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Title: 파스타 / Pasta
Chinese Title : 義大利麵
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-04 to 2010-March-09
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55


“Pasta” covers the dreams and success of a young woman who aspires to become an elite chef at La Sfera restaurant.

Seo Yoo Kyung started her career as a kitchen assistant at La Sfera restaurant. She eventually works her way up to become a chef.

Choi Hyun Wook is the top chef at La Sfera restaurant. He studied the culinary arts in Italy and started out as a chef assistant at a hotel in Sicily. Hyun Wook eventually worked his way up to become the most widely recognized Italian chef in Korea.


Gong Hyo Jin as Seo Yoo Kyung
Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Hyun Wook
Lee Ha Nui as Oh Sae Young
Alex as Kim San

Korean trained cooks

Lee Hyung Chul as Geum Suk Ho
Jo Sang Ki as Jung Ho Nam
Baek Bong Ki as Min Seung Jae
Heo Tae Hee as Han Sang Sik

Italian trained cooks

Kim Tae Ho as Sun Woo Duk
No Min Woo as Philip
Hyun Woo as Lee Ji Hoon

Female cooks

Ha Jae Sook as Lee Hee Joo
Son Sung Yoon as Park Chan Hee
Jung Da Hye as Park Mi Hee

Other people

Lee Sung Min as Seol Joon Suk (La Sfera CEO)
Choi Min Sung as Ne Mo (head waiter)
Byun Jung Soo as Kim Kang (Kim San’s sister)
Choi Jae Hwan as Jung Eun Soo (new kitchen assistant)
Yoon Yong Hyun as Kwang Tae
Jang Yong as Seo Jong Gyu (Yoo Kyung’s father)
Kim Dong Hee as Seo Yoo Shik (Yoo Kyung’s brother)
Song Ok Sook as Yoo Kyung’s mother
Ryu Seung Bum (cameo, ep9)

Production Credits

Director: Kwan Seok Jang (권석장)
Screenwriter: Seo Sook Hyang (서숙향)


– 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actress (Gong Hyo Jin)
– 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Lee Sun Gyun and Gong Hyo Jin)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-01-04 1 12.2 (13th) 13.4 (9th)
2010-01-05 2 11.9 (12th) 12.9 (10th)
2010-01-11 3 11.9 (14th) 13.2 (9th)
2010-01-12 4 12.7 (11th) 14.5 (9th)
2010-01-18 5 10.9 (16th) 12.2 (12th)
2010-01-19 6 13.5 (10th) 15.4 (8th)
2010-01-25 7 13.0 (11th) 15.0 (8th)
2010-01-26 8 14.9 (9th) 17.0 (7th)
2010-02-01 9 14.3 (11th) 16.4 (11th)
2010-02-02 10 15.7 (7th) 18.2 (5th)
2010-02-08 11 15.3 (6th) 17.3 (5th)
2010-02-09 12 16.2 (7th) 17.9 (5th)
2010-02-15 13 14.7 (6th) 15.8 (5th)
2010-02-16 14 16.3 (5th) 18.3 (5th)
2010-02-22 15 14.7 (7th) 16.0 (6th)
2010-02-23 16 16.3 (6th) 18.3 (3rd)
2010-03-01 17 19.7 (3rd) 21.6 (2nd)
2010-03-02 18 19.0 (3rd) 20.5 (2nd)
2010-03-08 19 19.9 (1st) 22.3 (1st)
2010-03-09 20 21.5 (1st) 24.2 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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429 Responses to “Pasta”

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  1. 401
    rory Says:

    I watched this because some viewers said it’s good & entertaining but OMG, I didn’t feel entertained at all..
    I hate that chef, always throw his anger all the times..
    I hate GHJ’s acting here even though I love her in Biscuit teacher..I just can’t stand seeing her hair..come on, working in the kitchen with messy hair like that, it’s unprofessional!
    I can’t believe this drama got high ratings & well praised..

  2. 402
    Dramaland 2013: After the Winter comes the Spring. | mystisith Says:

    […] Story takes place in an Italian restaurant. If you think it’s a bit like in the K drama Pasta, you’re not wrong. It’s well written, the food is to die for and the actor who plays […]

  3. 403
    Doris Aguirre Says:

    am so in love with PASTA!

  4. 404
    Pasta (MBC)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  5. 405
    Jahaleel Says:

    i like this drama. the story and the pacing is good. i could recommend this drama to others. im sure you will enjoy this as much as i did 🙂

  6. 406
    rannemawanhaf Says:

    feel good drama 🙂 no heavy conflicts. loved it!

  7. 407
    bitbit Says:

    yesss cheeeef…. nice drama love it.

  8. 408
    Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    is this drama worth it to watch? The stars don’t look stunning for me. is the script that good?

  9. 409
    gg Says:

    #408, This drama definitely worth to watch, you will not regret.

  10. 410
    rory Says:

    u can try watch for 2-3 eps..for me, I can’t stand it..really!until now I can’t force myself to continue after 10eps, I really dun find it interesting, funny or even romantic in this drama..from their appearance, acting, cooking skills,storyline for me it’s quite disappointed even though GHJ won top excellence award for this drama..

    But still it’s depends on ur taste dear, u may like it just like others…maybe becoz of high ratings, those awards & well praised, my expectation was too high..just try watching it 😉

  11. 411
    TV Novel – Eun Hee « rohmatwidi48 Says:

    […] The Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC) My Princess (MBC) Rooftop Prince (SBS) Dream High 2 (KBS2) Pasta (MBC) Mary Stayed Out All Night (KBS2) The King 2hearts (MBC) Faith (SBS) Big (KBS2) You’re Beautiful […]

  12. 412
    Safa Says:

    One of the best korean drama ever. I am Enjoying this drama, i love this drama so much.

  13. 413
    nana Says:

    @rory:why you hate this drama,i think it’s one of the best drama i have seen (maybe for most people who watch korean drama)
    and i think you not find the fun story in this drama yet. or perhaps you do not like the cast first so you not enjoyed when you watched this drama.
    this recommended drama..^^peace

  14. 414
    rory Says:

    nana, I’m not hating for nothing, I just hate their storyline n acting here..I dun care who’s the main leads if not, why I’m buying this DVD for the 1st place then?FYI, I watched all GHJ’s dramas & love LSG’s char in coffee prince..It just the storyline is a bit bored & most of chars are messy for me..As I said, u might love this drama but sorry not for me..I’m just telling the truth, from my thought & dun have any intentions to stop viewers to watch this drama..cheers 😉

  15. 415
    Kingtez64 Says:

    All time favorite

  16. 416
    chabel Says:

    awesome story..great cast 🙂 their chemistry is….. daebak!

  17. 417
    klk Says:

    love this show 🙂

  18. 418
    Sandy Says:

    It took me a while to finally watch this drama and I have to say I was a little disappointed. I didn’t like the way the female lead was treated theoughout the drama. Although they were dating, it didn’t seem like it. When he left me on the side of the road, we would have been over at that point. Also, she did what most stupid women do–put her boyfriend before her future. It had potential but fell short. Strange, but I so wanted her to be with the president. There was no doubt he cared for her.

  19. 419
    sun hope nutrisi Says:

    Informasi yang berguna. Sangat baik dan berguna bagi banyak orang.

  20. 420
    bear Says:

    its a great drama to watch, nice ending! i like u chef…

  21. 421
    Josh77 Says:

    i love this drama….i love Lee sun gyun

  22. 422
    dinklik Says:

    i love this drama this drama is the best one This drama is soo awesome!

  23. 423
    pennylane Says:

    I find it simple story…but I don’t like the main cast:-)

  24. 424
    Susie Says:

    Should have ended with ghj with d faithful president n not the crude crass chef. Stupid to fall in love with such an asshole

  25. 425
    K Says:

    Would not watch this drama again.
    The chick looks plain.
    This drama is nothing special tho I watched it till the end.

  26. 426
    Pasta 파스타 [2010] | My Drama Links Says:

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  27. 427
    MayaF Says:

    Love this drama so much.. I watch over and over but never bored… Great story… Great cast… Very funny and nice drama.. ^^

  28. 428
    tigerb Says:

    just started to watch this series. this was finished long, long ago, but i can’t stand all chefs not covering their hair properly while working in the kitchen. although this is just a drama, even that little detail alone should be depicted. but i guess the producers wanted to show the faces of the actors.

  29. 429
    tigerb Says:

    i really enjoyed this series, really worth watching!

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