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Que Sera, Sera

Title: 케세라, 세라 / Que Sera, Sera
Chinese title : 顺其自然
Episodes: 17
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Mar-17 to 2007-May-13
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:40


Kang Tae Joo (Eric) is a player with charm and good looks who always dates rich women. One day, he finds a strange poor girl named Han Eun Soo (Jung Yoo Mi) sleeping in front of his door. Although he initially despises her, he eventually finds himself falling for her. Cha Hye Lin (Yoon Ji Hye) is the daughter of a rich shopping mall CEO. Her first love, Shin Joon Hyuk (Lee Kyu Han), dumps her at her father’s request. Hye Lin buys herself a new boyfriend to make her ex jealous. That man is Kang Tae Joo, and during their contract relationship, Hye Lin begins to fall in love again. However, Tae Joo already has a girlfriend and he can’t forget her as easily as he has forgotten all the women in his past. This drama is basically about the redemption of Kang Tae Joo from bastard to human.


Eric as Kang Tae Joo
Jung Yoo Mi as Han Eun Soo
Yoon Ji Hye as Cha Hye Lin
Lee Kyu Han as Shin Joon Hyuk

Extended Cast

Lee Eun Song as Han Ji Soo (Eun Soo’s sister)
Geum Bo Ra as Eun Soo’s mother
Song Jae Ho as Cha Hyung Min (Hye Lin’s father)
Yoon Mi Ra as Yoon Jung Im (Hye Lin’s mom)
Kang Jung Hwa as (Tae Joo’s ex-girlfriend, cameo)
Jang Tae Sung
Hong Choong Min
Jung Young Geum
Choi In Sook
Park Kwang Jung
Yoo Tae Woong

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Yoon Chul (김윤철)
Screenwriter: Do Hyun Jung

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  1. 1 : Imuyachan Says:

    wawwwwwwwww ERIC oppa new drama… yay.. can’t wait to watch it ^^ Eric oppa jjang !

  2. 2 : unni Says:

    eric oppa???which drama??

  3. 3 : unni Says:

    owh….eric oppa…………

  4. 4 : xtina Says:

    the leading lady in this drama was supposed to be the girl in Princess Hours (forgot her name).

  5. 5 : jenny Says:

    maaaaaaaaaan! i REALLY wish it was yoon eun hye who was the lead actress with eric mun!!!

  6. 6 : madz Says:

    ohhhhh its eric of shinwa i realy like him

  7. 7 : madz Says:

    ohhhhhhhhh its eric the leader of shinwa i realy like him

  8. 8 : Ly Says:

    Hey do anyone know what time this show will be on? I live in new jersey so do you know when this movie will start to show on t.v? Thank you/

  9. 9 : ginnie Says:

    [color=green][i][b]Ok ladies and gents; [u]’que sera sera sera'[/u] needs you!

    (was that dramatic enough for y’all, I rehearsed it all night!!!)

    [u]’QSS'[/u] has managed to make me cry my ass off and it’s managed to totally annoy the crap out of me… The performances have made me gasp for as much air and snivel almost as much as Han Eun Soo. I’ve even contemplated, you know, carelessly, giving it all up and leading a life of debauchery, in following the self destructive lead of the modern anti-hero, Casanova, Romeo; Kang Tae Joo (of course, I’m kidding. But you knew that right?). The two protagonists have knocked my socks off, so I fear, it’s a lost cause. I see everything they do through rose-tinted spectacles; they have been that impressively brilliant (all hail Eric Mun and Jung Yoo Mi. ~Sorry I had a moment~). And no, I am not forgetting the fabulous contributions from the ensemble cast *bows to them all*…

    Anyway, what was my point? Ah, yes! Seeing as how it has sadistically ruled my life for several weeks in anticipation of it, I wanted to give a little back *dabs tissue to eyes* (~forgive me I had another moment!~), before I no longer care about it *ahem* lol *PEACE* =P

    I want you guys to support it. I want to know what you love and hate about it. We shall be immensely tolerant with comment’s people. All that we ask is that they are honest and from the heart. So if you have been going as crazy as moi, if you perceive yourself as a critic and a reviewer in the making I urge you to post and tell [u]’QSS'[/u] exactly what you think of it.

    [u]Sock it to QSS here:[/u]
    *Thank-you javabeans*

    PS folks if you need to be reminded that articulate ramblings pertaining to the drama are preferred: pauses; then *clears throat* [u]”articulate ramblings are preferred” …[/u]


  10. 10 : nanz Says:

    can’t wait to buy the dvd i luv eric so cute

  11. 11 : LoveEric Says:

    How can we buy this series (Que Sera Sera)? I really love QSS because I love Eric

  12. 12 : rainbow Says:

    someone pls update for toatal of episode is 17…

  13. 13 : Rianne Says:

    tis is so kool. im in the show! they came to singapore for d filming n they needed models. weeee i cant wait to watch it!!

  14. 14 : cori Says:

    hmm i think this drama is okay.. the reason i watch this, is b’cause eric oppa looks really good.. and i dont like the lead actress.. just not match with eric oppa.. i really wish that yoon eun hye whos playing this roll not jung yoo mi

  15. 15 : hye lee Says:

    Just completed the drama….
    am really impressed with jung yoo mi actings….
    this girl did well……

  16. 16 : anneGarE Says:

    guys, if you want to be advance in the uploadings with subs, just go to this website…
    link here

    i promise you. its accurate and very UPDATED.. =)

  17. 17 : Lila Says:

    Now I feel bad because…I simply did not like the show. After it was all over I kicked myself for wasting my time. It was mediocre and unconvincing to me and no I’m not mad because YEH pulled out because I find her a bit overrated. The characters were just something I couldn’t connect with. Eric is sex symbol but not good actor at complex stuff

  18. 18 : Rowena Says:

    Hey Lilia, don’t feel bad. Everybody here is entitled to his/her own opinion. If others say its good, so be it. I haven’t seen it yet, but I have already a copy of it. Like Dal Ja spring, somebody said it wasn’t good, but I am enjoying it. So it’s in the eyes of the viewer realy.

  19. 19 : Noemi Says:

    i thought this drama is the best i ever seen i loved everything about it!!!

  20. 20 : Rowena Says:

    Me too, well not enjoying, but I am captivated. The title is quite appropriate, because the story is unpredictable. You really don’t know what to expect next. All of the lead performers are really, really good. I like Eric, but I am more fascinated with the other leading man.

  21. 21 : putlie Says:

    can’t wait to see eric’s new drama

  22. 22 : zyra Says:

    eric is really hot in his new drama….i also made an acct. on friendster for fans club,,he has a lot of pictures on it…[email protected]…add it!

  23. 23 : einnej Says:

    i’m just done watching the full 17 episodes of “que sera sera” and eric is so so sooo hot in this series. i fell in love with him again. i love the series so much because of the great story and heartwaring scenes. i heard that he and his girlfriend for two years has broken up. well, i guess that’s a good news for the fans who has an ultimate crush with eric (like me!, hehe!)

  24. 24 : gina Says:

    I love this drama, firs I started to watch (1st episode) I taught it was boring and I stop watchig but I gave it a try, and now I love it is is getting interesting specially now on episode 5. But why did they name it “Que sera,sera”

  25. 25 : pinklover Says:

    i’m a big fan of eric…i haven’t finished the entire drama but so far so good..though i hate that i can;t feel any chemsitry between the lead girl and eric..nevertheless, eric’s hotness and the somewhat realistic storyline makes up for the lacking chemistry….YEH could have been a lot better…

  26. 26 : Wall paper Says:


  27. 27 : jerjonji Says:

    Do you know how this did rating wise? I loved parts of it, but thought it was the wrong role for Eric. I read where he was worried about the ratings too and felt responsible for them, but I wasn’t sure just how low they got.

  28. 28 : Dave Says:

    Don’t u guys find it hard to believe that the 2 lead guys would fall for a gal like eun soo.. Come on give me a break, she must be the ugliest lead I seen in K drama

  29. 29 : MyWildestDesires Says:

    Ii alrdy watched que sera sera and omgsh didnt noe it was Eric untill every one sed so..

    LOL no offense Didnt think he was THAT good-looking ? Oo” looks liek i gotta watch it agen ! OO”

  30. 30 : MyWildestDesires Says:

    LOL LOL @ Dave ‘s comment

    TRUEEE she looks like a frog ! =X

  31. 31 : Doua Moua Says:

    Eric and Yoon Eun Hye would have made the perfect couple. Eric looks good and YEH is too cute. Overall the drama was very serious and mature. Lots of emotion and physical (the kisses) were all well played out.

  32. 32 : Ren Says:

    Just finished watching it two days ago. Not the usual Korean Drama. At first I didn’t like it but now I love it. Que Sera Sera made me love and hate it at the same time. I guess that’s why I liked it. I don’t know how many times I was shocked at an episode or how many times I cursed at the screen. It wasn’t draggy. It was very bold in the way the story was presented and it had a different feel form other K-dramas. The music was pretty catchy. I felt that the actors portrayed the characters very well. It is one of the dramas that will have a special place in my mind.

  33. 33 : Kerri Leong Says:

    hey! the producer/ director Kim Yoon Chul of QSS produced My Name is Kim sam soon in 2005. The camera works are his signature. Looking forward to his new works already.. Eric’s acting skills have improved a LOT since super Rookie.

  34. 34 : haiikkaaahh Says:

    i did not felt the chemistry of the guy and the girl in this series.. not my type of drama.. but in fairness to eric.. he had done his part.. he portrait his charachter very well..

  35. 35 : mena Says:

    is joon hyuk and hye lin brother and sister? adopted or how are they even related? it’s bugging me!

  36. 36 : farriza Says:

    i watchd d 1st 4 epi n i got bored…d lead actress s kinda dumb! though eric is hot…i dont knw if il stil watch it or hit d fast forward

  37. 37 : kookie Says:

    i have over a hundred of korean drama collections but this que sera sera is very very unforgettable… its really really good… you should watch this or youll miss half of your life 🙂

  38. 38 : idril Says:

    i hate jung yoo mi’s hair so much!!!!!!
    but i love eric oppa like hell!!!! 🙂

  39. 39 : gethalife Says:

    Ahh, que sera sera. My best drama ever.
    I’ve watch it about 4 months ago and still haven’t cure from post drama syndrome.
    This drama is soooooo great. I can’t even say which one is better, coffee prince or que sera sera, both of them sure have a different ratings but believe me, both of them are one level.
    The actor eric mun and the newcomer drama actrees jung yoo mi show their great act in every episode, not to forget the great director.
    But the best part of it is the story line and dialogue.
    If you heard the latest nws, the soundtrack of this drama recieve an award. Of course, i put all of the songs into my mobile phone.

  40. 40 : an2ni Says:

    just recently finished watching this drama! and boy was i in a roller coaster ride!!!!!……..this drama has it all……..drama, comedy, suspense…everything……eric is to die for….though i don’t like his character much but anyways as long as kang tae joo and han eun soo did end up together thats fine by me!

  41. 41 : askwhat Says:

    this drama is the best korean drama ever. i really like the actor and actress..but they are too many kissing part. i have to watch it without my parent know. no wonder malaysia not put it as drama on air..huhu..but, i enjoy the drama..

  42. 42 : askwhat Says:

    huh..i just finished watching this drama in vcd that i rent..its so sweet..
    the drama was so funny and sweet..!! hope there will be another drama like yhis.my top5 fav korean drama.its drive me crazy!!
    love the part where taejoo express his feeling in s’pore then suddenly he turn to be someone that very romantic..is quite funny coz b4 this he is rude to others.

  43. 43 : Goong Ju Says:

    Just finished watching this drama. It’s quite an interesting drama to watch. At first i was not so keen to watch but as i watched it, i begin to like the storyline. Eventhough none of the casts impressed me but i personally still think it’s worth watching. Good work

  44. 44 : omg! Says:

    eric is soo hot in this drama. i watched it because of him. the story is also pretty good.

    my only problem with this drama is i couldn’t stand the leading lady…she was too skinny, too ugly…she looked like an 8 year old girl with scary skinny 80 year old anorexic arms. she had no chemistry with eric at all.

    why in the world they picked her to be the leading lady i have no clue.

  45. 45 : DeCaf Says:

    storyline is diff’t from the usual k-dramas, it was well directed(not surprising though ;)…. actors & actresses played their parts really well… it’s just that, the two leads lacked chemistry… Uhmmm, maybe it’s just me & my wishful thinking that YEH & Eric should have teamed up instead.

  46. 46 : Jae-Anne Says:

    I really like Eric Mun as an actor his simply the best, graet acting as usual. The story was ok though because I don’t like the fact that the two main characters use other people to have what they want or what they need. I think that’s the reason why the show didn’t have a good rating. The ending is short it should have been longer. There are scene that should have been edited.

  47. 47 : damiaz Says:

    one of the great Korean Drama. However, it’s sad ending. i rather choose the other guy i/o Eric.

  48. 48 : McJayJay Says:

    i actually really like the female lead! i dont know why people say she is ugly
    yes she isnt slim and tall like all the model actresses out there, but she is cute! i really like how she looks and i find her pretty too.

  49. 49 : sang hee Says:

    i agree with mcjayjay — the lead actress is sweet & cute — really fits the role & i’m actually looking to see who she is & what her name is cause i’ve never seen her in other dramas before! i just started watching from the dvd i bought & liking it! of course Eric as usual is at his best, i liked him in super rookie & now this one! i’m now on epis 4 & i can’t seem to get up from my seat as it’s getting interesting & addictive!

  50. 50 : deanaz Says:

    fun drama, even for me eric not to cut guy but i like his act. It happy end but why the happines is to short? And for me the lead actress is cute maybe just her hair made she looked ugly

  51. 51 : startulle Says:

    Best drama ever…even the soundtrack can’t stop listening! just wish the happy end was a little longer….the director did a good job!

  52. 52 : wis Says:

    Dear sir,

    I would like to inform you that a few of your dvd are copied and sold in an online auction site in malaysia (www.lelong.com.my).

    Please do take appropriate action against the sellers. They sell your dvds for as low as RM10 onwards. Please look for those selling your dvd at very low price (range from Rm10 – Rm60).

    you are such a great magician and i wouldn’t want to see your hardwork goes to waste.

    thank you


  53. 53 : su Says:

    definitely must watch…i really really love it

  54. 54 : Arai Says:

    I don’t like this drama,soo predictable,very boring drama

  55. 55 : Berlin23 Says:

    I LOVED this drama! lol. Eric Mun was fine and I couldn’t stop watching/drooling lol. I’ve seen this show about 7 times. Its funny, aggravating, heart-warming, annoying, sweet, and sexy. It has all the elements that make a good drama lol ^^ A must see.

  56. 56 : dyna tachibana Says:

    Que sera sera, whatever will be will be,

    wow this movie kinda make me learn to understand that money can’t nuy your love.
    i used to dislike eric mun, but after i watch him in this movie, i claim that he is definetely sexy! lol 😀
    i think he is a good kisser. lol
    good luck for this drama ^^v

  57. 57 : moyka jansen Says:

    it will be better if yoon eun hye is the main actress. they looked so good together.. i love eric mun he is soo HOT!! but of course he is next to gong yoo!!

  58. 58 : mutiara Says:

    Easy to guess, but good though…

  59. 59 : mel Says:

    i don’t like this movie…

  60. 60 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

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  62. 62 : gucci outlet Says:

    Easy to guess, but good though…

  63. 63 : baran Says:

    really a good drama,i loved it.
    if it hadn’t ended like this ,i would have had a heart attack ..

  64. 64 : akjo Says:

    i’m having a hard time watching because a lot of the videos have already been taken down, nevertheless i’m really enjoying this drama, i hope i could have a complete copy of it one day. it’s so different and engaging and eric is so hot

  65. 65 : Arabella Says:

    It worth to watch! There are very real life situation and a good job the director. All 10 series I watched in one breath Coollll

  66. 66 : Lulu Says:

    old korea drama who i never guess have good story and sountrack…. love this drama and eric moon….

  67. 67 : amy Says:

    this drama is good, complicated..not like others drama that predictable, this drama show us that money ccant buy love and happiness..
    after all, i love eric oppa more n more…marry me oppa..hahaha

  68. 68 : via Says:

    Just watching this drama, I think its a very awesome drama, and its a very a nice ending, I knew that they will end up together somehow.

  69. 69 : Hanako Says:

    Not too bad movie but I still prefer the movie “Strongest Chil Woo” Eric is more suitable for that movie.. some people only like to see good looking actors , at the same time they must be good in acting too. Some good looking actor/actress do not act well so it also goes for the acting at the same time good looking..:~)

  70. 70 : Que Sera, Sera | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre las Novelas Coreanas en Español Says:

    […] (more…) […]

  71. 71 : ance Says:


    episode 1-10 are awesome, it’s so fast that sometimes i feel that they edited some of the scenes too fast…like the kissing scene in the rain…in the latter part of the drama they even show them walking, going to their seat, drinking water, etc., which was for me, not necessary…i love eric though…i just felt that the writer was not even sure where the story will go…he/she twist and twist and twist the story then it got out of hand and somewhat looked sloppy…and it’s true the last 5 mins in the story was so cute i was smiling…even the ending of the two lead was sweet (though i prefer a kissing scene or even a hug)…all in all, i did enjoy this drama…coz i really like the leads…

  72. 72 : sodfa Says:

    thank you

  73. 73 : irem Says:

    I have just finished this darma and in this period i amazed all players especially i liked Jung yoo Mi and Eric mun.This drama was very realist and therefore i liked it.

  74. 74 : Mary Says:

    So I found que sera, sera from the two main leads currently airing drama, Discovery of Romance. WOW this drama was awesome!! Wish I had seen it when it first aired (although I started watching k-dramas in ’08)..loved the fast paced story. After reading everyone’s comments about how fine Eric is, I was actually more drawn to the 2nd lead..I thought his story was sad bc he had such a sad past even though he grew in a rich household. I was hoping eunsoo ended up with junhyunk. Oh well.
    Actress who played eunsoo is pretty. It’s just the way they dressed her & that awful hairstyle! When they dressed her up at the party, she was really pretty. Overall, this is one of my top 10 dramas. Highly recommend!

  75. 75 : Rose Says:

    This show has been airing on MBC since June in the morning every Friday.

    I like the show and feel bad for the Joon Hyuk character. He lost his father at an early age due to Hyung Min, Hye Lin’s dad. It appears that he may have pushed Joon Hyuk’s dad over the balcony so he could take over the company. So Joon Hyuk has had a lonely li e and then he and Hye Lin ell in love with each other, but Hye Lin’s dad put a stop to that. Hye Lin and JH are not blood related at all so there was no reason they could not all in love even though they probably were raised together. But the dad would not want him or a son-in-law.

    Now that Tae Joo is going to marry Hye Lin, Hyung Min is telling Tae Joo to watch out for JH, but keep an eye on him. He was trying to find out some info from Tae Joo about a trip the 4 o them took together. And the mall JH is trying to invest in. I think he is subtly trying to take Joon Hyuk down rom the company and put Tae Joon in charge o Joon Hyuk’s position. Hyung Min told Tae Joo that JH is very meticulous in his job, meaning he can’t ind anything wrong with JH to criticize him etc.

    Joon Hyuk knows that Eun Soo was in love with Tae Joo but he I believe ell in love with her also. Eun Soo only married him because Tae Joo wanted to marry Hye Lin so he could live in high style. I I was Eun Soo I never would have married JH as I would not have wanted to hurt him I think he is a very nice guy and needs someone by his side to love him and care about him.

  76. 76 : dramalady Says:

    Jung Yoo Mi is a much much better actress then yoon eun hye.

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