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Pink Lipstick


Title: 분홍 립스틱 / Pink Lipstick
Chinese Title : 粉红色唇膏
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 149
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-11 to 2010-Aug-06
Air time: Monday to Friday 7:50 AM


Yoo Ga Eun is a sweet-natured girl who dated and subsequently married her boyfriend, Park Jung Woo. However, she later discovers that her husband had an affair with her best friend, Mi Ran, and that their adopted daughter is actually Jung Woo and Mi Ran’s lovechild. To get revenge on them, she marries Maeng Ho Geol, a wealthy clothing retailer, and carefully plots their downfall. At the same time, Ga Eun also meets Ha Jae Bum, the man who falls deeply in love with her and promises to support her by her side, no matter what she does.


Yoo family

Park Eun Hye as Yoo Ga Eun
Nam Il Woo as Yoo Dong Gook (father)
Kim Young Ran as Jung Hae Shil (mother)
Moon Ji Yoon as Yoo Sung Eun (brother)
Kim Min Jwa as Yoo Young Eun (sister)

Park family

Lee Joo Hyun as Park Jung Woo
Oh Mi Yeon as Han Bun Nyeo (mother)
MayBee as Park Jung Hee (sister)
Kim Soo Jung as Park Na Ri (Jung Woo & Mi Ran’s daughter)

Kim family

Seo Yoo Jung as Kim Mi Ran
Yoo Ji In as Jung Mal Ja (mother)

Other people

Park Kwang Hyun as Ha Jae Bum
Dok Go Young Jae as Maeng Ho Geol (owner, Taeyang Apparel)
Sung Woong as Maeng Seo Jin (Ho Geol’s son, Jae Bum’s friend)
Lee Sang Hoon (이상훈) as Yeo Ki Byul
Jung Yoo Chan as Young Gyu
Baek Bo Ram as Yoon Na Na
Lee Jung Yong as Yong Kap
Song Ji Eun as Kim Min Joo (Mi Ran’s friend)
Won Jong Rye as Oh Soo Ji
Sung Hyuk
Lee Woo Dong
Kan Jong Wook (간종욱) (cameo)

Production Credits

Producer: Choi Yong Won (최용원)
Director: Choi Chang Wook
Scriptwriter: Seo Hyun Joo (서현주)


– 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actress (Park Eun Hye)

Official Site


Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : cancan Says:

    this drama is probably one of those “wife” drama series… a copy

  2. 2 : raz Says:

    the cast looking good.good luck to all of you

  3. 3 : Arai Says:

    100 episode…woww

  4. 4 : Kathleen Tait Says:

    I will have to wait until I can watch on internet, can’t get MBC in Orange, California.

  5. 5 : lei Says:


  6. 6 : Em Says:

    im not against this and i already started watching this, but this is exactly lik temptation of wife. she gets betrayed by her husband and best friend, just like goo eunjae in t.o.w and then the girl will transfer and seek revenge.

    its an exact copy of temptation of wife just a different title.

    i know temptation of an angel was similiar too but that was confirmed as a second season so i dont mind but this…

  7. 7 : more Says:

    I cant stand dramas that end with no revenge. This looks like one of them

  8. 8 : chika chups Says:

    i hope i can watch this drama soon…
    you know, i’m indonesian

  9. 9 : gladys Says:

    sounds good……………………………
    g0od luck saranghe……………

  10. 10 : domee Says:

    I’ve watched episode 13 at http://www.dramabang.com
    But the pace is too slow for me. I love Pasta!

  11. 11 : ammie Says:

    i havent watched this drama yet, but it looks good. hope it is! and does anyone know where i can watch this in englist subs????

  12. 12 : cocochanel Says:

    i really want to wacth this drama
    i have seen the trailer , i have this strange idea tht she will KILL them both O.O
    but if i was her i will do the same thing looool ^_________^

  13. 13 : aoeito Says:

    this is definitely a copy of temptation of wife…temptation of wife is definitely interesting because jang seo hee who acted as the wife who took revenge on his husband really acted really well and she’s also pretty…unlike this…the acting is bad and the main leads were really incomparable with the ones in temptation of wife..

    i hate copycats..especially those who dont give justice to original ones..

  14. 14 : Sly Says:

    Does anyone knows if the subbed edition of this drama is coming soon to very eager audiences–like me? Lol!

  15. 15 : jenelyn Says:

    i really love it.

  16. 16 : jenelyn Says:


  17. 17 : Cat 78 Says:

    Copy of temptation of wife !….

  18. 18 : RustyRedCat Says:

    Temptation of An Angel was SHIT! How on earth can you compare Temptaion of Wife to Temptation of An Angel…

    The acting was poorly done in Temptation of An Angel and some parts of the storyline was so ridiculous that it was unbearable to watched. I cannot believe the writers of that drama would underestimate the viewers.

    I love Pink Lipstick!! It has a different twist in it. Yoo Ga Eun (the ex-wife) did not die in this drama, so to say that it is supposedly happen in Temptation of Wife.

    Normally these wife revenge dramas are the same, but this one adds and have twists in it. I really hope that the end of this drama, the ex-wife gets the last word and the ex-husband and ex-best friend gets what is coming to them. And that Yoo Ga Eun (the ex-wife) and Ha Jae Bum (the potential love interest) be together.

    The acting for this drama is as expected with some exceptions where you expect the wife to do more damage to the furniture when she confronted her ex-husband about the affair. But I guess that is because the actors were instructed to NOT do serious damage to the company’s property in case of re-takes, etc.

    So for those who read the negative comments for Pink Lipstick. Please take my word that this drama is really GOOD and give it a chance!

  19. 19 : Pucelle Says:

    You can watch this on crunchyroll, they are releasing 4 episodes each tuesday starting today. I wanted the first 4 and I just can’t watch anymore… I normally watch the first 5 episodes but this is WAY too slow and unrealistic for me. The 2 best friends really don’t pay attention to each other as they are so self absorbed. Plus how is it possible that they never mentioned their respective boyfriend’s name? I thought the acting was bad, most of the “emotional” scenes forced, and the situations highly unbelievable at times. I have no interest in continuing to watch.

  20. 20 : ❤T.E.P❤T.O.P❤ Says:

    Copy of temptation of wife! 😀

  21. 21 : nocanndo Says:

    I love this drama, but I wish it had english subtitles. I understand a word here and there. I have watched about 20 episodes please help me out.

  22. 22 : Hilda Says:

    This drama has dragged on too long! I kept watching it solely because I love that little girl Nali, she is sooo CUTE!

  23. 23 : mutiara Says:

    wow… goodluck!!

  24. 24 : mongolia Says:

    wow it is so many episode. i am looking forward when i will end of series.

  25. 25 : mutiara Says:

    It’s interesting, I wanna watch it..

  26. 26 : Alghie Says:

    want to see it

  27. 27 : ardhan Says:

    very touching drama

  28. 28 : mel Says:

    i really want to watch this for free. where can i find this movie with english subtitle?

  29. 29 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  30. 30 : nining Says:

    it’s look interesting,, wanna watch it,,

  31. 31 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  32. 32 : Sasha Says:

    You can watch this drama with English subtitles on http://www.dramafever.com

  33. 33 : Mongolianhuman Says:

    where can i find this movie with english subtitle?

  34. 34 : mongolian Says:

    on dramastyle.com you can watch this drama with eng sub

  35. 35 : LilMissKaila Says:

    If you’re interested in watching this drama, then visit: http://www.crunchyroll.com/library/Pink_Lipstick
    But I’m warning you, they take a while to upload new episodes!
    Enjoy. >_<

  36. 36 : CatLover Says:


    I L-O-V-E Pink Lipstick!!

    I tried to watch for the English subs for Pink Lipstikc in http://www.dramafever.com, but unfortunately it can be only shown in US or Canada. http://www.dramastyle.com does not have it either, http://www.dramasub.com for some strange reason dropped the drama, I guess it is because the problems they were having from one of their sources. Viikii.net, sorry no hope of the drama to be ever ever be subbed or update nor approved by MBC.

    God this is depressing!! LOL!!

  37. 37 : deegii Says:

    i think If that movie have a lot of series that movie will have tempatation or ex husband or ex best friend etc…. Hahah
    this movie is broadcasting in Mongolia now
    So we are watching it hehe
    i think its one of those normal movies 🙂

  38. 38 : Nasaa_naska Says:

    hi all

  39. 39 : me Says:

    when will the show have eng. subs? I have been wathing it for months without understanding every word. Love the series.

  40. 40 : Nasaa_naska Says:

    goe kino shvv

  41. 41 : munkhnaran Says:

    sain bain uu,ulaan uruuliin budgiin ah egch naraa. tanai kino ih goy bolj duuslaa. bi 11nastai. yalanguya kim miran egch ih chadvarlag togolson ba ene kinog jinhen utgaar ni amidruulsan. uchir ni ih daruuhan hernee esregeer togolson.ta buhend sain sain buhniig husye. miran egchee ta emnelegt hevtej tangaa uuj, biye bodooroi,busad ni ch gesen. bayartai.

  42. 42 : TL Says:

    It was great one, i liked it soooooooo much, and want to see it once again, is there any chances to watch on internet for free? if i located ont in US or Canada? how can i watch it?

  43. 43 : eugene Says:

    This drama is good but i found Park Hwang Hyun is so annoying. Really hate him. Just want to grab him out of this drama. Just hope that Park Eun Hye didn’t end up with this guy.

  44. 44 : via Says:

    I think this drama has a great story line and I can not wait to watch it!!!

  45. 45 : love kdrama Says:

    kdrama is the best drama we must watch………… for the long eps always good story……………… good job korea……….aza………….aza fighting!!!!!!!!!

  46. 46 : geles-93 Says:

    singapore will be broadcasting this show on channel u weekdays.

  47. 47 : minahsaudi Says:

    erm….. this drama is dragging way too long! when will it end, n each episode is abt the same thing.

    n why ga eun seems to be talking to herself i cant quite fathom!

  48. 48 : Lavender Says:

    It’s interesting but gets on my nerves to see the bullying over and over. A rich girl shouldn’t be bullied in this way. It should be the other way round. Too trusting and being nice. I am thinking of skipping all these episodes until she changed to be a stronger person and beats the hell out of thouse who have treated her badly.

  49. 49 : adilali Says:

    Hi Guys…You can watch It`s Okay Daddys Girl Ep 17 – Eng Sub


  50. 50 : USA-Mary Says:

    At first I wasn’t going to watch this drama. With well over 100 episodes to watch, I thought…no way…35 is my limit and that’s still pushing it! But this drama is the BEST and a must see! The acting is superb! Even though it’s not a comedy, Park Jung Woo’s mother will have you laughing yourself to tears (at least she has me doing this)! She is too funny in her dealings with Mi Ran and her family!

    My girl, Yoo Ga Eun is excellent as a quiet, sweet, compassionate young woman who through painful betrayals awakens her backbone to deal with Kim Mi Ran (her supposedly best friend) and her ex, Jung Woo with the karma she couldn’t wait for the universe to bestow upon them (which is rightfully deserved)!

    I’m only on episode 70, but all I can say is BRAVO!

  51. 51 : Stellar Says:

    Does anyboy know what is the name of the very cute little girl who plays the daughter of that evil woman? Hah.

  52. 52 : USA-Mary Says:


    This is the very first looooong drama that I’ve ever watched to the end! It’s excellent! 149 episodes is a huge plus for me! Again! BRAVO!!!

    @Stellar. Re the little girl that played Mi Ran’s daughter. She’s a cast member listed under the Park family. Her name is Kim Soo Jung as Park Na Ri (Jung Woo & Mi Ran’s daughter).

  53. 53 : Jenalene Says:

    No doubt about it. ‘Pink Lipstick’ is really a good drama which I recommend to anyone.

  54. 54 : Eileen Says:

    Hi anyone know what is the song played by park hwang hyun in one of the scene ?

  55. 55 : Yong Hyun Noh Says:

    well, the show is kinda mean, not really realistic, but still fun and interesting.
    you guys would like it 🙂
    Question: somebody knows the most popular forum of Singapore regarding fashion, entertainment?

  56. 56 : kc2g Says:

    does anybody know where to download pink lipstick?Please give me link or site.

  57. 57 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  58. 58 : yelda Says:

    Korean drama’s are fantastic especially when it translated in Persian you guys are rocking up love you all especially pink lipstick i love it.

  59. 59 : Molly Says:

    does anybody know where to download pink lipstick?Please give me link or site.

  60. 60 : fey Says:

    TOO MUCH FLASHBACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. 61 : OK OK OK Says:

    Mr Park Kwang Hyun ssi,

    Pink Lipstick just finished broadcasting in Singapore yesterday 26 April 2011 & many viewers like it very much – all of you have put up a very good performance.

    You have melt many girls heart with your caring loving character – you are also very handsome too. 🙂

    After watching you sing (link below) – hope you can act more in ROMANCE drama again in LEADING ROLE with the same handsome smart suave lively outlook just like when you are on stage singing “NOSE SMILE”
    I like your punky hairstyle so……………. much. Very charming 🙂

    박광현 (Park Gwang Hyun) – 비소 (鼻笑) LIVE

    All the best to you — your Singapore fans

  62. 62 : Nessa Says:

    You can watch this show at Crunchyroll.com

  63. 63 : sahar Says:

    woooooooowits just another perfect korean drama,
    oppa park kwang hyun im really in love with you.
    you are one of those bests of my lovely actors:-*

  64. 64 : DramaQueen Says:

    OMG, 149 episodes … that’s an eternity! Is it worth sticking out till the end?

  65. 65 : Lil'Dynomite Says:

    Mi-Ran ticked me off so bad i had to walk away from the computer. LOTS of drama hahaha i like it!!!!! oh and anybody looking for a site to watch it on its http://www.crunchyroll.com

  66. 66 : Mssankacoffee Says:

    I’m sorry this drama is FAR FAR too drawn out, to the point that it gets stale in parts! They keep rehasing the same old lines urgh!

  67. 67 : Drama Korea Indosiar : Pink Lipstick « Thread Of Pangeran Says:

    […] Korean Drama Lovers […]

  68. 68 : Habin Says:

    A long but awesome drama. I haven’t got to the end of this drama, but I guess the evil couple (^^) will have to face the music. Those two deserve the most severe punishment for what they did. Poor Ga Eun, poor little cute Soo Jeong.

  69. 69 : comment Says:

    i just start to watch it and thought i’d look it up, wow – 149! when i read the reviews, not very good isnt it, some said it’s similar to temptation of wife? (i dont really like temptation of wife). there is this scene where Ga Eun was being romantically proposed by her bf, and during that time she insisted that Mi Ran also come..huh? that is kind of strange to me, why would you want your friend to be present when you are being romantically proposed..?? like, do you want your friend to witness you are being kissed by your bf..? what for? just like when Ga Eun slapped a practically a stranger in the airport (tho she mistook him for Mi Ran’s bf), and not once but twice! and she is supposed to be “sweet natured”..?? Jung Woo & Mi Ran made love the first time they dated, then Jung Woo changed his number when he went back and couldnt be reached at all, . i think that is indicative that all Jung Woo wanted was, probably, one nite stand ? and Mi Ran’s schooling was funded by Ga Eun’s family, yet she did that to Ga Eun? kind of the theme of Fatal Attraction, and with exaggeration. way, way too much exaggerated drama for me.

  70. 70 : Rowena Says:

    i Really loves to watch the korean Drama but its confusing where to go for the Good Reception as in mysoju are Not Really Good to watch as the Website is Not Good.can you Tell where i Can watch nice and clear Website,Thank you so much in advance if you help me where i can watch better,God Bless

  71. 71 : 123 Says:

    @ rowena, you can try crunchyroll.com
    you have to sign up, but it’s very good to watch dramas on! i love that site!!

  72. 72 : elianna Says:

    uhm i wanna ask , does anyknow know on which episode ga eun starts to plot the revenge?

  73. 73 : Dee Gianinna Syahrindra Says:

    I hope,,,,finally Kim Mi Ran, and Park Jung Woo,,,,that ‘evil couple’ will punished because of what they done,,,,! But the ending of Pink Lipstick makes me dissapoint. Because it,s not showing karma,,,that the bad things will get bad achievement too,,,,,,

  74. 74 : yong na ri Says:

    I hope this story have nice event. . .
    Ga eun always happy and miran always sad,
    I like pink lipstick verry much

  75. 75 : luluk Says:

    I watch 4 episode, from 54 episode in pink lipstik. I think, it is not logical. Dae eun is very patien and blind’s love. She was know her husband not good and to thief her money’s family from her manufacturing. But she was sad with her love, where is her responsibility with her family. I don’t like her caracter in this drama.

  76. 76 : nandes Says:

    I’m so love this story, its make mix my emotion, I love it 🙂

  77. 77 : rikabambang Says:

    hey all actor and actris pinklips……why to day no line,i angry becs i waiting every day. but to day……
    i like it ……

  78. 78 : neni.haryati Says:

    heyy ,, orang yang sukaaa film korea iniie nonton terus yaa !!!
    jangan sampai k’lewatann ………….

  79. 79 : siti maryam Says:

    tolong donk terbitin sinopsis pink lipstick 1-150 episodenya… pnasaran pisan…. 🙂

  80. 80 : fifi Says:

    bkinin snpsisny lh..
    akk ska bngt ma critany…
    apalg yg jd park joo won ny gntng ..
    ga eun jg cntk,,
    tlng bknn snpssny !!!!! <3

  81. 81 : ungfa Says:

    buatin sinopsisnya ya…..penasaran banget gimana akhirnya

  82. 82 : yuki Says:

    gmn si cra downloadnya..kasi tau dunk

  83. 83 : naii Says:

    Kasih tau dong gmn cara download sinopsis lengkapnya…. Pleaseeee…

  84. 84 : cynthia Says:

    GOOD DRAMA .. 🙂

  85. 85 : lilis Says:

    sukaaaaaa tp dr episode 106 g bs nontonya eror….adakah jl lain?????
    kasi taj dong

  86. 86 : putri Says:

    bagi sinopsisnya donk

  87. 87 : nefertiti Says:

    ada yg punya sinopsisnya ga ?

  88. 88 : anggrainhey k. Says:

    huhhh,,, film ni g’bisa nahan air mata ..

  89. 89 : comment Says:

    i am impressed with the acting of Oh Mi Yeon as Jung Woo’s mother – the way she talks, her gait, her hair, even her dresses – to me, they all portray the kind of woman that she is supposed to be – i am sure in her own person Ms Oh Min Yeon does not walk nor talk anywhere near Han Bun Nyeo’s way of talking or walking 🙂 – i look up her profile and saw her name, profession, birthdate and place. To Admin: how come for the seniors actors/ess i usually only see those data while in the younger ones the data include height/weight, education, sometimes also family, interests/hobbies, blood type.. etc?
    and, poor Mr Ha Jae Bum.. pining away…the world consists no one but Ga Eun it seems 🙂

  90. 90 : novi Says:

    love this drama so much….. love you jaebong,,,

  91. 91 : liz_nida Says:

    greregetan banget liat film ni, seruuuuuuuuu
    sayang x bagian episode terakhir malah error.
    ada yg tau cerita ending x g?

  92. 92 : Alma Says:

    Sinopsisnya keluarin donk 🙂

  93. 93 : Alma Says:

    @liz : Happy ending 😀

  94. 94 : nabila Says:

    ending spt apa ya?????
    penasaran ni

    tolong dong upload sinopsisnya, aku gak bisa tiap hari nonton

  95. 95 : riri cucu tea Says:

    lama niannnnnn tp seru jg……CUMA SETTING TEMPAT RESTORANNY KO’ ITU2 AZ TMPTNY,KAYA DIRUANGAN STUDIO AZ TUCHHHHH bikin bete mengurangi nilai PLUSSSS tuchhhhh?????!!!!!?????

  96. 96 : Kasma Says:

    I like this drama…
    penasarn episode terakhirnya..
    ada yg punya sinopsisnya g ?

  97. 97 : Dinda Qotrunnada Says:

    I think the drama asia pink lipstick is very attractive and will not be bored even if watched repeatedly and highly animating role players as well

  98. 98 : lie Says:

    happy ending……….!!!! full emotional
    i like Mi Ran and Jung Woo suffer. lol

  99. 99 : Januari Says:

    Nice film!

  100. 100 : bianca Says:

    Can somebody tell me about the ending?

  101. 101 : tika Says:

    Nice movie, happy ending, but the story is tooo loong…love jaebong!!!

  102. 102 : wiwit Says:

    i love you oppa park kwang hyun

  103. 103 : indri Says:

    aku sangattt ngefensss bangetzzz ama film ini tapi sayang nya aku sekolahe jam 2 jadi aku gak bisa liat film nya aku sedihh banget……..

  104. 104 : febi wihartadinata Says:




  105. 105 : febi wihartadinata Says:




  106. 106 : febi wihartadinata Says:






  107. 107 : febi wihartadinata Says:



  108. 108 : sita rifatul Says:

    good i like

  109. 109 : putra nugraha Says:

    jega i yongwhareul aju chwahahamnida .. 🙂

  110. 110 : dandy Says:

    A good drama story very interesting and good

  111. 111 : lenny Says:

    I like this drama, very nice story and I love you Park Kwang Hyun

  112. 112 : Mr Sukses Says:

    the best korean drama ..nice from Bali

  113. 113 : Mr Sukses Says:

    sorry all friend. how is Paulo Luca??

  114. 114 : soso Says:

    also from indonesia, but, pardon me, unlike the prev.comments from indonesia, i dont really warm up…
    to me this one is too “soapie”, almost like indonesian series. as it is being dubbed here, not subtitled, i can only “hear” expressions, words from indonesian dubbers and Ga Eun char is dubbed as sighing almost all the time, she sighed after she saw Jae Bum, when she met Jae Bum, after she met Mi Ran, after a conversation with Maeng Ho Geol, after conversation with her mother and so on and so forth, etc.etc..ugh, way, way too much sighing – so tiresome, boring – blah..and she cries a lot as well. very unattractive, quite appalling. sorry, no, i do not like that.

  115. 115 : erfin Says:

    the drama so melodrama

  116. 116 : erfin Says:

    ga eun and jung woo the best actor and actress…

  117. 117 : mega Says:

    kk cakep jja

    park eun hye

  118. 118 : purple girl Says:

    hai…im from indonesia too…
    love the drama, but its to long….
    im agree, this drama like other drama in indonesia, but better than other drama that have long episode…
    i love han jae bum and yoo ga eun…love the love story of them…:)
    think park kwang hyun look alike so jisub and cha tae hyoen…, that its right???

  119. 119 : ANISA Says:

    I am ANISA from INDONESIA… =)
    ….. I LIKE korean drama 🙂 PINK LIPSTICK OK !!!!

  120. 120 : rani Says:

    hello all
    I want to know what song that accompanies the scene when jae bum membewa ga eun ran from her wedding with Mr. Maeng ..
    please give me shit for you, who knows ..
    because I’m looking for the song and so far I have not found

  121. 121 : Cleverly Says:

    good drama, really addict to watch other korean drama now..

  122. 122 : laphie syank kamu Says:

    kapan film.x d tayangkan kembali??

  123. 123 : jocey Says:

    Can anyone tell me how’s d ending??thx a lot.I like d movie!great one..

  124. 124 : Shaf Says:

    This story line like Temptation of Wife, but i like it. Park eun hye and park hwang hyun were acting totally, i like so much this drama.

  125. 125 : Erfin Says:

    Power Luluca adalah pemegang saham terbesar yang dimiliki oleh StarFashion oleh Park Jung Woo-Lee Joo Hyun .

  126. 126 : Raima Says:

    All the older men are pretty much ugly. I also cannot stand park Yoon Eoo’s mother, shebos a slimy schemer. That who family is fake and ate users. The problem with Korean families is that the daughter in law always has to move in with the husband’s family and literally become a slave. What kind of horrible life osvthat? She has to cater to the in-laws. Good luck with that. Most ofvtge Korean on- laws in these dramas are mean selfish people who think they own their children and can use them any way they wish. What kind of weird society is that? Maybe that is the Asian mentality.

  127. 127 : Raima Says:

    Oh yes, I forgot: Kim Mi Ran is a TOTAL BITCH…… HATE HER !!!!!

  128. 128 : John springer Says:

    Om mi Yeon is the old woman who plays the mother in law. I call her the ” aigo” lady since she is always saying ” aigo, aigo” and it’s so annoying. Her stupid laugh is annoying as well. The old hag just makes me annoyed altogether!

  129. 129 : Jailing Says:

    This drama is good but it puzzles me. It has so many scheming characters in it that it gets confusing on who hates who and who is cheating who. I am on episode 34 and it has has not gotten better. It has gotten worse. Can’t the scriptwriter be more imaginative? All the scenes are so simple and obvious, this drama sounds like it was written by a 15 year old. The best part goes to the mean old woman, what’s her name? The mother in law. She is so conniving and evil that I hope the main character will punish her later. I wish there weren’t so many scenes with her.

  130. 130 : Jailing Says:

    I truly think that the character Mi-ran is psychotic. She has these tirades every time she gets mad and loses control. The woman is evil to the core yet I heard from someone’s comment that shelves happily ever after at the end. After all the damage she has done, that is not realistic. I do
    Not feel sorry for that stupid woman one bit. She deserves all the bad stuff on her life and then some. The things she does to Geun and her family are unforgivable. Of course her boyfriend is evil as well, but I dislike thiscwomsn even more because she is sonoutbof control it’s disgusting.

  131. 131 : Summerlin Says:

    Sri Yoo Young: the most hated woman in Korean dramas. I hate her role here and I dislike her other characters as well!!!!

  132. 132 : eryn Says:

    I see that it is no different from Temptation of wife. In fact, it copies so many parts from it.The producer has run out of stories to tell. Why reused this?and plus the leads look so ugly

  133. 133 : Lori Says:

    Well, this drama was pretty good; however, it was way too lengthy. The same things kept happening and it just made me tired and anticipate the ending. But, there were also some really good parts. Just kind of bummed about the ending.. They didn’t really show a wedding nor a proposal for those two and they never even kissed! That was kind of upsetting. The acting was good though. Just could have used a little more improvement in the plot. The songs were also really good and catchy. So, yeah it’s a pretty good drama. You should watch it. 😉

  134. 134 : takahaSHi viLLarba nAkaza Says:


  135. 135 : anne2012 Says:

    this story is very interesting… i really like the story..

  136. 136 : Ire Says:

    I love watching pink lipstick,… the story is really interesting & exciting!!!
    does anyone knows where i can download the story? because i’d like to have a copy of this one. i’m fun of watching any korean drama/comedy/movies….etc..Ü

  137. 137 : sheilamae Says:

    i love watching pink lipstick because every day over in exciting to watch.

  138. 138 : chene Says:

    this a some of the wonderful story, especially with two couple will figth for their rigth matter

  139. 139 : chene Says:

    wow how i `m glad to see in appreciate all your drama specially pinklipstick..

    over again..

    love u guys:♥♥♥

    saranghe guys..

  140. 140 : beverly nale saraspe Says:

    ang ganda ganda talaga ng pink lipstick go andrea fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. 141 : andrea Says:

    oo nga ang ganda ng pinklipstick sana tumagal pa…?

  142. 142 : letecia Says:

    I really love Korean teledrama. You cant predict what’s next’ I wont miss any episode. the script is well-detailed, for me perfect! Miguel is really a best actor, i also love the angelic face of andrea. I am amazed by the courage of Andrea, she sacrifice her own hapinness for the sake of her family. I love It! Every woman should be courageous and should nt let herself to be bullied.

  143. 143 : Christina Pinto Says:

    I love all the characters cause they each have their own story that made them who they are. Park witness his father’s suicide and went hungry so he is cold and calculating. Miran grew as a charity case and abandoned by her parents. treated as second best, so she doesnt really care for Gaeun and makes calculating decisions. i dont think she is so bad, she is just misunderstood/ Gaeun experiences painful behavior that makes her strong. there are so many dimensions to these characters.one of the reasons i love it. and it getting too lengthy but i cannot wait for every minute. Gaeun is so pretty and delicate even when shes evil. i love this drama

  144. 144 : milkyway Says:

    park kwang hyun


  145. 145 : milkyway Says:

    nice movie

    saranghe….park kwang hyun

  146. 146 : zhian Says:

    good drama

    and for everyone who want to watch kdrama with long episode


  147. 147 : Lee Kwok Boa Says:

    why Kim Mi Ran wasn’t die… ?

  148. 148 : lou Says:

    one of the best korean drama, loving each episodes, the lead stars are all beautiful, excellent acting, the love story well written…

  149. 149 : reivo Says:

    The drama very epic. Love this drama and now rerun in Indonesia. Midnight time in Indosiar. Chanel tv of Indonesia

  150. 150 : putra nugraha sentosa Says:

    The drama very epic. Love this drama and now rerun in Indonesia. Midnight time in Indosiar. Chanel tv of Indonesia

  151. 151 : Arizona Fan Says:

    I don’t like Jung Woo, his mother or his sister. Jung Woo only married Ga Eun for her money. His mother is the same, she asks Ga Eun’s mother for what she thinks Jung Hae Shil should be giving her, fur coat, a car for Jung Woo, etc. And I don’t like Park Jung Hee, Jung Woo’s sister either.

    Ga Eun is naive. Why would you want your girlfriend to come to be with you when your boyfriend has gone through all the preparations of having a nice surprise evening and is proposing to you???? That is just stupid, no matter how close friends you are.

    And MiRan —- lives with Ga Eun, didn’t Ga Eun’s dad pay for her trip to the US??? And she won’t let go of Jung Woo. Have no idea what Jung Woo thought — he would never run into MiRan again????

  152. 152 : Summerglow Says:

    Mi-Ran is deranged. She blames Ga-Eun for everything, but it takes 2 to tangle. Ga-eun didn’t get pregnant by herself.

    Jung-Woo got Mi-Ran off when he left her in America, never called her, changed his phone number. There was a reason he got her off, like didn’t she wonder why????

    Jung-Woo using Ga-Eun and her family – creep that he is — the father is very good to him and he is going to steal the company from him, and screw Ga-Eun in the end!!! What a piece of trash.

    He and Mi-Ran are both the same they belong together. How could she kill another person’s baby, especially when Ga-Eun and her family have been so good to her. Why was Ga-eun sleeping on the floor and Mi-Ran was sleeping in the bed. How much more generous could Ga-Eun’s family be to her?

  153. 153 : George C Says:

    This is a very long drawn out drama. Many of the scenes with Mi-Ran’s mother and her idiot boyfriend could have been eliminated. Their scenes amounted to nothing. Complete waste of time.

    Jung-Woo’s mother — I would like to smack her in her dum disgusting mouth, the way she treats Ga-Eun. If Jung-Woo would have married Mi-Ran in the beginning, where would JW’s mother be living??? In the same apartment with no money? She thinks she is so fantastic, why doesn’t she get her rear end out of the house and get a job.

    Idiot Jung-Woo doesn’t even tell her to start harping and criticizing Ga-Eun.

    I would love to see Han Bun Nyeo mouthing off to Mi-Ran every minute. I would love it. But if JW ends up marrying Mi-Ran, she has money now with her clothing line. Both jerks to ruin some one’s else’s life for their gain. I wish Mi-Ran would have lost her baby instead of Ga-Eun.

  154. 154 : Solar Moon Says:

    Jung-Woo is a pig.

    Yoo Young Eun is cute, but don’t like the way she talks. Not sure if she is trying to act cute, or is talking like that because she think’s it is cute, but she sounds stupid and silly.

    Hope she doesn’t end up with Seo Jin. He is cute and has some sense.

  155. 155 : Ryan Says:

    In Ep. 37 – how did Mi-Ran’s mother find out where Ga-Eun takes Na-Ri to school???

    As far as I know, Jung Mal Ja does not know where Jung-Woo and Ga-Eun live, so how could she find the grade school Na-Ri goes too???? So stupid.

    These K-dramas are so unrealistic at times.

    Ga-Eun needs to wake up. She feels she is not trying hard enough to make Jung-Woo happy!!! What a joke. She is a good wife, takes care of the house, the daughter and is good to Jung-Woo and her mouthy witch of a mother-in-law Jung-Woo has never backed or supported Ga-Eun, he always takes his mother’s side.

    She better start waking up as Jung-Woo is getting all the board members on his side and Ga-Eun’s father is sitting home beiieving Jung-Woo is great in doing such a good job handling the company. Duh.

  156. 156 : Rose Petal Says:

    What a joke Han Bun Nyeo is. Too bad Jung Woo didn’t marry Mi-Ran instead of Ga-Eun. Bun Nyeo can criticize and nit pick Ga-Eun every minute, but wow —- when Mi-Ran barged in when she found out Na-Ri was her daughter, Bun Nyeo could not handle her at all.

    Mi-Ran would never put up with any of Bun Nyeo’s crap. Bun Nyeo needs a good slap in her face.

    Mi-Ran was in love with Jung-Woo while they were in New York. Ga-Eun didn’t steal Jung – Woo from Mi-Ran, stupid that she is. He only married Ga-Eun for her father’s company.

    Can’t wait for the revenge from Ga-Eun to begin.

  157. 157 : Day Dreamer Says:

    I wish they would eliminate the scenes with Jung Mal Ja and her idiot boyfriend, Mr. Choi. Neither of them work. How are they paying their rent, buying groceries etc. etc.??? How stupid is this???

    Jung-Woo really did a job on Yoo Dong Gook and idiot Sung-Eun. He was too green to become the President. The father was right in making him learn the ropes first, but Sung-Eun thought he knew it all and thought Jung-Woo was helping him.

    Jae Bum is trying to help Ga-Eun, but hope Jung-Woo and Mi-Ran don’t .ome up with the idea that Ga-Eun was having an affair with Jae Bum. That would put Ga-Eun in a bad spot.

    Jae Bum needs to try and look into how Sun went bankrupt and how all the directors, etc. got on Jung-Woo’s side and left Dong Gook who built the company.

  158. 158 : Drama Fan Says:

    Mi–Ran needs to see a psychiatrist. She blames everything on Ga-Eun. Duh — didn’t she see Nari go into shock and peeing in her pants when she told Nari that she was her mother, not Ga-Eun???? Now she blames Ga-Eun. Jung-Woo is just as stupid. He should ream Mi-Ran out for telling her the truth out of the blue. He is clueless as a father ad Mi-Ran won’t be any better.

    How stupid is this drama……..I am almost positive Jae Bum saw Mi-Ran come out of Dong-kuk Yu’s hospital room. He was shocked when he saw her and he doesn’t say a word to Ga Eun that he saw her. And Ga Eun came around the corner when Mi-Ran was still by her dad’s room and she didn’t she her. So unrealistic to say the least. Dong-kuk died because she went and blabbed everything to him – then she feels she didn’t kill him. What in the hell made her go tell Dong-kuk all that B.S. when he is sick in the hospital. Mi-Ran has no brains – she is stupid like her mother. Her mother and the idiot boyfriend are two Imbecile clowns — completely dumb and worthless.

    And furthermore, how did Mal-ja Jeong and her boyfriend find out that Dong-kuk was in the hospital? Was it on the TV or what???

    What low class idiots barging into the wake to yell at Sung-eun and tear everything apart. How low are these idiots???

  159. 159 : Rose Says:

    I knew Jae Bum was going to get Ga-Eun in trouble by hanging around her. Idiot dumb Mi-Ran is making the friendship to be a relationship. Ga-Eun needs to watch what she does and Jae Bum needs to stop hanging around Ga-Eun. Ga-Eun needs to tell him that they are being followed and having pictures taken of them.

  160. 160 : Starlight Says:

    Ga-Eun is not using her head. She needs to call Ms. Oh to see what kind of help she wanted to offer her. Ms. Oh should have explained herself that she knew things about Jung Woo, that would have helped Ga-Eun to be interested in finding out on what kind of help Ms. Oh can be.

    I can’t stand Mi-Ran’s idiot mother and her idiot stupid good for nothing boyfriend. Two stupid good for nothing losers. I can’t wait for them to get kicked out in the street. Who is paying their apartment rent, how are they getting money for their food and bills, etc. etc.???? This show is unrealistic.

  161. 161 : Solar Light Says:

    Did Sung-Eun wake up yet??? Why doesn’t he tell Ga-Eun that Jung-Woo told him to fire the old standing employees. And that one of the men from the company brought him to look at the land they were to invest in???

    This show just drags on and on. It is a good story, but some of the actors and their scene are not necessary at all.

    Who is releasing all the information about Mi-Ran and the man she was married to in the U.S and that she had an affair with Jung Woo??? Mi-Ran keeps blaming everything on Ga-Eun, absolutely everything, but she is causing a lot of trouble on her own and she is too stupid to realize it.

  162. 162 : Arizona Fan Says:

    I don’t know who is worse. Ga-Eun’s mother or Jung-Woo’s mother?

    Ga-Eun’s mother and sister just cause more trouble for Ga-Eun. They should just let her do what she wants to do and mind their own business.

    Between Mi-Ran and Jung Hae Shil they are making Na Ri crazy. No one has any regard for Na Ri except Ga Eun, and every one keeps pulling them apart. Jung-Woo is stupid also. He needs to have Ga Eun raise Na Ri until she is of an age where Ga Eun can explain to her what happened and let Na Ri make up her mind who she wants to live with.

    So Jae Bum punched Jung Woo — big deal. Jung Woo and Mi-Ran will just continue to believe he and Ga Eun are seeing each other .

    Ga Eun is stupid also. When those women ran into the Fashion Show that Mi-Ran did and said she broke up a family, etc., Ga Eun should never have showed her face for Mi Ran to see. She needs to stay behind the scenes if she is going to cause Mi-Ran and Jung Woo trouble.

  163. 163 : George C Says:

    I thought Jung Hee had a son????? Where is he???? I can’t remember what episode/s he was in? I believe he was at Han Bun Nyeo’s house early on in the show I believe. Did Jung Hee leave the boy with his father??? Or am I hallucinating that she had a little boy???

    So Jung Hee has her eyes on Seo Jin. Wonder if Seo Jin will end up with Young-Eun? Or Jung Hee? Or no one??? Jung Hee is nice but then Seo Jin will be in Jung Woo’s family.

  164. 164 : Ryan Says:

    Why does Ga-Eun feel she needs to take care of the family now that her father is dead? Because she is the oldest. What is wrong with Young-Eun??? She is healthy enough to get out and get a job, instead of moaning about living the high life like they were.

    And Ga-Eun’s mother out buying clothes before Ga=Eun even opened up her store!! Where does she plan on wearing the clothes she bought???? Furthermore, where did Jung Hae Shil get money to buy clothes??? She sold all her jewelry and was scammed???
    These shows don’t make sense at times.

  165. 165 : Drama Fan Says:

    Finally, Jae Bum woke up and told Ga-Eun that Mi-Ran came out of her father’s hospital room the night he died. How many days, weeks, months have passed for him to now remember that. Luckily, Ga-Eun got to see the security tapes before Mi-Ran got her hands on them. Mi-Ran is still in denial that it was her that killed Ga-Eun’s father. She is just brainless.

    Who is paying the apartment rent, food, utilities, etc. etc. etc., that Ga-Eun and her family are living in???? Ga-Eun was working 2 part-time jobs, no way she could afford to main all that!!!! Her idiot sister does nothing but moan about how they live now, but she doesn’t go out and get a job.

    At least Jung-Hee got a job. Jung woo must have found her the job in a clothing store.

  166. 166 : Ryan Says:

    Poor Seo-Jin – he is too good for Young-Eun. I don’t care for her. She has done nothing to help Ga-Eun out since they lost everything. All she does is hang out at Seo-Jin’s company. Not impressed with Young-Eun at all, but he fell for her and her jazz.

    Too bad they could not find another girl for him, better suited to him

  167. 167 : Daisy Says:

    Mi-Ran is a nut case. How can Jung-Woo continue to stay with her and put up with the stupid things that she does to ruin him and then she blames every one else. He didn’t have to screw Ga=Eun’s father just to get the company. The father treated him well and he was doing a good job at the company. Dumb Jung-woo.

    Where does Mi-Ran’s mother sleep??? With Jung-Woo’s mother??

    It appears there is only 3 bedrooms in the house. Jung-Woo always sleeps in his office study when he gets mad at Mi-Ran.

  168. 168 : David Says:

    Geez…….Jung Woo’s mother could not criticize Mi-Ran enough, now that she is pregnant, she is kissing her rear end. She didn’t treat Ga-eun like that when she was pregnant. Ga-Eun did everything at the house and she consistently criticized her.

    Not happy the brother died, and for what reason???? Wonder if the writer will make the connection to how the brother helped Yong-Kap lock Ga-eun in the elevator per Mi-Ran’s instructions?? I thought some how the brother would put two and two together and help Ga-eun find that out.

    Ga-eun is an idiot. she wanted to live a happy with Jae-Bum and decided not to look at the papers Ms. Oh gave her. So in other words, she didn’t care that her brother was in jail on false charges.
    Now that Sung-eun passed away unexpectedly Ga-eun is going for revenge again. Jae-Bum has been helping her all the time, so marry him, be happy and together they can find all the evidence of what Jung-Woo did, etc. Ga-eun doesn’t use her head at all.

    Her mother and Young-eun are worthless. All Young-eun thinks about is running over to the company to see Seo-Jin instead of looking for a job to help support her mother and sister.

    All 3 are stupid women.

  169. 169 : Arizona Fan Says:

    Stupid Young-Eun said “she was going to quit bumming around and look for a job to help Ga-Eun” and she is still sitting on her rear end doing nothing. When she marries Seo-Jin, she will continue
    to do nothing. Seo-Jin is too good for her.

    Hae Shil meets SeoJin for the first time and right away she wants to know what his parents do? Wait until she finds out the Chairman is Seo-Gin’s father. That will be right up Young-Eun and her mother’s alley — they can live in luxury and spend money while sitting around doing nothing.

    Jung-Woo treats his assistant like trash. I am surprised Jung-Woo didn’t have a heart attack doing this drama with the way he is always yelling and getting stressed out about everything.

  170. 170 : George Says:

    Surprised Lee Joo-Hyun (Jung-Woo) didn’t have a heart attack filming this drama. Since he married Mi-Ran, all he does is rant and rave, throw things around.

    No matter how many times Mi-Ran has screwed up since they got married, Jung-Woo keeps supporting her. They need to get divorced. Mi-Ran did well on her own in the U.S. She can start over on her or maybe have some peace in her life. Not that she didn’t do any wrong things along that way to get her hands on him.

    How hard up is Nana to take sleeping pills with the idea that Jae-Bun will marry her?? How brainless is she that she can’t understand that Jae-Bun does not love her at all. He has told her several times, why can’t you just get it and move one. Dumb chick.

  171. 171 : Daisy Says:

    Ga-Eun never uses her head – how stupid is she??? Some strange guy calls her that he knew her brother in prison and to meet him in a hotel room!!! She runs off there like a loser. She should have gone with the chairman as he has security with him.

    She did the same thing early on in the drama with Mi-Ran, Yong-Kap and her brother set her up and she got locked in the elevator and lost her baby.

    At the end of Ep 133 when all this occurred, she is crying with Jae-Bun in his car, who resecued her, she then says to JB, “maybe Seung-Eun is alive.” Duh — whose body did they bury??? Didn’t they see Seung-Eun’s body when he died???

    How long will it take for Ga-Eun and Jae Bum continue to fall for Mi-Ran’s tricks???

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