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Personal Taste

Title: 개인의 취향 / Kaeinui Chwihyang / Personal Taste
Chinese Title : 个人取向
Also known as: Personal Preference / Kae In’s Taste
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-March-31 to 2010-May-20
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55


Jeon Jin Ho is a straight guy who pretends to be gay in order to become a roommate to his female friend, Park Kae In. His hobbies include organization and ironing, and he’s known for his stoic poker face. He’s a stickler for cleanliness, but he also has a talent for figuring out women’s feelings. Kae In is very trusting even though she has a habit of being betrayed. However that doesn’t stop her from giving people the benefit of doubt and Jin Ho is no different. How will Kae In react when she finds out that her gay roommate is not actually gay at all and that he has fallen for her?


Son Yeh Jin as Park Kae In
Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho
Kim Ji Suk as Han Chang Ryul
Noh Tae Yub as Chang Ryul (child)
Wang Ji Hye as Kim In Hee
Choi Eun Seo as Na Hye Mi
Im Seul Ong as Kim Tae Hoon
Jo Eun Ji as Lee Young Sun
Jung Sung Hwa as No Sang Joon
Ryu Seung Ryong as Choi Do Bin
Park Hae Mi as Jin Ho’s mother
Ahn Suk Hwan as Han Yoon Sub
Jang Won Young as Secretary Kim
Kang Shin Il as Park Chul Han
Yoon Eun Hye as Eun Soo (cameo, ep8)
Bong Tae Kyu as Lee Won Ho (cameo)
Jung Chan as bridegroom (cameo)
Song Sun Mi as bride (cameo)
Julien Kang as Chang Ryul’s foreign friend (cameo)
Park No Shik as Goo Joon Pyo (cameo)
Kim Joon Ho (cameo)
Kim Na Young (cameo)
Kim Nam Gil (cameo)
Oh Eun Chan as Joon Hyuk

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Choi Yi Seob (최이섭)
Director: Son Hyung Suk (손형석), No Jong Chan (노종찬)
Original writing: Noval “Personal Preference” by Lee Sae In (이새인)
Screenwriter: Park Hye Kyung (박혜경)


– 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actor (Lee Min Ho)

Related Photo

taste1a.jpg taste2.jpg taste3.jpg taste4.jpg taste5.jpg taste6.jpg taste7.jpg taste8.jpg taste9.jpg

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-Mar-31 1 12.7 (8th) 13.7 (8th)
2010-Apr-01 2 11.4 (12th) 11.9 (11th)
2010-Apr-07 3 12.9 (9th) 14.5 (6th)
2010-Apr-08 4 12.8 (10th) 14.0 (10th)
2010-Apr-14 5 13.0 (7th) 14.3 (7th)
2010-Apr-15 6 12.2 (10th) 13.1 (9th)
2010-Apr-21 7 13.6 (6th) 15.1 (5th)
2010-Apr-22 8 13.0 (9th) 13.9 (8th)
2010-Apr-28 9 14.2 (7th) 15.8 (6th)
2010-Apr-29 10 13.9 (8th) 15.0 (6th)
2010-May-05 11 16.2 (4th) 17.6 (4th)
2010-May-06 12 14.3 (7th) 15.8 (4th)
2010-May-12 13 12.1 (5th) 13.1 (5th)
2010-May-13 14 13.2 (7th) 14.3 (7th)
2010-May-19 15 12.4 (7th) 13.0 (7th)
2010-May-20 16 14.3 (7th) 14.9 (7th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : chelle Says:

    oh go lee min ho is so handsome…i will watch this drama..super like!!!

  2. 2 : chelle Says:

    oh! first to comment…i love it!!!

  3. 3 : jh Says:

    oh.. this looks good.. i wanna watch…

  4. 4 : che Says:

    annyeong haseyo…i will surely watch it..im studying korean language now..and watching korean drama helps me a lot…may i ask if min ho have a twitter acount?..

  5. 5 : vahn Says:

    I think this movie will be worth to see.. I am so excited to see this movie

  6. 6 : karamiuiq Says:

    karamiuiqkaramiuiqkaramiuiqkaramiuiq karamiuiqkaramiuiqkaramiuiqkaramiuiq

  7. 7 : Kaoux Says:

    Lee Min ho est troooooop beau vivement sa diffusion 😀 Lee Min Ho, I love you (L)

  8. 8 : Dvee Says:

    It’s sound like we going to have an enjoyable drama

  9. 9 : Sarahning Says:

    finnaly, min hoo’s new drama…….. gamshahamida…..:)

  10. 10 : eli Says:

    can’t wait to watch this drama …….

  11. 11 : nana Says:

    will gonna watch it =)

  12. 12 : taka Says:

    i m so excited about lee min ho &son yi jen’s new drama and both of them are telanted actors.

  13. 13 : sara Says:

    can’t wait to watch this.LMH fighting.but i m a little annoyed by the age gap.SYJ is 6 years older.though it seems very intersting.surly watch it.

  14. 14 : agasshi Says:

    Wait Me LMH
    be a good film ^_^

  15. 15 : gsnape Says:

    can’t wait to see this drama. i think lee min ho would be great in it 🙂

  16. 16 : サティヤ* Says:

    Lee Min Ho is so awesome! 😀

    Hello, please visit my blog. I posted some Korean drama+News, MV, K-pop info, and others.. Thank you! ^^

  17. 17 : rina Says:

    I do not look forward to watch this drama

  18. 18 : febri Says:

    waw, lee min ho playing in this drama 😮

  19. 19 : kirian Says:

    m so excited!!! Can’t wait!

  20. 20 : elnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz Says:

    I wanna watch it ! can’t wait to see this drama !

  21. 21 : boobookitty Says:

    older woman, younger man drama…again. Son Yeh Jin is five years older than Lee Min Ho. Here we go again. lol

  22. 22 : DarkKnight Says:

    Totally off topic, but does anyone know the name to this drama?


    I’ve been wondering


  23. 23 : ella marie Says:

    ohhh my god..i really grab a opy of dvd in it..lee min ho and so ye jin? a perfet couple for this drama

  24. 24 : BH Says:


  25. 25 : S.Faiz Hakem Says:

    HAHAHaa!!! Cant Wait to c this…………………

  26. 26 : Bebe Says:

    OMG!!!! he’s on the screen! Yes! Sooooooooo cheered in excitement for them!!! I saw some pics I really admit this drama has grabbed my interest the most due to giggly-funny OMG!!! its a FABULOUS lead actor!!!

  27. 27 : Sony Says:

    This would be an exciting drama. Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin are also famous.
    It’s good to go!

  28. 28 : iya27 Says:

    Can’t wait to see… Lee Min Ho with it… I’m IN!

  29. 29 : meiji arnella Says:

    it’s very intresting …
    i”m waiting personal taste…
    i sure personal taste very good and funny after you are beautifull….

  30. 30 : mega chandra Says:

    wait for this dramas….

  31. 31 : Keiko Says:

    Yes….LEE MIN HO he’s awesome actor , cute and FABULOUS …!!!! can’t wait want to see the drama …..

  32. 32 : jampong Says:

    Hi, when this drama airs end of march, you can come broadcatch it on our website! jampong.com

  33. 33 : mee hlwan Says:

    i like movies

  34. 34 : uyu Says:

    i am very curious to this movie? when this film can be seen in Indonesia??
    or if you want to watch on the Internet through what site???

  35. 35 : uyu Says:

    I am very curious about this movie,,, when this film can be seen in Indonesia?? or if you want to watch on the Internet through what site?

  36. 36 : Wendy Says:

    please start airing soon…highlight of the month

  37. 37 : retno Says:

    I can`t wait to see this drama……i think the couple on this drama “Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin” is the best couple after “Jo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye” in Princess Hours…..

    I Hope this drama can show in Indonesia….


  38. 38 : sherine Says:

    I can’t wait this drama..i like lee min ho..saranghe…^.^

  39. 39 : Irene Martha Says:

    kyaaa >__

  40. 40 : rye Says:

    whoaa…. cant wait to see this movie!!!!!

  41. 41 : Jani Says:

    this drama looks interesting…can’t wait to see the return of Lee Minho, one of my fav actor..

  42. 42 : hancock Says:

    the press conference


  43. 43 : mandha minoz Says:

    handsome_a oppa quw…
    saranghae lee min ho oppa…
    you’re my everything love for min ho oppa…. ciiiiieeeee….. ^_^

  44. 44 : mandha minoz Says:

    handsome_a oppa quw di kaeinui chwihyang….
    saranghae lee min ho oppa….
    you’re my everything love for min ho oppa….. ciiiiiieeeeee ^_^
    bravo oppa…………….

  45. 45 : nabilaa Says:

    i can’t wait to see this drama!! 🙂

  46. 46 : 2PMHottests Says:

    Lee MinHo !!!
    Im Seulong !! I’m so much excited for this Drama!
    What time this will air? Is it Morning or Evening? ^^

  47. 47 : steffi Says:

    is this drama air on channel U or some other channel

  48. 48 : Kim Ga Eul Says:

    HAHAHA!! OMG! I looked at the drama poster and was like “this guy kinda looks like Lee Min Ho…hmmm..” and then I looked at the cast list and was like AHHH!! IT IS!! LOL! Awesome, awesome, not a big fan of his but I have to admit, he IS a great actor! Looking forward to this drama!

  49. 49 : tyaaa...MIN0z Says:

    I LIKE LEE MIN HO…^_^v

  50. 50 : abby Says:

    im super excited for this drama hope it will be a big hit!
    it sound so cool and funny!

  51. 51 : michelle kalaw Says:

    this comedy lovestory will become big hit again here in the phils.!!!!!we love jun pyo

  52. 52 : stilletto Says:

    OMG, it’s gonna be awesome drama series 😀

  53. 53 : mira Says:

    can’t wait to watch the drama. love lee min ho!!!

  54. 54 : finder Says:

    If you want to know what korea is, remember to go http://www.allkorean.net/.

  55. 55 : ERIKA Says:


  56. 56 : resty Says:

    gun pyo….ooh…plis..come soon this drama….luv…luv..just luv min hoo….The greatest actor!!:*

  57. 57 : jung Says:

    looking forward….minho and yejin good actor and actress!

  58. 58 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Lee Min Ho looks a lot different from Boys before Flower.
    The first episode was ok compare to KBS’s Cinderella’s Sister. But I think I’ll keep watching it for a while.

    You could watch it at http://www.dramabang.com

  59. 59 : YIMSSSSS Says:

    Do any of you know where to watch it with english sub, i couldn’t find any in viikii or youtube 🙁

  60. 60 : jung Says:

    i watched the first episode, it was awesome~ interesting story line. Also, leeminho and sonyejin nice acting skills!

  61. 61 : Pw!nCeSs_SoFeA Says:

    can anyone tell me where can i watch personal taste in eng sub? plz..

  62. 62 : robotdollsheart Says:

    hey does sb know where i can find the eps with eng sub ??? plz!!Ö.Ö

  63. 63 : vero Says:

    Watch it on dramasub!

  64. 64 : mikayella Says:

    go to viikii.net there’s a lot of english sub dramas in this website.
    i watch da first episode its okay. da girl isn’t dat pretty though.
    BUT lee min ho HOT! 🙂

  65. 65 : Susu Says:

    I love this drama
    Min Ho and Ye Jin look really good together ^^

  66. 66 : solmaz Says:

    : D

  67. 67 : Lynn K Says:

    omg i love this drama soo much…funny!!! hahhaha….lee min ho is superp hot….and 2AM Su Long is in this drama too….omg…really looking forward of this drama!!! XD

  68. 68 : Sony Says:

    I’ve watched trailer of this drama.
    It’s really interesting.
    I think this drama is awfsome.
    Looking forward for this drama in Eng Sub!
    Hope can watch it in viikii!

  69. 69 : novie Says:

    Im waiting this drama in Indonesia…i hope its good drama…

  70. 70 : koreanprincess Says:

    i love this show!!!! its so funny…i love her bestfriend the best BFf ever…i love lee min hoo his hot!!!! man. that girl who steal boyfriend fuck sincha really pissing me off to dead!!! how can she show her face infront of her pretend that nothing happened just went to her house and said” i”ll take my place?!!!” ar u fucking kidding me a chammm!!!bitchosoe fuck wat a bitch so thick skin..and that girl wat the hell wrong with u that girl steal ur boyfriend and all u do is talk?ahhh man when that bitch went to ur house u should have slap her hard in the face and grab her hair and drag her out of the house…a sincha really pissing me off

  71. 71 : aysegul Says:

    loved it loved it loved it. im looking forward to watch the 3rd ep.

  72. 72 : jampong Says:

    You can find torrent to this drama here:


  73. 73 : tashii M. Says:

    will be the rest of the episodes will be here?.. im so gonna wait for it.:) this movie is kinda interesting, like BOF.:”> i hope we will not wait for too long.. coz’ i want to finish this film. I really love comedy-romance.:P especially Lee Min Ho.:D

  74. 74 : kati Says:

    lovely boy…………
    good luck lee min ho………………

  75. 75 : solmaz Says:

    special thanks to (dreamboy82)….
    I can whach this drama at (dramabang)….

  76. 76 : yajeangelou Says:

    yah. i’m sure this will be a big hit. filipinos are into lee min ho. i hope abs-cbn can get the rights of this drama,, not gma 🙂

  77. 77 : jiana Says:

    I love (LEE MIN HO) and i wish this drama will be as good as BOYS OVER FLOWERS…………..

  78. 78 : jiana Says:

    : )( :

  79. 79 : jiana Says:

    goodluck lee min ho

  80. 80 : jung Says:

    cool~ the ratings will keep on rising…..its a nice drama

  81. 81 : solmaz Says:

    so beautiful,korean house…
    I like it.

  82. 82 : JK90 Says:

    it seems excellent…

  83. 83 : hiya Says:

    hating the girl lead… ugly(no affence to those who think shes pretty) and her acting isnt good… 🙁 dissapointed

  84. 84 : Aksin Says:

    I like the Korean Style in every way.
    The Drama seems great too:)

  85. 85 : solmaz Says:

    thanks for “English subtitle”……..

  86. 86 : solmaz Says:

    I like your style LEE MIN HO

  87. 87 : Gee Says:

    im disapointed in the girl lead. she’s ugly ( no offence to those who are a fan of her)
    i wished they got the girl who played jandi in Boys over flower instead. she would’ve been great for this role. 😛

  88. 88 : dana Says:

    thanks personal taste team for english subtitle…
    : )
    : )

  89. 89 : dana Says:


  90. 90 : Jani Says:

    first and most, thanks to all the subbers for their hard work, without you guys we wouldn’t be enjoying such dramas..Aloha!

    this is an excellent drama to watch and the male lead is none other than the talented and gorgeous Lee Min Ho..welcome back!

    as for the female lead, they should fix her up a bit..she’s plain from head to toe….hopefully, that will change in this coming episodes!!

  91. 91 : fans Says:


  92. 92 : dana Says:

    I love lee min ho

  93. 93 : JK90 Says:

    sometimes I need to watch some drama which made me happy and take me smile…..
    (personal taste & boys over flowers ) are like these…..
    I loved them….. thanks

  94. 94 : sani Says:


  95. 95 : sani Says:

    PARK KAE IN…… please cut your heir!!! and change your shabby dress!

  96. 96 : feta Says:

    a big kiss for handsome

  97. 97 : solmaz Says:


  98. 98 : ngenge Says:

    thanks personal taste team for english subtitle….Lee Min Ho and Son Yeh Jin are great acting.

  99. 99 : kati Says:

    I like your drama & I wish it will continue better
    : )
    I like lee min ho

  100. 100 : nor Says:


  101. 101 : sani Says:


  102. 102 : Hungribunni Says:

    For those who find Son Yeh Jin a plain jane, she has acted in movies and is a really excellent actress with great depth. Check out “The Classic”. She is the sort that grows on you over time because she is simple but endearing. She might not be a conventional “babe” but it is nice to see people like her succeed because she has talent. Also, she prob reflects better the everyday girl on the street who is a little shy, a little awkward and very sincere. She isn’t the popular cheerleader and might be the misunderstood wall flower. I think that is a more interesting personality.

    Pls understand I love the protagonist of “Coffee Prince” too… but there are different roles and different actresses to play them. It’d be a real yawn if every role was played by one person. Plus, it could be a case where the actors happen to be under different broadcasters or talent agencies linked to broadcasters.

    Appreciate the talents and the effort placed by the various artistes and don’t just judge them based on looks?

    Anyway, more pics of Son Yeh Jin outside of this role-







  103. 103 : sha Says:

    pls.. upload episode 5 – 16.. this drama very funny..

  104. 104 : Jae Says:

    Son Yeh Jin is actually very pretty, I’m sure she has to look like that because of the character she is playing. Please dont judge her if you don’t even know her name or the past films she’s acted in.
    She is a very talented actress and one of my personal favourites.

  105. 105 : kdramalover Says:

    She has no match with Lee Min Ho whatsoever…. Look old, ugly and sloppy charater… I don’t like her at all… I think the drama is great but just her…. Love Lee Min Ho forever…

  106. 106 : sani Says:

    hi guys….
    plz don,t think in wrong way!!!!
    I’m not korean but like your dramas,such as “jymoong,sam son,boys over flowers &…..”I whatch them with English subtitle.
    sometimes, when we are watching a drama or movie which is important for us..
    we like to talk about it….about who we are like them…
    sometimes we laugh with them.cry or angree….or give some ideas….
    I know mrs son yeh jin is very mighty and strong…..& I love LEE MIN HO from BOF….. sorry if I made u sad & I wish the best for them….
    but PLZ try to be soft with viewers!!!
    : ) : ) : ) : )

  107. 107 : 올코리안넷 Says:


  108. 108 : Em Says:

    far owt you freak * corncerning 105 post* She’s actually very pretty… lay off the insults or better yet don’t watch the Drama… You’re such a sour grape.. IF you don’t like her then back off and go watch another drama…. sheesh..! u piss me off..!

  109. 109 : Naga Says:

    Like both the actress and actor. Cute show…

  110. 110 : intyce Says:

    *105* you should change your name to kdramahater.

  111. 111 : piglet Says:

    beside her age, Son ye jin is a talented actress and she’s one of my favourite. Pls. don’t say her bad without watchig the dramas she had played before. She and Lee min ho are great matched.

  112. 112 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Episode 5 is on http://www.dramabang.com

  113. 113 : Martins Says:

    The problem of the dama, expect it is boring, is th main lead characters have no chemistry (I have noticed with Lee Min Ho, he has no chemistry with his female co-stars). Plus lead male character does not look older than the lead Female. LMH here is stiff in his acting (even Choi Siwon in his drama and Taec today are better than him in this area) and he has not the “Oppa vibe” with SYJ. Either LMH was miscasted either SYJ was.

  114. 114 : trio Says:

    to anybody who want to say that the actress is not suitable for lee min ho or the acting is bad or whatever….please!do min ho a favor..keep your s*** comment to yourself dude!!you killing the mood for other people who are trying to enjoy the drama…thank you..

    *TO ME:this drama IS SUPER GREAT!..;)

  115. 115 : jung Says:

    sonyejin is very pretty! did u watch her in summer scent? leeminho acting is great~ I think this drama is definitely better than oh my lady

  116. 116 : kate Says:

    i can’t hardly wait to watch the full trailer of the movie…lee min ho,..i think you are doing a good job in portraying your character as a gay pretender…hahaha. great job…keep it up…

  117. 117 : kdrmalove Says:

    i think this drama will be sucessful. it’s cute based on the first four episodes 😀 go Lee Min Ho

  118. 118 : rjc Says:

    okayy! i heart this drama! the two fit their characters. they’re cute :))
    lee min ho and son ye jin keep up the good work :3

  119. 119 : jane Says:

    This would be a really great drama! I like them both, keep on fighting you guys! I’ll always support you. Lee min ho saranghae 😀

  120. 120 : hmm Says:

    For you who hate son yeh jin, please! Are you better than her? Are you more pretty than her? Can you act so good like her? Uh, I don’t think so -_-

  121. 121 : solmaz Says:

    hi. the personal taste team,I watch this drama from (online with English subtitle)….Episote 4(part 5 & 6 ) has problom,it dosent loading…it has error
    plz,plz,plz,plz check it,,,,,,

  122. 122 : solmaz Says:


    I mean this site…..
    plz control it…..

  123. 123 : Cdey Says:

    the episode 2-4 is broken. grr please fix it as soon as possible, i can’t wait to watch. i’m starting to like this drama because of the episode 1 and daaa the next episode is broken. please please. :(((

  124. 124 : jung Says:

    I watch this from tudou…..they upload it incredibly fast!……but only have chinese subtititles hehe

  125. 125 : dinaz Says:

    hey sweetie(lee min ho),
    though i cnt watch ur drama rite nw being in india bt i m praying dat ur new drama becomes a hit and ur popularity increases day by day..ALL THE BEST DARLING..n love u love u..muah muah..

  126. 126 : dinaz Says:

    oh cmon enjoy d drama plz all of u!n make it a hit..plz plz!u all r so lucky 2 c hs drama..i hope it wl b a success!evn though i m his n goo hye sun’s fan bt i m hopin dat hs drama wl b a hit..all d best min ho sweetie..

  127. 127 : solmaz Says:

    please remove the problem of broken episode4,part 5 & 6……….

  128. 128 : kati Says:

    lee min ho is so kind on every role…
    I LOVE HIM………….

  129. 129 : kati Says:

    lee min ho ,u are my favrate korean actor…………..
    goodluck u and your new drama…..
    u are very handsome………..

  130. 130 : jung Says:

    I love this drama so much…..why the ratings so low

  131. 131 : keket Says:

    where can i watch this drama with eng sub ?

  132. 132 : chingoo Says:

    Yoon eun hye will be appearing in episode 8… on april 22nd… sure the ratings gonna be sky high….

    YEH midas touch… Fighting Yoon Eun HYe… Fighting Lee Min ho, Son yeh Jin…

    Fighting Personal Taste..!!!

  133. 133 : jh Says:

    im @ ep 3 now…. its below my expectations tho… have high expectations for this show…

  134. 134 : solmaz Says:

    hi keket,u can watch this drama with English subtitle,above this comment,in this page,u see “Watch Online with English subtitle” this part,click & then chose the episode…..

  135. 135 : solmaz Says:

    this addres


  136. 136 : Rakeback Deals Says:

    i like your writing style, very easy to understand. i will look foward your next post, keep it up.

  137. 137 : Grace Says:

    luvin this drama so far

  138. 138 : samida Says:

    i luv dis drama b cuz i luv every drama of lee min ho 🙂

  139. 139 : dinaz Says:

    hi cutie pie,
    i m realy hoping 4 an increase in ur drama’s ratings.hope ur drama does well..i m sure u are working hard 4 it so i hope ur hard work pays..ALL THE BEST.n i m realy eager 2 c u in curly hair again u look so cute in it..
    love u love u..muah muah..

  140. 140 : Jani Says:

    now that’s what I’m talking about…Kae In looks so gorgeous in episode 6, all dressed up with a bit of make up…watch out In Hee!

    She is indeed a beautiful and talented actress..no doubt! Keep up the good work and hopefully the rating will improve dramatically in the next episodes..

  141. 141 : solmaz Says:

    hurry up guys!!!
    I mean u!!!!…… personal taste team..!!!
    I,m waiting for episode 5 & 6 with English subtitle…..
    oh come on….
    I LIKE this drama……………………………….
    good luck for all of u…….

  142. 142 : jamie Says:

    you’re so good lee min ho i’m a big fan of yours…i hope u and koo hye sun will team up together again

  143. 143 : Daisy Says:

    this drama is soooooo goood!
    i don’t know why it’s getting low ratings!!!
    I LOVE IT!

  144. 144 : solmaz Says:


    wow…..episode 5 with English subtitle

    personal taste team in viikii.net

  145. 145 : doris Says:

    YEH is doing cameo role..I wish that LEE MINHO and YEH will have a drama together after this. chnistry is sooo gooooodddddd…

  146. 146 : kati Says:

    son yah jin is cute….

  147. 147 : taka Says:

    wow!!!!YEH and LMH looks really great 2gether in the pic only before the drama aired, i wish they can have a flim or drama 2 gether in the future.it will be a big hit………….we LOVEEEE them SOOOO much…….

  148. 148 : vali Says:

    I really enjoy to watch your drama.

  149. 149 : jamie Says:

    maybe the ratings will rise up if geum jandi will be his partner…their chemistry really stamped i our head…but this actress is also good and pretty

  150. 150 : rinna Says:

    lee min ho ,u are my favrate korean actor

  151. 151 : memey Says:

    its a great drama i think

  152. 152 : solmaz Says:

    u will successful at last.
    I know u will get more and more commens…..

  153. 153 : taka Says:

    i can’t wait for Yoon Eyun Hye’s appearence in this drama…….

  154. 154 : intyce Says:

    It would be great if they can get Koo Hye Sun to do a guest appearance!! =) The ratings will definitely go up.

  155. 155 : vali Says:

    lovely drama

  156. 156 : dinaz Says:

    o 2day another episode will b aired..i m hoping it wl do well this time..lee min ho darling ALL THE BEST..hoping 4 a remarkable increase in d ratings..lv u..

  157. 157 : ayu Says:

    anyeong haseo

  158. 158 : Amy Says:

    Episode 6 is so funny. Especially the part where JinHo has to run to the store to buy the “thing with wings” I truly enjoy the drama so far.

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    : (
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  161. 161 : solmaz Says:

    I have a problem to watch episode 6 on ”Mysoju.com” ….
    it dosen’t open…..WHY?????????
    I have ERROR to install VIIKII -desktop………
    plz help me……….

  162. 162 : solmaz Says:


  163. 163 : solmaz Says:

    : ( : (

    : ( : (

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    help me please. 🙁

  167. 167 : ehlai06 Says:

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  168. 168 : solmaz Says:

    hi dear friends,yrehca and ehlaio6
    u can watch episode 6 on “dramabang.com”
    but without subtitle…..

  169. 169 : solmaz Says:

    I NEED

  170. 170 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Episode 7 is out on http://www.dramabang.com
    Don’t miss the beginning! Can’t wait until tomorrow for #8

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  173. 173 : solmaz Says:

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    : )
    he was so kind also as GU JUN PYO,I think ,he is very kind in his real life,good for his girlfriend….
    : (

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    cant wait for the next ep.


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    but as expected min ho will be with that girl in the end, kinda pity the chairman…hopefully he’ll have a good ending as well

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    @Rowena it’s kamsamnida not angsaminda.. Kamsamnida means thank you..

  210. 210 : BudBundy Says:

    Very good until ep7. The Alchemy between the main character is good and the plot is interesting and fast enough. Ep7 and ep8 turned the drama into a boring show. The gay misunderstanding joke goes too far and becomes offensive. The characters becomes blank and annoying making the plot draggy. Its very very messy.

  211. 211 : mieyanarain Says:

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  212. 212 : mieyanarain Says:

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    today ,I learn a korean word!!!
    ((kamsamnida ,, anne ))!!! : ) lOooOl

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    please solve my problem to install (viikii desktop plugin),it has problem….
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    Hi, you can download the latest episodes 7 and 8 at http://www.jampong.com (you have to register .. and no subtitles .. .. yet ..)

  218. 218 : ashlovekorea Says:
  219. 219 : kati Says:

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  220. 220 : kati Says:


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    actually i am waiting for this series.. i just did not recognized the title.. i read somewhere about their team-up and now i know… the storyline is basically between a man and woman with a twist of course… they are together because of misunderstanding – one thought that the other is gay and that’s where the story evolves.
    it’s great to see this actors’ chemistry on-screen and the female lead continuously proves to be a versatile actress. I’ve seen several of her movies that I thought: she’ll really something.. takes a role that is not ordinary. Kudos to this 2 (*-*)

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    still in episode 3
    so far i like it
    min ho look much better here than in BOF (obviously his hair)
    son yeh jin is a great actress (watched The Classic yesterday)
    n younha’s song is amazing!!!

  236. 236 : anne Says:

    @solmaz.. cheonmaneyo! means you’re welcome!

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    can somebody tells me. does every episode comes out once a week it is? or what? why now they don’t have the 9th episode? when will it be out??

  238. 238 : acel26 Says:


    open that site guys you can watch “Personal Taste” Every Episodes, aNd it’s a good quality with sUbtitle…

  239. 239 : acel26 Says:


    open that site guys you can watch “Personal Taste” Every Episodes, aNd it’s a good quality with sUbtitle…

  240. 240 : acel26 Says:


    open that site guys you can watch “Personal Taste” Every Episodes, aNd it’s a HD quality with sUbtitle…

  241. 241 : solmaz Says:

    to anne….

    : ) : ) : ),,,,,thanks a lot,,,,,

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    I like it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  251. 251 : vali Says:

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    I need Enghlish subtitle……..
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  252. 252 : solmaz Says:

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    me too!!!
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  257. 257 : shatrina Says:

    i love how the story goes. . .
    love also how lee min ho improve as an actor. . .
    i like the new character of Son Ye Jin. . .i’ve watched many of her dramas and movies and she’s a very outstanding actress. . .she can portray any role very well. . .love all her movies!
    it is also great that they have given a chance to Lee Min Ho to work with a very good cast and especially a chance to work with SYJ. . .

  258. 258 : nouf Says:

    Lee min ho .. Son Yeh Jin ..
    Fighting ..!

  259. 259 : solmaz Says:

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  260. 260 : solmaz Says:

    : )

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  262. 262 : lindsey Says:

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  263. 263 : lindsey Says:

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  264. 264 : czarinah Says:

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  265. 265 : czarinah Says:

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  266. 266 : shatrina Says:

    i love the last part in Ep. 10 which LMH kissed SYN infront of Changryul and InHee. . .hehe where LMH walks toward SYJ and said it is GAME OVER!!!!!!

  267. 267 : czarinah Says:

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  268. 268 : intyce Says:

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  269. 269 : marbleloaf Says:

    after watching the kiss scene between syj and lmh, i dont think ill be able to go to sleep. EPIC!!! does anyone know how many episodes are officially left? i only ask because i need to get my life together…this drama has been all sorts of distraction!

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  271. 271 : zz Says:

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  272. 272 : zz Says:

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  273. 273 : blu Says:

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  274. 274 : blu Says:

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  275. 275 : blu Says:

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  276. 276 : rikolvgen Says:

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    Hope Changryul and InHee fast be lover again , then no time border
    LMH N SYJ.

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  278. 278 : BudBundy Says:

    This drama is so!!!!! draggy. This is ep 9 and the project they supposed to work on has not advanced one bit. There is nothing interesting and we are supposed to adhere to these characters who do nothing but wanders like the world was a heavy burden? Chang Ryul and Min Ho appears blank characters with no responsibility, no accomplishment, no charisma and no personality. Kae In is the toy of fate and buy anything she is told. She is not a honest person. She is a stupid person. Only In Hee worth something as an evil girl. I hope in the end, Chang Ruyl ends up with her so she can scold him like her naughty son and behave like his mother and Min Ho ends with In Hee so she can enjoy life controlling his blank personality. I can not stand his face like destiny is against him but in fact he just has no balls. No, I think I want Chang Ryul end up with Min Ho and Kae Hin commits suicide and I want the writer to commit suicide too because if he believes taking the spetators for fools make the drama interesting he is wrong. This drama is a failure and I bet it will be sacked by the reviews after it is done.

  279. 279 : jung Says:

    @budbundy I agree with you that episode 9 is draggy and nothing is happening. But I disagree with you that the drama is not interesting. Maybe the scriptwriter is not that good but the storyline is fresh and interesting. Can’t u feel minho’s charisma in the character?? he is such a nice and cool gentleman in the drama….he helped kaein to buy sanitary pads LOL…I like that idea…Finally in Episode 10, MINHO IS KISSING SONYEJIN with LOVE AND PASSION!!I love that kiss, it’s so sweet and come at the right time..I can feel JinHoo’s protectiveness towards Kae In…i’m loving him and I hope he will end up with sonyejin…..It’s also weird and disgusting to see Chui Guan Zhang as a gay. His face is so manly which makes it so funny haha~

  280. 280 : dinaz Says:

    o atlest d ratings r better ths tim!gosh!how negative a person can write about a drama i m so dissapointed with budbundy!bt its ur opinion wat cn i say!d othr comments r gud so i guess d drama is good.newaz minho keep working hard..love u!love u lots!

  281. 281 : gameOVER Says:

    u should watch what u r saying. although it was your opinion, please dont despise this drama here! maybe u dont like it, but many others luv it. for the fans, your comment was really harsh n hurtful. its only 9th epsd, dont make overall judgment yet.

    lee min ho and son ye jin did very great job in this drama. their acting were superb! they make really sweet couple n i want them to win the best couple award =)..please support this drama till the end.

  282. 282 : martins Says:

    Well said Budbundy.
    PT was supposed to be a light hearted rom-com drama. But as they see the actors acting are lacking in this departement and their plot is very very thin and predicable, they suddendly bring kisses here and there (sometimes you wonder why) like in their fifth episode (drunk kiss ? very original !) and angst with suddendly the main leads characters going through sorrow (want to copy Cinderella’s unni ? Or simply the script is bad ?)

  283. 283 : aduh Says:

    whether the movie full house second session of play kim tae hee?
    I see the picture below:


  284. 284 : solmaz Says:

    what are u talking about?are u fighting each other?!!!

  285. 285 : anne Says:

    OMG!!! i like how Lee Min Ho kissed Son Yeh Jin!!!! it was super kilig to the bones!!!! ayyyyeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  286. 286 : Astrid Says:

    please help me,,

    how to download at vikii with subtitle??

    because,, i download at vikii,, but there’re no subtitle in my download. .

  287. 287 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    @ 283, the picture does not seem like an official poster for full house2.ot seems like the characters’ pictures were just edited to make it appear that they are together. i thinks it’s kinda funny coz the picture of kim tae hee doesn’t even look recent. and yeah, this is a PT page. i think you should post the link on full house page for full house lovers to enjoy ^___^

  288. 288 : hana Says:

    and people who don´t like this drama
    have no taste !!!!

  289. 289 : babes Says:

    can anyone confirm if PT is being extended to 20 episodes instead of 16 as originally planned?

  290. 290 : sani Says:

    son yeh jin & lee min ho,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fighting!!!!!

  291. 291 : sani Says:

    : D

  292. 292 : lucille Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye was on episode 8… i really think that MBC is cooking something for YEH and Lee Min Ho’s team up (they have chemistry).. hope the news would push through…
    Anywayz, i find this series a little dragging but as you go along with the story, youll get hook up with the characters and the story. love the team up of LMH and SYJ… hope SYJ’s new personality from episode 8 onward will get tough and stronger but with her previous personality still mix up.. also love the house (hope to own something like that someday)!!

  293. 293 : febi Says:

    wow.. Lee Min Hoo the best actor.. i love u so much..
    im so happy i can see again u Min Hoo…

  294. 294 : jh Says:

    nice ep 10… cant wait for ep 11!!!

  295. 295 : solmaz Says:

    personal taste team……………..
    the problem dosen,t solve yet…………..
    I need English subtitle….
    : (
    : (
    : (

  296. 296 : solmaz Says:

    : (
    : (
    : (

  297. 297 : ngenge Says:

    Personal Taste is a good drama. LMH & SYJ are great !!!

  298. 298 : hana Says:

    i´m still not over the kiss
    i watched the kissing scene millons of time already
    but can´t get enough!!!
    so wonderful…
    i saw the preview for ep 11..so excited…its getting more complicated i guess..

  299. 299 : dinaz Says:

    everyone’s talking about d kiss..i m soo..jelous!!lucky son yeh jin..son yeh jin u r pretty gal..n minho ure too awesome beyond wods love u cutie pie!

  300. 300 : dinaz Says:

    everyone’s talking about d kiss..i m soo..jelous!!lucky son yeh jin..son yeh jin u r pretty gal..n minho ure too awesome beyond words love u cutie pie!

  301. 301 : sani Says:

    I love lee min ho………….

  302. 302 : sani Says:

    son yeh jin is very cute,she is nice and a good actress…I like her,,,,
    : )

  303. 303 : sbj Says:

    waaaa,,minho, looks damn gorgeous wif dat straight hair!! huuuuuu, i wanna watch dat drama!!!!!!!

  304. 304 : damiaz Says:

    luv u LEE MIN HO

  305. 305 : tlov3 Says:

    I love this drama… looking forward to seeing whats going to happen

  306. 306 : solmaz Says:

    nice house

  307. 307 : zz Says:

    cant really wait after the sweetest kiss of korean novelas i’ve watched ever

  308. 308 : zz Says:

    they are both versatile. drama ,comedy they both excel in anything

  309. 309 : zz Says:

    and they are really good in crying scenes tears keep on falling

  310. 310 : omma Says:

    lee min ho is a great actor….and very good looking too!!!the story is so exciting…can’t wait for the next episodes!!!!

  311. 311 : shiela Says:

    lee min ho is so good.. I really love yoon eun hye she is so good also on the ep. 8…. hpefuly dey have drama togeder…

  312. 312 : dinaz Says:

    hey min ho sweetheart,another two episodes will be aired so all the best again hope personal taste wl do even better this week..love u cutie pie n keep staying cute!!lha ha!love u.muah muah!

  313. 313 : live_nicehh Says:

    Lee Min Ho is very good. PT fighting

  314. 314 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Episode 11 is out on http://www.dramabang.com

  315. 315 : Enri Says:

    Oh~~love this actor Lee min ho great in everything!

    ~~~~SMILE every minute of the day
    ~~~~You never know who is falling in love with it.

  316. 316 : Bebe Says:


  317. 317 : Bebe Says:

    VERY GERGOUS FACE! Your tHE MAN! love u! hey you have a follower here in US

  318. 318 : esther Says:

    cute ….very cute.).).)

  319. 319 : esther Says:

    wish the episodes will went on to 20…hopefully omg.).).)

  320. 320 : lili Says:

    I love lee min ho SOOOOOOOOOOOO much,,,,

  321. 321 : lili Says:

    I love lee min ho SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much

  322. 322 : lili Says:

    I wish Lee min ho & so yeh jin will win best couple award in 2010

  323. 323 : solmaz Says:

    I wish too…………………………..
    I agree with u

  324. 324 : achie Says:

    chuwaaaaaa…le min ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  325. 325 : kokoko Says:

    where i can get softsub except from withs2??

  326. 326 : gretch Says:

    oh how very sweet the couple are cant help being so happy i even get crazy just thinking about personal taste i cant get it out of my head

  327. 327 : momomiko10 Says:

    i’m so busy this lately so i cannot catch up all kdrama that i missed. but now i’m off, i can watch all three drama that’s so hot right now, personal taste, oh my lady and cinderella’s stepsister.
    but currently i’m watching personal taste and so far its awesome !!
    leeminho saranghae!! ^O^

  328. 328 : sarina Says:

    if you like full house, you should like this series. Different kind of love story but I like it very much.

  329. 329 : MX Says:

    I Like This drama

  330. 330 : MX Says:

    My favorite drama is Personal Taste

  331. 331 : MX Says:

    My Favorite actor is Lee Min Ho

  332. 332 : MX Says:

    Personal Taste Personal Taste Personal Taste

  333. 333 : solmaz Says:

    please someone answer me!!( I have not English sub)

    dose Kea in know ,jeon jin isn,t gay or not yet?

  334. 334 : intyce Says:

    the cat’s out of the bag….everyone knows he isn’t gay! =)

  335. 335 : solmaz Says:

    : )
    I couldn,t watch 9,10…..

  336. 336 : gam Says:

    god…I am so in love with Lee Min Ho!!!! Obsessed with this guy! arghhhhhh!

  337. 337 : Cherry Blossom Says:

    luv watching PT.. hope the CD will be out soon after complete aired.

  338. 338 : solmaz Says:

    lovely couple,,,,,,,,,,,,

  339. 339 : rEy Says:

    We, Filipinos, do love Lee min ho. He is a great actor. in this drama, the main actress is like Jan Di. We really love this drama. we are addicted to it. 100% excellent movie! I hope it will be aired here in the Philippines but now we currently watching the english subs of this drama. 😀

  340. 340 : rEy Says:

    Additional, Filipinos, whether male or female, do love it. We are starting to disseminate it to other Filipinos through blogs and other social websites.:D

  341. 341 : hana Says:

    hi guys
    the preview for ep 13 is out now!!!!
    can´t wait to watch it

  342. 342 : kimhyunjoongluvers Says:

    I love Lee Min Ho & Personal Taste! <3

  343. 343 : eun cha Says:

    oppa min hoo love you
    i hope you would come to indonesia. gammsamnida

  344. 344 : lizo yoon Says:

    opppa sarange hae dawel gga yooo….
    i hope you will the best actor in korea
    cayoo thomas & uber cup indonesia
    lee young dae
    bao chun lai
    simon santoso

  345. 345 : solmaz Says:

    hoo love u!!!!!!!!!!???what is hoo mean?

  346. 346 : ramces Says:

    mucho guapito mi amor Lee Min Ho!!!…his acting is really GOOD, facial expressions are awesome! Some of the epidoses confuse me though, like when the mother of Jin Ho saw the lead actress visited by the father of han Chang Ryul (ep.5) whyy?? is she so mad with Park kae In??…I find the acting of the lead actress so annoyingly childish!! eww.. stuffing food into her mouth, then talking childishly…they should’ve paired Lee Min Ho with a far better actress!!! Overall, storyline is good mainly because Lee Min Ho is so entertaining to watch!!!..

  347. 347 : naga Says:

    I always like to watch Soh Yeh Jin’s drama. Also, Lee Min Ho is so handsome in this show compared to BOF…

  348. 348 : ngenge Says:

    Lem Min Ho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  349. 349 : hana Says:

    yay is think the same
    lee min ho is so mature here and so damn hot!!!
    i like him more in this drama

  350. 350 : tanja Says:

    read this
    they say that there is maybe an extenison of PT
    please let it be true!!!!!
    20 epiodes would be heaven
    what do you think?

  351. 351 : USA-Mary Says:

    This is such an EXCELLENT drama! The acting is great! It’s hilariously funny and a bit crazy! Lee Min Ho….those lips! His…..eyes! HIM!!!!

  352. 352 : yurika Says:

    Can’t wait to watch the new episode hehe..

  353. 353 : phoebe grace castillo Says:

    i can w8 for episode 15 and 16!!! i finished all the episodes until episode 14….very very very very very touching and so funny!!! =DDD i absolutely LOVE this drama!!

  354. 354 : shona Says:

    this drama is such a lovely drama btfl story i love lee min ho soooooooo much he is good loking omg i wich that i met him once ayyyy , i watch all the épisods ans im waiting with patien the episod 15 and 16

  355. 355 : rEy Says:

    @ate shona…ate shona where can we watch episode 12 and 13 with english subs?… i’m hoping for your response…

  356. 356 : shona Says:

    hey for rEy Says i watchd here http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/personal-taste-episode-12/

  357. 357 : rEy Says:

    @shona… do i need to register?

  358. 358 : chacha Says:

    kapan yaaaa personal taste ada di indonesia ……… tapi emangnya lee min ho cerutanya jadi gay??????????

  359. 359 : jharizz Says:

    i so LOVE this drama. 🙂

  360. 360 : shona Says:

    rEy you dont need to register you just watch and sorry for make you waiting

  361. 361 : DramaFever Says:

    Hi Everyone, we recently released Personal Taste. You can enjoy it for free in HQ with English subtitles if you are in US/Canada


  362. 362 : rikolvgen Says:

    happy ending pls…

  363. 363 : yontefian Says:

    hi! where can we watch ep 15 at the same time that it’s aired in SKorea? I can’t wait to watch the next ep! It’s sooo exciting! I’ll definitely watch the one with eng subs but I surely don’t mind watching the last two episodes at the same time that Koreans are watching it:) ..hoping for you help… please please… thanks much 🙂

  364. 364 : rEy Says:

    …@ate shona, its okey. Thank you ate shona! I already watch it. Do You have facebook? Can I get to know you more?

  365. 365 : Rebel Angel Says:

    Awesome, totally awesome!!!! I love this drama much… 🙂

  366. 366 : shona Says:

    hey rEy its ok , sorry i dont have a facebook but i have msn
    you give ur adrees if u want i’ll add you ok , have a good day

  367. 367 : tlov3 Says:

    can’t wait to see the rest… too cute

  368. 368 : libelly Says:

    I love this drama!!

  369. 369 : rikolvgen Says:

    ep 15 very touching …sad..crying..
    SYJ N LMH — really great!!

  370. 370 : mety nurfatekhah Says:

    untuk chacha,personal taste udah ada kok dvd nya beli aja ditoko terdekat,and mengenai lee min ho jd gay itu cuma salah paham aja ..bgus deh ceritanya ada lucunya,ada sedihnya pkoknya lee min ho the best deh..sukses ya

  371. 371 : shona Says:

    oh i’m realy sad cos the final episod of thes drama i love it so much and i hope that lee min ho do another drama i ll be waiting for you lee min hoooooo

  372. 372 : ZAHRA Says:


  373. 373 : ZAHRA Says:


  374. 374 : Vasan Says:

    So sad, there r only 16 episode. Son Ye Jin is so cute.

  375. 375 : sara Says:

    OMMO! I was hoping that it would be extended. Like adding 4 more episodes. I haven’t finished watching this drama but I enjoy it so much. waaaahhh.

  376. 376 : omma Says:

    I’ve seen many kdramas, but this one has the best ending!!!!it’s really nice to watch this!

  377. 377 : chaos Says:

    the final episode is great!
    i love watching personal taste so much. . .
    how i wish it was extended. ..
    the ending was off better than the other korean drama ending. . .
    i love the acting of the both lead character.
    and the proposal. . .OMG!

  378. 378 : jung Says:

    I think its better to end at ep 16 than to extend it……the story is simple so if it’s extended, it’ll be very boring

  379. 379 : Tiffany Chei Says:

    i really like this kdrama… ^_^
    they are very nice in acting, most especially to Lee Min Ho(Jeon Jin Ho).

  380. 380 : kdfan Says:

    i watched because of sonyejin and she is definitely the best. leeminho was exceptional too. excellent casting, excellent acting. simple story but it made me laughed and smiled throughout. love the ending. 16 episode is just nice and there was never a moment of drag. wish there are more dramas like this one.

  381. 381 : lylastar Says:

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  382. 382 : dreamer Says:

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    Love it from the begining til end…
    great drama!!!!

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    i love lee min ho!!!!!

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  386. 386 : rEy Says:

    ..i’ve ever seen rather

  387. 387 : Frritz Says:

    best drama ever!
    LMH n SYJ are so good together in this drama..
    so touching,so romantic…
    love it!!

  388. 388 : non sibi Says:

    Kae-in’s house is nice, simple, no front and backyard but an open space in the middle. Somebody has asked about it and here is some pictures

  389. 389 : patricedee Says:

    LMH might come to the PHILIPPINES if this event reached 4000 coz the producers are still in doubt if LMH is a market here in the phil. PLS CLICK ATTEND IF YOU WANT TO COME. THANKS!


  390. 390 : Mocha-Mochi Says:

    I just finished this drama and i have to say
    I LOVE IT!!
    I love the plot, the actors, EVERYTHING not to mention Lee Min Ho
    PERFECT main male character.
    I would like to buy this drama when it comes out.

  391. 391 : USA-Mary Says:

    I’m not done watching this drama. Just taking my time savoring every scene! Yet, I can guarantee it will be well worth re-watching. I must say that Lee Min Ho and Son Yeh Jin’s roles match perfectly! Also, the behind the scene bloopers are too funny!

  392. 392 : beautifulgirl2005 Says:

    For me, Personal Taste really sucks! Son Ye Jin is too old for Lee Min Ho and i don’t see the chemistry!

  393. 393 : Saheed Says:

    Thank God Personal Taste is OVER! Finally ended! PT Got the lowest ratings!

  394. 394 : stace Says:

    LOVE IT SO MUCH…. !!!!

  395. 395 : stace Says:


  396. 396 : indonesia-tracy Says:

    gOOOOOOOOOOOOD drama…..love it

  397. 397 : n9an_kute Says:

    Lee Min Ho
    이 영화에서 그는 아주 남성 마음이 보인다
    난이 캐릭터를 사랑도이 영화를 너무 좋아해

  398. 398 : mimichiyooo Says:

    i like this…………( personal taste )

    Minho oppa sarangheyoooo

  399. 399 : shona Says:

    i love this drama so much if any body here know about lee min ho if he have another drama to do ? im bih fan of him after watching him in boys before flower and pt i realy adore him

  400. 400 : USA-Mary Says:

    I just finished this drama! It definitely deserves a re-watch! Whew! I thought after reading through this thread that I’d be mentally prepared for ep. 15….it didn’t work out that way. No matter how hard I tried, I became a city water works facility! LOL! I, also, really wanted to tell Kim In Hee to ride her broom off into the sunset, but it’s only fiction right?

    I would like to see a sequel!

  401. 401 : mvinasia Says:

    좋은 드라마 …

    그건 .. 내가 좋아하는

  402. 402 : okka Says:

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  403. 403 : okka Says:


  404. 404 : solmaz Says:

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  405. 405 : innocent Says:

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  406. 406 : Emma Says:

    Son Yeh Jin is sooooo funny here love her face expression she so BOMB!!! hai Lee min ho very good actor!

  407. 407 : Janae Says:

    Must watch this film don’t miss out! very entertaining drama : ) that makes you tickle very laughable, so romantic ever…love both lead actor and actress love love love itttt!

  408. 408 : Shen Says:

    they do look so cute! Another light drama to brighten my day and keep me away from the books!

  409. 409 : Gina Says:

    LOOKS ADORABLE. period. ha

  410. 410 : Annie Says:

    OMG! OMG! soooo cute!

  411. 411 : Isabel Says:

    LMH he looks so yummy!!!

  412. 412 : Caitlyn Says:

    dang~ im so jealous. i wish i was her. boohoo. who wouldnt want to hug lee min ho from behind???? and of course there will be at least a few KISS scenes for the drama. huhuhuhu. i wish..

  413. 413 : Liz Says:

    I love the CHEMISTRY period!! sooo funny ha.ha.ha..

  414. 414 : Floer Says:

    SO ADORABLE! & fun versatility expressions LMH n SYJ!

  415. 415 : Ging Says:

    Min ho is a great actor, personal taste/preference is a great drama……. his subtle smilessssssssss are tantilizing, and the kiss at the movie hall lobby was breath taking……… the story great,…. the miscommunications that happens is a true reflection of reality, how as humans we love to see and think only from our own narrow view………. and Lee Min Ho is adorable

  416. 416 : Jayjay Says:


  417. 417 : Tracy Says:

    sooo romantic as in…I wish all the man the world like Min ho…heheheh! can’t stop watching and I need to rewind it over and over! like the most part the special gift oh gosh very much love it…

  418. 418 : Tracy Says:

    sooo romantic as in…I wish all the man in the world like Min ho…heheheh! can’t stop watching and I need to rewind it over and over! like the most part the special gift oh gosh very much love it…

  419. 419 : Devina Says:

    Could someone tell me which one is better, Oh my lady or Personal taste?? thx ^^

  420. 420 : Velma Says:

    love the scene when they won the couple watch! so amazing facial expression!!!

  421. 421 : m0m0b0b0 Says:

    Son Ye Jin is the best!Love her role in PT…the chemistry develops between her and LMH one episode after the other is just great!

  422. 422 : mimichiyooo Says:

    i like this…………

  423. 423 : solmaz Says:

    how are u ,lee min hoo?……
    what is your new drama?

  424. 424 : suri, kuala lumpur Says:

    LEE MIN HO!!! he’s so hansome.. & have good acting skills… this is a good drama to watch. very entertaining… 2 thumbs up!!

  425. 425 : gail Says:

    Its on my favorite list now after watching it. I cried and laughed so much here. I really love this drama and you can also learn so many things pertaining to LOVE. And Lee Min Ho’s acting isn’t far-fetch with Son Ye Jin. They make a beautiful team-up in my eyes. Hope to see this drama in tv. I like Ryu Seung Ryong’s charcter and its not a witty role, although he’s gay, he knows about love so as Im Seul Ong too. Actually the scriptwriter of this drama was great. Good story and got the good actors and actresses. 🙂 Hope that many people will also watch this.

  426. 426 : danish Says:

    This is my favourite drama…althought I’m jealous with soh ye jin….*_* Lee min ho is a good actor,…

  427. 427 : lily Says:

    woow you make me very jealous ye jin……….
    lee min ho still a oppa for me ^-^

  428. 428 : dinaz Says:

    I m so glad dat is loved by so ppl..love u minho..keep goin strong..wishing u double triple success in future.love u.muah!

  429. 429 : AishaKith Says:

    i love this drama series sooooo much!!! The drama eneded weeks ago but I still can’t get over it… I’m way too much in love with the story and all the characters and actors… I love SYJ as Kae-In and LMH as Jin-Ho… I miss PT so much really ^_^ hope there’s a second team up for them… They have the chemistry ^_^

  430. 430 : momomiko10 Says:

    i love this drama so much!!!! the ending was so great!! seulong end up with hye mi..ahhh thats so sweet. the ending wasn’t dissapointed at all.
    i’m super lovin the ending so muchhhh. wish to see more lee minho in other drama in 2010 :))

    oppa saranghae!!
    Kaeinui Chwihyang saranghae!!

  431. 431 : hoshlev Says:

    like LMH, very much , I think that is a very good player and talented, and in all the drama I see more sides in him, the Confirming and strengthening it that is very very talented player and he’s so young, You cano’t believe it. But I like less this drama , and I have a little problem. I see a drama only, if I log in and love the players,
    and unfortunately, I do not really, connect the actress who plays alongside him, and it is likely that there are many that feel the same way like me, and therefore the low’ percentages of anticipation, in this drama . in Compared to the BOF. The actress GHS she much better and pleasant and lovely actress
    from the actor that next to him, in this drama.and All the kisses and the way in this drama, had to be at BOF,
    and not the wallpaper kisses the was. In each case, to my mind the personal,
    LMH and GHS, better pair both in the dramas and in the alive. And that hard to get the LMH,
    After the success of the BOF, with another actress, side him. *^_^*

  432. 432 : tk Says:

    LOVE this drama!! looking forward to lee min ho’s next drama or movies;)

  433. 433 : hoshlev Says:

    I try to see the drama, and until, episode 11 still very difficult for me to enjoy from series,
    LMH seemed going through Unpleasant experience ,he suffer and sad but, from out the series, personal experience, in the real life,the
    in the experience made him sad.
    In BOF is more playful and radiates, joy and Confidence ,I’m more ^ ^ connected to it.By the way I see the series just because of LMH *u*

  434. 434 : hoshlev Says:

    On the wall in the office of the LMH has a very beautiful picture. It looks like a light at the end of the tunnel, or like an explosion of emotions the illuminate sky’s,
    it’s only metaphor. 0_0

  435. 435 : hoshlev Says:

    In all this series, I see GHS playing beside him, and no SYJ that really plays beside him. Ha Ha Ha

  436. 436 : hoshlev Says:

    Too heavy for me to see this series, with all the love and respect and my appreciation to LEE MIN HO But, in Episode 11 I retired from seeing the series. I go back to see city hall or BOF, the thousand time and more. Is more fun , I don’t know what the cause harms in the series , the story or the actress that plays alongside LEE MIN HO .
    The little success that has of this series compared to BOF it’s only because LEE MIN HO, and don’t to do continue to this series ,
    but yes to do continue to BOF, but only with all they players the was.

  437. 437 : febri Says:

    oh , i1d love this drama so much , lee min ho youre so handsome, saranghae ;*

  438. 438 : intyce Says:

    I agree w/ comment 433. I only watched this series because of LMH. Although I thought the series was good, I couldn’t seem to connect w/ it like BOF. It’s like getting over your 1st love and trying to settle for a rebound! ^_^
    However, this series made me discover Kim Ji Suk! hehe This is the first I’ve seen him in a drama and I think he’s a cutie. Especially now that his sporting a nice buzz cut. ^^

  439. 439 : rose Says:

    interesting drama…
    lee min hoo is more mature n his acting is well improve than in BOF.
    soh ye jin played her act with so well…
    i thin she is pretier in long straight hair than curly one…
    i like her and min ho…
    keep it up…

  440. 440 : mutiara Says:

    I love this drama

  441. 441 : deny milanelo Says:

    Awasome..!!!!!!!! 🙂

  442. 442 : solmaz Says:


  443. 443 : princess Says:

    can anyone tell me what’s the title of the themesong of this drama? or better if somebody can post the romanized lyrics of the song….thank you!

  444. 444 : Suki Says:

    I loved this drama and could watch it over and over again. Loved the chemistry between LMH and SYJ – they were superb!!! Contrary to some of the comments made here comparing the BOF to PT, this drama was by far better than BOF for me. I didn’t care for LMH much in BOF, but I fell in love with LMH in Personal Taste. I also loved the leading actress SYJ much better than the other one(I can’t even remeber her name).

  445. 445 : janie Says:

    I liked LMH in BOF, the very first Korean Drama I watched. Among the boys, I thought then, Minho was the only one who can really act. He truly gave justice to his role as the arrogant but lovable Gu Jun Pyo. That is the main reason why he became the breakout star from the said popular drama. However, in Personal Taste, he showcased his acting prowess as there are more dramatic scenes. He also portrayed a more mature Jin Ho. Truly, he is an “actor”, not just a “star”. He has such a baby face and a great smile. Looking forward to his next project.

  446. 446 : yulie rossi Says:

    Honestly, i can’t finish this drama 🙁 i prefer “Oh! My Lady” better than this :))

  447. 447 : fitri Says:

    ohhhh i love LMH so much!!!!!!great drama!!!
    this film gave us some hope
    when we are down, God will send a great handsome angel to use LOL *dream wishes*

  448. 448 : vahn Says:

    this drama really awesome. Lee Min Ho.. GREAT JOB.. I am really enjoy this drama.. kam sa mi ta.

  449. 449 : comic-san Says:

    Lee Mon Ho character in this serial similar with goo jun pyu,,cool and carrying..oohh,,the story were unique and i like the way park gae in transform into a beautifull lady,,but still the one i lova is jeon jin ho ^_^

  450. 450 : mimichiyoo Says:

    lee min ho….I love u

  451. 451 : rose Says:

    what a unique house…
    i wish i have ahouse like that…
    it must great to play hide and seek in there…
    btw,SYJ’s act is vary great.
    i like seeing her stubborn and forgiveness person.
    LMH act is better than in BOF.
    but,i don’t like his act in this drama, becoming a person who has a high self-esteem.

  452. 452 : solmaz Says:

    Beautiful Couple

  453. 453 : solmaz Says:

    lee min hoooooooooooooooooooooo

  454. 454 : kanthi Says:

    cool korean drama
    lee min ho
    bikin kesengsem
    berkarisma buanget dia disini

  455. 455 : koreandramAdiktus Says:

    i like this drama. 🙂 the story is simple… lee min ho and son yeh jin looks good together… well aside from the age… 🙂

    favorite scene? when Jeon Jin Ho was drying Park Gae In’s hair. 😉

  456. 456 : Black Says:

    LMH and SYJ are cute and adorable couple!..great romantic drama!

  457. 457 : Christine Says:

    I like the story of this drama, made me realize to be thankful 4 this life when I watch In Hee who has a beautiful face, looks ok, good job but never felt grateful and ultimately did not get …
    otherwise Kae in who don’t want something, event have it all

  458. 458 : Christine Says:

    I like the story of this drama, made me realize to be thankful 4 this life when I watch In Hee who has a beautiful face, looks ok, good job but never felt grateful and ultimately did not get …
    otherwise Kae in who don’t want something, event have it all

  459. 459 : Christine Says:

    Kim in hee even lost a good friend

  460. 460 : merry Says:

    lumayan keren…..
    ditunggu drama selanjutnya….

  461. 461 : Miss Indonesia Says:

    very misssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    Jeon Jin Ho’s character ….
    whether there are character like that in real life …

    I think I became so missed, because the character played by Li Min Ho is a very handsome

  462. 462 : solmaz Says:

    what is lee min ho new drama????
    I miss him……

  463. 463 : Candy Says:

    Super duper I like both of them perfect combination! so funny! love it love it love it I even had my dvd copy.
    my Le min Ho and my Son ye jin!

  464. 464 : Richhan Says:

    i love this drama! great ending! great couple! min hoo!

  465. 465 : nining Says:

    nice house design,,

  466. 466 : Alghie Says:

    want to see it

  467. 467 : koalagirl Says:

    Review of Personal Taste:


  468. 468 : melika Says:

    son yeh jin she is good actress i love her acting

  469. 469 : selly Says:

    nice couple

  470. 470 : ardhan Says:

    funny n romantic,, two thumbs up 😀

  471. 471 : Felice Says:

    GREAT 🙂 it’s really2 nice korean drama 🙂 🙂 🙂

  472. 472 : Felice Says:

    the stylish for Park Gaen In is good enough … I like it when she got a propose from Jin Hoo.. Sweet Pink colour !!!!

  473. 473 : iek Says:

    oh GOD bener-bener keren banget ni drama. tapi agak nanggung ceritanya soalnya gak sampai nikah dan punya anak hrhrhrhr tapai tetep keren 😀

  474. 474 : iek Says:

    kereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen 😀

  475. 475 : Peace-Indonesian Says:

    Hi … iek
    Benar, setidaknya sampe menikah y. sampe Park Kae In pake gaun nikahnya …
    biar puas benar nontonnya …
    tapi segini juga sudah puas si …

  476. 476 : Peace-Indonesian Says:

    Hi iek,
    you’re right
    I also thought the same

  477. 477 : Peace-Indonesian Says:

    Can someone tell me the episode where Jeon Jin Ho begins to fall in love with Park Kae In

  478. 478 : favorable Says:

    everybody gonna love this drama.
    Lee Min Ho is so charming.
    Son Ye Jin plays her character very well.
    the story has unique side, that makes me watch this drama over and over again.

  479. 479 : hermelyn Says:

    i love this drama.. super..

    Lee Min Ho did his job very well, so as with her partner Son Ye Jin they are good partner. hoping to see more drama with tis two together again.. i watch this drama over over again..love it so much..! nice story btw..

    Gob Bless..

  480. 480 : Cindy Says:

    The story is very cute and romantic. The first time I watched the story I laughed, and laughed a lot. As well as a Comedy romantic story. Fit perfectly with the movie player. personal taste movie has a good story and not boring. Lee Min Ho has a good acting, Son ye jin too.
    God bless..^^

  481. 481 : Sushi Says:

    I love this drama very much…very cutie and entertaining….love Lee Min ho !!!!

  482. 482 : sassy Says:

    I love this drama…. Especially Lee min ho…

  483. 483 : mel Says:

    i really..really…love this drama… especially lee min hoo
    love you lee min ho… your expression touching me…

  484. 484 : mimichiyooo Says:

    really love this drama

  485. 485 : Rebel Angel Says:

    I like this drama at first, actually it’s really interesting so funny, but i’m rather upset with the 13th until the end, it’s a kinda too predictable…well, but this is still good indeed…and I really love to watch lee min ho here although he’s in BBF is better… 🙂

  486. 486 : ya si Says:

    i really love this show.. cos i am a fan of lee min ho..haha it was interesting but i hate the part where park Gae in ex-boyfriend hits lee min ho..:( but overall the show is very nice:P

  487. 487 : Stanza Says:

    I’m in love with Lee Min Ho in Personal Taste. He is so handsome and charming in this drama. Lee Min Ho and Son Yeh Jin make a very nice couple. They do look good together eventhough Son Yeh Jin is much older than Lee Min Ho. The drama has good ending which makes everybody happy. I did really enjoy it!!

  488. 488 : farahsmile Says:

    my fav K-drama for its great cast Son Ye Jin (oh my God i’m her fan) and Lee min ho. Despite the hole plot of the drama but i find its interesting because the chemistry of the main cast. Lee min ho !sigh! i can’t say about his acting (he is good to potray Jin Ho but his acting compare to Son Ye Jin) it’s nothing i think its Son Ye Jin who can pull everything and find LMH character its about the good boyfriend who can kiss and his good trait it’s being cool man. Lee min Ho character never change after the Boys Over Flower and i hope he can act with different character and challenge himself to another role such psycho!lol!

  489. 489 : joan whieldon Says:

    does anyone know ?

    what designer was predominately used when dressing Lee Min Hoo for personal preference? i love those suits he wears and would love to see what else that or those designers have. thanks 🙂

  490. 490 : damiaz Says:

    my fav k-drama for this year. but some rather i like LMH in BOF

  491. 491 : Brown Says:

    season 2 please!

  492. 492 : ryhana Says:

    i don’t like this drama!!
    they pretended become sweet to each other….lol….
    and the scene between them overacted….
    sorry to say that……..

  493. 493 : mel Says:

    I love Lee Min Ho…

  494. 494 : mimichiyooo Says:

    luve u minho oppa

  495. 495 : nining Says:

    love this drama, coz lee min ho there,, hhehe.. love lee min ho..

  496. 496 : kubra Says:

    ççoo…k gzel bii dizi…ama blümleri braz gec glio ya:(

  497. 497 : evelyn Says:

    lee min is so handsome his face is so perfect is he really a Korean no mixture/ he is the cutest hunkiest and most perfect korean actor. his eyes much more his lips ,height and the way he carries himself is just perfect korea has found a minegold with lee min ho. his parents must be so proud to have a very handsome son.Please tell him to come to the Phillipines. he has a million of fans here .he already visited most part of asia why not the Philippines. MAHAL KA NAMIN DITO LEE MIN HO AT MABUHAY KKA ASKkim Bum or jinhoo how beautiful Phillipines is MAHAL KA NAMIN ANTAYIN KA NAMIN DITO MABUHAY KA!

  498. 498 : Naga Says:

    Like both the actor and actress. Lee Min Ho is so handsome with this hairstyle.

  499. 499 : solmaz Says:

    lovely couple,good luck…………………
    : )

  500. 500 : solmaz Says:

    he is very kind & sooooooooooooooo handsome….
    : )
    : )
    : )

  501. 501 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  502. 502 : Deena Sn Says:

    nice story, lee min hoo..u are very handsome, ur eyes are make me feel want to touch itu 😀

  503. 503 : felicia Says:

    see ep 13 when Jin Hoo kiss Gae In, it’s very nice 🙂

  504. 504 : Elvie Mendoza Says:

    Congratulations to all of the cast especially to Son Yeh Jin and Lee Min Ho. I am sooooo lucky I got hold of this DVD. More power to all of you!

  505. 505 : nining Says:

    love lee min ho,, i love korean drama..

  506. 506 : malaysian noona Says:

    so blessed that i got to know LMH thru BOF and have the opportunity to watch (and re-watch) his lovely acting in PT.
    so sweet and adorable lee min ho and so wonderful son ye jin.

  507. 507 : anggy Says:

    watch it 2 times !!!! great series evaaaa …

  508. 508 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  509. 509 : wilma Says:

    is she the one in the art of seduction?….love this series…pure love and pure fun….its make you wanna fall in love….love you lee min ho……i wish he has a clone hahahah….silly me….

  510. 510 : wilma Says:

    and about the kiss! one of the best kisses i suppose merely because as we all know koreans is very sensitive about kissing scenes….others are like just a smack kiss hahahah…thats why good job you two….

  511. 511 : charlote Says:

    i have lots of fun watching it….i love you lee min ho….i am your avid fan here in the philippines..hope you visit us here..
    thanks for uploading this

  512. 512 : anggun Says:

    I love u son yeh jin..
    I like drama korea..

  513. 513 : blabla Says:

    i luv korean drama,, i hope lee min hoo come to indonesia,,,, because you very famous in here….

  514. 514 : ade v3a Says:

    deuhhh..lee min ho dewasa bangetzz disini

    jeongmal joa yo

  515. 515 : anggun Says:

    I love you lee min ho.
    I like drama korea personal taste.

  516. 516 : Christin Says:

    I really really like this drama. So romantic yet funny..
    I wonder why Kim Ji Suk looks like one Chinese singer, Wang Lee Hom.
    They are really like twins. I thought he was Wang Lee Hom..

  517. 517 : arin Says:

    ya…ampun !!!dramanya keren abiz!!!
    lee min ho emg top bgt dh!!!
    i like it….

  518. 518 : terjer Says:

    very good

  519. 519 : isma Says:

    this story is combine between “my name is kim sam sun and Full house”.
    Nice story at the end but less dramatic at the beginning so too boring.

  520. 520 : Susy Says:

    baru nonton CD pertama, dah mulai bosen. apa awalnya emang membosankan yah?

  521. 521 : Rebeca Says:

    Is one of best dramas that I have seen and lee min ho is a very good actor so it was a pleasure to watch this drama . I hope that he will play in as many movies .

  522. 522 : Peace-Indonesian Says:

    4 susi
    kamu gak salah ? membosankan ?
    episode pertama bukannya lucu …

  523. 523 : Vee Says:

    I’m interested to watch this drama……
    I’m wondering is it really2 good or just because the others are Lee Min Ho fans so they love this drama…….

  524. 524 : rane Says:

    this is one of the best koreanovela i’ve seen and believe me, i’ve seen a lot even if i’m not a korean… it’s funny and most of all, NOT DRAGGING like the others. it’s interesting from start to finish. Lee Min Ho is certainly super handsome and a great actor!!! Son Yeh Jin portrayed the role perfectly. i hope to see more of Lee Min Ho in the near future 🙂

  525. 525 : vhenz31 Says:

    i really love this drama…when jin hoo said “GAME OVER” then kiss kae in…wooooooh…so nice…=)

    i really love korean drama…

  526. 526 : gooody Says:

    i’m sorry i find this drama boring and obvious….predictable.the plot is common.

  527. 527 : ren Says:

    One of a Beautiful drama…..

  528. 528 : may Says:

    interesting and very simple..really love the drama…
    make me laugh and smile and can feel the loves is in the air
    but the ending…:( ..(sigh)…..really hope end with walking in the aisle….with a lots of confetti……:)

  529. 529 : inu Says:

    actually its thye worst one i had ever watched i didnt like the couple buh yaeh lee min ho is lookin awesome

  530. 530 : devy Says:

    I’m so in love with Lee Min Ho in this drama.
    but I think this drama story line is too long.
    but I also love this drama.
    thank you for making this drama ♥

  531. 531 : Linhh Says:

    OMGOSHHH!! who cares if it’s clique?
    i love how they always brought up the “gay” topic!
    becos it always makes me laugh! AHAHAH. cutee
    and Lee Min Ho is SOOO KAHH-YUUTE!!!<3<3<3

  532. 532 : Nagin Lee Says:

    The movie is so sweet, great, and detail about life and love,

    All de actors are nice and fasnitated

    Totally, i love de movie so mux, it is be nice to have de real actor as jin Ho, huh huh ha

  533. 533 : tiara Says:

    no need long resensi….love it…i watch it 3 days in a row………barely sleep couldn’t wait to watch every episode till the end…..

  534. 534 : elsa mae Says:

    gosh..hye mi is so pretty..i’m trying s hard to find some pic of hers but i couldn’t

  535. 535 : zohre Says:

    it was good but not wonderfull,i watch it just because of lee min ho.
    gooody, i am agree with U.why sorry?

  536. 536 : diefan Says:

    I can watch it over and over… its funny and very romantic.

  537. 537 : erni Says:

    i can’t see any longer it’s so predictable soooo boring do any one aggre with me

  538. 538 : Heethi Says:

    I like Jin-ho’s character…
    cold, but can be lovely…
    good job!!!!!

  539. 539 : hollywood Says:

    I took a chance and watch this drama because I saw so many comments made by viewer/K-fans. I enjoyed it, story is medioacre, nevertheless entertaining. I say that the lead actress is very good at her role, showed her emotions and carried me along with it. However, the Lead actor is very good looking but need more work on his performance. There are some parts he is good but he did not make me feel that he is Jeon Jin Ho, lack emotions at some parts. He gave me a feeling that he is trying to remember his lines and is trying to get into the character.

    The rating says a lot for this drama. Not bad, worth watching.

  540. 540 : kimchilee Says:

    dont like Yeh Jin’s acting.. over exaggerating on her expression and childish behaviour.. she is also too old for Min Ho.. as for Min Ho.. what can I say.. same style .. same acting as in BOF, but looks better than in BOF.. better hairstyle that suits him.

  541. 541 : dinaz Says:

    love u minho.ure good actually too good as an actor.n ur looks r too killing.love u.sarangheo.muah muah..

  542. 542 : dinaz Says:

    N ur curly hair i rely rely miss it..u lookd so adorable in it..rely wan 2 c u agn in curly hair..evry1 carry off curly hair so well as u did.love u!

  543. 543 : Richhan Says:


  544. 544 : xtiiiex Says:

    i just finished watching this drama and i really love it, if you’re going to compare the character that Lee Min Ho portrays here as Jeon Jin Ho to Gu Jun Pyo of BOF i think he matured a lot! as for the love interest Son Yeh Jin as Park Kae In she portrays the character very well and they look cute it seems like they’ve decided to choose Son Yeh Jin because she looks like Geum Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun)

    the fact that the story is usual creates an appeal
    for me and i love the fact that it has a light melodrama
    concept ♥

  545. 545 : nikky_p_28 Says:

    What a disaster! I watched this drama not because of the actors in it but because it had created so much news since 2008 when they had a hard time getting the casts, starting from the supposed re-pairing of the 2 main lead in Goong but they dropped out. Then this drama was shelved for 2 years. I was curious how it turned out. It started strong with a very good premise and believable storyline but sad to note never delivered. The 2 main lead have no “spark” chemistry wise, you can tell that Yeh Jin age shows, that she is older than Min ho’s. Don’t get me wrong, I loved her acting in “A MOMENT TO REMEMBER” movie opposite Jung Woo-sung. That was probably one of the best love story I’ve ever seen. But in this drama, although Yeh Jin acted her part well, I could not buy it. It felt awkward and boring. adding insult to injury is Lee Min Ho’s acting, I know the guy is tall, and handsome but he’s got a long way to go in the acting department. I thought his acting would improve after the Korean’s take on Boys B4 Flowers franchise but sadly not. He needs more acting class.
    It was pathetic to watch them scenes after scenes. What probably kept this drama afloat and my dwindling interest to continue (apart from having invested 16 hours of my life in it) were the supporting casts great performance starting with Ryu Seung Ryong portrayal of Choi Do Bin. It’s so different from the Ryu Seung Ryong of “7 Civil Servant” movie. He made me smile in a good way, my heart went out with him. Then there’s Sang Joon, the guy pretending to be gay, cracks me up and the supportive friend Young Sun. They are the life savers of this sinking ship. Although the drama wrapped it up on one happy ever ending 16 episode. It was so ludicrously predictable and rush that all I can say is “What the heck!”. The taste feel flat to my liking. 2.5 out of 5. Very average drama.

  546. 546 : anna Says:

    @nikky_p_28 …. I totally agree with you.
    PERSONALLY the TASTE is totallt flat.
    I would not be taken in again by an actors face.
    I felt cheated when I watch this drama.
    I think I’m gonna re-watch KIM SAM SOON again to get rid of the bad taste (“,)

  547. 547 : ratih Says:

    huuuuuuuuu… so sweet… so romantic drama ever.. i like it !!!

  548. 548 : kimchilee Says:

    why must Korean actresses’ acting all have to act so childishly who like to always pout their lips, smile so fakely.. be natural.. and why must all the dramas have drinking and getting drunk? is it a korean culture.. ? same green bottle wines..

  549. 549 : luv Says:

    I love this drama… very entertaining Very funny… . i love minho in this drama he look more matured here. i believe his acting has tremendous improvement. please don’t compare him with other seniors he is still quite new to the entertainment industry and i believe he had done a great job and had put huge efforts. GO MINHO! sarangheyoooo

  550. 550 : dinaz Says:

    Hey minho sweetheart,keep doin ur good work n take the negative comments well n u will do even mre n mre better in future..u cant make evry1 happy bt ur fans are happy with ur work..love u.minho fighting!!

  551. 551 : melika Says:

    yeah you’re right I watched it just 6 episodes!

  552. 552 : Astri Says:

    couldn’t agree with you more nikky_p_28.

    He (LMH) should’ve picked another drama that would boost, at least his popularity (if not much of his acting skills) after a lovely and keeps me dreaming about it for quite sometimes drama, such BBF.

  553. 553 : nona Says:

    Heyyyy, havin had a chance to see this drama, but I’m sure its a funny

  554. 554 : Flora Says:

    I would like to see Lee Min Ho paired with another younger actress, at least about his age. The 2 actresses in Boys Over Flowers and Personal Taste are much older than he is. SYJ does look older than LMH in Personal Taste…

  555. 555 : kimiko Says:

    yeah,very very agree with Flora..
    why lee min ho always paired with older woman??

  556. 556 : JenJen Says:

    yeh, SYJ is really older than her age & she looks not pretty as KSY. SYJ’s acting is bad too. Yeh, pretty boy LMH needs younger co-star.

  557. 557 : Privileg Says:

    ohh i love this drama so much….!!
    But why doesn’t work the ep.14 and 15 ?

    love LMH

  558. 558 : NightLizard Says:

    I miss this drama, I really loved it, it was great: with great plot, casting and acting it was interesting from the start till the end!
    Watching another great drama right now ( Coffee House).

  559. 559 : earLycious Says:

    I Like this Movie.,
    romantic, and Funny…
    I Love You lee min Hoo, I Like Your acting in movie..
    very CooL..

  560. 560 : KPOP7.com Says:



  561. 561 : dinaz Says:

    O i jst love songs from ths drama its wonderful specially d one sung by younha..thy r nice,melodious n pleasing to the ears..

  562. 562 : jac_mans Says:

    i noticed that the ratings of this drama are not so impressive is this drama really good?coz i really like to watch it and i love lee min ho so much…jaz asking hope nobody gets mad…

  563. 563 : Trixie Says:

    For me, this drama is not excited at all it kind boring.
    The story line is ok not really nice.

  564. 564 : Masfie Says:

    This drama is one of my best collection.. Good Job!!!

  565. 565 : Masfie Says:

    This drama is one of my best collection.. Good job!!

  566. 566 : vicki Says:

    love love love this drama!!!!! such a cute sweet funny teary A plus drama!

  567. 567 : kysha Says:


  568. 568 : Black Says:

    Love It!Would be nice to see the wedding and newly wed’s life.. would be fun to watch this “pumpkin couple”!…they complement each other!

  569. 569 : cristy Says:

    Honestly….The drama fell flat to me…
    Very awkward acting and ludicrously predictable and rush ending.
    Chemistry is very awkward too… you can tell the age difference.

  570. 570 : aly Says:

    Mediocre drama and acting.
    Very average. I’ve seen better.

  571. 571 : diah Says:

    I like verry much this drama, becoz Lee min ho Act so good 🙂

  572. 572 : loren Says:

    Bagus banget,bagi pecinta korea ga nyesel deh nonton drama ini

  573. 573 : nan.aiury Says:

    yeah…this drama good but I agree with flora and kimiko SYJ oldes , actress korea nothing young???

  574. 574 : sa .. Says:

    Still fallin in ♥ with my superb lee min ho!
    Even ï ♥ gu jun pyo more than Jeon Jin Ho hahaha.. LoL
    Ï just saw this movie until the 3rd episode.. Ï think so far so good…
    Ï hope it will be nice till the end….

    Saranghae min ho!!!

  575. 575 : sittie2009 Says:

    oh i just watch it coz of yoon eun hye and lee min ho ep…but then i got addicted…

  576. 576 : KdramaLOver Says:

    Good story, songs n performance.
    I love it.

  577. 577 : snowxue Says:

    yea, its really nice, sometyms funny, and lee min ho is simply too attractive!!! i fell in love with him again…. >.<

  578. 578 : LeeMinHoFan Says:

    my friend was right, this is THE BEST Korean Drama, i watched it for three straight days, I just had to watch more and more, until I finished it midnight, the other day. It’s amazing how the story revolves around gayness, and misunderstandings. Lee Min Ho Fan FOREVER~!

  579. 579 : solmaz Says:

    : )

    wow,lovely couple

    : )

  580. 580 : solmaz Says:

    lovely actor

  581. 581 : Iche Says:

    can any1 tell where can i find the music of ep 11 part 1 kiss scene

  582. 582 : Danish Says:

    I like this drama very much….

  583. 583 : Danish Says:

    The best couple…Lovely oppa Min Ho…

  584. 584 : htinlihaughty Says:

    I try Prosecutor Princess but I dislike it & stop seeing it because KSY’s acting is bad. KSY over-acts. I switch to Personal Taste because Son Ye Jin is better than KSY.
    Son Ye Jin is betterrrrrrrr!

  585. 585 : amaltea1610 Says:

    Since Coffee Prince this is the next best drama for me. I finished watching it today and I love it! The soundtrack is excellent too!

  586. 586 : sa .. Says:

    Gud job lee min ho!!!!!

  587. 587 : SuperJni Says:

    I’m a fan! Great story and actors! I really love this series too. Finished in 3days…

  588. 588 : janie Says:

    I hope his next project will be a more challenging one. He is such a good actor, he needs to be versatile, so probably an action/drama for his next project.

  589. 589 : edna Says:

    O.N.G its nice drama my sister said and wen i watch this I’ll say that i really love it too i wan discover new drama like this is so fun

  590. 590 : gsnape Says:

    this one’s not the best for me but i think it’s good enough. i just expected more from lee min ho. i think the role as jeon jin ho don’t really suited him that made me feel bored to see him in this drama. but maybe it’s becouse he’s very synonymous with role as gu jun pyo. anyway, this one is worth watched 🙂

  591. 591 : Seung-Hee Says:

    I like this drama & recommend it.

  592. 592 : KPOP7.com Says:

    lee min ho fighting!!

    Download Korean Songs & Albums

  593. 593 : dillidoodle Says:

    Iche : depression of the director. if ur talking about the 1 without any lyrics, then that should be the 1..=)

  594. 594 : melika Says:

    l don’t like this drama it’s bad!lee min ho is not very good actor!

  595. 595 : mimichiyooo Says:

    i like this drama
    love u minho oppa

  596. 596 : favorable Says:

    its better than korean drama : you’re beautiful

  597. 597 : sa .. Says:

    Woww.. What a perfect ending drama!!
    Gud job min hoo!!! really envy with park kae in LOL!

    Ï ♥ ü min ho..
    Ï ♥ ü PT!!!

  598. 598 : PPwin Says:

    Sorry, LMH is just a pretty boy with poor acting & Ye Jin is older than him & has poor acting too. No chemistry between them & drama is boring, soooo boringggggg.

  599. 599 : solmaz Says:


  600. 600 : solmaz Says:

    what is new??what is next drama?

  601. 601 : viens abunales Says:

    i really love it is a very nice korean story

  602. 602 : Suzy Says:

    Lee Min Ho isss soo cute in this drama! hes really good, they both have the chemistry, overall this drama is pretty alright, the ending is reallly really sweet 🙂 🙂 how i wish almost of all the korean drama have such ending….Hahahaha, the first few episodes were light hearted and funny, soh ye jin really can act well…hahaha, though i felt the last few episodes were kinda draggy, but nevertheless the plot is good..Catch this if you want relax and enjoy watching and oogling at Lee Min Ho…lol..btw i CANNOT STAND her so called best friend…she really protrayed her character well…really feel like punc**** her face…

  603. 603 : donalyn Says:

    i really like this drama,,, so cuteand admiring couple they are.

  604. 604 : Loesea Says:

    Love Lee’s and Son’s acting so much. What a good chemsitry they have, though sometimes, the age different is quite obvious in some scenes.
    I like Lee to act the mature character here, but still childish when it comes to his love, i.e. Son Yeh Jin.

    The plot is nice, but not deep enough, some problems are seem to be solved too fast and simply, but I like Korean drama to be like this.. Simple, romantic, and a happy ending is a must… but i also don’t like it to soonly end… huuuuuu 🙁 hahahaha

    Love it, can wait next drama from Lee or Son!!! Fighting!

  605. 605 : Lee Min Ho « Icanhear’s Weblog Says:

    […] Personal Taste (MBC, 2010) Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009) Get Up (MBC, 2008) I’m Sam as Heo Mo Se (KBS2, 2007) Mackerel Run (SBS, 2007) Secret Campus (EBS, 2006) Love Hymn (MBC, 2005) Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2004) […]

  606. 606 : hwoow Says:

    I love Lee Min Ho, his acting really great in this movie… saranghae…. Good story also.. one of the best drama ever.

  607. 607 : Wen Says:

    A relaxing and cute drama. Not the kind that will leave a deep impression though enjoyable to watch but easily forgotten.

  608. 608 : robie Says:

    oppa lee min ho he’ cute when he says”game over”…..It’s so cool….

  609. 609 : red_vishnu_28 Says:

    nice drama… i really love lee min ho.. he’s so cool. i hope this would be shown here in the Philippines. I wish i had the same bestfriend as his character in the story.. really nice and romantic..

  610. 610 : ms. light Says:


  611. 611 : sa .. Says:

    Ö my gosh!!!

    @ robie
    I’m superB agree with ü!
    His “GAME OVER” is really killing me!! LOL

  612. 612 : reaz_Q Says:

    drama yang bagusss….. lee min ho… i like you…… drama ini buatku terharu… sekaligus membuatku bahagia…

  613. 613 : n.... Says:

    seronok sangat 3 kali tengok…

  614. 614 : Any good KOREAN dramas like…..? | rizi Says:

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  615. 615 : Nana Says:

    lee min ho use handphone in that drama, what type and brand??

  616. 616 : Vah Says:

    They r hot, hot & funny. I love them

  617. 617 : erlz Says:


    sarange lee min ho…

  618. 618 : solmaz Says:

    lovely drama

  619. 619 : solmaz Says:

    : )

    I love lee min ho……..

  620. 620 : solmaz Says:

    what is his new drama?!

  621. 621 : anton Says:

    critane menarik tapi penyelesaian endingnya kurang mendebarkan,,,
    tp q suka critanya…

  622. 622 : xuan Says:

    just finished this just now. even in the begining it’s quite boring, and i don’t really understand about the “architecture things”. but it’s finally ends with a great ending. i love this ending, simple but nice! lee min ho is damnly cool and cute also. xDD MUST WATCH this. nice plot, nice cast and nice songs :))

  623. 623 : esther Says:

    I have recently watching this drama, very goo…d indeed. so so good!!!

  624. 624 : linda belle Says:

    love the series!! and of course love LMH…
    sometimes I just see his face instead of reading the subtitle haha…
    Lee Min Ho… I swoon!!

  625. 625 : xaphan Says:

    i really can’t continue watching this drama because it has no sense at all..ye jin looks stupid not innocent..i mean, will u mistake a man like lmh for a gay just because of those circumstances..and the scenes are a pile of predictable! i’ve seen those scenes in every kdrama i watched..most of the time i know what will happen next..no excitement at all….

  626. 626 : deathylee Says:

    It took me awhile to get into. I couldn’t get over how many misunderstandings there were, but I guess that’s why it’s called a Drama. Definitely not the most captivating, almost painful at times. Whatever

  627. 627 : meLchokoLate Says:

    GaMe OVer…

  628. 628 : eugene Says:

    God!!!I love this drama. Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin really make a good couple.

  629. 629 : emshane Says:

    my God……I really love this drama! whats the title of the theme song??

  630. 630 : Shiera Brook Says:

    I like this drama!!! eheheh

  631. 631 : jaesie Says:

    . . d theme is CREATING LOVE by 4minute. .

  632. 632 : dinaz Says:

    O i realy realy love d song by younha..i lstn 2 it evryday!!othr sngs r gud too.bt best thng abt personal taste is ofcourse LEE MIN HO..LOVE U!muah..

  633. 633 : ety Says:

    Love this drama. So sweet the love between them. But So Yen Jin look older in this drama. Recommend to watch…

  634. 634 : ceetha Says:

    i’m falling in love with Lee Min ho as Jeon Jin ho…
    love you so much 😀

  635. 635 : Cristina Says:

    I saw Boys Before Flowers and I loved Lee Min Ho on it and now Personal Taste he was perfect too. I saw he’ll be very gay on it but he wasn’t in fact he was very manly. It’s a very sweet drama about how to find the true love. :>

  636. 636 : bLaCkBeLtShOpPiGn Says:

    OhMyGod! [couldn’t help it]
    I LOVED this drama <3. The actors were amazing and the plot was differently awesome =D. Lee Min Ho is one of the most handsome guy ever. He's not only that but he is also a very talented actor. So easy to love him =) the actress in this drama is so pretty and I loved their paring was so cute ^^

    I'd say this drama was one of the worth-watching kind. I myself watched it bc of Lee Min H

  637. 637 : saa.. Says:

    Miinnnnnnhoooooooooo xoxo

  638. 638 : mimichiyoo Says:

    love u minho oppa

  639. 639 : RIE Says:


    and i love the fashionable character on park kae in. just adorable

  640. 640 : Heethi Says:

    I like this drama…
    and I really love Lee Min-ho…
    this drama is so funny, interesting…
    I recommend to watch it…

  641. 641 : solmaz Says:

    lovely couple,,,,,,,,,

  642. 642 : hamdan Says:

    satu kata “bagus” …

  643. 643 : yuli Says:

    yes, lee min ho out off from comfort area BBF.

    good drama, excellent acting from lee min ho and son yeh jin

  644. 644 : malaysian noona Says:

    i ve watched this drama for 3rd time and still smile everytime i see them both. they are so cute and adorable. the acting was very good. needless to say Lee Min Ho is hot here. just love him. soh yen jin is a bit older but still pretty. her acting is superb.

  645. 645 : kimdsaizy Says:

    i love this drama,because of lee min ho it so cute and good actor…saranghe lee min ho someday u can visit the philippines…

  646. 646 : bdalam Says:

    luv u son yeh jin

  647. 647 : kyuna Says:

    I love this drama so much, just like I love BBF… hahah,, I love all k-drama though… kekekekeke~ I’m freak in K-drama.., Jeon Jin Ho, u r my namja!!

  648. 648 : becky Says:

    I love this show…..the acts are so hilarious that I could cry my eye out…. but the ending is a little bit ‘out’…..I expected a really, really happy ending since both of them have gone through so much….anyhow, I still like this drama
    kudos to the designer of the actors’ outfits, especially Jeon Jin Ho’s…..the outfits selected for JJH are very stylish and detailed….most importantly, it fits his body frame

  649. 649 : iin Says:


  650. 650 : Amir Yusuf Says:

    I really love the character Park Gae In in this drama….
    Before this i never actually into korean drama..but this one is something else..
    Even the ending left me wanting more..still the storyline is unique and fun to watch…:)

  651. 651 : gitaminhozelf Says:

    this drama is great !! ^^ LOL n not a boring drama…
    i was watch this twice and gonna watch this again.. haha
    u MUST watch this too.. !!
    i think Leemin Ho is better in here than in BBF..
    saranghaeyo minho ya… ^^

  652. 652 : MINHOZINTHESKY Says:

    this amazing drama.. it’s about how find ur true love..
    very very very RECOMENDED..!!

  653. 653 : Koreangirl Says:

    This drama’s really AWESOME!!! die die must watch^^
    <3 LEEMINHO!!! 🙂

  654. 654 : arinda Says:

    Lee Min Ho !!!

    Son Ye Jin !!!

    I lOvE U sO mUcH !!!!!!!!!!

  655. 655 : Ceece Says:

    Might be a bit slow for some but I really enjoyed it. Lee Min Ho is a hottie and Son Yeh Jin is a great actress, loved how she played the character. Can anyone recommend a similar drama?

  656. 656 : kimchilee Says:

    I watch this drama halfway .. will continue bec its rather funny altho SYJ over exaggerate her childish acting..

    if you are all into some serious dramas good love story.. go watch ‘WILL IT SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS?”.. something different for a change. Love all the characters in the series, mostly the hero and heroine!! Go Su and Han Ye Seul… very good chemistry!!

  657. 657 : sandipa Says:

    lee min ho was damn gud in this movie.. i think the whole movie was glorifies wid his facial expression n looking more handsome than boys b4 flower….

  658. 658 : loveu Says:

    i can’t wait to watch it from abs…. sana maipalabas na.. sana sunod na sia sa he’s beautiful.. looooove it.

  659. 659 : monic Says:

    Awsome…!!! Saranghaeyo minho, awaited new drama from u.

  660. 660 : saa... Says:

    Minhooo.. Just can’t stop loving ü dude!

    @ ceece
    Try to watch: oh my lady, city hall, prosecutor princess, and there are a lot of korean drama that very worth to watch… ♥

  661. 661 : ambica Says:

    i had seen this drama i think son ye jin look some aged in this drama she was so beautiful n talent actress but i think she donot matched with lee min ho

  662. 662 : miracle Says:

    love this drama… lee min ho acting was cool…

  663. 663 : miracle Says:

    acting lee min ho was cool….. two tumbs up !!!!

  664. 664 : kania Says:

    Lee Min Hoo so gorgeous…So handsome..his acting so cool..and I Love it…this film so romantic for the ending…ho ho ho..I love this korean drama so much..

  665. 665 : Siti Says:

    I hope this drama will be best poll

  666. 666 : smyrna Says:

    love, love this so much…love, love Lee Min Ho soooo muuuccch!

  667. 667 : janine Says:

    i love the way on how the lovestory goes 🙂 i love u Lee Min Ho. 🙂

  668. 668 : Ye Eun Says:

    will airing in Indonesia …. happy ^^

  669. 669 : ayu diah nur arifiani Says:

    WAH KEREN BANGEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT,,,,,,, cepat tayang di indonesia dong ??????????????????

  670. 670 : Lia pevensiejbieb Says:

    When this drama came to indonesian television?and where that channel?

  671. 671 : oka Says:

    di Tv 7 nanti disiarin.
    pretty house

  672. 672 : Sony Says:

    Great Drama! Keep fighting!
    Look for new series of Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin

  673. 673 : putri Says:

    coming soon… so soon.. i can’t wait.. !! ^o^

  674. 674 : 네다★ Says:

    I don`t like the last ep.
    i don`t like dramas with BED SCENE

  675. 675 : 데비 Says:

    So lovely drama! I like it! <3 <3 <3

  676. 676 : kimchilee Says:

    why dont like ending? what happened in the end?

    I dont like Min Ho’s dressing.. how can he not wear socks..

  677. 677 : 2010.09.05 » My Journal Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=1685 […]

  678. 678 : marian estepa Says:

    one of the best kdrama i’ve watched, like full house and my girl..
    lee min ho looks more handsome in this drama than in BOF..
    son ye jin’s acting is great..
    they are a sweet and funny couple..
    im happy, abscbn will air this..still be watching this..
    soo excited..
    also, i hope they will visit our country..

    the OSTs of this drama are also good..

    ♥pumpkin couple♥ fighting

  679. 679 : iin Says:

    lee min hoo love u..

  680. 680 : melika Says:

    i found this drama boring:(((

  681. 681 : 1ch54N Says:


  682. 682 : lee hye jo Says:

    good drama…funny,,n i like lee min ho’s acting in here…

  683. 683 : rona Says:

    please do watch- Nice drama! Recomended!! i love it….

  684. 684 : Lee_dya Purnama Says:

    I like this film..Lee Min Ho ssi,u looks more natural,more mature & more fashionable…only one minus of u,why u didn’t wear socks..??

  685. 685 : eugene Says:

    Jeon Jin Ho – Park Kae In, the best and funny couple of this year so far.

  686. 686 : kimchilee Says:

    I think this drama is rather boring and draggy. Lee Min Ho and Soh Yeh Jin have chemistry together and so saved this drama to a certain extent. There are some funny scenes of course but that’s all there is to it.

  687. 687 : tuti al bahriyah Says:

    mau dooooonk liat personel taste……. 🙁

  688. 688 : tuti al bahriyah Says:

    lee min hoo,,,,kapan sich kamu ke Indonesia???????

  689. 689 : lea Says:

    Min Ho is very handsome…and sexy!

  690. 690 : kimchilee Says:

    oh! I take back my words about this drama earlier that its boring.. well.. its interesting in the beginning, draggy in the middle and the nicest perfact ending of all dramas I’ve seen!! The ending is not rushed, it showed the perfect couple together longer .. wonderful ending!! Min Ho and Yeh Jin also kissed the best.. for once i see an actress who is not so wooden when being kissed.. Min Ho also kissed so well with Yeh Jin responding back the kiss..!!
    Dont you all agree that in many dramas, all the actresses when being kissed are like wood.. clammed up their lips, hands so stiff at their sides.. the men can kissed with emotions better.. (er.. no offence to those who dont like watching kissing scenes)..

  691. 691 : mulan Says:

    Drama is cute and exciting. Let us vote Lee Min Ho and Son yeh Jin as best couple of the year and best kisser. Love scene is full of emotion. I’ve watched this twice. To all the cast of personal taste congratulations!!!!!!!!

  692. 692 : golgol Says:


  693. 693 : eugene Says:

    I’m so addicted to Personal Taste. LMH and SYJ have a great chemistry that i’m not usually see in K-dramas. Even in his previous drama BOF with Ko Hye Sun, i could not see great chemistry between them like in Personal Taste. Just hope LMH and SYJ will win the Best Couple of the year

  694. 694 : Nisa Says:

    the best korean drama that i watch^^
    i like LMH’s n SYJ’s acting in this drama,,,

  695. 695 : brittany Says:

    OMG, let me tell you!
    i am so addicted to this show. i love anything Lee MinHo is in. i was addicted to boys over flowers and now i am addicted to this show. but i would have to say this one is better than boys over flowers! i looove Lee MinHo!!! 🙂 he is such a great actor!

  696. 696 : melzy zhang Says:

    lee min ho just so cute
    and i think in this drama his hairstyle just better than BBF

  697. 697 : ptsh836 Says:

    the 1st episode nearly did me in…coz son yeh jin was plain goofy, silly, ugly even…thought of giving up but presevered (luckily!!) it got more complicated what with all the gay theme…the most cringe inducing scene has to be when the director (whatshisname?) confessed his feelings to lee min ho…boy!! i nearly fell off my chair….^^ talk abt being cheezy…despite tt little hiccup; the lovely interactions between the leads saved the day….:))

  698. 698 : saa... Says:

    Still loving this drama.. And can’t stop to leave something in here.. “̮

    ♥ minhooo…

  699. 699 : Ravindra Says:

    love this drama…awesome performance by Lee Min Ho and Song Ye Jin….♥♥♥

  700. 700 : jing2x Says:

    i love you lee min ho soooo much!!!

  701. 701 : anna kharisna Says:

    gimana sih,katanya drama ini mau di tayangin,,udah nunggu-nunggu dari dulu… jadi gak di tayanginnya??

  702. 702 : kesuma indahp Says:

    kenapa gak jadi di tayangin??????????????
    udah ditunggu banyak orang malah gak jadi ditayangin padahal kan film nya bagus………..

    terus udah ada iklan nya lagi…………..

  703. 703 : kesuma indahp Says:

    kenapa gak jadi ditayangin??????????
    udah ada iklannya malah gak jadi buat kecewa semua orang,.,.,.

  704. 704 : lia violeta Says:

    good drama…almost perfect i think…
    i love it..n i love lee min ho too..

    i recomended this drama…
    two thumbs for both of them..!!

  705. 705 : bebek gila Says:

    gimana sih gajadi ditayangin? tiap hari udah nugguin juga malah gajadi ditayangan beteeeeeeee T_T

  706. 706 : Luba Says:

    Wow, im soo hooked on the show. I watched the entire first season in a week. Amazing actors and story line. I connected with many of the characters and hard to imagine that it’s just a show. I’m Russian and let me tell you, this show is the bomb! It’s my first Korean show and it gives American shows a run for their money. Wonderful acting and directing. WHEN IS SEASON 2???? thanx for reading:)

  707. 707 : kimchilee Says:

    I think the confession of the director to LMH that he is gay was very touching bec I can now understand how cautiously gay man approach another man based on just suspicion alone. Very well acted out by the director i feel.. pretending to be so manly and yet craving for love from the same sex.. and LMH.. haha.. what can i say..? What a difficult situation too for a straight guy to tell another guy that he is not gay.. !! But Kudos to the writers who are so opened about this issue (and no.. I am not a gay man supporting their rights.. I am a simple woman who undertand that they are born that way)
    yes.. you were right.. I didnt really like the beginning part, the training of Yeh Jin to be a woman, the draggy part of the other couple .. but towards the end.. the ending was simply captivating. Loved the chemistry between these 2!!

  708. 708 : ;osa minoz sejati Says:

    personal taste lucu…

    min ho oppa ada rencana ke indonesia gag…??

    huh..pokoknya I Love U so Much Lee Min Ho…@!!!!

  709. 709 : lisa minoz ssejati Says:

    oo yaa personal taste buruan dong ditayangin di Indonesia

    aku yakin pasti banyak yang nonton…
    terus kenpa tu trans 7 gag jadi nayangin personal taste….
    dibanding down with love, personal taste lebih bagus…

  710. 710 : anonymous Says:

    goddamn I love this drama so much ! !
    can’t wait it to be broadcasted in Indonesia !

  711. 711 : pauline grace Says:

    love it!is it true that this is soon to be a program of ABS CBN in the philippines?thanks..answer ma please.

  712. 712 : prativa Says:

    this drama made me go crazy..now dat i’ve completed the movie feelin so lonely wish this drama would go on and on…..great to see the other side of lee min ho..his part here is totally different than bff..did a great job..love da way every single artist acted..so much to learn from this drama… SIMPLY ADORABLE….

  713. 713 : jin hoo saranghea!! Says:

    lub u lee min hoo..
    Personal taste daa bez..
    Sye sggop b,blanja seratus ringgit tox m,dptkan cd tuh..
    Semua nyew for my jeon jin-ho

  714. 714 : ioana Says:

    really sweet…congratulation from romania!!!

  715. 715 : zannet Says:

    love it

  716. 716 : ami kurotsuchi Says:

    i love love love this drama a lot..in BOF lee min ho is just over the top but here..its just PERFECT!!

  717. 717 : Reyz caemz Says:

    w suka bgttttttttt film nii

  718. 718 : Reyz caemz Says:

    I like it personal taste

  719. 719 : Deshinta Says:

    hell! i love this drama a lot. joen jin ho :*

  720. 720 : bee Says:

    I like the first few episodes a lot.(until the 10th episode)
    I only manage to finish 12 episodes.
    I will rate the drama 7/10.
    8.5/10 for the first 8 episodes.
    7.5/10 for episodes 9-12
    4/10 for episode 13-16

  721. 721 : mika Says:

    Jin hooooo ye champion, luv youuuuuuuu……

  722. 722 : joe Says:


    banyak best, sudah habis tengok pun mau tengok lagi,, memang tak rasa bosannn…..
    happy good luck for all PT team


  723. 723 : saa... Says:

    Gud job PT \(´▽`)/

    Minho is superb great!!!

  724. 724 : tika Says:

    min ho good job i alwasy love for u

  725. 725 : Meii Says:

    i love this drama ..
    lee min ho is the best also son yeh jin

  726. 726 : christine Says:

    i super love dis drama! lee min ho is very handsome and his character here is an awesome guy if in reality he does occur

  727. 727 : christine Says:

    do you know if lee min ho has gf in present day?

  728. 728 : isma Says:

    Finally Korean drama with more kissing’ scenes along with the great story for sure… I like it!

  729. 729 : ..annix Says:

    . . . very nice…so far this 2010,this is the best!!!
    keep up the good work Lee Min Ho..your a perfect couple…
    much better in the reality..hehehe=)

  730. 730 : oana Says:

    well…….is such a good drama.ga in is so funny and at the same time so beautiful.jin ho is caring about ga in after he find out the true about her past and how he tried to convince ga in\’s father that he really love\’s her more that anything.ii hate in hee….and chang ryul.the drama is really funny.love it!

  731. 731 : jmj Says:

    very funny, I like this series

  732. 732 : andjani Says:

    i love this drama *^0^* Min Ho looks mature w/ that kind of charactere beside its a happy ending story (^0^)//… go for it for Min Ho.. Love u ^*^

  733. 733 : novita Says:

    this is the best korean drama i’ve ever seen…………

  734. 734 : tika Says:

    i like this film your is the best min ho

  735. 735 : rosma Says:


  736. 736 : dmar91 Says:

    Slightly less enthusiasm for the series:


  737. 737 : farah Says:

    love the chemistry esp. my favourite korean drama actress miss Son Ye Jin and handsome Lee min ho. Both you very good delivery the role and character and find you guys be a perfect match in reality too…despite age gap..But it’s nothing when you talk about love, right?

  738. 738 : [ACTOR] Lee Min Ho « sava's movie site Says:

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  739. 739 : rafaziah Says:

    owhh..I really..really love this drama..lee min hoo looks so different character in BBF..
    sarang haeee…..

  740. 740 : louis vuitton wallet Says:

    do you know if lee min ho has gf in present day?

  741. 741 : soli Says:

    I love this drama ..i am iranian,& love u

  742. 742 : Sieta Says:

    Min hoo, why you don’t coupled with geum jan di????? Hope your movie with geun jan di again….

  743. 743 : ira maya Says:

    i like this drama
    the story it’s very funny

  744. 744 : ira maya Says:

    i like this drama

  745. 745 : dinaz Says:

    finally i gt d opprtunity 2 watch personal taste i m so happy!!i m loving ths drama alot..o my whl tim i keep starin at u minho..ure totally awesome in ths drama..perfect acting great clothes..n wow wat a loving guy u potray..i m 100% sure ure as lovable n kind in ur real life as well..i didnt gt bored at ny episode like other dramas..i love it!!i m still in episode 14 so two more r left..i go crazy 4 u with evry episode..love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..bt d only scene i didnt like was d kiss cz i ws so jelous..haha!otherwise i love it..

  746. 746 : bling bling Says:

    I like this…..
    lee min ho very handsome…:)

  747. 747 : nanda Says:


  748. 748 : harlis Says:

    nice and touchy…..
    if it were true…how lovely….

  749. 749 : marya Says:

    I like this ..
    but The heroine is very bad .. l hate Son Ye Jin

  750. 750 : yuliaaa Says:

    huuuaaa ,,, min hoo is cool in this drama.
    like u lee min hoo ..
    sarang hae ….

  751. 751 : saa... Says:

    Loveeeeeeee ü minho…

    ♥ PT too….

  752. 752 : lee min hooبیوگرافی Says:

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  753. 753 : like Says:

    I like both characters, Park Kae In and Jeon Jin Ho. There are some aspects of Kae In’s characters that I can very much relate to – she is so “ordinary” and “human” – like the girl next door, or – like yourself in many ways.. I say a thumb up for the writer (original & screen) as well as the director and of course for the actors who deliver such good portrayal..

  754. 754 : genellica Says:

    OVER !!
    “PERSONAL TASTE” made my pocket empty watching it at computer shop .. but .. it’s worth watchin’ for .. each episode kc .. natatawa ko .. at minsan naiiyak .. whoo .. perfect ang “personal taste”.. sa aking taste !! hahahah 😀
    iloveit !!

  755. 755 : genellica Says:

    LEE MIN HO — saranghamnida 😀

  756. 756 : Mizrilla Says:

    I falling in love with the famous Lee Min Ho…
    Great drama and great actor too..
    Thumbs up for oppa..

    Can’t wait to see your other Kdrama, Min Ho
    Surely you have a fan 😉

  757. 757 : che Says:

    i really enjoy watching PERSONAL TASTE ! i love lee min ho ! ! i cant wait to watch it again on ABS-CBN ! !

  758. 758 : karin Says:

    1 kata: KEREN!!! Personal taste perfect pokonyaaa lee min ho ganteng woiii

  759. 759 : adex Says:

    Great drama, inspiring and understanding for every couples.. Good chemistry. I hope they can play together again in romance comedy drama soon…

  760. 760 : lisa Says:

    i really like your acting….
    you are really handsome……
    i like your smile too…….

  761. 761 : minomino Says:

    honestly, even minho looked much better (you hit the gym huh ?) , sometimes he got dead expressions there.
    and the girl looked a bit too old for him (please mr/mrs casting director..?!!)
    poor guy…..
    luv u … hwaiiitiiing !

  762. 762 : Mc Child Says:

    I think this drama will be worth to watc and I am so excited to watch this drama.

  763. 763 : Mc Child Says:

    Great Casting!!!!!!!!!

  764. 764 : bety Says:

    pokoke mantab bgtt

  765. 765 : bety Says:


  766. 766 : malaysian noona Says:

    i am still watching personal taste despite any other dramas coming in.
    just love lee min ho and son ye jin together.

  767. 767 : Riya Says:

    Lee Min Ho is really cool in this drama.

  768. 768 : BSY Says:

    i totally love personal taste wish i colud be son ye jin sigh…………………….

  769. 769 : ng del Says:

    just finished watching this series, very good indeed, makes me fall in love with Lee Minho!

  770. 770 : haniyeh Says:

    i am haniyeh and i leave in Iran! where are you leave???
    i can`t speak English very good so maby I have a mistake! sorry!!!!!!
    I love all of korean film and love personal taste too !!!!!
    this picture was very good.
    i love you SON YEH JIN…..
    by by my friends

  771. 771 : mysin Says:

    very entertaining, so funny yet natural also

  772. 772 : cubitusebby Says:

    not bad but.. I totally agree with #761 minomino.. ! 🙁

  773. 773 : Shidah Says:

    I love the drama.
    I watch it every episode


    love it

  774. 774 : lovebee Says:

    I love Personal Taste! So happy it’s gonna be shown here in the Philippines. I hope the time slot won’t have any conflicts with me. I have school =((

  775. 775 : m h e d Says:

    hi,, i just watch Personal Taste and i really really like it… so so much!!.. lee min ho acted so great and he portrayed the roll very well… it will be aired here in the Philippines this november… Excited to watch it in Pinoy Language… LEE MIN HO ur the best.. though im married i still cant deny the fact that u are more handsome than my husband… hahaha…

  776. 776 : yuli nasari Says:

    yah sayank bnged personal taste udah tamat smnga k lee min ho and kk son ye jin mmbaca psan dari w kk lee min ho ada lagi donkk film’a atau terusan’a yeeee plissss

  777. 777 : mutiara christie Says:

    semoga lee min hoo ada lagi filmnya ..
    soalnya udah gak sbar mau liat tampang kren,cekep,PERFECT lee min hoo.

    SHRANG HEYO minho…………

  778. 778 : Personal Taste | My Imagination.. Says:

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  779. 779 : Hirayume Says:

    100% recommended!

  780. 780 : deidra nicole erpelo Says:

    wow !! a very very great comedy and drama ..
    i like min ho forever !!

  781. 781 : deidra nicole erpelo Says:

    a very very great comedy~drama ..
    min ho – biass !!

  782. 782 : toh quan ming Says:

    i find that it is very interesting and nice to watch so i will go to other video shop to rent it.

  783. 783 : miftah huljannah Says:

    tyangin film nya di indosiar doonk

  784. 784 : miftah huljannah Says:

    tyangin filmnya di indosiar ya

  785. 785 : Yoon Hee Says:

    WHAT a beautiful korean drama!!♥ I like the Personal Taste its a comedy series.So beautiful♥

  786. 786 : Chel Says:

    :’D love this <3 <3

  787. 787 : iamkitin Says:

    i really love this drama.. i finished watching it in one day.. i didn’t stop watching ’til i finished it ’til the end….

  788. 788 : iamkitin Says:

    lee min ho is so handsome!!! i love him so much!!!! ♥♥♥

  789. 789 : melisa Says:

    dramanya baguus :-bd tapi sayang cuma 16 episode TT^TT
    bagus sekali .. kapan film barunyaa ada lagi ?

  790. 790 : roy99 Says:

    try to watch best drama of 2010
    ‘baker king kim tak goo’

  791. 791 : kristine Says:

    i sooOOoo LOVE LEE MIN-HO!!! <3 his character is so cute and sweet,, i really love how he acted it,,

  792. 792 : jamie Says:

    i have watched personal taste on-line and is currently aired in the Philippines. It is quite a wonderful drama that can make laugh, relax and fall in love. I admired Lee Min Ho’s acting so with the leading lady. They’ve acted so well that I’ve carried away. The roles they portray is quite mature that i can compare from BOF where LMH played a teen character.. He has grown as an actor and his performance is great. Two thumbs up for personal taste… Hope we can watch more of Lee Min Ho’s drama. He is an admirable actor.. Good looking and one of a kind…

  793. 793 : vyn Says:

    I love Lee Min Ho.. So handsome.. I love personal taste drama.

  794. 794 : vyn Says:

    Worth my time watching Lee Min Ho Personal taste.. He is a very good actor.. Its true.. this series can make you laugh, cry and be inlove… so relaxing.. I love the tandem of Son Ye-Jin and Lee Min Ho

  795. 795 : Irene Says:

    Lee Min Ho is very handsome than in Boys Over Flower, he is now one of my favorite korean actor..

  796. 796 : manju Says:

    lee min ho ur just tooooooooo gooooddddd!!!!muah!!!!

  797. 797 : iftah cuantik Says:

    yah cyanx bngt flim personal taste’y dh tmat pdahal flim’y tu enk’kn bngt lho…….. tpi skrang flim personal taste’y maen lgi tpi maen’y pgi jdi q gax bsa lhat dech kren q’y sklh ce jdi gx bsa lhat………….

  798. 798 : iftah cuantik Says:

    i love you lee min ho………………????????

  799. 799 : MIK Says:



  800. 800 : Akhie Says:

    Hi guys i’m a Filipino and i like watching Korean drama series specially this drama series, of Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho its now airing in the Philippines prime time as Perfect Match ands its really great just because i also like the concept of the story it really give me a great idea specially in architecture design well i hope more Korean Drama series like this, should establish….

  801. 801 : Heethi Says:

    yeah… i like this drama too….
    and… I think lee min-ho in here so really charismatic and has a cool attitude… 🙂
    the series is so funny and unique too… can make me laugh and cry….

    i hope, this drama can be more success in korea and the other country… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  802. 802 : Nik Says:

    LOVE IT!

  803. 803 : Jiele Says:

    love it………….

  804. 804 : syaa Says:

    where can i downloaded all of the episode for free ? because in malaysia doesn’t have MBC channel and just got KBS :/ really need you guys information. TYVM 😀

  805. 805 : sam Says:

    funny ..i like it

  806. 806 : fannie Says:

    i love this series. lee min ho is so cute. great dresser. i love the story line and had fun watching it. it’s currently showing in our local network. the title here is perfect match, which i think is more accurate. i hope everybody can watch it. korean really make great drama series.this is just one of them.i highly recommend it.

  807. 807 : hannahoj Says:

    this K-novela is so cute…
    they look good together..
    I just wish I could finish watching it… 🙂

  808. 808 : inaa adil Says:

    i like it……go…..go…lee min ho….:)

  809. 809 : Danish Says:

    good drama… I like it…

  810. 810 : Danish Says:


  811. 811 : Danish Says:

    I never boring to watch this drama…like it…

  812. 812 : inez Says:

    i love it !!!! baru sadar kalo di film ini Lee Min Ho guannntengggg bangettt……di BBF masih belum sadar sih…….

  813. 813 : kimsumi Says:

    its was gud!!!!but mah expectation frm lee min ho is much higher than this coz his drama b.o.f. was a lot better than this one….!!!!^_^but still fighting jun pyo

  814. 814 : not so plain jane Says:

    It’s a funny K-series. Really enjoyed watching it.
    Good acting of all characters.
    I am crushing now on Lee Min Ho! waiting now for your next K-D series.

  815. 815 : Min Ho fan Says:

    I love you Lee Min Ho..

  816. 816 : Nix Says:

    Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin are so nice to look at… they are a cute pair.. I love the story of this drama and how the actors consistently portrayed the characters.. Kudos! ^_^ I so love Lee Min Ho! Job well done Son Ye Jin!

  817. 817 : takgu99 Says:

    very interesting!!
    nice!! funny also

  818. 818 : WULAN Says:

    saranghaeyo jeon jin ho :p

  819. 819 : jeasly Says:

    i really love this drama..
    it’s so funny..
    and lee min ho looks so handsome here..
    i love it..

  820. 820 : jeasly Says:

    great combination.. i love this team up..

  821. 821 : zedz Says:

    wow….. this comedy, drama is great….lee min ho’s acting skills was greatly improved…..and i like the way miss son yeh jin act i really like it….and the chemistry between miss son yeh jin and lee min ho is also great… guys if you are watching or addicted to korean tv series its a must to watch…i hope u also watch it…

  822. 822 : leehyukkie Says:

    in my opinion this drama is boring and not interesting..
    it’s not like what i expected..
    kinda disappointing…

  823. 823 : zheng Says:

    i really really like it..i dont expect too much for the actors but im still happy for their individual character..so much in love with lee min ho..hehe 😀 i miss seing min ho K-D..lee min ho acting skills is really improving…hmm

  824. 824 : poay Says:

    komedi nya asik dan lucu di dalam cerita nya

  825. 825 : poay Says:

    cerita nya asik dan lucu

  826. 826 : budie Says:

    cerita nya asik dan lucu

  827. 827 : rika Says:

    i like this drama,lovely

  828. 828 : cgsantos Says:

    i like this tv series. It’s funny and heartwarming at the same time especially when the character of Lee Min Ho shows some compassion and concern for Kae In (Julienne Park). Lee Min Ho is much cuter here than in “Boys over Flowers”… something to do with his hair, i think. Straight hair looks better on him than the curly or wavy one he had in “boys…”.

  829. 829 : ayran1084 Says:

    waahh..i really love this girl, SON YE JIN..so muchh..so cuteee..

  830. 830 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  831. 831 : cutie Says:

    always love to watch this series especially lee min ho..waiting for your next series..saranghe oppa!

  832. 832 : han jo an Says:

    i really like this,,,the theme up was really good!!!!!!!!,,,i hope there will be the next project for them

  833. 833 : saintcierra Says:

    Looooooooooooooooove it…. 100% suggested! both acts are just great.. love you minoz

  834. 834 : Hannah-Anne Says:

    i love minho!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  835. 835 : leflahon Says:

    simply like this drama. *sigh* makes me fall in love jin ho

  836. 836 : ptsh836 Says:

    @kimchilee (#707): dearie, do i even want to care how they (gays) interact?? gives me goosebumps watching the gay director; him & his puppydog eyes…its hilarious…do i even want to symphathize with his lot? makes my skin crawl; that scene shld hv been censored coz im simply not interested to know what goes on behind the scenes…jus tt simple…

    gave up watching halfway…yet to come back n finish it. jus dread it if gay theme continues to the end…

  837. 837 : rose Says:

    i love this series…. i feel like had a fever everytime i watched it… i love lee min hi/ jin ho and so ye jin is a great actress and have a great fashion sense….!!!!!!

  838. 838 : tricia jane minoz Says:

    super love this drama!!!! especially LEE MIN HO oppa!

  839. 839 : sye.bum Says:

    i love lee min ho -straight hair.. he looks cute..

  840. 840 : shielables Says:

    They make a very good tandem. Lee Min Ho is sooooo handsome. I’m melting! Weeeew.. I love you Lee Min Ho!

  841. 841 : shielables Says:

    I love both of them <3

  842. 842 : kenneth joy Says:

    wow!! i like this drama series!!! the casts were all good!! it’s fun and not boring to watch!! i had a great time watching it!! 🙂

  843. 843 : myla Says:

    I just love Son Ye Jin…Personal Taste really funny with romance on the side…worth re-watching…Son Ye Jin …simply the best…more power…

  844. 844 : sagu lee Says:

    …lovely minho…cute ye jin…funny !!!

  845. 845 : fran23 Says:

    this drama is very funny and impressive~~
    leeminho is great actor.
    i love minho~~
    fighting lee min ho~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  846. 846 : cik idayu Says:

    i also agree with #761

    minomino Says:

    October 20th, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    honestly, even minho looked much better (you hit the gym huh ?) , sometimes he got dead expressions there.
    and the girl looked a bit too old for him (please mr/mrs casting director..?!!)
    poor guy…..
    luv u … hwaiiitiiing !


    anyway its a great drama and minho improve the act and i agree that straight hair is suit for him..

  847. 847 : Anna Says:

    I think it’s a funny and very wonderfull…..the actors know how to act…2 thumbs up for lee and sohn…good job….

  848. 848 : ikea Says:

    the begining is Good
    the end is so damn bad


    huuuuuu 🙁

  849. 849 : DEN Says:


  850. 850 : Kikzster Says:

    NICE story….:)

  851. 851 : dinaz Says:

    why this drama’s votes only 4%..wake up fans i cant c my minho lose i m trying 2 vote 4 pt but only my votes wont help..o minho i wsh i could make pt win!but still i’ll keep voting 4 u sweetheart!!please vote dear minho fans..

  852. 852 : me Says:

    great show . loved it

  853. 853 : Kitty Says:

    This is one of the best korean drama i have ever seen for a long, long time…! Great one, love it!

  854. 854 : kikzster Says:

    This k drama is awesome….Best k drama ive ever seen….From the start till the last episode…

  855. 855 : jocelyn Says:

    the best! love the cast…

  856. 856 : yoyo Says:

    i think next drama will better than P.Fighting!

  857. 857 : Vi_T Says:

    I LOVE MIN HO…………………..:))..(^_*)..:))

  858. 858 : samuel Says:

    apik cok

  859. 859 : Truefact Says:

    The synopsis of this drama really make me excited for no reason. Once I finished the drama, my reaction was ” oh, move on to the next drama” Lee Min Ho is just so gorgeous and having him in this drama really pretty up the cover. But with the lead actress, for me is just suck. Son Ye Jin is really pretty but she’s too old to be partnered with Lee Min Ho. She sometimes look like his mom. I would prefer if someone younger and have a bubbly (less annoying) personality to be the lead actress. The drama should have bee better but for some unfortunate reason it fails to give me the perfect drama as good as it’s posters.

  860. 860 : Aree Duangnimit Says:

    Anyeonghasayyo,Minhossi I watch this drama already. I like it very much and I really love you. Good luck. *-*

  861. 861 : Melinda Gunawan Says:

    Hmm… Actually I don’t really like this drama … It’s kinda boring ~ … Boys Before Flowers is way much better … All of you should try Boys Before Flowers …

  862. 862 : JESSY Says:

    hmmm…after buying dis dvd,chong mal chua he dis drama…as u can see the ratings..absolutely thumbs up…<3..SYJ so pretty n LMH so cool…

  863. 863 : fanpires Says:

    for me?!i think ds s one of d best drama ive evr seen! i love LEE MIN HO he s sooo yummy! LoL nd SON YEH JIN? for me shes d best evr! i love d way she act! shes my idol now! im their numbr 1 fan! love their tandem!

  864. 864 : LMH Says:

    this is the most wonderful love and comedy movie that i’d ever seen before…… i would say that it would b the no.1 movie for me and to all the supporters of this movie…. and this is the first that lee min ho had a bed-scene to her leading lady and son ye jin says that this is the first time that she does a comedy romance movie and she’ll never forget the scene that lee min ho kissed her to her neck….. they stated this comment in their interview….. i like this movie so much and i hope they make a movie or drama for 2011 and another years….. and i think their tandem will be a perfect tandem and perfect couple…. and i hope that personal taste have a part 2,, cause it so very beautiful

  865. 865 : emily Says:

    this one of the best korean romantic-comedy i ever seen !!!!!!!!

    i really like the cast especially lee-min ho ……….

  866. 866 : racel Says:

    I LOVE LEE MIN HO!!correct..move on to the next minho’s drama

  867. 867 : watsonk Says:

    Son Ye-jin is clearly a better actor among them. She carries the show for male audiences. The reason that I like to watch Korean drama is its conservativeism. However, this drama breaks all the rules. The topics include homosexuality, flirting with a married woman, pre-martial sex, and a lot of steamy kissing scenes. If this trend continues, I might have to switch back to watching Japanese and Hong Kong dramas again. It came a long way from Summer Scent, wrongfully.

  868. 868 : jermaine Says:

    even here in the philippines… personal taste was named here as perfect match and is shown about midnight… and almost all of my classmates and relatives watch it and like it… it was the best asianovela i ever seen! when i saw its 1st ep. i already know that it will be the best… sometimes i like when in hee was very jealous and when she tried to take away jin ho but jin ho always ignore her and go on kae in’s side… ooohhhhhhhhhhhh its the best

  869. 869 : Sam Lim Says:

    I saw this on dvd more than 20 X can’t get enough of it. This touches on controversial issues that may dismay conservatives, but its still sensitive enough to delight the prudish among us! Peace. Love Lee Min Ho!

  870. 870 : dhem Says:

    grabe!!!… really like the story…. its not boring rather… its really funny and dramatic… go Jin Ho and Kae In… 4 thumbs up for both of you…

  871. 871 : Lizanne Noelle Says:

    i love this drama so much..

  872. 872 : christine Says:

    i love lee min ho and ye jin son! the story is light but the actors are great and they justify the characters. super kilig! i wish jin ho is real!

  873. 873 : LMH Says:

    they are both so popular….. son ye jin is the top 5 of the most hot prettiest women in korea as of 2009 and 2010 while lee min ho is on the top 12 hot male artist in korea….. and when they combined together OWWWWW this is what u called PERFECT MATCH… and im amazed of son ye jin because even though she is much older than lee min ho she can handle the role that she can be leveling in the age of lee min ho…… they are so cute and i hope they would have a next korean drama

  874. 874 : sabrina Says:

    love it , Lee Min Ho so cute , korean drama forever.

  875. 875 : jenn91 Says:

    i really love this movie…Lee MinHo really very cute and handsome (saranghe)..and the pretty girl Son Je Yin

  876. 876 : laucky_jan15 Says:

    nice drama………….i love it

  877. 877 : may ann simbajon Says:

    hi ! I am from he Philippines and i used to watch personal taste ! i love it !

  878. 878 : dinaz Says:

    so so glad dat minho sweetheart won an award for ths drama!!CONGRATS..
    keep it up..love u..

  879. 879 : myrina Says:

    Hi..I am from Indonesia..I love this Drama..Congrats for the award…I am waiting for the sequel

  880. 880 : suzanne Says:

    nice drama!!! 5 star…=D

  881. 881 : sya Says:


  882. 882 : intyce Says:

    CONGRATS LEE MIN HO on winning the EXCELLENCE AWARD!! You truly deserve it! FIGHTING!! p(^_^)

  883. 883 : weng Says:

    i watch this drama on our regular tv show…..so many cuts…..so i buy dvd to watch all over again. its a wonderful drama and i really like it. Very lucky and talented Son Yeh Jin…..she kiss so many wonderful big male actors like Bae Yong Jun and Lee Min Ho. very cute and very nice.

    i will watch it over and over again…..CONGRATULATIONS

  884. 884 : Mae Says:

    Super love this series. can’t take my eyes off lee min ho. 😀

  885. 885 : SHEH Says:


  886. 886 : secret. :] Says:

    i just plain love it. :]

  887. 887 : Jessie Says:

    Lovely drama! At least watch 3 times!

  888. 888 : HOTTUPP Says:

    Son Ye Jin deserves to win the Excellence Award too, as Female Lead Actress for her outstanding and excellent portrayal of Park Gae-in!

    I love this Asian romantic comedy most of all because of the wonderful love chemistry between SYJ and LMH.

    Congratulations, Lee Min Ho (Jinho ssi)!!

  889. 889 : Bek Says:

    I love korean drama, personal taste is 1 of my favorites!

  890. 890 : nabil Says:

    best drama..!!

  891. 891 : mary Says:

    hi……i really really like this drama……..it’s very nice……..

  892. 892 : Jessie Says:

    Excellent story, actor & actress. Missing this drama very much!

  893. 893 : Yoon Hee Says:

    I really like this drama!!!! its so beautiful and especially the song by Younha!!!!

  894. 894 : Michelle Says:

    I love it!! superrrr! I love Jin Ho’s character.!!!!!!

  895. 895 : Tyas Says:

    I can’t wait for the next min ho’s drama

  896. 896 : pup Says:

    good drama.

  897. 897 : Ezra Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama so much!
    Love love Le Min Ho and Son Yeh Jin so mucchhhh!!!!


  898. 898 : sia Says:

    jiglyeol deulama-eseo choegolo meosjin eonni

  899. 899 : sia Says:

    Korean dramas really cool personal taste

  900. 900 : Milaa Says:

    overall I love this drama. but I dont really like Gae-in’s outfit.. looks old fashion and make her looks older too.

  901. 901 : Jessie Says:

    Hi, I really love this drama. HK TV will show this drama next Monday,….pls support……. 🙂

  902. 902 : dinaz Says:

    i m so glad dat u wer a part of personal taste my sweetheart minho..i alwaz believed personal taste was much much better than cinderella sister n prosecuter’s princess so i bought both d other two dvds as well.after watching them i can proudly say my minho’s personal taste is d BEST!!
    if i wer in korea i woud definately go 4 pesonal taste..
    be it jinho or goo jun pyo u excel in both
    LOVE U!!

  903. 903 : Mokha Says:

    lee Min Hoo Knapa Sich Kamu teh kasep Pisan……..U Hansom Very Very Hansom…Mmmmmuacccchhhhhhhh

  904. 904 : miftah Says:

    kpan2 film nya tayangin di indosiar donkkk….
    oengen nonton lagii ne….
    lee min ho… i luv u very very very much….

  905. 905 : hyuk-hyuk Says:

    in my opinion this drama is sucks…
    I stopped at episode 4..
    Really boring and not entertaining…

  906. 906 : maivira Says:

    Even i love the story and also lee min ho, im little dissapointed with the woman cast, not so best couple 🙁 she looks older than min ho.
    I love lee min ho style here, sophisticated!

  907. 907 : yoo da Says:

    hey you’re right son ye jin probably at 28’s years old too old for lee min hoo who still new in this business..! but the story was good though….!

  908. 908 : lora Says:

    lee min ho is the best….

  909. 909 : tden Says:

    personal taste is one of the best korean dramas i’ve ever watched… i really loved lee min ho’s style… love you!!! muahhhhhh………… <3

  910. 910 : tden Says:

    personal taste is one of the best korean dramas i’ve ever watched…. lee min ho… u rock!!! keep up the good work…. <3

  911. 911 : tden Says:

    personal taste is one of the best korean dramas i’ve ever watched… both lee min ho and son yeh jin made a great couple….!

  912. 912 : hehehe Says:

    kadang2 bagus kadang2 jelek. episode 1-2 lumayan lah… trus episode slanjutnya jelek ngebosenin… di pertengahan pas ada konflik gitu lumayan lucu,, truss akhirnya jijik banget..

    *** stars for PERSONAL TASTE, hope this could be better.

  913. 913 : majda.KSA Says:

    personal taste is wow Son Yeh Jin s wow !! two thumbs up
    lee min hoo i do luv u so so so so so much an I’ll watch any series u act n ur the best ever i like every thing n u ..

    keep it up

    xoxo 😀

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  915. 915 : Binyoz Says:

    one of my fave kdrama coz lee minho is reallly handsome & cute in this drama with his thousand watt smile ^o^..boring in early episode but become nice started when jin ho kissed gae in & said Game Over…already watched these unforgettable kiss scene for more than 10 times…and stil want to see these scene again…;-)

  916. 916 : lora Says:

    I love lee min hoooooooooooo
    u are the best
    I like drama.

  917. 917 : bianca Says:

    i absolutely love this show lee min ho is the best actor ever

  918. 918 : rockprincess Says:

    omg!!! i really love this!! this is so great movie ull never regret watching it!! lee min ho is so cute here!!!! omg!!!!! i cant get over :))

  919. 919 : yashika Says:

    hey lee min , myself and my friends bcom a gr8 fan of urs after watching personal taste………… u r rocking man keep it up ! ur smile is just awesome come to india we want to meet u, especially in south india

  920. 920 : kati Says:

    I like drama.the story was sooooo good ….

  921. 921 : kati Says:

    I love lee min hooooooooooo

  922. 922 : lian Says:

    i really love this drama…can watch over n ovr again..really love u lee min ho..hop to meet u one day

  923. 923 : Nerede kalmıştık? « "Aslı" Gibidir… Says:

    […] Fotoğraf http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=1685 adresinden alınmıştır. […]

  924. 924 : lalola Says:

    minho’s face is fake…im so sad after heard that he’ve mde plastc surgry…i like his face b4 thAn now…T.T

  925. 925 : dinaz Says:

    @lalola hw can u say dat??he did only a nose job..bt thn so wat!!most of d top actors n actresses do on mny parts of d body bt 4 him it ws only the nose..dont tell me u kept lookin at his nose instead of watchin d drama..
    u mst b a vry young gal 2 only like his face whn u grow up try 2 like ur idol not only for his face but also 4 his hard work..
    newaz minho I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU 4 watevr u are!!n evn if u do mre surgeries i dnt care cz i wil still love you!

  926. 926 : natsu tshering Says:

    I always loved Son Ye Jin n i’ll always be, her acting skills are commendable specially as da weird looking Gae In, wid big glasses on. Am still not done wid da scene where she kneels down, raises her hands n closes her eyes in front of Min Ho which makes him smile even though he is angry wid her, been watchin it again n again n each time i watch it, it brings a smile on ma face, too. She looked sooooo cute. Min Ho, impressed wid his act in this series, i liked Ji Ho rather then Jun Pyo but still he’s da best. Inspite of da age difference, they real made a cute-loving-couple. One ultimate word AWESOME. N guys pls……….. STOP crticizing Her i can’t take it. Will be expecting some more of Son Ye Jin.

  927. 927 : Heethi Says:

    I like both of them…
    so cute…

    This K-drama is really cool… 🙂

  928. 928 : glitz Says:

    cutest drama..love lee min ho..

  929. 929 : Yubelium Says:

    As long as I watch this Korean movie most very best.this film very creative in making people curious…and i like the women actrees 🙂 PARK KAE IN…i hope can meet with u …

  930. 930 : Yubelium Says:

    Very good story ..i like tu meet with park kae in 🙂 like her

  931. 931 : glitz Says:

    i love lee min ho..

  932. 932 : Asthy Says:

    I dont know why the rank of this drama was average. it was an excellent drama. the conflict, the story and the actress actors were excellent. I put this drama as #1 in my own list. Lee Min Ho played very good. He can change the character from the young boy Goo Joon Pyo (Boys Before Flowers) to the mature guy Jeon Jin Ho perfectly

  933. 933 : mommy najmi Says:

    I’ve watched it for 10 times. Really-really loved it

  934. 934 : Personal Taste Episode 1-16 END (MedQual) (EU) – Nubishare.com Says:

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  935. 935 : Ahursam Says:

    the 1st episode remind me of 1999 US movie ‘Three to Tango’. Matthew Perry (Friends) is a heterosexual, neat freak who owned architect firm with gay Oliver Platt (3 Musketeer). They compete for a big project from a company owned by Dylan McDermott (the Practice) who though Matthew is gay too. Dylan ask Matthew to ‘spy’ on his mistress Neve Campbell (Scream) an artist who work with glass. Matthew & Neve met, they ‘click’ really well even though Neve later found out he’s a spy and ‘gay’. Matthew fall for her and have to decide : confess his love or lost the project.

  936. 936 : SG 1000 Says:

    Lee Min Ho is too beautiful…

  937. 937 : Me Aventurando Pelo Mundo dos Doramas… Personal Taste | Blablabla Aleatório Says:

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  938. 938 : Bendie Fu Says:

    I love Lee Min Ho!!! Wonderful drama! Great acting!

  939. 939 : linda maya sari Says:

    when the reruns again???????????

  940. 940 : GEE-TA Says:


  941. 941 : kati Says:

    lee min hooooooooooooo is the best,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  942. 942 : kat Says:

    lee min ho really is a good actor. you can feel his character just by looking at him. son ye jin is very pretty. they look good together.

  943. 943 : Alyssea Says:

    I totally fell in love with this drama! I believe it had a good story behind it and the acting was just outstanding! The lead actors look great together and they have a good chemistry. There were times I laughed with tears but also times when I had a heavy heart. Really good drama! 100% recommended ^-^

  944. 944 : yobi Says:

    i got bored with this drama. it started so funny and enjoyable but after maybe 40% of the whole series it crashed. boring! it became a melodrama for goodness sake! it didnt live to its description as romantic comedy to the end. 🙁

  945. 945 : Nancy Says:

    This is an excellent drama with a strong and emotional story line. The low rating is misleading.

    Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho are great actors. Lee Min Ho rises to the challenge of protraying a mature guy in Personal Taste, a year after his role as the boy Goo Joon Pyo in Boys Before Flowers. He’s a very gifted actor despite his young age. It demonstrates his versatility in different roles. He’s an action man in the currently showing City Hunter.

    Son Ye Jin is a great actress.

  946. 946 : mazni Says:

    I love Lee min Ho.. Good actor… after see him at Boy over Flower.. I’m falling in love with hum ..Luv Korean Drama.. now waiting City HUnter on 4 July 2011 at OneHD…Gu Jun Pyoo

  947. 947 : nitesh tamrakar Says:

    hy its me nitesh i am the biggest fan of lee min ho and i love his movies….

  948. 948 : Playful Kiss, another drama from South Korea « Lady Petite Says:

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  949. 949 : rikaernika Says:

    romantic and cute drama i like this drama…so sweet..! i wacthed a few times..not bored..lee min ho love u

  950. 950 : reine Says:

    This drama started out promising with a unique and funny storyline but somewhere between episodes i kinda lost interest in watching. =(

  951. 951 : dinaz Says:

    ah its been long dat i commented hre!!i do watch personal taste too along with bof whn i miss u..actually i miss u everyday!:)

  952. 952 : 3+L Says:

    ur awesome lee min ho… more power!!!

    i enjoy watching this drama… fun, friendship… & commitment

  953. 953 : anagreen Says:

    Omg lee min ho is sooooo cute!! Lol i love this drama is the best!!

  954. 954 : fazilah Says:


    Just finished watch this drama. Lee Min Ho (LMH) totally grown up from ‘boys over flower’ to real guy.. another switch mode i guess. Honestly, LMH do have something to offer rather than the ‘cute’ looks. Congrats!

    Cant wait to watch his new drama, heard so many comment from the viewer. To LMH ssi, keep up the good work & take care always.. Hwaiting!!

  955. 955 : Claire Says:

    Watched it 3 times. Loved it! LMH has grown to be a great actor. Currently watching City Hunter and that one just blows me away! Another ace for LMH!

  956. 956 : maya Says:

    the ratings looked not good enough.. =[

  957. 957 : sam Says:

    lee min ho u so cute
    i love u
    the drama is nice

  958. 958 : Lorem Says:

    I was going along with this show till she makes the usual pro-gay argument that love is love irrespective of gender. I’m old fashioned and not progressive I suppose.

    However, since the proposition is framed as “love” (of the conjugal kind), and talking down the importance of gender; does it not follow, with this logic, that there is nothing there to hold back those same privileges from adults who would seek conjugal relations with a minor? Love is love after all. Will we see inter-species marriage next in KDramas?

    As a Australian and clueless about Korean culture, I have enjoyed watching these dramas in general. Mainly because they’ve stuck to simple story arcs and maintained traditional cultural values. The shows have focused on people and not the ideologies of those bent on social experimentation.

  959. 959 : wdr Says:

    extremely love this drama!! love lee minho as always

  960. 960 : Lorem Says:

    Kee Min Ho and Son Yeh Jin are wonderful. The actors on-screen chemistry is all there and happening well enough, the soundtrack on the end is distracting and often inappropriate. I hope the production people take the hint and hire actual professionals.

  961. 961 : Susanne Donda Says:

    Another great drama! Lee Min Ho – no matter what angle looks delicious!

  962. 962 : alisha sth Says:

    i love dis drama very much……. love yuh lee min h!!!!!!!

  963. 963 : Torie Says:

    Love this drama! Min Ho is the most gorgeous man alive!

  964. 964 : Lorraine Feller Says:

    im first time here, i heared its very good.

  965. 965 : Lorraine Feller Says:

    i enjoyed watching korean drama feels like home.

  966. 966 : Greentea Says:

    I watched Personal Taste almost 6 times already, on tv air, online and I actually bought the DVD to watch again. What is great about this story is Soo Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho, both have great chemistry though its does not have fairy tale wondering storyline like BOF. Both of them acted well. LMH is cute and adorable when loves start pouring on Soo Ye JIn. I always feel Lee Min Ho match better with Soo Ye Jin compare to Guem Jandi and Kim Na Na. In personal taste both really mimick it well as couple. Soo Ye Jin please act more drama series. I love to watch you.

  967. 967 : Personal taste | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] Personal taste, pertemuan pertama dalam keadaan yang menyebabkan saling membenci. Disusuli pertemuan kedua dan seterusnya yang penuh dengan salah faham. Namun akhirnya mereka saling jatuh cinta. […]

  968. 968 : Mara Says:

    Greentea Says:

    I always feel Lee Min Ho match better with Soo Ye Jin compare to Guem Jandi and Kim Na Na.

    I am also think too.

  969. 969 : Lhachi Says:

    Lee min ho you are awesome and you are my fav..

  970. 970 : norainanies Says:

    i like and enjoy watching this drama….

  971. 971 : norainanies Says:

    tengok berulang kali tanpa rasa jemu….

  972. 972 : MsRai Says:

    I love this drama… especially cuz it has Son Yeh Jin ( 1 of ma favorite K-actress) and love the great chemistry between Son Yeh Jin n Lee Min Ho…!!! i hope they will act together in more dramas in future =))

  973. 973 : Tilney Says:

    This drama is super awesome. Lee Min Ho and Son Hye Jin make a great couple. I love them so much.

  974. 974 : Tilney Says:

    @ Greentae & Mara

    “I always feel Lee Min Ho match better with Soo Ye Jin compare to Guem Jandi and Kim Na Na.”

    I think so, too. Jeon Jin Ho-Park Kae In 4ever!!!

  975. 975 : NICKEY Says:

    lee min ho, you are really a great actor, usually I love watching korean drama,most especially when its played by you, I hardly fall for someone,but YOU are the first one!…I know you are just a big dream for me,but who knows our path cross its way in God’s own time.

    I keep on believing that somehow,somewhere and someday…YOU and ME will be TOGETHER!

    i started liking you from watching your serials and all.,and now im very much pretty sure that LIKING turns to LOVE 🙂

    I’ve already watched the BOYS OVER FLOWER, CITY HUNDER AND PERSONAL DAYS (perfect match)…all are really good, u made me insane of continuously watching it 🙂

    I wish im one of your leading lady, so i can easily hug and kiss YOU!
    but i know that all of this is just a HUGE DREAM! but im crossing my fingers that it will happen someday!

    May Godbless you and goodluck to your endeavors in life.

    sa rang nge 🙂

  976. 976 : Tamiya Says:

    Funny and warm! Love it!

  977. 977 : LpD gurl Says:

    MUST WATCH!!!!
    v.v.v awsome story

  978. 978 : Ike Putry Permatasary Says:

    funny…. funny….funny….. i like it so much
    lee min ho fighting……..

  979. 979 : KDaddict Says:

    Kae In’s secretary gf is worse than the worst enemy. She tries to steal her bf not once, but twice. And the woman just doesn’t give up. I want to slap her face. What a disgusting person!

  980. 980 : KDaddict Says:

    The secretary gf is the only one who provides conflict in this story, and That is its weakness. The plot is too thin.

  981. 981 : jmj Says:

    rom-com story…funny funnydrama, I love it too.

  982. 982 : Jin Says:

    Funny and refershing! LMH delivers great acting! Love him!

  983. 983 : KDaddict Says:

    LMH and SYJ are beautiful and their acting is swell, but the plot sucks, esp. from ep 10 onwards. I keep ff in ep 10, 11, 12, and find that it can’t go forwd fast enough! The secretary ex-gf is a pain in the ass; so is the rich ex-bf. SYJ’s char is all quite dim-witted at times, such that she invites disaster
    And the show is so stupid in portraying them desiring each other while sleeping under the same roof, but have no physical relationship. That is so artificial. If you want to be chaste, don’t show them have wet dreams of each other. If you do, then go ahead and say they have sex. It’s the 21st C. Not that big a deal. It’s really irritating to be neither here nor there.

  984. 984 : بیوگرافی لی مین هو | شادفا Says:

    […] Personal Taste (MBC, 2010)Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009)Get Up (MBC, 2008)I’m Sam as Heo Mo Se (KBS2, 2007)Mackerel Run (SBS, 2007)Secret Campus (EBS, 2006)Love Hymn (MBC, 2005)Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2004) […]

  985. 985 : sweet Says:

    lee min hoo your soo cool,

  986. 986 : shethebest Says:


  987. 987 : itaf Says:

    i like it!

  988. 988 : fadli Says:

    I like this drama..the beginning of the drama (episode 1 -3) is little bit boring , but for the rest of the episode is awesome and excellent plot, story line.

    Park Kea In showing us great acting and so does Lee Min Ho…..

    The chemistry of Park Kae in and Jin Hoo are Awesome…

    I like the story line….

    i also like the Ajjumha (Park gae In friend’s)..so funny.

  989. 989 : doramas online Says:

    i like it!

  990. 990 : donia1529 Says:


  991. 991 : aishah shahruddin Says:

    waiting to see this….. huhu

  992. 992 : bulaklak79 Says:

    I’ve only seen one episode and it was so boring. The lead female character had no depth. I can’t think of one reason that would make me want to watch her. However, the male lead is interesting and makes you want to watch to figure him out.

  993. 993 : Mathumathy Says:

    What a love !!!! The feeling is really superb .. love it the most !!

  994. 994 : farhanah Says:

    where i can watch this drama?

  995. 995 : yoon sung Says:

    lmao!! this drama was so good… i cant stop laugh for funny scane.. ahhh miss and love this drama so much.. 🙂 like it!!!!!!

  996. 996 : irizjoi Says:

    i like it.. 😀

  997. 997 : Ezra Joy Says:

    Ohh! That was my favorite korean drama EVER!!! ^^
    —i love it so much!
    i watch it very often.
    Lee Min Ho, oppa
    and Son Ye Jin, noona
    such a great love team! 🙂

  998. 998 : Ezra Joy Says:

    Personal Taste was aired here in the Philippines.
    The drama starts last November 2010 till January 2011 on
    ABS-CBN entitled
    “Perfect Match”

    the main characters:
    Lee Min Ho:
    as Gino Jeon
    (Jeon Jin Ho)

    Son Ye Jin:
    as Julienne Park
    (Park Gae In)

    -saranghae! 🙂

  999. 999 : Mr.Kdramalovers Says:

    I love this Drama so much.Fighting (:

  1000. 1000 : bonzhie Says:

    I LIKE THIS MOVIES!!! I want to watch again and again???

  1001. 1001 : I'm loner(nasha-syasya) Says:

    lee min hoo……u are so hensem n cute la……….muach………..=______=

  1002. 1002 : بیوگرافیLee Min Ho Says:

    […] Personal Taste (MBC, 2010)Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009) Get Up (MBC, 2008) I’m Sam as Heo Mo Se (KBS2, 2007) Mackerel Run (SBS, 2007)Secret Campus (EBS, 2006) Love Hymn (MBC, 2005) Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2004) […]

  1003. 1003 : Butterflies that sing in the rain Says:

    Lee Min Ho is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute, he was practicall the only reason why I watched the drama to the end.

  1004. 1004 : danielle Says:

    i hate lee min ho hes a ten timer

  1005. 1005 : shayana Says:

    lee min ho u r so swwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  1006. 1006 : » بیوگرافیLee Min Ho کره ای ها Says:

    […] Personal Taste (MBC, 2010)Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009) Get Up (MBC, 2008) I’m Sam as Heo Mo Se (KBS2, 2007) Mackerel Run (SBS, 2007)Secret Campus (EBS, 2006) Love Hymn (MBC, 2005) Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2004) […]

  1007. 1007 : MONA ANGREINI Says:

    LEE MIN HO….

  1008. 1008 : kamal nath Says:

    i am indian,,,,,but i started to like to see korean drama bcos of u,,,,,and bcos of”boys over flowers”,,,,now seeing personal taste,,,,

  1009. 1009 : [email protected] Says:

    im planning to watch boys over flowers first then personal taste follows., hoping this tv series will make me enjoy watching the same i watch city hunter..

  1010. 1010 : saufi Says:

    okay, this is the drama that had made me so Addicted with korean drama.. Thanks, Personal Taste

  1011. 1011 : nina29 Says:

    personal taste is my favorite romance/comedy of lee minho, i’ve watched it over and over again…saranghae minho..

  1012. 1012 : Divya Says:

    Hi Iam from India i really loved “Boys Over Flowers” Drama so continuing to watch “Personal Taste” toooooo……

  1013. 1013 : rlyn31 Says:

    luv luv luv 🙂

  1014. 1014 : UEE Says:


  1015. 1015 : Dhani Uchiha Says:

    I Love Lee Min hoo

  1016. 1016 : m18 Says:

    berharap tayang ulang di indosiar gantiin greatest love 😀

  1017. 1017 : Irish Says:

    i hope der s a part 2 of boys over flowers………i like J Love J………………please make a part 2…. i like jun pyo and jan di had marriage and they have a bb…..so cute….

  1018. 1018 : Irish Says:

    i love drama of lee min ho…i watch boys over flowers, personal taste and city hunter, all of this drama are touching with me…. i cried a lot of this drama…. please lee min ho make another drama…. i truly admired too you, the way you laugh…OMG your so cute and handsome… kept it up lee min ho….hope will see you in personal….

  1019. 1019 : ma rie ann Says:

    i like your acting!

  1020. 1020 : Elizabeth Moffat Says:

    i don’t know how can i express my words. this drama is so touching. i like Lee Min Ho , he is a cool, nice and handsome guy. i juss enjoy watching his movies.

  1021. 1021 : WitLily Says:

    very nice OST 😀

  1022. 1022 : Peta Says:

    omo,,omo min ho is 1 of a kind..he really did make me interest in architects !!!!

  1023. 1023 : Sheny Roselle Says:

    Super cute KD, no wonder many people loved Lee Min Ho. He’s one of a kind, beautiful and sexy looking guy. I wish to go to Korea and see him in person. OMG Lee Min Ho, you rock!!!

  1024. 1024 : Sheny Roselle Says:

    I really enjoyed watching your KD Lee Min Ho. Keep it up man. We love you here in the Philippines. 🙂

  1025. 1025 : Sheny Roselle Says:

    I really enjoyed watching this KD. My gosh Lee Min Ho, you are soooooo beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more of your dramas.

  1026. 1026 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Personal Taste Rating : 3 out of 5 […]

  1027. 1027 : saufi Says:

    The first korean drama I watch… vist my blog : http://koracles.blogspot.com and follow me on twitter… https://twitter.com/#!/HeroMSO

  1028. 1028 : mebel jati Says:

    koroe good movie when it aired again in Indonesia

  1029. 1029 : araticool Says:

    i love dis drama forever n i love u son ye jin n lee min hoon. u both are my fav actors love u…………….

  1030. 1030 : rose Says:

    i honestly wanted to watch this series because of LMH, thought he was good in boys before flowers, and found him to have improved in his skill here. this drama series has the common elements of all Korean romantic dramas i’ve watched so far; i wonder if most of the dramas i’ve watched were written by the same people (?!?!?!?). i thought at first this was a sitcom, but it turned to be a romance. it is worth watching, an 8 out 10. cheers!

  1031. 1031 : Vea Says:

    Lee Min Ho, my fav!! Kae In’s face look like IU’s but she’s older. Btw, I like her!! =p

  1032. 1032 : Carla Says:

    I like this drama. Son ye jin is good. I want to see her in a new drama.

  1033. 1033 : AJ Says:

    i loved this drama!! lee min ho ur role was my fav

  1034. 1034 : pammy Says:

    Son Yejin looks old in this drama I like her more in Summer Scent

  1035. 1035 : Wut Yee Shwn Laei Says:

    I love u2 very much and u2 are also very match, so act again together….

  1036. 1036 : Farlin Says:

    I like drama

  1037. 1037 : Farlin Says:

    Lee Min Ho Is Very Very Hansome

  1038. 1038 : Farlin Says:

    i like i like i like

  1039. 1039 : lintang Says:

    oppa min ho, love you

  1040. 1040 : ridha Says:

    lee min ho lopek <3 terlalu handsome :p

  1041. 1041 : SRI Says:

    lee min ho i love u so much

  1042. 1042 : jeane Says:

    i love lee min ho :*

  1043. 1043 : jeane Says:

    film nya keren abiss :*

  1044. 1044 : putri Says:

    I always get crushed on Min Ho everytime I watch his drama.
    He always looks owesome.

    nice drama, very entertaining.

  1045. 1045 : Rachel Babirye Says:

    Son Ye Jin, u’r a natural.keep up th gd spirit.

  1046. 1046 : shaddy Says:

    le min ho,guy u re da bomb,kip up d gud work,jst seen ur personal taste now,it was superb…u re too lovely guy,I wish am frm ur country..tell me ur latest film pls,can’t wait to see it…

  1047. 1047 : juddy Says:

    i lve lee min ho.

  1048. 1048 : adama Says:

    I really love the film called personal taste, I love jin ho and park gae mi

  1049. 1049 : Riri Says:

    I love you sooooooo much lee min oh..

  1050. 1050 : dhana kd Says:

    i luv jin ho & gu jun pyo

  1051. 1051 : ij Says:

    D BomB. I jus love everytin about d Movie

  1052. 1052 : Henry timo Says:

    please help me to get this drama!!!!!

  1053. 1053 : Mikay Says:

    U can watch this drama thru this site: good drama.net

  1054. 1054 : rofy Says:

    Amazing drama … S Y J And L M H the best couple 4 ever ..
    hope make another drama soon 🙂
    we love “Personal Taste” in Egypt so much <3

  1055. 1055 : Mona Says:

    best drama ever ..
    hope make anew season ..
    lee min ho + son Ye Jin love team 4 ever <3 <3 :*

  1056. 1056 : Belal Says:

    Lee min ho and Son Ye Jin are perfect match in perfect match 😀
    hope They act anew movie together soon 🙂
    “Personal Taste” is the best korean drama in Arab world 🙂

  1057. 1057 : esther Says:

    I love this drama so much….am watching it now

  1058. 1058 : Mishti Says:

    I just love dis drama… So sweet of u ji ho…;-))

  1059. 1059 : girl1234 Says:

    This drama was intolerable. the girl was so annoying and stupid. she is suposed to be 27 but she acts like 10. And she’s a slob. when lee min hoo opens up to her and gives her the “game over” kiss you would expect their relationship to move forward, but no everything shuts down from there. What a waste. She doesn’t even allow him in her house any more but she supposedly loves him. stupid. I guess she loves the fantasy of him but him actually. If you are a western viewer and do not go for the girls acting 10 watch “Secret garden”, a really great korean drama. It is amazing how koreans could have made such a masterpiece of a drama with lousy dramas like this one.

  1060. 1060 : prothoma Says:

    hlw dere….watched dis serial over dn 20 times…it was my frst xprncd korean serial nd dn i bcame a huuuuuuuge fan!!!
    jeon jin ho…why d hell r u dt much coool???love u yeah….!!! park gae in u r sooooooo adorable,,,i just love ur cutty xpression…ns moments come whn i just pretend lyk you..:P:P
    dis 1 is d best eber of all…..
    btw i missed sumthing….jeon jin ho ..ur get up in d serial was a killer 1….!!

  1061. 1061 : Shary chu-chu Says:

    The best drama ever. That couple I love so much, lee min ho and son ye jin is perfect match. People over the world they know already about they chemistry they good looking together, act so naturally, in real life they close each other. About that drama also bright,fun and make you cry over that drama. Absolutely can’t forget personal taste!!!

  1062. 1062 : Rose Attack Says:

    About that drama also bright,fun and make you cry over that drama. Absolutely can’t forget personal taste!!!
    I Think Lee Minho (이민호) & Son Yejin (손예진) most be in WGM Show (MinJin) <3

    If i said everything beside me about this drama, i will say 1000 Words and 1000 words it's not enough for this drama

  1063. 1063 : lolly Says:

    I love Lee min ho and son yeh jin both are so wonderful wish to see and be with you soon

  1064. 1064 : Raisa Says:

    Lee Min-Ho and and Son Jeh Jin are my favorite actor and actress. I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch this series because I did not know how to take Lee Min-Ho as a homosexual, but, I did o.k. with it. If the reader above complained about Son Jeh Jin’s character was stupid, I agree with you. However, if you want to see Son Jeh Jin at her best, see the movies “A Moment to Remember” and “Spring Snow.” She is a fantastic actress, reminds me of Annette Benning when she smiles/laughs.

  1065. 1065 : Shiwanthi Says:

    I love this drama soooooo much…….am watching it now..

  1066. 1066 : Sajana in Sri Lanka Says:

    OMG…. Lee min ho oppa u are my favourite korean actor…. Oppa are soo handsome…. This drama is one of my favourite korean drama.. Saranghae Lee Min Ho oppa….

  1067. 1067 : Sajana in Sri Lanka Says:

    OMG…. Lee min ho oppa u are my favourite korean actor…. Oppa u are soo handsome…. This drama is one of my favourite korean drama.. Saranghae Lee Min Ho oppa….

  1068. 1068 : currensy Says:

    wer acan i download dis movie

  1069. 1069 : Personal Taste 개인의 취향 [2010] | My Drama Links Says:

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  1070. 1070 : madusanka Says:

    beautiful romantic drama. i very like to this drama in songs. lee min ho and son ye jin so nice couple.

  1071. 1071 : Personal Taste Says:

    Beeeeeeeeutiful romantic drama. woooow now i really like to korean drama <3

  1072. 1072 : Kata Kata Romantis Drama Korea | Kata Kata Terbaru 2015 Says:

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    […] File Name : Personal taste » korean drama Source : http://www.koreandrama.org Download : Personal taste » korean drama […]

  1075. 1075 : Lady Luj Says:


  1076. 1076 : Lady Luj Says:

    yah Son Yeh Jin,,chuehae nonna

  1077. 1077 : Architecture 101 Korean Drama Eng Sub | Architecture Fan Says:

    […] Personal Taste » Korean Drama – » Personal Taste » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series […]

  1078. 1078 : Goyi Says:

    I loved every second of this drama! It’s so cute, funny, and amazing <3 This was my second drama and it's one of my favorites! Highly recommended!

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