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Prosecutor Princess

Title: 검사 프린세스 / Geomsa Princess / Prosecutor Princess
Chinese Title : 检察官公主
Previously known as: 검사 마타하리 / Prosecutor Mata Hari
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Mar-31 to 2010-May-20
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55


Ma Hye Ri is a woman with an excellent memory and ability to focus, which allowed her to pass the bar exam with ease. Despite her talents, she is more interested in being fashionable and dislikes hard work, so she is far from being an ideal prosecutor and has doubts about her suitability for her job. Through her conflicts with senior colleages and struggles with difficult cases, however, Hye Ri gradually matures into a brilliant prosecutor with a sense of duty and justice.


Kim So Yeon as Ma Hye Ri
Park Shi Hoo as Seo In Woo
Han Jung Soo as Yoon Se Joon
Choi Song Hyun as Jin Jung Sun
Yoo Gun as Lee Min Suk
Park Jung Ah as Jeni Ahn
Choi Sung Ho as Chae Ji Woon
Lee Eun Hee (이은희) as Lee Jung Im
Lee Seung Hyung as Cha Myung Soo
Kim Sang Ho as Na Joong Suk
Choi Jung Woo as Ma Sang Tae
Yang Hee Kyung as Park Ae Ja
Min Young Won as Lee Yoo Na
Lee Jong Suk as Lee Woo Hyun
Sung Byung Sook as Han Mi Ok
Kim Ji Won as Yoon Bin
Sun Woo Jae Duk as Go Man Chul
Lee Soo Jin as Hye Ri’s law school friend
Kim Sung Hoon as fitness trainer
Jun Jin Gi as detective
Baek Seung Hyun
Shin Dong Ki
Samuel Kang as reporter
Hwang Kwang Hee

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Young Sup
Director: Jin Hyuk
Assistant Director: Park Sun Ho (박선호)
Screenwriter: So Hyun Kyung

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-Mar-31 1 7.3 (<8.9)
2010-Apr-01 2 8.8 9.4 (20th)
2010-Apr-07 3 9.6 (15th) 9.7 (15th)
2010-Apr-08 4 9.7 (14th) 9.4 (15th)
2010-Apr-14 5 10.8 (12th) 10.9 (14th)
2010-Apr-15 6 10.7 (13th) 11.0 (13th)
2010-Apr-21 7 10.4 (12th) 10.8 (10th)
2010-Apr-22 8 11.0 (13th) 11.1 (11th)
2010-Apr-28 9 9.9 (12th) 10.2 (13th)
2010-Apr-29 10 9.6 (14th) 9.6 (14th)
2010-May-05 11 9.9 (11th) 9.8 (12th)
2010-May-06 12 11.5 (12th) 11.5 (11th)
2010-May-12 13 9.6 (12th) 9.2 (14th)
2010-May-13 14 12.0 (8th) 11.5 (10th)
2010-May-19 15 12.1 (8th) 12.6 (8th)
2010-May-20 16 12.4 (8th) 11.7 (10th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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Trailer I & Trailer II

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  1. 1 : Dvee Says:

    Am looking forward to this drama

  2. 2 : lisa Says:

    Yeah!!! park shi hoo 만새…;-)
    can’t wait to see you.

  3. 3 : gsnape Says:

    can’t wait to watch. i like partner, story about law, so i thing i’d like it too

  4. 4 : 박성린 *Rin.Satya Says:

    The teaser here!
    link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR7z-QU3hEY

    Please visit my blog : http://iwannaflywell.wordpress.com
    Thank you! ^^

  5. 5 : 박성린 *Rin.Satya Says:

    the teaser : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR7z-QU3hEY

  6. 6 : Irene Martha Says:

    upload more picture please … thanks

  7. 7 : jacquesdurias Says:

    hey guys i found a better poster!!!!!!


  8. 8 : icha.mom Says:

    The synopsis reminds me of the American’s movie called “legally blonde”, I hope I was wrong but anyway I think I will watch this if I’ve a chance. Because I like Korean drama especially comedy and romance.

  9. 9 : hancock Says:

    the press conference and trailer


  10. 10 : k21 Says:

    hey guys one of the ost is sang by shinee!!! look forward to this drama!

  11. 11 : allkorean Says:

    More info go to http://www.allkorean.net/

  12. 12 : mira Says:

    looking foword this drama

  13. 13 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    This is one of the best comedy this year. I really liked it. Better than Lee min Ho’s Personal Taste! I’ve never seen Kim SoYeon in a comedy, but she’s great. It’s like a Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon.

    It’s on http://www.dramabang.com

  14. 14 : marites gerona Says:

    legally blonde is the plot! interesting to watch what will be their version…..

  15. 15 : dingdong Says:

    i like it so far! how come the rating is so low??????

  16. 16 : mary anie Says:

    i’ve seen first 2eps.so far it’s worth to watch..
    park shi hoo really kinda mysterious there which i love
    too bad the rating’s not at their side..
    dun worry,there’s still along way to go

  17. 17 : 52drama Says:

    I have watched episodes 1 & 2. It is really a comedy. Kim so yeon’s acting is cute and funny. There is a exciting chemist with the leading actor Park Shi Hoo. They will be one of the best couple in K Drama. I recommend other viewers to watch this drama. The ratings of the first few episodes do not tell the whole.

  18. 18 : 52drama Says:

    I know why the episodes ratings are low. Another drama by MBC is also broadcasting at the same weekdays and time. It is “Personal Preference” which is also a comedy starring by Lee Min Ho. That why the ratings are so different between there two dramas. But both dramas are worth to watch!

  19. 19 : hiya Says:

    i loooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this drama so much i hope it keeps getting good its so funny

  20. 20 : 52drama Says:

    Kim So Yeon is a wonderful actress. She acts two very different characters in two dramas of “Prosecutor Princess” and “Iris”. One is a comedy cheerful girl and one is a killer like cold girl. I like both her actings. I wish her all the best in her actings.

  21. 21 : dya Says:

    cute actor ^_^

  22. 22 : dingdong Says:

    can’t wait for next episode!

  23. 23 : 올코리안넷 Says:

    올코리안넷: http://www.allkorean.net/

  24. 24 : lyca Says:

    ive been waiting for the next episode of this drama romance hoping they will upload it already

  25. 25 : Alexa Says:

    can you please upload the episodes 3 and 4 on mysoju.com because on viikii website the videos are not working properly they are going slow and the video freezes . Thank You!

  26. 26 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    I love this one.
    Just finished episode 5 on http://www.dramabang.com.
    Kim So Yeon is seriously funny.

  27. 27 : trangle Says:

    if anyone have all episode in english

  28. 28 : kristian Says:

    it’s too late expire in the date.

  29. 29 : steve Says:

    I so impressed with Kim So Yeon.
    She was so convincing as the cool moody North Korean agent in IRIS and now this borderline bimbo with puppy innocent eyes in Princess is growing on me. Initially I had doubts that she can play this role convincingly, I was wrong.
    Another pleasant surprise is Choi Song Hyun, protraying the slutty widow in Mrs Town is a total opposite of this goody-shoes prosecutor Jin Jung Sun. Looking forward to seeing her transform into a beauty queen that directly compete with MHR!


  30. 30 : Katie Says:

    does ma hye ri fall in love with seo in woo in the end?

  31. 31 : emily85 Says:

    i hope ma hye ri will with the lawyer

  32. 32 : Rinie Says:

    Just finished the two first episodes and I don’t know why but I ABSOLUTELY hate Kim Soyeon’s character…
    Am I the only one ? ^^”

  33. 33 : tt Says:

    if anyone finish ep- 7

  34. 34 : rin Says:

    I really want to see HR n IW are a couple…^^

  35. 35 : binx Says:

    I really hope Ma hye ri ends up with the lawyer guy!!

  36. 36 : indri Says:

    I hope, Hye Ri will fall in love with In Woo soon,… poor In Woo..

  37. 37 : Nori Says:

    I’m in love with this drama!!! Laywer IW is so cool, and i am dying to know who he really is and whats his motives are with Mi Ri~
    At first I really hated Mi Ri character, but I just got used to it since the drama it self is super interesting!!!~^^

  38. 38 : darling Says:

    this drama is sooooooooooooooooooooooo great!!!
    i am in love with it!!!
    and now it started to get really interesting…
    i hope hye ri chooses in woo!!!
    he is so nice and always cares for her
    ok i know he has a secret which is some kind of revenge against her father i´m sure!!!
    despite he is soooooo hot and i loved their kissing scene how he smiled back there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please choose in woo or else i will catch him 😉

  39. 39 : Maddfinn Says:

    Wee. Where can I watch it beside mysoju, crazydrama.. ?? With eng sub pls.

  40. 40 : Maddfinn Says:

    Please? Where can I watch it.. Viikii suck 😐
    Where can I watch iy with ENG SUB please?????

  41. 41 : harmonie2 Says:

    you can watch up to ep 8 on http://www.dramsub.com

  42. 42 : harmonie2 Says:

    sorry typo error shld be dramasub

  43. 43 : Maddfinn Says:

    With english sub ba yun? THANKSSSS >:D

  44. 44 : ivy Says:

    i love this drama, after shining inheritance and you’re beautiful….this is my first quarter favorite…i even like it more than personal taste…..this is funnier, more romantic and very intelligent conversations…

  45. 45 : Maddfinn Says:

    Where can I watch PROSECUTOR PRINCESS online with ENGLISH SUB? 😐

  46. 46 : sarah Says:

    watch this drama with sub in

  47. 47 : aduh Says:

    whether the movie full house second session of play kim tae hee?
    I see the picture below:


  48. 48 : Hilo Says:

    i really really love this drama…romantic+comedy is the best!! lol..Love all the actors/actresses..theyre so good..after ive watched this..it left so much girly fantasies going on..lol..Park Shi Hoo in this are just so mysterious but cute and adorable at the same time..Ma Hye Ri geumsaa better end with Lawyer Seo In Woo..lol.. and i personally think this is much better than birth of the rich..as im watching those both dramas at the same time currently..yeahh..great drama!! 😀

  49. 49 : exan Says:

    funny storyline, poor acting of kim so yeon, she fails to express the character as it should be.

  50. 50 : jean young Says:


  51. 51 : Lilly Says:

    I quit this drama. It is disappointed. This drama has the same good director of “Shining inheritance” but it is not enjoyable like “Shining inheritance” . Kim so yun has her hair style similar to Han Hyo Joo but so yun’s acting is BAD.

  52. 52 : deena Says:

    very great movie…funny, romance, i think this story reminded me at movie City Hall…confilck in goverment departement. but u have to watch this..very interesting.

  53. 53 : annmasae Says:

    great drama. very interesting. don’t understand the low ratings.

  54. 54 : Hix Says:

    Storyline is good but acting of main actress is not natural. She ruins the drama. She is not suitable for this role. It would be better with other actress. Bye bye this drama, I drop it.

  55. 55 : Pham Says:

    Serious this drama is the best!! Better than Oh My lady and Personal taste.. But oh well, because of Lee Min Ho the other dramas is getting all the spotlight=/

    -But really this drama captured me right from episode 1, I so love the script, and the setting, at the ski reports and everything about this drama<3

    And I really like dramas with cases to solve etc, it's very interesting+the romance<3333 Ohhh Lawyer Seo is hooot, he and prosecutor Ma so match each others;D

    This is the best drama for me! And 2nd comes Shining Inheritance<3 The pd is a genius, I will so check up on his future projects^^

  56. 56 : Pham Says:

    [email protected] It’s fine if you drop it, but do you really think Kim So Yeon is a bad actress?O_o Like I mean did you ever watch her in Iris?

    She was a cold hearted bloody killer there, and in Prosecutor Princess she transformed to a spoiled millionaire bimbo! Really for me it’s hard to imagine that she was the character she was in Iris seeing how Ma Hye Ri is in PP, so I wouldn’t call her a bad actress, but your opinion is still yours, I just wanted to say mine. 🙂

  57. 57 : Element Says:

    I think KSY is a fantastic actress despite all the comments made about her acting. She comes across as a natural bimbo. Also all her anguish and anxiety are expressed subtlely with overacting…

  58. 58 : hana Says:

    ok everybody has the right to have an own opinion…
    but i can´t hold back anymore…
    i love this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i fell in love right after the first episode!!!
    it has a different story and all the actors do a great job!!!
    Kim So Yeon is a good actress and potrays her character well!!!
    and like PHAM said you only have to compare with her role in IRIS and you can see how talented she is!!!
    if you don´t like the drama is ok but please don´t talk bad about their acting skills
    i hope Hye Ri and In Woo will have a happy ending
    they have great chemistry!!!

  59. 59 : SFFTS Says:

    @annmasae..i know! i also don’t undestand why the ratings are low..it’s such a great comedy romance!why is it only on 12 and 11th place?

  60. 60 : kim so yeon Says:

    김소연언니 완전 짱이삼. 수목드라마는 언니가 다 책임져.
    이 드라마 너무 재밌어요. 언니 연기가 최고 인삼. 신언니랑 개취는 여기 못따라와.
    이드라마 끝나고는 뭐하나요. 진짜 언니나오는거는 나 다볼래

  61. 61 : vivien Says:

    I absolutely love Kim So Yeon’s acting . She is fully immersed in her roles. No trace of her characters in All about Eve and Iris here.

    Hope to see more of her in other roles after PP…. 🙂

  62. 62 : hana Says:

    hey guyd
    just now i read that the possibilty of extension for this drama is very high!!!!
    i´m so exited i hope it will have 20 episodes!!!!!!
    here is the link

  63. 63 : Diva Says:

    Folks, after trying both “Personal Taste” and “Prosecutor Princess”, I have to say “Personal Taste” is better because Son Yeh Jin does not over act like KSY. I hope they will also extend Personal Taste.

    A hunk said “Personal taste” has the spotlight because of Lee Min ho? It is similar to IRIS. IRIS gains the spotlight because of LBH, not because of KSY. Without other casts in Iris, KSY is nothing. Her BAD acting is shown off clearly here in this drama.

  64. 64 : Phoebe Says:

    Same here. This is a lovely and interesting drama. I don’t understand why the rating is so slow. But who cares, I love it. I am following it and I even make my friends to watch it with me. Honestly, there is no point to compare it with other dramas. We all have different tastes and opinions so you like it, you watch it and if you don’t, just drop it. No big deal, right?!

  65. 65 : Emily Says:

    @64 Diva

    Wow, what’s with the grudge with KSY??? It seems to me that you hate her for some reason… I’m not a fan of KSY, but I did find that she’s a good actor in comparison of IRIS and PP. You made think that she overacts in this drama. But her charactor needs to protray how childish and naive she is, and that she has been over protected by her parents as well. Don’t you see how she has changed and that she’s growing up through her experience with the cases and PSH?

    I understand that you don’t like her because you think that she cannot act. Though I don’t think the sucess of IRIS was because of LBH. Yes, he’s a great actor and he’s one of the main componence in IRIS. But, without the other actors and actresses (aspecially the script writer), this drama wouldn’t even exist. Also I think KSY protrayed her charactor perfectly because she’s an officer from North Korea where she was trained as a cold blooded, professional and loyal sodier. Despite the fact that KSYs a key charactor in IRIS, with the comparison of KSY and KTH, KSY acts much better than KTH in my opinion. (sry peeps, I know that this isn’t about IRIS here, but I just had to argue due to the comment made by Diva had made me angry)

    I aslo am watching both Personal Taste and Prosecutor Princess. I must say up to this point I enjoy PP more than PT due to better storyline. I also can’t find the chemistry between LMH and SYJ. They really give the feeling that they ARE acting. But for PP, KSY and PSH have great chemistry and I felt the pain for their difficult love… if you get what I’m saying… I’ll continue to watch both because you won’t know what happens until the end.

    Therfore Diva, just like what Pheobe has said; if you don’t like it, drop it. Please don’t discourage peeps to watch it as that hurts the ones who love it.

  66. 66 : hana Says:

    emily and phoebe
    your left me nothing to say 😉
    i agree with you in every part
    i´m watching PT and prosectur princess
    but i always start with PS because it has such a great story
    i like PT,too
    but the drama in this one the pain of the characters touchs my heart more…
    and after watching the 13 ep (and their lovely hot passionate kiss hahaha)
    i think nobody has the right to say that she can´t act
    while she was crying i started to cry,too
    i could feel her pain!!!
    KSY and PSH have a great chemistry so i´m totally in love with them
    and beside their love its every episode its so exciting and you want to know more and more…
    so please stop talking trash here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. 67 : nana Says:

    ya we have another KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so happy
    and finally they are again lovely dovely

  68. 68 : beauty Says:

    i want in woo in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    even if he stalks me i won´t mind 😉

  69. 69 : Cainy Says:

    Listen to me, Cinderella stepsister beats both PT & PP. Less experienced casts beat both LMH & KSY. I agree that Jang Dong Gun is dominant in All about Eve and LBH is dominant in IRIS. I also think acting of Kim so yun is NOT good. I drop prosecutor princess now. WASTE MY TIME!
    KSY face can not express the naive character regardless of her over-actings.
    I like Cinderella stepsister than PT & PP. Prosecutor Princess and personal taste are both BORING.

  70. 70 : fangirl Says:

    i love this drama!
    in woo and hye rin are so cute!

  71. 71 : some_girl Says:

    so excited for ep 14
    my in woo smiles again…

  72. 72 : hana Says:

    i really don´t understand what problem some people have with our Kim So Yeon … that makes me so angry..i hate people the most who don´t appreciate the work of others…
    Kim So Yeon i like your acting in this drama!you perfectly play your role of ma hye ri!
    can´t wait for the next episode…so excited
    i have the feeling that we have an ending which will suprise us all

  73. 73 : eve Says:

    I don’t care what people says about this drama. For me, PP is the best drama among all the drama which is airing now in korea. I’ve watched almost all of the dramas and I find PP is the best from beginning till now. Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo’s acting are both excellent and their chemistry is really great. the storyline is also very interesting and there is no boring scene at all. the PD and scripwriter also make a good job here.
    Although the rating is not high in korea but PP has many fans outside korea. PP fighting!

  74. 74 : dani Says:

    i love this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the chemistry between the main roles is so beautiful…
    you feel the love in the air
    hopefully it will have a happy ending!

  75. 75 : yuuki Says:

    hye ri and in wo
    one of the best couple ever!!!!

  76. 76 : yuuki Says:

    don´t be sad about the low rankings!!!
    my friends and me are from germany and are huge fans!!!!
    thank you
    thank you for this great drama

  77. 77 : Emily Says:

    @70 Cainy

    I’m sorry that you felt your time was wasted because of PP and PT. But seriously, I guess that you’ve watched up to at least episode 12 due to your msg date; there must be something that caught you in order for you to keep watching both until now. Otherwise, you may have dropped it long time ago.

    If you talk about the ratings that CS has beated both PP and PT, I agree. They both lose to CS in KOREA. But that doesn’t mean the drama itself is best or better than the other ones. I haven’t watched CS therefore I cannot say how it is. Though ratings aren’t everything is my point. For example, You’re Beautiful’s ratings were so low in Korea that I don’t pay attention to it until a friend of mine told me that it was pretty good. City Hall also had really low ratings; because of I love Kim Suna, therefore I watched it. And then now, please look at the most commented drama list; both are at the top. So are you really dare to say that ratings are everything?

    And, I don’t understand what it means with you and other people said that KSY cannot protray her charactor. Fine, may be when she does the “haha” or cry in the beginning seem stupid and childish. But that’s what her charactor is all about. We need to feel that she’s so spoiled, naive and selfish(in some sense); see money as nothing, don’t understand what’s not to say, don’t know how to make respectful conversations in workplace or to coworkers… blah blah blah. If we don’t like her in the beginning, that only means we’ve connected to her. Are you going to like such person in real life? Come’on!!

    As for PT, I still kinda like it but not because of LMH. It was just simply the funny scenes and the warm moments. I don’t feel surprise at all with the storyline. But it has its good moments that I’ll keep watching until the end. Plus I hate one of the charactors, but that only means she’s acted so well that made me hate her so much. LOL

    PP fighting, PSH and KSY fighting!!!

  78. 78 : Emily Says:

    Many thanks to Phoebe and hana. I notice you two drop by here from time to time… It’s good to have other people who have the same point of views. Hope to hear from you guys so more ^^

    BTW, yes the kiss scene was HOT!!!!!!! *awwwwww*…. lol

  79. 79 : indri Says:

    Love this drama,.. after months I tried to find another Kdrama that could touch my heart after CityHall, finally good drama showed up… Bravo for SBS !
    fm ep 1 to 7 for me,.. OK,.. not bad,… amusing.
    fm ep 8 up to now,..I love it,.. esp ep 11 to 14 broke my heart,…
    KSY & PSH really good , especially KSY,.. two thumbs up for her acting in ep 11-12. I can feel her pain.
    Hopefully in the end, true love will win.

  80. 80 : Emily Says:

    Hi Indri

    It’s nice to see fellow City Haller here as well!! Like an old time buddy that I haven’t seen for awhile. Saw your post @ City Hall too.. Very nice!! Did you see Oh! My Lady as well? That one is okay.. but the kid is really cute!! She stole my heart LOL

  81. 81 : annmasae Says:

    I’m continuing to enjoy this drama. viiki posts the episodes so quickly!! can’t wait for next week’s final episodes. I think KSY is doing a great acting job. She was great in IRIS as a killer-assasin and now does great job as a warm-hearted though naive prosecutor. Although her detractors are entitled to their opinion, i say “you go girl”. I will definitely watch her in her next drama.

  82. 82 : hana Says:

    your arguments are great 🙂
    like you said YAB is the best example…low ranking but a big sucess in the web..
    prosectur princess my have low rankings but this has othing to do with the quality of the drama!
    for me the most important thing is the chemistry between the main actors
    if the chemistry is good plus great story than a drama is attractive to me
    like this one 🙂
    i´m sure more and more people will fall in love with this drama!

  83. 83 : drama_girl Says:

    i love prosectur princess!!!
    to me its best one between those which are airing right now
    its a good mix of drama and funny moments
    and of course Park Shi Hoo my honey is a one of the reasons,too why i´m i love with this drama 😉
    Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon make a good couple on the screen
    and i love the mother of hye rin she is so cute like her daughter hahah
    i hope i will have a happy end!

  84. 84 : hana Says:

    hi guys
    here is an article about prosectur princess
    our drama is now on the second place in the ratings
    first is still cinderella´s sister and than comes our drama
    so happy

  85. 85 : drama_girl Says:

    i´m sure this will be one of those drama
    that i will rewatch verrrry often 🙂

  86. 86 : indri Says:

    Hallo Emily,

    I’ve watched Oh My Lady , but for me it’s only So-So,..
    and I’m totally agreed with you, rating is not everything.

    While waiting for the next episode of PP ,. it’s amusing to read the recaps.
    aberdeen_angus at dramabeans, did great job in recaps.

  87. 87 : hana Says:

    ok the last two episodes…….
    i´m so excited i hope they will get together
    they should after all this is a korea drama 😉
    my favourite couple of this year!!!!

  88. 88 : AliGeh Says:

    hm…..it is not my cup of tea. She laughs or cries like crazy. Worst drama!

  89. 89 : Jani Says:

    Amazing drama to watch…two lead characters have so much chemistry, they go through pain, suffering and happiness together..

    Although there is so much negative comments on the female lead, she’s an excellent actress…she fits perfectly well with the character she’s portraying and I would love to see more of So Yeon and Shi Hoo doing comedy drama together in the future…

  90. 90 : UGH Says:

    I’m on the second episode and the main character is SO IRRITATING. I get that the creators of this show were going for a “Legally-Blonde” smart-but-fashionable girl, but so far, they’re failing terribly.

    Elle Woods was kind to everybody around her and dressed PROFESSIONALLY but with her own stylish pink-y flare. Whereas, Ma Hye Ri is judgmental, heartless, materialistic, and dresses really inappropriately/unprofessionally! “Being a woman” isn’t about wearing short skirts, moron! You can still look feminine, wear skirts, wear color and flare, and look professional without looking like you’re going clubbing… It has been done before (i.e. Elle Woods).

    I’m going to try to finish watching this because the synopsis says that “Hye Ri gradually matures into a brilliant prosecutor with a sense of duty and justice.” I really hope that I’m not disappointed.

  91. 91 : pyong Says:

    I think a kinda bit of great… when the two lead characters are together, but the lead female is totally a no no no no…. a really big NO..

  92. 92 : Winnie Says:

    I never know I will love a Korean Drama this much!My best drama in 2010!!! My best couple in 2010!!! My best Korean drama in my whole life!!!

  93. 93 : rainbow Says:

    Gosh….this drama is so amazing and breathless……Bravo for Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo, their acting and chemistry is so….excellent. If I’m in Korea I will come on the auction day to buy the Clock hehehehe have to be a pair. I wish they can collaborate again……… and look the rating, it was only less than 8 in the beginning episode and now it reached more than 12, lots of increase. This series attracts more audience as the story, actors, actress as a whole is awesome.:)

  94. 94 : urtheone Says:

    OMG…i can’t beleived it’s over.this s one of the best drama i watched.

  95. 95 : urtheone Says:

    for those who hesitate to watch this ..you should watch.it’s very entertaining and heart breaking at same time.

  96. 96 : eyena Says:

    this is a drama that i love so much in 2010..best drama for me..i love this couple….PSH and KSY…hope can see both of them collaborate in other drama and movie…goodbye PP…good acting…

  97. 97 : Shasah Says:


    I love fashion too but I did not see any naive girl with chic fashionable style. I saw just an old woman with ugly, weird, cheap fashion. Kim So Yeon looks older than her age and older than Park Shi Hoo. They over- acted.

    It is the WORST drama & you can see it to kill your time if you do not have anything else to see.

  98. 98 : hana Says:

    i´m so sad…watched the last episode…how should i go on without my In Woo????
    great ending…they are both so cute!!!!
    i loved the fact that In Woo kept his promise to Hye Ri´s father and the way he started running after her father gave the muffins….
    you all should watch this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my favourite one of 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. 99 : diwi Says:

    i totally loved this drama
    a great storyline and a great main couple!!!
    Kim So Yeon acted her role quite good..it was a first strange for me to see her after IRIS in this drama but she played convincing!
    loved her in this role!!!!
    Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo have great chemistry on screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and the smile of Park Shi Hoo was delightful 😉
    i liked the fan service of the producers to show Park Shi Hoo in V-neck shirts…so hoooot
    i will start to rewatch it soon for sure!

  100. 100 : anna Says:

    best drama of 2010!!!

  101. 101 : Annie Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! psy and ksy is now my favorite couple!!!!!!!! omg, I can’t calm down after watching it!!!!

  102. 102 : Hannae Says:

    you smell it as the “best drama of 2010” ? So,even the shit is still smell good to you.
    This drama is BORING. I stop seeing it after first several episodes.

    Many other dramas such as “a man called God” or “step sister”, “dong yi” ,etc…. are far better than this drama. Dramas “A road number #1” and “kim so roo” and “giant” and “run away” with Bi Rain are coming this year and all of them will be the very interesting dramas that bypass this boring, bad drama.

  103. 103 : Hannae Says:

    rating always less than 12% is “the best drama” of 2010! it is ridiculous! best drama of the year of Korea gets raitings always less than <12%.
    It is a mediocrity.

  104. 104 : Dear Says:

    I am going to watch this after finishing Pasta!!!This looks good!

  105. 105 : Lika Says:

    I love this drama so much in 2010, first i really dun want to see cuz i want to watch Personal tast or oh my lady cuz ..both of actors are young, but in PP ..after watched first episode..that i can say..it a good drama so i have to continue…It very good drama..but so sad cuz final y both of them dun kiss???lolz…now i really Ma hje ri and SW.
    Great couple
    I love this drama so much, and i love SW even he not young as other actor but..he is so handsome in here and also great actor..
    So sweet in Prosecutor Princess
    Dun want to say goodbye..love PP forever 🙂

  106. 106 : Annie Says:

    What is wrong with you, Hannae? If you don’t like it then don’t watch it. Why are you here replying our comments and telling us if it is the best drama or not. For all we care, rating is not everything, it is the best drama of 2010 for people who like it. PS. I bet you are fans of cinderella unni or personal taste, I like them too, so don’t try to make us into anti fans

  107. 107 : pavilion Says:

    one of the best drama of all time…i love the twist and turn of the story.and ofcourse park shi hoo s soooo handsome.i’m gonna miss him….

  108. 108 : Tina Says:

    Although PP’s rating is low, but this is definitely a good drama!!! PP fighting!!! 😀

    Hannae, shut your smelly mouth up and bark somewhere else. not here. 不知羞恥!!!

  109. 109 : hana Says:

    some people hsve to much time..if you don´t like the drama its your opinion.but you don´t have the right to banish PP
    we love this drama!you should accept this fact!!!

  110. 110 : SitiEli Says:

    Hannae = SHUT UP


  111. 111 : Hannae Says:

    SHUT UP SitiEli , hana, Tina. This web-page does not have the rule to inhibit the negative comment and it is not your web-page. You are crazy fans and anyone who has different taste becomes your enemies. Do you know about human right? You live in country that has the freedom? I am a viewer and I put my opinion. I say this drama is boring and I drop it. That is my right. You do not have any right to stop me. This is the place to put viewers’ comments, any comments, not just the positive comments only.
    You say the best drama of year 2010 of Korea is PP? It is ridiculous, because its rank is always less than 8th. It is clearly than Koreans like seeing other shows than this drama. Ofcourse, I drop this drama after trying it. You are crazy and hostile fans.

  112. 112 : Hannae Says:

    Tina, if you do not want to see negative comments, why you do not go to other place and bark there? This drama is not good, how can I give it a positive comment?

  113. 113 : Annie Says:

    Hannae, first, you can say that you don’t like the drama because everyone have different taste. I agree with you on that. But on the comment before, you wrote it as we are stupid of even thinking that it is the best drama in 2010, that is dissing us fans of the drama! When you write it so not polite and in a mean way, how come we calm down and write something nicely back to you. Please adjust the way you say things.

  114. 114 : Annie Says:

    Also, to anyone who is going to watch this drama. The first few episodes do not do justice to the drama because the writers are trying to develop the characters over time. The twist to the drama is very unexpected, and it is not just like any Cinderella story with a hero always there to save the princess. *wink wink* XD

  115. 115 : SitiEli Says:

    Hannae, if you want people to treat u nicely, please DO respect the others. why are you here barking like a crazy dog? who are you to do that? we can’t stop you from criticizing the drama. but we have the rights to fight back if you are scolding us. shut your mouth up and everything will be fine. if you dislike PP so much and hate us so much, SET UP YOUR OWN WEB PAGE AND CRITICIZE EVERY DRAMA YOU HATE TO YOURSELF. or maybe you can cover yourself under the blanket and scold. =) before you ask us to shut up, think of what you have said my dear.

  116. 116 : SitiEli Says:

    since Hannae you think rating is the most important aspect, because like what u have posted, “It is ridiculous, because its rank is always less than 8th. It is clearly than Koreans like seeing other shows than this drama.” THEN, you are naive or probably you don’t understand English, because most of the replies to your, so called, “opinion” or “human right” (#103 and #104) CLEARLY shows that your “rating” is LOW too. TOO LOW.

    Hannae said: “You are crazy and hostile fans.”(#112)
    OBVIOUSLY, you do not respect others’ views too. You forgot we have the rights to post our comments. So you are crazy and hostile too.

    We did not treat you as our enemy at first, but you are the one who started everything. After reading your “opinions”, I think as if you are slapping yourself.

    Still, PP ROCKS!!

  117. 117 : Abdul was here! Says:

    Hannae, u said “you smell it as the “best drama of 2010″ ? So,even the shit is still smell good to you.” at message 103. but i think u smell more like a piece of shit. especially ur mouth — best shit of 2010. *applause*

  118. 118 : Emily Says:

    RE #91 UGH,

    Okay you may think this is a remake of Legally- Blonde, but I’m afraid that you are wrong. MHR’s background may be similar to Elle Woods but the story is completely different from LB.

    I mostly agree with the part where you said “Ma Hye Ri is judgmental, heartless(I don’t think she’s heartless though, may be careless?), materialistic, and dresses really inappropriately/unprofessionally!” Though this is how she begins with because PP is about how she grows from that to a better person… she was immature, naive, over-protected by her parents, had poor concept on wealth, and her person alone represent INAPPROPRIATE. She does everything by her believes. I think on episode 3 or 4 has explained that fact. Everything she does is legal(so what’s wrong with that), and all of them were by the book. i.e. she doesn’t do overtime because she’s not paid to do that, and there’s no rule that she has to stay behing to finish work after 5pm…

    Like you said, you’ve dropped it after 2 episodes. I encourage you to finsih the whole drama before you judge. Like what Annie said (#115), the first few episodes do not cut the drama because the script writer is just giving you a layout of the charactors and info about this story. i.e. She was a weirdo in everyone’s eyes because she’s not afraid to express what she thinks out loud as well as showing her “inappropriate dress code”. To be honest I was irritated by HR at first (mostly coz of her laughs… well her characteristic anyways), but I continue becuase I didn’t want to judge the drama on their 1st episode… And, it has gone from irritating to understanding, then to adoring, and now loving this greatly made PP!!! right peeps?? ^^ I hope that you may have a different opinion after you finish the drama because I know I did!!

  119. 119 : Emily Says:

    RE #98 Shasah,

    May I ask how many episode you’ve watched before you say that PP is boring? And… ugly, weird and cheap fashion???? Can you explain how is it cheap fashioned??? If you watch K dramas all the time, you will know that South Korea’s fashion trend is different compare to North America and Europe. HR is wearing what the rich will wear with a fashionable sense in her country. As per ugly, I strongly disagree with you because I don’t think KSY is ugly. Though everyone has a different taste on beauty and all, so I don’t hold anthing against your opinion. Weird, yes; but only in the beginning because that’s one of the characteristic of the main character.

    RE #103/104/112/113 Hannae,

    First of all, I completely agree with SitiEli, Hana, Tina and Annie. Like I’ve posted on #66 and #78. Ratings aren’t everyting. Perhaps not many Koreans like watching PP; and perhaps PP doesn’t star actors that are as popular as the ones in PT and Cinderala; But Ratings do not represent either a drama is good or bad. I’ve given the example of You’are beautiful, a sucessful drama with its international viewers with poor ratings from Korea. Do I need to explain myself more?

    Also with your comments from 103 and 104, I’d like to say you’ve offended me (or perhaps you’ve offended all PP fans). You may hold your own opinion and you’re free to express, but why can’t you do it politely? You may dislike PP, but you can’t call PP as “shit”. How would you feel if I call what you love as shit? You wouldn’t be too happy also!!

    Then, another fact I’d like to point out is… how would you know Kim So Roo or Giant or Run Away are interesting dramas, and that they’ll bypass PP?? Have you seen them??? Gees, they aren’t even aired yet, so that comment alone was irrelevent, arrogant and snobbery.

    Seriously you’d like to talk about human rights? Because everything you’ve said in your comment kinda directly back fire to youself. You said that you’re free to say whatever you want and that the site do not only allow positive comments. Fine, go ahead and give negative comments. But please do that in style in stead of calling us names(hostile and crazy?? right back to ya!!) Also how is it ridiculous that others say PP is the best drama of 2010? Remember human rights? They can say whatever they want(according to you). To them PP is the best drama of the year.

    Question, “its rank is always less than 8th. It is clearly than Koreans like seeing other shows than this drama.” Do you hold your own nationality? According to this comment, it gives me an idea of you hold your thoughts as what Koreans like. You’ll only think it is good stuff if they like it? Wow, you sure know how to make conclusions LOL!! Perhaps you can think of a more solid and realistic reason to debate here, so you won’t be seen as hostile and snobbery.

  120. 120 : Emily Says:

    Okay I can finally start commenting the drama other than to debate comments.

    I thought the turn of things were brilliant at the last 2 episodes. The fact that SIW was over his own vengenace and MHR was noble. They had helped their own avenger… aww so selfless!!!! And then MHR was using the conversation SIW had said to her again… that was so cute!!!! Oh oh, and how SIW kinda whine when they were talking outside of their apparments… LOL he’s adorable ^^ “Anga!” “Angaragu!” hehe… reminds me of him in Family’s Honor!!!!

    @ Lika,

    I know it was too bad that the drama didn’t end with them having a real kiss. But I was satisfied with seeing SIW kiss MHR’s forehead. I had the feeling of him admiring and loving HR very much and she’s his baby… then it ends with they smiled at each other… that was totally a delightful moment… ^^

    Yay PP rocks!!!

  121. 121 : LOLS Says:


    @ Hannae — if you don’t want the drama then
    get out of this page ayt now!!

    LOLS ,, we don’t care if the rating was low or not
    it doesn’t mean that the drama is not good..

    PP is not the only drama that korean channels were
    airing this 2010 ..

    and oh!! hannae , look at the FLOOR ! I THINK YOU DROPPED


  122. 122 : Tina Says:

    PP ROCKS! like what SitiEli, Emily, Annie and LOLS said, PP ROCKS!

  123. 123 : Tina Says:

    hannae, u found ur brain yet?


  124. 124 : Annie Says:

    I am having serious withdrawal syndrome, missing it so much T.T

    @Emily, I agree with you. When I first heard that the last kiss was a kiss on the forehead, I was kind of disappointed but when I saw the actual ending, I actually loves it. Their have their passionate kiss because they can’t be with each other, and now the sweet kiss on the forehead means that he will always cherish her, and they are together.

    MHR is so sweet and cute, no one can dislike her at all after the first few episodes, so I suggest people who only watched the first few episodes to continue and then you can comment on that part

  125. 125 : Hannae Says:

    Annie, SitiEli , Tina, “Abdul was here”: all of you are SHITS. Only shits can appreciate shit prosecutor princess. You all deserve that words. You do not want to here that comment, so go to other place and create your website and bark there.
    You make the page of comments of PP becomes shit.
    PP is “best drama of 2010″ ? So,even the shit is still smell good to you.

  126. 126 : Hannae Says:

    Annie, SitiEli , Tina, “Abdul was here”, LOLS: all of you are SHITS.

  127. 127 : Hannae Says:

    You are stubbornly insane. You are not polite and do not respect other different views, so, there is no choice to use the “special words” to you. Only you deserve the words in #127, #126.

  128. 128 : Emily Says:

    LOL @ Hannae

    The only word you know is shit??? May be you shall go flip an English dictionary; or better yet, ask someone who speaks English, because clearly you don’t. I don’t know if I can comment on everyone’s behalf, but most of us like to ask you to leave this page. Not because you have negative comments against Prosecutor Princess, it’s becuase you were offending us fans by calling us names from the start.

    If other people don’t like this drama and they just comment saying I don’t like it, it’s not my cup of tea. Great, thank you for stopping by and wish you can find one sometime later. Though for you, you don’t like PP then move on!! You don’t need to come back here and start offending people with your snobberiness. You’re only telling us how immature you are and how recant you are.

    Therefore, you dislike PP. Thank you, we’ve all heard it and move on now. Have a nice life and we shall not see you commenting here again.

  129. 129 : hana Says:

    it makes me angry that on the site of PP words like “shit” are used…
    such a primitive way to speak…some people can´t describe their feelings without such words…
    thats not a site for arguments like that…

    dear admin would you please delete the comments of a certain one here
    i think you guys don´t like this kind of comments here,too

  130. 130 : hana Says:

    i wrote a email to the admin
    i hope you all stop now

  131. 131 : Paul Says:

    Prosecutor princess is BORING, BORING, BORING. Woo…..

    Recommendation to see this drama is wrong and it wastes my time trying several episodes.

    Fans of Prosecutor princess are INSANE, INSANE. It seems that they try to force everybody to give this low level drama praise. They are INSANE.

    You make me laugh when saying this low level drama is the best drama of Korea this year. It can be the best drama for you because both are at the same level, but it is not the best drama of KOREA.

  132. 132 : MaximT Says:

    Terrible,… bad drama, BAD DRAMA, BAD…………).
    Hostile, hostile and impolite fans of PP
    People always have different opinions and you have to study to respect other opinions. Do not insult other people to intimidate them to give drama PP a good comment. It is a big shame to get a good comment by that way. You insult them then they insult you, it will be a cycle.
    I wish I could, but I can’t give this drama any praise. This drama is the worst one in comparison to PT and Cinderella’s Stepsister. I regret to spend an hour seeing it.

  133. 133 : Annie Says:

    All i can say is lol, is the other drama page like this one too?

    @ MaximT and Paul,
    Good for you for trying PP, too bad you guys didn’t enjoy it like we did.

    And guys, there is no point of writing back to them, they are enjoy writing mean comments, and being disrespectful. Just let them be, if they continue talking, then people will know that they are crazy talking to themselves.

  134. 134 : bringit Says:

    aahhh…well, this is my first time to comment here..all i can say.. this is one of my favorite kdrama of all time.the lines,the sound truck and even those kisses you feel the passion.especially those last six episode.

    I felt joy and sadness whenever I see them.i’m glad it was a happy ending.

  135. 135 : Yiing Says:

    i suspect MaximT, Hannae, and Paul are actually the same person. check out their sentence structure. LOL. you r funny. hannae u r such a good entertainer.Guys, don’t waste your precious time on this idiotic person. hmm…… her brain is retarded. she’s trying to make all of us angry.

    i dedicate all your words back to you.

    Hannae, if you do not want to see negative comments, why you do not go to other place and bark there? Your words are rude, how can I give it a positive comment?

    You are stubbornly insane. You are not polite and do not respect other different views, so, there is no choice to use the “special words” to you. Only you deserve the words in #107,109,110,111,114,116,117,118,119,120,122,124 and 129.

    Only Shits will agree with your language.

    PP is boring at first, i admit that. But it seriously, it gets better and better. well, PP is not the best korean drama of 2010 (yes, true), but PP is not shit. Its one of the korean dramas I adore.

  136. 136 : Anonymous Says:

    Maxim T and Paul,

    Hi, I am not a fans of PP and I am not saying that you are wrong. But before putting the blame on PP fans, did you actually read Hannae’s first comment on #103? Obviously she’s the one who started the fight first. I agreed with what you have pointed out, all of us should learn to respect others’ views. but do you think Hannae respect the others? Before calling the PP fans as Hostile and Impolite (or even insane) fans, why don’t u check out what kind of words Hannae has used. Shit, Crazy, Insane, Hostile. are those words polite and appropriate?I think if Hannae did not say “even the shit is still smells good to YOU” at first, i think no one will actually give a damn on what she has posted.

    P/S: Don’t feel hard, I m just pointing out my views like all of you had done. just a passer-bY~goodbye all~

  137. 137 : jenooi Says:

    I love this drama, I think the acting is superb and the storyline is good. That’s what is important.

  138. 138 : lin Says:

    yang namanya hannae,paul,maxim T itu kurang ajar,tidak berpendidikan.kalau ga suka PP ya ga usah nonton dong.jangan menjelek-jelekan serial PP.

  139. 139 : Hannae Says:

    In #103, I say if “you smell it as the “best drama of 2010″ ? So,even the shit is still smell good to you”.
    It means drama smell like shit. No one is shit. But, you, Yiing, LOLS, SitiEli, Annie are stupid and you assume you are shits yourself and fight back using words “shit”. So, you become shits.
    I do not care who are Paul, etc…

    When writing to administration, remember to add names Abdul was her , Yiing, LOLS, SitiEli, Annie. They love words shits and write a lot of shit in their messages #118, etc…
    Yiing, LOLS, SitiEli, Annie are the same person so she assumes everybody does like him. They put similar content frequently.

  140. 140 : Hannae Says:

    In #103, I say if “you smell it as the “best drama of 2010″ ? So,even the shit is still smell good to you”.
    It means drama smell like shit. No one is shit. But, you, Yiing, LOLS, SitiEli, Annie are stupid and YOU ASSUME YOU ARE SHITS YOURSELF FIRST and fight back using words “shit” . You call other as shit first. So, you deserve the word shits.
    I do not care who are Paul, etc…

    When writing to administration, remember to add names “Abdul was her” , Yiing, LOLS, SitiEli, Annie. They love words shits and write a lot of shit in their messages #118, etc…
    Yiing, LOLS, SitiEli, Annie are the same person so she assumes everybody does like her. They put similar content frequently.

  141. 141 : Rhashide Says:

    Messy! Messyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    Everything is messy including drama.

  142. 142 : Anonymous Says:

    Yiing, lin, tina, “Abdul was her” , Yiing, LOLS, SitiEli, Annie, only you deserve the words in #128, 107,109,110,111,114,116,117,118,119,120,122,124 and 129. All are nick of 1 person.
    Don’t feel hard, I m just pointing out my views like all of you had done. just a passer-bY~goodbye all~

  143. 143 : bringit Says:

    i forgot to mention the cinematography of this drama is perfect.the reminiscence of the past scenes is beautiful too.

  144. 144 : thegirlnextdoor Says:

    Best drama of the year yet! Very well written storyline, with a fantastic cast! Love SW and HR pairing, they’re so adorable!

  145. 145 : indri Says:

    To All PP Fans,…..
    Let’s talk about this drama, just ignore something which will disrupt and ruin your lovely day.

    @ Emily, agreed with you,. those forehead kiss was so sweet.
    and I like when MHR talked back to SIW.

    Thanks GOD that this drama ended with happy ending, I was little bit worried cause the OST ” Goodbye My Princess ” described the opposite. Nice OST by the way.

    PP Fighting!

  146. 146 : Emily Says:

    Hi to all pp fans, I’ve stopped and ignored whatever they’re saying now. It seems to me that they’re trying to start some kind of comments war like on Chuno’s page. I don’t want to waste my time on responding anymore LOL I think I’ve said enough already.

    Let’s go back to the drama…

    @ indri – yeah that forehead kiss was adorable. I also love their first kiss, when In Woo hugged her close, smiled and then said “이것” (I-geot) awww…. so hot!! LOL

    The soundtrack was great too, I used to listen to CityHall all the time (I still am), but I also listen to PP soundtrack a lot now too. Especially the song Goodby My Princess. I have the lyrics, but I’m understand a small part of it. Does Anyone know the translation of the song? I’ll post lyrics on my next comment =)

    PP fighting, and greetings to all PP fans as well!! ^^

  147. 147 : Emily Says:

    Prosecutor Princess OST
    Goodbye My Princess
    by Monday Kiz

    Good bye good bye my princess

    이젠 너를 보낼게 날개를 펴고 저 하늘 높이 날아가
    ijen Neoreul bonaelge nalgaereul pyeogo jeo haneul nopi naraga

    Good bye good bye my princess

    하지만 기억해줘 오래도록 널 지켜주던 나를 good bye
    hajiman gi-eokhaejeo oraedorok neol jikyeojudeon nareul Goodbye

    돌아보면 손을 내밀던 건 언제나 나였어 너는 꿈만 꾸지
    dorabomyeon soneul naemildeon geon eonjena nayeotseo neoreul kkumman kkuji

    왜 내게 니가 꾸는 꿈엔 내 자린 없다고 그리 쉽게 말하니
    wae naege niga kkuneun kkumen nae jarin eobtdago geuri swipge malhani

    술잔에 기대 지는 햇살이 눈부셔
    suljane gidae jineul haetsari nunbusyeo

    술에 취해 떨어진 눈물이 눈부셔
    sure chwihae tteoreojin nunmuri nunbushyeo

    울지마 울지마 널 울리긴 싫어
    uljima uljima neol ulligin shirheo

    술잔에 기대 지는 햇살이 눈부셔
    suljane gidae jineun haetsari nunbushyeo

    술에 취해 떨어진 눈물이 눈부셔
    sure chwihae tteoreojin nunmuri nunbushyeo

    울지마 울지마 그래 널 위해서
    uljima uljima geurae neol wihaeseo

    난 그래야 그래야만 한다면
    nan geuraeya geuraeyaman handamyeon

    Good bye good bye my princess

    이젠 너를 보낼게 날개를 펴고 저 하늘 높이 날아가
    ijen Neoreul bonaelge nalgaereul pyeogo jeo haneul nopi naraga

    Good bye good bye my princess

    하지만 기억해줘 오래도록 널 지켜주던 나를 good bye
    hajiman gi-eokhaejeo oraedorok neol jikyeojudeon nareul Goodbye

    술잔에 기대 지는 햇살이 눈부셔
    suljane gidae jineul haetsari nunbusyeo

    술에 취해 떨어진 눈물이 눈부셔
    sure chwihae tteoreojin nunmuri nunbushyeo

    울지마 울지마 널 울리긴 싫어
    uljima uljima neol ulligin shirheo

    술잔에 기대 지는 햇살이 눈부셔
    suljane gidae jineul haetsari nunbusyeo

    술 에 취해 떨어진 눈물이 눈부셔
    sure chwihae tteoreojin nunmuri nunbushyeo

    울지마 울지마 그래 널 위해서
    uljima uljima geurae neol wihaeseo

    난 그래야 그래야만 한다면
    nan geuraeya geuraeyaman handamyeon

    Good bye good bye my princess

    이젠 너를 보낼게 날개를 펴고 저 하늘 높이 날아가
    ijen Neoreul bonaelge nalgaereul pyeogo jeo haneul nopi naraga

    Good bye good bye my princess

    하지만 기억해줘 오래도록 널 지켜주던 나를…
    hajiman gi-eokhaejeo oraedorok neol jikyeojudeon nareul…

    사랑해, 사랑해 나의 princess
    saranghae, saranghae naui Princess

    너 를 보낼게 날개를 펴고 저 하늘 높이 날아가
    neo reul bonaelge nalgaereul pyeogo jeo haneul nopi naraga

    Good bye good bye my love

    하지만 기억해줘 오래도록 널 지켜주던 나를 사랑해
    hajiman gi-eokhaejeo oraedorok neol jikyeojudeon nareul saranghae

    enjoy the lyrics PP fans!! ^^ PP fighting <3

  148. 148 : SitiEli Says:

    PP aja!

  149. 149 : SitiEli Says:

    i think you’re insane, you think I am insane. you think we’re sh*ts, we think you’re shit. you hold your opinions, i hold mine. end of arguments.

    PP is somehow one of the good dramas i have watched.

  150. 150 : indri Says:

    @ Emily, you can find the translation on youtube, here’s the link.
    thanks for xiahJSlove

    AND, below translation, fm soompi forum, thanks to ilx91,,..ENJOY!

    Goodbye, goodbye my princess
    I’ll let you go now
    Spread your wings and fly to the sky
    Goodbye, goodbye my princess
    But please remember me, who protected you all this time…goodbye

    When I look back,
    The one who always held out his hand was me
    All you do is dream
    Why do you so easily tell me that there’s no room for me in your dreams?

    The sunlight that’s shining upon the wine glass is dazzling
    The tears that fall from your intoxicated self are dazzling
    Don’t cry, don’t cry
    I don’t want to make you cry

    The sunlight that’s shining upon the wine glass is dazzling
    The tears that fall from your intoxicated self are dazzling
    Don’t cry, don’t cry
    If it’s for you…
    If it’s what I have to do…

    Goodbye, goodbye my princess
    I’ll let you go now
    Spread your wings and fly to the sky
    Goodbye, goodbye my princess
    But please remember me, who protected you all this time…goodbye

    The sunlight that’s shining upon the wine glass is dazzling
    The tears that fall from your intoxicated self are dazzling
    Don’t cry, don’t cry
    I don’t want to make you cry

    The sunlight that’s shining upon the wine glass is dazzling
    The tears that fall from your intoxicated self are dazzling
    Don’t cry, don’t cry
    If it’s for you…
    If it’s what I have to do…

    Goodbye, goodbye my princess
    I’ll let you go now
    Spread your wings and fly to the sky
    Goodbye, goodbye my princess
    But please remember me, who protected you all this time…

    I love you, I love you my princess
    I’ll let you go
    Spread your wings and fly to the sky
    Goodbye, goodbye my love
    But please remember me, who will always be waiting for you…I love you

  151. 151 : hana Says:

    @indiri and emily
    about the forehad kiss
    actually in my culture such a kiss is more meaningful like a usual kiss.
    it means that the kissed girl is precious,that she is the fate of the man and his proud…
    so i was very satisfied with this kiss
    it was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. 152 : hana Says:

    just now i watched the last episode again…
    hyo ri and in woo both are so cute together!
    i will miss them so much…
    they are in my favourite top 3 of korean drama couples!!!!
    i think i have to start rewatching it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. 153 : Bmcblc Says:

    This is the best drama so far for year 2010. I miss this drama. I will watch again, again & again…..

    Thank you for a job well done.

  154. 154 : anne Says:

    this drama was so great
    truth to be said i didn´t expect this much!
    i thought i would watch it to kill time but it captured me!!!!
    such a great couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. 155 : anne Says:

    Hyo Ri and In Woo forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. 156 : buket Says:

    i´m so happy that i found this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!
    amazing storyline and amazing couple!!!!!
    i loved it really!!!

  157. 157 : sarah Says:

    *thumbs up* for this drama

  158. 158 : Ipman Says:

    Gr..!!!! hey, … really a bad, bad drama. Just waste time to try it.
    Bye! )))

  159. 159 : Emily Says:

    @ indri

    Thank you very much for the translation. Appreciated!! I wonder if they actually wrote the song just to fit/describe the drama. Because it explained their situation really well for In Woo to leave Hye Ri but doesn’t want her to forget him… Awwww…

    @ hana

    That’s interesting, do you mind if I ask what nationality are you? From Personal Taste, they explained the forehead kiss means a man trusts you. I myself regonize it as I adore you, that the kiss receiver is the babe of the kisser. hahaha

    I really like the moments when In Woo tries to be friend with Hye Ri before he reveals himself. He was so cute!!! Also love the moments of Hye Ri talks back to In Woo when she tries to “catch” him, she’s adorable!!! Anyways, they’re so lovely together!!! ^^

    Now I’m proceeding to watch Family’s Honor again, PSH’s like a little puppy there!! haha, well in later part of the drama anyways…

    PP fighting

  160. 160 : Yeon Soo Says:

    *Sob!* I just finished watching this drama and it’s sooo great! I’m sad because it has to end. I will surely miss Hye Ri and In Woo! Every single thing in this drama was great. The actors, the story line, the production, and everything! I just love this drama.

  161. 161 : Hannae Says:

    SitiEli used the word “shit” many times and she loves shits. SitiEli is the big shit. From the beginning, you accept you are shit yourself. You appreciate shits and wrongly criticize other people. You are insane and you are shit. BYE.

  162. 162 : Boss Says:

    Hana, Emily, Indri, Annie & your different nicks. You post that you like PP. I know it. Why you repeated many times like crazy and you even use different nicks to repeat and to oppose any nick that has the different taste? Don’t feel hard about this fact. I know you criticize some nicks, but your action shows how much INSANE you are.
    REGARDLESS how many times you shout by using many different nicks, this drama is not better. You make me know there is something wrong with this drama. No bias, it is boring.

  163. 163 : dexi Says:

    Nice drama

  164. 164 : Abdufsob Says:

    Wwwwwoooooo.. woo…))))
    YEHH…aja! aja! this drama is NUMBER #10, NUMBER #10
    I forward it, forward it … and stop. No time for this BAD DRAMA.

  165. 165 : hana Says:

    i´m from turkey my dear 🙂
    and like i said for the most girls in our culture the kiss on the forehad is so important.it shows his respect,love and the precious feeling the boy has for the girls.and like i said its kind of a meaning of you are my honour and fate 🙂
    so if you think about the last kiss of them with this meaning behind
    it was the best choice for the ending 🙂

  166. 166 : sarah Says:

    This drama has all the good actors and actresses….just maybe the plot of the story isn’t very good because it’s really quite boring at some parts. Overall I think it isn’t that bad. ^^ I’m looking forward to Kim so-yeon’s future dramas and movies. =)

    김소연 gambate!

  167. 167 : hana Says:

    i watched ep 2 again
    hahah so funny the scene with the money
    and their conversation lol
    and now that i started to rewatch it you can see the difference between hye ri at the beginning and towards the end
    such a huge difference she changed a lot

  168. 168 : Annie Says:

    Hey guys, if you guys are bored or having PP withdrawal symptoms, check out the PP thread on soompi, and join the Prosecutor Princess Investigating Force (PPIR) XDDDD

    There are a lot of updates after the drama has ended.

  169. 169 : Kiwi Says:

    I just finished the show, I think the ending is great, and ksy and psh look super cute 2gether.

  170. 170 : min neul Says:

    I really really love this drama. Too bad its already over. I love how Park Shi Hoo aka Seo In Woo dresses himself. I find him very handsome and somewhat cute especially when he smiles…^^,

    Love It!!! I’ll definitely rewatch this drama all over again and again!! ^^,

  171. 171 : sang hee Says:

    I really like this drama & Kim So Yeon is such a great actress…wow she makes me cry with her…I also love Park & Kim’s chemistry! For anyone out there who hasn’t seen this drama, I highly recommend it. It’s one of the best I’ve seen! I still haven’t finished watching but it’s so addictive & I can’t wait to see the rest! Two thumbs up!

  172. 172 : Hyria Says:

    “Kim So Yeon is such a great actress”? You make me laugh. She over-acts. Her acting is not natural. Her acting is really poor, not good as Vivian (played by Han go Eun). This drama would be better with Lee Dae Hee. This role is suitable for LDH. LDH has good fashion style and a lot prettier, younger. Park Shi Hoo is not handsome like Oh-Ji-ho and his acting is really bad too. Oh-Ji-ho is excellent in comic, romantic drama “the trouble couple”. Prosecutor princess does not worth watching and I walk away now although it is free online.

  173. 173 : urtheone Says:

    @Hyria..hahaha ur funny…so ur anti- PP fan.why waste ur time here?

  174. 174 : Zy Says:

    Ya! U must be in love with this drama that’s why u keep coming back here!!!

  175. 175 : Princess Says:

    I love this drama! Love the ending! The OST is really good 😀

  176. 176 : diefan Says:

    Prosecutor Princess is one the best comedy romance I’ve ever watched.. Fantastic.. beautifuly done. I could watch it over and over.. funny and deeply heartwarming story.

  177. 177 : RaZe Says:

    i do not understand why people keep on saying that KSY looks old. but for me, she has her own beauty.

  178. 178 : wazabi Says:

    gennyang…sarangheyo……’all of you in this drama

  179. 179 : lika Says:

    y today I miss this drama so much?first I lovesecond so now y m in love this drama more than any?PP is best drama..I heard number 1in2009.so please everybody..plz vote this drama n I hope it will going to be the top n number 1in2010.I didn’t love anyone in this drama so much as Lee dong gun but all people in this drama act very good and it the best romantic and very deep passion.
    wish pp is a number 1.goodbye my princess

  180. 180 : millethsalonga Says:

    one of the best of kim so yeon.. and park shi hoo… wish them an acting award from baeksang ….. really really guys you did it well….. in my opinion both of them excellent acting…. couple of the year KSY and PSH…. job well done…. i love you both… more tv series and movies to come and wish you both good luckand GOD BLESS…. sarang-hae ……

  181. 181 : millethsalonga Says:

    i love this drama so much that i will continue watching it over and over again…. how i love ksy in IRIS i love her more in prosecutor princess… perfect acting ksy…. always fighting…… gogogogogo. sarang-hae…. it takes 3 days 4 me to finish watching 16 episodes…… really cant stop…. hep hep hurray to all the cast …well done guys…

  182. 182 : Weny Says:

    I don’t like poster but I try it cause I see ur comments. Uh….uh…. you waste my time. Uh….uh….. I quit. I don’t like it. Ur …uh…. Hye Ri hair, fashion clothes,….uh….uh….. not my taste. Hye Ri’s acting is un-natural.

  183. 183 : momomiko10 Says:

    this is seriously making me gone crazy!! i just watching this drama, and im really curious and gone crazy to know who she end up with. and i was hoping that she end up with the lawyer rather than the prosecutor. so please tell me who Ma Hye Ri end up with??

  184. 184 : diana Says:

    i love this drama too..more than personal taste
    good act!!!!!!

    congratulation for procecutor princess!!
    good for over all!!


  185. 185 : ppfans Says:

    Oooouuuuuu ksy it’s beautiful in this drama! Psh handsome 😀 I hope they will be BEST COUPLE 🙂 ♥

  186. 186 : dina Says:

    i love this drama, very funny… 😀

  187. 187 : irna Says:

    i love the drama…

  188. 188 : Berry Says:

    Thumb down! I neither like this drama nor the over-acting of leading actress. I switch to Cinderella’s Stepsister.

  189. 189 : merzy Says:

    Great ending. I love this drama, Hye Ri and In Woo ended together. Wow, i love happy ending. Great acting. thank you so much guys. I like PSH so much, he is so cute. hahaha….

  190. 190 : mutiara Says:

    i’m ready to watch…it’s interesting…

  191. 191 : Alghie Says:

    want to see it

  192. 192 : Auirz Says:

    I didn’t like the poster but since people are saying its great. I decided to watch it. It totally rocks!!!!!!! Better than pt and cs! I love how they kept us watching through the mystery of who in woo is! Like the plot of the drama is starting to reveal itself starting in episode 8. You have to watch pass episode 3 and you will start loving the drama and the ending – PERFECT! 🙂

  193. 193 : ardhan Says:

    wanna see Ma Hye Ri directly,,

  194. 194 : Rebel Angel Says:

    it’s an awesome drama….!!!!

  195. 195 : mel Says:

    i love the ending and i like the OST

  196. 196 : prissy Says:

    Prosecutor Princess has a very great chance to be a great detective series as CSI, X-Files, etc….
    i really hope there will be any sequel of this drama…(better if the producer would like to make it as a seasonal drama…all thumbs up!!)

    Hallyu approved all challenges to compete with Hollywood series…Good job!!

    love Park Si Hoo and Kim So Yun…they’re totally awesome…more awards for them will be appreciated!! ^^

  197. 197 : prissy Says:

    …forgot to mention…more awards too for the producer, director, script writer, wardrobe, music arranger, also for the soundtracks…
    all d best of luck for them…! (^^)b

  198. 198 : Deena Sn Says:

    i like park shi Hoo… i think this drama not too bad, funny, romanticsalthough at the middle of this drama there are some borring, but not too bad, the song is very romantics. i love this song

  199. 199 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  200. 200 : ayiez Says:

    like park shi hoo n kim so yeon..
    hope u be couple..
    very nice drama..prosecutor princess better than personal taste, pick the stars, n cinderella stepsister..

  201. 201 : en hao Says:

    love kim so yeon..

  202. 202 : en hao Says:

    love park shi hoo…

  203. 203 : en hao Says:

    love this drama..
    prosecutor princess…like so much..

  204. 204 : en hao Says:

    ma hye ri..like her style..

  205. 205 : en hao Says:

    seo in woo..like him style too..
    owh, so handsome..

  206. 206 : ayiez Says:

    park shi hoo, this drama make me cry, laugh..
    owh, really nice drama..

  207. 207 : ayiez Says:

    park shi hoo lovers..

  208. 208 : nining Says:

    it’s so fun drama,, i love korean drama..

  209. 209 : anggy Says:

    love it !!!!

  210. 210 : Nina Says:

    Oh la la, such a fatty lady on screen without any expression on face. Strange taste!
    Why they do not make her less obese, less filler & less make up? Overweight with expression is better than obesity, no expression at all!
    Throw it away, ha..ha… Dong Yi now.

  211. 211 : baybayo Says:

    i miss this drama…i miss hyr ri’s fabulous outfit, i miss her fancy apartment, her expensive audi tt car and most of all i miss her handsome man in woo!!!! ottoke…

  212. 212 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  213. 213 : missjb Says:

    i miss seo in woo
    love his character so gentle

  214. 214 : lita Says:

    i love this drama!

  215. 215 : Johny Says:

    ooh la la, oh yea, like u look any betterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  216. 216 : ma hye-ri Says:

    Goodbye My Princess ♥ ☺ muah muah muah PSH how can I not love you huaaaa (y) top DRAMA but why the rating is so under? Can you answer my question?

  217. 217 : adeline Says:

    love prosecutor princess…. love kim so yeon…

  218. 218 : mastermaster Says:

    looove this drama….i love everything about this drama.the plot,the sound truck,the hero and the heroine..one of my fav drama of all time.

  219. 219 : miraastuti Says:

    one of my fav drama, specially for park shi hoo

  220. 220 : Jony Says:

    I do not like this drama. I feel nausea when seeing really big, heavy weight, motionless lady on screen. Thus, I drop it now.

  221. 221 : Johny Says:

    ooh la la, oh yea, I understand few nicks do not like the several hundreds of pounds lady without expression on screen. It is because their BMI is within 22 to 24 & they envy with the weight of over hundreds of pounds of lady on screen. But, I like her appearance of over hundreds of pounds, because our appearance is similar. You know, she does not have to express, just stand there is enough because she is an actress.

  222. 222 : Dree Says:

    @172 Sang Hee

    is it you????

    really happy to see u…..

  223. 223 : charlote Says:

    in this drama there characters are very realistic…like how to change people the way we wanted to look good in our own eye and we keep on repeating things thats this is the right thing to do but still because of different opinions we cant achieve some of our expectations…but we have to be sensitive also the feelings of others.

  224. 224 : Michelle Says:

    I love love love this drama.

    i love how hye ri always come out with stylish clothes and i love in woo.

    i always smile when i’m watching this drama.

    well…except toward the end of the drama.

    i’m very picky with the drama i watch but this one is RECOMENDED!!!!!

  225. 225 : ma-hye-ri Says:

    No, nooooo, it is me, ma hye-ri, i get “ideal weight” of over hundreds of pounds

  226. 226 : ma-hye-ri Says:

    You know, with heavy make up & filler, I, ma-hye-ri, just stand there without expression. It is enough.

  227. 227 : ma-hye-ri Says:

    You know, it is the great transformation to weight of over hundreds of pounds. You must enjoy it.

  228. 228 : ma-hye-ri Says:

    …ooh la la, oh yea, like u look, i & Johny both are of over hundreds of pounds, any betterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  229. 229 : Dree Says:

    is it you???? really happy to see u….
    I assumed u r prettier, just my body transformed to over hundreds of weight, hi…hi.

  230. 230 : winda Says:

    this is the best korean drama that i’ve ever seen i can’t guess the flow each episodes.it’s better than pt or oh my lady.i love pp so much..

  231. 231 : Johny Says:

    ohh la la, oh yea, i still like u though U’RE FAT and U HAVE NO EXPRESSIONS MA HYE RI!

  232. 232 : ma-hye-ri Says:

    Thanks for having same thought that MA HYE RI portrayed by KSY is FAT and HAS NO EXPRESSION.
    Oh yea, don’t have to explain, I understand, U’RE FAT and U HAVE NO EXPRESSION too, so u still like MA HYE RI portrayed by KSY.

  233. 233 : ma-hye-ri Says:

    I forgot, I look better than u, Johny.

  234. 234 : jenjen Says:

    I start this drama today

  235. 235 : Johny Says:

    ohh la la,oh nuuu ma hye ri. u can’t campared me with u coz imma a dude! fat ppl love fat ppl! expressionless ppl love expressionless ppl! so don’t worry! i love KSY!!! whatever it is!

  236. 236 : ChunRu Says:

    I love this drama..
    Rewatch it again n again..

    HyeRi – InWoo, Hwaiting! ^o^

  237. 237 : wilma Says:

    it could have been a good series…
    but there are parts that is boring….
    but still there are parts that are ok…
    theres no consistency of the kilig factor or excitement…
    i like the actor here ive never seen him in other series before thou….is he new?or just his first big break?
    but love the actors in it….good job….c: aja aja fighting….

  238. 238 : yuni Says:

    I like this drama so much,very interesting,funny and entertaining. In woo so cute..recommended drama!.

  239. 239 : lovebee Says:

    Miss this fabulous drama! I’m going to re-watch PP for sure. I miss the Hye-ri && In-woo team-up/ I’ll be really glad to see both of them work together again. I’m waiting for Kim So Yeon’s new drama. I admire her flexibility as an actress, how she was able to pull of her roles here and in IRIS, and with her future role in Dr. Champ. I wish to see Park Shi Hoo soon too! Will be waiting for new news about them! 🙂

  240. 240 : htinlinaung Says:

    i like her style very much and acting
    she can play differently showing most action with another drama
    but i don’t like IRIS because of rolling like second actress with Kim tae Hee
    i wanna to you as Major(first)role in other Drama.

  241. 241 : htinlihaughty Says:

    This is the first time KSY is main actress, I try this drama but I dislike it & stop seeing it because KSY’s acting is bad. KSY over-acts. I switch to Personal Taste because Son Ye Jin is better than KSY. In Iris, KSY is just the second & supporting actress, not the leading actress. I am not interesting in her next drama because I do not think she will improve.

  242. 242 : htinlihaughty Says:

    This is the first time KSY is main actress, I try this drama but I dislike it & stop seeing it because KSY’s acting is bad. KSY over-acts. I switch to Personal Taste because Son Ye Jin is better than KSY. In Iris, KSY is just the second & supporting actress, not the leading actress. I am not interesting in KSY next drama because I do not think she will improve.
    Son Ye Jin is betterrrrrrrr!

  243. 243 : isla Says:

    meh….. both personal taste, prosecutor princess lag behind Cinderella sister. PP is boring & I stop it after several ep. I’m waiting for Fugitive with Rain, Lee Na young not Dr. Champ, not KSY.

  244. 244 : gsnape Says:

    i think this one is good. it has an interesting story line how ma hye ri’s life connected with seo in woo’s. it is more than i expected before from kim so yun. she did good enough for this drama though lil weird to see her play the role like ma hye ri. i like it, i was having so much fun watching this drama. just try it 🙂

  245. 245 : Seung-Hee Says:

    I like this drama, Seung Hee supports Sun Hwa (Ma Hye Ri), hi…hi…, we are good team.

  246. 246 : mimichio Says:

    ups, this is boring, not good as Personal Taste! LMH & SYJ has more chemistry & better, bye

  247. 247 : greyblueray Says:

    I like this drama. i think the story line is better than personal taste. Personal taste is kinda boring, slower pace at front few episodes. I especially like the main guy in prosecutor princess. his smile is so charming. The main girl can act. she acts good in different kinds of roles.

  248. 248 : ken Says:

    I also really enjoyed this show. She is really cute.

  249. 249 : Wen Says:

    KSY was very entertaining and cute in drama. Very different from her previous drama. However, this drama too short and ended too soon. Haha can’t enough of Park SH.

  250. 250 : Jacque Says:

    omo!..i love this drama!
    it really entertain me!..hahas..

    i really like the love triangle with atty. seo, ma hye ri and yoon!


    seo in woo, act totally good!.
    he’s smile were soo sweet..haha..
    let me say, he’s a charming guy!
    towards ma hye ri!..yay!

  251. 251 : Vah Says:

    I like love triangle too. She looks hot in short skirt. It is funny…..fighting….fighting…..

  252. 252 : ok250682 Says:

    Another nice MUST WATCH drama is Gumiho – Tale of the Fox’s child – Once you started – you will chase the show. ^.^ Also look out for this star Lee Min Ho (1993) – very charming guy – Hope he can have more lead roles with good script in the future.

  253. 253 : masfie Says:

    huff, i really enjoy this drama..

  254. 254 : Paj Says:

    JUST FINISHED THIS DRAMA!!! it’s ooo oh sooo darn GOOOOOD!!!! it’s a sweet light drama! filled w/ GOODIES!! oh i’m in love with all the characters!!!!! youll see what i mean when you watch it!!! every moment is sooo exciting! and the lines are captivating!!! 🙂 you wont be dissapointed!

  255. 255 : xaphan Says:

    i really really love this show! this is new and filled with all emotions..the chapters are connected to make 1 beautiful story..it’s my first time to see a drama which has no villains, no heavy parental objections, no oppa2x type of clingy gf..lol! just love all the characters and i watched it for the nth time and i still love it and amazed by it..i’m just sad it’s so short..i miss park shi hoo and ma hye ri!

  256. 256 : fanofkoreandrama Says:

    rellyx3 enjoy dz story..i had watched it 2 x…luv the main actor..soo cute n charming;)..worth 2 watch..

  257. 257 : ratih Says:

    it was nice drama park shi hoo it’s so romantic person there…

  258. 258 : eymmah Says:

    woooowww!!! “hiphodhaa!!! so beautiful love story… I REALLY REALLY LIKE 8,, so much…” PARK SHI HOO”…!!!!

  259. 259 : LoeSea Says:

    This is the first movie I watched Kim So Yeon played as funny girl…
    She’s simply naive and innocent.. I laughed a lot when she did so.
    A very nice play, Ms Kim! After serious role in IRIS, this is a balancing character proving you’re a very good Actress! Love you…!!!
    Thank you for the good movie…

  260. 260 : joann Says:

    quite nice, but abit draggy.

  261. 261 : things Says:

    it’s so COOL, tHis drama it’s very2 good
    i’m already seen this drama 3*
    park shi hoo he’s smile soo sweetttt


  262. 262 : things Says:

    this drama it’s a very cool So gOOOdddd
    park shi hoo smile so sweet and charming

    ma hye ri and seo in woo best couple ^-*

  263. 263 : nafa Says:

    seo in woo oppa is so cute…

  264. 264 : Noo naa Says:

    The best drama in 2010 I’ve ever watched. It’s funny, exiting, captivating, and romatic.

  265. 265 : ratih Says:

    I’ve watched this drama twice and I liked the concept of the story

  266. 266 : kim Says:

    omg ma hye rhi is so cute!!!!! she’s so funny!!! and seo in woo super cute!! they are the cutest couple ever!!!

  267. 267 : skygazer Says:

    fabulous work, the best in 2010!!!

  268. 268 : skygazer Says:

    awesome drama, very entertaining! the best in 2010! cant wait for the english sub dvd to come out.

  269. 269 : yuni Says:

    More 3 times watch this drama,never feel boring,…really entertaining, funny and romantic…love this drama too much….

  270. 270 : Ye Eun Says:

    best story … best couple ( PARK SHI HOO – KIM SO YEON ) … saranghaeyo ^^

  271. 271 : ken Says:

    much better than the ratings.. for sure

  272. 272 : XN Says:

    Just finished (4/08/10).This drama is quite draggy. On the first it is kinda boring, so i postponed this because that time i still watched Shining inheritance. After a few days, i continued. After watching and keep watching, I really really love this show! I’m really regret that i stoped watching this that time. This is new and filled with all emotions. The chapter are connected to make a beautiful story. It made me cheers and cry together. I just love all the characters 😀 Too bad its already over. I love how Park Shi Hoo aka Seo In Woo dresses himself. I find him very handsome and somewhat cute especially when he smiles… *MELT* xD
    ps: some sentences are copied from others comment. I just can’t agree you more. This is cincae great drama series so far >,<

  273. 273 : saa... Says:

    Wewww…. It just very niceee!!
    Ï love it ♥

  274. 274 : myr Says:

    Luv it! So far one of the best ! There should a part 2 as I’m missing it already.

  275. 275 : mulan Says:

    a really worth watching drama like personal taste. they can be best couple of the year same as lee min ho and son yeh jin.

  276. 276 : vivi Says:

    i thought the drama would be boring intitially, but it was great drama, it is a drama i have to finish it in few days. so sad the drama is so short, wishing to see more from the two main actor and actress. It is definitly worth to watch drama, found out it was airing with Personal Taste and Cinderalla sister, Cinderalla sister is boring drama, i stopped and switched to watch Procescuter princess, i made it right choice. PP well done!! glad the rating was great. watch procescuter princess!!!!!

  277. 277 : LenaLee~ Says:

    SAME. i also though that this drama would not be as interesting as Cinderella’s sister.. Cinderella’s sister was good enough for me, but I definitely choose this drama!!
    This drama is really good!!! LOVE IT VERY MUCH!!!! this is a very romantic drama & this would be one of my best Korean drama that I’ve watched!!! which one of them is Brilliant Legacy..
    this is really worth to watch!! even though the actors are not that good looking enough, FOCUS ON THE STORY LINE!!! which is more important!!
    i don’t like drama like Personal Taste which doesn’t has deep story & more focus on the actors- Lee Min Ho who is now on peek..
    it’s really sad that there is a few of them that focuses more onto the story..
    there’re found more in Japanese anime.. they usually give more awesome one.. 😉
    Hope you’ll enjoy this drama & the soundtracks are really match with almost all scenes!! really COOL!! but again, Don’t just look at the actors when choosing a drama!! U won’t able to get a best drama ever in your life!!

  278. 278 : lol... Says:

    hmmm……..this is good for me though…… waiting for KSY’s next drama!!

  279. 279 : nesye Says:

    love this drama so much…!
    really nice story.

  280. 280 : windxchime Says:

    i simply love this drama…
    becos i like Park Shi Hoo…
    and i got to know Kim So Yeon via IRIS…i like her in IRIS and oso in PRINCESS PROSECUTOR…

    I love this drama soooo much that i am most willing to repeat my DVD several times…haha

  281. 281 : gucci outlet Says:

    love this drama so much…!
    really nice story.

  282. 282 : USA Says:

    This is one of the most horrible story lines I’ve ever watched! I could not finish the episode 2. If the writer of this story was mimicking “Legally Blonde”, the lead actress failed miserably.

    Park Shi Hoo – you just took it down several notches in acting. I saw you for the first time on Family Honor, and was quite impressed with your acting. You shouldn’t have taken this role. Not only the story is horrible, the lead actress CANNOT act!

    Kim So Yeon – I have never seen you act, but do not plan to in the future. Being a brain smart lawyer and yet acting brainless stupid & childish was a dichotomy that was too hard to watch. I suggest you taking acting classes.

  283. 283 : Jesse Says:

    @USA.. u should respect KSY fans here. Who are you to judge act of an acctress? u just a common person like all of us. so please don’t make us feel wanna puke with your moron comment.

  284. 284 : Darling Says:

    man….this drama is good =D but i dont really like the beginning of the story….

    >:O someone thinks he/she is great thats y they never think before he/she posts comment. lets dont blame him/her. he/she is just moron. *opps* *SOMEONE*

  285. 285 : meyaaa Says:

    wow !! love thisss…

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    Three times watch this drama and never feel bored, I really like the actress, actor, story and also soundtrack. Perfect!

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    In the beginning I hate Ma Hye RI. She’s so egoist. But later on I know she’s just naive and don’t know a lot about world. She’s like princess not because of wealth but because her naivette. And I beginning to like her. I love this K-drama. It’s so natural and Kim So Yeon acting is so good, I’m cty and laugh with her act. So good. Bravo

  288. 288 : santa Says:

    not bad…that is all. not that much interesting to attract u that u keep it as your favorits in mind but fun….simple…sweet… .
    it worth watching…but i bet u would watch it just once…not more.it is not as good as the dramas like…u r beautiful…coffee p….city hall…iris…boy o f…my girl…mygirlfriend g ….which we all watch them over and over.

  289. 289 : lynn Says:

    MY FAVE drama ever!! Don’t judge a drama by its cover!!:)

  290. 290 : yuni Says:

    Full house and prosecutor princess is the best drama, both of them I already watched more than 4 times :d

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    i like her drama very much so i will be renting this korean drama at any of the video shop.

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    amazing story!!
    i agree what lynn say..
    please try to watch baker king kim tak goo…(best drama of 2010)

  293. 293 : Chel Says:

    love the story line. :3

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    i really like this drama…In woo ♥

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    i super love ths kdrma.its one of my favrte alng with my girl,persnl taste and coffee house. I love ma hye ri’s shoes and she’s so funny esp on the frst few ep. She and in woo look gud tgethr.

  296. 296 : michfel Says:

    In the beginning I really didn’t like Ma Hye RI at all. She was so selfish. but in the end, everything has changed, and I love this drama more and more. i’m addicted. It’s a wonderful drama and Kim So Yeon & Park Shi Ho acting is so good. I never feel bored when i watch this drama.

    This is really great!!! FANTASTIC, LOVE IT VERY MUCH!! this is a very romantic drama & one of my best Korean drama that I’ve watched!!! I do really think this drama has deep story, which most dramas don’t have.
    I really enjoy this drama & the soundtracks & KSY & PSH are really match with almost all scenes!! really COOL!!
    So sad the drama is so short, wishing to see more from the two main actor and actress. It is definitly worth to watch drama. PP well done!!
    I hope I can see KSY & PSH act together again as a couple (hopeful) …
    <3 KSY
    <3 PSH

  297. 297 : mickey Says:

    Looove this drama!
    this drama filled with goodies, surprises, wonderful scenes n script .
    So far one of the best !
    so sad this drama is short T__T
    There should a part 2 (crossing my finger) ^^
    i already miss PSH & KSY :'(

  298. 298 : marry Says:

    oohh Prosecutor Princess
    I ♥ main actor & actress, I ♥ the story line, I ♥ the soundtrack, I ♥ the scenes n the script
    I miss the Hye-ri & In-woo team-up so badly 🙁
    I’ll be really really glad to see both of them work together again as a couple. I’m waiting for Kim So Yeon & Park Shi Ho’s new drama. Hope they are really couple in real life 🙂
    how can I not love this drama
    how can I not love PSH
    how can I not love KSY

  299. 299 : michelle Says:

    I’m sad because it has to end. I will surely miss Hye Ri and In Woo! Every single thing in this drama was great. The actors, the story line, the production, and everything! I just love this drama.
    i really can’t stop watching this drama .. it makes me addictive 😀
    too bad it’s already over 🙁
    this is a deeply heartwarming story 🙂 wish more people watch this drama… it’s really highly recommended

    more awards for this drama n team will be appreciated!!
    i do really think PSH & KSY deserve for award
    muah muah

  300. 300 : lenia Says:

    I just love it! psy and ksy is definitely my favorite couple!!! omg, I can’t calm down after watching it!!!
    this drama is very amazing and breathless
    start from eps 11 , i can feel the pain …. 🙁
    I love how this drama affected my life ,
    I love the passion ,
    I love the chemistry between SIW n MHR
    wish there is sequel :'(

  301. 301 : dinna Says:

    My Most Favourite Drama of 2010!!!. And i mean it !!! I love Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo. They are so match together.
    I really pray for the sequel. And now i’m enjoying Dr.Champ, another drama of Kim So Yeon. Omo, i’ve become Kim So Yeon’s fans initially.

  302. 302 : ptsh836 Says:

    @USA (282): kim so yeon cannot act?? that’s definitely a first for me. u shld hv seen her in All Abt Eve opposite chae rim…she was real bad n so convincingly evil tt i’ve never been able to want to watch her in anything else after tt… even this drama…i’ve been twiddling my thumbs whether to watch or not… never been able to like her ever since ah…

  303. 303 : nita Says:

    I love love loveeee this drama soooo much!! The story,the actor&actress,the soundtrack,the chemistry between SIW and MHR
    The best drama I’ve ever seen!!I’ve watched it three times already 😀 😀

  304. 304 : nita Says:

    Just don’t understand why the ratings so low..PP is so much better than PT or CS
    Anyway,rating isn’t everything.. Hope to see PSH and KSY in their next drama soon!!

  305. 305 : nita Says:

    And I love to see how PSH aka SIW dressed himself in this drama
    He looks charming and elegant..and his smile is way too cute!!:D
    Just love PSH so muchhhh

  306. 306 : KdramaAddict Says:

    Really miss this PP drama,I hope they make the sequel with PSH and KSY..their chemistry are great!

  307. 307 : KdramaAddict Says:

    KSY plays her role well,made me laugh a lot in the beginning and cry like mad at the end..

  308. 308 : KdramaAddict Says:

    KSY plays her role well,made me laugh a lot in the beginning and cry like mad at the end

  309. 309 : KdramaAddict Says:

    PSH did a great job as well..can see the pain and loneliness in his face..thumbs up!!

  310. 310 : KdramaAddict Says:

    I’m so waiting to see PSH and KSY next drama together!!!

  311. 311 : PP Says:

    A perfect comedy romance drama!!!

  312. 312 : PP Says:

    Miss this drama a lot

  313. 313 : chae Says:

    Really like KSY acting in this drama!! Love the dresses and the shoes!!

  314. 314 : chae Says:

    And her chemistry with PSH was great!! They are so lovely!!!!

  315. 315 : lovely Says:

    I miss this drama!! Hope for the sequel.. Go PSH and KSY

  316. 316 : Shinne Says:

    I love this drama so much….. Park Shi Hoo is the best man i ever see before……

  317. 317 : strawberry Says:

    I’m so agree with Shinne. PSH is absolutely HOT!

  318. 318 : strawberry Says:

    Love this drama so much…..

  319. 319 : so yeon Says:

    I miss seeing ma hye ri…..

  320. 320 : princess Says:

    I’m crazy over this drama!!!

  321. 321 : cherry Says:

    I love those shoes….

  322. 322 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  323. 323 : pompom Says:

    Best drama 2010!!!

  324. 324 : chae Says:

    Watched this drama three times, and it’s still so entertaining…..

  325. 325 : Cristina Says:

    You want to see a funny and lovely kdrama ? You have to see this one really adorable…the actress isn’t so pretty but she is very funny and clumsy and the actor Park Shi is very handsome and eleganty what I liked more on this drama was that the man falls in love first and make everthing for her really sweet but he was hiding a secret what turns the plot up side donw. The end is ok they stay together…

  326. 326 : PSH Says:

    Best drama 2010

  327. 327 : PSH Says:

    Vote Prosecutor Princess for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  328. 328 : shi hoo Says:

    Voted!! Prosecutor Princess for best drama 2010…..

  329. 329 : shi hoo Says:

    Let’s vote PP for best drama 2010!!! 😀 😀

  330. 330 : KdramaAddict Says:

    Best drama 2010!!!!

  331. 331 : KdramaAddict Says:

    Does anyone know where can i download this drama with english sub?? Thanks…

  332. 332 : KdramaAddict Says:


  333. 333 : princess Says:

    Just finish watching it….the ending “forehead kiss” is soo lovely….

  334. 334 : cherry Says:

    Let’s vote PP for best drama 2010…fighting!!! ^^

  335. 335 : piyo Says:

    Loveeee this drama….watched it so many times already…

  336. 336 : ptsh836 Says:

    the diverse comments n opinions abt this drama (n abt kim so yeon’s bad acting) has got the better of me….i jus have to confirm what im hearing here by watching this drama myself!!

    jus finished one & a half epis n still too early to form any opinion… however if im not mistaken, this could be kim so yeon’s first at attempting a comedy….so far tho, she’s doing okay…not that bad…

    many are rooting for her n park shi hoo but i notice the strong n silent character played by han jung soo as prosecutor yoon see joon has far more chemistry with her than psh… i wonder why no one is rooting for this pairing…

    the storyline of this drama is refreshing n new coz ive never come across a drama abt a naive n over protected civil servant who’s so into herself n her own standard of righteousness as regards her attire n attitude at work…. her refusal to conform to rules n regulations required of her in her profession is almost admirable n sometimes comical…. will she be able to hold on to her own principles for long? i’ll jus hv to continue watching to know the answer. by the way, her obsession with fashion n shoes are way too cute…. talk abt being excessive, kim so yeon definitely takes the cake!!

  337. 337 : nita Says:

    Hi ptsh836

    I agree that yoon se jun had a strong character..but you should finish this drama,then i believe you would loveee to see kim so yeon with park shi hoo together..

    And yeah,i love those shoes and her fashion as well……

  338. 338 : ptsh836 Says:

    nita, ive finished epi 2 n will be embarking on epi 3 today…

    luckily ive read all the comments here beforehand n hv been forewarned abt ksy n her idiosyncracies otherwise i wld hv chuck this drama out the window by now!!

    ksy is the epitome of all things tasteless, a bimbo with super intelligence (a little hard to believe), a dummy when it comes to human interactions, a spoilt, rich brat too preoccupied with herself to notice how she was being sidelined, a materialistic n superficial character who nobody wants to associate let alone work with….so on n so forth…she jus stuck out like a sore thumb in the legal fraternity yet she does not even hv a clue!!

    i plan to carry on with epi 3 (as advised by many fans here) jus to see how much n how ksy improves n changes to be worthy of my continued viewing….

    altho she may appear to be a little awkward in a comedy but when she cries (in the scene where she was alone with a table full of side dishes) n hears everything her colleagues were saying abt her next door…my, the idea of having hiccups amidst rolling tears together with a mouthful of food..choking n crying at the same time is heartbreaking to say the least!! this scene is vry poignant n made me cry along with her…for the first time u sense tt it is an awakening of sorts for ksy n she will be committed in her attempt for change to something more agreeable….

    so i say, ksy fighting!!

  339. 339 : nita Says:

    ptsh836, hang on there….it will get even better eps by eps..and there’s many more scene that would make you cry….

    I love KSY too..I think she plays her role really well in this drama,and she had a great chemistry with PSH…..

  340. 340 : ptsh836 Says:

    nita, im vry happy to see ksy in a more simple hairstyle instead of that overly wavy n bouncy disaster perm!! another change i wld like to see happen wld be her fancy wardrobe; if she wants to be taken seriously, she has to dress professionally….

    it was smooth sailing till epi 6 but am not too pleased with two instances;

    one was in the way ma hye ri handled the questioning of the small girl in the child sexual abuse case… normally a well trained child expert will be assigned to handle such a sensitive case n he will be able to get the child to open up n talk; here u see mhr who has no experience in handling a child attempts (quite clumsily) to question the child…luckily tho, everything ended happily for the child, if not she wld be scarred emotionally forever…

    then there was the issue of mhr’s overweight past which got leaked on the net by her uni mate; i do not see any purpose of this piece of news to the flow of the story at all except maybe to arouse the sympathy of prosecutor yoon…other than tt im still scratching my head!!

    another thing tt is bugging me is seo in woo n the mystery surrounding him n mhr…i wonder what kind of secret is he harbouring or is he genuinely in luv with mhr??

  341. 341 : nita Says:

    ptsh836..about mhr’s past got leaked to the web,i thought that was a problem to bring us to see how was mhr in the past and explain a reason why mhr really like to dress up…it’s because she can’t do that before,so she take the revenge now..well,that’s just what i think

    about the mysterious seo in woo,i think that was one of the best thing in this drama…and i do really like their childhood story…you’ll feel extremelly surprised when you find it out later 😀

    the eps 6 ending is so sweeett…it’ll become more and more interesting between mhr and siw….so,happy watching!!

  342. 342 : feifei Says:

    I love to see KSY and SIW together…..they’re so adorable….

  343. 343 : feifei Says:

    I love to see MHR and SIW together…..they’re so adorable….

  344. 344 : rose Says:

    Love love love love this drama so muchhh!!!!!

  345. 345 : michi Says:

    God!!! i love this drama so much!!
    PP has different plot of story… so refreshing…
    Park Shi Hoo is soooo damn cool… the character’s really sweet… he knows well being such a good guy!! such an ideal type of good guy! *seems only happen in fairy tales world, hehehehe*

  346. 346 : jessy Says:

    Aww i’m definitely crazy over this drama!!!!

  347. 347 : june Says:

    just watch few episodes and this is hilarious!!!!hmm the lawyer is so suspicious but he is damn hot……

  348. 348 : june Says:

    Ooh,i just can’t stop watching it….it’s getting more and more interesting….love ma hye ri and seo byun

  349. 349 : chae Says:

    Best drama ever!!!

  350. 350 : mikha Says:

    this drama is addicting!!!watching it for the second time

  351. 351 : viol Says:

    Love love love prosecutor princess!!!!

  352. 352 : viol Says:

    SIW fighting!!!

  353. 353 : jin Says:

    Ooh,how i miss PP so muchhh 🙁 hope there’s a sequel for PP

  354. 354 : june Says:

    i’m so amazed with mhr’s change..and i like it more with her tied hair…..the lawyer character is so sweet,couldn’t help to fall in live with him….he’s so handsome as well!!

  355. 355 : goldy Says:

    Have anyone watch athena??KSY is there….

  356. 356 : xoxo Says:

    I’ve been watching PP 3 times consecutively….i’m so crazy over PSH!!!!

  357. 357 : KdramaAddict Says:

    Best drama i’ve ever seen….great story,great casts,and everything….

  358. 358 : saint Says:

    Like this!!!!

  359. 359 : augy Says:

    i cried so much when i watch siw’s recording for mhr…that’s so sweet and pitiful of him….just love and love you more seo byun!!!!

  360. 360 : june Says:

    I lovee the scene seo in woo piggy back-ing mhr…..he’s just too sweet!!!!

  361. 361 : june Says:

    I lovee the scene seo in woo piggy back-ing ma hye ri…..he’s just too sweet!!!!

  362. 362 : june Says:

    Happy merry christmas everyone!!!

  363. 363 : chel Says:

    Great story,great casts,great soundtrack also….I love the song ‘goodbye my princess’ a lot…it tells the story between mhr and siw….best drama ever!!!

  364. 364 : cherry Says:

    My most favourite drama!!!

  365. 365 : cherry Says:

    Merry christmas n happy new year every1 ^^

  366. 366 : augy Says:

    That’s an awesome ending!!!love the forehead kiss a lot…gosh,i would miss this drama for sure…lawyer seo and prosecutor ma!!

  367. 367 : augy Says:

    Why only so few picture here??admin,would you mind to add some pictures please?^^
    still can’t let go of this drama,will watch it for the second time soon!!!

  368. 368 : augy Says:

    Happy merry christmas lawyer seo and prosecutor ma…love you both so much!!^^

  369. 369 : june Says:

    I’m starting to cry since eps 11 n rest…that was so painful to know the lawyer is purposely getting close to mhr to pay his dad revenge….also their childhood story,i was once thinking they’re old friends or sumthing like that….

    one thing about lawyer seo,he’s just everwhere!!in the right place,in the right time….just like superman!!!

  370. 370 : nita Says:

    Merry christmas and happy new year seo byun n hye ri….wishing you two the very best in 2011…hope to see you both in a drama soon xx

  371. 371 : rene Says:

    This is one of the best comedy this year. I really like it…i’ve never seen KSY in a comedy, but she’s doing a great job…going to try Dr.Champ really soon!

  372. 372 : rene Says:

    Heard that PSH become cameo in Dr.Champ…which episode is that???really miss inwoo n hyeri a lot

  373. 373 : rose Says:

    PSH is so cute and lovely…he’s so talented as well….btw,merry christmas!

  374. 374 : jessy Says:

    this drama is sooo great!!!i am in love with it!!!

  375. 375 : pompom Says:

    i love their kissing scene how inwoo smiled before kissing hyeri!!!

  376. 376 : pompom Says:

    hye ri and inwoo,one of the best couple ever!!!!they r just adorable…

  377. 377 : june Says:

    Can’t hold my tears watching few last eps PP….seeing mhr n siw wanted to protect each other n thankfully it ends happy….kinda funny when mhr tried to piggy back-ing siw…..but 15 mins isn’t enouggghhhhh for them to be together…..will miss them a lot!!!

  378. 378 : june Says:

    The fact that inwoo keep his promise to hyeri’s dad just sooo manly of him….seo byun,i’m in love with youuu!!!

  379. 379 : shayna Says:

    Anyohaseyo my hottie siw n gorgeous mhr….best couple 2010!!!

  380. 380 : PP Says:

    Just can’t get enough of this drama…..love it soooooo muchhhhhh!!!!!

  381. 381 : strawberry Says:

    Kim so yeon is a great great actress. She acts two very different characters in “Prosecutor Princess” and “Iris”.I like both her acting. Fighting ^^

  382. 382 : shierry Says:

    Just bought dvd with eng subs….i heart this drama…PP fighting!!

  383. 383 : shierry Says:

    Love seo byun and hye ri so much…..great couple!

  384. 384 : nita Says:

    Best drama ever!! Merry christmas everyone…

  385. 385 : julie Says:

    Merry christmas!!

  386. 386 : lingz Says:

    Love this drama!!!! Fighting!!

  387. 387 : Ta Says:

    I decide to watch this drama after reading the commentary. It’s an utter surprise and the show gets more interesting as it progresses. PSH fighting

  388. 388 : xoxo Says:

    Super great great drama!!!loveeee it 😀

  389. 389 : inwoo Says:

    Love love love love this drama so muchhh…..great story n brilliant cast!

  390. 390 : princess Says:

    Lovee hyeri’s fashion so much….esp those shoes!!!

  391. 391 : vondutch Says:

    waah!! this drama is soo good! perfect!!! Kim so hyeon and park shi hoo really have good chemistry!! they hit it off so well! perfect!! too bad this drama did not receive good reviews but it is definitely a must-watch drama of 2010!!! 😀

  392. 392 : shayna Says:

    I miss this drama a lot…miss seeing psh and ksy together…they both make a perfect couple!!hope they’ll be pairedin new project soon!!

  393. 393 : ZualiTlau Says:

    Really really really love this drama, and love Ma Hye Ri’s fashion and only 1 more thing, Park Shi hoo is sooo cool

  394. 394 : shayna Says:

    Yes yes yes,hyeri’s fashion is so adorable…she is so cute too!!

  395. 395 : hyeri Says:

    i really love kim so yeon…..she did a great job in this drama!!!!

  396. 396 : hyeri Says:

    happy new year everyone!!!

  397. 397 : grace Says:

    happy new year my lovely couple siw and mhr!!!

  398. 398 : nita Says:

    Happy new year all!!!

  399. 399 : xoxo Says:

    Happy new year!!!

  400. 400 : tata Says:

    Happy new year everyone!!!still hope there is season 2 for this drama….i miss hyeri n inwoo…

  401. 401 : winnie Says:

    Really enjoy watching this drama…fun+romantic….just why is the rating so low?it’s indeed a good drama!!

  402. 402 : odie Says:

    Love this drama so much!!

  403. 403 : pp forever Says:

    miss inwoo n hyeri!!! 🙁

  404. 404 : grace Says:

    Such a sweet ending!!

  405. 405 : dinaz Says:

    o i like this drama fnshd watching 2day!!i jst adore the grace kelly shoes they were really pretty the other shoes too..park shi hoo is so cute!!i cried watching the alarm clock recording scene it was really touching!!really sweet..even the ending was good!!had a gr8 time watching it!!

  406. 406 : ryan Says:

    Another great comedy romance drama : My Princess

  407. 407 : via Says:

    at first I don’t want to watch this drama because i am not a fan a the leading actress here Kim so yeon, I really hate her in All About Eve, but then I have try to watch Dr. Champ because of the leading Actor, then I found out that she really a very good actress and can portray her role as a Doctor for the athelete,so Now I’ve try watch this drama and hope that this drama will bring me the same feeling and I was right, she really can the deliver her role as a spoil girl with selfcentered mind but at the same time she also have a to prove herself as a prosecutor. It just a good story where people can really change into good. And I really love the love story also, once you watch this drama you will never stop, like me.. and its true with all the comments here, this drama have a very sweet ending, but they should kiss each other again, LOL!!!

  408. 408 : yoan Says:

    Love psh and ksy

  409. 409 : camila Says:

    one of the best dramas ive ever watched. love this one so much 😀

  410. 410 : charlote Says:

    i really love this drama…i hope i can meet someone like the character of park shi hoo in this drma…

    hope to see more of you…more power

    from philippines

  411. 411 : Sony Says:

    Hmm it’s good to watch!
    Kim So Yeon acts well!
    Two thumps up!

  412. 412 : yuni Says:

    Its four times I watched this drama, never feel bored, love PSH & KSY, really like their acting, fun and romantic story also very nice story…wish could see their acting together again….aza..aza … Fighting

  413. 413 : santie Says:

    Perfect drama!, good story,good actress & actor, good soundtrack,good ending. Really enjoy this drama so much, its first time I like PSH & KSY, looking forward for their new drama together.

  414. 414 : Russelle Says:

    Its amazing story…I cried and laugh with this drama..at the alarm clark scene i cried a lot..huhu…I hope my baby girl should watch this drama when she will be a teen..When it will be shown in the philippines???

  415. 415 : surya Says:

    Good drama, on of the best drama that I ever watched! Perfect

  416. 416 : egy Says:

    One of the best drama that I ever watched,good story,actors,actress,soundtrack. I can cry,laugh. Wish can see PSH&KSY together again in new drama.I also like the ending

  417. 417 : nums Says:

    this drama is totally awesome!! i couldn’t stop watching it again and again. the plot of the drama is unusual but surely can make me surprised. this drama deserves a better rating actually :'(

  418. 418 : Lyra Says:

    Kim So Yeon and Park Shi hoo is awesome. They look good together, this drama is so cool, i think the ratings aren’t that good because they didn’t know that this drama was good. 🙂
    hope to see them again in another drama. 🙂

  419. 419 : adjie Says:

    Love this drama!

  420. 420 : bebe Says:

    My favorite drama of the year 2010. It really give me surprise with the story. I felt in love with the main actor after I finish this drama. I still remember when he act in the drama “what planet are you from?” I hate him so much. Now how I can hate him so much and then love him so much. That’s impossible? I must be crazy.

  421. 421 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  422. 422 : cathy Says:

    i like the princess prosecutor so romantic and lovely to watch!

  423. 423 : Kathleen Says:

    Amazing drama!
    I watched it twice and I am ready to watch it again! <333333

  424. 424 : june Says:

    I like this drama..and Kim So Yeon- good to see u in different character..Good Try and Keep It Up..

  425. 425 : prosecutor princess | Blog Orang Lidi Says:

    […] ada planning apa-apa. Rasanya hendak bermalas-malasan di atas katil sambil menonton drama Korea, Prosecutor Princess. Semalam dah tengok episode satu. Nak struggle menghabiskan 16 episode dalam masa hujung minggu ni. […]

  426. 426 : Prosecutor Princess | Blog Orang Lidi Says:

    […] tadi baru selesai menonton Prosecutor Princess. Heroin dia ada jugak berlakon dalam drama IRIS. Sangat berbeza wataknya. Cerita ni ditayangkan […]

  427. 427 : k-holic Says:

    nice drama…n the perfect couple seo in & hye ri.

  428. 428 : Nancy Says:

    love this drama and especially the performances by Park Shi Hoo.
    wish they had a extension of the episodes to develop the story further …

  429. 429 : micess... Says:

    citer ni best,kadang2 sedih,lucu n kdang2 xrase apa2 pun ada tpi memang best cter ni…..

  430. 430 : Kathleen Says:

    I watched it twice…and saw so many dramas….. and it’s still my favourite drama of all time!

  431. 431 : TC Says:

    It is such a wonderful drama with awesome acting from the leads especially Park Shi Hoo. I watched this drama after Personal Taste and Cinderella Sister which aired at the same time and I have to say that this drama is the best and deserved a better rating than those two dramas !

    Great chemistry between the main leads! The story plot is good and I am amazed at the scripwriter’s ability to piece together the mystery with a happy ending. After episode 5, I am so addicted to the drama that I finished watching it within a day!

    I like Park Shi Hoo in Family Honor and has become his strong fan after this drama!

  432. 432 : lengskee Says:

    park shi hoo is just adorable and his acting has depth. always looking forward to wednesday nights as its shown here once a week.

  433. 433 : Autumn Says:

    I started to fall in love with Park Shi Hoo. He is doing great in this drama and the chemistry between them is absolutely touching. I don’t really like Kim So Yeon and that’s why not paying any attention to this drama. But after catched a few glimpse on this drama and bcoz of the storyline and their character, I was hooked to this drama and accept Kim So Yeon. She’s performing well in this drama and looks totally different from her other characters in other dramas.

  434. 434 : lengskee Says:

    next to Shining Inheritance, Princess Prosecutor just disloged Coffee Prince as my no 2 all time K-Drama.

  435. 435 : hyumie Says:

    i am so addicted to this drama

  436. 436 : lynda Says:

    amazing,nice,very romantics n comedy, i like, i love a prosecutor princess drama….

  437. 437 : maximus0120 Says:

    great drama ever… park shi hoo n kim so yeon did an awesome job.. love them(great couple)..

  438. 438 : suppledexplorer Says:

    nice nice nice drama!Love it…I hated Kim Seo Yeon before in All About Eve,but have a change of heart now..My God cant stop my tears from falling.Shes giving justice to her character…And the shoes?wow! Im considering of collecting shoes now hahaha

  439. 439 : nellha Says:

    i love you in woo! fidht for hye ri ma

  440. 440 : Deki Says:

    This drama is really interesting, I m watching now, not yet finished, I like the way Mahiri lives her life, she is so innocent n her dressing style is really trendy, Love this drama.

  441. 441 : myr Says:

    My no. 2 “d best list” of KD after Boys Over Flowers. Never a dull scene. Never mind the ratings as I’ve seen countless dramas and movies but this one is really impressive with great casts in it. Chin up and be proud all the people behind Prosecutor Princess!!

  442. 442 : aienna_k Says:

    this drama always make me cry..especially when they turn on the princess prosecuter OST “goodbye my princess” by monday kiz..it make me cry even more..huhu~~~

  443. 443 : Ester Says:


  444. 444 : tala Says:

    i finished watching it last night and i still cant get over it. its really one feel good movie and it touch me so deep i fell in love with park shi hoo…….. one of the best kdrama.. really worth recommending…….. 5 star rating.

  445. 445 : lengskee Says:

    love park shi hoo, love the ending! happier for a great ending…i liked how the father, Ma Sang Tae indirectly told In Woo to give a share of his baked bread to Hye-ri.. So funny that the couple ended owning a bake shop(did not see it coming)=)

    Cant wait to see Park Shi Hoo in the next KBS Drama. Ill be able watch it next week. Keeping an eye on Park’s next projects.

    Can they do a Part II sequel, like when they get involve in a case as a married couple?=)

  446. 446 : angel_face Says:

    just finished watching PP, i liked it a lot! seo in woo & ma hye ri looked good together! 🙂 hope there’s a part 2, i love to see them getting married! 🙂 hehehe… 🙂

  447. 447 : KDaddict Says:

    I don’t like the actress, n I don’t like her character. The actress may not be old, but she is too old for the char, who is a naive fresh grad, who knows nothing besides shopping. I hate her hairdo, which makes her look less appealing than she really is. The make-up ppl who came up with that hairdo should be fired. I hate her ultra short skirts becos they are all wrong for her profession. She wears them till the end of the drama. I hate the 4 rings she wears every day. They make her look crass n vulgar. There r rules in every profession. She doesn’t look like a prosecutor or any professional woman. Besides, she behaves like an idiot for too many eps. And I hate it that Park SH’s char is so taken with her. It is not convincing.
    Ppl like to say, if u hate it, don’t watch. Well, I’m done with it. I like Park SH, but dislike the rest of the show.
    Her house is the same house in Lie to Me.

  448. 448 : jade Says:

    KDaddict iam 100% obviously agree with you, the actress is not pretty at all, too old, her face is not natural and didn’t match to the main character

  449. 449 : PSH Says:

    so in love with this drama! it’s so romantic and touching..and i love the love story between the 2 leads!
    i am currently catching it on DVD, now at episode 12..can’t wait to finish watching it…
    I am sure I will watch it again…so in love with Park Si Hoo..his acting is really very captivating and natural..everytime he cries I will feel like crying too…totally obsessed with him right now…hahaha
    Started to take notice of him after watching Queen of Reversal on TV..very impressed with his acting..even my hubby agrees he acted very well..he can touch the heart of the audience..looking forward to seeing him in his new drama!

  450. 450 : fax2email Says:

    http://faxblaster.net I watched this drama after Personal Taste and Cinderella Sister which aired at the same time and I have to say that this drama is the best and deserved a better rating than those two dramas !

  451. 451 : anggi Says:

    i love park si hoo.his face very cute……….;*

  452. 452 : theresia Says:

    I miss this drama so much. one of the best kdrama I’ve ever watched.
    I watched the other two competitors, Cinderella Stepsister and Personal Taste. This is the best! I could laugh, cry, and learn something from this drama. really love this!

  453. 453 : Lii Pin Says:

    Why the raiting so bad ?

  454. 454 : kdramafanNC Says:

    when I watched this drama, I loved it so much. I still love. I laugh with it and i cried with it. It’s a great drama and both Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo did great job. I’m glad now more people starts to pay attention to this drama.

  455. 455 : yussy Says:

    Prosecutor Prince The Best Drama ever
    You so PERFECT to me
    I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ YOU

  456. 456 : Eyka Says:

    LOve Love Love this DRAMA ! Love Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo

  457. 457 : niisha Says:

    really…really like this drama ..
    i love you @Kim So Yeon as Ma Hye Ri and @Park Shi Hoo as Seo In Woo 🙂

  458. 458 : icha Says:

    d’bezt drama korea . . I like it . .

  459. 459 : princess Says:

    i just finished watching this drama…and it’s the best!!!

  460. 460 : Ayunani90 Says:

    Love this drama soo much……
    love you Park Shi Hoo Oppa…..
    You’re soo cute,,,nice,,,,and perfect……

    Saranghaeeee Oppa…

  461. 461 : PSH Says:

    this drama is very nice..both actor and actress are very good..2 thumbs up!

  462. 462 : mona Says:

    i love this drama, one of my favorite…
    park shi hoo sarang hae 🙂

  463. 463 : miss march Says:

    I LIKE IT ^.^

  464. 464 : lala Says:

    love this drama so much.. two thumbs up..

  465. 465 : xiadfreaky Says:

    i love this drama! i spent 2 straight days without sleep just for this. and it was worth it!
    this drama exuded a lot of emotions in me. i cried, laughed, got giddy, pissed, thrilled, scared and most importantly – learned valuable lessons almost at the same time!
    and the OTP was awesome. In Woo and Hye Ri FTW! love love love!!
    oh wait.. i have a new crush in the guise of Park Shi Hoo. Woot!

  466. 466 : arlen padila Says:

    make this drama come to indosnesiaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  467. 467 : thayu gek Says:

    it’s the best this drama,,,,,I’m love park Shi Hoo, you very cute and the best,,,,,,ooh,,(i like you,,,,,i love you so much,,,i want you come to Indonesia the main come to Bali,,,i want see you in Bali please honey…..

  468. 468 : melody Says:

    i love han jung soo:)

  469. 469 : narnia Says:

    cool babe i like it a lot

  470. 470 : park vea ran Says:

    I really ♥ love this dramaaaa!!! Especially seo in woo (park shi hoo)
    Heyyy SBS hurry! let’s make the session 2 princess prosecutor

  471. 471 : ask Says:

    the type/genre of this series, besides romance, should also be a “comedy” – since for a professional in law (prosecutor) – ma hye ri’s characters – depicted as naive, gullible, self-centered and shallow…. is ridiculous – or a ridicule at that.. and since am not korean, not really understand the procedure in reality, but is it really a suspect can be interrogated/questioned (by a prosecutor) without his/her lawyer to aid in the process…? a bit curious procedure…but perhaps that’s the norm there… ?

  472. 472 : karin Says:

    most of korean dramas like lie to me and other dramas usually only show the complicated romance of 4 leads or about usual types of dramas like contract romances or something like that. but prosecutor princess shows the really entertaining stories that won’t make us get bored. park shi hoo really portraits the role seo in woo well. this drama is one of my favorites. hope it’ll be more and more popular

  473. 473 : free terraria Says:

    Hello there, You have done a fantastic job. I¡¦ll definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this site.

  474. 474 : lhea mayne chan Says:

    this is the best drama .,
    and the players stunning .,
    awesome .,
    especially kim so yeon and park shi hoo °·♡·♥♥·♡·°

  475. 475 : Vin Says:

    Great story..it’s different story with the other kdrama. Romance,comedy,conflict..so natural and real..
    Love it!

  476. 476 : Elly Suawandari Says:

    I Love this drama korea, let’s ,,make the session 2 prosecutor princess…

  477. 477 : Elly Suawandari Says:

    The best drama korea, let’s make the session 2 prosecutor princess…
    Love u Park Shi Hoo…

  478. 478 : Vin Says:

    Aww.. Luv this drama! It’s different with the other kdrama..
    Unpredictable and entertaining..

  479. 479 : sephi27 Says:

    im just going to watch its 1st episode…… i hope will like the flow of the story…

  480. 480 : yeri Says:

    The best!Two thumbs up!!

  481. 481 : irizjoi Says:

    I <3 this drama..

  482. 482 : Ade Fitriani Says:

    I love this drama,, because make me study in love. and touch my love. :).

  483. 483 : Ade Fitriani Says:

    I love this drama,, because make me study in love. and touch my heart. :).

  484. 484 : Vin Says:

    Miss this drama!! Luv it!

  485. 485 : jin an Says:

    This is the realy best drama I ever seen.I love it so much.

  486. 486 : nik aflah Says:

    thid drama is so so so best…and i fell want to cry…if i can can see the artist of this drama…..

  487. 487 : rhen Says:

    ..i love this kdarama….
    i fell in love with park shi hoo…hehe

  488. 488 : Portal Angger » Blog Archive » Film Drama Korea Princess Prosecutor Says:

    […] Pemain dari Film Drama Korea Princess Prosecutor diantaranya : Kim So Yeon sebagai Hye Ri MaPark Shi Hoo Seo Dalam WooHan Jung Soo sebagai Yoon Se […]

  489. 489 : UEE Says:


  490. 490 : Pinkpuff Princess Says:

    nail art tutorial on this drama

  491. 491 : caroline Says:

    Not sure if script writer for Prosecutor Princess is the same as Queen of Reversal. Many scenes & speech are similar. Bought the disc because of PSH. Felt that KSY had over reacted initially while the sequence of events did not clearly depicts the plot of story. Would have been better if flashback on how PSH’s father was blamed for murder then we would know why he was at the Ski resort and his subsequent meetings help with KSY and his secret help in gathering / providing info to her cases.

    Her shoes are nice. So is her condo.

    Generally it is good show.

  492. 492 : Sheny Roselle Says:

    This is a good KD in general, very entertaining. Some dialogues are not fit in the scene, sometimes they overreacted that confuses the audience. The acting are good and the lead stars has a good chemistry. The script writer should review on something, there was a strong ingredient that is missing.

  493. 493 : Yuni Says:

    still love this drama, i am watching this drama more than 5 times :D, never get bored..love Kim Seo Yoen & Park Shi Hoo

  494. 494 : HELLO Says:

    Hahahaha! I have one of the shoes that she wears in the drama. Just a funny coincidence.

  495. 495 : yeeling Says:

    So So So So NICE!!!!! I have just watched!! slow for 2 years!!
    no matter OST, story line, especially the alarm clock is so lovely!!!
    dae bakk!!

  496. 496 : Mer Says:

    Love this drama so damn much!!!! Love Park Shi Hoo so much!!! My charming prince :*

  497. 497 : AP 09 Says:

    I don’t understand why this drama has low rating.
    I think PP is the best drama,
    Kim So Yeon is beautiful and Park Shi Hoo is handsome.
    The story is complete.
    Lucu (funny)
    Penasaran (unpredictable)
    Sedih (sad)
    I like it so much.
    Wait Prosecutor Princess 2

  498. 498 : aq2jules Says:

    im just in ep 4. And its killing me. LoL! I want to watch this without break. Hehe!

  499. 499 : aq2jules Says:

    i want a season 2 of this drama… This is the 1st loveteam i ever love… Kim so yeon and park si hoo definitely have a chemistry..

  500. 500 : aq2jules Says:

    i want to have a boyfriend like seo byun. Hihi! *KiligAko*

  501. 501 : InHyun Says:

    I hate the character of Hye Ri here, inconsiderate. but since I just started to watch this, I’ll look forward on how she will change her personality, and hope that I’ll like her in future. 🙂

  502. 502 : Yun Says:

    Confirm Prosecutor Princess is my 2nd Favorited k-drama after Feast of the Gods….I started to watch Park Shi Hoo drama after reading some comment about Lee Sang Woo pull Park Shi Hoo at Feast of the Gods. Previously I just watch kdrama just usual not to addict but after watched Feast of The Gods and saw the performance of Lee Sang Woo…wow such a good actor Lee Sang Woo is with great acting. And because of Lee Sang Woo I noticed Park Shi Hoo and really he also good in acting…..

    So Fighting my two favorite actor Lee Sang Woo and Park Shi Hoo….hope you guys keep making good drama and keep improving your acting skill!!

  503. 503 : Ma Hye Ri Says:

    I only began to watch this drama because she has my name!!!
    Hye Ri is just like me, but I am a cooperative lawyer.
    I think she is a perfect example of how people cannot notice whether they are being unique and just full or rude and pathetic


  504. 504 : lexie Says:

    the plot is good. the flow of the story is nice. and the lead characters are awesome! park si hoo! <3

  505. 505 : nadja Says:

    i watch this drama because it has park shi hoo , but i fall in love with another guy…han jung soo (yoon se joon)…will search han jung soo others drama

  506. 506 : kristell Says:

    ill watch this because of park shi hoo :)))))

  507. 507 : Kikay Says:

    Another good drama from Park Shi Hoo!!! I’m so addicted to him!!!

  508. 508 : tigerb Says:

    i am on episode 2 and it is really stupid to have a prosecutor like that girl. she should have been fired the first day! is there a prosecutor like that in south korea? i want to watch the series because of park shi hoo, after i watched CDDA, if he is really good at comedy, at this point i have second thoughts of continuing.

  509. 509 : ruth Says:

    the Lead actress is so annoying, the way she act, talk.. im on ep 6 and no change at all. i just watch this coz of Park Shi Hoo,

  510. 510 : Kahina Soledad.;from Algeria Says:

    i ve never seen or heard about him before till geting himself in troubles so i m going to watch it cuz i wanna know about park si ho s acting

  511. 511 : BRENDA Says:

    i loved the whole plot having such a prosecuter was really entertaining and i loved the main actress’ acting most after park shi hoo’s of course. I really enjoyed it thanx to the production team.

  512. 512 : 471k Says:

    Love this drama..
    Make me watch again and again.
    No matter the rating is low, in my mind, PP is one of the best korean drama,
    kim so yeon, fighting, i’ll watch you in two weeks

  513. 513 : catherine s Says:

    Great! I love park shi hoo <3

  514. 514 : lisa Says:


    Cr: Jinsight Reviews

    Extracts of PP’s review in link above

    “Drama ratings and reviews are often led more by the heart than the mind, a fact that I’m well-aware of, considering my many rants and raves here. While rants tend to be more satisfying, sometimes it’s just magical to find a drama that makes you go do exactly the opposite – to post because it’s SO GOOD rather than because it pissed you off. Prosecutor Princess is that drama for me.

    I understand intellectually that it’s not the best production I’ve ever seen – the beginning was slow, the music at times overbearing, and the awful hair Hye-Ri sported in the first 4 episodes (before production got sensible and pulled it into a ponytail for the rest of the run). But it was a drama that captured my heart, in a way that no drama before or since has so completely.

    I got a hold of the DVD set last week, and figured it was time for a rewatch. With my newly raised drama standards and existent knowledge of the plot, I wanted to test if I’d still love it as much now as I did almost two years ago, or if new and intolerable flaws come to light.

    Having recently completed the marathon, I’m happy to say it still stands as my all-time favorite drama 🙂 The acting just wows me in every scene, and the storyline so tightly written and beautifully presented that it never once skewed irredeemably towards the unbelievable or inconsistent. Certainly, some elements such as make-up and clothing could have been toned down (i.e. fat Hye Ri and early Hye Ri), but the plot, dialogue, and characters remained continually solid.

    I can understand why some people were turned off to our heroine, Ma Hye Ri, at the start. The first two episodes do a terrible job of introducing her, making her seem selfish, naive, and ridiculous in both mannerisms and appearance. It’s only due to Kim So Yeon’s sensible and grounded performance that I actually didn’t mind Hye Ri then, who came across as more spoiled but good-natured than bratty. Hye Ri of course, ended up being one of the most endearing, realistic, intelligent heroines I’ve ever watched.

    I’m sad that the first couple of episodes don’t do her justice, but I’ll accept that in a way it was necessary to paint her poorly, because much of the joy of her character came from watching her transform and really grow as a person from the first to the last scene. What I loved here is that unlike other drama “character development,” Hye Ri always remained Hye Ri. She continues her quirkiness and open-heartedness, believably maturing without losing her charm or personality. Probably one of the best-drawn lead girls in all of dramaland – if you haven’t watched PP yet, just bear through the first few episodes and I guarantee that she’ll grow on you.

  515. 515 : lisa Says:

    Jinsight Review of PP (cont’d)

    Filling out our central couple is the deeply conflicted and complex Seo In Woo. I never understood the shipping wars. I mean, clearly In Woo was our man from the very beginning – that “chance” hotel meeting? I still recall it as my first exposure to Park Shi-hoo, and what an absolute swoon moment it was.

    How could anyone not be charmed immediately by that smile, that brilliant charisma and the understated-yet-essential presence of his character? While second lead Se Joon was out running with a mountain coat and some who-cares guys, In Woo was standing there in white-decked magnificence, looking puzzled yet mysterious as he is introduced to to the audience and our heroine.

    Admittedly, he was stalkerish for much of the drama, but it didn’t come across as creepy so much as intriguing and oddly sweet (here’s a guy with great timing for everything). It also added a new dimension to the plot – the writers never had to rely on “random” encounters in order to get our leads in close proximity

    Instead, every meeting was pre-orchestrated by our guy, all for a believable and understandable secret cause that justifies and ties it all together at the end. Sounds weird, but was fascinating to watch, especially this second time around, when I already knew and understood In Woo’s inner motivations. And a wonderfully unique premise in a land where “fate” and cliches abound onscreen. In Woo’s actions, while a bit extreme, perfectly exemplify the idea of creating one’s own destiny. If he hadn’t gone through with his plan for justice, or if the source situation had never emerged, these two people would likely have remained strangers for the rest of their lives. Instead, they are forced to know and comprehend one another, and unwittingly fall in love along the way.

    For In Woo, the gradual lingering gazes, the layered uncertainty in eyes at wondering if she’ll go to Japan, even the eating from her ramen bowl (so fitting for the scene!) just killed me. PSH nailed In Woo’s pain and inner conflict, tied with his reluctant affection for Hye Ri. This, after all, was the drama that started my (and many other girls I’m sure) fancraze for PSH. No one else could have brought such depth and likeability to a controversial character like In Woo.

    And yes, this was the drama that sparked my love for Korean ramyun. Who wouldn’t want to eat a nice warm bowl after watching the episode 8 cooking scene? It made me sad that we didn’t get so many cute OTP moments post-episode 9, because this was a pair that had some of the best dialogue and actions ever. Give me the direct, upfront store-trips and piggybacks, not the multitude of almost-touching-but-not scenes that crop up later. I can understand why the drama had to go serious, but I sure missed the good old happy Hye Ri – In Woo days.

    Production-wise, this drama just nailed it. It was a bit shaky at the start, with unnecessary dressiness and loud, obnoxious music. But this was a crew that definitely improved – after the first few episodes, the music transformed from refrains of Fly High to soft ballads and moody instrumental pieces. To this day Goodbye My Princess is my favorite kdrama song. It plays quite a bit, but not to the point where I ever got tired of it. It was so perfectly fitting for the drama’s story and presence- in fact, I suspect it’s one of the reasons why PP underwent a title change to include “Princess.”

    Also, the scenes were shot with such focus and clarity. People and items are positioned purposefully on the screen, never haphazardly. Even better, there’s almost none of that “present one scene shot from three different angles” crap. Instead, the director sticks to one angle and only presents that to show any moment in time. He may move the camera around during the scene, such as when Hye-Ri and In Woo kiss the first time – they only show one angle of the actual moving-in-for-the-kiss, even though it’s followed by different shots of the kiss itself. Similarly, the walking past one another scene in late episodes, the camera slows and the angle shifts from them to their hands, but the actual passing moment isn’t repeated. I like that- it shows careful thought and decision-making by the PD on how to present the shot rather than just mangling a bunch of views together (as Taiwan dramas tend to do).

    I wish the ending had been longer – in fact, this is one show that I honestly feel could have benefitted rather than suffered from one. Not so much for the trial portion, since we all know where that was going, but for more OTP fluff. There was so much jammed into the eventful 16th episode that I felt our reunion wasn’t fully fleshed out. And wow, that departure in the pale-blue morning scene just ripped my heart out. So beautiful, so tragic, it was like saying goodbye to the drama itself.

    I highly recommend that you watch this gem of a show if you haven’t, and if you have, consider a rewatch on a rainy day, as there’s so much to analyze and appreciate each time.

  516. 516 : vina Says:

    Never getting bored to watch this drama

  517. 517 : vina Says:

    Like it so much…

  518. 518 : MayaF Says:

    I love this drama soooo much… Good actor and actrees great story… Amazing drama!^^

  519. 519 : tigerb Says:

    i saw my comment above more than two years ago, and actually i did not plan on watching this series, but read somewhere about how good the series is and finding it in ‘you tube’ made the watch easier and faster. the female lead actor’s role is really annoying, but understanding how she was brought up and what parents she has changed my mind and endured the earlier episodes. i think she acted well in this series. i saw her in ‘iris’, ‘iris2’ and ‘two weeks’, and she barely spoke then, or she spoke normally. in this series she spoke too fast, seemed she was nervous all the time. this is a typical korean drama where parents issues in the past affect the child’s present life. i think psh’s role here did not challenge his talent.

  520. 520 : Angger Says:

    Love this drama..
    Make me watch again and again.
    No matter the rating is low, in my mind, PP is one of the best korean drama,
    kim so yeon, fighting, i’ll watch you in two weeks

  521. 521 : Di rantau Says:

    Awesome,I love korean drama,please visit my blog

  522. 522 : Korean Drama I’ve Ever Watched | My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Prosecutor Princess Rating : 1,5 out of 5 […]

  523. 523 : youtube mp3 Says:

    This drama is the reason why I like Park Shi Hoo so much (that smile *melted*). And the character of Kim So Yeon is different from her character in Iris, to see how she is as Ma Hyeri make me curious about this drama. Prosecutor Princess is good of you not a strict audience in crime drama.

  524. 524 : Korean Drama Review PP | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Princess Prosecutor (2010) 检察官公主 […]

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