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Pretty Man

Pretty Man 06

Title: 예쁜남자 / Pretty Man
Chinese Title: 漂亮男人
Also Known as: Bel Ami / Beautiful Man / Pretty Boy
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Family
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-Nov-20 to 2014-Jan-09
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


This drama is based on 17 volumes of comic book series 예쁜 남자 ~열 여자 정복기~ by Chon Kye Young which was first published on 2009-Sep-11.

Dokgo Ma Te (Jang Geun Suk) is an ambitious man and wants to make a lot money using his beautiful appearance. He sets out to date ten of the most successful women in Korea. A strange woman then appears in front of Dokgo Ma Te. Her name is Kim Bo Tong (IU), an ordinary girl come from poor background who’s been in love with him for ten years. Can she make Dokgo Ma Te love her?


Main Cast

Jang Geun Suk as Dokgo Ma Te
IU as Kim Bo Tong
Lee Jang Woo as David Choi
Han Chae Young as Hong Yoo Ra

MG Group

Kim Bo Yun as Na Hong Ran
Dok Go Young Jae as Park Ki Suk
Kim Young Jae as Park Moon Soo

Ma Te’s women

So Yoo Jin as Jaek Hee (Ep.1-4)
Kim Ye Won as Electricity Fairy (Ep.4-5)
Cha Hyun Jung as Kim In Joong (Ep.6-9)
Park Ji Yoon as Myo Mi (Ep.8-9)
Kim Bo Ra as Kwi Ji (Ep.10-)
Jung Sun Kyung as Lee Kim
Lee Seung Min as Yeo Mim

People around Ma Te

Yang Mi Kyung as Kim Mi Sook (Ma Te’s mother, ep.1)
Kim Ji Han (김지한) as Jang Duk Saeng

Kim Bo Tong’s family

Lee Mi Young as Lee Mal Ja (Bo Tong’s mother)
Hoon as Kim Dae Shik (Bo Tong’s younger brother)

Hidden Hong Ran’s family

Ahn Byung Kyung (안병경) as Na Jin Suk
Lee Do Yup as Na Hwan Kyu (Na Jin Suk’s son)


Kim Seul Gi as teacher (ep.1)
Jo Hye Ryun as female police (ep.1)
Go Myung Hwan as MG Home Shopping organization director (ep 5)

Production Credits

Production Company: Group8 & Pineapple holdings
Chief Producer: Kwak Ki Won
Producer: Lee Jin Suh
Director: Lee Jae Sang, Jung Jung Hwa, Shin Yong Hwi
Screenwriter: Yoo Young Ah

Episode Preview

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10 (Not Available)
Episode 11 (Not Available)
Episode 12 (Not Available)
Episode 13
Episode 14 (Not Available)
Episode 15 (Not Available)
Episode 16 (Not Available)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-11-20 1 4.3 5.0 6.3 7.2
2013-11-21 2 4.8 5.5 6.1 6.5
2013-11-27 3 4.5 4.9 5.4 6.0
2013-11-28 4 3.7 3.8 4.3 4.8
2013-12-04 5 2.9 3.0 5.2 5.5
2013-12-05 6 3.2 3.7 3.8 4.1
2013-12-11 7 2.8 2.7 2.9 3.0
2013-12-12 8 2.6 3.0 3.1 3.2
2013-12-18 9 3.0 3.9 3.5 4.1
2013-12-19 10 2.8 2.9 3.5 3.9
2013-12-25 11 3.2 3.6 4.8 5.1
2013-12-26 12 2.6 3.2 4.3 4.5
2014-01-01 13 4.0 4.5 4.4 4.6
2014-01-02 14 3.3 3.8 3.9 4.3
2014-01-08 15 3.0 3.6 4.0 3.8
2014-01-09 16 2.3 3.3 3.8 4.2

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Pretty Man Poster3 Pretty Man Poster1 Pretty Man Poster2

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Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III

8 Minutes Preview

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  1. 1 : julietyarsmin Says:

    i really really forward to watch this drama
    i’ve been waiting so long JKS drama
    i really really miss him
    i hope this drama hit like Y.A.B

  2. 2 : Jenny Says:

    Wanting to watch this for a long time . now , i have to wait 🙁

  3. 3 : Mikey Says:

    Looking forward watching this drama soon

  4. 4 : mona Says:

    Wow.. Geun suk & iu, such a nice couple, hope this drama will be great 🙂

  5. 5 : rm018 Says:

    IU is back and with Jang Geun Suk. Omo omo! So excited for their team up.

    Looking forward to this drama! :>

  6. 6 : sophie,indonesia Says:

    I can’t hardly wait to see JGS in his new drama..
    I miss him a lot
    Hope this drama will be success

  7. 7 : JAKA V Says:

    why her again i’m disappointed her acting at Lee soo shin refers to IU and now she appeared again shame for me another good drama not watching by me again so lonely.UH

  8. 8 : mary Says:

    Yaay jang geun seuk drama……i miss watching your drama oppa

  9. 9 : misskrisel Says:

    IU’s new drama? With Jang Geun Suk? Oh, wow!
    November 20 pali pali!

  10. 10 : Miss Leaf Says:

    I have no doubt on JGS’s acting, he always make his role a live on his drama, i just hope the director, the script writer, IU and the other casts could make this drama a live and great ^.^

  11. 11 : tlkrttive Says:

    I hope it wouldn’t turn out to be like JGS other dramas which were borring to death. Though I’ll be watching this bcoz this New pairing of IU and JGS looks kind of fresh and cute.

  12. 12 : Jigy Says:

    im so excited.. been waiting so long for another one of jgs’ dramas.. this will be a hit for sure…

  13. 13 : kdlover Says:

    @JAKA V you are just over reacting . I also watched YTBLSS whole ep 50 eventhough script was lagging. I was able to finish whole drama only because of IU and Jo Jung suk. They had awesome chemistry and IU did pretty good job there being a rookie actress. IF you don’t to watch this drama then don’t. Nobody cares.no one would be forcing you.I think IU is far better actress than previous actress yoona JGS has worked with.this time I’ll be rooting for this JGS and IU drama

  14. 14 : risolli123 Says:

    omo IU and JGS in one drama. they look so cute together. can’t wait

  15. 15 : bains Says:

    Boring synopsis. Ordinary and poor girl falling for rich guy. I was hoping for a better drama with JGS. Disappointed.

  16. 16 : tigerb Says:

    i’ll watch this as jgs delivers. the synopsis is not that attractive, but i’ll give it a shot.

  17. 17 : zaiyen Says:


    I Love IU’s voice and her characters

    I also like JGS on his series..

    I think this is really exciting! looking forward for this series!

  18. 18 : Beren Says:

    wuhuuu long time i was waiting for this drama and finally i can watch soon :)) so happyyyyy!! i was thinking Jang Geun Suk will change his hair color as blond..cant wait to see him in this drama 🙂

  19. 19 : goeunchan Says:

    waiting for this drama and too excited to watch .

  20. 20 : nunita Says:

    wow I am too excited for this drama and I think this drama will be exciting too.

  21. 21 : M.A Ruszama Says:

    Looking for this Drama. Can’t wait to see IU again in smal Screen. I will watch this because IU i don’t really like JGS Actually.

  22. 22 : sahel Says:

    why IU i dont like her

  23. 23 : RANDA Says:

    omg i cant wait 🙂 so excited i love you jks 😛

  24. 24 : FILLA Says:


  25. 25 : VIKI Says:


  26. 26 : junu Says:

    uaahhhh..!! i really want to watch this movie…waah!! daebaak!!
    i really wish to see this couple to be ..hope this drama make them real couple..heheheh!!:)

  27. 27 : agnesia Says:

    I really… really… hope that he’ll changes his hairstyle (sukkie) in this drama 🙁
    from MSOA he’s already had a long hair, also in love rain too.

  28. 28 : OK OK OK Says:

    Jang Geun Sui & IU — Pretty Man


    HAPPY ENDING !!! 😛 😛

  29. 29 : luna Says:

    Aww IU looks so adorable. i really wanted to see her with wooyung. but……..
    i guess i’ll watch it for IU though

  30. 30 : paras Says:

    same like all drama JGS before, this time will be excited. can’t wait..^

  31. 31 : mina Says:

    omomomomo…daebak JGS and IU i’ll will tell all my friend about this…

  32. 32 : lovesdir Says:

    gang suk-omg!i love this drama!

  33. 33 : asdasd Says:

    why iu suddenly had that short hair???? omoooo hate that 🙁 eventhough she’s still pretty as always :’)

  34. 34 : Trientjexo Says:

    ÝESS YESS IU !! i love her so much she’s so beautiful and cute hihi cant wait for the first episode 🙂

  35. 35 : Pandeou Says:


  36. 36 : NewFan Says:

    @luna – 29
    I want to see IU with Wooyung too.

    I’ll give this a try since its JGS we’re talking about. Love him in YB (best all time drama)

  37. 37 : Chippi18 Says:

    He might get a haircut in the drama, like his mentor tells him to cut his hair or something. Maybe he will have a long hair in the beginning after a while he will get a haircut i hope.

    Also hope Lee Jang Woo gets a haircut for this drama, not so long.

  38. 38 : JAKA V Says:

    Poor for me because i didn’t have see chemistry against other actor may be on the YTBLLS director and screenwriter was good and on that the story long, many characters implicated on that drama so that drama had many story just not focused on the lead character.so it my opinion but if someone different opinion that is wright but if i am able to choose i was able choose another drama @kdlovers

  39. 39 : MOMO Says:

    counting the days… so excited..

  40. 40 : eny Says:

    the only JGS role that i remember is in “Hwang Jin yi”, his other role is so so or the story is not interesting but I think actually he’s good. Not sure about this drama
    I like Han chae young in Delightfull Chunhyang n Exhibition of firework
    Not too excited about IU

  41. 41 : irene Says:

    I really like Jang Geun Suk and I’ve watched almost all of his dramas except Love Rain for I don’t like the actress opposite him. This time its IU, her beauty is just ordinary and I believe she’s just a second choice for this, I’ll give it a try and I hope the storyline would make up for it.

  42. 42 : Niela Sandy Says:

    My Man ..My love..JANG GEUN SUK>>>>
    EELS …Please comment ^^

  43. 43 : jihyeon Says:

    omg i’m waiting for this drama<3 hoho

  44. 44 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 41 Irene

    Me too. I also didn’t watch Love Rain though I like Jang Geun Suk very very much becoz I don’t like Y acting opp him.
    IU, I will try to watch Pretty Man bc i think she is more bearable than Y after watching the link (refer nbr 28) i found in youtube.
    Still Prefer PARK SHIN HYE 🙂 🙂

  45. 45 : msmelchidec Says:

    I also hope tha Jang Geun Suk change his hair style, in Love Rain and Hes Beautiful, i dont like his hair style, and became sad when IU cut her hair.

    And recently IU acused of being plagiarized of her new song (red shoes) i hope its not true, poor IU she has a new drama that’s why they are being mean to her

  46. 46 : msmelchidec Says:

    PARK SHIN HYE i like her for JGS, but not for Lee Min Ho. Dont get me wrong i also like LEE MIN HO, lets face it LMH is not good in his acting as of now but maybe he will improve it, the only thing that he CAN IMPROVE IT.

    I like LMH for GOO HYE SUN she is very good actress, painter, singer, writer, and composer, she has many skills, even though she is not active in any drama series. Unlike, LMH he is popular because he has many drama series.

  47. 47 : Kim Says:

    how i wish JGS will cut his hair…its irritating seeing him with long hair

  48. 48 : Niela Sandy Says:

    @msmelchidec are you watch Heirs too ? You can see Heirs Eps 5 , Park Shin Hye out from TREE J BUILDING ( JANG GEUN SUK PROPERTY ). We are GeunSHin Couple ( Jang Geun Suk & Park Shin Hye ) always Happy …hahha

    I hope JGS cut his hair …like in drama Bethoven Virus
    So Handsome & so manly too ^^

  49. 49 : kpoplvr Says:

    huhu i wanted wooyung with IU. i miss milky couple so much. hope they’ll be in drama together again in future.

  50. 50 : dreamer Says:

    yes IU’s drama. i have loved her ever since dream high. she fits perfectly for this role. i hope this drama will get high rating not like JGS other dramas. they kind of look cute together. can’t wait

  51. 51 : anzu Says:

    OMG….it is going to broadcasted with heirs…….i hope this drama will have highest rating than that drama……heirs is just like BOF except F4 and le min hoo character…

  52. 52 : rona Says:

    Jang geun is coming again…great…looking forward to this drama

  53. 53 : Pandeou Says:

    I like JKS new Hair Look! Looks Yummy!!

  54. 54 : EelsDhyan Says:

    Jang Geun Suk Oppa… Saranghae… <3 <3 <3

  55. 55 : sweet12 Says:

    new still photos of Jang Geun Suk and IU’s bus scene, please add it! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BX8QsHOCYAAdYnl.jpg:large

  56. 56 : pinky_lala Says:

    JGS..miss 2 watch him again!!

  57. 57 : wkcmasters Says:

    Pretty Man Pretty Boy Facebook Covers:

  58. 58 : jury Says:

    You’re seeing the first moment that IU falls in love through the still cuts above for her upcoming role in ‘Pretty Man’!

    The drama’s production team is starting to give us sneak peeks as they release various stills, and this set happens to be from the first meeting of the two characters portrayed by IU and Jang Geun Suk.

    IU’s character, middle schooler Kim Bo Tong, can’t help but become wide-eyed as she sees Dok Go Ma Te (Jang Geun Suk), an older high school boy, board the bus she’s on. She starts to make her whole life about him and this crush is said to continue for 10 years!

    We’ll have to see how it’ll work out for their characters as the drama unfolds, starting with its premiere on November 20th!


    So IU’s character is middle schooler, while Dok Go Ma Te (Jang Geun Suk) is an older high school boy. Does anyone who have read manhwa pretty boy? Is dok go ma te play high school boy for entire story? Because we already have Heirs for school drama theme in wed-thurs and Pretty man will same time slot with Heirs. I want another theme story

  59. 59 : dreamer Says:

    @jury haven’t read the manhwa. but what i’ve heard is that above mentioned scene is just the flashback. they won’t be playing high school boy or girl during the whole drama. i think this is just for 1 ep

  60. 60 : [email protected] Says:

    luv JGS so mucHoo!!

  61. 61 : Males Man Says:

    JGS was always working great with cute girls…..IU will surely ‘KO’ with his super kiss scenes…..wataaaakkk…..blurbbb….aigoooo!!!

  62. 62 : mel'nia Says:

    can’t wait to see JGS face and acting again… really miss his cute and sweet face…

  63. 63 : Carmen Says:

    I really love when they make dramas with only 16-episode…….They are the best!

  64. 64 : Anna Says:

    I cant wait to watch JKS !!!!!

  65. 65 : dahlia(fx) Says:

    Woowww the male lead definitely pretty and based on previous dramas he’s hot and rocksssss!

  66. 66 : Rmah Says:

    hope to see this JGS in the Philippines very soon… i will be watching his drama soon.. cant wait..

  67. 67 : REMONA Says:


  68. 68 : bigeye Says:

    yes he is popluar around..he is good acting and singer..wait and see first if JGS and iu are good acting or not

  69. 69 : Sanyi Says:

    I am very excited to see this drama they are both very talented people. I hope this drama gets high ratings.

  70. 70 : Anon Says:

    I have abandoned korean drama for about 1 year. But this drama catch my atttention with the main character jang geuk suk! Hold on! I’ll abosolutely going to see this

  71. 71 : Katie Says:

    Jang geun suk is such a good actor and good singer. I’m surprised that he’s not well liked in Korea. On netizen buzz.com, people talking trash about him. They say he is arrogant, egotistic, girly, obnoxious. I hope it’s not true! Never mind the haters, I respect Jang Geun Suk for his talent and charisma. I hope Pretty Man will become a big hit. Even though his other dramas have low ratings in Korea, they have high ratings overseas especially in Japan.

  72. 72 : silviq Says:


  73. 73 : malou1010 Says:

    Sooooo glad IU is back!!!! Loved her in YTBLSS! Wow…. she’s paired with JGS….. what a cute & adorable couple they make!!! My goodness…… if this is not an early Christmas gift for me, I don’t know how else to call it!!!!

  74. 74 : nyte Says:

    hi jks, looking forward to your new kdrama…

  75. 75 : Nihal Says:

    looks like an interesting drama 🙂

  76. 76 : rm018 Says:

    Geun Suk Oppa should cut his hair. His more attractive in short hair (My Opinion). Will be waiting for this drama definitely 🙂

  77. 77 : Chippi18 Says:

    Is that all the cast? What about supporting roles? I hope we get to know more of the other cast, i want to know which actress will play one of the 10 rich girls..

  78. 78 : Anna Says:

    Jang Keun Suk please with long hair

  79. 79 : mzk Says:

    this drama is going to be epic fail after all that JGS scandal. IU you chose the wrong drama

  80. 80 : Anna Says:

    Jang Keun Suk will forever be my reason for watching korean dramas. He is a great actor and singer. Thank you JKS!

  81. 81 : Kaya Says:

    Can Except Some good Music here. 2 great singers <3 <3

  82. 82 : cutegiant Says:

    looking forward to watch Pretty Man… zikzin!!!!

  83. 83 : Anita Says:

    Pretty Man Daebak! Jyo, Zikzin <3

  84. 84 : Izzati mashod Says:

    This is it ! The moment we had been waiting for ! I can’t wait for him to share his talents to the world! can we skip the days already? :p

    Good luck everyone

  85. 85 : mae Says:

    (“He is completely unfamiliar with the actress in question,” they said. “This is a complete fabrication which does not even deserve a proper response.”) – This was the statement given by the agency of Jang Geun Suk about the rumors. It was not really true and the photos of him was also photoshopped. I do really believe that it would not affect pretty man.

    Fighting JANG GEUN SUK OPPA! 🙂 Goodluck to your upcoming drama.

  86. 86 : Singapore Eel Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this drama. Must be super funny.
    Keun Suk Oppa fighting !!

  87. 87 : Roman Says:

    I always feel excited whenever JKS new drama is announced. I can’t wait to watch this. JKS 화이팅!

  88. 88 : Saad Says:

    I believe it is going to be daebaaaaaakkk because of our prince JANG KEUN SUK

  89. 89 : Ng Mei Wen Says:

    Sukkie always so good in acting..im really so excited for his new drama.
    Hope the new drama will be the Top list..Gamatei Sukkie..Fighting!!!!

  90. 90 : gdragon Says:

    Sorry to say but JKS has no luck with drama. His drama has always got low rating. So I’m not expecting much from this drama. Let’s see what happens.

  91. 91 : LM Says:

    i love JG an IU and i think that this drama going to be amazing…
    “Fighting oppa and unnie”

  92. 92 : millicent amponsah Says:

    cant wait to watch dis movie.oppa unnie FIGHTING

  93. 93 : kristin Says:

    They are looking cute & lovable together. I miss Jang Geun Suk so much as an actor. Pretty sure another unforgettable drama from Sukkie. So excited…!

  94. 94 : IloveU Says:

    OMG IU’s another drama. Aww she looks too adorable. Can’t wait for this drama. IU sarangahe

  95. 95 : Amrutha Benny Says:

    Oppa waiting to see you in the Pretty man… I was long time see you in drama.. I only like to watch your dramas and video. So the last drama that I watched is love rain.
    Want to see you in short hair.. Short hair is manly, but you’re beautiful with long hair also
    Oppa fighting… We eels are always trusting you. Love you my prince

  96. 96 : orchid Says:

    I’m too excited for IU but JGS, I’m not really fond of him. I wish it would be drama of milky couple but it’s too late for that wish. Anyway I’ll be watching it as IU is female lead in it

  97. 97 : Chippi18 Says:

    I wished this drama aired on Monday-Thursday rather than Wendsday-Thuesday.. I don’t want this drama to air at the same time with The Heirs drama. They will be competing about the ratings :(. I like both dramas, also LMH n JGS. I wish both good luck!!

  98. 98 : Chippi18 Says:

    I guess the one with better plot will get higher rating, but new dramas usuallly start with low ratings.

  99. 99 : tiffy Says:

    looks interesting. Geun suk oppashould really cut his hair. He looks alot better and handsome. But i guess it’s his style. *Shrugs* Drama looks amaizing. Can’t wait. IU is really cute and cool. Loved her acting in Youre the best,lee soon shin. Hope she rocks this one 2! Fighting!!!!

  100. 100 : chinwe Says:

    JGS, listen, u are destined for greatness, so don’t mind what people say ok. Scandal? what scandal? pls the people of South Korean, u are blessed to have a son like JGS ok!! Or could u people advise him to Come to Nigeria? We will be HONORED to have him so enough already. JGS, I never missed any of ur movies, and waiting for dis new one. Cheers love.

  101. 101 : lovelylia Says:

    Jang Keun Suk says to his eels not to worry about the ratings. He would do his best for Pretty Man, he wants to do this for his eels & that is enough. So enjoy Pretty Man when finally the long awaited moment has come! Sukkie we are always right behind you. Fighting! Zikzin!

  102. 102 : touché Says:

    Dear JGS, I don’t care about the negative comments. Just know that your international fans adore you and will always looking forward to see you in dramas and movies. Hwaiting!!!

  103. 103 : ismytrurtleready Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama. I love you IU. You are the best

  104. 104 : Ankutza Beclea Says:

    I love Jang Keun Suk!is the best

  105. 105 : ty Says:

    I am waiting this drama, and really wanna watch it. 😀

  106. 106 : pyungpyng Says:

    OMO!!! I HAVE A FEELING THIS WOULD BE GREAT! WAH! I feel like there will be good chemistry between them. I didnt really like ‘love rain’ and couldnt get to finish it. Also, that drama with iu, was it lee soon shin? Molla but I just saw this I bet this will be good. <3

  107. 107 : anzu Says:

    @mae,,,what’s the rumors exactly??

  108. 108 : julietyarsmin Says:


    promo is here now.. yeahhhh

  109. 109 : Chippi18 Says:

    JGS did get a haircut. I guess in the beginning he has long hair, when they’re grown up a bit, he cut his hair a bit. He didn’t cut that much but better than nothing….

  110. 110 : tiffy Says:

    @ chinwe
    They are creating scandals about my JGS oppa? WHO DARES TO DO THAT?!?! He is handsome and talented. C’mon seriously?

  111. 111 : mery Says:

    i like Sukki!Figthing!

  112. 112 : niez_jangeo Says:

    Pretty Man Fighting!!!!!

  113. 113 : NewFan Says:

    I made my mind. This drama will be my cure as I miss the drama ‘Secret’ once it is finish airing. 🙁 20th November seems like a long wait. (Sigh)

  114. 114 : V_V Says:

    Can’t wait. Sukki and IU Figthing!

  115. 115 : cherry Says:

    The teaser is out!!!!

  116. 116 : cherry Says:

    Sorry! Didn’t include the link! Please watch the official teaser of the drama!


    I can’t wait!!! This is not just a normal rom-com. It is full of secrets and twists and many lovely things!!! I really can’t wait! JKS fighting!! Prince of Asia we LOVE YOU!!

  117. 117 : malou1010 Says:

    Aaawwwww……. the poster up there is new…. IU & JGS looked so darn cute & adorable together!!!!!! Aigoo…. I want Nov.20 to come already…… pali!!!!!

  118. 118 : nept Says:

    IU i wanna see you .plz sing ost for this drama too. eagerly waiting for this drama

  119. 119 : hirmah Says:

    i love JGS..i hope i can love ur acting in this drama..

  120. 120 : sweet12 Says:

    new official photoshoot pics on this website!

  121. 121 : silverlining Says:

    IU saranghae. can’t wait to see you acting again. Ajang couple fighting

  122. 122 : goodidea185 Says:

    ►► IU *can’t wait for her new drama ◄◄

  123. 123 : cisi Says:

    i like this couple!figthing!

  124. 124 : Buddy Says:

    A comedy-romance drama = aside from being a versatile actor, this really of JKS witty character. the production really get the right choice for the lead role… this going to be another big-hit for JKS…looking forward to watch this in the Philippines… good luck!

  125. 125 : deniz Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama. I love you JKS. You are the best

  126. 126 : vivian Says:

    I Like Jang Keun Suk very much,he is really a pretty man .I cannot wait to see it.fighting

  127. 127 : nunita Says:

    waiting for ths drama too exicter for iu!!!!!!!!

  128. 128 : Jessica Rose Says:

    I’m so looking forward to this drama and of course very excited…can’t wait to see IU in a new drama again with an incredible actor- Jang Geun Suk…..love love…i’m going to support this from the beginning till they end!!

  129. 129 : Gina Says:

    Story so familiar, but with JGS as the lead role, surely he will deliver-his-piece to capture the heart of the audience and love this drama till the end. JGS pretty-innocent face, a super-talented actor makes him the right pick for the lead role. Congratulations…!

  130. 130 : maricon aquino Says:

    jang keun suk,i know that you speak tagalog a filipino language, “sana mapanuod ko na rin ang bago mong teleserye na beautiful Man dito sa Pilipinas”take care of your self always…

  131. 131 : alejandra Says:

    ahhh porfa mandenme todo hacerca de los doramass

  132. 132 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:

    can’t wait to see this series. i love jang geun suk very much. hope it will come out very very soon. nice……

  133. 133 : shairi Says:

    waiting for IU!!!!!!!!!!!1

  134. 134 : keunzyness Says:

    hope youll cut ur hair short to make u more handsome!fighting pretty man oppa ♥.♥

  135. 135 : Rania Says:

    This drama looks fun and interesting. I like the writer and with Jang Keun Suk as the lead I know I can count on good acting. The two female leads look good too.

  136. 136 : makitta Says:

    Hola…yo soy una fans de Santiago de Chile y mi actor favorito es Sukki espero con muchas ancias su nuevo drama q es beautiful man ……..espero q de lo mejor de el ya q el es muy exigente y perfeccionista…y las actrices que lo acompañan son muy buenas asiq espero de todo corazón que sea un gran éxito para este 2013 y recuerden q tienen fans en todo el mundo………saludos bye

  137. 137 : Tweety Says:

    🙂 IU cut her hair.? ^^. A beautiful song again from IU, hopefully. IU fightin’.

  138. 138 : khalish Says:

    I dont know why but as far as i know JGS’s drama always didn’t get high rating. i hope with IU this drama can get high rating. but still it is difficult because there is The Heirs at SBS that has got a high rating. the writer must make the story more more…more interesting than The Heirs.

    i’ll pay attention to the story line till eps 4 to decide if this drama will be more interesing or not.

  139. 139 : chitchitlay17 Says:

    I couln’t wait for this drama to be on air ^ ^ <3 IU & JGS……. Fighting!!!!!!!! saranghayo

  140. 140 : Mylene Says:

    I super like JGS, but dunno the girl.

  141. 141 : Korean Drama Says:

    Lucky for them “heirs’ is coming to the end, only 4 eps left, if not is really not easy to archive a good rating.

    Anyway where are the rest of the women ???? who are they ???

  142. 142 : nina Says:

    i like this actors!figthing,oppa Suk!

  143. 143 : anzu Says:

    @Korean drama
    Even though jang geun suk’s drama get lower rating, every time his drama has win over le min ho drama and also jang geun suk is a good actor in compare to le min ho. so i think its lucky for heirs’s cast becuz they don’t need to fight with this drama in 2013.

    About heirs, it’s popularity is just becuz of lead and supporting character beside that it has nothing….

  144. 144 : RANDA Says:

    for all those who interested in reading the manga for this drama here you can download it , they are going exactly like it

  145. 145 : SJ Says:

    Teaser 2:

  146. 146 : god Says:

    JKS.really like him because of cute face and great voice.I think he should change hair style. Current hair style is great but he look like a gay. I mean he is not manish. But he is my favourite actor.Whatever, I love him. Have a great drama with high rating !

  147. 147 : malou1010 Says:

    IU is not only a very talented singer/songwriter but also a very good actress. Her previous drama You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin, earned her the respect & praise for her acting by both her peers & critics. BTW, YTBLSS was a TOP RATED drama from 1st episode all the way to its 50th episode!!! It got a rating of 22.2% for the 1st episode & for its 50th episode, 30.1%.

    So for anyone to “claim” that lucky for us Heirs has only 4 episodes left (do your math, it’s 8 more episodes left!), and worse, to “prejudge” Pretty Man won’t get a good rating if it airs along side with Heirs…… all I can say is…… don’t put your foot in your mouth!!

    IU & JGS are a perfect combination! Pretty Man… fighting!!

  148. 148 : Farah Says:

    @malou I agree! I am a JKS eel and I love how cute IU is in this drama! JKS and IU fighting!! I am sure both can deliver! They look cute together ^_^
    I can’t wait for the start of this drama <3 JKS never failed to amaze me in everything he does. He was the reason I know Korean dramas exists. He has tremendous power outside of Korea. Many of my friends like him. We did many projects to support this drama. Whatever the ratings are , it will not affect the sales because JKS's drama always sale!! Anything he promotes sales! Fighting fighting fighting!

  149. 149 : haruhi28 Says:

    i hope that this is agood drama…:)

  150. 150 : Anonymous Says:

    This drama is suck.

  151. 151 : momo Says:

    If this drama involved JGS & IU ….i wonder how amazing the OST will be !! They both are my favorite singers…they sing really well

  152. 152 : GORATA Says:


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    gonna expecting these drama!
    what a perfect match JGS and IU!!><

  156. 156 : Buddy Says:

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    Never watch any of IU’s drama or movie, hoping she’ll do her best too for the success of this drama..

  157. 157 : EelsDhyan Says:

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  162. 162 : ashiya Says:

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    I can’t wait to see the drama.. and of course ♥ ♥ sukkie oppa ♥ ♥

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    It’s so enticing

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    Fighting for our prince ..
    나는 당신을 사랑합니다 ♥♥
    i’m excited and can’t keep calm to watch :\
    i trust it will be freaking awesome ..

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    Waiting to be mesmerised by Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk, the only beautiful man( both inside and out) in this world 🙂

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  245. 245 : zozosuk Says:

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  246. 246 : zozosuk Says:

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  253. 253 : spring roll Says:

    i have a feeling that this drama is going to get low rating. JKS might be famous in japan or china but in korean he is total fail. korean people really hates JKS. feel sorry for other casts

  254. 254 : jks Says:

    fighting pritty man
    Iam very ecsiting to seeit

  255. 255 : Sbcri Says:

    We are waiting for this drama! Fighting Sukkie! We are always with you…

  256. 256 : Rania Says:

    @spring roll why do you feel sorry for the other cast? Didn’t they CHOOSE to work with JKS? I am sure no one forced them to work with him , they are adults after all.
    Some Korean might hate JKS , so what? It’s really their opinion. His acting is very good and that’s what each and every person who worked with him said about him.
    If Korean people are so childish to the point they ignore the story , the acting and everything else just because they hate one actor then really , their opinion means nothing and gives nothing to say about a quality of a drama. I’d rather hear from people who are mature enough to watch a drama for the story and acting and not a childish hate on someone they even know personally or even live with. It’s not like he’s a criminal or a gangster. He gave his country a lot. He didn’t just helped built orphanages and helped more than 20 students in the University with scholarships and promoted Korea to the point that thousands of his fans visit Korea everyday just to see him and eat in his favorite restaurant.
    Let them waste their time hating. He will face that hate with love and dedication like we have always known from him. His drama will sell whether Korean liked it or not. His drama will also be loved for what it’s worth.

  257. 257 : holey Says:

    Really can’t wait !!!!! ^^

  258. 258 : Allyson Says:

    Looking forward to Jang Keun Suk’s new piece of work! He’ll excel in his character as usual!

  259. 259 : malou1010 Says:

    Guys……… tomorrow is the DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    PRETTY MAN…………………….FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!

  260. 260 : meme4 Says:

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  261. 261 : Ayoosh_JKS Says:

    who ever thought that IU and JKS will in one drama
    soooo interested

  262. 262 : [email protected] Says:

    totally gonna
    watch !!!!

  263. 263 : Goopry:3 Says:

    back off haters
    the drama will be
    freaking amazing

  264. 264 : Shinee^_^ Says:

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    it i cn’t wait

  265. 265 : Shinee^_^ Says:

    1 DAY 2 GOOOO !!!!

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  267. 267 : EXOTICS#98 Says:

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    i missed him as well

  268. 268 : jks love Says:

    Tomorrow I’m enthusiastic display

  269. 269 : lovememe Says:


  270. 270 : jks love Says:

    Since there jks in this drama and iu will become very beautiful drama I love jks and iu Fighting

  271. 271 : susan Says:

    whether Pretty Man will receive low rating or not, let the viewers decide..but JKS fans like me is just happy and excited for this drama, for me, it has nothing to do with ratings but it has something to do with staying long with the acting career…i strongly believe that JKS acting will become better and more polished after this drama and so with the other casts..let’s just watch this and do the judging later on ratings just enjoy..peace!

  272. 272 : Crusita Says:

    I think this drama will get high rating keke. I don’t know, but I’m sure it will. Beside the lead actor and actress is JGS and IU. They’re really good on acting. YTBLSS got higher ratings keke. Omg, I’m Uaena btw. I’m pretty sure this drama will be so interesting for each episode. The story is good. And I can’t wait for sure. =)) IU and JGS fighting. JangU couple <3 can't wait for them

  273. 273 : zhoor Says:

    المسلسل شكله حلو❤️❤️❤️

  274. 274 : Yani Cri Says:

    tomorrow is the day,,, Oh God, freaking Happy to see this drama

  275. 275 : Mikey Says:

    Let’s see how it goes!Gooodluck guys!

  276. 276 : Smiley Sam Says:

    Sukkie Oppa you’re the best ever <3 Good luck to you and all the acters & actress and also the staff <3 i'll pray for the drama to be the best ever even though it's already is because you are in it <3 Big love from ALGERIA

  277. 277 : Rania Says:

    Congrats to “pretty man” !!!!! Total amount of rice wreaths is 16.36 tons! It makes a new record in the press conference history of all Korean dramas!!
    Proud proud!!!!!

  278. 278 : Anna Says:

    for spring roll – Jang Keun Suk is famous in Europe too. I,m in same opinion with Rania. JKS = amazing actor, very good singer and a really beautiful man.

  279. 279 : Rania Says:

    Eels are amazing! Jang keun suk inspired us , his fans to give to others and love others and to never look down on anyone. For that , we presented our JKS in his drama press conference with the following:
    Final numbers and things that were donated are, Rice: 16.36 Tons. 2,000 Eggs, Powder Milk: 30 Cans, Diapers: 2.400 pieces. These will be sent to the needy all over the places.

    We are proud to be JKS fans!

  280. 280 : misty Says:

    Very excited with this drama.. I love Jang Kuen Suk! Really good actor, singer and model…. Pretty Man Fighting!!!

  281. 281 : Kaya Says:

    @spring roll what made you day people hate JKS in korea ?? Cud u elaborate.

  282. 282 : Kaya Says:

    @spring roll what made you say people hate JKS in korea ?? Cud u elaborate.

  283. 283 : Rania Says:

    I can’t sleep over excitement! JKS and IU fighting!! You both rock! And I am really interested in the story. In the press conference JKS said he will act 10 different characters so he can get through 10 different women and take away their success to himself.
    I can’t wait to understand why Mate was driven away from his real family and was raised by someone who he thought is his mother but after she died he discovered she’s not. It will be interesting to see Mate’s journey to find the truth and avenge.

  284. 284 : ESRA HAYMOOR Says:

    I’ve been dying to watch this ever since JKS oppa was assigned for the lead role *_______________* can’t wait no more <3 <3 <3 <3

  285. 285 : WiSsàl Says:

    so exited for the new drama fighting Oppà i know you’re doing a great job and remember you’re not just asia prince you’re the world prince Arab eels will always beside you

  286. 286 : Sanyi Says:

    I am so excited to see this drama, good luck !!!!!

  287. 287 : cattus mulier Says:

    The battle between The Heirs and Pretty Man will begin tonight^^who gonna win in terms of drama ratings???will the Prince of Asia Jang Geun Suk outshine the Asia’s heartthrob Lee Min Ho?

  288. 288 : ismytrurtleready Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama to air. IU fighting
    Plz be good with rating

  289. 289 : peelingbanana Says:

    Well in terms of rating heir might win but I’ll be rooting for this drama till the end. can’t wait to see IU acting again. Ajang couple fighting

  290. 290 : ZigZag Says:

    So today is the day. Hope to see amazing chemistry between IU and JKS

  291. 291 : Mylene Says:

    I just hope this will be agood series because it’s a come back acting for JGS.Let’s hope for the best! Fighting!

  292. 292 : goeunchan Says:

    wow this drama will starting from today finally came Excited to watch……:D:D

  293. 293 : ashiya Says:

    Yes @goeunchan today is the day me too excited to watch

  294. 294 : Jezreel Jang Says:

    this is the day that JKS eels are waiting. we will zikzin with you Sukkie. FIGHTING!!!

  295. 295 : spring roll Says:

    lots of people are complaining about my comments but what i commented is the truth whether you like it or not. he is really hated in korea for his ‘prince syndrome’. everytime when article about JKS comes up , negative comment about him is always upvoted.his failed drama also proves it and this drama is also going to be one of his epic fail drama. he has also admitted his unpopularity in korea but so called eels can’t accept the fact. he might be famous in other countries but it’s a really shame that he is not needed by korean people. people from his own homeland.

  296. 296 : Rania Says:

    @ spring roll , It looks like you didn’t understand a thing from our comments. We don’t care about ratings nor do we care if some Korean people hate him. And no , it’s not about his “prince syndrome” like you said since he was hated way before he became prince of Asia.
    We don’t deny that he has a big Anti-base in Korea. However , their hate doesn’t mean JKS dramas are fail. They may not get ratings but all his dramas sold highly and were extremely popular. Korean people should judge a drama through it’s story , acting and directing. not a childish hate on someone they don’t even know personally.
    And even though there are many that hate him in Korea , there are many that love him too. It’s funny that you said he “isn’t needed” in his homeland. I think all the people JKS helped disagree with you. His Korean friends celebrities and non-celebrities also disagree with you. The orphans that got roofs and food because of him and the students who completed their studies thanks to him also disagree with you. He’s an icon that promotes Korea. Even Korea tourism ministry disagrees with you since he has been awarded by it for affecting Korea’s tourism very positively in the last couple of years. JKS is loved and supported from all over the world. Some hate in Korea will not stop him. Let them waste their time in hating like I said before.

    And obviously , the cast of this drama doesn’t care also. They worked with JKS anyway because they respect him. 🙂

  297. 297 : anzu Says:

    @spring roll
    I start to hate korean after knowing that they hate JKS…. really this people can’t distinguished between good and bad person….JKS is far better than any actor in this world…..

    Good luck JKS……don’t think about rating and just work hard……eels from nepal…….

  298. 298 : theresayip Says:

    he is really a born-actor, thumb up Jang Keun Suk. Fighting^^

  299. 299 : Rania Says:

    I loved it!!! The acting of everyone is just suburb!!! It was fun , funny , smart , interesting and really really sad at the end of the episode!
    I cried hard with JKS at the end! It was a really heavy scene GOSH! I cried!

    I love IU!!! She’s so cute and her acting is good! I really laughed at the scene where her brother wraps her up in plastic hahaha. And JKS’s scene when he got his new expensive car hahahahahahahahahaha that was the funniest scene! He’s so cute!!!

    The secrets about Mate’s real family started to be revealed by yuri! Her character is mysterious and really interesting. I can’t wait to watch more! This drama is amazing!

  300. 300 : marika Says:

    I do not care what kind of attitude he has as far as if he is not hurting anyone.The guy can act,he is cute and if some blaming him for unimportant things that is their problem and can go in a gossip site and release all their bitterness.All actors try their best with each work they do and we have to wish them -like them or not-Good Luck.

  301. 301 : OK OK OK Says:


  302. 302 : tiffy Says:

    i wonder whats the ratings like so far!:)

  303. 303 : Pandeou Says:


  304. 304 : Nudge Says:

    The title of this drama is “Bel Ami” according to kbsworld.kbs.co.kr, KBSWorld yt channel, Asianwiki.com and soompi.com while wiki.d-addicts.com titles its page “Bel Ami” but didn’t include that title in the description.

    I trust the official title for the English speaking audience is “Bel Ami” as posted on the KBSWorld website. “Pretty Man” connotes a dandy during the 19th century, yet “Bel Ami” is the title to a 19th century novel about a man sought by women — a gigolo of sorts.

    Damn confusing when they use many titles and I don’t see the point in doing so. It simply makes things unclear. One is left to wonder if the drama is about a gigolo or is it about a gay man or both? Of course it can’t be, there is a pretty girl playing possibly the love interest.

    Please, please keep it simple drama titlers whoever you are. FFS, give the damn thing one appropriate title for crying out loud.

  305. 305 : Nudge Says:

    I watched 15 mins of the raw of ep#1 and liked it. That’s without even understanding what they’re saying. 🙂

  306. 306 : Micc Says:

    Very hard sell of Jang Geun Suk! haha!
    Han Chae Young is back? Nice.

  307. 307 : tiffy Says:

    is this drama interesting?

  308. 308 : remyeiad Says:

    fighting prince asiaaaa saranghae

  309. 309 : jihyeon Says:

    i keep watching this even the rating was low to compare with heirs which is increase at 1st. jst wowwwww
    keep wacthing this drama IU & JGS fighting<3

  310. 310 : Jezreel Jang Says:

    in the 1st episode, the casts of this drama already shown their best especially Sukkie and IU. it’s a complete package for it will make you laugh and cry…..

  311. 311 : Fullheart Says:

    Not sure what the debate over like or dislike Jang Geun Suk is, but as an American I’ll take him over Lee Min Ho any Day. Don t get me wrong I like Lee Min Ho, but sorry, Jang wins every time. Korean “dramas” are being watched globally, not just be Koreans, so I don t undrstand how ratings really reflect what the global viewing audience thinks.

  312. 312 : Sharon Says:

    Watched ep 1
    Like, where did she get her clothes??
    Just take the darn shirt off!!

  313. 313 : ZigZag Says:

    Wow I’m really impressed with JKS and IU’s acting esp IU’s acting.I didn’t expect her to be that good but she is really good. Her role is like bubbly and naive character which I really find annoying in some drama but in this drama she has managed to pull off that character very well that I’m in love with character. She is cute and funny at the same time. Can’t wait see more of JKS and IU in drama

  314. 314 : Sharon Says:

    1.He is a vegetarian????!
    2. BT hormones is out of control.
    3. Plastic wrap??!! Hahaha…..can’t take it off.
    4. Who is YR? Did she kill his mom? What dies she want?
    I like this drama so far, it started out on the right foot. JGS crying scene was gut wrenching, it was So convincing that I began to cry. Will continue watching.

  315. 315 : LearnToSwim Says:

    I think it’s about time that Korean people drop their ancient ways of thinking (no, he is NOT your poster ‘perfect future son-in-law’ boy so get over yourselves already!) and just enjoy JKS’ work since it is indeed a piece of art!

    The first episode was great and, by the looks of it, the second will be even better!

    Kudos to the cast and crew of this drama. Keep up the good story and acting!

  316. 316 : NoonaEel Says:

    Not gonna comment too much on the ‘JKS is hated’ story (which is so yesterday, by the way). Haters gonna hate. Bad mouthed people won’t cease to exist. You know what, when you keep on repeating this “JKS is hated” chants, it’ll also give a bad impression to the Korean people, not to JKS per se. So please refrain yourself from commenting irrelevantly. Anyway… watched the first episode without SUB (proud of myself lol) and still couldn’t get over it. It’s way more interesting than I thought before. Now let’s get ready for the emotional roller coaster ride with Mate, Butong, Yura and the other characters… wooot wooot!!! \m/

  317. 317 : lovelylia Says:

    This drama is really wooooooow. I have not watch it with english sub but I enjoy it quite a lot, its funny (remember the part with the chicken ha ha ha). Great acting on all the cast, IU is quite good. Jang Geun Suk as usual rocking his role.

    Pretty Man Zikzin!

  318. 318 : dinaz Says:

    I was thinking of trying this one..is it good??but the ratings are low!

  319. 319 : ecidnac Says:

    ratings would not reflect whether the drama is good or not.. so i dont care if this drama has low ratings compared to heirs.. it has a better story compared to the heirs i swear.. heirs has a very typical love story and very predictable!!!! Go pretty man aka bel ami!!

  320. 320 : ecidnac Says:

    to those who doubt whether to watch or not this drama because of the ratings.. please dont be.. it is really good.. just give it a try.. swear its more enjoyable compared to the heirs

  321. 321 : Nudge Says:


    But I like their traditions (ancient ways). I have an aversion for most of what is termed as “modern values” (cringe). I am almost a crusader against modernity in so far as values go 🙂 Indeed I think I’ll adorn Choseon plebian attire when posting comments from now on LoL!

    Yea this drama is pretty good so far. Enjoying it.

  322. 322 : Nudge Says:

    #311 @Fullheart. True. Ratings reflect the South Korean demographic’s taste, and does not include the global audience who for that matter aren’t all watching as the drama is aired. Many I know of prefer to watch the whole drama without the interruptions. Avid fans no doubt. 🙂

  323. 323 : lala Says:

    can anyone give the link for this drama? PLEASE

  324. 324 : malou1010 Says:

    @ lala

    Try watching it at epdrama.com. This is my lifeline for korean dramas!

    Wow….. loved episode 1!!! So nice to see IU acting again. Good acting for both IU & JGS.

    Pretty Man…. Fighting!!!

  325. 325 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 1
    IU as Kim Bo Tong – I like KBT dressing – so sunny, so colourful.

    Jang Geun Suk – so handsome —- fighting !!!!! 🙂

  326. 326 : OK OK OK Says:

    Bel Ami
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Bel Ami is French author Guy de Maupassant’s second novel, published in 1885; an English translation titled Bel Ami, or, The History of a Scoundrel: A Novel first appeared in 1903.

    The story chronicles journalist Georges Duroy’s corrupt rise to power from a poor ex-NCO to one of the most successful men in Paris, most of which he achieves by manipulating a series of powerful, intelligent, and wealthy mistresses.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bel_Ami 🙂

  327. 327 : Dou Says:

    @ 305 I think I got u point and i knw what movie u talking about ” bel ami” comes from French which means good friend.talking about gigolo things w re not sure yet let see how the story ll unfold

  328. 328 : Melanie Says:

    I was on the fence with this drama but my friend is crazy about IU and wanted me to watch. The result was quite interesting.
    I have to say the first episode was perfect. It introduced more than 6 characters in a funny and smart way. It had humor , mystery , suspense and a heavy seen of angst at the end. Didn’t expect that.

    The actors are great. Specially the leading man. He was charming , sexy , devilish , cute , mischievous and then when his mom came into the picture he’s the perfect boy lol! He was so cute when he said he’s vegetarian but when he ate a small piece of meat out of politeness , he couldn’t help but devour the whole thing like a cute neat monster. And don’t let me start on the car scene! What a cute little monster! I can totally see a man that happy about a new car but he was extra cute and funny! Totally natural in his acting to the point I didn’t expect that devilish cute creature to turn into a broken man at the end of the episode. there was more than one scene of him breaking down and it was heart wrenching. I’m glad I watched this drama!
    IU was so cute and lovable too. Liked her acting.

    I think this drama managed to bring all the elements of a good written story from the first episode. It had humor , sexiness , craziness , angst and introduced a secret mysterious situation! All that in episode one! I am impressed and 🙂

  329. 329 : Nudge Says:

    @Dou Well, no, there isn’t likely to be a gigolo in this drama. It is a light comedy. But that is my point. There’s a subtext to the title “Bel Ami” whether the person who named the drama knew it or not, I can’t say. Beyond the literal meaning of the French — “beautiful friend” — there is a definite association with the seedy side, when you’re talking about a male friend like that in the French context. It is unavoidable.

    I don’t think KBS thought it through, as is often with so many dramas they mis-title them or they simply slap as many titles on the thing a hope one sticks.

    The appropriate title for this drama is probably “A Beautiful Man” as it has almost no ambiguity with respect to gender and social standing. And no allusions to the social climbing gigolo-like figure depicted in the novel/movie of the same name, nor an effeminate male as would be the case should they maintain the title “Pretty Man”.

  330. 330 : Nudge Says:

    “A Beautiful Friend” works too. 🙂

  331. 331 : Sharon Says:

    It’s good so far. JGS acting is on point, so go for it.
    I don’t give a darn about his personal life as long as he can get the job done. So far, so good.

  332. 332 : Tess Estrada Says:

    Love JKS Go GO Fighting

  333. 333 : Anna Says:

    JKS did it again!!! His acting skill ? GREAT ! His eyes alone can speak a thousand words. He is sexi. He is sensual. He is an awesome actor. This drama is great.

  334. 334 : Shirley Says:

    To be honest when I first heard about Beautiful Man (aka Bel Ami) all that was repeated was the lead male character would seduce 10 women so I just assume the plot will be quite superficial. It turns out that there is a conspiracy behind and Mate actually had a legit reason for seducing the top 1% women in Korea – to take back what he deserved. How come the promoter never mentions that?

    I also did not expect there would be so much going on with the 1st episode – I found myself laughing, smiling, intrigued and crying in one episode. The flow was smooth, the storyline makes sense and is not repetitive, the actor/actress are great. In fact the lead actor did a superb job – he nailed the car scene (a grown man with a childish heart), he conquered the rich lady like she was his toy (not the other way curiously), he acted cool when he ran into that mysterious lady and he wailed like he was crying his heart out when his mum passed way. The lead actress was cute too. The only criticism is that it is quite off when Mate kept repeating that he considered whoever rich was beautiful – and the rich lady still loved him so much even if he made it very clear that he was in the money only.

    Overall I enjoyed the first episode so much that I would not hesitate to continue watching. The rating definitely does not do the drama justice – it’s too under-rated. Guess it takes time to spread the word.

  335. 335 : Joyce Says:

    Just done watching EP1!So far I like the storyline.I like this kind of drama…a drama that made me guess who is who!like who is Yoora?why she keeps showing herself on Ma Te’s life?are they siblings?or is she the woman whom his father marry and got divorced?I got this kind of feeling that Ma Te is actually rich but his mom gave him birth out of wedlock?and Yoora was threatened of Ma Te’s existence cos for sure Ma Te will inherit everything cos she can’t give birth that’s why her hubby divorced her?or the worst case scenario is,she could be the real mom of Jang Geun Suk (Ma Te) hahaha!I know she’s too young to be the mom of Ma Te but who knows?lol she looks so mysterious,ya know!and why she knows Ma Te’s whereabouts?or somehow she’s very determined to seek for revenge???that’s why everything was plannned according to what she want…and she seemed so mad at MT’s mom in the hospital,but why? for what reason?

    I like this drama way bettter than The Heirs!acting wise,JGS ‘s acting is good 🙂 though I’m not a die hard fan of JGs but I like his acting.I just hope the story won’t drag later….and I don’t care bout the ratings!

    So excited for ep2!

  336. 336 : Joyce Says:

    Actually I don’t like IU.I’m not a fan that’s why I dropped her drama Lee Shoon Shin maybe because at that time I was too engrossed watching 100yr Inheritance…but in here she’s pretty funny!she made me laughed!

    Guess I will be enjoying this drama…I don’t really like all the dramas of JGS esp Marry Stayed Out All Nyt and Love Rain maybe because it has the same storyline with the movie The Classic.I only like his drama You’re Beautiful but it was Yonghwa’s character that I like lol but I like JGS in Hong Gil Dong…I so love his acting there…guess he’s better off with historical dramas.He shud act in saguek one day…of course him as the main lead!

  337. 337 : Sarah Says:

    I was avoiding this drama like the bulge. But got curios after my sister and mother went crazy after the first episode. I must say it was a surprise.
    It was fast and funny and really unpredictable. Didn’t expect at all death and grief at the end of the first episode. Didn’t expect a mysterious woman with a creepy aura and didn’t actually expect a male lead trying desperately to uncover a secret deep within his past. The female lead was cute and funny too.

    Story wise for a first episode I will give it a 9.5. Witty , fast , funny , suspense and deep emotional scenes all in one episode.

    Directing wise I give it a 10! Loved the flashbacks and how well the camera turns in some scenes.

    Soundtrack and background music and how it syncs with the scenes , I give it a 9. The music during the scenes is perfect and perfectly complements the things happening in the scene but I felt that opening song should have been stronger , hence the 9 or else the instrumental music is perfect!

    Acting wise I give it 9.5!
    The male lead is exceptional. He had to do so many different reactions in that one episode and I think he did great. I laughed , cried and blushed because of him. Can’t get over the car scene or the ribs scene or the funeral scene. Loved them all. His character looks really promising and multidimensional since he will change a long the way while he proceeds with his mission. Interesting character with layers to be revealed.

    Female lead is very cute and funny. She manages to act like a total weird and perverted girl in a good way. You can tell that there will be more to her character than what we saw.

    Second female lead , very nice acting and an interesting mystery comes with her character. It’s clear she wants to use Matte for her own reasons. Is she after revenge? What’s her goal? How does she know much about Matte? What kind of a secret password is that she promised him? Very interesting.

    All in all , this drama impressed me and totally surprised me. It was a really great first episode. I hope it continues to go like that. Loved it.

  338. 338 : Yani Cri Says:

    I love this drama. Ep 1 is great, and can’t wait to watch the eps. Their acting sooo good. JKS is perfect as Dokgo MaTe and Kim BoTong so funny.

  339. 339 : Springsuk_USA Says:

    I like the script so far, it gets funny, sexy, emotional and also mysterious at the same time. JKS’s acting is superb. IU played well on Botong. I love this drama. Beautiful Man Zikzin!!!

  340. 340 : thenatcat Says:

    The first episode was really good!! Not what I expected so I am now really excited to see the rest. ^^ Fast paced, funny, sweet, and serious all in one. JKS’ character is really interesting…beyond being the pretty guy that can get any girl (well, not any kkk) he’s also kind of goofy and self-concious in an odd way. He goes after money from women but he’s not really satisfied with his life being this way. Interesting interesting…and then the whole mystery of his past and who this mysterious woman is….I’m in! IU surprised me too…I don’t like leading ladies that just fawn over some guy for no reason. IU has spunk and she’s not reserved and mousy…she’s silly and flamboyant and willing to act like a fool to be herself. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

  341. 341 : hirmah Says:

    i dont know..my feeling watch this drama same like watch marry me mary..i love JGS

  342. 342 : Nudge Says:

    JGS is still acting similar roles since Hong Gil Dong. He’s likeable to be sure. He’s like the stereotypical flowerboy.

    OMG, all the women in my neck of the woods — mixed but mostly Anglo — swoon at the mention of this guy. It seems his appeal, a karmic marvel in an of itself, is far reaching. 🙂

  343. 343 : Susann McGovern Says:

    Pretty Man/Bel Ami is an example of what a good drama should be. Each of the characters are well-rounded and played by very talented actresses…each with their own unique charm and talent. Our star, Jang Keun Suk, is a top-notch actor. I was first drawn to him by his chilling performance in The Itaewon Murder Case. He has the ability to convey his feeling through his body language and his most expressive face and eyes. He doesn’t need words to make the audience feel.
    JKS was able to make me laugh while ravenously eating kalbi while claiming to be a vegetarian. The joy and lightheartedness when he got the keys to his Porsche, talking to the car like it was human. The tears and pain I felt for him after loosing his mother. Looking forward to Episode 2 with the Korean actor, Jang Keun Suk.

  344. 344 : JKS_kuwait Says:

    Wow! To me , i gave episode 1 a 10 out of 10! I patiently waited for the premiere of this drama Bel Ami/Beautiful Man/Pretty Man and honestly i am a bit nervous for some reasons…But thank God, first ep is a success.. JKS did an excellent job, he showed different kind of emotions in one ep only and IU is cute and funny too.. i love all the scenes.. my most favorite scene is “bus scene” of IU and JKS , i laughed when IU is staring like crazy at JKS while he is on his ear phone and suddenly noticed her and he was surprised! Kkkkk! Fighting JKS! Eels from Kuwait are always with you! We love you!

  345. 345 : mona Says:

    Just read good comments about this drama.. So fighting all the casts!!!

  346. 346 : Abha Aggarwal Says:

    Really enjoyed watching the first episode. JKS is absolutely amazing. The rest of the cast is great too. Now looking forward to the second episode.

    Though, I don’t understand why the rating is so poor in the chart above. Are people in Korea not liking it??

  347. 347 : Kalina Says:

    Omg! The first episode of this drama make me laugh and cry like crazy. Can’t wait to see more. JKS is do handsome and seductive. IU is also very funny! Love love this!! <3

  348. 348 : NoonaEel Says:

    Still waiting for the Eng Sub for Ep 2 because I need to understand some details which are revealed slowly slowly here. As for the rating, again… I don’t care. This drama is the only Korean Drama I intensely watch this year (2 times each episode for the non-sub & Eng Sub… gonna be three times when KBS World starts broadcasting it in 4th Dec 2013!). I guess those who like “Secret” should also watch this… a different vibe yet equally intense in terms of story.

  349. 349 : NoonaEel Says:

    and oh… forgot to comment on the acting. JKS… is indeed JKS… never fails to amaze me with his improved acting skills. Dokgo Matte the previously ‘underrated’ character judged by the seemingly ‘subtle’ title of “Beautiful Man’ is now giving me a different feeling. I was surprised by the heart-wrenching funeral crying scene in Ep 1… exactly something that I would do if I didn’t know my own mum’s illness all along and everything was too late. It’s not exaggerating at all and we all could see that this pretty faced gold-digger who mainly uses ladies to get wealth is actually his mum’s boy. Seductive, indifferent, cute, bubbly faces… all in one episode. Second episode, he refrains a bit but still, more of Dokgo Matte’s characteristics can be expected. IU is surprisingly good as an ‘average’ manhwa girl. Han Chae Young? need I say more? I got goosebumps everytime she appears on the screen. Even Son Ye Jin (Jaek Hee, the rich girlfriend) is doing a good job with her portrayal of a rich yet insecure woman. Phew… been satisfied so far :). Can’t wait to watch the next episodes!

  350. 350 : NoonaEel Says:

    ups sorry it’s not Son Ye Jin playing Jaek Hee but So Yoo Jin :p

  351. 351 : Jalyn46 Says:

    Was not overly impressed with first episode but if does show some promise so will wait to see how story evolves.

  352. 352 : katey Says:

    This drama surprised me. I wasn’t expecting that good of a start. Love the first two episodes and the story promises a lot. I can’t wait to see how Matte proceeds from here and what are Yoo Ra real intentions. Very interesting.
    The acting was spot on. I think the male lead is gem of an actor. He got something about him that you just can’t ignore. Funny and cute scenes at the star of the episode and Sad heart breaking scenes at the end. Absolutely brilliant performance by him.
    I can’t for more from this drama. I loved how Bo Tong ignored Matte’s call and didn’t hear it because of David at the end of the next episode. Matte’s was so surprised that she didn’t pick up immediately! I think more and more exciting stuff to come.
    I rate this drama 9/10 as a start with a huge potential to be one those unforgettable dramas. Let’s see how compelling the next two episodes will be.

  353. 353 : ashiya Says:

    This dram is too good and excited and In this drama iu acting is very different . (Y) (Y)

  354. 354 : stef Says:

    I don’t like the drama at all

  355. 355 : Izzati Mashod Says:

    For a starter, I’m quite impressed with the first episode. I’m a big fan of K-Drama, most dramas will take a few episodes to intrigue the viewers. But this time, first episode had already ignite the drama. I hope it will continue to stay that way. The male lead is perfect for the drama. He’s not just the pretty boy but a multi-talented star. I had to wonder. Can a man be that close to perfect? Love how he could potray different characters/ emotions. I just love this kind of drama. from hillarious to sadness ! Han chae young is GORGEOUS !!!!!! my god shes so beautiful ! Love how these stars are qorking together. and not forgetting… don’t you just love IU’s acting as Bo Tong? I couldnt stop laughing! love her antics !I could so relate to her ! Can’t wait for more! All the best Bel Ami / Pretty Man !

  356. 356 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 2 makes me laughs alot.

    JGS same as Lee Min Ho – Mistress son – from very rich family.

    IU – 6 white legged spider woman selling socks – ha ha

    JGS – lying on the sofa beautifully for hours – just to impress the rich lady.

    6 legs stucking in JGS sporty white car looks so funny 🙂 🙂

    The police woman in the police station tries to take advantage of beautiful JGS by sticking her fat face near him. Talking seductively

    Besides JGS, I also like Lee Jang Woo. 🙂

  357. 357 : OK OK OK Says:

    I also like :

    JGS female teacher. She is the lady in Yoon Shi Yoon & Park Shin Hye’s drama Flower boy Next door. The crazy lady polar bear eyes who read the scripts for Kim Ji Hoon – a natural comedian

    Ep2 –
    The female fortune teller. She is also the fortune teller in drama WHO ARE YOU.
    Wow, your fortune teller company has expanded with more high tech technology. ha ha 🙂

  358. 358 : RANDA Says:

    ep 2 was so funny 🙂 iu and jgs were aborable togther

  359. 359 : Hein Says:

    I don’t love this drama. I don’t love Jang Geun Suk’ long hair.

  360. 360 : goeunchan Says:

    I llove this drama specially I like IU acting . In this drama IU acting is very different. Now waiting for ep 3333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  361. 361 : Rania Says:

    Loved episode two! Matte and Yoo Ra’s interactions are intense! I love their scenes. A tense alliance was made between the two to seek revenge and birth rights. They are working with each other but they don’t trust each other. It will be interesting to see how both will keep their guards and try not be the one victimized at the end. Matte for now is the one in a tight spot. He’s going with a mission that is supervised by someone he can’t trust.
    Matte’s first face off with GW chairman’s wife was perfect! Loved the vase and chess symbolism. So , she didn’t even flinch or give him any reason to believe Yoo Ra’s words. She also called him trash. Let’s she what she will do about it from now on.
    Leave it to Bo Tong to give us funny scenes after all the seriousness ans secrets! hahahaha I loved her idea of selling socks but not as much as how she accidentally almost chocked Matte with one of those manikin legs she attached to her bag! It seems Matte trusts her even though he’s mean to her. He also has a soft spot for her. I think if she face him more and stop being a total fangirl he will fall for her! I love them both! Her adventure in his bedroom is no less funny hahaha !
    Matte posing on a couch for an hour just to impress his girlfriend was so funny! And then sweet sweet end! Matte calls Bo Tang and she doesn’t pick up! Two times! Oh Matte! If only you can see her interact with a new potential rival! David makes an appearance!

    I must say I love all the characters! Can’t wait for episode three! Wednesday seems so far away!!!

  362. 362 : Rania Says:

    The main and supporting characters are interesting. Even though Matte is introduced as a gold digger at first , soon he is given more and more layers that turned him into a multidimensional character. I can’t wait to see how he will grow up as more beautiful man in the inside than outside through his mission and the women he meets also expecting Bo Tong to have her touch in changing him of course.
    What I like about Bo Tong is her dirty mind! She’s refreshing and different from all those other K-drama naive innocent girls.
    I also love Yoo Ra’s character as an evil cunning woman . I have a bad feeling that she’s keeping things/ more secrets for herself. Diffidently using Matte. She doesn’t care about him. She only cares about her revenge.

  363. 363 : Pu Says:

    I didn’t expect it to be this good 🙂 Episode 2 gave me a good laugh..it really made my day. Even though Matte was introduced as a gold digger, I think there’s more to this. There are a lot of good things that people might actually learn from this drama like getting tips on how to become wealthy kkkkkkk.. I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes :3

  364. 364 : spring roll Says:

    the things which i commented about JKS is absolutely true and i don’t regret any of it
    And about this drama i actually end up watching this drama since i’m k drama lover and i must say this drama is wayyyyy better than JKs previous love rain. i couldn’t even finish 1st ep of love rain bcoz it was so borring and of course yoona’s low class acting. But this time, actually this drama is good. it is full of comedy, tragedy,mystery. script is good. it’s not dragging. acting wise as a male lead JKS was good. he was really good in protraying ambitious cold guy but again i found his hair distracting. i think i won’t be seeing his long hair as story goes on progressing as i have heard that he has already cut his hair so i’ll wait to see it. for female lead i was actually doubting about IU since i had bad history with idol acting for eg Yoona but actually she surprised me in this drama. her character is not borring and annoying like female lead of playfull kiss. bo tang has her own unique charm which gives comical and cute vibes. she is straight forward and confident character and surprisingly IU is playing naturally. she is really good in acting and i can see her future in acting. about jang woo well i haven’t seen him much as he has just got entry in 2nd ep. i think he’ll also be good. chae young’s mysterious character also i’m liking it but she won’t be my favourite as i have always a thing for evil character.

    as far as i’m liking this drama. hope it won’t disappoint me. though i’m big fan of lee min ho i must say this drama is better than heir. eventhough i expected low rating bcoz of Jks thing but i must say rating didn’t do justice to this drama. it deserves better rating even better than heirs

  365. 365 : ain d Says:

    Wow…great!!!its only 2epi…but this drama plot is really amazing…love it. This is what i want to watch…comedy, love,revenge,mystery n tragedy all in this drama n its not dragging n not boring at all!

    Cant wait for next epi…hehehe…for me,this drama deserves more rating than heirs. Love this drama♥♥♥

  366. 366 : Alesshi Says:

    BM!!…really wonderful .. Jang Keun Suk performance touch my soul, I think is the best actor in Korea and “Beautiful Man” will certainly be a success especially abroad!!!! Zikzin!!

  367. 367 : Kalina Says:

    can’t stop laughing! Love this drama..

  368. 368 : anna Says:

    WOW!!! Did not expect this drama to be so amazing. All the cast are doing a good jobs in portraying their characters. Especially love the male lead for his super acting. He really can convey his emotion through his eyes…..WOW!! that is amazing as not many actor have this talent. The female lead is so adorable and different from the usual kdrama heroin. 2nd female lead are so elegant and beautiful, she has a certain aura of mystery around her. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  369. 369 : nat min seok Says:

    I really love this drama

  370. 370 : heiddy Says:

    I really love this drama

  371. 371 : Liliana Troncoso Says:

    realmente amo este nuevo drama de mi precioso principe y espero con ansias la proxima semana.
    Eels Fithing….

  372. 372 : Liliana Troncoso Says:

    I really love this new drama of my precious prince and I look forward to next week.
    Eels Fithing ….

  373. 373 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    Not impressed with this drama at all so far. The writing is weak. A lot of the character actions in this drama are confusing. Who are we supposed to follow/ like? JGS or IU? So far, I do not like either character. Neither gas any redeeming qualities. IU looks ridiculous in her tacky outfits and she has no ambition to be anyone so why should I care about her. JKS plays a selfish guy who uses his looks to get what he wants. No redeeming qualities there either. There is no depth. I thought this was a comedy but then it does not look like one. What is it? A drama. I liked JGS better in Love Rain.

  374. 374 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    Sorry Anna but I don’t see the girl lead as being adorable. She acts stupid by doing all these dumb things for JGS who is merely using her. She is actually quite annoying

  375. 375 : risolli123 Says:

    OMG just watched ep 2 and it was hilarious. everytime when iu comes on screen i end up laughing . her character is so fun. and now we got 2nd male entry and from next week we’ll be seeing love story progressing between ma tae, bo tang and david choi

  376. 376 : drzzl Says:

    this drama is worth to watch. it has become my fav drama for wed-thurs. it’s a rom-com drama which you never find borring. i just hope that it’ll get better rating which it totally deserves

  377. 377 : rozsa Says:

    by looking at the rating of this drama and heir, all i can say is korean people doesn’t know how to appreciate a good drama. heir is the worst drama among wed-thurs drama and still they got highest rating. it’s so funny. i thought pretty man and MTT was better than heir

  378. 378 : Sharon Says:

    KBS2 scheduler know exactly what they are doing. Putting Secret up against The Heirs was a risky move, but genius. I also feel that Bel Ami will do well in this time slot surpassing Heirs.

  379. 379 : raknroll Says:

    love the story and the characters.. age appropriate characters and its really funny esp BO TONG (IU) .. she’s like.. a really fanatic person hahaha

  380. 380 : Rania Says:

    @ Lucy the characters are supposed to be flawed so they can learn their lesson through what will happen in the future and gradually change. Matte will learn what is really important in life and he will gradually see himself as someone more than just looks and start seeing inner beauty.
    The writer did a good job introducing a really ambitious guy who doesn’t think he has anything but his looks to achieve his goal. He wanted to make his mother live like a Queen and sought to achieve that the only way he thinks he’s worth ” his looks ” since everyone around him define him by his looks. Through all that preparation he realized too late that he left his mother to live alone while keeping a fatal illness as a secret. At the funeral he even belittled himself as someone who can never be the man of the house. And that’s the point. As said by the writer and cast in the press conference this drama is about reflecting on oneself and changing. The change will come later with future episodes.

    Bo Tong is exactly opposite to Matte. While he is ambitious she is not ambitious at all. She has a narrow look to her future as only ” Matte’s wife ” and doesn’t give herself that much importance , probably due to her being a fade away girl most of her life. No one gives her special attention since she stated that she hit on a LOT of guys but they didn’t like her. But this girl also has a very touching habit of turning useless things that people throw away into something beautiful or useful. Like she did with the dead leaves of a tree. I think that’s her unconscious way of telling herself that things no body wants – like herself – can still be useful to someone.

    The two characters have flaws indeed but the potential redeeming qualities were hinted at and they will be dealt with gradually while the story moves on like it was stated in the press conference.

    I think this is a great manga that has many elements and will introduce a lot of depth and character development.

  381. 381 : Rania Says:

    lol! Sorry , I meant great drama

  382. 382 : kdlvr Says:

    @sharon i don’t know but after reading k neitizen comments on pretty man plot article.i feel like they are not going to give chance to pretty man. i feel like they are kind of immature. let’s hope for the best. this drama deserves better rating after watching 2ep. i hope that pretty man won’t get make us dissapointed later bcoz i’ll continue watching this even if it gets low rating. i would love to watch drama if it’s good. rating doesn’t matter to me

  383. 383 : kdlvr Says:

    @rania i think you are right , both leads are opposite of each other so they kind fill spaces for each other in their llife. ma tae’s dark history will lead to mysterious side of story which is really interesting and as for bo tang also i think there is more to come. she might be unambitious now but as the story progress on she’ll definitely find her goal

  384. 384 : torri Says:


  385. 385 : Rania Says:

    Have you noticed that in the drama they intentionally gave us two predictions by fortunetellers ? One was about Matte and Yu Ra being a perfect match and how Yu Ra will steal him away. The other , when Bo Tong called a fortuneteller and he told her that your fated person is near , angry and having revengeful thoughts and then Matte appeared on her doorway.

    So which fortune is going to come true?! Let’s watch and see 🙂

  386. 386 : Lisa Pemberley Says:

    I didn’t think this romantic comedy would be so hilarious. Both episodes so far have me ROFL! A must see for anyone liking this genre.

  387. 387 : Anne Monteiro Says:

    Can’t wait to watch PM next week. The story line enfolds and the plot is in play. The cast are all doing their parts so well. Curious to know what’s next. PM exceeds my expectations …. very interesting!

  388. 388 : Daniela Says:

    Gran Drama, desde Chile lo veo por Internet y es muybueno, es entretenida la historia.

  389. 389 : Sharon Says:

    1. HYR, is cute! What’s up with the mystery.

    2. Wait a Minuit! For a second I thought she went to Red Lobster, not a psychic! Haha..

    3. What the hell! She is going to set fire to her psychic business one of these days.

    4.no she did not broke the vase!!!! Did she broke the vase?? The one he touched!! Then say get the garbage out!! Him, or the broken vase?? Haha..
    I like her.

    5. I don’t think YR knows the password. She is bluffing .
    6. Is that a hamburger sweater BT have on??? Just asking. Ok, so, is her leggings lettuce and tomato?? Just asking.

    7. Get in the damn car!!

    8. BT: your face is so precious and you compare it to my trivial life? Wow! Haha..

    9. What are those feet doing on BT’s back?? Just asking.

    10. Personal space invaded!!! Copper lady.

    11. Nooooooo!! Not the tooth brush, yuck.

    12. The hair attached hat, hahaha!! I have one with dreads.

    13.MT has competition!!!!

    It’s only ep 2 and I enjoy this drama immensely. Give it a 3 thumbs up a twist and a smile!!!

  390. 390 : tiffy Says:


  391. 391 : Sharon Says:

    I had my doubts about IU’s acting ability and I must say I am impress. I did not like her acting in Lee Soon Shin, but it’s obvious that she has taken her acting seriously and put more effort into it. Kudos IU, you have gotten better with time and I know this is just the beginning.

  392. 392 : Sharon Says:

    I am not worried at all !! The story is strong enough, so far to hold its own. The problem is will people give it a chance? I believe once the word is out about it the ratings will rocket. The Heirs only have 6 wks left.

  393. 393 : Fabiola Oyarzo. Says:

    Jang Keun Suk surprised me with his performance. Go through many emotions in the first chapters. And Starring IU likes me too, makes us feel the eels represented. This will be the best novel of the Prince of Asia.

  394. 394 : MaBotongee Says:

    This drama overly excites and thrills me with Jang Keun Suk in it! The episodes get better and better!! I pray that the ratings will keep getting higher!! This is very different from a cliche story of the other network if u know what i mean. Kkkk

  395. 395 : Kris Says:

    Love this drama so happy to see JKS in a new drama. I love IU role in her role

  396. 396 : Kalina Says:

    I can’t seem to get enough of this drama. I watch it over and over again and still can’t stop laughing. I share it with some of my friends and they all love it. So now, that’s all we talk about! Can’t wait for the next episode!!

  397. 397 : Tess Estrada Says:

    Pretty Man is a nice drama, good story, excellent cast. Go Zikzin

  398. 398 : Rania Says:

    @Sharon yes , I can’t believe she would just smash that expensive vase just because Matte touched it! She immediately calls security and tell them to get the trash out , meaning Matte. She’s not going to be an easy opponent for Matte at all. She also seemed surprised Kim Mi Sook had a son ….. if she doesn’t know then why on earth was Matte’s mother running away and hiding all over the place? What’s with the password? Then just before she dies she tells Matte not to resent or blame anyone. Is there more than meets the eye here? Is there more than just Matte being a bastard son? or is he?

  399. 399 : anna Says:

    @Rania, I think Kim Mi Sook hide to protect Matte. The answer will be the password to convince her that Matte is a real heir because it seem the father already know about Matte as you see in the meeting between the chairman and Kim Mi Sook before she die. I was wondering the same thing about Matte being a bastard son.

  400. 400 : Sonia Says:

    It’s perfect!! Jang Keun Suk is adorable!!! I love the role of IU, Great Drama!!!!!! The Koreans are really wrong, the heirs is good but one more of the heap

  401. 401 : Rania Says:

    @anna Someone like Kim Mi Sook must have been closely watched by the Iron lady specially since the MG president looks to have a soft spot for her …. I don’t know , I have a feeling Matte might not be a bastard son after all …… or I’m just over thinking all this kkkkkkk! Waiting for the next episode makes me want to create theories and it’s annoying! We need Wednesday to come already!

  402. 402 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 380 Rania

    Thanks for the well explanation 🙂

  403. 403 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 393 Fabiola Oyarzo

    U WROTE ” : Jang Keun Suk surprised me with his performance. Go through many emotions in the first chapters.”



  404. 404 : lovelylia Says:

    Jang Geun Suk is my ultimate bias for a lot of reasons. I’ve seen him first as an actor in Hong Gil Dong. I’ve known then he’s a very good actor, never missed his dramas since then.

    PM the way I see it would solidify more JGS’ hold on international fans. This drama is way different from other rom com, with just 2 eps & it has made me laugh a lot!!! Great acting on all its cast! IU is perfect in her role as Botong!

  405. 405 : kdlvr Says:

    @sharon i think heir is not the real competiton. the next drama after heir ‘ man from star’ will be the real competition. kom so hyun drama has always strong plot. hope for best to pretty man

  406. 406 : judith Says:

    prettyman eels always be there with you!

  407. 407 : Rania Says:

    @ Ok Ok Ok , Welcome! I like the characterization of this drama. I like all the characters. I think the writer is really talented. I can’t wait to see how the characters will learn and change bit by bit. Matte is heading towards a mission to achieve vengeance. What secrets will he uncover a long the way? How will Bo Tong play in all this when Yu Ra is already targeting Matte for her own reasons and use? How will Matte see David? The new man who notices Bo Tong. Matte is already os shocked Bo Tong didn’t answer his calls twice! hehehe want to see what will happened.

  408. 408 : Jacq Says:

    LOVE this drama!!! I was already crying & laughing in the 1st episode. The storyline is great & IU & JGS are so cute together. Episode 2 just gets better…can’t wait for the next episode!

  409. 409 : Rania Says:

    @Jacq I agree! Both JKS and IU are worthy of praise really. They dd great portraying their characters! We can’t forget Han Chae Young ! Add that to the good story with comedy , Angst and mystery and we get a very promising drama! <3

  410. 410 : yoshi Says:

    Finally another good drama. It has beauty, good story, well acting. And I think that YR doesn’t know the password. She just uses Ma Te for her own purposes. Maybe this is a way for MT transformation.

  411. 411 : Rania Says:

    Oh my! Imagine that! If Yu Ra doesn’t know the password then Matte’s mother must have left it for him somewhere some how. I don’t think she would die without leaving the password for him. After all she knew she was dying and she even sent three pictures of herself and asked Matte to choose his favorite and made a funeral photo for herself before her death. She was prepared. I wonder … what could the password be.

  412. 412 : Males Man Says:

    This should be titled…pretty man and silly girl…as expected it’s low rating…whenever JGS around…I believe he has been hated by Korean for his pretty face…LOL…

  413. 413 : Marie Says:

    @Males Man: have you watched the drama already? Have you ‘researched’ the storyline, the production team etc beforehand? Have you ever heard of Guy de Maupassant’s work ‘Bel Ami’ by which this drama might have been inspired? No, I guess? 🙂

  414. 414 : Rania Says:

    @Males Man , lol! Are they really that shallow or should I say bitter? I don’t know why they hate him or why they turn their prejudice against him but it should have nothing to do with him being a good actor and his drama having nice plot and great directing.
    Anyway , it’s their loss. This drama is great!

  415. 415 : Jane Says:

    This drama was such a nice surprise. I didn’t expect a nice plot and great directing. The actors are really good too. The male lead is refreshing. Loved his funny and serious scenes and I was heart broken how his mother died suddenly while he was doing everything for her in the first place. She didn’t even get to ride the car or see the house. Heart breaking!
    The female lead is cute and that YuRa character is really interesting.

    I hope this drama continues to be that great and not disappoint me later. I was disappointed with heirs’s plot and even the acting. I only like WoBin’s acting in that drama.

    I will watch this drama to see where it goes. The plot and actors are very very promising. I am shocked about the ratings.Judging by the first two episodes, It deserves a much higher rating.

  416. 416 : anzu Says:

    Every time when i come in this page i see people talking about the JKS hated by his own homeland people……………….WHY?……

    And about this drama i like it alot. The storyline is pretty good and different.

    I agree with you. I watch heirs just becuz of kim woo bin and this drama deserves higher rating than heirs.But korean people only likes LMH.

  417. 417 : elix Says:

    @anzu Jang Geun Suk himself admit that koreans thought of him as one who is over the top, but no he is not he is just a straightforward person, outspoken as he said. I don’t know why do they have to hate him for that, for me its too shallow for a reason, was it a crime – no? Not really right, so if that really is the case that PM gets a low rating then so be it, it shows how cruel, unjust, judgemental these people are. Jang Geun Suk is proud of his country & his country should be proud of him for what he has attain – he did very well promoting Korea but those people who are full of hate did nothing but give a bad name representing their people. I wouldn’t like to be in that kind of society. No wonder suicide rates in Korea are among the world’s highest.

  418. 418 : Alisha Says:

    I actually like the first 2 episodes, its very serious from the beginning still JKS funny side is not lacking and I liked IU!!! Even though I was not sure about her at first, so I am going to support BM, I’ll just have to catch o n heirs later on :p

  419. 419 : JKS lover Says:

    I’m going crazy with all the suspense!!!! And we are only on episode 2!!!!

  420. 420 : luna Says:

    i love bo tang. every scene of her makes me laugh. she is so comical and lively. can’t wait for more interaction between ma tae, bo tang and david choi

  421. 421 : MiMi Says:

    So ,surprisingly , I discovered that this drama is really interesting. Liked the pace of the two first episode and the plot looks really promising. The acting was good. The actors fit their roles perfectly. I also love replay 1994.

  422. 422 : Sharon Says:

    Maybe Matte mother kept running because she knows if the iron lady ever fines out that she had her husband’s child there will be hell to pay.
    I like her!! ( iron lady) I have never seen her in any previous drama that I have watched. Have you seen her before????
    I wonder if the password is for his father to recognize him by. Hmmmmmmm.
    I feel the last meeting Matte’s mother had with his father is going to be significant. She might have told him about his son and the password..
    Is there more that meets the eye? Maybe.

  423. 423 : Sharon Says:

    You have a valid point. He could be the heir and not the bastard depending what happened in the early years between Park Ki Suk, Na Hong Ran and Kim Mi Sook. There has to be a reason why she was on the run and what’s up with the password. Good observation, you might have a point there.

  424. 424 : Sharon Says:

    I think I will check that out and discuss with you what I think later. Thanks!

  425. 425 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t give a rats ass who love or hate JGS, as long as he is getting the job done and he is . So, for his acting thumbs up!!!!

  426. 426 : jesissca Says:

    Still LMH is the best actor,,but JGS is one of good actors..fighting for all the casts..

  427. 427 : Fullheart Says:

    jGS I will watch anything he does. Since I am not Korean, it does not matter to me what their opinion is, but I would like to understand why Otis an issue.

  428. 428 : bigeye46 Says:

    nice drama

  429. 429 : EelsDhyan Says:

    Sukkie oppa…Saranghae… I’m Eels From Indonesia…

  430. 430 : lovelylia Says:

    @jesissca By mentioning (complimenting) LMH in Pretty Man’s wall shows how insecure you are of him, you start to doubt LMH’s abillity? – I bet with your politeness. FYI, JGS fans don’t do this to LMH (troll on his wall) out of pleasant disposition. And please don’t tell me you’re just saying your opinion, if that is your opinion then post it on LMH’s wall. Thank you.

  431. 431 : anzu Says:

    well said…I don’t like that type of society either …….JKS should have born in another country rather than korea….

    From now on i will only focus in drama and JKS.

  432. 432 : goeunchan Says:

    wating for next eposide !!!!!!!

  433. 433 : Manelle Says:

    excited too for the next episodes. this drama is really good and i love the actors and actresses here. they know very well their roles and know how to act.

  434. 434 : genie Says:

    I like jks more than any one else his the only star who caught my attention but I was very disappointed everytime I heard haters misjudge him, but no matter what haters keep saying against him it doesn’t matter to me, what matter most to me how my heart truly feel with him, jks is a professional star , a good actor and a good man , hope people will see jks as a person not as a star , he did not do anything wrong he did his best to make his own country proud of him , I pray and I hope that someday they will see how lucky Korea to have JKS please give jks a fair and chance to prove himself as a person , thank you and good day to all , to jks Zikzin!

  435. 435 : Maria Says:

    Nice drama so far. I liked the first two episodes and the plot looks interesting. Conspiracy , passwords ,lost fathers and sons and two people after revenge. Didn’t expect that in a rom-com.
    The comedy is nice too. Liked how the male lead can act cute and funny in some scenes then , totally cool and serious in another scene then flip in to a totally flirtatious gold-digger man with no shame and then still manage to break your heart in the next scene when you discover he was doing all that for his mother that died before she gets to even see the house or ride the car.

  436. 436 : naysa Says:

    i need more episode. it keep digging me to watch it all over again even its only 2 episode aired. the plot were really nice, theres alot of comedy between BT and MT. i’m so curious what would happen next. did MT going to get married with JH? they can’t be, bcs BT can’t never accept it. lol
    still loved this story no matter how it goes with the rating. <3

  437. 437 : Maria Says:



  438. 438 : Carri Says:

    Loving the show! JKS is wonderful in this and nice to look at too.

  439. 439 : mzlvr Says:

    this drama is quite funny. can’t wait for next ep

  440. 440 : salma-arab-eel Says:

    Jang keun suk is the best korean actor , the 2 episode are just great I cant wait to see the next , please stop sending hate, we love our prince and we will always support him he’s a talented person and great actor
    ZikZin eels

  441. 441 : Jezreel Jang Says:

    can’t wait for Wednesday to watch the next episode. now i know why Sukkie accepted this drama. it’s really a good drama and i enjoyed a lot watching the 1st two episodes………..

  442. 442 : Miss Leaf Says:

    I do not care about the rating, i am enjoying to watch this drama.
    Jang Keun Suk is suitable to act as Mate, i do not think are there anyone could act Mate as good as him.

  443. 443 : jesissca Says:

    @lovelya,,,sorry just correction,,,i love both of them,,,i like LMh & JSk,,i never doubt LMh ‘s acting skill,,just make it clear,,we are same to always support our fav artists,,keep fighting for two actors’s drama… : )

  444. 444 : Caterina Says:


  445. 445 : Chippi18 Says:

    For those of you who wanted JGS to get a short hair cut, he did get a hair cut in the drama. I think around episode 3 or 4 you will see the new hair style of JGS. Here’s the link on how his new hair looks like. https://twitter.com/AsianWiki/status/404966861655117824/photo/1

  446. 446 : OK OK OK Says:

    http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jang_Keun-suk 🙂

  447. 447 : Nad Says:

    i’ve been falling for JKS since You’re Beautiful. In this drama, he exudes sex appeal for sure!!! He will make a cute couple with IU in this drama. Forget the rating, forget the haters and i can’t wait for the rest of the episodes!!!

  448. 448 : Nyte Says:

    You really have an acting skills…
    I can see it in your eyes…
    Hope to see more cute upcoming episodes..

  449. 449 : naysa Says:

    omg JKS new hair cut. can’t wait to see him in Wed/Thursday this weekend><

  450. 450 : Alesshi Says:

    In general, the eels don’t speak ill of other actors. Always we’re zikzin mode so we care support everyday. The truth’s can never understand why there are people who devote minute attack, I just think that’s generating fear in people when you’re in front of a formidable and unique human being … This drama has it all, it’s fun, dynamic, has mystery, especially the evolution that Dogko Mate have, JKS ‘s the best actor in Korea, I sure you will perfectly

    Gogogogog.. eels in the world !!!! ..

  451. 451 : pili Says:

    I really liked this drama, I definitely hope you all enjoy the great jang keun suk Starring

  452. 452 : Vanessa De La Paz Says:

    en los dos capitulos que lleva la serie la e encontrado demasiado buena…. no solo por que salga Jang Keun Suk si no por la trama que tiene espero con ansias los siguientes capitulos para poder seguir disfrutando de tal maravillo drama 😀

  453. 453 : carola toledo Says:

    Dos capitulos y me encanto ! simplemente un dorama que cuento los dias para ver <3

  454. 454 : Foreigner Says:

    Do the ratings reflect the reality ? This is strange because the first and second episodes are really interesting.
    Other K-drama started with low ratings, but they finished among the best : for example “Secret”.
    You never know what will happen.
    Jang Geun Suk is admirable, all roles suit him.
    IU was very talented in her previous drama, here she continues in this way.
    The main characters are very pretty.
    It remains a good script that hooks viewers until the end, and voila!

  455. 455 : carolinajks Says:

    Excelente drama!!!

  456. 456 : Maggie Alvarez Dublas Says:

    Esta serie tiene todos los ingredientes para ser exitosa de principio a fin, excelente trama, excelentes actores ¡¡¡excelente todo!!!

  457. 457 : Romina Says:

    Excellent Drama!, Great Actors!!… Succes!!!

  458. 458 : Manelle Says:

    can’t wait for tomorrow. i am missing the actor JKS already. i wonder what he will gonna show in the next episodes. he’s really a very talented actor and i am beginning to like IU too. she made me laugh in this drama. i am hoping that Koreans will give this drama a chance for it’s really an interesting and good drama. PM fighting!!!

  459. 459 : bamba Says:

    Love this drama…kim botong’s so funny and jks handsome as ever……I knw you can do it…God Bless You more!!!!!!

  460. 460 : lover Says:

    I really hope this drama will win. I don’t really like The Heir it has already disappointed me, I hope that this drama could draw my attention. FIGHTING!!!!! JSK AND IU I love yo guys alot more than PSH and LMH. 😉

  461. 461 : Manelle Says:

    i wish that those who will leave their comments here will not compare PM and Heirs and remember the golden rule “what you do not like do unto your star, do not do to other stars.”

  462. 462 : kitty Says:

    My first time in my whole life to admire such a great actor..with many talents…he can give justice to every role he portrayed..I fell inlove with his character in your beautiful and mary stayed out all night to love rain..I like his attitude..a young man with a big dream..jang keun suk is always be jang keun suk ..ive been waiting for these drama ..and Im happy He nailed it!..i love it..love you jks….you did your best..God will do the rest..Im sure of it…frm canada with love!

  463. 463 : lover Says:

    I really love this drama and hope that this drama would win. I really love JSK and IU characters and they are really cute couple. This drama has really get my attention but the Heir has already disappointed me. But the thing that i don’t get is the rate WHY IS IT SO LOW? FIGHTING JSK AND IU. from your lover

  464. 464 : Hana Says:

    Su temática es obsoleta. No hay un amor potente ni divertido como las tradicionalistas series koreanas. No hay quimica entre los protagonistas y no provoca verlo. Estoy siendo lo mas objetiva posible!

  465. 465 : Nyte Says:

    Waiting for tomorrow 3rd episode to be uploaded in Kdrama.tv

  466. 466 : jesissca Says:

    @manelle agree with you,,just to watch both of drama,,pretty man & heirs are the good dramas,,,daebak for all the casts,,,keep watching oppa LMh& JSk,,,

  467. 467 : constanza Says:

    I love this drama and I love Jang keun Suk!!

  468. 468 : Yani Cri Says:

    Tomorrow we will see Ma Te oppa again \(^o^)/

  469. 469 : peacenlove Says:

    botang and her taekwando brother are so hilarious. just love them. can’t wait for next ep

  470. 470 : maria cristina Says:

    I only started watching k drama last july tru my friend..one drama that catch my attention is you’re beautiful…i find it interesting especially the actor who played hwang tae keung he’s acting is amazing .and i told my self this man can act really really good…untill then ive watched all his dramas…watching pretty man makes me smile..i like their acting skills he still the same he never failed me..love pretty man.love jang keun suk..he is the only korean actor that i like…
    From: Seattle

  471. 471 : RANDA Says:

    I CANT WAIT FOR EP 3 we love you JGS stay strong and eels will be forever with you 😉

  472. 472 : alex Says:

    i have watched ep 2 like a 100 times 🙂 it was so funny and amazing ??!! and if ep was so good i wounder what will the next ep will be >> omg i cant wait >_<!!

  473. 473 : maknaee Says:

    So far I love this drama. It is funny, fresh and interesting enough. But I wish JGS would change his hairstyle a bit, sometimes when I’m watching this I remember when he’s on Love Rain wkwk.
    and IU is super cute here, Kim Bo Tong fightinggg~~

  474. 474 : Jezreel Jang Says:

    can’t wait for tonight’s episode of PM……

  475. 475 : san Says:

    Watched 1st 2 episodes. It’s good and interesting. I have faith in JKS. Always comes with good dramas. Fighting 🙂

  476. 476 : lovelylia Says:

    Seems everyone is excited for tonight’s episode. Lets hear another Pretty Man’s ost “Poor Sense of Direction” by Lunafly.


  477. 477 : Manelle Says:

    i super love this drama because it is a complete package of JKS. he handled his role well. i could say that this drama is his best so far.

  478. 478 : NoonaEel Says:

    I just finished watching EP 3 without sub. Geez… I’ve got a more mixed feeling about Mate by now: sometimes I adore his boyish cuteness whenever he was with Botong, sometimes I pity him for being that ‘pathetic’ gold-digger, sometimes I hate him for being heartless to both Jaek Hee & Botong. Different feelings in one episode, again… JKS who has been my one & only bias has succeeded to make me ‘hate’ him this time ;). Daebak! Lol. More characters are revealed as well in this ep. Choi David & Botong are cute together… I feel like shipping them lol. Yura’s still intriguing as ever and the electric fairy is interestingly having a role more than just that weird fortune teller. It’s getting more interesting indeed 🙂

  479. 479 : k pop Says:

    just watched ep 3 without sub and i also kinda felt like shipping david and botang. come on mate you can’t let go botang to david . you need to do something palli palli

  480. 480 : veronica cecilia espinoza Says:

    Muy buenas las actuaciones , especialmente de Sukie, interpretar a ese personaje , hacerse odiar, no tener sentimientos, yo lo encuentro super, muy bien logrado.

  481. 481 : LearnToSwim Says:

    This drama is great!!! I was expecting it to be ok at best, but boy was I wrong!!!

    It’s excellent! Great story with some good laughs, some really sad scenes, honest and true to life moral issues, perfect acting, etc.

    This is a must see!

  482. 482 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    IU not only has horrible clothes, but a stupid haircut which makes her look ordinary and on top of af that, a dumb name Bo Tong. Couldn’t get worse than that tough it does. She also acts stupid so there is no redeeming quality to this character. Enter MaTe and he’s also an unlivable guy so, who are you supposed to like here.

  483. 483 : NoonaEel Says:

    @lucyapplestone if you don’t like or can’t seem to like it, simply leave it :). No hard feelings, anyway there are a lot of other K-dramas in store that might suit to your personal liking. The actors are acting as the characters in the drama, not as themselves in the real life for sure. Botong is supposed to be average, then IU acts accordingly. Mate is supposed to be that multifaceted ‘gold-digger’, then JKS tries to portray it that way.

  484. 484 : John k Says:

    This drama is pathetic, the guy is ugly and he thinks he’s hot. Every drama he acts in he always plays the same role, a conceded fxxx who thinks he’s gods gift to woman. What kind of a dumbass name is doko ma te. He has absolutely no acting skills and he looks like a skinny little girl with that fxxxxxx up haircut. He looks like skullitor from heman. The producer,writer and the director should never work again in the film industry.

    (@John k from admin: Please see comment #485 & #486)

  485. 485 : Fullheart Says:

    “****admin. Is it possible that the content if #484 fits your

    “We may moderate the comment post by the Fans who we feel that He/She is coming here to make trouble rather than enjoy the drama without given any prior notice.”

    Language and content do seem a bit unnecessary.

  486. 486 : aind Says:

    to admin..please delete the comment by ppl whos trying to make trouble here…we as BM’s fans dont go to other dama site n insult the actor n actress like that. super immature…well, i know..when anti-fan make comment, it will be super duper hopeless n useless comment.

    peace…just respect the actors n drama crews as human being. Respect is really important thing to live well as human being in this world.

  487. 487 : alex Says:

    really love this drama 🙂 OM fighting ?!!!

  488. 488 : salma mm Says:

    i really love this drama and i adore bo tong attitude! IU is really doing a brilliant job

  489. 489 : Rania Says:

    Episode 3 had showed us a glimpse of the depth of this drama! Ma Te learns something very important from Jaek Hee before she break up with him! <3 Loved the ending of this episode a lot! It was like a shock to me!! Electric fairy is more than she seems!!!!
    This drama is amazing! Interesting characters and nice plot with a touch of mystery! Seriously though , it seems Yu Ra has planned many many things for Ma Te!

  490. 490 : elix Says:

    Perhaps Electric Fairy wants Ma Te for herself?

    Hong Yu Ra, the pain she has to go through not being with her daughter, its heartbreaking.

    Kim Botong cheer up girl. Ma Te is not getting married! I like her family, they are funny!

    I like David Choi he seems really nice, i don’t mind if Botong will end up with him in the end.

  491. 491 : Rania Says:

    It seems Hong Ran also communicates with the electric fairy?? I need subs for episode 4 right now!

  492. 492 : NoonaEel Says:

    Now I know why Mate has a curly hair… to pair up with the wacky Electric Fairy! we have the cute curly ‘couple’ formed here… I’m still waiting for Ep 4 because I can’t stream online tonight.

  493. 493 : Rania Says:

    Curly couple hahaha! I liked how cute Ma Te was in episode 4! I didn’t miss the live streaming. But I want to know what was said so bad. Specially what Hong Ran have to say to electric fairy. She mentioned YURA and Mate while talking to her. She called YURA and scared her. I think she threatened her arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggg!! I need English subs!!

  494. 494 : NoonaEel Says:

    @Rania: I just finished watched the RAW ep 4. OMOOOOOO… can’t wait for the Eng Sub! I want to understand what they were saying… it seemed really intense! I’m also curious about the connection between the Electric Fairy and the Iron Lady!!! This is getting more complicated. Andddd oooh… did you notice that Mate’s ‘personality’ changed too? hello, boyish & playful Mate!!! geez… if not JKS, I don’t know who else can switch characters as smoothly as he has done in just one episode :). He still has 8 more women to conquer… 8 more different styles?!

  495. 495 : Rania Says:

    @NoonaEel yes! Matte will have to play 10 different people for 10 women. So JKS’s role here is like more than 11 characters in one drama! Dok go matte is already a character with many layers. I LOVE Matte’s eating habits <3 it's so cute that someone like him eats that way hahaha.

  496. 496 : lover Says:

    This drama gets really interesting, I really love this drama. FIGHTING JSK and IU

  497. 497 : lover Says:

    I want to watch ep 4 and need end sub now

  498. 498 : baby Says:

    Ilove all the 3 episodes waiting for episode 4 english sub..break a leg pretty man…goodluck!!! and God bless you!!!

  499. 499 : lola Says:

    awwww….when i can get the latest epi..cant wait for epi4….feeling sooooo excited!!!!

  500. 500 : JL Says:

    I have not watch other JKS other dramas b4, this is the first time I watch him in “PM’. I will continue to the end. Maybe I will try his earlier dramas.

  501. 501 : Manelle Says:

    PM makes me excites and laugh every episode. JKS loves his hair so much but for the sake of this drama, he agreed to cut it. so professional!

  502. 502 : jnhgf Says:

    this show is crap. boring and koreandrama.org top posting wrong ratings

  503. 503 : gabby Says:

    This Iron lady is scary! She made THE Yoo Ra cry and scared her. Didn’t expext her to have conbection with electric fairy too. I loved the lesson learned by Mttae! This drama has more depth than I thought. Mattae will have to change himself 10 times and in the process he will learn 10 valubale lessons. I’m excited to see the new upgraded Mattae when he finish his mission.

  504. 504 : gabby Says:

    @jnhgf I like to read criticism when it’s constructive. I am curious to read why do you find this show “crap”. Would like to read different people’s opinion on the show.

  505. 505 : tigerb Says:

    comment 484 is downright bashing and i agree with the complaints. i have read comments elsewhere that koreans don’t like jks. for someone who has contributed to the korean wave outside korea, why is that so?

  506. 506 : gabby Says:

    JKS is the leading male I presume? I love watching Korean dramas but I don’t really memorise names of actors. I don’t care who is the actor as long as he can act. The leading male can act alright. Mattae has many different sides and I find the leading male pretty good at showing all those layers. It is not an easy role to act since it needs an actor capable of mixing comic expressions with other real character expressions. This actor succeeded in that mostly. I am not familiar with the Korean puplic though. But this drama has a nice and intresting plot , good actors and a talented director. I find the lessons Mattea learns from each woman to be a very nice touch to the drama’s plot. It add depth on top of the comedy and conspiracy themes. That’s why I wanted the people saying it’s crap to right Why do they think that. I am watching Heirs , impress Ki and Pretty man now. Impress Ki is No1 for me and Pretty man easily takes number 2 over heris because the plot is better and more intresting. The first 4 episodes of pretty man has more things happening than 10 episodes of heirs. Those three dramas are my favorite right now.

  507. 507 : gabby Says:

    Correction, I meant ” to write why do they think that” . I used “right” in place of “write” . Embarrassing.

  508. 508 : alex Says:

    shut up and get the hell out of here you troll < shame on you ass

  509. 509 : gabby Says:

    @alex , let’s not call each other names. If @jnhgf has constructive criticism to post he/she is more than welcome. That’s why I’m expecting real reasons to be posted by people who claim this drama ” crap ” because untill now the 10 or so comments that criticised this drama stated nothing constructive.

  510. 510 : lola Says:

    wuarghhh….cant wait for the next epi…this drama torture me so badly!!!!
    superb daebak!

    JKS & IU fighting!
    as long as this drama plot is amazing..i dont care about ratings at all..
    same with YAB drama…but it became a phenomena at overseas^_~

  511. 511 : happy Says:

    nice…this is a beautiful light drama…the story is not too complicated…

  512. 512 : strwrl Says:

    well low rating is kind of expected from JKS drama but this drama is pretty good. it’s so fun

  513. 513 : silverlining Says:

    i don’t mind mate ending up with electric fairy or yura because i want botang end up with choi david. they are just cute. love this drama . can’t wait for next ep

  514. 514 : NoonaEel Says:

    Rating is one of the indicators of viewership and preference… but I guess it’s not the only indicator of whether the quality of a drama production is good or not.
    @gabby: I do agree with you that it’s not fair just to say that something is “crappy” without giving reasons. I don’t find such reasons as “storyline is boring, JKS is ugly, IU can’t act” as sufficiently convincing either.
    Anyway… I personally like this drama and can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. The ‘game’ between the Iron Lady vs Yoora-Mate alliance is just about to begin! meanwhile, we can also see how Botong herself is growing together with Choi David :).

  515. 515 : gabby Says:

    @noonaeel I agree. No real reasons have been given
    1- Jks is ugly reason …. as far as looks go , it depends on personal taste. While Jks looks are not my cup of tea ( too pretty for a man) I find his looks fit the character. Mattae is supposed to be a cute skinny no mucles guy with a pretty face that rivals girls. I think jks fits the role lookwise perfectly.

    2- IU can’t act. That’s not true. I think just like her male counterpart she did her role justice. She made BoTong come to life like Jks made mattaecome to life.

    3- The plot is boring. I think that reason is written by people who didn’t watch this drama but claimed they did. The story has many elements going for it. In the first episode alone we got a mystery , character death and an introduction to a conspiracy and those were wraped with comedy too. In each episode we get something new.One dimentional Characters you think will appear in an episode or two get development and and more depth when you least expect like Jaek Hee. And also like the electric fairy whovI thought she will only be that crazy flashy fortune teller. In episode three we had a surprise that she’s working with Yoo Ra and in episode 4 we got to see her also working with Hong Ran. She playing on both sides. Never expected her to get that development. Mattae changing himself and gaining wisdome from the women he tries to concure is a very nice addition too. This story has moral messages on top of the plot.

  516. 516 : oh yeah Says:

    IU plz don’t have kissing scene in this drama. i don’t want my heart to be broken. IU saranghae. loving you kim botang

  517. 517 : gabby Says:

    Now that you brought the kissing scenes , I remembered Choi David. Mattae looked jealous of him. I think he will be the first to kiss Bo Tong. I’m still not shipping any pairing. Since all characters are getting development and growing and changing I would like to waite and see what pairing will win me over 🙂

  518. 518 : Anna Says:

    I’m from Europe and I watch korean dramas only for Jang Keun Suk. He is an amazing actor and singer with great voice. Now I be used to like Korea and korean dramas and that is to thanks JKS.

  519. 519 : Anna Says:

    omg, i’m not happy with JKS new hairstyle. Pleeeeease …

  520. 520 : swapnika Says:

    im from india…… i too watch korean dramas for jks…… he is really amazing… even though i like different actors in korea,jks is differnet from all……

  521. 521 : Joomla Says:

    I like this drama… I had watched it on KBS 2…It’s sofunny Doyou check it on http://www.boomitv.net/2013/11/kbs2.html Live KBS Streaming

  522. 522 : NoonaEel Says:

    @gabby yea, look is always a personal preference and somehow i feel a bit uneasy to see that there are some people who just easily say that someone is ‘ugly’, to me it is such a strong word/ insult. There are many prettier boys than JKS for sure, but not everybody can act out as the multilayered character of Dokgo Mate. I second ur opinion about how JKS fits this character based on his appearance & acting skill as well :). Mate in the original Manhwa (comic) is even slimmer than JKS :p. No muscles at all :)).
    About IU, well she fits Kim Botong the way JKs fits Dokgo Mate :)! I’m now growing fond of Botong though initially i was ‘irritated’ of the idea that she was a ‘huge admirer of Mate’. I look forward to the development of her character as well.

  523. 523 : DBSK Says:

    @I’m already shipping botang and choi david. They are cute together. They both are dorky and the way david looks and talks to botang, it gives me butterfly. Well upto now matae is more engaged with other woman than botang. That’s I feel like shipping botang and choi david and I want botang’s first kiss to be david. Let’s wait and watch if matae grows on botang. may be later my shipping will change if I see more matae and botang

  524. 524 : DBSK Says:

    @gabby I agree, those who gives reason like that for not liking drama don’t seem reliable to me at all. Plot is interesting, IU and JKS are perfect their role .their acting fully do justice to their character. Haters are really trying hard not to accept this drama making their own delusional reasons. Pretty man fighting

  525. 525 : Rania Says:

    I like hoe naive Ma Te is about many things! He will grow through the show so I’m enjoying his cute naivety as much as I can for as long as it will last <3
    Choi David is a male version of Kim Bo Tong and he's already jealous of Ma Te hahaha. Well I was surprised that Ma Te also felt jealousy here and there. Both males are telling Bo Tong to be careful of the other and both see the other as a bad person hehehe well , If Ma Te feels anything for her for all those long 10 years they knew each other he better start to be nicer or she will go to David.

    I loved the electric fairy surprise development! What on earth Hong Ran means when she told elec to get rid of Ma Te? This woman is scary. I now feel sorry for Yura. Ma Te's brother who used to be under Hong Ran control is starting to rebel too. Interesting. Hong Ran will be facing many problems. I want Ma Te to meet his father before his death. The father seems pretty sick.

  526. 526 : Matador Says:

    This drama rocks!!! One of the best I’ve seen in years!

    The story, for once, is dealing with real life issues instead of exclusively will they/won’t they and the acting is excellent!

  527. 527 : CoolyKT Says:

    Well, I’m been so excited about Pretty Man drama and been counting down the days ! Finally now I’m having a chance to watch it! And what is more excited to me is Ma Te ,and Bo Tong ! Hahaha I admit that in Pretty Man Jang Keun Suk really put so much effort to act I can feel that ! And IU as well she is getting better and better with her acting skills ! This drama is recommended ( strongly Recommended ) it’s the Best 🙂

    Pretty Man – Fighting

  528. 528 : oana Says:

    beautiful ,pretty man is amazing ,romantic ,drama ,and comedy ….jks well done

  529. 529 : alesshi Says:

    I love every day more this drama …JKS performance’s amazing . I very happy from the choise our Boss .. greeting from Chile

  530. 530 : CoolyKT Says:

    Again , I love how David jelous of Ma Te already hahaha ! And yes Ma Te also feel jelous without realizing himself too ! 10 years is a long time so Ma Te he still didn’t realize that actually he likes Bo Tong . Coz Bo Tong is always there for Ma Te ! Owwww can’t wait for next week to see a new episode

  531. 531 : CoolyKT_Cambodia Says:

    ZikZin to Bel Ami !

  532. 532 : Rania Says:

    Hong Ran is Moon Soo’s step mother right? She’s not his real mother. I wonder who was MG’s wife before Hong Ran. That MG president ki suk was quite the ladies man it seems since he even have many mistresses. No wonder Ma Te has a way with seducing women. like father like son lol!

  533. 533 : CoolyKT - Cambodia Says:

    @ranie love you comment lol

  534. 534 : Eva Chiarelli Says:

    A good drama indeed! It’s funny, but have serious and sad moments too. The cast is excellent, and JKS a really talented actor. IU is really really funny! 🙂

  535. 535 : Carmela Says:

    i just watched the first episode and didn’t like it so much…. but since i see a lot of positive comments…. should watch the second too XD uhmmm

  536. 536 : evelyn Says:

    wonderful & talented cast
    JKS & IU …. great chemistry
    Go Go Go Beautiful Man !!

  537. 537 : Mamacri Says:

    I love this drama…it has everything in it…it’s not draggy…not over dramatised…wonderful cast…a lot of new and surprising things…
    Have not seen such a good korean drama since long….

    Can’t wait for the next episodes to unveil the lessons learn…

  538. 538 : anna Says:

    I finish episode 4 yesterday. WOW!! He become a cute Mate just to tackle ‘Electric Fairy’. He change his hair style just for her. I wonder what happen in the next episode because she cannot control herself anymore. I waiting for lesson he will learn from her. Will he solve the outdated socks problem which look so easy but very complicated to sell because it involve a large amount. We can see that Bo Tong is learning too. I hope she will be a great business woman at the end of the drama.

  539. 539 : Orm Says:

    Love it! Quirky, funny, beautiful. My lovely JKS is charming as always!!!

  540. 540 : 용nn Says:

    It is an interesting drama.Of course ,the main reason is JKS acted as a important actor in it!!!

  541. 541 : bony Says:

    i seriously love botang. she is my favourite character in this drama

  542. 542 : sizzler Says:

    oh god i’m already feeling sorry for choi david. plz let botang end up with choi david

  543. 543 : MISSLEE Says:

    why rating very low…….

  544. 544 : salome Says:

    so low percents ? why ? )) it is good ))) i like but ooohh heirs is better ))))))

  545. 545 : naysa Says:

    BT gonna have a hard time seen MT with his other women. look like BT is really fit with David. but i want MT and BT tho. l’m curious what did MT learn to the Electricity Fairy. bcs the fairy is already fall for him. wohoooo can’t wait for the next ep!><

  546. 546 : ain d Says:

    Cant wait for next epi. Dont ever care about rating…im really addicted to this drama. Bo tong character suit with everyone who love kpop..kkkk
    It mybe a bit overreact coz this is from manhwa. But they brought the character into real life. Ma te change to b cute just for elec.fairy.

    Best drama!

  547. 547 : natcat Says:

    Kyaaa finally all caught up to episode 4!! I don’t know how this is going to play out and I LOVE that. So many plots are so predictable and while of course this has parts that are super standard like all rom-coms, there are still a lot of things I am curious about that keep me watching. BoTong is hilarious…every fangirl ever should completely identify with her. MaTe is great…I enjoy this battle between really egotistical and really insecure that he keeps flip-flopping in and out of. And his more serious moments are really poignant. David is a sweet character…my heart goes out to him because he won’t get the girl even though he should at this point. BoTong will do anything for MaTe, David will do anything for BoTong….and MaTe…well that I suppose is to be decided. I am a sucker for a character that needs redemption.

  548. 548 : NoonaEel Says:

    I like the scene at electric fairy’s house with her parents. I guess she learned to ‘read’ people’s mind because her parents aren’t able to speak? Dunno how she learned to control people’s mind, though… I’ll figure this out together with Mate ;). Can’t wait to watch the next episodes! And also super happy that KBS World will air the drama soon… Three more days! Woohooh! <3

  549. 549 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ IU

    EP 4 – so far so good.

    I like your voice & your natural acting. If not I won’t be watching. 🙂

    Fighting !!!

  550. 550 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Jang Woo ssi

    I enjoy watching your drama in I DO I DO. Glad to see you here too. 🙂

    God bless.

  551. 551 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 4 Jang Geun Suk ssi

    Why you cut your hair 🙁
    I still prefer you with longer hair 🙂

    I enjoyed watching your dramas in You’re Beautiful (2009) & Mary Stay Out all night (2010)

    I am enjoying your present drama PRETTY MAN becoz IU has a pleasant face and she acts naturally. 🙂


  552. 552 : EelsDhyan Says:

    Sukkie Oppa Fighting… Love U <3

  553. 553 : anzu Says:

    PM should have released with heirs…then there will be fair competition in Korean drama industry this year.Now no drama can’t compete with heirs so everywhere heirs is winning just becuz of famous leading and supporting actor and actress but not becuz of story.
    Rating system should be stop.I hate it.Rating should be given on the basis of story.

  554. 554 : feyy Says:

    @anju., agree with u, PM..the story more interesting than heirs ., JKS and IU their acting so natural…i love n enjoy this drama…

  555. 555 : kimmi Says:

    why Pretty Men…..very low rating….?

    Because Leading Actor in Heirs……Lee Min Ho……

    He very famous and hapening……..in Korea n International……


  556. 556 : Sharon Says:

    Love the story, I like how Mate know exactly what he has and how to work it. Electric fairy has no chance when it come to Mate’s power of subduction, she is going down!!
    Iorn lady is too much of a nice name for her. They should call her stone cold, she has no feelings at all. Why is she so insecure? What does these bastard kids has to claim that make her so edgy and cruel. In the end someone has to take over the company, will she be able to run it forever???

    Moon Soo, is a punk! To let the stone dictate his life, although stone realized that MS is defying her and grew some balls. That can be dangerous for stone lady, because if MS let go of her hands he might hold on to YR and that’s I no no.
    Stone lady is scaried of YR, because she is the only smart one that can take her down. So stone lady used MS to get rid of his marriage, now she is using YR daughter to get her running. I am surprise that YR did not realized that stone lady would play the child card and prepare for it. You have to think like a dragon to beat a dragon.

    IU, you are doing a good job with you character Bo Tang . I see you as this character , like its a part of your personality. I won’t be surprise if it is, good job so far.

    Ep 3&4 was good , I like the acting of both lead and the story is steady.

  557. 557 : justmellys Says:

    @anzu and @feyy calm down.

    As we all know, the ratings means numbers that show how many people watch or listen to a particular television or radio program (based on merriem-webster dictionary). So, there is no way, it could based on the story or the quality of a drama or a program itself.

    And the fact that the heirs is almost reach the end, makes people want to watch it (remember how we, drama fans always waiting for the end?). The viewer might think “pretty man is just started, it won’t be too late if I watched later after the heirs ended” And beside, each tv station have their own strategy to make a drama success. They won’t produce some drama that won’t give any profit for them in many ways.

    Just share my opinion though.

  558. 558 : CHOCO Says:

    i am shipping this couple IU & JGS xD

    Their acting is so perfect 🙂

    love u guys xD

    work hard kkkkkk

  559. 559 : khalish Says:

    @anzu & @feyy

    i disagree with you guys…i think rating is important. I’m not korean so i always consider drama from:
    first: rating…but if the rating is low??
    second: i also follow your comment about the drama.
    + i’m not JGK’s fan but i like IU…^_^

    Honestly, from the beginning i wasn’t sure this drama will get high rating because The Heirs (i dont say “The Heirs” is good but i think the story is a bit interesting). For me “Secret” is much much better than The Heirs.

    The linestory this drama must really-really interesting if want to get high rating. So good luck….

    So far this ini not bad…

  560. 560 : anzu Says:

    Thank god ..i got a person with similar opinion

    As you said rating is based on number of people who watch show.About heirs they cast most of the idol who are famous and have large number of fans and it’s obvious that those fan will watch.Becuz of this they got higher rating.

    I’m non-korean but i watch drama on basis of story.I never see rating first.
    About secret they should have got more rating than heirs but it doesn’t happen.

    Everyone has their own opinion.let’s see what happen with this drama.I’m waiting for next episode crazily.

  561. 561 : san Says:

    Heirs is getting good ratings only because of the cast. Truly it’s not a good story. Disappointed in mlee min ho.. why he agreed to act on that drama. If it won’t for lee min that drama will not get any high rates. I started watching it excitingly. But cannot continue it any more. So sad 🙁
    The drams he acted previously had very good chemistry and good story lines.

  562. 562 : san Says:

    JKS we love you..! Fighting! 🙂

  563. 563 : Crusita Says:


  564. 564 : kim ha ni Says:

    Guys, dont worry about the rating. I bet once The Heirs end, people will watch Pretty Man. The story is interesting. The casts are amazing. So, why would you worried about the rating. Just watch and enjoy yourself!

  565. 565 : k Says:

    i love jks!!!
    his acting is really good.
    i like his new short hair.
    this drama has good story.
    can’t wait for new episodes.
    !!fighting jks!!

  566. 566 : unnie Says:


    the heirs is pretty good, but lee min ho’s other drama boys over flowers is better. the drama this fall season more disappointing is goddess of fire. such a bad drama. kim bum’s other dramas had good stories like padam padam, that winter the wind blows, boys over flowers.

    i feel bad pretty man has low ratings, but jang geun suk is a good actor.

  567. 567 : I LOVE The Heirs & Pretty man Says:

    I ❤️ This Drama ^^ Currently For Me No1: The Heirs And No2 : Pretty Man ^^ KIMTAN<3EUNSANG !! THE HEIRS IS DAEBAK!! Pretty Man Too !!!

  568. 568 : 5foreveras1 Says:

    hmm.. seeing lots of different opinions abt various dramas.. i respect all of them.. mine is that the heirs is a nice drama i actualy started wtchng bcz of lee min ho but gradualy i started it.. i also love JkS n watched 2episodes from pretty man, n to be truthful the drama is dull.. there is somthng mising the only thng that makes watch is definetely sukkie ..

  569. 569 : lili Says:

    reason y the heirs got high ratings…gzzzz


    (from weibo..minoz)

  570. 570 : anna Says:

    Why is heir comments is in the post/thread about Bel Ami/Pretty Man. I thinks this thread is about Pretty Man drama not Heir. Not that I have any bad comments about Heir but I think it would be better if ‘how good’ is Heir is posted in their post instead of here.
    I love Pretty Man and if I want to comments about how good Heir is I would go to Heir post instead of here. Thanks you.

  571. 571 : cheeky Says:

    I’m so excited to see this tomorrow in KBS World. Will definitely rewatch it again. Don’t forget to catch it Bel Ami fans if you have KBS World 9:55 KST. BEL AMI fighting! Love Jang Geun Suk & IU! Wonderful performance from the rest of the cast.

  572. 572 : soel Says:

    yaaaaaa,cant bo tong end up with choi david??aigoo,i love them together!.ma tae is very funny but david has gud chemistry with bo tong..mbe because he is like the male version of her.lol.he has a cute smile.ottoke!

  573. 573 : imrabbit Says:

    @seol i’m also supporting botang and david. they are so cute together. but i know at the end david won’t have girl. i really want writer to surprise us by ending up botang and david together. can’t wait for next ep to see their more interaction when botang moves in with david. matae’s gonna be so jealoussssssssssss

  574. 574 : anna Says:

    Can’t wait for episode 5 of Pretty Mon today. It would be interesting to see the outcome and his lesson from ‘electric fairy’.

  575. 575 : jesissca Says:

    So please don’t compare heirs and pretty man in this post,,,and please vote your own fav drama..heirs and pretty man are good dramas..evrryine has his/her opinion for each drama,,, fighting heirs and pretty man,,

  576. 576 : lover Says:

    I couldn’t wait for EP 5. I love this drama more and more and it became really really interesting. FIGHTING JSK. AND IU

  577. 577 : goeunchan Says:

    wow today ep 5 Its too excited to watch !!!!!

  578. 578 : rozsa Says:

    i wanna see matae being jealous when botang moves in with david. can’t wait for todays episode

  579. 579 : fifi farah Says:

    kang mog youl

  580. 580 : maria cristina Says:

    Love jks..pretty man with a pretty heart..maraming salamat sa tulong na binigay mo sa mga typhoon victims…mabuhay ka Jang Keun Suk..naway pagpalain ka pa ng poong maykapal .ngayon at magpakailan man..mahal ka namin..saludo kami sayo…(thank you JKS for your donation to the typhoon victims here in the phiippines..we pray that the Lord God Almighty will shower you, bless you and give you more blessings for the years to come,we love you, I salute you!..long live Jang Keun Suk!!!)

  581. 581 : Farah Says:

    awwww!!!!!!!! That knows kiss was the cutest most romantic thing I’ve ever seen <3 //^0^\\ it was so original! Were can we find a guy who would think of that!

  582. 582 : Farah Says:

    nose kiss I mean <3 it was just so romantic even though it last for like three seconds <#

  583. 583 : RANDA Says:

    omg ep 5 was so great >>finally jgs is jealous 😛 and iu is sooo cute

  584. 584 : bc ba made Says:

    Episode 5 is soooo cute..love that nose to nose kiss and jks killer smile..:-)

  585. 585 : Jezreel Jang Says:

    i also love that eskimo kiss and i so admire Sukkie after learning that it was his idea. he is so romantic and very cute in episode 5. can’t wait for tonight’s episode…….

  586. 586 : anna Says:

    Lots of lesson to learn. You actually get to manipulate people if you know what are their weakness. That’s the real meaning of ‘button’ in this drama. Anyway it’s good to see Mate good that he’s earning money with his own effort and he appreciate Bo Tong in the process. He still shy showing his feeling for her but he’ll learn in time to be more humble. This drama is a process of learning for Mate to be beautiful not only outside but inside too. Great drama and amazing acting.

  587. 587 : anna Says:

    sorry not a complete sentence …….It’s good to see Mate feel good that he’s earning money with his own effort.

  588. 588 : aind Says:

    nose kiss….cute n so romantic..kkk^_~
    JKS u’r really great actor!!!cant wait for tonight…got jelous n 3rd target!

  589. 589 : NoonaEel Says:

    Ep 5 was awesome! I laughed really hard… that nail shop scene hahahahahaha… And why am I starting to ship Botong & Choi David? lol… Sorry, Mate… You still have a long way to learn… better handle the cute jealousy 😉

  590. 590 : NoonaEel Says:

    A lesson in business & earning money: connection :). Aaah can’t wait for the roller coaster emotion in ep 6

  591. 591 : jenny Says:

    I saw PM until ep. 05. But I think I like Love Rain much than this one.

  592. 592 : Manelle Says:

    Sukkie is the only actor suited as Mate. i am looking forward on what will happen next. Botong and David are also hilarious. i really really love this drama.

  593. 593 : cheeky Says:

    Jaek Hee taught Ma Te not to let money control him, but he should be in control of the money. EF taught him that to influnce people, he must know first their buttons (weaknesses). Botong taught Ma Te the joy of earning through your own hardwork & understood why at times people have to be diligent when it comes to money & in one’s work. Wow I have learn a lot from this BEAUTIFUL DRAMA! Loving this drama so much!

  594. 594 : RANDA Says:

    this drama is so awesome and so funny i enjoy every single ep and repeat is couple of times 🙂 every single character is amazing and perfect for their role and of course my JGS is damn gorgeous and i stated loving his new hair cut 🙂 he looks so young and fresh and i missed that look on him

  595. 595 : Azizah Alias Says:


  596. 596 : Eizah Hazie Says:


  597. 597 : Arenga Says:

    In Episode 5, I love Mate’s expressions when he found David’s button. It is really a man one 🙂

  598. 598 : Springsuk_USA Says:

    OMG, this drama is soooooooooooooo much fun to watch, I laughed my heart out for the funny scenes. All the actors play so well. The script is interesting. You can tell is from a manga, but makes the drama so enjoyable to watch.

  599. 599 : QQeyes007 Says:

    I love his forever chameleon acting each time.. this one with 10 roles, 10 hairstyle for 10 women.. and 10 personalities… no wonder the director said only Jang Keun Suk can play this role… and it is the first drama I love all women surrounding him besides the cute IU, all of them have good & natural acting.. the script is good though it is adapted from manga and love the creative input from Suk each time for many funny scenes.. he will be a good scriptwriter as well as director in future… Zikzin!!!

  600. 600 : Susann McGovern Says:

    I wait with anticipation for each episode of Beautiful Man/Bel Ami. The writer has done a wonderful job drawing full characters who are interesting unto themselves. It’s quite clear that no other actor but Jang Keun Suk could have tackled the part of Dok To Ma Te. He brings vitality, and life to this Beautiful Man through his expressive face, eyes and body movements. Actor Jang is the total package…a truly gifted, talented actor. He is also a generous actor…who works with the other characters and shares his scenes so each actor may shine. Actor Jang Keun Suk makes you laugh and cry with his beautiful portrayal of this Beautiful Man.

  601. 601 : reply Says:

    @ jenny your comment made me laugh. this drama is so much better than love rain. i couldn’t even finish watching 1st ep of love rain.i couldn’t handle boring script and bad leading actress( she couldn’t meet acting level of jks). i think that was the worst drama of jks. but now with PM i so hooked. script is damn good and lead actress is natural in acting though it was my first time watching her. every scene of this drama is so enjoyable

  602. 602 : RANDA Says:

    ep 6 was just amazing sooooooooooo cute and funny , my best part is where jgs picked up IU on his shoulder and ran with her OMG sooooooooo sweet 🙂 i replayed it 100 times XD

  603. 603 : Yani Cri Says:

    PM getting more interesting. I don’t really mind about ratings. I really enjoy the story,, I love funny Ma Te

  604. 604 : Yani Cri Says:

    I’m sure, this drama will hit international viewers and be the best drama of JKS beside You’re Beautiful. And of course, he will get more eels from this dama 😀

  605. 605 : lola Says:

    last epi..epi 6 is so hilarious..hahahaha..they r really funny n so cute esp JKS & IU…

    this drama will be a hit in international….at korea…there r more ahjummas than teenagers^_~

  606. 606 : lola Says:

    i love epi6..kkk…funny pose with short pants..hahahaha
    this drama is soooo daebak!

    BM Fighting!!!!

  607. 607 : anna Says:

    I’m still waiting for english sub episode 6. Already watch without sub look so hilarious.

  608. 608 : aind Says:

    huhuhu…cant wait for next epi!!!!Ma Te & Kim Bo Tong is LOVE^_~

    Great Drama! im sure JKS will win best actor despite the low ratings…rating dont judge a good n actress actor…its just the ratings calculation in korea is bad..i read the information about how they calculate the ratings..n hey guys…dont be bother about the ratings..if u love this great drama…just watch it n u’ll definitely love it….LIKE ME!!!kkkkk

  609. 609 : Singapore viewer Says:

    Definitely i am following up this drama. Great cast and story plot is entertaining. Mate and Bo Tong never fail to keep me laughing. I especially like episode 5 where they mentioned how to manipulate people’s heart by pressing the right button. It triggered me to think in depth about this ”button”. This drama is not only for entertainment, but it did gave insight and tips to viewers about the nature of human being, money which we are facing everyday but tend to put these details behind us due to our busy schedules. The great acting skills by the cast was a plus point too, especially Mate and IU. Jang Keun Suk ability to switch his emotion and face expression instantly really impressed me. Two thumbs up for this drama 🙂

  610. 610 : NoonaEel Says:

    @jenny & @reply: i enjoy both Love Rain and Bel Ami. The themes are different :p

    Anyway, haven’t got time to watch Ep 6 but I have seen some clips and already laughed out loud. Bel Ami is interesting because the lead characters are not heroes & heroines who are perfect. Though exaggerated as it is an adaptation of manhwa, we can easily relate to the characters. Dokgo Mate isn’t a perfect guy (except his look), he’s not even likable in terms of what he does. But that what makes him really human and realistic to me. A guy who’s struggling to be successful :). Kim Botong is really someone whom any eel (JKS’ fans) can relate :)). Yura, despite her mysteriousness, brings a message of a motherly love, just like Mate’s late mother. I really love this drama and will continue to support it no matter what :)!

  611. 611 : Jezreel Jang Says:

    this drama never fails to make me laugh. aside from the lesson you will learn from it, you will also love all the characters here especially JKS and IU. zikzin Pretty Man!

  612. 612 : Gikwangpan Says:

    Why episode 6 does sub yet!! I want to watch it so eagerly !! Neomulpogeoshippeo

  613. 613 : Gikwangpan Says:

    Why episode 6 does not sub yet!!! I want to watch it so badly!!neomulpeogoshippeo!! 🙁

  614. 614 : MALAYSIAN VIEWER~~~ Says:

    wheres epi 6???kakakaka…why r u so funny with that damn short pant??hahaha….cant stop laughing n also….ur cute pose Ma Te-ah….

    aigoo…cant wait for next epi
    BM Fighting!!! this drama for sure will give ‘daebak’ to the international viewers^_^

  615. 615 : goeunchan Says:

    hey guys Where did u watch pretty man ep 6 I cant find ep 6 ????

  616. 616 : Males Man Says:

    Cha Hyun Jung and JGS are reunited after HONG GIL DONG….damn Cha Hyun Jung is still looking gorgeous…

  617. 617 : NoonaEel Says:

    Waiting for Ep 6 with English Sub…

  618. 618 : marika Says:

    to 615 goeunchan
    have you tried Viki ?

  619. 619 : anna Says:

    I’m still waiting for the sub for episode 6.

  620. 620 : John k Says:

    This drama sucks ass. I hate it when ugly guys thinks they’re the shit. Every drama he acts in he thinks he’s so handsome,can’t he get any other roles. It’s all the same all the time. All the dramas he starred in is about him being gods gift to women. He has zero acting skills whatsoever ,it’s all the same every time. This drama has low ratings because it’s ridiculous and iu sucks as a actress,she can’t even sing also. Only girls think this drama is funny and great.i hope this drama gets canceled ASAP.

  621. 621 : Anne Monteiro Says:

    we’re at the sixth episode and the excitement gets better and better.
    This is what we call entertainment! I enjoyed BM from the 1st ep and was curious to watch the second. The handsome looks and acting expressions of Jang Keun Suk makes me impatient waiting to get to the next week.
    IU as Kim Botong cracks me up that i can’t stop laughing. She’s so cute.
    The story line and plot of BM is extra ordinary and interesting because it’s not like the K-dramas we watch everyday. I fully agree with JKS co star LJW that only AP-JKS can play the role of BM, Dogo Mate. I can’t wait for next Wednesday so I’m off to watch ep 1-6 again. I’ll be back!!!

  622. 622 : gabby Says:

    Great great great!! I love this drama and all the lessons it gives!! In episode 5 Mate made my heart melt in that nose kiss scene ♥

  623. 623 : MALAYSIAN VIEWER~~~ Says:

    hahahaha…still a hater named as John k-_-‘

    aigoo…..poor him…TT_TT

    BM Fighting!!!

  624. 624 : Anna Says:

    hi Lola, I’m one ” ahjumma ” from Europe, and i like very much this drama,
    the plot, directing and especially the actors, amazing JKS and IU.

    For John , yes JKS is handsome, beautiful, and very sensual in all his dramas, and yes he is a great actor and singer too. I dont care about the ratings.

  625. 625 : Manelle Says:

    i pity you John K because your heart is full of hatred……i don’t know why your wasting your time commenting here or are you envy JKS for his good looks?

    i admire and love JKS for almost 4 years now and i don’t care if that’s what you think about him as long as we’re enjoying watching his dramas.

    as for IU, she also improved a lot here. she so hilarious.

  626. 626 : sahel Says:

    i think when the heirs will finish rating of pretty man go up

  627. 627 : NoonaEel Says:

    @john k mate, what’s gettin’ into you? lol… Only girls like this drama? Well, i’m a decent lady in my 30s and still i can enjoy & even learn things from this drama. Poor you if you can’t feel the same way, maybe this is just not for you. You might wanna get a life or maybe watch & comment on another drama suitable to your own liking so you won’t be wasting your precious time trolling around here typing hatred comments? We’ll appreciate that as well since we are trying to share our interests in this drama here in this platform without being childishly bashing the actors personally.

  628. 628 : Yani Cri Says:

    I just finished ep 6, omg,, with his short pants, make me burst out laugh.

    Beside romantic comedy story, there are a lot of lessons learned from this drama to being a success person.

  629. 629 : risolli123 Says:

    @ john k your mind sucks. this drama is damn good and all the actors have have good job. for your information IU is one of the best singer of korea. it reallly looks like you have an eye and ear disorder. nahh not only that but there’s something wrong with your whole brain too. dude seriously, you need get hospitalised soon

  630. 630 : Rania Says:

    @NoonaEel , don’t bother. This “john k” does the same to many dramas. I’ve been looking at MHIYD drama the other day and found “john k” posting hate comments their too. lol! But in this drama he/she somehow sounds but-hurt, I don’t know why. I think it’s bothering him/her that this drama is popular on the net. All the Korean media are praising JKS for his acting but he/she comes here and bash JKS for being ” ugly ” and someone who can’t act. It seems like but-hurt to me. JKS maybe not be what “John k” sees as handsome and that’s fine because we have different choices. But he is in no way ugly. Millions of his fans who see him as good looking are not that blind. All Korean Media calling him a great actor can’t all be wrong too. So let him/her be.

    I’m really loving all the characters in show! <3 Even the women Mate learns from are all with depth. Mate discovering David's button lol! Oh man how jealous he looks! I think all Bo Tong needs to do for Mate to start realize his feelings for her is stop treating him like a "celebrity". That moment he offered her pictures she should have refused and said that she wants to earn a piece of his heart instead. It's not just Mate who needs to change , it's also Bo Tong.

    Our lovely characters got their first success ! They all worked hard for it even Mate for once! ah how beautiful is it to see the result of your hard work! Mate finally learned something from Bo Tong <3 Hard work!! I can't wait to see more of how those two will learn from each other.
    And I love how all the people Hong Ran is controlling are starting to rebel! I loved how elec-fairy practically didn't care for her threats and just wanted to help Mate to achieve his goal! Still , she thinks Mate might be in danger in the future. If he proved a real threat to Hong Ran. Things are about to get more intense!

  631. 631 : Rania Says:

    And I forgot to add. IU is one of the best idol actresses I’ve seen to date , the very best being UEE from after school. I think those two proved they are great actresses.

    And JKS looks so much younger in his new hair <3 I really love how heavenly cute and beautiful he looked in that nose kiss scene <3

  632. 632 : gabby Says:

    New mission!! New lesson! How can someone aquire connections ? Ma Te is set to learn again!

  633. 633 : Rania Says:

    episode 6 with English sub

  634. 634 : EelsDhyan Says:

    Geun suk oppa… Yeppun Namja ^_^

  635. 635 : Lysha Says:

    ok guys…beside your comment, i will start this one. i like IU but in my mind JGS previous two dramas failed. i think it looks interesting drama.

  636. 636 : Rania Says:

    @Lysha , how on earth JKS’s two previous dramas failed? They both sold to over 12 countries. MMM had one of the largest fan meetings for a drama of over 60,000 sold out tickets and it immediately was in Japan’s top ten Korean dramas with most DVD sales. It also was awarded ” The best Korean drama in 2010 ” in Seoul drama awards because of how well it did overseas. Love Rain was the Korean drama that broke the record being sold with highest price ever in Korean drama history. Both MMM and Love rain are in the top most shared dramas in this site and many other sites.
    Just because the rating was not high you throw away all that? The production companies got a lot of profit from both dramas and both dramas were loved by many many people which increased JKS’s fandome each time. So if it got profit and was loved by many people what else does it need? They were successful alright. They didn’t fail.

  637. 637 : Rania Says:

    I just saw episode 6! Hahahaha OMG! The short pants he wore to please the factory president was hilarious! I LOVED mate this episode 10 times more! He’s really changing! He took the risk of accepting Hong Ran offer risking loosing everything because he didn’t want Bo Tong’s and David’s efforts to go waist. He even named his company Bo Tong <3 awwwww Elec-fairy telling him he will face difficult times and heartbreak awww Ma Te <3 I am dying to know what's inside the box!

    Hing Ran is way more dangerous than I thought. She killed one her own brothers and put the other in jail just to take over the MG group company. This woman is really scary. Ma Te should be more careful and watch his back! This woman is capable of anything even murder.

    I have to say Ma Te looked smoking hot this episode! I LOVE his short hair. And I'm happy there is no heavy mascara.

  638. 638 : Rania Says:

    I mean heavy eyeliner not mascara.
    So , will Ma Te loose everything? I think he will either interfere and helps the host in selling the socks or he will loose everything.
    The scene where he was trying to convince the factory president of producing the socks was really hilarious too.

  639. 639 : NoonaEel Says:

    @Rania I just finished EP 6 too. OMOOOOOO… I laughed even more hysterically. Mateeeeee!!! I love him now!!! His dorky sides appeared so much in this Episode… he becomes almost as 4D as Botong and CD lol… that talk he had with the Four Limb Sock Company Director… I almost fell down from my chair watching him lol… I love Keun Suk for being able to be this comical!!! And he looks sooooooo hot in that new hairstyle… geez. By the way, the thing with Iron Lady is getting more interesting. She is definitely someone you don’t really want to mess with. I can’t wait to see what will happen to the second broadcast of their sock selling. I think it’s gonna be CD who interferes from the preview? but it doesn’t give me an impression that they will lose everything. We shall see… oh wednesday, hurry come!!! and I don’t want to give a d**n to the Korean rating anymore… this drama has entertained me a lot. Kudos to the production team & the casts! My love to Jang Keun Suk is getting stronger for sure ;). He’s improving a lot. Such a loss for those who don’t want to give this drama a chance… they miss out one good drama to wrap up 2013 🙂

  640. 640 : elix Says:

    Jang Geun Suk shines in Asia!

    Korea Today talks about AP Jang Keun Suk.


    Bel Ami the Best!

  641. 641 : Eelbak Says:

    @620 John k

    Omo, you are a joke !

    I like how you degrade yourself. Please continue doing this, if it helps you feel good about youself. We are very generous people, we pity you. Carry on!

    You feel safe isn’t it, hiding behind the computer?

    Fool !!!

  642. 642 : bc ba made Says:

    One afternoon of 2010 in the philippines my nieces are screaming in our living room abt something and they are excited and giggling..i was curious abt whats going on there..and viola! they are watching marry me marry’s first episode.the male lead role catches my attention..he’s so cute and his voice was so beautiful..i only finished watching the first episode bec i have to go back to the USA at that time..last january.im not a fan of google play store..but out of curiousity i did try
    whats apps are in there..i came to this watch watch korean drama, dramafever, viki etc..i downloaded it for a change..i tried dramafever bec some are korean dramas i looked for marry me marry..and thats the start of liking JKS dramas all my officemates are addicted to JkS..i can say i am 35 but love JKS works..I love his drama pretty man..everytime i watched it i cant helped but laughed..ratings is just a rating..it only represents a few people points of view i dont care abt that..for me its not that important as long as i enjoyed wacthing..he is a good actor with a pretty face and a pretty heart

  643. 643 : gabby Says:

    Episode six made me fall in love with Ma Te. Even though he still needs to learn more but he’s truly maturing and getting to be a better person with each episode ♥♥ felt really sorry for him when he bought his mother a present with the first money he earned , wished I could hug him while he remembers how his mother was jealous of another mother when her son bought her a present. So sad his mother had to die before she can see Ma Te transforming in to a real beautiful man not just from the outside but from inside too.
    Na hong Ran is just scary! Did she really kill her own brother? Ma Te is in real danger if that’s true . Poor Ma Te collapsed after his meeting with her.
    I loved how Ma Te just lifted Bo Tong on his bach and carried her to the hospital for something as small as a tiny burn on her left hand. It was socute how he explained that he ddidn’t want her left hand to have a scar because every girl would love to look her best when a ring is put on her left hand for marriage ♥♥ I am really falling for Ma Te hard now.

  644. 644 : farah Says:

    You have to watch this , I just died after watching it. I don’t think any actor was able to melt my heart completely like that. I have never scene anything like this in any drama or movie in this world. A nose kiss … so romantic and light it just lifts your spirit …. this MV is pure love

  645. 645 : gabby Says:

    @farah , you just killed me too ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ that was breath taking. That smile just lit up my spirit.

  646. 646 : RANDA Says:

    JGS why are you so gorgeous ?!!! you are killing me ?!!XD i love you new look ,, so dashing .. as i really love IU so much now , she is just soooooooooooo cute and i have replayed the part where he pick her on his shoulders like 100 times .. so sweet 🙂

  647. 647 : JAKA V Says:

    My Thought on the past seems close to reality i don’t have any improved lead actress hah…. but you know rated it’s not described about one drama but you all had objective too of how far…and why… this drama get low rated maybe the story,or maybe their acting skill who knows coz i didn’t see this drama. I prefer go seems reply even on there not many comment but that’s drama very interesting and strong story line

  648. 648 : QQeyes007 Says:

    latest news from Arirang TV.. Korea Today!!

  649. 649 : maja Says:

    i think people like him jang geun suk with park shin ye based on his previous dramas which did not rate in korea he had different partners … the one with shin ye rated very

  650. 650 : Azizah Alias Says:

    This drama gonna be my favorite…예쁜남자 Beautiful Man (Bel Ami) HWAITING…

  651. 651 : anna Says:

    I can see Mate start to change a lot in episode 6. He start to think about Bo Tong and David too and he is now humble enough to ask for David advise as what should he do next. He and Bo Tong make a good working relationship. They complete each other. I think ‘electric fairy’ saw Mate button already, she knows the future that’s why she give a gift for him to open if he needed help.

  652. 652 : Sandy Says:

    I personally want to read different opinions concerning a drama. The comment section is not just for people who like a drama, it’s for sharing your point of view. I’m trying to make up my mind as to whether or not I want to watch this drama. It sounds stupid, but I learned a long time ago that they can turn out to be some of the best dramas. After reading the comments i may give this a try, although the ratings suck.

  653. 653 : Rania Says:

    @Sandy , I do agree with you about the comment section being for people to share different opinions. But it’s not for people to post hate messages. There is a difference.
    This story sounded a bit silly even to me before I watched. When I started to watch , I still felt some scenes were a bit over the top because it’s a manhwa adaption. But I didn’t expect the depth that came with it. I thought the main character only went after the women to take their money. But then when I discovered that he learns from each and every woman he encounters and change himself accordingly I was pleasantly surprised. It’s just episode 6 and the main character is already changing himself slowly. And with each woman , it’s the woman who breaks up with him first and not the other way around. I also thought that the women will be flat and with no depth but that was so untrue. I liked all the women he encountered till now. This drama has funny scenes and moral lessons too. It’s getting better with every episode because it gains more depth with each episode. Most of the characters get development and depth along the way even ones that will only be there for two episodes.
    I have nothing against constructive criticism. But I don’t like to waste my time reading hate comments.

  654. 654 : anna Says:

    @Rania I love to read you comments because most of it comes with a very good explanation. I agreed with most of your opinion. Your analysis of the drama is very good indeed.
    @Sandy if you going to try the drama just remember it is a manhwa adaptation so sometimes are unbelievable outrages. Like Rania said the story have dept It is like that there are diamond in that dirt so you do have to search for it.

  655. 655 : anna Says:

    @Sandy try to watch it with open minded because the lead is supposed to be full with imperfection except for his look then in time he will become not only beautiful from the outside but inside as well. With the woman he encounter he will change his look to adapt to their dream guy, I think. The story will show that in time he will learn and change for the better.

  656. 656 : Luca k Says:

    Hey guys. thatssodrama is a blog that you must check out.

  657. 657 : NoonaEel Says:

    @Sandy Sure, comment sections can reflect people’s preference and dispreference of the drama and can be a good consideration when used properly. However, I do agree with Rania about the ‘hate comments’. People have different preferences about everything, for sure, but it is not pleasant to see unreasonable hate comments thrown here while we are- like you- waiting for a more constructive discussion. Some people don’t know the difference between ‘criticising’ and ‘bashing’, unfortunately. I’m sure you won’t easily change your mind just by reading those bashing comments, rite? 🙂
    This drama for me personally is worth watching. The synopsis provided might not do it enough justice but there’s more to expect from this drama. It’s of course in a comical tone since it is a manhwa adaptation and some scenes & characters are way too exaggerated. However, there are surprisingly some serious issues as well. The lines are written smartly, I must say :). I’ll keep watching this drama til the end and won’t bother about the rating :).

  658. 658 : gabby Says:

    This drama is great. And I think it will only get better.

  659. 659 : mylo Says:

    can’t believe ratings for ep 6 was only 3.8 in Korea!! OMG

  660. 660 : mylo Says:

    pretty man is kinda good so far. Don’t get why ratings so low. I heard jang geun suk is NOT well liked in Korea..???

  661. 661 : mylo Says:

    JGS is talented actor & singer. this guy’s popular internationally.
    Hope ratings get higher for next episodes.

  662. 662 : Sharon Says:

    Watched ep 5 and 6. I die laughing!!! Mate, is too much!! He let BT take 10 photo of him and I laugh with the poses he does. Then taking her to the hospital because he was jealous of David. Hahaha!! Overall, Mate is growing up from that selfish individual little, by little.
    David was so shocked when BT got up and drop kick her brother, while he was eating the soup at her house and the mom was so nonchalant about it, like don’t worry about it they do that all the time. Hahaha!
    What’s up with BT black and white stockings??? I almost passed out and Electric Fairy was as shock as I was. I think electric fairy saw the button between Mate and BT, so she bow out gracefully knowing they are destined for each other.
    I am waiting to see iron woman moves, but I don’t think she can play fair.
    I enjoyed this drama it makes me laugh and want to see more. I was mad that I had to wait for ep 7.

  663. 663 : semutkecil56 Says:

    i think i have to start watching this drama..

  664. 664 : ain d Says:

    Ooo….i cant wait for next epi!ma te wears mask????kkkk…aigooo

    I hv learned 3 lessons already from this drama n i will practise those in my life, never know i can get lesson from kdrama…its really…wow!!!
    Lesson #1-about money
    Lesson #2-button that will influence ur life
    Lesson #3-connection with ppl

    Want to know more about what these mean? YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS DRAMA♥

  665. 665 : DBSK Says:

    I don’t why but I feel like the gift that electric fairy gave to mate is related to botang.anyway I like how botang is getting close to david and matae is being jealous over that. And I’m feeling sympathy to david already as I know he is not going to get girl at the end.some parts of my heart want David and botang to end together. I just hope they would show mate and botang moments together more than matae with other woman bcoz I’m starting to ship david and botang

  666. 666 : newb-eel Says:

    @DBSK – indeed I feel the gift is certainly about Botong – how the fairy explained what it was for, I feel as well it is about her, or about his mom, either. ^^ i love everything about this drama, eel or not it is such an adventure! BM fightin’!

  667. 667 : Dokgo Ma Te Says:

    So far, this is the funniest korean drama that I have ever seen since i’m not a kpopers. I keep laughing and can’t bear with the bo tong’s face expressions . Ha Ha! The same thing happens to Ma te. LoL. Btw, I hope this drama going to burst you out and yeaaaahhh.. :DD

  668. 668 : NoonaEel Says:

    Just something to consider if you haven’t watched this drama and still think about whether you’ll give it a try or not based on its rating report: http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/29045

    The article is written by a Korean and it gives such an insider insight to the korean rating thing :).

    I do believe that you’ll end up watching this drama, though. Trust me and trust the author, it’s worth it 😉

  669. 669 : Rania Says:

    I want one of these!

  670. 670 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    What’s with the stupid hairstyle JKS has? It looks like a mop on top of his head. He does not look attractive at all!

  671. 671 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    Botany… The name alone is so stupid it fits the girl well. It sounds dumb in any language, specially in English!!!

  672. 672 : kdlover Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Dead mother is not matae’s real mother but Iron lady might be the real one?.and iron lady might not know this. Matae being jealous over botang and david , I’m loving it.still matae has a long way to grow on botang and botang has long way to learn to grow on herself. Currently I’m loving botang and david couple. That dorky couple is just so cute

  673. 673 : kdlover Says:

    And I don’t feel pity for yura for faking cry infront of matae . That lady has some kind of aura which tells not to trust her. She might betray matae later

  674. 674 : kdlover Says:

    I also think that electic fairy’s gift is somehow related to matae’s mother or botang. I also think that electric fairy backed out herself after seeing botang’s and matae’s button as she didn’t see space for herself in matae’s life. And I love how botang is creative. Her water pot bag cracked me up and David is the only one who sees that as bag.they should show more of combo of david,botang , taekwondo brother and her mother. They were so hilarious together.

  675. 675 : Yani Cri Says:

    Ma Te so cute when he said “Yi Li Ni!?”
    This is my fav word 😀

  676. 676 : goeunchan Says:

    this dram is too good but why ratingis so low ??????

  677. 677 : goeunchan Says:

    waiting for next eposide excited to watch!!!!!!!!!!

  678. 678 : NoonaEel Says:

    @goeunchan you can read this article to know about the rating: http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/29045

    Anyway, a lot of viewers think that this drama is good and it indeed deserves better appreciation 🙂

  679. 679 : dramacrazy Says:

    i can’t find this drama in gooddrama.net, why?where should be, to watch this drama? anyone can help me please, thank you.

  680. 680 : katiemon Says:

    @Dramacrazy.. in gooddrama.net, you can look for a drama name with Bel Ami as they uploaded with that name not Pretty Man or Beautiful Man.

    After watching the drama, pls remember to vote it in gooddrama.net as well.

  681. 681 : Springsuk_USA Says:

    Ep6 is such a good episode. I can’t wait for next episode on Wednesday. Mate will face the challenge and can he beat Na Hong Ran, I know it won’t be that easy. Go Mate and Botong Team!!! Love the couple.

  682. 682 : Springsuk_USA Says:

    Beautiful Man is a not cliche kdrama and romantic comedy, is a beautiful man growing to a real man story. And also finally he will learn what the true love means. There are a lot to expect. I really can’t wait for the next episode.

  683. 683 : 4eversuk Says:

    honestly i was hoping Bel Ami would get high ratings eventually but the opposite happened and it really saddened me,i can’t comprehend why a good and “unusual” drama didn’t get netizen’s attention despite the good reviews from media, until i heard that Bel Ami had 23M viewers online in China alone!!! that number is really overwhelming compared to less than 3k household where they based Korean tv ratings!!!! now i don’t care about ratings anymore…it’s enough to know that more people liked the drama of which JKS and the others have worked so hard…

  684. 684 : alesshi Says:

    Excelente drama!!! 100% recomendado!!!

    Seguiré aprendiendo las lecciones de vida junto a Dokgo Mate

    Excellent drama! 100% recommended!

    I will continue learning the lessons of life with Dokgo Mate

  685. 685 : Christine Richman Says:

    I love this drama! Jang Keun Suk is a wonderful actor and the entire cast is amazing. I love this story, it has humor and sincerity and sends a good message.

  686. 686 : Beyka_JKS Says:

    I love this drama…!!
    Excellent, recommended…

  687. 687 : Daniela Says:

    Muy buen drama, cada capitulo es mejor que el otro, los Actores son excelentes y por lejos el protagonista es el mas guapo de todos, es un papel que encaja a la perfección con Jang Keun Suk <3

  688. 688 : Bikem Says:

    Beautiful Man doesn’t have a regular love plot and with a very well written script it takes me in more in each episode! I am glad it’s not a drama that we can expect the ending easily and putting so many different characters makes it even more exciting and worth watching.The story addresses various people and we can all somehow relate them to ourselves which makes it heart warming.For me how Ma-Te gradually becomes a more loving person is very appealing.The drama not only reflects the feelings behind people’s lives in the drama but ours as well!!! I can’t wait for the next episode.Thanks to Jang Keun Suk and the whole Beautiful Man team.

  689. 689 : elix Says:

    Now I know what IU means when she said that Jang Geun Suk is pretty enough to change the history. PDs of Korean drama has made Jang Geun Suk an exceptional case korean viewer ratings is not the sole target but just a part & parcel of a bigger target/goal. Yes kvr is essential for solid success but not indispensable. Jang Geun Suk being Asia’s Prince, as a lead star of a drama is a win-win situation & has surely change the history!

    BeL AmI cheeers! Fighting!

  690. 690 : NotToday Says:

    This drama rocks!!! It gets better with each episode… It’s definitely not your standard love/tragedy story but rather is showing what the real life problems are all about and how to go through the obstacles!

    LOVE it!

  691. 691 : cutegiantfromECI Says:

    I’m addicted to this drama. All the funny scenes are genuine from the manga. It’s so hilarious

  692. 692 : Manelle Says:

    @dramacrazy, you can find it in http://www.dramafans.org

  693. 693 : Manelle Says:

    @ goeunchan, read the comments of 4eversuk and elix and you will be relieved.

  694. 694 : Le Lamb Says:

    Bel Ami (Beautiful Man) is a drama that not only lighten up the hearts of the audience that watch it but also it makes you understand and craven up the feeling that we have inside us about life, family, friends, money.
    Highly recommend to watch.

  695. 695 : gabby Says:

    I also have a feeling that Na Hong Ran is the real mother of Mate. If that ends up being true it will be interesting to learn why did her husband hide him away. I think this drama will get more and more interesting in the future. How will Hong Ran react? Maybe even the password is about that? What if she tried to kill Mate! Omo!!

  696. 696 : gabby Says:

    The box the elec-fairy gave Mate to open later , I agree with the posters who said it must be about BoTong. When cannot control his heart. I believe elec-fairy saw both Mate and Botong’s buttons .

  697. 697 : Krista Says:

    Bel Ami/Beautiful Man is a not cliche kdrama and romantic comedy, it is a drama that not only lighten up the hearts of the audience that watch it, but also it makes you understand the feeling that we have inside us about life, family, friends, money.
    I love this drama! Jang Keun Suk is a wonderful actor and the entire cast is amazing. I love this story, it has humor and sincerity and sends a good message.
    Highly recommend to watch.

  698. 698 : gabby Says:

    Given before is a bribe , given after is a gift. That was a very nice lesson to learn.

  699. 699 : 4sisters Says:

    we always love jks,…,jks all the way!!!

  700. 700 : gabby Says:

    Tuseday!! Come Wednesday come already!

  701. 701 : susan Says:

    agree with you Gabby. Episode 6 lesson learned is something that made me reflect as well between gifts and bribery…i also love Kim In Jung character and the way she take care of people (like the chef in the restaurant) made her the queen of connection..she is so warm and approachable. The wisdom she shared with Mate is cool…though i was thinking on how Mate would conquer her seems he was the one conquered…i am excited on how her character will face challenge on the next episode…botong and david’s roles in this episode drove well. while they were busy looking for the searching for the best factory for their socks president Mate was busy working on top and gaining wisdom from In Jung ..everything turn out to work well. everybody depend from each other. BM is a good drama. The author is some what of weird but realistic…highly recommended!!!

  702. 702 : anon 777 Says:

    super love this drama .. just amazing

  703. 703 : Rania Says:

    @Gabby @Kdlover I also suspected that Kim Mi Sook was not Matte’s real mother since episode 2. The way Mi Sook tried to hide Matte and the way she spoke of the password made feel this. She told Matte that she promised his father that only when it’s the right time she can give him the password. Matte doesn’t need a password for his father to believe him because his father was in on the whole thing and even clearly helped Mi Sook and Matte to disappear. So , what is the password about? The way Hong Ran was surprised that Mi Sook had a son also made me suspect there is more to it than Matte being a bastard. I suspected Matte isn’t a bastard son. If that’s true then why was he hidden? Did Hong Ran give birth and somehow was told he child died at birth while in reality he was taken away to be raised by Mi Sook? I don’t know. But I ave a feeling Hong Ran will try to hurt Matte. If he turns out to be her son , will she regret it? We are talking about someone who destroyed their siblings and might even murdered one of them. Will she actually realize she has a heart if Matte turned out to be her son? It’s farfetched but it will be a great twist.

  704. 704 : iammee Says:

    I wonder why the rating of this drama is so low when it seems to have a good story that imparts wisdom to the viewers. Jang Geun Suk has always been a favorite of mine and he never disappoints me with his acting and looks. IU seems to carry her role well and she acts naturally in this drama. I find it so sad that Han Chae Young seems to be doing villain characters nowadays, I really miss her leading her own drama, I hope that next time she will be the lead actress in a good romance/dramatic drama.

  705. 705 : pmai Says:

    I’ve never seen han chae young play leading role. She’s always supporting actress. Her acting is not that good and she’s not that popular. wish her better luck in the future for her next dramas.

  706. 706 : Nancy Says:

    It’s boring! I am very disjointed with writing and acting! Jang geun suk needs to pick better script!

  707. 707 : cingu Says:

    if the drama is really good, why the rating its so low?
    so sad :'(

  708. 708 : NoonaEel Says:

    One reporter wrote a good article that even though BM is a very good drama, the rating might be low because it doesn’t follow the ‘high rating Korean drama’ classic formula: heartbreaking love story, birth secret, magic, devilish bad person, revenge, extreme struggle. If I may add, it doesn’t provide the EYE CANDY casts either.

    Rating is only based on 3000 households… how many viewers are not included? you can google the Korean population :). How many viewers are watching online all around the world like us? MANY MORE. So… don’t judge a drama only based on its local rating, since it might be (statistically) biased. Korea needs to update its rating system, really. It’s now online period!

    @Nancy I don’t think he could have picked up a better script than this at the moment. I wouldn’t want him to play a character which isn’t distinct at all. Dokgo Mate is a multi-layered character who requires JKS to try different styles and expressions. And by the way, fyi, the script writer for BM is one of the script writers for the box office hit movie “Miracle in Cell No 7”. The story is also based on a very popular manhwa.

  709. 709 : NoonaEel Says:

    So far I’ve been enjoying this drama really much :). I’ve been watching each episode 3 times (RAW, Eng SUB online and KBS World relay) and not bored at all. The more I watch it, the more I am absorbed to the story 🙂

  710. 710 : kdrama lover Says:

    to be truth….korean dont like drama that teach people openly…well, thats korean!

    they dont like people who straightforward, frank n outspoken like JKS.

    but….i love JKS personality. starightforward, honest, frank n outspoken. just be himself not a doll!!!

    this drama is daebak n is REALLY DIFFERENT FROM KDRAMA GENRE. i dont want to stuck myself with SAME kdrama GENRE. Bored with that, i need something new n fresh like Beautiful Man!


  711. 711 : anna Says:

    Episode 7 today. I really want Wednesday to come faster since watching this drama. I really want to know what happen next.

  712. 712 : Online Viewer.. Says:

    cant wait for tonight epi!!!

    well, i always waiting for wed n thurs in my life…just for this drama..kkkk

    Beautiful Drama Fighting!

    its ok no EYE CANDY ACTOR…but we totally need superb actor like JKS!

    Dokgo Ma Te Fighting!

  713. 713 : aind Says:

    how many layers Dokgo Ma Te has????no wonder…many ppl think only JKS can bring this role….

    good pick drama JKS! u hv to challenge urself to play many layers for one drama only.Great Choice!!!

    every epi has diff.layer..wow~~~

    ok, i totally cant wait for tonight epi. Beautiful man hwaiting!

  714. 714 : myname Says:

    i like this drama. it is not the cliche one. it has lots of fun element.

  715. 715 : rozsa Says:

    Eagerly waiting for tonight’s ep
    Belami fighting

  716. 716 : mushi Says:

    @ pmai, han chae yung was lead in delightful girl choon yang. i liked that drama but i have never thought her as good actress. she is average for me. In this drama also she didn’t amuse me. JKS, IU and jang woo are highlight of this drama. i like them all.

  717. 717 : RANDA Says:

    ep 7 was so good can’t wait for tomorrow ep just amazing drama

  718. 718 : lola Says:

    seriously i cant wait for tonight epi!!Ma Te caught with scandal n Bo Tong will help him???

  719. 719 : eels Says:

    Don’t be affected by BM low rating. Don’t even bother to check it. 8 countries have indicated intention to buy screening rights of Beautiful Man. Production team said the low rating in Korea has no impact on Beautiful Man. Before BM was screened in korea, Japan and China have already approached the production team. The other countries are Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Hongkong. Previously Love Rain was sold to Japan at 90 billion won, shocking the industry. Everyone is keen to know how much BM will be worth next.

  720. 720 : bc ba made Says:

    Im very very sure that beautiful man will be a huge hit in the philippines knowing what JKS did to the typhoon victims..my mom absolutely love this drama..filipinos love beautiful people with a beautiful heart..ratings is just an opinion of few people..zikzin!!!!

  721. 721 : dramacrazy Says:

    @katiemon 680 : thank you so much 🙂 ok i am gonna watch this drama n lets see fote for it or not 🙂

  722. 722 : Males Man Says:

    Finally “Mal Nyeo” character that I’m longing for was back on E7…the thief has just set her eyes on the prince…Cha Hyun Jung’s gazes is so mesmerizing…love her, if he was me…I would be on the hotel’s room…LOL

  723. 723 : goeunchan Says:

    Thanks @ Manelle and NoonaEel say!!!!!!!!

  724. 724 : malaysianeel^_~ Says:

    YAB phenomena will attack once again in Asia with Bel Ami ver!!kyaaa….cant wait

  725. 725 : Eelbak Says:

    I like JKS a lot, just simply, he is himself, warts and all.

    As for his style of acting, I would liken him to Johnny Depp wherein the roles they play are out of the ordinary. These I think suits JKS better than sageuk or the common everyday characters.

    Oh, would also suggest – forget about ratings. In my opinion, they do not mean a thing. When we think about it, if it is really based on only about 3000 households in SKorea (re 708 NoonaEel). Too small and localised a base to depend on getting a ratings result, when the drama is shown internationally as well. Flawed ratings count !

  726. 726 : Eelbak Says:

    BTW I also like all the eels here ! Hehehe !


  727. 727 : NoonaEel Says:

    just finished watching Ep 7. Whoaaaa… now there are more characters involved in the ‘spider web’ (quoting Ma Te). I’m curious about this Myo Mi character… and about Na Hong Ran (Iron Lady)’s ‘secret’ child… who is this child and what she is going to plan for him/ her ;)? By the way… about the life lessons on connection, yes… true… sometimes it can be our friend, sometimes it can turn into our enemy… can’t wait for Ep 8!

  728. 728 : Males Man Says:

    DAVID CHOI is Na Hong Ran’s secret son….

  729. 729 : Rania Says:

    So Na Hong Ran did deliver a child!! Omo ! Will it be Matte? Did she offer her child to adoption? Why didn’t she keep the child? aishhhhhh! Too many questions! So , he will be a part of a scandal with Ma Yomi. I wonder why would the connection lady want that in return for her favor.
    These women are getting harder to handle. I loved how Bo Tong spoke in her sleep ” your face , how long do you think it will last? ” and Matte had to draw on her face lol! That was funny!

  730. 730 : pmai Says:

    @mushi 716
    delightful girl was not big hit, apparently. my point is han chae young is supporting actress “almost all the time”. yes, i agree her acting is not that good and she’s NOT that popular internationally.

  731. 731 : pmai Says:

    jang geun suk is good actor and IU is cute. hope pretty man becomes big hit in japan and other countries. don’t get why the ratings are low in korea.

  732. 732 : pmai Says:

    actually, han chae young’s delightful girl drama that you mentioned had high ratings, but still, people don’t talk about it that much for some reason. it’s not really that popular. han chae young was in another drama called Autumn Tale. even though it came out 13 years ago, people still talk about it, BUT they don’t talk about delightful girl.

  733. 733 : unnie Says:

    i did research and it turns out Han Chae Young was leading actress for a few other dramas, but they flopped bcuz the stories are NOT so good.

    She is HOT, but her acting is mediocre. and yes, she gets supporting role more often. she’s just famous in korea and china, but overall, she’s not that big.

  734. 734 : @pmai Says:

    let’s just enjoy pretty man. I bet this drama has high ratings in Japan. JGS’s eels must be enjoying his drama right now 🙂

  735. 735 : rozsa Says:

    Ok after watching 7 ep I fee like either matae or david is son of iron lady. I really laugh a lot during this ep too. Botang and david’s weird ideas, matae drawing on botang face, botang imitating yoora, drunk botang. these scene made me cracked up. Can’t wait for next ep.

  736. 736 : rozsa Says:

    @pmai . I liked cha young in brightful girl but hated her in autumn tale

  737. 737 : Springsuk_USA Says:

    The storyline is so good to put together. So far the write has done a great job. Is not easy to put manga story on the screen. But this drama is really hook me on, I can’t wait for the next episode. Fighting!!!

  738. 738 : CoolyKT - Cambodia Says:

    The more u watch it the more its getting interested,,,,, and i’m so addicted. Love The casts and especially Mate and Bo Tong.. awesome

  739. 739 : dahryljang Says:

    Done watching ep.7 it becomes more nad more intersting. . im curios about the character of Myo mi, and how it would turns out the situation now with her and Dokgo Ma te. . Its a good drama which you can learn about true life situations. . .

  740. 740 : chriself Says:

    I love this drama! I’m starting to feel like this unlikely situation is more and more real thanks to the fantastic acting and directing.

  741. 741 : eve Says:

    Isn’t it interesting that The queen of connection turns out to be the nasty one opposed to how she appears(friendly and attentive) in the previous episode? When we thought that elec fairy should be the one to be fret , she appeared to be a sweetie. Like how the story plays with our expectations.

  742. 742 : sandra Says:

    i like it a lot!

  743. 743 : pmai Says:

    I loved autumn tale…really good drama, but I did not like cha young’s character. she’s so mean to eun suh(played by song hye kyo).
    i’ve never seen brightful girl. despite high ratings, this drama is not that popular, surprisingly.

  744. 744 : elix Says:

    This drama is surely providing satirical humour about korean society not just issues in life or society in general. Like when David & Bo Tong presented to Ma Te new ideas (sink noodles yuck, things, food that are wasted). And today just saw the episode 8 raw – when celebrities are dating they called it scandal ha ha ha.

  745. 745 : LearnToSwim Says:

    Such a great drama. I love it more and more with every new episode! I totally agree with what @elix said in the comment #744 🙂

  746. 746 : Yani Cri Says:

    I love the storyline, so interested..
    and I love his new hairstyle in ep 8

  747. 747 : Micc Says:

    Delightful Girl Chun Hyang was a hit drama. She even appeared cameo in the finale of My Girl (Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae) with Jae Hee as the same couple in DGCY.

  748. 748 : darkrefuge Says:

    I thought I was going to like this drama since I like the acting of all of the principal leads… but quite frankly I am really loving Beautiful Man! (Pretty Man)

    In almost every episode we can see (via Jang Keun Suk’s portrayal) the acquiring of knowledge and personal growth of the character of Dokgo Mate.

    IU’s portrayal of Kim Bo Tong is also delightful! She seems to have thrown herself whole-heartedly into the role of Bo Tongie.

    While Lee Jang Woo’s David Choi, doggedly follows where Bo Tong leads… such is the power of his unrequited love. LOL

    I am learning about people and about business, and am impressed with the lessons shared with the audience.. in a bite sized and extremely palatable way. Never has “how to succeed in business” been so much fun!

  749. 749 : Janet Says:

    So Bad!

  750. 750 : gabby Says:

    This drama is getting even better. The Iron Lady gave birth!! Omg! Did she throw away her son? Could Matte really be her lost son?

  751. 751 : gabby Says:

    Now that I think about it , david could also be her son.hmmm I will go watch episode 8 !

  752. 752 : NoonaEel Says:

    finished watching Ep 8… geezzzz… that Queen of Connection Kim In Joong is as evil as the Iron Lady!!! this is really showing how hypocritical people could be… those people who seem to be extremely kind, sweet, helpful and attentive, they could turn to be the last people you’d like to get connected to… geeeezzzz… I LOVE this drama… LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  753. 753 : anna Says:

    As the episode progress it become more amazing. I don’t know how everything will end eventually. The story so unpredictable. Yes, I thought the ‘electric fairy’ will turn out evil but she really a sweet heart and she is very sincere in helping Mate. Kim (connection lady) at first I though she so sweet in helping all those people and I feel bad that Mate take advantage of her, turn out she is the evil one. Mate charater is growing into a fine young man. He have such a pure heart like what the ‘electric fairy’ see only he still did not open his heart fully yet. Waiting for Mate to turn out more beautiful inside in the coming episode. As usual Jang Keun Suk wonderfully convey the layer of Dokgo Mate. I love all the character, great job all the actors and actress involve. IU and LJW done a great job. I love the script writer too. I love love love the story. Oh!!! Jang Keun Suk look so handsome in episode 8. I think I begin to like this actor.

  754. 754 : ain d Says:

    Why theres no preview?im dying to know whats the next journey of this superb drama!cant wait…cant wait!!!!

  755. 755 : malaysianeel^_~ Says:

    its really surprising….KBS will rerun epi 1-8 for 120min this 15dec…OMG!!this drama is really superb despite their ratings~~~~

    im happy, malaysia is one of the 8 countries which bought this drama to broadcast….super happy n cant wait for it^^

  756. 756 : LOVE Says:

    totally immersed with this drama…..cant wait for next epi, n hey…

    why dont they release the preview as usual???huhuhuhu…i hv no idea for the next epi since this drama is really unpredictable!

    watch it n u guys will not regret watching this great drama.
    im not an eel but because of this drama…..JKS is superb handsome, i will be Bo Tong…kkkkk

  757. 757 : genie Says:

    IHonestly I never saw this drama because I really want to watch this in dvd without cut and continuesly , I hate watching this every other day so I decided to wait the dvd soon, but I read a lots bad comments regarding this drama specially the rating hmmmm how could this could be happen ? Jks is definately a good actor and a good performer and all the cast wow! all are a professional actors and actresses well I already expectef that to happen cause for all I know Koreans doesn’t like much of him and that sad but to sukkie don’t worry too much in you country ratings cause you have still have 8 countries will buy the copy rights of bm cause they believe in you specially here philippines we are wilingly open widely our arms to give all out support your bm drama more than we did in love rain drama , though its really hurt that rating is very low but think that 8 countries will support you against 1 , so zikzin prince ! smile let the world knows that no one can let you down as long that you believe in yourself and faith to God his the only one who will never leaves you every second, minutes and hours of day , take care and god bless 🙂

  758. 758 : RANDA Says:

    omg i love ep 8 soooooo amazing ??? i just love that ma te started to fall for myomi ?! and i thinks their is some secrets around her ? i think she will start to love ma te too even if she is lesbian , cuz i think she is pretending to be ?! or is it just me ? any way i can’t wait to see what will happen so excited 🙂

  759. 759 : Rania Says:

    So BM has already sold to 8 countries 🙂 JKS and IU expressing support for Fil <3

  760. 760 : rozsa Says:

    Guys, I have a news that two new songs have been included in IU’s repackage album modern times and one of that song will also be used as OST for this drama. This album will be released on 20th december.I’m so eagerly waiting.

    I would also love if IU and JKS would do a duet ost for drama. Hope they will let them sing duet

  761. 761 : rozsa Says:

    This is halfway of drama and yet mate hasn’t fall for botang. And he is falling for new woman. Now I really think botang won’t end up matae. I think botang and david will be together but you never know what’s gonna happen. This drama has become so unpredictable

  762. 762 : Kris Says:

    Love this drama you really don’t know what’s going to happen next.

  763. 763 : Rania Says:

    OMG! I just finished episode 8! What an episode! Choi David lived in New York for a while , his mother is alive but she’s not around omo! Is he Hong Ran’s son?! I love the Matte and David bonding time. They started to care for each other. Matte is really changing! Seeing him apologizing and worrying over others all the time now. He worries even for a complete stranger like Myo Mi. Bo Tong was about to confess but Davis stops her aaaaaaah!!!! Is he going to confess?!! The connection lady is such a mean woman! This drama just proved how unpredictable it is! I am not even sure who is going to end up with who! Who is the son of whom! Why is Matte’s father keeping him away and sending people to follow him and monitor him? Why is Hong Ran keeping her own son hidden too? Are Matte and David brothers??? I’m going crazy!

  764. 764 : Springsuk_USA Says:

    Halfway to the Bel Ami, I want to say this is the best drama for the year, even because the last episode will be aired after New Year, still I hope this drama won’t be forget by the viewers and can get some reward in 2014. Looking forward to the next half of drama and I’m already feel it goes too fast because I don’t it to end. By the other hand, I am so looking forward to next episode next week.

  765. 765 : Rania Says:

    why do we have to wait till next Wednesday! Why!?

  766. 766 : Yani Cri Says:

    Ep 8 is daebak!!!!!
    I burst out laugh when Ma Te ask Bo Tong to bring some water for him.. 😀

  767. 767 : riza Says:

    so nice 🙂

  768. 768 : Marie Says:

    Everybody has a secret, everybody has a button… When we find this out, will we use it for the goodness or for manipulating? This drama is daebak… Can’t really predict what will happen and who will be the good or the bad guys. I also love how the relationships of the lead characters seem to be developing… Gotta love MaTe & Choi David… I hope they wont turn into real enemies later 🙁

  769. 769 : Anne Monteiro Says:

    I can’t wait for episode 9/10. What’s gonna happen now?
    This is a very interesting drama. I find myself sharing the lessons learnt so far with my youngest son and friends. I’m amused to find that they are interested and now they are watching PM. They are fans of Jang Keun Suk because they said he is a good actor and they knew him before me lol
    I don’t blame them because they thought that PM would be boring. Now that they started to watch they said it’s so entertaining, funny and interesting. So, yes that’s what PM drama is about. All the characters are playing their roles well. I’m enjoying and hope many of you are too.

  770. 770 : rm018 Says:

    I’m gonna watch this after the episode is all aired 🙂

  771. 771 : goeunchan Says:

    this drama is good but there is no romance or love scene …………. wating for exciting scene

  772. 772 : Jacq Says:

    LOVE this drama!!! It keeps getting better and better w/each episode! Love JKS and his acting! He truly is talented. Can’t wait to see Ma Te’s outcome and Bo Tong…hoping they end up together. But, love this drama because it’s so unpredictable and it’s so funny. Highly recommend!!!

  773. 773 : tam Says:

    i really find this drama interesting because u don’t know what’s gonna happen next…it is not a mushy romance but has plenty of life lessons and insights…which is why i truly cannot understand the low viewership ratings…the drama should be appreciated because it is a good story…i watch it because of jang but the story itself is interesting…those who do not watch are missing a lot…and i challenge them to watch before they condemn this drama…as for us eels, jang’s performance for each character he portrays every time he interacts with a new woman shows the range of his acting…he has so many facets to his personality..keep up d good work’oppa! your eels here in the philippines love you’appreciate you and will support u all d way!Fighting!i

  774. 774 : tam Says:

    at first i didn’t like electric fairy but it turns out that she was a lonely person…i felt really sorry for her when she decided to tell jang not to see her anymore..such must be the power of love…she could’ve manipulated him but she didn’t…another life lesson…and jang was sooo cute in the rain scene…those eyes…sigh…

  775. 775 : MissD Says:

    one of good drama i guess, not bored , but i don’t know, somehow IU look like stupid girl , yeah,maybe her love with Ma Te making her a bit stupid, LOL , but i’m proud with IU, fighting for your love with Ma Te ^-^

  776. 776 : melina wawa Says:

    anyone please tell me, this drama have a good story or not? i’m start to watch this drama but i’m still worry with the story line. haha thx

  777. 777 : Pandeou Says:

    Beautiful plot, script, cast, ost… Best on 2013

  778. 778 : Maria Says:

    Sorry, have not had much chance to watch, but I get the feeling that Jang Geun Suk would rather be any where but in this drama. He seems to be “reading” his lines and his body language seems a little off too. I’ve seen him do a lot better. –My opinion–

  779. 779 : ain d Says:

    Im sorry to say ti Maria…for us,BM viewers..this is the best JKS acting!!!there r a lot of articles coming out from reporters who praises his acting. N many articles praises this drama despite their low ratings. Because….they know this drama is really good.

    About ratings….korean articles said…many koreans dont like to teach openly. This dramais great with life lessons. It is a grown up drama n not a typical kdrama…puppy love,heartbreaking,painful love,love between rich male n poor girl. This is romantic comedy but with great storyline n plot. Should watch out 1st. The 1st epi itself is really graet…if u watch it…u should know how great it it. How strong the directors show each characters! Love this drama-honest comment from a viewer.

  780. 780 : Raina Says:

    This is really superb drama!cant wait for next epi…what will happen?

    To be honest…im not an anti,not a fan of any fandom..minoz or eels,im just kdrama lover…but i read many minoz said they watched the heirs just to support their favs but the drama is the worst drama by LMH-but for me,LMH is handsome but not suitable for high schooler role anymore…

    As for JKS…this is the best acting n drama from him n of course YAB too-he is super handsome too n im starting become an eel…kkkkk. but as i said before…im just kdrama lover not interest to be in any fandoms. Im not a teenager anymore n im now in real world,this BM drama is really give great lesson to me. I will definitely watch it again when my country broadcast this drama. Huuuuu…cant wait for it.

  781. 781 : meena Says:

    To meliwa wawa….this is great drama..the writer doing well. Just watch it without hving any doubts.

    P/s: can i officially declare that i want to be an eel too???kkk…i love this drama. Im a fan of YAB drama but after that…i hate kdrama seems their drama is predictable..no fun at all. But this drama is great. All actors doing good job. As for ratings…its not a problem at all for me.

    Im a person who will judge a drama after i watch it not from ratings…rating is sucks

  782. 782 : Shen Says:

    @meena 781

    Hahaha…. another eel wanna be ! Me too, count me in.

    Funny, how the eel is associated with this drama or JKS !! Haha !

    Anyway, it’s fun.

    JKS and IU fighting !

  783. 783 : goeunchan Says:

    wating for ep 9 and 10 and there is no preview of 9 and 10!!!!!!!!!!!

  784. 784 : nunita Says:

    I love this drama especiaally I like iu acting she’s acting is different love it !!!!!!!!!!!

  785. 785 : kailee Says:

    this is one of the most beautiful drama. no dull moments! you need to watch it! if you’ll gonna miss it? same like your missing almost half of your kdrama life.

  786. 786 : kdlvr Says:

    I’m so excited about next ep. I just watched the preview and I think botang and david are getting close with each other. I hope for more romantic scene with between botang and david now. I just hope that they will end up together.

  787. 787 : kdlvr Says:

    I’m not liking the fact that matae is not showing any feels towards the botang till now. And now he is already falling for another woman. That’s why I’m shipping david and botang more. Poor david he is so into botang.By the way I think david is son of iron lady

  788. 788 : RANDA Says:

    i just saw ep 9 preview and david and bo tong are togther ??!! momom NOOOOOOO ?!! i want her with mate not david !!! plz ma te her and pick her up b4 he kiss her :(((((((

  789. 789 : MJcklvr Says:

    @kdlvr I’m also rooting for botang and david couple. Matae is not harbouring any feelings for botang till now. He is so busy with other woman while david only looks at botang. I sometime get mad with botang for falling head over heel for matae and not noticing david’s love for her. David is perfect for her. But I have heard that matae and botang end together in Manhwa. I really don’t want that in this drama. Just praying for david and botang together.

  790. 790 : Micc Says:

    Can somebody please tell me how’s this drama? I though this is a romantic comedy. I watched the first episode, didn’t find it too interesting so was trying to wait until it has more episodes to resume. I just skipped to episode 8, it doesn’t seem like a romantic comedy at all!

  791. 791 : LOVE Says:

    to micc…

    if u skip one epi…u will not understand this drama at all coz every epi is relate to each other. i think u hv to go back to 1st epi…try not to skip if u want to fully understand this drama. epi2 IS REALLY HILARIOUS..

    this drama we hv to understand because this drama has really deep meaning in our life. not a typical romcom or any kdrama.

    p/s….cant wait for tonight!!!!

  792. 792 : azzurro Says:

    This series is a waste of JGs’s talent. I loved his previous ones but this
    is just embarrassing! Hate his hairstyle in this, doesn’t do him justice.
    Story line is silly. The actors must have felt fools doing this series.
    What a shame. I love K dramas and this one is a big disappointment.

  793. 793 : LOLA Says:

    TO AZZURRO…..really????

    which hairstyle did you really hate???did u only watch epi 1???can you explain how many hairstyle did JKS had in this drama…kkkk…i dont think you know how many it is…

    btw….there r really a lot of articles praises about this drama despite their low rating. it shows that this drama is really good.

    pls watch it first before u comment about this drama^_~ peace no war.

    p/s: are you REALLY like JKS? o just a poser here??

  794. 794 : LOLA Says:

    huahuahua….just read an article……theres will be a slightly different scene from manga n drama..they will create romance between Ma Te n Bo Tong sooner than in manga. cant wait for it^_~

    ma te and bo tong FIGHTING!!!!

  795. 795 : KDRAMA LOVER Says:

    totally……my heart is thumping thumping for tomorrow episode..

    actually i dont care if bo tong end up with david coz every women who ma te met are really great, i love their character especially elec fairy, so sweeeeeetttt! except for kim in joong..so devilish!!!

    BM Hwaiting!!!!!

  796. 796 : aneel Says:

    to azzurro,

    this is the best drama ever from JKS…many articles praise his acting, esp in epi1..the best scene ever, how he showed his emotion to his death mother. many ppl praised him for that scene.-well, it maybe from you opinion. you can watch the heirs, its rating is really high, but as for this drama…watch it first, open your heart (many korean dont like this drama because this drama teach viewers openly) n take its lessons not his hairstyle^_~

    i love this drama…there r some lessons that remind me about world n life. thanks for this drama n i’ll keep watching it.

  797. 797 : RANDA Says:

    you are so right ??!! i really loved each women in this drama and love every single one of them with ma te and my god JGS looks dashing with his new hair at ep 8 ! he make my heart go crazy over him , this drama is awesome and really unique and you dont simply know what is going to happen , i really cant wait for tom ep ?!! pm fighting ?/!!!

  798. 798 : sandritha Says:

    pues yo apenas voy por el episodio 4 y no e querido retomar por q todavia no siento emocion por el siento q le falta un poco….. pero es mi opinion espero segir viendolo y q mejore

  799. 799 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    JKS’s hair is laughable and I do not particularly like his character but I guess that this is supposed to be a comedy. The chaebol ex- wife is also annoying.

  800. 800 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    I don’t know why they picked JKS. He used to be cute but years of drinking haveade him look older.

  801. 801 : elix Says:

    @ Lucy Applestone fyi CEO of Group 8 likes Jang Keun Suk a lot. The role of Gu Jun Pyo in BOF was offered to JKS first by group 8 but JKS declined it. This time group 8 choosed him again whether you like it or not. Even I heard its kind of JKS is keeping his promise to work with him at last. Another simple answer to your question is because Jang Keun Suk is undeniably a very good actor with wide acting range as proven by his portrayal of Ma Te & his various previous roles in films & dramas.

    If you don’t like him, you don’t have to watch his drama. Seriously what can you get from coming in here time & time again & saying annoying things. Wow I bet you are perfectly annoying!

  802. 802 : Micc Says:


    Thank you. I will go back to episode 2 then, I have already watched the first episode. I can tell from episode 1 to episode 8, a lot have happened. The most puzzling thing when I skipped to episode 8 was, why socks??? LOL!

  803. 803 : Marie Says:

    @Lucy Applestone Well, JKS is indeed older now. It’s natural if he looks older lol… His current look is much more handsome than his Mr Baby Face look years ago. And oh, they picked JKS because he can act, not ONLY because of his cuteness. Cuteness works only for teenagers, I guess? In drama, isn’t acting skill the most important?

    @Micc if you like something different, this drama is worth watching. It seems to be a comedy but it actually brings up a more ‘serious’ theme such as life lessons. Why socks? I think socks symbolize something important which we take for granted. They’re not expensive & seem ‘trivial’. Ma Te himself thought he would never be successful by selling those socks. However if you follow the development of the story, you’ll get this ‘socks’ lesson more :). I’ll recommend you to watch intensely and figure things out along the way 😉

  804. 804 : LOVE Says:

    to micc, im glad u take my advice^_~

    n dont forget, this is not a typical romcom or kdrama…we hv to understand everything about their dialogue. epi 1 just to introduce main characters, as for lessons…epi 3 onwards^_^

  805. 805 : ALEXANDERINA Says:


  806. 806 : anzu Says:

    The anti fans…………..they are irritating………i don’t want to focus on them but somehow i can’t control myself….poor JKS….

  807. 807 : NoonaEel Says:

    I haven’t got the chance to watch Ep 9 but I saw some clips recommended by Jang Keun Suk on his official YouTube Account… wow… I guess we have a developing romance part starting from here as well? awww… can’t wait to watch this EP with English Sub 🙂

  808. 808 : RANDA Says:

    EP 9 was epic ?!!! omg ma te started to fall for bo tong ?! omgggggggggggggggggggggggggg yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 🙂

  809. 809 : cheeky Says:

    I feel so bad for them. My heart aches for David, Ma Te, & Bo Tong. Can’t wait for the english sub.

  810. 810 : Micc Says:

    Thank Marie and LOVE. Hope to catch up to episode 9 soon!

  811. 811 : Crusita Says:

    I’ve watched episode 9. Daebak!!! David confessed his feeling to Bo Tong, but sadly she didn’t accept him. Of course because she still and always looking for her Ma Te oppa. And about Na Hong Ran’s secret child is really David. Omo, I knew that he would be!!! Can’t wait to see next episode tonight. Btw I’m Bo Tong and David shipper, don’t judge me. I think they’ll be so cute together. I love how David always take care of Bo Tong <3 Fighting, Ji Eun eonni. Saranghae <3

  812. 812 : kdlvr Says:

    I really felt sympathy towards David. I just hope that botang would accept his heart in future but I think that won’t be happening as matae is finally fighting for botang’s heart. Aww one of them is going to be hurt. But glad to see that romance is blossoming. Why didn’t they give preview of next ep?

  813. 813 : rose Says:


  814. 814 : Maria Says:

    Could it be that MaTe is the Iron Lady’s son and Choi David is President Park’s son? If so, who is MaTe’s actual father? cannot be President Park, no? but why does he know about him all along and even protect him? argh… cannot predict this myself!

    I like the romance part in Ep 9 but somehow I miss MaTe’s mission :p. When will the 5th lady come into the scene? what does MaTe have to learn further?

    Wednesday, please… come sooner!

  815. 815 : luna Says:

    @maria I’m also so confused whose son is whose? I think david’s real mother is matae mother.the president and matae mother must be past lover and they might be protecting each other’s son for some reason.
    I loved most the romance part of this drama. I was so glad this ep was more focused with love triangle of david, botang and mate. I want the story to be more focused on romance between them. I don’t want matae meeting other woman.

  816. 816 : luna Says:

    I didn’t know lee jang woo could sing. I’m actually surprised and loved that song. I loved that moment when david sang for botang longing for her love and botang’s expression when she gets that she is the woman whom david loves. Aww I could feel love pain from them

  817. 817 : Sizaoka Says:

    Ohhhh really !!! Why does the main female character in K-Drama always fall to the Bad Male Character ???
    In reality life, of course we will love the Good person ( who always care, help & love us and always in our side ) !.
    I ship Bo Tong with David for sure ! \(n_n)/…….

    The type of K-Drama (tringular love) :
    if 1 girl is contested by 2 boys –> the girl will fall to the 1st (bad) boy, example : Boys Over Flower, Shinning Inheritance.
    But if, 1 boy is contested by 2 girls –> the boy will fall to the 2nd (cheerful) girl , example : Iljimae, Kang Chi The Beginning, Baker King Tak Gu

  818. 818 : dramacrazy Says:

    ooommooo its really interesting drama…. good story line, good actors, very recomended…

  819. 819 : oliver Says:

    watch fast raw: http://www.dramaraw.com/korean-drama-pretty-man-12.html

  820. 820 : RANDA Says:

    omg i just saw ep 10 and OMG ??!!!!! ………

  821. 821 : Fairy Says:

    OMG!! I just did a marathon of this drama after I heard good reviews from some of my friends …. this is very interesting! Specially 8 , 9 , 10 episodes! My gosh! That ending of episode 10 killed me!!! I want more now! Can’t believe Matte and David both met at the MG party with their real father and “perhaps” mother in there. This drama is just amazing! It’s funny and has a very nice plot! I felt episodes 5,6,7 were were a bit draggy but then comes episodes 8,9,10 to take me totally by surprise! This drama was totally worth the straight 10 hours I spent marathoning it <3
    I love all the characters too. The male lead is killing me , he is so handsome and a great actor. My first time watching a drama with him. Older actors are more my cup of tea but he's making all worked up.

  822. 822 : Yani Cri Says:

    Ahhh, this drama is the best..
    David is President Park’s son and Ma Te is Iron lady’s son????
    Ma Te’s mother who died is not his mother, but David’s mother????
    Maybe.. I’m sooo curious. can’t wait for the next ep..

  823. 823 : jess Says:

    David Choi is Won Lee?? I hope Botong choose David instead of Ma tae…arghhh pls dont tell me that the ending is same as Marry him if u dare…we want something different…David fighting!!!

  824. 824 : Manelle Says:

    i can’t wait for one week to know what will happen next…. the story is getting more interesting and i so love the lead actor here..

  825. 825 : goeunchan Says:

    ep 9 is so funny and excited now wating for ep 10.

  826. 826 : goeunchan Says:

    But I dont understand why rating is so low??????????????

  827. 827 : nunita Says:

    ya goeunchan !!!! this drama is too good but why rating is so low??????

  828. 828 : Maria Says:

    @goeunchan don’t worry about the ratings :). it simply shows that most of the selected 3000 households in Korea do not prefer to watch this drama. there are a lot more viewers there and also internationally who are following this drama ;). So far there are 8 countries (and this number is adding) already buy the broadcast copyright and looking at the rather good responses from online sites, I think this drama has also got recognition other than simply a local rating 🙂

  829. 829 : nadine Says:

    This drama is very good! Jang Geun Shk shows his skill as a excellent actor! Can’t understand the rating.

  830. 830 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    Why are there only 16 episodes?

  831. 831 : kathren Says:

    Just discovered this drama and watched the 10 episodes in two days. It’s very entertaining with good plot. The female lead is a bit overboard but she’s cute and I love the male lead the best. Ma Te and David are brothers! This makes happy! I hope they get the chance to bond with real brotherhood. The lessons Ma Te learned from all the women can be used by me. It was fun and educational. I can’t wait to watch Ma Te growing more. The mystery of his real family and mother , that watch he has is the same old watch Na Hong Ran has. I really think he is her real son. I can’t wait to see what is behind all those secrets.

  832. 832 : goeunchan Says:

    hello Maria Where are u from??????????

  833. 833 : kathren Says:

    The MG president bought two clocks one for his wife and one for his son. I think he always bring back clocks or watch as gifts. It looks like a symbol. Did he bring the same for Na Hon Ran when she gave birth to her hidden son? Is that why Ma Te has a pocket watch that looks exactly like the one Na Hong Ran has? I am sure he is her son.

  834. 834 : NoonaEel Says:

    Just finished watching Ep 10… ladies & gentlemen, the family feud starts!!! Bring it on!!! Loving how MaTe looked so surprised to see David… and that smirk on David’s face… omoooo… this drama surely gets more and more interesting. Can’t wait for next week!

  835. 835 : Eelbak Says:

    @ Lucy Applestone 830

    16 episodes is just about right, in my opinion.

    Why not let it be short and sweet at 16 episodes, rather than dragging a drama to a lengthy 20 or more when by the time it ends, viewers would be be suffering from drama burnout. And on top of this, a draggy drama would be lucky if it had not already grown mold, lichens, moss or whatever by the time it ends.

    Swee sixteen is surely my number !

  836. 836 : Esti Says:

    cann’t hardly wait next eplsode, the storyline is good. Don ‘ t care with rating, fan of JGS have to see this drama. There are lesson that can be taken from this drama that makes getting curious for each episode.

  837. 837 : Nudge Says:

    I’m on episode #3 and the main dude’s a lazy douchebag. The character doesn’t appear to have any redeeming qualities. There’s no love in his heart. No passion for life. He seem to have nurtured a parasitic personality. It’ll be interesting to see how the writer plans to turn this around.

    I would rather Lee Jang Woo become the lead in this drama, he’s the real eye-candy and his character is probably good enough to develop into someone the audience would really love.

  838. 838 : Marie Says:

    @nudge i think that’s actually the point of this drama: how this seemingly unlikable, plainly annoying main character develops himself through some life lessons he’s gonna learn- not from self-help bestsellers books or famous coaches but from the ones he previously thought he could make benefit from the most: women. Having watched until the 10th episodes, I can say that it’s pretty impressive how I have come to learn to like him and even symphatize :p. Having an unusual ‘non-heroic’ character is what I think is quite special from this drama 🙂

  839. 839 : EelsDhyan Says:

    Pretty man is a good drama…!!! I LuV Jang Geun Suk… <3 <3 <3

  840. 840 : nyte Says:

    very entertaining… you’ll never get bored if you watch this drama…

  841. 841 : Luna Says:

    We’ve passed the first half of this drama but still the story is getting more and more interesting and doesn’t seem to stop us from being curious. The romance part is a bit unusual as well in this drama. we don’t have cheesy lovey-dovey or too much cutesy couples here… Instead we see how three lead characters are learning about love with all their personal problems :). BoTong with her one-sides devoted fan-girl like ‘love’ to her MaTe Oppa, Choi David with his seem-to-be unconditional ‘love at the first sight’ to BoTong and Dokgo MaTe with his childish & unsure ‘love’ to BoTong. I really like this drama… Kinda sad to remember that it’s just 6 more episodes 🙁

  842. 842 : Nudge Says:

    Ah. Thanks @Marie.

  843. 843 : Nudge Says:

    Kim Bo Yun is a wonderful actress. Her character here as the stepmother is well suited to her style.

  844. 844 : Azizah Alias Says:

    This drama is getting interesting, can’t wait for the next episode, Dock Go Ma Tae very handsome in a red clothes, I never felt this excited about korean drama since You’re beautiful…YEPPEUN NAMJA (BEL AMI ) HWAITING…

  845. 845 : ghel Says:

    omguuddd im in heaven! he has a nice role at this drama… ilove you soooo dearly my jang geun suk haha

  846. 846 : ain d Says:

    This drama really makes me alwats waiting for next epi!i just read from an articles…this drama not korean taste bcoz it a bit sarcasticm to them. Well….up to u,korean viewers…this is really good drama n i love the lessons..i’ll definitely need this drama for my growth.

    Ma te uses all the lessons in his growth…as for this latest epi…epi1o..he told that spoiled brat to appreciate the money…n what he want is..connection great movie.

    I dont care at all about bo tong…but i know bo tong will teach him about pure love♥ well,at least…he read the book “romance for dummies”hahahaha

  847. 847 : nadine Says:

    Waiting for next Epi. Interesting and well done drama. JKS is a good actor.

  848. 848 : dramafreak Says:

    i think they over rated Dok Ko Ma Te in this drama…he is actually not tht handsome….kinda bored…sorry….hope it gets well as i like Jang Geng Seok too…

  849. 849 : RANDA Says:

    omg jang geun suk is gorgeous in ep 8,9,10 ?!! like seriously breathtaking ?!! he is indeed the best actor who can play ma te . and i’m happy that mate now stated to have real feeling for botong and i want him ti end up with her not with that david guy .

  850. 850 : NoonaEel Says:

    Here is another positive review from a Korean columnist about this drama 🙂 http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/29579

    Anyway, we see… despite the not so satisfying domestic viewership rating, this drama also gets deserving appreciation by people who can see that it’s pleasantly different from other typical K-Dramas. How many K-Dramas out there offer a comical yet sarcastic tone? not many 🙂

    No lovey dovey romance? seemingly ‘no-chemistry’ main leads? maybe… but the main characters are learning to identify what ‘love’ is as well… 🙂

  851. 851 : Drama-fan Says:

    This drama is getting way more interesting. The last three episodes were well done and very interesting. Many things are happening at the same time.It’s my first time watching those actors but I think they are great. I love the female lead and the one who is acting as choi David but I take my hat off to the one acting as Mate. It is so hard to act this character and make it likeable but he managed to make me like Mate even though sometimes I want to whack him on the head. He’s so annoyingly cute you can’t decide you want to kill him or hug him instead. It doesn’t help that he’s very handsome too with a killer smile. I like the lessons learned in this drama and I look forwards how Mate will turn himself around to be very beautiful from inside.

  852. 852 : mushi Says:

    all i want is david and botang together at the end

  853. 853 : Drama-fan Says:

    David and Bo Tong are too alike to fit together IMO. They are much better as friends. I still don’t ship any couple yet. Matte and BoTong have known each other for so long but both of them needs to grow before I even consider them as a couple. David and Bo Tong are just too nice and polite to each other like friends who still can’t show their ugly emotions to each other. It’s like me and my friends from the office. I don’t feel that vibe yet and Bo Tong is not romantically interested at all yet.

  854. 854 : Anna Says:

    mushi, why david and Botang? NO NO NO
    Please Ma Te with Botang.

  855. 855 : gabby Says:

    I still don’t ship any couple but Bo Tong love Matte and Matte is admitting how much he cares about her now but he needs much growing for me see him as good BF for Bo Tong. David is sweet but he is too nice for my taste and no one can be nice all the time. Couples have disagreements and little fights here and there just like they have sweet moments.that’s how you know the couple are acting naturally with each other. Bo Tong and david are only about nice still no real couple feel from them and on top Bo Tong is in love with someone else.

    Couples talk aside , episodes 9 and 10 were amazing. What a cliffhanger. Now that both Matte and David know they are brothers I can’t wait to see how will they handle it.

    Since David has a new hair do where he keeps his hair out of his I can see now clearly how much Matte is more handsome in facial visual. I’d say they were picked perfectly for those roles.

    I am begining to feel that Matte is really Na Hon Ran son. I want to know why was he sent away to live as a poor boy with a woman who was not his mother if that was true. If MG presedent is his father and Na Hong Ran is his mother then he’s not a bastard child. Why send him away?

  856. 856 : haikik Says:

    Two drama has made me disappointed enough. When The Heirs is overrated.. Pretty Man is well deserved low ratings. I mean… uh.. at first-four-episode I’m still enjoying this drama, but then… I can’t find this interesting anymore. It become pretty boring.

  857. 857 : loladvg82 Says:

    @Drama-fan I am a Jang Keun Suk’s fan (eel) who is supposed to like him naturally all the way but when he transforms into MaTe in the drama, even I was able to ‘dislike’ him in the first episodes. He’s done such an amazing portrayal of MaTe: the unlikable non-heroic male lead :). I am also curious about the next lesson(s) he will learn & how he will end up in the end. And the romance part in this drama is a bonus for me. Botongie is such a cute character and she’s also learning along the way while helping MaTe although it isn’t showed as explicitly as MaTe’s learning process. And don’t let me get started on the ‘family mystery’… I can’t seem to predict where it goes and it gives me goosebumps while thinking about different revenge & conspiracy potentials. Geez :)!

    @haikik i don’t think this drama deserves low ratings at all. I have enjoyed it so much, even watching each episode three times (raw unsubbed, eng subbed online and KBS World relay) doesn’t bore me at all. In fact, the more I watch it, the more i get the messages beyond the surface of the story 🙂

  858. 858 : haikik Says:

    @loladvg82 okay then, everyone has their own preference kkk. anyway, whether low or high ratings, if we like it, enjoy it, what’s the problem? :p
    I tried to watch till eps 7, thanks to Bo Tong and David’s weird-stupid-but-hilarious idea… ‘Sink Noodles’, ‘the cell phone set that you throw when you’re angry.’ –> Hello, Jessica Alba?

  859. 859 : loladvg82 Says:

    @haikik i personally don’t care about domestic ratings since statistically it includes only around 3000 households as the sample… out of a population of how many Koreans there? But some people think too much of it as if it were the only indicator of a drama’s success or quality.
    Speaking of preference, telling you… I uaed to watch only sageuks with my mum lol. Thanks to Jang Keun Suk i started watching other genres though i have to say i don’t watch other actors’ dramas that much if they only repeat similar storylines: too lovey dovey, chaebol kid stories & cinderella girls, time travelling heroes. Thus, this drama is interesting to me as I found it rather different from the others 🙂

  860. 860 : anynomous Says:

    WHO IS CHOI DAVID,, i got a gut feeling about him

  861. 861 : yyy Says:

    na hong ran and choi david

  862. 862 : Eelbak Says:

    NoonaEel 850

    ” How many K-Dramas out there offer a comical yet sarcastic tone? not many.”

    I am with you entirely on your comment of what Bel Ami is all about? Comical and sarcastic ! I guess another good reason why outspoken JKS picked this drama. Knowing his character, I am not surprised.

    JKS fighting !

  863. 863 : mushi Says:

    @anna david is so serious about botang. He is even willing to fight for botang shedding his calm image. And here we have, mate not even caring for botang. He doesn’t value botang as much as david does.he is more entangled with other woman rather than botang. He thinks botang like an item and does whatever he likes. While david thinks of botang before himself. David is hurting more compared to matae. May be matae is more focused to his family matters but for now I can’t see botang ending with matae

  864. 864 : RANDA Says:

    omg i loved ep 9 and 10 so much it was so unexcpected and i loved how mate started to fall for botong but didn’t love that she started to have feeling for david ?!! like this is the first drama i see the girl falling for the second guy heheheh 🙂 but that makes the drama alot more fun , and i don’t want to try and explain who is mate or david father and mother i just want the drama to surprise me , so i’m more interested in botong fight with her love for mate and loyalty for david . though i have read the manhwa already but kbs are changing alot of things in the drama , cuz their is hardly any romantic moment between botong and mate in the manhwa and ep 9 was just far from what it is supposed to be ??!! and i heard the korean eels are really pissed of with how KBS is changing this drama .. but personnally i loved how they add all the mate falling for botong thing , so and i wish they would add more ,((( careful i’m about to say some spoilers here so be careful if you dont what to read this )))cuz in the manhwa mate suppose to fall for yu ra and don’t have feeling for botong till the very last few chapters and that is when she is marrying david and as far as i remember she dose marry him but somehow she return to mate and the hole yura thing and trying to find mate was for some purpose you will know and i think she was playing mate i dont remember really what happened so i hope they i dont really know if they will go by the manhwa cuz they are changing it so much ?!!


  865. 865 : Rania Says:

    The drama is much better than the ManHwa <3 I just love this drama.

  866. 866 : soel Says:

    yaaaaaaaaa!,why do kdramas make most 2nd male leads almost perfect??i loooove Choi David,ottoeké!.i guess its the flaws of people that make us like them more so Ma Te is perfect in his own way and in the girl’s eyes too.i like him though.he is like fresh morning coffee!.lol.but no mo no mo no mo choiyaaaaa David oppa!

  867. 867 : RANDA Says:

    plz vote for jang geun suk and IU for best couple award plz 🙂


  868. 868 : Males Man Says:

    Huh…i find this drama finally has no interesting at all…boring storylines…as well as no chemistry between Ma Te and Bo Tong…


  869. 869 : sousou Says:

    I don’t understand the low rating…

  870. 870 : Anna Says:

    Rania, i vote, but how? Can’t the korean languages??? sorry

  871. 871 : jassmeen Says:

    soel : I agree with you Choi David and Botong are very cute i want them to be together in the end …….. really i want drama surprise me and they will end together fighting David and Botong ^^

  872. 872 : Eelbak Says:

    Me too, I do not see any chemistry between Ma Te and Bo Tong, and not only in their characters, but also that between JKS and IU in real life.

    Chemistry between two persons is a very natural kind of vibe, that oozes between two compatible persons, it can’t be faked or created, neither can it be stopped, but can be seen felt by the persons themselves and by onlookers. Therefore it is either there is chemistry or none at all, whether be it in acting a part as a character, or pretending to be a character.

    The drama is running into its 10th episode, but I still do not feel or see any chemistry between them.

  873. 873 : goeunchan Says:

    hello RANDA How to vote Pretty man Couple ????????I try to do but I don’t know how to do ???

  874. 874 : cheeky Says:

    @Eelbak yes I know what you mean by chemistry as very natural kind of vibe. But maybe its also because the scripts did not give them enough skinship & romantic scenes, providing the audience more of funny, witty dialogues between them which they did excellently. The scripts did not required them to be mutually interested or in love with each other but to have this familiarity or closeness as in the boy/girl next door type of ambiance — physically close, yet at the same time detached. So give it a chance who knows before the end of this show there will be one hug or kiss that will seal their romantic chemistry this time. I trust Jang Keun Suk a lot as an actor.

  875. 875 : PETTY MAN Says:

    This drama should be titled…PETTY MAN and SILLY GIRL in a BABO WORLD………BO KONG TEPOS….wkwkwkwkwk

  876. 876 : LOVE Says:


    do you watch this drama actually? o because u just dont like the actors??

    if u watch this drama…u will know why the title is like this…this drama is not for pretty outside, but how u can be pretty inside too. ppl will be pretty because of their heart not outside, not only depends on face. do you got this???

    as for petty man….are u john??the one who always make mess here??o gosh….do you really envy of the lead actor pretty face?

  877. 877 : LOVE Says:

    this is the new genre of drama in korea…so, its normal for them who conservative cant accept this new genre. this drama is comical sarcastic genre.

  878. 878 : goeunchan Says:

    yes LLOVE U said right words (Y) :D. I am agree with u !!!!!!!!

  879. 879 : radhia Says:

    i think;the story and scenario of this drama are very silly Although the actors are good

  880. 880 : GREENLAY Says:


  881. 881 : ain d Says:

    This drama based on very popular manga in korea…so,as for comical of course they hv to make it a bit exagerate. N as what love said….this is new genre in korea,we know that korean are conservative…so they cant change their mentality from normal genre to uncommon genre…thats the reason why this drama got low ratings. But the actor is goodenough to potray the dislike role by the people.

    P/s: because of lead male…JKS…droptop sale increased 30% n the mug JKS used were sold out after the broadcast. So…as for ratings….no worries at all. It depends on viewers.

    At korea..they count the ratings based on households..which..more to ahjumma..their mentality cant change directly.

  882. 882 : ashiya Says:

    watinggg for ep 11 and 12 so exciteddd to watch!!!!!!!!!!

  883. 883 : nuna Says:

    I am watching this drama Pretty man and this drama is too good but rating is sooo low but for me this drama is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  884. 884 : bindaaa Says:

    wow this drama is too good and wating for ep 11………. 😀

  885. 885 : cheeky Says:

    Pretty Man fans don’t bother about the ratings. The commercial value of the show is not base alone on this standard viewer ratings. According to surveys that have been conducted not all tv shows in korea that have garnered high vr had given the companies who had invested on ads the ROI (return on investment) why because most of those who hold the tv remotes in their hands now are not the actual people who will spend actual money to buy that products in the ads. As ain d says they are mostly the conservative ahjummas or grannies that stay in the house most of the time.

    The korean viewer ratings is no longer the only representative of audience taste. MORE EFFECTIVE is CJ E&M’s new CPI (Content Power Index). This was developed alongside AGB Nielsen and it aims to combine standard ratings with mobile streaming views, Internet portal searches, hits on news reports and mentions on social network to formulate an all-encompassing “buzz factor”.

    Pretty Man did not do well with the standard viewer ratings but it doesn’t mean it is less in quality or a bad drama, it just didn’t appeal with those conservative viewers. The fact that 10 countries have bought already the copyrights that is already a great achievement in overseas sales. And with this latest CPI (Content Power Index) measurement developed to measure how much each TV program has an INFLUENCE or a VALUE, Pretty Man did very well, with just 4 episodes included in the measurement – Bel Ami make it into the TOP TEN ENTERTAINMENT TV PROGRAMS HAVING HIGHEST CPI IN 2013 even surpassing those KBS dramas like Good Doctor, Secret that didn’t make it to its top ten. Actually there are only 3 KBS dramas that make it School 2013 rank 8, next is PRETTY MAN #9, followed by God of the Workplace #10.

    That explains why Pretty Man did have an effect in the sales of Droptop cafe, and that also explains why the phrase “YI LI NI” made famous by JKS, is going viral throughout South Korea.

  886. 886 : Eelbak Says:

    885 Cheeky

    ” The korean viewer ratings is no longer the only representative of audience taste. MORE EFFECTIVE is CJ E&M’s new CPI (Content Power Index). This was developed alongside AGB Nielsen and it aims to combine standard ratings with mobile streaming views, Internet portal searches, hits on news reports and mentions on social network to formulate an all-encompassing “buzz factor”. ”

    This formula is it. It gives a more realistic and comprehensive rating reading.

  887. 887 : Eelbak Says:

    Viewers, would suggest to just forget about the ratings. Don’t allow it to dictate whether you should watch or not.

    Just follow your “heart” in watching this drama, go with the flow and enjoy yourselves.

    And should you be JKS fans, Fighting !

  888. 888 : nadine Says:

    It’s a good Korea drama! I don’t care the rating.

  889. 889 : ain d Says:

    Im already an eel♥♥♥♥love this drama. N im in gadget generation n not stick my eye on tv. Im watching online♥

  890. 890 : billy Says:

    the story is so so, but i gave it a try…the values are silly, but what do you know? There’s really something there if you follow closely enough! I mean there are practical lesson to learn, things we take for granted as we move along in this crazy world! I picked a few, and im gonna share a couple with you…like”money if you consider trivial, it will disappear trivially; if you value it, it will grow valuable”, here is another, “search for a button that will influence a person” referring to a conversation between Ma Tae and the electric fairy,”the body speaks the truth of the heart”. You know, we sometimes fail to stop and look as we rush around doing our thing!

  891. 891 : Kate Says:

    This drama is one of the best this year. I only started to watch because I had some free time on my hand and a friend suggested it. The first four episodes were nice , funny and full of plot but a little bit exaggerated situations which I expected since it’s a Manhwa adaptation. Then another 3 episodes were nice but a bit slow and then since episode 8 this drama has absolutely won me over. Because I can’t wait any longer I even watched today’s episode online without translation. I’ve never done that before. Even though I didn’t understand much it was heartbreaking! Matte has changed so much I really feel for him. I felt sad for him even his father is pushing him away for some reason. The MG president is nice to David but really mean to Matte he doesn’t even acknowledge him. The tears in Matte’s eyes melt my heart. I feel he’s totally alone in this world now. It is truly sad , because he let Bo Tong go. He let her go for her own sake. I can’t expect how this drama will end. Anything can happen. Hong Ran actually started taking care of threats and her first victim was Mon Soon he is now in jail accused of drug dealing even though he’s innocent. Matte looks like her next target. I can’t wait for translation and good there is another episode tomorrow.

  892. 892 : billy Says:

    …so to those who thinks this drama is not worth watching, better give it another try, you just might pick up a thing or two to make you stop and think before rushing along…

  893. 893 : Kate Says:

    I want to add that the male lead is a great actor. I’m thinking of looking for his other dramas to stop my thirst when I have to wait for next week episodes. Can anyone recommend his best dramas to me?

    @Billy I also loved the lesson ” Given before is bribe but given after is gift “

  894. 894 : billy Says:

    at first it may appear shallow and ridiculous, but watching closely its actually more profound with real lessons to learn! this drama will cater to special viewers…not everyone will be able to relate.

  895. 895 : Kate Says:

    @billy I live far away from Korea but it seems this drama is pretty popular where I work. It’s because all my office mates are talking about it I decided to watch. After watching I loved the main leads acting a lot so I want to watch another drama with him and I found like three with him as lead and another three with him as second lead. I don’t know which one to start.

  896. 896 : cheeky Says:

    @ Kate I love all Jang Geun Suk dramas. If this is the first JGS drama that you have seen, then I’ll suggest you watch all his dramas. You’re Beautiful (2009), Mary Stayed Out All Night (2010), Love Rain (2012). His earlier dramas in which he played a second male lead like Hong Gil Dong (2008), Beethoven Virus (2008). Enjoy watching 🙂

  897. 897 : RANDA Says:

    just saw ep 11 and omg NOONONONONONONONONONNN NOOOOOOOO!!!!! poor mate ?!!!!! i want mate and botong not daivd and botong ?!! what the hell???!!!

  898. 898 : NoonaEel Says:

    Just finished Ep 11 and my heart aches for MaTe. Problems seem to start entering his life now, starting from potentially losing the love of his life i.e. Kim Botong to the worsened family ‘feud’ with the Iron Lady and President Park (?!). MyoMi gave him fame & lesson on timing but she couldn’t give him strength and now he needs strength the most. What will the spoiled chaebol girl give him? What is the lesson from getting connected to her? Can’t wait to see the next episode…

  899. 899 : NoonaEel Says:

    @Kate If you fancy watching movies as well, Jang Keun Suk also starred in some movies with different genres. You can check ‘Doremifasolatido’ or ‘Baby & Me’ for a teenage-life story or ‘The Happy Life’ and ‘Crazy for Wait’ for the more mature theme. ‘The Case of Itaewon Homicide’ is also worth watching and somehow gives you another ‘impression’ of Jang Keun Suk :). If you like rom-com, ‘You Are My Pet’ can give you a good crazy laugh while also touching some of the real modern life issues :). Enjoy watching Jang Keun Suk’s work! For drama recommendation, I think @Cheeky has given the titles 🙂

  900. 900 : crzyppl Says:

    i’m seriously gonna kick ass of writer if botang doesn’t end up with david. david botang couple is so perfect. i love them

  901. 901 : Marie Says:

    I used to think of MaTe as a selfish person. Yet, looking back from Episode 7 when he ‘tackled’ the sock selling problem by giving himself as a ‘reward’ for the Queen of Network because he didn’t want Botong & David’s effort to be wasted, i changed my mind. Concerning the romance part, most people will root for Choi David because he openly shows his interest in Botong and seems to love her unconditionally. MaTe, on the other hand, started out as a ‘jerk’ who seemed to take Botong for granted… However… in the few last episodes he seemed to grow his affection for Botong and he indeed cares much about her. In Ep 11, he seemed to ‘back off’ when finally David and Botong shared a more romantic moment. I think this is one of his biggest love expressions ever. They say when you love someone, you’ll care for that person’s happiness even when (s)he ends up with someone else. Ah… This drama… it really is an unusually good drama 🙂

  902. 902 : mushi Says:

    @ellbak. JKS’s character is always roaming around other woman instead of iu’s character. He has more screen with other woman more than iu and yet they didn’t have any kind of skinship. That’s why you feel like they have no chemistry. their characters are not allowing to have it so that’s not JKS and IU’s fault but their characters’. Eventhough, I see more chemistry between IU and lee jang woo. They seem to be more natural to me that’s why I’m rooting for botang david couple

  903. 903 : rand Says:

    omg you are so right i loved every thing you said yes mate may seems like a jerk but he inside are a very warm and loving person and it totally broke my heart to see his look at botong at the last scene of ep 11 and my god i will be fucking pissed of if botong ended with david cuz i will be crying a river about my sweat heart mate .

  904. 904 : gabby Says:

    Well , poor Ma Te. I really feel for Ma Te now.

  905. 905 : tiffy Says:

    ratings are real low…wow… c’mon its not that bad. I think its really nice. *shrugs* 🙂

  906. 906 : Eelbak Says:

    902 mushi

    I think there is a confusion here about our understanding regarding chemistry between two persons.

    Chemistry between two persons is a certain kind of vibe that is so natural that it does not need skinship or physical contact to happen. No, definitely not. If it is there, it is there, even between strangers who could be a few feet apart. It is an instantanous thing between two persons. It does not require time to develop.

    If it does require time to develop, then it is more likely that the persons concerned has developed an “understanding relationship” (not chemistry) between themselves, which is vulnerable to breakups depending on how strong their understanding and acceptance of each other is.

    Chemistry is what we would normally call it “a feeling of connection” or a certain kind of “energy” or warmth that can be felt between the persons concern and this can happen to two persons even in a crowd of many people.

    And if there is no chemistry between two persons, they may be friends for untold years, but there will not such kind of warmth between them. An example is MaTe and Bo Tong.

    Just imagine, if all it takes is to have skinship or physical contact to create chemistry, there will be no breakups in any human relationships in the world. But the truth is as we can see, there are relationships that do break up after a certain spell of time. Why, it is because the “”chemistry is not real, to hold the two persons together once the skinship or physical contact becomes old or dead.

    Whereas, when there is true chemistry, the relationship (be it romantic or friendship) will last, it does not grow musty or die, it is glue there, to hold the connection between the two persons intact.

  907. 907 : Sizaoka Says:

    OMG ! I hope this drama becomes one of few Korean drama where the Second Male Lead can up end with main female lead ! 🙂
    I’m just kinda boring with the story which the jerk boy (first male lead) can end up with the female lead ! -__-”
    David Botong ship forever ! ;p

  908. 908 : Marie Says:

    If in the end MaTe really improves himself- from a total jerk everybody would love to dislike to a real high quality beautiful man- I’ll be more than willing to replace Kim Botong :p *j/k*. Anyway, can’t wait to watch Ep 12. the preview looks interesting! 🙂

  909. 909 : NoonaEel Says:

    Am I the only one who notices how affectionate Mate looks at Kim Botong in the latest episode? Whoah… my heart really aches for him. It’s not easy for him to understand his feelings. 5 more episodes to go and I still cannot predict where the story would go… what will happen to the romance? Is it Mate & Kim Botong or Choi David & Kim Botong? Will Mate finally reach the success he wants to achieve in life through the women he has met so far? what about the family matter? who are Mate’s real parents? what does President Park plan with his sons including Choi David? Anyway whatever the writer-nim comes up with, I think I won’t regret watching this drama at all in the end 🙂

  910. 910 : bindaaa Says:

    I want to watch ep 11 with eng sub but there is only with korean lang really excited to watch !!!!!!!!!!!!

  911. 911 : Yani Cri Says:

    I’m so excited to watch ep 11 with eng sub.. Where is eng sub please!!!! Yilini!!! I’m crazy waiting with a lot of spoilers T.T

  912. 912 : Azizah Alias Says:

    MY FRIEND GIVE ME THIS…http://dramafire.com/bel-ami-episode-11/

  913. 913 : Manelle Says:

    JKS made another excellent performance in episode 11 of Pretty Man last night. he’s really a good actor and i’m enjoying every second of this drama. wishing that this drama will not yet end soon but—–sigh…….

  914. 914 : rand Says:

    Stupid. Daivd. I hate you ””’ botong belongs to mate you jerk , get over it

  915. 915 : bindaaa Says:

    hahahhahahaha 😀 😀 😀 😀

  916. 916 : bindaaa Says:

    😀 😀 😀

  917. 917 : goeunchan Says:

    yes rand I agree with u 😀 😀

  918. 918 : ain d Says:

    Seriously…..poor ma te:-(
    Writer nim pls treat ma te character very well. I dont want sad ending!

  919. 919 : RANDA Says:

    bel a,i (BTS )

  920. 920 : Rania Says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!! This drama is amazing!! Episode 12 too many surprises!Please translation please please please!

  921. 921 : RANDA Says:

    omg ep 12 was intense . the new girl looks scary , and thank god their was no more botong and david one sided love and finally some mate botong , moments 🙂 yes botong mate loves you

  922. 922 : RANDA Says:

    ep 12 raw ,, enjoy 🙂

  923. 923 : NoonaEel Says:

    @Rania YES!!! Just finished the raw version of EP 12 and can’t wait for the translation!

    the family issue starts to unfold bit by bit… and ooooh… cannot forget the look MaTe gave to Botong… so sweeeet :). For a moment I thought he would really kiss her. Ugh. Such a teaser.

  924. 924 : Yani Cri Says:

    Ep 11 made me cry, Ma Te must be feel lonely.. please Bo Tong .. Ma Te is your destiny, not David T.T

    Ep 12 will be great, I’m waiting for ep 12 with eng sub. Can’t wait >.<

  925. 925 : Rania Says:

    @NoonaEel yes! The watch was finally discovered! Yura was so shocked. Hong Ran was told something by her husband that made her cry and I’m dying to know what. I think He told her if she hurt David he will hurt her son in return? Or maybe she thought her son died and he told her he’s still alive?
    I love Matte 100 times better in this episode. With each episode I like him more but this was my favorite <3 He's growing on me so much <3 I can't wait for the translation! Also I love how Matte and David are some what getting along too awww I just love all the characters!

  926. 926 : anoo Says:

    can i just say than jang geun suk is getting more gorgeous with each ep passing , like omg i could look at him for hours and never get bored 🙂 like seriously he has a fucking beautiful face and just enjoys making himself look good XD and i loved when he was about to kiss botong in ep 12 and my heart was like awwwwwwwwww kiss kiss kiss plz ,,,, heheh but really interesting ep cant wait for the subs : )

  927. 927 : Anna Says:

    Thank you Randa for ep.12 raw, great episod.

  928. 928 : anoo Says:

    you are most welcome 🙂

  929. 929 : goeunchan Says:

    Bel Ami Episode 12 Review: Jang Geun Suk Tells IU Not to Leave Him Until He Knows What Love Is

    In Bel Ami, episode 12, Dok Go Ma Te(played by Jang Geun Suk) told Kim Bo Tong(played by IU) not to leave until he knows what love is.

    Previously, Ma Te gave up on receiving the password by using Bo Tong and Choi David(played by Lee Jang Woo). Later he said to Bo Tong, “Hey, Bo Tong. I like you. Actually, I love you.” However, she said, “You’re lying. You’ve never loved anyone else but your mother. Besides, I know tons of girls you’ve been with.”

    Ma Te replied, “Throughout the tons of girls, I’ve never loved anyone. And that’s why I don’t know what love is. And I don’t want to lie that I love you when I don’t even know what it is like.” Then he continued, “Please will you wait for me until I know what love is?”

  930. 930 : goeunchan Says:

    wating for ep 12 !!!!!!!!!

  931. 931 : Manelle Says:

    sigh! another 6 long days of waiting for the next episodes.

  932. 932 : NoonaEel Says:

    I just finished watching Ep 12 with English Sub. Omo… MaTe has improved himself quite a lot. I have to say that this drama is not an easy drama to understand. I really have to watch it over and over again to get the ‘message’ :). Can’t wait to watch Ep 13 and see how MaTe can ‘conquer’ the Powerful Lady Lee Kim. She seems to know about him and her statement about him being the false illegitimate son of MG made me really curious. What would she do to him? ahhh… exciting!

  933. 933 : Rania Says:

    @NoonaEel where did you watch it? I’m still waiting for the subs. So lee kim said he was the false son? Was that after or before she stole a couple of hair from his head? What did Park Ki Suk say to Na hong Ran that made her cry?
    If I remember correctly the MG group was originally Na Hong Ran’s family company right? She then married Park Ki Suk because he was involved with politics and she wanted that extra leverage for her company.

  934. 934 : NoonaEel Says:

    @Rania I watched it here: http://drama-tn.com/bel-ami-beautiful-man-pretty-boy-korean-drama-episode-12-english-sub-video_d557de7ec.html
    The sub is from viki, but unfortunately tere are some dialogues left unsubbed. Anyway, we can still understand 85-90 % of the story. A bit spoiling: Lee Kim said that after she ‘stole’ his hair. Before that she mentioned sth like ‘Is it fun playing a role as his illegitimate son?’. I am surprised how Lee Kim knows about MaTe & PKS & MG. How and why did she know this? Is she also investigating MG?

    PKS and NHR talked about the fact that CD is PKS’ bastard son. She was hysterical and asked him why he seemed to ‘reveal’ his son whenever he’s cornered and how many other sons he had out there. PKS briefly mentioned about people getting hurt because of their marriage before NHR left him in her anger & tears.

  935. 935 : anzu Says:

    I got feeling that kim botang is falling for david. But i don’t want it.They are only too sweet to each other…………m going crazy for next episode.

  936. 936 : Rania Says:

    Wow! I wonder whose Matte’s real father then!

  937. 937 : OK OK OK Says:

    🙂 🙂

  938. 938 : Sizaoka Says:

    I can’t stop laughing after watching ep. 12 eng sub !
    When David Oppa shows his new car to Botong with sticker text “Baby’s in the car” in the back window of his car ! HAHAHA XD…. he really hopes to get children from Botong in the future ! So sweet ! 😉

    And it’s only my speculation. I think…Mate is actually the bastard son of NHR. And his lovely mother who has passed away before is actually only the trustworthy maid of PKS (because if i saw the first episode, when Mate’s mom met PKS secretly, her attitude is not like a wife’s behaviour to her husband, it was very polite conversation, just like a maid with her boss.
    Probably PKS knew that NHR had have an illegitimate son in New York, so he ordered to his maid to hide and took care of baby Mate and secrecy it from NHR. Maybe PKS already thought from far away days, if NHR has planned to prepare his bastard son to be the main owner of MG group int he future and PKS just considered that only his real son who deserved to fill that position. And I also guess, if NHR doesn’t know if her illegitimate son is still alive ’till now and it’s Mate Oppa actually !

    Well, the story is getting interesting and unpredictable. I also think, in the future David Oppa will be the main owner of MG and in other hands Mate will be one of CEO of SS group. OMG ! There is a possibility, if they will become Rival of t2 biggest companies in Korea !. \(n_n)/

  939. 939 : cheeky Says:

    I think Ma Te is the legitimate son of Park Gi Sook & Na Hong Ran. But for some reason his father took him away from his real mom & hide his true identity. And the prosecutor took some of Ma Te’s hair to confirm Ma Te’s true identity.

    I love all the decisions that Ma Te has made in last episode. I’m proud of him, starting from deleting the password, for asking Bo Tong not to leave him until he knows what love is, accepting the conditions that kwi ji’s father proposed in return kwi ji’s father will make him the ceo of SS home shopping & by trying to get the prosecutor lady to be on his side by playing fair & just. Ma Te has matured a lot, very smart decisions.

  940. 940 : anna Says:

    I also think Mate is the legitimate son of Park Gi Sook and Na Hong Ran. He is the true heir to MG group.

    Mate has grown up and he becoming more beautiful not only on the outside but inside as well. From what he been through he will make a good leader for any company because he start at the bottom and go through lots of hardship to reach the top. He’s now being fair in any business dealing, becoming a man who deserve to be a good leader.

  941. 941 : yuri28 Says:

    can’t wait for ep.13.. if Mate was NHR son, then what action will HYR make? & what will happe to Mate – NHR ? they fight each other..
    untill ep.12 i’m curious is PKS really a good man? so far i see he do nothing always heard for NHR,.but suddenly he force david to come out take his real identity & NHR didn’t know about this at all, all of PKS did..
    JKS really best i had to admire in one episode he play so many kind of emotion & put in perfect time & expression.
    IU can act crazy as she can & so cute too.
    curious, can’tw ait for next episode but in other side feel blue too c’se it’s almost ended..

  942. 942 : yuri28 Says:

    one of this drama teach us is if we want to be success & recognized, don’t expect the power from parent’s but do it by our self, if everything we do with wholeheartedly & diligent our success will be more meaningful, we will more wise in act & make decision.

  943. 943 : Rania Says:

    I finally watched episode 12!! Omo! I have to wait a whole week for more T0T!
    I am really sure Matte is both PKS and NHR son!!! That’s why Lee Kim said he’s not the illegitimate son. He’s the son of both of them! I wonder why PKS hid him. I love how Matte and David are getting along even though both have feelings for Bo Tong <3 they are so cute! They are already starting to act like brothers and I only hope they will get a long more and more in the future <3
    Yura said if Matte knew what the password really is , his world will come crashing down awwww more hardships and heartache for our Matte. Is the password about her not being his real mother? This will surely hit him hard because the only person he loves with everything has hidden such thing from him.
    And I loved how Matte is changed so much <3 He matured even David noticed that <3 I love this drama!!!! I love Dokgo Ma Te <3 And the mystery is killing me!
    Ma Te tells Lee Kim he will protect her justice awww <3 he truly shocked her. So Ma Te is going to learn about justice from this lady? He will emerge more of a refined man after he spends time with her. Can't wait to see where this drama is going!

  944. 944 : cheeky Says:

    @ yuri 28 I can understand what Park Gi Sook is trying to do for all his sons, has made those bad decisions early in his life for wealth & power, has hurt a lot of women. Now I think he wants to secure positions/rights of his two other sons (not of his legal wife NHR) in MG then will reveal who is Ma Te – his youngest son, he is not worried about Ma Te because he is the legal heir of MG Group. Though it may seem cruel of him to hide Ma Te but at that time there was a fight going on between MG siblings (NHR & her brothers) Park Gi Sook did it to protect Ma Te from his wife’s enemies. Just my hunch.

  945. 945 : Rania Says:

    @Cheeky I just can’t wait for the whole truth to come out. Those 4 episodes left will be full of things to happen. Can’t wait!!

  946. 946 : gabby Says:

    Amazing episode! Ma Te is coming along quite well! He has changed a lot since the first few episodes and I fell in love with him in those two episodes. Secrets are getting tangled and the atmosphere is getting dangerous. I wish I don’t have to wait till next Wednesday but it can’t be helped. Only four episodes to go and I know I will miss this drama a lot.

  947. 947 : ALEX Says:


  948. 948 : Springsuk_USA Says:

    Episode 11, 12 have a lot to digest. Mate is growing. I cried when he got humiliated before his father (which he thought Park Ki Suk is his father but we don’t know for sure) JKS’s acting with expression for the sadness really touched me. The words he told spoiler princess Gwae Ji really showed that he is matured man now and he has seen what he should do to get to his success, also the part he deleted the “secret code” from Ryu La’s phone. Another week, ahh, really can’t wait.

  949. 949 : MissD Says:

    EPS 12 , why the rating so low ??? ..

  950. 950 : NoonaEel Says:

    @MissD I don’t care about ratings at all now… This drama is SO AWESOME!!! I can’t sleep well with all these speculations lol… The writer-nim surely does a very decent job making us question all the things like a Sherlock Holmes ;). The casts are also daebak. I am totally in love with MaTe now… not only because he looks hotter in each episode but also he matures a lot! David is quite a fair character and I like how he doesn’t seem to harm MaTe although he has a deep feeling towards Botong. Botongie is still as ‘protective’ as ever to her MaTe oppa but it’s also heartwarming to see that she doesn’t take any advantage of David who loves her. And the family mystery… Argh… I am waiting what kind of surprise we will have in the end… Too bad it’s only four more episodes… I’ll cherish these coming two weeks of the drama broadcast as much as I can <3

  951. 951 : Yoli Says:

    I did not start at the beginning of this drama but this is what I understand thus far.

    Ma Ta and David are brothers and heirs to MG there is a third son that belongs to the CEO wife. The DA took hair from Ma Te to prove he is the owners son, but why?

    When they were at the party David’s dad told him to help the older brother instead of the younger brother that is Ma Te, and David knows Ma Ta is his sibling and helping (protecting) him by staying close.

    What is confusing me is this the MG owner has two sons out of wedlock, his wife is scheming behind his back she just learned that David is his son. Why is the women such an awful person and what’s up with the watch that is wife has and one Bo Tang has that Ma Te gave to her?

    If someone could just break down this story line for me I would appreciate any input from the fans.

  952. 952 : Nadine Says:

    This drama is so interesting! I am not Korea drama fans, but I like this Drama and the actor JKS. He is really an excellent actor. I am waiting for EPS 13…

  953. 953 : Sizaoka Says:

    just wonder if Mate is really the legitimite son of PKS & NHR. Because they already married for 20 years , but Mate is 29 years old now ???.
    And if Mate is really their son, why did also PKS hide him from NHR ?
    So, who is the real father of Mate ?. I’m so curious about the next episode ! 😉

  954. 954 : Pumpkin Says:

    I love this Drama. Jang Geun Suk is a Killer with both looks and Acting.
    He’s soo darn good as an actor with different ranges 🙂
    I hope the loveline between Botong and MaTe grows 🙂

  955. 955 : Yani Cri Says:

    I’m sure that Ma Te is NHR’s son, but I’m not sure who is his father?
    Ahh, I’m confuse..
    I think all of them in this drama protecting Ma Te.
    Please, wednesday come soon, I want ep 13 🙂

  956. 956 : TaDa Says:

    This drama is freaking AWESOME!!! Love the acting, love the story and love the all character growth.

    Definitely different than other k-dramas but it’s a must see!

  957. 957 : mrnbtfl Says:

    Botang and david were the ones who made me laugh but when they cried, it made me cry too. I really hope for their ending together. They are more compatible.

  958. 958 : monica Says:

    I love this show so much, my oppa jks, I am so proud of him for another awesome drama, he is so cute and adorable in it 🙂

  959. 959 : Rania Says:

    @Yoli Ma Te has been raised by a single mother who died in the first episode without having the chance to tell him her last words about a password she told him will help in him meeting his father. She refused to give it to him before because she promised the father not to until he deems it the right time. When the mother was dying a woman who was stalking Ma Te named Hong Yura was there and pushed the mother for the password telling her she knows what Ma Te really is the mother got frightened and he vitals started to go hectic so she told Yura the password in hopes she will give it to Ma Te later. Yura recorded the password and later after the funeral she visited Ma Te and told him if he wants the password he will have to work for her. Ma Te didn’t trust her but he had to do anything for the password so he made the deal with Yura. Yura told him he’s the illegitimate son of PKS the president of MG group and that his father must have hid him to protect from NHR the wife who actually even hurt and even killed some of her own siblings to keep the company for herself. Ma Te was given tasks to achieve so Yura can train to take down NHR the “Iron Lady” with each task Ma Te learns something and he started his own company that kept growing slowly with the help of Bo Tong and Choi David. Later in the drama it has been revealed that David is also an illegitimate son of PKS and the president of MG was keeping an eye on Ma Te knowing everything about him. He even once commented that ” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ” when he knew Ma Te has many relationships with women.but for some reason PKS insists on not meeting Ma Te for now or even acknowledge him when bot David and Mate went to the MG group party PKS greeted and acknowledged David but he ignored Ma Te completely.
    Yura was before the wife of Moon Soon NHG step son but NHR made Moon Soon divorce her and took her child from her while she was a baby so she wanted to use Ma Te to gain back what she lost by training him to defeat NHR. Yura , while digging in NHR’s past discovered that while she stayed for a while in New York she actually was aditted to a hospital and gave birth to a child. That child was kept and secret and no one knows who he is or if he’s still alive. NHR herself was not shown to us talking about him at all. So we don’t know if she’s hiding him or actually thinks he’s dead for some reason. Yura felt that child will be a danger to her plans and she was planing to find and get rid of him. NHR always carries a pocket watch with her which later we discovered Ma Te has the same exact replica of. We also know that PKS has a habit of bringing clocks or watches as gifts for his wife and sons so it is speculated that the two pocket watches were a gift from PKS at the birth of NHR’s son.
    Who is Ma Te? Is an illegitimate child? Or is he the legitimate child of both PKS and NHR? And if he was the legitimate child then why was he raised by woman who is not his mother and kept away to live in poverty when he’s a heir to the biggest company in Korea? Thise questions are yet to be answered. Even Ma Te doesn’t know that the woman who raised might not be his real mother.

  960. 960 : Lisa Pemberley Says:

    This is such a good show. The story is great and the actors do the job accomplishing their roles. I would recommend anyone that watches drama to definitely add this to their list.

  961. 961 : Charmaine Says:

    I am really enjoying this drama, I am a fan of Korean drama’s, I have a theory, I suspect that NHR is Ma Te real mother who she gave birth to secretly in New York also President Moon Do who is Ma Te eldest brother and so is Choi David Ma Te’s brother. Ma Te’s the true heir to MG and the pocket watch is actually the password which his adoptive mother had for safe keeping which Bo tong now has, only Ma te and Bo tong do not know that the watch is the password. Ma te’s father asked his adoptive mother to keep the secret that Ma te is the son that NHR secretly had, so they hid him secretly with the adpotive mother raising him as her own. That’s my theory.

  962. 962 : kent Says:

    They should have more focused on love story and kept family story as side line story. But now family story is more emphasized than love story.I wish to see more romance between three leads

  963. 963 : gabby Says:

    I love this drama so much because it focuses on Ma Te changing from a man who is beautiful from the outside but then learns how to be beautiful from the inside. I loved the process of growth in Ma Te’s character so much. It is one of the most beautiful things for a person to admit his mistakes and try to be a better person. Through his growth we see family themes and secrets and also romance and true love a that with a theme of success and hard work. I love this drama so muvh and Ma Te is wonderful multi-dimension al character.

  964. 964 : Rania Says:

    @gabby , I agree with you completely. It is really rare to find a multidimensional character in a K-drama like Ma Te. It is good to see how a character you really disliked at the start of the drama grow and change in front of you which makes grow on you too. Ma Te is a great character. If you watch him in episode 11 and 12 and then go back to watch him in the first five episodes you will see how much he matured and changed. While he started as someone who can only take lessons from others now he is giving lessons to other and influence them in a positive way. Like what he did with Gwi Ji by telling her that the first impression you are born with is something thing beyond your control but the last impression you give people about you is up to you to make and he asked her if a spoiled conceited rich brat is the last impression she wants to give people about her. I loved how this made her re-think he ways. Ma Te helped Bo Tong to get out of jail but he never said a word about it and kept it to himself which is totally different from the Ma Te in the past who used to brag about his good deeds ( which he used to do them out of pity or obligation and not out of care like now ) How he deleted the password even though he was dying to hear it because he wants to earn it with his own effort and hard work. I loved his transition. I love how he and David are getting a long because they have mutual respect now even though both have feelings for the same girl. I was also touched by him telling Bo Tong to wait and never leave till he discover what real love is because he doesn’t want to lie to her about love. I can’t wait to see how Ma Te will be at the end of this great drama.

  965. 965 : RANDA Says:

    omg i’m starting to think that IU will not kiss JGS but lee jang woo instead hehe cuz its ep 12 and mate isn’t sure about his feelings yet , and things are developing alot more for botong and david more than mate and to be honest i’m really sad cuz i want to see mate and botong romantic moments XD i mean how can mate love botong with only 4 ep left and all the craziness about his parents ?!!! i mean i just hope for at least one kiss scene or hug with mate and botong ? i mean its ep 12 and only 4 ep left !!

  966. 966 : Shen Says:

    962 Charmaine

    Your assumption is what I think is very close to the background to the story. And I think so too that MaTe’s watch (which is now with Bo Tong) holds the clue to his heritage and which will save him in the end.

    And I think so too that out of the three sons, MaTe is the only legitimate son and heir to MG, and that the current treatment MaTe got from PKS is to protect MaTe until it is confirmed and MaTe is declared the ultimate heir. Up till now, PKS has no confirmation whatsoever that MaTe is his legit son eventhough he might suspect that MaTe is. And unless and until he has concrete proof, PKS will have to play it safe, not only for the sake of MG, but for MaTe’s inheritance. I think PKS suspects there could be more than one wolves (NHR being one of them) waiting to “eat” the true heir to MG up, and PKS has to be extremely cautious here.

    (Bo Tong please take good care of the watch !)

    A few more episodes to go, and all mysteries will be solved.

  967. 967 : Rania Says:

    @Randa Ma Te has known Bo Tong for 10 years. They already know each other very well. Ma Te just isn’t sure what real love is and he doesn’t want to hurt Bo Tong just because he “thinks” he might love her. It doesn’t need much for romance to develop between Ma Te and Bo Tong because all the background is there. Ma Te is not treating like all those other women he has been with. He is now careful not to hurt her. Whether they end up together as lovers or end up as friends is up to the writer. I will be happy anyway.

  968. 968 : Shen Says:

    Correction: Typo error. Post 966 is to read – 961 Charmaine. My apologies. Thanks

  969. 969 : gabby Says:

    This story is about growing up and changing to the better and the romance is kne of the things Ma Te needs to learn about just success and family. I thinkbthis drama is great because it focuses more on learning about inner beauty and introduces the other plot lines ( success – love – family ) through that. That’s what makes it amazing. I am tired of dramas that has nothing to offer but a cliché romance. This drama beyond that and more. It is unique and deep.

  970. 970 : Marie Says:

    To be honest, apart from my personal admiration & enthusiasm for Actor Jang Keun Suk, I started watching this drama with a very low expectation. However, as I have been following it quite intensively, this drama has gone beyond just a good drama to me. It is a really AWESOME drama! I didn’t expect to see life lessons here and there. I didn’t expect our ‘hero’ to be as human as this. Nothing is perfect about him except for his face at the beginning. Yet, in the few latest episodes, this non-heroic main character has i proved and I’m glad that Jang Keun Suk can portray this decently. If you go back to Ma Tae in the first episodes and compare, you’ll see that this Ma Tae is almost a 180 degree different person now. About the romance, I think it is really realistic. I like how Ma Tae seems to be honest about his feeling and he treated Bo Tong really fairly in that way. If he dates Bo Tong without truly loving her, isn’t it just the same as he was in the first episodes when he dated Jaek hee for his own (financial) benefit? I hope in the end, Ma Tae will be able to learn to love, and it would be nice if the one he happens to fall in love with is Bo Tong, who is always there for him. And another thing I love from this drama is the ‘family mystery’. I love how the writer can keep us guessing. Gee… Now I’m sad that we have only four more episodes. I’ll surely miss this drama :).

  971. 971 : Manelle Says:

    @MissD, read this and you will know why we’re no longer worrying about the rating of this drama.
    Indeed this is really a good article! I am pretty surprised that the source of this article actually came from a Korean site! Glad there are some of them that still appreciates our AP and are verbal about his and the drama’s good side without expecting anything in return.
    With that I want to clarify things about my surprise by sharing you what I’ve learned about our JKS from the conversation I had with a Korean eel, also a Cri J 4 member. I’ve realized and learned something about his status in Korea that most of us may not or ady know and aware of. We’ve also talked about the ratings, how the drama is, news about him and JKS’ struggle in Korea.
    They were also sad about the ratings so I was curious and asked if JKS’ really being hated in Korea and why he gets that kind of rating. And he strongly answered “not that”. It’s kind of hard to explain Korea’s culture (which I didn’t dig in to and didn’t ask him to elaborate either) but he said Koreans are so conservative. Some don’t understand his vulgarity, of how he expresses himself being honest and his way of showing off his real character. In short, they’re not used to it. People are used to and expect the celebrities to become humble and quiet. But despite those reasons, the matter about his popularity is opposite to what we know about him in Korea. he’s BIG! No questions about how big his popularity is and he’s kind of trend in Korea. And Korean people know he has so much talents for them to accept him. He even said that right now, 2 of the popular artists in Korea are now trying to copy JKS’ style. He just heard that one of them always asks his stylist about JKS a lot and tries to copy his style. I couldn’t agree more to him at first as I know I was chatting with an eel. He maybe speaking bias but I gave him the benefit of the doubt as the conversation went on.
    He said, his dramas like Love Rain and Pretty Man are not sort of Korean people’s taste. They’re not into lite kind of dramas nowadays. Korean people now seem to like something sensational and shocking stories. And once Korean people have their stereotypes, they rarely change their minds.. He also said “he has acted ever since he was very young and Korean people don’t accept him as an adult.” – which i reacted to this like what? Who do they want JKS to become? Peter Pan?? But he prolly meant about him being loved most when he was young as he was humble and quiet then, compare today that he’s an adult but is kind of bold and frank)
    They blame it more on KBS and Korean media. They are so mad at KBS changing scripts and everything in each episodes. He said the drama was totally changed in a very bad way and was different from the manhwa, especially episode 9 (i wasn’t able to ask him about what the real story should’ve been on ep. 9 though but I personally like ep. 9). And it’s all KBS’ doing. Big networks know how big his popularity is overseas and KBS is one of those that only uses JKS to gain as much as big money they can with his name value and doing terrible things. Which is kind of given to me ady. We know how nasty showbiz is. It’s all about the money, regardless of which network the drama falls into. JKS gains from it too anyway.
    Ent companies know how he is loved most by foreigns so much and that’s why envy and jealousy arise. Big Ent companies are so afraid of him being famous. Much more when he established his own small Ent company. He is very successful in Japan to which of course they don’t like either. He’s a threat! And as to why we don’t see that much of good articles about him in Korean news and mostly bad things about him only? It’s because of “bribe”. Ent companies bribe to reporters and press companies to write good articles about their celebrities to which JKS hates to do. They don’t write good but always bad articles about him as a threat to him which makes people think about him not that good! This is why he’s well known and most loved overseas. His name is all over english written sites, newspapers, magazines and everywhere, which they hardly ever see in Korea.
    There was also an instance about him being offered by one of the big Ent companies to join but he refused its offers as he wanted to do what he wants. After that incident, he couldn’t appear on TV for a while. So he went to Japan. Heck, whatever they have done to him will surely get back to them!
    Also before the drama was aired, he said that some press companies asked AP some money to write good articles about him but he refused to do so. It was prolly the reason why we haven’t seen much of advertisements and noticed KBS’ lack of campaigns about the drama. Thanks to Chinese eels who made effort campaigining the drama through push carts in supermarkets. Also that’s when the bad news came out too about his scandal with the Chinese girl. One example he said is that they didn’t see any article written in Korea about him reaching 15M followers on Weibo, but some celebrities had a lot of it written by different press companies reaching the numbers of followers (less than what he got) a month ago. That’s because he didn’t ask any press companies to make some noise over his good news. He did it himself through his Weibo update. JKS of course being the CEO of his own Ent company knows how to spread news without having anyone to bribe and we all have witnessed its success! With that I felt so proud of him. Indeed not everything revolves around money.
    So my own conclusion as to what it all boils down to? Is not him showing off his true self to people. It’s not everything about the Korean viewers either. They may sort of part of it but its more on his enemies in showbiz’ nasty doings who envy him and are jealous of him. What can he do if those big Ent companies and press companies do something against him? He only has his own small company and he just does what he wants to do. Now I understand what this comment in threads and articles means, “he is fighting alone.” But he has us! We know how cruel life is to him and nobody can protect him except us eels and himself. If Korean media won’t do any good for him without a bribe, then he has us who are more than willing to give what we have totally free!
    Last, eventhough they hardly see good articles about him in Korea due to those reasons, his popularity is still big. I also brag about him of english blogs that write good articles about JKS like jksforever, soompi, dramafever and TEF. He asked me to send him the links and he will send them to Tree J. I’m note sure why because JKS and Tree J staff may possibly ady know about those english written blogs right? I guess he doesn’t visit english blog sites despite his good english and is not aware about those blogs. Or they’re maybe more focused in Korean world. Or those articles he needs are prolly to lift their spirits up. For that, I’ll be more than willing to share those with him. ^^
    We may not know how he feels right now with this effin rating. And yes this may have hurt his pride. But whatever happens, he has to keep going and we have to keep going, support him however we can. I know that this world he faces will continue to go on and won’t stop from pulling him down but I know he has us who will always lift and push him up. Thanks for always being there eels!

  972. 972 : goeunchan Says:

    Now only ep 4 is left but there is no love scenes !!!!!!!!!!!

  973. 973 : NoonaEel Says:

    Here is a very objectively written view on this drama from the point of view of a non fan (read: non Jang Keun Suk’s fan :p): http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/29803

  974. 974 : swift Says:

    as expected, anything to do with JKS will create alot of uproar
    his dramas are expectedly to be popular whether interesting or not
    did not particularly find this drama to be that great
    storyline not developing quick enough, yet with IU and LJW keeps the storyline moving along
    hope the writer will create more interesting plots, looking forward to the next victim of JKS, but in this case the lady in question is a better foe, LOL

  975. 975 : Shen Says:

    971 Manelle

    Thanks for the low down on JKS’s situation in his homeland.

    I’ve head it once as an aside in some documentary year, that JKS does not get due support from certain avenues in his homeland. Did not realise that it could be as serious as mentioned in your post above. That is, that the press and the media were responsible too.

    Quote: its more on his enemies in showbiz’ nasty doings who envy him and are jealous of him. What can he do if those big Ent companies and press companies do something against him? He only has his own small company and he just does what he wants to do. Now I understand what this comment in threads and articles means, “he is fighting alone.” But he has us! We know how cruel life is to him and nobody can protect him except us eels and himself. If Korean media won’t do any good for him without a bribe, then he has us who are more than willing to give what we have totally free! Unquote

    I had thought all along that it was due to the conservative people of SKorea who could not warm up or accept him. But alas, I see, I have been mistaken. But now, knowing JKS’s story, I admire his guts more !

    Quote: But whatever happens, he has to keep going and we have to keep going, support him however we can. Unquote

    Eels, JKS fans ! Fighting !! JKS forever !!

  976. 976 : lover Says:

    I really love this drama I hope that this drama will win. FIGHTING JSK & IU. <3 you guys

  977. 977 : Sarah Says:

    This drama has been much better than I expected. I would have never thought that I will like a character like Ma Te but he has grown on me so much he became my favorite character. The change was slow but firm and Ma Te transformed into a great guy. I am so excited to watch his journey to the very end. I think I’ve seen the lead actor in Hwa Jini a long time ago and I didn’t know it’s the same actor until I searched him up. Might as well watch some of his drams.

  978. 978 : Shen Says:

    971 Manelle

    ” He asked me to send him the links and he will send them to Tree J. I’m note sure why because JKS and Tree J staff may possibly ady know about those english written blogs right? I guess he doesn’t visit english blog sites despite his good english and is not aware about those blogs. Or they’re maybe more focused in Korean world. ”

    Manelle, I strongly believe that JKS and his staff do read sites written in English and they do not solely stay focused in the Korean world.

    JKS and his people belong to the global generation.

    This is why he is treated as a non-conformist by the conservatives and the envious in his homeland, and hence the nasty efforts to try to burst his popularity balloon.

    Right now, as he’s too busy shooting Bel Ami, it is most likely thathe is unable to personally spend time online, and has to depend on his people to keep him up to date with news from outside SKorea.

  979. 979 : Carlis Says:

    I started watching yesterday and I must say I’m already in love with Bo Tong character . Her love is soo pure with no pretense. I believe David deserves her more than Me Ta. Just watch 6episodes. Can’t wait to watch the rest. Loving it

  980. 980 : Luna Says:

    @Sarah I have watched all of Jang Keun Suk’s dramas, and contrary to what most people commented about him taking up the similar roles all the time, I think in all of his dramas he portrayed different characters with distinct personalities. Well, indeed all of his characters are somehow ‘popular’ guys with beautiful face, we cannot avoid it since he is indeed a ‘pretty boy’ himself. Even when he acted as a murder suspect in one of his movies “Itaewon Homicide”, he was still good looking lol. Unless one day he decides to take up a role with some scars on his face, well… can’t really blame him for looking that way :p.

    Anyway, I personally choose Beethoven Virus (2008) and Love Rain (2012) as my most favourite JKS’ dramas, besides the current ‘Beautiful Man/ Bel Ami’ :). But most fans like ‘You Are Beautiful’ (2009) which is indeed one of his most internationally famous drama (has been remade in three different countries!). If you like rom-com and light story, YAB is a very good option to start with :). If you like a ‘heavier’ story and melodrama (romance), go for Beethoven Virus (though he was the second lead there) and Love Rain :).

  981. 981 : Luna Says:

    @Carlis Well, be prepared to change your mind about MaTe after Ep 10 ;). It happened to me lol… I used to dislike MaTe a lot in the first episodes… he’s just plain childish and all. but I’m not gonna spoil the story for you… enjoy the drama ;)! Ohhh… I can’t believe it’s getting near to the final episode :(. It’s one of the best K- dramas being aired this year.

  982. 982 : Kadina Says:

    Started two days ago and I’m up to date with 12 episodes so far and I’m loving Ma Te. I think it is sad there will only be 16 episodes I think this drama can use 20 easily with the things we still need to know about Ma Te’s family and how he will end things with Bo Tong. Looking forward for how Ma Te will keep make better of himself by the end of this drama.

  983. 983 : Charmaine Says:

    966 Shen – Thanks for that, nice to know we are thinking along the same lines. I also suspect NHR does not know that the chairman is aware that she gave birth to Ma Te secretly in New York, that’s why he took control and asked his adoptive mother to raise him as her own until the right time presents its self, i also think that Ma Te will realise that he truly loves Bo Tong because she’s always been there for him and do not demand anything from him apart from love, it’s pure and beautiful. There really should be at least 24 episodes, I’m sure I could finish this script, so many ideas are flowing from my mindset, but brill so far….omo omo fighting.

  984. 984 : RANDA Says:

    i think the romance between mate and botong will be in the final two ep , cuz right now mate is really overhead with all this parent and the ss and mg problem so as for the next 2 ep i think botong will be really close to david all the problem will be solved and just kept the romance with mate and botong for the final episodes

  985. 985 : Shen Says:

    983 Charmaine

    Yes, I too suspect that NHR does not know that PKS is aware of her secret birth (of MaTe) in NY.

    She had underestimated PKS’s capability. She surely should have known that for a person to reach the pinnacle of the stature that PKS has, that person (PKS) has to be sharper than the “knife” she carries, and that nothing escapes his “eyes”. NHR must have been too over confident in her arrogance in this regard.

    At that time (MaTe’s birth), knowing NHR very well, PKS could secretly have taken steps to save and hide MaTe.

    PKS had even gone to the extreme of not visiting MaTe at all throughout MaTe’s life in order to totally make him non existent to NHR and which at the same time, he (PKS) will not get to see what MaTe looks like. This could account for the reason for the need to use a password as an identification, without which PKS will never be able to know who MaTe is.

    We will soon know whether our assumption is right. Series drawing to an end soon.

    As for the love angle between MaTe/Botong/David, where I am concerned, either one of them were to end up with BoTong is fine with me. I have no preference.

  986. 986 : NoonaEel Says:

    @Shen whoa, you have such an interesting point of view on the ‘birth secret’ thing. So you think MaTe isn’t PKS’s son? I wonder now who his father could be… a secret lover of NHR? would this unknown father also play any role later? argh… this is really interesting! How are they going to reveal all these in four episodes? we’ll see… i’m so curious!

  987. 987 : emy Says:

    @ sarah. Don’t watch love rain. You’ll regret watching it. It was the most borring drama of JKS and it also has worst female lead who can’t act.

  988. 988 : gabby Says:

    @emy I really disagree with you. Love Rain was good for those who like romance and old VS new themes. The female lead was not thag good at the start of the drama but she got better later.To each his own I guess.

  989. 989 : gabby Says:

    @NoonaEel But why would NHR leave her one Heir like that without even keeping taps on him? She doesn’t even know who is MaTe.

  990. 990 : abie_chan Says:

    978 Shen
    That’s what I thought so. JKS should have already seen those english written blog sites but I still sent that Korean eel some good articles to read not for JKS but for them (fans) to probably help them lift their spirits up. Though I personally believe that the situation is somehow changed now and more of Korean media have started to appreciate him as we have been seeing a lot of good reviews and articles about him from Korean sites nowadays. Media has started to realize how precious this person is for their own country and that he’s more than just a pretty face! For some, it maybe hard to believe that he has that kind of “me against the world” situation in showbiz is true just because he’s the type of celeb that does whatever he wants to do and doesn’t want to be led and ruled by anyone like a robot but we believe that everything is true because being his eel, we know how he struggled so much and we are fully aware of the kind of struggles he had in the past apart from that “korean press and media” thing story. He even experienced an attempt of suicide when he was 20 y/o. So we are not just proud of him being a person who follows his own path but him being a survivor in this cruel world. He’s a stronger person now. 🙂

  991. 991 : Yoli Says:

    @Rania, thanks for the over view wow I missed the beginning of this drama I now understand why it has so many comments and viewers over all love this kdrama.

    It is well written with many twist and turns but at the end I hope it will all be revealed at how Ma Te mom really is and that David and Ma Te need to join forces to keep the Iron lady from gaining her way. Can’t wait until next week episodes.

    And thanks again, for sharing the story line, I’ll continue to enjoy this drama.

  992. 992 : Shen Says:

    986 NoonaEel

    Sorry, my post 985 was confusing. I will try to explain myself again.

    I do think that MaTe is PKS’s son and this is the reason why PKS went to all lengths to protect MaTe.

    My conclusion of this situation is that PKS/NHR relationshhip is not one of a love match but it is some kind of a “business” match. And when NHR found out that she was expecting PKS’s child, for some very personal selfish or mad reasons tied to the heritage of MG, she hid the pregnancy from PKS by staying in NY.

    Unknown to her, PKS who have been keeping tabs on her all the while, could have found out about the pregnancy. So he got ready and had plans set in place to save his son (MaTe) when he was born, as told in the start of the drama.

    Hope you are aware that this is only my speculation. May be totally wrong and off tangent.

  993. 993 : Shen Says:

    990 abie_chan

    Quote: Though I personally believe that the situation is somehow changed now and more of Korean media have started to appreciate him as we have been seeing a lot of good reviews and articles about him from Korean sites nowadays. Media has started to realize how precious this person is for their own country and that he’s more than just a pretty face! Unquote

    Yes, this is what I too believe is happening steadily. For example, he is well liked and respected in KBS.

    Quote : For some, it maybe hard to believe that he has that kind of “me against the world” situation in showbiz is true just because he’s the type of celeb that does whatever he wants to do and doesn’t want to be led and ruled by anyone like a robot…. Unquote.

    This is what I admire about JKS in the first place. He has his own mind, and his belief in himself is strong enough to lead his own path in life at his own wish and inclination. (To me, this what I would call, living, not existing).

    I am happy that finally JKS is seeing some light at the end of the tunnel careerwise. Hope his personal life is just as good.

    So it goes to prove that what is good and right, will stand the test of time.

    Unquote: ….. we know how he struggled so much and we are fully aware of the kind of struggles he had in the past apart from that “korean press and media” thing story. He even experienced an attempt of suicide when he was 20 y/o. Unquote

    Now, abie_chan you are scaring me ! Omo, omo ! No, no, no ! Oh me gosh ! How did I miss this crucial part of his life ? This is the first time I’ve heard of it. Oh no !

    Oh me gosh !

    JKS please no ! When you are feeling down, go for a break in some far far away country. Bring your people with you. Have a carefree time for as long as you need. No cares in the world ! Then return home with a fresh and relaxed mind.

  994. 994 : Yani Cri Says:

    Prosecutor Lee Kim said that Ma Te is not MG’s illegitimate son. So, I think he is PKS’ son with NHR.
    But I don’t know how PKS hide him from NHR in the past.
    I’m so curious, can’t wait for the next episodes.
    I think 16 episodes are not enough for me.

  995. 995 : Yani Cri Says:

    Btw, who want to watch JKS’ act in drama or movie. I recommend you to watch “Itaewon Homicide”. His acting was superb. He played as a murder suspect, American-Korean who can’t speak Korean. So he speak English in this movie.

  996. 996 : NoonaEel Says:

    @gabby 989; that bothers me as well… why does she seem to be clueless of her own son’s whereabouts? was the baby ‘taken away’ from her as soon as she delivered?

    @Shen 992; No worries, we are all speculating here :p. I am in-between about MaTe’s parents. I think he might be the son of both PKS & NHR, but if he is, why NHR seems to be clueless? This has made me think as well that MaTe is a son she didn’t want anybody else to find out about. If MaTe is her son with PKS, why should they hide him? they are a legal married couple. Geez… this is interesting, isn’t it? :))

    @emy 987; Love Rain is worth watching, in my opinion, despite its classic storyline. People always said that Jang Keun Suk takes the same flower boy role… Seo In Ha that he played in Love Rain, is he a flower boy? I don’t think so :). And to claim that Jang Keun Suk is really an actor who can play different characters, one has to watch Love Rain to see how he portrayed two different characters in two different periods. Keun Suk himself said that the theme of this drama is only ‘LOVE’ and I agree with him. Love Rain describes romantic love of different generation (pure- slow- shy in 1970s and fast-dynamic-courageous in 2012), friendship love (Inha- Dong Wook- Chang Mo, Seo Joon- Sun Ho), and family love (Yoon Hee- Ha Na, Inha- Joon- HyeJung). The scenes were beautifully shot as well. And although the leading lady is rather inexperienced in acting compared with JKS and the senior casts, she has done a decent job :). To me personally, JKS & YoonA has made one of the most visually beautiful drama couples in Love Rain :).

  997. 997 : nita Says:

    In this drama iu acting is awsome really like this drama >>>>>>>>>>>>

  998. 998 : goeunchan Says:

    wating for next ep . I hope in next ep there will be romance scene 😀 😀

  999. 999 : sangida Says:

    this drama is too good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1000. 1000 : nabia Says:

    this drama is the best…………

  1001. 1001 : nunita Says:

    this drama have different story and iu acting is so different . This drama is the best………..

  1002. 1002 : anna Says:

    Episode 11 is the turning point of Mate life, he become mature after what happen to him especially after the meet his father. Now I know why he need the password. The password (maybe the password is the watch) actually is a point of time that Mate is ready and becoming more wise to take over his family legacy. If he the only legal child of Hong Ran and Park Ki Suk than this is part of his training.

    Episode 12 show that he apply his knowledge to help people and becoming more in tune with people feeling. He can now can be rational, not rushing in his approach and take control of his life. He is now a thinker and make his own decision instead of taking orders from Yura. He also now learning about love and I hope in time he will realize that fond feeling he has for Botong is actually LOVE.

    I love the growing up of Mate. I can see he becoming beautiful inside. Patiently waiting for the coming episode. What a great drama.

  1003. 1003 : emy Says:

    @noonaeel JKS and yoona were only visuals for that drama. JKS’s acting was good but I didn’t feel any emotions from yoona’s acting( award winning actress). She was so annoying that I couldn’t finish the drama. For story I usually like classic love story but love rain story didn’t have that beautiful scenario that a classic love story usually have. And for this drama I like it but not that great. I can say it is good. JKS’s acting is on spot as usual. IU’s acting is also good as I thought she is a rookie actress. Her character could have been annoying but I actually found her in likeable way. She is natural in acting. The only think I’m complaining about this drama is lack of romantic scene between leads. They are more focusing in matae family’s matter and his involvement with other woman. Romance is definitely in need for this drama

  1004. 1004 : Noonaeel Says:

    @emy well, then to each his/ her own (liking) :). To me the story of LR was fine as I personally don’t fancy a too complicated or too lovey-dovey or too-good-to-be-true story. YoonA might not act as flawlessly as the real actress but I’d still give her some appropriate credits as I enjoyed the drama. I never set high expectation on dramas starred by idols, to be honest.

    As for ‘Beautiful Man/ Bel Ami’, I’m afraid that the original manhwa doesn’t focus that much on romance either. However I’m quite pleased by the consistent surprises given by this drama. Romance is a bonus for me here as I’d like MaTe to discover his true love (maybe for Botong) as a part of his ‘development’ as well. 16 episodes are indeed too short… *sigh*.

  1005. 1005 : Shen Says:

    I don’t see why the imperative need for romance in this drama when the main theme of this drama is about MaTe’s soul searching journey to find himself and his identity in life.

    The romance part re Botong therefore, is not emphasized, ‘cos she’s just a part of the many essential “items” like all the other people and situations that crossed MaTe’s path, which play a part in, and are an impact on MaTe’s life education and journey which turn out the man he eventually is.

    The drama otherwise would have be titled “MaTe’s Romantic Conquests”?

  1006. 1006 : anna Says:

    I agree with you @Shen, this drama is so different from any other korean drama. There are lots of romance drama we can see which is almost the same but with different setting. I love that they make it this way, the lead is growing to be a better man before our eyes. If you go back to episode 1 and 2 you will see how much he change not only on appearance but his inner self too. Excitingly waiting for tomorrow episode.

  1007. 1007 : Nadine Says:

    This drama becomes more and more interesting! It’s really different one than other romantic and childish Korean drama. But it’s too short, some storylines can’t be developped very well.

  1008. 1008 : rozsa Says:

    Congrat IU for winning best rookie actress

  1009. 1009 : Manelle Says:

    i’m looking forward for tonight’s episode………….

  1010. 1010 : jacqueline Says:

    pretty man is simply the best,everybody is cool in their acting,specially IU,She great in acting,she deliver well the r0le and jang geun suk is best.! And the rest also,please keep supporting this drama

  1011. 1011 : harani Says:

    well, at least this drama success making my curiosity up! the line story cannot be guessing. but i afraid that in the end bo tong will be with choi david. I hope that she will bi ma te oppa.

  1012. 1012 : bc ba made Says:

    Ilove this drama..love jks acting..

  1013. 1013 : Nadine Says:

    The EPS 13 is sooooooooooooooooo interesting. Pretty Man is really good drama. JKS is the best actor.

  1014. 1014 : RANDA Says:

    PM ep 13 raw

  1015. 1015 : Rania Says:

    English sub please come out fast!! I saw episode 13 raw and it looks like many secrets have been revealed! Seeing Na Hong Ran crying was rewarding! I just want to know what are they saying! Poor Ma Te too many shocks this episode. And he is changing into a really great great guy. Gwi Ji changed because of him and now I think he is helping Lee Kim too <3 Please Eng-sub I know it's holiday season but pretty please!

  1016. 1016 : nunita Says:

    wating for eng subtitles!!!!!!!!!!!

  1017. 1017 : Springsuk_USA Says:

    OMG, I’m crying after watching ep 13 end. Uri Mate, what kind of shock and hurt he got after Na Hong Ran told him that he is not MG’s CEO’s son but hers, and she left him when he was a baby. The woman who called him garbage is his mother. My heart is into million pieces just like Mate’s. I love ep 13 it shows how Mate gets closer and closer to a success businessman. He grows a lot and become more mature and smart, also hard working, until his birth mother put a knife right into his heart.

  1018. 1018 : Arron Says:

    This drama suck !!! That’s why it has the worst rating from all other dramas. I can’t believe iu got an award at all. Aren’t you suppose to get an award for a hit drama ?? They can’t even get double ratings!!! This drama gets more boring every week! Why do you guys like this drama?please tell me. This drama is so childish and the plot is so weak. Every drama on this website is positive even doe it suck,so please tell me why this drama is worth watching. Why are there so many good comments of a bad drama?? Please don’t like a drama just because of the actors rather than the plot.

  1019. 1019 : 1019 Says:

    @Arron…..i reali dnt undastand U.
    Wat part of d drama sucks?
    Ve u reali watched it or u’re jt makin assumptns?
    Are u tryin 2say dat dose givin it +ve comments dnt knw wat dey’re doin
    Pls…..pls….pls…..if u’ve ntin 2say,pls,leave dis post.
    Go &comment +vely on dramas u tink re u.
    Personally,i tink pretty man Rocks.
    Pretty man fIghting!!!!!!
    Haters…..go 2 hang.

  1020. 1020 : 1020 Says:

    @Arron. If you don’t like this drama you can watch another one. Nobody asked you to stay here and watch it.

  1021. 1021 : Rania Says:

    @Arron Have you even watched the drama? you are acussing over a 1000 comments of being what exactly? Blind? Get over it. If you have a real critisim to say say it but all you’re on about is “OMG RATING IS BAD!! Why is this drama so popular! Oh why it has all those positive comments! Oh why is it one of the most watched dramas in 2013 even though it’s not even over and it even got No2 most watched drama in 2013 in drama fever and it’s on the most shared dramas list even on this site! Oh why!”
    These words you posted are merely childish words. If you want to criticism a drama at least write something with value. I would love to read real constructive criticism but so far all I read in your post is whining.
    You say this drama is childish? Why? is it because it’s based on a Manhwa? This drama offers many lessons and real life growing up. Ma Te’s character is by far one of my most favorite drama characters because he’s was someone full of faults and was brave enough in the process of the drama to admit his wrongs and change himself into a great person. Every single character has it’s own good and bad. Even characters that are in the drama for one or two episodes has changed and learned or taught things. This is a great drama. It is much better than other cliche love stories where we have the same stereotypical two leads fighting over a girl with forehead kisses / piggybacks and back hugs. This a breath of fresh air where even though both leads have feelings for the same girl they are getting a long well and actually start to really care and respect the other. The main lead is no longer a jerk at all and become a wonderful person through his journey. He isn’t also the typical rich guy who falls in love with poor girl . He started from zero being poor himself and worked hard to get up there slowly.
    The drama was full of secrets and twists that you won’t get bored.

    Please write a single constructive criticism so I can take you seriously. I’d love to read different opinions but childish whining is not on my list to read. I don’t want to waste my time with something like that.

  1022. 1022 : Rania Says:

    Episode 13 was a real heart breaker! OMG! Ma Te is not PKS son! I didn’t see that coming! I already felt Ma Te is Na Hong Ran’s son but I wasn’t expecting that he’s not PKS son. Who is Ma Te’s father? I feel so much for Ma Te. But I love how he’s building himself and studying <3 he walked a long way and he's now a wonderful person that inspires other to do better.
    I truly loved his answer to NHR when he said he's not after power or money but he's after a real good relationship with a long lost father awwww <3 it must so hard for him to know that PKS is not even his father. And the mother who he loved with all his heart , the one who raised and then died is not his mother …It's the woman who treated him very badly and called him trash is his real mother. Poor Ma Te can't take a rest.
    I can't wait for episode 14!

  1023. 1023 : RANDA Says:

    this drama is amazing just saw pics for ep 14 and omg !! finally some mate botong moments 🙂

  1024. 1024 : Rania Says:

    I love Ma Te! <3



  1025. 1025 : cheeky Says:

    @Rania what made you conclude that Ma Te is not Park Gi Sook’s son? Did I missed something a dialogue or what please tell me. I know its not yet clear who is Ma Te’s father but I was kind of hoping it is also Park Gi Sook 🙁 Thanks.

  1026. 1026 : sunita Says:

    This drama is amazing. Love JGS….

  1027. 1027 : sunita Says:

    This drama is amazing. Love JGS and IU. They look cute together.

  1028. 1028 : Rania Says:

    Na Hong Ran told Ma Te he’s not PKS’s son but he’s the son she has abounded.
    When Yura faced Na Hong Ran about her son she explained that NHR wanted to marry PKS for benefit from him but she was carrying a baby that might ruin her chance so she went away to give birth and abounded the child with nothing more than a pocket watch she left along with him. I think she couldn’t just leave with nothing that ties them together so she left one pocket watch with her and put the other in his clothes.
    a Te was so shocked and that last thing he said at the end of the episode was who is his father then?

  1029. 1029 : Rania Says:

    The above post is my response to cheeky

  1030. 1030 : NoonaEel Says:

    Ep 13 was intense… that Iron lady could cry, too, apparently. I’m proud to see MaTe’s improvement… yes, he started out as a ‘trash’ and look at what he has been achieving. another big blow comes to him… hope that he could go through this other ‘storm’. and his ‘relationship’ with Botong is so sweet… no need a lot of skinships to show how much they care about each other :). I don’t have any grunge towards Choi David and I see him as a fair man… I hope they don’t turn him into a bad guy… I actually love his teaming up with MaTe and Botong … they are like the three musketeers :). Now we ave only three more episodes… I’m curious to see how the story will end but at the same time sad because it’ll be hard to say goodbye to this drama. indeed a good drama 🙂

  1031. 1031 : Charmaine Says:

    Shen 968 – What did I tell you, LOL, I just new (NHR) was Ma Te’s mother, hope I have not spoilt it for you, but to me it seemed obvious that(NHR) did not know the chairman new she gave birth to Ma Te in New York secretly….I just know I could add a few more episodes to this script, its really good though. the intense look on Ma Te’s face when NHR told him she was his mother, it was just true acting, loving it, my predictions will be right for the conclusion of this drama. Fighting….

  1032. 1032 : kris Says:

    omg i just saw ep 14 ang omg finally mate knows that he loves botong and that hug at the end was so sweet but i’m dying to know what yu ra said to david at the end ? plz help if you can understand what she said nothing bad i hope :(((((

  1033. 1033 : randa Says:

    ep 14 raw

  1034. 1034 : Yani Cri Says:

    Wow… Finally I hear Sukkie’s voice sing a OST for Pretty Man.. T-T

  1035. 1035 : loranar Says:

    Yani Cri, it isn’t Sukkie’s voice, it’s Jung Joon Young – I’m nobody. So sad.

  1036. 1036 : nadine Says:

    I heard JKS’s voice at the end of EP 14. He sang a OST finally.

  1037. 1037 : randa Says:

    yes it was sukkie voice he sang an ost for it

  1038. 1038 : Yani Cri Says:

    @loranar, he sang a song in ep 14 (skating scene)

  1039. 1039 : NoonaEel Says:

    Ep 14… again… mixed feelings… crying and giggling at the same time. the mystery has finally been revealed. I love how MaTe is now a grown up man… I couldn’t take my eyes off of him when he presented his idea for SS Home Shopping in front of the board of management… that convincing look… omg! and the emotional scene… I know that JKS won’t disappoint me :). His eyes… the expressions… I cried my heart out with MaTe. IU was surprisingly good in acting out the emotional scene as well. And the last scene… what can I say… I LOVE IT! No need too much skinship but it just tells us that the feeling is developing :). Now I need to wait patiently for the English Sub… need to understand a lot of important lines esp. the conv between Yura & David. and also the 7th lady who appeared in these two episodes but strangely seemed to be a bit ‘insignificant’?

  1040. 1040 : alex Says:

    oh ep 14 ending was the sweetest scene ever !! i really teared up when mate huger botong ant the end and when yura said that mate password and the hole slow motion made me cry for real 🙂 so touching indeed

  1041. 1041 : Anna Says:

    no, isn’t JKS voice.

    Jung Joon Young sang his self-created song “I’m Nobody” (“Only One Day” in Korean) for “Pretty Man” OST!

    Jung Joon Young’s third self-created song expresses Dok Go Ma Te (Jang Geun Suk)’s growing feelings for Kim Bo Tong (IU). The singer sings his heart out with his husky voice which further emphasizes the depth of a man’s love.

    Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/01/jung-joon-young-showcases-his-rocker-vocals-in-self-created-song-only-one-day-for-pretty-man-ost#ixzz2pGOFws3r
    Follow us: @allkpop on Twitter | allkpop on Facebook

  1042. 1042 : Rania Says:

    @Anna that song you posted is not the one others are talking about. I think it is JKS. It is his voice , here listen


    The song is soft and fun. Waiting for it to be released.

  1043. 1043 : Rania Says:

    Episode 14 will make you cry and laugh and tear up. Ma Te flashes back to all his memories with Bo Tong. While Bo Tong is struggling to reach the other end in the Skating rink where Ma Te is waiting he decides to meet her half way through and hug her <3 Ma Te learns about true love from Bo Tong and they are so sweet 🙂

  1044. 1044 : RANDA Says:

    finally after 10 years mate heart finally beats for botong 🙂

  1045. 1045 : Anna Says:

    @ Rania – I think you are right with the song, sorry.

  1046. 1046 : cheeky Says:

    If Jang Geun Suk will sing at least one song for the OST wow that is awesome. The three leads have contributed all to the drama’s soundtrack! Perfect! Those three are such good actors & singers.

  1047. 1047 : LOVE Says:

    seriously…this drama is D A E B A K!!!!
    i will missing this drama…

    n JKS lend his voice!!!love his voice n that song. hope someone will upload his ost asap!

  1048. 1048 : aind Says:

    i love this drama…..so sad. epi14….mixed feeling. lucky we hv bo tong to comfort ma te. poor ma te…everyone used him except bo tong:)

    how can a mother abandoned his son twice??!!!!n she even gave 2 choices for ma te to get rid off from her life!!!how cruel she is!!!

    ma te fighting! n so sweet this mabo couple, writer-nim pls make them end up together, no more pain for our ma teTT_TT

  1049. 1049 : aind Says:

    n seriously…..i want JKS ost. soooooo in love with his song n ofc, his deep voice^_~

  1050. 1050 : abie_chan Says:

    993 Shen:

    My apologies for the very late response. And sorry to make u feel bothered about the suicidal attempt. He shared that story and if im not mistaken it was in his recent zepp tour in Japan. He just wants to tell his eels not to worry over things. With the kind of awful experiences he had in the past, he learned from those and those made him a better and stronger person now. 🙂

    Talking about episode 14. English sub hasnt come out yet but i somehow understand in the raw vid some of their lines like the password CD and Hong Yura were talking about. My curiosity continues to grow and im more eager to find out as to how Mate’s known mom came up with “Botong” as the password. I was crying like a baby in this ep! And the end part was soo sweet! Mate was like saying “im getting there” and “i think i know what love is now” to Botongee. I sooo cannot wait for another week to see what happens next! ^^

  1051. 1051 : LOVE Says:

    Suknation-HK. Trans: 45°LIP LACQUER lipstick sales become No.1 – this is the first time a lipstick production company collaborate with a TV drama & very successfully put out a ‘Beautiful Man’ metal box packaged limited edition. After the drama aired, sales were fast. Started on 1st Dec, within 30 days, it was Olive Young lipstick department sales volume No.1, & sales continue to be high. This product makes one feel able to use the same colourful cosmetics as the actors in ‘Beautiful Man’. (Note: Seems the source is ‘kukinews’.) – wen lee (ECI)

    despite its LOOOOOW RATINGS…droptop, ferrino n lipstick increased their sale!!!!! BEL AMI’s effect!!!

  1052. 1052 : nunita Says:

    This drama is too good but now only two eposide left and always rating is so lowwww..But for me this drama is the best!!!!!!!!!

  1053. 1053 : 1053 Says:

    The rating seems strange!!! Anyway I don’t care! This drama is good and the actors are excellent too. Support them!!!

  1054. 1054 : hesukie Says:

    lol..the rating is so low but the sponsors increase their sales in every product they used in this drama..lol i smell something fishy…bel ami fighting..dont mind the rating games…

    hands down to jks acting esp. in latest episode until now my eyes hurt coz i cried a lot..gosh..such a great actor..i really felt his emotion….

  1055. 1055 : cheeky Says:

    TRUE hesukie. And for me not only my eyes, I had this squeezing pain in my heart while watching the last episode. Jang Keun Suk is truly an amazing actor. And the way he expresses emotion what can I say, it was different for each person (character) that was in front of him… from Na Hong Ran, Bo Tong, David and Park Gi Sook.

  1056. 1056 : marika Says:

    For one more time regarding the rates I can not understand why viewers in Korea can not appreciate some very good dramas like this one.’Pretty Man” is a very interesting series with many lessons to teach to the people.
    I liked Sukkie but never was crazy about him.with this drama though I put him in the circle of my favorites.

  1057. 1057 : alex Says:

    amazing drama ! really something else so unique and unexpected at all . i’m so happy i watched it . highly suggested . 🙂

  1058. 1058 : Springsuk_USA Says:

    I cried a river over the ep 14. JKS’s acting on Mate’s shocking reaction to his birth mom was superb. He was holding up all but when he faced Botong, his tears just rolled down. OMG, my heart aching like crazy. Please read this article for his acting on the crying scene. http://m.star.naver.com/asiaprince/news/end?id=2143953

  1059. 1059 : JAKA-V Says:

    oh what? the best so subjective only see person by person hah bye see you on My Love From another star

  1060. 1060 : INA Says:


  1061. 1061 : IWON Says:

    i like this drama!oppa ,you are best actor!i like you!!!!!

  1062. 1062 : faridah Says:

    best drama i watched jks & iu fighting i am so excited

  1063. 1063 : ain d Says:

    This drama is truly great drama!!!highly suggested!no more puppy love…no more rich man loves very poor girl. This drama is about pure love n the most important is…LIFE!! So many values n lessons we can get just from watching this drama. Ratings???u should watch it before decide from its fishy ratings.

    Watch it….n understand each dialogue..this drama is not a simple drama like typical kdrama. Each dialogue has deep meaning.

    So sad…just left with 2epis..huhuhu.

    Put this drama as your must watch drama n try understand ur life while watching this drama. Highly recommended eventhough ur r not actor or actress fan.

  1064. 1064 : LOVE Says:

    “…….. Episode 14 was so intense and covered my emotional zone, from bitter to sweet and laughter one. So many things happened in just 2 episodes but it doesn’t mean the drama lost the main story line. It doesn’t mean the chain they had developed from 1 episode to another is broken. They keep it solid. Twisting the mood and emotion properly, keep in track. I was amazed with how the drama team delivered so many many messages in just 2 episodes. Everything was so fast as well as carried its depth really well….

    ……from pinky toes to skates. It’s all symbols related with feet. What is feet meaning in body existentialism perspective? A principal and values. The root of self. To be able to step, able to stand, able to survive on journey of life. Kim Bo Tong escalated herself after seeing the suffer gloomy Dokgo Matte, from pinky toes – a small but important part of feet, to skate – an adjustment effort to be able to cope the cold and slippery situation. A symbol that could help Matte to pass it without falling….”


  1065. 1065 : Lola Says:

    This drama isn’t everybody’s cup of tea… that’s why the domestic viewership rating for it has not been satisfying. however it is definitely my cup of tea as I like watching something which can always trigger my curiosity :). I love how real life issues are brought up here, while being portrayed exaggeratedly due to its manhwa adaptation aspect. Some rom-com lovers might think that the romance part is lacking and the story is rather ‘boring’ because it focuses more on MaTe’s mission & ‘family issue’… well, in my humble opinion, ‘LOVE’ is one thing that MaTe should also learn in order to be a ‘truly beautiful man’… and as we know, LOVE here doesn’t simply refer to the puppy love or very passionate love… MaTe has to find his true love… and as we discover in the latest episode, he has found that love in a person who ‘never changes’ for him when his world has turned upside down- she is always there for him unconditionally and she can always make him smile as well :). To me, this is way more romantic than any overrated skinships of the lead characters in a typical rom-com drama. Anyway… kudos to the manhwa writer, the scriptwriter, the production team and of course the casts… I will cherish the moment I have spent to watch this drama :). Daebak!

  1066. 1066 : Rania Says:

    ” For it to be justice , even the process to achieve should be right ” If only people today would take that lesson to heart. I loved Lee Kim , her lesson was one of my favorites. Gwi Ji has changed a lot thanks to Ma Te and her lesson about ” Backing ” each person has some who backs them up and everyone of us should use it wisely like Ma Te taught her , “you can be born with any background that gives people the first impression about you , which is something you can’t control. But that last impression about yourself is up to you to make. You choose who you want to be ” Ma Te’s valuable lesson will turn SS group upside down. He studied and worked hard and now he’s the CEO of that company.
    I really love the bond between Ma Te and Choi David. I hope the writer will keep developing it positively because they really need each other. I think they become real friends and could become brothers with time.

    Na Hong Ran’s background was finally revealed. Now we know why she’s like that. She has been betrayed by all her siblings and the person she loved in the past ( Ma Te’s real father ) who played with her heart to gain money and then betrayed her and left her pregnant with nothing. She gave away the child ( Ma Te ) for adoption because she can’t look at him without remembering all the bad things his father did to her. She took revenge on her siblings one after the other and took over MG group then she got married to PKS to make her position in the company strong. But she never let her guard down. She can’t trust anyone and she’s always working to keep herself rooted in MG doing her best to drive away any threat.
    Now she meets the son she abounded for years and the word she has for him is that of hate. She tells him he has only two options , either leave the country to a foreign land forever and then she will help with the money , or disappear and never come before her but still she will do her best to make his life a living hell if he stayed in Korea. He reminds her of his father who she hates. My heart broke for Ma Te. His tears and his suffering was so beautifully acted by JKS.
    Ma Te feeling betrayed by everyone because even Yura admitted she was only using him and she was cruel to tell him that she will do anything for her goal including destroying him. Ma Te feels abounded by everyone but then Bo Tong appear. She’s the only person who has always been there for him. Ma Te finally realizes what true love is and understands he really loves Bo Tong in return. While she struggles to reach him on the ice rink he hurries to her and hugs her and with a soft smile he tells her he will be the one to come to her from now on <3

    This drama is a piece of art. The memory of it will stay with me forever. I can't wait for the last two episode. But I'm still sad it's going to end soon. Wish they could add more episodes.

  1067. 1067 : Yani Cri Says:

    OMG,, Just 2 eps left. I will miss actor Jang 🙁
    After this drama over, we will meet singer Jang 🙂

  1068. 1068 : nadine Says:

    This drama is so interesting, and the actors are so good. Many people gave excellent comments about this drama even if its strange low rating. I wonder to know how this drama can be finished in two EPS with so many storylines…I am waiting the EPS 15 and 16…

  1069. 1069 : Rani Says:

    I hope there will be one korean comment about this drama.. What makes its rating low..

  1070. 1070 : wanila Says:


  1071. 1071 : judith Says:

    exactly this k-drama can lessen your stress ddfftly when yoou watch u can’t close your lips just always open to smile whn u watch this bel ami pretty-man want part 2

  1072. 1072 : Nudge Says:

    The drama got better. I would even recommend it to my mum. Looking forward to the final episodes.

  1073. 1073 : nunita Says:

    omg now only two eposide left I will really miss this drama!!!!!

  1074. 1074 : sangida Says:

    This drama is going to end now only ep 2 is left and this drama is the best but strange things is that always rating low!!!!

  1075. 1075 : goeunchan Says:


  1076. 1076 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    The story has finally become interesting since we found out that Ma Te is the son of the evil woman. That is when the ratings started to go up. Maybe they changed the writer because the earlier writing of this drama was ridiculous!

  1077. 1077 : ain d Says:

    Sorry to say to sis lucy….
    This is not a story of painlove….but…its about a growth up man. Do you think ma te will act as in epi14 if he doesnt go through all those women?of course not. Now….because allof those women….all the lessons he got from them…he became a matured man…he can think deeper n wise. Not like before..just use his face…that is all the learning process.

    So…i give thumbs up for the writer n all team production. Great drama..n i love all the lessons that some of them i forgot before. After watched it…i open up my mind n think before act. Thx for this drama. Ratings is just for ahjumma. They dont like new genre drama…coz they ady hv their own stereotype in mind.

    Bel ami fighting!!!

  1078. 1078 : cheeky Says:

    @Lucy Applestone Yeah after watching 14 episodes you suddenly find it interesting lol. Finally you made me laugh with your comment.

  1079. 1079 : jks biggest fan Says:

    listen dudes>>>>i really like the acting os jks but not in this drama iu was awful and the second actor was mor than awful guys stop laughing to ur selves its not that good the only thing which made me see it is jks >>>>>>>fell sorry 4 him

  1080. 1080 : alex Says:

    this drama is amazing ! i really can’t wait for ep 15 now that mate loves botong i really hope for a deep kiss scene plz writer let it a happy end for mate and botong 🙂

  1081. 1081 : LOVE Says:

    i cant wait for next coming epi!!!!ma te loves bo tong~~~~kkkkkk^_~
    ma te learns about love, pure love from bo tong, it happens after all ppl around him betrayed him…poor him

    bel ami fighting!

  1082. 1082 : Rkpoper Says:

    @jksbiggest fan. I really find IU’s acting adorable. The way of her acting is natural. She is the best idol actress.JKs and lee jang woo have done their best too. You don’t need to feel sorry. If you don’t like then don’t force yourself to watch it.

  1083. 1083 : nadine Says:

    Agree with Pkpoper. JKS is an excellent actor, and IU did a good job in this drama and acting very natural. I think this drama is too short to develop the storyline. Anyway it’s amazing drama.

  1084. 1084 : ihpb Says:

    Jang geun suk is a good actor and he looks way better with short hair.
    IU is 20 years of age but she looks like a 12 year old, compared to han chae young, who is prettier and has more woman appeal. IU is not that pretty, but she’s cute and her acting is natural. She’s better than MANY other idol actors.

  1085. 1085 : Luna Says:

    Waiting for the last two episodes of this drama… I really like it and feel sad that it’s about to end soon 🙁

  1086. 1086 : Shen Says:

    1076 Lucy Applestone

    Hahaha…. so it’s taken you a looooong whinny journey of a mere 14 episodes to learn to appreciate this drama ?

    You have now achieved enlightenment, don’t you ?

    Go tell it to your mother !

  1087. 1087 : lkr Says:

    Cn sumbdy tel me frm whr i cn dwnld tis drama wit Eng sub. Plzzzzzzzzz………. Hlp ot

  1088. 1088 : Anna Says:

    @Ikr http://azdrama.sx/korean-drama/1417-pretty-man/

  1089. 1089 : nadine Says:

    This drama is too short to develop the good storylines. I want to see haow they will finish this story with just two EPs. I feel sad that it’s the end soon!

  1090. 1090 : Rita Says:

    they are so cute //^0^\\ I love this drama so much and JKS melts my heart away with his beautiful acting

  1091. 1091 : kdlvr Says:

    @Jhpb IU may not have best features but still I find her more prettier than han chae young. She has certain charm which makes her look both cute and pretty at the same time

  1092. 1092 : ain d Says:

    @ikr…u can find it at viki(quiet easy to find this drama coz it is 2nd drama which most in 2013 despite it still airingXD). U also can find in dramafire…HD. o in gooddrama.net

  1093. 1093 : ain d Says:

    *2nd drama most watched in 2013♥

  1094. 1094 : goeunchan Says:

    wating for ep 15 and 16 and I reallly too excited too watch………

  1095. 1095 : ashiya Says:

    Wating for last two episode but I am sad too because dis drama going to end this Thursday…

  1096. 1096 : nabina Says:

    I am surpised why rating is so low this drama is too good and different too but rating is always row till end but for me this drama is the best>>>>>

  1097. 1097 : Rita Says:

    what a cute song <3 OST from episode 14

  1098. 1098 : Rita Says:

    I’ve seen episode 15 live. My poor Ma Te. Na Hong Ran needs to be taught a lesson. When Ma Te tore the picture it broke my heart and I think it broke his too. English sub please come out fast.

  1099. 1099 : NoonaEel Says:

    Can’t wait for Ep 15 with English Sub, too… the last scene… omo… JKS & IU’s acting is awesome! those expressions & tears… i think i will need more boxes of tissues :(. Can’t believe that it’s just one more episode to go… so far this drama keeps me curious even until the end is approaching! daebak…

  1100. 1100 : ihpb Says:

    whatever…after watching IU’s live shows, realize that she looks more like a 16 year old, but in poster for Pretty Man, she looks like 12 year old for some strange reason. She’s pretty I guess, but she is not better than han chae young. HCY looks more mature with womanly appeal and has nicer body too.

  1101. 1101 : noon a Says:

    @ihpb @ kdlvr
    I agree IU is pretty, but not better looking than Han chae young. HCY is pretty, sexy and cute too.

  1102. 1102 : alex Says:

    omg ep 15 was so amazing !! really love mate and botong togther ! they are so sweet but i cried my eye out at the end 🙁 poor mate . botong will be sad without mate

  1103. 1103 : happy Says:

    whar happened?i haven’t watched it yet…so corious…did ma te go somewhere?

  1104. 1104 : goeunchan Says:

    omg what happend in ep 15 I cant understand korean language excited too watch please eng subtiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1105. 1105 : nabiina Says:

    wating for Eng subtitle ……..cant wait to watch

  1106. 1106 : nadine Says:

    EP 15 is very good one. I want to know what happen between MaTe and Botong. I am sad for Mate watching things happened on him. NHL ahs no feeling like Maman for him, OMG!

  1107. 1107 : kdlvr Says:

    @Noon may be personal difference but I prefer IU more anytime. HCY is pretty too but for me IU is more prettier and I don’t find HCY sexy either

  1108. 1108 : kdlvr Says:

    Is it true that there’s gonna happen kiss scene between matae and botang?

  1109. 1109 : Crusita Says:


  1110. 1110 : Crusita Says:


  1111. 1111 : luna Says:

    @kdlvr I agree with you. I prefer IU’s beauty over HCY and her charm is just undeniable. And yes they are going to have kiss scene in finale ep.

  1112. 1112 : luna Says:

    @jhpd IU is too young in real life. She has just gotten out of her Teenage. IU and HCY have 13 yrs of age gap. So it’s natural for IU to look like Teen girl and HCY is definitely more mature woman compared to IU. IU is just at the start of being woman from a girl.

  1113. 1113 : Yoli Says:

    Wow, I was happy to see the beginning of this drama with Ma Te holding Bo Tang, was adorable.

    Once Ma Te mother sees him with Bo Tang see has the her kidnapped and now MT is letting her go to protect her.

    I don’t understand the ajamma that visited MT and she warned him about his
    NHR, I hope this women ends up alone, her husbands health is declining I hope he is able to help MT and BT reunite.

  1114. 1114 : noon a Says:

    LMAO…Everyone knows Han Chae Young is HOT, especially the men. Guess you don’t have good taste. Also, I NO longer care about your opinion so there is NO need for us to talk anymore.

  1115. 1115 : Jhpd Says:

    IU is turning 21 years old. She’s young but not “too young”. You can’t say she just got out of her teen years. LOL. I’ve seen many 20 year old girls who look more mature than IU and have nicer figures. For adults 10 or 13 years age difference is not way too much, but its a lot for children.

  1116. 1116 : cece Says:

    Beauty is in the eye of beholder. after ya make ur point about who u think is prettier (IU or HCY) u should stop right there before a huge argument comes out.
    Lets agree to disagree. I just post my opinion in other sites then I leave, but I don’t want to talk with a bunch of strangers. couldn’t care less.

  1117. 1117 : Jhpd Says:

    Today is last episode and the end of Pretty man!

    What cece said is logical & makes good sense….I already explained my opinion and even if people disagree, doesn’t matter to me. I’m leaving this thread. Bye!

  1118. 1118 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    I don’t understand why the scores are so low but everyone liked episode 15. Guess it’s because the storyline is so choppy and all over the place and nothing makes sense in a sequence. So what? They’re going to resolve everything in the last five minutes of episode 16??? So typical!

  1119. 1119 : ain d Says:

    Hahaha…here comes again sis Lucy Applestone…u dont like this drama…but u still follow it from beginnning till end. Thx for your support. Quiet surprise…you watch this drama till end. Wow.

    I will miss this drama. Ma te ah….i love you♥

  1120. 1120 : anzu Says:

    waiting for eng subtitles for last episode…….i wanna watch it so badly..

  1121. 1121 : nadine Says:

    I like this drama, but it finished now! I will see it again, and I think it’s too shirt to develop the storylines.

  1122. 1122 : cheeky Says:

    OMG I’ve cried so much for the last episodes (16) though I don’t understand but to watch all their tears, Bo Tong, Ma Te, David, Na Hong Ran. My goodness the entire cast are so amazing in their craft. IU made me admire her so much, she has cried a lot in this last episode, it is so heartbreaking, she touched me with all those scenes. IU did very well being a new actress, compare to other idol actresses. IU fighting!

    I will miss this drama so much! Waiting for the english sub.

  1123. 1123 : Noonaeel Says:

    Finally, the end! I was in tears but at the same time happy… Can’t wait for the Eng Sub and definitely will watch again on KBS World :)!

  1124. 1124 : alex Says:

    think jang geun suk is trying to protect IU cuz he said she is very young and very famous and has alot of fans so he is trying to protect her and that is why he didn’t do his normal deep kiss scenes that he is well known for

  1125. 1125 : cheeky Says:

    @ alex JKS said so in the press con he cannot do to IU (tease her) as he did to Yoonah. And of course IU is the youngest among all Jang Geun Suk leading ladies only 20.

  1126. 1126 : Scorpio23 Says:

    The Drama is okay. I just hope another writer will pair JKS & PSH again. I want to see another Drama with the 2 of them if there is a real chemistry between those 2 !!!

  1127. 1127 : RANDA Says:

    omg ep 16 was amazing i loved it so much IU is such a good actress and made me cry a river , she will have a great career as an actress that is for sure , and my god jang geun suk you are amazing , i cried my eyes out where he was talking to his mother , and loved the fact that botong didn’t stop loving mate for over ten years even with such sweet character as david who loves her . it was an amazing drama i enjoyed each ep and i’m so happy i watched it , and i highly suggest it 🙂 but i was hoping for a deep kiss and not just another kdrama kiss , but it was really sweet , good luck jgs and iu i hope the best for you both 🙂

  1128. 1128 : Maame Efuah Says:

    I am so glad to hear positive comments

  1129. 1129 : ain d Says:

    Owww….so sad…mixed feeling for this ending. But i love the kiss scene…sweet,warm n innocent. JKS is really great actor n iu also improved…she is an idol -actress…shes also great. It just….i hope she s not too reversed personality. Are she afraid of any scandal with JKS?!

    Btw….i do really hope they will create more romance..hehehhe. like..deep kisses. This is the first time i watch JKS had this sweet smile..just light kiss. But i love when he smiling while kiss BT.*kyaaaaa*

    This drama is really great. I cried a lot for last 2 epis. Poor ma te. At last…his mom knows jer fault. Bad mom!!
    Last 2 women r the most important woman in ma te life…ma te just need them to continue his life. I will miss this drama TT_TT

    thanks for Bel Ami teams♥ fall in love with ma te♥

  1130. 1130 : Raina Says:

    This drama is DAEBAK!!! Seriously i love this drama. There r many lessons in it…no regretwatching it. N welcome JKS for your comeback. Your acting is perfect…just perfect. Thx for bring ma te’s character alive. Truly beautiful man inside n outside.

    Many ppl took the title drama literally…just beautiful. They should realise to be beautiful is not depends on face/visual. But it should be…from your HEART.thats what we call BEAUTIFUL MAN.

    P/s: everyone should watch this drama. Theres no any regret by watching it. But…this drama is not light drama…coz u should understand this drama full with life lessons. Not just simply a kdrama.

  1131. 1131 : nadine Says:

    I will miss this drama and JKS. I hope he will have bright future.

  1132. 1132 : goeunchan Says:

    wow this drama is too good till end. I will miss this drama……

  1133. 1133 : caicai Says:

    such a great drama…at first i wasn’t interested with the title but after watching for some episodes all i can say is it’s one of the best…

  1134. 1134 : starry Says:

    I loved IU so much in this drama. She is so good with her acting too. I hope she will do drama again this year after.

  1135. 1135 : makniz Says:

    I liked kiss scene how this was not deep but sweet. This must be JKS sweetest kiss scene ever. I loved both IU and JKS

  1136. 1136 : Maame Efuah Says:

    Pls how many countries are airing this drama.hope it will be aired in about 20 countries.some one tell me how many countries will air it?

  1137. 1137 : NoonaEel Says:

    Watching the finale two times already and been crying a lot :p. I’m satisfied with the ending, for sure, and going to continue to watch this drama which is still aired by KBS World. Kudos to all the casts and the production team… this is a drama that should be watched with an open mind and light heart :). A lot of life lessons to learn and re-learn… LOVE IT!

  1138. 1138 : Yani Cri Says:

    I’m crying now, after watched the last episode.
    Episode 16 sooo great..

  1139. 1139 : nabina Says:

    this drama is too good till end especially I like Iu acting she is different in this drama as well as her acting !!!!!!!!!!!!

  1140. 1140 : tintin Says:

    Me too I loved IU in this drama. She was so good in protraying both funny and emotional scenes.she did make me laugh and cry. Hope for her next project soon. All the best IU.

  1141. 1141 : nadine Says:

    @Maame Efuah, I heard that it will be aired in 10 countries.

  1142. 1142 : Anna Says:

    Thank you all for Pretty man. JKS was amazing again. I hope to see another drama with Jang Keun Suk and Moon Geun Young. I think there is a real chemistry between those 2 !!! ( see Marry me Mary ).

  1143. 1143 : luvmfts Says:

    Yes, as onscreen couple they somewhat have chemistry, but MGY has even more chemistry with real life boyfriend Kim Bum. just to let you know, back in the MSOAN days, JGS’s fan girls think he’s way too good for MGY. Not coming from my opinion.

  1144. 1144 : luvmfts Says:

    Pretty man is cute drama. Jang geun suk looks way better with short hair than long hair. He’s a good actor and i am looking forward to his future dramas before he enlists in the army.

  1145. 1145 : Raquel Says:

    Same here with me. Btw, IU and JGS did good job in Pretty Man. Wish the drama could be a little longer. oh well.

  1146. 1146 : Sarah Says:

    What a finale! It took my breath away. So many deep messages and beautiful lessons. Ma Te’s characters has gown through a very deep and really touching growth. The actor JKS has done perfect , it made watch all his previous dramas while waiting for new episodes for pretty man.
    I loved the relationship between Ma Te and David. True friends who respect each other. Bo Tong was lovable and the ending was too sweet. Happy ending for all. I wish this drama had more episodes because it would have been amazing Ma Te and Bo Tong went out at least once with David and his new found clamping loving girl. I think it would have hilarious and too sweet. But it can’t be helped since Korean people prevented this drama from the ratings it really deserves. I think this drama deserves 12-15% with no question. There are even much worse dramas that got 20% this year ….. this drama has given so many warm feelings and lovely insights. The journey of Ma Te in particular has been really inspiring. This drama started out a bit weird for the first 6 episodes but still funny and with light lessons in life but from episode 7-8 onward it got much deeper and the character growth was so amazingly done and acted I felt inspired. I loved Doko Ma Te. A real inspiring character. The final episode is one of the most emotional and beautifully written episodes in terms of finales in general.
    I think I blabbered a lot , excuse me but this finale made feel like I’m on cloud nine.
    I will make sure to await more projects from my newly found wonder-actor JKS. I hope his next work gets the recognition it truly deserves because it is sad seeing such a wonderful actor get deprived of an acting award at the latest 2013 KBS drama awards.
    Whatever the case , thanks to all who worked hard on this drama. It truly made me re-think many things in my life.

  1147. 1147 : Maame Efuah Says:

    @nadine plz thank you.am sad that only 10 countries will air but am happy his eels who are small in numbet but are very loyal will support in every way.its better than having so many fans who wil despise and betray you

  1148. 1148 : nelly Says:

    Hi! I wanted to share my 2 cents too. I started to see pretty man because I love JKS and I really liked this drama till the 14 episode. Ma Te character is very funny and I like to think it represents a bit JKS (I always thought of him as Tamaki Suoh of Ouran Host Club 🙂 ) but when the scenes where Ma Te developed feelings for Bo Tong started.. Let’s just say it wasn’t very convincing to me. I’ve read a comment about the first and last kiss between the two and it said that JSK didn’t want to do a deep kiss scene with IU because he wanted to protect her reputation (or such thing). Well let me say it’s exactly how he portrays the feelings of Ma Te toward Bo Tong. I felt more a brotherly affection than a love one.. But I love JSK anyway and he is beautiful and a great actor so it’s ok 🙂
    P.S. I’m curious does JSK have a problem on his left eye because it seemed irritated in the lasts episodes (or maybe I noted this late..)

  1149. 1149 : Raina Says:

    @nelly….its eye exophoria…when he feels really tired..his left eye will smaller. Thats y we eels..want him to get full rest after thus drama n enjoy his vacation. He said he will take 1week vacation after his zepp concert in japan. So…keun suk ah…take a good rest.

    As for kiss…i dont think so..im his diehard fan. So,i nvr heard about he wanted to protect iu image..even he had many deep kisses with yoona in love rain…hehehe. he said want to protect iu in presscon not about kiss. Hes a professional/veteran actor. He just started fall in love with her…so,how come we expected deep kiss for 1st kiss(although i want it)hahaha.

    I miss my wed/thurs drama….huhuhu. well…im waiting for his next film/dramaXD

    P/S: his kiss so sweet…..kiss while smiling?hehehe

  1150. 1150 : nadine Says:

    I think this drama is better than many Korea drama which have good rating. I like this drama even if it is not perfect, there are some storyline need to be developped. I found a great actor JKS in this drama, and IU is not bad also. I like the scenes between Ma Te and NHL, the two did good actings.

  1151. 1151 : cheeky Says:

    That kiss is so sweet. But it could have been better. I can’t forget Ma Te’s face while leaning to kiss. Jang Keun Suk is really an expert in teasing his fans. And he surely knows how to make us crazy. I love him mooooooreeee!

  1152. 1152 : Arrow Says:

    Last episode really heartbreaking especially to a mother like me… with teary eyes MaTe said to his biological mother, “I’m so sorry to have been born… oh my God, i can’t help but cry (glad that my son already left for school)… as if i could felt that he was so sorry for his mother’s suffering because of him…

    JKS really did a great job.. he’s improve a lot as far as his acting is concern. Every episode is full of excitement, surprises, and very educational.. likewise provocative, heartbreaking… you laugh… you cry… This is a All-in-one drama i reckon. Not just a mere comedy-romance..

  1153. 1153 : nadine Says:

    I saw few times this drama. I like it so much….

  1154. 1154 : anzu Says:

    Ending was nice….gonna miss JKS…..

  1155. 1155 : Springsuk_USA Says:

    I can’t believe this drama is over!!!
    “Beautiful Man” (Bel Ami) on KBS have finished showing. Here are some quizzes for you to answer as a review to the drama. Please write your answer to the questions in the comment, you can choose whatever the question you like to answer as long as you indicate number (#) of the question with your answer. If you want add some question yourself you are also welcome.

  1156. 1156 : rozsa Says:

    I’m gonna miss IU so much, our cutie botang. Hope for her next project soon.

  1157. 1157 : Noonaeel Says:

    I can’t believe that I still have the excitement of waiting for wednesdays & thursdays to come :)). Anyway, still have 4 more episodes on KBS World to enjoy this drama :). I miss MaTe, BoTong & David already…

  1158. 1158 : ain d Says:

    I miss my wed/thurs drama…bel ami..miss ma te..miss jks ady. Huhuhu

  1159. 1159 : ain d Says:

    Gonna watch this drama again n again. All in one…the best drama ever!after YAB n love rain♥

  1160. 1160 : triza Says:

    I started watching this drama bcoz of JKS but I end up loving IU and lee jang woo more. Can’t wait for their future drama

  1161. 1161 : anna Says:

    I still cannot get over episode 15 and 16…..WOW!!! That is a powerful acting Jang Keun Suk and I’m glad IU can keep up with him. I wish we have more episode instead of 16 episodes only. I still a withdraw mode. I think I’m going to start to re-watch again from episode 1 then I will get back to my Jdrama. Thanks Jang Keun Suk for a great drama.

  1162. 1162 : Malika Says:

    This is the most boring K drama I’ve ever seen, I could not go over ep 10…I’m not surprise that it has such low rating…

  1163. 1163 : malaysian Says:

    i really love this drama….i know why it got low ratings. not everyone cup of tea…

    just love dokgo ma te n kim bo tong^^
    beginning epi is romcom but at the end tearjerker! how come a mother be so cruel to his son…
    n how can she make a son say ‘im really sorry to be born..’?!!!
    but dokgo ma te became a matured man n not only rely on his pretty face is daebak!

    now im watching this drama through kbsw..coz im stuck with this drama in my mind….cant wait for malaysian channel to broadcast this beautiful drama

  1164. 1164 : lola Says:

    i watch this drama again and again…its my syndrome~~~huhuhu..no more wed/thurs drama for me TT_TT

  1165. 1165 : Chaimoon Says:

    I just wished for JGS to have shown a lighter facial expression to show his pretty face more. However, the drama limited him to sad, angry, thoughtful expressions. Looking forward to more dramas with him in the lead.

  1166. 1166 : rm018` Says:

    should i watch this or not? help me to decide. thanks!

  1167. 1167 : Sara Says:

    @rm018 I recommend it. Watch it. My advice stick to the end because it’s worth it. The main character specially get to change and grow so nicely by the end of the drama. I think one of the most memorable character growth I’ve seen. He will start so unlikable but will end as a real man that any woman would love to have him by her side. The also has many nice messages and lessons. I recommend it strongly. don’t be put off by some of “manga” elements at the first 6 episodes or so , watch it till the end because it’s worth it.

  1168. 1168 : lola Says:

    @rm018…watch it till end. its really worth!!!dont stick to manghwa n its synopsis…the synopsis is quiet different, thats y many ppl said the drama team sucks at explaination of this drama. its not about casanova or gigolo….its about growth up drama^_~

    n enjoy this great drama^^

  1169. 1169 : anoo Says:

    amazing drama . one of the best for 2013 , the low rating is only cuz korean people are stupid and their brain is to small to such an great drama like this with such unique concept and great and meaningful plot , it was for smart people who can enjoy it … amazing i highly suggest it

  1170. 1170 : anoo Says:

    p 16 was amazing i loved it so much IU is such a good actress , i was so moved by her love for mate that lasted over ten years , even though he kept pushing her away and with such a sweet man like david who loves her , and i loved that about her , her love for him was so pure that she didn’t even know its involves through his happiness , and omg jang geun suk you are amazing !! i cried my eye out while he was talking to his mother , and he was my fav character in the drama , he was gorgeous ,funny , and cutely clumsy , and i loved the growth of him in this drama cuz i didn’t like him at first but he grow on me and had me at the end 🙂 it was a great drama , sweet and light and very different from any kdrama i watch , its like it has its own vibe and maybe a bit overdone and cartoonish at the start but my god it became totally different and matured and serious drama and the second half ,

    and even though people are saying that mate love for botong was sudden and hard to belive cuz it was rushed at the end and the not matched well , well i would say its wrong !! mate has loved botong from the start but he was so stupid and didn’t even thought about it cuz he always find her lower than him and never took her seriously , but didn’t you see how did he went crazy for her at ep 9 when she went to david and left him alone !! and his mad actions wherever he find her with david ?! he was just dump and didn’t even know he likes her

    2_ people are saying that botong are stupid for loving mate and never matured and i say wrong !! botong has grown alot !! in the middle of the drama , she started to have feeling for david and kind lost her obsession for mate , and even thought about choseing david at ep 12 , and at ep 9 how can she leave mate alone and gone for david , and even rejected the idea of being at sleeping at mate house , ?! she who has dreaming about it for years ?? !! but her love for mate was so much stronger than david ! i mean she loved him for over 10 years , and it was no surprise that she would chose mate at the end ,

    3_ people are also saying that mate kissed botong for the first time at the end and i say wrong !!!! i dont think it was their first kiss , i mean they have been togther for a year and with botong pervert ideas and obsession about mate , i dont think she could’ve waited for over a year to kiss him ! she was just surprised cuz it was in public and her pulled her in all of sudden .

    overall i loved it so much and loved all the women of this drama that mate has to win them over , they where all powerful and great , and loved the smart plot and new idea , i highly suggest it . i give it a 8\10 just cuz their was not many romance between mate and botong 🙂

  1171. 1171 : Noonaeel Says:

    Haven’t visited this page since the drama officially ended but am quite surprised to see some positive comments are still written here :). This drama is indeed memorable. I myself am still following it on KBS World- which means that I’ve watched each episode three times ;). Still don’t feel bored at all, though! So here I’m gonna share a recent post about this drama by a Singaporean ‘Teenage’ Magazine. Hopefully this will be useful for those who are still considering to watch this drama 🙂 http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/30587#comment-756502

  1172. 1172 : goeunchan Says:

    this drama is the best missing this drama!!!!!!!!! I am now wating iu next drama 😀 😀 D:

  1173. 1173 : nunita Says:

    Hahahhaa me too wating for next iu drama!!!

  1174. 1174 : cheeky Says:

    And I’m waiting for Jang Geun Suk Asia’s Prince next project, I hope to see him again in another drama sooner than later or at least one prior to his MMS. I would love to watch IU also & Lee Jang Woo too! I was so happy in fact with the casting of Bel Ami, I have watch IU’s three dramas so far, I like her too in Lee Soon Shin & with Lee Jang Woo I’ve seen all his dramas in KBS start with Three Brothers, Smile Donghae & Glory Jane I have come to like seeing him on screen. OMG what a luck seeing them act together, two actors that I have come to admire IU & Lee Jang Woo will act with my ultimate fave Jang Geun Suk woooow! Now I miss them all! I miss Bel Ami!

  1175. 1175 : tigerb Says:

    this is a far decent story from the ‘bel ami’ movie written based on a novel by a French author, but the gist is there, ‘to use and be used’ (in a another movie, i quote: ‘everybody uses everybody’). here, ma te did not have a plan for his future except being a gigolo, for survival reasons, until he met the first lady who used him because she wanted revenge and initially orchestrated things to happen. ma te got introduced to other ladies whom he used and helped him, and got himself used in a complicated turn of events, but everything was a learning process for him. like in the movie, there was one lady who loved and supported him from the start, proving to him that she truly loved him, thus he now knows what is love, not the motherly love he got from a woman he thought was his mother. iu was very good in her role, and so did lee jang woo. Jks can be very good in emoting , but sometimes he looks too boyish for this role. i’ve always admired his work in the past. it’s a good watch!

  1176. 1176 : nora Says:

    it’s not that excited as what i thought , i’m still in episode 9 and there is nothing new since episode 6 , she keeps following him he still doesn’t love her and as usual there is another man that loves her .

    i don’t recommend that drama if you really want to watch something excited you should watch the master’s sun and the heirs

  1177. 1177 : love Says:

    Strongly recommend to watch this drama…there r so many ppl suggest to watch this drama eventhough they arent eel o uenas.

    There r so many lessons..
    @nora…maybe this drama is not your cup of tea…but as for the heirs…im not so sure..there r many minoz saying…the drama is not good,but they watch it just to support LMH. Im not so sure…but as for me….i dont want to watch 2nd BOF. Typical drama.

    I love all 10 women…they all gave great lessons esp..jaekhi,elec fairy, kwi ji..n well…the others. As for bo tong…this is what you call it as LOVE. Love make someone become srupid…u will always stay beside your beloved one just to make him smile n happy. That what we got from bo tong as 9th woman.

    I watch this drama again n again. Thanks bel ami.

  1178. 1178 : Raina Says:

    I want to watch this drama…maybe its my cup of tea coz i saw n read many positives reviews from this site….

    Thanks guys for recommend this drama. Im so excited!

    N also….i read from korean articles despite their low ratings…there r so many good feedbacks from articles….WOW!!!

  1179. 1179 : Barton Says:

    I liked this drama specially halfway through till the end. It’s a bit different and unique since it mostly the story shows the change of a man. The romance is not a big part of the plot and that makes it even better.

    @nora I agree with Master’s sun. But the Heirs? That’s like the most typical K-drama that has aired this year. I saw nothing exciting about it. It is a watered version of BOF but much worse. I only watched it because of Wo Bin his character was the saving grace of this drama.

  1180. 1180 : cheeky Says:

    @ nora Everyone has their own taste & like. I think it would be enough if you will just say you are recommending this drama or not & then mention your reasons why. Is there really such a need to mention other dramas that you prefer. Most fans who checked this page are of course fans of the actors of Bel Ami. And I find it kind of rude that you telling us Bel Ami Fans that you don’t find it exciting compare to those dramas. Well those dramas you mentioned I don’t find it exciting, for me its not worth my time & one i find it so boring because nothing is happening. So dropped those dramas one after 2 eps & the other one after 6 eps. Now if you are hurting because of negative comments about your “exciting” drama then its your fault, for not having any concern for feelings of fans who love this drama. This is BEL AMI’S PAGE!

  1181. 1181 : anna Says:

    @nora the story is about Mate journey to become a better man. It’s not lovey dovey love story but with lesson he learn in life. If you focus on a love story the only one you will find is Botong love for Mate is so strong that any other men just don’t exist compare to Mate. That’s how big Botong love to Mate. She always treats David as a good friend who needs her support for his trouble life.

  1182. 1182 : yhoonah Says:

    guyz? who was the girl lee jang woo meet in the last part of the episode?

  1183. 1183 : Rein Says:

    I probably skip this i was on the 8eps and it did’nt hook me yet, the leading lady here isn’t my type her face is not convincing her role is just for a friend or a sister of the main character,even i like JGS i’d better wait for his next project.

  1184. 1184 : roro Says:

    This is indeed a very nice drama. I like the whole story not just because I love JKS but also because everything that happened in the story has a purpose. I’ve learned many lessons :))))) Some parts of the drama were shocking… “OMG, i thought he’s the blah blah & blah” , “HUH?! What’s the meaning of this!?” . This drama is so unique. It’s not one of those dramas where the happenings are predictable, like duuuuuh? That’s so common. And sometimes, common is boring Hahahahaha. , because if you really watched this drama wholeheartedly without being forced by anybody and try to understand each situation, GOSH! Trust me…. you’ll like JKS more more more and more. I really salute the scriptwriters for writing such wonderful lines. I don’t agree that the movie was being rushed. The ending was good. Hahahaha I thought IU really ate the ring. XD Hahahaha and oh, I don’t also understand why Bel Ami got low ratings in K, like.. OMG! If only I live in Korea, gosh! I would really watch it on time haha. Too bad I’m from the Phil. and I just have to wait for gooddrama to upload the new episodes. I had to refresh and refresh and refresh this page to check if the new episodes were uploaded already. Hahahaha ♥ THANKS GOODDRAMA FOR THIS! Although I don’t live in Korea, I was able to watch this Splendid Movie. My sister was like… “Don’t worry, Bel Ami might have Low Ratings in K, but always remember that JKS have many fans all over the world, he has many fans that watch his works through online.” ♥ Weeeee. I laughed and cried. *sniff sniff sniff* on the last 2 episodes Hahahaha. So HORAAAAY that i watched it alone. My sister would probably laugh at me if she saw me crying Hahahaha and Oh! I feel sorry for my handkerchief XD I hope more projects will come to JKS. He deserve to be awarded for this movie, only if the *award-givers* have a good taste Hahahaha. Aren’t you seek of those mala-cinderella type dramas? Hehehe. I’m so sick of it. This drama is a really good example of change in KDrama. Many lessons to be learned, not just in love but also in business. If you’re in love or starting your own business, this drama really suite youuu TRUST ME ♥ XD I’m here just to share my insights/comments. I know, even if we all have two eyes, we’ll all have different perspective.. like how we see things. I just hope that those who said that the first 1-4 episodes were boring and stopped watching it would try to watch the next episodes. ♥ HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOD BLESS EVERYONE! Fighting MATTTTEEE OPPPPPPPA. You have many fans here in the Philippines, hope to see you personally soon ^O^

  1185. 1185 : raina Says:

    thx for suggestion uolss

    i love this drama…JGS is really great n IU…i love her natural acting.

    i love this drama…daebak!!!
    i thought it romcom…but at the end, so sad, poor ma te..i cried a lotTT_TT

    bel ami fighting!waiting for jks new film in thriller genre!!!huthut

  1186. 1186 : raina Says:

    for those who still thinking whether this drama is worth watching or not….read this anylisis, n then comment..


  1187. 1187 : violet88 Says:

    This is indeed one great drama.. both JGS and IU did EXTREMELY well portraying their characters.. despite it’s rom-com label, it does not centre heavily on love-line but developing other plots really well. as the script goes not only Ma Te learning and grows, me as the audience did as well, which is a great thing..

    I adore the relationship between Bo Tong’s mother and Ma Te/David Choi, and the friendship between Ma Te and David Choi.. they are so sincere.. and of course Bo Tong’s love towards Ma Te which is very pure and selfless. She’s steadfastly choose to be with him during happy and sad time.. and she’s getting rewarded handsomely when at last Ma Te come to realize her love and all the things she did for him and loved her back almost as much as she did to him..

    Sweet journey for me riding this Pretty Man drama… 🙂
    Really don’t understand why korean people do not tune in to watch this seeing the low rating..

  1188. 1188 : violet88 Says:

    i guess the song at the end of eps 16 sang by JGS.. does anybody know what is the title? wanna search for it…

  1189. 1189 : jksfan Says:

    The tittle of the song is beautiful days by jang geu suk.
    Search for it,& download it.
    It’s reali a nice song.

  1190. 1190 : Mary Says:

    What’s with IU’s character. Starts out acting like a 13 year old and hasn’t matured. Even the spoiled brat from SS matured and her character is much younger. I do, however, like the actor’s and the plot is not too bad, so far.

  1191. 1191 : violet88 Says:

    Thanks jksfan @ 1189.. gonna search n download it for sure..

    Come to think back about this series, the only thing i regret is neither Bo Tong nor Ma Te really or officially confess the sacred words “I love you” to each other throughout the finale, which is upon Ma Te return Bo Tong’s love..

  1192. 1192 : hasan Says:

    Drama bad

  1193. 1193 : spinx Says:

    A drama to watch for those who have a high-level of intelligence…

  1194. 1194 : gina Says:

    The cast really gave justice in each role, particularly JKS.. Am trying to figure out how he mastered that last piece, “the crying scene & dialogue,” with his biological mother that he so perfectly done it very well.

    To those who felt that it isnt worthy watching for, be keen enough to listen or read the dialogue for you to understand the story… listen to your heart,too… am sure you’ll realize how beautiful the story is… Yes, the’re episodes, i felt hanging, but overall the story really is good. At the end, you will realize how difficult the life of an illegitimate son (like MaTe) struggled to find his way to a father’s heart, but ending up knowing that he is not only and illegitimate son, but also abandoned… abandoned by a mother who kept throwing-the-gantlet along his way for him not to succeed.

    For IU, she should have let herself kiss passionately by JKS at the end, because eels knew a lot that JKS is the best-kisser.. right eels? Besides bel ami is not a puppy love story.

  1195. 1195 : ain d Says:

    Well said to spinx…

    That is really true. Viewers hv to knoe that this drama…every dialogue has deep meaning,esp…pinkytoe…why they highlight pinky toe….why iu wants to be ma te’s pinkytoe n skater. Not a simple dialogue.

    Why ma te’s mother said iu as ma te’s password..why not DNA..hv to think about it.

    So…for ppl who not satisfied with thid drama…probably they cant understand their dialogue.

    Btw….i really love this drama…i watch it again n again. I miss ma te.

  1196. 1196 : shima Says:

    I didnt like this drama. maybe you are just jks fans that find this drama a nice drama, but the story didnt catch me at all. ma te and bo tong didnt have any romantic scene and didnt have any chemistery,and all the time bo tong was with choi david and at the end ma te and bo tong end up together?!!?? what a foolish writer must have write it and what a foolish girl was kim no tong!!!

  1197. 1197 : aind Says:

    wow…there r many positive feedbacks from eels n noneels…..this is one great news….although pretty man hv finished but still, there r many news..

    one of them is..

  1198. 1198 : kristin Says:

    Beautiful Day by Jang Geun Suk. Lovely voice from the pretty man himself!


  1199. 1199 : Juana love Says:

    Th. This drama really is very nice.

  1200. 1200 : cuity17 Says:

    Finished, ceritanya simple tp beda, 10 eps membosankan ngeliat botong karakter…sekilas terpikir seperti bukan pemeran utamanya saja., Karena ceritanya fokus pd mate n wanita2 nya… , but then. Semuanya jadi menarik karena ceritanya mengenai pendewasaan mate yg belajar dr para wanita2nya dan apa itu cinta :D,
    Hebat untuk yg bikin ceritany!!! ,dan ga nyangka kl kode password yg diberikan ibunya mate adalah BOTONG!! This drama is full of message, worth watching, just enjoy it!!

  1201. 1201 : spinx Says:

    Enthusiastic burst of applause to the casts, production, staff of Pretty Man for a job well done… such a great drama to watch…

  1202. 1202 : kristin Says:

    the Center of the Korean Wave, I am Jang Keun Suk.


  1203. 1203 : Dr manasa Says:

    Madly in love with jgs 🙂 awesome action 🙂
    cannot believe myself, dat being a doctor i schedule to watch him everyday 🙂 🙂

  1204. 1204 : nunita Says:

    this drama is awasome and missing this drama and IU 😀 😀 😀

  1205. 1205 : aind Says:

    i miss this drama n jang keun suk~~~~huhuhu

    will watch again tonight^^

  1206. 1206 : jow Says:


  1207. 1207 : Adhe Talla Says:

    Well, in my opinion, Pretty Man is not bad. Eventhough the ratings are a bit dissapointed but i love this show. JGS’s acting is totally daebak. I love his hair style a lot. He’s such a cool n pretty man, indeed. While, IU, she’s so adorable in this drama. I love the way she calls ‘oppa’, ‘Ma Te oppa’.
    Wow, it’s so cute. Well-done for the whole cast n crew.

  1208. 1208 : kristin Says:

    Love the ending! Pretty Man missing it soooo much.


  1209. 1209 : roro Says:

    amazing drama !! i watched it 3 times and i will watch it again ! it was just amazing funny cute and serious at thr same time ! jgs is goregeous here and iu is so cute , and i think botong is IU best role ever , really loved it i would highly suggest it .

  1210. 1210 : anon 777 Says:

    jow shut up you peace of shit and get out of here you hater troll !! if the drama was bad how come its 98% positive reviews and comments every where ???!! you dump shit !!

  1211. 1211 : dee Says:

    I don’t understand why the rating is so low. For me this drama is interesting. It has a nice story and cast. Before, i watched korean drama just because of the ratkng (i’ll just watch the high rating korean drama). But after watched this one, I didn’t believe the rating, low rating doesn’t mean the drama doesn’t good. Maybe pretty man just unlucky because it aired at the same time with another popular korean drama. For me, pretty man is a good drama. I recommend this drama for all of you. Daebak drama!

  1212. 1212 : dee Says:

    Anyway, han chae young is so pretty in this drama. Love her! So elegant and charming.

  1213. 1213 : Laura Says:

    Clever and intelligent story, i miss it so bad.

  1214. 1214 : gina Says:

    I am looking forward to watch another drama of JKS in the future, such like this having an intelligent concept, spices up with comedy, not so romantic, but lot of lesson to learn, and life inspiring…

  1215. 1215 : Shirly Says:

    It proves true that “Behind every successful man, there is a strong wise and hardworking woman”. This drama shows that, and maybe for you, that would stand for your sister, best friend, and to the world’s STRONGEST WOMAN.. MOTHER..

    JKS the best! daebak IU!

  1216. 1216 : miami Says:

    I’m missing IU so much. I wanna see her in new drama so badly

  1217. 1217 : kristin Says:

    Love Jang Keun Suk also as a singer; One of my favourites Turn Off 🙂


  1218. 1218 : Miki Says:

    I didn’t get to enjoy this much. Jang Keun Suk is the only thing worth watching here. I didn’t like the the lead actress that much. I understand why it has such low rating, the lead couple didn’t have much impact on me. They could have gotten someone else. So i didn’t watch it anymore. I hope they can find him better lead actresses in the future!

  1219. 1219 : arrow Says:

    @shirly (1215), yes you’re right.. additionally, how hardhearted you think your mother is, she still a mother that deep in her heart has that steadfast love for her own child… This really a great story…

  1220. 1220 : choopatiu Says:

    A total disappointment 🙁

  1221. 1221 : nunita Says:

    noow again wating IU drama 😀 😀

  1222. 1222 : ckckckckc Says:

    amazing drama,, very cute sweet , and light just exactly what i needed , jgs is very dashing and hansome here , i have to say i really missed him acting again and this drama, gave me my dose of jang geun suk ,and i think i’m addicted now, cuz i always knew i loved jgs , but now i’m in love with him

  1223. 1223 : Blessings Says:

    Really!, haters are really pathetic

  1224. 1224 : J kriss Says:

    Trash drama and even trashier actor in Jang Geun Suk. I only watched it for only IU and Lee Jang Woo part, fast forward all of “icon of failure” Jang Geun Suk parts couldn’t stand his ugly face anymore. Peace loser eel’s

  1225. 1225 : the true J kriss Says:

    Love Jang Geun Suk!!!


  1226. 1226 : I'm the true J kriss Says:

    Jang Geun Suk Sucks

  1227. 1227 : the true J kriss Says:

    I’m an eel forever, LOVING JANG GEUN SUK no matter what. 🙂


  1228. 1228 : the true J kriss Says:

    Jang Geun Suk’s effect in Asia. Asia’s Top Hallyu Star.


  1229. 1229 : the true J kriss Says:

    Jang Keun Suk shines in Asia in Korea Today (Arirang)


  1230. 1230 : the true J kriss Says:

    Jang Geun Suk graduates from Hanyang University – now a degree holder (Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Film). Another achievement for our star. Zikzin! 🙂


  1231. 1231 : randa Says:

    Amazing drama. Just amazing. It wad sweet light and just my cup of tea. I loved jang geun suk here . I always love him . He is one of the most gorgeous and talented guys ever. I could never stop loving him . No matter what happens he make me fall in love with him in no time just amazing. And iu was cute two

  1232. 1232 : ckckckckc Says:

    J kriss shut up you bitch and go troll somewhere else , go hate put your hate and jealously somehere else , if jang geun suk if a failure then what are you ..!!> trash maybe … get half of his money and fame , their of his talent and then you can speak but now you shut the fuck up.

  1233. 1233 : anoo Says:

    great drama .. just love it , jang geun suk was gorgeous here , and iu was sooo cute , i really missed jang keun suk and i was so happy i watch it , my god he was sooooooooooo good looking he made my standerd so high for men and i find all of them ugly next to him 😛 and not that but he is amazing actor as well

  1234. 1234 : the true J kriss Says:

    Anybody know that JGS bought his degree, that fool never even went to school and plus he took 8 years to do it. Now that’s to fake to me!!!!!!!!!!!
    Long live the icon of failure Jang Geun Suk. P.S he’s also gay and love sucking dick everywhere he goes, just ask JaeJoong “The King of Gay Idols”

  1235. 1235 : summer Says:

    Haterz gonna hate cuz they have nothing better in their life to do…. and js…. I fucking love JGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1236. 1236 : randa Says:

    J kriss shut up . Jang geun suk is amazing….he is the prince of asia and their is nothing you can do about it . Get lost!! At leat he went to collage. Some stars like lee min ho . Was dumn enough to even stay on school

  1237. 1237 : the true J kriss Says:

    @fake j kriss you are really pathetic, getting someone’s id to bash her bias is really pathetic. They know that ID belongs to someone who truly loves Jang Geun Suk, so whatever you say it doesn’t matter to me use that ID EVERYWHERE it just shows how low & coward you are! Hiding in someone else ID. Oh thank you anyway you are adding more buzz into this page by putting your comments a lot. It doesn’t matter because whatever ugly things you say Jang Geun Suk will remain in the hearts of millions! People are smart don’t belittle them not all of them has a small brain like you.

  1238. 1238 : the true J kriss Says:

    Beautiful Day sung by Jang Geun Suk Pretty Man’s OST


  1239. 1239 : Blessings Says:

    This drama is really good!

  1240. 1240 : sphinx Says:

    “FOR NO ONE HAS HAD DIFFERENT BEGINNING OF EXISTENCE, THERE IS FOR ALL ONE ENTRANCE INTO LIFE, AND ONE WAY OUT”… and this i reckon the main concept of the story that the writer wanted to emphasize… Yoo Young Ah was so clever to write this story even though maybe few may comprehend and/or appreciate it… written so intelligently… therefore the producer/directors have to choose a multi-talented actor with the like of Jang Keun Suk (intelligent, subtle, unique..) to play the lead role, and SUkkie really gave justice to his role, and so the rest of the cast… I really love the story and how Jang Keun Suk acted as DokGo MaTe, excellent!

  1241. 1241 : tempt Says:

    IU is the best part of this drama. I hope to see more of her drama in future. IU fighting

  1242. 1242 : Neelan Says:

    hi every one specially j krish r u know fully anything about him.. why r u saying like this.. whatever it may be he have a good attitude. and also he’s good film maker,singer.and actor… those things only enough for him.. what u especially have compared to him.. who doesn’t have anywork they’ll do like this… and also they r doing them’s carriers… don’t consider and analyze what they r u doing and wht them’s character and all… just ignore all things.. just see everything with joyful….
    good bye….

  1243. 1243 : Neelan Says:

    hi every one specially j krish r u know fully anything about him.. why r u saying like this.. whatever it may be he have a good attitude. and also he’s good film maker,singer.and actor… those things only enough for him.. what u especially have compared to him.. who doesn’t have anywork they’ll do like this… and also they r doing them’s carriers… don’t consider and analyze what they r u doing and wht them’s character and all… just ignore all things.. just see everything with joyful…. suprb story
    good bye….

  1244. 1244 : tigerb Says:

    why bash an actor who graduated from college. his b.a. degree is a feat for him even if it took him that long. he has also accomplished a lot of things in his life, even at a young age, when probably most of us has not accomplished anything! so be kind! and thanks for the kind person who gave us the link to jks graduation.

  1245. 1245 : cheeky Says:

    Congratulations to our star Jang Geun Suk! You’re truly amazing…

  1246. 1246 : mail Says:

    i like all d main actors n actresses as i have watched their hit drama….but somehow when they act together in drama, it really doesnt never captured my interest at all… i will pass dis one…may b its not my cup after all…

  1247. 1247 : mail Says:

    i like all d main actors n actresses as i have watched their hit drama….but somehow when they acted together in dis series, it never be able to capture my interest at all… i will pass dis one…may b its not my cup after all…

  1248. 1248 : shine Says:

    is this drama worthwatching? just asking ;-(

  1249. 1249 : sphinx Says:

    Yes a great drama to watch… in particular for intelligent viewers!

  1250. 1250 : cheeky Says:

    Pretty Man Summer Festival in Japan “Love is Beautiful”


  1251. 1251 : fei feu Says:

    this drama is not worth watching at all.. i am a jang geun suk drama fan,
    i watched all his korean drama and movie. He is good but the supporting
    actress and actor is honourable.
    don’t understand why he took up this type of drama make his name drop
    to the bottom.
    hope the next drama he will push himself up again.

  1252. 1252 : Na Young Ri Says:

    Worth it to watch!!! U will never regrets ^^
    Happy ending story. Very touching at last episode, last words from Ma Te to Na Hong Ran make me crying all night long..

    Very good story, very mean in real life to learning by this drama. This drama have very little romantic scene, esp beetwen IU – JGS oppa. So please u all never disappointed. 🙂 cheers

    Ps. Sorry my english is very bad :p i hope u will understood all

  1253. 1253 : randa Says:

    Amazing drama love it .jgs is so gorgeous iu is sooooo adorable ..i enjoyed it soo much ..

  1254. 1254 : anii Says:

    Such a sweet drama .. love it so much … its just so sweet and very touching in the end . It was light and funny . Just my type i enjoyed it and i have to say . Its really amazing to see jang geun suk so hansome and gorgeous all over again!! He is sooio much hotter now with his hair short

  1255. 1255 : Susan rose Says:

    This drama is the best,actor ,actress ,etc …thats not make sense become lower rating
    I hope jang geun suk always have strength and ambitions for any other drama….

  1256. 1256 : arrow Says:

    This drama really suited to JKS personality… but someday wish to watch him in fantasy-romance-comedy-action scenes..

  1257. 1257 : naysa Says:

    i just love jang geun suk acting hereeee. his acting getting much better. and why why why he’s so handsome? im melt if i saw him in a dramaT.T
    gonna wait he’s other role in drama. JGS oppa fightinggggg<3

  1258. 1258 : cheeky Says:

    Bel Ami’s press conference in Japan (Jang Keun Suk, IU, Lee Jang Woo)


  1259. 1259 : ORKCA Says:


  1260. 1260 : commie Says:

    Here, in this series, IU’s beauty is definitely surpassed, signigicantly hehe, by Jang Geun Suk’s and also Lee Jang Woo’s….both men are more beautiful, the features, the complexion..etc… 🙂

  1261. 1261 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    Waaaa!!! This drama will be aired here in the Philippines via ABS-CBN this coming August. I wanna watch it! IU is so cute and Geun Suk is very handsome! Hehe. After class hours, I can still watch this in the afternoon! 🙂

  1262. 1262 : rroxan Says:

    I like Geun Suk but the leading lady of the Bel Ami (Pretty Man) is not good in acting and the rating is so poor.I also vote this program.Good Job Geun Suk!!! Fighting!!!

  1263. 1263 : anonymous Says:

    i like jang geun suk but this drama have very little romance..

  1264. 1264 : arrow Says:

    Pretty man on philippine tv this august 18….. thank you abs-cbn…

  1265. 1265 : pennylane Says:

    I already bought a CD but when I scan all the episodes I havent found it interesting….maybe I don’t like the main cast….he he he….joke….:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1266. 1266 : gjfjfeidjvh Says:

    Amazing drama loved it !! Jang geun suk was gorgeous omg i just wanted to lick hi face through my lap lol .. he is the the most hansomr korean actor i’ve ever seen ! And i have seen alot !!!

  1267. 1267 : toto Says:

    love it

  1268. 1268 : libra Says:

    I had watched this drama only due to JGS.
    The story is not pretty good.
    I don’t like this story.

  1269. 1269 : mis Says:

    im disappointed of this drama because the story is boring,not interested.
    because also of the some cast like the leading lady is not good to act.
    and the rating is so poor.
    i hope that this drama will not be listed to top 8 polled closed in this year.
    i am so sorry but im telling the truth.

  1270. 1270 : liang liang Says:

    don’t be fooled you’re guys movie was the BOMB love u lots

  1271. 1271 : yuewe Says:

    i agree wit some commemts at above.
    i dont like the story because its boring.
    its so verrrry low rating.
    why JGS accept this drama.its not good at all.

  1272. 1272 : alwssa Says:

    amazing drama just love it iu was so adorable and jgs was so hansome nothing made me laugh like crazy like did this drama made me in the last few days i was laughing all the time omg so light and sweet

  1273. 1273 : luvdrama Says:

    As usual awesome acting, JGS truly an amazing actor.

  1274. 1274 : maybelle Says:


  1275. 1275 : yerim Says:

    Iu is the only good thing that happened in this drama. I watched it only bcoz of iu

  1276. 1276 : strawberry21 Says:

    this drama was not the best i’ve seen better but the drama could have been like more romance better sistuations and realized that he love her at the last episode tht pissed me off this drama 3.4 stars dam this dramma but love jung koon suk

  1277. 1277 : Pretty Man 예쁜 남자 [2013] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] viki dramafever dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum top star news dc gallery soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans tumblr blogs dramadaebak seoulidifies cognitive-s dramababo […]

  1278. 1278 : meili Says:

    what amazing drama it is im so proud that i have watch this .

  1279. 1279 : dimples Says:

    umm, I find this really boring, wanted to quit watching so times. Its not about the actors/actresses, I don’t mind them but the story just doesnt get my interest.

  1280. 1280 : Cute Kimmi Expressions Stills | Galexsotic.com Says:

    […] Pretty man » korean drama […]

  1281. 1281 : leonnie Says:

    im watching this drama after dots, so im being really unfair to comment, maybe things will go different if i watched this first..
    i found this drama is boring, because the leading actress didnt into with JGS.. visual comes first, then the story..

  1282. 1282 : Pearlly... Says:

    This drama NEVER ceases to amaze me any time i watch it…for critics of this awsome drama, all i can say is ” You have all Missed”…so much to learn about life from this drama…ratings may not be super duper, but its a great drama to watch, learn from and ofcourse be entertained…Well done Jang Geun Suk, IU and the rest of the Pretty Man Crew…

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