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Queen of the Ring

Title: 반지의 여왕 / Queen of the Ring
Full Title: 세가지색 판타지 – 반지의 여왕 / Three Color fantasy – Queen of the Ring (Gold)
Chinese Title: 三色幻想 – 戒指的女王 (金色)
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Episodes: 6 (2 episode/day)
Broadcast network: MBC & NAVER tvcast
Broadcast period: 2017-March-09 to 2017-March-23
Air time: Thursday 23:10
Related Series: Three Color fantasy


This is a 100% pre-produced drama and a co-production between NAVER tvcast and iMBC.

Mo Nan Hee (Kim Seul Gi) is ugly and this has influenced her to become mean. She doesn’t in live. One day, she receives a ring which holds a family secret. Meanwhile, Park Se Gun (Ahn Hyo Seop) is handsome, but he has a cold-blooded personality. Due to the magic of the ring, he declares Nan Hee as his ideal woman with a beautiful appearance.


Main Cast

Kim Seul Gi as Mo Nan Hee
Ahn Hyo Seop as Park Se Gun

Supporting Cast

Yoon So Hee as Kang Mi Joo
Hwang Jung Min as Moon Se Hwa
Jun Noh Min as Mo Joong Hun
Lee Tae Sun as Byun Tae Hyun
Choi Tae Hwan as Ma Deuk Chan
Kim Min Young as Pi On Hwa
Kwak Si Yang as Nan Hee’s senior (cameo)
Kim So Hye as Se Gun’s ex-girlfriend (cameo)

Production Credits

Director: Kwon Sung Chang
Screenwriter: Kim Ah Jung


This drama is a one of the Three Color fantasy drama trilogy by MBC. The other two in this series are The Universe’s Star (White)” and Romance Full of Life (Green).

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Watch Online in Viki.com


  1. 1 : Berrychoco Says:

    Looking forward to this drama!

  2. 2 : GOLD Says:


  3. 3 : astri Says:

    love this drama

  4. 4 : khl Says:

    SEUL GI fightingg love youu

  5. 5 : me_nina Says:

    and now they become a couple..hhahaha.. before they’re just friend on splash splash love..so excited to watch them together again..

  6. 6 : KDCraze Says:

    I will definitely watch this. I love web drama like Splash Splash Love and Noble My Love. The story is short, sweet and cute. I specially like Kim Seul Gi in Splash Splash Love, she is so cute and funny. I wish this story a bit longer though. I wish it will be 10 episodes lol.

  7. 7 : Noise Says:

    Very goooood mini drama!!!!!!!! You must be watch this one!!!!!

  8. 8 : ROBIN Says:

    I loveeeee this mini seriessss😄😄😄😄

  9. 9 : Berrychoco Says:

    MUST WATCH! recommended (10/10)

  10. 10 : CoolBeans Says:

    Short and sweet. Worth watching. The lesson is be yourself without trying to fit someone else’s image.

  11. 11 : tigerb Says:

    can anyone tell where i can watch this online? thanks!

  12. 12 : OK OK OK Says:

    If a ring can make a person falls in love with you when you trick a person to wear it on your finger, its like black magic….. scary!!!

  13. 13 : OK OK OK Says:

    I saw Jo In Sung and ParK Hae Jin in this drama makes me laugh non stop ha ha ha &

    also Jun No Min as lead actress father makes me laugh non stop too…. 😛

  14. 14 : rhusselle Says:

    aw ive watched 200+ kdramas and 150+ kdramas to watch on my back list.. on the three color of fantasy .. I will recommend the Universe’s Star and this Queen of the Ring I will watch this again and again.. Its funny it will make you cry every line she said breaks my heart every action she does make me cry I want to hug her so bad .. Confirmed Im really a fan of Kim Seul Gi now.. I dont know but she is very beautiful maybe it depends who look at her. For sure theres more drama coming up I wish a long ones.. AHS is daebak too.. So handsome.. Please watch Splash Splash Love too .. Ill search more who writes and directed this dramas ..Ill find more kdramas like this.. My favorite Kdrama is My name is Kim Sam Soon and this one next 🙂 Hwaiting

  15. 15 : shirohana Says:

    Kind of fairy tale story but not bad overall. Just watched this drama the main actor and actress were both good in their parts

  16. 16 : Candie Says:

    Where can I watch it. It isn’t on Viki

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