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Queen of Housewives


Title: 내조의 여왕 / Queen of Housewives
Chinese Title : 賢內助之王
Also known as: Queen of Wives / My Wife Is a Superwoman
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2009-March-16 to 2009-May-19
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Chun Ji Ae and Yang Bong Soon are high school classmates who did not have the best relationship with each other. Ji Ae was the most popular girl in school whereas Bong Soon was the girl that was always made fun of. Years later, their roles are reversed as Bong Soon’s husband is very successful whereas Ji Ae’s husband, Ohn Dal Soo, is just an average company worker. Dal Soo starts an extra-marital affair with his boss’s wife, Eun So Hyuk. How will Ji Ae react to this?


Kim Nam Joo as Chun Ji Ae
Oh Ji Ho as Ohn Dal Soo
Lee Hye Young as Yang Bong Soon
Sun Woo Sun as Eun So Hyuk
Choi Chul Ho as Han Joon Hyuk
Yoon Sang Hyun as Heo Tae Joon
Kim Chang Wan as Kim Hong Shik
Nah Young Hee as Jang Young Sook

Extended Cast

Park Joo Hee as Go Mi Young
Lee Seung Ah as Kim Young Sun
Jung Soo Young as Ji Hwa Ja
Hwang Hyo Eun as Lee Seul
Joo Min Ha as Jung Go Woon
Ham Jae Hee as Gong Young Min
Kim Jung Hak as Department chief Yang
Lee Mae Ri as Jung Ran (Department chief Yang’s wife)
Kang Soo Han as Han Hyuk Chan (Bong Soon & Joon Hyuk’s son)
Kim Sung Kyum as President Heo (Tae Joon’s father)
Yoo Ji In as (Tae Joon’s mother)
Kim Young Ran as (Ji Ae’s mother)
Baek Seung Hee Hyang Suk
Kim Do Yun as Ahn Jung Sook
Yoo Jae Suk as applicant (cameo, ep20)
Park Myung Soo as applicant (cameo, ep20)
Jung Hyung Don as applicant (cameo, ep20)
Jun Jin as applicant(cameo, ep20)
Kim Sung Min as Tae Joon’s friend (cameo, ep16)
Kim Shin Young as couple in sauna (cameo, ep11)
Shin Dong Hee as couple in sauna (cameo, ep11)
Kim Seung Woo as police officer (cameo, ep3)
Kim Se Min as secretary Hwang

Production Credits

Director: Go Dong Sun
Screenwriter: Park Ji Eun


– 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Female Top Excellence Award (Kim Nam Joo)
– 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Male Top Excellence Award (Yoon Sang Hyun)
– 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Male Excellence Award (Choi Chul Ho)
– 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Female Excellence Award (Lee Hye Young)
– 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Award (Kim Chang Wan)
– 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Award (Nah Young Hee)
– 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Writer of the Year Award (Park Ji Eun)


This is Kim Nam Joo’s return to the small screen after 8 years away from the entertainment industry.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-03-16 1 8.0 (<8.7)
2009-03-17 2 10.3 (13th) 10.7 (13th)
2009-03-23 3 9.6 (15th) 10.1 (15th)
2009-03-24 4 11.2 (12th) 11.8 (12th)
2009-03-30 5 11.5 (11th) 11.8 (12th)
2009-03-31 6 12.0 (10th) 11.6 (10th)
2009-04-06 7 20.0 (2nd) 20.7 (2nd)
2009-04-07 8 21.3 (2nd) 22.0 (2nd)
2009-04-13 9 21.6 (2nd) 22.2 (2nd)
2009-04-14 10 24.1 (2nd) 25.6 (2nd)
2009-04-20 11 24.2 (2nd) 24.9 (2nd)
2009-04-21 12 24.4 (2nd) 25.6 (2nd)
2009-04-27 13 25.2 (2nd) 26.5 (2nd)
2009-04-28 14 27.4 (2nd) 29.3 (2nd)
2009-05-04 15 26.6 (1st) 28.4 (1st)
2009-05-05 16 29.2 (1st) 31.1 (1st)
2009-05-11 17 30.4 (1st) 32.2 (1st)
2009-05-12 18 30.0 (1st) 31.8 (1st)
2009-05-18 19 29.9 (1st) 31.7 (1st)
2009-05-19 20 31.7 (1st) 33.7 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : Christina Says:

    where will this drama air on and what website and when

  2. 2 : DOJA Says:

    the same Q above
    i guess it will be fantastic drama.

  3. 3 : amany Says:

    hi ladies
    i wanted to be the first to post here :(( but it is ok..i am happy that KD mentioned the drama at last and very eager to see it sooooooooooooooon..

  4. 4 : lane0727 Says:

    i think u all can watch at mysoju.com or at viikii.net…

  5. 5 : Beth Says:

    Hello Christina

    Queen of Housewives/ My Wife is a Superwoman 1st episode will air March 16 taking over East of Eden time slot.

    I think this drama is a conniving, scheming and deceiving that revolves around the 3 couples. I love this kind of scenario. I do think this will be a great drama among women either single, married or devorcee!!

    Will see ……

  6. 6 : Beth Says:

    Hi Amany and Doja

    Nice to see you on this end. Yes both of you are superfast to be here.
    We have three more days to wait and see our Dashing oppa Oh Ji Ho (ZIO) .

  7. 7 : Beth Says:

    Hi lane0727

    Thanks for the website. I think viikii.net or Veoh TV will be more up to date on this drama.

  8. 8 : firna Says:

    i love oh ji ho cant wait to see him in drama romance komedi…

  9. 9 : Jan Says:

    Yea!! I made it here!!

    I also can’t wait for Queen of Housewives/ My Wife is a Superwoman to air!! Nice to see familiar people from Soompi and to meet new Zio fans!


  10. 10 : Beth Says:


    I love you for your speedy, fast and rapid responce. Wow you are doing so well ..you are all over Oh Ji Ho (Zio) site now. Thank You for sharing and spreading your love for Zio.

    Like all ladies here can’t wait for Zio new kdrama.


  11. 11 : DOJA Says:

    hiiiiiiiiii ladies
    i guess we all burning to see the drama,just 4 his pretty face & gorgeous smile
    sooo lets fighttttttttt.

  12. 12 : Beth Says:

    Absolutely Doja , can’t wait for March 16.

  13. 13 : Sony Says:

    It might be fun.

  14. 14 : Lia Says:

    This drama will be airing on March 16, so it’s not long time anymore. Thought I can’t watch this drama, but I can’t wait to see Zio’s new performance in this drama. It’s long time enought For me and the other Zio ladies waiting his new drama again after single dad. He would be excellent in this drama as always.

  15. 15 : Lia Says:

    Hello Zio ladies…
    We meet again in another page of KD site. 🙂

    Beth, Amany, Doja…. you’re so fast to find anything about Zio.

  16. 16 : DOJA Says:

    yes LIA
    this drama didnt start yet & all ladies are posting here,i hope it will have the success that zio deserve.

  17. 17 : DOJA Says:

    we cant wait to see zio , but this drama will be different than any other one for me bkz i’m posting & sharing the moments for the first time,
    i did the same wiyh AMANY in SINGLE PAPA we cried on the wall of facebook group wishing this drama to be more comic & funny, but ok they can kill anybody except ZIO..

  18. 18 : Jane Says:

    I am so EXCITED!!! One more day before this drama is shown on national Korean TV!

    How I envy those living in Korea.

    I will have to wait like the rest of you, either Mysoju or Veoh or for the dvd when the entire drama is finished in Korea. CAN’T WAIT!!!


  19. 19 : Jane Says:

    I also wish this drama will be a great success and will bring lots of entertainment (Juhp-dae) and fun (Jae-mee) and cheer up a lot of people (Sah-rahm-duuhl) during this depressing financial tsunami!

    AJA AJA!

  20. 20 : Beth Says:

    Hello Doja

    When did I become a “cheerleader.” Can’t even stretch nor jump…ha ha. Oh I think what you meant is cheerring for the Kdrama QOH…. Well that, I could, ‘cheer’ no question ask!

    One more day ladies!! We are on a countdown!!!!!!!

    Yes Jane….Fighting…Aja..Aja!!!!

  21. 21 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Jane

    I am impress with your Korean Language!!!

    Well done!!!

  22. 22 : Jane Says:

    LOVESTAR (#1067)

    Re Korean words ~ all I did was search for the words I wanted from the English-Korean phonetic dictionary posted by Jan on #1052 (http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=49) and do a copy and paste!


    In other words, I cheated, but, it is better than nothing, dohng-ee-hah-dah (agree?)

  23. 23 : Lovestar Says:

    Jane (22)

    I knew it but its still a great help for us lazy bunch. Our only problem is the pronunciation. We actually pronounce the word as what is written.

    Amany must be glad…. we are supporting her with her Korean language.
    You are not alone we are all here for you. arasho (OK)


  24. 24 : Luvlilady Says:


    18 hours and counting!!!

    QOH/MWS Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25 : DOJA Says:

    actully i just feeling that u r like ZIO cheerleader through ur exited postings.
    enjoy the drama.

  26. 26 : Beyh Says:


    I would be much glad indeed to be OJH (ZIO) cheerleader anytime for FREE.

    I just have to go on training and by then I’ll scream:

    Give me a “Z”

    Give me an “I”

    Give me an “O”

    ZZZZZ IIIII OOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    How about that??..ha ha

  27. 27 : jane Says:

    BETH directed me to look into http://www.koreaxu.com/ and I found these after signing up as a member:



    Also, by searching Kim Nam Joo’s Chinese name: “金南珠” and the Chinese title “内助的女王” of MY WIFE IS A SUPERWOMAN a.ka. QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES under http://www.youku.com, I found these:


    I LOVE YOU MOVIE (in Korean with Chinese subs):


  28. 28 : Beth Says:

    Hello ladies

    Found a trailer of Queen of Housewives ep. 1 & 2


  29. 29 : marites gerona Says:

    omg! d fans of oh ji ho are here!!well, i think the plot is good. classmates before who are comparing their lives years later is very realistic!i can relate to that!im a fan of zio too but i think his partner here is not that pretty for him

  30. 30 : marites gerona Says:

    i can see some familiar characters here. the guy in the right, is the one at the drama, to marry a millionaire who is half chinese i think and the girl in the left is the one in drama, dalja and she seems to portray a similar charcter again, a sexy seductress…

  31. 31 : Jane Says:

    From Minah_00 (Soompi post #2777)

    Episode 1

    youtubelink without subtitle:

  32. 32 : DOJA Says:

    thanx for the info about the 1st episode i m sure it was great.
    i’m with u that his wife ‘in the drama” is not pretty but we have to accept but its the way with zio nobody is enough 4 him :X
    enjoy the 2nd episode

  33. 33 : DOJA Says:

    here u go all hidden talents are showed up 4 ZIO
    keep cheering for ZIO but let me join u :
    love u

  34. 34 : DOJA Says:

    i just watched the 2nd part of the 1st episode ZIO rule looks very different i didnt understand aword but i guess his wife s rule dominating on his,
    even the grey suit was agreat biginning to me but as usual in the korean drama alot of changes will occur.
    wait did u noticed?? when the ladies said “fighting” i just smiled & remembered that its zio s ladied password :))

  35. 35 : Beth Says:


    Here’s more!!

    Ep 1-2 ( 9:47)


    Ep 1-3 (9:11)


    Ep 1-4 ( 10:21)


    Ep 1-5 ( 9:35)


    Ep 1-6 ( 8:45)


    Source : donkunlove3… Thank You so very much!!
    “Said she’ll put more…”


  36. 36 : Beth Says:


    I have 6 parts of ep 1. Its under moderation….

  37. 37 : Beth Says:

    Hello Marites,

    I have encountered you in so many OJH (ZIO) site. I do not know if you still recall last year I made you join Soompi. I know you adore OJH too,
    so why not chat with us in Soompi where you could see lots and lots of OJH pictures and news.


    You have to register in Soompi in order to get in.

    We consider ourselves as International Zio fans but are not registered officially.

    WE are Zio (OJH) ladies that spread Zio’s love around the world.


  38. 38 : Harleydaz Says:

    “Queen of Housewives” Ratings

    2009-03-16 Episode 1
    Nationwide 8.0 Seoul (

  39. 39 : Harleydaz Says:

    “Queen of Housewives” Ratings

    2009-03-16 Episode 1
    Nationwide 8.0 Seoul (

  40. 40 : Harleydaz Says:


    I’ll try one more time if it does not appear the way I’ve posted it you can find in Zio’s thread in Soompi
    link here

    “Queen of Housewives” Ratings

    2009-03-16 Episode 1
    Nationwide 8.0 Seoul

  41. 41 : Beth Says:


    Episode 2 of QOH in Korean only

    Ep 2-1 (10.51)

    Ep 2-2 (08.13)

    Ep 2-3 (10.28)

    Ep 2-4 (09-43)

    Ep 2-5 (10.33)

    Ep 2-6 (07-53)

    Ep 2 -7 ( 07.44)

    Love the last episode plus preview of the the incoming episode.
    Can’t wait for next week!!

  42. 42 : Jane Says:

    2nd episode: there’s definitely chemistry between ZIO and KIM NAM JOO. I feel sorry for her role though, she’s like OH SOO JUNG now, she has to suck up to her former classmates who seemed to be doing much better than her.

    I am beginning to like KIM NAM JOO a lot – she’s not the beauty-queen-georgeous-looking type but she comes across as the reliable, stable, sensible, intelligent and down to earth sort of woman that perhaps man like to marry. And, because she not georgeously pretty, at least other actresses are not threatened by her except by her superb acing skills. I feel she could come up for best actress (best Ajuma of the year) award! I hope I am not wrong.

  43. 43 : Jane Says:

    Sorry to spoil this for you but it’s so funny — absolutely love that staring-drinking-staring-drinking scene! Can’t help chuckling to myself!

  44. 44 : Luvlilady Says:

    Jane (42)(43)

    Did you notice Zio facial expression on the fight scene?? He still look so handsome, if ever I have a guy like him getting mad over me I would just go over and kiss him. He is so adorable..ha ha Don’t you agree ladies??

    There are two scene which I love.

    Ep 1… straw competition. I do not know how it works but I just have a good laugh.

    Ep 2… like what you said staring, glancing, and vice versa ..drinking with an intent look and yeah the fight scene, good for Zio he flies out first to hit him…

    Overall, I enjoyed it.

  45. 45 : Luvlilady Says:


    I have posted episode 2 in Soompi.


  46. 46 : amany Says:

    smelling that ZIO LADIES tend to make this drama one of THE MOST COMMENTED DRAMAS:)) right??
    i think that`s nice to discuss together the drama..i only saw parts of first episode..it seems interesting…
    his co-star is very attractive..maybe,she isnot the top beauty as u may think but we r talking about A HOUSEWIFE:)) and she is very suitable for the role..
    i feel i amnot cured of SDIL yet,coz i only see PUNG HO till now especially in the scene in their room,he was wearing a training suit or pyjamas..so much PUNG HO`s TYPE..
    i wish for this drama all success..

  47. 47 : amany Says:

    Harley Daz
    about the rating :
    8 is out of 10??? is it like 80% watching or audience are giving it 8-10??
    i am,not familiar with the rating system..can u give me an idea??
    and ur evaluation of that rating??is it good enough??
    do other dramas take HIGHER ratings??and to make it close to my mind..do u remeber rating of SDIL ??
    sorry for all these questions but i am deeply and truly wish this drama not only a success but to be BIG HIT:)

  48. 48 : Jan Says:

    I’m enjoying the drama even w/o the subs because it’s Zio’s drama. Once we can watch it with subs, I’m sure it will be even more enjoyable. With episode 2 Iwas able to better understand some of the characters pasts and their interactions with each other. OOOH! CHOI CHEOL-HO is very attractive, too. Man, can he stare!!! With his wife he’s very indifferent, if he was really into her, he should’ve been chasing her around the room.

    As JCSF said: “Also love ZIO’s uneasy expressions when he was being stared at because although CHOI knows who ZIO is, ZIO has never seen CHOI before and wondering what this guy wants of him!” I always love Zio’s subtle facial expressions. He does it so well.

    Kim Nam Joo seems like she’s on the receiving end of all of the grief she dished out when she was young. I felt so sorry for the “ugly duckling” when she wasn’t allowed into the club and Kim Nam Joo appeared to not help her out. That’s pretty painful and demoralizing.

    Yes, Zio’s wearing the same hairstyle as in Single Dad. He looks so good. For a change I like to see more of his forehead (kind of spiky on top)…. like in Couple or Trouble. No matter what hairstyle or clothing, he always looks good! In this drama, I feel like he’s playing a nice average guy. He’s kind, easy-going but dominated by his wife. He doesn’t seem to have much drive which is probably why he needs a wife like Kim Nam Joo to push him through life.

    I’ve seen Kim Nam Joo’s real-life husband in a couple dramas and enjoyed his performances. He’s playing the guy on the bridge (cameo)with the hard hat talking to Kim Nam Joo.

    I’m so glad that QOH has been uploaded to Youtube! Can’t wait for episode 3!

    And the rating for the drama went up from the 1st episode…HOORAY!!!

  49. 49 : DOJA Says:

    hiii ladies
    thanx 4 the great idea about the drama
    thanx 4 the details about the story that i didnt understand , i watched few of it but i prefer to english substitue “i guess its better to understand whats going on”
    as jan said he has the same haircut “single papa in love” & yes i love the haircut which is show alot of his charming face like “get karl”
    i like his wife she s pretty in my opinion in comparison with another actresses in this or another dramas, she dress good also.
    keep watching & telling us the story.

  50. 50 : Jane Says:

    AMANY (your post #46)

    You mentioned you are not cured of SINGLE DAD IN LOVE yet.

    Have you seen ZIO’s other dramas such as FANTASY COUPLE and GET KARL?

    Most of us see FANTASY COUPLE first and then GET KARL, so our first impressions would be him with short hair seeing lots of forehead or flipped up.

  51. 51 : amany Says:

    yeah,dear,i watched fantasy couple and get Karl ..i liked his looks too and believe that he looks best in GET KARL and SUPER ROOKIE ( i love him in suits 🙂
    but as u mentioned the first impressions are the strongest,,some says “first impressions last forever:) and my first was in Single Dad in love.so was DOJA..i can tell when he looks better or acts better but seeing him with this look ,that revives single dad memories to my mind:)) i believe watching more episodes will get me into the new drama
    mood ..and of course the character is obviuosly different..
    however,short hair or long hair,he is the same talented actor and wonderful man:))

  52. 52 : marites gerona Says:

    hi jane

    thanks for remembering me and i do remember you as well!i think im just on the background supporting him. just keep suppoting him and im just behind you all.

  53. 53 : Beth Says:

    Hi Marites

    That’s good you still remember but I was using ‘Beth’ and ‘Lovestar’ as my username at that time. Jane is another Zio (OJH) lady as well as Jan. I know sometimes names make us confuse but do not worry about that
    as long as we all support OJH (ZIO).

    So what other OJH Kdrama or movie have you watch. I think I have seen you in Single daddy and Get karl site.

    Keep on supporting our Zio (OJH) and Thank You… FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. 54 : Beth Says:


    Since our topic was first Zio drama we’ve watched, mine was Get karl.
    This Kdrama was introduce my one of my girlfriends from United Kingdom… can you imagine that?? When I saw Zio first time my whole body shake with excitement.. ha ha. He was so gorgeous.
    Never have I’ve seen an actor who impacted and breaks my heart at the first instance…. especially from his early scene when he got back from States and had already trimmed down perfectly. I also love his hairstyle which was comb side ways with his full face showing.
    Then Couple Trouble, Super Rookie, Autumn Showers, Labelle, SDIL,
    and the rest of his movies and kdrama.

  55. 55 : Lovestar Says:


    Episode 1 and 2 is already out with chinese sub!! Scroll up!!

  56. 56 : Jan Says:

    Hi Ladies,

    My 1st Zio drama was Couple or Trouble (aka Fantasy Couple) which also was the 1st K-drama I had ever watched. I was relunctant to watch K-dramas because of how hooked my friend was. When I saw Zio walk into the women’s bathhouse…. that was it!! Actually when I think about it, I was hooked when at the very beginning, they were driving to the bathhouse. Then he stripped down in order to get the rest of the money owed.. Oh WOW!! Then I watched Get Karl, Second Proposal and Super Rookie. I plan to watch his older movies soon. After that I started surfing the internet for any info/photos I could about him. I think the reason I like his hair shorter is so that I could see his whole face better. Do you remember the scene in Get Karl where his hair is wet because he’s either taking shower or soaking in the tub?!!

    Hi Marites….it’s nice to “meet” you!

  57. 57 : Beth Says:


    I still remember that scene from the bathouse when Zio stipped down..
    it was hilarious and hwat (hot) seeing the ahjumas facial expresion was riotous and extremely funny!!

    Me too I love the hairstyle of Zio in Get karl and Couple Trouble. Love to see his whole sculptured face.

    Seems like you and me are on the same pace..he he

  58. 58 : Jane Says:

    Re-watched the 2 episodes of QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES – I am beginning to find ALL 3 guys to be really hot!!

  59. 59 : Jane Says:

    BETH (post #54)

    Na du! (me too) First time I saw OH JI HO was one episode of GET KARL at a relative’s home and I went “who is this handsome guy??” “Is he full blooded Korean???”

    A few months later I saw the GET KARL dvd and bought it – never looked back since!

    Then, of course, such a delight to also find out ZIO has other dramas and movies, modelling career, etc… but most of all, getting to know you all who also like and support ZIO!

  60. 60 : Jane Says:

    MARITES GERONA (post #52)

    Hi MARITES, very happy to know you support ZIO like us!

    However, its time you step into the forefornt and let ZIO know that he has your love and support!

    Dohngeehahdah (agree?)


  61. 61 : Jane Says:

    LOVESTAR (post #55)

    With Chinese subtitle: http://www.xiaoli.cc/video/detail/3361/IttzotpozrYx

    It helps so much to undersand what they are saying although my reading Chinese is a bit cheoncheoni (slow), so I pause at every sentence to read all the words properly – 1 hour becomes 2 hours but well worth it!!

    THANK YOU (Ku ma wo/Kahmsahhahpneedah)!

  62. 62 : Lovestar Says:

    Jane (58)

    Yes I totally agree with you ..all the three guys are HOT, Hot, Hot…

    Are we burning with excitement with all this hot men on this Kdrama?

  63. 63 : Lovestar Says:

    Jane (61)

    You are not alone. Even with english subtitle sometimes I have to pause and read it twice and digest it. There are instances where it just zoom for a second and you want to get the thought of their conversation.

  64. 64 : Jan Says:

    Beth (57),

    There are so many scenes in Zio’s dramas that I love which is why I go back and watch them over and over. Do you remember the funny face Zio made in Couple or Trouble when he ran back to the hospital and hugged Han Ye Seul to claim her as his girl friend? It’s hilarious!! He makes the best faces and subtle facial expressions.

  65. 65 : Jan Says:

    Lovestar and Jane,

    Yes!! Those 2 other guys are looking mighty hot. I think they both look much better in film/video than in still photos.

    Lovestar – Yes!! We are burning with excitement with all the hot men on this Kdrama

  66. 66 : Jane Says:

    JAN (#64)

    Na du (me too) – love his funny expression when he hugged Han Ye Seul in the hospital.

  67. 67 : Jane Says:

    I also like that moment in the final scene of Episode 2 when ZIO, after hitting his fist against the wall, turned around and muttered a gentle “ow”, just when his former college friend SO HYUK (President’s wife) walked past.

  68. 68 : Beth Says:

    Jan (65) & Jane (58)

    If that the case, the drama should be re name King Of Housewives….
    to honor the three hot looking men. Awww

  69. 69 : Beth Says:

    Jane (67)

    Good observation. Even when Zio is hurt he still look so mighty charming.

    Yes I do love his expression… .awww …and Sun Woo Sun (owner’s wife)
    passes by and glance over at him…. nice……..

  70. 70 : Beth Says:

    Re my post “owner’s wife” it should be “President’s wife”

  71. 71 : Jane Says:

    BETH (post #68)

    Love the new “title” KING OF HOUSEWIVES for those HOT guys!

  72. 72 : mariA Says:

    I love this drama. I wish someone would do eng-sub in the near future. Kim Nam Joo is a very good actress. She came back from 8-year hiatus with a bang! I like her eye-expressions and her high pitched voice when he screamed at her husband. Oh Ji-ho is so handsome that it is surprising to see him doing comical expressions effortlessly. Very funny. Very good performance. Who cannot forget Choi Chul Ho staring mad crazy at Oh Ji-ho at the table. I hope this drama will enjoy good high rating among viewers. Thumbs up! I want to see more and more..

  73. 73 : Lovestar Says:

    Jane (61)

    Thank You so much for taking your time to translate QOH for us Zio (OJH) Angels. You are definitely a born Zio Angel. I am so glad to provide you the link.

    Kamsahamnida (Thank You)

  74. 74 : Luvlilady Says:

    Hi Maria

    Way to go…that’s what we were excited talking about that intent look by Choi Chul Ho .
    Who could forget his devil eyes and the questionable look of Oh JI Ho.
    Did you enjoy the fighting scene of the two hot handsome men? Don’t forget the slap by kim nam jo towards his poor adorable husband!!
    What a memorable episode 2!!

  75. 75 : Jane Says:

    Should I post the English translation onto this and Oh JI HO’s chatrooms? Will it spoil it for the others?


  76. 76 : Beth Says:

    Jane (75)

    This site is dedicated to Queen of Housewives so I don’t think it would spoil the thought of this exciting and hilarious drama.

    Go ahead post your translation. There are a lot of QOH fans who would thank you for this.

    Please post your two episode on different responces.

    Thank You

  77. 77 : Jane Says:

    For the sake of the non-Korean speakers, I am posting the English translation to the 1st and 2nd episodes. I hope I am not spoiling this for anyone. Enjoy! (pls excuse the grammatical errors, etc..)

    Kim Nam Joo as Chun Ji Ae = JA
    Oh Ji Ho as Ohn Dal Soo = DS
    Lee Hye Young as Yang Bong Soon = BONG
    Sun Woo Sun as Eun So Hyuk = SH
    Choi Chul Ho as Kang Joon Hyuk = KANG
    Yoon Sang Hyun as Ma Tae Joon = MA
    Kim Chang Wan as Kim Hong Shik = KIM
    Nah Young Hee as Jang Young Sook = JANG


    JA singing, ugly duckling Bong Soon says JA is pretty whereas the other classmates criticize JA.
    In class, girls asked JA if her cousin studies in Technical college and whether she can set up a date with them. JA asked why they were interested and said those guys are spoilt kids [I think] and they told her that those boys are intelligent and go on to university [JA apparently didn’t know about this.]

    After the date/straw pointing scene, Bong asked JA if she intends to develop further with Kang. JA says no. Bong asked if she could go out with Kang but JA didn’t allow it either and then asked Bong to get her some food. Bong rebelled saying she hated JA’s attitude and doesn’t wish to curry her favor anymore as JA didn’t treat her as a real friend. On hearing this, JA said she will start dating Kang.

    Next scene : wedding (JA’s narration: Being a women, there was the time when I actually became [felt like?] a queen and that [wedding] was the time.)

    Next Scene : tea with ex-classmates. Ex-classmate asked JA is it because your husband is too good to you and therefore you’ve forgotten your friends? JA says no, my husband is very busy everyday. Ex-classmate Ying asked JA what it’s like to have a jobless husband, and the previous “queen” now has to work to support her 4 year old to kindergarten; who could tell this was to change for JA and encouraged saying good times will come again “fighting” JA! Ying said her mom heard this from JA’s mom. JA was embarrassed.

    Ying is opening another shop soon. JA then asked Ying what it’s like for her husband to have a super young 25 year old by his side and that he is co-habiting with her too – JA said she didnt want to be gossipy but her mom heard this from Ying’s mom. JA further said pls do not comfort me; its you we have to comfort; who could tell this was to change for Ying. JA “admires” Ying for being strong and taking it in good stride and encouraged her “fighting!”

    Next scene, JA scolds her mom on the phone for gossiping and airing her dirty laundry.

    Next scene, overdue bills; sees DS playing cards with friends. He’s surprised she came back early as he thought she was to dine out. He introduces her to his group saying they are the cream of the crop and all share something in common – jobless. She asked him to go outside and he said why not speak in there. His friends tell him to go and check what’s happening but he said he is nervous and his heart is beating fast.

    DS: are you angry?
    JA: daughter will follow me. For the past 7 years you havent’ earned more 10 million won? [or is it 100 million won?] – this proves you don’t have the ability.
    DS: what are you saying?
    JA: each splits half for the house; you must pay me the support money on time but [”alimony??”] is not necessary.
    DS: what?
    JA: I cannot bear this any longer. You have no determination, no spirit, no job. Being with a person like that makes me lose hope. I’m tired of quarelling with my mom over you, tired of lying to my friends that you are working. Also tired of you hanging around those jobless friends. You’re already jobless for 1 year ~ haven’t you had enough by now? Arent you afraid something will grow in you buttocks? Look around – others are successful – arent you jeolous? If you continue to go downhill like that, arent’ you ashamed? Arent you the chief of your jobless gang? You’re so clever you should know what I am talking about. Let’s make it clean – lets separate.
    DS: Wife wife! Chases after her.

    Next morning JA asked her daughter which boy she likes in school. Daughter said someone’s name but mom preferred the other boy who’s father is a lawyer. Daughter says she likes that boy because he is gentle. JA says what’s the point of having someone gentle – if you look at character like that you will have big trouble in the future. JA told her to look first at salary, 2: family background; 3: [assets??] JA says she’s really tired of someone who is nice and gentle but with no ability.

    DS appears: daughter says daddy is wearing a suit, DS ask her if he looks smart and she says VERY! JA says she understands why her daughter is curious at seeing her dad in a suit – it’s a change from his everyday sports attire.

    DS tells JA he is going for an interview [JA looked indifferent]. DS continues – its QUEEN’S FOOD [JA turned around immediately] this was recommended to him by one of the gang last night and the salary is a lot higher than other companies. JA says why are you wearing that necktie and DS looked surprised and said what? JA said mom bought you a necktie from the duty free shop – wear that one instead. DS looked happy, says okay and followed her to the room.

    JA asked how many are vying for that role. DS said himself and one other. JA said why is his friend who is also jobless not go for the job himself instead recommend it to DS. DS said his friend found out there’s a problem – apparently the other candidate is the nephew of the personnel director and his friend and others have given up ‘cos he thinks he has no chance. JA says is this kind of “internal” politics still happening in this date and time? DS says it’s a fact. JA said “aren’t you a Seoul U-grad? DS said, pls stop thinking that Seoul U grads have great ablity – cant you tell from living with me that it’s not true. JA said if this is the case, she cannot understand why he studied so hard to get into Seoul U. DS said, neither can I understand why! JA said, no matter whether that’s the nephew or son of the personnel director, you must succeed! DS said “what, okay”? JA fixes his tie and said what I said last night is not a joke. I will divorce you if you cannot get the job. DS gives her a “sneer” – JA pushes up the knot and said “ARASO!”

    Next scene JA gets money from the lady selling the bag [I cannot understand why – perhaps she worked parttime selling “fake goods” and hasn’t got paid then] JA rang Ying and met them at beauty salon… then asked if Ying’s brother works for QUEEN’S and asked for contacts. Ying pretended to have forgotten to bring her purse and promise to phone her brother if JA will pay. Ying says apparently QUEENS is “runned” by women; women’s influence is great. It’s dangerous to provoke the company director’s wife else that husband might be “sacked”.

    Scene changes to how those women suck up to JANG (company Director’s wife).

    Next scene: JA and daughter – daughter says they have to pay for English tuition but JA says she needed to money for something urgent. Daughter says everyone is learning English but JA says there are some things you do not need to pay to learn, like JA herself joined a lot of activities at school and she is no. 15 in class but her dad DS did not take part in any activities but still got no. 1. Therefore JA says perhaps their daughter will be no. 7 (averaged “genes” from JA and DS) so she need not worry.

    Scene changes to gym where JANG is exercising and JA does her best to get near including being invited to her birthday… and gained her confidence. ….

    JA finally tells Jang that she would like to move into the QUEENs apt block and be her neighour as they are such good shopping buddies as her hushand is applying for a job at Queens. JANG says she likes JA as she is different to the other wives and says JA has no ulterior motive to which JA looked a little guilty and sipped her tea. Jang promises to speak to her husband KIM (which she did – she also asked him why he hasn’t bought her a birthday present to which he replied that all those women who bought her present is kind of because of him.

    Somewhere in the between the “sucking up” scenes, JANG n JA met SH in the lift, JANG tells JA that she doesn’t like SH and told JA of SH’s arranged marriage to the president [MA] and SH thinks herself as the Queen of Queens food.

    JA goes home drunk after the birthday party. DS asked her why she drank so much as she doesn’t know how to drink. JA says she must be like her mom and obtain a filial daughter title and she would have gotten into Harvard had she learned and tells DS not to treat her badly. DS tells her he is very sorry for what he did to her – it felt as if life is like a football match, into the 2nd half 45 minutes he did not manage to shoot the ball into the goal and then DS realizes she is already asleep.

    SH goes to the hotel where MA was and told him to get ready for the important office function. MA says why don’t you divorce me catching me in the act. SH says he’s childish to even think that – if she divorces him, he’ll be able to marry the girl that he loves. She also did not marry him because she loves him; it’s only because it would affect the compnay’s business if they did not do that. He reminds her of their agreement that after marriage, she will not interfere with his personal life. She belittles the girl in his hotel room but MA defended her saying even then, she’s still a good girl as she had to support her brother & sister’s schooling. She says he’s trying to be kind hearted! He then tells her although they knew each other from young, he has never treated her like a woman and never have any sexual reaction towards her and hopes she will give up on him.

    DS hands over his application (he had forgotten a photo or something the day before and had to go there again). The guard tells him to wait as he will take him up to that department. DS who has an excellent memory remembers SH. SH, in the lift, tells her husband to look at all those working employees below who bowed to them; SH says she will have an affair with one of them even tho it’s not for love and hopes that MA will know what it’s like to be betrayed… DS catches SH crying in the toilet (SH is crying because MA said he does not treat her as a woman, no sexual reaction, etc..). SH acknowledges DS as her senior. DS said when he saw her downstairs and everyone bowing, he thought she is the President’ wife. She got emotional at this and started to cry. He asked what happened and she says “nothing, bye..”

    At a later scene JANG tells JA that besides her husband and the Personnel Director, there’s one more person who makes the selection and gives her the contact.

    Scene changes – JA steps into lift and got her heel stuck – she criticizes MA for not helping. Then Ugly Duckling opened the door and told JA that this is not the first time they have met, and JA was stunned at the realization.

  78. 78 : Jane Says:

    Kim Nam Joo as Chun Ji Ae = JA
    Oh Ji Ho as Ohn Dal Soo = DS
    Lee Hye Young as Yang Bong Soon = BONG
    Sun Woo Sun as Eun So Hyuk = SH
    Choi Chul Ho as Kang Joon Hyuk = KANG
    Yoon Sang Hyun as Ma Tae Joon = MA
    Kim Chang Wan as Kim Hong Shik = KIM
    Nah Young Hee as Jang Young Sook = JANG

    Episode 2:

    Flashback – Bong was not allowed into the disco and Bong says it’s alright, she doesn’t like places like this and can go home. JA says “go home then”. JA says Bong reminds her of a silly and backward friend of hers and Bong tells her that she is THAT silly and backward girl. Bong asked if she got a shock and JA said a little. Bong said Jang already called to inform her that her husband is looking to join Queens but didn’t realize it is JA’s hushand. JA makes an excuse saying she just wanted pay homage to the “Queens family” as her husband might join the company soon. Bong said, okay then, try and suck up to me anyway. JA says it is not necessary given their previous good relationship. Bong sarcastically says she doesn’t remember any kind of good relationship. JA says that was all in the past and Bong shouldn’t be bothered about it. JA then tells Bong she is very pretty to which Bong said JA looks a little old. JA then says Bong has a good surgeon but Bong says it’s nothing and she didn’t do much to her face, she merely fixed her teeth. JA said something about complex and Bong picked on that and asked if JA’s complex is her husband – at such a age he is jobless and she has to run around for him – how can you deteriorate to this situation! JA was leaving and Bong slams the door at JA. JA did not realize she had left her phone behind.

    Jang asked if JA and Bong’s relationship is not good. JA says infact it is extremely bad, it was because of a man – flashback – she’s been dating Kang and that Kang is going to her house that night. Bong overhead and sabotaged their meeting by asking a little girl to give JA a x’mas card message that says Kang cannot come over to see her. JA then catches Bong and Kang “hugging”. Jang tells JA that no matter what JA has to try to get along with Bong.

    JA returns home, DS tells her to go to her mom’s house because her brother will be there too. JA makes over to look plain and “poor” asked her daughter not to wear the pretty dress to which her daughter asked why is it every time they go to grandma’s house she cannot dress pretty.

    At mom’s house, her brother had done a write up of a research and started boasting about a chance to go abroad, etc… DS looked at the writeup and honestly and naively said that this is not new, the same thing had been written before and he had read it several years ago. The brother said he must be “blind/mistaken” but JA interrupted reminding them that DS has a photographic memory and anything that he had read, he never forgets. Mom gives her some money and asked her if she felt ashamed to still take money from her parents who live on collecting rents and retirement fund, then asked her to go out to get the food. JA saw crab and was happy only to find out that the good stuff is reserved for her brother. In the car daughters says the kimchi smell is too strong. JA complained about her mom’s biasness giving her brother the crab. DS innocently said that because her brother likes to eat crab. JA says she likes to eat crab too and will work harder if she can have the crab. She warns DS he has to succeed so that her mom will treat them the same. DS says why do I have to succeed just for eating better. JA says she must have been out of her mind to reject so many guys who chased after her and chose him. DS said pls don’t say this as our kid is listening.

    Next scene: Kang comes home and Bong treats him like a king. She pours red wine and Kang asked what’s the special occasion. She says she has something to celebrate from something that arose from her schooldays.

    JA and DS looks for her mobile phone. Bong invited JA invited over.

    Bong then says her parttime maid did not come and if JA would help her out to which JA gladly agreed. Guests arrived and Bong asked JA to go out to see for herself and JA says that’s not necesary and Bong proceeded to tell her who they are. JA realized she’s been tricked and said Bong should not have done that. Bong then asked her to serve drinks and she day-dreamed splashing juice over Bong but then humbled herself ‘cos her husband will not get the job if she did that. Bong then suggested they go to the spa and asked her friends to join as members. JA didnt have enough money and said she doesn’t like these things anyway and would like to go home to which Bong said in revenge, “go home then!”

    SH wakes her husband up saying she’s made an excuse for him not being at work [I think]. He then asked her when she is going to do it. SH said “do what”? MA says the affair. SH says “do you think I daren’t”?

    MA rams into JA’s car, he calls her an ajuma and she got offended and called him arashi?[atashi?] JA asked for his namecard, he decides not to give the Queens’ food one and said he hasn’t got a card. He gave her some money saying its enough for her run down car. JA asked for his phone number, then pretended to hurt her neck.

    Scene at hospital – she tells DS that MA must be a jobless guy but drives an imported car. DS asked his wife to try and understand the feeling of a jobless person. She says sorry to DS but says that guy’s behaviour is rude but extremely rich. DS says it is still not good to use this method to “cheat” a jobless guy. JA says she’s just spoken with her mom and was told that her aunt also did the same thing and settled out of court and got 300,000 Won. DS said if it was a jobless like him then it would not be good to cheat him, but since this is a super rich guy then it would be okay. JA agreed and said they are getting lucky.

    Next scene: Kang in the study room, Bong told him she has made an appointment with the wives to go golfing together and Kang agreed. Kang asked if Director Kim is going too and she says if Kim’s wife agrees to go, Kim will have to go. Kang says okay. Bong then asked, “do you love me, I’ve never heard you say it once.” He asked her to go to bed early. She flashed back to how she sabotaged them, telling Kang that there was thief and she’s frightened and wanted to rest. He gave her tea and then said its time to go and meet JA, she then rushes after him and “hugged” him. Back to present, Bong then asked Kang if they were hiring. He asked how she knew about this and she said Kim’s wife told her. He exclaimed “that woman!”. Bong asked if he’s already decided on the candidate. He said the personnel director wants to recommend his nephew also. Bong suggests he hires the nephew as it would do him no favor to act against the personnel director. Kang asked why? Bong said it’s because Kim’s wife has another candidate in mind and already asked the candidate’s wife to Bong & Kang’s home. Kang got angry and asked why invite that kind of person to their home. Bong said it was because Jang asked her to – he told her to ignore Jang in the future.

    Scene at hospital again – DS asked “tasty? I specially bought this”. JA says its delicious and that hospital food is horrible. DS said she’s really not sick so why keep on staying in hospital and wearing hospital clothes. JA shushed him up saying the insurance people have started to investigate. JA asked him if he has handed his application to Queens. DS said he still has to hand in an advertising plan for new products and is working on it. JA told him to hurry up with it and DS said it’s not that easy. JA said whatever it takes he must succeed or else she will divorce him – interview or no interview – he must be prepared. JA picks up the phone, DS asked who she is calling. JA said you must thank your capable wife. She wanted to tell Jang about her accident but then found out there’s a funeral. She gets DS to go home to change.

    At the funeral palor, DS was reluctant but she gave him the divorce ultimatum again and he followed her immediately. She cried but Jang said her mother-in-law died of old age [in Asian culture, this is a “happy” funeral] and that she never got on with her mother-in-law anyway. JA introduces DS to Jang who told her husband.

    Kang saw JA taking trash out, Bong introduced them. In the washroom, JA realizes that Kang is the other person deciding the candidate.

    Staring/drinking scene – JA introduces her husband and Kang as a director. Kang finally asked DS to pour him a drink too.

    Earlier SH and her mother-in-law? went shopping Mother-in-law then asked SH to go to the funeral even though Kim and Jang’s rank is lower than hers and she should some day take over as head of the women association from Jang. SH phoned MA to ask him to go and once again he lets her see his “affair”. Ma tells the girl to accompany him tonight. SH tries to call MA again but the phone is switched off.

    Back to the staring/drinking scene –
    DS told Kang “let’s not drink anymore as I can no longer take it”.
    Kang said “it’s the end of the road isn’t it – to have to “sell your wife” to find a job.
    DS said “what?’
    Kang said “why do you have no confidence in your ability? Why let your wife run here and there?”
    DS asked “what did you say?”
    Kang said: if you wish to find a job, do it uprightly – through your own ability, don’t go around “beggin” others. Being a man, aren’t you ashamed? Your wife has gone to thrown out trash. That kind of woman never does that kind of work.
    DS slams the table, stands up [he said something which I don’t understand – something like whatever you’ve just said you think that’s life? ]
    Kang stands up and insults him further and DS flies over to hit him.

    People stopped both of them,
    Kang said, no problem – I was just teaching him a lesson.
    Bong said ‘husband, blood” and stares at JA.
    JA slaps DS and asked DS to apologize to the Director.
    DS tries to explain the situation to her but she refuses to listen and insisted he apologize.
    DS walks off.
    DS hits the wall and turned around and gently said “ow”.
    JA is outside looking for DS while Kang goes past in the car watching her plight.

  79. 79 : Jane Says:

    Translation of Episode 1 is “awaiting moderation”.

  80. 80 : Jan Says:

    Beth (68),

    I agree! The men are easy on the eyes! The character Kang has a stare that can many anyone feel uneasy…. like how Dalsoo had to turn his body away from him. He played it so well!! I really enjoy watching Zio at work!

  81. 81 : harleydaz Says:


    The past month my job has once again has taken priority over Zio’s world. Beth & Jane have been wonderful keeping me in touch with all that’s has been going on with Zio’s new series etc.

    Finally over the weekend I was able to view the first 2 episodes completely with Jane’s wonderful translations making it better to understand giving me a background and a touch of what is to come.

    This morning when I arrived at work Beth had sent me an email with the link to preview photos of Eps. 3 & 4. With Zio flying through the air. WOW!!! That man can jump high.

    This afternoon I discovered Ep. 3 had been uploaded on to youtube you can find all the links in soompi.
    Ep. 3 moves quickly from one scene to another making it more enjoyable to watch.

    I love Zio’s character, different from others he’s had in the past giving him a chance to show us all that he truly is a very talented man.

    He is a scene stealer!

    His talent shines in every scene his acting is excellent he’s so comical, warm hearted and at times very sad.

    In Ep 3 pt 3 Zio shows us he can carry a tune then suddenly goes off key making a tender scene very funny.
    I Loved it!

    So far this is a wonderful series full of fun and laughter just what we need to lift our spirits from the world we all live in.

    Sad note
    I am disappointed with the ratings.
    2009-03-23 3 9.6 (15th) 10.1 (15th)
    Source: Dramawiki

  82. 82 : Beth Says:


    Just finished watching episode 3. Agree of what you say : ZIO IS A SCENE STEALER!!! so true indeed. He comes with flying “‘A” in all the scene in this episode. Its actually building up his side of the story. Ohn Dal Soo is a very kind, warm hearted, inteligent , easy going kind of a guy and he potrayed it with aplomb, confidence and poise. I think in some way Zio is Ohn Dal Soo. He sings once again and this time he nail the right note forget the last portion its part of the story.

  83. 83 : mandi Says:

    ojh you are such a dare devil to climb up the bridge & stayed up there for such a long time……..i was worried dead!!

  84. 84 : mandi Says:

    ojh, work harder on your vocals for you have potential to become the next Pavarotti……haha ^^! You’re so cute no wonder Su Hyuk likes you.

  85. 85 : Jan Says:

    Beth (82),

    I agree with you! In whatever drama I watch Zio in, he always shines bright! I’m enjoying his portrayal of Dal Soo and the chemistry between him and his wife. I’ve found her to be so natural and endearing. Ep. 3 was great! Watching him hanging around home watching the soccer game on TV and snacking on chips made me thing he’s probably really like that. It was so fun to watch. Another funny scene for me though it was subtle, was when the little girl dragged the little boy away from Dal Soo’s daughter (?) at the picnic and his daughter made that irritated face by curling her lips like the adult women often do. The timing was perfect. Can’t wait for ep. 4!

  86. 86 : Jan Says:

    Harleydaz (81),

    I know how work can be overwhelming, so glad to see your post!!! As I mentioned in my previous post, Zio can go from tears & drama to being happy, smiling, and goofy and in-between! I don’t see that in a lot of the so-called top actors. I enjoyed whatever he was singing in the ep. you mentioned (before he started to screech) and would like him to record that. No matter what a huge singing star you might be, if you don’t select the right songs, it’s not going to work. The judges on American Idol always emphasize song selection to the contestants.

    Anyway, glad to see you back!!

  87. 87 : mandi Says:

    Haledaz, Tks again. Ep is getting more interesting. I like the part where OJH did all he could to win at the ball game. He’s such a genuine person compared to the rest. If this is the reason that cause him unsuccessful in the real world, its not entirely his fault….. Nice to see the rating for ep 4 increased. ‘Kanbate, QOH!!’ ^^!

  88. 88 : Jane Says:


    Good to see the ratings going up! Hooray! FIGHTING!!!

    2009-03-16 Ep.1 8.0 (8.7)
    2009-03-17 Ep.2 10.3 (13th) 10.7 (13th)
    2009-03-23 Ep.3 9.6 (15th) 10.1 (15th)
    2009-03-24 Ep.4 11.2 (12th) 11.8 (12th)

  89. 89 : Jane Says:

    I find KOH (”KING” OF HOUSEWIVES is my nickname for this drama ‘coz of the HOT GUYS!) to be a good and easy drama to watch with a good story line and great acting from all of the cast.

    So far, the feeling is “COMFORTABLE”.

    I like KIM NAM JOO very much and admired her as an intelligent, rational and stable girl in the melancholic and sad movie “I LOVE YOU” (2001) with ZIO where she had feelings for him but he merely used her to revenge his girlfriend.

    Now, however, its lovely to see them re-united on the screen as a hilarious couple.

    I’ve also been trying to find the right words to describe ZIO’s character in this drama:

    – A nice, academically intelligent and handsome but simple and naive guy?

    – An amiably pleasant, kind hearted, handsome but a bit of a nerdy fellow?

  90. 90 : Jane Says:

    I am also trying not to be biased towards ZIO, so I tried to be very critical of his acting, but, I GIVE UP!

    He’s so good with his expressions, with the way he speaks and acts…. No wonder we are all enjoying this drama so much!

  91. 91 : Beth Says:

    Jane (89)

    I think Ohn Dal soo is a very “straight forward” kind of a guy, no more no less. Sometimes in life you have to bend a little bit but base on his character he doesn’t want anything to do with bad or evil. As we say it again Ohn Dal Soo is a warm kindhearted and intelligent human being.
    Lets not forget also he love his wife dearly!!

  92. 92 : Beth Says:

    Jane (88)

    Nice to know ratings is picking up. Lets hope for the best when BOF ended all them viewers would come flocking and watch QOH..

  93. 93 : Harleydaz Says:




    Link: http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/Queenofhousewives

    Scroll down to page list and click on #5 that where Ep 1 pt 1 starts.

  94. 94 : Lovestar Says:


    If you do have a weak connection on Viiki you could also watch it on my soju… all you have to do is scroll up..

  95. 95 : mandi Says:


    (soompi) Wow! this is one of my favourite scene in ep 3. I couldn’t help laughing at this part where Dasul fought so hard to the goal while his yabo (honey) was dead worried that he might offend the boss and the rest (sigh)…..what can i say about this dear honest Dasul????………….the entire scene was so hilarous!

  96. 96 : mandi Says:

    I am beginning to like Kim Nam Joo. I think she is good as Chun Ji Ae as has very expressive eyes that are able to show the different feelings of the character at different situations. She can really make you laugh. But i pity her whenever i see her being insulted or bullied by those rich ‘tai tais’ (wives). I’m anxious to know what’s going to happen in the next ep., esp after the watching the preview at the end of ep 4 where OJH and KNJ laid crying in a coffin. I wonder what’s going to happen to this poor couple who are very decent people ^^!

  97. 97 : mandi Says:

    i like to see Choi Chul Ho (Kang Joon Hyuk) get angry. He’ll blow bubbles….

  98. 98 : mandi Says:

    Kim Nam Joo and Lee Hye Young are great in acting. Sun Woo Sun (Eun So Hyuk) is beautiful and has a sophisticated look. The 3 actors are COOL!! I have a feeling that the ratings for QOH will pick up soon. Good luck to QOH.. & Continue Fighting!!!

  99. 99 : mina Says:


    korean drama free download~!!


  100. 100 : mina Says:


    korean drama fast download~!!


  101. 101 : Jane Says:

    SO HYUK (President’s wife) was feeling on CLOUD 9 thinking of the time she spent with DAL SOO and him singing to her. Who can blame her??

    I would too if I spent time with such a gorgeous, kindhearted and gentle person!!

  102. 102 : Jane Says:

    It’s fantastic for me to see ZIO (in real life being so intelligent) to act as someone so simple and naive. It is really hard if you are not good in acting.

    The way DAL SOO is bullied in the office also reminds me of Eric Moon’s role in SUPER ROOKIE.

  103. 103 : Jan Says:

    Zio does such a great job in comedy. I had read that comedy is much more difficult than drama because timing is everything. The delivery of a comedic line(s) has to be with just the right facial expression and at the right time. One second too early or late will kill ruin it. Zio does it so well.

  104. 104 : Beth Says:

    Jane (102)

    Yip… we are going back to Super Rookie babie…but this time its the other way around….

    Fighting Ohn Dal Soo.. aja aja

  105. 105 : Beth Says:

    Jan (103)

    You’re right on the dot!! Well said!! Definitely comedy is more difficult to act than drama. Timing is the essence. This was already proven and discuss by so many actors.

  106. 106 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Mina (99)(100)

    Thanks for the link… will check on that..

  107. 107 : Mandi Says:

    Yep, the part where dasul was bullied in the office reminds me of eric in super rookie & the handsome lee bong Sam ^^!

  108. 108 : Lovestar Says:

    Can’t wait for episode 5.. this drama is sooo fun!!!!!

  109. 109 : fdsafsadf Says:

    i like present’s wife, she is really sad don’t u guys think so!?

  110. 110 : Jane Says:

    I find the some of the situations in this drama to be quite relevant in modern days e.g. sucking up to bosses and their family, etc..; insensitive schoolmates and developing inferiority complex; the satisfaction of revenge; and also re fake goods as shown in the last scene of Episode 4 where Bong Soon insisted on bringing the designer bag to the shop for repair/exchange.

    In Hong Kong and throughout Asia, it is rampant for people to buy designer “AA-quality” i.e. excellent fake bags/goods at 10% or even less of the actual price. I couldn’t help but be anxious as to whether JI AE can get herself out of this embarrassing situation or perhaps she cannot escape this inevitable humiliation.

    In any case, if she cannot afford a real bag (neither can I!), she should not have given the fake in the first place. Speaking up for intellectual property rights, it serves her right to be backfired. But, I do like JI AE very much and, of course, hope for the best for her and Dal Soo!

  111. 111 : Basuha Says:

    I find Ji Ae to be a self centered, selfishness conceited B****. She my be the lead actress, but her character is lacking warmth. I can’t believe how she treated Bong Soon in school. The fact she having a difficult time now is what I like to call (what you give out is what you get back) she was a monster. I feel that Bong soon treatment of Ji Ae now will only taint her beautiful soul. I understand her wanting to get some satisfication but with a person like Ji Ae the best revenge is to forget her existence.

  112. 112 : rosni Says:

    I would like to say this to Bong Soon: When you’re in high school, u are just about 15-18 yrs old. That’s very young. You are mature but not that mature, and at that time, you can encounter many issues with your friends. So, Bong soon, get a life! Live on, be good to others.

  113. 113 : Jane Says:

    ROSNI (112)

    I agree with Rosni.

    Move on, BONG SOON, and get a life! Hold your own dignity and self-respect!

    Having a chance to get even is sweet but going all out to sabotage is not good (its evilness from the heart).

    I also recall it was BONG SOON who sabotaged KANG and JI AE’s relationship first – she pretended there was a robber in her flat and when KANG came, she made use of him and hugged him for JI AE to see.

  114. 114 : xtra Says:

    (109) Ye, i like Eun Su Hyuk too. She tried to be a good wife but her feelings not reciprocated. Somehow she can’t be blame for switching target.

  115. 115 : mandi Says:

    Actually, i feel ojh very good looking in QOH. Apart from looking Kang Pungho & Jang chusu at times, i feel he look very japanese at some scenes. eg. when he’s on top of the bridge.

  116. 116 : Pinky Says:

    Jane, (110)

    I totally agree that JI AE shoudl not buy that fake bag if she can’t afford for a real one as present. (even it look so real)
    And I am eager to know what’s going on in EP 5. will Dal Soo being fire because of this? I hope someone can get JI AE out of this……


  117. 117 : Luvlilady Says:

    Hi Basuha

    Nice to see you here. I thoroughly enjoyed your commennt (75) to Hollywood on My Precious Child/Korean Drama.

    I notice that you are enjoying this drama….only concern is you are not happy with the main character Ji Ae. I would think the director purposely have this in mind for us to hate JiAe for her action to Bong Soon on their high school years . I could also feel Bong Soon has her are own dark side as well.
    We could only watch further down the episode before we could judge each and every character.

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation!!!

  118. 118 : Lovestar Says:

    Hello Ladies

    Can anybody explain rougly what happen on the last scene of Episode 5 where the ladies came barging in while Dal Soo was doing his presentation?

  119. 119 : Basuha Says:

    Hello Luvlilady,

    I glad you stated the fact that the storyline is about making the main actress unpleasant for we can see her grown out of her selfishness. I agree that this could be what this drama is about. I disagree about Bong Soo having a dark side; I think it more that she not as weak as she appeared. I think that was established when she confronted Ji Ae about Kang (in the classroom) and how she got Kang (back). I don’t see Bong –soo action as dark because she really do care for Kang, but Ji Ae action was out of spike (for the selective memory) Kang pick Bong soo at the meet and greet. When Ji Ae notices that she didn’t have Kang straw she deliberately picks Kang. Kang change of heart is acceptable he owes Bong Soo nothing. Ji Ae action on the other was a lack of respect for a friend. I’m sure at the end of this drama Ji Ae would have change and become a better person. As it stand now on episode 5 she hasn’t done anything too received praise. The treatment she receiving from Boon-Soo and friends is nothing less then what she bestowed to them. I’m a true believer in “You reap what you sow”.

    I read a comment about Boon Soo need to move on; I found that statement a little comical because I was thinking that Ji Ae is the one that needs to let go of her high school days and move on. Ji Ae goal to be successful is not for the good of her family, but to show the same girls she treated like dirty in high school that she still has it. Ji Ae also needs to get a life and move on!

    There was another comment written about in high school you are young and not that mature. I agree in high school you are young and could be immature, but what does that have to do with the treatment Boon Soon received from Jie Ae? I don’t think youth and immature had any thing to do with Ji Ae treatment of Boon Soon. Treating someone less then human is not a sign of immaturity or youth, it a signed that you are mean spirited. To be fair and this is a k-drama; the lack of intelligence could be the reason for Ji Ae behavior. The fact she didn’t know about Kang’s school being one of the top schools in Korean and the comment she made to her daughter about school leads me to believe she just a pretty face. Ji Ae seems to have a lot of common sense so she might have felt the pressure to marry well, since she not capable of achieving the life she desire.

  120. 120 : mandi Says:

    Luvlilady & Jane

    Thanks. I managed to watch ep 5 & 6. I enjoyed the show very much as the storyline gets more & more exciting.

  121. 121 : mandi Says:

    There are two parts that i feel particularly touching. First the part where Dasu & Aijae laid in the pit. Both bagan sobbing then they hugged each other & cried aloud like little children. Poor couple, they were actually very suppressed by the very mean people (Bong in the case of Aijae & Kang in the case of Dasu) around them but simply could not handle them due to their disadvantaged positions. Dasul & Aijae are very decent people who are merely trying very hard to achieve better lives but unlucky enough to meet people like Bong & Kang. Next is where some of you’ve mentioned…where Dasu dragged Aijae away from kneeling Bong and hugged Aijae at the riverside to console her after she’s being insulted by Bong. It’s soo…. warm.

  122. 122 : mandi Says:

    Bong’s really very cruel lady. She’s very mean to make Aijae her caddy cum servant and also made her pay for her tow fines. If she genuinely treated Aijae as a friend as she claimed, she also wouldn’t have exposed her at the shop for the imitation bag. She could have warned her at somewhere else. Looks like Bong is all out to revenge and one wonders what’s she going to do next.

  123. 123 : mandi Says:

    Soo-hyun is interesting. She’s really charming. Just wonder how’s Dasu going to resist the advances of this very attractive lady… From the info given so far, looks like Dasu, who has a weak character will fall in her hands and make a big mistake…huhu!!

  124. 124 : mandi Says:

    Ma tae-joon looks a little cheeky, but i think he’s a nice guy.

  125. 125 : mandi Says:


    Thanks for updating the ratings. QOH is a good show and deserves good ratings. Best of luck QOH ^^!

    Now I can’t wait for the next episodes………..

  126. 126 : Luvlilady Says:

    Anybody knew whats going on between Tae Joon and Ai Je towards the end of Ep 6? Never see it coming.

    He even bought back the pawn wedding ring of AiJe. Was it love or pity??

  127. 127 : Jane Says:

    LUVLILADY (126(

    Here’s the synopsis for Ma Tae-joon:

    (age: 35, So-hyun’s husband/ company president)

    He was very much in love with another woman before he was forced by his parents to marry So-hyun in an arranged marriage. He knew So-hyun since they were kids and never found her adorable or attractive.
    Rebelling against his parents, he carries on numerous affairs while married to So-hyun but then…
    HE FINDS HIMSELF ATTRACTED TO JI-AE who is devoted to her husband and will do anything to make him successful.

  128. 128 : Jane Says:

    MANDI (123)

    re how is Dasu going to resist the advances of this very attractive lady…

    Na du – I hope he doesn’t do anything unfaithful to his wife!

  129. 129 : Jane Says:

    Re actress LEE HYE YOUNG (aka BONG SOON) – check this out!

    link here

    Lee Hye-young, whose versatile talent spans acting, television hosting, and running her own fashion brand, published “Lee Hye-young’s Beauty Bible” on Mar. 23. She is a fashion icon in Korea, becoming a successful fashion brand CEO and the longest-running host of the “Style Magazine” show on cable channel OnStyle.

    Lee worked hard on her first book. She was involved from the very first phase of planning it, and spent more than a year on research and writing. She writes about her fashion principles as well as secrets of her beauty, advising on how to enjoy a bold challenge instead of being afraid of it and how to balance being cute and sexy. “If you make yourself a bit busier, you can upgrade the look of your body, face and hair without spending too much money on it”, said Lee.

    “This book contains the know-how I have gained through countless mistakes and trials. I chose the word ‘Bible’ because this book includes everything about beauty. I like myself now more than when I was in my twenties, and I feel more confident about myself than ever. I hope this book can be a good companion to women who dream of being beautiful”, she added.

  130. 130 : Jane Says:

    MANDI (121)

    The part where they slept in the “grave” is very touching indeed. When JI AE got up and helped DALSU up, she says, we are now “BORN AGAIN” and we will START OVER and then they hugged and cried!

  131. 131 : Jan Says:

    Jane (127)

    Thanks for clarifying the situation between Tae Joon and Ji Ae. I was wondering what was going on with him perking up when he saw her and then buying back her wedding ring. He’s very good-looking, too. And you said you have a cousin that looks like him!

  132. 132 : cute Says:

    luvlilady(126), my feel is, he might have tried to make things difficult for Ai Je in the beginning because she tried to extort money from him over the car accident, but after observing her over several incidents, he felt that Aiji is actually a simple woman who has a straightforward character and would do anything to help her husband. He might have found this woman someone interesting and pitiful and hence began to develope good feelings for her. I think Tae Joon himself is a kind hearted person.

  133. 133 : mandi Says:

    I re-watched ep 5 again. Really like the scene where Dasu & Ai Je hugged together and wailed out their sorrows in the pit…..so loving ^^!

  134. 134 : mandi Says:

    i just read one posting on soompi where Bong asked her husband would he marry her if she was not pregnant. Wow, this is something interesting i’ve missed because i dun understand korean, looks like things are getting complicated…….!!

  135. 135 : Luvlilady Says:

    Hi Cute (132)

    Thanks for your detailed explanation. Now I understand more of the situation between Tae Joon and JiAe.
    I am rooting for Tae Joon to be a kind hearted person. Hopefully they will explore more of his character.

  136. 136 : Lovestar Says:

    Mandi (134)

    Bong ask Kang if he would marry her if she was pregnant??
    Wow it is getting complicated.
    Did Kang say anything?

  137. 137 : Jane Says:

    134 & 136

    When Bong asked her husband would he marry her if she was not pregnant, he was very “diplomatic” and said “I’m busy and have to do some work now”.

    He did the same thing to her when in episode 2 Bong asked him whether he loves her, and his reply was, “I have work to do – you go to bed first.”

  138. 138 : Lovestar Says:

    Hello Jane (137)

    Yeah i remember those two seperate scene vividly.

    I think Bong Soon is morally bad as well. Correct me if I am wrong.
    When Bong Soon find out that Ai Je is going out that evening to attend a lottery affair (not sure) with Joon Hyuk she made a card and told the little girl to deliver it to AiJe saying ( note in card ) Joon Hyuk was unable to come due to a previous commitment and that is the time she carried out her plan. Bong Soon smashes her room and window to look like a robbery and purposely had her upper hand cut. When Bong Soon saw Joon Hyuk coming she dash out crying and made it look like she was hurt. Of course Joon Hyuk seeing her in a bad state help her.
    Lastly when Bong Soon saw Ai Je coming out from her apartment Bong Soon immediately embraces Joon Hyuk and make sure Ai Je sees it!!

    I think that is the reason why Ai Je went to look for someone else and end up with Dal Soo.

    I am wondering whether Joon Hyuk knew what Bong Soon did and that she felt guilty all these years and had to asked Joon Hyuk from time to time if he really love her…

  139. 139 : Harleydaz Says:

    Ratings EP 7 2009/04/06
    Nationwide 20.0 2nd
    Seoul 20.7 2nd

    Congratulations to Oh Ji-ho, Kim Nam Joo, Lee Hye Young, Sun Woo Sun, Choi Chul Ho, Yoon Sang Hyun, the rest of the cast the director Go Dong Sun and the writer Park Ji Eun for making “Queen Of Housewives” so very enjoyable to watch.

  140. 140 : Beth Says:

    Thanks Harleydaz for the rating. From 12th last week to 2nd this week…why not… QOH deserved a good rating … This drama is way good..very entertaining and funny. Congratulation to all the actors and crew!!

  141. 141 : Luvlilady Says:

    Had finish watching Ep 7. I enjoyed it tremendously eventhough there was no english sub. Some scene are funny especialy Oh Ji Ho.

  142. 142 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Jan and Jane

    Re : QOH ratings 20% (2nd) Seoul / Nationwide

    At first I thought my eyes were fooling me ..am I looking at the right rating figure?? Ommo!! my eyes vision was indeed normal .

    This is what OJH was trying to achieve 20%, Wow this will be his best Birthday Present to himself!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulation to the actors and crew!!!!!!!!!!

    We still should continue FIGHTNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. 143 : buy wow gold Says:

    You mean, it’s a romantic comedy story. Having a hard time finding the episode, I really want to watch it because I can still recognize the man on the middle and he’s a great actor from Super Rookie. Right?

  144. 144 : Harleydaz Says:

    Watch “QUEEN OF HOUSESEWIVES” Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 with Eng. subs.

    Mysoju has Episodes 1 & 2 complete with Eng. subs
    Episode 3 only 1,2,3 parts

  145. 145 : Luvlilady Says:

    Hello buy wow gold

    The man in the middle is OH JI HO from Super Rookie, Autumn Shower,
    Get Karl, Oh Su Jung, Single Dad In Love and Couple Trouble.

    I love this drama tremendously and I am sure you will too.

    Scroll up you could watch it in chinese or with english sub go to Vikkii.
    Link: http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/Queenofhousewives

    This drama went from 10th to 2nd as of yesterday Ep7.

  146. 146 : Jan Says:

    Hi buy wow gold (143),

    Welcome! You’re going to enjoy Queen of Housewives! It’s a romantic comedy starring our very favorite Oh Ji Ho (aka Zio). The problems the characters encounter such as relationship issues with family, friends, lovers, spouses and jobs are universal. It’s been fun (and sad) to watch. Looking forward to your feelings about the drama. Like you, I enjoyed him in Super Rookies, too.


  147. 147 : mandi Says:

    Wow, I’m elated at the ratings! Congrats to QOH & ojh ^^! I’ve not managed to watched ep8 but ep7 is definitely exciting. I hope the ratings will continue to shoot up as i feel this is really a great drama. The story is not a typical drama featuring couples and families fighting over usual matters, it encompasses complications involving politics in wive’s clubs, relationships all the way from the past, unique personalities & many more to discover. Besides, the main actors/actresses are very convincing in their respective roles. Overall, the story is very interesting and always very unpredictable, henceforth keeping people curious over what’s going to happen next.

  148. 148 : cute Says:

    I like the part where Aijae took care of Dasu after he got drunk. Lucky you Kim Nam joo, you get to pat and kiss ojh………..

  149. 149 : buy wow gold Says:

    To Luvlilady, Harleydaz and Jan,

    Thanks for the response and the links provided. I’ll surely enjoy watching this TS. BrB soon, again thanks ;D

  150. 150 : Cecilia Says:

    fell in love with this drama when I discovered it on mysoju

  151. 151 : Cecilia Says:

    Really REALLY hate the ugly friend girl though – was her name bong something or other? (even her name is ugly sounding xD) She’s not only terrible to look at, she has a terrible personality too.

    As for Ji Aie, I think Basuha misunderstood her a lot. Even though a lot of the stuff she did in high school was slightly nasty, forgive me for believing that it was more or less okay. It’s what we expect from a high school student, no? And the brilliance of that box of mirrors is very satisfying – reminds me of what my friends and I call the “penne” conversation, that kind of witty insult self-vindicates due to its very nature. Anyways, she did say that she really liked Kang in one of the flashbacks; she only broke up with him because Bong whatever manipulated her into thinking that Kang was cheating on her with Bong whatever (though who would ever think that a guy would cheat on you with that thing is a question in need of answering).

    But either way, the drama is very charming and all the best to Ji Aie and Dal Soo!!! (I think Ji Aie lucked out in the end though, even though Kang is successful, he seems like a singularly unlikeable person and a workaholic to boot)

  152. 152 : Jan Says:

    Hi all!

    I’ve gone back and watched all of the QOH eps. available on mysoju because I watched it on VIIKII with and without complete subs. Mysoju is easier for me ‘cuz I can click to get the next part more easily than on the viikii site. I love QOH to begin with but after seeing the eps. one after another with subs, everything makes much more sense and it is really, really good. It’s a very sophisticated drama with excellent dialog, acting and background music.


  153. 153 : Rose Says:

    I want to see Ohn Dal Soo shows his good memorisation and intelligence by helping Ma Tae Joon keeping his company and beat Kim Hong Shik’s and Jang Young Sook’s plan to overthrow him in disgrace.

  154. 154 : lovestar Says:

    Hi Rose

    Me too I would like to see Dalsoo gifted clever intellectual ability be the main focus of the story and beat Joon Hyuk and Kim Shik..
    With JiAe and Dalsoo both of them will very much still be a couple.
    Both of them need each other.

  155. 155 : Ah Joon Ma Says:

    The chemistry between Ji Ae ( the leading female) and the boss of the
    Queens Food is soooo great. Everytime they encounter, it getting more interesting and exciting. Looking forward to seeing more about their parts. Wondering how it would develop since we all know Ji Ae evetually will stay in the marriage, cause it is PG comedy. ^_^

  156. 156 : jane Says:

    Finally able to log on and saw episodes 7 & 8!

    Wow, what can I say, QOH IS SUCH A GOOD DRAMA!!!

    OH JI HO is not only a handsome chap but such a great actor! I am truly seeing DAL SU in the drama, and not OH JI HO at all.

    ALL the lead actors and actresses are good in their respective roles and such an interesting plot, my goodness!

  157. 157 : jane Says:

    Re Ratings

    After a week of absence, its such good news for me to find out that QOH’s ratings have taken such a HUGE leap ~ Yipee!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS again, QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES! and I echo HARLEY DAZ’s well wishes:


    Oh Ji-ho
    Kim Nam Joo
    Lee Hye Young
    Sun Woo Sun
    Choi Chul Ho
    Yoon Sang Hyun
    and all the cast,
    the director Go Dong Sun
    and the writer Park Ji Eun

    ****** WELL DONE and GREAT JOB! ******

  158. 158 : jane Says:

    It’s nice to see all three men like CHUN JI-AE, but especially MA TAE JOON – he’s so besotted with her in episode 8!

    I hope that through JI-AE, TAE JOON will learn to appreciate his wife EUN SO HYUK and they will reconcile in the end.

    Of course I would like to see JI-AE and DAL SOO to continue to be the loving and inseparable couple – I simply love the way JI-AI stroked and kissed DAL SOO when he came home drunk.

    As for poor KANG JOON HYUK who’s been so tortured all these years over his unending love for JI-AE and being stuck in a loveless shotgun marriage with the conniving BONG SOON, I don’t know what to say or think!

  159. 159 : lovestar Says:

    Me too Ah Joon Ma (155) I am interested to know!!

  160. 160 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane

    Welcome back, we so missed you very much. Did you have a wonderful trip?
    Yes our On Dal Soo is climbing way top in ratings… His big huge Birthday Present to himself? you bet!!!!

  161. 161 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Thanks, Beth (160), for your warm welcome! We had a wonderful holiday and time seems to fly by so quickly when you’re having a good time!

  162. 162 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    My daughter and I absolutely love Jeong Soo-yeong aka Jung Soo Young as “KANJA” in Fantasy Couple!

    It’s so good her again in “KING” of HOUSEWIVES as Ji Hwa Ja, a funny/weird girl.

    However, to me, in this weird character, she is totally not suitable for MA TAE JOON even though JI-AE tries to fix them together.

    What do you think??

    It’s also comfortable to see many familiar faces in the extended/support cast in QOH.

  163. 163 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    As for KIM NAM JOO, at first I did not realize she is the lead actress in MODELS with JANG DONG GUN and HAN JAE SUK until I re-watched the drama:


  164. 164 : Jane Says:

    Jan Says in FANTASY COUPLE (#324) April 12th, 2009

    “The actress, Jeong Soo-yeong (KANJA), was so endearing in Couple of Fantasy. She’s like a chameleon….I recently saw her in the new drama, The Road Home playing a modern day working gal and now she’s also in Queen of Housewives playing the “weird” psychic. Sometimes she’s hard to recognize.”

    I agree — “KANJA” is hard to recognize – when I saw her in QOH, I wasn’t sure at first but it was my daughter said “its KANJA!”

    We were also discussing if she wanted to get herself matched with MA TAE JOON, she should get a makeover like BONG SOON.

  165. 165 : Jane Says:

    Dear OH JI HO,

    *** HAPPY BIRTHDAY ***

    May the ratings for KING of HOUSEWIVES keep going up up & up!

    Unni Jane

  166. 166 : Beth Says:

    Dear Oh Ji Ho

    Happy Birthday
    You are very special
    And you deserve the best
    I wish you a wonderful life
    Filled with love and happiness !!!

  167. 167 : Luvlilady Says:

    Dear Zio/JiHo/Oh Ji Ho/Mr Dimple

    Wishing you a year filled with the same joy and happiness you bring to others….Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. 168 : Lovestar Says:

    Dear Oh Ji Ho/ Zio

    No one deserves a Happier Birthday than you.

    Although I can’t wish you a happy birthday in person.. I will spend the whole day with happy thoughts of you.

    Congratulation to your new drama Queen of Housewives!!!!!!!!!

  169. 169 : mandi Says:

    I was very touched at the scene where Ohn Dasu tried all he could to revive the cow & he actually cried when it died. Ohn Dasu is such a kindhearted man, i think that’s why he can’t bear to leave So Hyuk when she was sick. Somehow, i got a strong feeling that Bong has done something behind again…….i’m so eager to know………

  170. 170 : mandi Says:

    Dear Ohjiho,

    Alll the best to your career and wish you’ll find your ideal partner soon….


  171. 171 : mandi Says:

    i have problem posting at KD-OJH. The comments are always pending for moderation afterwhich my msg will not appear. Does any of you have the same problem?

  172. 172 : Jan Says:

    Happy Birthday, Zio! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! You are one very special guy!!! Although I don’t know you personally, you have given me much joy and happiness through your work! I look forward each day to learn more about you.

  173. 173 : parampi Says:

    ughh this drama is sooo good!!! im just on the edge waiting for ep.10 eeekkk. But i realllyyy want ohn dal soo to just cheat already!!! the way i see it is that ohn dal soo and ji ae are like Best friends, not lovers! i want ji ae to fall in love with the president (tae joon), and ohn dal soo with tae joons wife. ^^ it will be like switching partners all over again ^^ kekeke

  174. 174 : mandi Says:

    Parampi(173), that sounds exciting!!

  175. 175 : mandi Says:

    i’m addicted to this drama, i re-watched the earlier episodes and look forward to what’s next. I feel the big part of the credit goes to the leading actors/actresses. They’re really convincing in their roles.

  176. 176 : cute Says:

    judging from the part where Tae joo got so anxious when he saw Su Hyuk kissing Dasu, think he has feelings for his wife but did not know it. Haha, he better watch out!

  177. 177 : cute Says:

    Congrats to the QOH team for the rising ratings, you guys derserve that. QOH, CONTINUE RISING!!

  178. 178 : mandi Says:

    I didn’t know Kang Joo Hyuk can be so comical, but still prefer him to look cool. He looks like Kwong San woo at certain angle, doesn’t he?

  179. 179 : Kimmy Says:

    I like to see Dalsu with Jonhyuk scenes. They always cracked me up. First, the staring scene, then the interview scene.. the reemployment scene, the watering plant scene, the sauna scene.. gosh! All of them are memorable. And the Vice president was very cunning. I like the way he talks.. very calculating.. like he always plan the next move to topple the president. I got the impression that they are now planning to use Dalsoo-SoHyuk rumour to make the shares of the president lesser. This drama is a MUST-WATCH.

  180. 180 : Kimmy Says:

    I meant to reduce the portion of the President’s shares in the Company.

  181. 181 : Jane Says:

    Like Cute said (177),

    CONGRATULATIONS to QOH for the good ratings!!

    Don’t stop ~ keep going up!!!

  182. 182 : Jane Says:

    Cute (176)

    I feel that although DALSOO is somewhat afraid of his wife, he is however one who is loyal and true and genuinely loves JA. Till now, he has done quite well in resisting all of SH’s advances.

    I also think TJ is clear minded enough to know that JA is happily married even though she has financial struggles and although he likes JA, it feels as if he is now playing more of a brotherly role, looking out for her whenever she is in trouble.

    Perhaps now when SH finally decided to give TJ his freedom via a divorce, TJ might start to look at SH in a different light – SH is probably deep in his heart and he doesn’t know it yet…

    Afterall, TJ is also a kind person but is rebellious due to being forced into doing something he didn’t wanna do at the time.

  183. 183 : Jane Says:

    If only MBC will get all three of the HOT KINGS in the SAUNA! The ratings will soar through the roof!!! ha ha…

  184. 184 : Jan Says:

    I am so happy for Zio’s success with QOH and he is so deserving!! Such a great script and great co-stars, it was destined to be successful!!

    Bravo, Zio!!!

  185. 185 : Jan Says:

    Jane (183),

    I totally agree!! Would love to see all 3 guys in the sauna….what great “eye candy”. Their biceps and 6-packs are quite impressive!!!

  186. 186 : cute Says:

    Jane (182),

    Ye, AJ is, up till now, the most fortunate wives amongst the 3. I remembered she ever said that other than finances, she’s not lack of anything else & that was meaningful. Hopefully Dasu can continue to control himself, but being a very kind person who is soft in nature, he’s easily taken advantage of (worry)! If AJ had been less fierce, Dasu’d confided to her about SH but then, haha, let’s see wat’s gonna to happen!

    My feel for TJ is that he likes AJ because he finds her naive, simple & straightforward. Just like SH kept holding on to Dasu because he’s genuine, innocent & charming. Being surrounded by complicated & unsincere people around them, it’s natural that the TJ couple’s attracted to the simple & beautiful Dasu couple. Dun think TJ/SH actually fell in luv with AJ/Dasu. Poor SH probably fantasize Dasu as her dream husband after all the tortures from her own marriage. TJ had better do something befor he gets SH & the Dasu couple into trouble!

    BS may be revengeful, but think AJ has done her wrong during college times. She also suffered over the years because her husband never loved her.

    BS and SH are very pitiful wives, especially SH, who had done nothing wrong to TJ.

  187. 187 : cute Says:

    Jane(183),………….then the heart rates & temperatures of the audiences’ will also soar to sky high ^^!

  188. 188 : cute Says:

    Jan(184), yup, ojh truely deserves that, & more. Hope QOH will be a great success like Fantasy couple, hope ojh’ll get some awards, that he’ll be given another good script 2nd half of 2009…….& unending good things for him. Good luck ojh ^^!

  189. 189 : mandi Says:

    I like to see So Hyuk with Dasu. She’s so hot whenever she tries to seduce Dasu, & poor Dasu always look so tortured…….. Appearance wise, she looks matching with Dasu. Bong & AJ look a little matured for their handsome husbands.

  190. 190 : Jane Says:

    My biggest wish is for DALSOO to stay firm as a faithful, loyal and committed husband to JI-AE.

    Second wish is for TAE JOON to fall in love with SOHYUN (I have no doubt that SH loves TJ in the first place – one of her aims is to make him jeolous and out of revenge of course, but if she were to subconsciously fall in love with DALSOO, then may God help her!).

    Third wish is for JOONHYUK to accept reality – i.e. JI-AE is happily married ~ stop pinning over her; truly see BONG SOON’S devotion and love for him and either go on with the marriage and his family (lovely son) and learn to be happy in it or get out if he thinks BONG SOON makes his life miserable.

  191. 191 : amany Says:

    hi ladies
    i just love ur conversation :)) i think i will re-read ur comments coz it make me see the drama more clearly..
    so u r all into it??can`t blame u..i was watching in a very slow rate but once mysoju got many successive episodes.i was asking for more:))
    i am still at episode 5(it has broken part)so i can`t finish it yet:((
    but oonce i watch an episode,i can`t help watching even a part of the following one..such a feeling i never got with any drama..except OH JI HO`S DRAMAS..he is the best:)

  192. 192 : amany Says:

    you may have talked about that before,but i want to share you my most effective moments for good or bad:))
    for good:
    i just loved the singing part of him..it is really OH JI HO`s signture..the man is so handsome and his being modest and shy adds much to HIS MAGIC..he can turn the most embarrassing moments to FUN..
    i liked that and i can understand what So Hyuk feels..
    also when he was making the survey and the ladies in the factory were praising him and asked him to sing a song..
    for bad:
    the final of episode 4 when th fake mother came complaining of her kid being poisoned..oh,i just pitied him after his hard work also when he saw his wife begging for him..
    you may see him as a weak husband but i do see him as loving yet helpless or unfortunatebut he is a good man..
    i am sure there r still good moments or sad coming but the drama as whole is very touching and close to our lives..i just love it..

  193. 193 : amany Says:

    another good thing i love about OH JI-HO:)
    he actually doesnot work hard to look good..he looks good simply ..i really believe that he is good from inside to look that FABULOUS from outside:))
    just a thought came to me from watching the drama..on remembering how charming he looked in his suit smiling or singing or just shy
    and when he was wearing the glasses when he and his wife escaped from the hospital in mission to get him in:)

  194. 194 : amany Says:

    the most hilarious situation (so far)
    at the football match or shall i say soccer..i am a fan and the spanish player RAUL GONZALEZ was very known for kissing his marriage ring after scoring..so the way dal so was acting wrong (yet very naturally) and dedicating that to his wife who was realizing the whole situation..was very very funny..
    p.s..i think he makes a good player:)

  195. 195 : Beth Says:

    Amany (192,193,194)

    I love how you put your thoughts to that drama. Are you watching it with english translation in my soju.

  196. 196 : Luvlilady Says:


    We have 3 more weeks before the drama ends. I think there is still a lot of exciting loose end to be resolve. Don’t you think its coming too soon?

  197. 197 : mandi Says:

    ye, i’m already addicted to tis drama, ending in 3 wks time is too soon……….

  198. 198 : mandi Says:

    amany, ‘oraenman-ieyo’ (it’s been a long time since..), ‘jal isseoseoyo’ (how’ve you been)? i luv your comments for ojh and Ohn Dalsu ^^!

  199. 199 : Jane Says:

    LUVLILADY (196)

    YES, it’s too soon — I cannot believe only 3 more weeks and KOH will end!

    Would really like this to be extended but as clearminded MINAH_00 reminded us in Soompi, only provided they can execute the extension well; and also OH JI HO has other commitments, i.e. a live theatre play in June.

    Not forgetting that other KOH actors & actresses may also have commitments other job assignments after that date.

  200. 200 : amany Says:

    Beth (193)
    kam sa hap nida ne chingu:)) i always feel late here coz u ladies say it all:)) i even remember ur comments when i watch the drama..ALWAYS RIGHT:))..
    yes,i am watching the drama with eng subtitles at mysoju..it is nice that devoted fans always update it from viiki..they also write side notes on the top of the screen..always funny:))now,we have till episode 9 and i watched episode 6 ..still to go…the drama is very enjoyable

  201. 201 : amany Says:

    Mandi (198)
    an nyeong ha sa yo:)) u r a Dal So `s expert:)) i just love ur comments about the drama..very noticeable and funny:))
    tel u a funny secret that made me love the drama very much and enjoy it to the utmost: here u r..
    i am a beginner in the korean language: only know some words and expressions like how to introduce urself or thank someone or ask about name etc..
    so in the very beginning of the drama..there were alot of introduction scenes when Ji-Ae or Dal So have to intoduce themselves or thank for a favour..i used to scream hearing them using the expression i have already learnt or words i have just memorized..
    so i thought this drama was just to encourage to study more to understand more :)) but i think i may need another year or more to understand without subtitles..i am not in hurry and i am enjoying every moment of the drama..good work indeed for all the cast..

  202. 202 : amany Says:

    got a thought i want to share with u..
    one of the most popular awards is for the best couple in a drama..
    so who is the best couple in ur opinion??
    i find it hard to choose coz the relations r so much intersecting..
    for example Dal So and Ji-Ae are couple (husband and wife)
    but with Hyuk,there is much charm between them..the same can be said about Ji-Ae and Tae Joon.. what do u think??

  203. 203 : Jane Says:

    DRAMAOK in KOALABEAER’S QOH thread in Soompi (page 19, Post #379) says there is a “darkness” to SO-HYEON’s character. I agree.

    Re DALSOO not being able to resist SH’s advances:

    We are not men so it is easy for us to judge men by women’s standards and blame DS for being indecisive (in fact, DS’s character in this drama is supposed to be weak indecisive anyway… )

    Just last Thursday, I attended a luncheon talk by a well-known pastor and Head of a Bible Seminary in Hong Kong. He admitted that he constantly faces temptation of fleshly desires such as lust (the many pretty, intelligent and wonderful women that he comes across) and materialism. He added that especially when he had been married for almost 30 years, his wife has grown older and less “perfect” compared to when they first spent their lives together, it is therefore difficult to overcome/overlook the younger, dynamic and pretty ones (I think he was careful not to mention the word “sexy”).

    How much more when SH is georgeous, so sexy and luscious and so rich and constantly luring DS (reminds me of Samson and Delilah!)

    DS, in the bed scene with JA, casually queried the issue of “infidelity”, i.e. is it possible to love your wife and at the same time love another woman – like wanting to take care of her and protecting her?

    Several times when SH asked DS why he keeps rejecting her (e.g. not answering her phone calls), DS very honestly and straightforwardly says “it is not you, it is me – I have no confidence in myself”.

  204. 204 : Jane Says:

    RE: SO-HYUN playing with fire

    Unfortunately, after seeing Episode 10, the following 3 scenes appears as if SH is now truly playing with fire and becoming more ruthless in her pursuit of DS, even to the extent of hurting JI-AE, DS and their family.

    After the death of her natural mother, SH seems to have found her own self by wanting to live her own life. It seems she is no longer pining after TAE JOON for a happy marriage and is serious about starting a relationship with DS – the 3 scenes are:

    1. She bravely and openly tells her in-laws that she wants to divorce TJ;

    2. When JA was dragged away by TJ re her damaged car, SH tells DS that she will divorce her husband and will go to a far away place where she can do whatever she wants, i.e. sing; dance, study, etc… She asked DS if he would go with her. [Thankgoodness] DS replied “NO”!

    3. At the last scene, when JA finally hears the rumour that DS is having an affair with a married woman in the company and was very disturbed, SH asked JA what she’ll do if it was true and JA said she doesn’t know. SH then tells JA to divorce her husband.

    I wouldn’t deem SH’s actions as an act of love for DS and pursuing of one own happiness. I call this big time selfishness.

    What do others think?

  205. 205 : Jan Says:

    Jane (204),

    There is so much infidelity in our society……married men with married women/single women and married women with married men/single men. They’re all immoral but I think it’s so despicable how So Hyun is trying to manipulate the unsuspecting Ji Ae to divorce Dal Soo if she found him cheating for her own gain. Truly selfish like you mentioned. Though it’s reality, still hard to watch.

  206. 206 : Jane Says:

    Episode 11 Preview (courtesy of KOALABEAR in her QOH thread)

    link here


    I can’t wait to see the next two episodes! But I am feeling more for JA now – she will be “doubled-betrayed” when she finds out that

    1. her husband’s “lover” is SH and

    2. that TJ is the husband of SH and president of the company — I wonder if JA will feel humiliated that all along she’s been stringed along by TJ? But, knowing JA’s street-wise personality, perhaps she’ll bounce back in no time and make full use of her friendship with TJ…. just my guess!

  207. 207 : ah-sshi Says:

    I just watched this drama and I loved it!! I think Boon Soon has too much make up on though. She doesnt look attractive at all.

  208. 208 : Jane Says:


    Actress Kim Nam-joo, the epitome of a sophisticated, urban career woman in the 1990s, is enjoying renewed popularity after she returned to TV last month with MBC TV drama “My Wife is a Superwoman”. Her last TV appearance was eight years ago in 2001 with the hugely popular TV series “Her House”.

    “My Wife is a Superwoman” is a comedy drama that depicts the life of housewives who devote their entire lives to their husbands’ success. Kim showed a strong attachment to the character she plays with much composure and ease.

    “Almost every wife and mother would relate to the character I’m playing. The character is completely different to roles that I used to play, but she’s actually like me in real life. Now I am a wife and a mother, and the situation in the drama really fits my actual life”, said Kim.

    Kim’s decision to choose this soap opera was aided by her husband, actor Kim Seung-woo. “Seung-woo read the script first and recommended it to me. It suits me well in many ways, and I think he liked it more because it is a light and funny drama that can make people laugh despite the current recession”, said Kim.

    “After living as a full-time housewife for several years, I realized that love is the most important thing in marriage, and the most precious thing in the family is the good health of its members”, said Kim.

    The natural aging process can be lethal to actresses. But Kim says, “It’s better now because I don’t have to diet constantly like I used to do in my twenties”. Kim added that she is happy to be back and is still passionate about acting. Although it is difficult to leave her two children at home in order to come to work, she hopes they will be proud of their working mom in the future.


  209. 209 : Jane Says:

    QOH to be extended:

    The article says 4 additional episodes are expected to shoot, bringing the series total to 20.

    (It was announced that the 2 additional episodes to MBC Queen Of Housewives will now be 4 instead. This final decision means that the drama will end on 19th May instead of 5th of May, with the total series having 20 episodes (original was 16))

    All main actors & actresses agreed to sign a new, revised contract except Oh Ji-Ho. (MBC hasn’t yet reached a consensus with him over the extension)

    src: http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shel…7&from=rank

    Hope more people join in as viewers.

    [스포츠서울닷컴 | 서보현기자] MBC-TV ‘내조의 여왕’이 4회 연장될 계획이다.

    ‘내조의 여왕’ 제작 관계자는 스포츠서울닷컴과의 전화통화에서 “시청자들의 반응에 힘입어 연장방송을 하기로 했다”며 “당초 2회 연장을 생각했지만 1주 분량이 늘어난 4회를 연장하기로 최종 결정했다”고 밝혔다.

    현재 MBC와 제작자는 최종 협의를 끝낸 상태다. 출연진들의 반응 역시 호의적이다. 김남주, 이혜영, 최철호, 윤상현, 선우선, 정수영 등 주요 출연진들은 흔쾌히 연장에 동의해 계약을 마쳤다.

    하지만 오지호와는 의견 조율이 되지 않고 있다. 오지호 소속사 관계자는 “아직 연장에 관한 내용을 전달받지 못해 뭐라 할 말이 없다”며 시큰둥한 반응을 보였다.

    ‘내조의 여왕’은 월화드라마 시청률 1위를 기록, 불황기에도 불구 광고 완판을 이어가며 높인 인기 고공행진을 벌이고 있다. 또한 일본, 필리핀, 베트남 등에 판매가 완료됐으며 대만과 중국 등 아시아 전역과 수출을 협상 중이다.

    Source of source: By Groovier:

  210. 210 : Harleydaz Says:

    Extension pending for Queen of Housewives

    Source: link here

    Ratings for Episode 11 2009-04-20
    Nationwide 24.2 (2nd) Seoul 24.9 (2nd)

  211. 211 : mandi Says:

    Jane(209), Tks for updating. This will be a great news only if Ohjiho is available. It will be meaningless if QOH comes without / or with little OhnDasu. Hope his company can do something for him ;(

  212. 212 : mandi Says:

    Ep 11 – i pity Seo yeon a lot, her life so torturing with her husband & mil. Its natural for her to feel happy with her sunbae, the only person who treats her with sincerity. Aijae & DAsu such a loving couple, very nice to watch them, but looks like somebody is going to sabotage them again in ep 12 !!

  213. 213 : cute Says:

    someone should give TJ a slap on the face or a kick on his shin bone for being such a bad husband…………hehe

  214. 214 : Jan Says:

    It’s so great that QOH is so popular that the “powers that be” want to extend it!! I’m hoping that Zio’s management can re-arrange his future commitments so that he can be fully in the extended episodes otherwise it wouldn’t be the same. He really is a major star of the drama…most of the plots depend on him.

    I think it’s really a shame that TJ and SH were forced into a marriage by their parents when they both did not love each. SH may have loved him but according to the summary about TJ (posted by Jane (127), they were childhood friends. TJ may see her just as a friend… no excitement. These types of arranged marriages appear to be common among the very wealthy.

  215. 215 : Luvlilady Says:

    QOH ep 11

    There was a portion on ep 11 which I enjoyed much..it is where Dalso and Joon Hyuk keep on arguing like a couple in trouble and extended it to the men restroom and whats so funny is when Joon Hyuk dash out the loo running (with Dalso) his shirt and trouser in disarray . I was laughing so hard because of their facial expression plus his two assistant which was looking in disbelief.

  216. 216 : lovestar Says:

    Thanks Harleydaz for the Ep11 rating. Glad it is doing so well!!!

  217. 217 : lovestar Says:

    Guys, anybody know if Queen of Housewives had already been extended?
    I know Jane (209) had commented about it but… was it already approved or had all the main characters agree into it??

  218. 218 : Lia Says:

    This drama has a very good rate, congratulation for the crews and… especially for Oh Ji Ho…. you deserves to get success for your hard work 🙂

  219. 219 : Jane Says:

    Source: MBC AMERICA :: Global News 2009.04.20 08:40:12


    *Episode Airing: April 20, 2009

    The Mon/Tues miniseries heavyweight [My Wife Is A Superwoman] continues its string of celebrity cameo appearances.

    Shindong of idol group Super Junior and comedian Kim Shin-young will make a surprise appearance in episode 11 (airing today April 20th), following in the footsteps of actor Kim Seung-woo and comedian Choi Yang-rak.

    In the scene where actor Choi Cheol-ho (playing character Han Jun-hyeok) is bumming around in a sauna because he was kicked out of the house by his wife, Shindong and Kim Shin-young play a pair of tactless lovers who show excessive PDA (public displays of affection) in front of him. Unable to say anything directly to the couple, Choi executes a comic moment by suffering in silence.

    Since the scene was filmed in a real sauna, it was over 58 degrees Celcius, and within five minutes of filming, the actors and the entire staff were drenched in sweat. They had to really battle it out with the heat.

    Shindong and Kim Shin-young are currently co-DJs of [Shim Shim Ta Pa], a radio show on MBC Radio FM (95.9MHZ). Since the scriptwriter of [My Wife Is A Superwoman] Park Ji-eun was originally a radio show writer, this cameo appearance came into negotiation.

    Since they were co-DJs for a while, Shindong and Kim Shin-young were able to do the scene without a single mistake and received much praise for their excellent performance as a nauseating couple.

    Shindong and Kim Shin-young boasted, “We know each other so well that there was no need to be nervous at all.” But they added, “Acting is hard. We’ll stick with the radio and work harder at that.” Their wit brought out many smiles.

    Kim Shin-young especially confessed to being a real [My Wife Is A Superwoman] fan. “If I miss an episode, I always watch the rerun. I’m a huge fan. I especially think the character of Chun Ji-ae is so loveable. […] There aren’t a lot of things to smile about these days, but this drama can always lift my spirits.”

    Shindong expressed his support, “I’m close with Oh Ji-ho, so I already told him congratulations on the rise in ratings. I’m so happy that a close friend of mine is doing so well.”

    Shindong previously appeared in KBS drama [Single Papa is Dating] as Oh Ji-ho’s orphanage friend.

    Shindong and Kim Shin-young ended their cameo appearance experience with the statement that they will try their hardest in all areas of the business, whether it’s public entertainment or acting.

    You can catch the talented pair in tonight’s episode (episode 11).

  220. 220 : Jane Says:

    Source: Javabeans
    link here

    Extension pending for Queen of Housewives
    April 20th, 2009 // by javabeans

    After Boys Before Flowers left the air, MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama Queen of Housewives [내조의 여왕] shot up in the ratings, where it currently resides in the 22%-25% range. Not about to let a popular and well-received show go easily, MBC is looking to extend the drama.

    One rep from the production team said, “Based on the viewers’ positive response, we decided to extend the broadcast run. At first, we considered a two-episode extension, but now we’re looking into adding another week for a four-episode extension.”

    The final result is to be decided between the production company and MBC, and the two parties will enter meetings this week to hammer out the details.

    No complaints from the stars, who are all enjoying a rise in visibility. Naturally the lead stars Kim Nam-joo and Oh Ji-ho are getting lots of attention, as well as Lee Hye-young playing the sly corporate wife and Choi Chul-ho as her stern husband. But the upswing has been most dramatic for Yoon Sang-hyun, the playboy-ish curly-haired CEO, and Sunwoo Sun, who plays his neglected wife (who also recently came out about her real age), who were the least-known at the drama’s outset. Yoon had small roles in lesser-watched dramas (Three Dads One Mom, Fireworks) while Sunwoo is still a rookie.

    I’m behind in watching this drama but still onboard, as long as it remains funny and lively. An extension works for a pleasant, engaging show like this, so there probably won’t be many difficulties in making it happen.

    Via Sports Seoul


    Stars caught lying about their ages
    Queen of Housewives (MBC)
    Currently airing drams: A roundup

  221. 221 : Luvlilady Says:

    Hi Jane (219)

    Thank You for the article. Yes I remember Shindong in Single Daddy in Love. I also notice some actors in Queen Of Housewives who had work with Oh Ji Ho. Fantasy Couple was ‘Kanja’ and she played a voodoo lover of Tae Joon. Stepmom of So Hyuk played mom to Uhm Jung Hwa in Get karl. Jewelry shop assistant in Get karl, played one of the wife who works for Queen. Anybody elso who I miss??

  222. 222 : mandi Says:

    luvlilady (215), i too had a good laugh at this scene. I would have misunderstood them if i were one of the colleagues there. Worse of all, Dasu further endorsed their doubts by asking Kang whether he likes him, it was so funny…………

  223. 223 : cute Says:

    does anyone know whether ojh is able to extend his contract for QOH?

  224. 224 : cute Says:


  225. 225 : Jane Says:

    Luvlilady (#215) and Mandi (#222):

    Na du — it’s great that the writer could add this bit to make the drama funnier.

    I really enjoyed that scene too!

  226. 226 : Jane Says:

    Luvlilady (221)

    How about the lady in the restaurant who interviewed JI-AE (for puposes of spying the natural flavor of the food) and the lady said JI-AI is not suitable to work there. Then JI-AI flattered her and she was happy.

    Is she the same one in GET KARL – when KARL and OH SOO JUNG got lost in the car and ended up staying the night in the inn and the woman asked for 5000 and extra for the clothes??

  227. 227 : Jane Says:

    End of Episode 11 — don’t understand why SOHYEON became aloof with DAL SOO and told him to address her as the President’s wife.

  228. 228 : Jane Says:

    End of Episode 12 – Sohyeon slapped Dalsoo — was it because she’s trying to show the “spy” following them that she is no longer on good terms with ZIO?

    I think from the plot, she still likes ZIO and tries to protect him but her sudden coldness toward DALSOO and JI-AI also makes it difficult to understand where she’s coming from…

  229. 229 : Jane Says:

    Episode 12

    Felt so sorry for JI-AE when she attended the art auction and everyone rejected her.

    Also felt even worse when Sohyeon, who at first was nice to JI-AE, gave her the cold shoulder.

  230. 230 : Jane Says:

    This drama is too good!!

    I hope they will not disappoint us with the ending — we need HAPPY ENDINGS in times of economic and financial depression!


  231. 231 : Kimmy Says:

    I’m so happy to hear that Queen of Housewives will be extended. I have faith in the scriptwriter(s). Ohn Dalsu will become a better man? He’s already a man with a good heart. So, I cannot wait to see him becoming a ‘better’ man. Chun Ji Ae would be clapping her hands like crazy after 7 years of waiting. My heart already leaps to that kind of picture in my mind. So you can see who is my favourite couple here. I love Jiae-Dalsu!

  232. 232 : Jan Says:

    This drama gets better and better each week. There were many scenes in eps. 11 & 12 where I actually laughed out loud. Did anyone watch 3 Dads and 1 mom? Tae Joon (Yoon Sang Hyun) is in it playing the lead actress’ husband who passes away early on in the drama. He’s almost unrecognizable as that character.

  233. 233 : lovestar Says:

    Jane (226)

    Honestly I can’t remember how the old lady who own the inn (Get Karl) looks like. Maybe your right. … definitely will check it out if I got the change.

  234. 234 : lovestar Says:

    Absolutely Jane (230) I want a Happy Ending too.

  235. 235 : Kimmy Says:

    Luvlilady, one of the woman in the group, (I don’t know her name) was in A Second Proposal as neighbor-wife of a doctor.

  236. 236 : Beth Says:

    Kimmy (231)

    I also love Ji Ae and Dalso compared to the two other couple.
    I want them plus their lovable daughter to have a happy ending together.

    Fighting Je Ae and Dalso!!!!!!!!

  237. 237 : Luvlilady Says:


    How many times will Ohn Dalso get slap(ouch) before the episode end. Poor Dalso his character is a kind, honest warm loving person but it gets misconstrued by his colleague and friends.

  238. 238 : Jan Says:

    Dal Soo is such a kind, compassionate, loving human being, so much so that people think he’s stupid. Even Ji Ae mentioned that he won’t even pick up a dollar on the ground because he says it’s not his. Compared to the other characters who are out for themselves, Dal Soo has a pure soul. It’s really been a joy to watch Zio portraying Dal Soo but I’ve also enjoyed the other actors because together, they’ve made a great ensemble of characters.

  239. 239 : Jane Says:

    OST video:


  240. 240 : Jane Says:


    “I’ll do whatever it takes to make my husband a success”

    After the TV miniseries “Boys over Flowers” ended on a rival network, viewers tuned into “My Wife is a Superwoman,” resulting in a twofold increase in viewership ratings by reaching 20%.

    The viewership figure for the 10th episode of the show hit 25.7%, which is a threefold increase from its first episode that only garnered 8.3% of all TV viewers.

    These stellar viewership ratings show that “My Wife is a Superwoman” is winning over viewers with its solid storyline and interesting characters.

    The popularity of “My Wife is a Superwoman” lies in its comical portrayal of a family that tries to overcome the economic downturn.

    The strength of the story and colorful characters is another reason why the show is doing well among viewers. Actor Yoon Sang-hyun, who plays the clueless company president, and actress Sun Woo-sun, who portrays his sultry wife, are enjoying a huge jump in their popularity.

    “My Wife is a Superwoman” is set to continue its high TV viewer ratings as it depicts the hilarious scheme of one wife to make her husband a success.


    MBC Global Media 2009-04-21(15:04)

  241. 241 : Jane Says:

    Episode 13 Preview link from MBC


  242. 242 : Jane Says:

    In Episode 13’s Preview link from MBC, hot and cute “King” YOON SANG HYUN as TJ can sing so well and has such a nice voice!

  243. 243 : Luvlilady Says:

    Jane (242)

    There was a link posted in Soompi ‘QOH’ where Hyun Sang Hyun made a guest appearance in one of the Sang Sang Variety show.
    I was really surprised he did sing extremely well!! Nice deep voice. Is he a singer before he went into dramas?

  244. 244 : lovestar Says:

    Jane (240)

    Thanks for the article.

  245. 245 : Beth Says:

    Preview of episode 13 is so sad. This drama is getting better and better by episode… no wonder why rating shoot up all of a sudden.
    Please let it be Monday all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  246. 246 : Luvlilady Says:

    Opps.. misspelled Yoon Sang Hyun name wrong on (243). I still can’t get over with his deep rich voice. He could pass as a professional singer.

  247. 247 : parampi Says:

    omg t he wat dal soo reminisis about soo hyun makes me think he’s falling in love, but why isnt ji ae falling in love with anyone but dalsoo! ugh she’s frustrating!!

  248. 248 : Jane Says:

    JAN (#232)

    I didn’t watch 3 Dads and 1 mom. From your description, it appears Tae Joon (Yoon Sang Hyun) has only a small role in it.

    I believe the lives of the three HOT KINGS in QUEEN OF HOUSE is changing soon — they will be flooded with good offers in the future based on their superb acting and likable characters through QOH.

    I’m sure we will see more of YOON SANG HYUN soon!

  249. 249 : Jane Says:

    cute (213) says: someone should give TJ a slap on the face or a kick on his shin bone for being such a bad husband…………hehe


    I agree – TJ is kind to everybody except SH! Poor SH!

  250. 250 : Jane Says:

    In the FANTASY COUPLE chatroom http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=340, I (post #347)
    I compared DALSOO’s character with JANG CHUL SOO’S and wished that DS is stronger like Jang Chul Soo’s!

    Sunman (in post #351) replied as follows:

    Jane(347), Dasu is strong in his principles, he’s juz very kind hearted…………..

  251. 251 : Jane Says:

    In my post of 227, I said at the end of Episode 11, I didn’t understand why SOHYEON became aloof with DAL SOO and told him to address her as the President’s wife.

    I think I know the answer now – since she heard from DALSOO’s own mouth that he will NOT give up everything and run away with her, she has to follow plan no. 2, which is to sever any relationship with DALSOO so that DALSOO will not be “persecuted” for her foolish emotional actions…

    Unfortunately, its too late….

  252. 252 : Kimmy Says:

    What is Dalsoo’s narration about at the end of episode 12?

  253. 253 : Jane Says:

    Kimmy (252)

    Not sure but here’s a preview of Ep. 13 by Groovier on Soompi:

    Being asked to tell her the real truth whether he cheated on her or not, Dal-Soo answers Ji-Ae that he was swayed a little. She is dumbfounded by his ingenuous answer. In the mean time, Boong-Soon’s so delighted to have CCTV footage showing Dal-Soo giving So-Hyun a cuddle back from Young-Sook. (Director’s Wife)

    바람을 핀 게 사실이냐며 솔직하게 말하라는 지애의 추궁에 달수는 마음이 조금 흔들렸던 건 사실이라고 대답한다. 너무도 솔직한 달수의 대답에 지애는 어이없어 한다. 한편 달수가 소현을 안고 있는 CCTV 영상을 영숙에게 받은 봉순은 쾌재를 부른다.

    浮気をしたのが事実かいなか率直に言いなさいというジエの追及にダルスは心が少し搖れたのは事実だと答える。あまりにも率直なダルスの応答にジエは開いた口が塞がらないだ. 一方、ダルスがソヒェオンを抱えているCCTVのビデオをヨウンスクに受けたボンスンは歓喜を呼ぶ。

    source: link here (Post #461)

  254. 254 : Jane Says:

    [My Wife Is A Superwoman] Fedor cameos to fight Oh Ji-ho
    2009.04.27 09:00:00

    The very popular 「My Wife Is A Superwoman」 (scripted by Park Ji-eun, directed by Ko Dong-seon & Kim Min-sik) is visited next by the Russian heavyweight mixed martial arts fighter Emelianenko Fedor.

    Fedor makes an appearance as a mixed martial arts fighter and Tae-jun’s (Yun Sang-hyeon) friend. He goes one-on-one with Dal-su (Oh Ji-ho).

    On the 25th, on set for 「My Wife Is A Superwoman」 in a mixed martial arts gym in Jam-sil, the entire staff burst out into applause when Fedor stepped inside.

    Fedor appeared a little dazed to be receiving such an enthusiastic welcome while still suffering from jet lag. He found a smile, however, when he settled down with the director Ko Dong-seon and received an overview of the scene.

    In the scene, Tae-jun says to Dal-su, “I hate losing. […] I lost to you last time in basketball, but I’m learning mixed martial arts these days so let’s have a go.” But after losing yet again, Tae-jun insists that Dal-su go up against his friend, which turns out to be none other than Fedor.

    Fedor’s single line in the scene is the challenge he throws Oh Ji-ho’s way in Korean, “Let’s have a go.”

    THe martial arts director communicated to Fedor through gestures and body language, and during rehearsal Fedor picked up Oh Ji-ho and spun him around a couple of times before dropping him. Oh landed with such an explosive thud that the staff worried he might be hurt.

    Slightly bruised in the knee, Oh Ji-ho told Fedor, “I may look like a fighter, but I’m just an actor.” And he asked Fedor to go a little easy on him.

    Oh Ji-ho eyed Fedor a bit nervously as he watched Fedor slip on gloves for the actual shoot, and he informed Fedor, “The gloves aren’t really necessary…” and backed away a step.

    There was tension like a real match, and when filming was complete, Oh Ji-ho commented, “Fedor’s eyes changed when he put on the gloves. I couldn’t even look him in the eyes. I felt very helpless.” And this is coming from Oh Ji-ho who is known for being athletic.

    After filming, the actors and the staff took a commemorative picture. Fedor expressed his impressions, “I’m honored to take part in 「My Wife Is A Superwoman」. It was a lot of fun. Personally, I felt it was a great experience.”

    Infused with the excitement of mixed martial arts fighter Fedor’s cameo, episode 14 of 「My Wife Is A Superwoman」 will air on the 28th.


  255. 255 : anhui90 Says:

    for god’s sake if this lady has to attract 3 men, then employ a better looking actress……………i can’t stand her makeup, hairstyle, dressing……n the junior version Chun Ji Ae makes me puke………..

  256. 256 : anhui90 Says:

    4got to mention she’s also an abusive wife, n story has to be so in favour of her tat she’ll take credits in her husband’s everything…..all other characters have to be made bad & useless just to promote her………Chun JiAe is such a xxxx

  257. 257 : Lovestar Says:

    Hello anhui90
    I am not a fan of Kim Nam Joo, but in fairness to everybody here is an article of her:

    Kim Nam-joo
    MAY 10, 1971
    1994, 4th SBS open application talent
    Husband Kim Seung-woo, 1 son & 1 daughter
    Singing, dance
    That woman’s house (2001), The Boss (1999), Model (1997)
    I Love You (2001), Voice of a Murderer (2007)
    2001 MBC Acting Awards Best Acting Award

    A non-stop developing actress – “Kim Nam-joo”‘s transformations

    The icon of chic and sophisticated image – Kim Nam-joo! She broke out of her long acting gap, and is back as an indiscreet person who you can’t help but love in the drama “My Wife is a Super Woman.”

    On the set of the much-talked-about drama “My Wife is a Super Woman,” we met up with the leading actress, Kim Nam-joo. Usually, she’s elegant and graceful, but on the set, she perfectly transforms into her character of a tough housewife “Cheon Ji-ae.”

    Since 2001, we couldn’t see Kim Nam-joo on the small screen. But she’s back after an 8-year gap, via her comeback drama “My Wife is a Super Woman,” which has gained a lot of attention from the public before being on-air, with just the fact that she’s starring in it.

    In particular, through this piece, it’s her first time to take off the glove in comic acting. Kim Nam-joo doesn’t spare herself and acts enthusiastically, totally ruining herself! It would be worthy to call her the “Queen of comic acting!”

    Like the actress who can guarantee a soaring audience rating, Kim Nam-joo’s giving her heart out for this character! Thanks to her, the drama “My Wife is a Super Woman” is becoming more popular by the minute and has #1 audience rating compared to other dramas on at the same time.

    From mid-1990s to present, Kim Nam-joo has the reign as Korea’s top star. Through dramas and numerous commercials, she appeals her chic and stylish image, and is loved as this generation’s icon and a manufacturer of latest fads.

    In 2005, she met her life-changing moment. She announced her marriage to actor Kim Seung-woo. From an idol of every single woman, Kim Nam-joo became the wife of one man. She can’t compare anything to the happiness she receives from her home.

    Happiness at home made Kim Nam-joo become more mature. In 2007, she made a comeback via the movie “Voice of a Murderer,” where she threw away her existing intellectual image, and gave all she’s got as a mother, who goes out in search of her kidnapped child.

    The superstar who symbolizes Korea, and a true actress who knows how to enjoy transformations – Kim Nam-joo! We hope she receives continuous love from everyone as an actress who can move the public’s hearts.

    Koalabear of Soompi- QOH

    Btw I am a devoted and ardent fan of Oh Ji Ho.

  258. 258 : Kimmy Says:

    EP 13… my heart goes to jiae when she saw the cctv.. my heart also goes to dalsoo’s when he ran back home to inform jiae about the result of bribery investigation, only to find she has moved out. I mean, he is so innocent looking, just look at his confused face when jiae told him to tell the truth, but was scolded back for not holding the truth.. he couldn’t bear to see his wife’s sadness..

    Ooo.. don’t forget the sauna scene in ep13.. dalsoo+junhyuk = hilarious!

    This drama is so addictive!

  259. 259 : anhui90 Says:

    she still looks too mature for the cute & boyish looking guy who acted her husband and the other guy who’s supposed to be her 1st luv. the guy looks more like her younger brother / son esp when she starts scolding & chasing after him…..the moustache guy seems more suitable for her but then for a man of his status to be attracted…..ANYWAY this is my opinion & i only represent myself………overall the drama is good, better than the one that ranked 1st i tink CRUEL TEMTATION……tat show is soooooooooooo BORING!!!!!!

  260. 260 : Kimmy Says:

    I realized something about Dalsoo.. I think he just accepts things without many questions.. so simple. But Jiae is person who will do anything to achieve things.. a fighter. Both compliments to each other. Writers, Please let them be together, happily ever after..

  261. 261 : Lovestar Says:

    Daily TV Rating as of [Tuesday 2009-04-28]

    Nationwide Rank / Show / Network / Nationwide Rating / Seoul Rating + Rank {if different from Nationwide}
    1. Cruel Temptation / Lure Of Wife (SBS) – 32.9%, 32.3%
    2. My Wife Is A Superwoman / Queen Of Wives episode 14 (MBC) – 27.4%, 29.3%
    3. White Lie (MBC) – 20.6%, 20.7%
    4. The Road Home (KBS1) – 17.5%, 15.9%
    5. KBS News 9 (KBS1) – 15.5%, 14.8% (#6)

    Nationwide Rank / Show / Network / Nationwide Rating / Seoul Rating + Rank {if different from Nationwide}
    1. Cruel Temptation / Lure Of Wife (SBS) – 28.0%, 26.1% (#2)
    2. My Wife Is A Superwoman / Queen Of Wives (MBC) – 25.4%, 27.3% (#1)
    3. White Lie (MBC) – 22.1%, 22.8%
    4. The Road Home (KBS1) – 18.1%, 17.8%
    5. KBS 9 News (KBS1) – 15.8%, 16.2%


  262. 262 : Beth Says:

    Hi Kimmy (258) (260)

    I am so with you. I really want them to be together to the very end. Indeed both of their character compliments each other!!

  263. 263 : Luvlilady Says:


    This is what took place between Oh Ji Ho (dalsoo) and Fedor on there fighting scene :

    ” The martial arts director communicated to Fedor through gestures and body language, and during rehearsal Fedor picked up Oh Ji-ho and spun him around a couple of times before dropping him. Oh landed with such an explosive thud that the staff worried he might be hurt.

    Slightly bruised in the knee, Oh Ji-ho told Fedor, “I may look like a fighter, but I’m just an actor.” And he asked Fedor to go a little easy on him.

    Oh Ji-ho eyed Fedor a bit nervously as he watched Fedor slip on gloves for the actual shoot, and he informed Fedor, “The gloves aren’t really necessary…” and backed away a step.

    There was tension like a real match, and when filming was complete, Oh Ji-ho commented, “Fedor’s eyes changed when he put on the gloves. I couldn’t even look him in the eyes. I felt very helpless.” And this is coming from Oh Ji-ho who is known for being athletic.

    Source: Kdramafanusa

    Hopefully Oh Ji Ho (Dalso) come up in one piece when they finish filming.

  264. 264 : amany Says:

    HERE U R ..i always know where to find u:)) hope u r doing fine and enjoying the drama as me..just wanted to say hello and good work for all the new info :))
    take care..

  265. 265 : amany Says:

    the drama is so good that it comes in the most commented dramas and i believe it will get higher and higher by days..
    WHAT ABOUT CREATING A GROUP IN FACEBBOOK FOR THE DRAMA..u know it is very popular and it will attract more fans(or i hope so)
    need ur support and help..

  266. 266 : Jane Says:

    AMANY (265)

    Of course you should create a thread in FACEBOOK! We will depend on you (and perhaps our dear sister Doja also)!


  267. 267 : Jane Says:

    221 & 233

    The mother of JA was his mother in Autumn Shower.

  268. 268 : Jan Says:

    Kimmy (260),

    Great observation! They do complement each other very well. I hope they realize that they both really love each other and that their relationship is that much stronger.

  269. 269 : luvlilady Says:

    Jane (267)

    I was thinking of her endlessly two days ago, now I got my answer thank you.

    Who could forgot Sun Woo Sun mom of QOH in Get Karl. With her fedora hat and red umbrella on the bus en route to Zio summer house by the beach. Totally love her whole ensemble and acted her part with aplomb!!

  270. 270 : luvlilady Says:

    Hi Amany (264)

    Re: Queen of Housewives in facebook..

    Bring it on and lead the way… Zio Angels will follow.

    How’s Doja

  271. 271 : amany Says:

    Hi Zio Angels
    thank u for ur support..i only launched the group depending on the wonderful data and photoes supplied by Koalabear in her soompi thread and Lia..here`s the link
    link here
    come and join me :)) and let us make it a real group :)) and vivid as in soompi and koreandrama.org
    Forza Zio:))

  272. 272 : elissa Says:

    anhui90: I agree with you a little bit, when I first saw her I didn’t think she was very pretty but somehow her character won me over and started looking pretty to me.

    However, Kim Nam-Joo used to be very beautiful. I think the hairstyle she has right now is very “ajumma”, so she isn’t as appealing.

    Some other pictures of her:
    link here
    link here
    link here

  273. 273 : Jane Says:

    elissa (272)

    Thanks, elissa. Kim Nam Joo look georgous in those photos!

  274. 274 : lovestar Says:

    Hi elissa

    Didn’t know she was this pretty. She look so ahjuma looking on QOH .
    Thank You for the link.

  275. 275 : mandi Says:

    Congrats to Ohjiho & QOH team for the ratings for ep 13 & 14. Plz continue to soar…..above 30++++ for 2nite onwards. Great work ^^!

  276. 276 : mandi Says:

    Can’t help praising the script writer………. the ‘exiled husbands club’, the ’shopping’ masterpiece, the ‘act smart’ wife who keeps making mistakes in her phrases and many more……. juz wonder how he came up with all these hilarious ideas that make people laugh till their jaws drop!!

  277. 277 : mandi Says:

    my comments on ep 13 & 14:

    TJ can really sing well. He sounded like a professional. He has finally done something right………free his poor wife. Now they can become good friends. I like their conversation at the roof top, truthful & sincere.

    JA must be deaf to say her husband could sing better than TJ…..but i’m not any better than her

    JH deserves to be exiled from home, he’s been a bad husband. Bong might not be doing so much funny things if he had treated her better.

    DS looks very cute when he’s frighten & timid in front of his wife. Ojh is very good in playing Ohn Dal-soo’s role.

    Looks like SH really loves DS, i like her.

  278. 278 : harleydaz Says:

    Ratings 2009/05/04 Episode 15

    1st Place for “Queen of Housewives”/
    “My Wife is a Superwoman”

    Nationwide 26.1 (1st)
    Seoul 28.4 (1st)

    Source: TNS Media Korea

  279. 279 : Jan Says:

    Harleydaz (278),

    Thank you for posting the latest stats! I’m so happy to see QOH is now #1!!! I knew they could do it with such a great story and cast.

    How could Zio not participate in the additional episodes …… without him there’s no story! And to have Billy doing a cameo is terrific!


  280. 280 : lovestar Says:

    Congratulation “Queen Of Housevives” for your #1 rating!!!!!!


  281. 281 : Beth Says:


    Thank You for the ratings result. Queen Of Housewives is definitely one of the best kdrama for 2009. All cast and crew deserved a compliments and job well done!!!

  282. 282 : harleydaz Says:

    Still in 1st place for “Queen of Housewives” / “My Wife is a Superwoman”

    Ratings 2009/05/05 Episode 16
    Nationwide 29.2 (1st)
    Seoul 31.1 (1st)

  283. 283 : mandi Says:

    Jan(279), Agree, QOH will be meaningless without or with little ohn dasu 🙂

  284. 284 : mandi Says:

    Tkx Harleydaz, QOH is a very entertaining drama………congrats to the QOH team for their great efforts ^^!

  285. 285 : Jane Says:

    ****** CONGRATULATIONS QOH! ******

    For being #1!!

    Congratulations to the actors and actresses, cast and crew, director, writer, producer, etc… for a job WELL DONE!!

  286. 286 : Jane Says:

    QOH certainly has managed to get a lot of ‘sane’ people take sides e.g.:

    – TJ & AJ to be together
    – DS & SH to be together

    Personally, I would like the original couples to be together.

    HOWEVER, if TJ chases JA, then perhaps DS should go and chase SH. From my very selfish standpoint for DS, since SH truly loves DS, she will give him a lot of love and respect, compared to how he is being treated by JA!

  287. 287 : Jane Says:

    At first I had to pause the screen to think who is the guy staring at DS at the end of ep.15 – then it clicked!

    So nice to see our dear “Billy” from Fantasy Couple.

    The writer (or writers) sure have done a great job incorporating this part into the drama!

  288. 288 : Lovestar Says:

    Jane (286)

    I was also thinking selfishly as you do.

    The creator of this drama is really good it made us think on how and who would end up on the very end.

    At first I want DS and JA to be together then along the way I want TJ and JAE and now I am back with DS and JA. Its just crazy. This drama really made you think and participate.

    Happy that BS and HJ are starting to realize each other love once again…. I am just concern of SH what would happen to her??

  289. 289 : Jane Says:

    It’s so good to see JA playing matchmaker/peacemaker for BS and JH.

    And yes, even tho it is easy to dislike BS for being such a b***h to JA, it is nice to see JH finally realizing what a good wife she had been to him and how she loved him dearly.

    One happy couple, two more to go!

  290. 290 : Jane Says:

    As for JA, how ever much she loves money, I still don’t see her as one who will betray herself for money.

    Sure TJ is chasing her like crazy, but after all that she and DS had gone through, a lot of thick and thin the past 7 years, plus having a such an adorable daughter together, I feel that JA is not one to break up her own family.

  291. 291 : Jane Says:

    On further thoughts about Kim Sung Min’s cameo appearance, it might be even more interesting if we could see “Billy” encountering or being chased by JI HWA JA, the mystic lady who acted as “Kanja” in Fantasy Couple!

    What do you think?

  292. 292 : Jane Says:




    Kim Sung Min, an old friend visits Taebong

    the conversation between Kim Sung Min and Taebong.
    Billy: Hey, I was happy to hear about your divorce and flew out here

    TaeBong: What the, Billy.

    Billy: After I divorced Anna, it became really hard.

    Taebong: but I heard you got some island from Anna as a consolation

    Billy: Yeah…it’s an island called Keu Keu Island, a completely useless island.

    Taebong: Why did you get divorced again?

    Billy: because of this one really annoying bastard named Jang Chul Soo. (Oh Ji Ho’s role in Fantasy Couple) You?

    Taebong: Because of this one really troublesome jerk named Ohn Dahl Soo

    I wish they showed the scene!
    a reference to both Fantasy Couple and Keu Keu Island’s Secret (where Yoon Sang Hyun/Taebongie starred in)

    Courtesy of lilshinhwafreak from Soompi forum: post #661

  293. 293 : cute Says:

    Jane(286), i agree with you that Dasu should consider SH (haha i’m a bad girl). Dasu is not bad to the extent to derserve such harsh treatments from JA over the years & worse of all, his daughter! The fact is that he’s really been rejecting SH’s advances, & i think the elevator incident is really out of sympathy. Which normal man will not be tempted to such indecent proposals, but is a matter of whether he could control himself……….(i’m really bias huh!) ^^!

  294. 294 : mandi Says:

    Jane(286), i agree with you that Dasu should consider SH (haha i’m a bad girl). Dasu is not bad to the extent to derserve such harsh treatments from JA over the years & worse of all, his daughter! The fact is that he’s really been rejecting SH’s advances, & i think the elevator incident is really out of sympathy. Which normal man will not be tempted to such indecent proposals, but is a matter of whether he could control himself……….(i’m really bias huh!) ^^!

  295. 295 : mandi Says:

    i actually find it hard to take sides. JA has not been nice to DS, but she’d really suffered a lot also because of DS. Don’t think she’ll ever betray DS. TJ is such a pest. Despite being told off so many times, he has not given up disturbing JA’s life.

  296. 296 : mandi Says:

    am happy that JH & BS reconciled. The more i see them, the more i feel they’re a matching pair.

    DS so pitiful to be scolded for his tie & shoes after a long day at work. So timd to say ok to throwing away the shoes even he didn’t have another pair.

    ‘Billy’ is still as comical & funny, i enjoy seeing him.

    hope TJ will help SH back to normal life, since he said he wanted to be a responsible man from now. SH is not a bad person so she doesn’t deserve such a sad ending.

  297. 297 : cute Says:

    to me, JA & BS are as b****y, it’s juz so entertaining to see these 2 women fighting…………they’re really good with their roles.

  298. 298 : Kimmy Says:

    As much as I want to be fair to Jiae, I still feel pity for Dalsoo. Since episode 1, his wife scolded him, slapped him in front of people, putting blames on him, and he said nothing but his wife was always right. And now, her wife gave him the cold shoulder because he confessed that he was tempted. I wish Jiae would treat him better, because he was just a simple minded person. He accepts his wife kindness without question, and just being very elated when his wife treated him nice. So cute. Is there a husband like that?

  299. 299 : cute Says:

    Kimmy(298), ye… i know i’m not quite sane saying this, but think Dasu deserves to be treated better. Jiae knew his weak character from the beginning & wanted him to marry her be4 he graduated. So she should not expect their living to be so smooth sailing, though he’s not been doing well, his love towards her has been genuine, he’s been loving & caring & obedient. Though she’s suffered bec of lack of money, i still don’t think she should be hitting, scolding & blaming him all the time. That’s her husband, not kid. She’s done a lot for him, but actually is also for herself, isnt it? Ultimately he’s a human & would feel the diff in treatment between Jiae & soyeon. So……i already said i’m not very sane 2day !!!

  300. 300 : Kimmy Says:

    cute, why are you not quite sane today Are you on medication?

  301. 301 : cute Says:

    Kimmy, haha, what i meant was a sane person won’t encourage people to divert attention from their spouse (i know that though i don’t know what married life is all about), yet i’m encouraging Dasu to try for better!!………. 🙂

  302. 302 : mandi Says:

    JiAe has certainly overracted but its just realistic that she behave that way. Think she’s actually forgiven Dasu but its a matter of ‘FACE’ so she had to continue acting COLD towards him. Dasu is pitiful but he’ll juz have to continue a good boy until JiAe cools down………………keep fighting Ohn Dasu, that’s what a man should do to pacify an angry wife, i guess As for saving Soyeon, think there’s nothing wrong about doing that. I think he’d have jumped in the water to help, whoever the drowning person was, OR if Taejun was the one with Soyeon, he’d hav done the same thing. However, its juz a wrong timing. Still, JiAe will be unreasonable if she blamed him. Juz hope she’ll be sensible & not torture her husband further because of her jealousy & inferiority. If JiAe is one who would do anything for her husband & family, its time she should wake up. The story should move on rather than focusing on JiAe’s moods.

  303. 303 : mandi Says:

    JunHyk’s been bad to Bong Soon since they got married despite being pampered, he too had been thinking of another woman & hurt Bong Soon repeatedly. Yet she forgave him without hesitation and welcomed her changed husband with open arms. It’s a blessing for JunHyk to hav married such a sweet wife. She truely loves him. In this aspect, JunHyk is much more fortunate compared to Dasu. Bong Soon also looks prettier with less make-up.

  304. 304 : mandi Says:

    Taejun has been the worst husband among the three. But he’s changed a lot from the time he made the decision to divorce. He’s now a much better person & i really like the part where he was anxious over Soyeon when she fell in the lake. Think he has feelings for Soyeon & hope they’ll get together again. Think his liking for JiAe is purely friendship, and he liked her because she’s a very simple person. It’s juz fun to be with her because she’s so simple & ignorant. Juz like when Soyeon was with Dasu, he’s so simple & sincere that made her misunderstood and wanted to rely on him. i hope my speculation is right bec i like Taejun & Soyeon (the 2 lonely souls) & Dasu & JiAe (the 2 naive but kind people) to end up together.

  305. 305 : mandi Says:

    Last but not least, i have to salute to the scriptwriter for creating Mrs Kim & her masterpieces…………..i juz can’t help laughing till my jaws drop!!

  306. 306 : Harleydaz Says:


    2009/05/11 “Queen of Housewives” Episode 17

    Nationwide 30.4 (1st)

    Seoul 32.2 (1st)

    Source: TSN Media Korea


  307. 307 : ABC Says:

    This drama is funny. However, I am not convinced that Jiae is attractive. In this drama, three men fell in love for her. Maybe I am not fan of Kim Nam-Joo. Or, maybe she should change her hair style to make her look more attractive. But, overall this is a good drama to watch when you are bored.

  308. 308 : Jane Says:

    I feel sad that QOH is ending. However, in a sense it is good that the drama is not dragggged on otherwise it might lose it’s fire.


  309. 309 : Jane Says:

    Finally, at end of episode 18, Dalsoo came to his senses – in the past he’s apologized, knelt down and told JIAE many times that he and Sohyun had no relationship but she won’t believe him and now she threatened to divorce him.

    He finally gave up on making his wife understand him and accepts her proposal to divorce!

    This will make JIAE straightened up and think what’s her priority…

  310. 310 : mandi Says:

    Jane (1326), Tks for the explanation. Nice to know that ZIO is very well known among all the young ladies in South Korea and considered a gentleman with them all.nation. He’s always been a gentlemen, hasn’t he? ^^!

  311. 311 : anhui90 Says:

    ABC (307), i can’t agree less. It’s not only her hairstyle. Her dressings…………sucks. The part where she sat with the moustache guy on the yellow bench was one of the most horrible sight i ever seen. she looked like she was wearing payamas !!! You do not need to look like tat even you’re not acting a rich man’s wife, its juz so……………

  312. 312 : cute Says:

    i want to highlight that i’m very very very impressed at ohjiho’s expression at the end of ep 18. You can see everything in his eyes……..deeply hurt, broken heart, sad, disappointed, lost,……………. but firm. He looked calm but scary……… i feel he acted this part fantastically well. Well done, Ohjiho ^^! Anyone agree????

  313. 313 : cute Says:

    Taejun & Soyeon’s romantic moments:-

    1) When Taejun rushed down frantically after he realised that she fell in the lake

    2) When Taejun hugged Soyeon after she’s out from the lake, wet

    3) When he reprimanded her for getting herself into trouble because of protecting Dasu

    4) When Soyeon couldn’t bear to break the news of his father’s death to him.

  314. 314 : cute Says:

    sad to see Chun JiAe & Ohn Dasu coming to tis end. Tis arrogant ‘wifequeen’ has been bullying her man since they knew each other, but tis time she’s gone too far & get hit herself, haha. Think she’s gone crazy to hurt her timid husband tat way. Tat made Ohn Dasu mad & when a timid person is driven to the edge of a cliff, they can turn out more horrible than anyone could expect. Great work, QOH, just waiting to see what’s next !!!

  315. 315 : kimmy Says:

    I think Samonim is gonna scandalise taejoon-jiae relationship. Then, I hope Jiae will realize how the Dalsoo-Sohyun relationship was blown out of proportion, as she will be in her husband’s shoes. That;s what i speculate to happen.

  316. 316 : raz Says:

    THIS IS A NICE DRAMA.the thing that I can’t understand is-how 3 man
    can fall in love with that woman? she hasn’t have the look or the brain.
    I wonder about the production-why they didn’t choose different actress
    that will make the story more reliable?
    the actress is too old and unpretty .though her qualifications in acting are very good.

  317. 317 : kirsten Says:

    This nice story especially taejun and soyeon who is becoming closer after their divorced. taejun changed after their divorced hope they will be together again. What’s good for Jiae she looks an oldmaid. I like soyeon she’s even prettier than jiae.

  318. 318 : Ruth Says:

    I admire Eun So Hyuk. She’s beautiful and kind. She has great personality and live up to her status. I hope she will have a good ending, either with Ma Tae Joon or Ohn Dal Soon. She is too nice to be left leaving alone.

  319. 319 : Pussy Says:

    raz @ 316, wat 2 do? the 3 hottie guys are so wasted right??? :p

  320. 320 : amany Says:

    Cute (312)
    a very true observation..i was watching the episode yesterday..and i was totally taken by his facial expressions..i kept saying “TALENTED ACTOR>>TALENTED ACTOR:))”
    for my good luck,none of my family was awake..they would think i am talking to myself and i went that far coz of OHJI HO>>lol..
    what i like most about the last couple of episodes is THE CLEARANCE OF DAL SO from PUNG HO..the kind ..even idiot man..but Oh Ji-ho was doing great job during the drama to make the difference and by the end of the episodes..it became so obvious..it is DALSO>>

  321. 321 : amany Says:

    i agree alot about So-hyuk..she is pretty and her love for Dal so is very strong and she is making many sacrifices willingly to see him happy..that`s a true love..i even liked the scene that she came to Ji-ae telling her “she takes full responsiblity”
    i do wish,it ends good for her..
    for first thinking..u maynot know why she loves Dal So that much (besides being played bu OH JI HO>>Lol)but she lacks tenderness..and dal so is so tender,caring,thoughtful..and RESPONSIBLE>>
    even when he was unemployed,he was ashamed..
    in comparing him with the President..he is more mature ,thoughful and responsible and it seems the kind of relationship they have in college and his rejecting her made her more attached to him until she realized she could ruin his life so she protected him..
    i like her character too..

  322. 322 : amany Says:

    talking about Ji-ae
    at first,i wasnot seeing her that queen at high school but i watched her photoes and i realized she is very BEAUTIFUL actress..
    in this drama..she is ajumma yet a true woman..strong from inside and act wisely..her default is gossip..but she tries her best to SURVIVE..
    for director Han..
    he liked her glamorous when she was young..he seems to be abit nerd in high school..and a girl like her knows how to please her boyfriend by acting soft or hard..and he continued the feeling as first love is unforgetteable for a man like him who got all his efforts to be SUCCESSFUL>> to prove to her what she missed..
    about the CEO..
    he was before into many beautiful women and his wife is very beautiful herself but he liked playing games with the ajumma..then he felt at ease talking to her..acting as friends..using his money to CHANGE her life..he could never understand the power of money but with the AJUMMA..he realized it also the meaning of FAMILY>will go any far to get what she wants from LIFE..

  323. 323 : amany Says:

    to continue the last post:
    about Dal so,he is the loyal type..got attracted to a young woman when he was in college..things should develop straight..so they married..they had daughter and through all these years,she was a true wife..supporting him..yeah yelling and threatening of divorce all the time but he can understand her feelings and he confess his helplessness…so he learned to be patient and be thankful for the family he had..and by settling into a good job..he needs no more..
    that`s my explanation and understanding why the three HOT men liked Ji-ae..and as u see her looks wasnot the first reason but her being A TRUE WOMAN>>with all the ability of woman to understand man and get the best out of him..
    and to be honest: Kim Nam Joo portrayed the charcter very well..she created a comic sense in the character but in the serious scenes she was awosome like when the grave scene,the drowning scene and his confession scene..actually many..she is really THE QUEEN OF THE DRAMA..with all respect to any different opionion

  324. 324 : Jane Says:

    AMANY – off topic – heard in the news this morning your country has discovered the first case of swine flu!

    As you might have heard, a little more than 2 weeks ago, HK quarantined an entire hotel because of a Mexican who had the flu and stayed in that hotel. Those poor guests/tourists!

  325. 325 : Jane Says:

    AMANY, off-topic – correction – it was the first case of bird flu.

  326. 326 : amany Says:

    Hi Jane
    yes,my dear i watch (and hear)the news of swine flu with much concern..i was thinking of u when i heard about the hotel..may God protect u and all ur beloved..in my country,bird flu is a very critical threat (we have 70 cases of bird flu not only one)and as journalist i made many reports about the issue but still the main problem is bringing up the domestic birds..as media,it is very hard to change such an attitude but the health authorities in my country move quickly in treating the dieseased..we lack PROTECTION..
    however,i hope the whole world can manage such diseases by cooperation and awareness..God helps us all..

  327. 327 : Jane Says:

    Looks like JA and DS are heading for a divorce in the preview for ep 19:


    I feel so much pain for JA and DS – only 2 more episodes to go! – how are they going to patch up?!

    Looks like JA is getting a dose of her own medicine by DS seeing her pics with TJ??

  328. 328 : Jane Says:

    Cute (312)

    I agree – but actually both JI HO’s and KIM NAM JOO’S emotions in this scene are very touching and realistic.

    DS, who was up the entire night at the funeral, came home exhausted only to be “hounded” by an insanely jealous wife! He felt very rueful that he cannot turn the clock back for JA and she is unhappy because of him, he feels he is a burden towards her… there’s so much “pain” in his eyes!

  329. 329 : Jane Says:

    MBC’s Preview for ep 19

    link here

  330. 330 : mandi Says:

    Tks Jane. DS, AJ & TJ looked sad whilst Director Kim seemed very satisfied. Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen……….

  331. 331 : kimmy Says:

    They have many memorable cameos in this drama, the latest i heard are the stars in ‘infinity challenge’, a funny show by mbc. I’m sure this will be a good one too!

  332. 332 : mandi Says:

    Ending: What about JiAe & Soyeon becoming good friends and JA accepting her as Dasu’s 2nd wife…..HAHA, then she will really be the greatest wife on earth, the QUEEN of QUEENS, don’t u think so??? 😀 😛 :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    My logic: JiAe is a sensible woman in terms of relationships & i dont think she’ll get involve into any extramarital realationship, or remarry. She’ll only take Taejoon as her best friend at most. On the other hand, it is clear that Dasu only luv JiAe. Since JiAe has been placing Dasu above anything else and their threat of divorce is merely due to misunderstandings & sabotages, after the heat is over both should realise that there are no reasons for them to divorce afterall. & JiAe will not say anything hurtful to Dasu again since she was already showing some regrets in ep 19. Then, JiAe feels touched that Soyeon luv Dasu wholeheartedly, so, being quite a kind hearted person, she’ll accept Soyeon (of course with conditions to benefit her husband) 😆 Dasu & JiAe return to their happy lives with Dasu becoming the happiest man, of course. As for Taejoon, i really get sick of him for pestering JiAe despite being told off many times, but he should be able to find a good wife soon after JiAe’s firm rejection. BS & JH lived happily after. Mrs Kim go & study Arts to upgrade her standards in Arts after her husband being kicked out. Then, the story will end without any SAD parties !! This is the ending that i like for the nice characters in Qoh but i don’t think it will ever happen in Korean shows…………….cheers ^^!

  333. 333 : QOHHH Says:

    This is funny how people think jiae is not attractive. Actuallly in Korea people praise kim nam joo(jiae) for her beauty. Cuz she is very “trendy looking” in Korean perspective I guess? Her hairstyle was a trend in Korea and she just followed the trend. And Kim nam joo’s name value is just HUGE in Korea.To let you know whats the atmosphere like in Korea, Korean ppl are bashing dalsu like crazy and on the other hand, supporting Jiae’s character. Cuz in Korea when a man doesn’t have ability to support family in materialwise, he is considered a trash… sadly..As you see in the drama woman are treated badly if her husband’s status is low..This drama is intentionally making a twist of the reality in Korean society, that’s why Korean people are praising QoH.. . So yeah that’s what’s happening.

  334. 334 : kimmy Says:

    Wow, QOHHH! I never thought about that, because majorly, I see the love-part only. What about Taejoon mentally abused her wife before this?

  335. 335 : Harleydaz Says:

    May 18th, 2009 // by javabeans
    link here

    Yoon Sang-hyun discusses his sudden popularity in Marie Claire

    I’ve always thought Yoon Sang-hyun was a pretty charismatic guy — he was pretty decent back in Fireworks (his character was an ass and the drama sucked, but he and Kang Ji-hwan were enjoyable) and he was cute in Three Dads, One Mom — so it’s nice to see him enjoying his sharp rise in popularity with his latest role in Queen of Housewives.
    A photo spread of Yoon is featured in the June issue of Marie Claire magazine, which also contains an interview wherein the actor talks about his sudden fame and his latest role.
    Of his current status as the endearing Tae-bong character Yoon says, “Popularity? I’d like to be an actor with a long career, but this popularity came so suddenly… Phew.”
    Of acting: “It wasn’t that I wanted to act from the very start, and I’ve never really learned. I just fell into it at the beginning, and did as the director told me.”
    Of his earlier career: “At first I was just imitating acting, so how could I be any good? When doing Winter Bird, I learned a lot from Park Won-sook. It was from doing Winter Bird and Secret of Keke Island that I came to enjoy playing in front of the camera. I understood that in order for the viewers to feel, I had to feel.”
    He expounds on that in another interview with Segye Sports World: “In my debut project, To Marry a Millionaire, I was just imitating acting. I realized at the time of Winter Bird that an actor has to prepare many other things outside of the script, and that even if the character is appealing, if the acting is bad, you can fall to the very bottom. That’s when I learned how to create a character, and that’s how I created Tae-bong as well.”
    He had quite the rough time filming To Marry a Millionaire, as he describes crying in the bathroom one day: “I felt a heavy mental burden, and memorized the script, but when I went on set, my head would darken… Something that should take 20 to 30 minutes took 2 to 3 hours because of me. After doing that for three episodes, I thought that there was no way I could be an actor. I even talked to my agency, and thought to myself that I would just hang in there until my contract was up, and then leave. I changed my mind while doing Winter Bird.”
    With his current fame in Queen of Housewives: “This is the first time in my life I’ve received such an outpouring of love, and it’s a really remarkable feeling. I’m most happy as an actor. This is the first time I’ve had ratings go past 20%, the first time I’ve received comments of praise in 37 years. Before Winter Bird, that was because of my acting, and afterward, even though I heard I was acting well, because my character was unlikable, I didn’t hear many positive things. It feels like a dream that I could come into such popularity now.”
    Future plans? “I’d like to work more, so I want to marry later. I want to be an actor who acts well rather than being good-looking, someone who considers the inside more important than the exterior. I’d like to become an actor like Song Kang-ho sunbae in the future, and I really want to take on the challenge of acting as a cold-blooded character, too.”
    Via OSEN, Segye

  336. 336 : amany Says:

    i enjoyed reading UR ENDING>.u have a vivid imagination ..u can be a writer too:))i very agree that korean dramas are usually unexpecting..that`s the good and the bad things about it..i tried to write my own scenario but i failed..the drama is too good to anticipate and the events are too complicated to predict..however,i wish a happy ending to SO HYuk ,my fav character so far..she has been miserable enough..she needs a good man..for Dalso,i wish he continues being firm with Ji ae and smart in job..i like the way his character made progress and i don`t want him to retard..but i still wish he keeps his family together..
    for Tae Bong..it is time to grow up and act as man..to preserve his company and to restore his life..
    for mr Kim..i wish he got punished for his disloyality and greed and his wife to realise her place..
    for Ji-ae to be good to her husband..it isnot enough to work to rise him up ,it is also important to understand him..support is onething but understanding is another thing..i hope she realises that to restore a real happiness without hurting his feelings or awaking up her wounds..
    for Bong soon..i hope she preserves the loving face of her husband and to be in his back to give him the chance to act..to lead..to defend the family and she enjoys being a housewive after all she got through..and i hope she become friends with Jiae again..with no hard feelings..no past stories..
    u see only wishes but not a scenario..i can only watch a drama never write one..lol

  337. 337 : amany Says:

    i guess ladies explained before that Kim Nam Jo looked like ajumma in the drama..indeed she mentioned the same concept during the first interview..but from other pics she is totally stunning and pretty and but just in the drama she has strong rivals (So hyuk with her eligent rather cold appearance) Bong Soon with her stylish appearance..Jiae is always simple yet dressing neat..that`s why we still not seeing Kim Nam joo we see JiAe and compares her to them..that why the criticizm starts
    thank you for explaining the facts about korean society..i am wondering if u r korean..coz we always lack the feedback about Zio from Korea,,

  338. 338 : Jane Says:

    Finally, QOH has ended!

    It is very satisfying to know its a happy ending!

    Very very happy for BS to help JA realize how she loves DS – as the saying goes, one good turn deserves another! Best of all, glad that JA and DS found each other again!

    It’s also good that TJ and SH are dining more often ever since their divorce as compared to when they were married and not even speaking to each other.

    In fact, I had been thinking a couple of weeks ago but forgotten to post it, that the most perfect ending would be in two years or so, to see them at a picnic, BS + JH and JA + DS each running after their 2nd child while TJ and SH cooing over their first plus TB the dog! ha ha

  339. 339 : Jane Says:


    once again to all the actors and actresses, casts and crew, writer and director and those who cameo’d in QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES for giving us such an entertaining and enjoyable drama!!!

  340. 340 : Jane Says:

    Harleydaz (335)

    YOON SANG-HYUN (TJ) certainly deserves the praise and rise to fame.

    Landing good roles, being to act in one drama after another, perhaps receive a best actor award someday — isn’t that the QUEST of every actor/actress?

    I remember OH JI HO (DS) also mentioned the wanting the same things during some of his interviews. In fact, he has matured and exceled over the years, esp. after his first couple of films/dramas.

    All I can say is the actors and actresses in QOH deserve every best for their SUPERB acting and for a job well done and I wish them God’s abundant blessings in both their professional and personal lives!

  341. 341 : mandi Says:

    QOH has finally ended & i’ll definitely miss the chasing for a while. I rate this a 1st class drama. It’s just capable of making viewers eager to know what’s next and strong enough to make viewers love or hate the characters. The Script editor, Director & crew of Actors/Actresses are simply SUPERP in their respective roles. Congrats to QOH for topping on the list. Lets hope there’ll be more of such high standard dramas in future & lets hope we’ll see the 3 hottie guys esp Ohjiho again SOON ^^!

  342. 342 : pussy Says:

    QOHHHH @ 333, it’s a pity & it’s a pain to hear the korean bashing Ohn Dasul………..poor guy!! To me, this is such a fairytale character that comes with both a sweet face & golden heart, an ideal husband. There’s a saying that any problem that could be resolved via $$ is nil a problem & anyhow, Ohn Dasul has settled the $$ problem in the end…………….:P

  343. 343 : mandi Says:

    does anyone happen to see Sun Woo Sun’s info on Star kd? can’t seem to find. tks.

  344. 344 : mandi Says:

    amany(336), haha, glad u like my wild imagination. Tks. I take movies/dramas as entertainment & always prefer happy endings for good people, preferrably not always presented in same/standard manner everytime. i am also open to more daring scripts, not so because i’m not a supporter of morals, but i view movies/dramas as a form of entertainment ultimately, as such i sometimes prefer scripts/writers who are bolder…………(solely my opinion).

  345. 345 : Jane Says:

    According to Hancinema news ~ “My Wife is a Superwoman 2″:


    “Actor and Actress OH JI-HO and KIM NAM-JOO said that if there were to be “My Wife is a Superwoman 2″ then they would definitely try to be part of it!

    The drama has been very loved and the two have been at the press meeting for the drama.

    If there were to be a season 2 for the drama, they both would love to be back but with the same people because with new people, it would definitely be like a different family.”

    Source : news.cyworld.com/view… ( Korean )

  346. 346 : mandi Says:

    Think it would be great it there is QOH 2. But will only be meaningful if the same casts remain. To me, there’s roam for expansion for this story & i have faith in this script editor.

  347. 347 : Jane Says:

    At the end of Ep.20 where TJ and SH were drinking red wine, TJ PROPOSED!!

    TJ: Getting re-married – have you thought about it?
    SH: Yes.
    TJ: Don’t delay any longer. Do you think guys like me are plenty? You’ve always like my type. What is it, you still cannot forget that fellow?
    SH: Why talk about him?
    TJ: Fine, I get it.
    SH: Must I forget? Having liked him – that feeling – if it can become my power, I don’t think I really need to forget. I think having had that kind of feeling can be quite good. I am contented now. This is good enough.
    TJ: Yes, that’s great!

  348. 348 : Kimmy Says:

    I love the part where Ohn Dal Soo met his wife again in the last episode.. I keep replaying that part again and again..

  349. 349 : mandi Says:

    Jane(347), i didn’t know TJ proposed to SH bec i watched ep 20 without sub. nice! i hope there is QOH 2 & they’ll get together. i must rewatch ep 20 in order not to miss out the interesting parts. the script is jus so perfectly planned ^^!

  350. 350 : Jane Says:

    20090522 Section TV Ent. News – QOH celebration party:



  351. 351 : Jane Says:

    More QOH celebration party action:

    src: Lee Jin-ju Cyworld

    videos/news links


    from Cyworld


    credits to the original uploaders of the videos

  352. 352 : Jane Says:

    Article from Dramabeans
    The men of Queen of Housewives (1 of 4)

    The nice thing about a series like Queen of Housewives garnering such popularity is that you get some older actors, who have been in the business for a number of years but haven’t perhaps achieved star status, who now get to come into a late fame. Not that the lead actors were obscure before — they’ve all got a number of projects to their names — but it’s not so often you’ll see them cast as romantic leads in a series popular enough to give rise to a “syndrome,” i.e., a pop-culture craze. Maybe they didn’t achieve F4-level ubiquity, but they’re enjoying the thirty/fortysomething equivalent.

    Ladies like Kim Nam-joo and Lee Hye-young have enjoyed a pretty solid amount of popularity, but the men in particular have really struck it big. Namely, the drama’s lead men Oh Ji-ho as well as the two interviewed here, Choi Chul-ho (Big Sister, Dae Jo Young, Immortal Lee Soon-shin) and Yoon Sang-hyun (Winter Bird, Fireworks). Their ages are 33 (Oh), 39 (Choi), and 36 (Yoon). It’s particularly nice to see how friendly and joking Choi and Yoon are with each other as they talk about their drama, which just ended last week.

    How was the wrap party yesterday?

    Yoon Sang-hyun: “It went on till about 5 a.m. I drank a lot for the first time in ages, so I’m still feeling it. I sang a ton of songs, too, about twenty to thirty.”

    Choi Chul-ho: “I don’t drink, but I was there too. I only drink soda, but I joined in like I’d been drinking. [He follows along to Sohn Dam-bi’s “Saturday Night” dance] I was like this all night, and my throat is hoarse. Sang-hyun-sshi must be a natural singer. He practically gave a concert last night.”

    Yoon: “I hadn’t known about [Kim] Nam-joo noona’s birthday, and it just passed by. I asked her later what she’d like for her birthday present, and she asked me to sing for her. So yesterday I sang all the songs she requested.”

    Choi: “Even when singers give concerts in arenas, after a while their voices get hoarse, but Sang-hyun’s voice is outstanding. He even performs the difficult songs easily.”

    The drama has finally ended. How do you feel about it?

    Choi: “I said this yesterday, that I thank the director and writer. I think I feel more sadness than relief.”

    Yoon: “I’m really so thankful. The director, crew, actors, everyone was so great. Before we broadcast, I was afraid of Nam-joo noonim, but her personality was actually very pleasant. Oh Ji-ho is very nice, too. I’ll be bored starting next week. I plan on going mountain-climbing, and doing a lot of fishing.”

    Choi: “I hear Sang-hyun takes three hours to travel what it takes other people one hour to do, although I haven’t seen it for myself.”

    Yoon: “Hyungnim, really… haha. At first I found it really difficult, but now I can travel in one hour what it takes other people an hour to do, too.”

  353. 353 : Jane Says:

    Article from Dramabeans
    The men of Queen of Housewives (2 of 4)

    Choi Chul-ho-sshi, you must be planning to spend time with your family. Your wife was a Miss Korea contestant — I hear she is 12 years younger than you?

    [The answer is a pun so it doesn’t make sense in English but here it is anyway. –javabeans]

    Yoon: “He joked yesterday that she’s not from there, just that area.”

    Choi: “That’s right. [Laughs] To be exact, we are 12 years and 10 months apart. I think he [Yoon Sang-hyun] will go for a bigger age difference, say with a woman 16 years younger.”

    Yoon: “Still, I’d have to be able to converse with her. If I can’t, it’s frustrating…”

    Choi: “I think Sang-hyun is the mental age of a young twentysomething. He’s really optimistic and bright and positive. So someone 16 years younger is perfect.”
    Both of you seem well-suited for comedy.

    Yoon: “I’ve never met someone as funny [as Choi Chul-ho]. All he does is talk and it bursts out. Recently, we recorded a segment on Come and Play and he was the most entertaining. Hyung, what would you have done if you didn’t do comedy?”

    Choi: “Because I also did sageuks, I think it’s funnier when I try comic acting. Maybe I should’ve tried it from the start.”

    Yoon: “I wonder how he can make such expressions with his face.”

    Perhaps it’s because Choi Chul-ho has taken on very charismatic roles that this seemed even funnier.

    Choi: “I think that’s it. Until now, I haven’t been an actor who got lots of attention. Also, once you’ve acted a certain way, you’ll get similar parts coming your way. I always got offers for charismatic or crazy guys.”

    Crazy guys?

    Choi: No, well. There’s a movie called Summertime. At that time, I was living in a half-underground room worth 26 million won [$20,000] and moved to a place leased for 40 million, and at the time I wasn’t working but I agreed to appear in that for a 20 million fee.

    “Sometimes I go online and chat on message boards. But lately, there are some bad-tempered fans who mention my role in Summertime. At those times, I answer like this: ‘Yeah, I was in a tough spot and I took the job. But I don’t have any regrets.’ At that, the person usually feels sorry.”

    Yoon: “Personally, I’ve had those thoughts, that if I had taken completely different roles from Winter Bird and Secret of Keke Island, there would have been a reaction. I wonder if people see me [in Queen of Housewives] as more appealing because it’s a completely different role from those pathetic guys. I’m just thankful for it.”

  354. 354 : Jane Says:

    Article from Dramabeans
    The men of Queen of Housewives (3 of 4)

    I hear you do pretty good imitations.

    Yoon: “In the past, I imitated Lee Hyun-woo hyung [Dal Ja’s Spring, Wedding] on Sang Sang Plus. After that aired, I got a text message from Hyun-woo hyung. It said, ‘You’re more like me than me,’ so I replied, ‘Hyungnim, I’m sorry.’ He replied, ‘No, it’s okay. I’ll just have to order you around when I can.’

    “After Hyun-woo hyungnim finished the drama Single Life [or Common Single, which Yoon also appeared in], I drank with him once. All the actresses were supposed to come out too and I called them to join us, but only Kim Yumi said she couldn’t come. I told Hyun-woo hyungnim, and he told me, ‘You imitate my voice pretty well. Give it a try.’ So I called her using Hyun-woo hyung’s voice: ‘Yumi-ya, I’m in Apgujung right now. Is everyone there?’ And she really came out. Haha. Since he was calling, she couldn’t refuse.”

    I hear Choi Chul-ho’s imitations are pretty good.

    Yoon: “They’re really accurate. He doesn’t just mimic the voice, he even matches the facial expression.”

    Choi: “Ah, but I shouldn’t be showing you like this. If I just practice for a few days, I can do anybody. I imitated chairman Jung Joo-young on television, should I try President Kim Dae-joong? ‘In order for our country to be reunited…’ [Everybody bursts into laughter]”

    Yoon Sang-hyun-sshi, you’ve earned the affection of ajummas, and young students like you too. What’s your ideal woman?

    Yoon: “When I see women, I lower my head and my chest races. I can’t look them in the eye, because they make me nervous. But even if I say I like a certain type, I don’t always end up liking those kinds of women.”

    Choi: “Bingo! To say it simply, we like all types. There’s no one particular ideal woman. Aren’t men generally all like that? If you feel a connection, you like her.”

    Yoon: “That’s right. If you I absolutely had to pick, I’d say I don’t really go for tall women, and older women don’t really approach me. I tend to feel attracted to elegant, slightly chubby, happy-looking women. Like [comedienne] Kim Shin-young? I was talking about it on another occasion, and mentioned Shin Bong-sun. Haha.”

    Because of Queen of Housewives, you’ve gotten CF offers. Have you given your family or parents any presents? [At this question, both raised their right hand at the same time and made a circle with their thumb and forefinger.]

    Yoon: “My parents don’t like me to buy things for them. They want money. [Laughs] I called them and said, ‘Mother, give me your bank account number.’ These days, they hear that I’m shooting a CF and ask, ‘Are you making some money?’ and smile wide. Actually, they take care of operating expenses and such at the agency, so I don’t have anything to spend money on.”

    Choi: “You’re a faithful son.”

    What about you, Choi Chul-ho-sshi? Do you hand over all your income to your wife?

    Choi: “No, I give it to my mother. I have two years left until she’s thirty… It can be quite burdensome on my wife to handle all that. [At that, Yoon Sang-hyun sighs, ‘Ah, still in her twenties!’] I’m predicting you’ll meet with someone 16 years younger!”

    Yoon: “Is marriage a good thing?”

    Choi: “There are strengths and weaknesses, but there are more pluses. But you have to think of marriage with absolute seriousness. More than anything, it should be with someone you suit well with, a really good person. My wife is very kind.” [Yoon Sang-hyun nods.]

    In the last episode, you acted with the team of Infinity Challenge.

    Choi: “It was more that we were edited together than shot together.”

    Yoon: “Noh Hong-chul almost couldn’t make the filming, and asked if we could test for someone with yellow hair and a mustache. So I ad-libbed a little, and touched the mustache while asking, ‘What’s with him?’”

  355. 355 : Jane Says:

    Article from Dramabeans
    The men of Queen of Housewives (4 of 4)

    Who on Infinity Challenge fits in best with the Queens Food family?

    Choi & Yoon: “Yoo Jae-seok.”

    Choi: “Yoo Jae-seok, phew, he’s a great actor.”

    Yoon: “He is. He acts very well. He’s a character who makes Oh Ji-ho’s Ohn Dal-soo reminisce, and he was wonderful. He has acting talent.”

    Choi: “There were some parts that were edited well with Park Myung-soo, too. When that was filmed, I thought he would overact. At the question, ‘Next is Park Myung-soo,’ he would raise his head to be seen, and his expression at that moment was one of the highlights.”

    Yoon Sang-hyun started the hot “Tae-bong Sydnrome.”

    Yoon: “Syndrome, ha. That’s for Gu Jun-pyo levels. I’m just grateful that many people liked the character. I can understand why ajummas may like me, but at the film set there would be these students in school uniforms saying, ‘Tae-bong-sshi, Tae-bong-sshi!’ and asking for autographs. That was a bit bewildering.”

    You were called a middle-aged Gu Jun-pyo, a kkot-joong-nyun. [“Kkot-minam” is for young pretty “flower boys”; “kkot-joong-nyun” is like saying “flower middle-aged man.”]

    Yoon: “That’s excessive praise. Actually, Chul-ho hyung is more like that.”

    Choi: “You’re the best. I’ll let this guy beat me. Sang-hyun has a Japanese feel to him. I think he’ll do well in Japan. When you go to Japan, I want to go too. You’d better take me.”

    Yoon: “Of course you have to come. We have to go together to promote Queen of Housewives.”

    Choi: “Okay, okay. If I don’t call, you call.” [Both laugh]

    There’s a lot of talk about a Season 2. Would you return?

    Choi: “They say it looks difficult to produce. The director says they can’t do it because of Sang-hyun. His asking price shot up so much, they can’t afford him.”

    Yoon: “What are you talking about? If a Season 2 is produced, I wonder what will happen, if I’ll get together with Chun Ji-ae. I think it would be fun to mix up the partners. I think it would be okay if Choi Chul-ho could get together with his first love Chun Ji-ae, and Oh Ji-ho can get together with the president’s wife Sunwoo Sun.”

    Now that Queen of Housewives has ended, what are your next plans?

    Choi: “I have my next project planned. I can’t reveal it now, but I’ll tell you soon.”

    Yoon: “I thank all the viewers for showing such support throughout the show. I thank you too, hyungnim. I’ll show you a new, different character from Tae-bong in my next project.”


    Taken from Koalabear’s Soompi thread: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=273499&st=920

  356. 356 : cute Says:

    i switched on my laptop 1st thing i woke up, a habitual thing happening over the past 10 weeks, but i don’t see it……………i miss QOH & Ohn Dasu 🙁 🙁 🙁

  357. 357 : Pinky Says:

    Cute (356)

    I quite agree with you!! 🙁 Now without QOH… I feel a little depress…for I don’t see Dasu ……………i miss QOH & Ohn Dasu, JA, TJ 🙁


  358. 358 : Pinky Says:

    Do you have any idea if MBC will continue QOH-2?? 😛

    I really hope that it’s true………


  359. 359 : Jane Says:

    Zio looks so relaxed and enjoying himself so much at the celebration party – he’s dancing and singing and having so much fun!

    I’m happy for him, and all the others who worked so hard these few months shooting Queen of Housewives and they did such a TERRIFIC job!

  360. 360 : Jane Says:

    PINKY (358)

    I, too, wish they will go ahead with QOH 2. I know, however, that OH JI HO (Zio) has to perform in a live stage play in June (I think he plays a cop in the “Story of a Robber”).

    I notice, however, at the press conference and recent photos of the main QOH characters that the guys still have long hair and Kim Nam Joo did not change her ajuma hairstyle – hmmm…. makes me wonder if this means they need to keep the same hairdo for QOH 2??

  361. 361 : Jan Says:

    Jane (352-355),

    Thanks for posting the interview with Yoon Sang-hyun & Choi Chul-ho. I really enjoyed it! You can tell how tickled they are about their new found fame due to QOH. Couldn’t have happened to 2 nicer guys. When Yoon Sang-hyun was asked what type of woman does he like, I liked when Choi Chul-ho said “Bingo! To say it simply, we like all types. There’s no one particular ideal woman. Aren’t men generally all like that? If you feel a connection, you like her.” I think what he said is really the bottom line. This showed that he is a man of experience and maturity.

  362. 362 : Jan Says:

    I was listening to Yoon Sang-hyun sing his song again. That song is very difficult to sing with the very high range but he sings it so well….. he is truly a gifted singer.

  363. 363 : Jane Says:

    MBC is donating 30 props from “Queen of Housewives” to GS Home Shopping for a online charity auction. One of the items being donated is the wedding ring worn by Oh Ji-ho for the role of Ohn Dal Soo.

    Source and Link: here
    by HarleyDaz from soompi forum – here

  364. 364 : Jane Says:

    Celebrities do Ralph Lauren

    You can’t go wrong with the classic lines of Ralph Lauren.

    The U.S. designer has opened a flagship store in Shinsa-dong on May 21st and seasoned (i.e. older) stars came out to show their support. KIM NAM-JOO (above), Ha Jung-woo, Kim Sung-soo, Lee Yeo-won, Kim Hye-soo, Ko So-young, Kwon Sang-woo (without wife, Son Tae-young) and LEE HYE-YOUNG were spotted at the event.

    Ha Jung-woo looks uncomfortable in the green shirt and black tie.

    Kim Sung-soo may be eye-candy but his psychedelic tie is not.

    Lee Yeo-won stays neutral and classy. Like we said, can’t go wrong with RL.

    Kim Hye-soo opts for a flapper style dress, reminiscent of her role in “Modern Boy”

    Ko So-young is still around? The satin purple dress fits her like a glove….gorgeous

    Kwon Sang-woo is trying to “tea us” with his knit tie. But we have lost interest long ago. BTW, where is the wifey?

    Lee Hye-young, also back in a drama with Kim Nam-joo (see above), keeps it conservative and ajumma-like in a gold.

    Link: http://popseoul.com/2009/05/28/celebrities-do-ralph-lauren/

  365. 365 : amany Says:

    Hi ladies
    interviews,photoes,videoes..i guess i missed alot while waiting the last episode in mysoju:((
    however,i am very happy for the success of the drama and how it was a big hit for the kings in “queen of housewives” i hope our fav king moves ways forward after this drama and though i would love to see part 2 and meet kind Dal soo again..
    i would love more challenging role for OhJi-ho,one role that everyone is amazed about his talent more than his looks..i believe he has more to give..

  366. 366 : Jan Says:

    Amany (364),

    I just loved Zio in QOH, too. I hope they do have a QOH2 with the same cast and another good script. I’m sure he’s sent scripts all the time but having the patience to wait for the right one is probably the hardest. I’m also very happy for the other cast members who were so excellent that now they will also get new opportunities.

  367. 367 : Pinky Says:

    Amany (365)

    Me too are waiting for QOH2! 😀 And of course I hope ZIO will have chances to take other role other than Dal Soo……. 🙂

    He is so talent that I am sure he can pick up many different role…. OJH fighting…….ZIO…….fighting

    Pinky/nat nat

  368. 368 : cute Says:

    Yeah, look forward to see ohjiho in some good drama like QOH again. Juz can’t wait to see ohn Dasul again……..he’ such a cute guy 😛

  369. 369 : amany Says:

    totally agree with you that the drama was excellent chance for all the cast..the script is great and there is no mis-cast (in my opinion)i enjoyed the drama but i would rather prefer a new drama(perhaps a movie)to see a new aspect of Zio`s talent..
    to be true,Dal so after Pungho is a kind of “good man” even in pung ho,i guess the space of acting was more because he was the leading role,the drama was very tragic..he worked hard but was underestimated..
    in “queen of housewives” the good team work reveals the talent of all the cast but the role was deeper than we thought at first..but again and again..it is just our good man..i would rather see him in unexpected character and more challenging roles..

  370. 370 : amany Says:

    how r u dear?i hope u r fine..yeah,i would love queen of housewives2 if possible…ifnot,a big hit drama..with a leading role as complicated character,nice script,love theme,
    side to side with beautiful actress,loving cast and happy ending:))
    p.s..when it comes to oh ji-ho,i amnot demanding,his presence in any drama,movie or entertainment show is enough for me to watch:))

  371. 371 : sowon Says:

    now as the drama ended..i think it is so unfair to describe Dal so as playboy or cheating husband..as it was described in some sites before the airing of the drama..this man is really good,loyal husband,even his feelings for Sohyuk was more like sympathy than temptation..
    i can understand Jiae being hurted but she gave him hard time too..

  372. 372 : sowon Says:

    i was very touched by Dal so `s reaction when he was signing the divorce papers and he gently told Jiae about the kid and he wants to raise her and gives his wife everything..he even told her to work on herself coz he won`t be there to correct her..this is a GENTLEMAN..and ideal husband..

  373. 373 : sowon Says:

    now by the end of the drama:
    which name do u prefer??queen of housewives or my wife is a superwoman??
    for me,i will go with “queen of housewives”it can go with the company name “queen”which is actually more about housewives than their working husbands..they do everything for their husbands progress in the company..it also goes for Jiae which is really a queen with the way she loves her family and still she is a good wife and true friend regardless her ambition or greed..

  374. 374 : sowon Says:

    i love the way Oh Ji-ho looks after the drama..his hair colour suits him and it looks very fresh and youthful..and the dimples are shining in the cute face..

  375. 375 : sowon Says:

    from Super Rookie and now in “queen of housewives” Oh Ji-ho proves to be the most handsome man in SUITS :))

  376. 376 : amany Says:

    i liked the article about “kings of queen of housewives”though my fav king wasnot included but the other kings talked well about him “Oh Ji ho was very nice too)i didnot doubt it for a second:))
    still not watching the rest of the episode so i don`t know about the appearance of “infinity challenge” and what it is about..
    actually while reading i googled many names included in the interview..i guess i amnot following the korean culture very well,all i care about is Zio..maybe an explanation of expert ladies can help:))

  377. 377 : amany Says:

    Jane (355)
    forgot to say: the good thing about the interview it revelaed the good spirits of those handsome actors..the mutual respect between them..i liked the fun they were spreading and how they were praising each other..
    Choi Chul ho was very funny in the series especially the last episodes,and Yoon Sang hyun is very charismatic,,in his talking,acting and singing..
    our Zio is the youngest of the kings and the most attractive one..he was really missed in the interview:(( i hope the kings can meet in another drama,perhaps part2..
    actually collecting all these charming cast makes Zio shines even more..

  378. 378 : amany Says:

    need ur consultation BADLY
    now,it has been 3 weeks since airing the last episode..i watch it with eng subtitles in mysoju where devoted fans publish it taken from viiki
    however,it has been long way since publishing episode 20..incomplete only 2 parts (it is supposed to be 7 parts)and it was mentioned as “end of series” i tried asianrice.tv,koreanmovies.com and all seem to take from mysoju as their source..
    so,what can i do to watch the end??waiting ur opionion..

  379. 379 : vicky Says:

    Ohjiho looks cute in QOH. Wonder how he maintains his good looks, or is it god simply takes care of his face ???

  380. 380 : vicky Says:

    will Hoe Tae Jun stop pestering Chun Jiae plzzzzzzzzzzzz. She’s a decent housewife & he’s so irritating to cause misunderstanding.

  381. 381 : vicky Says:

    I feel Sun Wo Sun has contributed a lot to the success of QOH. So no matter what has happened, i hope she’ll get over with it fast & continue to take up new assignments. To me, she’s a good actress & this is the only thing i’m interested as far as celebrities are concerned. i’m not so much into their personal lives or public relation matters….

  382. 382 : cute Says:

    i’ve just finished watching a variety programme that featured the 3 actors from Queen of housewives. All the 3 look good, but Ohjiho is obviously outstanding :):):)

  383. 383 : cute Says:

    vicky, yeah, & i particularly like the “peeping scene” in ep 19, where Eun So Hyuk followed & peeped at the heartbroken Ohn Dasul lovingly from the other side of the glass doors. I find this scene very beautiful & romantic.

  384. 384 : cute Says:

    this is a good k-drama with a realistic story line, great casts & interesting script. i like it very much.

  385. 385 : deanaz Says:

    This drama is really worth to watch, i can laught, cry. and it really good ending

  386. 386 : Leslie Says:

    The BEST Korean Drama so far I watched this year.
    I am a middle aged housewife and it really hit me how the respective housewives exploit their husbad for their future well being. Love how the fairy tale drama ends.
    I love Oh Ji Ho ( very good looking) and Yoon Sang Hyun ( powerful voice). The other actor is funny too.
    Congratulation to MBC.

  387. 387 : vicky Says:

    yeah, i was so worried that Ohn Dasul and Chun JiAe will go separate ways untl ep 19, but glad it didn’t happen. Really luv the way the story ended.

  388. 388 : fong Says:

    Yep, leslie, i am surprise to see such a good looking actor in korean drama. I think he’s better looking than my idol Brad Pitt.

  389. 389 : Jane Says:

    Hi Leslie (386) and Fong (388)

    Have you seen other dramas by Oh Ji Ho? What do you think of those??

  390. 390 : Jan Says:

    Fong (388),

    I thoroughly agree with you! Oh Ji Ho is one handsome guy! I first saw him in Fantasy Couple and was in awe of how good looking he was and that beautiful, dimpled smile was over the top.

  391. 391 : Leslie Says:

    Ms Jane

    I have watched Single Dad in Love. My heart goes to the young boy.
    Being a mom I know how he feels.
    I just noticed Oh Ji Ho was also the same actor in Queen of Housewives.
    Funny as I was watching QOH I keep on thinking where have I seen him before, luckily I stumbled on this site.

    Oh Ji Ho is a very handsome young lad. I rediscovered him recently.
    What a face, was he ever voted one the most beautiful faces in So Korea?
    Ms Fong was right, OH Ji Ho is so much good looking than Brad Pitt tenfold.

    I wanted to watch his earlier drama, Autumn Shower, some years back I did come across of this drama but was not really interested. Now I will revisit Oh Ji Ho in Autumn Shower.
    Did I say I really enjoyed him as an actor. I am so please watching him doing comedy as well as drama. A versatile actor I must say.

    I read Oh Ji Ho is good in sport and a model too. Can you ladies enlighten me on this?

    Thank You

  392. 392 : fong Says:

    I did a search on Ohjiho on the internet and would like to describe his beauty in 4 categories:

    Spring – when he poses for sexy shots, eg one that was taken with exposed Calvin klein brief (must be sleeveless, but not shirtless)

    Summer – when he shows his dimpled smiles, side view

    Autumn – when he ‘acts’ innocent/grief, you can find many of such looks in Queen of Wives and Autumn Shower

    Winter – when he poses without smile, my fav is one of his pic taken for a drama called Super rookie

    I wish I had a chance to do some photoshots for him. But ladies, try with Adobe photoshop this if you’re a fan of him:-

    Get hold of Brad Pitt’s poster advertisemt for Tag Hauer & replace his face with Ohjiho’s Winter looks. And that of the movie Mr & Mrs Smith & replace with his summer looks. You’ll know what I mean. I’m not sure when I’ll be here again, but meanwhile, have fun, fans of Ohjiho!

  393. 393 : Jane Says:

    Hi Leslie (391) , I have posted my comments under Oh Ji Ho’s chatroom:


  394. 394 : Jane Says:

    Hi Leslie (391) , I have posted my comments in Oh Ji Ho’s chatroom:

    http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=49#comment-42947 (post #1387)

  395. 395 : Jane Says:

    Ha ha Fong (392),

    what imagination you have. Wish you can do this for us, i.e. replace face with Zio’s summer looks…

    In fact, you can actually post the “poster” for us to see if you join/register with Soompi.com by clicking this link:


    Hope to see you in Soompi someday – let me know if you have difficulty signing up.

  396. 396 : mandi Says:

    interesting & nice description.

  397. 397 : Jan Says:

    Great News about Yoon Sang Hyun!

    I just read this at http://www.dramabeans.com

    “Ohhhhhh! This was not expected! Queen of Housewives hottie Yoon Sang-hyun (the “thirtysomething Gu Jun-pyo”) has scored big with his follow-up project: acting opposite Yoon Eun-hye in the upcoming romantic comedy series Lady Castle.

    A lot of name actors had been mentioned as possibilities for this role — I’d heard murmurs of Kang Dong-won and Won Bin, as well as Lee Dong-gun or Kim Rae-won — but in the end it’s a fresher face (although he’s the oldest out of the bunch). I’m actually really pleased with this — Yoon Sang-hyun isn’t just a pretty face, he can do both comedy and drama, and although he’s a relatively green actor, he’s got tons of charisma.

    Yoon Sang-hyun is a last-minute hire; he met with producers on June 23 and after coming to an agreement, they are heading into final contract negotiations. As soon as those are finalized, he’ll enter into filming immediately. He had actually been a strong contender to head Magazine Allo — which would have also been hunky-dory with me — but because of the plagiarism accusations and subsequent scheduling delays, he chose Lady Castle. (Maybe that’s why Magazine Allo producers were particularly peeved with Style for ruining their production.)

    The story of Lady Castle situates Yoon Eun-hye as as the “princess-like” middle daughter in a rich household. She crosses paths with a poor man who becomes the household manager (who secretly aims to get at the family’s hidden slush fund), and is involved in a love triangle with him and a rich man from an aristocratic family. Yoon Sang-hyun is currently in discussions over which of these two characters he will play. (Just as long as he doesn’t pull a Kwon Sang-woo and play them both!)

    Writers are Yoon Eun-kyung and Kim Eun-hee (When Night Comes, Winter Sonata — meh); director is PD Ji Young-soo (Flowers For My Life — yes!).

    Lady Castle will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays on KBS after Partner ends at the end of August.

    Via OSEN”

    Congratulations to Yoon Sang Hyun!!

  398. 398 : Mahdi Says:

    I read at k d yoon sang hyun that he’s borned in 1977. That is to say he’s the youngest among the 3 actors. Really so?

  399. 399 : Jan Says:

    Hi Mahdi (398),

    According to DramaWiki, Yoon Sang Hyun was born 09/21/73, which makes him 35 years old but will be 36 in a few months. Here’s the link to DramaWiki: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Yoon_Sang_Hyun which has additional info about him. I thoroughly enjoyed him in Queen of Housewives.

  400. 400 : Mahdi Says:

    I always thought Choi is younger becoz he has the best complexion among the 3 actors. I hope he or his company not trying to lie his age. Already one case & will be sad if more.

  401. 401 : Anonymous Says:

    What’s that amazing song that Heo Tae-Jun sings to Cheon Ji-ae? That was amazing. Please someone tell me the name of it and who it is sung by.

  402. 402 : Jane Says:

    For those living in Taiwan, Queen of Housewives will be airing this coming July 22 on CTV


    CTV QoH Trailer:


    Source: Koalabear

  403. 403 : Jane Says:

    Hi Anonymous. Sorry for the late reply – been busy busy…

    I believe the song you are referring to is Never ending Story

    YSH – Never Ending Story

    Other songs in QOH:

    Live Songs (Come To Play)

    YSH – 보낼 수 없는 너

    uncut version songs

    YSH – 보낼 수 없는 너

    YSH – Never Ending Story

    OJH – 고해

    CCH – 세상이 그대를 속일지라도

    source: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/report/1742758_2018.html

    source: Midnightblue:

  404. 404 : jinju Says:

    this new drama is so addictive — i never thought it wld be this nice and i was stalling on watching it when it first came out online but now that i got the dvd, i’m just so thankful i got it & watching it. i’m loving it & the cast are all great, my fave actor now is yoon sang hyun and my i also like sun woo sun as the lonely wife who’s pursuing oh ji ho! this drama is so much fun, and i highly recommend it. Congrats to all the cast, director, producer & crews — this is one of my fave K dramas now.
    Yoon sang ssi — you’re so adorable & i love that moustache, keep it — you look fantastic! sarang

  405. 405 : yoonfan Says:

    thnx for that youtube link to tae bong’s song to ji ae — wow i love his voice, didn’t even realize he used to be in a band called 5Who! i love this actor & he’s super funny in QOH! I just can’t believe he’s one of the best actors in Korea, with his cuteness/handsomeness and that moustache suits him to the max! i can’t wait to see more of Yoon sang and his latest to be released drama series called Lady Castle or My Fair Lady! can someone here verify if indeed his birthdate is 1977 or 197? some people think he’s already 37 yrs old but he doesn’t look his age. in one of the sites his b/date was 1977 so anyone w/this info wld be appreciated pls. also does anybody know if he has a fan club? thnx to whoever may know here. more power to you Yoon sang ssi! sarang hae

  406. 406 : JJ Says:

    i just finished watching queen of housewives & did i enjoy it ever! i’m now feeling the queen of housewives or taebong syndrome — i need to re-watch this drama again! i miss taebong sshi! he’s so cute/handsome & very funny in his role as a spoiled wealthy son of a food company & a CEO!! i first saw yoon sang in 3 dads but didn’t even remember him then until i saw him again in queen…i really am impressed with his acting in queen of housewives…his spontaineity as taebong made him more likeable i think! oh i can’t wait to see him in lady castle or my fair lady. Yoon sang sshi you’re hot! no wonder they brand you these days as go junpyo senior! you don’t even look your age! keep that moustache, it suits you very well! mwah mwah to you! more power & God bless!

  407. 407 : Jane Says:

    Kim Nam Joo’s Interviews:


  408. 408 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Our King Oh Ji Ho and Queen Kim Nam Joo’s (as Ohn Dal-Soo couple) commercial on air 1st Aug 2009:

    website: http://card.wooribank.com/

    Ohn Dal-Soo couple: Woori bank advert

    video link:


  409. 409 : Jane Says:

    Filming Locations

    Restaurant: Walking on the Cloud

    Cheon Ji-Ae fixes up Tae-Jun with her friend Ji Hwa-Ja in a restaurant. The scene was filmed in the restaurant Walking on the Cloud, which is located on the 59th floor of the 63 City building.

    Since Queen of Housewives was filmed here, the restaurant has become very popular, so recently, the “Cheon Ji-Ae Package” was introduced. The package includes the restaurant’s full course menu, a ticket for the 63 Sky Art Museum and a ticket for the Love Elevator. As you watch the Hangang river flow by, and enjoy a panoramic night view of Seoul, you will have a romantic dinner.

    Address: Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu Yeouido-dong 60
    Business Hours: 17:00 – 01:00 (open until 24:00 on weekends & holidays)
    Inquiries: +82-2-789-5904-5
    Homepage: http://www.63wotc.co.kr (Korean)

    Sources: Korea Sparkling and kdramafanusa from soompi

  410. 410 : Jane Says:

    Filming Locations

    Dr. Park Gallery was the setting for Eun So-Hyeon’s gallery. It is located in Yangpyeong in Gyeonggi-do province. It opened in 2006 and exhibits contemporary artwork by Korean and international artists.

    The gallery is composed of the 3 exhibition halls, a sculpture exhibition hall, an event hall, an open-air stage, a gallery shop, riverside promenade, and a garden. This culture and art complex, has become a place of recreation and relaxation for many art lovers.

    Address: Gyeonggi-do Yangpyeong-gun Gangha-myeon Jeonsu-ri 19-1
    Opening Hours: 11:00 AM – 19:00 (Tuesday – Friday) / 11:00 AM – 20:00 (Weekends, Holidays)
    Inquiries: +82-31-775-5600
    Admission Fees: Adult: 8,000won/ Child: 6,000won (under 13 years-old)
    Getting There: From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal or Sangbong Bus Terminal, take a bus to Yangpyeong Terminal
    From Yangpyeong Terminal, take a bus bound for Hyanggeum-ri or Seongdeok-ri; Get off at Hill House → Walk for 3 mins.
    Homepage: http://www.drparkart.com (Korean, English)

    Sources: Korea Sparkling and kdramafanusa from soompi

  411. 411 : Jane Says:

    Filming locations:

    Seoul Plaza Hotel

    In the first episode, Cheon Ji-Ae looks back upon her marriage to Dal-Su. The scene was shot in Xystum House located on the 22nd floor of Seoul Plaza Hotel.

    Here, brides and grooms can decorate the interior in the way they want.

    It is well-known for its panoramic nighttime view of downtown of Seoul. Seoul Plaza Hotel is ideally located in the middle of downtown Seoul, close to popular shopping areas like Namdaemun, Myeongdong, and Jongno.

    Address: Seoul Jung-gu Taepyeongno 2-ga 23
    Location: 3 minutes walk from exit# 6 of City Hall Station (Subway Lines 1,2).
    Inquiries: +82-2-771-2200
    Homepage: http://www.seoulplaza.co.kr (Korean, English, Japanese)

    Sources: Korea Sparkling and kdramafanusa from soompi

  412. 412 : Sony Says:

    It’s a wonderful drama.
    I love it.
    I just finish epi. 3

  413. 413 : Jane Says:

    Sony (412)

    Glad you are enjoying it! Pls let us have your comments – love to hear from you!

  414. 414 : Sony Says:

    Never Mind Jane
    I love this drama
    And thanks for you information about filming location.
    It seem these places interested

  415. 415 : Sony Says:

    I’m jealous with Dal Soo.
    He has a really wonderful wife.
    No matter what happen, she fight for her family.

    I’m so excited!

  416. 416 : Sony Says:

    Actually, Chun Ji Ae is the most amazing girl in her high school.
    That’s why she confuses that she is the queen, and does not care other friend feeling. Especially, the one who close to her.

    Time pass by, this is good time for her lesson of life as Yang Bong Song take her a revege. How other feel when she treat them badly.

    As a husband, Dal Soo should proud of her, cos she never give up.

    Ya! a nice family drama

  417. 417 : mandi Says:

    wow, QOH dvd is out & i’ve managed to get a copy. now i can sit back and enjoy ojh/ohndasul ^^! while looking forward to chuno.

  418. 418 : Jane Says:


    News say that Queen Of Housewives will be aired in mainland China this coming Oct or at end Sep – the drama’s been sold to CETV (华娱卫星电视) China.

    Meanwhile, on Sep 11th, there will be a press conference at the Seoul Oakwood Premier Hotel ~ Kim Nam Joo, Yoon Sung Hyun, Lee Hye Young, Choi Chul-ho and Sun Woo Sun including PD Go Dong-seon and Writer Park Ji-eun (Grace Park) will attend this press conference.

    Since Zio’s name is not mentioned, it’s probably due to his busy shooting schedule (of new drama Chuno) that he will be unable to attend.

  419. 419 : Jane Says:

    Queen of Housewives if now airing in Japan!

  420. 420 : Jane Says:

    [TALK OF THE TOWN] ‘Queen conquers China’

    My Wife is a Superwoman

    (내조의 여왕 – 2009)MBC-TV’s hit drama “Queen of Housewives” (”My Wife is a Superwoman”) will begin airing in China this month on China Entertainment Television (CETV), a 24-hour broadcasting channel.

    The show, which follows a man who was laid off from work and his helpful wife, was hugely popular in Korea when it was on the air last spring.

    A press conference with all the main cast members will be held tomorrow to promote the program’s launch in the largest country in Asia.

    By Lee Hae-joo

    source link:

  421. 421 : Sony Says:

    The Khmer Ancestors said” Samnarb Yong Dei, Srey Yong Pross”.
    That means women help their husbands to get higher value, it’s as the good farm because of its good rice.

  422. 422 : Jane Says:

    QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES will be broadcast on the Hong Kong NOW-TV TVB Drama channel 807 starting October 25th (Sunday).

  423. 423 : Sony Says:

    Oh Ji Ho is my popular star.
    He is handsome in Queen of House Wife as usual.

    Your acting is very good with either older actress or younger actress.
    But I like match with Uhm Jun Hwa than Kim Nam Joo.

  424. 424 : Sony Says:

    However, I love the roll of Chun Ji Ae.
    And KIM Nam Joo’s acting fit this role very well.

    I love the role of good housewife very much.

    Hope QOH will come to Cambodia.

  425. 425 : Jane Says:

    It’s official: QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES aka MY WIFE IS A SUPERWOMAN will be aired in Hong Kong TVB’s pay station.

    My Wife Is A Superwoman
    From Oct 25 Sun @ 15:00, 21:05
    Starring:Kim Nam Joo, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Hye Young, Choi Chul Ho

    Ji Ae considered beautiful is power. She tried her very best to get married with a rich man. Finally she married with Dal Soo, the medical student in Seoul University. However, Dal Soo was a coward that he fainted during the anatomy lesson, and he finally gave it up. After married for years, Dal Soo could not find a stable job. Ji Ae was already 30, she was so disappointed with her husband. She determined to help Dal Soo so as to give some hope for herself as well. With much effort, Ji Ai helped Dal Soo to join the Planning Department of a food company. She came close to the wives of those seniors for the hope of getting better relationship and paving the way for Dal Soo. She just came to know that the wife of the senior was Bong Soon, whose first lover was taken by Ji Ae. She could not imagine it’s Bong Soon to get married with the rich. Ji Ae gave up her own self-esteem, and she chose to please others all the day. A battle among the wives unveiled……


  426. 426 : mandi Says:

    I found this on youtube. You’ll like it if you are a fan of SunWooSun. There’s quite a lot of our Zio in the QOH clips.


  427. 427 : Sue Says:

    i luv ohn dal-soo. He’s so cute and sweet.

  428. 428 : Mandi Says:

    Jane(425), bet you will have a good time watching QOH.

  429. 429 : momo Says:

    one of the best drama ever!! i cried and laughed so much, and i’m sad it’s over 🙁 i hope to find another good one…any suggestions anyone?!?!?

  430. 430 : Jane Says:

    Mandi (428)

    I want a husband like Ohn dal-soo – so gentle, so honest, has so much integrity, so handsome and has such a great body! wow!

  431. 431 : Taurus Says:

    Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Nam Joo are more compatible in this drama. Both shone in this show as they were the best in terms of acting. Oh Ji Ho did not fare as well as them.

  432. 432 : ifa Says:

    Love this drama,, and Oh Ji Ho too…

  433. 433 : Jane Says:

    Can someone compare the following scenes and let me know if Ohn Dal Soo is wearing the same pink necktie:

    when he was at the bridge, he recounted how he was sacked – the part where he saw the boss touching his secretary’s bum; and how Ji-Ae beat him up at home when she found out he got sacked


    after Sohyun bought 2 neckties, one for her hushand Tae Bong and the other for Ji-Ai to give to DalSoo, and Tae Bong went to the dept to visit the staff and commented on Dal Soo’s necktie

  434. 434 : ifa Says:

    The best korean drama in 2009…
    Desperate housewives in korean version…
    good story, good cast,,,, love it…
    very2 reccomended…

  435. 435 : utari Says:

    the best korean drama in 2009!!!!

  436. 436 : abriza Says:

    kim nam joo make a good decision to make a return in k-drama and played in queen of housewives….
    i laughed, cried, and feel happy because of her role as chun ji ae…
    i hope there is QOH 2…

  437. 437 : Jane Says:

    Abriza (436)

    Seems like they may well be doing a 2nd version of QOH!

  438. 438 : Jane Says:

    As I watched this a 2nd time, I find Oh Ji Ho’s acting as a timid husband to be very well portrayed. Love the way he’s looks “taken aback” when his fierce wife talks to him or stares at him.

  439. 439 : jinjoo Says:

    i’m wtching this 2nd time coz of Taebong or Yoon sang hyun…this was the drama that made me love him *__* then followed by watching MFL etc. Hope nobody wld be offended by this but the lead actress Kim nam jong? i think she’s overacting in this drama, first time i’ve seen her in a drama there were times that she was over the top! I liked the actress who’s acted as Taebong’s wife here, very sophisticated and can really act! Too bad Taebong didn’t even kiss her in this drama! 🙁
    YSH really is very funny & good in acting, i think he stole the show from O Ji Ho! love this drama except for the over the top acting of the lead actress! She’s good already w/o having to overreact so i reckon it’s thru the PD’s instruction but she cld’ve improvised!

  440. 440 : Kenji Says:

    Can’t agree less iwth Jane. Ohjiho is not only the best looking among the 3 guys, his acting is the best, ’cause his is the toughest & least pleasing role in the real practical world. Will support you forever, ohjiho :):):)

  441. 441 : Jane Says:

    Yeah, jinjoo (439), I don’t blame u for feeling that Kim Nam Joo appears to have over-acted but I like her in this housewifish role. However, I could identify with KNJ ‘cos I have a friend whose character is very much like hers – she orders her soft-spoken husband round and rules the roost.

    KNJ used to play really chic characters and its such a nice change to see her forego that elegant image to play this. I am not surprised if she will win Best Actress for this.

    As for Oh Ji Ho, having seen him in A SECOND PROPOSAL and FANTASY COUPLE where he acts street-smart-ish, and in SUPER ROOKIE in which he plays the yuppy villian (a very handsome one though) this is a big change for him in turn into a timid and naive person – he even walks funny for this.

    Overall, I love the chemistry between Kim Nam Joo and Oh Ji Ho – esp. since they already knew each other well when they filmed I LOVE YOU back in 2001.

  442. 442 : Jane Says:

    I’ve just started watching an old drama DETECTIVES (SBS, 2003) and guess who is in this drama??

    It’s actress Lee Hye Young aka ugly duckling Yang Bong Soon who is also a colleague detective! I couldn’t recognize her at first and so checked this website for Lee’s credentials and true enough!

    Good to know Oh Ji Ho has acted with both Kim Nam Joo in I LOVE YOU in 2001 and DETECTIVES in 2003!

    Nice reunion!

  443. 443 : MotherFDU Says:

    i love this drama really fun LD

  444. 444 : sdag Says:


  445. 445 : SOOOOO Says:


  446. 446 : deanaz Says:

    there’s will be a season 2 in next year….i hope the cast is still same like the 1st season, but it can be…?

  447. 447 : jane Says:

    From Kitland:

    one news about Queen of Housewives
    official side 23th confirmed that MBC Drama ‘Queen of Housewives 2’ will be produced next fall
    they said the cast, synopsis and other specifics are still talking..
    Kim Nan Joo, Oh Ji Ho and other actors still not yet confirmed wl appear again or not

    news link: http://news.nate.com/view/20091123n03962

  448. 448 : jane Says:


    I was thinking however it would NOT be Queen of Housewives without the bossy wife Kim Nam Joo and her on-screen husband Oh Ji Ho, and I’m sure they won’t let go the hottie Tae Bong either. As for others, I hope they will also appear again.

    Btw, I am watching the SBS 2003 drama DETECTIVES in which a younger Oh Ji Ho and Lee Hye Young (aka Bong Soon in QOH) are colleagues.

    Although Zio is Lee’s junior in the police station in this very funny-goofey-ish drama (let me know if you wish to borrow this dvd), they fall in love and if I am not mistaken from the teasers, they get married in the end!

    What a full circle for them 6 years later, to act together in QOH, but this time, Zio is the lead actor.

  449. 449 : jane Says:

    November 22nd, 2009 // by javabeans

    It’s rare, but it happens: the drama Queen of Housewives is getting a second season.

    According to an MBC representative, the drama will air its Season 2 next fall, and if it is successful, more seasons may follow. From MBC’s point of view, turning a drama into a multiple-season series (or “season drama”) would give the broadcast station a representative brand and be less expensive to produce, and therefore more profitable. (Launching a new show is always more work than continuing with a proven hit.)

    However, they recognize that the most difficult aspect would be signing the actors on for continued seasons. The source said, “We would like for all of the actors from Queen of Housewives to return, but at this time it’s difficult to say which actors may come back.” The synopsis for Season 2 has not yet been revealed.

    When Queen of Housewives aired earlier this year, it was a success for well-known names like Kim Nam-joo and Lee Hye-young, but perhaps even more valuable to the lesser-known actors it catapulted into the spotlight, like Yoon Sang-hyun, Sunwoo Sun, and Choi Chul-ho. The drama used a lively mix of comedy and melodrama as it focused on stories of marriage, fidelity, and the highly political, often comic networking intricacies of work and social life.

    Dramas rarely get second seasons in the Korean drama system, and most of the instances of sequels aren’t true continuations. For example, General Hospital 2 and Hometown of Legends were both touted as sequels, but the original series had aired more than a decade prior and only the concepts remained the same. Swallow the Sun was called All In 2, but only because of the writer and concept; in a narrative sense, it was a completely different drama. Lovers in Paris, Lovers in Prague, and Lovers had the same writer-director team, but the stories were wholly different. Last Scandal was an exception where a true sequel was planned, but the untimely passing of Choi Jin-shil called a halt to preparations. On cable, the program Rude Miss Young-ae is the rare case of a drama going for six seasons.

    Via Star News

    Source: link

    – The men of Queen of Housewives
    – Yoon Sang-hyun discusses his sudden popularity in Marie Claire
    – Queen of Housewives (MBC)

  450. 450 : jinjoo Says:

    Hi Jame and others here! i’ve absent fr this page as i often visit Yoon sang hyun’s page nowadays! I miss you there Jane…pls help us garner more comments for YSH will you pls? thnx.
    I u/stand if you feel like KNJ was best for the role & I think so too in more ways than one, there’s just a few scenes that she’s over reacted perhaps but she’s no doubt a very good actress at that! I’m watching this a 3rd time now esp the ep with Taebong singing to her….i luv that song & his singing!

    Glad to learn also the other day from another website that MBC will be doing season 2 and let’s hope they get to sign the original cast esp the leads & Yoon sang hyun! If i remember correctly I read after the drama ended that they’re all willing to be in the sequel if any so let’s see if it still stands!

    If there are some Yoon sang fans here pls put in your comment on his page so he gets more ratings …. the top one in there right now is song il gook so YSH fans pls help us raise his comments section ok? Thnx and Jane i know you were once active there so we hope to see you there soon! ciao for now

  451. 451 : Emmy Said Says:

    Hi…I very love Korean Drama but it is a little difficult to get it. How can I download or something like it to watch Korean Drama…??

  452. 452 : wtf Says:

    buy it online

  453. 453 : jane Says:

    You can vote for Best Drama of the Year 2009 via:


    Pls vote by clicking on the award statue.

    So far Queen of housewives has only 1%! You are beautiful comes first then boys before flowers…

  454. 454 : jane Says:

    Resubmitted ‘cos of error to the link.

    You can vote for Best Drama of the Year 2009 via:


    Pls vote by clicking on the award statue.

    So far Queen of housewives has only 1%! You are beautiful comes first then boys before flowers…

  455. 455 : jane Says:

    Oops, my mistake again! You should click on the VOTE NOW words instead of the award statue!


  456. 456 : Beth Says:

    Queen Of Houswives fans…are you all voting everyday?

    Its still 1% since last week.

  457. 457 : Beth Says:

    Jane on (455)

    Or you could click under Categories top right and click Best (1)
    I think that the fastest and easiest way to vote.


  458. 458 : Jade Says:

    JA ‘s character does not impress me at all. She is being too pushy and protective to her husband. It is really annoying to be treated that way. I am glad to see the scene when DS scolded JA when she decided working as a partimer in the resto. To me, DS is just lack of passion character.

    I actually wished to see TJ finally realized that SY is the best wife for him. From the scene of TJ returned earlier to console SY after her mother passed away. I guessed that TJ showed his likeness of his wife, but too bad it grew differently. TJ is not really a good husband, but he is only a good friend. He needs to change.

    I did not see any love chemistry between TJ and JA in their actings as a couple. They are merely good as friends. According to me TJ and JA are not a good match. The lady is too old for TJ to be a couple.

  459. 459 : sowon Says:

    MBC AWARDS 2009
    Queen of housewives has 6 nominations in 4 categories^^

    Best Drama
    1-Queen of Housewives or My Wife is a superwoman
    2-Jewel Bibimbap
    3-Soul or Possessed
    4-Queen Seon -deok
    5-Tamara the island

    Best Couple(3 Couples from our drama are competing..BIG CHANCE!”
    1-Oh Ji-ho and Kim Nam-joo (Queen of housewives)
    2-Yoon Sang hyeon and Sun Woo-sun (Queen of housewives)
    3-Choi Chul-ho and Lee Hye Yeong (Queen of Housewives)
    4-Lee Tae Gon and Go Na-eun (Jewel Bibimbap)
    5- Lee Tae Seong and Kim Yu-mi.(Life is good)
    6-Kim Nam-gil and Lee Yo-won(Queen Seon-deok)

    Best Actor:
    1-YOON SANG HYEON (Queen of housewives)
    2-Yo Seung-ho(Queen Seon deok)
    3-Lee Seung-hyo(Queen Seon deok)
    4-Kim Nam gil(Queen Seon deok)
    5-Lee Jun-gi (Hero)

    Best Actress
    1-KIM NAM JOO(Queen of housewives)
    2-Park Ye-Jin(queen Seon deok)
    3-Go Na-eun (Jewel Bibimbap)
    4-Go Hyeon-Jeong (Queen Seon deok)
    5-Seo Woo (Tamra Island)
    6- Lee Yo-won(Queen Seon-deok)

    we shall wait till 30 Dec to know the results^^

  460. 460 : Jane Says:


    Korean actress Kim Nam-joo has been awarded “Actor of the Year” by Korea’s Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, according to a press release by her agency Wellmade Star M on Wednesday.

    The actress received official commendation from the government at the “2009 Motion Pictures Broadcasting Grand Prix Ceremony”, held at Seoul’s Press Center Wednesday afternoon. She was handed the award by Yu In-chon, a Korean veteran actor who became the head of the Ministry in 2008.

    According to the event’s organizing committee, Kim was selected as the winner for her successful comeback in the MBC TV series “Queen of Housewives” (”My Wife is a Superwoman”) this year, where she portrayed a modern Korean housewife through her role as Cheon Ji-ae. The character is considered to have created a new trend among married women in terms of confidence, fashion and makeup.

    “I am truly grateful for all the love I received this year”, the actress was quoted as saying. She explained that she was “very scared at first” because the role required a huge transformation on her part and it was her first acting job in a long time [since marrying actor Kim Seung-woo in 2005 and giving birth to a daughter].

    She went on to say, “I think 2009 was an unforgettable year for not only myself but also for my family”, referring the dual success of “My Wife is a Superwoman” and KBS2 TV series “IRIS”, a blockbuster drama which starred her husband Kim Seung-woo.

    “My Wife is a Superwoman”, about a 30-something housewife who struggles to help her husband succeed, was a smash hit earlier this year, topping Korea’s television ratings charts for three consecutive weeks.

    Reporter : Lynn Kim [email protected]

    Source Link

  461. 461 : Jane Says:

    Jade (458) – I like your analysis!

    The truth is that there are real life couples whose characters are much like those of DS and JA (my personal friends are one for example ~ the wife dictates everything and her husband knows better than to argue, but their relationship works out fine! ha ha…)

    Perhaps TJ is the type who is attracted to older/mature looking women.

    I think Choi Chul Ho is a fantastic actor too.

    Glad both CCH and and YSH get to become famous through this drama.

    FIGHTING, Queen of Housewives! I hope you win some awards!!

  462. 462 : Pinky Says:

    “Congratulations to Kim Nam Joo” and hope QOH will win more awards.

    Glad to know QOH part 2 is coming!! Can’t wait to see haha

  463. 463 : Jane Says:

    Congratulations Kim Nam Joo, Yoon Sang Hyun, Choi Chul Ho, Lee Hye Young, Kim Chang Hwan, La Young Hee for winning the MBC awards!

    Top Excellence Award (최우수상)
    Uhm Tae Woong (엄태웅) – “Queen Sun Duk (선덕여왕)”
    Yoon Sang Hyun (윤상현) – “Queen of the Wives (내조의 여왕)”
    Lee Yo Won (이요원) – “Queen Sun Duk (선덕여왕)”
    Kim Nam Joo (김남주) – “Queen of the Wives (내조의 여왕)”

    Excellence Award (우수상)
    Kim Nam Kil (김남길) – “Queen Sun Duk (선덕여왕)”
    Choi Chul Ho (최철호) – “Queen of the Wives (내조의 여왕)”
    Go Na Eun (고나은) – “Jewel Mixed Rice (보석비빔밥)”
    Lee Hye Young (이혜영) – “Queen of the Wives (내조의 여왕)”

    Golden Performance Award (황금연기자상):
    Mini Series category (미니시리즈): Kim Chang Hwan, La Young Hee (김창환, 나영희)

    Source: http://news.joins.com/article/197/3947197.html?ctg=15

  464. 464 : Pinky Says:

    Jane (463)

    Thanks for the informations! Happy to know Kim Nam Joo, Yoon Sang Hyun, Choi Chul Ho, Lee Hye Young, Kim Chang Hwan, La Young Hee have win the MBC awards! But really am disappointed that Zio wasn’t included. :-((

    Zio fighting !!!!!!!!!!

  465. 465 : HG Says:

    So glad that Km Nam Joo and Yoon Sang Hyun won both best actress and actor awards. I really enjoyed this drama so much. Excellent script, directing and acting by all the characters particularly KNJ and YSH. Kim is so adorable while Yoon’s performance outshined the main male actor, Oh Ji Ho. Yoon is so natural when he delivers his lines, jokes, and laughters, just like in “Take Care of the Young Lady”. Not forgetting that he sings so well too. The producer should let him sing in any drama he stars in. I hope to see more of Yoon Sang Hyun.

  466. 466 : stephen Says:

    i very like Queen of housewife..good n’ nice drama…

  467. 467 : Dak Says:

    Kim Nam Joo: thumbs down

  468. 468 : kim Yukie Says:

    best drama …

  469. 469 : xy Says:

    any idea where to find the ost of this drama?

  470. 470 : moyka jansen Says:

    one of the best korean dramas ive ever watched.. i love the character of the president. if i wer ji ae i would definitely choose him..

  471. 471 : zohre Says:

    oh it was the best.a real story.i learn many things.

  472. 472 : Goong Ju Says:

    Just finished watching it recently. It was entertaining and meaningful drama. It tells you life being a husband and wife plus additional funny scenes. Personally i enjoy it so much. Every casts gave their best in it. I love the acting of Kim Nam Joo, she potrayed the new modern housewife. I love Yoon Sang Hyun’s acting as Heo Tae Joon too. He is simply sweet and funny. Oh Ji Ho, as always sweet and awesome. Well done! I will strongly recommend this drama.

  473. 473 : liz Says:

    At first, I was entertained with this drama.. It was funny, and touching.. But, in the last episodes, I don’t like the concepts.

    I hate the president’s character.he was the cause of his wife’s suffering, for her to find some one to appreciate her. He was the cause of the couple’s break out.. Why does he have to look for some one else when he has a wonderful wife..

    I hate Chu Ji ah. I was impress how she takes care her family and supports her husband, But she’s ambitious and selfish.. she only think about her self. Every bad things that happened to her was just the outcome of her attitude towards the others.. Yet I pitied her… But, in the end, I hated her for not accepting her mistakes and apologize to her husband.. How she treat her husband is too much…

    The best part that really made me cry was, when Feng Su Na was
    about to do the surgery and finally his husband accepted her existence in his life.

    Over all, the drama was ok.. but the I love the casts so much… I wish the president and her wife were together again.. I may have made the ending much beautiful.

  474. 474 : Lis8 Says:

    I like Oh-ji-Ho, good actor. KIM NAM JOO is ugly and not natural. Her acting is BAD.

  475. 475 : xelle Says:

    i really love watching it….
    i love Yoon Sang Hyun he’s so cute for me…
    everytime i see him it seems like i’m looking in lee min hoo..
    gosh… i love his hair style…
    … what does it called?????

  476. 476 : xelle Says:

    gosh i love Yoon Sang Hyun he looked like lee min hoo….
    what does it called?(ahhhh,,,i mean his hair style)
    …..cos i really 4x loved it…

  477. 477 : Parisa Says:

    I really loved this series , everyone and eveything and storyline were all in their best place in this Drama , I was cute , sweet and teaching , Yoon Sang Hyun was so cute and nice to me as the president ! I liked him and also the all ones who are starred in this so interesting Drama

  478. 478 : fetty arisandi Says:

    good actor and good actrees!!!!

  479. 479 : Chiropodist Chadderton Says:

    Thanks for sharing this information all this are of extreme use.

  480. 480 : uun Says:

    So hate to know that in this drama, TJ was attracted to JA, bcs her look is not attractive at all. Houff…but still, that was the story going. But, I still love the way YSH acts in this drama, tough.
    The reason why I kept watching QoH was just to see YSH. He acted so natural, and he brought both charisma & joy to his character, soo comical, adorable.
    Well, for me He’s the MOST OUTSTANDING Korean Actor everrrr!


  481. 481 : grand Says:

    the sequel is made 🙂


  482. 482 : Jane Says:


    June 7th, 2010 // by javabeans

    Nearly two years after enjoying a popular run on MBC, Queen of Housewives will be coming back to television for its promised sequel, and the second season will broadcast with the title Queen of Tears. According to a source with the production team, it will share a similar theme with Queen of Housewives in its portrayal of a housewife overcoming adversity and standing on her own.

    Kim Nam-joo, who starred in the original series as the housewife determined to get her husband back on his feet no matter what, has made an unofficial agreement to return for the sequel. The drama will retain its director and writer, Go Dong-sun and Park Ji-eun. As yet, none of the other main cast members have decided to reprise their roles (although with the main character returning, it would make sense for some others to join her).

    Queen of Tears will follow the currently running Monday-Tuesday sageuk Dong Yi for a September premiere.

    In my opinion, the title change gives the sequel a very different vibe than the comedy-filled original, perhaps unintentionally. I don’t know if they’d get Oh Ji-ho back playing Kim’s husband — it looks like he’s cultivating bigger interests after starring in Chuno — but I don’t think fans would care about that if they managed to get Yoon Sang-hyun to return (who I think really ought to jump at the chance). Yoon Sang-hyun was the undisputed scene-stealer of the original and I know many were clamoring for him to end up with Kim Nam-joo, which was hampered by the whole she-has-a-husband-and-a-child issue, which may work better in sequel format. But I’m just speculating!

  483. 483 : mutiara Says:

    wow, it’ll be comming back!! 🙂

  484. 484 : Jane Says:

    Oh Ji Ho will probably not be in QUEEN OF TEARS (i.e. part 2 of QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES).

  485. 485 : ardhan Says:

    everyone and eveything and storyline were all in their best place in this Drama

  486. 486 : Pinky Says:

    Jane (484)

    Is it true that OJH will not be in QOH part2? It’s too disappoint if ZIO not in QOH2! 🙁

    I really miss ZIO’s drama..


  487. 487 : mel Says:

    wooowww… so many awards….

  488. 488 : nining Says:

    love this dramaa,,, :p

  489. 489 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much.. gonna watch it,,

  490. 490 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  491. 491 : Elvie Mendoza Says:

    Everybody in their best acting caliber. Congratulations to all.

  492. 492 : eric Says:

    Everybody in their best acting caliber. Congratulations to all.
    good actor and actress 🙂

  493. 493 : emyra Says:

    I luv Zio…all his romatic comedy drama…sad to know he is no coming back for the next sequel…

  494. 494 : emyra Says:

    Zio luv U…I want to watch this just because Zio in it …

  495. 495 : Wen Says:

    I was so impressed with Yoon Sang Hyun in drama especially when he sang “Never Ending Story”!

  496. 496 : tictoc Says:

    Another English subtitle site and it’s HD!!

  497. 497 : kore sever Says:


  498. 498 : Paty Says:

    All korean soap operas are wonderful and they are so different to mexican a brasilian soap operas . Queen of wives is so beautiful and has a message , here in Peru it is still starting and I hope to see more korean soap operas.

  499. 499 : Light Says:

    I`ve loved very much this soap opera!! It made me cry and laugh a lot. Does anyone know the director`s e-mail? I want to tell him I don`t like the title for the new season “Queen of Tears”. Because I`ve cried so many times, when Ji Ae was ashamed in public, when she was depressed, when she and her husband recreated their burial and when they argued and Dal Soo came back, when Dal Soo was hurt and in troubles because of others, when Tae Bong (the President) sang for Ji Ae and when he is embraced by Ji Ae in the last episode, even So Hyun`s tears were mine, the isolation or loneliness of these two rich were felt. Then when Joon Hyuk “realized” he had a good wife when she was at risk in hospital. Anyway there were sad moments and tender ones. That´s the reason I think the director would choose other title I think it could be the same “Queen of Hosewives” but season 2″ and it must be more encouraging, show more things about Korean culture (places, proverbs, and of course recipes!), and try a little romance story (between the kids Ji Ae´s daughter and Bong Soon´s son).. and the fortune-teller have more toys haha it was funny her role!.

  500. 500 : lv bag Says:

    I luv Zio…all his romatic comedy drama…sad to know he is no coming back for the next sequel…

  501. 501 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  502. 502 : eva agustine Says:

    Hi! I’m from Indonesia. Wow!! actually I’m a big fan of Yoon Shang Hyun. I love his acting and his appearance so much!! I always try hard to watch all of his dramas. Queen of Housewives is great!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Keep Fighting Yoon Shang Hyun Oppa!!! SarangHe

  503. 503 : Trevion Says:

    Hey, that’s the gerteast! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

  504. 504 : Annisa Says:

    I just watched this drama. I was really surprised with the story. It’s great and made ​​me cry when watching it. Saranghe Oh Ji Ho!!!

  505. 505 : Ann Says:


    where can i watched this drama online for free?

  506. 506 : Solar Moon Says:

    Oh Ji-Ho is a good actor. His wife, Ji Ae is a nag and complains all the time.

    Lee Hye-Young and Lee Hye-Young are pretty ladies.

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