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Punch (2003)

Title: 때려 / Ttae Ryeo / Punch
Chinese Title : 拳击
Also known as: Beat
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2003-Oct-08 to 2003-Nov-27
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Joo Jin Mo as Lee Han Sae
Shin Min Ah as Jang Yoo Bin
Sung Si Kyung as Jo Sung Woo
So Yi Hyun as Oh Hae Mi
Lim Seong Eon as Bong Mi Ra
Hwang In Young as Yoon Bi Seo
Jo Hye Ryun as Joo Ae Ri
Kim Bin Woo as Seo Ji Soo
Kim Mi Sook as Kyung Hye
Ahn Suk Hwan as Bong Gi Bong Director
Kim Kwang Il (김광일) as Jang Yoo Chul
Go Joo Won as Yoon Pyo
Jung Shi Woo (정시우) as Heung Soo
Yang Taek Jo as President Oh
Yoon Gi Won as Nam Dae Ri
Kim Dong Gyoon
Shim Hoon Ki

Production Credits

Producers: Lee Hyun Jik, Jang Tae Yoo (assistant)
Director: Lee Young Chul
Screenwriter: Lee Yun Jung

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  1. 1 : Lakota Says:

    where can you watch this on line

  2. 2 : amee Says:

    i really really wanna watch this … please can u tell me where 2 watch this online???

  3. 3 : osla17 Says:

    Hi, where can I buy this drama?

  4. 4 : me Says:

    I cant find this drama anywhere! 🙁

  5. 5 : marsh Says:

    i got a copy of this drama but the title is A FUNNY WILD GIRL. i just love joo jin mo in this drama.

  6. 6 : angie81 Says:

    You can wath it http://aznv.tv/?p=d815

  7. 7 : Nina Says:

    Please Viiki upload this drama- I really want to watch this.

  8. 8 : Nina Says:

    Hi Angie81,
    Please give me an invitation code for getting on the web you mentioned.

  9. 9 : Nina Says:

    I need the an invitation code to get on the web site….

  10. 10 : meg Says:

    where can i watch punch online?

  11. 11 : dani Says:

    they have this on dramacrazy.net

  12. 12 : mutiara Says:

    It seems interesting, I wanna watch this…

  13. 13 : ontak Says:

    i like sport drama!!

  14. 14 : mel Says:

    i like the poster….i wanna watch this..

  15. 15 : Vikky Says:

    please, tell me, where can i download this drama this subtitle english or russian, thank you anyway…

  16. 16 : smyrna Says:

    ye, the title i seen was “A Funny Wild Girl” but the copy was not good that i returned it…

  17. 17 : juin Says:

    dramacrazy.net does NOT have the same PUNCH starring Joo Ji-mo!

    The only place that I’ve you can try the excruciatingly slow download of 11 out of 16 episodes with English subtitles. Please note that Episodes 12-16 are nowhere insight. We may have to wait for months if not years.

  18. 18 : Levitra. Says:



  19. 19 : clifford Says:

    can i meet you shin min ah personally!!!!because that is my dream even though we are not in the same country…^^

  20. 20 : Hue Says:

    You can watch this drama at
    with English subtitle

  21. 21 : Chry Santos Says:

    I like watch this PUNCH 2003 I search everything but I cannot fulfill it..there is one Punch movie but its different main actor its not Ji jo…

  22. 22 : ooy Says:

    I wanna watch this PUNCH 2003..
    But where???

  23. 23 : Cristy Meneses Timblaco Says:

    Where can i watch this drama

  24. 24 : Figliadelcielo Says:

    Here with english subtitles : http://www.gooddrama.to/korean-drama/punch

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