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Title: 게임의 여왕 / Queen of the Game
Chinese title : 游戏女王
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2006-Nov-18 to 2007-Jan-28
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55


23 years ago, Kang Eun Seol’s father, Kang Jae Ho, stole the position of Lee Shin Jun’s father. This led to Lee Shin Jun’s father to commit suicide with his wife and son. Now 23 years later, Lee Shin Jun, now known as Chase, wants revenge and isn’t going to stop until he gets it. He makes Kang Eun Seol fall for him, so that he can get to her father. But there is a twist, Lee Shin Jun has also fallen in love with Kang Eun Seol, but Lee Shin Jun’s partner, Park Joo Won loves him too… Later Eun Seol finds out about Shin Jun’s revenge plot against her father and she decides to get revenge on him for using her..


Kang household

Lee Bo Young as Kang Eun Seol
Han Jin Hee as Kang Jae Ho (father)
Yoon Mi Ra as Jang Su Ja (housekeeper for 20 years, 50)
Kim Hee Jung as Park Young Sun (Su Ja’s daughter, 30)

Lee household

Joo Jin Mo as Lee Shin Jun / Chase
Nah Young Hee as Han Mi Sook (mother)
Lee Suk as Lee Suk Gyu (father)
Kim Hong Pyo as Beo Geu Kang (Shin Jun’s friend, 30)

Other people

Kim Soo Hyun as Park Joo Won
Choi Joon Yong as Kim Pil Seo
Kim Ga Yun as Sa Man Da (Pil Seo’s ex-wife)
Jung Han Yong as Jung Hoe Jang (Man Da’s father, hotel investor, 50)
Nam Il Woo as Ji Bae In (hotel director, 60)
Lee Jae Po as Park Yi Sa (hotel director)
Kang Yi Suk as a young Lee Shin Jun

Production credits

Producer: Oh Se Gang
Writer: Lee Yoo Jin

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300 Responses to “Queen of the Game”

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  1. 151
    Koree Says:

    Indeed agood and moving kind of Kdrama. Well done. Cheers

  2. 152
    Gan Says:

    Chiayo chiayo Queen of the Game.

  3. 153
    Pansy Says:

    My favourite Kdrama. Good job.

  4. 154
    KD fan Says:

    i can keep on watching and never get sick of it 🙂

  5. 155
    Pansy Says:

    Aja aja Queen of the Game. Fighting.

  6. 156
    Hana Says:

    Oh Boy can get enough watching this drama.

  7. 157
    HONEY Says:

    So touching and very good storyline.

  8. 158
    Adam Says:

    They are very good acting tohether. JJM you look dashing in this drama.

  9. 159
    Honey Says:

    Hi JJM I prefer to acting in modern drama rather than the classical.

  10. 160
    Koree Says:

    JJM your acting in this drama is very good.

  11. 161
    Samantha Says:

    I cant agree more. Highly recommended. Love chemistry Superd. Now, LeeBoYoung is one of my favorite actress. Definitely a Natural beauty.

  12. 162
    Koree Says:

    ya they have good chemistry together. This movie good for all ages.

  13. 163
    KD fan Says:

    how i wished the new period drama which JJM also acted in , the lead lady is Lee 🙂

  14. 164
    KD fan Says:

    oh but that one has a sad ending though

  15. 165
    Samantha Says:

    Lee is seeing one of the great actor now, Ji Sung from New heart. She pairs up well with him too. Golden couple and I wish they work out well together.

  16. 166
    Elle Says:

    JJM still the love of my life.

  17. 167
    aifu Says:

    this is without a doubt definitely one of the best kdramas ever.a must watch y’all

  18. 168
    Poppy Says:

    i really-really love this K-drama. first time i watched it, it really took my breathe away, and the story was very original, none of any other drama can make such a beautiful story like this.
    i just loved it

  19. 169
    Elle Says:

    Hmmmm I agree, this drama is very interesting. Highly recommended.

  20. 170
    Rosie Says:

    Best drama. Love the story. Worth watching.

  21. 171
    Hana Says:

    JJH very handsome and good acting in this drama.

  22. 172
    Mi-Rae Says:

    anybody can help…..the english subtitles is broken…can’t display the series

  23. 173
    aifu Says:

    one of the best out there,characters were superb,storyline captivating.Queen of the Game mmmuah!

  24. 174
    Hana Says:

    Best drama love the two leads actor and actress. Welldone.

  25. 175
    Hana Says:

    Still loving JJM

  26. 176
    Lin Says:

    This is a very nice romance story, both actor and actress did a very good job, perfect match. We enjoyed it very much. I have to purchase these drama in order for us to watch it as we wish…..

    Good luck to both of you!

  27. 177
    Hana Says:

    Well said Lin me also keep watching the drama as and when I like..


  28. 178
    irene Says:

    This is the best Korean drama series. The main casts Jo Jin Moo and Lee Bo Young acted well. They were so natural. It was aired in Singapore lately and was well received. Jo Jin Moo performed his role superbly.
    As usual his charisma was seen throughout the series. Well done

  29. 179
    irene Says:

    What happened to Bichunmu drama series? I can only watch episode
    1 & 2 and still waiting for eposide 3 onwards.
    I simply love to watch Jo Jin Moo. His acting is so cool and natural.
    His eyes are so bewitching.

  30. 180
    Vis Says:

    Anyone know how can i download the songs that are contained in this drama?

  31. 181
    Vis Says:

    LOL! If you guys rally want to post comment on JJM… Please do that in Find Actor, under JJM or simply copy and paste this link here http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=149. If u miss JJM much then u should watch 200 pounds beauty…

  32. 182
    Dann C Says:

    Highly recommended.Interesting and entertaining,great acting.
    Enjoyed the story. Definitely Worth watching 🙂

  33. 183
    haidy Says:

    Hello! SBS Media Production, we would like to request to your good company another team up of JOO JIn MOO and LEE BO Young another love story drama, they are really good Love team, we really love them in Queen of the game, or Lee Bo Young team up with Go Soo or Ji Sung..
    We would like also to see a korean drama of Joo Jin Moo team up Lee Dae Hae, thank you good luck to your production…

  34. 184
    Tala Says:

    Hey, job well done on this drama. Actor & Actress were marvelous, I enjoyed every episode. The ending was out of this world…I don’t see
    much of these kind of drama with a beautiful ending…Drama was SAD but the ending was GREAT…thats the best of it…something to look forward to. To me its worth watching sad sad drama….but the ending has to be happy….This is one of the best dramas, I’ve watched so far…

  35. 185
    Fibie Says:

    It’s from HaTe become LoVe…
    I really LovE it…

  36. 186
    Irene Says:

    Would you believe it, I am watching Queen of the Game again.
    I have loaned my DVD to my friends and they all love it.

    I am waiting anxiously for Bichunmu episode 8 onwards.
    Please download soon as possible. Thanks

  37. 187
    Irene Says:

    Would you believe it, I am watching Queen of the Game again.
    I have loaned my DVD to my friends and they all love it.

  38. 188
    missy1308 Says:

    i’ve watched this drama and i was really touched. the two lead actors acted superb, especially the times when they both are trying to hold their true feelings for each other to revenge.. it’s really worth my time.. i recommend this series to all.. i hope to see a lot more of this love team, they look good together… i fell in love more with Joo Jin Mo in this drama.. i noticed him in 200 pounds beauty and was fascinated by his charm… he acts well and is really good looking…

  39. 189
    Dann C Says:

    I enjoyed this drama even more the second time around which I just finished and I have only done that once before with “Time between Dog and Wolf” and that was unbelievable . Maybe I should go for a third time.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  40. 190
    Kim Says:

    Love this drama. Love JJM very handsome.

  41. 191
    se7enstarz Says:

    luv the drama…how could you resist JJM??? he is extremely gorgeous!!! LBY is so pretty and they definately an item together…

  42. 192
    tkiok Says:

    I really love this drama. A series worth watching.

  43. 193
    WIE WIE Says:

    This is fresh drama korea..
    hate can became love..
    the player so cool
    handsome, beautiful, especially LBY
    Hmmm.. she is so charismatic..
    love u so much

  44. 194
    annemarie Says:

    I like this drama love story,especially JJM,his acting is great ,and handsome,and the girl is pretty too.I recommend this drama ,watch this guys!!

  45. 195
    karen Says:

    JJM is HOT!

  46. 196
    yuyutz Says:

    i like tiz drama very much!! itz different from other dramas. i have watched many kdrama but tiz one really impress me.. great chemistry and real acting heh!.. lookin forward 4 another drama from jjm & lby…

  47. 197
    marsh Says:

    there were many trials but their love conquers them all. the love between them is the kind of love everybody is dreaming of.

  48. 198
    Alice Says:

    This is really a good drama , good story line with good actor actress , Highly recommended !

  49. 199
    marites gerona Says:

    im not yet finished watching this. im still at episode 6 but all i could say is only good reviews for this drama. the location shoots superb, the script is so good and actors excellent! one is hooked up from chapter 1 onwards…

    my only comment is midnight blue song is quite off-key and old fashion to be the theme song..and LBY, not that beautiful. il comment again when im through.

  50. 200
    marites gerona Says:

    love it! thanks for recommending it but it should have ended in episode 16. the last 3 to 4 episodes was boring and slow. but who hates a wedding ending?

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