang (Bo Jong’s daughter; Kim Chun Chu’s wife)
Qri as Young Mo (Ha Jong’s daughter; Kim Yoo Shin’s wife)
Seo Bum Shik as General Ga Baek
Park Jae Jung as Sa Da Ham (Mi Shil’s first love; cameo, ep13)
Mametkulovs Mansur as Mr. Cartan
Samuel Kang as general
Na Kwang Hoon as Noble Man Jang
Lee Kwan Hoon
Kim Bo Kang

Production Credits

Director: Park Hong Kyun (박홍균) & Kim Geun Hong (김근홍)
Screenwriter: Kim Young Hyun & Park Sang Yun (박상연)


2010 46th Baeksang Arts Awards: Daesang (Grand Prize) (Ko Hyun Jung)
2010 46th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor Award (Kim Nam Gil)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Daesang (Grand Prize) (Ko Hyun Jung)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award – Actress (Lee Yo Won)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award – Actor (Uhm Tae Woong)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award – Actor (Kim Nam Gil)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actor Award (Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Seung Hyo)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Drama of the Year Award
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Kim Nam Gil and Lee Yo Won)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: PD Award (Shin Goo)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Special Child Actor Award (Nam Ji Hyun)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Award (Ahn Kil Kang)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Award (Seo Young Hee)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Writer of the Year Award (Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yun)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-05-25 1 16.0 (2nd) 17.1 (2nd)
2009-05-26 2 16.6 (2nd) 17.8 (2nd)
2009-06-01 3 21.3 (1st) 23.3 (1st)
2009-06-02 4 22.3 (1st) 23.8 (1st)
2009-06-08 5 21.6 (1st) 23.7 (1st)
2009-06-09 6 25.2 (1st) 27.1 (1st)
2009-06-15 7 27.9 (1st) 30.0 (1st)
2009-06-16 8 29.7 (1st) 32.0 (1st)
2009-06-22 9 28.1 (1st) 30.0 (1st)
2009-06-23 10 27.9 (1st) 29.4 (1st)
2009-06-29 11 29.4 (1st) 30.8 (1st)
2009-06-30 12 29.2 (1st) 30.5 (1st)
2009-07-06 13 29.9 (1st) 31.6 (1st)
2009-07-07 14 31.0 (1st) 31.9 (1st)
2009-07-13 15 31.6 (1st) 32.8 (1st)
2009-07-14 16 31.7 (1st) 33.5 (1st)
2009-07-20 17 30.7 (1st) 32.0 (1st)
2009-07-21 18 32.8 (1st) 34.4 (1st)
2009-07-27 19 32.7 (1st) 34.1 (1st)
2009-07-28 20 34.9 (1st) 36.0 (1st)
2009-08-03 21 31.9 (1st) 33.2 (1st)
2009-08-04 22 35.4 (1st) 36.4 (1st)
2009-08-10 23 37.5 (1st) 39.6 (1st)
2009-08-11 24 39.5 (1st) 41.7 (1st)
2009-08-17 25 39.0 (1st) 40.4 (1st)
2009-08-18 26 42.0 (1st) 44.3 (1st)
2009-08-24 27 40.3 (1st) 41.7 (1st)
2009-08-25 28 42.0 (1st) 43.6 (1st)
2009-08-31 29 42.2 (1st) 44.7 (1st)
2009-09-01 30 42.1 (1st) 44.4 (1st)
2009-09-07 31 43.5 (1st) 45.4 (1st)
2009-09-08 32 40.6 (1st) 42.9 (1st)
2009-09-14 33 40.6 (1st) 42.1 (1st)
2009-09-15 34 42.3 (1st) 43.9 (1st)
2009-09-21 35 41.6 (1st) 44.6 (1st)
2009-09-22 36 39.6 (1st) 41.1 (1st)
2009-09-28 37 39.1 (1st) 40.3 (1st)
2009-09-29 38 39.5 (1st) 40.4 (1st)
2009-10-05 39 39.3 (1st) 40.6 (1st)
2009-10-06 40 39.6 (1st) 40.6 (1st)
2009-10-12 41 38.1 (1st) 39.9 (1st)
2009-10-13 42 38.0 (1st) 38.8 (1st)
2009-10-19 43 38.3 (1st) 38.8 (1st)
2009-10-20 44 37.6 (1st) 38.7 (1st)
2009-10-26 45 39.3 (1st) 41.5 (1st)
2009-10-27 46 40.8 (1st) 43.0 (1st)
2009-11-02 47 41.7 (1st) 43.7 (1st)
2009-11-03 48 42.4 (1st) 44.1 (1st)
2009-11-09 49 44.9 (1st) 46.7 (1st)
2009-11-10 50 44.4 (1st) 46.1 (1st)
2009-11-16 51 42.3 (1st) 44.4 (1st)
2009-11-17 52 37.7 (1st) 39.1 (1st)
2009-11-23 53 35.0 (1st) 36.1 (1st)
2009-11-24 54 36.5 (1st) 38.3 (1st)
2009-11-30 55 35.3 (1st) 36.0 (1st)
2009-12-01 56 36.9 (1st) 38.0 (1st)
2009-12-07 57 38.0 (1st) 39.1 (1st)
2009-12-08 58 36.2 (1st) 37.9 (1st)
2009-12-14 59 35.8 (1st) 36.4 (1st)
2009-12-15 60 35.8 (1st) 37.4 (1st)
2009-12-21 61 35.1 (1st) 37.1 (1st)
2009-12-22 62 37.7 (1st) 39.7 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : Christian Says:

    I think this drama will be a big hit, I love the lead actress here she’s from “Fashion 70’s” and the other lead from “Sandglass”. I’ll wait for this drama to be air in philippines.

    Check my blog at:

  2. 2 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    i love ko hyun jung in what’s up fox! lee yo won was..uh..boring in bad love. i hope, though, that this would be a good drama

  3. 3 : aks Says:

    Oh…lowest comments…that drama seen Great.

  4. 4 : dudunhunhu Says:

    This drama was really good and interesting. I like every actors in this drama. Especially, the main girl and Mishil are amazing acting

  5. 5 : annie Says:

    Great drama …i love it!!!

  6. 6 : Eun Jae Says:

    I really love this drama.Lee Yo Won,Park Ye jin,Go Hyun Jung and Uhm Tae Wong are really good actor and actress. I can`t wait for Yoo Seung Ho to appear.

  7. 7 : yingfa Says:

    i love love this drama , the history , the actress , everything!

  8. 8 : annie Says:

    i really love this drama , can’t wait until the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9 : Dory Says:

    This drama is awesome and no wonder the rating is high. All the new drama is nothing compared to this one. For example, “Partners, Friends, and etc … starting now puts them all down in the one digit rating ( don’t get me wrong and they all have great story lines too. I sure hope Swallow of the Sun becomes a hit. For the viewers, it probaby doesn’t matter because we’re fans, but for the actors. I’ll hurt…

  10. 10 : apriljunkirain Says:

    i super love and enjoy watching this drama! deokman is really pretty and i liked how she played her character well. ko hyung jun is a great antagonist. plus she is gorgeous. super hot!!! i love the stoyline and am looking forward to the next episodes because i know there are still better scenes to come. i’ve never seen anything like this drama before.

  11. 11 : Angelique Says:

    I’ve been following this drama and can’t wait to watch each episode. The intrigue, conspiracy and mind work makes this drama very interesting. Watching Mishil smile and smirk makes my skin crawl. She sometimes impart that of an insane person with that cunning look, plotting her next move. I can’t wait to see episodes where she will be combatting with Deokman and see her downfall.

    Will Deokman and Yushin fall in love, I wonder.
    I’m also wondering how Mishil have two live husbands, two sons from different fathers all at court, sitting at the same table without causing a scandal? I thought that won’t be acceptable especially during that time period. A man can have so many wives but not a woman unless she is a widow.

  12. 12 : txuj Says:

    “…I’m also wondering how Mishil have two live husbands, two sons from different fathers all at court, sitting at the same table without causing a scandal? I thought that won’t be acceptable especially during that time period.”

    She is ahead of everyone time at that time period…wanting to be the QUEEN! I think the two H, also want some power too. So, why causing such scandal….

  13. 13 : aks Says:

    Great history Drama……

  14. 14 : ayana Says:

    great drama. totally love it! btw, anyone knows who’s the guy playing Alcheon?

  15. 15 : Amalia Says:

    Since the first episode, i haven’t been able to stop watching. I just have to watch, during that hour and 10 min I can’t do anything else, i’m totally focused. I can’t miss a single detail. The actress playing Misil is amazing, she makes you understand why she doing the things she dose, and yet I still hate her. ( the character not her) It shows how much power a women could have during the three kingdom era, especially silla. I will definitely watch this tell the end.

  16. 16 : Wasafan Says:

    I am getting tired of seeing Lee Yo Won’s weak and stupid portrayal of Deokman. Plus her expression is always the same… If the character doesn’t become more decisive and smarter soon, I am going to stop watching. She just cries and stands around like a dummy when something bad happens. Come on, someone who’s destined to become queen can surely show more depth even in times of adversity! In contrast, the younger Deokman was more likeable. I like Mishil’s character a lot better these days. It’s sad that eventually she will be defeated by someone who is not a worthy opponent. So far, despite what I know will happen, the cry baby Deokman cannot convince me that in reality she has what it takes to defeat the shrew Mishil.

  17. 17 : JACK Says:

    does anyone know the name of the song and the name of the singer in Episode 25 Part 1/6

  18. 18 : KANON Says:

    I am attracted by Binam.He’s steal the scenes.
    Miss Lee is not fit in the role Deok Man.
    I hope she will show her ability more than this .

  19. 19 : raz Says:


  20. 20 : raz Says:


  21. 21 : eugene Says:

    Wow!!! It gets started from now. Well done job Deokman!!! Keep up your fighting with Mishil and you are going to win this fight. Can’t wait till next episode.

  22. 22 : elizabethchoi Says:

    i looooove this drama but i do not like the fight parts but my friend loooooveeesss this drama^^:)

  23. 23 : Rishab Says:

    Wow!!! i thought it will end soon because it just 50 episode, in the long run at last they extend it to 62 episode!!! don’t fail to watch this awesome and excellent drama!!! it’s seems like Lady-Jumong story!!

  24. 24 : Rice Eater Says:

    this is the best show on right now. why no comments?

  25. 25 : Haniii Says:

    Hi ! ..

    I need Ost of This Show ! … Plz Help Me !

    & this drama is best ! i like it very much !

  26. 26 : Shelbster Says:

    Wasafan Says:
    August 20th, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    I am getting tired of seeing Lee Yo Won’s weak and stupid portrayal of Deokman. Plus her expression is always the same… If the character doesn’t become more decisive and smarter soon, I am going to stop watching. She just cries and stands around like a dummy when something bad happens. Come on, someone who’s destined to become queen can surely show more depth even in times of adversity! In contrast, the younger Deokman was more likeable. I like Mishil’s character a lot better these days. It’s sad that eventually she will be defeated by someone who is not a worthy opponent. So far, despite what I know will happen, the cry baby Deokman cannot convince me that in reality she has what it takes to defeat the shrew Mishil.

    Wasafan: You hit the nail on its head. I am watching the show because of OTHER characters. Duk Man is such a let down, I don’t understand why Lee Yo Won was casted in the first place. Historical Queen Seonduk was famous for her wisdom, Lee Yo Won is the exact opposite. She kind of ruins the show for me and a lot of people around here.

  27. 27 : Christian Says:

    this drama might kill “Shining Inheritance” from its no. 1 drama of 2009

  28. 28 : Pamilah Says:

    I agree with Wasafan and Shelbster. The portrayal of Deokman is rather disappointing. However, I don’t think it is entirely the fault of Lee Yo Won. Writers do obviously have control on how Deokman reacts to a dilemma. Regardless, I am tired of seeing the heroine acting like an indecisive child rather than a resilient and wise future Queen. So far I have more admiration for the older twin sister and other characters than Deokman herself. But perhaps I’m being too harsh. Maybe this is all part of her character growth that will gradually make her into a worthy opponent for Mishil.

  29. 29 : kyu Says:

    bidam is a heart stealer….
    yeah,…doekman reaction is weird. but maybe like in jumong, they try to build a caractere. but this film is too short to picture a caractere to be matured naturally. mmmm,..

    … but they really delivered actors and actresses becoming celebrities. hehehe….especially bidam….he really becoming famous lately.

  30. 30 : altair Says:

    This drama is truly amazing. It captivated me from the very start. since I start watching, I cant wait to see the next episode. Full of twist and turns. I love bidam. I hate the gukseon for being so irresponsible. How could he for being one of the wise man not to know how to become a father. OWSSS really I do really agree with bidam…. But I can see that Bidam here would not become evil. He will not become king but he would become a good mentor and mold a good king……. love yeah!!!!!!! but I’m afraid for it seems that story is loosing its grip as the story progresses…… chayo! Chayo!

  31. 31 : Areum Says:

    Mmm I kind of disagree with many, when they say that she’s a whiner. The fact is, she’s still a child, therefore she will whine and cry, because as children we can’t deal with certain things. But, that also paves the way for her to become the person she needs to be. Wisdom comes with mistakes and misunderstanding. We learn and we grow. Also during the first few episodes she appears in, she also stood up for what she believed in, and that shows why she can stand up against a powerful enemy Like Mishil. Of course I just started watching, but you can’t judge her now, because this show only shows how she grew as a person. Even through her whiny moments and ‘what should I do’ moments. You guys seemed to forget that very fact. our childhood and experiences turn us into the person we will become. So instead of getting annoyed just remember, that she still isn’t the person she needs to be, to fulfill her role as the first Queen.

  32. 32 : tim b Says:

    Many people seem to be blaming the actress for the script. She is hired to sat the line on the page, plus there is a director guiding her performance on the screen. With that in mind I think she is doing a fine job. I am also disappointed at times with what the character does or doesn’t do, but remind myself this is not historically acurate and the show would be over if she out did mishil so easy everytime. And really don’t you just love to hate mishil? She so evil! The actress playing her deserves an award.

    I don’t think mishil is married to both her babies daddies. It seems she like she married to one and tells him she’s giving attention to the other for the sake of the cause. Then she tell’s the other she married the husband because she had to but really cares for him alone, and again it’s for the cause. How she explains away the kids I don’t know, but I believe she could have said something like this child is to bind him to my/our goal. She has already proven she will use and abandon her own children as needed, why would her body be any different?

  33. 33 : eugene Says:

    I like Bi Dam and Deok Man. Love this drama

  34. 34 : lou8 Says:

    please update the ratings.

  35. 35 : moe_lina Says:

    drama it’s very good……
    Aq suka kim nam bil…..

  36. 36 : Saki Says:

    Awesome & a great drama. Lee Yo-won is brilliant & fantastic in delivering her role as Princess Deokman. Thumbs up for her.

  37. 37 : Ella ji hoon wonnie Says:

    when i ffirst watching in episode 1.. i feel so energetic….
    this drama is awesome….
    because in indonesi this drama be present in here……

  38. 38 : Aster Says:

    i like everyone in this drama.. mishil, doekman, yu shin, alcheon n bidam.. they (all) can build their character so great.. two thumbs up..

  39. 39 : nika Says:

    I agree with Areum & Tim b about Lee Yo-won’s character in this amazing drama. I have seen the episodes where she is now a princess & her charac-
    ter has slowly transformed or matured into a notable and refine young princess. I think Lee Yo-won did a brilliant job in playing her role and
    deserves recognition.

  40. 40 : ruiza Says:

    You’ll be hooked!!! it just gets better and better.. I thought it will end at 50. I was so excited to know the ending but looks like I have to wait longer 🙁 and I am wondering..will bidam turn bad? (hope not)

  41. 41 : ihihi Says:

    This drama is so epic…incredible storyline, powerful actors/actresses, this drama evokes so many feelings I never thought I had…you’ll laugh, cry, panic, anticipate, and cheer on for both sides. Ko Hyun Jung made the drama, without her Queen Seon Deok wouldn’t have been this successful. For this first time I pity and feel sorry for the villain. Queen Seon Deok is simply alluring with it original storyline. The villain is not straight-out evil, you’ll hate/love and later love her even more. I can rave on and on about this series. A must watch!!!

  42. 42 : Happyjh Says:

    I have also wondered about the portrayal of Deokman as a whiner and weak, but thought there must be some reasons why the director and screenwriters had to show them…it’s probably to make us viewers wonder how this incompetent Deokman, the future queen will fight & win over the fierce & powerful Mishil? I had these thoughts when I was watching those episodes, thus making the drama more exciting when finally Deokman’s character transformed & uses her brain to vanquish over Mishil.

  43. 43 : Grace Says:

    It is a good korean drama, so made us can’t wait the end of this drama

  44. 44 : Ethel Says:

    I am glad this drama will be extended. Deokman’s so fascinating, I want to see her more especially on how she will further rule her country.

  45. 45 : h3nny Says:

    the great of queen seon deok i think is the best film i have watched…the actor/actress, story and their acting…so cool and awesome…
    owh!! i become addict korean series!!

  46. 46 : hiromu Says:

    Great drama. Love everything & everyone in it especially Lee Yo-won!

  47. 47 : wave nasser Says:

    I would like to thank all the people who works for corean drama episodes espicially this espicial history of queen seon duk.Please send another episode of queen seon duk after 50 like 51,52,53….and more.sincerely yours,Nasser.

  48. 48 : wave nasser Says:

    Aout quenn seon duk episode,s 51,52,53,54,…..and more.Nasser

  49. 49 : Saiwai Says:

    Great drama, wonderful storyline, amazing casts especially the two main charaters…Mishil & Princess Deokman, they’re simply awesome. Keep it up!

  50. 50 : raz Says:

    I just saw ep 51 OMG my bidam what you’re goen to do???
    I was sure that “kingdom of the winds” is the best historical drama but
    this drama is 3 level up from KOTW . the plot the cast the production
    and the photography are so amazing. KEEP UP WITH YOUR EXCELLENT WORK.

  51. 51 : :) Says:

    Gah! bidam! why?!

  52. 52 : adeline Says:

    bi dam is so gorgeous….

  53. 53 : Saiwai Says:

    Bidam’s becoming scary. He’s scarier than Mishil, gee! I wonder what QSD & General Yushin will do to overcome Bidam’s threat. QSD & GY… fighting!!!

  54. 54 : Jennifer Says:

    For the people who really hate Bidam, you shouldn’t be so mean about Bidam. I think that he’s a good person. He might have some up and down but that’s because of what people had done to him, like Mishil. If she hadsn’t said that he should take everything from the person he love, then it wouldn’t have make him evil. BUT MAKING BIDAM THE COOL, GOOD AND EVIL GUY IS WHAT MAKE THE MOVIE INTERESTING^_^

  55. 55 : Jennifer Says:

    IF you don’t know what i’m talking abou, then you should watch episodes 50-52 on http://www.viikii.net(it might say that it’s viet sub but it’s also english sub as well if you go to the bottom of the movie screen and choose english, then you can watch it in english, spanish, korean, viet,etc..THERE’S MANY TO CHOOSE FROM:D) I think that Yusin’s cool too, but Yusin is all brawn(strong and tough) and no brain(dumb). Bidam have both brains and brawn. Bidam grew up evil/twisted because what he really lacks is love. Since his mother Mishil ditched him and his teacher, Munno was scared of him because he poisoned a group of refugees when he was little. Both his mother and his teacher didn’t love him. Now he’s just need love and he just want Deokman/Majesty to love him. I REALLY HOPE THAT DEOKMAN REALLY FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM. WITH THIS, BIDAM CAN CHANGE AND GO ON A DIFFERENT PATH THAN HIS MOTHER’S. IF DEOKMAN FALL IN LOVE WITH BIDAM, BIDAM WILL KNOW WHAT IS LOVE AND LEARN TO CARE FOR PEOPLE ^_^ PLEASE LET DEOKMAN MARRY BIDAM!!!!!! YUSIN IS A FAMOUS GENERAL NOW, HE CAN MARRY ANYONE. BUT IF BIDAM WERE TO LOSE DEOKMAN, I’M AFRAID HE MIGHT JUST GO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 56 : koreanprincess Says:

    pardon at my words but fuck!!! bidam is really starting to piss me off !!! can’t believe he do that to her… ahhhh!!! sintcha!! how can he do that she trusted him, all the things they’ve been through..he make me speechless. at first i love his character and i want him to be doekman but for what is happening now it impossible i thought he love her. im sad that he turn out like thIS.and that pan he carried around it annoyed me it makes me want to take it to him and slap him in the face and the way he dress the color SO BLACK ahh so ugly……. and his looks ah ugly so devious.his really turn like mishil fuck hate him!!!!…..WHY!!!!! WHY!!!! WHY!! BIDAM HOW CAN YOU?!!! YOU TRAITOR!!! NAPPUNUM!!!! PISSING ME OFF!!! AND IM SO CONFUSED OF WHAT HAPPENING KNOW I DON’T KNOW WHO ‘S GOOD OR BAD….and what side does doekman trust most bidam or yushin?….. AND WHAT IS BOKYA HWOE WHAT DOES IT DO?? WHAT KIND OF ORGANIZATION WAS IS??? THAT DOEKMAN ASK YUSHIN TO ABANDON KAYA??….AHHH DOEKMAN WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING UR SO STUPID HOW CAN U DO THAT TO YUSHIN… ITS GETTING MORE CONFUSING AND COMPLICATED FUCK!!!!

  57. 57 : hally Says:

    Awesome drama…!!! full of twist & turns. A must watch!!!!

    Love the different reactions & emotions people feel about this drama, it means that the drama has gotten into our nerves, lol… Queen Seodeok, you’re truly great. Keep it up!

  58. 58 : hally Says:

    BTW, I wish the QSD production has shown Queen Seodeok’s coronation a little longer… we have been waiting for that day to come…I feel I only saw a glimpse of it. Anyway, Lee Yo-Won is such a beauty & very talented, right choice in picking her to be the Princess Deokman. thumbs up!

  59. 59 : jeannie Says:

    QSD just 14 episode in my country INDONESIA, i’m really like it..it’s a great drama and very awosome dokman and missil..full intrict..like drama jung geum

  60. 60 : Ciara Says:

    Love Princess Deokman… she’s awesome, full of passion…very captivating character. Lee Yo-Won was just the right choice for it. Thanks Queen Seondeok, truly best hitorical drama and I enjoyed it very much. Keep it up!

  61. 61 : Ciara Says:

    BTW, I enjoyed Bidam’s character too. He’s so funny but he’s becoming a little scary now, too bad. And I miss Princess Chunmyung… she and Deokman had such a lovely & beautiful relationship. I really love the sister’s bond or relationship. Same for the aunt (Deokman) and nephew (Chunchu) relationship. Just love them.

  62. 62 : ihihi Says:

    awww the show getting soooo draggy and boring =(….ever since Mishil left….sigh such potential for a great epic drama….such a shame.

  63. 63 : Karinna Says:

    Why bidam become an evil? I think he will be a really good man that will follow doekman but, WHY? WHY?
    And why yushin is married with mishil granddaugther? HE SHOULD MARRIED WITH DOEKMAN. What is the writer thinking about?

  64. 64 : minkay Says:

    i really like this movie…. it so cool!!! specially BIDAM i really like his character!! his so cute and cool!!! hope deokman and bidam became lovers in the end!!!!

  65. 65 : Ryu Says:

    I like it a lot better with out Mishil. And Queen Seondeok is getting so hot!!! Love her.

  66. 66 : minkay Says:

    awsome!!!! wow! it so cool when BIDAM hug queen deokman.. how i wish BIDAM hug me too!!! i do have crush on him!!! i do really like his character!…. how i wish BIDAM and DEOKMAN felt the same…

  67. 67 : Bangun Surya Mahendra Says:

    go Bidam go!!!!

  68. 68 : :) Says:

    (L) bidam (L)

  69. 69 : rizka Says:

    adUuuuHh Ca’eMh BnGeTz cHih….

  70. 70 : eChA mOeTz Says:

    eUmMhHZ……. KiSS mEe’a tU lo!!! iCh…bKin nGiLeRrrr?? He..
    Jdi pNgEnD dWeH….

  71. 71 : adeputra67 Says:


  72. 72 : ajust angga'a Says:

    queen seon duk. is the best…
    Love cheon Myong so much

  73. 73 : Lana Says:

    The great queen seondeok musT be the First Drama Korea !!! >.

  74. 74 : dEmeOn Says:

    aQ suka bGt ne DraMa . . . .
    bkin deg-deg an…but,knpa sih cheonmeyong msti Ga da..
    khAn jD gA sEru….

  75. 75 : -indy ucull saNgadht- Says:

    I Lupth qUeEn sEoN dUk,, ,,
    cRita_n bgUs bEuDz…
    qUeEn sEoN duK mUst bE the firSt kOrEaN dRaMa,………..
    lupth,lupth,lupth,lupth,lupth u dEok mAn..

  76. 76 : M0etiarae Says:

    UeEm. . The great qUeEn se0n dEok. . KreN,, U’ll be the best drama k0rea in my heart. . .

  77. 77 : sachan Says:

    QSD… great drama. Just love Deokman, she’s awesome!

  78. 78 : CTLINA Says:


  79. 79 : elblatinazo Says:

    queen seondeok will definitely die in the last episode. As I watched episode 59 in viikii.net, she is already preparing Kim Chunchu and Kim Yushin in their plan in unifying the three kingdoms. It is also evident in that episode that Seondeok is having her ailment suffering from acute insomnia. Moreover, QSD will definitely be unmarried.(based from the Saguk of the three kingdoms of Korea) According to history, she even predicted the date of her death and where she will be buried.

  80. 80 : maya Says:

    “Jewel in the palace” and “Queen Seon Deok” is the interesting historical korean drama ever I watched.But I felt dissapointed in “QSD” was unhappy ending.Please attention for the writer : I think people like all story in the world will be happy ending, not easy of course but they could be describe to fight and they proper to be happy ending.It’s only my opinion but anyway “Mishil” has strong character and Lee Yoo Won is right character to be “Deokman”.Good Job

  81. 81 : elblatinazo Says:

    I just finished watching episode 60 of QSD. The resolution for this drama is coming on December 21 and December 22.
    The main reason why people kept on watching QSD(especially if you are a korean) is that people want to witness betrayal, love, loyalty and death. QSD actually delivered the drama into its extent in accepting failures and success; life and death; betrayal and loyalty; dream the impossible dream.
    If QSD will die in the final episode, this will only justify the great achievements she had during her reign as the Queen of Silla despite rebellion within her premise.

  82. 82 : sofia Says:

    Heated Towel Rails, I agree to what most people were saying here. It’s a great drama, all the characters were fantastic! The drama was so full of twists & turns, suspense, & most of all so unpredictable that even when it has only two episodes left the fans are still left wondering & are anxious to what’s gonna happened next & what’s gonna be the ending…

    elblatinazo, thanks for sharing us the feed back on how the people of Korea was taking this drama. I was really curious about that too. Wish I could read & understand Korean. I’m sure everyone loved this drama since it’s been dominating the Korean TV screen & was rated a mega hit.

  83. 83 : putri Says:

    rame cuy….
    apalgi sama alcheon……
    imut banget…
    jadi ga sabar nunggu eps.62…
    kira kira akhirnya deokman ma ciapa yah?????

  84. 84 : detta Says:

    damn i love bi dam! he’s gorgeous. absolutely got the killer smile 😀
    is that true that bi dam will “defeat” deok man in the end? how saaaaddd 🙁

  85. 85 : Bidam lover Says:

    As many of you in this forum, I fall in love with Bidam. I don’t want to watch the rest of the drama because I don’t want to see Bidam suffer and how he thinks, DM betray him. If they have happy ending so I will watch. Please writers let him and DM be together even if they die.

  86. 86 : Kharisma Says:

    hpo QSD will not die…
    it’s sad…full of intric and love…
    I hate when princess cheonmyeon died.. so tragedycal
    i hope bidam ended with QSD.
    bidam so hot he is sexy!Like QSD

  87. 87 : elblatinazo Says:

    I am currently downloading all episodes of QSD in megaupload with English subtitles. http://www.megaupload.com/?f=HDPDRAHK. Episodes 1-54 with .srt subtitles in English. I used BitCommet to download episodes 55-58. Ental and HAN versions available. Thanks sofia…

  88. 88 : pia Says:

    BIDAM LOVER…. Deokman didn’t betray Bidam… he was the stupid one! Watch it again & see how Deokman protected Bidam. Actaully I hated Bidam. Because of his stupid love & jealousy he gave so much difficulty & heartaches to Deokman. I will be happy if Deokman doesn’t end with him.

  89. 89 : Gotchi Says:

    Yah q dsuruh comment,


  90. 90 : Toby Says:

    Ohh… QSD will end soon…! I don’t want it to end… I will miss Deokman! Just love her…

  91. 91 : Toby Says:

    Queen Seondeok…. my best korean drama ever!

  92. 92 : sajane Says:

    hi… can someone give me sites or links on where can i watch QSD aside from viikii and mysoju?… i just finished watching ep.22 and i can’t watch ep.23 because the links are broken.. hope to have someone help me.. thanks!!!

  93. 93 : moon Says:

    you can watch QSD episodes 1 to 50 from http://www.aznv.tv …need to register and use winamp to watch it…

  94. 94 : sajane Says:

    hi moon!!! thank you very much for this site… i’m really anxious to watch it now… thanks again..

  95. 95 : elblatinazo Says:

    Just finished episode 61 of QSD at http://www.viikii.net

  96. 96 : elblatinazo Says:

    Just finished watching episode 62 of QSD w/o subtitle. It ended when QSD met Deokman from the past.(Remember the scene where in Deokman was looking for Gukseon Munno at Manno Fortress.) I like the last part not unlike Jumong ending with narrator narrating Jumong’s life. QSD ended simply by Bidam’s death and Queen Seondeok’s death. Just as I expected.

  97. 97 : koreanprincess Says:

    FUCK!!! FUCK!!! I hate this aaahhh!!! when DM finally wants to be with bidam terrible happens god i hate it.. and this bidam, his stupid enough to believe that fuuck up guy that dm want to kill him, why can’t he just believe of everything dm said… but i still feel back bad about the 2 of them when thier finally wants to be with each other that guy stop them and they have to fight each other i can’t stand it fighting with the person u truly love poor them….

    that bidam assistant or whateveer is really getting on my nerves fuck everytime he smile, i just want to smack his fucking face and and take his eyes out… bidam should have killed him earlier gossh!!!!!

    anyway what happened to doekman and yushin??? can anyone tell me pls…
    anyway can’t wait to watch the final ep wonder wat will happen to doekman and bidam…..
    sory for the swearing ehehehe!!

  98. 98 : :) Says:

    OMGod B I D A M !
    Although I’m actually OK with the way Bidam died :l
    Gosh I loved him :]

  99. 99 : Dodo Says:

    wow the last 5 mins was really incredible…and nostalgic. My breakdown of this drama really come down to three time slots. The first is from ep 1-30ish episodes were by far the most amazing time I’ve had with any korean drama. From 30ish to 49 is great but not as magical as the first time line. With the exception of ep 50 that was really powerful. From 51-61 on it was such a dragged. The whole Yushin Vs. Bidam thing had no spice and content as compare to the Deokman Vs. Mishil fight. Relationships between Yushi, Bidam, Deokman, and the nobles were so manipulative and twisted. Their reasons for conflict were really weak and unjust. It feels dragged because the characters were running on artificial exaggerated strife. The worse part is they must add the cheesy close up shots to ruin EVERY intense scenes. It convinced me that the original writers of the plot left the show right after they killed off Mishil, and whoever that was left to do the writing and the directing SUCKS BIG TIME. My only reason for continuing with the show is that I’m hoping for some redeeming quality from the last episode. This is where the writers surprise us and give us a resolution and a reason for the last of content from the previous episodes(51-61). It did not happen =(. However! Luckily, the original writers came back for the last 5 mins of the series to bring it to a close =]. IT WAS COMPELLING, EVERY SECOND OF IT COMMAND THE SCENE.

    QSD was a great and moving series I’ve ever seen. I anticipated every single weeks for the upcoming eps(except for 51-61). For whoever that havent watch this series yet I suggest only watch ep 1-50 and then the last 5 mins of the series. Don’t let ep 51-61 ruin the experience for you because QSD is a true masterpiece. QSD had the potential to be THE GRAND series of it genre….too bad…just…too bad it couldn’t endure. Even with that being said, thank you QSD!! thank you for such an amazing experience.

  100. 100 : elblatinazo Says:

    Koreanprincess, Yushin and Queen Seondeok went out and had a conversation. After that conversation, QSD died.

    Remember when Mishil asked Bidam when will he die and Bidam answered that he will die three days before the king… it actually was translated in the final episode.

  101. 101 : koreanprincess Says:

    i mean before doekman like yushIN BUT now she want to be bidam…

    anyway i hate how bidam die, i feel sorry for him. how can doekman do that so stupid……..i just wish bidam die in doekman arms…
    i know bidam do alot of terrible things but still she love him (i think?)

    so sad QSD is finish
    one of the best korean drama!!!!!!

    tnx 4 telling me!! elblatinazo ^_^

  102. 102 : qsdaddict Says:

    Just love QSD from the beginning to the end…! Deokman was amazing! Love her character… so embracing & loving to her people even when she had to suffer. Truly a great King… so many lessons to learn from her.

  103. 103 : qsdaddict Says:

    BTW. hope Queen Seondeok & Lee Yo-Won will win many awards this year. She was the right and perfect choice for Deokman and she did a good job in capturing & delivering the character. Good luck QSD & Lee Yo-Won!

  104. 104 : houka Says:

    DODO: I was not really happy about the Deokman-Bidam love story, but I still find episodes 51-62 fascinating especially how QSD with the help of Chunchu solved the problem about the Kaya people, how she kept the country intact when Paekche attacked them & also how she handled the nobles & the Tang envoys when they tried to challenged her, and the many other little things that the Queen did to fulfill her responsibility as the ruler. History said that during QSD reign it was a turbulent and violent time within & outside Shilla. I think episodes 51-62 just showed us what it was like especially for a first female ruler at that time & how lonely it was to sit on a throne. I really was amazed at Lee Yo-Won’s performance, she was able to capture and deliver the essence or the spirit of Deokman’s character (Nangdo, Princess & Queen) fully and efficiently. Other casts were also great. Indeed a drama worth to watch!

  105. 105 : MiaQSD Says:

    Hey guys,wanna ask..Whose the name of the yellow hwarang who seems close with hwarang alcheon?What other dramas have he acted in?He has cute big eyes=D

  106. 106 : kc Says:

    Just love Deokman!!! I miss her now that QSD has ended.

  107. 107 : lacus Says:

    People, let’s vote for MBC Awards:

    Best Couple for LYW & KNG:

    link here

    Popularity Award Male/Female for LYW & KNG:

    link here

    Best Drama for QSD:

    link here

    n.b.: Better view with IE rather than Mozilla.

  108. 108 : asiangoodsdvd Says:

    buy queen seon duk volume 1 at lowest price


  109. 109 : Indy ucull sangadht Says:

    qw ska bgeuudd ma drama ne,filmna mnegangkn,pnuh dgn intrik,luthu,seruu lagh pkokna magh…aplgi da bidam yg ganteeenggg bgeuudd ma deokman yg manisz sangadth,..d tmbh dretan cwo2 gntengg laenna..kya kim chun chu,alcheon,dae nam bo,im jong,kim yu shin,dll..film ne is the best,..the best..the best..

  110. 110 : agista Says:

    Hi..I’m agista from Indonesia

    I feel so disapointed because Queen seon Duk is not on Best Korean Drama 2009…..

    Are you really? i’ve never found korean drama as great as queen seon duk…

    I love thus drama so much,,,,

  111. 111 : sunniej Says:

    Hello! Greets from the Netherlands!

    Queen seon duk was so inspiring! I’ve never watched such great drama before.
    They didn’t receive a nomination yet because it was broadcasted this year i think. I hope they wil win the best korean drama next year =)


  112. 112 : Merrainism Says:

    I’m very like this drama.
    This drama was so sad.
    I’ve never seen korean drama like this.
    In indonesia , almost people like it 🙂

  113. 113 : lacus Says:

    List of QSD Winning in MBC Awards 2009:

    Best Newcomer Male Award: Yoo Seung-ho (CC) & Lee Seung-hyo (ALC) win.

    Child Star: Nam Ji-hyun wins (teen DM).

    Best Writer: QSD win (Kim Young-hyun, Park Sang-yun).

    PD Award: QSD win (Shin Goo)

    Special Award: Ahn Gil-kang (Chilsuk) & Seo Young-hee (Sohwa) wins

    BEST COUPLE: Lee Yo-won & Kim Nam-gil (84,4 % votes).

    Excellence Award Male: Kim Nam-gil (BD) wins.

    Best Drama: QSD (82% votes).

    Top Excellence Award Male: Uhm Tae-wong (YS) wins.

    Top Excellence Award Female: Lee Yo-won (DM) wins.

    Daesang (Highest Award): Go Hyun-jung (MS) wins.

  114. 114 : VENNI Says:

    Hi,I’m Venni from Indonesia. QSD hasn’t over yet in Indonesia but I’ve read the synopsis. Yeah,it is indeed,a tragedy. I love Bi Dam, and Deok Man, I don’t want to see them end that way. This isn’t hyperbole that I cried in a whole night. Overcoming it, I always imagine that in the end ot the story after met young Deok Man, Deok Man went away with Bi Dam in front of her,he hold her hand tight then walk together,lost in the fog. A bit amusing,isn’t it? Anyway, the song sung by Lee Yo Won (Diok Man) entitled ‘Bi Dam’ (ost.QSD) is so heart-melting. It tells about unfulfilled love of theirs (I think it’s more ’bout Deok Man’s affection and regret feeling towards Bi Dam). I am in tears everytime I hear and read the meaning. You guys should google it. I thank QSD for giving me precious new aim in life. Thank you.

    Best Regards, Venni.

    P.S: Sweet love for Bi Dam.

  115. 115 : kc Says:

    Hi AGISTA: Queen Seondeok is one of the best!!! and it was reapping all the MBC 2009 awards. Don’t be disappointed, rather, enjoy it. Really worth to watch! Just love Deokman!!!

  116. 116 : kc Says:

    I mean almost all the awards.

  117. 117 : kc Says:

    and also, yes, love that song that Lee Yo Won sang. very deep… you can really feel the sadness in her voice.

  118. 118 : k Says:

    this is the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. 119 : eugene Says:

    Congratulation to Lee Yo Won and Kim Nam Gil. They won the Best Couple Award with the highest rating which was 84.4%. Wow!!! I love this couple.

  120. 120 : noxy Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to LEE YO WON for winning the MBC TOP EXCELLENCE AWARD 2009. Really love you in QSD.

  121. 121 : eugene Says:

    A really sad ending!!! I felt sorry for Deokman and Bidam

  122. 122 : zan_fer Says:

    It* can’t become such knee.One, child, native, *Mishil, become, it, child, native, like, be, .Final, *De

  123. 123 : Pi Says:

    Lov this drama very much..the best drama 09,so sad ending..why bidam die T.T
    lov bidam n qsd,the best couple..

  124. 124 : patty padilla Says:

    from the very beginning until the end i love QSD…..best korean drama..

    yoo shin=deokman

  125. 125 : John Says:

    I love this drama !!! To bad the disc 3 is not yet available here in the Philippines. Still waiting for the disc 3 for episode 44-62. Great actors and actresses. Lady Mishil is too bad…….

  126. 126 : eugene Says:

    Deokman does not love Yu shin. Maybe she did before but after she met Bidam, she loves him till the end when she dies, she still wearing the ring that she gave one to Bidam. She was so heartbreaking when he dies in front of her

  127. 127 : elblatinazo Says:

    John… I felt the same way… Instead of waiting for the pirated CD’s in Quiapo or in Greenhills, I downloaded episode 21-62 including the Chuseok Movie in Megaupload and copied it in 8 DVD’s…

  128. 128 : noxy Says:

    Heard Queen Seondeok is showing in the Philippines & also Deokman is visiting the Philippines soon. Lucky for all Filipinos who love this drama.

    Love Deokman very much. Also I love Princess Chun Myung.

  129. 129 : karen Says:

    I love the whole story, and the actors and actresses are so amazing. i love hating Mishi .. lol ^_^

    i don’t want to watch queen seon duk on GMA 7. they cut a lot of scenes on all of their programs. they sucks ang destroys the story, its too confusing. i can’t relate to the story bec of the cutted scenes making me wish and hoping abscbn (2) should have the been the one airing queen seon duk.

    hope i could watch ep 23 till the end in full… it’s hard to find videos with eng sub in the net.

  130. 130 : noxy Says:

    that’s too bad!!! why do they do that? you should write GMA 7 & complain about it.

  131. 131 : mara Says:

    u can find all the vedio http://www.mysujo.com…..to all the people whant to wach the all ep. check the webside

  132. 132 : pappu Says:

    it’s so hard to find the other episodes in queen seon duk some were broken or expired etc etc, maybe that’s why gma 7 cannot air it in full because they have the same problem finding episodes just like us. i have been to many websites really it is hard to let this story be cut short or laktaw bacause it’s really really beautiful. it’s like a suspense movie every episodes have a climax you just can’t let it pass, so really i understand you guys here are some of the websites you can watch or find the episodes you can’t watch on some websites hope you’re happy:


    if you can’t find some of the episodes try using yahoo in your search engine it will guide you to the right webpage. see yahh?!!! mwwuuuaaa

  133. 133 : ikaa Says:

    i love this drama…this the first drama make me cry….as i watch korean drama ( sad drama) i never cry…but even i watch thsi drma…oh..its too tragic…i love….their character, n strategis politic in queen seon deok its look like in mya country Indonesia……its very awesome drama….

  134. 134 : Jamie Says:

    You can find some episodes here

  135. 135 : lovely Says:

    Awesome drama, really very addicting!!! Have watched the whole series but I still keep going back an re-watch it again. Just love how Deokman, Yushin, Alcheon, Chunchu, Bidam, Jukbang, Godo & the rest of the good guys united each other to beat Mishil & make the country to progress. Deokman was really great, she’s my favorite Princess & Queen. Oh, just love her.

  136. 136 : kk Says:

    this drama is 5 times better than KOTW

  137. 137 : jiji Says:

    this is the best!!!!!!!!!

  138. 138 : deokman Says:

    this drama is so far the best!!!
    a must must see!!!!!

  139. 139 : mishil Says:

    everything is beautiful in this drama!!!!

  140. 140 : mish Says:

    why there are not too many comments??!!
    This drama is 10 times better than KOTW !!

  141. 141 : d Says:

    it’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. 142 : Ella Jihoon Woniie Says:

    I love this drama..
    this drama is awesome…
    sad drama,,, in ending
    I love namgi’s acting…
    saranghae namgil oppa…..

  143. 143 : wi2e Says:

    the best korean drama….. I LIKe iT……. Wanita memang terkadang memiliki banyak impian dibandingkan laki-laki……..

  144. 144 : history Says:

    I love this drama…it’s the best drama. I like Deok Man and Bi Dam love story…and like each character in this drama……….very2 great. Sarangheyo Queen Seon Deok.

  145. 145 : lucille (philippines) Says:

    i’m still lost for words for this drama…
    great casts, great story, great screenwriters and directors, great job to all casts and productions…
    makes me want to go back in time and be part of the history of korea’s first queen 🙂
    i’m still at awe with the portrayal of the actors playing Mishi, Bidam, and Seonduk…
    Bidam and Seonduk’s lovestory was so heartbreaking but i guess thats what great kings and queens sacrificed and paid in order to build a nation.

  146. 146 : Queen Seondeok Says:

    The best of the best historical drama!!! Don’t miss it!

  147. 147 : charmaine Says:

    hi..i wanna say congratulations to all the people behind this very nice an unforgetable drama..im from philipines an here this is at channel 7 tv drama series..although this is shown at night time here but i always waited that time.i even buy a 3 dvd disc for this because i cant wait for its story…would you beleive that i spend 3 night watching this?the first part i start at 4pm here an stop at 1 am..the other an i start again at 9am at stop again at 1am…an the last part i star watching it at 3pm an finish its at 7am in the morning…i am very addict of this drama series…i love the story so much…only the korean drama makes me cry…i love evrything,the cast,costumes an the story…i love the kind of role whick queen seun dok portray/..an also the love story…i love the character or yushin although he was not able to fight for his love an show it to the woman he loves most…bidam for his devotion but i feel sad that it end at that way because of the people sorrounds him…the character of alchelon rang for being so loyal..chunchu for being smart…i will surely miss this drama…3 korean drama really makes me cry an those are..jewel in the palace because i was also a nursing student, boys over flowers because i love the story too of a man who realy depend an fight for the girl he love..an this is the best the queen seun dok,only this drama that can realy makes me cry..how i wish bidam an seun dok did not end at that way….im realy happy that i was able to see this drama series…..

  148. 148 : charmaine Says:

    i really cant forget this drama series an i will miss bidam so much…

  149. 149 : charmaine Says:

    i really love bidam for love an devotion he showed to seon duk…i think seun duk love her so much too…how i wish their love story did not end that way…how i wish they were given a chance to be together after all that they have been through…

  150. 150 : charmaine Says:

    how i wish they are given chance to be withan had not died so early…it realy makes me sad that they ended that way..

  151. 151 : ibnu hajar Says:

    the best of drama korean. seon duk drama is the best???

  152. 152 : ibnu hajar Says:

    drama is the best

  153. 153 : Sally Says:

    just finished watching the last episode of Queen Seon Deok this noon! this is the best korean historical drama series – excellent story line, very good script, believable acting, superb stunts, outrageous costumes and props, beautiful sound track, mind boggling logic, unbelievable political stratagems, life-changing views about hope, sincerity and faith, very unforgettable. Until now, i am still thinking about the ending part and all what Deokman went through.. very inspirational.. this drama really got in to my system and I’m so crazy about it that this really motivated me to visit Korea. I applaud everyone who made this drama. I love Queen Seon Deok and Bidam!!! Chungmal Sarangaeheyo! 😀

  154. 154 : Oichi Says:

    Alternate ending for QSD petition http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/TGQSD no no sad ending…

  155. 155 : Bib Says:

    The 1st episode of Queen Seon Duk courts my attention… d last last one broke my heart and made me cry. Best drama of the year. Every cast played their role so passionately and so believable. Every episode is compelling. A must watch drama.

  156. 156 : king kung yux Says:

    some vidoe doesnt work,, this daily motion is not capable in hosting this drama.. try another website..

    daily motion sucks!!!!

  157. 157 : Chrissie Says:

    I absolutely loved this drama! All of the actors and actresses were so good!!!

    I am completely in awe with Mishil’s acting…I hated her, loved her, respected her, and in the end cried when I saw how she died… She really was quite the person!

    Bidam and Deokman too! I started sobbing when I watched Bidam die… and I never cry… or watch historical dramas.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this drama. I watched BOF last year, but this drama takes it to the next level. After watching this drama, you’ll prolly think that the BOF plot is kinda shallow* compared to this. 😉

    *no offense BOF fans

  158. 158 : mike Says:

    Queen seon deok is really one of the best korean drama

  159. 159 : lestari Says:

    love this drama and recommend it highly!
    great story that makes you wanna know more about the real history.. (at least from wikipedia)..
    great politics, strategy, sceem, that’s makes you wanna be a politician!
    love the characters and the actors whose play them unbelievebly amazing!
    Such a beautiful love story between bi dam and deok man.. which i think her love for bidam grows within time… and bidam devotion for her, since his first sight to her until his last sight of his death…

  160. 160 : koreandramAdiktus Says:

    haven’t finished watching this drama yet. 🙂 regardless of that, i would like to congratulate everyone for this very great drama. 🙂 Ko Hyun Jung, you are great! darn! the play of emotions on your face. That was really great acting. 🙂 Congratulations to you.

  161. 161 : chelle Says:

    i really love this drama…..

  162. 162 : shasha Says:

    This historical drama was the best for me, beautiful storyline which was full of twists & turns keeping me on the edge of my seat all the time. Good and talented cast. I was really drawn to Deokman’s character because of her beautiful heart and at the same time because she was fantastic & beautiful. Really a historical drama worth to watch.

  163. 163 : yurike Says:

    actually, this is the best historical drama ever.. when dae jang geum aired, i didn’t watch it because it didn’t make my special attention either.. but when the 1st episode of this drama aired, i really got into this drama.. well, in indonesia still 9 episodes to the end.. but i want to finish this drama and buy the dvd again.. i was crying when i watched the mv of bidam’s death.. this drama is highly recommended by me!

  164. 164 : ovan Says:

    who would have thought that queen seon duk and bidam are the main love team here, i mean at first i thought it was kim yushin and deokman, that’s why i really love this drama, it’s very unpredictable. you’ll gonna love it from first to the last until you say you want more.

  165. 165 : DEvine L Says:

    This is the best drama I’ve ever seen. I got so sad after watching the whole episode.. I dont Bidam to die…

  166. 166 : toneee Says:

    OMG! I hate dramaaaa especially historical one! However! This korean historical drama, gave me sleepless days as result from watching those QSD dvd’s straight in one whole week! Now Im QSD Number one fans!!! All the characters rock!!

  167. 167 : wachan Says:

    some video doesn`t work

  168. 168 : Shahar Says:

    I love queen seon duk soooooooooooooooo much Im from Philippines
    and I LOVE the young seon duk which dukman……………. I hope that you can visit the Philipines..

  169. 169 : duyag Says:

    where can I see the full episodes?? please… i want it so badly!!

  170. 170 : louisesaji Says:

    Petition for DM-BD alternate ending in DVD:


  171. 171 : coralou Says:

    queen seon dok….is currently being aired in our local network right now, so i don’t know yet what will be it’s ending or how the story will end. but judging from the story since i watched it from the beginning, it’s really exciting and the story is good. in fact i am looking forward every night for the drama to be shown and i don’t want to miss every detail of the story. and i am looking forward too for that day to come when princess duk man will defeat lady mishil.

  172. 172 : Pachie Says:

    guys.. who will be Seon Duk’s husband in the end? is it Kim Yoo Shin ?.. i Need your Reply.. tnx!

  173. 173 : Maria avon Says:

    Really sad endding..i really loves this story ,i like all the actor and actress..i cannot bear to see the sadness through bidam eyes..my heart was crying.thumbs up for the drama..I hope to see deok man and bidam..for the next role..also al cheon

  174. 174 : trix Says:

    the story was great… unfortunately the complete list of episode cannot be viewed online… I’m from the Philippines by the way… and I saw the ending where the Queen died… I really want to know… if the Queen loves Bidam? they really looked good together…

  175. 175 : lacus Says:

    @pachie: QSD didn’t married with anyone in the end, although she almost with BD.

    @trix: Yes, she loves BD.

  176. 176 : painless hair removal Says:

    Nah… Jumong is still the best.

  177. 177 : eqcubzz Says:

    loveeee so much deokman, bi dam and kim yushin..
    always wait you’re next Kdrama

  178. 178 : shin Says:

    check out youtube you can watch queen seondeok drama with english subs. just love this drama so much, love princess deokman, yushin, alcheon, chunchu…

  179. 179 : mulan Says:

    I’m on a 51st episode of this drama and to be honest this drama makes me crazy that i didn’t slept for the past few days just like watching cityhall. I was hooked and very eager to know the result of her revenge. I love deokman and bidam. Thumbs up

  180. 180 : dewi Says:

    napa sich endung nya tu harus sedih,napa deokman dan bidam g’ jadi menikah…?

  181. 181 : dewi Says:

    napaya ending nya harus sedih,napa didam dan deokman g’ jd menikah?

  182. 182 : person Says:

    the ending was really sad and made me cry and i usually don’t cry because of the drama.
    if you guys want to watch this drama free with english sub go to this website: http://www.dramafever.com.

  183. 183 : KD addict Says:

    so sad ending, well but i still don’t know who is it in the dream of the queen

  184. 184 : bubblyboo Says:

    really really sad ending..
    luv queen deokman 4ever..
    hahhahahaha >_

  185. 185 : vusale Says:

    xarojiy filim

  186. 186 : bidam lovers Says:

    love bi dam!

  187. 187 : Miaqsd Says:

    queen seondeok has just ended here in brunei..i cried alot watching the final eps..still cnt believe bidam died although bidam is just a character in the drama..

  188. 188 : Stevan Says:

    my first korean drama – fantastic… excellent every episode. Now i started watching and collecting k-drama.

  189. 189 : mitchy Says:

    this korean-drama really addictive… Queen Seondeok is all about battle of intelligence, strength and love..!!! I really love this!! All of the actors and actresses really great performing their characters..!! the story is truly exciting… This is truly my fave korean-drama ever..!!!!

    –from Phils.

  190. 190 : Mitch Says:

    @ Stevan, do you already have the dvd of this drama with english sub? I’m collecting K-drama as well, let me know. Thanks .

  191. 191 : steadfast Says:

    Queen Seon Deok leaves me a deep impression even after so many days watching it. The costumes, locations and fighting scenes are all very well presented. There are a lot of sensible dialogues on philosophy and ideology of war. The human frailty, greed and sacrifice. This is a very entertaining drama indeed, keeps you brimming with excitement while waiting for the next thing to happen. However, this has also swept me with grief. I cried rivers of tears seeing the last episode. I don’t know what keeps my heart ache so hard I almost find it hard to breath. I thought about it for a while, is it because of Bidam who tries to run away from himself not knowing what he really want, looking for salvation by loving someone to a fault, or the way he died trying to catch a glimpse of the queen he so ardently love but failed to trust in her or is it because Deokman leave such a lonely life that almost all the people beside him perish before her. In the end, it keeps me thinking and spend my days with this heavy heart. How something so beautifully ended could be this painful.. all in all, I highly recommend this drama for everyone to see.

  192. 192 : princessking Says:

    One of the best korean drama maybe it can have a sequel on the unification of the three kingdom , during king muyeol and king munmu , reign with the famous general kim yushin. that will be a superb conclusion

  193. 193 : princessking Says:

    a sequel please centered on king muyeol and king munmu’s reign with the general kim yushin.

  194. 194 : rhoda Says:

    I Love Bidam so much….i like his character and the actor is sooo gorgeous….

  195. 195 : shane Says:

    just love Deokman!!!

  196. 196 : adeline Says:

    i really love this drama….even with the tragic ending of Bidam.

  197. 197 : koreandramAdiktus Says:

    Mishil and Bidam are great in this drama. 🙂 Uhmm… I think Seonduk still loves Yushin. On the latter part of the last episode there was this scene when the queen was asking Yushin to leave their dream. That was for them to run away together and live as normal people but Yushin declined. hah! I hate him for that. It would’ve been good for both of them to have lived the life they wanted even for just a short time. I just don’t know why Yushin declined. Both of them lost something. Yeah, they were conquerors and lived their dream of uniting the 3 kingdoms but then, they lost so much more than anyone. Stupid Yushin.

  198. 198 : Meeva Says:

    I Just want to say..Luv u Bidam..omo.. Kim Nam Gil..
    Wish All The Best 4 U in future..
    And Deokman.. Luv u too..
    For KNG new serial Bad guy i really hope u will become a couple with Lee Yo Won (Deokman)

  199. 199 : lacus Says:

    Luv you two very much, Lee Yo Won & Kim Nam Gil. Your chemistry in QSD is perfect. Hope someday in the future you two can be paired again, but with happy ending.
    Anyway, waiting for your next projects.

  200. 200 : cher Says:

    just love lee yo won in this drama, she’s fantastic!

  201. 201 : Kumru Says:

    This drama is really great and about a great persons in Korea history. I admired, fascionated, fall in love with Great General Kim Yushin. God this man make me crazy! He is so charismatistic, strong, noble, good, a little naive and he is not s dumb as someone wrote here! He is clever or he couldnt do everything what he did as a strategist and United 3 Kingdoms. Yushin was the main person and a Man in life of Dok Man. She could be emotionally involved with Bi Dam but the only Man who she really loved or maybe she felt something more than just a love towards him, its definetly Kim Yushin.

    I love Kim Yushin!!!

  202. 202 : Khay Says:

    I really like Bidam so much!! I wish to meet him in person, muahhh!!

  203. 203 : Robin Says:

    I fell in love with Lee Yo Won in this drama. She has the perfect look & talent for the role. Thumbs up for her. Chunchu & Alcheon were also great, they were my favorites among the guys.

  204. 204 : Mimi Says:

    I admit, I was kinda disappointed with the turn of events. I am hoping for a happy ending for the Queen on emotional level I mean. Yes, she was able to achieve whats good for her nation. But deep inside, you could sense her unhappiness, she is alone.. I was hoping Bidam would surpass everything and anything in between him and the Queen and would end up with marrying her, fulfilling his promise and die old with Queen Seon Duk… 🙁

  205. 205 : anne Says:

    The sad ending was all bidam’s fault. He loved Seondeok but he didn’t have enough trust on her after all the caring & loving she showed to him since they first met until she agreed to marry him. I was kind of angry at him actually for his stupidity & for giving Seondeok so much heartaches & sadness. I wish she end up with Alcheon.

  206. 206 : mimi Says:

    I still would want Bidam to end up with Queen Seon Duk. I feel in love with Bidam’s character. Kim Nam Gil is so effective as Bidam, it makes you look for other koreandrama where Kim Nam Gil is present. It’s worth watching this drama until 4am. Everybody is definitely doing such a great great job!

  207. 207 : winnie Says:

    I like Bidam, Mishil and Deokman characters here. Great story and I cried several times.

    I love you KNG!

  208. 208 : shrL Says:

    Wow! This is really a great drama! It offers not only a good story but as well as lessons that we can apply to our own life. And it has the power to bring out different emotions from its viewers.

    I cried with Deokman everytime she cried, i rejoiced with her for her triumphs, my heart aches everytime loneliness embraced her. I feel like we are one, her character really moved me. She had a life full of triumphs and sadness. Lee Yo Won suits the role well.

    I admire Mishi’s cunning ability. She is a remarkable person. I admire her talent but i really despise her because of her intentions. She is nothing but a self-centered ruler. I ended up admiring and hating Mishil. Ko Hyun Jung was so effective in her role. Without even a word, she can convey emotions with just her facial expressions.

    I like Yushin’s righteousness but at the same time it annoys me because i felt that its too much that he has to suppress his feelings towards Deokman because its the right thing to do. But i think its not only annoyance that i felt but as well frustration because they didn’t end up together. Yushin’s feeling for Deokman was really a True love. Yushin is really a man of substance. He’s the man worth of every woman’s love. And Uhm Tae Woong gave justice to the character. Thumbs up man!

    I hate Bidam but at the same time i feel pity for him. He’s the person who can’t control his emotions. He is a badly scarred person, emotionally. I wanted to comfort him when he recalled how Munno & Deokman slipped their hands while he holds them. And the fact that his own mother abandoned him. I dont like his character especially he became the rival of Yushin, but Kim Nam Gil’s performance was really awesome.

    Well, i think this is too long already. The other characters were also remarkable in their own way such as Alcheon, Chunchu, Munno and even Godo and Jukbang.

    Oooops, this drama also have great songs! I love the music and the lyrics.

  209. 209 : bidacel Says:

    this is the historical/drama that must see from start to end. love the main cast and the music….makes me cry…good job….i hope bidam and deokman will have a new project again together…they look cute… alcheon also was great…

  210. 210 : wex Says:


  211. 211 : Vernacel Says:

    Oh, Bidam, you are so cool i love your stunts, you are truly a good actor!! It would have been good if Bidam’s character is not like a jelly fish that he cannot make his own decision; If he only believe in Deok Man’s words , they would have ended up together, the ending would have been so good. Overall, it’s a very nice and heart-warming. It made me cry and it also made me laugh!!!!!!! Kim Nam Gil , I luv you!!!! I hope to watch your other drama series!!!! Mwah, Mwah, mwah!!!!!!!

  212. 212 : mavi Says:

    Good drama thumbs up! Good acting.

  213. 213 : ade Says:

    waw….. i think, this drama is the best i have seen…. the love story, and the brave woman…. it is great…. i want to watch another drama . But the another drama must better…

  214. 214 : Nadj Says:

    Over-all performance superb!!!!!! I actually like Bidam’s character. Deokman and Bidam really belong to each other, they have one thing in common (they were both abundoned by their parents) no one can understand each better than themselves. I think that is the reason why they fell inlove, they are both looking for someone to trully love them despite all odds, being deprived of a mother and father’s love for so long and finding it in the most unbelievable event is really a tough one. You can only understand Bidam’s sensitivity when it comes to trusting people same way with Deokman. No matter how the odds are, true love will prevail and in the end they may be separated by many reasons but they cannot erase the fact that they love each other. I think if Bidam haven’t died he will never live longer too, for his life is Deokman and Deokman died after Bidam so it would be a lifeless Bidam. So its a good ending, they really belong to each other thats what written in the stars, they were destinied.
    Two thumbs up for Kim Nam Gil, superb performance, specially the part where you were questioning Deokman about your sincerity. My heart is breaking for you. I would just like to embrace you and comfort you myself. If Jo In Sung, haven’t stole my heart, you may replace him. Good luck to your career.
    Congratulations to all the staff and crew, the director and producers. Very well done!!!!!!!!
    I hope Kim Nam Gil and Lee Yo Won will have another project together, something light, funny romantic drama with lots and lots of magical moment. Just want to see how they do in this kind of drama.

  215. 215 : lacus Says:

    Well said, Nadj. Good review. Me too, want to see them both in modern drama, be it melodrama genre or romantic comedy.

  216. 216 : SL Says:

    I think the young actors were really cute… Young Chunmyeong looked like Crystal Liu, Deok man looked so sweet, and young yushin looked cute. I don’t like the old yushin–he’s so damn UGLY. Seon duk was OK (actually she no need to be so pretty because she’s the more smart kind), but old chunmyeong… she looked like 50+! I’m glad she died.

  217. 217 : chaimoon Says:

    With all the superb comments, I am encouraged to watch this drama even if I now know that the main characters died in the end.

  218. 218 : moet Says:

    I like this movie very much. I like all actor and actress in this movie.

  219. 219 : liam Says:

    I love Deokman (Lee Yo Won) very much. I also like Chunmyung & Chunchu.

  220. 220 : bidam Says:

    his drama is the best i have seen

  221. 221 : bidam Says:

    this drama is 5 times better than KOTW or any other historical drama

  222. 222 : azerty Says:

    this drama is awesome

  223. 223 : azerty Says:


  224. 224 : azerty Says:


  225. 225 : azerty Says:


  226. 226 : azerty Says:

    simlply the best

  227. 227 : rosalie igay Says:

    queen seon dok ang galing galing… kakaiba…..

  228. 228 : liezl jabile Says:

    great performance everyone.

  229. 229 : mai ferrer Says:

    For me it’s the best Korean Drama and their performances are outstanding.

  230. 230 : mai ferrer Says:

    For me it’s the best Korean drama and their performances are outstanding. Two thumbs up. Cheers!

  231. 231 : selosa Says:

    hey i really love this story i like yushin rang and alcheon rang

  232. 232 : emz Says:

    I like Bidam very much. Kim Nam Gil portrayed the character ver well. You are an awesome actor. Hope I can watch your other movies as well.
    The story is excellent!! Adorable costumes and culture.

  233. 233 : dex jamuel licup Says:

    wow this drama was giving me a power to lyf this is excellent,,

  234. 234 : mheg Says:

    i like bidam very much, i just hope that there will be no twist on his character in the future episodes…

  235. 235 : to pappu Says:

    pappu, for your information, all TV shows are under the protection of the International Copyright Laws. You can not claim “maybe that’s why gma 7 cannot air it in full because they have the same problem finding episodes just like us” because that will be an ILLEGAL activity. What you were implying in your claim is GMA7 is relying on ILLEGAL copies for their episodes.

    You sir do not know what you are talking about. ANY TV network in the world MUST pay royalty fees and license fees before they can air any TV shows. If they paid for it, then obviously the TV show creator/owner will and CAN provide ORIGINAL copies of ALL the episodes.

    In other words, there is no basis to your claim. They do NOT have any problems acquiring episodes just like you. They have ALL episodes, ALL ORIGINAL copies, they are doing it LEGALLY.

  236. 236 : AIP Says:

    i love al cheon…. i want to meet him

  237. 237 : sophie Says:

    best drama ever… love deokman…she’s very lovely & so good!

  238. 238 : bootsie reyes Says:

    magnificent drama, story line perfect, actors excellent especially Lee Yo Won and Kim Nam Gil. love you both. Ko Hyun Jung very pretty face. I never get watching the film.

    Kim Nam Gil is very handsome would like to meet you in person when I get to Korea!

  239. 239 : mae anne Says:

    i really love the story it’s nice and the characters where really great…they’re performance is really outstanding and it helps us know about the history of korea…
    i love the characters of Bidam and Deok man….you two were the best
    and also al chun…his so hansome and i love his eyes…;]]

  240. 240 : zhengcute Says:

    i like yoo seung ho..

    more power..

  241. 241 : lia Says:

    Kim yoo shin’s wife (Young Mo) is Ha jong and MIshil’s daughter. Ha jong is Mishil and Se jong’s son. That means, Mishil slept with her own son. WICKED WOMEN !!!

  242. 242 : mbd Says:

    They made a big mistake killing Mi shil and Bi dam.

  243. 243 : Moto Man Says:

    Thank you! That was very helpful, I just bookmarked your website.

  244. 244 : bidacel Says:

    yes…qsd is the best….i love the cast…best korean historical drama. i love deokman and bidam cute couple.. yushin and alcheon too..mishil good in acting as a bad.. good job..the only thing was,its very sad ending…well, its history.. two thumbs up…well recommended…

  245. 245 : bidacel Says:

    ok. two thumbs up then for historical drama. the best

  246. 246 : jangi Says:

    @208 i i agreed with you.

  247. 247 : zm Says:

    I don’t understand why everybody likes Bidam. He’s like the ultimate JERK. He only wants to possess Deokman and couldnt care less about her dreams. Possession does not equate love. Yoo Shin is the man! Unwavering loyalty till the end.

  248. 248 : sophie Says:

    i agree with you zm. i go for yushin or alcheon but never bidam, he’s a jerk & traitor.

  249. 249 : kysha Says:

    sophie & zm,

    simple explanation why bidam is so popular. he had the better hairstyles as compared to yushin. for most parts, he had this nice floppy fringe framing his handsome face. while yushin had all his hair tied up in a ugly bun. even in bidam’s last scene, he had this really nice flowly hairstyle which is my fav of all.

  250. 250 : appl Says:

    I don’t like Bidam at all.

  251. 251 : Laura Says:

    The best drama ever! I love it! Great plot, great talented actors and actresses!

  252. 252 : Ms. QSD Says:

    I agree…the best drama ever!!! Great performance by all actors and actresses..I love Yushin for being righteous and he never leave Deokman no matter what.. Bidam is cool..His role is difficult but he potray it very well..I really hope that we have a leader just like Queen Seon Deok and Yushin.

  253. 253 : coralou Says:

    this drama is really great and it is still being aired here in the philippines. but after last night’s episode, i feel sad for princess deok man because her love of her life hwarang yushin married the daughter of lady mishil. some historians in korea have different opinions if she did really get married or not. historical accounts says that she got married to Galmunwang Eum after her first year of reign as queen of silla, and have a child. and other historians says she remained single. but if she did get married and has an heir, why is it that after her death her cousin jindeok succeeded her on the throne? hope some korean historians could give light on this matter.

  254. 254 : darla Says:

    no other drama that i’ve seen that’s more violence, touching and romantic than this drama…i feel like i can become like queen seon duk she has such a great wisdom and i hope that was a true story in a way because she was too smart to handle everything however i don’t want it to be true in another way because there were more killing and violence which i cudn’t even bear look at it…LOL… but it was such an attractive drama. I LOVED IT :)!!! I just want to say that the write did such a good job in writing such an ATTRACTIVE soap opera and especially to the characters in the movie for enduring the hard work and my sincere thanks to the people who’ve worked hard to put this drama together for the public to see and witness the work of a person who has committed into his or her career. Also thanks to those who’ve translated this drama into english and chinese as well. That must’ve been a hard work. But I SALUTE you for being an awesome translator. Keep up the good work and May God grant you more and more knowledge to translate more and more. <3 Kamsahmida sorry if the spelling's wrong. I just learn that from the dramas that I watch but don't know the spelling. Salangeo 😀

  255. 255 : karyn yeo Says:

    Kim Nam Gil and Lee Yo Won…great pair…really love watching the show.. hope to c u both in the next projects…cheers to yr career!!!!

  256. 256 : yiyin Says:

    i love queen seon deok……………

  257. 257 : airene Says:

    I’ve already watched a lot of korean dramas and this is one of the best ever!!! I so love it!! I’ve already finished watching the whole drama but I still watch it in primetime tv here in the Philippines; and the suspense never stops..eventhough i already know the story, I still get really excited.. me and my friends are so addicted to it!! I really salute the writers and all the production staff who made it..Kudos to you all!! Hope you continue to make good dramas!!

  258. 258 : joy Says:

    LEE YO WON (Deokman)…. just love her. Thumbs up!!!

  259. 259 : houka Says:

    appl, I also didn’t like Bidam at all…

  260. 260 : gunay.azeri Says:

    hi…..l love you queen seon duk.bidam+deokman.

  261. 261 : joyce Says:

    i realy love this show.i love kim nam gil and lee yo won.gusto ko din pag mag kasama sina bidam at deokman,kinikilig ako.i love this show.ang galing talaga pumili ang gma 7.this show is the best!!ang cute din ni bidam,alcheon,daenambo,imjong,chunchu and wolya..and syempre gusto ko din si lady mishil….

  262. 262 : nathaniel Says:

    i hope there`s always a happy ending on evry korean movie drama…

  263. 263 : joyce Says:

    sorry po pero hindi happy ending ang drama na queen seon deok.kasi mamamatay ang bida na si deokman.hellow po,sa lahat ng queen seon deok fanatics,sana po buksan ninyo ang facebook at paki search po doon ang queen seon deok philppines.thank you.to all queen seon deokfan.

  264. 264 : ardhan Says:

    request for more synopsis please..

  265. 265 : mel Says:

    i like ko hun jung act…

  266. 266 : joyce Says:

    hi po.this is very beautiful korean drama.for queen seon deok fan, please visit http://www.facebook.com/queen seon deok philippines or for bidam and deokman fan http://www.facebook.com/bideok

  267. 267 : asle Says:

    To all the stop and crew of queen seon Duk congratulation the best drama ever i don’t like the ending Bidam is dead her role is difficult but he portray it very well.. To all the drama Korean I’ve seen this drama is the best nice actors and actress its really different from others to the writers you really amazing i wish the ending will change i want Bidam and Queen Seon Duk be together. I like the episode where Bidam want to see Queen Seon Duk it really made me cry and fight all the Warang.To Bidam your really cool i like you i hope you will do a drama with Queen Seon Duk.

  268. 268 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much.. queen of seon dok is one of my favourite..

  269. 269 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  270. 270 : dwee_q Says:

    great queen

    great drama

    great actress

    great actor

    great crew

    great joo sang wook, hehe ^_^v

  271. 271 : joyce Says:

    hi to all.i realy like this show.lagi ko tong pinapanood sa tv.every monday to thursday.tinaggal kasi ng gma sa friday timeslot yon.at gumaganda na ang story.

  272. 272 : MAI-mai Says:

    best script that I’ve seen so far. Kitang kita pinaghirapan talaga lahat ng eksena, costumes, script, pati pagpili ng characters.

  273. 273 : connie Says:

    this korean drama is so amazing ,, i really like it ..

  274. 274 : Elvie Mendoza Says:

    My life was on hold when I was watching, non-stop this drama (eyes glued to T.V. set) but really worth it. Superb and powerful acting – Lee Yo Wan, Nam Ji Hyun, Ko Hyun Jung and etc.

  275. 275 : joyce Says:

    i realy like this show.ang ganda talaga.sayang ngalang at malapit na ito matapos sa tv.nagsimula ito noong jan 1.pero mahaba at matagal tagal din yon pinalabas.

  276. 276 : sunshine cua Says:

    i love this tv series me and my family loves it very much hope to see all the cast specially lee yo won and kim nam gil hope you visit philippines. good luck and more power. any way this is sunshine cua of blk 43 lot 15 brgy san antonio de padua I dasmarinas city philippines. im your number one fan here in our country….. bye bye

  277. 277 : joyce Says:

    nakaka iyak yong nangyari kagabi sa queen seon deok july 8.namatay na si lady mishil.di na ako masyado nagagandahan sa qsd pag wala na si lady mishil.siya kasi yong nga papaganda sa queen seon deok.at parang hindi tumatanda kahit 39 yrs old na.parang 30 yrs old lang.next week magiging queen na si deokman.

  278. 278 : vhia Says:

    i dont like end because bidam die and also the three main character of qsd but aits the best drama ever congratulation …for the whole cast more power.sarranghe…………..

  279. 279 : joyce Says:

    ayoko ko din po ng ending ng queen seon deok.pero ano po ba sa english o tagalog ang sarranghe?please answer…

  280. 280 : Pung Says:

    How did queen seon deok die at the end? what was her illness?

  281. 281 : joyce Says:

    wow.reyna na sya mamayang gabi sa gma!pero malapit ng matapos ang queen seon deok.sayang talaga at namatay si lady mishil.huling gabi na ni bidam na naka damit hwarang.lonely…,gusto ko ang bidam na laging naka ngiti at tumatawa,masayahin at yong isip bata.

  282. 282 : virgolady33 Says:

    im disappointed sa GMA kc marami clang kinacut na scene starting last wk pa lyk ung burol ng king at mishil tapos ung pag uusap ni deokman at bidam maganda p naman un at marami pang iba…..napanood ko na kc sya ng buo kaya lang korean language with english sub pero watch ko p rin kc mas feel pg tagalog.sana huwag madaliin ipakita nila ung lahat ng eksena kc maganda ang gagaling ng bawat acting nila.kung kailan malapit ng matapos saka sila magka cut nakakadisappoint talaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  283. 283 : Blue Says:

    Love this Drama so badly.. the best KOREAN DRAMA of the year 2009-2010.. do doubt why it gain so high ratings
    Love.. Queen Seondeok- beautiful and wise
    Bidam– cunning, handsome, and such perfect in fighting skills
    princess chunmyung– a pitiful, lovely princess
    Lady MiShil– plays a perfect role as a cunning, wise, charming, and “cruel” lady

  284. 284 : joyce Says:

    mas gusyo ko si nandoon si lady mishil sa qsd.nakaka miss pag wala sya……nag selos si bidam kay deokman kagabi.nakita ko ulit yong dating bidam..

  285. 285 : vhia Says:

    hai kainis ang gma bkit nila kinacut ang mga episode dissapoint tlaga me

  286. 286 : joyce Says:

    ”wag mo syang paalisin masasaktan ka lng.”sabi ni bidam kay deokman.hay bagay talaga silang dalawa….oo nga po maraming cut ang gma kaya dapat manood sa internet kasi doon mapapanood mo po ng buo..

  287. 287 : lovely Says:

    best korean historical drama… I love deokman.

  288. 288 : chaimoon Says:

    I saw that in one scene YooSin was married to a woman. Later I saw that he was serving Seon Dok. Whatever happened to his wife? Could anybody please shed light on this?

  289. 289 : joyce Says:

    ”sa tingin mo ba hindi lumulukso ang puso ko sa tuwing lumalapit ka sa akin?”sabi ni deokman kay bidam kagabi…!nakaka kilig!!grabe.

  290. 290 : joyce Says:

    ang ganda yong kagabi..umamin na si bidam kay deokman..sabi pa ni bidam”kung mahal mo ang silla handa akong maging silla.”ang tindi!

  291. 291 : Imee Says:

    I would love Bidam and Deokman to be together. Hope the writer ended their love story happy. I just hate to see Bidam died in the end. Anyway, I hope that Kim Nam Gil and Lee Yo Won could do another drama in the future after Kim Nam Gil’s military training.

  292. 292 : joyce Says:

    nakita ko na yong cammercial ng queen seon deok.12 days na lang…..nakakalungkot naman yon…mamimiss ko yong sobra….!lalo na si bidam…!!:)

  293. 293 : joyce Says:

    nakita ko na yong cammercial ng queen seon deok..12 na lang daw..nakakalunkot naman matatapos na yong qsd…:(mamimiss ko lahat ng gusto ko doon.diba mamayang gabi na ipapalabas yong 3rd hug scene nila deokman at bidam..!?nakakakilig naman..sana maipalabas na yon mamayang gabi sa gma…at sana walang cut….

  294. 294 : mitch Says:

    sna po magkrun po kau ng dvd ng queenseondeok,at un mga naiplbas nyo korean teleserye,k2lad ng queenseondeok,full haus nla rain,jumong,jewel n da palace, jumong,wanjeny,bsta po un 2ngkol sa history nla at s hari un completo po.pra po pgnagpnta po q snga rekord bar un po ang bbilhn q,s totoo lng po nkkalungkot po kc un ibng naipalbas nyo n po cmula kay jewel n da palace d q po amsyado npanuod kc po gb n po my pasok po q s work at gabi n po q nkkauwi kya pag nkrting nq s bhay minsan tapos n.kya po favor po sna magkrun po kau ng dvd lalo n ang queenseondeok.kc po tlga nssubaybyan q po yan.PLS>>lng po sana mpagbgyan nyo po kmi n magkrun ng dvd pra mapanuod q po uli.pagbutihin nyo po lalo un work nyo po thanks po s gma.sana mpagbgyan nyo po un kahilingan nmin.sana po mbsa nyo po un kahilingan nmin.mtagal q n po gusto sbhn un kahilingan po nmin.now lng po q ntoto mgcomment.thnks po.more power po gma7.thnks po,Godbless po

  295. 295 : mitch Says:

    sna po kng pwde po wag nyo po icut naiintndhan q po n my ksunod n po palbs s queenseondeok..adik po q queenseondeok, cnusubaybyan q po un queenseondeok.d papo aq kuntento n s tv q lng mpanuod pti s compter cnusubaybyan q.sana po wag nyo po madaliin tapucn un queenseondeok,at kng pwde po wag nyo icut.thnks po….ADIK PO AQ S QUEENSEONDEOK..SNA MKPNTA NG PLIPNAS CLA DUKMAN,YUSIN,CHUNCHO<AT BIDAM.at kng pwede po kng my album c lee yo won,at lalo n c papa bidam kng pwde dn po iplabas nyo dn po.kc ngtnung po q kng my album n cla d2 wla p pla.thnks po…sna po mpgbgyan nyo po kmi.thnks po

  296. 296 : mitch30 Says:

    gud pm po,favor po sna po nbsa nyo po un req,q po n magkrun po ng dvd s record bar ang mga naiplabas nyo lalo n ang queenseondeok at jewel n da palace.un my translation ng tagalog.at favor din po kng my teleserye po uli cla bidam at deokman kng pwde po n iplabas nyo po kc ang cute ng loveteam nla.nkkkilig cla,,,salamt s mga ngtranslate kng d dhl sanyo d magigng magnda ang kalalabasan ng nga korean teleserye.,,,

  297. 297 : mitch30 Says:

    favor po sna po maiplbas po un lovers vanished n kim nam gil d2 s pilipinas tlga po pnunuorin q po yan.thnks po more power po gma7,sana po mpgbgyan nyo po un kahilingan po nmin,,, thnks po

  298. 298 : mitch30 Says:

    NKKtuwa po kc po pti po un pamangkin q inaabngan po ang queenseondeok….ang ganda ng queenseondeok GRABE…

  299. 299 : mitch30 Says:

    grabe po nkkakilig po un ekseina nla bidam at deokman,,,sna po magkrun n po kau ng dvd ng queenseondeok n my tagalog translation…

  300. 300 : mitch30 Says:

    grabe 10days nlng un queenseondeok…kng pwede po n pkiulit po uli at magkrun n ng dvd ng queenseondeok,,,nkkakillig cla,,,kya ilalagay q i2 s cp q un episode nw,,,kaso my putol eh,,dpt un mhhlaga eksena nla n deokman dpt d nyo kncut..inaabngan q yan lagi.

  301. 301 : mitch30 Says:

    sna po pagbgyan nyo n po kmi n mgkrun n po ng dvd tagalog translation ng queenseondeok.nun ng serch aq ng jwel n da palace pra mag comment d q mkpasok.my nbsa aq n comment dun sna magkrun ng dvd ng jewel n da palace.sna d po nyo kmi bguin dhil nkta q po un request nun tao n un taong 2008 p po un.sana pagbgyan nyo kmi…thnks po

  302. 302 : mitch30 Says:

    sana po kng pwd po n pkreplay po uli un queenseondeok jan din po gma7 kht gbi wiling po q mgpuyat.bsta po wag lng po s hapon dhil d q rin po mppanuod un queenseondeok kht pgktpos ng balita basta po mpnuod q lng po.at wag nyo ireplay s qtv dhl po malbo po un chanel nmin s qtv.kng pwde po n pgbgyan nyo po kmi…PLSSS>>>>PO>>>>SANA PO MGKRUN N PO NG DVD TAGALOG TRANSLATION NG QUEENSEONDEOK>>>pls,,,pls,,po..thanks po

  303. 303 : joyce Says:

    ang ganda ng nangyari kagabi sa queen seon deok..nakakakilig talaga..di masyado naka pag salita si bidam…the best ang qsd..

  304. 304 : joyce Says:

    si deokman umamin na kay bidam…the best ang hug scene nila kagabi sobrang nakaka kilig talaga…!!!:) bideok!

  305. 305 : joyce Says:

    gusto ko yong hiniga ni bidam si deokman,yong pinalabas kagabi sa queen seon deok…!ang sweet naman nila…bideok na bideok talaga.pero na awa ako kay yusin noong batiin nya si deokman at bidam.di rin ako maka paniwala na gusto ni deokman mag pakasal kay bidam…pero the best parin ang bideokk..!:)

  306. 306 : Photo Booth Rentals Says:

    I should really have been BIDAM and DEOKMAN!!!!
    Bidam is the best character!!!

  307. 307 : inez Says:

    ini historical drama pertamaku yang bikin aku tergila gila ama drama korea………….The Great Queen Seon Duk…..The Great Histirocal Drama. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…………I LOve Lee Yo Won, Kim Nam Gil

  308. 308 : joyce Says:

    nakakailig yong kagabi sa queen seon deok!ring scene nila.ayaw pang bitawan ni bidam yong kamay ni deokman!grabe ang bideok…

  309. 309 : lbm Says:

    i watched this kdrama only once in a while since its airtime here in the phils is very late. and now that the series is coming to an end next week, i watched it for four consecutive days this week and planing to watch the finale next week. but since i was very eager to know what will happen to the story, i watched the episode finale at the internet. after watching it i was really really devastated by the tragic ending. until now my thoughts are all bout why it had to end that way. and i can still remember the face of bidam dying and deokman’s eyes closing… this drama really gave me an aching heart.

    this drama is so great that it left a great impact on the mind and heart of its viewers

  310. 310 : LEE SAERA Says:


  311. 311 : joyce Says:

    hay malapit ng matapos ang qsd,nakaka lungkot naman.4 days na lng….tapos ang ending mamamatay si deokman at bidam..

  312. 312 : Renave24 Says:

    4 nights left huhu i really love this drama. ma mimiss q to huhu.. bidam rocks!

  313. 313 : dyna Says:

    Hi! My name Dyna. I live in Cambodia. I watch this drama everyday. I am really like this drama very much and I like Misil and queen SEONDUCK . There action was so good.

  314. 314 : masfie Says:

    drama yang mampu membuatQ berdebar-debar..

  315. 315 : jachispice Says:

    whaa whaa….. grabe… super! last night na…. BiDeok!!!! why cant it be just KNG&LYW

  316. 316 : jachispice Says:

    why is there NO wall paper of Bidam & Deokman?

  317. 317 : jachispice Says:

    … i mean Bidam & Deokman , together in a WALLPAPER.

  318. 318 : joyce Says:

    hay ngayon na matatapos ang queen seon deok.papanoorin ko talaga yon.nakaka lungkot talaga.mamamatay si deokman at bidam,ang panget ng ending,sana nag katuluyan na lng sila.hay parang ayaw ko pang mag masyadong mag gabi.ilang oras na lng tapos na ang pinaka kinabaliwan kong palabas sa gma telebabad.:(

  319. 319 : vhia Says:

    naiyak ako kagabi sa nangyari kay bidam pinatay sya ni yushin without remorse pls replay this show in q tv 11lijke jumong i mke puyat for this lovable show in gma sinimulan ko at natapos ko,,,,ireally love this show speciakly the whole cast the tragic love story of bidam and deokman..sarranghe and kamsahamnida for making this show a very high class than jumong

  320. 320 : joyce Says:

    nakaka iyak naman yong nangyari sa queen seon deok.nakaka awa si bidam.epal kasi si yusin eh pinatay si bidam.tapos yong namatay pa si deokman,hay ang sakit.sana mapanood ko ulit yon.mamimiss ko talaga si bidam non.kakalungkot parin kahit ngayon.naaalala ko parin yong nangyari kagabi.

  321. 321 : herbert Says:

    ako rin talaga ndi ko pa rin maintndihan kng bakit ganun ang ending ng Queen Seon Deok,Namatay ang mga bida, it realy touch my heart, nadala ako sa kwento,napakaganda talaga….mamimiss ko ung kwento at ung mga lahat na artista…
    sana ndi na lumaban si bidam at sumuko na lng ng kusa para nakausap pa nya ng mabuti ang reyna para nagka alaman ang totoo at nagkapatawaran.
    ang reyna naman bakit ndi kc sya nagpagamot yun tuloy namaty din sya,at sana pinakita din kng sinu pumalit sa trono….
    well super,super nice ung QUEEN SOEN DEOK,,,,Nice job GMA7
    sana po GMA7 magpalabas ulit kau ng koreanobela na sila din ang mga bida!!! tnx

  322. 322 : herbert Says:

    lahat ng koreanobela ng GMA7, napakaganda lahat most esp ung JEWEL IN THE PALACE, LOVE OF THE CONDOR HEROES, JUMONG and of course and QUEEN SEON DEOK, kahit gabi na pinapalabas pinapanuod ko talaga siya its because very nice story, since umpisa hanggang katapusan sinusubaybayan….the best!!!!

  323. 323 : joyce Says:

    na aasar ako kay yusin..pinatay si bidam.kaka iyak talaga.ngayon pa lng miss ko na ang queen seon deok.si bidam ang pinaka mamimiss ko…sana di na lng sya namatay.

  324. 324 : bellla Says:

    nako nakakaiyak talaga yung ending.si bidam pa naman yung talagang pinapanood ko dun.T_T.hindi ba pwede na iutos na lang ni deok man na hulihin na lang si bidam and hindi sya patayin??

  325. 325 : joyce Says:

    first day,first night,first week na walng quen seon deok.lahat first time.kakakalungkot naman,hay tapos na kasi yong queen seon deok.kakaasar.

  326. 326 : ok250682 Says:

    Another must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary buy exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  327. 327 : joyce Says:

    hay 1 week and 1 day na pala ang naka lipas ng matapos ang queen seon deok.nong nawala yong queen seon deok,nakaka panibago.wala na akong inaabangang camercial.ah wala na ako masyadong pinapanood pag gabi.nakaka miss,syempre lalo na si bidam oooooohhhhhh diba….!?

  328. 328 : joyce Says:

    kaka miss ang queen seon deok.wala ng qsd kaka miss at lungkot naman…nanonood na lng ako sa google minsan para lagi ko sila nakikita…..sana ma replay sa channel 11 yon.

  329. 329 : joyce Says:

    hay kakamiss ang queen seon deok talaga….sana may ipalabas ulit ang 7 na kahit ilan sa kanila nandon…

  330. 330 : joyce Says:

    2 linggo na ang nakaka lipas no,nong natapos yong queen seon deok.

  331. 331 : joyce Says:

    nakaka miss talaga ang queen seon deok..sobra.

  332. 332 : joyce Says:

    hhmmm…..hay sana ipalabas ulit sa 11 yong queen seon deok,katulad ng jumong i replay din sana ulit..

  333. 333 : joyce Says:

    hay kakamiss talaga ang qsd…hhmmmm…!!!survivor na sa mga oras na tohh….hehhe

  334. 334 : ken Says:

    This was the best show i have seen in a long time (usa) here

    Gonna buy on DVD when i can find it for a good price..

    watch it if you have not seen it yet!

  335. 335 : joyce Says:

    3 weeks and one days and night.hay kakamiss na ang qsd.ang bilis naman ng panahon.sana may palabas din si kim nam gil..ksi si ko hyeon jeong si lady mishil,may foxy lady,si lee yo won may cruel love….hehe

  336. 336 : joyce Says:

    ang gwapo ni kim nam gil sa when spring comes…!!!grabe..hehehhe..!!!ang saya ng liggo ng wika namin kahapon..ahahhaa…naudlot ksi ano,umuulan eh…heheheh….ang saya talaga..!!!mabuhay ang grade 6 savior!

  337. 337 : joyce Says:

    mag iisang buwan na nong natapos ang queen seon deok…..tumingin kayo sa kalendaryo……!!!!!!!!hehehhe….kakamiss talaga ang qsd…

  338. 338 : joyce Says:

    si rain sa full house pumunta dito sa pilipinas sana si bidam din,si deokman at si lady mishil….hehehhe..gusto ko silang makita sa personal…hahaha

  339. 339 : joyce Says:

    hay sana ipalabas ulit sa 7 o sa 11 uilt yong queen seon deok…namimiss ko na sobra…hehe..

  340. 340 : bidacel Says:

    qsd was a good one to watched, and the actors are all good………….now they have another one…….DONG YI………….good drama,historical and actors are good too……..watch for it………….you gonna love it….

  341. 341 : joyce Says:

    naku kung mag karoon lng ng dvd o cd ng queen seon deok na tagalog,ay bibili ako talaga….mag papabili ako…ahhahahha…!!!!bukas 1 month and 1 week na ng natapos ang qsd…sana makapunta ako sa korea ba lng araw….ehhheh

  342. 342 : ok Says:

    I like Lady Mishil. Her acting is superb. Even she acted a bad person here with the smartest brain, I shed tears for her when she dies. I am also happy that Kim Nam Gil has an important role in this drama as Bidam that lead him to stardom. Watch his Gay Movie (R) No Regret – very nice.

  343. 343 : joyce Says:

    inulit yong money war.nood kayo…namimiss ko na yong mga tunog pag si mishil yong pinapakita…crystal glasses nya,i love it…!!!i miss that…!!pati yong mga ngiti nya…heehehh….si bidam nakakamiss di npag yong itsura nya kinikilig kay deokamn at pag ngumingiti sya..hahahha….

  344. 344 : joyce Says:

    yong shining inheritance uulitin…pero umaga,sana yong queen seon deok,hindi umaga pag ini replay.kung irereply ng gma.!!

  345. 345 : aldana26 Says:

    Hi.sana nga ulitin ng gma yung queen seon dok…sana s primetym nila lgy…and guy’s luking mgnda yung dae mul (big fish) starring cholo of (stairway to heaven) and lady mishil of (queen seon dok)…gnda ng role ni lady mishil dun sa dae mul (she is a first female president of korea)..sana kunin din ng gma yung dae mul and ipalbs din dito s pinas..i miz lady mishil

  346. 346 : joyce Says:

    miss ko na talaga ang queen seon deok…ang tagal na ng natapos ang queen seon deok..miss ko na ang BIDEOK..!!!kakalungkot pa yong ending.

  347. 347 : joyce Says:

    hi…!share ko lng…sa facebok…para sa mga queen seon deok fan…!!!www.faceboook.com/queen seon deok fanatics…type nyo ha…!!!!

  348. 348 : louis vuitton wallet Says:

    I like Lady Mishil. Her acting is superb. Even she acted a bad person here with the smartest brain, I shed tears for her when she dies. I am also happy that Kim Nam Gil has an important role in this drama as Bidam that lead him to stardom. Watch his Gay Movie (R) No Regret – very nice.

  349. 349 : Rav Says:

    The whole story was written discreetly…
    thumbs up!!! 9.5/10

  350. 350 : OK OK OK Says:

    Must Watch drama — very exciting !!!!!!!!!!!!

  351. 351 : niichan Says:

    best drama ever… love princess deokman.

  352. 352 : joyce Says:

    miss ko na ang queen seon deok..lpit na ng christmas…mga fanatics…remember pag katapos ng christmas new year na…!!at jan.4 2010 nag umpisa ang qsd..hehheh!!

  353. 353 : maka Says:

    i love it very much…

  354. 354 : CaLLianna Says:

    i remember watching queen son duk 24/7.. hahaha.. i can’t sleep thinking whats the next episode might be every episodes has its climax story thats why u can stop watching it..its a nice story i ever encountered in all korean drama series but the ending is like kinda hangin me… all in all i rate perfect 10 🙂

  355. 355 : jundi Says:

    loved deokman…missed her.

  356. 356 : christine Says:

    i started watching this just few episodes before it ended but nonetheless it was still appealing for me and i really got hooked from it. i cried a lot and admired the characters portrayed. i fell in love with bi dam for his love was so great that he did sacrifice everything.

  357. 357 : al Says:

    This historical drama is brilliantly written and powerfully portrayed. One of the great and awesome Korean drama series.

  358. 358 : bblve luv skks Says:

    the first historycal drama i ever loved.
    Please someone recommended me which is other good historical drama.
    Hu hu so sad, how could Bidam didn’t trust deokman, i like bidam he always make deokman smile. But after mishil died everybody change.hu hu so sad bidam and deokman died at end.
    I love mishil too.

  359. 359 : Says:

    szeretem a filmet jo

  360. 360 : Eniko Ferenczi Says:

    Was going now in Hungary, a fantastic series, a lot may be from him to learn about an other folk’s history.

  361. 361 : bambi Says:

    i really really really love this…super beautiful,well acted, production designs were great..the final episode really broke my heart..i can’t stop from crying, i really felt Bidam’s pain and his love for Duk Man..i wonder why it has to end that way..

  362. 362 : Amaya Says:

    This is one of the best korean drama that I ever watched…. it made me cry, smile, hate, laugh and fall in love. I love Bi dam and Deok Man.

  363. 363 : claudya Says:

    really the best drama ever,i cryied so much when i watched the last episode such a sad ending

  364. 364 : alvey Says:

    aww.. just the picture of QSD still makes me cry . the best drama ever! :'( i really cried a lot.

  365. 365 : Kiera Says:

    I wacth this drama over n over n every time i always ask why Bi Dam n Deok Man must end that way,, but anyway there’s no one but Mi Shil that first make me attached to this drama,, only remember her cold stare make me feel that goosebumps!! Bravo QSD!!

  366. 366 : I’m only afraid of 2 things…. « 내 마음의열쇠 Says:

    […] Seung Ho is an actor who started his celebrity life since the age of seven. I enjoyed his role in Queen Seon Duk — one of my favorite historical drama — (as Prince Kim Chun Chu) and in God of Study […]

  367. 367 : Kpop Albums and Lyrics Says:

    The best…

  368. 368 : fuzzy Says:

    so many characters to follow in the story, quite complicated and looks like lady mi shil was such a fertile (or is it virile?) woman – mating with many and producing many offsprings ! wow …hahaha… whatawoman !

  369. 369 : Queen duk | Aspiringfashio Says:

    […] Queen Seon Duk » Korean DramaDec 22, 2009 … Queen Seon Duk » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series. […]

  370. 370 : Shabnam Says:

    great drama, I even learned some Korean words, hahaha …but to the very end I was hoping Bidam and Deokman end up together…such a sad ending, I enjoyed it but try not to think about the ending and what happened to Bidam because it makes me depressed…

  371. 371 : sara Says:

    my most favorite Kdrama ever.I thought it will always be jumung but no. not any more.I felt like someone stabbed a thousand knife in my heart in the last episode when bi dam died. but the death of the queen made the tragedy less. because you know that she would not suffer and they will meet again in a better place and this time they can finally put suspicions aside and trust each other with no fear

  372. 372 : ro Says:

    Queen seon duk she look preety 🙂

  373. 373 : Jerry Says:

    Very good show! I would prefer if deokman died beside bidam holding his hands or what. At least i won’t feel so heart ache for Bidam. First time i cried for a show. Love Bidam so much. Feel that Deok man is not worth his love.

  374. 374 : meetha Says:

    already watch 3 times, still shed tears. i prefer kim yushin, he always faithful for deokman. really like watching when deokman become his namdong, they’r perfect lover…. his devotion brougt deokman be d’queen, eventhough toying his wedding with hajong’s daughter. Uhm tae woong did great job BRAVO oppa, but looking gorgeous in Dr Champ. But Bidam?? how tragic u’r ….Kim nam gil 2 thumbs up! QSD had d’best director, screenwriter, actor, music, etc. afterall QSD d’best historical drama ever after….

    QSD Lover from Indonesia

  375. 375 : sara Says:

    I read some comments by other viewers from other sites saying that bidam was like mishil. I do not agree. mishil was cruel and cold-hearted. she even left her own child. but bidam was desperate for love. he wanted his mother’s love.his master’s love and dukman’s love. he was scared and lonely and he wanted to be good person and that’s even more important . there is this part where he says: I want to give without wanting anything in return. honestly is it any like mishil? and dukman actually did fell in love with bidam. if getting comfort and calmness from someone is not love then what is it?

  376. 376 : sara Says:

    oh gosh I forgot to mention that bidam helped dukman without knowing who she was in the first place and left his favorites books just to save his teacher. ahhhh such a nice guy. how can you even say that he was like mishil? if you like yushin just say you like yushin. why do you insult bidam? my dear bidam.

  377. 377 : Lorem Says:

    How disrepectful it is to the enlightened of our past, and hold to the view that they were ignorant. To imply that the science of our modern age dissipates ignorance. For that is a subtext prevalent in this drama.

    I’ve always believed “ignorance” cares not for which period in history, ones color, gender or the university degree. It smugly sits on the shoulders of arrogance, pride and conceit. And there’s no scientific cure for it.

    I would prefer my drama to be entertaining and informative if need be, free of such propaganda.

  378. 378 : Feihu Says:

    This is without a doubt, one of the top ten mini-series of all time, world wide. The acting is superb, the direction, stunning and the camera work is some of the best ever seen. It belongs in a class with films like “Jumong” (MBC), “I Claudius” (BBC), “Miyamoto Musashi ” (NHK).
    The cast is absolutely great. Of course Ko Hyun-Jung is a veteran actress who never fails to impress you. “Woman on the Beach”, “Sandglass” and more current “HIT” are all showcase pieces for this amazing talent. This is the first time I have seen her in a period or historical drama. She fills the role to perfection. It is also the first time I have seen her as a villain type role. Absolutely fantastic.

    More surprising yet is the work of Lee Yo-Won as Queen Seondeok.I have only see this actress in modern roles. This role of Deokman would be a challenge for anyone and she is magnificent. Historical roles demand much from an actor and she gives it her all.

    Among the male actors I really liked the performance of Ahn Kil-Kang as Chil-Sook. The combination of Lee Mun- Shik as Juk-bang and Ryu Dam as Ko-Do is hilarious as well as memorable. They are reminiscent of the characters, Tahei and Matashichi, in Kurosawa’s “The Hidden Fortress” and give a lightening up effect to the otherwise very serious atmosphere of the film. I should also mention the role of the young Deokman played by a very young and talented actress, Nam Ji-Hyn whom I am sure we shall soon hear more of.

    It certainly would be nice to see Ko Hyun-Jung be featured in some international productions. She certaily has the talent. And as to her beauty there few in Hollywood or in Europe who can match hers. It is not far fetched to see East Asian movie stars in Hollywood or in European productions. A perfect example is Liu Yi-Fei (Return of the Condor Heroes) who stared in the American production “The Forbidden Kingdom”.

    As far as the historical content of the film is concerned it is a matter of record that Bi-Dam was, in real life, a far bigger threat to Deokman than was Misil. As a matter of fact Misil was probably already dead before the onset of Doekman’s reign. Bi-Dam lead an insurrection against Deokman under the banner of :”Women rulers cannot rule the country”. He and his followers were put down and executed however Deokman died a few weeks before the excecution took place.

  379. 379 : careen Says:

    the best korean drama!!!

  380. 380 : Yozora Says:

    Though this drama end in sadness way but i still love to watch it.. Bidam and Deokman, the lovers that cannot be together.. so sad and so appealing in the same time.. :”)
    what a great historical drama..

  381. 381 : Alan Says:

    Hate Bidam, an asshole ! How could he treat Yushin like that especially in Episode 53,54. A person like Bidam (if he exist on earth) deserve not death, but 50years of hideous suffering on earth. So i totally disagree with sara and other viewers that Bidam is a good guy. Sad to say, such character do exists on earth, and thats why life sucks !

  382. 382 : mary chris destacamento Says:

    i like this movie!!!100000X

  383. 383 : sangjhoon Says:

    seeing your comments here i think i’m really convinced this is worth watching, i’ve been hearing about this but the long dramas sometimes is a set off for me but i luv kim nam gil too & the osts in this drama are good!

  384. 384 : Norhanan Says:

    Oh until now i can’t move on in the Tragic love story of Bidam and deokman..

  385. 385 : Gameshark Says:

    I Love Queen Seon Duk and i can’t say this movies and be a good drama in korea.

  386. 386 : Phoenix Says:

    I just like it.
    I never like korean drama before because it’s usually long.
    I prefer deokman with yooshin and it’s so disappointing that they didn’t.
    They have through a lot together.

  387. 387 : OK OK OK Says:

    Hi Admin

    Can you please put Kim Nam Gil name who acted as Bidam (a very important role in Queen SeonDuk) in the blue link – main cast please.

    I am sure he gain many fans after this drama and more people would love to know more about his profile. Kamsa Hamnida – Fans from Singapore.

    I started to like him since he acted in the drama THE LOVERS 🙂

  388. 388 : admin Says:

    @OK OK OK,

    Thanks for inform us. we just update the list. Please take a look.

  389. 389 : OK OK OK Says:

    Bidam was abandoned by his mother Misil when he was a baby. We cannot blame Bidam how he behaves because the man who raise him up did not teach him what is right & what is wrong. 🙂

    What we know is he is very true to Duk Man and he was being “SET UP” by other people that leads to his downfall… 🙁

  390. 390 : OK OK OK Says:


    Thank you Admin 🙂

  391. 391 : YushinLang///4ever Says:

    **Speechless** Who knew this drama would be THAT GOOD?!?! Wow Queen Seon Duk had a very traumatic and lonesome life…

    Also I REALLY WISH THAT THE LOVE OF HER AND YUSHIN LANG PREVAILED!!! I didn’t hate Bidam, but I could never fully trust him and I was a die hard for Yushin…

    I will say that after watching it I see why it was #1 the entire time it aired…I have never been so indulged in a drama to where 62 episodes seem like NOTHING. HAHA.

    No words can say how good this drama was if you’re wondering if you will like it…just drop the “historical” part off and see it as a regular AMAZING drama. (historical usually deters me from wanting to watch these types)


  392. 392 : Bidam or Yushin Says:

    This drama is very powerful. I wish I wasn’t done with it. I felt like I was living back in that time with them I got so involved.

    But about Bidam…I dont believe he was like Mishil I just believe that the lack of love he received made him uneasy to believing someone would never abandon him. Quite sad. However, I don’t have as strong of remourse because he did not have to let the people under him set him on that type of path in the first place.

    With that said I wish the Queen and Yushin could have made it.

  393. 393 : Phoenix Says:

    If the life of real life bidam just like in the drama(queen seon duk), I pity him.

  394. 394 : qsdfan Says:

    oh God it’s been 3 years. I miss this drama so much:((( i miss all the casts esp bidam who is still in military. This drama is the best drama i’ve ever watched!!

  395. 395 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hi OK OK OK this is sangjhoon — i’m gonna hv a JSW marathon watch these coming days & hope this is a good one – see u later!

  396. 396 : Ayisha Says:

    I love Bidam but he ws never trustworthy. Yusin believed in Dukman Bt he was married they cld never b.

  397. 397 : khimberly Says:

    I will never forger this one!

  398. 398 : wei fu Says:

    great rating for the great one 🙂

  399. 399 : khan Says:

    I just have some words about drama qsd.all the actors and actresseshad done and sucessful in their characters.i love kim nam gil character as bidam.laugh,cry,sad and love all of
    these from this role,with me,i think drama is boring if no bidam,just serious,order,scheme and killing.

  400. 400 : cris Says:

    i just finish watching this drama, and it was so really great. each scene is very heartwarming, because of i became emotionally healthy, every time there is a main character who dies i cant stop crying. i will always remember this sageuk drama.

  401. 401 : Charles Says:

    Deokman and yushin could have spend their love story forever but bidam ruined everything.he truly deserves to die.i only wonder how yushin will react to Queen Deokman death

  402. 402 : Bone gull Says:


  403. 403 : bora peter Says:

    mishil was a greatest leader, i knows how to control things is the kind of a leader the world as always want

  404. 404 : bora peter Says:

    Mishil was a greatest leader, she knows how to control things is the kind of a leader the world as always want

  405. 405 : bevelyn Says:

    sana may part 2 at sana sila na ni bidam ang magkatuloyan….iyak talaga ako ng iyak hanggang sa namaga ang mga mata ko sa kaiiyak nun…..:( 🙁 🙁 i can’t imagine when he tried to reach deokman and my tears is keep falling i don’t know how to control myself and i don’t know why but i was so sad…… PLEASE PART2….:( 🙁 🙁 PARA NAMAN MABIGYAN NG JUSTICE ANG LOVE TEAM NILA…..

  406. 406 : bevelyn Says:


  407. 407 : tigerb Says:

    still watching the series as i think it is good one, but i just hate it when some of the scenes really look stupid when done for dramatic purposes. and this is also true in a lot of korean dramas i’ve watched.

  408. 408 : Yozora Says:

    1 of the greatest korean drama that i have ever watched.. 🙂 it’s being a long time when i watched this drama and still in my heart.. ^^

    i was hope they stop the drama when Deokman gain the throne though, so i don’t have to see the painful and heartbreaking death of Bidam.. :'(

  409. 409 : jodi Says:

    Each time I think of the love between Bidam & Deokman, I can’t help crying. Bidam makes my heart aches so much. I love Bidam. I love Kim Nam Gil.

  410. 410 : Mmlinma Says:

    Bidam is a tortured soul with boarderlin e personaity disorder.
    I weep for his pain but I’m glad I’m not his therapist . I like Mishil. She was splendid.

  411. 411 : emmanuel Says:

    Finally my endless sleep has come to an end because I just finished with this drama.I can boldly and proudly say this drama is indeed one of the best drama.l liked every episode. Mbc is really the king of dramas.thank you for this wonderful and masterpiece drama.long live korean drama.

  412. 412 : Scott Says:

    Bidam is my favourite charactor in this drama…he’s so innocent and becomes one of the those who sacrifices in the war of politician…I watched this drama for so many times because of him…Tks for your great play in this drama, Kim Nam Jil…I think you are the best man for this role…

  413. 413 : Scott Says:

    Bidam is my favourite charactor in this drama…he’s so innocent and becomes one of those who sacrifices in the war of politician…I watched this drama for so many times because of him…Tks for your great play in this drama, Kim Nam Jil…I think you are the best man for this role…

  414. 414 : OKOTH JOSEPH Says:

    Deokman and yushin rang their love story could have continued forever but bidam was an obstacle to everything.he truly deserves to die.

  415. 415 : BIDAM Says:

    kim nam gil my favourite actor ILY

  416. 416 : endah Says:

    sayangnya skrg gk blh tayang lg krn mslh hak cipta..

  417. 417 : gud news Says:

    Oh l love Bidam in dis drama though misunderstanding btw him nd Deokman led to his death.

  418. 418 : sai Says:

    patay na nga sila sa part 1 pano pa sila magkakatuluyan ni bidam sa part 2? ahahahhaa anyways ganda ng storyang to ^^ remarkable

  419. 419 : ask Says:

    Good day! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to
    him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

  420. 420 : batepapo Says:

    O melhor bate papo gratis.
    Quer conhecer pessoas engraçadas?
    Quer ter uma boa conversa? Quer encontrar o amor da sua vida?

    Quer um encontro? Não hesite, este é o Bate papo cam

  421. 421 : Liya Says:

    This drama is amazing. Deokman and Bidam’s love was amazing no wonder why they got best couple, even though their love was tragic, they met each other again after death at least ( They don’t show this, I am assuming). In all, this drama is worth a watch. I loved it. One of my favorite historical dramas. This drama is girl power!! Please give it a try! ^^

  422. 422 : Subtitle Indonesia Queen Seon Deok – Gratis Download Movie Says:

    […] File Name : Queen seon duk » korean drama Source : http://www.koreandrama.org Download : Queen seon duk » korean drama […]

  423. 423 : Korean Drama I Have Ever Watched | My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Queen Seon Duk Rating : 4 out of 5 […]

  424. 424 : Ness Says:

    Just watched the whole episodes… The last part made me cry for Bidam 😂. This kdrama is 👍👍 Highly recommended to watch. I hope the writer will make a reincarnation of Bidam & Deokman’s love story at present.❤️

  425. 425 : Drama "Deserving of the Name" ni-l readuce pe Kim Nam Gil pe micile ecrane - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] (KBS2, 2013), “Bad Guy” (SBS, 2010), “Personal Preference” (MBC, 2010) – cameo), “Queen Seon Deok” (MBC, 2009), “When Spring Comes” (KBS2, 2007) sau “Lovers” (SBS, 2006) are o cariera de 14 ani in […]

  426. 426 : Ne mai despart doar 22 de zile pana la premiera "Black Knight" - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] King” (SBS, 2012), “Deep Rooted Tree” (SBS, 2011), “High Kick 2” (MBC, 2009), “Queen Seon Deok” (MBC, 2009) si “Land” (SBS, 2004), iar dintre filme il amintim doar pe cel mai recent dintre ele, respectiv […]

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