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Title: 파스타 / Pasta
Chinese Title : 義大利麵
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-04 to 2010-March-09
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55


“Pasta” covers the dreams and success of a young woman who aspires to become an elite chef at La Sfera restaurant.

Seo Yoo Kyung started her career as a kitchen assistant at La Sfera restaurant. She eventually works her way up to become a chef.

Choi Hyun Wook is the top chef at La Sfera restaurant. He studied the culinary arts in Italy and started out as a chef assistant at a hotel in Sicily. Hyun Wook eventually worked his way up to become the most widely recognized Italian chef in Korea.


Gong Hyo Jin as Seo Yoo Kyung
Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Hyun Wook
Lee Ha Nui as Oh Sae Young
Alex as Kim San

Korean trained cooks

Lee Hyung Chul as Geum Suk Ho
Jo Sang Ki as Jung Ho Nam
Baek Bong Ki as Min Seung Jae
Heo Tae Hee as Han Sang Sik

Italian trained cooks

Kim Tae Ho as Sun Woo Duk
No Min Woo as Philip
Hyun Woo as Lee Ji Hoon

Female cooks

Ha Jae Sook as Lee Hee Joo
Son Sung Yoon as Park Chan Hee
Jung Da Hye as Park Mi Hee

Other people

Lee Sung Min as Seol Joon Suk (La Sfera CEO)
Choi Min Sung as Ne Mo (head waiter)
Byun Jung Soo as Kim Kang (Kim San’s sister)
Choi Jae Hwan as Jung Eun Soo (new kitchen assistant)
Yoon Yong Hyun as Kwang Tae
Jang Yong as Seo Jong Gyu (Yoo Kyung’s father)
Kim Dong Hee as Seo Yoo Shik (Yoo Kyung’s brother)
Song Ok Sook as Yoo Kyung’s mother
Ryu Seung Bum (cameo, ep9)

Production Credits

Director: Kwan Seok Jang (권석장)
Screenwriter: Seo Sook Hyang (서숙향)


– 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actress (Gong Hyo Jin)
– 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Lee Sun Gyun and Gong Hyo Jin)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-01-04 1 12.2 (13th) 13.4 (9th)
2010-01-05 2 11.9 (12th) 12.9 (10th)
2010-01-11 3 11.9 (14th) 13.2 (9th)
2010-01-12 4 12.7 (11th) 14.5 (9th)
2010-01-18 5 10.9 (16th) 12.2 (12th)
2010-01-19 6 13.5 (10th) 15.4 (8th)
2010-01-25 7 13.0 (11th) 15.0 (8th)
2010-01-26 8 14.9 (9th) 17.0 (7th)
2010-02-01 9 14.3 (11th) 16.4 (11th)
2010-02-02 10 15.7 (7th) 18.2 (5th)
2010-02-08 11 15.3 (6th) 17.3 (5th)
2010-02-09 12 16.2 (7th) 17.9 (5th)
2010-02-15 13 14.7 (6th) 15.8 (5th)
2010-02-16 14 16.3 (5th) 18.3 (5th)
2010-02-22 15 14.7 (7th) 16.0 (6th)
2010-02-23 16 16.3 (6th) 18.3 (3rd)
2010-03-01 17 19.7 (3rd) 21.6 (2nd)
2010-03-02 18 19.0 (3rd) 20.5 (2nd)
2010-03-08 19 19.9 (1st) 22.3 (1st)
2010-03-09 20 21.5 (1st) 24.2 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : white flag Says:

    I love the main actress since i watched “Thank You” drama.really she is a good actress and so cute
    also i like the main guy
    Sound interesting

  2. 2 : raz Says:

    great cast and an intersting plot good luck to all of you!!!

  3. 3 : Watch Guide Says:

    this would be another hit for the korean drama.. nice..

  4. 4 : cha-chan Says:

    really liked her in Ruler of Your Own World… aja aja fighting!

  5. 5 : minlei Says:

    please vote for boys over flowers as the best drama of 2009….its really fun …i promise…

  6. 6 : minlei Says:

    please vote for boys over flowers as the best drama of 2009….its really fun …i promise…please ….its better than you’re beautiful……….

  7. 7 : flo Says:

    can’t wait to watch….i love to see GHJ and LSG he has sexy voice :)…….

  8. 8 : Kelly Says:

    It seems be interesting and looking forward to watching great performance from Lee Sun Gyun after ‘Coffee Prince’ and ‘Triple’… ha ha

  9. 9 : ADHIE Says:

    great line up of actors and actresses.sure must watch drama… 🙂

  10. 10 : jeanpyo ",) Says:

    please show us the episode ratings :))

  11. 11 : jeanpyo".) Says:

    please show the ratings..please,, kumao 🙂

  12. 12 : Pasta Says:

    I just watched the first two episodes n it’s sooooo good!! I highly recommend it!! It’s kinda like the coffee prince.. Not the storyline but just the overall cuteness of the drama. And lee sun gyun is oh soo sexy… He always chooses to play the best characters

  13. 13 : Bearpower Says:

    Just finish watching 1st 2 episodes… nice…. eagerly waiting for the next episode 🙂

  14. 14 : Xuezi Says:

    Just watched Ep 1 and 2…. THink it’s nice… Not slow moving…

  15. 15 : ivych Says:

    hi can anyone tell me where i can watch it with english sub….i have been waiting now for 2 weeks….please help….either link or any other way PLEASE

  16. 16 : angel44daisy Says:

    Does anyone here know where I can watch Pasta epsodes 2-4 with english subs??? Viikii wont let anybody watch them until 02-01-2010 due to the copyright agreement. I have tried veoh, youtube, dailymotion, google and many other sites and havent found the englisg subs. Please help me it would mean the world! Thanks =)

  17. 17 : :) Says:


  18. 18 : Dee Says:

    @angel44daisy & @ ivych,

    There’s no other way you can watch this drama with subtitle but to download by yourself. If you want to watch this drama, you can download it at this website:www.d-addicts.com & for the PASTA subtitle, you can download it at http://www.withs2.com.

    i hope this can help you. 🙂

  19. 19 : aprille Says:

    im looking for the english sub also….i watch the 2 episode in dramacrazy.com…i need episode 3 with subs…..i can see them in veoh but no english subs….Help anyone

  20. 20 : angelbri Says:

    Went to the http://www.d-addicts.com as mentioned by Dee and searched for PASTA. Downloaded the episode I wanted but don’t know how to play the file I saved. Never used torrent. Can anyone help?

    Its so frustation cos I am living now in Seoul and I can watch the latest episodes but can never understand what they are saying. ARGH!

  21. 21 : Jenna Says:

    Watched the first 7 episodes. It was a little draggy during the first 3 ep but the plot just got better from episode 4 onwards. It was sweet. Lee Sun Gyun plays his character very very well in this drama. And I agree with ‘#12 Pasta’, it is really like the Coffee Prince, the sweetness and the love is cute. Ought to watch it! Guess the rating is a little underrated.

  22. 22 : Dee Says:


    Aigoo.. I thought you know about the download thingy. I’m sorry for that. 🙂
    Okay, I just found another website recently. You can go to this website:


    Have fun watching it! 🙂

  23. 23 : domee Says:

    There’s episode #8 out on http://www.dramabang.com
    This makes me go out for a nice Italian!

  24. 24 : Luakate Says:


  25. 25 : Karen Says:

    Love to watch this drama. I watched this drama initially because of the title “Pasta” because I am a Italian food lover. Though do not know the leading actor and actress but find their acting so natural and they have chemistry in this drama.

    I really enjoy watching this drama because of the interesting and funny plot. Great! Will continue watching this drama till the end….. and will cook more pasta with different ingredients. Yummy yummy…. ^_*

  26. 26 : Jane Says:

    Isn’t this drama a rip-off of the Taiwanese drama “Sweet Romance” with Vic Zhou? Sure they have a few extra characters and the restaurant is ritzier but I think the story line is about the same…

  27. 27 : Patty Says:

    This is such a goooodddd drama, Alex is also very charming in the drama, wish he has more screentime thou’. His secret love for leading actress is so sweet. Love the pace of this drama…..

  28. 28 : dini aulia Says:

    i think this drama is awesome.
    i love it.
    yet i love korean and italian, so this is a perfect match.

  29. 29 : yung yen Says:

    this drama damn good….really…..especially the main actor expression…I LIKE IT!!!!!!

  30. 30 : Lauren Says:

    this drama is awesome!!
    i fell in LOOOOVEEE with lee seon kyun!!

  31. 31 : wow Says:

    the ost is sung by super junior’s kyuhyun and it is AWESOME! i’m so gonna watch this drama, it seems interesting, especially after reading the positive comments 🙂 and alex claziquai (sorry if wrong spelling?) is also playing! 😀

  32. 32 : vien Says:

    Im so loving this drama. Great chemistry between the 2 leads. Gong Hyo Jin is such a great actress. First saw her acting in “Thank You”.

    Lee Sun Gyun……his voice is so mesmerising.

  33. 33 : vero Says:

    Wooow! I love this drama. The leading actors act naturally, I keep wondering if it is a drama or a reality show. The leading actress is just good!!! The leading male! Oh my God! Love his voice!!! Alex! it is my first time to see him acting but he is cool!!! The voice, how he hides his crush on the leading actress! Love everything about it! Makes me want to become a cook!!!

  34. 34 : tay Says:

    This is a very nice drama. Story line is interesting and actor and actress act naturally. I love this drama soooo the much.

  35. 35 : KDaddict Says:

    Best drama for 2010!
    Love the chemistry between the lead actors

  36. 36 : Basuha Says:

    @ Jane it similar but more of a remake then a rip off, Japanese got this first so the Taiwanese version would also be a remake from the original.

  37. 37 : badboy Says:

    You can watch Pasta with English subtitle!
    Oh, I mean not only English subtitle, with your language subtitle. 🙂

  38. 38 : badboy Says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t leave the URL… XP

    You can watch Pasta with subtitle here.

  39. 39 : peneloxii Says:

    Love it!

  40. 40 : annmasae Says:

    this drama is great!!! I don’t understand why the ratings are so low!!!

    i had to go to an italian restaurant to enjoy the pasta after watching this series.

  41. 41 : rozes08 Says:

    I agree with annmasae. this drama is great.It’s getting cuter and cuter towards the end. Highly recommended. It is really a big waste if you don’t watch this drama.

  42. 42 : maryta Says:

    I love this drama !!!!!!!!!!!PASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 43 : kdrama_fan Says:

    I love the drama. Episode 16 is very neat explaining what happened in Italy during the cooking competition. I can see the agility of the scriptwriter to make the story more interesting and tie the loose end. Yoo Kyung is lovely. I like the way she expresses her affection toward Hyun Wook. She portrays demureness well but nontheless expresses her liking of him.

  44. 44 : Nagata Says:

    I like this drama, whether actors, actresses or other characters, all of them had acted well. Interesting story, nice drama, had watched second time.

  45. 45 : Tyler Says:

    Why do the english subs take soooo loooooong 🙁

  46. 46 : Karen Says:

    Still following the drama every week. Really love the plot, acting of all the actors and actresses and etc….. Great!!

  47. 47 : ollicnero Says:

    This is a fun romantic drama, interesting story..You can download this drama including the subtitles on http://www.yellowcinema.com/k-drama-pasta-2010.

  48. 48 : atiq Says:

    I REALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!!this drama is really amazing….i enjoying every part of it..i’m not getting bored n tired watch it repeatedly…

  49. 49 : vien Says:

    haha…I also watching this show repeatedly. Not at all boring…

  50. 50 : Meeu Says:

    Glad to see the ratings rise. This drama is finally getting the attention it rightfully deserves.

  51. 51 : wei Says:

    this drama made me even love pasta more, and wanting to learn how to cook pasta too 🙂 CHEF also turned me into a more picky food lover!

    i like how the main characters show affection to each other. so pure.. and cute!

    it might not be a common/ nasty/ merely lovey dovey korean drama. definitely worth watching.


  52. 52 : +Negative Says:

    currently watching this drama. it’s good, i’m chuckling all through the episodes. it’s really cute. no over the top melodrama (i like it that way) the Chef is sexy (damn! that silky, deep silky voice!) and the main actress is cute too. they have good chemistry and i like the ‘normal’ feels of this drama. aside from Lee Honey (she only shows 1 type of face expression be it sad, angry, amused) everything else is good. Alex – the ever attentive boss who hides his secret crush to soo-kyung for 3 whole years, that’s cute!

  53. 53 : KDaddict Says:

    Yeah 🙂 it made to No. 1.
    Great acting from Lee Sun Gyun & Gong Hyo Jin

  54. 54 : vien Says:

    Yay! No:1 in the ratings. I’m happy with the ending. 🙂

  55. 55 : NEG Says:

    anyone know the song when they were leaving the dad’s noodle shop? thx.

  56. 56 : Pasta Lover Says:

    Nice show, good ending. Love the show, glad to see that it get 1st rating for last 2 episodes.

  57. 57 : meetzy Says:

    just watched the whole 20 episodes..
    it’s a great drama!
    i’m so in love with this lovely couple (SYK and CHW)

  58. 58 : burberry Says:

    I so really love to see this drama but I can’t seem to watch it from my usual korean drama links due to restrictions of some sort.

    Liked the lead actor in Coffee Prince and I’m sure that his performance in Pasta will remain impeccable.

    Nr 1 slots on the last 2 episodes – great news and well done to the casts & crew.

  59. 59 : Edith Says:

    Love this drama…very tense but entertaining….;o)

  60. 60 : vero Says:

    Oh God! A very natural drama! A very good chemistry between the male and female leading actors. When she says “CHEF”, smiles everything she does is perfect. She changed everbody’s character around her, pulled them together because she is very kind and sincere. The leading male! Do not know what to say! His voice, sincerety and determination to make people work hard to achieve their goal! Alex was great but failed to cinfess his love on time! He did very well and I think this was his first drama!

    Enjoyed it very much!!!!

  61. 61 : tety Says:

    Although I’m a girl, I fall in to Gong Hyo Jin after watching this drama, she is not, she is pretty, wonderful, and sooooo lovable…. I can’t say much … but really fall in ……

  62. 62 : ran Says:

    ohhhh I’m so hating the korean group …. and that stupid ex-president turned waiter… they’re getting on my nerves!!!

  63. 63 : Edith Says:

    Love this drama too…so natural. Both leading actor and actress are not so handsome or pretty but they act very well…lots of chemistry between them. This drama shows that you don’t have to be that pretty to be loved…’Goldfish’s warm heart melted the coldness in the Chef’s heart. It’s very entertaining drama also giving clearly what happened in the kitchen. Everyone has equal work and responsibility and must work as a team to serve the customer better. Glad at the end both team understand each other and blended as one team. Lee Sun Gyun is a good actor. I watched him in Coffee prince and Triple.

  64. 64 : Astri Says:

    aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! Loving this series A LOT! it’s such a sweet relationship. and I’m craving for pasta (real one and the drama) everyday since I watched this series. Definitely one of my top favourite drama. Definitely worth watching !!!

  65. 65 : Eka Says:

    Oh my God I….love…love…love..love.. this drama so much…thx for the everyone who made this drama look so perfect..Gong Hyu Shin “fighting”…

  66. 66 : ciwi Says:

    I do luv this drama,,,the leading actor and actress are so gifted in cooking,,

  67. 67 : jojo Says:

    i like this drama.. love story between choi hyun wook with seo yoo kyung can’t lost in my mind. very romantic !

  68. 68 : aoun Says:

    Love this drama. It’s one of my favorites now. Alex’s smile is very heart-warming! Lee Sun Gyun’s voice is a killer! Gong Hyo Jin’s shy smile is hmmm…cute! The rest of the crew are well-cast too!
    Three cheers for you guys!!!

  69. 69 : ica Says:

    very funy… nice story

  70. 70 : dyoyzs Says:

    i loved this soo much! it taught me lessons. and made me fall in love again because of the couple. they are so romantic even without so much hugging and kissing. i love this drama soo muchh. i started watching this last week and i just finished it right now. im gona miss this drama so much plus the chemistry of the characters are very great. this drama is also heartwarming. deng, iv said it all. hehe

  71. 71 : khae-kun Says:

    simplicity is beauty….everything is..starting from the plot of the story down to the actors and actresses.you never get tired of watching this drama it’s one of the best and deserves an award

  72. 72 : Mira Says:

    worth watching this drama! i hope this drama never ends.haha.
    all the casts was outstanding.very natural in acting.

    love love love.
    “posso farle”


  73. 73 : sara Says:

    so lovely.just so lovely.simple n lifelike.i really enjoyed watching it.lee sun gyun is wonderful.just wonderful.love them so much.worth watching

  74. 74 : Dvee Says:

    I enjoyed this drama very much.make me want to eat pasta today…i love the main actress since thank you and i love the main actor since coffee prince.this drama really worth watching

  75. 75 : aoun Says:

    I love the music background of the scene that they decide to come out and kiss at the bus stop, at the end of epi 14.
    what does it say? Can anyone tell me what song it is? Thanks.

  76. 76 : arief Says:

    gw suka banget scene waktu chef menanggalkan jabatan chef-nya untuk cintanya….muantabbbbbsss abisssss…….love the scene very much…n his smile is killing me…….love u lee sun gyun!!!!!!!

  77. 77 : koreandramAdiktus Says:

    Love this drama! Its a simple drama but a very good one. 🙂 There’s chemistry between the two main actors. 🙂 And a good one at that.

    I remember coffee prince when i was watching this one. 🙂

    Will there be pasta 2? Hope so. 🙂

  78. 78 : peter Says:

    Must watch korean drama if your looking for light romance story.
    Great chemistry between the 2 main characters and great acting.

  79. 79 : bernadette Says:

    ohh…my gosh dis one is too cute… i really really luv it…duh..

  80. 80 : lei Says:

    I love this drama, the lead actors were really very good, they have a good chemistry. I love them both!

  81. 81 : quiceberrylady Says:

    Pasta gave me a new view of Kdramas… One of the best… As i was saying to all my reviews this in not a typical romance comedy…

    I always anticipate the next episodes after seeing one after the other…:)

  82. 82 : Irene Says:

    I just finished watch this drama.. but still i watching this drama again for the second time.. this is official one of my favorite korean drama.. Congratulation..hope the director continue make best drama ever… Fighting!!!!

  83. 83 : grace Says:

    i so love this! funny and its a feel good drama!

    aja aja fighting! 😉

  84. 84 : Shi Ris Ma Says:

    I like Chef Choi Hyun Wook :-*
    2 thumbs up for this K-drama
    I always imagine that I can be Seo Yoo Kyung..haha
    Lucky u!! 😉

  85. 85 : delilah Says:

    To more episodes to go….and I’m so crazy in love with the the two leads and the whole story lines…… the dialogue……and everything else…..highly recommended……such a great losss if any of the k-drama fans out there skip this drama.

  86. 86 : v3a Says:

    MAS KOKI…….sAraNGhae…..

  87. 87 : Meyri Says:


    like him very much….

  88. 88 : momo Says:

    it so cool

  89. 89 : missmayasmiley Says:

    BETTER WATCH………………..♥♥♥♥♥♥3

  90. 90 : sa... Says:


  91. 91 : naga Says:

    I love this drama very much. From Episode 1, Choi Hyun Wook met Soo Yoo Kyung, turn out to be the chef. Like and hate his sarcastism, his concern for her…I really like the show and am watching 2nd time.

  92. 92 : farahsmile Says:

    i just finish this drama last night and i just can say this is funny story i can’t help but laugh during watch Pasta it is so cute story between the male chef and female chef. i just want praise lee sun kyun aka choi hyun wook for good performance in this drama so much different than his previous drama where he always play the good guy.
    Alex, well i can say his smile is so melting me and play character that almost singer-turn-actor will play kind this character. no offense to alex fan hehe for some scene he so awkward and his expression is so so… and it’s similar to honey lee i just fell she so expressionless beside being so beautiful to become the chef i’m so doubt about her acting since it’s her first drama i can forgive her (sigh)

  93. 93 : sri Says:

    After watched 1st episode, I knew that i’m gonna love this drama…
    can’t stop thinking of you…chef

  94. 94 : sam Says:

    very nice ,lovely,funny drama with great acting .you sould watch it.so pure like water.honest as much as real life .believe me it is worth to watch.

  95. 95 : Shi Ris Ma Says:

    Chef.. <3 <3 <3

  96. 96 : Simirani Says:

    this was one awesome drama! its like in a really long time we got to watch something so real pure and as some of the comments mentioned above it kept us going in every episode we felt anticipated to watch wht wld happen in the next episode… the two leads are jst too good 🙂 so natural the love and hate the innocence and fights between the two thts a whole story of what a relationship is all abt and how he loved her and had such a unique way of showing it this show really 5 stars and two thumbs up ive wtched it 2wice 🙂 🙂 and wanna watch it all over again 🙂 they make a really sweet pair! 🙂 Cheers!
    and who can ever forget the most famous line ye, chef! *lol* SWEET! 🙂
    Posso Farle! 🙂

  97. 97 : kysha Says:

    A definite must watch! Lots of eye candy for the lady viewers.

    I love LSG in Coffee Prince and Pasta just made me fall in love with him all over again. LOL!

  98. 98 : ads Says:

    si va bene!

  99. 99 : ads Says:

    … hey gold fish!! xd

  100. 100 : Jaja Says:

    Nice…very nice…

    Yes Chef…can’t wait to see the ending…

  101. 101 : diana Says:

    the best cuple i ever see…the best chemistry…till i watch 70 drama korean!!

    you will be falling in love w lsg…and this drama

    one of my fav drama!!

    “yes chef!!!””

  102. 102 : cusette Says:

    i just finished watching this drama and i tell you this is the best Korean drama i have ever seen…i mean if i’m gonna rate it in 1 to 10, 10 as the highest???definitely 10!!or even 11!!!hahaha

    the chemistry was right there…hit the spot girl!!!!!

    i love the main characters…love this..i really do love this…

    i can’t even help smiling while typing rightnow…

    the best!!!!

  103. 103 : tednoli Says:


  104. 104 : tednoli Says:


  105. 105 : tednoli Says:


  106. 106 : MARTHA TOBING Says:

    best recommended … make me love pasta so much hehehe, ” yes CHEF ” is my favourite >____<

  107. 107 : Jaja Says:

    I am totaly falling in love with PASTA… it is really great drama. I keep on repeating watching scene that I love to see (of course after i finished watching the whole drama)

    The main cast is superb. Especially Gong Hyo Jin & Lee Sun Gyun. They really look natural. Not acting. I love them both for giving me such a wonderful drama to watch.

    Just like coffee prince, the music, the story line, just simple to watch. No complicated romance (typical korean drama always do). Seo Yoo Kyung always expressed what she feels and she knows what she want. The Chef is supporting. Yes Chef….

    It is really great!!!

    Worth watching…

  108. 108 : gene Says:

    i already finished this drama and i can say that it was really a good drama to watch although the actress is not quite pretty but still it was good.

  109. 109 : mutiara Says:

    I kinda hungry just by hearing the title of this drama… pasta, yummy…

  110. 110 : deos Says:

    “yes chef!!” is my favorite word after i watched this korean drama. i really love chef choi and yoo kyung. They both are really great couple. And now, i’m addicted to eat pasta 🙂

  111. 111 : beauty Says:

    really sweet series
    hope for the Pasta 2

  112. 112 : beauty Says:

    really sweet korean series.. :))
    hope for the PASTA 2 will be there

  113. 113 : Alghie Says:

    want to see it

  114. 114 : mel Says:

    looks like so romantic..

  115. 115 : KDAddict Says:

    A must see drama 🙂 🙂

  116. 116 : Tooniez Says:

    All food looks yummy!

  117. 117 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  118. 118 : sun_juong Says:

    love this drama so much….

  119. 119 : nining Says:

    i love korean drama.. iwanna see it,,

  120. 120 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  121. 121 : Astry Soemego Says:

    really…???? I LOVE PASTA so much..
    i will watch this …thanks for recommended 😀

  122. 122 : Kay Says:

    I fell in love with this drama. I’m watching it for the second time. I just can’t get enough of the chemistry between Lee Sun Gyun and Gong Hyo Jin. Mr. Lee did justice to Chef Choi Hyun Wook’s character. He deserves another starring role in a Korean drama. Kudos, Chef!

  123. 123 : DA Says:

    This show concentrates more on pasta or love? Is there any jealousy among the guys? will they both like the main actress?? Pls advicE!!!

  124. 124 : dewi Says:

    first time I saw this drama is not excited yet cause it puts more concentrate on cook and pasta, but when I continue following the drama I found interest enough to see this drama. This drama showed us how to separate between your work and love apparently, for some thats very difficult but Choi Hyun Wook did it successfully plus Gong Hyo jin acts very naturally and seems want to watch it again and again. Keep up the good work. Recently I am the big fans of Gong Hyo Jin. Fighting ^_^

  125. 125 : budakbudak Says:

    oh its really admiring to watch Pasta. i keep watching it over and over. And of course as everyone said, the main characters, Gyong Hyo Jin and Lee Sun Gyun play the roles very very well. two thumbs up for them. I dont really know Gyong Hyo Jin, but suddenly I am officially her fan, yeah after watching this drama. She’s very natural, sweeet, and of course really great in acting. And for Lee Sun Gyun, I’ve never thought he can play a slightly tempered (slightly??am I blind LOL) character well. Well, I dont hate him for the character, the Head Chef, but like him more!!!

    Its kinda frustrating sometimes to be bothered by this feeling. Is the Head chef still have feelings for the other Chef (Honey Lee??)??XD

  126. 126 : Heather Says:

    LOVED this one! So sad it’s all over! I watched the end online, it was great. Loved the characters.

  127. 127 : Jocelyn Says:

    I loved this drama.. Put on a few good kilos just by watching them eat those delicious PASTAs!!! One thing I do not understand is how Chef Choi drove the mini cooper of the President towards the end of the movie instead of his SUV Beemer. Anyone know why? Apart from this, I highly recommend this drama.. Sweetness..

  128. 128 : vann lyda Says:

    Well,just start watching it on channal 5 in my country. It is good to watch! I know the main actress played in SangDoo Let’s go to school! and other actors I don’t know. The main actor in this drama is very nasty!!

  129. 129 : abbie Says:

    I love the fact that there is no evil people in the drama. there is a bad egg here and there but things work out in harmony at the end. the Four main characters did a great job, as well as other supporting actors and actresses. and Yes, “yes Chef” is one of my favorite words too. highly recommended this Drama.

  130. 130 : abbie Says:

    as a matter of fact, they should have named this drama as “Yes Chef” instead of “Pasta”, just my two cents of course.

  131. 131 : Ana Says:

    It was amazing!! I loved it. It was fun, sweet, and just nice to watch. I laughed so many times ^_^ It was light, without to many dramas. Insted we have really funny moments. : )

  132. 132 : Ana Says:

    And I always prefered rice to pasta. somehow, I´m thinking about spaghetti many times!

    All the actors were great. I already knew Lee Sun Gyun but now I´m a big fan 🙂

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    simple storyline, with great cast and food! really fun to watch, yes chef! would rate this as good as City Hall and You’re Beautiful drama 🙂

  134. 134 : marie kilbane Says:

    Hi! I’m from amercia.. I watch the pasta. I have never seen korean pasta but I am Italian woman.. I make my own spaghetti sauce.. momma mia! the show remind me have hell kitchen show which I dislike that show because of bad languge..

  135. 135 : KPOP7.com Says:

    Wonderful drama lol loved the cast, recommended to all!

    Download Korean Albums & Songs @

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    i love this drama so much!!!! jeongmal haengbokhada! chef choi and yu kyeong are such great and sweet couple! makes me feel like wanna fall in love with chef choi too! he is just so attractive to me! he is my type of tea~in fact i am like yu kyeong fall in love with chef choi at first sight~~~~ i love the scene chef choi takes care of her at the coast east sea and all sweet scenes!! as long as they don’t quarrel haha (chef choi scold her) indeed they should have more super sweet scenes like kiss scenes or more hehehe~~~
    and the other 3 came back from Italy are just the highlight too of the drama! without them i might not continue watching the drama~ hahaha they are really cute and handsome! =)))))))))

    yes THIS DRAMA IS REALLY RECOMMENDABLE ! jjang!!! =))))))

  137. 137 : Elf Says:

    and this is the first korean drama i am really into !~~~~ =)

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    Ya, it’s really a great show. So nice to watch it. Chef chui is so attractive by the first sight in the drama. (fist time i watch his drama). I hope i m yu kyheong. This drama is so simply but it’s worth to watch.

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    So far is the best Korean drama that I have watched in 2010. I watched it twice already. Very entertaining and romantic in a way. Both leads were so cute and natural together. After watching I kept craving for pasta…lol!

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    I’m so much in love with this k-drama! one of the best!!! weeee!!! im so inlove with Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Hyun Wook’s arrogant! he was so intimidating but charming and lovable! i luv his voice and the way he stood? incomparable (he was in COFFEE PRINCE)

    YES, CHEF!
    YES, CHEF!
    YES, CHEF!


  142. 142 : cutie Says:

    i’m from mongolia i accidentally watched this drama and loved it soo cute and fun to watch when i watch it i’m soo happy soo weird i guess i’m not a korean drama nut……..

  143. 143 : cutie Says:

    yes chef
    yes chef
    yes chef
    yes chef

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    my husband doesn’t like to see any asiam drama series, but… when he watched this PAsta, he loved it n watched it so many times….nice story.i love it either

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    Choi Hyun Wook: do you really like this drama?
    Me : YE CHEF!! 😀

    I love this drama..!
    Chef Hyun Wook so romantic :p

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    This is a one of a kind k-drama…the best drama i’ve ever seen…the plot is well done and really make the viewers moved by the scenes! Very excellent!

  147. 147 : adam6010 Says:

    This is a must watch! I loved the fact that the plot of love triangle or quadrangle conflicts which is commonly featured in most of Korean dramas is missing here. No spurned lover, no extreme jealousy scenes, no unnecessary misunderstanding. It is a simple story on a group of people who just loves their jobs as Italian chefs and their journey in chasing their dreams. It’s also a love story between two honest people who have no qualms to express their true feelings that create numerous and tiring sad scenes we see over and over again in other dramas. I l adore Lee Seon-gyoon and Kong Hyo-jin who carried their characters effortlessly. My favourite scene is when Lee’s character Hyun Wook tells his girl that he loves it most when Yu-Kyung says “Yes, Chef!”. Pasta is, without a doubt, the best Korean drama of 2010.

  148. 148 : via Says:

    at first I dont really interested watching this drama, but after read all the comments here, I was willing to try and turned out this is an excellent drama I have ever watched, so funny and entertaining in a way.. Love pasta so much!!! All the characters and casts is play so perfect! yeahh.. like everybody said here.. YES CHEFF!!!

  149. 149 : weissman Says:

    I am confused

    Does this drama have 16 or 20 episodes. I watched it on Drama Fever and it listed as 16 and I check on the written subtitles and it said 20 but when I read them it pretty much ended in the same place. So did it have 16 or 20 and did drama fever just shorten it to 16

  150. 150 : PyL Says:

    i like this, simple storyline, pure love story, is very different with others. after this, i like pasta and i like the word : Yes, Chef!!!!

  151. 151 : Jessea Says:

    I like you saying YES CHEF!!
    Nice show..

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    Love so much 4 this drama. N also the ending.
    It’s good reference to all who want to be a good in the kitchen.
    I’m sure you won’t to be upset af

  153. 153 : KDrama LOver Says:

    Love so Much 4 this drama. n also the ending..make me jealous.
    It’s a good reference series to all who wants to be good in the kithchen.
    I’m really sure you won’t to be upset after watch this..

    It’s the best !!!!!

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    yes chef !!! yes chef!!!
    both of GHJ & LSG bravo and natural act !! God bless

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    I just finished watch this drama.
    and I realy-realy like it.
    so romantic n funny.
    N their act so natural…
    if U like romanctic drama, U must watch this drama!!!

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    I realy-realy like this drama…
    2 top tumb!!!

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    I really felt in love with that Chef. Good acting for all of them.

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    i loooove this drama..i watch it over and over without being bored…and after see this drama i make my very own”pasta night” with my girls friend..we go to italian resto and eat pasta,while we imagine what happen in the kitchen..hehhehe..

    looove it..

    yes CHEF!!!

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    I love this series, I live in Iran and see 4 episodes of it its beutiful i love it. thnks millions

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    both of them met halfway!!!
    love it!!!

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    I just say I LOVE U chef
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    you have alot of fan in IRAN
    you have a veryyyyy nice smile
    ohhhh GOD

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    i love you LSG so much you are so nice i love evry one when …i watch this drama in iraq kordstan and i have one wish …lern koreian spike…!!!

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    I just say I LOVE U for more time
    I saw u in( GEM TV IN IRAN) tonight episod17
    KISS uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  170. 170 : rwkawa Says:

    hi hani i just want to say me too watch the chef in gem tv but no to iran
    balke dar iraq kordstan …man irani nistam faqat chand sali da iran bwdam va ta clase dovome rahnamay xwndam…

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    pasta is must seen serial this year…lee sun gyun is the most hot and sexy chef I ever see !!!…and despite I can’t cook, I really want to be in the kitchen with LSG…also his romance with GHJ really nice things to see, makes me want to hug my hubby everytime I saw their romance..^o^

  175. 175 : Rae Ji Says:

    yes.. must watch as you will not regret watching 🙂

  176. 176 : suju4ever Says:

    ye chef !!! i like gong hyo jin acting.

  177. 177 : KDAddict Says:

    Congrats to Gong Hyo jin & Lee Sun Gyun on winning the MBC Awards 🙂

  178. 178 : Zeny Says:

    I enjoyed this drama very much, the actor is sooo good! and they are a cute couple, watching him orchestrate his kitchen is so lovable. He really acts very well. Aja!

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    Lee sun gyun did a good job in.this drama. I want to wacth it over and over again. I really felt in love with him. Yes chef! Posso fare!

  181. 181 : bubbles Says:

    lee sun gyun did a good job in this drama… two thumbs up for him! saranghe chef 🙂

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    I love to watch the main actor and actress, they are very good chemistry
    and hope to see them often in other new drama…

  183. 183 : Doreen Says:

    I love to watch the main actor and actress in Pasta, they have a very
    good natural chemistry.. hope to see them more in other new drama..

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    one of the best drama

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    truly love this movie! it is a perfect match – perfect electricity!

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    YES CHEF.. No chef.. sorry chef.. thats all the word that goldfish always remember.

    This is totallly a fantastic drama. Not bored, very entertaining and very different story compare to most korean drama. I loved the chef and goldfish. Also chef Sae young and Kim san. All the actor and actress did a fabolous job.

    Altough this movie is a year ago but I totally recommend you all to watch it. Ok Chef?

    If want to learn what love is then you all should watch this movie.

  189. 189 : diah Says:

    yes chef!!
    love to hear that in this drama…looking to the older comments , looks like i’m a little bit late than others but really luv this drama..i think the main character are more realistic than ather korean drama… 🙂

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    i like this drama so much.
    two top tumb for this drama.
    never bored to watch again and again.
    their acting so natural.
    I like gong hyo jin and lee sung gyun got award for best couple.

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    I hope I’ll find a man like you

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    Gong Hyo Jin aku suka aktingnya…
    Lee Sun Gyun lucu dan menggemaskan…
    alex i like you..

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    I like chef go…..,go…….

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    But,, PASTA just 20 episode.. :'(

    Love you for all crew of PASTA..

    Posso Fare Chef.. 🙂

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    chef hyun wook…. stay cool.

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    Yes Chef..!
    You are so cool and handsome..
    I Love You so much Chef Choi Hyoon Wook..
    ​:* ♍uuuªaªa©©hhh♡:*♡ …..!!


  201. 201 : Nita Yudasari Says:

    Posso Fare..
    Yes Chef.. (^^)

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    aaa, love this korean drama, I watch this in Indonesia, lee sun gyun is so cool in this drama, hohoho ~ ^^

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  204. 204 : magdalenap Says:

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    this drama full of love. cute >

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    You really really CUTEEEEE
    You’re Dimple is so cute
    I L♡VE You Fierce CHEFFFF

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    yes chef Choi Hyun Wook..
    So cute….
    I’ll never give up Chef..

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    i really like this drama,, so funny and romantic..even i’m Indonesia, but i really love everything about south korea, t’boy band and drama is more! 🙂

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    wow! the good drama! i never boring to watch thiss!
    I Love It

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    What a sexy chef….lee sun gyun, I like you since you were in coffee prince

  211. 211 : RANY HAPSARI Says:


  212. 212 : zashee Says:

    indosiar memang mantep deh.tambah seru

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    I have been watching this drama back then, I think its really a great show… love it a lot..
    and now its airing in one of TV Station in Indonesia, makes me want to watch it again, what I don’t like is we already sub the korean languages into indonesian languages, so i definetely watch it again in my DVD. ;p

  215. 215 : bubbles Says:

    i want to watch this drama again especially Lee Sun Gyun.. I heart you CHEF!

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    aaaahhh, seo yukyung and choi hyunwook sooo romantic!!!
    I LOVE THEM >.

  217. 217 : Think Pink « My Stories…. Says:

    […] Aku biasa ‘bantai’ dia dengan tiduran sebentar,nonton film korea yang lagi aku suka-PASTA, ketawa ketiwi sama sahabat2ku di plurk.com atau browsing2 n […]

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    baik chef
    terima kasih chef…. (^^)

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    Wow….. Drama yG slalu bikin Q kTwa..
    Ya CHEf….. Ya Chef…….
    part fav Q wKt mRka slG mRhan tP ngomel a pkE bHs koki
    Love it !

  220. 220 : Diah Muslihah Ir Says:

    Pasta drama Korea aju aju aju …… jaemi isso !!!!!!!!!
    whaiting !!!!!

  221. 221 : Diah Muslihah Ir Says:

    Drama Korea modu aju joayo! Baeyu gwa yobaeyu, sugo haseyo!!!!!!!

  222. 222 : andrew Says:

    kali aja ada yg minat download filmnya karena belom nonton bsa langsung email ke [email protected]

    GRATIS saya kasih link downloadnya

  223. 223 : septi Says:

    ya CHEF..
    drama korea yg buat adekqu dan aku pastinya selalu Happy tiap nontonnya!!! hahahah

  224. 224 : lialio Says:


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    I love this cute drama. I love Chef Choiii :-*

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    love u
    muach muachhhh 🙂

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    chef .. you so funny and so sweet .. kekeke~

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    I love chef n Seo yoo kyong very much… I love pasta… It’s the best romance drama i have ever seen I never miss it…you are all the greatest actor/actress… Love you…

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    hyun wook …….
    i luv uuuuuuuu …..

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    Aku pengen punya CD nya,, hiks,, hiks,,
    tapi susah carinya,,

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    you is the best..

  232. 232 : k lover Says:

    the story seems intresting but i don’t know

  233. 233 : kikifitriani Says:

    congrate to all actor and actress u’r make this drama so adorable… Love u chef and miss yo kyung

  234. 234 : k lover Says:


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    chef ,,
    i luv uu..
    u n seo yoo kyung is very harmonious….

  236. 236 : via Says:

    @Irawati: banyak kok sis di tempat jual2 DVD juga banyak, ada 4 disc kl gak salah, cb aja di mangga dua, atau itc cempaka mas, pasti ada..

  237. 237 : ismi Says:

    hemm,, funny,,crazy drama,, like it
    when I watch it,,
    alwys mke me laugh


  238. 238 : mey Says:

    hmmm adeganx romantisss buangget mw donk jd seo yoo kyung buar dkt mha chef choi………….

  239. 239 : nope Says:

    i think choi hyun wook is an inconsistent, selfish, pompous person, and there must be something “unwired” for seo yoo kyung if she likes him that much.

  240. 240 : Windi Ari Says:

    Iya cheef….
    Saya suka sifat judes tpi perhatiannya si cheff,,, ooowh..so sweet!

  241. 241 : lia Says:

    Haha.. 2 taun lalu asal beli CD-nya, digigitin dibuat maen anak-anak.. eh…sekarang malah booming.

  242. 242 : Yuni Rochmawati Says:

    keren nih drama koreax.. gak pngen klo drama korea ni hbis..

    ya chef

  243. 243 : Dini Rachma Says:

    This K-drama is very amazing n unpredictable. My mom also like it and watch it everyday. How a great series.. (^.^)

  244. 244 : nuna.nue Says:

    chef … would u marry me????????

  245. 245 : triastuti riyono Says:

    Iya Chef

    PASTA kereeeeeen walaupun suka marah-marah tapi itu tanda perhatiannya Si Chef, Choi hyun wook. Semoga filmnya diputar lagi hehehehe T_T
    Sharangheo Choi hyun wook.

  246. 246 : Nad's Says:

    YES CHEF…!!

  247. 247 : lyonell Says:

    yessss chef ^^
    I love u chef
    U n so yu kyung are the best couple

  248. 248 : niez moela effendi Says:

    ikh filmnya seru abizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    apa lgi klo chefnya marah2 ganteng banget

  249. 249 : via Says:

    @lia: wah wah gak salah beli 2 tahun lalu bu? ini drama kan baru setahun lalu Jan-Maret 2010.. salah itung ya? hehehe

    @nope: Choi jun hyuk character is basicly like that, but because of so yu kyung he compromised all and try to be a better person because I think he admire her character as a naive girl with a determined and strong attitude and also have a good heart, beside he already interesting on her for the first time they met each other on the street. As I remember actually they are quite stubborn to each other and sometimes wont give their ego,hahaha.. love it when they are arquing on something, but then they reconcile and find the best way solution, athough I think he is finally the one who have to surrender and follow her thought and direction, maybe not because he loves her but because he knew she was right.. love this drama so much..

  250. 250 : via Says:

    one more thing, I think seo yoo kyung already like him too when they first met on the street because he was helping her with her goldfish.. and the next thing I guess, because her goal is to become a top chef also, she kind of clinging on him to achieve her goal, but in the process she finally end up falling for him especially because he changes so much too because of her.
    So I guess theres nothing wrong with her and the chef and their relationship.

  251. 251 : karisa Says:

    aaaaaaaaa……………………..cheffffffffff i love you……….

  252. 252 : nope Says:

    i think choi hyun wook is arrogant – jack- ass, pompous, selfish, and just downright chauvinist, and maybe yoo kyung is kind of “unwired” – missing a screw or something – LOL – to like and adore him that much, but then she is not really a beauty either with chubby cheeks and languid small eyes her plus is only that she is tall and slim … so maybe they deserve each other after all – not a beauty in personality and not a beauty in physical appearance.. LOL…. LOL….

  253. 253 : ZHIA Says:

    wow,,wktu pas chef ketawa,,, gantengnyaa….

  254. 254 : ZHIA Says:

    gantengny chef klo lg ketawa

  255. 255 : meycecuits Says:

    aku suka banget si chef, yang suka marah marh tapi keren… Cool. Senyumnya itu lo… Bikin kangenin

  256. 256 : yuli Says:

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    cheeffffff……….. you are is the best couple with SEE YOO KYUNG…..

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    Ah….. carita ny’ keran…. n cheeeeeeeeeeef i love you full

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    keren puuuuuooooollllllllllll……………….
    jan…..chippppppp abissssssss………..

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    “yess chefff ” said see yoo kyun

    haha 😀

    great drama , i like cook

  261. 261 : sari_koreanz Says:

    Pak chef paling ganteng!finally I fall in love again after lovers in paris…fall in love with PASTA…hyun wook loves yoo kyung forever deh…

  262. 262 : listyaIga dwii.. Says:

    ganteng bangett..kereennn..!!
    smpai tergila2 aku nyaa…

  263. 263 : irma risdayani Says:

    lebih gantengan BOS dr pd cheff
    BOS i love u…………..

  264. 264 : fifi Says:

    wlau pun, cheff hobby`na mrah”. . . tp itu lah yang bwt a smkn ska sama chff. . . .

  265. 265 : Nia Says:

    Pasangan serasi.. Chef’a kerenz asst chef’a jg lucu. 🙂

  266. 266 : afita Says:

    tolong beritahu aku dimana tempat download drama pasta gratis. thanks

  267. 267 : ekazun Says:

    OMG… this drama makes me want to eat PASTA…
    i loved to cook, and the Chef makes me get cold – he’s the coolest guy in the Seo Yoo Kyung’s world (i think)

  268. 268 : Nita Yudasari Says:

    Tomorrow the end of PASTA.. :'(

  269. 269 : pasta sejati Says:

    aq suka lht chef….

  270. 270 : rikaernika Says:

    chefffff …na sarange !!!! gagah banget pake baju koki dan berdiri di meja chefff…

  271. 271 : syd eedah Says:

    I love their characters
    Chef Choi: arrogant but actually he cares…hehehe:p
    Yoo Kyung : funny, hardworkers
    Eun Soo: funny, (torpid?) hehehe
    I’ll miss them so much…

  272. 272 : syd eedah Says:

    ForEver…..YeeeAAhh… \^O^/ ( ^”^)b

  273. 273 : nia Says:

    sempat ngiri ….
    jadi pengen punya pacar kayak cheff choi….
    the best BGT lakh bwt pasta…

  274. 274 : yessy Says:


  275. 275 : sushe Says:

    ohhhh……….. chef
    I love u

  276. 276 : sushe Says:

    i miz u chef

  277. 277 : icha Says:

    I’ll be miss this Drama!!!!!

  278. 278 : mike yakumaru Says:

    ni aq ksih link na
    full episod 26 giga full HD

  279. 279 : dea Says:

    Speechless!!! I watched it over and over again,20 episodes back-to-back for 3 times in a week and never get bored. LSG and GHJ both are talented. My favourite scene is ‘the eyelid kisses’… so natural that makes GHJ face increasingly red and make me smile like a crazy one….hahahaha…two thumbs up!!!!!..After watching PASTA,i decided to become LSG and GHJ fans…*wink-wink*…(when will they meet again in a scene?– hope:)

  280. 280 : gysa nugraha Says:

    i love pasta… because it’s the best korean drama

  281. 281 : dilara Says:

    ı love chefff yess chefff:D this drama is the best in korea… pastas soundtrack is amazing! ıt ıs make me energyıc and happyfull ohh yea!

  282. 282 : jeje Says:

    ♥̨ pasta…. Love lee sun gyun!!!!
    Oppa chongmal choaheyo!!!
    Cool acting…., best film ever..

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    i love pasta korean drama,,,
    i love chef.i love his character…
    and others actor in this drama

  284. 284 : rosevine agassi Says:

    i love this drama so much,..
    it make me feel be a chef

  285. 285 : maya Says:

    when i watch PASTA,i felt that Gu Ae Jung had been cheating on Dok Go Jin [TGL]…similarly goes to my feeling when i watch CITY HALL…haha..whats wrong wif me..they just have great chemistry there yet i always felt that was REAL..lol…

  286. 286 : dar_dar Says:

    this is GREAT! im inlove w/ Chef! 😀

  287. 287 : wdr Says:

    cute drama :3

  288. 288 : penne Says:

    CHEF! you’re the best!

  289. 289 : Joseph M. Loglisci Says:

    Gong Hyo Jin is just about the cutest actress I have seen in a long time, and Lee Sun Gyun is just the epitome of “cool” in this particular show.
    I LOVE Korean Drama and I LOVE this show!

  290. 290 : manatee Says:

    Yes, Chef !!

  291. 291 : JustQ Says:

    Ye Chef!!!!
    i love you chef… Lee Sun Gyun did it well in this drama. he’s really really cool. i love him since he acted at the 1st shop of coffee prince and i love him more in Pasta.

    Gong Hyo Jin did it well too. she’s not very pretty like other actress, but she acted just right.. so very natural.. thumbs up unni…!

  292. 292 : js Says:

    I love this drama so much! Chef, I love you!

  293. 293 : jjj Says:

    Where can i watch this in chinese sub?

  294. 294 : jan2kay Says:

    Loovee it!!! it’s a great drama.. I don’t get bored watching every episode.. This is a very recommended drama you have to watch!!

  295. 295 : wati Says:

    one of my favourite & unforgettable kdrama since i started to love kdrama 🙂
    i love the character, the story, and the acting. Very recommended to watch

  296. 296 : dap Says:

    chef you give me the inspiration to do right choice in my life,pokoknya you’re the best dah chef ,>

  297. 297 : elisa Says:

    i love this drama so much….
    i really like the chef cause he’s very cool
    and like the way how he loves yoo kyung

    yes chef, i love you and miss you much ^_^

  298. 298 : K-DRAMA Says:

    I loved this drama!! its makes me giggle.. hehehe

  299. 299 : niezam Says:

    i love this movie so much…bersiaran di malaysia…

  300. 300 : wan ainey Says:

    i like pasta… drama terbaik…i love it!
    ~syok ooo jadi heroin dia!~

  301. 301 : la sfera Says:

    pasta and chef i take???????????^_^pasta

  302. 302 : Mia Says:

    Pasta is a nice drama. I enjoyed watching it a lot. The 2main leads act very natural and well done. Even though the chef is arrogant and I don’t like this, he does care for his lover. Anyways, good job!!!

  303. 303 : dd Says:

    love this drama so much, its different from the typical korean melodrama kinda love story but the love is so cute and sweet. Both of them so natural in their relationship..and i love the chef!

  304. 304 : rie Says:

    suka tengok dua2 pelakon! hepi tengok dorang berdua!

  305. 305 : jaja Says:

    falling in love with CHEF!!..my first korean drama..just because of u i love korean drama…

  306. 306 : nur anilisa Says:

    I LOVE coi hyun wook!

  307. 307 : kyuhyun fan Says:

    i love this drama…sweet couple chef… i very very like this drama… ^_^

  308. 308 : nur kisya Says:

    suke tgk bila choi hyun wook marah..yes chef..

  309. 309 : rosie Says:

    LOVE YOU CHEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!good drama highly recommended.

  310. 310 : Allison Says:

    Yes chef, you are an excellent lead. Take a good care of your girl friend, yoo Kyung. I’m looking forward for your new project.

  311. 311 : yolin Says:

    can’t watch ep 10 -13 please help, please give me another link…thanks

  312. 312 : rashidah Says:

    ya, chef!… love this drama ^^

  313. 313 : Hana Hyemi Says:

    Ya chef…:) ..love this drama very much..i like chef choi hyun wook when he angry and smile,so cuteeee..alex too…and the heroin very pretty & sweet…love this drama very very very much..xoxoxo..Ya Chef!!

  314. 314 : I'm me Says:

    smlm ta ad pasta… sdeyh nyerr..

  315. 315 : Allison Says:

    Hey Chef, I’m looking forward for your new project. Keep it up! You are acting very well. :o)

  316. 316 : ila Says:

    yeeehh chef…yeeehh chef..hehehe…sweet..

  317. 317 : hunnny bunny Says:

    i very very love watching pasta korea drama =]

  318. 318 : ain Says:

    i really love this drama…especially choi hyun wook n seo yoo kyung…sweet couple…like them so much…!!can’t forget this drama…i want to watch it again n again..hehe…

  319. 319 : purplehoneyz Says:

    we love korean pasta drama …………………

  320. 320 : purplehoneyz Says:

    chef 2 hnsem . mnjadi kegilaan ramai……….. tp sdih sbb x dpt tgok hari2 geram jgk

  321. 321 : CARANDRIA Says:


  322. 322 : pooja Says:

    i luv u cef………

  323. 323 : nana Says:

    i l0ve this drama…OMG….Best!!!!!
    i like Chef Choir,Yo0 Kyung, Philip and the gang…
    i very like korean drama
    G0od st0ry 4 ur alls
    Pasta is verrrrrrrry Best!!!!!!

  324. 324 : nn Says:

    i l0ve this drama…OMG….Best!!!!!
    i like Chef Choir,Yo0 Kyung, Philip and the gang…
    i very like korean drama
    G0od st0ry 4 ur alls
    Pasta is verrrrrrrry Best!!!!!!
    ye chef

  325. 325 : ILA Says:

    I love chef Choi Hyun Wook.if I get a chance to meet any artist at korea, I will meet CHEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and Seo Yoo Kyung……….They are sooooooo cute…………….

  326. 326 : Yemima Says:

    I Love chef Choi Hyun Wook and the sous chef too………they are too handsome and cute……….i love to watch ‘PASTA’………..

  327. 327 : hany Says:

    why the videos can’t watch ? I’m tired for waiting the videos’ loading ..

  328. 328 : yatt lee Says:

    i love lee sun ghun

  329. 329 : Kingtez64 Says:

    Love this drama very much there was nothing so much conflict among the characters that will hate any of them, just the natural happening in the kitchen but u will enjoy how much they play their role esp Chef choi he was really gorgeous and very smart how to handle the kitchen..whoah he is awsome and lovable even if he was always throwing his temper and shouting he is more attractive and sexy.. Luv u lee sun gyun!!

  330. 330 : ha soo Says:

    i love phillip (no min woo) very much……
    also chef choi hyun wook!!!

  331. 331 : godknows83 Says:

    yeah chef!!!

  332. 332 : spagetthi Says:

    watching the drama really makes me kinda … falling in LOVE again…..

  333. 333 : Lailijan Says:

    I love u to watch “pasta” for many2 time…yes chef…seo you gyeong…best couple

  334. 334 : yany_nany Says:

    i love to watch pasta very muchh !!

  335. 335 : maia n onix Says:

    i love pasta in love fucking much

  336. 336 : Alpha Beta Says:

    today……. last episode for Pasta…… what will happen 3 women after chef Choi Hyun Wook entering their restraunt

  337. 337 : nur hafizah Says:

    i love to watch pasta…it’s very nice and romantic..

  338. 338 : disha Says:

    yess chef.. very gud korean drama…. it is a romanic drama…

  339. 339 : wawa Says:

    I love this korean drama …

  340. 340 : wawa Says:

    i love this drama ^_^

  341. 341 : niesyah Says:

    yes chef!!!!!

  342. 342 : wan Says:

    pasta…my inspiration…

  343. 343 : Yoo Says:

    worth watching… 🙂 im satisfied and full

  344. 344 : Eunice Says:

    I love Pasta, is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel falling in love again =) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  345. 345 : hana han nae ma Says:

    i love no min woo. and i love…. pasta

  346. 346 : butterscot Says:

    i like this drama so much………………..much………..much…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  347. 347 : drama korea terbaru Says:

    i like this drama

    so much

  348. 348 : Bobobo Says:

    THANK YOU TO THE ALL TEAM CREATE THIS GORGEOUS TV SERIAL … you make me feel great … thank you Lee Sun Ghun – yep you are the CHEF of my hearth …;)

  349. 349 : putri Says:

    Love this k-drama so much..hopely GHJ n LSK being a couple again in the next drama project…love u…

  350. 350 : saufi Says:

    When I bought this drama,and look at the cover, I felt it’s boring, but when I watched it, WOW, so nice… =) thumbs up… so, dont judge a DCD by its cover.. =)

  351. 351 : lina m s Says:

    really.. Really love this drama.. Yeahh chef..

  352. 352 : Emanuela Says:

    I saw the movie two days ago …. and losing my mind!!!! i love it <3<3<3

  353. 353 : Kingtez64 Says:

    A drama that you would watch it repeatedly

  354. 354 : ayah Says:

    juz finish this drama last night yet i only find my self watching from d top when i wake up….. yes chef!!

    awesome cast!

  355. 355 : Anonymous Says:

    This is my favorite drama! I highly recommend it!

  356. 356 : ellen Says:

    KUDOS….. to all THE CAST….A Happy MEMORY… WHILE watching DRAMAS LIKE THIS…. and a unique, story…… ACHIEVED…….

  357. 357 : putri Says:

    Always love pasta just the way it is. Love the cast…GHJ n LSK…two tumps up,will be glad if the two work in the same project again…hopely..

  358. 358 : Pasta Drama Korea | yourblog Says:

    […] Source here […]

  359. 359 : laraffinee Says:

    This was such a great show! I love the characters, and the main plot and subplots were so wonderfully interwoven! PLEASE bring more seasons of the series: When the boys return from Italy…..more competitions…..develop family life subplots…


  360. 360 : Laura Rinaldis Says:

    I watched all 20 episodes in one weekend!! Am in love with chef AND Alex!,,,,,

  361. 361 : Sandra Says:

    I just discovered this show this past week and watched all 20 episodes via Netflix. It was SO good and I am sad to see that there is not a second season. Oh, I would love it if you did film another season … this show is so good and one just can’t help but fall in love with the characters. I am ready to start all over again and watch season one from the beginning. I agree with a previous poster – MORE PASTA, PLEASE!!!!

  362. 362 : Quote of the Day « Todayi Says:

    […] find a comfortable sitting or standing position which was so weird! But, we did get to finish this Korean drama we’ve been watching on Netflix. So good! Hope you all had a nice, relaxing weekend! Rate […]

  363. 363 : how Says:

    hey, im trying to find the song. i don’t know the name. it always comes on at the sad scene, it starts with “nananana”. do you know that song? in episode 13 -when San (the CEO) left the note for Seo Yong Kyung to meet him at the grocery shop and when she was waiting for him, the song came on. and again at when San went to his sister asking whether if she prefers a man who likes her secretly. Please i cant find it anywhere. please reply. thank you

  364. 364 : CarolineDL Says:

    I’ve watched a lot of Korean shows but this is still my favorite one. It’s realistic, sweet, real. Great actors, great characters. I wish there were more dramas like this one. A must watch!

  365. 365 : CarolineDL Says:

    how – the song you are looking for is called NaNaNa by Every Single Day.

  366. 366 : choose me Says:

    This drama make me smile n laugh……i like this drama….yes chef….

  367. 367 : Jenny Says:

    i like it! i love it! hoping for a second one……. 🙂

  368. 368 : ai Says:

    I am never tired of watching this drama over and over again.

  369. 369 : torri Says:

    for some stupid reason i was very reluctant to watch this drama but now that i have ,all i do is replay it over and over i love it the chef is just too arrogant and funny and silly and lovely i love chef (yes chef } i loooooove it , it is on my list of best dramas now , good job guys

  370. 370 : >> no boddy Says:

    its just a bad story i saw it 4ever and ever
    and in my life !!!!!!!!!!

    i hate you all !!

  371. 371 : Devina Says:

    i just finnish watching this series!! at first, i didnt put high expectation in this one, and just watching it because i just had that DVD in my house n im kinda very bored so i decided watching this. But, i was false to under estimate it, it’s got an interesting story, and not boring at all. i enjoy watching this from the beggining until the last ep. Always there is problem to solve in this drama, after one problem has solved, always come out with other problem. But it makes the movie getting more interesting.. ^^ Great!! also, Yu Kyung and Hyun Wook look cute together.. So lovely

  372. 372 : The Diss, Updated: Calling Asian Food “Hipster” | raleighncrestaurantreviews.com Says:

    […] be human, the thing that binds us to each other (for better or worse—check out the Korean dramas Pasta, Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle, and Dae Jang Geum to see that play out on 21st-century […]

  373. 373 : Itlstar Says:

    I loved this show! I am hoping to see a season two. Is anything in progress?

  374. 374 : shanty Says:

    really love this drama, I’ve been watching it more than 10 times…hahhahaha,, season two pliz..

  375. 375 : may yu Says:

    i love this drama very very much !!!!!such a nice drama~~

  376. 376 : iroda Says:

    I think This K drama is the best romantic drama, LSG & GHJ are very nice couple, I l like more LSG role, he is skillful actor

  377. 377 : rykoe Says:

    hhmmm…wanna eat pasta

  378. 378 : emerald Says:

    im super in love with this. drama
    love all the actors who porttrays thier role… all is suited…

  379. 379 : John Says:

    Really liked this series! I really wished that they continued it 🙁

  380. 380 : putra Says:

    i love this drama

  381. 381 : emerald Says:

    this drama makes me smile every end of the episodes… i love the LSG…

  382. 382 : GiirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    One of my fave drama of Gong Hyo Jin:) luv it!

  383. 383 : sheila cri Says:

    I hope you really consider doing another set of these shows with the same cast… This was an awesome entertaining show. Would love to see more

  384. 384 : Jason Sudekis Says:

    Why do they always have to pick a main actress who is plain instead of pretty, who acts stupid but feels entitled, who the main actor ends up falling in love with? I usually have a real dislike and distaste for these women, specially the actresses because they get better roles than the pretty ones. That is so annoying!!’

  385. 385 : emerald Says:

    @Jason Sudekis: because simple beauty captures the heart of an audience. and its realistic though… well, its not really the actors or actresses whos important for me, its the character that theyve been playing… and they portrayed it very well even though they have simple or plain beauty…

  386. 386 : Ileyr Says:

    In Episode 17 about half way through, Oh Sae Young is sitting in a restaurant when a report approaches her. Playing in the background is a song. Does anyone know the name of the song and who sings it?


  387. 387 : terry Says:

    waiting next seasons please…….. chukae chukae chukae… 🙂

  388. 388 : sara Says:

    i don t like this verrrrrrrrrrrry bad

  389. 389 : Kingtez64 Says:

    Beauty is not the guarranty to be a natural actor or actress..its the skill and talent with in..most of the time those unique creation of God are shining most most over those beautiful creation..

  390. 390 : takgu99 Says:

    i wonder why its very famous in my country malaysia..
    after i’d watch ep1 & 2…i get the answer..

  391. 391 : asiandaddict Says:

    I become curious watching this drama after seeing it in the top 20 most share drama of this site since this is the only one that I’m not familiar with. I love it at the beginning but as the episode goes on, I kinda dislike the development of Seo Yoo Kyung’s character. Although, it’s cute that she is sometimes innocent especially in expressing her feelings towards chef Choi Hyun Wook but I hate that she is so dumb in choosing her between her career and her love for him. Huh!

    The best thing that I like in this drama is the way they presented their cooking skills. They look so professional in it.

  392. 392 : takgu99 Says:

    cutest drama ever..love it..

  393. 393 : paras Says:

    Like so much this drama^
    Best korean drama 4ever..^

  394. 394 : Kingtez64 Says:

    Just to stay in the most shared drama..i would always give comments for this drama..bec. Pasta is always been my favorite..

  395. 395 : Peachymama Says:

    Love this drama! I’m looking for more episodes. I watched all of Season 1 and am looking for more 🙂

  396. 396 : Miss Pie Says:

    Where can I buy the scarfs that Chef wears? They’re awesome!

  397. 397 : darwinestar Says:

    good hermoso drama

  398. 398 : rubylyl Says:

    Kim San is so sweet!!! Heart melts on him…..

  399. 399 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    I’ve Finished watching this drama and it’s super nice. It makes me smile at the end of every episode. I love it!

  400. 400 : Bbnyet Says:

    Cute drama but….how can a junior level cook afford Balenciaga bags and Chloe Marci?!

  401. 401 : rory Says:

    I watched this because some viewers said it’s good & entertaining but OMG, I didn’t feel entertained at all..
    I hate that chef, always throw his anger all the times..
    I hate GHJ’s acting here even though I love her in Biscuit teacher..I just can’t stand seeing her hair..come on, working in the kitchen with messy hair like that, it’s unprofessional!
    I can’t believe this drama got high ratings & well praised..

  402. 402 : Dramaland 2013: After the Winter comes the Spring. | mystisith Says:

    […] Story takes place in an Italian restaurant. If you think it’s a bit like in the K drama Pasta, you’re not wrong. It’s well written, the food is to die for and the actor who plays […]

  403. 403 : Doris Aguirre Says:

    am so in love with PASTA!

  404. 404 : Pasta (MBC)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  405. 405 : Jahaleel Says:

    i like this drama. the story and the pacing is good. i could recommend this drama to others. im sure you will enjoy this as much as i did 🙂

  406. 406 : rannemawanhaf Says:

    feel good drama 🙂 no heavy conflicts. loved it!

  407. 407 : bitbit Says:

    yesss cheeeef…. nice drama love it.

  408. 408 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    is this drama worth it to watch? The stars don’t look stunning for me. is the script that good?

  409. 409 : gg Says:

    #408, This drama definitely worth to watch, you will not regret.

  410. 410 : rory Says:

    u can try watch for 2-3 eps..for me, I can’t stand it..really!until now I can’t force myself to continue after 10eps, I really dun find it interesting, funny or even romantic in this drama..from their appearance, acting, cooking skills,storyline for me it’s quite disappointed even though GHJ won top excellence award for this drama..

    But still it’s depends on ur taste dear, u may like it just like others…maybe becoz of high ratings, those awards & well praised, my expectation was too high..just try watching it 😉

  411. 411 : TV Novel – Eun Hee « rohmatwidi48 Says:

    […] The Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC) My Princess (MBC) Rooftop Prince (SBS) Dream High 2 (KBS2) Pasta (MBC) Mary Stayed Out All Night (KBS2) The King 2hearts (MBC) Faith (SBS) Big (KBS2) You’re Beautiful […]

  412. 412 : Safa Says:

    One of the best korean drama ever. I am Enjoying this drama, i love this drama so much.

  413. 413 : nana Says:

    @rory:why you hate this drama,i think it’s one of the best drama i have seen (maybe for most people who watch korean drama)
    and i think you not find the fun story in this drama yet. or perhaps you do not like the cast first so you not enjoyed when you watched this drama.
    this recommended drama..^^peace

  414. 414 : rory Says:

    nana, I’m not hating for nothing, I just hate their storyline n acting here..I dun care who’s the main leads if not, why I’m buying this DVD for the 1st place then?FYI, I watched all GHJ’s dramas & love LSG’s char in coffee prince..It just the storyline is a bit bored & most of chars are messy for me..As I said, u might love this drama but sorry not for me..I’m just telling the truth, from my thought & dun have any intentions to stop viewers to watch this drama..cheers 😉

  415. 415 : Kingtez64 Says:

    All time favorite

  416. 416 : chabel Says:

    awesome story..great cast 🙂 their chemistry is….. daebak!

  417. 417 : klk Says:

    love this show 🙂

  418. 418 : Sandy Says:

    It took me a while to finally watch this drama and I have to say I was a little disappointed. I didn’t like the way the female lead was treated theoughout the drama. Although they were dating, it didn’t seem like it. When he left me on the side of the road, we would have been over at that point. Also, she did what most stupid women do–put her boyfriend before her future. It had potential but fell short. Strange, but I so wanted her to be with the president. There was no doubt he cared for her.

  419. 419 : sun hope nutrisi Says:

    Informasi yang berguna. Sangat baik dan berguna bagi banyak orang.

  420. 420 : bear Says:

    its a great drama to watch, nice ending! i like u chef…

  421. 421 : Josh77 Says:

    i love this drama….i love Lee sun gyun

  422. 422 : dinklik Says:

    i love this drama this drama is the best one This drama is soo awesome!

  423. 423 : pennylane Says:

    I find it simple story…but I don’t like the main cast:-)

  424. 424 : Susie Says:

    Should have ended with ghj with d faithful president n not the crude crass chef. Stupid to fall in love with such an asshole

  425. 425 : K Says:

    Would not watch this drama again.
    The chick looks plain.
    This drama is nothing special tho I watched it till the end.

  426. 426 : Pasta 파스타 [2010] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] ratings trailer viki dramafever dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum dc gallery soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org raine’s dichotomy recap dramabeans 1-11 kdramaguk review outsideseoul crazyforkdrama […]

  427. 427 : MayaF Says:

    Love this drama so much.. I watch over and over but never bored… Great story… Great cast… Very funny and nice drama.. ^^

  428. 428 : tigerb Says:

    just started to watch this series. this was finished long, long ago, but i can’t stand all chefs not covering their hair properly while working in the kitchen. although this is just a drama, even that little detail alone should be depicted. but i guess the producers wanted to show the faces of the actors.

  429. 429 : tigerb Says:

    i really enjoyed this series, really worth watching!

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