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Queen Inhyun’s Man

Title: 인현왕후의 남자 / Queen Inhyun’s Man
Chinese Title: 仁显王后的男人
Also known as: Queen and I
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Time-Travel
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2012-Apr-18 to 2012-June-07
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 23:00


A romanctic comedy drama about a classic scholar who arrives 300 years into the modern times (year 2012) from the Chosun (year 1694) through time warp and meets a delinquent actress.

Park Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo) is a scholar who had supported the reinstatement of Queen In Hyun when Jang Heebin’s schemes resulted in her being deposed and replaced as King Sukjong’s queen consort. He travels 300 years into the future of modern Seoul and meets Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na), a no-name actress who is expecting a career renaissance through her role as Queen In Hyun in a TV drama ‘New Jang Heebin’.


Ji Hyun Woo as Kim Boong Do
Yoo In Na as Choi Hee Jin
Kim Jin Woo as Han Dong Min
Ga Deuk Hi as Jo Soo Kyung
Park Tae In as Yoon Na Jung
Jo Dal Hwan as Chun Soo
Uhm Hyo Sup as Min Ahm
Lee Kwan Hoon as Ja Soo
Jin Ye Sol as Yoon Wol
Ji Nam Hyuk as Han Dong
Seo Woo Jin as King Sukjong
Kim Hae In as Queen In Hyun
Choi Woo Ri as Jang Hee Bin
Kim Won Hae as Eunuch Hong
Oh Hee Joon as Officer Hong’s soldier
Kim Kyul as Young Myung
Cha Jong Ho as staff
Kim Tae Joon as airline passenger

Production Credits

Production Company: CJ E&M Corporation
Director: Kim Byung Soo
Screenwriter: Song Jae Jung


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  1. 1 : kimmyyx333 Says:

    YAY, yoo in na! =)

  2. 2 : Mic Says:

    Hmmm…time travel again? Flower, food, now time travel.

  3. 3 : Sittie Says:

    I don’t know but when I read 300 years time travel to modern Seoul it already reminded me of Rooftop Prince. Ummmm… okay?

  4. 4 : Jennie Says:

    Ji Hyun Woo- the guy with the rabbit front teeth and Yoo In Na? As supporting actress, she’s alright but lead actress?

  5. 5 : kirana Says:

    wooooooooooooww,fantacy again,maybe like roftop prince…….??it’s ok,i waitinh……………!!

  6. 6 : Mystisith Says:

    Ji Hyun Woo is a good actor. He was totally wasted in A Thousand Kisses (grrr). If you want to see him at his best, watch Old Miss diary, Invincible Lee Pyung Kang and My Sweet City. He has strong comedic skills but also plays poignant and sadness well. And he is the cutest noona killer ever: Those kisses…

  7. 7 : susantisusy Says:

    sarangheee……….ji hyun woo…..

  8. 8 : cindy Says:

    the idea of time travel is like the english movie KATE and LEOPOLD. Looking forward for this one. I wish subs will be out soon once this will be aired . The wedding scheme subs are still not out yet 🙁

  9. 9 : KDaddict Says:

    I love the premise, that he travels into the future-present n is takes the actress to be the queen he supported!
    I’ve never seen anything that Ji Hyun Woo appeared in b4. But am not excited w Yoo IN as lead actress.

  10. 10 : jangerr Says:

    Ooo… Ji Hyun Woo!!! He was such a hoot in Mae Ri Vs Daegu’s Attack & Defence Battle Plans!!!

  11. 11 : Mic Says:

    Interested how we are all different in opinions regarding the two leads. Diversity! 🙂
    I agreed with Jennie about the female lead, think she is second lead material, but she might surprise me, never knows.
    And I agreed with Mystisith about Ji Hyun Woo. He is really good, very versatile. And agreed he was so wasted in A Thousand Kisses. Love him in My Sweet Seoul.

  12. 12 : digiix Says:

    I love Yoo In Na , she’s an amazing actress cant waittt reallyy excited xD and the the actor seen him in thousand kisses his not my favourite but hsi good looks a bit like Rain , Fightingg^^

  13. 13 : Charlie Says:

    I like Ji Hyun Woo in the Rich Inheritance.
    Time travelling again? This year, time traveling is a trend?!
    I hope this one will be good.

  14. 14 : Anali Says:


  15. 15 : yuukichan Says:

    lov it at least yoo in na comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can’t wait for her cute face

  16. 16 : Mary Says:

    The story in this drama sound like the one in Rooftop Prince!!! But I guess I will try it, these time traveling drama are turning out really well lol!!!

  17. 17 : asiandaddict Says:

    woah!!! Reminding me of Dong Yi. It is the first thought that came up to my mind after seeing the title. Upon finishing the description, it is indeed related to Dong Yi. I am excited to watch this one. I like the the actress who played the role Queen Inhyun in Dong Yi.

  18. 18 : park jun hee Says:

    look interesting. seem like rooftop prince. i will watch it!

  19. 19 : Kimci Says:

    Its same with rooftop prince isn’t?

  20. 20 : Kimci Says:

    What?Its same with rooftop prince isn’t?

  21. 21 : Me Says:

    owwhhh time travel~ trend of ths yr
    i like JHW but YIN.. im not sure,, sorry hehehe

  22. 22 : chunnie Says:

    wooow time travel.. just like rooftop prince at the same time too..

  23. 23 : loona Says:

    i think ji hyun woo,rain and yoon shi yoon can act as siblings because they have similar face..

  24. 24 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    like the trailers so far..
    with so many good k.drama on march maybe i’ll try watching this one out, although i’m so sure about both of the lead..

  25. 25 : dee Says:

    uwaaaa… finally my yoo in na new drama. can’t waiiittttttt….. 😀

  26. 26 : mona Says:

    i like this

  27. 27 : City Hunter Soundtracks Says:

    I love it wonderful story…the drama is great!!!

  28. 28 : Kimnic Says:

    Good drama im waiting for it.

  29. 29 : Kimnic Says:

    The drama sounds interesting im gonna watch this.

  30. 30 : zashee Says:

    sounds like rooftop prince

  31. 31 : intan kpop Says:

    im waiting to watching this 🙂

  32. 32 : Mystisith Says:

    Yes, time travelling is trendy. But i think Rooftop Prince is more a comedy show. Here, it’s clearly the romantic side of the story which takes the first place (from what i see in the trailers). Maybe like for the Princess’s Man?
    Quick! I miss Hyun Woo on my screen!

  33. 33 : [UPCOMING K-DRAMA] Queen Inhyun’s Man | Says:

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  34. 34 : Badkitty0011 Says:

    cant wait to watch this im already addicted to rooftop prince but this story plot is way different than rooftop prince

    yea the time travel thing i love bc its out of the element sort of thing which makes it even more exciting to watch so cant wait to watch 😀

  35. 35 : nicanicnacs Says:

    looking forward to this. 🙂

  36. 36 : trisha Says:

    this is so amazing this is coming up soon yay!

  37. 37 : thessakpopaddict Says:

    very similar to rooftop prince, isn’t this ?

  38. 38 : dee Says:

    i love all Tvn Drama. the theme of drama always about cosmopolitan life and modern life. 😀 😀

  39. 39 : nzul Says:

    ouch, there’re so many good dramas, there’s no time to watch them, i’m sick of my college tasks

  40. 40 : MRS Kim Says:

    I think it might be interesting….. the same as rooftop prince with some edition? HuH? Let’s see which one would get the highest score.! I’m going to watch it

  41. 41 : maya kwon Says:

    the story like comic the new sexy simpletion by hwang mi ree.
    I’ve read it.
    its really similiar

  42. 42 : agnes mariano Says:

    i really love watching korean drama after working all day ,it feel’s great laughing but sometimes crying .

  43. 43 : chamar93 Says:

    i would be interest!!! I want to watch it soon!!!

  44. 44 : arıcılık Says:

    thank you very much

  45. 45 : dee Says:

    finalyyyy…. this dayy… awww can’t waiiitt. 😀
    hope the drama beyond my expectation. xxxxxx

  46. 46 : Mystisith Says:

    Just watched the first ep raw. Like it! Hyun-woo is fierce and adorable as always. In-na is cute and clumsy. And i already have a jerk to entertain me: A guy who wears a pink leopard jacket is a certified jerk isn’t it?

  47. 47 : muabuonkst1 Says:

    You can download this drama here

  48. 48 : indah permatasari Says:

    I am curious about this drama, judging from the synopsis a bit similar to the rooftop prince, can not wait to watch it ….

  49. 49 : Lunepromesse Says:

    Eng sub pleeeeeease!

  50. 50 : MRS Kim Says:

    Oh When will it come? It’s been long time that it hasn’t come…… it hasn’t even one episode!!! is it going to be super great !!!! better than Rooftop prince?!!! Can’t wait till it come up … I wanna compare it with rooftop prince so … Balliiee and put one episode … Thnx 🙂

  51. 51 : choisiwon-addict Says:

    i hope this worth watching. i’ m so exited about it

  52. 52 : kimnic Says:

    when was the eng sub come out?make it past please!

  53. 53 : rari Says:

    i have watched ep 1 & 2.not bad.can’t wait for ep 3.
    this drama is different from ROOFTOP PRINCE.
    DAEBAK ^^

  54. 54 : swift Says:

    i hope the eng sub would be available soon, i tried to access into other websites for korean dramas with eng sub but none of them have posted on site, sooooo sad………………..

  55. 55 : angels123 Says:

    I just saw ep 1 & 2 pretty good I can’t wait or 3. It is very different from rooftop prince and I was delightfully surprised. It has a lot more action than rooftop prince and more of a plot. Give it a chance..:)

  56. 56 : swift Says:

    but the storyline keeps switching from present to the past, got confused on some occasions figuring out which time zone the scenes were focused on

  57. 57 : swift Says:

    i would like to recommend everyone to watch Kpop Extreme Survival, it is a idol based drama, the songs are good and the storyline is somewhat lightwarming plus some cheeky scenarios

  58. 58 : gaste Says:

    i like this drama but cant watch without subs bcause if i dont understand whats their saying theres no feeling and if i watch it now w/o sub and later w/ sub,no affections anymore.so its better to wait, thats why pls! pls! pls! subbers,make it fast.go! go! go!

  59. 59 : Felix Says:

    Adore this drama. Can feel fantastic aura from this drama especially when Park Boong Do keep back and forth between present and past time.

  60. 60 : wazbi Says:

    it’s smart storyline..i love how the lead cast figure it out about stranger situation..calm and cool.INTERESTING..

  61. 61 : Micc Says:

    Ji Hyun Woo is the only actor I know who is able to have incredible chemistry with all his partners regardless who they are. Bravo!

  62. 62 : drama freak Says:

    i am confused….especially the front part….so weird…..but hope it gets better…

  63. 63 : Suhnee Says:

    Fressh dramaa.
    I am still watching ep 2.
    Waiting for ep 3 with subtitlee…

  64. 64 : thessakpopaddict Says:

    this one is really not bad. although it is just 45-47 minute per episode. ahahha

  65. 65 : Mystisith Says:

    @thessakpopaddict : I think producers got the feedback right. Ep 5 is 49 mins. Hehe. It increases slowly. Really good show. Imo better balanced than Rooftop Prince: The fish out of the water moments don’t feel forced, and the romance is more straightforward. And i love all the cast: Even that annoying second male lead. He is hilarious. From the preview, ep 6 will be a riot and a turning point.

  66. 66 : Charlie Says:

    I had a late start on this, but finished first 4 episodes in on shot. I guess it means i like this drama. the story is a little confusing in the first 2 eps that it jumps from current time to ancient time with no links, and the time traveling in the later two eps, I also seems saw that in some movie. But the chemistry between the male lead and female lead are building so naturally and it’s convincing and beautiful, not to mention that they too are beautiful as well. Ji Hyun Woo is simply gorgeous. I hated his role in A Thousand Kisses. Here, he is looking good so far, smart and brave. Yoo In Na is sweet. They two match nicely. I hope this drama will have a happy ending. 😉
    This one is definitely on my weekly follow&watch list.

  67. 67 : The Hyper Group Says:

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  68. 68 : Micc Says:

    For some reason it’s so romantic in this drama. I know, can’t believe I just said romantic! Haha! But I really like it so far.

  69. 69 : Charlie Says:

    I love this drama. Very pleasant and enjoyable.
    In ep 6, when JHW found the tour guide in Chinese print, it was so funny. Suit him just right, since that’s the language he used in Joseon time.

  70. 70 : myeon Says:

    I really love this drama. similar to rooftop prince, but has a different feeling ! modern era and joseon dinasty at the sametime ! isn’t it amazing? and, park boong do act really cool and somehow lovely, just make me feel *kyaaa*. That’s why although have a similar theme to rooftop prince, both are really different !
    you guys, who said love rooftop, i swear it that you must be love this drama too.
    just unfortunate, wait for subs for this drama is much more difficult than rooftop 🙁 *sigh*

  71. 71 : ayash Says:

    if you want this drama, just watch from http://aveoh.net or dramacrazy.net they have english subtitle or watch in http://asiamovieworld.com and subtitle from darksmuf

  72. 72 : ayash Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA, i love it !

  73. 73 : myeon Says:

    @ayash thaankyou so much for your information ^^ I hope they’ll add eps 5 with engsub asap. so curious !

  74. 74 : Charlie Says:

    @ myoen 70,
    That’s because this is a piece of gum yet to be discovered. 😉

  75. 75 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i am so curious about this drama..
    first, the storyline similiar with rooftop prince
    2nd, since everyone said it’s good and although similiar has different hype with RP
    thank you all, for your comments post and recommendation, maybe i should start to watch this drama..

  76. 76 : 555kkd Says:

    i love this drama

  77. 77 : Queen Inhyun’s Man « Gmtn96's Blog Says:

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  78. 78 : Charlie Says:

    Why is each ep so short? It’s like only about 40 minutes. I’m not getting enough.

  79. 79 : drama freak Says:

    this drama is addictive! superb nice! it is like a drug…once u start u always wana watch it…..love it!!!!! hope it has a good ending too =)

  80. 80 : Honesty Says:

    Honestly, I don’t like drama. Not only the main casts, but the more important thing is, I don’t like the use of harsh language and symbols. Like the actress and actor who give that F**k symbol to each other for mocking. I love Korean drama because it doesn’t use harsh language… and I think that harsh symbol doesn’t fit in the K-Drama…. What the hell is that??

  81. 81 : kdfan Says:

    @Charlie: cable tv dramas tend to be 40-45 mins and not an hour like tv channels dramas. the up-side is editing is quite efficient, story moves faster and less meaningless fillers. bec we are used to the tv dramas it does feel kind too short.

  82. 82 : Jennie Says:

    Just finished watching the first two episodes and I have very mixed feelings about it. The pace is fast though and I like it but geez, it’s confusing as well. I’ve always liked Ji Hyun Woo but Ina? Still too early to tell. Will probably watch for a couple more episodes before I decide.

  83. 83 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie: i was apprehensive after first 2 eps too. but keep going. m now watching ep 5 & it gets funnier and more interesting. i was not a big fan of JHW but he is good sofar. Ina is really cute, not quite there yet as a leading lady but holding up well here. She really tickled my funny bones at ep 5.

  84. 84 : iman Says:

    mee too….lovely drama…

  85. 85 : Charlie Says:

    @kdfan 81,
    Thank for the info. I didn’t know that. I like the fast pace.

    @jennie 82,
    You’d. E hooked after ep3. I wasn’t sure after the first two either. But now I ready rewarched all the eps once.

    @Honesty 80,
    I was surprised to see that as well. But this is 11pm show, I think It would go out of regular drama boundary. Maybe they’ll show some sexy scenes too. 🙂

  86. 86 : Haircut 385 Says:

    This is the BEST korean drama I’ve watched in a while.. there was nothing impressive after Secret Garden but this one is really AWESOME!
    I mean I’m liking Ji Hyun Woo!! they guy has dark circles around his eyes and I don’t CARE! he is super hot and the chemistry between him and Yoo In Na is really something!

    Sometime I wish it doesn’t end ever!

  87. 87 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan & Charlie Thanks for the feedback. From all your enthusiastic response, I’ll definitely continue. I love all romances, especially great ones and these two leads are pleasing to the eye as well 😀

  88. 88 : sharon1470 Says:

    I can’t believe that the actress who plays a supporting role in scret garden drama will eventually lead in this drama. I can say that she’s just made to do supporting roles. Her looks is not that outstanding.

  89. 89 : Jennie Says:

    @sharon1470 That’s what I thought too when I first saw the drama too. I have watched just two episodes and I still haven’t made up my mind whether she’s of leading actress material. Anyway, ignore the cast first, check out the script and decide later – that’s what I’m doing 😀

  90. 90 : Charlie Says:

    Well, I don’t believe there are born lead actor or actresses. It’s achieved. Just give them a chance, who knows, maybe this is a turning point for In Na. Besides, although In Na is the leading lady, but for this show, the lead is JI Hyun Woo.
    I think it’d be fair that you watch at least first 4 eps, then deside. If you like JHW, don’t get turned off by leading lady. The #2 man is also acting pretty well, it’s first time I see him.
    I love this drama. It tickles my heart.

  91. 91 : leonisa fernandez Says:

    I really love korean dramas they are so sincere and honest by the way they portray every character. the acting are superb. i watched so many korean dramas and this make my day complete watching and following the new dramas at drama crazy.

  92. 92 : kdfan Says:

    @ Charlie 90: i agree all the actors & actresses r doing a great job. i find Ina’s manager quite comedic too. the time travel plot also has much more interesting spin that RTP. and the fight scenes r more dramatic than TPM. the show is very visually pleasing.

  93. 93 : Charlie Says:

    @kdfan 92,
    I’m glad you liked it.
    RTP hasn’t been doing well in last a few eps. Now like Wed. $ Thur. To come quick is because of this drama. This drama moves fast in story line, but when showing the affection and love between BD & HJ, it’s taking its time and displaying it beautifully.
    I love this drama, can’t wait ep 7.

  94. 94 : Charlie Says:

    The spring time in Jeju is beautifully displayed, I want to be there.
    The huge, shinny library is so nice, I want to be there too. I’d be happily lost in there even though I’m not a nerd. 🙂

  95. 95 : Charlie Says:

    This drama is not only sweet and beautiful, it’s also funny.

  96. 96 : MISS KIM Says:


  97. 97 : jangerr Says:

    @90 Charlie

    It’s true that most actors and actresses are not borned but nurtured – with hardwork and I must say, some luck. Having the right script, the definitive or breakout role are some times dependent on luck …

    Like you’ve pointed out, it takes a little while to appreciate this drama. It took me up to the 4th episode. I’m glad I read your comments as I’ve wanted to give up after episode 2. Now I’m eagerly following it. I love that it’s whimsical, funny and light. It doesn’t seem to try too hard and that’s part of its charms.

  98. 98 : KDaddict Says:

    This show seems interesting in its treatment of its theme. But I can’t convince myself to spend 20 hours watching Yoo In Na. I liked her well enough as Gil Ra Im’s roommate, but fr that performance, I do not see her as being ready for a much much meatier role, irregardless of whether leads r born or nurtured.
    I see she has a good figure, but I don’t see the charisma.
    Maybe when its run is over, n IFFF all goes well w it over 20 eps, it is good for a weekend marathon.

  99. 99 : kdfan Says:

    Finished ep 6 and so far still so good. plot getting more interesting. i m hooked. i m liking the chemistry between JHW & YIN.

  100. 100 : Charlie Says:

    @jangerr 97,
    I’m glad you didn’t give up. It it turns bad, we can do that together later, but for now let’s enjoy it and have good time since it’s sooooo good.

    @KDaddict 98,
    I think it’s been like 30% of YIN and 70% of JHW. And even that 30% of YIN, mostly it’s with JHW. So If you love or like JHW, then I’m sure you’ll tolerate 6 hours of YIN. Wow, when it’s put in hours, it sounds like a lot. But each ep is lesser than an hour, about 40 minutes. I felt it’s too short.

    I finished 7, going into 8. Still very good. The Joseon part is also very interesting. The fast pace is more like a movie than a KDrama.

  101. 101 : Chloe Says:

    This drama is AMAZING. So far, the best this year!

  102. 102 : Chloe Says:

    … And JHW is fantastic. He is perfect for this role. YIN is enduring too. They have good chemistry.

  103. 103 : Micc Says:

    Can’t wait for episode 9! Wow!

  104. 104 : kdfan Says:

    @Charlie i appreciate the zippy pace so i really like it being under an hour. i find YIN is better than tolerable. and the dialogues btwn JHW & YIN very interesting. not the usual bickering stuff that many kd couples started off with. the cause and effect dialogue was so funny. the joseon part is what hooked me. like JHW i m so curious how YIN is related to him other than she being the Queen’s character in the drama.

  105. 105 : KDaddict Says:

    It’s the lot of you … singing the praises of this KD that gets me to watch it.
    Ep 1 n 2 are so dark, literally, as in filmed in the dark, they r really hard on the eyes. Better start w fresh eyes on ep 3+ tmr.

  106. 106 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict LOL I’m still stuck at Episode 3. Too many dramas, I can’t cope. So go slow ok so I can watch side by side with you (aren’t I the sweetest?) 😀

  107. 107 : KDaddict Says:

    REmember once upon a time if I was a chaebol woman who didn’t have to work n could watch KD all day? I think these days u r watching far more than I.
    Let’s watch together, sweetie pie!

  108. 108 : KDaddict Says:

    Remember once upon a time you asked if….
    Can’t seem to type one sentence w/out a typo anymore!

  109. 109 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Haha once upon a time…but then there weren’t so many good ones coming out at the same time! Let’see, I am ONLY following LR, RTP, FoTG, FK, The Equator Man and I am way behind K2H and QIM. I gave up Strongest Survival and Can Love Become Money plus am not watching any reruns. I bet plenty people are watching more than me 😉

  110. 110 : ching huey Says:

    This drama is too sweet!!! =D

  111. 111 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank you for believing that I’m capable of watching a KD slowly. I turned on the computer when I got up, sat down to watch Ep 3, but being an addict, I could not stop. I’m afraid I ditched u, but I’d have ditched my mother n husband too. It’s not me; it’s my addiction.
    I finished eps 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, n 8. If there were more eps, I’d have finished them too. Now u see why I have to follow current shows.

  112. 112 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1-2:
    I don’t like the split screen, the sword fights in the dark, whether it was the library or the forest, bc I could barely see what was going on. I ff a lot, n got the gist of that part of the story. Still it gave me a headache.

    Ep 3-8:
    I like it being 40 mins. per ep.
    I like things happening quickly, problems being revolved almost immediately, so we don’t have to fret.
    I like the two time periods co-existing; it’s like getting 2 half portions of 2 entrees instead of a full portion of one.
    I like the main male char being full of charm without trying, gentle, n smart, instead of arrogant n bad tempered like most princely types.
    I haven’t seen Ji Hyun Woo b4. I find that he suits this char well.
    The female char is sweet too, tho there isn’t much else to her.
    I haven’t warmed to YooIN as leading actress, tho she is OK.

    In Ep 7, I’d have liked to see him navigate an English menu, n deal w forks n knives. Don’t tell me he studied English 300 yrs ago.
    The 1st 7 eps zip along nicely w no angst, but now:
    End of Ep 8, we’ve to start worrying abt them, don’t we?

  113. 113 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1-8:
    The fast pace, the absence of deep conflict, likable chars, good looking 2nd leads, all make this an easy watch. I think it’s like eating marsh mellows: you can pop many into your mouth, n they’d be gone quickly, without leaving much of a taste in the mouth.
    It is not that she isn’t pretty. I don’t think she is pretty in a leading lady kind of way. Pretty n grace r 2 rather diff things.

  114. 114 : HELLO Says:

    This show is actually really good. It was very confusing in the very beginning, but I’m really getting into it now.

  115. 115 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Hah! I knew you’d leave me behind! I haven’t even moved a single episode. Never mind. I will rely on your reviews/comments to see whether it’s worth catching up or not 😀

  116. 116 : KDaddict Says:

    It’s a light, pleasant, easy watch. I think you’d enjoy it more than some of what u r watching now, like FK. There won’t be any of that love-hate thing like u have w FoTGs. Go ahead, dig in!

  117. 117 : KDaddict Says:

    It’s nifty that his belongings time-travels w him. He can bring All his household items fr Joseon n sell them in present day Seoul as antiques, n he’d be a rich man.
    He can also bring back some reinforcements, like firearms or bullet-proof vest, n his assailants will never get the better of him. Hee.
    Oh, now I worry how he’s gonna come back to keep his date set a month in advance, which is now only a few days away. Poor Hee Jin will go out of her mind, won’t she?

  118. 118 : swift Says:

    Way to go KDaddict. Love you last comments, I was thinking of the same thing, since the guy has to fight for his life, he should have taken some firearms for protection. There was one part when Hee Jin was hoping the guy would mention in the history books about taking a plane ride with her, hahahahahah……………………..

  119. 119 : swift Says:

    Now there is too many good (worth watching dramas), but do not seem to see new good dramas. When Rooftop Prince, The King 2Hearts, Feast of Gods, Love Rain ends, we will only have Unexpected You and Queen Inhyun’s Man. Hope more good dramas will be out soon.

  120. 120 : KDaddict Says:

    Worry not. There r some really promising dramas coming up after the current batch ends.
    Gong Yoo will star in BIG w Lee Min Jung n Suzy. I like 2 stars out of these 3.
    Jang Dong Gun is coming back with 3 other other guys in Gentleman’s Dignity.
    Lee Min Ho will star in Faith.
    Song Seung Hyun in Dr. Jin.
    I KNEW who the actresses were, but for the life in me can’t recall to tell it to u this min. Haha.

  121. 121 : KDaddict Says:

    Wouldn’t u like it if he finishes whatever it is that he needs to do back home, then bring his antiques to come forward to live richly n happily with her in modern day Seoul? I would.

  122. 122 : swift Says:

    For the life of me, I am very taken with the guy’s character, the writers had done good justice in creating the guy’s character to be very sensible, soft spoken, polite, gentlemanly, (all the characteristic of my ideal man), but too innocent, hahahhaha…………………

    Anyways, when is Full House 2 coming out?????

  123. 123 : swift Says:

    i love watching Kdramas but never bother to memorise the names of the actors and actresses. Only remembers the actors and actresses when watching new Kdramas of their previous dramas. The lead guy of this drama, I only watched a few episodes of Thousand Kisses and found his character in that drama not interesting.

  124. 124 : Reydian Says:

    hopefully this drama can satisfy me !!!!!

  125. 125 : swift Says:

    you need to watch from beginning to understand the story, or else you would not be able to figure out the purpose of the time travel

  126. 126 : KDaddict Says:

    @swift–#119, 123,
    You seemed concerned abt what will be on offer after this batch of drama ends, so I told you. It’s pretty exciting news. You r welcome.
    They r among the hottest stars in KD, fr City Hunter, My Princess, n Coffee Prince.

  127. 127 : swift Says:

    @kdaddict -#126
    There seems to be some dissatisfaction on Fashion King by reading through the threads. Would hope the KDramas followers are not too emotional, they are only dramas, even I tend to be upset watching the evil characters in the dramas but remind myself it is only acting to keep the storyline interesting

  128. 128 : KDaddict Says:

    What does my post #126 have to do w Fashion King? I’m not following FK. I think ppl have fun being upset when the bad guys r evil, happy when the leads r together. Par for the course. Cheers.

  129. 129 : swift Says:

    wondering why the eng subbing for ep 7 and 8 is taking so so so long………..

  130. 130 : KDaddict Says:

    This is Drama-lite, a drama without the dramatics! N I like it that way! No frustration, no suspense, so far, in the first 8 eps. I suspect the honeymoon might be over, n the angst will start soon. Hopefully, it’ll be a v small dose!

  131. 131 : Swift Says:

    Wahhhh………. Still waiting for the eng subs……….

  132. 132 : yuukichan Says:

    lov dis drma…as yoo inna fans i lov even d’first time she play dis role….and shr act soooo funny even it become sad in episode 8 how can he forget his own girlfriend

  133. 133 : indri Says:

    Love the couple !! cute cute cute,..

  134. 134 : Charlie Says:

    I’m glad you ladies like this drama.
    Now it too left Sind big questions such as whether they’d meet for their first date; now that time traveling ticket is cut in halfs, would that mark the end of his time traveling; will he gain his memory back and remember the date, etc. from the preview it looks like he remembered their date and attempting to traveling to modern time again and he’s wearing red, looks like he ran out of his wedding, and the clothing and setting match with the beginning of the drama. I’m ancicipated what’s to come.

  135. 135 : sara Says:

    i just have watched two episodes.but it seems very interesting and addictive.i love the dark atmosphere in Joseon era.it can symbolize the death and mystery coz it shows what kind of people live in the palace.specially the eunuch with that light in his hand is very scary. I’ve watched many k-historical dramas but although some people are always conspiring in the palace.the atmosphere doesn’t show it.the sky is always clear and the weather is sunny with a gentle breeze.but this drama has done a great job in using the dark atmosphere to show what’s going on in the palace.the split filming is also suitable and helps the viewer to feel the intense more.the male lead seems kind and adorable yet manly and skilled in martial arts that i love so much.maybe it’s because of JHW.I love his white skin, kind eyes and manly character.i’m sure he can portray the character well.i’m not a YI fan and i hated her in BL.anyway,she seems okay in first two episodes. also it’s a good idea that he can travel back and forth. now we are sinking in time traveling dramas. operational proposal and rooftop prince have already disappointed me.looking forward to this one.

  136. 136 : Charlie Says:

    @sara 135,
    You put it very well.
    Yes, JHW is so adorable (he even has a dimple chin) and the character is so gentle, sweet, and also good at fighting. I love the character and the man who’s playing it.
    You’ll love it more once you get to ep 5.

  137. 137 : KDaddict Says:

    Why is it that you never put any space after your full-stops/periods? Just curious. Kinda makes it hard to read too.

  138. 138 : swift Says:

    this is the best drama for year 2012, the storyline is very adaptive to the situations, the comedy is not overly stressed, the actors and actresses are okay, the best is the characters created in the drama are very realistic (both in the present and joseon era)

  139. 139 : Ari Says:

    Love the drama and can not wait for the translation JHW character is my ideal but he need to remember take a bag for his clothes so if rain they do not become wet. The cows had a day he change clothing in the fields;)))
    Serious this drama is very good and much better every episode girl character is so me…love the way she is with our actitud of tomorrow the sun will go up. Love the way she walk into the restaurant very doll like it. They are very good actors and the drama is… Addiction total.

  140. 140 : B" Says:

    Nope, I think that FK is really boring, both, the characters and the storyline. i already stopped watching it, the only thing I wanted to watch from there was the fashion clothes, but the characters are really giving me a big headache. Tell me if something interesting happens in that drama 2 see if I can keep on watching it

  141. 141 : B" Says:

    But I do realllly like QIM(queen inyeon man) it is funny interesting and all of the characters are good!!! I like them all!

  142. 142 : swift Says:

    The cows????!!!! hahahahah………..
    I thought it was the horses on Jeju Island.
    He would need a water proof bag to ensure his garments does not get wet.
    His acting has improved with each drama, I guess he is lucky to be picked for this drama.

  143. 143 : sara Says:


    It ‘s not intentional. Now you told me i think you are right. Thank you for the advice.

    He is so adorable. Although i’m not a fan of 50 eps dramas but my eyes enjoy watching this tall, handsome man wearing all those stylish cloths in a thousand kisses.


    I knew i would love this drama so much. Finally a perfect male lead, the one you fall in love with him quickly just like the female lead does. He is handsome, smart, polite, kind and skillful with a sweet gentle smile. I love he hasn’t remained remain in shocking state of being in a completely different era for a long time. He puts the details together and solves the riddle like a math problem. Reading the history books is the first thing he does. He is a genius. Iin lots of k-dramas i don’t get why the female lead falls in love with the hero coz i don’t feel the same but here i ‘m already in love with the hero and understand why Hui jin kisses him just after two meetings.

    The plot is quick paced and the story shows the cultural changes over time. He can’t understand some of her words. He doesn’t know how people live and what considers etiquette. Even the beauty is not the same as Joseon era. But some of the things never change coz “they involve people” . That’s why he can travel 300 years in time and makes a modern woman fall in love with him. i love love love these small things in the plot. This is what i expect from a time traveling drama. Unconsciously i compare it to RP and what a mess the writer has made of it. this drama is my second most favorite drama after SFBB in 2012.

  144. 144 : Charlie Says:

    I also love that piece of classic Korean music played during the love scenes, it matched perfectly with the scenes. I don’t kow hat that string instrument is, but love the music.

  145. 145 : swift Says:

    I think the traditional music instrument must be hard to learn to play. I am sure the actresses that seemed to play the instrument must have just act it out. It will surely require great skill to master it.

  146. 146 : park jun hee Says:

    the drama is funny and interest. i start to watch ^^

  147. 147 : Charlie Says:

    Ep 9 is so confusing. I felt I lost my mind as well. Why CHJ s KBD, but no one else around her know him. On the other hand, people around KBD think he went to a different place and he speaks morden words, but he doesn’t remember any of that, including CHJ.
    The scenes of CJH and HDN are also so cute. Both of them are so cute and sweet, in a rather “sticky” way.
    I can’t wait to see ep 10.

  148. 148 : swift Says:

    The storyline is very entertaining as they made the lead male character honest, gullible and yet charming. Man of few words but makes a great impact whenever he says something in serious demeanor that wants to make you LOL.

  149. 149 : kdfan Says:

    @Charlie the torn talisman must have screwed up both worlds. I havent watch ep 9 but i think It gets more interesting now to see how he will gain back his memory of CHJ.

  150. 150 : Charlie Says:

    @kdfan 149,
    It’s definitely getting more interesting. It’s not only super sweet, but suspenseful as well. I yet find out how the talisman impacting both world in such a way that in KBD’s world, only change is he lost two months memory, but in CHJ’s, all her encounters with KBD is just like a dream, and everyone else lived a KBD-free life. That’s the confusing part. hope ep 10 will tell some clue.

  151. 151 : Lis Says:

    @charlie – where did u watch ep 9? Tks.

  152. 152 : roxyalso Says:

    Neat drama

  153. 153 : Charlie Says:

    @Lis 151,
    If you google Queen Inhyun’s man 9, then you’d find it. Some one posted on the YouTube. It’s a raw version.

    Here is the link:

    You can use the same way to find ep 10.

  154. 154 : K dorama Says:

    i think this drama equal class with the legend drama “Secret Garden”.

  155. 155 : jeezvive Says:

    Love, love, love this drama! Boong Do <3 Hee Jin

  156. 156 : swift Says:

    Yay…. he managed to remember and transported to the present time
    I am starting to hate the spiteful manager

  157. 157 : KDaddict Says:

    After watching this show, I’m convinced that most KD eps should be 40 mins each. It’d certainly help to keep them fast paced.
    This show is light, breezy, fun, n the leads r adorable together. In Ep 10, when he is in Joseon n not by her side, even tho he is plenty handsome, he somehow seems less adorable. It goes to show, a man really does look better w a pretty woman by his side! 🙂
    I also like Han Dong Min; he is cute n mischievous. The actress playing her manager also does a gt job.
    I’m only enjoying K2hs n this drama, YIN notwithstanding.

  158. 158 : Charlie Says:

    Ep 10,
    HJ’s manager is so annoying. Thankfully, BD is not giving up easily on finding HJ. Otherwise, I will really hate her. A person like her will never find a real love.

  159. 159 : sara Says:

    So sweet and adorable. I love how smart BD is. the kiss scene in the library is very romantic and sweet. Although he is just imitating what she did to him and the kiss is not supposed to be a romantic kiss but both actors do a great job and have a great chemistry that i feel their emotions very well. YI also is so good and sweet here. I didn’t think i would like her in this drama but i like Hui Jin. She is honest with her feelings. I love when female leads know how they feel and do what a person in love does without getting weak and stupid.

  160. 160 : swift Says:

    I pity Dong Min’s character. Writers made him look stupid and being embarassed unnecessarily. They should tone down on that situations and try to slowly turn him to be more mature as to capture Hui Jin’s heart. Then the competition to win Hui Jin would be more interesting.

  161. 161 : jh Says:

    Awww.. this drama is the best!! CAnt wait for EP11! so cute!!

  162. 162 : drama freak Says:

    this drama is so so so so so so so damnnnn nice!!!!!!!! totally love it!!!!!! so addicted!!!!! =D

  163. 163 : sara Says:

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I love this drama to bits. This is what i want from a heroin. “He is my boyfriend.” Yes, you deserve to be loved.

  164. 164 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m sick w the flu, running a fever, n it hurts everywhere, my head, throat, muscles, etc. I need eps of a feel-good drama to help me thru these 2 days. Unfortunately, there is nothing out there right now that fits that bill, except QIM n K2Hs, which both air on W n Th. Ahhh….where r the good dramas when u need them?

  165. 165 : GANREA Says:

    Download Sub here (continue to upload): http://asiasub.com/show/queen-in-hyuns-man/

  166. 166 : sara Says:


    ohh, so bad. I hope you get well soon. Now that good dramas are rare you can watch the memorable old ones again and wait for the new one to start soon.

  167. 167 : KDaddict Says:

    Thx for the sympathy. I feel like I understand now why ppl die of the flu!!!
    Tried to watch 12 men in a year, bc it is supposed to be light n funny, but it doesn’t go down well. Her acting is way too exaggerated, n her char is such an idiot. I don’t like idiot heroines, like that Park Ha! Aigoo!
    Tried Fantasy Couple, abt a rich woman falling overboard, losing her memory, n falling in love w sb not in her class. Found her acting too stiff, too unnatural.
    Anything you can think of for sb with a throbbing headache?
    Oh, i wish it was wed/thurs now!
    BIG is coming. Yeah!

  168. 168 : swift Says:

    The best way to rid of your fever is to sweat it out (try taking fever med and cover yourself with blanket to sweat).
    Get well soon.

  169. 169 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict totally with you that 40 min runs will help us enjoy the dramas more. sorry to hear u caught the flu bug, i just recovered. take lots of water n rest. watching dramas will make u worse, believe me. get well soon to enjoy the finales this week.

  170. 170 : sara Says:

    The best choice is something funny, without any angst and stupid heroin as you said. To me my girlfriend is a Gumiho is always the best. Even its sadness is lovely. Best love , Can you hear my heart and Full house also are the ones you definitely enjoy watching. I always smile when i remind of Rain’s expressions in this drama. And CYHMH is so sweet and who’s better than KJW and his angelic smile? The last one is one of my favorite SG scenes. I ‘ve watched it many times. Guess what? The scene KJW forcefully sleeps with GRI. BUT DON’T FORGET TO JUST WATCH THE SWEET SCENES.

  171. 171 : KDaddict Says:

    @kdfan, swift, sara,
    The flu bug seems to get worse every year. The flu shot gets so potent that it caused severe reactions in some ppl. So I skipped it this year.
    I sleep, I sweat, I take the medicine, n repeat the cycle. In between, I’ve short periods of lucidity; I try to watch a little KD.
    Picked a random ep of Love Rain. It was so slow that it was like watching grass grow. It may be beautiful, but it takes patience that I don’t have.
    I like MGFNTF. It’s a good idea to watch it again, now that I love LSG in K2Hs. CYHMH flew by w/out my checking it out. It seemed to be such a melodrama. I don’t like melodramas, deliberately sad, deliberately tear-jerking. Is it? Or is it funny?
    U r absolutely right! Best Love n Full house r both feel good shows. I’ve seen them many times. SG is even more so.
    Now, back to sleep.

  172. 172 : haku Says:

    love love love this drama… hyun woo is so soo cute… damn!

  173. 173 : swift Says:

    It’s really frustrating that the eng subs for this drama is soooooo slow. I’ve watched raw ep10, relieved that BD managed to get to the present time.
    I really had a very good laugh on ep9 when BD uttered some phrases that he himself cannot understand, should see his facial expression of confusion.

  174. 174 : sara Says:

    I agree about the flu shot. It caused a severe flu in my sister too. CYHMH is so sweet and lovely. It’s not the typical melodrama. IMO, most of the dramas in k-drama land which are calming to be melo, actually are not. The one melo i know is Bad guy. But CYHMH is not a sad drama. KJW with that milky skin and angelic smile and the bi-romance are so sweet to watch and the villain is not disgusting comparing to Sena- like characters. Try it once. It’s worth watching. You are so right about LR. I hardly could stand 5 eps.

    So true. I also wonder why they don’t sub this quickly while it is the best drama airing along with K2H and EM.

  175. 175 : swift Says:

    I also like CYHMH and watched some of the episodes repeatedly. I actually prefer the second lead guy. He acted in Color of Women but the character he got was not great.

    I find My Girl rather entertaining with the lead woman always outwitting the lead guy. Oh yes the second lead guy from CYHMH made a cameo appearance on My Girl.

  176. 176 : tc Says:


    Thanks for recommending this drama. It is a gem and so underrated as compared to the other popular time travel drama, RtP. I could not believe that I actually marathoned the show fr ep 1 to 8 in 1 day! Of course, each ep is only about 40 mins and that’s why it is a breeze to follow through all the episodes in one go.

    The first 2 episodes were a bit confusing and I felt disoriented especially when I was watching the drama without any expectation on storyline apart from the brief synopsis. When I am clear about the characters and the concurrent showing of two time zones, I got addicted to the show and need to know what’s happening during Joseon and modern times.

    I am drawn to Hyun Woo’s character, a rare male lead that is not a chaebol heir, simple, down to earth yet so very smart. I always like intelligent leads and what more a hero with a dimple and fantastic smile!

    In Na is equally enchanting and fresh. She has such wonderful chemistry with Hyun Woo and I am impressed with her natural and spontaneous acting considering this is her first lead role.

    Kudos to tvN for delivering such a high quality show and let’s hope the remaining episodes are equally good!

  177. 177 : swift Says:

    Next to The Moon that Embraces the Sun, this is a very good drama to watch. I too was confused during the first two episodes that I almost gave up to continue with this drama but I find the character of the lead guy very attractive (many Kdramas have the lead guy being cocky, arrogant, self centred, act as idiots). I did not have that good of impression of the lead lady as I do not like the writers to paint a woman as being helpless or plain dumb. At least now they have develop the lead lady’s character to be more independent and innovative in solving problems.

  178. 178 : kdfan Says:

    the subs are so slow and i am restraining myself from watch ep 10 raw since i do not have time to rewatch it with subs. i m so eager to find out how bungdoo made it back to modern world. pls dont tell me …

  179. 179 : imshawol Says:

    is it same with rooftop prince? omo. it’s same!

  180. 180 : swift Says:

    This drama is not same with rooftop prince. This drama has more substance in the storyline. The only similarity is due to the time travelling element. As in the rooftop prince it only focuses on present time with the prince not able to travel back to joseon era.

    As in QIM, the lead guy’s character is more matured, intelligent and very decisive in his actions which provides strong character building. Also, in QIM the lead guy is able to travel back and forth from the joseon era to present time. The method of time travel is very unique and you will have a good laugh when one of the attempts was done in a comical way.

    This is a must see drama. Many people had initially been skeptical in watching it, but after wathching it they just love it, just give it a try.

  181. 181 : KDaddict Says:

    TQ for recommending this show to us. It is a real gem!
    But @tc just took the words right out of my mouth! 🙂
    At first I just thought it was light n fluffy like marsh mellow, but by ep 8, I’m in love w it. It is fresh, different, n both leads r lovely chars that r a pleasure to root for. It is rare to see chars that r so well adjusted in KD. Ji Hyun Woo’s lo key charm really grows on you. It is turning out as one of my two fav dramas so far this year. Brilliant! <3 <3 <3

  182. 182 : Christopher Says:

    Great Drama. Other than the time traveling theme, these two drama are nothing alike. This is a must see drama!!

  183. 183 : sara Says:

    Ep 7,8
    I watch slowly. I don’t want this drama to end. These two eps are brilliant. I’m falling in love with the couple deeper and deeper. JHW is great, manly and strong as a scholar, hero who can change the history but soft, adorable and cute with the woman he loves. I love his expressions. He can show everything with his smiling eyes. I love HJ expresses her love openly and helps him. The kiss scenes of this drama are so sweet and romantic. Every time she kisses him, i want to do the same coz he is very innocent. Now i want to see JHW in a full historical drama as a hero.

  184. 184 : HELLO Says:

    I actually find this show very refreshing! The time travel theme is very different in that he actually has the ability to go back an forth. So Rooftop Prince is only time travel in the beginning. The male lead is also a new one for me. Usually, the arrogant, conceited males get the girl and I’m glad to see Yoo In Ah’s character actually thinking. Its great!

  185. 185 : kdfan Says:

    i felt ep 9 lost a little momentum with PBD trying to figure out the lost memory and YIN’s acting was a little less convincing in her confusion over reality vs dream boyfriends. but ep 10 is back on track. YIN’s awkwardness with HDM was so funny and well acted. I love the action scene on how PBD got back to the modern world .. yippee!

  186. 186 : KDaddict Says:

    I need my fix of QIM! Ah Stresss!

  187. 187 : Charlie Says:

    @tc kdaddict,
    You are welcome. When I found something nice, I wanted share. 😜

  188. 188 : KDaddict Says:

    I want my marshmallows! Please!

  189. 189 : sara Says:

    ep 9
    You all are doing a great job. Even i as a viewer can feel BD has forgot something important. Again i praise your smart, cute, manly, skilled, adorable, gentle, kind character. I ‘m officially in love with you JHW.

  190. 190 : roy Says:

    dam love this drama.. i saw 1-8 straight through.. dam i cant wait for MORE.. i want MORE.. dam yoo in na is HOT and cute.. love her.. ji jyun woo is becomin one of my favorite actors.. he has this charisma about him that you dont see in actors

  191. 191 : Charlie Says:

    @Dear admin,
    The male lead’s last name is Kim(김), not Park (박). Kim Boong Do.

    @Charlie from admin, Thanks for inform us.

  192. 192 : Shiney Says:

    In the beginning, I refused to watch this drama because I thought it was copying the same storyline like Rooftop Prince. However, my opinion took a 180 degree turn! This is by far my favorite drama!

    The chemistry between Boong Do and In Na is soooo romantic and touching. Whenever the gaegeum song comes on with a romantic scene between Boong Do and In Na, I can’t help but squeal out loud! I absolutely love these two couple. They are not the typical, fighting couple you’ll find nowadays in drama but rather the loving couple.

    I definitely recommend this drama (:

  193. 193 : TAVAI Says:

    i dont know whats so good about this drama rooftop prince is better and for the chemistry between the couple i do agree they are so romantic and touching its not the fighting couple which can be annouying sometimes.

  194. 194 : swift Says:

    The dialogue of the BD and IN are very realistic, as in how romantic couples would behave. I noticed that the storyline is also humorous yet sustainable with a touch of logic on how people would react in certain situation. The comedic scenes have been managed well with no ‘over the board’ type of stupid acts.

  195. 195 : KDaddict Says:

    I love this drama n Ji Hyun Woo so much I’m trying to find a way to watch his Birth of a Rich Man, but w/out success. Does anyone know where it is available online?

  196. 196 : caca Says:

    I actually like this drama more than Rooftop Prince. I never thought I would fall in love in Ji Hyun Woo because of his character in this drama. When I first checked out the trailer, I knew the drama would be awesome. But I wasn’t that excited because I thought Ji Hyun Woo is an average looking actor. Now, I admit I am totally wrong. I realise when you watch a drama you should never underestimate the actor if they are not that good looking. If the drama is good, the possibility is you will fall in love with not only the drama and the character but also the actor. And I have to say Yoo In Na is so cute and adorable in this drama.

  197. 197 : sara Says:

    Sorry, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but i think JHW is really handsome. He is so unique with those smiling bright eyes, cute smile and that tall, manly figure. IMO, he is one the most handsome Korean actors and i think without the midas touch of the plastic surgeon.

  198. 198 : Mystisith Says:

    There is pure aesthetic and there is:
    Detachment of someone who feels comfortable in his skin.
    At this point they could shave his head or put a blindfold on one of his eyes, i would still be in love with the man.

  199. 199 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict u can watch it at epdrama.com

  200. 200 : KDaddict Says:

    Thx. Did u watch it? Any good?

  201. 201 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict i got a little bored after 2-3 eps and dropped it. i read later on that it got interesting but i didnt have the time to go back n resume watching.

  202. 202 : Micc Says:

    I actually don’t like Birth of A Rich that much, but JHW in Sweet City (Sweet Seoul) was awesome! He wasn’t the first lead, but he had such chemistry with the female lead. Like I said, he has great chemistry with all his partners. I however have mixed feelings about JHW cos he is a dead ringer for my ex, except taller.

  203. 203 : kdfan Says:

    @Micc wow, if you publish a photo of you and yr ex on the net, it could create a scandal for JHW 🙂

  204. 204 : Micc Says:

    haha kdfan, the definition of ex is all photos ripped, and memories erased..if possible.

    Plus, I would rather be dead than have my photo published online! Even on FB, only my son’s pictures. 🙂

  205. 205 : kdfan Says:

    now i know y the mixed feeling of watching JHW ..

  206. 206 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank goodness for Ep 11! Been a l-o-n-g wait!

  207. 207 : KDaddict Says:

    Good-looking ex! Still, I don’t think I’d enjoy watching a drama w a leading man that looks like an ex either.

    Didn’t realize JHW has been in so many dramas already. Saw him for the 1st time in 1000DP. I didn’t get far w it.

  208. 208 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 11:
    Love ep 11! Thank goodness for ep 11 after what happened over at K2Hs!

  209. 209 : Micc Says:


    Have you watched Mr. Idol, the movie? He sang, not bad.
    I tried to focus on the drama and not the look but from time to time brought back unnecessary memories. 🙂

  210. 210 : Micc Says:


    A Thousand Kisses was horrible. Try My Sweet City, wasn’t the most exciting storyline, but the three leads were very good. Especially the first part with JHW and Choi Kang Hee.

  211. 211 : Charlie Says:

    Ep 11:
    Could it get any sweeter? I doubt it. This ep is like honey, so sweet and delicious. Specially, the kiss at the end of ep, HJ tippy toes stepped on to BD’s feet. OMG!
    I love JHW. He’s so handsome.

  212. 212 : Charlie Says:

    Thank you for making correction, dear admin.

  213. 213 : yuukichan Says:

    this drama make my heart flutter everytime there’s sence between bong do and hee jin…lov this couple soo much,,they look sweet and got a very great chemistry,,the cute way of hee jin that yoo inna play that make me think that she’s damn very good play it who fall in lov with a scholar,,,,thumbs up for the writer

  214. 214 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 11:
    He is a player alright!
    You want me to sleep here alone tonight?
    But it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to sleep.
    How do I pass this night? You want to leave.
    You leave me alone in an unfamiliar place. You even take away my talisman.

    While she was showing him the apt, the fridge, etc., it was clear that his mind was elsewhere. He pouts all the way thru their conversation. I think he wants his cookies. Keke.

  215. 215 : swift Says:

    You’ve got it right. Couldn’t have said it better. I only watched the raw but could figure out what was playing in his head. Hahahahah………….

  216. 216 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 12:
    She is sleeping on that big bed in that apt she rented for him to stay “alone” in. He is standing at the balcony door, looking lovingly at her, at dawn. He is fully dressed. She isn’t. Did he get his cookies? I think that night he went to Joseon n came back. But that doesn’t really answer the question now, does it? 😉

  217. 217 : KDaddict Says:

    Now that the Wed, Thur shows have finished, I’ll watch Sweet City this weekend. Thx.

  218. 218 : Micc Says:


    I am glad you are going to start My Sweet City. Just beware it’s a very adult drama…not that kind of adult! 😀 But it’s not a kd fairy tale, it’s very grown up. Hope you like it.

  219. 219 : Naughty Says:

    hehehe…I thinh he “cooked” ,they ‘re so sweet. I think he not really handsome,but he has a nice smile.When he smiles,my heart want to break for him.I liked him when I saw A thousands kisses…JHW I love you.

  220. 220 : sara Says:

    Ep 11
    I just watched the raw but it was really, really, really excellent. I was so heartbroken over our dear SK ‘s unfair death but watching the sweet ep 11 especially the last scene made me feel better. JHW, have i ever told you, you are unresistantly -is it even correct in English?- super adorable? Thank you, drama. K2H was so bitter as if it made me drunken with its bitterness but you are so sweet like honey and make me sobor again. I love you to bits.

  221. 221 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 12:
    He wants to find an apt near hers, n spend all his time w her. He wants to go abroad n see the world, n she’ll go w him. Sooo sweet. But fr the Preview, it looks like next week the talisman will lose its effect. The angst begins!

    I think the monk has no business revealing BD’s inner thoughts which he shared w the monk to BD’s house-slave who has a keen romantic interest in him. Isn’t it called keeping your friend’s secrets?

  222. 222 : KDaddict Says:

    KBG sold his sword for a 2nd time n gave her all his money (to spend on getting a handphone, an apt, n some clothes for him, cos he is tired of wearing other ppl’s clothes).
    As a married woman, I’ll tell you, that’s the kind of man to marry. 😀

  223. 223 : KDaddict Says:

    Hee Jin: You only learnt to ride a bike this morning. How can you carry a woman at the back?
    BG: It is becos I want to carry a woman that I spent this morning sweating, n learnt to ride.

  224. 224 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict hahahahahaha, this married woman agrees

    subs subs .. where r u ..

  225. 225 : swift Says:

    To KDaddict
    LOL way to go………………….

  226. 226 : Charlie Says:

    I also fear that “honey moon” will be over soon. The bad guys also figured out how the talisman worked, also he’s female friend or slave, what if she also doesn’t want him to leave by himself…
    HJ is worried that one day he’ll be gone forever and she can’t go anywhere to find him. I feel that anxiety too, hope he can stay with HJ.

  227. 227 : sara Says:

    Ep 12
    Again i watched the raw without even understanding one word but still i loved it so much and completely got what was going on. The thing i love the most in this drama is the leads chemistry and emotions. Even just a hug or an affectionate glance melts my heart. The phone booth scene is really really romantic with rain and their holding hands but it makes you feel something bad is going to happen coz they are too happy. The preview also proves this. I also, like other guys think the angst will start and they will be separate at least for two eps. I just hope things won’t get so dramatic and unrealistic.

  228. 228 : KDaddict Says:

    @kdfan-224, @swift-225,
    That’s the kind of marry to marry, not bc we r money-crazy, but bc it shows:
    1, he is not a control-freak,
    2, he cares more abt you than abt money,
    3, he trusts you w his money, AND his life.
    And it’s always nice to call the shots in the family. 😉

    Gentleman’s Dignity starts today! Hope it’s good.

  229. 229 : swift Says:

    arghhhhhh………. where are the eng subs, so frustrating when we do not know korean

  230. 230 : swift Says:

    Are there no eng subbers for this drama??? Hyuk hyuk……….

  231. 231 : Ganrea Says:

    Check out the Sub here : http://asiasub.com/show/drama/airing/queen-in-hyuns-man/ 😀

  232. 232 : tera Says:

    i watch the raw ep12 even though i don’t understand what they are talking about…but then i can grasp a few things….so far the drama was so good and it make me flutters after each ep…..but i start to have a bad feeling after watching the preview for ep 13….i really hope that this drama have a happy ending…….

  233. 233 : sara Says:

    Don’t you think the first scene where BD is wearing a red cloth is actually the last scene or their reunion scene after their separation?

  234. 234 : KDaddict Says:

    As a thinking man, Kim Boong Do should know that a talisman that saves his life is a special plea with heaven to circumvent normal events. It should not be abused as a return ticket for unlimited use. It has been slashed, its powers might become unstable. And now that the bad guys know abt it, they’ll definitely stop at nothing to destroy it. BG shouldn’t keep going back to Joseon for frivolous reasons!

    I don’t know which first scene you r referring to. Which ep r you talking abt?

  235. 235 : swift Says:

    Based on the way the talisman works is that the female servant has loyalty for the KBD plus the charm written by the monk that makes the talisman only immortal for KBD. Now the servant girl does not favor KBD to go into future which I think will affect the effectiveness of the talisman, I think that is way we saw the preview of ep 13 of KBD getting hurt with an arrow. Just an assumption.

    I am starting to pity HDM and find him cute. Hope the writers will develop his character to be more attractive.

  236. 236 : kdfan Says:

    Any thinking men would lose some common sense when in love. Now BD has to play by ear n hope his brawn n brain will be quick enough to keep him alive. In the end I m sure the talisman will hv to be destroyed n he will remain in only one world. I sure hope it’s going to be HJ’s.

  237. 237 : Queen In Hyun’s Man – Inhyeon Wanghu-ui Namja – 인현왕후의 남자 (dél-koreai dráma, 2012, tVN) « Catherina boszorkánykonyhája Says:

    […] * Koreandrama: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=17683 […]

  238. 238 : sara Says:

    The very first scene of the drama i think. He is wearing a red cloth, jumps from the wall and travels to the present time, sees HJ and they hug each other. Then the story begins. It seems all the drama is the flash back of that scene.

  239. 239 : sara Says:

    I also think the talisman loses its effect coz BD is in love with another woman and now the servant girl is somehow filled with anger and jealously so the talisman is not as pure as it was. It’s just a guess but maybe he thinks he have the talisman and doesn’t get by arrow but the servant girl has taken it to prevent him from returning to future. What do you think?

  240. 240 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh, the very beginning of ep 1. He is gorgeous in red, isn’t he? But then he is also gorgeous in purple, in blue, etc. I sure hope that’s the happy ending that we all r want.

    As a smart person, he should know that the talisman isn’t meant for unlimited use. We all want him to come to the future, or else we don’t get to see him spend time w HJ. What is problematic is his frequent trips back to Joseon. Once he has put Queen In Hyun back on the throne, n clear his own name, those trips r no longer necessary, or wise. As HJ said, the bad guys want him dead, one wrong step w the king, n his life would be in danger, his parents r gone, so why not come to 2012 n live w her?
    Maybe the his house-slave who gave him the talisman no longer imbues it with her fervent prayers, maybe the baddies have figured out a way to circumvent its power. Whatever it is, I believe that making such frequent trips back to Joseon is an abuse of heaven’s grace to save his life, again n again n again n again.

  241. 241 : KDaddict Says:

    I don’t have a problem w Han Dong Min. He is just a spoilt big star, a womanizer who is used to dumping women, but can’t take it when he is being dumped. W/out him the drama would be so much duller. But I do think the actor is over-acting a bit.

  242. 242 : sara Says:

    Yes, he is gorgeous in red. He is gorgeous in everything. I enjoyed watching him wearing different stylish cloths in every single scene of A thousand kisses. I just watched his parts to enjoy his beauty.

    I think he just feels responsible. As we see he is a very caring and considerate man and pays attention to smallest details. So although he doesn’t have any family there, thinks he must do something about his two servants. That’s why he asks the girl to be his wife and returns frequently. Also he is curious to know how he can change the history. It seems he is in a dilemma between his duty and love and slowly the love is getting heavier in his heart and finally he would choose living with HJ. (I hope, unless i will kill the writer) That’s what makes him so great as a man. He can easily risks his life for the one he loves and loves her as she is without changing her.I have watched lots of k-dramas but it’s the first time i’m in love with a drama character this much to the point that i feel i want him to be mine.

    I neither like nor hate HDM. He is so stupid and ignorant comparing to BD. I think the main reason of creating this character is showing the ignorance of modern people. BD is the one who should be ignorant coz he has come from a era without any media or press but every time they face each other HDM is ruined and seems ignorant. It’s such a great irony and makes the drama more cute and meaningful.

  243. 243 : swift Says:

    I totally agree with Sara about BD, I find BD character absolutely irresistible.

  244. 244 : torri Says:

    i find that the two main leads in this drama have a very good chemistry between them and i am loving it , hope the rest of the eps will be fun

  245. 245 : KDaddict Says:

    That is beautifully written, as it is written w heart.
    We all want him to be ours!
    Tmr is Wed.

  246. 246 : xander Says:

    I like their chemistry! so sweet!

  247. 247 : sara Says:

    You are right, with heart. Dr. Jin is there with two eye candies but i just think about BD and what he would do, if he was in that situation. His effect on me/all of us is obviously so strong. In most of the dramas, the girl falls in love with the jerk hero. Bad guys are so popular in K-dramas and the second adorable innocent lead is always on the losing end. But one of the things that makes this drama more excellent and differentiated is an adorable, kind, manly hero. I thought he would be angry when HJ pretended to throw the talisman into the fire but he just raised his voice a bit and smiled as soon as HJ acted cute. It was one of the most romantic scenes ever. Waiting for tomorrow.

  248. 248 : Charlie Says:

    The bad guys kept saying the trick or code of the talisman – seeking for death, must live; seeking for life, must die. From preview of ep 13, it looks like BD got hit by whatever it was called, both in his front and back, and he didn’t disappear (That stupid Wang changed he’s mind too often, it’s so not worth to serve him). I can only hope that death means leaving Josean, living in today, with HJ.
    The show will certainly have some twists and turns, but it will be a happy ending. The kissing scene him wearing red hasn’t been shown yet. I believe that will be their reunion scene, if it’s not the final reunion scene.

  249. 249 : An Phan Says:

    You see if anyone can help me then please do. I am looking, searching, digging around for a song from the drama but haven’t had any luck. Its a pretty particular song that comes up during what I’d like to say is romantic (?) and I think the instruments are traditional. If anyone knows what I mean please help. It reappears at about 39:14 mins into ep 11 and goes -dum, dum, dum (ngwa, ngwa~) dum, dum, dum, dum- x2. Je-Bal-Lo!! Dying to get the song!!!!

  250. 250 : An Phan Says:

    Love this line in ep 11
    (K/G)im Bung Do- “Just to see Queen Inhyun’s face I risked my life to get here. What else can I not do?”
    Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Am A Namja geundae… Kim…Bung…Do… Sa Rang Hab Ni Da. ^^

  251. 251 : Charlie Says:

    @An Phan 249,
    I like how you interpreted that piece of k traditional music. Very funny. 🙂 I’d love to have it too.

  252. 252 : Charlie Says:

    @KDaddict 228,
    He also paid attention to what HJ said. When HJ was making curry rice and trying to fool him to think it was a tough task, although he knew it wasn’t a biggie, but he still listened gingerly sitting with his back so straight. He’s sincerity is so much like my beloved pooch, so cute.

    The female and male second leads are staring to get on my nerve. They appear very annoying. hope they can restrain themself a little.

  253. 253 : SparKyuMut15412 Says:

    funny drama.. i like it.. nomu joha.. 🙂 🙂

  254. 254 : haku Says:

    so nice drama… i love this f.ever…. hyun woo is so amazing….

  255. 255 : swift Says:

    After seeing the ep12 in eng, i noticed a dialogue of the baddies when Mi Nam mentioned to the asassin on something about the talisman and death relates to heart vein, which I assume that whenever the attempts of killing BD is usually targeted to his heart, but looking at the arrow in ep13, the killers aimed at his lung instead. Noticed that?

  256. 256 : KDaddict Says:

    The recap on ep 10 of QIM came out on DB. They talk abt the 2nd leads, I think in their Comments section of the recap, Not readers’ comments. You could take a look if u r interested.

  257. 257 : sara Says:

    Yeah, the English sub i saw was bad and i didn’t understand what Minam and that man are talking about but now that i read your comment, Yeah, it must be true. So it’s his Achilles’s heel? His heart is full of love and kindness, that’s why the talisman protects him. But the other organs aren’t that romantic.

  258. 258 : sgkdramafan Says:

    Totally love this story, Hyun Woo and In na and the songs are superb! Wish I can watch ep13 live! Can’t wait for the translation.

  259. 259 : Charlie Says:

    @KDaddict 256,
    Thanks for the recommendation. I did take a look. I’m surprised that they even liked their performances. I also saw some readers had similar feeling as I had.
    Prior ep 10, I liked both leads, even it was over done, but i thought it was funny. But since ep 10, SK became so annoying by over protecting HJ and shielding her away from BD; DM’s behavior in ep 12 is also a bit of off from the character built in past eps. I guess I don’t like anyone standing in between HJ and BD. 😉
    Hope the raw version will be available soon.

  260. 260 : Naty99 Says:

    Episode 13 raw is available in youtube. Check ” Thai denmark” channel.

  261. 261 : Charlie Says:

    @Naty99 260,
    Thanks for the link.

    BD is continuing risking his life, time traveling. So is history log being changed as result of that. More worries, less sweets. Can’t wait for ep 14.

    In my 259 comments, I meant I liked both second leads prior to ep 10. I always have liked both leads.

  262. 262 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13:
    I feel sorry for Hee Jin! She falls in love with this perfect guy from 300 years ago, who has to return to Joseon despite grave dangers to his life bc of a sense of responsibility and dignity. That puts her emotions thru the wringers time n time again.
    I don’t think I’d have the stomach for that kind of love that is life or death at each separation. Do you?

    Love this show, love Kim Boong Do! He certainly has that wry smile down perfectly.

  263. 263 : KDaddict Says:

    In 13 eps, my only quarrel w this drama is the priest telling KBD’s house slave girl what BD told him. Catholic priests r not allowed to reveal what a person tells them in confession. Buddhist monks r priest too. What business does he have revealing a friend’s inner thoughts to a 3rd party? If he didn’t, the slave girl wouldn’t have retracted her fervent wishes fr the talisman to keep KBD safe and happy. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.
    I super love the beginning shot of the drama when BD wears modern clothing, extends his left arm in front of him, to almost touch the lens, n the camera shoots him in soft focus. Oh, a prettier picture is rare in this mortal world!
    Love the actress who plays HJ’s manager. She wants what’s good for her friend n charge. Her heart is in the right place, so she is exasperated when she sees HJ loving this guy who comes out of nowhere n disappears to nowhere. Even when I fully ship the couple, I feel sorry for HJ!
    Han Don Min is adorable too. He is all ready to forgive HJ, n she charges into his dressing room to accuse him of killing QIH! I’m beginning to feel sorry for his bruised childish ego too!
    Love the show. But Not the slave girl. She has no business badmouthing the woman he loves!

  264. 264 : sara Says:

    Ep 13
    Another great episode. So sad to bear. Our beloved BD shows another side of himself in this ep. He is in love with HJ but still can’t put his duty behind. Although he is desperate and hurt, he thinks about what is happening and tries to put the facts together, to find his cloths, to not lose his control. I love all of his scenes, especially the close ups and where he is standing in middle of the street, the cars are passing quickly but he can’t move, as if the time is passing but he doesn’t know what to do and is alone in the busy modern world. It symbolizes the modern man’s loneliness. All the people can see he is bleeding but just look at him with surprised eyes without offering any help. He is alone. In the past Minam is conspiring to kill him, to blemish his name. The king is fickle and doesn’t trust him and in the present no one offers him a help except the woman he loves. Unlike other dramas , this one shows how important women are in such a perfect man’s life. He is strong but one woman gives him a talisman and prays for him and the other protects him with risking her reputation as a celebrity or we can say with her life.

    I love how current circumstances can effect the past, not only what BD ‘s actions but HJ’s. DM thinks she has an affair and wants the director to kill Queen In hyun in the drama, then in the past real Queen Inhyun is accused of the same crime and is executed. It’s excellent.

    HJ gets my praise in this episode. I liked her from the beginning but now i love her. She is cute but strong. She is so worried but holds herself and doesn’t cry, Even when she sees him conscious. But breaks into tears the moment he wants to go. Then we understand she really needs him. That’s exactly when i broke into tears. Anyway this drama is beyond great.

  265. 265 : sara Says:

    I think the monk tell her the secrets coz she is the the one who gets the talisman for him.

  266. 266 : KDaddict Says:

    She is the real owner of the talisman, bc she moved the monk n the heavens w her fervent prayers for his well-being. Let’s say that I gave u a gift. Then u told the monk what you’ve been doing w that gift. The monk then comes back to tell me abt it, which makes me think that you’ve been abusing the gift, so I want it back. Has the monk done the right thing? I’m of the opinion that what is told in confidence should be kept in confidence.

    I knew that the talisman couldn’t be used at will; no talisman ever can. That’s why I kept saying that as a smart scholar, he should have known better early on than to have used it as if it were a train ticket of unlimited use. His attitude was too casual regarding its use in the first half dozen times. Of course, at this pt in time, when sth really is at stake, the life of Queen IH n those of his servants, he has to come n go even if it involves gt risks to his life.

  267. 267 : sgkdramafan Says:

    Thank you! Although I don’t understand fully but am happy to see the latest episode! Now I am sure I am going to have QIM drama withdrawal symptom. Lol.

  268. 268 : KDaddict Says:

    I almost don’t want to watch ep 14 just yet, cos the preview shows us that he’ll die n HJ howls, n so will we! Then we’ve to wait for a whole week to see if or how he can be OK. It’d be a l-o-n-g week!

  269. 269 : Naty99 Says:

    Queen In-Hyun’s man episode 14 raw thai Denmark youtube Channel.

  270. 270 : sara Says:

    Yeah, i get your point. I think you are right about the monk. I guess at first he just enjoyed his trips and satisfied his curiosity. Then he fell in love. That’s why he used it like a train ticket but slowly he is realizing how important the talisman is. I don’t know why HJ is crying so hard in ep 14 preview. I even thought HJ might be pregnant. But it’s weird, i know.

  271. 271 : sara Says:

    A great but really sad episode. I didn’t believe my eyes and i was shocked. HJ howls, the servant girl wears the mourning clothe, the Queen is sad and your heart breaks into pieces. You want to kill the king and Minam. It’s so bitter.
    BD is a real genius who knows what to do to amaze the viewer in each episode. The reunion and that “i love you” in last minutes is so beautiful and romantic that makes you cry. But please the two last episodes have to be full of sweet moments so i can get rid of my bitterness. Drama, i watched you late at night but i couldn’t sleep till the morning, because i ‘m in love with you and i felt very very sad for BD.

  272. 272 : swift Says:

    Just hope the writer will not screw up the ending, or else no one’s going to watch any more dramas by this writer…………………

  273. 273 : swift Says:

    I am not going to watch this drama until I know the ending. I think I cannot bear the thought of having any terrible ending, I will just wait for you gals to comment on the ending next week……hyuk…. hyuk……
    very sad………………

  274. 274 : Charlie Says:

    Thanks for the link. The one I had been following isn’t posting as fast as yours.
    Ep 14 showed how BD is finishing up his besiness in Josean. At the help of the king, the bad guy final is killed, the queen Inhyun
    ‘s position is secured, his servants are rearranged, he’s officially declared dead. Now he couldn’t go back anymore. At the end of the ep, BD said he felt like an orphan with no place to go back. He said so many things had changed, but only one thing remained the same – his love. Then they hugged. I think a kiss would be nice.
    At the end, showed some scenes from their first date that haven’t been shown before were nice and cute.
    Next two episodes should show how BD is fitting into new like and how they are happily ever after. but where the beginning scene BD weari g red riding a house jumping into modern Seoul would fit in? Will he go back again? I really hope the last two eps will fill with only sweet moments because they were taken away in last two eps.

  275. 275 : sgkdramafan Says:

    Thanks a lot for the link for ep14. Sweet dreams tonight.

    Thanks for the brief explanation of what happened in ep14 because I can’t understand Korean but couldn’t wait for the translated version.
    I sure hope the scriptwriter give us all a sweetest ending, else please have part 2 of QIM. Aww.. I’m going to miss BD and HJ.

  276. 276 : Charlie Says:

    You are welcome.
    I find typing on a small iPhone with part of the screen blocked, on my morning commute train to work, is a challenge. Often I found many typos after I posted my comments. So you’d have to excuse me for typos.
    Yes, I’m also rooting for a happy ending.

  277. 277 : sara Says:

    I’m sure we will have a twist in the plot in two last episodes. Maybe a change in the history to show BD, he can’t change the heaven’s will so he must return to fix it. I’m afraid he would disappear. Please sweet moments, happy ending and QIM 2.

  278. 278 : KDaddict Says:

    The Preview for ep 14 had me thinking that Kim BD collapses beside the ambulance, died, n HJ howls at the end of the ep. So I didn’t want to be on edge, waiting for a “miracle” for a week. Then of course I couldn’t stand it; went ahead n watched anyway. I’m glad I did.

    I hated the stupid fickle king for the first 15 mins. of the show. So glad BG had a way out of the jam. He sure had a lot of faith in modern medical technology!
    Poor HJ went thru so many emotional upheavals thinking BD died! Great turn of events.
    You’d think now that BD has died in the past n has come to live in the present, everything would be alright. How can they fill another 2 eps without wrenching HJ’s guts out, and ours?!

  279. 279 : KDaddict Says:

    This is such a smart script. The writer Song Jae Joong has written 2 other KDs: Coffee House and the SEcret of Keu Keu Island. I started both, but didn’t get far. They just didn’t seem interesting to me at the time. Maybe I’ll go and give them another go, now that I know she is a good scriptwriter. Or, was it that she wasn’t good back then?

  280. 280 : KDaddict Says:

    Wow, when he stands there, looking up at the moon w tears on his face, that look is enough to melt ANY female’s heart, isn’t it? How can S Korea have so many world class hunks?
    Is Ji Hyun Woo this good in his other dramas? I’ve to go watch Sweet Seoul some more this weekend. Plus a bit of 1000 kisses for good measure.

  281. 281 : haku Says:

    oh my god what happened BD? preview ep 15…. hope happy end

  282. 282 : sara Says:

    JHW is great in his other dramas too. At least as far as i watched them. I didn’t know him before Invincible Lee Pyung kang. This drama is just a ordinary romantic comedy but even i myself don’t believe I’ve watched it two times coz JHW was so lovable and cute there. 1000 kisses story is really bad, regarding your taste and comments in other threads I’m sure you won’t like it, i didn’t like it either but give it a try coz JHW is so pretty in this drama.

  283. 283 : KDaddict Says:

    @sara, thx. I spent today watching Sweet Seoul, n a bit of 1000 kisses, just to see him. Decided that I only LOVE him as Kim Boong Do! I’ll check out Invincible Lee Pyung Kang as per your suggestion.

    Preview of ep 15:
    Part of it is so sweet. I’d love to see him get a nice academic job n settle down. N then the evil assassin appears. Since the assassin can’t come to Seoul, n BD is wearing hanbok, it should mean that he has gone back again. That gets me worried!

  284. 284 : sgkdramafan Says:

    I am wondering what is the curse of the talisman and if Kim Boong Do has default on it so far? Also how is he going to produce his identity in Seoul since he is actually from 300years ago…

    @KDaddict, thanks for the summary of ep15 preview as I didn’t get to watch it. I thought Min Am has been beheaded..hmm is that JaSu who assassinated him?

    Oh dear left last two episodes, now the week is too long. Please a sweet and reunion please.

  285. 285 : mmqm Says:

    oh… ep 14 ended so nicely… [email protected] last 2 ep wouldn’t spoil the whole drama! btw @kaddict, I watched most of BD’s drama like sweet seoul, 1000 kisses, meri daegu’s defence attack, birth of a rich man and invincible lee pyung gang last time….. din managed to finish watching any….. lol… the storyline just dies down somehow…

  286. 286 : torri Says:

    @ kDaddict .
    I read you comment about watching a thousand kisses , well i have watch it and i can tell u its not worth the time , i think in this drama the main lead is doing a far better job than what he did in a thousand kisses ,my sugestion is dont watch it if y want to keep him in mine as one of farvorites

  287. 287 : sara Says:


    This is the preview for ep 15. It seems sweet but HJ is crying again. Don’t tell me the modern life separates them.

  288. 288 : sara Says:

    A thousand kisses is a family drama with all cliches and typical characters which is not everyone’s cup of tea, specially we foreigners who don’t get why the character act unexpected in certain situations. But JHW is so lovely and pretty as always. He tries his best and if you love him, watching him in other dramas-even if they are weak ones, doesn’t change your feelings about him. Although it would be as you said if you don’t love JHW and just love his BD.

    His BD is my favorite character of all time but from now on i’m a fan and watch everything with him in it.

  289. 289 : Naty99 Says:

    You’re welcome guys.
    Here is the link of episode 13 subbed.

  290. 290 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi torri dear, long time no see. What’ve u been watching?
    100 kisses is the kind of drama that’d send me running away just by its title n official poster. Ppl may say this is judging a book by its cover, but one can actually tell a lot abt a drama just fr those 2 things. Of course there r exceptions, e.g. Salaryman, which turns out to be really good despite a lousy title n poster.
    Thx for the warning. I only peeked at it to take a look at JHW. Other than him, what I saw made me want to puke.

    I’m not a fan girl who loves an actor in all his roles. Even for my fav actor, Hyun Bin, I only love him as Kim Jo Won in SEGA, but can’t stand to watch his Snow Q or The World they live in. IMO, certain good dramas have roles that allow an actor or several lead actors to show themselves at their best. Their other roles pale by comparison. Usually it is not their fault, but that the other productions r inferior in some ways. 1000 kisses is one of those re JHW. BTW, is he turning out to be your fav actor? 😉

  291. 291 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing. I feel the same way. 🙂 My post #290 is for you too. Fangirls love everything their idols appear in. The rest of us love certain productions bc they r good on various fronts.

    @sgkdramafan-284, sara-287,
    In Preview 15, the two of them r lovey-dovey. Everything seems to go along swimmingly, n then all of a sudden, BG is sword-fighting w the bad guy (not Minam, but Minam’s slave). Logically, the bad guy should have no way of chasing BD to Seoul, so it stands to reason that BD goes back Again. But Why? 3 more days to Wed!

  292. 292 : KDaddict Says:

    This might be splitting hairs, but I would say that:

    I LOVE (in capital letters) JHW as BD, Hyun Bin as KJW, Park Shi Hoo as Kim Sang Yoo, Gong Yoo in Hello Teacher, etc.

    I would NOT say that:

    I only love BD but not JHW, love KJW but not HB, Kim Sang Yoo but not PSH, etc.

    I think there is a qualitative difference:
    In the 1st case, those r the best of the best roles for my fav actors. The chars come to life, n become unforgettable for viewers. The 2nd case is not true for me bc I still love these actors in some other roles, like HB in MNIKSS, PSH in Family etc, just not as much as their definitive roles, not all their roles in all their dramas. I also super like Kang Ji Hwan, but haven’t seen a role of his that makes me LOVE him in.
    Is it a major or minor difference? U decide. 🙂

  293. 293 : rose Says:

    this one is the one of the best but i’m a little sorry why not many people recognize it.

  294. 294 : swift Says:

    I am in same viewpoint of KDaddict. I love the characters more than the actors themselves. The actors also play important role in bringing the characters alive as to enrapture viewers interest in watching the dramas, or else the drama would not be interesting.

  295. 295 : KDaddict Says:

    You love the chars more than the actors themselves.
    I love the actors but love them MOST as certain chars.
    I think there is a qualitative difference here too. 🙂

  296. 296 : swift Says:

    Kim Bong Du will forever be my hero (by fatal attraction) LOL. Umm…. where can we ever find such a man.

  297. 297 : sara Says:

    1.Lee Seung gi is the one that i love to bits. I love him as an actor and follow his news and all of his works. It’s just him that i love in this way.

    2. I love some other ones as actors but the love is not as much as i love Seung ki like Cha seung won and Bae young joon, Ji Hyun woo and Kim Jae won, Yoon Si Yoon. When i don’t love their dramas or their character in the drama, i just enjoy watching them without being emotionally involved in the drama or character and changing the role doesn’t change my feelings about them.THIS IS MY POINT.
    KJW is like an angel, a great actor. I love his Cha Dong joo the best but i enjoyed his angelic smile in My love Patzzy too. Although the drama and his character was too cliche. I think this is the same as what you say. You love some of your favorite actors’ characters more coz they highlight their hidden abilities and charm. As you know these are just actors, i also have my standards for singers, idols and actingdols.

    3.there are some that i Only love their characters like HB’s KJW, Jang Geun Seok’s Hwan Tae Kyung. HB is so handsome. He is somehow my criteria for beauty and charisma. When my mom says somebody is getting married and they say the boy is so handsome that makes your jwa drop, i say “isn’t he as handsome as HB, is he?”. But i don’t love HB as an actor, although loving or not loving someone doesn’t change the truth. He is hot, manly, pretty in all of his dramas and his different roles don’t change your feeling about this, do it? I’ve never seen such a cute and naughty gigolo like HB’s in Late Autumn.

  298. 298 : KDaddict Says:

    Really, u r a Seung Gi fan too? We didn’t see that on the K2Hs thread. He IS so lovable! Waiting for his new variety show: Table for 100! And for clips of his Budokan concert.

  299. 299 : sgkdramafan Says:

    @kdaddict -291, Sara-287
    Thank you!! Counting down to the finale!

  300. 300 : A very innovative drama trailer « DrEaMz Says:

    […] Drama Title : Queen Inhyun’s Man […]

  301. 301 : sara Says:

    I was on K2H thread but due to some problems at some point i decided to not comment there any more. Also because of some personal reasons Seung gi has a special place in my heart so my love for him is beyond just loving an actor. I also am waiting for his come back.

  302. 302 : KDaddict Says:

    Yes, I remember. Too bad abt that. Hope that episode didn’t ruin your viewing pleasure of K2H. I’d have missed it a lot more if Shi Kyung didn’t get killed off!
    Only 2 more eps left on QIH. I’ll miss it. 🙁

  303. 303 : Bevy Says:

    14 isn’t the last one is it??? they never brought the story full circle to the beginning scene with her getting out of the car and him riding up to her on a horse…..

  304. 304 : sara Says:

    Yeah, me toooo. Killing him killed my passion for that drama. I still haven’t watched the two last eps and just read the recaps. I don’t have the heart to watch his death. This drama also is unforgettable and i want to watch it more and more. Where we can find a man like BD? I should travel to Korea and kidnap JHW, at least. I ‘ll miss it so much.

  305. 305 : Charlie Says:

    @sara 287,
    Thanks for the link for ep 15.
    It seems that they spent some sweet time together as a couple then BD disappeared again. HJ was saying that she probably won’t see him again, was that the end? ;( I hope the drama will have a happy ending.

  306. 306 : swift Says:

    huh??? Kidnap JHW??? Wow that’s being too daring, wish I could do that as well, LOL.
    Gonna miss this drama very much.

  307. 307 : mmqm Says:

    @kdaddict yes.. agree.. tho I really certain actors/actresses.. I only watch.them.if the drama is good… I love park si hoo n kim nam gil to bits! haha

    btw, I just watched i.love.lee tae ri… tho i.dont like the female lead.. still find it quite nice… can try.tt .. hee

  308. 308 : mmqm Says:

    and I can’t wait for qihm ep 15 n.16 … pls pls don’t spoil the drama!!

  309. 309 : sara Says:

    Yeah, i really want to keep him for myself. Just kidding. But it’s not daring, it’s rather endearing. I love him so much. But what a pity, it’s just a dream to even see him in person.

  310. 310 : sara Says:

    You’r welcome. Since the the scene at the very beginning of the drama hasn’t shown yet, it means he will be back and this time not with help of talisman but with power of love. But how and why he returns to past? I just hope it won’t be something out of his power and he ‘ll be back by force.

  311. 311 : sara Says:

    BTW, KBS WORLD is airing The birth of a rich man. Today was the first ep. It’s a good opportunity to watch JHW. Now that QIM is going to end, i ‘m going to miss him so much, so i watch this drama to fill my void.

  312. 312 : Charlie Says:

    I also watched JHW’s birth of rich, he left me a very good impression thru that drama. He had such strong belief that his father was a rich man and he pursuing his search so earnestly. I liked him since I watched that drama.
    Two more days till the finale, keep our fingers crossed.

  313. 313 : swift Says:

    Has JHW gone for themilitary training? Will he be taking any new projects (Movies/ dramas)???

  314. 314 : charmel Says:

    oh it’s killing me…I love this story from the beginning . I couldn’t explain how good it is . so lovely thank you once again keep it up!

  315. 315 : coleene Says:

    im just curious about one thing,….can anyone tell me, is this QIM drama related to Dongyi? Bec while reading the sypnosis king sukjong and jang heebin is mentioned and of course inhyun….in Dongyi the king there name sukjong and his first queen is inhyun and one of his concubine name jang heebin that once become queen when she entrapped inhyun and kicked out for being queen, although inhyun is not the main charactr there shes a big part of it. I havnt watch QIM yet.

  316. 316 : KDaddict Says:

    Same period of history. 2 entirely different shows. Not at all related. This one is Much more fun.

  317. 317 : missymisty Says:

    loved JHW in the show The Invincible Lee Pyeong Gang witn Nam Sang Mi.. so i camr to this show and now i love him more.. for all his fans, watch that show.. u will love him more..

  318. 318 : KDaddict Says:

    I think I need to wait till the series is finished b4 watching the last 2 eps together, becos:
    1, the cliffhanger in ep 15 will drive me nuts for a day, until I find out if he is OK in the last ep.
    2, if it is Not a happy ending, then I really don’t want to have anything to do w the last 2 eps. I’ll just stop here at ep 14, n pretend that all is well for them!

    I mean I haven’t even watched the last ep of K2Hs bc Eun Shi Kyung died. I can’t take another blow to my poor heart so soon after what happened to SK!

  319. 319 : coleene Says:

    thanks for the information. I gonna give this a try. But also i need to wait til i found out if the ending is great.

  320. 320 : swift Says:

    You have not finished watching K2Hs???? Do not worry, the writers gave a very fairy tale ending (Lived Happily Ever After)LOL
    The ‘farewell note’ by Eun Shi Kyung was very touching (not sure whether I cried watching it, can’t remember).
    But anyway, the writers gave a very good justice in the type of ending for this drama.

  321. 321 : sara Says:

    I haven’t watched K2H two last eps either.

    The shock ep 14 gave me was so strong that i couldn’t sleep all night and the day after i just thought about BD. I was getting crazy. Still, this is a romantic comedy after all and MUST has a happy ending. But i ‘m afraid that happy ending won’t be satisfying. I mean they just will find each other on the street, a sweet reunion kiss and hug, then the ending sign. I want a perfect happy ending in full detail with them getting married and having a cute child. A stable “they lived happily ever after” like the ones we see in fairy tales. I want the most cliche and corny happy ending ever.

  322. 322 : Lyny Says:

    I love this drama so much!!! it’s a sweet drama of the year!!! Really romantic!!! Really appreciate!!! I wish there will be more kind of this for later TVshow…..

  323. 323 : Naty99 Says:

    Episode 14 subbed.

  324. 324 : Charlie Says:

    After we have been spoiled by all these sweet romance scenes of BD and HJ, the writers have to kick ip a notch at the ending. Anything less sweet won’t satisfy us, the spoiled kids.
    I believe there will be a happy ending. But I’m not sure if there is a child in fairy tale. 🙂

  325. 325 : KDaddict Says:

    @swift, sara,
    IN K2H, Eun SK died at 10 mins. into ep 19. I felt numb fr there on. I saw the rest of that ep, but nothing registered. It just flew over my head. To be honest, I couldn’t care abt the rest of the show. I knew Mayer would be apprehended, the OTP would live happily thereafter. But, the connection I felt w the show ended at ep 19, 10 mins.
    Haha, as long as they come together at the end, that’s good enough for me. I can’t think of BD as a father rt now–that’s so unsexy. Plus, not every show is going to give us a SEGA ending.

  326. 326 : torri Says:

    for some time now we have not been able to catch up with each on what drama we are interested in lately , hope u have been having fun so far, i have not been watching dramas as often as before because i went back to school, so i only get the chance on weekends to catch up , but so far i think i have watch the good once like k2h, rooftop prince, love rain , feast of gods which i realy did not like the fact that the couple at the start did not end up together, and this one ,the once i have not watch are equator man , fashion king which i read was stupid, so tell me did i miss out on any better once than what i have on my list and do u recommend any others once, i trust u choices , let me know ok, , is nice to be back here again , will try to keep up when ever i can , have a good day where ever y are,

  327. 327 : KDaddict Says:

    Nice to see u again. Which thread was it on that we talked extensively, do u remember? I’ve been wrecking my brain abt it.
    A big congrats for going back to school. Always a good thing to get more study under one’s belt.
    I agree w your choices. I watched a bit of Love Rain, but it has a pace so slow that I do not have patience for. FoTGs has serious flaws in the plot that I could not stomach,; I love Lee Sang Woo–so I hung on for as long as I could, 14 eps.
    Like u I skipped EM n FK. EM is intense w good acting, but I don’t feel like another drama on betrayal n revenge. FK is, as u say, a mess.
    This one QIH is a lovely lovely show. You’ll enjoy it.
    I’m now watching GD-love it, I do, Big. I’m more selective now, n so have much less to complain abt on these threads. 😉

  328. 328 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict i m with u. i would hv been a happy camper if this show ended at ep 14. i did watch k2h last ep, but i felt nothing for that ep or for show. it’s incredible how killing ESK also killed the show for me.

  329. 329 : sara Says:

    It must be. Coz they don’t want to live happily ever after just by themselves. Just kidding. It’s just that i want a super sweet ending as you said. As corny as ever.

    I just read your comments on K2H thread and was shocked. Then my passion was killed altogether. The rest didn’t have any meaning to me. I know he is too sexy to be a father but i want another drama with SEGA ending. If not what about traveling to a beautiful beach and watch the sunset together. This is the typical romantic ending that most of the girls- i’m not included- love and can satisfy BD’s love for traveling. So corny.

  330. 330 : tien Says:

    love it!

  331. 331 : KDaddict Says:

    What shocked you abt on comments on K2H? That I didn’t watch ep 20, even now? My reaction to EunSK’s death surprised me too. It’s not like I didn’t know he could die while confronting Mayer. It’s not like I didn’t totally worship LSG n HJW, so when SK died, why did I stop having feelings for the rest of that show? My guess would be that I feel it is too cruel to Jae Shin. Why take away her legs as well as her man? I can’t go along w writers who would give a good char that kind of “fate”.

    As for the ending for QIH, I’d love it if they walk hand in hand around some (fake) Italian townscape. They should go see the world together for a few years, b4 even thinking abt having children, no? 😉

  332. 332 : torri Says:

    i think the last drama u and i talked extensively about was fermentation family i guess, well this QIM is a great drama too,i am realy loving it i think this two main lead have very good on screen chemistry , and am looking forward to the last two eps, for the new tread of dramas that just start over a week or two ego , i have not yet decided which to watch yet but it looks like the time slip dr jin drama will be fun , truth is since the moon that embraces sun ended most of this drama lately have not been able to realy fill that hole for me ,i mean k2h tryed but they ruine it at the end by killing one of the guys i liked so am still waiting for something with as much suspence and fun like METS

  333. 333 : Naty99 Says:

    Episode 15 raw

  334. 334 : sara Says:

    No, i was shocked when i read your comments and realized SK was dead. You had expressed your disappointment. It was exactly how i felt at that moment. As if it was me who had wrote that comment. I didn’t care about the rest after i realized SK was dead. To me killing him with the excuse of him being a soldier or making him a hero is ridiculous. I hate exaggerated patriotism in any kinds of show. I loved your comments. I didn’t want to leave any comment there and was happy you said exactly what i wanted to say. Thank you.

    Ok. Without children. Let them enjoy the moment and travel around the world. I really wish it would have a great super happy ending. I’m going to watch the ep 15. This is the only drama that i watch raw.

  335. 335 : Charlie Says:

    Thank you so much for the link again. You are so fast.
    I can’t wait to go home to watch it.

  336. 336 : diane Says:

    What happen to p 16 that is not the ending right?

  337. 337 : Charlie Says:

    If you haven’t watched ep 15, you should hold off until tomorrow, watch 15 & 16 together.
    I just watched ep 15, feel very sad now. This ep is the saddest one ever except the first 5 minutes. The talisman is really showing its evil side.
    I can’t wait for the final one to recover my mood. ;(

  338. 338 : KDaddict Says:

    @Charlie-337, sara-334,
    I was very proud of myself for not watching ep 15 live on tv yesterday evening. But to prevent myself fr doing so, I arranged to have dinner out, w a friend! This morning, I’ve been thinking abt watching ep 15, telling myself that there r only a few hours to wait until the final ep tonight. TQ Charlie for your warning. I’ll exercise utmost self-control, and wait till it is all over to watch both eps together.

  339. 339 : swift Says:

    I saw snippets of Birth of Billionaire, why was the characters all sooooo terrible ( I do not mean the actors & actresses, I do like JHW and the second lead guy, but the actresses not to my favour). I think the storyline is somewhat ‘off’, no wonder I did not know about this drama earlier.

  340. 340 : swift Says:

    thanks for the update. I am now able to refrain myself from watching raw to avoid any further frustration and dissapointment.

  341. 341 : kdfan Says:

    @Charlie thanks for the tip. i probably should not check in to this thread until after watching the final subbed to avoid spoilers ..

  342. 342 : sara Says:

    I want to marry this drama. It’s been a while that a drama has moved me like this. But yeah, watch them together. Now, i’m really sad and just think about how it’s going to end. Just one ep is left. Please let me sleep tonight sweet drama.

    Sweet moments are tooooo short. This is exactly what i was afraid of. The servant girl is murdered, BD suddenly disapears and now that there isn’t any pure heart which can pray for him the protective talisman burns. He is back for a moment but disapears before HJ’s surperised teary eyes. He travels to find the head monk but something has happend to him. I don’t know what but he might be dead. All the ways for coming back are blocked and this time they are going to be seprate foerever?

    It’s so bitter. HJ cries, BD cries and you cry with them. Finally,He gives up his hope, writes a letter while his face is covered with tears and burns the talisman compeletly. I wanted an episode full of sweet moments.My scare from ep 14 hasn’t recovered yet but this one again was so sad. Again i couldn’t sleep. Now, i’m not sure of any happy ending even if this is a RC. I just hope they end up together and BD WILL BE ALIVE.

  343. 343 : yoon Says:

    can’t predict what is next step of the story??? I guess must be good ending
    if not keep on scolding the director & writer. make viewer became an angry bird

  344. 344 : Charlie Says:

    @sara 342,
    You got your guts. I was reluctant to tell any detail of the sadness.
    After I read our comment, which is great summery btw, I relived those sad moments again. The beginning of ep 15 was so cute, both of them, which was such great comparison to the sad part, made me shed more tears.

    This is one of the great parts of this drama. The story can go from one point to another so unexpectedly. I hope the final ep will give another surprising turning point, which may be caused by the burning talisman. will lead to a happy ending.

  345. 345 : Naty99 Says:

    Episode 16 End Raw

  346. 346 : Charlie Says:

    Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na are born to play these two characters. HW is such a handsome gentleman whom many girls would want to marry to, IN is so cute and sweet, I can’t imagine anyone one else who would be able to do a better job than these two. They definitely are the cutest couple in this year’s, if not all time, KD’s.

  347. 347 : Charlie Says:

    Naty99,, thank you so much for the link.

    OMG! The ending is soooooooo goooooooood.
    Ladies, you can start your engines now.

    This drama is so great. Each had maintained its excellency, all the way til the end.
    I love this drama. I love JHW and YIN It truly touched my heart.

  348. 348 : Charlie Says:


    The beginning of the drama where BD in red chased by guards and met HJ outside a gate in Seoul, never reappeared in the ending.

    Talisman was gone after it was burned by BD. It didn’t play any role in their final and last reunion. It had to do with a modem tech product and HJ’s mind of wanting BD.

    After tears and hearts broken, all is good now, lots of love and fondnesses. Their last kiss is very sexy, feel like they can head to their bed right there. 😉

  349. 349 : sara Says:

    I just finished watching ep 16. I just want to say that it was the greatest, sexiest and most romatic ending ever. We all wanted a sweet ending and here it is. Although i cried so much when i was watching the last episode coz it has its sad moments too. But the ending makes up for all those tears and sad moments. Our beautiful couple of this fairy tale lived happily ever after… and i can sleep comfortably tonight although i feel sad coz it finished. I ‘ll miss it like crazy.

    Final comments
    This drama is really the best among all those time-traveling dramas and other dramas this year. A well-written story, great acting and stable plot pace make watching this drama a unforgetable and enjoyable experince. A great traveling from past to present and vise versa, along with lovely characters.

    Now i see YI in a new light. Her HJ is a charming girl who falls in love and never gives up. You never can forget her crying scenes which are very emotional and heartwrenching . JHW shows his wonderful acting by portraying a perfect, innocent, smart, gentle, manly, in-love and caring character. Once you fall in love with BD, loving other jerks in K-dramas would be so hard. He is every woman’s ideal man.

    The music, filming techinc and all the things are perfect. The OST is so beautiful. It makes the scenes much more touching and helps you feel the emotiones with your heart. The split filming acts like a third eye for the viewer. You can see the scenes from different angles and strangly it makes the scenes more emotional.

    I really want to thank all the staff for their hard work to creat such a great drama. Now i ‘m officially in love with JHW and can’t wait for his next project. I love you my sweet drama. I will never forget you.

  350. 350 : sara Says:

    Spoiler included

    Exactly. A really long passionate sexy rare kiss in K-dramas. I felt the same. JHW is a good kisser. Sometimes i feel he is really in love with YI. Do you think it is just BD kissing HJ or also BD+JHW kissing HJ+YI or JHW kissing YI? I really want to know coz it is great.

  351. 351 : Naty99 Says:

    Ji Hyun Woo confesses is love for Yoo In Na. You guys can check it. Here is the link.


  352. 352 : LoveKD Says:

    Sooooooo Good! 5 stars rating! Sweet n Short! Love almost everything about this show – good acting!

  353. 353 : Charlie Says:

    @sara 359,
    They have such great chemistry on screen. Would it be just on screen? 😉 I don’t think the result would be so good if they didn’t genuinely liked each other. I think it was not only BD kissing HJ, it was also HW kissing IN. I think they should date after this. They look so good together. Why not.

    This is one of the benefit of acting job. They can date and hug and kiss without really dating. If they don’t like each other, they can end their “relationship” at the end of the drama. No headache of breaking up. but if they do like each other as HW and YN, they can continue after the drama.
    But on the other hand, if the man don’t like the girl and is required to kiss her, that maybe like the most kisses we saw in KD’s. 🙂

  354. 354 : sushi12 Says:

    Just watched finish the drama! Great! I loved it! 😀 Recommended!

  355. 355 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 15, 16:
    I finished watching this drama and must say that it has the best script I’ve seen in a long time. Time travel using a talisman is of course fantasy, yet it manages to to give us many twist and turns, each one unexpected, each one convincing. I really love the intelligence behind the plot.
    Spoilers ahead:
    In Ep 15, HJ is beside her self, being on the top of the world, just sharing time with BD. It is especially sweet to her bc it has involved many miracles and near misses b4 they get to that pt, of having a date like most couples. Then Poof! he disappears b4 her eyes. The 2nd half of ep 15 is nerve-wrecking.
    Ep 16:
    BD has it really hard, having to escape capture, and having to miss HJ dearly, so much that he wants to end his life. They end up together, which is what we care abt. We don’t get to see him ride into modern Seoul on a horse wearing his red robes, nor see them travel to foreign places hand in hand. But they r together, so that’s good and fine!

  356. 356 : KDaddict Says:

    I was too nervous to enjoy eps 15, 16. Need to re-watch them tonight. And then maybe go over the whole series again this weekend! I admit that I looked down my nose on it when it first aired, in that it didn’t seem to be abt anything in particular, and there were no big names. But am I mistaken! Goes to show what difference a clever script can make, n of course lovely acting by both leads.

    Can I ask you guys a stupid Qn?
    Why do fans care if the leads end up dating or not?
    I love both BD n HJ, but whether Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Ah go date each other or not, doesn’t affect my viewing pleasure. Why does it make a difference to other fans???

  357. 357 : KDaddict Says:

    Qn at the end of #357 was asked bc I am curious. No offense meant naturally. 🙂

  358. 358 : sara Says:

    I don’t think it’s important. Personally i don’t care about them dating after the drama but i think great chemistry on screen means they feel good about each other behind the screen. At least it means they don’t hate each other. But i read an interview with the director of this drama. He was happy about the rumors regarding JHW-YI. “I told them to love each other even behind the screen. This is the first drama JHW has chose himself and the first lead role for YI. So they are doing their best.” I mean it’s part of the publicity.

  359. 359 : sara Says:

    With JHW confessing his love for YI, we can be sure the one kissing HJ/YI is not BD but JHW. But regardless of her feelings about JHW, she is really a lucky girl to hear such a romantic confession from a hot man like him. I’m jealous.

  360. 360 : sara Says:


    “But on the other hand, if the man don’t like the girl and is required to kiss her, that maybe like the most kisses we saw in KD’s.”
    You mean like JGS kissing Yoona in love rain or KHJ kissing his co-star in Playful kiss, don’t you? I laughed when they were kissing. Really emotionless and cold.

  361. 361 : Charlie Says:

    I don’t really care whether you would continue as BD and HJ in real life, it certainly will not affect my viewing of this drama. It’s just they look so good together in the drama, if they continue in real life, wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing?!
    Yes. Rewatching is so good, feels better than first time, I was able to completely enjoy it since I knew they would reunite again. The explainiing of tie tie tying and BD’s reaction was so hilarious. The pasta eating scene was sooooooo cute. and the last kiss, I have to mention it again, it was a real sexy kiss.
    I’m sure I’ll save this drama, and research it from time to time whenever I need sugar injection. I’m so loving it.

  362. 362 : Charlie Says:

    JHW confessed like that, I’d say he was really brave and he really loved IN. If IN is really like HJ in real life, who wouldn’t like her!
    Regarding to the not so sexy kisses, no name in particular because I’ve seen so many in KDs.

  363. 363 : KDaddict Says:

    @sara-356, Charlie-361,
    I’m curious as to why some fans are so elated when the leads date for real. That’s my Qn. I don’t feel that way n don’t know why others do. I’m wondering if sb can explain it to me.

  364. 364 : Charlie Says:

    Well, I don’t know how other fans feel, but I like good thing happen in real life as well, not just in KDrama. HW and IN had truly built something special on screen.

  365. 365 : sara Says:

    I don’t feel elated when the leads date for real. It’s childish and it’s not like that he is going to date me but i hate if my favorite star date the girl i don’t like at all. Sometimes even if i like the girl, again i don’t like they date in real life. You know i love Seung ki so much, i like some of his co-stars too, like Shin Mina but i always think he is too good for all of those girls,Like a evil crazy mother in law. I don’t understand why some fans are so happy when the leads date in real life either. Maybe they mistake the fantasy for reality and want it to continue in real life. But real life is not a fairy tale so they can live happily ever after. In result they break up at the end. The most famous ones are HB-SHK/ LMH-PMY

  366. 366 : KDaddict Says:

    @sara, Charlie,
    I think the three of us know where we are coming from. I simply dont know where Those fans who want the leads to date for real are coming from. I’m curious as to that kind of mind set.
    They kiss and hug on set. They like it and continue to date after the drama is over. Then they are both too busy w work to continue seeing each other. Even that seems weird to me. I just dont get it, or the ppl who wish for it.

  367. 367 : sara Says:

    You are right. Even from psychological aspect, they feel they love each other coz for at least 4 months live as lovers and if both of them are nice people with good social relationship they might get closer in reality. I think the same thing happens to fans. They believe they are lovers and sometimes you can feel the sweetness just by looking at the cookies. But i’m curious to know if they would want the same thing 1 year after the drama has finished?

  368. 368 : sgkdramafan Says:

    Yeh I share the same thoughts too, why the actor actress date after drama ends but later on breaks off because of work commitment etc.

    Ps: I haven’t watch last two episodes yet waiting for the English subtitles. Please please eng subtitles.

  369. 369 : sara Says:

    JHW was rejected and is going to join the army on July 3rd. Such a tragic ending for our beloved JHW. I ‘ll miss him so much. 2 years is indeed long.

  370. 370 : Lorem Says:

    As I see it, if both establish a connection that is deeper than the image of themselves which they project, the relationship will last. But in the world of make-believe (acting) that isn’t easy obviously. As for the fans wanting to see the romance to continue forever as it were, I believe that is a natural tendency and is something originating ultimately from a spiritual state, it is intrinsic to sentients.

    So Charlie expressed a perfectly natural wish. Hehe..my 2 cents.

  371. 371 : drama freak Says:

    Omg!!!! This drama is best among the best!!!! I will hive 9.8 over 10 as the 0.2 is because of the 1st 2 eps which ABIT confusing…but the overall is really very very good!!!!!! I LOVE THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN THE 2 LEADS and this drama is just simply romaromantic and lovely!!!!! Highly and extrermely recomanded hehehe…

  372. 372 : Pearlyn Says:

    Great drama…Highly recommended…

  373. 373 : KDaddict Says:

    This show is such a high pt for Ji Hyun Woo. He could have gone fr strength to strength on its basis. Too bad he is joining the army at this time. For him to declare his “love” a month b4 joining the army seems to be uh, what’s the word here? “strange”? “unexpected”?

    Well, I sure wish them both the best, and look fwd to seeing him again in two years. TQ for a wonderful drama and a happy 8 weeks with QIM and with you guys.
    @Charlie, TQ again for the recommendation. I most likely would have missed it w/out your insistence. See u elsewhere soon. TQ.

  374. 374 : edz Says:

    great great drama.. great actress/actor .. great director .. great writer.. i love it.. i will recommend this drama :))

  375. 375 : haku Says:

    love this drama.. so cool romance

  376. 376 : mmqm Says:

    very nice!!! the scriptwriter didn’t spoil the ending! so nice n sweet n funny!!! the female manager back to the same old qns again.. lol!!!

  377. 377 : Panda_6002 Says:

    Love this drama sooooooo sweet ♡

  378. 378 : mmqm Says:

    I wanna rewatch the whole series again too!! too nice!!

  379. 379 : Charlie Says:

    KDaddict 373,
    My pleasure. But no need to thank me. We should all thank the PD, the writer, and HW&IN, they are the ones created such a great drama, made us so happy following it for past 8 weeks. I’m sure I’ll rematch it from time to time. This one will always remain as a soft spot in my heart.

  380. 380 : Charlie Says:

    I’m still sad to hear HW will have to leave for his military service, although I knew it was coming. But what can he do, that’s what he has to do for his country. I’d say live at the moment, there is still a month, have fun. I’ll see you in two years. I’m sure you’ll come back as a more attractive man.

  381. 381 : kdfan Says:

    I truly enjoyed this drama from beginning to the end. I hope I will remember the writer’s name and watch out for his future dramas. I especially liked all the fight scenes, they were very real, unlike TPM. Unfortunately I knew BD would live in the end. Had i not, I would hv cried my eyes out with HJ. But it was a very touching moment nevertheless.

  382. 382 : Yupee Says:

    one of the sweetest drama, i loved and looked forward to every episode, a must watch!

  383. 383 : swift Says:

    Just a bit dissapointed the air time of BD and HJ was too limited in Ep16. Wish they have made shots of the couple longer. I wish them both happy, hopefully not short-lived relationship like Min Ho and the current lead lady in Dr Jin.

  384. 384 : Indyrra Says:

    I am in love with the main character, Kim Boong Do. What a clever man!

  385. 385 : EBK Says:

    All subs here http://the-legend-1.blogspot.com/search/label/Drama%20English%20Subtitles

  386. 386 : sgkdramafan Says:

    Aww…… I’m gg to miss Kim Boong Do and HuiJin for a long time! If only they have a special episode or two of them together. Best kdrama I’ve watched since. Loved the story, the scenes, the emotions felt was awesome! Thank you scriptwriter and JHW & YIN for the awesome chemistry throughout the show! More of you please!

  387. 387 : kr_series Says:

    I truly enjoyed this drama from beginning to the end. I hope I will remember the writer’s name and watch out for his future dramas. I especially liked all the fight scenes, they were very much some time webside cannot avilable at 9.45 pm- 12.45 pm I confornem dramalist
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    princess feast of the gods fashion king anvbhgj vxcsfds

  388. 388 : CarolineDL Says:

    Pleasantly surprised by this drama! I actually ended up really loving it. Great acting and the chemistry between the two main actors is really great! Definitely a nice, romantic and touching drama about love and fate.

  389. 389 : finia Says:

    aaaaaah i just can’t describe how much that i love this drama! the chemistry, characters, storyline, cinematography, EVERYTHING! even that simple kiss they did in library could make my heart fluttered and butterflies in my stomach were a riot……
    BEST DRAMA in 2012 i’ve seen so far!

    it’s a pity that JHW will enter the army soon.

  390. 390 : swift Says:

    hyuk hyuk hyuk………..
    miss Kim Bong Do soooooooooooo much

  391. 391 : jedi Says:

    At beginning I’m not interesting to watch this drama, after Rooftop Prince, I don’t feel to watch another time travelers, for now. The triggers for me to watch is Love confession of the Lead actor 🙂 (I think he very brave, wished him the best with Yoon In Na). Still not finished, I watched till 11 eps, but I’ve fall in love with this drama. Two thumbs for the production teams and all the cast. My opinions, this drama much better than Rooftop Prince, (sorry, there’re no consistency story in rooftop, example regarding the handkerchief, it was missing and suddenly it’s appear again in the next episodes ???)

  392. 392 : jedi Says:

    @ swift (383) : Is Yoo In Na received the love confession? They are a couple now?

  393. 393 : yana Says:

    The best best korean drama I’ve ever seen.Legend!!

  394. 394 : indri Says:


  395. 395 : finia Says:

    yea it’s been 5 days since the last time i watched this drama’s last episode. but i just cant get every sweet scenes out of my head!!! arggh…….eotheokheee?

  396. 396 : jedi Says:

    It’s almost perfect, until the hand phone ending :(. Aaaarghhhh

  397. 397 : Pinky Says:

    the best romantic pair for me for 2012! i love their camaraderie, and yes, the whole story! superlove!

  398. 398 : swift Says:

    Sorry I think Yoo In Na had rejected him (based on what I saw in the thread, not sure what is the true status). I think if both of them are serious enough, they may endure the relationship until he completes the military training.

  399. 399 : jedi Says:

    @swift#398: I’ve thought they were in relationship during shooting the drama, Ji Hyun Woo just want to make the public knowing their relations, but the fact is not as I thought. 🙂

  400. 400 : Sheryl Says:

    this is a surprise drama..i enjoyed this drama from beginning to the end..worth to watch !! this drama really can make u addicted, make u cry, laugh & touching..especially the ending..so sweet…

    agree with @ Jedi..Two thumbs for the production teams and all the cast. I fnished Rooftop Prince & continue QIMno doubt RP also a fun & nice drama…but the ending of QIM are even 110% better than RP..

  401. 401 : lia Says:

    i really love this drama! addicted!

  402. 402 : laraffinee Says:

    Wow…what an incredibly good series!!!! This is SO well done! I will look for more by this writer. Seriously – about life/death, past/present/future, eternal Love…WOW!!!!!
    For those who have not seen this and are questioning the comparisons to Roof Top Prince – the only similarity is the time travel from the Joseon period. RTP was cute and I enjoyed it, but Queen In Hyun’s Man is in a class in itself! It is truly exceptional! I want to see it again…and that says a lot to give another 16 hours to a story. I highly recommend it!

  403. 403 : ria Says:

    this drama is really good!! i love RTP also, but this one really really good also even tough im still in episode9.. but i completely addicted with this drama, and also the couple! love! love!

  404. 404 : DD Says:

    Love this drama. Best in 2012. Best since Secret Garden.

  405. 405 : Dina Says:

    amazing..good drama, u must watch this drama, funny, seriously, romance,sadness, but happy ending…:)

  406. 406 : jedi Says:

    @sheryl#400 : I don’t liked the hand phone ending. *…*. It’s made this drama almost perfect.

  407. 407 : Caitlin Says:

    This drama is a daebak! Highly Recommended! 🙂

  408. 408 : Andy Says:

    Whoo hoo they are dating in real life now 🙂

  409. 409 : hny Says:

    I’m sorry ..I try to follow u guys watch this,,,,Otoke…I’m still can’t say that this is a good drama…the actress are more expressive in every act and lead actor are the opposite, I said the both act ‘ Yin Yang’..the romance between them are …like her friend said at ep 15…this lovey-doviness are disgusting.. I can’t watch 😉 Bi yan…this only my opinion..not 4 disturb anyone who loves this drama 😀

  410. 410 : lexi Says:

    this is absolutely the best K drama I’ve watched!! Highly recommend. and they are dating now! the love between them are speechlessly LOVE. 🙂

  411. 411 : wiws Says:

    is it better than rooftop prince?

  412. 412 : maknae lover Says:

    hahahaha… they are dating right now… love it…

  413. 413 : jedi Says:

    @wiws : yes, it is much better than RTP, although the casts not good looking as RTP casts. If you like RTP, you will be like this drama.

  414. 414 : asiandaddict Says:

    Yes, it is much better than Rooftop Prince. Can’t wait to watch it.

  415. 415 : Teresa Says:

    OMG! this drama is very nice. i think better than rooftop price.

  416. 416 : Dewi Says:

    Omooo! what a perfect drama! i love the scrip and actually the actor/actress also 🙂 so much good series : romantic, comedy it’s all like best 😀 from drama to be real !! Now Ji Hyun Woo is Yoo In Na’s man <3 <3
    I'm very support both of you, good luck and longlast your relationship!!! 😀

  417. 417 : Hana Says:

    this drama too much kissing scene,,,,,haha,,,

  418. 418 : yanicah Says:

    beyond words..to the writer director and actors thanks for allowing me to watch this wonderful masterpiece drama..

  419. 419 : vie Says:

    have a similar case with ‘rooftop prince’, but this drama have a happy ending… wonderful drama

  420. 420 : wiws Says:

    wow! I’m really attracted to watch now, thanks for the recommendations^^

  421. 421 : wiws Says:

    @vie: do you mean RTP isn’t happy ending? I don’t watch it yet uhh 🙁

  422. 422 : hamzah m.s Says:

    oh my god ji hyun woo and yo in na i love you so much very very love you so much i hope you can became a couple in real world

  423. 423 : cecile Says:

    I watched both of RTP and QIM and I do believe the latter has much better scripts!

  424. 424 : vie Says:

    @wiws, well actually I can’t say it wasn’t happy, but PH didn’t met with LG. I guess it’s TY…

  425. 425 : diana Says:

    one of the good drama, touching, make me smile & cry, happy ending!

    i love this 🙂

  426. 426 : -Autumn- Says:

    I really really really love this drama. I finished the whole drama in 2 days time. Yoo In Na really looks cute and she is good in crying act. I can feel her pain and sadness when she cried. Ji Hyun Woo, I personally think that he’s not good looking but he has the charm. Highly recommended to watch ~ ^^

  427. 427 : f4ith Says:

    this drama is the most romantic i’ve ever watched!! thumbs up! highly recommended.

  428. 428 : wiws Says:

    hoaaaaa I fall so deep in love with this drama!! Yoo In Na & Ji Hyun Woo’s act naturally great! Have a neverending relationship you both!!♥♥♥♥
    Want more drama like this, it’s entertaining a lot!

  429. 429 : Anabelle Says:

    Wow this drama was so intense how can they not fall in love with each other. You could see and feel the chemistry between them. Good luck to them

  430. 430 : ester Says:

    nice love story.but the equator man is the best

  431. 431 : yeenshik yoo Says:

    Super love it this drama…ji hyun was so cute…

  432. 432 : yeenshik yoo Says:

    Ji hyun was si cute,so touching,breath taking,this drama super love it the way i watch this i felt crying..

  433. 433 : niez Says:

    love this drama,very much worth watching.Thumbs up!!!!

  434. 434 : @@ Says:

    Lmao, the purpose of the tie. What’s it’s purpose BTW?

  435. 435 : @@ Says:

    Lmao at the purpose of the tie. What’s it’s purpose BTW?

  436. 436 : Juliyana Says:

    Good couple in story, romantic couple outside the drama. I hope they have long life love each other not for increase the rating of the drama only.

  437. 437 : bebe Says:

    The best drama of the best. Hope the script writer will have more good script to share. Thanks for sharing such a great drama. I enjoy it alot and believe others too.

  438. 438 : nafa Says:

    althuogh I’m a little confused with the storyline, but I like the actors and the actrees. they’r look totaly.

    Ji hyun Woo and Yoo in Na very romantic (is they are dating now? hopefull not to raise the rating this drama, because they are seem good together).

    I Like Ga Deuk Hi, she’s very funny and look natural with her act. I think she could be best supporting female actress.

    overall… i like this drama.

  439. 439 : annie Says:

    l love this drama so much

  440. 440 : anina Says:

    15th episode is the saddest one. I cried over and over again a whole episode :'(

  441. 441 : witlily Says:

    Very romantic 😀 (scriptwriter same person with coffee house 😀 ).

  442. 442 : cute saranghe Says:

    …very very interesting drama and very very enjoyable to watch.. i like it and i love it..hehehehe keep up the good work..

  443. 443 : mie Says:

    really really like this drama, so funny, so romantic.

  444. 444 : mae anne Says:

    super loved it, liked it!!!!! i watch it over and over…. i laugh and cry over and over… one of the best…

  445. 445 : zarima USA Says:

    exciting to watch this soon.. saturday my original dvd will be coming.. hahahaha.. super dooper excited

  446. 446 : Penelope Says:

    Omg i couldnt stop watching this drama. its soo addicting! and i actually love how theres soo much romance! but untill u hit ep 8 (last part) and 9…. cry my eyes out 🙁 awww. but In Na is soo cute shes soo nice.

  447. 447 : Jessica Says:

    They are officially dating in real life!!! yay!! ^_^

  448. 448 : anggi Says:

    really love this drama..
    full of romantic scene and how they both express what their feeling..
    love you both..
    chukkae Yoo In Na Unnie ♥ Ji Hyun Woo Oppa

  449. 449 : mie Says:

    wah, ji hyun woo and yoo in na they’re real dating. great couple. 🙂

  450. 450 : Vivi Says:

    This is the most romantic drama I’ve watched. Love it and obsesses it. First time fall in love so much becoz of the drama. Great actor and actress. Definitely must watch drama, make you in love again!!!!! Wish the the couple love forever. So in love now….

  451. 451 : Vivi Says:

    Love it so much. Ppl watch watch it

  452. 452 : Applepie Says:

    Very nice drama, so touched by their love story and the crying scene. 5 stars for this drama!

  453. 453 : love u Says:

    love u

  454. 454 : witlily Says:

    Episode 11 kiss scene is very memorable (^o^)b★★★★★
    This drama have lot kiss scenes.

  455. 455 : ami Says:

    wow… this drama make me laugh, and fall in love…
    romancenya dapat banget… 🙂

  456. 456 : Naty99 Says:

    Best drama ever

  457. 457 : nova Says:

    OMG…. this drama is soooo romantic.. congrats to Yoo In Na eonni and Ji Hyun Woo oppa… hope you HAPPILY EVER AFTER 🙂 aaaa… this couple is so cool 😀

  458. 458 : santiitsuka Says:

    really2 chinca excelent drama.. so romantic, so funny.. so sad (make me laugh n cry) hope be best drama 2012.. fighting ^_^

  459. 459 : santiitsuka Says:

    which is the rating?? i can’t find it.. i wanna know please admin..

  460. 460 : Orangutan Says:

    Baru aja nonton pilem ni, kok membosankan yaaaa….. tak sodap kurasa.

  461. 461 : mery_c Says:

    I will say the drama is good if I’m not bore when I watch it.
    And this drama didn’t make me bore at all.

  462. 462 : misa Says:

    i love this movie,who like romantic drama will be like it too..good job..

  463. 463 : admin Says:

    santiitsuka (459),

    There is no episode rating for this drama because this drama broadcasted in tvN network.

  464. 464 : desy Says:

    love this drama so muchhh…. love it love it love it… so romantic, sad, and the most important is happy ending……

  465. 465 : desy Says:

    love this drama… so romantic, sad, and the most important is happy ending…. love it so much…

  466. 466 : Fb Says:

    gila padahal gw cowok tp suak bangedh dah, and niatnya beli nih film karna fantasynya tapi prediksi gw wkt nih drama baru 2 eps bakal menjadi drama yang bagus ,,bener adanay wkwkwkkw

  467. 467 : nitta Says:

    Really love this drama…. Romantic love story, romantic kisses, and best couple. Both leading actor and actress’s acting skill are so good, the sad crying scenes of them are so touching, and the love chemistry is strong.

  468. 468 : aashika Says:

    wow loved this drama and couplrs rocks

  469. 469 : ericka majinay Says:

    at first,I cant help comparing it with the Rooftop Prince.. but then it has its own uniqueness.. even though there’s something missing .. details,,.. its good in its own way.. 🙂

  470. 470 : awesomegirlrawks Says:

    i heard this drama isn’t that great. should i try it? i don’t think i’ll like it though as i’ve just watched ‘that fool’ which is the best korean drama i’ve ever seen. it’s better than garden and my girl. now i need to fill this big hole in my heart from finishing ‘that fool’.

  471. 471 : Rifka Says:

    Sumpah…….!!! Romantis bangetttt……Keren abizzz…

    drama ini ringan banget ceritanya…..actionnya bagus….

    keren deh….!!

  472. 472 : Jeffarah Says:

    nice drama to watch.

  473. 473 : dreamer Says:

    is it a happy ending or not?

  474. 474 : uchay Says:

    bagus yaa..ama rooftop prince??hmm pasti romantis yaaa.. kalo cowonya yg maen di a thousand of kisses sih emang keren:)..jd cant wait buat nonton..

  475. 475 : Naty99 Says:

    @awesomegirlrawks if you like romantic drama with many kissing scenes, no cliches; you will definitely love QIHM.

    @dreamer Watch it, it won’t disappoint you. Highly recommended

  476. 476 : Pitz Says:

    Noemu noemu chuahaeyoooo…:)

  477. 477 : GirL-KicK_AsS Says:

    I must say, Queen Inhyun’s Man is the best Time -Travel drama I’ve ever watched!QIM is too way better than Rooftop Prince!But I admit Rooftop Prince is indeed very hilarious but story wise QIM is the best…coz RTP ending quite vague!I highly recommend Queen Inhyun’s Man!The best romantic drama of 2012! Saranghae Ji Hyun Woo oppa:)

    With love from Philippines 🙂

  478. 478 : haku Says:

    I agree… QIM is the best…. love……….

  479. 479 : @ri3L Says:

    absolutely agree…so much better than Rooftop Prince, luv it so much..

  480. 480 : ance Says:

    this drama goes to my top favorites…i love the plot and especially the characters!

  481. 481 : momomiko10 Says:

    going to start watch this since a lot of people talked about it.

  482. 482 : GirL-KicK_AsS Says:


    This video truly blows my mind away!that’s why I keep re-watching it over and over!I have this video in my fon so anytime I can watch it..adik!LOL!Still the best Time-Travel drama EVERR!that truly gives shivers to my bones!Beautiful!

  483. 483 : luvtae Says:

    really love this drama,,, 😀

  484. 484 : myquevis Says:

    i just finished watching it, a really beautiful, romantic drama. love the story the character and especially the ending 🙂

  485. 485 : aidan Says:

    ..i must say, this is the best drama i’ve ever watched so far…loves the storyline and the characters…

    ..highly recommended!!!..

  486. 486 : Bebe Says:

    This is the most likeable drama of the year 2012. I will vote this drama for the best drama award for this year eventhough we have 4 month to go. Like…Like…Like…

  487. 487 : Abibuyog Says:

    i just finished this drama ( as in this moment), can’t help to cry.

    For me, this is the best Korean drama I’ve ever watched next to Coffee Prince(2007). No wasted moment, I never felt that it has 16 episodes, so good that I don’t even realized that I am on the final episode already.

    waah. Full of emotions. No words to say, but this is the best time travel love story I watched. Love that transcend time. All worth it.

    Highly recommend :)). and what is, they are real couple. I pray for their happiness until they JHW will return to the military. Happy waiting Yoo In Na. :)). Now, I can say, Love will really transcend time for both of you.

    Kudos for all the staff. Job well done. 🙂

  488. 488 : Bethtrck Says:

    I have been watching dramas for the past 2 years and this is the BEST DRAMA I SEEN up till now. I love it! DAEBAK, Queen In Hyun’s man JJANG! Me encanto es my numero 1 por siempre

  489. 489 : liza Says:

    It was indeed the most romantic korean drama I’ve wached. you can feel the feeling of likeness of both of them.Hope the relationship workout.Fighting!:)

  490. 490 : eve Says:

    it’s the most romance drama in this semester….the way the story goes,all of the caracter,n all of the episode i lov it so much…my heart couldnot stop flutter everytime i watch it…n end of the episode always make me curious what happen next…it beat all the same time airing drama…a very menboong drama….

  491. 491 : Swift Says:

    Typically,most romance comedy does not have the chemistry between the lead guy and lady, we would just enjoy the comedic acts or the the so-called romantic acts. But in this drama the chemistry is so real that you would surely be engulfed in the emotions felt by both the lead guy and lady, thus made viewers cry at episode 15 & 16. This is one of the very few Korean dramas that was well made with good scripting and acting.

  492. 492 : limitzi Says:

    their eyes talk … amazing chemistry. well done !

  493. 493 : JYJ Fanatic Says:

    I reaaly hate the ending! SOOOO AMAZING! PERFECT! HAHAHA. It made me cried a lot! Ahhh, I really do love time travel stories. Both Rooftop Prince and Queen Inhyun’s man is the best for me! DAEBAK! =DD I’m looking forward for FAITH. 😉

  494. 494 : JL Says:

    Overall I would said it’s a great drama.
    Worth to spare your time to watch it.

    the couple from no one to someone and they love each others from the bottom of their hearts.

    Good show.

  495. 495 : yoRoseberry Says:

    Yo- I will try to watch this!

  496. 496 : haku Says:

    love it!

  497. 497 : jeffery Says:

    just finished watching dis drama….i like it very much…i thought rooftop prince is the best drama…but, Queen Inhyun’s Man is way much better…very recommended drama…hope to watch dis drama again next time

  498. 498 : jeffery Says:

    evertyhing about dis drama is wonderful…from d chemistry they had, soundtrack, storyline, actor’s selection…its full package to b d best drama of 2012

  499. 499 : chrisev_little Says:

    Though the leading man is not that handsome like any other korean actors, once you watched the drama you will find yourself FASCINATED on him. He act so much good, very realistic. JI HYUN WOO & YOO IN NA (lovers in real life) act so real, that you will feel the love of them to each other. I will confessed that i cried so much in the final episode. Very touching, one of the reason why i love korean drama. The story is unique, interesting and the actors are excellent in the way they portray their role.
    I like Yoo In Na also in THE GREATEST LOVE. She has a lot of project, am surprised! Goodluck for both of you. Thank you Admin for having this site, with this i kept myself updated to korean drama.

  500. 500 : mylz Says:

    A quality Excellent Drama….true love really find its way regardless of time! Nice acting Ji Hyun Woo & Yoo In Na! You will end up this drama asking yourself ” Are they lovers in real?” because it really shows thier emotions! And thanks GOD your a real (not reel) lover! Stay in Love! 🙂

  501. 501 : jocelyn Says:

    WoW.. It’s now my favorite koreanovela. I hope it can be shown also in Philippine TV. I like the story, I like Ji hyun Woo ang Yoo In Na!!!! The drama portrays true love beyond boundaries!!!

  502. 502 : ance Says:

    best time-travel drama ever!!

  503. 503 : Hong Kyu Hwa soul Says:

    It seems like too much kiss scenes make them become a real lover… 🙂

  504. 504 : NextDoor Says:

    a very good drama. a must watch!!!

    LOL. i want his handphone battery bec. it could last a year without charging- in the last ep. 😀

  505. 505 : Ulrich Says:

    I liκе reаdіng through a post
    that wіll mаκe men аnd ωomen thinκ.
    Αlso, thаnkѕ for permitting me to comment!

  506. 506 : lady mar Says:

    I love this melodrama, yeah its true better than rtp.

  507. 507 : lady mar Says:

    But wheres the rating?

  508. 508 : Idess Says:

    About this drama, not bad, but still better rooftop prince.
    Ji Hyun Woo very cool and looks compassionate.

  509. 509 : issa Says:

    i haven’t watch this one…i’ve read the reviews and most of it are positive hope it is worth watching…

  510. 510 : Summi Says:

    I love him and his all series. 🙂
    When can we see him in a new serie in 2013? I’m looking forward it 🙂

  511. 511 : fiid Says:

    much better than rooftop prince,
    ji hyun woo’s acting’s so impressive

  512. 512 : OK OK OK Says:

    I am watching now till ep 15 n I like Ji Hyun Woo very much.
    Such a nice guy. 🙂

  513. 513 : Addicted to Queen and i Says:

    May i know where u all watch it? Because i found a web that only allow me to watch till epi 12…:(

  514. 514 : dinaz Says:

    awww..such a nice drama..this is my first time watching a historical drama..yoo in na is great in it as well as ji hyun woo..i love their chemistry we can see it from their eyes their mutual feelings for one another so glad that they are seeing each other in real life..
    great drama!loved it.. 🙂

  515. 515 : babyjo Says:

    this drama is very good…….must watch it……cause their acted so naturally……wish they had a real relationship…….

  516. 516 : WinnieRae Says:

    Must watch.. good drama.. so happy real life they are together now. Wish them good luck & together for long

  517. 517 : Lexie Says:


  518. 518 : [email protected] Says:

    well its to be good too see good actress quality…hehehe

  519. 519 : Larry Says:

    Where could I watch episodes with English subtitles?
    The Queen and I is currently showing in Singapore TV Channel U dubbed in Mandarin with English subtitles but I missed Episode 2! Tonight will be telecasting Episode 4.
    Hope some kind person will tell me which website to see episodes with English subtitles.

  520. 520 : deeAn Says:

    daebak! ^.^ five star drama . love it very very much

  521. 521 : nana Says:

    keep voting QIM as the best koreandrama 2012

  522. 522 : Iris Says:

    must watch korean drama in 2012!!!

  523. 523 : 马英 Says:

    must watch korean drama in2012

  524. 524 : amy Says:

    I like it.I like Queen Inhyun’s Man.

  525. 525 : kitty Says:

    I love ji hyun woo.

  526. 526 : 英子 Says:

    我自从看了《仁显王后的男人》以后,就迷上了ji hyun woo.而且一发不可收拾。

  527. 527 : Ada Says:

    very very like this story,it’s definitely my favorite koreandrama,differ from others,there is no negative character,only the true pure love.hope can sale the DVD of the Chinese edition that we can buy it as a collection.

  528. 528 : EternalSummer Says:

    I like this drama very much.wuli kim dalin(金大人) is very nice.I watched this story many times because I like the 2 roles in the drama.Heejin and pongdo are very mached for each other!I love Jihyunwoo very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Inhyun wangho ye namja taeba!!

  529. 529 : Hong Kyu Hwa soul Says:

    i just finnish watching this drama… and ithink it’s awesome. the plot is unusual (in a good side),and unpredictable.. especially the end of the story. chemistry between them are so lovely, and even the male actress is not so handsome, but i feel he has an inner attraction. also he has a interesting smile..:) i would like to reccomend this drama! daebak for all actor..:)

  530. 530 : akiko Says:

    One of the dramas which made me cry like a baby. The last few episodes are so touching and unexpected!! Definitely voting this as the best drama of the year!

  531. 531 : 番茄葱葱 Says:

    ji hyun woo,fighting!!!

  532. 532 : 佳佳 Says:


  533. 533 : itsuka Says:

    keren drama nya ^_^

  534. 534 : jayne Says:

    I was skeptical with everything about this drama. Not a big fan of leading actor and I thought Yoo In Na is rather an eye candy instead of an actress. Not to mention the time traveling theme. So, I decided to watch Rooftop Prince and voted it for drama of the year. However, still I got curious about this drama and finally decided to watch it. Oh crap! I should have vote for this drama instead! This is a pure romance. I love every moment of it. I love the story line, the characters, even the ridiculous Dong Min. He’s hilarious! Especially Yoo In Na, I imagine Hee Jin is In Na in real life. She didn’t act in this drama, she just being herself, in a wonderful way. It’s less than one hour per episode, the story goes nicely. Not draggy, not rushy. Steady and beautiful and so unpredictable. Congratulations to everyone involved in this drama. Fantastic job! This drama will be forever in one of my favorites. And believe me, I’m a quite picky drama fan.

  535. 535 : ridha Says:

    @jayne: Me TOO! 😀

  536. 536 : Nafidah Says:

    I Love this dramaaa so muchhh more than Rooftop Prince

  537. 537 : alde Says:

    i think the story was similar with rooftop prince

  538. 538 : ardanezrel Says:

    Super love this drama! This is the type of drama that I can watch everyday! The lead roles just have the best chemistry! rEALLY, REALLY NICE!

  539. 539 : rin Says:

    One of the best time travel korean drama that ive watched! 🙂

  540. 540 : jane Says:

    by far, the best (not one of) drama of 2012. very well written, directed, casted and acted. if it were on one of the major tv channels, it would have been a big hit. even though it’s a time travel drama, the flow of events were quite reasonable. the scriptwriter did a very good job into making this a good drama. the romance, the dynamics, the humor, and the tensions are all way above normal kdrama standards. this has to be one of the best kdramas of all times.

  541. 541 : wer Says:

    why is all the videos unavailale? is there any other websites?

  542. 542 : Dianne Says:

    Thanks to the scriptwriter , director and to all the cast. We really love this drama..can’t help but cry too! It is the story of pure love, no matter how many years passed by “True love waits” .you will still remember the love of your life.. Two thumbs up! Highly recommended to watch esp. this coming valentines day… God Bless everyone…

  543. 543 : eyoon kim Says:

    isn’t they became a real couple while filming this drama? I’m not hyun woo’s fan..but after watching this drama…he become my top 10 fav actor.. hyun woo..fighting!!!:-) GBU!!

  544. 544 : iya27 Says:

    Just finished the whole episode of this drama and Gosh! I’m totally love it! The two main lead was so perfect each others and I don’t know for how many times I was blushing over the couple scenes. This drama become on my kdrama list which worth to watch more than one time. The story line is so perfect, and I couldn’t ask for more about the ending. Both main lead kissed while the video of them playing behind them. PERFECT!

  545. 545 : Kyufan Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA! I watched the 1st episode of this drama last year but I found it uninteresting so I decided not to continue watching it.But now,I’m glad that I decided to watch the rest of the episode of Queen Inhyun’s Man.I thought it was going to be similar to Rooftop Prince but the story was totally different,only the time-travelling concept was similar.I did find this drama more enjoyable than Rooftop Prince but I can’t say that it is better than Rooftop Prince coz their stories are different.

    PS.To those who have not watched Queen Inhyun’s Man yet,I suggest that you do coz u wouldn’t want to miss such a WONDERFUL drama =D

  546. 546 : kdramalover Says:

    i think i’l hav2 start watching tis:-)

  547. 547 : Xhia Says:

    Why this drama not listing at Most Shared Drama in KoreanDrama.org (Top 30).. Must watch Queen Inhyun’s Man, really nice..

  548. 548 : az'vyo Says:

    Waaauwww!!!>_<perfect drama for me!!!^_^

  549. 549 : Nafidahh Says:

    Harus nya ini drama jadi drama terfavorite juga dong…. rameee bgt nihh… KASIAN sekali yg belum sempet nonton

  550. 550 : Anntonett Says:

    Dis drama is so luvly

  551. 551 : Leia Says:

    It will soon in the gma tv… I will watch this… I see the trailer and it looks good to watch! Im so excited 😀

  552. 552 : c.a Says:

    a new series and love story to watch i hope i wont miss an episode^^

  553. 553 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    can’t wait to watch this 🙂
    This will replace “The Greatest Love”, one of my favorite Kdramas.

  554. 554 : kdrama lover Says:

    Cute drama. The story is so cute. Hope that the filipino viewers will love it to.

  555. 555 : Leniva Espiloy Says:

    it’s a nice drama!!…love it so much..
    aabangan ko tlga to sa GMA..=)

  556. 556 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    What a nice Kdrama! It started airing in Philippine tv yesterday night.
    Awesome! Ji Hyun Woo is very handsome!
    Comedy 🙂

  557. 557 : Kevin Says:


  558. 558 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    When I read that Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na became a cute couple, I really became happy. 🙂
    I’ll always support you.

  559. 559 : GRACE ANTONIO Says:

    and they’re real life couple, they’ve seen this two dating since last year 2012 after doing this drama.. I like Ji Hyun woo and he’s a great singer also guys try to watch thousand kisses this is a good drama Ji Hyun woo is the lead star.. I know you will love him here..

  560. 560 : lawrence e. moral Says:

    oh it is my favorite korean drama now!

  561. 561 : myra oriel escobanez Says:

    oh my g…ang gnda gnda talaga nito basta koren panalo talaga eh,,

  562. 562 : yaz Says:

    sobrang ganda ! :))

  563. 563 : christian cruz Says:

    ang ganda talaga ng korean drama……<3

  564. 564 : rhiannenzo Says:

    wow..Queen and I sa GMA 7..Likeitmuch!!

  565. 565 : gloria rosario Says:

    I’m really addicted to korean drama… will surely watch this one.

  566. 566 : kdramaaddict Says:

    love it !!

  567. 567 : mara ssi Says:


  568. 568 : Leia Says:

    Im done watching this… And it was really good!!! It makes me giggle everytime i saw them together!!! They look really in love to each other… So nice drama… Truly love is really amazing, fascinating and so magical… ^-^ i really like this one!!! And for both of them i wish them goodluck and having a long relationship as real lovers… Keep up!!! 😀

  569. 569 : pau Says:

    I’m ur fan sence the first day I saw ur film wish we meet soon

  570. 570 : Beatrize Says:

    This Knovel is very fantaneous!! I like it. . No, the right word to say is I LOVE it!!! This lovestory is most done. Am super satisfied! HahahA! compare to rooftop prince. Both lead character in reality the’re together. Ji Hyun Woo was stated his truely feeling to his co-star which is Yoo In-na. . =) They are official in a relationship- June 18,2012 until now. May 2013 ! PROMISE!

  571. 571 : karizza Says:

    SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NAKAKAKILIG MAY BE HAVE A PART 2 IWISH!!!!!!!!!^_^

  572. 572 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    I already finished watching.
    It made me laugh and cry.
    What an interesting love story!
    Really like Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo couple.
    SuperCute couple in real life.

  573. 573 : Alura Says:

    just finished watching it and absolutely LOVE it 😉

    great storyline, great acting…
    definitely one of my favorite drama 🙂

    so happy that Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na are real couple. best of luck for them 🙂

  574. 574 : mini Says:

    This drama is DEBAAAAK!!!!LOVE IT!!!

  575. 575 : mabel kaizer Says:

    ji hyun woo/ kim boong do… omg super love it,kilig factor!!hoping more nxt episode or project this gma… saranghe kim boong do..

  576. 576 : rovilyn Says:

    sobrang ganda ng queen and i im number one pans…,,sobra ganda talaga halos nag pupuyat ako para lng makanood ng queen and i..,

  577. 577 : rm018 Says:

    For me this is the best TVN drama =)

    Highly recommended.

  578. 578 : RonelaAGArcia Says:


    You’re right. I also think, this is the best TVN Drama…

  579. 579 : michelle avilo Says:

    queen and i the most no.1 drama i like ..i love to watch queen and i ..ur number 1 queen inhyun’s man..

  580. 580 : andrea ross aldamar Says:

    im very happy to watch these it is the best of all 🙂

  581. 581 : Mark Salvador Says:

    All i can say THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA i ever watched 😀 Nice TIP TOE KISS .. hahahha XD LOVE U Yoo In Na 😀 more projects to u en to ur BF :]]

  582. 582 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    Huhuhu! There will be no Queen And I later.
    It ended yesterday night here in the Philippines.
    I’ll miss In Na unnie and Hyun Woo oppa! 🙂

  583. 583 : pearl Says:

    i love it so much, jihyunwoo and yooinna are so cute together,best love team,best drama i ever watched next to princess’s man:-)

  584. 584 : pearl Says:

    i wll miss jihyunwoo and yooinna!!!

  585. 585 : emily Says:

    really romantic korean drama ka2kilig sobra silng dlwa ka2miz itong panuorin xna may part 2 hahhahaha 🙂

  586. 586 : CanICourtYou??? Says:

    Sobrang ganda….. As always… Pero the best talada ang Queen and I… sana may season 2

  587. 587 : CanICourtYou??? Says:

    Talagang napakaganda…… I’m Queen Inhyun’s Man number zero fan…..

  588. 588 : Nine – Time Travelling Nine Times (나인 – 아홉 번의 시간여행) | styrn Says:

    […] – This drama has the same Production Team from “Queen Inhyun’s Man”. […]

  589. 589 : annmasae Says:

    just started watching on viki. very enjoyable series.
    Ji Hyun Wo is the best!!! recommend it to everyone.

  590. 590 : Nafidahh Says:


  591. 591 : mayna sappayani Says:

    this drama makes me laugh and feel inlove everytime i watch this on tv .. super “nakakakilig” !!! yoo in na and ji hyun woo was quite great ! THUMBS UP to this !! better watch it guys! for sure you will love it !!:)

  592. 592 : like Says:

    i like this drama

  593. 593 : chiendu Says:

    Really like this drama. Boong Do makes me fall in love, and I love all about this drama. The Kissing scene was adorable!!!!!!!!!

  594. 594 : Apiek Says:


  595. 595 : cheri_philippines Says:


  596. 596 : k Says:

    i just finished watching this drama
    great drama, i love the story
    great chemistry between boong do and hee jin
    i hope they will make season 2 for this drama

  597. 597 : k Says:

    this is a must watch drama!!!!

  598. 598 : EC Says:

    The best drama ever!! I’ve watched it over and over again but never found myself get bored with this!!!
    Well, I really like simple-corny-innocent romantic like this drama!! So much!!
    Good to know that they’re dating in real life!! Congratulation for you both!!

  599. 599 : Joanna marie Says:

    This series had high ratings .. How come it didn’t show the ratings here ..

  600. 600 : Carmen Perez Says:

    The best drama , have a page in facebook for him love this guy I follow him in everything he does .

  601. 601 : Queen In Hyun’s Man 인현왕후의 남자 [2012] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] website cast trailer viki dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans recap tumblr blogs herdys kdramagifs dramalentils paper-box k-is-for-korea […]

  602. 602 : MayaF Says:

    I love this drama soooo much… Great actor and actreess.. Amazing drama!

  603. 603 : Korean Drama Review QIHM | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Queen In Hyun’s man (2012) 仁显王后的男人 […]

  604. 604 : mangolis Says:

    This is one of the best kdrama. I watched it marathon for 2days. 😄
    The chemistry of the two leading actor are so good, the storyline is well written. Really Daebak.

  605. 605 : The K2 Kdrama OST | A Transient Wanderer Says:

    […] After being hiatus from kdrama world (the last one was Doctors), I decided to take a peek of currently airing kdrama. Then I bumped into this one drama from TVN called The K2. As always, TVN made always made a great drama (eventhough the ending not always as we wanted to be). Named it, Cheese In The Trap, Reply series, Signal, Another Oh Hae Young, Let’s Fight Ghost, Dear My Friends, Cinderella and Four Knights, Oh My Ghost, Let’s Eat, Misaeng, Flower Boy next Door, and Queen In Hyun’s man. […]

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