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Princess Aurora

Title: 오로라 공주 / Princess Aurora
Chinese Title: 歐若拉公主
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 150
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-May-20 to 2013-Dec-20
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


Aurora (Jun So Min) is the beloved daughter of a big company’s president. She falls in love with a perfect but picky novelist, Hwang Ma Ma (Oh Chang Suk). This drama will tell the story between these two family.


Aurora’s family

Jun So Min as Aurora
Park Young Kyu as Oh Wang Sung
Son Chang Min as Oh Geum Sung
Oh Dae Gyu as Oh Soo Sung
Byun Hee Bong as Oh Dae San
Seo Woo Rim as Sa Im Dang
Lee Sang Sook as Jang Yun Shil
Lee Ah Hyun as Lee Kang Sook
Lee Hyun Kyung as Kim Sun Mi

Hwang Ma Ma’s family

Oh Chang Suk as Hwang Ma Ma
Kim Bo Yun as Hwang Shi Mong
Park Hae Mi as Hwang Mi Mong
Kim Hye Eun as Hwang Ja Mong

Sa Gong’s family

Im Ye Jin as Wang Yeo Ok
Kim Jung Do as Park Sa Gong
Jung Joo Yun as Park Ji Young
Shin Joo Ah as Park Joo Ri


Baek Ok Dam as Noh Da Ji
Im Hyuk as Seol Gook
Kim Young Ran as Anna
Jung Yeon Joo as Han Soo Da
Jung Soo In as Ha Na
Choi So Eun as Sook Jung
Kim Se Min as Yoon Hae Gi
Lee Seung Ha (이승하) as Versailles’s manager
Song Won Geun as Natasha
Jun Jung Ro (전정로)
Im Ji Young (임지영)
Seol Woon Do as Baek Do
Suh Ha Jun as Seol Seol Hee
Kang Shin Ha as Kim Joo Wan
Won Jong Rye
Jung Yi Yun as Kim Soo Won
Kwon Si Hyun as Ho Joon
Kim Mi Ra as actress
Choi Ha Ho

Production Credits

Production Company: IHQ
Chief Producer: Kim Sa Hyun
Director: Kim Jung Ho, Jang Joon Ho
Screenwriter: Im Sung Han


2013 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Actress Acting Awards: Kim Bo Yun (Aurora Princess)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Rookie Actor Award: Oh Chang Suk (Aurora Princess)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Rookie Actress Award: Jun So Min (Aurora Princess)


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  1. 1 : ance Says:

    i think the plot is good..but 100+ episode? hope they’ll change their minds…

  2. 2 : Bad guy? Says:

    100+ episodes for something that was just a movie? How is it possible?

  3. 3 : anditta Says:

    ya im agree with ance…

  4. 4 : Aurora Says:

    100 episodes are too long. What can the story be about to be sooo long? Unless, there are gonna be a whole town full of murders ?

  5. 5 : Adhe Airashii Says:

    100 episde ??. 🙁
    i think i cant to watching

  6. 6 : Alex Ukraine Says:

    i don’t wanna watch this drama, because i don’t see romance and 100 episodes … it’s so long

  7. 7 : Aurora Says:

    Alex Ukraine

    Since you like mystery plus romance, try watching The Moon That Embraces The Sun. This drama is about 25 episodes long only.

    It is a beautiful and interesting drama.

  8. 8 : Haaay Says:

    Interesting drama but it should be only 16 or 20 eps, i think this gonna make me bored so i drop this one.

  9. 9 : Haaay Says:

    Maybe the story is full of talking and talking nonsense. Having 100 ep for just looking who the murderer is and suspecting someone. haaaay nako maloloka ako, by the way who is princess aurora? Anyway who ever she is im not going to watch this…

  10. 10 : cherry Says:

    yup! me too,,even i like the actor and actres i cant watch this drama 8’s 2 long!! i gonna make me bored! im sori,,

  11. 11 : cherry Says:

    yup! me too,,even i like the actor and actres i cant watch this drama 8’s 2 long!! im gonna make me bored! im sori,,

  12. 12 : agnesia Says:

    whattt 100??!!! only mystery n crime, should think twice, better take another one with romance inside lol.

  13. 13 : shay leysath Says:

    It look’s good so what has 100 are more episode am going watch it

  14. 14 : aznative Says:

    This is a daily drama and I’m certain there will be much more to the narrative then just the crime aspect. It appears to be based off the 2005 movie of the same title. http://asianwiki.com/Princess_Aurora

  15. 15 : Nats Says:

    Im curious..but 100+ episodes what it does not create a headache?

  16. 16 : mml Says:

    This drama got crime, mystery and comedy feeds into my curious, okay, i will watch this drama and see whether is it nice, interesting, if it is very interesting, i will continue to watch all the way for the whole drama.

  17. 17 : Mail Says:

    looks like an interesting story…but 100 episodes is to long for me…i only can stand up to 25 episodes…

  18. 18 : ogrenji Says:

    i don’t understand,the plot seemed serious and involves murder,but the poster looks like some ordinary romcom -_-‘

  19. 19 : Dexter Says:

    This synopsis is wrong. Somebody just copy/paste this synopsis from the same title korean film and now every site has ‘fake’ synopsis.

    Princess Aurora korean film: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_Aurora_%28film%29

  20. 20 : MoLi Says:


    How do you know that this is ‘fake’ synopsis?

    The synopsis should be the same since this drama is based on the same title korean film.

  21. 21 : Ttuk Says:

    Maybe there’ll be holidays in the mountains, skiing, and surfing in Hawaii in between murders. No doubt there will be numerous conversations over dinner, a drunk gets piggy-backed, then another murder. Oh, and the Galaxy 4 will probably make a cameo. How else would 100+ episodes play out. LoL!!

  22. 22 : Yozora Says:

    100 eps?! wow… too much, i think..

  23. 23 : Aurora Says:

    @ Ttuk (21)

    Hahaha hehe …… Come on, are you serious ?

    I suppose this is better than a town full of dead people.

  24. 24 : Dexter Says:

    Thx Koreandrama

    This is the right Synopsis. There is no murder mistery at all just a dailydrama with a birthsecet.

  25. 25 : Aulora Says:

    Where is everyone getting this murder crime stuff from??? Because it says the genre is romance, family and comedy. Who the heck wants to watch a drama with 100+ episodes with murder crime stuff unless you’re watching CSI tv series. LMAO! But seriously someone didn’t read into the poster pictures because it doesn’t scream out murder crime, it actually screams out “it’s another cute romance drama”.

  26. 26 : Alfe Says:

    i think it’s on 30mins. per episode that’s why it reach 100+… but still too long for me to watch.. 🙁

  27. 27 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 1 , a little curious to the family members.
    Some actors and actress look familiar to me,
    for example the music teacher from a hundred year’s inheritance, Dr Bong from Samsaengi , Samsaengi’s foster mother and more to mention.
    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 2 to find out more….

  28. 28 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 2 and episode 3 , not so comedy , i think is a quarrel drama , i think i’m curious to the two family members….

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 4, see whether is it comedy or quarrel drama.

  29. 29 : Aurora Says:

    @Aulora (25)

    Looks like you’ve arrived here too late to see the earlier synopsis that was given for this drama. What you are seeing now is the correct one.

    Before the synopsis that is appearing now was given, an earlier one posted, was about a police detective whose ex wife was a serial killer, and it was his job to go catch her, etc etc.

    So, as a result of this, the comments that followed were naturally along the lines of murder (which obviously do not apply now, since the synopsis has changed).

    Please see Dexter (19) and (24) above. His comments which had highlighted and brought to attention that a wrong synopsis had been given could have prompted a correction by Administrator subsequently.

    I believe this was an honest mistake by the Administrator, and now that the correct synopsis has been given, there is no more confusion I hope.

  30. 30 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 4 , i got very angry with Jun So Min , , in order to know Oh Chang Suk better, Jun So Min her dishonest and cunning behaviour really made me very disappointed.

    I hope Oh Chang Suk as Hwang Ma Ma will fall in love with Jung Joo Yun as Park Ji Young and paired up to be a loving couple in this drama.
    Both of them look compatible to be together.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 5 .

  31. 31 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 5 and found an actress who is acting in Crazy Love TvN drama that is Kim Yeon Joo as Han Na Young also acting in this drama Princess Aurora.

    The problem is i do not like Jun So Min , the way she goes after Oh Chang Suk, as if, she is desperate for a guy, i hate to see Jun So Min .

    I prefer Oh Chang Suk to like Jung Joo Yun.
    Jun So Min in this drama,made me dislike her more and more, she is like a cheap lady, since she is from rich family, she does not need to go after Oh Chang Suk in such a dishonest manner.

    I hope the writer, please do not pair Jun So Min to be Oh Chang Suk’s girlfriend, will make me very sick to see Jun So Min such a cheap lady going after man like that…..

    I hope Oh Chang Suk will fall in love with other lady but will never fall in love with Jun So Min ………

  32. 32 : Ttuk Says:


    I was confused as well by the synopsis. And before reading the comments I did a search and found the synopsis of the murdering “Princess Aurora” similar to that of the 2005 movie of the same name.

    For a moment though I was intrigued and pictured a comedy murder drama korean style.

  33. 33 : Ttuk Says:

    Aurora is the Roman godess of dawn. Will there be Roman sandals, togas, gladiators and hungry lions circling christians? I guess not. Looking fwd to this.. Heh.

  34. 34 : say Says:

    I real hate to say this, I don’t like the actress that is playing Aurora, the reporter is very good with the man actor called mama, Aurora is too artificial for my liking, and mingling with everybody business. I hope mama don’t fall for her but take Park Ji Young the reporter instead.

  35. 35 : Torri Says:

    What site is showing this drama?

  36. 36 : I A.M. FAN Says:

    I love this drama 🙂 aurora is soo different drom other female leads regardless of what others are saying here.

  37. 37 : mml Says:

    @35 Torri,
    drama crazy has this drama , no English Subtitle.
    Please don’t ask us ,is there any website that has English Subtitle ?
    At the moment, there isn’t any website that provides this drama with English Subtitle.

  38. 38 : Mocudaw Says:

    I love this drama if some one need English subtitle you can go to Maple Stage

  39. 39 : mml Says:

    @38 Mocudaw,
    i just checked Maple Stage, yes, Maple Stage has sub-title, but, the sub-title is in Chinese sub-title.
    Bear in mind, not all people like us , that we can read and write English and Chinese and also can understand Korea Language.

    My suggestions to all people who like to watch Korean Drama, kindly learn how to speak Korean Language, learn to listen and understand Korea Language, so that no need to depend on any sub-title and still can have the ability to watch and enjoy the drama and no need to worry whether is there any sub-title given.

    Just like me , i know English , Chinese, Cantonese and Korean Language.
    If i cannot find the Korea drama at English website, then i go to Chinese website , if Chinese website still cannot find then i will go to Korea website to watch, therefore, no need to worry and panic.

  40. 40 : Mocudaw Says:

    @39 mml , Sorry try go to……..http://azdrame.net.it was all in English

  41. 41 : mml Says:

    @40 Mocudaw,
    anyway thank you for providing this information.

    I usually watch Korea drama with no sub-title given especially like Crazy Love this drama, Sincerity Moves Heaven also no sub-title given, Ugly Alert this drama i watch from Monday to Friday also no sub-title given , i’m already used to watching ,even though, they never give me sub-title, i did not blame them ,as, i watch on the day itself when they filmed the episode.

    If ,they can provide me with sub-title, that will be even better, but, when no sub-title given , i can still understand a little, as i understand Korean Language.

    감사합니다, 친구!

    Mocudaw 谢谢你。

  42. 42 : Tere Says:

    What can u say about this drama? Is it good? I am just curious..how about i summon u gold?hope u will give me info. Thanks in advance!

  43. 43 : mml Says:

    @42 Tere,
    i have found you at a hundred year’s inheritance website, now, i’m happy to see you here.

    My own opinion is, i summon you gold this drama is better than Princess Aurora.
    Although, i watch Princess Aurora, that doesn’t mean it is a very good drama.

    The reason is Princess Aurora is not a very realistic drama,
    Jun So Min in this drama, the way she goes after Oh Chang Suk and wanted him to be her future husband, that means she is someone who judge a man only when he is handsome then she likes.

    Jun So Min always stays very close to her dog.
    I think it will be better for her to marry her dog rather than to plan to marry Oh Chang Suk.
    It is not wrong to like a pet, but, it is also not correct to overspend all her precious time with a pet.

    I prefer to watch i summon you gold this drama , ugly alert, crazy love, Sincerity Moves Heaven etc.

    Tere, i will highly recommend you to watch and like Ugly Alert this drama, Ugly Alert this drama is also better than Princess Aurora.

    You watch Ugly Alert and then also watch Princess Aurora, you will understand the difference…….

  44. 44 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 19, writer can you please, make changes, try to separate the dog, this is a human drama instead of dog drama, why is it Jun So Min already move to another smaller house, still allow her to bring back the dog.

    I hope, Jun So Min can find her new romance with another guy,
    she is not suitable to be together with Oh Chang Suk.
    Oh Chang Suk has three sisters who did not get married, i think a family with all brothers and sisters who never get married is a weird family.

    Oh Chang Suk has three sisters who are single, maybe, when the right time comes, they should marry to Jun So Min, her three brothers, solve all the single and not married problem.

  45. 45 : mml Says:

    @42 Tere,
    you can consider to watch this drama , is getting slightly better, when Jun So Min was offered and hired as freelance actress at episode 20 .

    Jun So Min got a freelance actress job , so, maybe after sometime she will spend less time with the dog and in time to come , the dog may get dead and passed away.

    Jun So Min , now her lifestyle changes when her dad passed away, maybe, she will know how to do cooking , does housework and become independent and better in character behaviour and be more mature in thinking.

    I’m curious with this drama, therefore, at the moment will continue to watch this drama and see what goes next at episode 21.

  46. 46 : Tere Says:


    Will do! Thanks for ur suggestions!

  47. 47 : mml Says:

    @46 Tere,
    i have finished watching episode 21 and realised that Oh Chang Suk misunderstood Jun So Min for missing their appointment and refused to listen to her explaination .

    I hope, Jun So Min will stay strong.
    Since her father had already passed away, therefore, she better be smart that, since Oh Chang Suk does not like her,
    she needs to avoid him and do not put too much hope on him.

    She needs to stay focus on her freelance part-time actress job and earns some money to help her family, who knows it may be her turning point in life.

  48. 48 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 24 , why Oh Chang Suk wanted to slap Jun So Min, i hope Jun So Min will not like Oh Chang Suk.
    I hope, Oh Chang Suk will learn through a hard way in order to win back the trust and respect from Jun So Min , maybe, the writer can arrange a secret admirer for Jun So Min or someone who likes and interested in Jun So Min and wanted to be Jun So Min’s new boyfriend .

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 25 .

  49. 49 : mth Says:

    I very like Park Hae Mi <3<3<3

  50. 50 : nassira Says:

    hye please could you tel e the title of the song the two song we heard to the begining of episode 22 thank you

  51. 51 : Erxuank Says:

    What song is Park JiYoung singing in the karaoke at Ep25??That song is nice!!

  52. 52 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 26 and i’m very curious to the cute handsome guy who offered and wanted to send Jeon So Min to go home.

    Does anyone know what is the name of the cute handsome actor who is interested in Jeon So Min ?

    I have not yet seen this actor at other drama yet, he looks very cute and handsome.

    I think this actor will be popular in time to come, he looks great and i think he is also very suitable to act at comedy and romance drama too .

  53. 53 : jewles Says:

    His name is Seo Ha Jun but was not able to find any info about him anywhere……Cute, isn’t he :))

  54. 54 : John k Says:

    The oldest sister is going to be the mother in this drama. I hope aurora ends up with the other guy,the nice one.

  55. 55 : mml Says:

    thank you for telling me, Seo Ha Jun is indeed cute and handsome .

  56. 56 : OK OK OK Says:

    Dear Admin

    Please upload this cute korean actor SEO HA JUN ssi pictures from Princess Aurora.

    We were searching high and low for his profile but couldn’t find any.

    help us to update his profile. We all love him.



    This are requests from my sisters who are presently chasing this drama.
    Since they say its so interesting and attracted by Seo Ha Jun, I must watch soon. 🙂

    The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:
    Aurora Seo Ha Jun Pictures link

  57. 57 : HEN Says:

    Question(s)? I’m only up to EP17…Can someone explain how the death of the father sent the family into financial ruin? Did the company go belly-up?
    Weren’t any of the sons capable of taking the reins as head of the business?
    …Also, I not so sure Mama is wrong in his feelings-considering how things played out with Aurora. Three mos is a long time. If you are going through such a crisis, surely, you would want to reach out to the man “you love so much that you have been plotting to marry him in the very near future” for comfort. I don’t care for her character either, but I guess the writers depicted her that way to show a metamorphosis later of “shallow, stuck-on-herself, rich girl becomes poor and changes for the better…ta-da!”

  58. 58 : Genesis Says:

    I just started watching this drama, and so far it’s pretty decent. I want to know about the music….particularly a karaoke song the son (oriental medicine doctor), sister (the reporter) and their mother were singing to celebrate the other sister (the boutique worker) moving out. I love this song, can’t find it anywhere!!!! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT ARTIST SINGS THAT SONG????

  59. 59 : mml Says:

    After finished watching episode 44, my own opinion is , i find that Jeon So Min should have good ending romance with Seo Ha Jun if is writer’s arrangement then i will be very very happy.

    Seo Ha Jun’s parents like Jeon So Min is a very good start to get along together, on the other hand, Oh Chang Suk has three complicated sisters, i don’t hope Jeon So Min to be deeply in love with Oh Chang Suk . It will be very sad for me to see Jeon So Min to accept Oh Chang Suk, this is a drama with 120 episodes and i really hope that she can end up with Seo Ha Jun to suit viewer’s hope.

    Jeon So Min and Seo Ha Jun both very compatible whereelse Oh Chang Suk is a very complicated person. I really don’t like Oh Chang Suk in this drama, i like more on Seo Ha Jun.
    I hope writer can pair up Jeon So Min to stay her love with Seo Ha Jun in time to come. I like Jeon So Min to be together with Seo Ha Jun in order to achieve the level of happiness .

    Whenever, i see Jeon So Min and Seo Ha Jun are together , my mood to watch this drama becomes better and better and i am getting more happy to watch this drama . I hate to see Oh Chang Suk to cling on with Jeon So Min is a waste of my time to watch this part, hope writer can change it to a sweet romance for Jeon So Min to love and like Seo Ha Jun, as i really like to watch both of them .

    Although, Seo Ha Jun did not tell the truth,but, i really hope that Jeon So Min will forgive and like him as Seo Ha Jun is a nice and humble person in terms of character, he is better than Oh Chang Suk and he does not have sisters to interfere his lifestyle.

  60. 60 : HEN Says:

    mml–I hope I can wait that long. I’m only at EP24 and I think it is getting worse, instead of better. There are some decent storylines, but none are developing very well. With these scenarios we should see some intense emotional action, but something is definitely missing in the Writing-Directing-Acting chain.
    After 24 episodes, I don’t care about any body. I mean no one has peaked my interest to follow what is to happen next with their character.

    The Princess family sits around praising the Princess, who continues to spout quotes, cliches and old sayings.The acting between the estranged mother and daughter is so awkward–the best was the mother’s breakdown with the truth of her birth–but the intensity died back down after that.
    What is with the doctor’s supposedly significant other–was that acting when he chased away a rival?? Even the slap between the Prince and the Princess was bad–acting. The Prince’s sisters-three??? Are they planning to put the Prince’s sisters-three with the Princess’ brothers-lost?

    …You know, I think I miss the wives–their bond in dissing the Princess was the best acting in the show. When ever they went out together, they would turn into a girl-gang that always got into fights. That was a least entertaining. Oh, and the banter between the two older sisters-in-law when they were discussing who’s husband should take over the company…that was hilarious!

  61. 61 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 51 and i hope in time to come Jeon So Min will fall in love with Seo Ha Jun and have a sweet romance and happy ending and married to Seo Ha Jun.
    A big problem to Oh Chang Suk, although he likes Jeon So Min,but, he cannot convince his three sisters and i’m getting more and more tired to watch Oh Chang Suk wants to cling on a relationship with Jeon So Min without the ability to protect Jeon So Min.

    Seo Ha Jun looks like a sunshine guy, he can bring happiness and provides a promising love to Jeon So Min.
    I hope, the writer can arrange Jeon So Min to marry Seo Ha Jun . I’m hoping to see sweet and happy romance from Seo Ha Jun and Jeon So Min otherwise, this drama may becomes boring to me.
    120 episodes is a little too long for me to keep on watching the three boring sisters teaching and control her brother Oh Chang Suk and is also an abnormal family if Jeon So Min were to marry.
    If, Jeon So Min can marry to Seo Ha Jun , she will become very fortunate and hsppy.
    Viewers, like me is hoping to see Jeon So Min and Seo Ha Jun to be popular and famous in time to come and have sweet romance pairup together in Princess Aurora so that my efforts in watching this drama is never wasted.

  62. 62 : D PRICE Says:


  63. 63 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 54 and my objective and purpose of watching this drama is to hope that Jeon So Min and Seo Ha Jun will be together as best romance couple .

    At episode 54, i have found that Oh Chang Suk has 3 abnormal sisters who chant and prayed for him, while, he was sleeping.

    Jeon So Min is a sweet and lovely person, she should be given a chance to find the right guy, a nice Mr Right for her.
    I think, Seo Ha Jun is a very suitable Mr Right for her in this drama. To be fair for Jeon So Min, she should pair up with Seo Ha Jun, as Seo Ha Jun comes from a healthy family and respects her and gives her equal rights to voice out her opinion.
    Oh Chang Suk is not suitable for Jeon So Min, he will only invites my frustration to see him .

  64. 64 : lshiner Says:

    Jeon So Min is so pretty and she can act very well!!! Don’t you guys agree? Became a true fan of her after this drama.

  65. 65 : WHwa Says:

    May I know the title of the song in this drama? can i have a list about it?

  66. 66 : rachell Says:

    where can i find all the episodes?

  67. 67 : Melissa Says:

    I LOVE DUKDAE!! we want more of Dukdae in the show!!! Haha

  68. 68 : mml Says:

    @67 Melissa,
    this is a romance drama, i’m expecting to watch a sweet and lovely romance from Jeon So Min will be together Seo Ha Jun instead of watching the dog “Dukae”.
    Do not waste my previous time in watching a romance drama, if, i were to see the dog “Dukae” more in the show.

  69. 69 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 63, why did the writer want to arrange Jeon So Min to go to Oh Chang Suk’s house to discuss with his sisters ? Oh Chang Suk all his sisters are one kind and nasty to her, maybe the writer should arrange Jeon So Min to give up the relationships between she and Oh Chang Suk.

    Seo Ha Jun is a handsome, humble, good temper guy in this drama. The writer should arrange Jeon So Min to realise her real love should be Seo Ha Jun in time to come.
    Jeon So Min is a nice and lovely person in this drama. She is willing to accept Oh Chang Suk at this moment, the biggest problem is his three sisters do not like Jeon So Min.

    Viewers,like me is watching this drama from episode 1 to episode 63, until now, i think Oh Chang Suk has three problematic sisters, the only solution is get viewers to continue to watch this drama, is to get Jeon So Min run away and give up the hope of marrying to Oh Chang Suk.

    The writer should arrange Jeon So Min, one day got the chance to go to Seo Ha Jun’s house to meet and see his parents, to let Jeon So Min has the wisdom to realise that Seo Ha Jun comes from a lovely family with kind parents, let her to be smarter and wiser to decide her future Mr Right, so that it will be better and will bring up the viewer’s mood to like this drama more and more. After all this is 120 episodes drama, of course, i still hope, that Jeon So Min can be a CLEVER lady to choose Seo Ha Jun to have a sweet happy romance and pairup together.

  70. 70 : James Says:

    What website can I watch this drama… Started watching it when I was in Korea but now back in the states I can find it on any of the drama sites… Would like it with English subs as my Korean is still not that great.. Thanks!

  71. 71 : Angeljacs SG Says:

    I hope Aurora ended up with her manager (Seo Ha Joon) instead. He is super cute & handsome.. Better than the male lead. I watch the drama because of Ha Joon…

  72. 72 : Angeljacs SG Says:

    Just finished ep 64… Hope Aurora date & marry Seo Ha Joon… They looks better together.

    It make me angry & sick seeing the male lead..

  73. 73 : Angeljacs SG Says:

    After ep 64, seeing the change of aurora going back to ma ma it starts getting boring.. Ma ma should end up with someone else.

    Why go back to old love that is never treasure by the selfish man in the 1st place. Since you miss the chance it is gone.

    The feeling I get is like Aurora is being force into getting back by ma ma and her mother. What happen to her feeling for her manager…

    I don’t know how long more I will last watching the drama if Aurora is going back to Ma ma. They are not a good match…

  74. 74 : Anya Says:

    In order to boost ratings they need to make Aurora and her manager, Seul, fall in love. Mama is boring. His sisters are annoying. Seo Ha Joon is HOT!!!

  75. 75 : Anya Says:

    Aurora and Manager, Seul, need to get together! Just finished episode 69 and Seo Ha Jun looks so handsome in a suit! Hope the directors and writers give us the ending we, the audience, want. Seul and Aurora!!!!

  76. 76 : mml Says:

    @75 Anya,
    i agree with your opinion, after watching episode 64, i got very disappointed , later on, i picked the courage to continue watching episode 65 to episode 69 and i have found that at episode 69 started to be interesting, when i saw Seo Ha Jun was determined to love Jeon So Min and was very understanding with Jeon So Min’s difficulty, that made me felt that the writers and drama directors should arrange a happy romance for Seo Ha Jun with Jeon So Min, otherwise or maybe before i can finish the total of 120 episodes, am afraid that i may give up in watching this drama.

    The problem with Oh Chang Suk in this drama, he’s over confident that he will win Jeon So Min’s heart when he told Seo Ha Jun that he knew Jeon So Min’s character very well. This made me very frustrated when i saw Oh Chang Suk intended to cling on to a romance whereby he wanted to control Jeon So Min instead of caring towards her feelings.

    If, Jeon So Min is a CLEVER LADY, she will choose to love Seo Ha Jun, when the right time arrives and married to a caring loving family and be the princess Jeon So Min.

    If, Jeon So Min is a SILLY LADY, she will choose Oh Chang Suk and married to a family and let the 3 sisters’ lifetime bully her.

    I hope that, Princess Aurora is refering to Jeon So Min has a wisdom to understand and choose a good Mr Right.

  77. 77 : Anya Says:

    I know what you mean. Most typical kdramas always make the protagonists suffer and go through turmoil when wanting to be with their man/woman. I’m hoping this drama will LEAD in a direction that breaks free of the stereotyping, just as they did with Natasha’s character. Aurora and Seul, fighting!!

  78. 78 : Lovemoon Says:

    Hello, mml and Anya–I am with both of you. I am willing to wait and continue to cheer for whatever it takes (total of 120 ep) for Seo Ha Jun and Jeon So Min to be a couple but I think Princess Aurora will be with Ma Ma at the end if you look thru all the posters. Sad…. Also, the main lead actor is Ma Ma (not Jeon So Min).
    I am looking for to watch this week (ep 70 to 74). Can’t wait to go home to watch chinese sub on ep 70 when our prince charming (Jeon So Min) finally told the true about his family background. BTW, I really really really surprise he kneel down. Go to extreme…

  79. 79 : mml Says:

    i think the poster is refering to Jeon So Min who is acting in a drama whereby the writer is Ma Ma (Oh Chang Suk), even though your judgement is the main lead actor is Ma Ma, maybe, is refering to the drama that now Jeon So Min is acting , not refering to her final decision of making her choice that her Mr Right will be Oh Chang Suk, there is also possibility
    that Seo Ha Jun can be her Mr Right.
    When we watched episode 70, do you realised that Jeon So Min was willing to listen to Seo Ha Jun’s apology for not telling the truth, when Seo Ha Jun kneel down to her, she was calm and understanding and even given him a chance to explain.
    But, when Jeon So Min was with Oh Chang Suk, most of the time they will quarrel, they cannot understand one and another.
    I hope, that the writer and drama director will arrange Jeon So Min to love and accept Seo Ha Jun instead of Oh Chang Suk.
    Oh Chang Suk his three sisters already humiliated Jeon So Min’s mother, really don’t make sense if, Jeon So Min will continue to love Oh Chang Suk ???

  80. 80 : Anya Says:

    @mml, @Lovemoon
    We should start a petition naming Aurora and Seul as the new leading couple. Heheh.. I think in the beginning, the story did start out with Ma Ma as the leading man but as Seul got more interesting (and handsome ^_^), perhaps the writer started to incorporate more of Seul’s character into the plot. Let’s hope someone out there is reading this and that he/she will make the right choice. Give what the audience want! Aurora and Seul!

  81. 81 : Anya Says:

    Pfftthh…shucks, if Aurora doesn’t want him, Seul, you can come to me!! -_O

  82. 82 : mml Says:

    @80,81 Anya,
    i hope , what you guess can be right in the end ,hope, Jeon So Min will choose Seo Ha Jun .
    After watching episode 71, i think, it is also not logic for Jeon So Min to choose Oh Chang Suk, do you know why? The answer is, Oh Chang Suk his three sisters totally cannot accept Jeon So Min, it is a misfortune for Jeon So Min to marry to such a family. Oh Chang Suk is just like a “sandwich” trap in between his sisters and his wife. Sad to see, if, Jeon So Min will continue to like Oh Chang Suk.
    Seo Ha Jun, he is very understanding towards Jeon So Min and he has the ability to relate and discuss problems and solve together with Jeon So Min.
    I hope, Jeon So Min can be CLEVER in making a right decision to choose her Mr Right and also a right choice to make us love to watch this drama .

  83. 83 : Lovemoon Says:

    Today ep:
    1/. 3 sisters of Ma Ma had agreed to accept Aurora with condition. Go to the setup blind date from his older sister and make a promise to her that he will be a gentleman and in a good manner on that blind date.
    2/. Aurora and Seul finally hug each other. Hurray…I can hear Aurora’s heart beating thru my monitor. She closed her eyes too when he hugged her in front of her house.

    1/. Her mom is a maid at his house even thought they treated her well.
    2/. Scandal between 2 men. Not too good for her career
    3/. Bad timing for Seul especially she is in process of breaking up with Ma Ma.
    4/. If she accepted Seul people will gossip that she is the gold digger especially his 3 sisters will surely think that.
    5/. Can’t confirm yet who Aurora will choose.
    6/. Aurora ‘s first love is Ma Ma. Hard to forget your first love.

  84. 84 : Lovemoon Says:

    Can anybody tell me what happened to the 3 brothers of Aurora? Are they done with this drama? Budget cut…3 actors and 3 actress are out of unemploymnet. Just wonder whether they will show up again or will show up at the end of the drama or show up when she got married? We need them back to Korean so they can kick Ma Ma out of their house and her life.

  85. 85 : mml Says:

    @83.84 Lovemoon ,
    thank you very much for this important feedback. If, Jeon So Min will choose Oh Chang Suk, then if future, i think, i will not watch their future dramas.

    The reason that, i will continue to watch this drama is, i’m hoping that, Jeon So Min can meet and marry someone who is better than Oh Chang Suk. The quality of lifestyle that Seo Ha Jun is performing in this drama is, very healthy and suitable and also in terms of appearance in his looks, he is compatible with Jeon So Min .

    Although, Seo Ha Jun is the only son in this drama, maybe it is also an advantage that no brother or sister will disturb or disagree with his decision and Jeon So Min can be given greater confidence to love her mother more as Seo Ha Jun’s parents can accept Jeon So Min and also her mother.

  86. 86 : Lovemoon Says:

    Did anybody watch today ep (73???–Thursday)? It is so good. Watching raw this morning and it already makes my date. Can’t wait to go home from work to watch today ep in chinese sub.
    Round 1– Seul won the flight. How awesome he is when he can block Ma Ma ‘s punges (not one but twice). Horray…..
    On top of that it is a very very good news to our Aurora/Seul fan Aurora told her manager (Seul) to show up the meeting that Ma Ma asked her to meet at the park. Look like she made up her mind to break up with Ma Ma w/o letting him having the opportunity to tell her that his 3 sisters had agreed for their marriage. Cross of figure that she won’t change her mind after she found out the news from Ma Ma.
    Battle between 2 men for love is still on….

  87. 87 : Anya Says:


  88. 88 : Anya Says:

    I think at this point for Aurora to get together with Ma Ma would be redundant. It would be a waste of good script and too much time has passed.

  89. 89 : jewles Says:

    ON Friday’s episode, MaMa told Aurora’s mother that Seul is a liar and tried to punch him. He also told the director and his sisters that once he is married, Aurora will have no saying it when he chooses his sisters over Aurora; so Aurora will submit to his sisters wills and bullies. What a jerk he turned out to be and also a liar!!!

    I think mother will be pleasantly surprises to find out Seul is the manager since he introduced himself and thanked her for the good food she prepares for the family – she was impressed with him and was dreaming that how nice it would be if Aurora met someone like him before Ma Ma came to tell her lies after her work.

    Since we have 50+ episodes to go still, there will be a romance, misunderstanding, break ups, and making ups to look forward to. Hope it is not too tedious. Hopefully the writer can make this more interesting than the usual K-drama template.

  90. 90 : mml Says:

    @89 jewles,
    not to worry about this drama, there is a need that this drama must be interesting as currently from Monday to Friday, i am given a wider choice to like to select dramas to like to watch.

    Monday Friday , we have Ugly Alert, Ruby Ring, Two Women’s Room, Sincerity Moves Heaven and also Monday To Thursday, we have Crazy Love this drama .

    All these dramas are all the same having 120 episodes so, therefore, Princess Aurora needs to keep up the standard to make viewers to continue to like this drama, otherwise, sometimes viewers may give up to watch, if the drama gradually turns to less interesting.

    I hope, Jeon So Min can be as CLEVER as viewers then it is a Win Win Situation for all to like this drama.

  91. 91 : Anya Says:

    Was it just me or was the ending for episode 75 real? Was it just Ma Ma thinking about his conversation with Aurora or did it happen? Aurora is getting on my nerves now. How can she flail from one man to another within 3 episodes? C’mon writers and directors, stop wasting time with the wavering mind and pick a guy. That way I can choose to continue watching (for Seul) or STOP (because of MamA-boy).

  92. 92 : ddg Says:

    we must know…difference between like and love……^__^

  93. 93 : happy88 Says:

    STUPID show . Episodes 75 ……wasting My Time …..

  94. 94 : Hibye Says:

    I am really interested in this drama but i cant find any eng subbed episodes to watch.Can you tell me plz where you watch this?
    I live in Greece, thanks

  95. 95 : ddg Says:

    ep 76….im realy realy so sad….cz never felt like it (Hwang Mama)….

    painful thing is when we know that our loved ones do not fight anymore T____T!!!

  96. 96 : ABC90 Says:

    stupid drama.ep77….wasting my time…..

  97. 97 : Lovemoon Says:

    @ABC90 and happy88 — hang in there. Over 100+ ep drama will sure have up and down to each week. Aurora and Ma Ma are currently in the break up state therefore, the drama won’t be cheerful and existing. Seul can only be at her side stay quietly. At the meantime, we need to be his love consultant to find a few new suggestions to Seul for winning her hearts like Seul’s father had mentioned that their status is not important but must show sincerity to win her heart. So far, he kept buying her foods, cake…LoL. Please, don’t feed her. She needs diet even thought she can afford to gain some lbs. Sad thing is that he bought her chocolate that leads her to remember Ma Ma. Take a walk to the park with her dog, Aurora remembers Ma Ma… Help….Need new idea!!! Piggyback her–Ma Ma already uses it. Can’t use money to cheer her. Meaning buying jewelry, brandname clothing, dine in a fancy restuarant…She had already experienced them since she is orig. from the rich family.

  98. 98 : Lovemoon Says:

    @89 jewles: I agree with you and so surprise he went to her mom as well. Also, he ordered Seul to quit being her manager and insulated Seul that who he thinks he is to course Aurora (the actress).
    May I ask the “manager” job should not the same as a servant (maid, housekeeper) isn’t it? At United States, the manager is a decent job. Take care of the stars and got big $$$ for it. Do I mis-understanding it?

  99. 99 : Lovemoon Says:

    Notice a few hints for the upcoming ep:
    1/. Seul mom just found a new restuarant which is Ma Ma ‘s oldest sister restuarnat and want to dine with Seul and Aurora. Can’t wait for that moment to see how his sister reacts.
    2/. Will the oldest sister bad mouth about her? to Seul mom and get backfire since Seul mom is a kind and loving person or will put some bad images about Aurora to Seul mom and nightmare wil begin.
    3/. Who do you want the producer to date? Aurora’s makeup artist (probably around his age), Ma Ma’s sister (over 50+) or Ji Young’s mom (at least 10 yrs older) ??? Can’t stand it. Gross when they dream about kissing him.

  100. 100 : xiaoling Says:

    when I watched episode 77 kinda scared that the writer show that aurola and hwang ma so much in love,that maybe forever they cant forget each other.The drama turn to aurola and hwang ma for couple,this will make so many fans in US angry because we already in love with aurola with manager.

  101. 101 : xiaoling Says:

    I hope the drama will ended Aurola and Seul tobe couple, is more interesting than Aurola with Hwang Ma .All of my friends agree with me.

  102. 102 : jewles Says:

    @98 Lovemoon:

    I think the manager role in Korean entertainment industry is to facilitate the needs of the celebrity not managing her career per se. However, in this show, Seul has been managing her career as he got her the designers, commercial gigs, etc. This show is showing Seul’s ability more as the future owner of the entertainment agency which is his future goal, rather than just a manager. Of course, since he didn’t know Seul is from a weathy family, Mama thinks Seul is a subservient person therefore not at his level or Aurora’s level.

    I think today’s show gave Mama too much credit for his sensitivity which he didn’t show at all throughout the series. Hope the writer is not changing the show to get them together later as the unrealised-love-conquers-all with Aurora and Mama. That will be a shame as a real good guy never gets the girl.

  103. 103 : Anya Says:

    @102 jewles
    Nicely put and well observed about Mama’s character. His “sudden change in personality” is just to make him more appealing to the audience because let’s face it, Seul is perfect and ideal. But anyhoo, I’ve been liking the last few episodes. Get rid of Ma Ma!

  104. 104 : happy88 Says:

    Get rid of MA MA …GOOOOOOG

  105. 105 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 78 , is a very nice warm happy effect, i’m glad to see Jeon So Min had accepted Seo Ha Jun’s parents .

    I will continue to watch episode 79 and see what goes next, hope ,it can interest me to continue to like to watch.

  106. 106 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 79, it touches one’s heart that Seo Ha Jun’s parents are very understanding when they realised that Jeon So Min’s mother working at their home.

    Jeon So Min’s mother had already given some advice to her daughter, looking at her expressions she’s hoping that her daughter will marry to a kind and harmony family.

    Jeon So Min should marry to Seo Ha Jun not because of he is a rich man’s son , but most importantly is, viewers can feel that harmony and happiness can be found at all times.

    Look at Hwang Ma Ma (Oh Chang Suk) his three sisters, everyday, their leisure time is to gossip and plan on how to attack and hurt Jeon So Min, i think is a waste of their energy.

    Writer, please think of even better ideals, for example, let us see Seo Ha Jun brings Jeon So Min’s mother to go out for interesting activities .

    I don’t like to see Hwang Ma Ma his three sister every gossip about Jeon So Min very boring to me.

    Currently, i have slow down the process to like to watch Sincerity Moves Heaven this drama and more attention is divert to Princess Aurora this drama , mainly is Jeon So Min and Seo Ha Jun newly pair up couple that interest me to like to watch this drama.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 80 and see what goes next, if is good i will continue to watch.

  107. 107 : enjoy! | Movies Says:

    […] 오로라 공주 / Princess Aurora / 歐若拉公主 Broadcast period: 2013-May-20 to 2013-Nov-04 Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15 […]

  108. 108 : Lovemoon Says:

    At the end of the last ep on Friday the scene showing 2 handsome but lonely, and heart broken guys passing each other when they were on their road trip. My mind has suddenly popped up all those weird, and ugly thinking. That why I didn’t comment on Friday. Watching Monday and then Tuesday ep won’t tell me anything.
    Not sure what the writer will try to tell us. Right or wrong I think Ma Ma and the gay guy will be together as he mentioned heart broken once is enough. He is a writer and need the experience himself to write a good stuffs, isn’t it? Please, go for it, Ma Ma. We will support you. LOL. His 3 sisters will regret to what they reject Aurora. Watching this drama I think it is possible as I have noticed the writer always added weird and unusual stuffs such as gay couple holding hands, living together with their parents, the guy started to dance in front of the group (all guys) on their get together, 3 women day dream on kissing the same guy (producer)…

  109. 109 : Lovemoon Says:

    Ma Ma spent a lot of times with his 3 sisters after his road trip. I think he will move out.

  110. 110 : Anya Says:

    What the hell is Aurora’s problem on episode 81?!!! If she and Mama are gonna end up with each other, then do it now, for heaven’s sake. Don’t lull the audience into a false sense of security and make us believe one thing and then change the ending at the last minute.

    On second thought, I’m gonna boycott this series cuz it sucks. I feel so bad for Seul and his parents. They’re such good people. Seul deserves sooooo much better.
    I hope Mama and Natasha get together and that the sisters get the shock of their lives. But WAIT, I don’t want the 3 witches to go crawling to Aurora and beg her to take Mama back. Seriously, what the heck. ~40 more episodes left of…

    Seul, we love you!!

  111. 111 : jewles Says:

    My sentiments EXACTLY! I was utterly disappointed with Aurora.

    It would be great that Mama hooks up with Natasha, realizing that he likes boys or at least this one, and rejects Aurora. (he sure seems to gotten over Aurora quickly) Aurora will crying back to Seul and Seul will take her back. Or meantime, Seul finds another love of his life????

    What a schmuck Aurora is in this episode.

  112. 112 : mml Says:

    @110 Anya and 111 jewles,
    agreed with both of you. This drama is not improving , especially Aurora, she keeps on thinking about Hwang Ma Ma(Oh Chang Suk), when she is with Seo Ha Jun , i think Seo Ha Jun’s ex-girl friend should appear and made some difference.
    Then, perhaps Aurora will realise what she wants most .
    Instead of keep on thinking of Hwang Ma Ma and does nothing to fool viewers.

  113. 113 : littleuniverse Says:

    I totally agree with the former statements, that it’s idiotic that Aurora keeps thinking of Hwang Ma Ma when she has a super cute gentleman infront of her. Hwang Ma Ma and Aurora are getting an my nerves. Hwang Ma Ma is an egoistic wimp, who first thinks of himself and than of his sisters, i understand that they raised him, but they can’t dictate his whole life. And i dont really feel his love for Aurora. And than there is Aurora, who on one hand thinks she is too good to have an evil Mother-in-law, who only thinks of prestige and money. On the other hand at first she keeps runnin after Hwang Ma Ma and even try’s to mend the relationship between herself and the three sister, even as she thinks she has done nothing wrong.
    Ijust don’t feel any chemistry between Hwang Ma Ma and Aurora.
    There relationship often feels forced, where on the other hand the relationship between Aurora and Seo Ha Jun bubbly is.
    If she ends up with Hwang Ma Ma it would be a total tragedy, a total overkill.

  114. 114 : John k Says:

    After watching the last part,it looks like the writer wants aurora to get back with that ass ma ma. Aurora drunk dialed ma ma This drama is going the wrong direction. This drama is gonna suck if aurora doesn’t end up with seo.

  115. 115 : John k Says:

    Ma ma is a weasel. He already said once he marries aurora he’s going to be on his sisters side instead. She is a mommas boy. I think the oldest sister is his mother the way she acts.

  116. 116 : Cherry Says:

    The more i watch the more i feel angry, you think the ppl who watches the show are idiots? Make this kind of crazy story.

  117. 117 : mml Says:

    @116 Cherry,
    i have watched up to episode 82 then i did not this drama, episode 83 onwards i did not watch due to write made Jeon So Min keep on thinking of Hwang Ma Ma.

    I wanted Jeon So Min to love and end up with Seo Ha Jun, looks like writer did not follow what i wish to happen , therefore, i have stopped and did not want to watch this drama at this moment.

  118. 118 : mml Says:

    @116 Cherry,
    i have watched up to episode 82 then i did not watch this drama, episode 83 onwards i did not watch, due to writer made Jeon So Min keep on thinking of Hwang Ma Ma.

    I wanted Jeon So Min to love and end up with Seo Ha Jun, looks like writer did not follow what i wish to happen , therefore, i have stopped and did not want to watch this drama at this moment.

  119. 119 : meiyounao Says:

    I have stopped at ep 81 when Aurora think of mama. For goodness sake. script writer, please dont create such ridiculous story wasting our time watching. Aurora getting silly instead of wiser. Ma ma decision to be a monk? Hahaha……

  120. 120 : Cherry, Says:

    @118 mml, I agree , also gave up on watching.

  121. 121 : Anti-Mama Says:

    After watching Ep. 86, i was so disappointed by the writers of this drama that im thinking of not watching this drama any longer.

    Warning: Spoiler Alert
    Why in the world would you let aurora be with mama again without letting seul know!?! I hate both of them now… Aurora for being a $lut and Mama for being conceited and a cry baby. And what is up with aurora’s mom? She was gentle and kind and all, but why did she have to lie to seul that aurora is hanging out with her friends?!? The most frustrating part was when aurora and mama hugged in the car… i mean just why? Why isnt there a flashback of when mama slapped aurora way back in ep. 30-ish?

    Finally, what’s the whole deal with showing Natasha here and there? All we want is for aurora and seul to get married, have kids, and live happily ever after! I know not everyone would agree, but the majority of the viewers do.

  122. 122 : John k Says:

    Aurora is a slut!!!!

  123. 123 : Lovemoon Says:

    At first, I thought I understood what Aurora did for at least 10 ep. or so when she
    –Broke up with Ma Ma–Not because of not loving him but what his sisters did to her mom. Ma Ma is still her first love. Hard to forget.
    –Have dinner with Seul parents–not for marriage or love Seul but to thanks his mom for her meal. Willing to take a good, rich and handsome guy for marriage if she wants or needs to get back at Ma Ma and his 3 sisters.
    –Told him “she likes him (not love)” –Never lie to Seul about her feeling–He knows and he mentioned that he will wait until she fall for him.
    This week ep seems like going to different directions. Should I wait to see how the writer trying to tell us. Still have more ep. to turn around….

    Mad at Seul since the guy didn’t show any sign of fallen in love with Aurora as he claimed he was. Suddenly no chemistry what so ever between Aurora and Seul after Aurora broken with Ma Ma. The only good thumb up was that he sent 100 roses or more to her. More friendship than lover to me. Aurora made him dinner and give him B-day gift at the door. What do he did? no hug or kiss. Only said “thanks”. How stupid it is… even his dad was mad and started to lecture him on what he didn’t use the opportunity during drinking with Aurora to move forward in their relationship. I guess he miscalculated and make an assumption that she won’t change her mind. His timing is bad. I feel bad for his parents once they know that she got back with Ma Ma. Can’t wait to find out.

    Ma Ma… speechless…the only thing I can help myself to get my blood pressure drop is to think that Maybe this is his evil plot for setting up the whole thing to win Aurora back knowing how his sisters will react.

  124. 124 : Lovemoon Says:

    Talking about disappointment on this drama. It is not that bad comparing with the final ep of Empire of Gold on Tuesday was the worst one of ALL.

  125. 125 : Anti-Mama Says:

    Another Spoiler Alert!!!
    After seeing the previews of ep 87-89, it seems that Seul is going to leave Aurora after hearing from Aurora that she is dating Mama again. F*[email protected]

    I dont know what anyone else thinks but i hardly doubt this drama is going to let aurora and mama be together, since there are over 40 episodes left. Aurora and Mama are NOT destined to be with each other!

  126. 126 : Anti!!!! Says:

    i really started to hate this drama ~ how can aurora stupid enough to leave seul?? i really hate mama!!!

  127. 127 : Lovemoon Says:

    To Anti-Mama–I have the same feeling that Aurora and Mama won’t be together.
    –She made the phone call to her brother to announce her decision getting marriage with Mama but the drama didn’t tell us their conversation whether her brothers were against or congratulation her. Have to wait for the answer. I think they are against her. Hope it will stop their marriage.
    –A few weeks back there was a last screen with Mama and Natasha on the road trip. I think a dark secret will reveal soon between these 2 men on their road trip. What can it be? They don’t show us that for nothing. I believe whatever the secret from the road trip is the root cause for Mama to decide to become monk. Not because he can’t have her. Can’t wait to know what it can be.

  128. 128 : mml Says:

    @127 Lovemoon,
    Lovemoon please update me the information whether Jeon So Min Aurora will she marry Seo Ha Jun ?
    I have watched up to episode 82 only. I did not continue watching episode 83 onwards, as i only hope that Aurora will marry Seo Ha Jun. If, she finally confirm to marry Seo Ha Jun then, i will definitely want to continue to watch episode 83 and finished watching the whole drama.
    I have wasted all my previous time to support watching episode 1 to episode 82 and i did not see the writer wanted to support viewers’ hope to let Jeon So Min wants to marry Seo Ha Jun, therefore, am very disappointed and disheartened to continue watching this drama unless Jeon So Min will marry Seo Ha Jun.

  129. 129 : Love Seo Ha jun Says:

    I don’t understand why Aurora changed her mind so quickly and how could she leave Seo Ha Jun behind? If Seo Ha Jun disappear in this drama, I will discountinue to watch this drama. Don’t like mama at all!!!!!

  130. 130 : jewles Says:

    Spoiler Alert!

    Well, the sisters are up to no-good already thinking about how to torture Aurora with wedding prep demands, etc. They are also saying things like how Aurora’s family still don’t have any means, and under no circumstances that they will back the brothers if they want to start any business; Nothing is changed.

    What a nerve for the oldest sister to tell Seul’ father about the couples breakup as she is already the elder in the family. Yeh! for dad for saying “What about my son!” when she says that it would have been difficult situation for Aurora. I thing she feels a bit guilty; big deal…. Disappointed in Aurora’s mother big time – no class for not handling it herself.

    My prediction is that Aurora will slowly find out what scums the Hwangs are and start to miss Seul and crawling back to Seul. Poor Seul will take her back unfortunately……

    I think they might extend the separation period like “1 year later” since Seul seems to be leaving the country. This is as bad as the jerk going to the temple to be a monk, isn’t it? Leaving the family and going away.
    It only took the jerk seconds to give up the big commitment of being the monk. Only thing she said was if you are not down in 30 minutes, I will be leaving. So then he says, I will be right back after saying goodbye to the sr. monk immediately. so much for the big speech he made in the letter to his sisters.

    Well.. very frustrating. Apparently there are lots of people who were moved by their reunion in the car saying how they bawled over when the couple was crying in the car back from the temple, saying that they were meant for each other. Go figure.

    What a sissy boy! Seems so slimy! Probably cried because he was embarrassed. I would be if I were him. I just wish Seul didn’t say “Sorry” before he punched him at the Pool. Nothing to be sorry about.

    Does it look like I am a bit upset about the show? ;))

  131. 131 : mml Says:

    Those who did not watch this drama is the greatest blessings as they will not waste their precious time in hoping some changes to be better.

    I have checked the preview for episode 97 at youtube and discovered that princess Aurora married Hwang Ma Ma ,am very angry with the writer for wasting my precious time in watching episode 1 to episode 82 .

    A lesson that i have learnt , next time i will never watch any drama that the actor is Oh Chang Suk and also will never watch any drama which the actress is Jeon So Min then i will never got the chance to suffer disappointment.

  132. 132 : mikpigs Says:

    do you know where i can watch in english? 🙁 i am frustrated because of it. please kindly tell me.

  133. 133 : Jyenie Says:

    After watching Dear Heaven, I was searching for other dramas written by Im Sun Han and I found her latest work, Princess Aurora, it is surprisingly good and not so draggy like the previous works. I have noticed that there are some standard plots in all her dramas i.e. somebody will die suddenly in an accident, birth secrets, pets, horse riding, step mother etc….
    I have watched up to ep 18, so far so good but I don’t understand why Aurora’s family is in debt after her dad’s accident, I was crying along when Aurora was begging those men to let her keep Dokte. I like the chemistry between the OTPs, I can see that the storms are coming between them as MaMa misunderstands that Aurora is taking him for a ride when she fails to turn up for the breakfast date.

  134. 134 : Anti-Mama Says:

    I have a strange feeling that both Mama and Sa gong are going to fight against each other for Natasha. This is an absurd conclusion but based on how the drama is going so far, we can all expect the worst… or the better? idk i stopped watching this drama when Mama came out from the temple.

    I’m just hoping that Mama and Aurora get a divorce soon. Mama’s sisters are going to be a problem again…

  135. 135 : Jyenie Says:

    I have watched up to episode 25. I am totally hooked with this drama! I love to see the interaction between Aurora and MaMa, MM’s ego is deeply hurt by Aurora’s cold treatment. Ha! To make things worse, the appearance of a new cast, SSH, in ep 25 will definitely make him all green with jealousy! I am all for MaMa now but I am really curious to see if I will change ship and support SSH instead?!

  136. 136 : say Says:

    RR is greed, o mind,does she think she will always have the two men with her, today episode shows that,RR is out of her mind,she refused SSH and marry MAMA, now that Park Ji Young call her to make her jealous,RR is thinking what,I certainly, don’t know what the writer is up to but he or she better not make SSH go back to RR,or ever want RR back, in the beginning she took Park Ji Young place by lying to MaMa that she is Park Ji Young now that Park Ji Young want to marry SSL without love,what kind of BS is RR trying to do?I can’t wait to watch the next episode for me to see what kind of crap RR is trying this time.

  137. 137 : Anti-Mama Says:

    Wait until you see Aurora’s awesome and more handsome manager!
    Dont know what you’re trying to say because of all the abbreviations.

    But i did watch all the previews from episode 90-103 and here’s my reaction:

    Spoiler Alert! (If anyone cares anymore that is…)
    Im trying my best to ignore Mama and Aurora’s so-called “relationship” for a while because i know, from watching the previews, that Mama’s sisters are going to hate on Aurora again. And what’s the point of trying to break up Sa Gong and Daji? Its not like Sa Gong is going to like Natasha again right… RIGHT??? idk…

    That being said, when Ji Young told Aurora that Ji Young is going to marry Seul on episode 103, the facial expression that Aurora had was full of disgust. I am pretty sure the relationship between Ji Young and Seul wont last long, since it contains no love whatsoever. I really hate Ji Young! Every time i see her i flick the middle finger at her… and Aurora sometimes too for being a s1Ut! Im still wondering why Natasha isnt showing up again… maybe he isnt coming back? No one knows, but that short subliminal message in the temple scene between Mama and Natasha cant be ignored.

    And i dont give a s#!t about the director’s relationship between Mama’s oldest sister and Sa Gong’s mom… why? because that’s not suppose to be the focus right now!!! Still waiting for Seul to get back with Aurora, and seeing Aurora regret and suffer for not taking Seul’s love in the first place!! Argh!

  138. 138 : say Says:

    I don’t care what anyone might think about MaMa,but he and RR belong together,there have come a long way to be together,SSL just came into the picture to break them up,because of MaMa sisters troubles but they survived.SSL my dear move on with your life there is no gain for you to continue to live in the past even when the past had left you.Go on marry Park Ji Young,she is beautiful even more than RR if they have to stand up for competition in real life.SSL and Park Ji Young belong together.

  139. 139 : Viewers choice Says:

    If this show don’t end up with Aurora divorcing mama and marry seo ha jun. It’s really a waste of time watching and the ratings will drop for sure. The writer n producer if can make aurora falls in love seo ha jun n has good ending with him. I will fully recommend this show to everyone. If this show ends with aurora n ma ma everyone can stop wasting anytime watching further. As a fan from the start of this show, usually the lead will marry the lead actor but i seriously think aurora must end up happily with seo ha jun for this show to be perfect.

  140. 140 : Jyenie Says:

    I am at ep 66 now, I am still alright with the pairing of Ma Ma and Aurora 🙂

  141. 141 : Cheerio Says:

    Being an Ardant Fan of this drama right from the start and still eagerly watching every updated ep in the earliest possible viewing. I think it is good to respect the script producer and director for their story and what it is going to turn out so that as viewer of this drama that has seemingly extended to 150 ep as was shown as 120 ep then of course subject to confirmations; allow the drama to show what it ORIGINALLY wished to help views understand of moral lessons or it’s depicting of the characters.

    Just my two cents worth of comments : I thought the sudden twist in the middle entry of Seo – He is a very good actor but too much of him that brings much attentions off the Main Actor and Actress intriguing life stories between Aurora & MaMa as well as their families – 3 Sisters & 3 Bros – which gone out of drama becos of Seo. Last lap of drama stories now I hope to see the Real Life married couples growing & adjusting their single living life to couple living life and their families too. Not all the cut-short divorces and messy lives in their marriages. It would be good to see how Seo get over and grow up since he is going to be a Entertainment Co’s Boss – surely he cannot live a lousy, weak life to show such will be a FULL STOP as a ardant fan. I like Aurora for walking away from Seo at his nonsense, self-centered pestering talk after lst meeting since her marriage. And she is happily married at this time . I thought this weakness of Seo is not fitting for him – showing that he is still a Parent’s Boy, so confirmed that MaMa is the right Man for Aurora. Which I could not stand Aurora bully Mama – Pinching him ; Mama is supposedly much older than her. Well with all this said I still believed that the story will end well – Happy ending to allow many fans learn about LOVE and MARRIAGE and LIVING Respects and Relationships… Still watching … Sa Rang Hae Yo to the Hard Working Teams ! AJA AJA !

  142. 142 : Jyenie Says:

    Ep67, it’s so hilarious to see the discussion of Seo and his parents about Aurora at one episode after another, his mother even plans to live with Aurora’s mother if Seo marries Aurora, while they are oblivious about the relationship of MaMa and Aurora. They are so (over)confident that Aurora is available and she will definitely accept Seo when he finally finds the right time to confess his love to her because he is so eligible for any girls.

  143. 143 : Jaydeejay Says:

    The producers should have stopped at episode 120 some of the episodes do not have bearing on the story. The writer and producers just keep on creating unrelated stories to the point that you do not understand the main story of this drama. Just pure greed on money sacrificing the quality of the story of the drama. I do not any episode for October 14 did they finally stop the show which is becoming boring with uninteresting story. Cut your losses and the show please and move on to the next drama series thanks

  144. 144 : jewles Says:

    I read a news item that the reason the brothers are no longer in the picture is that the writer just wrote them off and not going to bring them back. They were paid until the end of the show but they are not allowed to do other shows until this show is completed and they are very angry at the writer. Apparently this writer does this often. I didn’t know that the writers had so much power.

    I see that Mama-lovers are out in the open now. 🙂

    I don’t understand why people think Seul is so selfish and messing with Mama-Aurora relationship, etc. I think only thing he showed so far was what a real gentleman he has been throughout the show and paying for the one-side crush in a big way.

    Interesting how the sisters are turning against Aurora…… the plot thickens.and it is about time to wrap it up!

  145. 145 : say Says:

    anyone who started watching this drama from the beginning will know that MaMa and RR was in the relationship before Seul came into the picture.MaMa has always been true in his relationship with RR.He never waver in his tent to have RR,he may have lack the the courage to stand up against his sisters not wanting him to marry RR but in actual scene he was brought up by his sisters delicate their life for him,over pampered him that his sisters forgot they too can have a life of their own,in which they looked at MaMa as their husband,not untill MaMa left them they realize they will lose him if they don’t give in for him to have RR,leaving his sisters was the only way he could get himself stand up against his sisters,my guess he understood how they made him their husbands,but nevertheless MaMa relationship with RR was undermine Seul, a true gentlemen does not do that,or get involve showing that I am the best for her.That was what Seul was showing to every body only to get disappointed when RR decided abandon him for same MaMa.

    RR was the first person to fall in love with MaMa at first sight I guess.Seul for now should stand up like a man and stop whining over RR who is married already,and move on because if Seul continue like this not bringing shame to his parent that thought that both he and RR was in a good relationship supported with all heart got disappointed by the turn of event, best advise is move on.

  146. 146 : Jyenie Says:

    Aurora’s third brother (Oh Dae Gyu) is acting in Precious Love now. Anyway, this writer has an unusual way in dealing with matters, google her name, you will find her unbelievable news.
    None of the characters in this drama is 100 percent lovable, they all have some flaws in their personalities.

  147. 147 : jewles Says:


    Seul didn’t know Rora had someone else in his mind and yes he jump the conclusion that they could be an item, but you must have missed all the childish things mama was doing throughout the show.

    Mama weeping around was OK because his was true love and Seul’s was not? If Seul has gotten over Rora, you will probably say “see how shallow his love was”, etc, etc.

    Do keep in mind that if you love someone it is very hard to get them out of your heart whether they are married or not.

    I just want to see the development of the show now that the sisters are ganging up on Rora and how Mama will handle it. Before he left for the temple and when he was sure that they will marry, he mentioned to the boys he was out with (or was it the director?) that he will be on his sisters’ side if any problem arise. Hope he has changed since then.

    @Jyenie 146

    That’s a great news! It was kind of strange to here they couldn’t work on other shows when I see Seul’s mother is in 3 different shows at the same time.

    I just wish dramas don’t keep extending the shows. It gets tiresome and want to see some new storylines after a while.

  148. 148 : carolyn Says:

    mama not bad it the sisters the or bad

  149. 149 : say Says:

    the actual trust is that RR marry MaMa to be the forth wife,just like the women in the palace were they battle to gain the King favor, especially MaMa first sister,MaMa is like everything to her so RR has to tell her husband what is going on or she deal with it by herself, keeping silence is not going to solve the problem,because RR is like a threat to them,and mama is like a husband to his sisters.

    hope the writer will not Park Ji Young a bad daughter in law, my suggestion for the writer instead make Park Ji Young do house work ,eg,cook,clean,laundry and sweep just like her brother girl friend did in their house she did not value it but curse at her, is her turn to do those house work.

  150. 150 : say Says:

    Again SS do not need to treat Park Ji Young like that even though you don’t like her that does not mean you look at her that way, remember no one is forcing you into this marriage, you have a choice now to decide what you want not going into it and start regretting,like a Victim which you are not,treat Park Ji Young with respect,you are not the first person to do Korean drama arrange marriage,there are so many of them.

  151. 151 : Cheerio Says:

    This is abit too slow moving at this time of the show but it’s interesting. Looks like the Seo family gonna experienced the mother having Dementia and giving difficult time to the Daughter-in-law. To compare with RR having adjustment issues with her 2 Sis-In-law, RR is still having her Mama’s love & doting so not really a problem. The 2 sisters-in-law will have to learn n detached from RR & Mama soon. It’s only cannot stand the Director & Vain Lady trying to gain each other’s attention for their own selfish desire fulfilment … Hahahaha but these kind of ppl are real in the world. GOOD script depiction – Keep it up but please speed up the story and also let RR be more gentle & submissive to love Mama not so distance in Emotion lah. While Mama being more mature in age and a writer should be more observant and sensitive to her wife and sisters getting along . Don’t like the making of Mama as a kind of MCP ! Still a good show to follow . Oh why there were 2 days missing last week ?

  152. 152 : Cheerio Says:

    Oh I remember that Seo had a girlfriend before meeting RR which he also did mentioned to RR that the girl was from RR university. Seo mother did ask him once abt the girl in one of the earlier ep. That the girl rejected SEO and went abroad. I was looking forward to have the girl return to SEO and bridge the friendship between SEO and RR/Mama
    as the girl is RR’s good friend and returned to marry SEO who readily reciproate her love as they were a pair before… Rather than he just without emotion to marry Park JY.

  153. 153 : say Says:

    @Cheerio,I don’t think the girl will be back because they usually use the main cast to do the story line as it progresses perhaps, if they bring back the girl they will not be story line for Park JY, and a man can hardly forgive a girl who abandon him to go to abroad,I don’t think any man with his right mind will accept that or else he was the one who rejected her,and want to see if she will forgive him but as you mention she was the one that left,so she must not have been alone all this time,so best thing for seo is to move on and lighting up himself,I also feel Park JY is not going to find it easy with the mother in law of a thing because when one have Dementia it is very difficult to handle plus a husband who does not love you that can feel sorry for you or help you in difficult times, JY is going for a difficult love.

    I don’t see JY as a bad person she hate RR because RR was the first person to lie and presented herself to MaMa as Park JY, in the beginning,though RR apologized for it but women has always feel jealous of each other that is why JY have a hard time accepting RR,plus the fight between them in JY house because of JY sister. they have encounter each other many times,RR marry mama the sisters giving her hard time,park jy marry seo mother in law give her hard time both as I think have link to be from same mother and there must be a story why JY mother did not recognizance RR as her daughter,I might be wrong,so let wait to see,also JY and RR encounter as I think has not finish or seo lost for RR is till there,that is not going to be a happy moment for JY when she sees that B/W her husband and RR if that ever happen.

  154. 154 : Flower Says:

    Ep 85 and Ep 86 the 3 spinsters and MA MA are lame sucky losers. I’m absolutely angry when MA MA left the temple. What will become of the manager and his parents who were so nice to Rora. Stupid Rora now the spinsters need her help then only be nice to her. After marriage the leopards never change their spots will show their true cols I believe.

  155. 155 : Viewers choice Says:

    I will still like to see Seo end up with aurora for this drama cos I think he deserved her for all the effort n support that he has given aurora and he is really cute.

  156. 156 : carolyn Says:

    MaMa sisters are sick

  157. 157 : say Says:

    One good quality of a human being is to love tell the truth to the person they love.Even though RR has chosen seo and she still does not love him,she will not be happy no amount of money and affection will buy love.when seo was around RR,she barely smile she hold back her smile half way,she accepted Seo as friend not as a lover.It is better for two people who are not in love with each to marry and learn to love each other,than one sided love from a marriage partner,which one of them is in love with other person out side their marriage that will never work.Now that PY and Seo are getting married with no attachment with anybody out side their life it will be much easier than one of them is still attach to other person outside of their marriage in which that person is still single.

    If RR really cares about Seo when mama sisters came she could have just told them that she is engage now to someone else that mama is not her problem any more.mama elder sister saw RR in her restaurant with Seo parents even with that could have made RR not to reject Seo but she did.I hate to preach, let just enjoy the drama and not to condemn any of the characters even though it is hard not to.

  158. 158 : mml Says:

    @157 say,
    i have watched until episode 82 then i gave up in watching.
    By reading what your opinions are at Take My Hand this drama, it is even more easy to discuss with you Princess Aurora this drama. I may consider to come back to continue watching this drama and to continue episode 83.
    May i ask you a question , you have watched up to which episode for this drama ?
    Sometimes, it is difficult for me not to condemn any of the characters of the drama as dramas will really affect my mood. Sometimes, dramas can really make me very happy and sometimes dramas can really can upset my heart very much.
    I’m not saying RR is really foolish to marry MaMa as love is blind.
    Is just that what lies alot of hurt to another person is Seo Ha Jun.
    Can you tell me what is your expectations for this drama ?
    Do you hope RR divorce with MaMa can re-match with Seo ?
    Or do you wish that Ji Young can finally win the love from Seo ?
    The reason i will ask your opinion is, after reading your opinions from Take My Hand this drama. I have found that you are smart in relating things and understand well in the drama that you watch, so, therefore, i need your opinion so that i can consider to what are the reasons that i will continue to watch this drama.

  159. 159 : say Says:

    @mml,my dear, to be honesty with you at the beginning I didn’t like RR character,also never wanted her to end up with MaMa than the introduction of Seo character came in,same feeling I have for Seo character too,I know many people like him but I till wasn’t sure whether to like him or not.As you can see in the picture above it said where the writer will go with his or her pairings,so I didn’t bother about any of the characters anymore because in this drama ,there isn’t any kind of witch hunting or plot when someone will go out of his or her way do unthinkable evil things to others,that is why this drama is different from other Korean dramas that we are watching,the writer was able contain the ideal not copy writing the usual Korean dramas but went to a lighter way of portraying each of the characters, that is what attracted me in watching this drama the different way the writer took to,I just hope the writer doesn’t kill Seo because of his parents, killing Soe also means killing his parents that will be the most meanness way of writing a drama and it will also kill the love i have for this drama and the way i was viewing it to be diffident, at least let everybody be happy at the end, so far I like all the pairings.

  160. 160 : mml Says:

    @159 say,
    oh my god, how is it you can like the pairing?
    RR should pair with Seo and Mama should pair with Park Ji Young. Look at the 3 witch sisters before a person wants to marry better think twice , RR married Mama is the greatest wrong decision.
    The 3 witch will think that Mama is their one and only hope in life. And when RR married to the family, she will never get happiness and perhaps she may regret after a period of time.
    When RR sees Ji Young happily with Seo, she will get nothing more and nothing less but just hurt experience from her wrong marriage.
    Maybe these pairings couples, one pair will get happiness and one pair will get suffering. I think this is what the writer planning for this romance drama.

  161. 161 : say Says:

    @mml you funny,but first all,RR marry MaMa not his sister,for my own experience when one marry you,you only regret your marriage if the person you are married to is abusing you that is when it is not meant to be,in every way, when people marry they think that every thing will be OK but marriage is not like that,MaMa love RR that is what matters you don’t marry for money instead of love,what if RR had married Seo? what do you think it is for,is it for money or for love?do you want her to marry him when she will sill be thinking of other man?many men or women have kill all because they can’t let go of the money of their partner lead them to kill because they wanted both,so you have to choose money or love, but RR chooses love in place of money, I don’t think MaMa is poor either, with love you can over come any problem or obstacle that comes on your way,I read so many comments on line, I don’t know if those people who made comment are married or not but their worlds blow me away in scene that it is very childish,how can you divorce your husband that love you because of his sisters even in America here I never heard of it,you can only divorce your husband if he is abusing you not because of his sisters or even mother in law can make you divorce your husband.I am so surprise when people put out those comment saying divorce him, divorce him,he is not taking care you because his sister are nagging you,or mother in law don’t like you.if abuse does not come from your husband and you know he truly love and can support you in any decision you made concerning of your marriage, so why do you want to divorce him? is where you are going any better? don’t kid me, in real life there is no marriage that is problem free,it could be any.

    As you can see Seo is also sick,that is why I said there is no marriage that is problem free,if both him and RR was to be married by now and he is sick do you think RR will be happy woman,either will Ji Young be happy when she find out that her husband to be or her husband is a dying man,those smile will disappear,this is what the writer is trying to portray to the viewers that there is no marriage that is problem free but you have to deal with it as it comes.I hope Korean writer will be portraying true meaning of writing to viewers,not writing things that are not real to the viewers so make the viewers happy when it is not true the way it works with [email protected] Seo is not a bad man either MaMa they both offered their love the woman they love but unfortunately she can only choose one of them,she made that clear to the Seo man,hope the writer can stop showing this self pitiful Seo because RR left him,it has been over a year now according to the drama,so self pitying is getting too much,enough already,this drama remind me of “WHEN A MAN LOVES”don’t make it so boring again focus your message to the viewers dear writer,don’t copy writing again like the others dramas.

  162. 162 : jewles Says:

    As the story goes on, you see Rora missing Seul and his considerate ways as things get difficult for her.

    She is uneasy when she runs into him because she has feelings for him. She is still crying for him not being happy yet. With Mama’s sisters treatment of Rora and Mama’s blank look on what is going on in his own house will be the end of them. Love is only as strong as how they care and know about each other. They are only in to what 3 months of marriage and she is crying all the time, and Mama is clueless. Same sap as always….

    Seul is sick and hope Rora will come to him to take care of him even if it is only for the rest of his dying days. Rather than Rora, I am hoping Seul will find happiness.

    Money was never an issue for any of the characters for their intention of marriage except for Ji Young and her mother. Seul did exact same thing Rora used to do pretending that they are not from a wealthy family so I don’t understand people saying the he flaunted his money, etc. He worked hard as Rora’s manager to get Rora be out of her debt not through his connections.

    You don’t forget and not feel anything for someone you loved with all your heart just because the other party is married. You have all the right to miss and worry about someone you cared for regardless of their married status.

    Do you think Rora is happy? Don’t think so! Whether Rora stays with Mama or not, she won’t be happy until she leave the sister’s house.

  163. 163 : say Says:

    day by day I see women come to national TV to defend their husband even when their husband cheated on them,are we calling those women fool for doing that or are we saying those women what their husband has done is not painful to them,or they don’t self respect,this are real life event,if there are a better choice for them don’t we think they could have taken that choice in a heart beat.What we are watching doesn’t play out like that in real life, which man will be waiting for a woman who left him and married other for her to divorce her husband come back to him?wow that man must not have been born of a woman,let be honesty even though most of us here that post on this thread don’t have a husband but we must have boyfriend,can I ask a question,how is your boyfriend,I hope he is not cheating on you when you have not left him to marry other man,or is he a better man than MaMa,luck you if he is better man than MaMa,I am not talking about money,or look,I am talking about love and trust about life.

    some comment here said how can RR leave a man like SS who can provide for her and treat her like a princes,if money they mean what else,leave your husband go marry other man that is good advise to a person because were she is going there will be no problem all will be roses through out life time.people talk as if their own life is full roses that is why give out a childish advise,we are all saying all this we forget that RR father have had mistress before,when he was married to RR mother,why didn’t RR mother divorce her husband for cheating her and having a mistress out side their married? by now RR mother could have been living with other man but she stayed in that married and lived with her husband still he dead,I think we forget RR brother too who was having affair with Ji Young step sister,RR herself went on fighting for her brother not to divorce his wife for other woman but stay married,if a very problem that occur in marriage that result to a divorce, which marriage will be left standing?why do people keep lying to suit their taste,I hope the writer is not going to be messing around to forget his or her own life experience?

    Now what is MaMa really not doing as husband,he respect RR as a wife,he cares for her,RR is not talking to him about any problem at home how can he know that his wife is not happy or what is happening at home when she is not talking,he is human people not God to know what happens around the clock,Seo still thinking about a woman who had left him for than a year,and RR thinking what or miss what .writing is about good meaningful story not fabricating things to suit the viewership which can even sink the viewership more.

  164. 164 : jewles Says:

    I thought different views were allowed without someone wants to debate the process of life based on a made up story. I just want to say a few words and not be critiqued on my view of the story. All K-dramas are fabricated, aren’t they?

  165. 165 : say Says:

    someone was the first to debate on my story,some people can face the truth when it is told,they can turn white to be black to suit their taste.

  166. 166 : say Says:

    someone was the first to debate on my story,some people can’t face the truth when it is told,they can turn white to be black to suit their taste.

  167. 167 : jewles Says:

    My initial comments were addressed for the board, not to you directly.

  168. 168 : truth Says:

    Since the writer have run out of idea, than end it Korean writers are destroying the institute of marriage by making it ok for a married woman still be thinking of other man even when they are married.so what happen to Rt that fight in the beginning for his brother marriage but now can’t fight for her own what shame to watch this kind of drama with meaning but nonsense

  169. 169 : Dora Lee Says:

    Dont let Seo die, love him so much as well as his family. parents will be so poor without Seo.
    Hope Rora can take care Seo

  170. 170 : Viewers choice Says:

    Still hope rora can be with seo n love him. It will be too sad to see seo die cos I really like him in this show

  171. 171 : WSW Says:

    This drama genre is family, romance and comedy. I a bit disappointed with this drama at this point, it seem like the writer run of ideas. When I see the drama poster, it should have been a funny and interesting war between rora brothers and ma ma sisters but instead they cut budget and “kill” all the brothers in this drama. they kill the comedy.

    Then when rora make her choice to choose ma ma, they are trying to let rora regret her choice and make her think of seo. Now seo end up with a terminal disease and what other rotten ideas is the writer coming up later? Make rora divorce so that she can spend her time with seo during final hours? My god, this is a family drama during the 7.15pm time slot, so please don’t make it into a cheating drama and killing the family values here.

    This is all mess up and this drama should have been cut short instead of dragging to 150 episodes and killing the romance at this point.

    Honestly up to this point, it is a waste of time and the only thing I look forward to this drama is because of the dog. Tok tae is so adorable and this is the only part that is likeable and teach us we should love our dog and treat them like our family the day we adopt them. Be a responsible dog owner.

  172. 172 : say Says:

    yes, I was thinking same thing my dear WSW,that this is suppose to be family drama,romance and a comedy,but as i can see no comedy,the only fairy tale love between MaM and RR the writer want to make it cheating love were by having RR to leave her husband to go and take care of other man therefore sinking the family values,for good sake where on EARTH does this happen? that a wife will divorce her husband to be with a man who she rejected,I don’t know if we are still on planet EARTH or any body will be pound of that kind of love.So RR is the only woman on earth that can make Seo happy,it will a big shame for Seo parent to face this kind of humiliation plus their son dying to see that the woman who broke their son heart to be the one comfort their son on his dying bed.when I think of it, the idea of this writer is disgusting.for what I am seeing in some dramas now, writers are portraying women as prostitutes that jump from one man to other,and this writer call herself a woman too.

  173. 173 : beebeembapp Says:

    i’ve been an avid viewer, until now. i don’t like how the story is headed. i never really lk the attitudes of the 3 sisters. they only accepted aurora for their own good. mama is sooo lame. mama = mama’s boy!! aurora should be with seul!! he & his family have shown genuine acceptance for aurora & her situation. no ifs or buts!
    i agree with @WSW this drama should have been cut short

  174. 174 : Lis Says:

    I predict Aurora will divorce due to the ugly sisters. After that she knew the manager Seo is sick and she will donate the marrow to him and save his life. In the end they will marriage and live happily ever after . Agree? Haha

  175. 175 : jewles Says:

    You can’t be watching TV drama, Korean or not, and expect family value when men, women, love, jealousy and 150 episodes (:)) are in the mix.

    This certainly turned out not to be a comedy, but a melo. They do show love for each other in each family whether they are healthy or not. All three families, Mama’s, Seul’s and Rora’s (sorry to not see brothers anymore!!) have their own “Love” for each other and dynamics.

    I am expecting Rora to be leave Mama as I believe she sure made a mistake in her judgement in selecting Mama regardless of what is happening to Seul. The conflict would be Mama’s placement of royalty to his sisters or to Rora.

    Even though Rora is the main character in this show, I don’t care what happens to Rora but want to see Seul and his family to be happy as I see them as the most loving and caring people in the show.

    I have to say, what nasty sisters Mama has!

    Watch Ugly Alert (stupid translation in title) for family value and dying love for each other.

  176. 176 : WSW Says:

    At this point, I also vote for Ugly Alert, it is way better than aurora now

  177. 177 : Dora Lee Says:

    Agree with Lis

  178. 178 : Flower Says:

    As I carry on watching until ep 121, the 2 sisters are really really very wicked and driving Aurora crazy. Hope something befell upon them. The previous ep MaMa mentioned he take of Aurora’s mother very well like so big deal. I wish Aurora divorce Ma Ma and get together with her manager.

  179. 179 : Dora Lee Says:

    Rora did very good job yesterday. goodbye to stupid mama and hateful sisters-in-law. please dont go back to the devil house.

  180. 180 : Dora Lee Says:

    Just watched ep123, very good, rora should leave the mamaboy. mama please let rora go, you are not the man to her. please go along with your dearest sisters. not worth for rora to spend the time with you.

  181. 181 : jury Says:

    No end in sight for ‘Princess Aurora – Drama’

    Source | 2013/11/12 | 316 views | Permalink |

    The end date for MBC drama “Princess Aurora – Drama” has still not been confirmed.

    It was previously reported that the broadcaster was thinking of adding 50 more episodes, which would edge the total of the drama up to 200, but rumors are now circulating that only 25 more shows will be filmed.

    However, an official at the broadcaster has stated that nothing has been decided so far regarding whether or not the drama will be extended at all, according to local media reports.

    Some of the cast members have been quoted as saying that, as far as they know, the production crew is still debating on what to do with the remaining episodes. Many cast members are also unsure if they will stay on the show if the broadcaster decides to extend it, as they have set other arrangements.

    Many fans are angry about the extension of the drama and have been collecting signatures for an online petition to stop the broadcaster from producing more episodes.

    By Lee Sun-min [[email protected]]

    Source : koreajoongangdaily.jo.

    “Princess Aurora – Drama” to extend?

    Source | 2013/11/12 | 323 views | Permalink |

    MBC daily drama is caught up in the middle of an issue where some are demanding the extention of the drama and others demanding it should stop airing.

    Known as the ‘extreme drama’, “Princess Aurora – Drama” was planned for 120 episodes but writer Im Seong-han asked for 30 more. However, she asked for 50 more episodes and she might get what she wants.

    Portal sites are even progressing with signature votes leaning towards the drama being stopped.

    Netizens are also expressing their opinions on SNS. They are shocked at the fact that the manuscript alone adds up to five billion. Netizens say, “Should I be a writer too”, “This is a unique way of making money”, “”Princess Aurora – Drama” should be put on hold and more.

    Source : biz.heraldcorp.com/vi..


  182. 182 : cheerio Says:

    I have a question wonder anyone could answer ” Does the Scriptwriter
    or Director or Production Manager whosoever of this Drama Aurora Princess – read comments like ours places in various webpages about this drama ? ” Hahahaha here we are with all the emos into the dramas and so some supports and some do not and various comments airing … In the End – What is it ALL ABOUT ? Sorry I am very new to such kind of commenting too and so have questions .

  183. 183 : John k Says:

    Fucken drama got worse and worse. This drama got fucked up because they extended it. Mama should die!!!!! Please stop!!!!!!

  184. 184 : Flower Says:

    Ep 123 Very happy MaMa got slapped. Finally Rora left him and the 2 pretentious sisters. Served the eldest sister right landed in hospital. There is a saying “One who does not love animals has no feelings for others other than themselves”. Hope Rora get back with the manager and he recovers cos he was partly love sick.

  185. 185 : WSW Says:

    Please don’t extend anymore, this is basically a screw up drama at this point. Because of extension, some character have other arrangement and in the end you have to “kill” the characters in the drama. Just like sagong mum die in her sleep for no reason, it is so abrupt the way how the drama is going so who going to die next if it is extend again. The bloody writer just a money-grabbing bitch who wants to be paid more money for extending the episode and have no pride in her work.

  186. 186 : jewles Says:

    Finally Mama got a set of b’s to stand up to his sisters. Too little too late.. Still the sisters think Mama’s ranting is all instigated by Rora. Tsk, tsk.

    It will be cleaner finish if they just ride out the rest of 150 episodes and closed all the open ends. What more do they want to put into this pot? I just want a pretty package with a bow on it.

  187. 187 : cheerio Says:

    Hahaha trying to guess the ending with 2 options on my thinking but of course there are many to think of or even different from the writer unless that Lucky to be Bingo … Option 1 – Divorced at last even after Mama tried his best to savage the marriage. RR knowing Seo’s illness still married him and get him to go for treatment and bear him a child after Seo dies (usually Cancer role dies in most dramas) lived with Seo’s parents and her mother too happily. Oh she manages his new company and become a Succesful Entertainment Boss. Mama eventually went back to become a monk and writing still while the 2 sisters lived in regrets. Option 2 – Seo knowing that RR is divorcing tries his best to help her and Mama reconcile as his last heroic act before death. RR & Mama gives birth to a child and let Seo’s family adopt as grandchild becos RR did her best to spend the last days with Seo as good friend . The 2 sisters repent their wrongs after some crashes with Seo to realise their vanity and possessive dictatorship character for the Elderest and the youngest as naivete. RR helps to run the Entertainment Co for Seo.

    Option 3 – Will see the Actual Ending by Writer … Hahahaha so much fun that this dramas turn & twist till chaotic & ridiculously out of context from beginning ? ? ? So far the happiest couple, is still the Chinese Dr. & niece of Mama. The Wisest woman is One who chooses looking at future and not RR . More to comment but have to just end here … still watching what the writer has up her sleeves … this will help me see if her next show, am I going to follow or not , if she going to have one . Still all the Best to the ALL in the Team .

  188. 188 : jury Says:

    @183 john k
    I hate the fact when I visit other drama forum, I always see your comment and you always said cancel that drama. It’s their choice to keep produce this drama, you can choose not to watch this drama or other drama you don’t like it. Please stop bashing comment!!!

  189. 189 : Dora Lee Says:

    it’s too late for mama to feel sorry to rora. mama please let rora go if you really love her.
    I want to see rora living with the happy family – seo family – the parents are so good and i think they will forgive rora if seo wants to. please.

  190. 190 : Dora Lee Says:

    just watched ep125 – very good to see rora meeting with seo again.

  191. 191 : Anya Says:

    You guys, DON’T wish for the brat to get together with Seul. He deserves someone better. Aurora had her chance. To be honest, I absolutely loathe the two sisters of MAma and don’t like Aurora as well. Seul deserves to be with someone wayyyy better. Think about it guys…

  192. 192 : Dora Lee Says:

    even it’s sad that rora’s mum passed away but happy to see rora seperate with mama.

  193. 193 : Lis Says:

    Hi! Dora, I have the same feeling. Just watch ep127, feel great when Rora make up her mind to divorce with Mama.

  194. 194 : Dora Lee Says:

    Thanks LIs.
    Actually i dont feel boring of this drama, I love to watch very much.
    I like rora character and understand she may make wrong decision, but who knows it is right or wrong if you dont try. Moreover, it’s no right or wrong for the choice of love.

  195. 195 : WSW Says:

    I got no more words to express for this drama when rora mum die. I just guessing who is next in line and death seem so easy, everyone just die peacefully in their sleep. No pain, agony, no nothing.

  196. 196 : Lis Says:

    Looking forward to watch ep129 tomorrow. Story getting more and more exciting! Hehe

  197. 197 : mml Says:

    The writer tricked me in watching this drama from episode 1 to
    episode 82 with such Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy.

    Dear all , i really never feel any comedy in this drama. I have temporary stop watching this drama, in the beginning i knew it was 120 episodes and later on they went to increase to another 30 episodes and ended up this drama becomes 150 episodes. Is it necessary to increase so many episodes ??

    Throughout this drama, i do notice that Hwang Ma Ma all his sisters are strange creatures, they don’t get married are their own choice, i have no right to interfere, but, they spent their meaning time to gossip to punish Aurora.

    I think Aurora is very silly to marry Ma Ma, this marriage totally can’t work with all his mad crazy sisters.

    I think Aurora should think of a way to re-start her own life.

    At least, thank god, when, i watch Take My Hand this drama
    they are some clever things moving on to the drama.

    The writer cannot always think that viewers are all fool to watch a drama that will disappoint them. Very soon, some viewers will run away and switch to better dramas.

  198. 198 : jury Says:

    MBC orders more ‘Princess Aurora – Drama’

    Source | 2013/11/21 | 60 views | Permalink |

    Broadcaster MBC’s daily soap opera “Princess Aurora – Drama” has scrapped plans to add 25 more episodes on top of the 150 that had previously been decided.

    However, it will add five episodes – just enough to extend the series by a week, taking it through the holiday season to the end of the year.

    The idea of adding more episodes created a buzz on the Internet, as some reports said the soap’s writer, Im Seong-han, would have earned up to 5 billion won ($4.7 million) for the full extension.

    Im, who also wrote “New Gisaeng Story” and “Love in Heaven”, has been criticized for being too controlling with her series, keeping actors and even the broadcaster in the dark about the direction of her shows. She also is rumored to have forbid the broadcaster from airing previews at the end of each episode, usually a standard practice in Korea.

    The drama is now scheduled to end on Dec. 27.

    By Lee Sun-min

    Source : koreajoongangdaily.jo.

  199. 199 : Viewers choice Says:

    Am so happy to see Aurora divorced with ma ma and back with Seo. Hope Seo don’t die n recover fully.

  200. 200 : Viewers choice Says:

    After watching epi 130, I look forward to continue this show again. Seo n Aurora happy til end of show pls.

  201. 201 : WSW Says:

    From a family drama to a cheating drama. Seo is such a wonderful character and even rora don’t even deserve someone like Seo. Rora have not even finalized her divorce and just by accepting rora now is ruining Seo character. It seem like he is cheating with Rora. Imagine your wife/husband just submit the divorce document and the next day they throw themselves at others.

    I pity Seo and he deserve so much better. I believe everyone who watch this drama respected Seo for his unconditional love for rora. But the latest episode just create a flaw in him and certainly I don’t see any family values here.

    In relationship it take 2 hands to clap and for mama case, he have fault but rora have her fault also. She should have chosen Seo in the first place and everyone will be happy at that point. Rora is so “open” with her options, she think of Mama when she was with Seo and when she was with mama, she think of Seo when she encounter problems with mama family. She is so fickle and Seo don’t deserve this kind of woman.

    From this point onwards, I only wish for Seo miracle and his cancer is cure and another woman (who is an angel) will appear in his life and she will be the one who deserve Seo.

  202. 202 : Dora Lee Says:

    Happy to see rora with seo, this is the best and then he has confidence to kill the cancer. hope he can recover because he cannot leave rora alone. seo cannot die because he needs to take care his parent.
    no need to watch the stupid sister-in-laws, waste lots of film.

  203. 203 : jewles Says:

    @201 WSW & @187 Cheerio

    Seul did tell Rora to reconsider the divorce since he thinks Mama is one of the better husband materials out there (paraphrasing) where Rora responded that she is really done with the Hwangs. And from the looks of it, she is regretting her choice to marry Mama -What was she thinking anyway, stupid girl.

    I don’t consider this cheating as they have filed for divorce and legally separated. Maybe Mama will make a case for this since he wants to get back together again.

    I will only support Rora marrying Seul just because I want Seul to be happy as he so longed for Rora. Like I said before, can’t careless about Rora’s happiness. They get married and she has a son for the parents, hope Seul recovers but not necessary, and The End! I like the option 1 of Cheerio’s scenario, especially the part where Mama becomes a monk.

  204. 204 : WSW Says:


    My idea of last episode is mama become a monk, the elder sis and youngest sister live in regret and pain, the second sister on the other hand who is kind have a grandchild and she is happy with her daughter and son in law

    As for Rora, she spend her days living alone for rest of her life as she is incapable of marriage.

    As for our wonderful Seul, he went oversea for treatment and he recover and on his way back home, he meet park shin hye who is sitting beside him.

    End of Story. This is my idea, LOL

  205. 205 : cheerio Says:

    Hahahaha finally the drama is moving in “Right Speed” … Looking back, there were so much unnecessary “Turtle scripts” . I was very surprised that this script writer was the one who did the drama “Love in Heaven”- to me was a Very Good Drama to the end, especially the ending was a surprise but Good Ending Drama. I bought the drama after watching online and recommended many friends to watch it tho’ there were some little borings part but still so far the Best Story I have watched. While
    Gisaeng the 2nd Drama was Good too BUT now this Princess Aurora – such a Poor Show – seemingly the whole script is probably without Original Focus. Sadly felt that writer needs to upgrade her Ideas and Values to Write better than “Love in Heaven” dramas or else better retire, this drama causes so much unhappiness in fans which are true to her dramas. Copying her Spirits in previous shows unnecessarily slowing down the dramas. Only now that I know she earns so much for extensions of drama series. I likely will not follow her dramas from now on. Like All’s comments … How could the Characters of Rora, Mama, Seo be projected so wise in beginning and ends to be fools in their own manner? Whatever the Endings going to be – this Drama has no consistency in flow ! Still my applause to All the Stars for perservance in acting according to the writer’s script (Maybe they have much unhappiness like us fans too – Hohohoho )

  206. 206 : John k Says:

    This drama is getting better and better at the end. Mama that scumbag is back to his old tricks again. Her told the director not to use aurora and blacklist her from other acting projects. Mama is a weasel and he doesn’t belong with aurora. Mama is a punk bitch!!! If the writers make aurora and mama get back together again that’s just fucked up. Mana should regret for the rest of his life and his wicked sisters. I hope mama becomes a monk and his older sisters gets a deadly disease.!!I hope aurora ends up with seo and has a baby by him.

  207. 207 : jewles Says:

    It’s funny how all are expecting to see Mama become a monk. LOL
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  208. 208 : Flower Says:

    Ep 134 – the 2nd sister is so nice to ask Mama to beg Rora to get back together but the lame dishonest Mama did not disclose the truth about how the eldest and youngest sisters illtreated Rora and the dog. If only the 2nd sister knew about the truth I believe she would not have ask Mama to do so.

    The vain bitchy witch looking eldest sister thinks too highly of herself and her lame brother Mama who refuses to admit her faults. Anyway, she dislikes Rora and does hope for Mama to get back with Rora. She is building castle in the air thinking that Mama will meet someone better. Fat hope as it is even Ji Young feels luckily she is not marry to him.

    She is unfit for the the camera producer so is the film producer. For goodness sake the film producer please don’t be so greedy over food least you landed in regret cos she can also don’t cook for you to eat like you previous wife. Remembering in one ep she refused to give food to you.

  209. 209 : Flower Says:

    Ep 134 and 135 Rora is really taking good care of Seo. It is so touching that Rora initial the marriage in order to bear descendant for Seo despite the fact she don’t even know if Seo will survive. No one of a sane mind will does that if it is not out of love for Seo. Even Ji Young refuse to get marry to Seo after learning of his illness.

    I’m happy the Seo finally agreed to get marry to Rora. When Mama called Rora should not have agreed to meet him. If I’m her I would not have even pick up his call let alone meet him. Cannot imagine this thick skin Mama have the bloody cheek to even call and when they meet, kneel down to beg for forgiveness which I strongly feel he don’t deserve it.

    I hope in the next Ep Rora don’t be soft hearted towards Mama but bravely break the news to him about her going to get marry to Seo. Who ask Mama don’t know how to treasure her in the 1st place serve him right. Never never ever marry a man who has 3 elder sisters

  210. 210 : Flower Says:

    Oops I meant to write 3 elder sisters before him cos he tends to take woman for granted. It happened to a few of my friends whose husbands have 3 elders sisters. And worst still with in-laws still around.

    Nowadays, we have small families. I think the above applies to one elder sister too.

  211. 211 : jewles Says:

    I wonder what the role of returning Natasha would be? Mama and Natasha met each other at the temple and befriended each other. Natasha did say that now he likes girls. ” I am a man now. I even like girls” so he says.

    Seul is in stage 4 of his illness with 50% chance of survival which is damn good odds and stage 4. So maybe show will turn around and make him healthy and have lots of babies to make the parents happy. The parents so deserve to be happy.

    Aja,Aja Fighting! SEUL!!

  212. 212 : Dora Lee Says:

    Just finished ep136. how come mama thought rora divorce because of seo. mama doesnt know how bad he was until now. how bad his sisters, until now they dont think they are wrong or illtreated rora. when they knew rora marry with seo, they just jealous. this kind of women cannot marry or being mother.

    dont disappoint seo parents

  213. 213 : Flower Says:

    Ep 136 When learnt that Mama went to see Rora the same 2 sisters think that Rora is going to inherit their family’s wealth as if they are so dame wealthy as compare to Seo family it’s peanut. When Mama disclosed to them that Rora is going to marry Seo they become suspicious, jealous of Rora’s happiness and turn sour grapes so uncultured unlike the 2nd sister. All they care is Mama’s reputation. Why divorce woman cannot get marry again 1st why must be Mama 1st the unreasonable sister of Mama is really too much. The Seo’s family are a jolly good fellows so magnanimous. Like them so very much. Rich and humble.
    Let’s pray and hope for miracle and Seo gradually recovered and marry Rora soonest and give birth to a lovely son and many other children.
    Just wonder what will Mama do when the 2nd sister break the news of Seo to him. He cannot be asking Rora not to marry Seo but to reconcile with him instead. Let wait and see Ep 137 tonight.

  214. 214 : Flower Says:

    Ep 137 sees the good side of Mama whereby he is really concern for Rora. Finally the loving couple got married and am very happy for them and Seo’s parent. Can’t stand the bitchy sister still trying to get the attention of the camera director and doing fact findings pretending not knowing that he is single. Hope he has no interest for her and remains single as he wishes. And the film director don’t play 2nd fiddle to her. Let her remains a spinster forever and hope Natasha don’t fall for Mama 3rd elder sister she happened to notice him at the temple while looking for Mama the last time. Hope he go for Ji Young since they know each other and she has changed for the better ever since the mum passed away. Unlike the two sisters never repent.

  215. 215 : panda Says:

    ep 138 very sad episode,,,seo ha joon collab,,,jun san min crying,,,,

  216. 216 : panda Says:

    please dont be sad ending

  217. 217 : Flower Says:

    Ep 138 is really sad why must made Seo fell. Still hoping for happy ending for Seo and Rora. However, a Mama is kind enough to agreed to help Seo.

  218. 218 : Flower Says:

    Ep 139 sad to see Seo learning to walk and he acted very well. The bitchy sister wanted the horse riding scene does not know that the attire she wears is so ugly and makes her look so short. Unlike Rora and Ji young both their horse ridding attires were very nice. Happy that the camera director ignore her all the way even at the karaoke. It’s a bit exaggerating to see the film director crying while she sings. Hope Da Ji match make him with her mum. Hurt to hear Mama says Seo become a burden to Rora. Hope Seo takes it as motivating him to walk and do his very best to walk and get recovered.

  219. 219 : jewles Says:

    His name is Seul not Seo.

    !!Spoiler alert!!

    Anyway not sure what to say about the new bromance starting with Seul and Mama. Can make sense out of the writers head but Mama told Rora that he will make sure Seul gets healthy and being very dedicated to his physical therapy.

    Still don’t care for Mama but it was cute that they get caught eating ramen and volunteer to be punished by holding up their hands. Ha!

    They are killing everyone in this show. Ddukdae (sp ?) died today. :((
    Hopefully only exception will be Seul.

  220. 220 : Joomla Says:

    Hoho I like it…I had watched on Boomi TV Streaming http://www.boomitv.net/2013/11/mbc-hd-korea-streaming.html

  221. 221 : Ordaz Says:

    Hubby and I are not Korean but we’ve become loyal fans of the show. Ever since we were introduced to the Seul character, it was breathless to see him light up whenever he would looked at Rora. And it totally broke my heart to see him so sad. The thing I don’t understand is Rora was such a strong and confident woman in the beginning and now they make her seem so dumb like taking all that abuse from Mama’s sisters. She actually deserves it. Anyway,I hope in the near future this show will be on DVD because I am definitely going to get it! I also hope to see Seul in more tv dramas too.

  222. 222 : jewles Says:

    To Admin,

    I think it’s time to update the profiles and include Suh Ha Joon as Seul Seul Hee (Sul Sul Hee ?) in the cast credit. He’s role has expanded to one of the main characters.

  223. 223 : WSW Says:

    This drama is becoming weird, seem like the writer have no direction and she is just trying come out with whatever story she wants. First making 3 of them staying together is weird and now she is killing mama in a car accident.

    This writer really like to kill whoever she wants, whenever she wants, if she not a writer, she probably be a serial killer.

  224. 224 : ABC90 Says:


  225. 225 : Mypantherhoney Says:

    Wow! Acting in this drama of everyone was FANTASTIC!!! I see why it earned such high ratings.. Even with controversy the professional performance of each actor was wonderful. Even tho we may not agree with the direction of the plight of some actors and the confusion the stars may have felt during each episode they kept on with their beautiful performance, and that is why they received such high rating. Why was this drama not included in the best drama awards of 2013? Why should the actors be held responsible for the wrists actions. These actors did such a wonderful job through out all the controversially. I’d be proud to work with anyone of these tried and true professional actors. They came thru the fire smelling like the roses they are. Congratulations to a lovely group of actors.

  226. 226 : Etty Says:

    I love an hate this drama.. the writer kill Ddukdae the beautiful dog that Rora love so much then she kill Ma Ma in a very tragic accident why she doesn’t just send Ma Ma to the temple and make him a very handsome monk for a change.. but most of all I love Seul Hee and his family they are wonderful and Ro Ra is very lucky to gain a father and mother after she lost hers on top of a wonderful husband.. in the end this drama is okay the story sometime weird but the actors specially Seul Hee is very touching also generally all of them good for their parts even the three witches or the 2 most wicked sisters..

  227. 227 : Etty Says:

    Please let me know the name of the singer and the song of this drama soundtrack I want to have the name of the song which sung by Jeong Dong Ha at Seul Hee and Ro Ra’s wedding also the original singer.. please help ?

  228. 228 : Alice Johnson Says:

    I love this drama. It started slow but got better from the beginning I never wanted aurora with mama. He is too soft whatever hus sisters want he does I know they raised him to be precious but aurora was also precious to her family. The praying at his bedside and fixing his food he is a grown man. I loved seulhee the moment he entered the picture he is the perfect one for aurora. She gave marriage to mama a shot now she needs to be wirh seulhee. Mamas oldest sister I hate she should be left as an old maid. I am so glad the dp ignires her.

  229. 229 : Jon Chapman Says:

    This one of the funniest “dramas”I have ever seen.The writers have a really quirky sencise of humor.I don’t know if it supposed to be funny but it is.You never know what strange twist it will take next.

  230. 230 : Baffled Says:

    I was pulled in at first because of the dog, and they wrote him off so pissed.
    The two sisters really pissed me off with their childish ridicule and hatred for Aurora. All the men were so handsome. Aurora was so cute in the part, she really made it worthwhile watching. She showed who’s boss unlike Mama.

  231. 231 : PrincessAurora lover Says:

    Where can I watch these all 150eps with eng sub?
    Thank you.

  232. 232 : november Says:

    I love this drama.I like Aurora and Seol Seol Hee are the best , I think.
    Mama’s oldest sister is really hate us for this drama..Natasha looks good handsome man who can act like a gay boy..really appreciate it.

  233. 233 : Wishelle Says:

    Seol Seol Heel is the best

  234. 234 : Shwesin Says:

    At first, I was not very interested this drama but I know it is good.
    But whenever I passed through living room, it made me getting more
    interesting day by day. I love Seo Ha Joon role and he took all the love of audiece.
    Thank you.

  235. 235 : Mie May May Says:

    [email protected]
    I want to let you know the name of Jung Dong Ha song is The Oath Of Love or The Pledge Of Love. After I watched Princess Aurora, I also wanted to know the name of that song and Jung Dong Ha is one of my favourite Korean singer. So I looked for Jung Dong Ha’s songs but I couldn’t find cus his some songs’ titles were only in Korean language and I didn’t know them. But I searched the song’s name with Korean alphabet. Fortunately I found the same alphabet beside another singer Ali’s video at the same page, I opened and listened it. I was so happy the songs were the same and just different title . Then,I continued to find the original singer. The two singers sang at BS Immortal songs 2. I guessed there would be the original singer and finally I found Han Dong Joon was the original. I am sorry if my English is poor.( In our country that drama started to air on 25th February and ended on 24th July 2014.)

  236. 236 : cris Says:

    where to watch the other episodes please??

  237. 237 : Jenniange Says:

    I love this drama so much that I watch it over and over which bugs my family a lot. However, I can’t help it that I love this Drama. I also like it more about Aurora being with Seul Hee better than Mama because his sisters are over dramatic about everything. They don’t see the goodness of Aurora like Seul Hee and his family.
    The episodes before 132 I have seen already but where I watch it no longer has these episodes which bugs me a lot.

    Also, does anyone know of a good website to watch the episodes of 132-143; 145-150? Please?

  238. 238 : Joy Says:

    You can see al the episodes on drama net. The subtitle are not in the correct english language, but you can understand the meaning

  239. 239 : Judith Says:

    Where can I watch this with English subbed? Please 🙂

  240. 240 : Carm Says:

    They are reshowing this on MBC america but I cannot find this online anywhere. I tried 5 different websites, does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks.

  241. 241 : Rose Says:

    @ Carm —

    I have been trying many different websites and none of them have this show. Have no idea why??? I believe I looked at 10 to 12 different sites and will now give up. I have seen it before but I am re-watching it TV in the evening.

  242. 242 : Qlysan Says:

    Hi people…i want to watch this drama but i can’t find it anywhere? any recommendations? Thanks…

  243. 243 : Brandy Says:

    How sweet Seol-Hee was when Aurora told him she was going to marry Mama. He blamed himself even though his heart was breaking.

    Seol-Hee’s parents are more normal compared to the way the majority of the parents are dramatized in the majority of the Korean dramas. But after Aurora decided to marry Mama, then his parents pushed Seol-Hee in to marrying Ji-Young even though he was not in love with her. He only agreed to marry her to make his parents happy, but his heart was not in it and he is too kind to tell his parents the truth. But I assume if he can’t marry the girl he loves, does it make a difference who he marries. But it does. But once SH gets sick, good old Ji-Young dumps him.

    I believe if Aurora and Mama lived with Aurora’s mother, or moved into an apartment of their own, their marriage most likely would have survived. They did love each other and were happy when they married until the sisters started with the demeaning personalities. Aurora’s mother was a very pleasant person to be around. And she treated Mama so very nice. Even though he told Aurora he was “enduring with her mother,” it was an easy fit for him as Aurora’s mother never ever harassed, criticized or bullied him.

    When Mama was living w/Aurora and Seol helping when Seol was sick, Mama’s personality came out. He was able to enjoy himself and be free of his demanding sisters who held him down all the time.

    Wonder why the writer kept making people die including cute Deok Dee. Was he costing the budget too much money::

  244. 244 : Suncatcher Says:

    I laughing when witch Shi-Mong and her sidekick Ja-Mong were getting ready to meet Mi-Mong and her boyfriend Baek Do, Shi-Mong was thinking to herself that after Mi-Mong gets married, she would be next as she had “Baek Do in the palm of her hands!” What a darn joke, didn’t she get the hint that he doesn’t even hardly talk to her much less look at her.

    Mama always caters to Shi-Mong. He is a grown man, can’t he do what he wants??? Granted it is rather weird for Mama to be with Aurora and Seol, but Mama is so happy to be with them and the 3 of them get along so well, why can’t the sisters let him go to NY with them?? It’s not like he can’t come back to them if he wants to. It’s not like he is 10 years old, he is a grown man and probably could have stayed married to Aurora if they were so disrespectful to her. Mama needs to have a life of his own. He didn’t ask his sisters to never get married, it was their decision as they had to raise him. But now he can take care of himself.

    Natassia needs to stay away from Ja-Mong. He should find someone else.

  245. 245 : Rose Says:

    This is the song that played when Aurora and sweet Seol got married —–

    Pledge Of Love | Wedding Song of Seol Hee – Aurora

    Found it on You Tube and there is an English Translation. It is a beautiful song. It shows the wedding, what the Priest or whoever he was that married them with English subs and the singer.

  246. 246 : Jinjoo Says:

    I’m so enjoying this drama albeit it’s an old one but since I hv been watching Secret House & the lead is Seo ha joon I had the urge to see his old or previous drama & I’m loving this one so much! I can’t stop watching, it’s that good! I really cried & this time on ep 140/141 I must admit I was quite amused with the arrangement that Seol sik and Ma ma got into, so diff fr other dramas I’ve seen, such as taking care of the sick Seol sik instead of having Aurora be responsible for him Seol sik asked Ma Ma to look after him to relinquish the work that Aurora wld have to endure! Woah and the three are together in one roof and getting along very well! The only annoyance I can’t stand in this drama are the sisters, the 2nd sister is quite understanding but the other two are too much & bullied Aurora to the max! They’re both hypocrites & I’m so happy that Aurora married Seol sik in spite of his illness, that’s how love shld be, unconditional but the other two sisters now are falsely accusing her that she married SS bec of his wealth etc. I love this drama & no surprise it won Best Drama in MBC that year! love it & if one of you haven’t seen this, you’re missing a lot!

  247. 247 : Jinjoo Says:

    @Rose I also love the wedding song but like you said it’s on YT I just tried but can’t find it! Can you pls help? Thanks

  248. 248 : Skye Says:

    @Jinjoo —

    Below is some info on this drama ===
    1. Also if you look up the writer on PA – Asian Wiki – you will see several good and negative comments on the writer — Im Sung-Han.
    2. The 3 brothers also were not happy about being removed from the drama as from what I read it was their understanding they would be in the drama through out.

    During its run, Princess Aurora became a fixture in the entertainment news headlines for both its over-the-top (called makjang in Korean) storylines and behind-the-scenes troubles. As the show went on, Im Sung Han wrote out more actors (more than 12 in total), resulting in a reportedly deteriorating atmosphere on set and notoriety in the press.
    As ratings continued to climb, the initially 120-episode drama received a 30-episode extension, bringing its final episode count to 150. However, Im Sung Han asked for 50 additional episodes (in order to bring up the final count to 200), stating that she needed the additional time to flesh out her storylines, but failed.
    MBC requested Im Sung Han rewrites for the scripts of the final two episodes.

  249. 249 : Skye Says:

    Jinjoo —

    Baek Ok Dam —- Her aunt is screenwriter Im Sung Han.
    I saw Apgujeong Midnight Sun – I liked the drama. I have not seen any of her other dramas. There was a break of 6 years and is now back with a good drama and is on the 3rd continuation.

  250. 250 : Jinjoo Says:

    @Skye thanks for the info on PA…re 3 brods I also found it quite strange that they all were taken off the drama plus their wives! I was amused by the 3 brods during their scenes in PA & even when their mother passed away, I was hoping one of them at least the eldest brod would re-emerge right but none of them even came for her funeral, at least you’d think before the produc finally decided on their fate (in the drama) that we the viewers would at least have that kind of concept that even tho they are sort of abroad, it would be appropriate to think that one of them at least or let’s say the 3 brods wld come back just for that final scene per se! I read that this drama even won MBC drama awards & even the lead actress Jo si min? and the Cha Suk won as well! However our guy SHJ got his first break here & considering it’s his first drama, woah he did very well! 🙂
    Woah didn’t realize there’s a story behind this drama & you’re very resourceful chingoo 🙂 I wldn’t have known until now! Thanks a lot for sharing!
    Baek ok dam is the one who played Da ji, she’s good too! Based fr her filmography i saw fr asianwiki her last drama or proj was in 2015 so it seems she’s no longer acting or not sure if her profile in that site is accurate or updated!
    We can also stay in touch at asianwiki for our SHJ bec i’m not successful posting thru my c/p and i used the latter often than my desktop so that’s another option!
    thanks chingoo see you soon & glad to have you back! we missed you!

  251. 251 : Jinjoo Says:

    @Skye chingoo remember the wedding scene of Oro ra and Seol did you like that wedding song also? The singer looks familiar but I can’t really make of who he is, I saw one comment here that the title of the song is Pledge of Love but it’s been 2 yrs so maybe YT deleted it? It’s a lovely song and the singer too was good, I found one but it’s not the singer himself! Oh well just in case you know about it, pls let me know since you’ve seen this drama 2x already & I agree w/you our SHJ name was at the bottom & yet his role here in this drama was also significant, agree? 🙁 I’m sorry for bothering you so much re this drama hahaha thanks chingoo

  252. 252 : Skye Says:

    JinJoo — Sorry, I don’t know who sang the wedding song.
    What episode are you on now??
    Don’t you think Seo did a great job in his first drama.
    I wonder if he did acting on stage prior – like in school or ???

  253. 253 : Jinjoo Says:

    Skye no worries chingoo, I got the song fr YT although it’s not the singer who rendered it fr the drama! I finished PA already hehehe I loved it plus the ending! I agree, he did a great job here considering it’s his very first one eh? Mind you I read that he also did a movie prior to this so he’s got that experience maybe from that movie if you look at his list of projects I saw somewhere, not at asianwiki I think at hancinema where I saw it, and yes he was on stage titled Full House, I was surprised to learn about his previous projects, he’s multi talented all right! I know you told me you didn’t watch him in Phoenix 2020 bec you saw the first one, however, if you can just peek at one of the episodes he looks gorgeous he’s got more flesh on his cheeks compared to his present looks in Sec House, his hair is also styled differently! In total, he’s gorgeous! 🙂
    In SH he seems to have lost weight – his cheeks are not as fleshy hehehe whereas in Phoenix 2020 and also in Son in Law he’s not as skinny as he is in SH!TTYL

  254. 254 : Jinjoo Says:

    Skye did you know that SHJ and Oh Chang Suk did a duet in PA drama? Yes I found out on YT it’s called I Want to Live! Talking again about the drama, I felt so sorry for Ma Ma bec his sisters esp the 2 (1st and 3rd siblings, the 2nd sis is quite understanding most times but the other two are the worst) deprived him of his freedom, happiness and made him like their baby! I cannot blame Oro ra for leaving Ma Ma bec she gave him a chance but she just cldn’t hack it anymore! I can sensed some regrets on Oro-ra’s part for not marrying Seol (SHJ) since his parents adores her & there’s no siblings in that household to challenge her! Now I can u/stand why you watched this drama 2x hehehe!

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