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Passionate Love

Passionate Love 04

Title: 열애 / Passionate Love
Chinese Title: 熱戀
Also Known as: Hot Love / Madly in Love
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Family
Episodes: 47
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Sep-28 to 2014-March-23
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:45


This drama is described a humanistic melodrama that follows the tragic love and success story of a man and woman who get tangled up in tragic destinies due to conflicts in their parents’ generation. The drama depicts how one generation’s problems can negatively affect the next generation.

Kang Moo Yeol (Sung Hoon) is a third-generation chaebol who has the both the looks and wealth, seems to have it all on the outside, but grows up with family issues and pain from the loss of his past love Han Yoo Rim (Seohyun). Meanwhile, Han Yoo Jung (Choi Yoon Young) is a diligent and bright, and very independent woman who has a tomboyish and unruly personality which helped her overcome the sudden loss of her family. She is Han Yoo Rim’s younger sister and will get involve with Kang Moo Yeol 10 years later. Both Kang Moo Yeol and his half brother Hong Soo Hyuk (Shim Ji Ho) will fall in love with Han Yoo Jung. But, Moo Yeol and Yoo Jung are star-crossed lovers. Their tragic love story begins because of a tragedy due to their parents. How will they escape their dreary surroundings to succeed?


Main Cast

Jun Kwang Ryul as Kang Moon Do
Hwang Shin Hye as Hong Nan Cho
Jun Mi Sun as Yang Eun Sook
Sung Hoon as Kang Moo Yeol
Lee Won Geun as Kang Moo Yeol (young)
Choi Yoon Young as Han Yoo Jung
Lee Hye In as Han Yoo Jung (young)
Shim Ji Ho as Hong Soo Hyuk
Yeo Eui Joo as Hong Soo Hyuk (young)

People around Moo Yeol

Joo Hyun as Yang Tae Shin
Jin Seo Yun as Kang Moon Hee
Kang Seo Joon as Park Jong Hyuk
Yoon Mi Ra as Jang Bok Hee
Woo Hee Jin as Yang Hye Sook
Oh Dae Gyu as Yoo Min Soo

People around Yoo Jung

Seohyun as Han Yoo Rim
Kang Shin Il as Han Sung Bok
Song Chae Hwan as Song Kyung Hee
Lee Han Wie as Ban Soo Bong
Jun Soo Kyung as Joo Nam Ok
Kim Yoon Seo as Ban Dal
Lee Jung Hyuk as Ban Tae Yang
Kim Hye Ji as Cha Mi Rae


Park Sung Min as Lawyer Choi
Jung Chan as Baek Young Hoon
Kim Joon Hyung (김준형) as Im Se Kyung
Park Jung Woo as Secretary Kim

Production Credits

Production Company: Pan Entertainment
Chief Producer: Choi Moon Suk
Producers: Jo Eun Jung, Lee Hae Kwang
Director: Bae Tae Sub
Screenwriter: Park Ye Kyung


2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Long-Length Series) – Jeon Kwang Ryul (Passionate Love)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-09-28 1 6.0 7.1 6.2 6.8
2013-09-29 2 5.9 6.0 7.4 7.6
2013-10-05 3 6.0 (19th) 6.5 (19th) 5.9 6.1
2013-10-06 4 6.8 7.7 (17th) 6.9 7.4 (20th)
2013-10-12 5 8.3 (13th) 9.3 (12th) 7.4 (13th) 7.7 (10th)
2013-10-13 6 7.4 (17th) 8.2 (16th) 7.7 (17th) 8.3 (14th)
2013-10-19 7 6.2 6.7 6.5 6.8
2013-10-20 8 6.4 7.0 6.9 (19th) 7.3 (20th)
2013-10-26 9 6.4 7.0 6.1 6.8
2013-10-27 10 7.8 (15th) 8.6 (16th) 7.7 (17th) 8.3 (14th)
2013-11-02 11 8.7 (11th) 9.0 (10th) 7.1 (18th) 7.7 (16th)
2013-11-02 12 8.7 (11th) 9.0 (10th) 11.9 (5th) 11.8 (5th)
2013-11-09 13 7.1 (18th) 7.6 (17th) 6.5 6.9
2013-11-10 14 6.5 (20th) 7.1 6.9 7.1
2013-11-16 15 5.4 6.2 6.4 6.7
2013-11-17 16 6.5 7.2 6.6 7.4
2013-11-23 17 5.9 6.7 6.5 6.4
2013-11-24 18 6.5 6.9 7.6 (18th) 8.0
2013-11-30 19 5.7 5.8 6.0 7.0
2013-12-01 20 6.7 7.5 6.9 (18th) 7.3 (18th)
2013-12-07 21 6.4 7.0 5.7 6.7
2013-12-08 22 5.7 6.9 6.2 7.2
2013-12-14 23 6.0 6.5 6.2 7.0
2013-12-15 24 7.1 8.1 (19th) 7.6 (19th) 8.2 (20th)
2013-12-21 25 5.2 5.9 6.0 6.8
2013-12-22 26 6.8 (20th) 7.2 7.4 (20th) 8.0 (19th)
2013-12-28 27 6.6 (18th) 6.7 6.5 6.5
2014-01-04 28 6.9 (19th) 7.4 (20th) 7.4 (20th) 7.8
2014-01-05 29 6.5 7.7 7.5 7.8
2014-01-11 30 7.1 (20th) 7.9 (20th) 7.5 (17th) 7.9 (20th)
2014-01-12 31 6.1 6.8 7.0 7.6
2014-01-18 32 7.8 (17th) 8.8 (17th) 7.5 (19th) 7.5
2014-01-19 33 7.3 8.6 (17th) 7.0 7.1
2014-01-25 34 8.0 (19th) 8.3 (17th) 7.6 8.0
2014-01-26 35 7.8 (18th) 9.1 (18th) 7.9 8.0
2014-02-09 36 6.2 7.2 6.7 6.8
2014-02-16 37 8.2 (19th) 9.4 (19th) 9.2 (20th) 9.7
2014-02-22 38 8.2 (19th) 8.4 (18th) 8.5 (18th) 8.8 (20th)
2014-02-23 39 8.3 (20th) 9.2 (19th) 7.8 8.3
2014-03-01 40 8.3 (17th) 9.3 (15th) 7.9 8.0 (20th)
2014-03-02 41 7.8 (19th) 8.5 (19th) 8.5 8.8
2014-03-08 42 7.1 (19th) 7.4 7.6 (20th) 7.6 (19th)
2014-03-09 43 7.5 8.1 8.5 8.5
2014-03-15 44 7.3 (17th) 7.7 (18th) 7.5 (18th) 8.0 (18th)
2014-03-16 45 7.9 8.5 8.1 8.4
2014-03-22 46 7.5 (18th) 8.1 (16th) 7.3 (19th) 7.7 (17th)
2014-03-23 47 7.7 (19th) 8.5 8.7 (19th) 8.9 (18th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Leeda Says:

    Seohyun eonnie!!! yaay ^.^

  2. 2 : mml Says:

    I will try to watch a few episodes and see whether is it interesting to watch.

  3. 3 : Yuri Says:

    I am lookin forward to this drama. Sung Hoon is amazing ! I really hope that this is going to be a great drama. I just can’t wait until it starts.

  4. 4 : alibela Says:

    can’t wait to see seohyun :”>

  5. 5 : vic Says:

    I am going to watch it because of SEOHYUN … haha

  6. 6 : vic Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this since it was announced that seohyun will be part of the cast.. even for just a maximum of 4 eps. of appearance I am really excited to see her first ever acting debut… Fighting!!!

  7. 7 : CJDW Says:


  8. 8 : Oh!!..My Chic Charm Says:

    Choi Yoon Young, are you gonna be tomboy in Passionate Love???

  9. 9 : yuki Says:

    I’m definitely gonna watch this drama!!! I have been waiting for it since the day it was announced. It’s is worth watching it because of the wonderful cast, and especially because of Sung Hoon. I really loved him in “New tales of Gisaeng” and in “Faith” !!! Can’t wait for this drama to start!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10 : jyl77 Says:

    Ditto totally with yuki! Just want to add that I really loved Sung Hoon in Bodyguard (Chinese tv series-he was male lead), and The Birth of Family (sbs drama-he came in as Han Ji Hoon from Ep64 to the end). Sung Hoon is one of the best among korean actors!!!

  11. 11 : freedomdemon Says:

    interesting to this drama so much~!!!
    but, wanna ask of the end of this drama.
    this outcome is good or bad??? (*. *) sure hope that its good & happy ending~!!! ^^Y

  12. 12 : lee Says:

    is that what you call a kiss? lol

  13. 13 : Gita Says:

    Omg seohyun ._.

  14. 14 : mic Says:

    Seohyun is not main cast…she is just a very small character… why poster of drama is seohyun’s picture??? i don’t understand.

  15. 15 : christmemory Says:

    woww ,im wait this drama

  16. 16 : Xin Says:

    @mic (14),

    Because the poster have’t come out yet. This should be a temporary pic.

  17. 17 : Sandy Says:

    Hmmm……not sure about this one. There is something weird about dating the man who used to be in love and dated your sister. I’ll wait and see.

  18. 18 : Males Man Says:

    Dang….even before the premiere, Seohyun was already kissed….HUHHUHUHUH…mad eyes moody stances…….super JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ….LOL

  19. 19 : Zoppy Says:

    This is first time for Soehyun ?

  20. 20 : Sel Says:

    so excited to see seohyun’s acting..fighting!!!

  21. 21 : Says:

    bad ratings-___-

  22. 22 : Yoli Says:

    When can I view this drama, I have not found at viki, or dramafever?

  23. 23 : mic Says:


  24. 24 : Yoli Says:

    Can someone share a link to a website where I may watch this drama, with english subtitles please.

    I have to ask why the negative rating on this drama with only 2 episodes, they have good actor in this drama.

  25. 25 : yuri Says:


    you may watch it here 😀

  26. 26 : freedomdemon Says:

    what time do episode 3 will appear???
    and in which websites can watch it, episode 3???
    please tell me, if u know that. Thank you so much!!! happy so much!!! exciting so much too!!! ^^Y

  27. 27 : Sundance Says:

    Why is it that all Korean dramas are about the same thing?
    It’s always about good looking Chaebols that fall on love with poor homely girls who are a bit whacky. There is also always a lot of death in the family. The girl’s parents or one of them have died ( how convenient) from cancer ( it is always cancer) or the parents both died on a car accident. The chaebols’ family is mean and want him married at any cost to another chaebol’s family and the woman is always pretty butean and selfish. There is always one tragedy or another. No writer ( they are all women in their 40’s) is ever creative. They all always follow a formula.

  28. 28 : Just_saying Says:

    Sundance, appreciate your comment but instead of criticizing the story line, why don’t you come up with a better one. Its a drama, it must have all the ups an downs of life. The story line may be the same but it is differentiated by the actors and actresses and so far, all of them are doing great. That’s why we watch dramas. If it has a sad ending or everything are always lovely, where’s the climax.

  29. 29 : freedomdemon Says:

    after watching ep4, have the trailer of episode 5, it let me worried of them~!!!
    and also happy of Han Yoo Jung (Choi Yoon Young) story gonna begin~!!! ^^Y
    watch this drama, its because of wanna see Han Yoo Jung (Choi Yoon Young) story~!!! (*o *)
    thank you so much~!!! (^. ^)

  30. 30 : Cris Says:

    Hi Sundance,

    I agree with you at large, but there ARE “different” dramas too. Try Two Weeks – it’s an excellent drama, once you get past the murder scene. It’s so touching and emotional, and shows great courage, love, sacrifice, friendship and more. It’s wonderful.

    The Queen’s Classroom was quite different, too. It starts off slowly, but after several episodes, it gets better. It’s good for ppl who are looking for something a bit different; it’s educational on many levels (I don’t mean academic). Overall, it’s impressive as well.

    Her Legend also leans away from what you said. Not a typical storyline.

    If you look around, there should be more.

    Happy watching!

  31. 31 : Jae Yeong Says:

    Did Han Yoo Rim pass on because of the accident?

  32. 32 : sel Says:

    I’m glad that this drama is getting famous in Korea.. Fighting to all the staff and actors!!!!

  33. 33 : hyunnie08 Says:

    Seohyun did good as a rookie actress. She really worked hard for it. I hope to see her more in dramas… a lead role hopefully! We will you Han Yoo Rim..

  34. 34 : lovegirl211 Says:

    I agree with hyunnie08, Seohyun really did good in her first drama. I’m sure she’ll come back soon. Fighting SeoJooHyun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 35 : just_saying Says:

    I really like the heroine but somehow it looks like she will not ends up with the hero coz his love for Yoo Rim is too deep. If the writer wants to be different, he may die in the end (since everybody is commenting abt how typical the plot line is) Guess we need to follow the drama to know the end. And that, is why the writer is good – making us guess and keeps us in suspense. Congrats for job well done.

  36. 36 : sousou Says:

    excellent drama so far !
    I don’t understand why the rating are so lows (?)

  37. 37 : Carmen Says:

    Yes this is a great drama, love it! I will recomend 100%…I have seen up to episode 6, and wants more more…

  38. 38 : cupcake Says:

    yes this is good drama.

  39. 39 : just_saying Says:

    This drama is gonna be good. But I kinda wish the heroine ends up with the mistress’s son. Myeol loves yoo rim too much that it makes YJ a bit pitiful to end up with him. But there’s 44 more episode to go so….

  40. 40 : k drama lover Says:

    I agree with u, good drama and I hear popular in korea but….. look the rating hopefully up……..up……… the rating fighting………….

  41. 41 : Yoli Says:

    I like the actors in the drama but the negative rating are not a good sign, are they thinking they can stretch this story line to 50 episodes, I feel they should stop at 30 and call it a day.

    See there are three main story lines in this drama, but somehow they don’t flow well together, as if the good parts are being omitted and its hard to keep up.

  42. 42 : just_saying Says:

    I agree abt d rating having negative impact on our mind whether to keep watching it or not. But i will keep watching it coz i know its gonna be good.

  43. 43 : jewles Says:

    @Sundance 27

    Most of the Korean dramas all have the same formula which works for them.

    It used to make me upset thinking “not again” but I started to enjoy the shows regardless of the formula because of the creativity of each drama’s own twist and its unique (in most cases) ending – what can they possibly do this time with the some storyline? Of course there are big disappointments like the ending of Big or Fashion King, etc. but there always will be duds no matter where you look.

    Hope you can enjoy the shows despite the formulas being used.

  44. 44 : just_saying Says:

    @jewles 43. Totally agree with your theory on the same formula for Korean drama. That’s why the actors/actresses plays an important role – how to differentiate the ‘formula’.

    And TOTALLY,DEFINITELY agree with you on how disappointing the ending for BIG, especially for Fashion King. Fashion King – is it a happy ending? a sad ending? an open ended ending? a disappointed to all the hero/heroine ending? The heroine was with the ‘President’ but isn’t she was forced to be with him? And the other guy was murdered? Who hated him that.. much that he shot him. To date, I still can’t figure out the drama.

  45. 45 : stela Says:

    I really love Choi Yoon Young ever since I watched her in My Daughter Seoyeong. She can be so funny.

  46. 46 : Seo CharA Says:

    Seohyun eonnie did really well……

  47. 47 : MAS Says:

    Passionate love a good drama,both hero & heroine carry they role well.
    Hope they both realise their feeling in early stage so both can support each other to endeavour whatever challenges ahead.Both love cows so much.
    As for step brother,he should partner with the other square hair girl.
    I will see this drama till finish.

  48. 48 : kdramaddict01 Says:

    Watch this drama. It’s good!

  49. 49 : just_saying Says:

    Ep 10. Sigh … I kinda wish Soo Hyuk ends up with Yoo Jung. Coz the both of them just seems natural together. Regardless, I hope the writers won’t make SH a bad guy. Instead, he should team up with Moo Yeol to defeat their tyrant father.

    BTW: Ratings gone up.

  50. 50 : just_saying Says:

    Why doesn’t Sung Hoon looks as good as he is in ‘The Birth of The Family’? I think he looks much better in suits rather than in jeans.

  51. 51 : John k Says:

    This drama sucks. It’s too long,shorten it so people won’t lose interest. Why is it all about that mistress whore. Nobody likes this drama because it too long. The ratings tell the whole story.

  52. 52 : just_saying Says:

    Give it a try. As at ep13, it’s not bad. All (well, most) of the 50 or 100 episodes drama is a bit eh… in the beginning but this one, at least we have sth to look forward to.

    1. Will the mistress’s son be the bad guy or he may team up with MH to beat the father.
    2. Why about the mistress? I guess she’s the real villain in the drama. We need a real villain to hate so we’ll have a happy ending in the end.
    3. Plus, the mistress really did all the wrong things to survive: a) she’s willing to be the mistress no matter how bad she was treated b) she’s willing to cover up a crime for the president c) SH is not really the president’s son
    4. Wonder if the president’s will get back to his first wife?

    It’ll be interesting if we talk it out. I’m a bit biased coz I like the heroine in My daughter SeoYoung so, let’s give it a try.

  53. 53 : group heirs Says:

    my friend,,,,,,,echi……love this drama

    from suhu for echi,,,,,,
    1….echi i don’t like you crying,,,,,,why you crying…..?
    2….you must be keep smiling….ok,,,beacause you my little sister
    3……echi thank you for everyting you joke,,,,,,
    4……echi sorry suhu always “membuli” you
    5…….and end,,,,,,semangat echi,,,,,nugelo budug,,,,,,,,,

    from me
    the suhu bangsawan

  54. 54 : eci Says:

    hello sist teti

    i see ur comment

    i love korea cause you sist

    this drama kampreto waakwkwkakkakkakk

    yes i can erase my tears from my eyes 🙂

    dont leave me yaww

  55. 55 : the bangsawan club Says:

    oh god,,,,,,this drama very very hengky fengky,,,,,,,,,

    no body like this drama,,,,,,beacause story very very boring,,,,,,but my little echi very like this drama,,,,,,why,,,,,

    because my sister echi nobody know enything about korean drama ,,,…..wakkkkkkkkkkk

    and the real she like drama or film is from bollywood,,,,and she like music dangdut from indonesia ,wakkkkkkk,,,,,she like ;
    1…..story about sah rukh kan
    2…..story about roma irama
    3……and this one,,,,,she like music jadullllll,,,,,,,
    example….doel sumbang,,,,,gomloh and more,,,,crysye
    maybe,,,,,,or……bhetaria sonata,,,,,,,,,,

    to be continue,,,,,,,

  56. 56 : arirangria Says:

    i think this the best 50 ep drama so far for this year..the conflict in this story is not like other story like finding lost child or so ever…the elder part n the lead role part is balanced..i just like the actors and the story line…it’s not that boring except for that bad ahjumma part (Soo hyuk’s mom)

  57. 57 : just_saying Says:

    @arirangria. Agree. At least everything were spelled out in the beginning of the drama. We know who kill who, who betrays who, who loves who etc. At least no guessing games. And we’ll just enjoy watching how it’ll unfold in the end.

  58. 58 : MAS Says:

    I’m a fan of this drama,one of the drama I’m looking forward to watch with & without sub.all casting are good.love the triangle love as both guys are not bad guy’s.Kang moo yeol must fight for yoo Jung!They both gone through
    tough times since young.like the chemistry & affection display in episode 18.
    Should have more…to show affection.

    Fighting!to all the cast & production crew.

  59. 59 : maja Says:

    i also like this drama and the cast… except for one -the 2nd wife- i hope they shorten her scenes… i hope the husband learns already that soo hyuk is not his son.. so that the husband will hate his second wife … i guess the story will be more interesting that way

  60. 60 : Carmela Says:

    @just_saying agree too 😀
    i love this drama, and i can’t wait to watch the other episode too! since we know everything we’ll just have to watch how it goes :3

  61. 61 : WSW Says:

    I enjoying this drama as i am attracted by the love story of the 2 leads. There is something about Yoo Jung and she is so beautiful on the inside and Moo Yeol is smart to open up to Yoo Jung. I believe Yoo Rim is watching both of them in heaven and they deserve to be with each other.

  62. 62 : just_saying Says:

    Ep 18 – I can’t believe Moo Yeol’s grandma and mother treats YJ and her mom so cruel. Saying that they are beggars/dogs that doesn’t know their boundaries. Of all the people, they should know how it feels like after being backstabbed by Moon Do and his ‘mistress’. That’s too much.

    And salute to MY for not giving up on YJ but he needs to do sth about his mom and grandma. How can you expect YJ and her mom to stay after being insulted so cruelly.

    Plus, SH also wouldn’t give up on YJ. Though he’s going to ‘turn’ into a monster, he still wants YJ as the partner. Shows how deep he loves her.

  63. 63 : jewles Says:


    It might be deep love, but a twisted one if he is willing to hurt others to get there. Besides, she doesn’t want a romantic relationship with him. She might just go to him because it may save the farm and the one she really loves…..

  64. 64 : jewles Says:

    Hate it when the martyr-dom comes in to the story. doesn’t to anyone any good. Don’t they know this by now? I guess it has to be in the storyline. After all, it is a K-drama. 🙂

  65. 65 : Yoli Says:

    I’ve watch this drama without subtitles, I guess holiday weekend so people are not up to date on subbing.

    I don’t understand the last part, do they break up and she stays with his brother out of gratitude.

    The rating are so poor on this drama its hard to follow sometimes, I think if they reduce it to 32 episodes and start at 21 wrapping up the story lines it will have more viewers.

    The actor are very good in this drama.

  66. 66 : MAS Says:

    Just watch episode 20,so sad that MY & YJ broke up.their romantic moment
    In epi 19 so briefed & in epi 20 go on separate way..YJ in debt with SH
    that she choose to be with him.not love but guilt.
    It’s good,so that MY should fight for YJ,rather let her ‘wait’ for him to get
    over her sister.Dont mind to watch till 50 epi as long as it’s mostly about
    MY & YJ.Sacrifices,challenges,betrayal,that both have to endure to be together.A drama that should be entertained.
    Will you love & give it away also a nice drama to watch…
    Can’t wait for tomorrow & Sunday epi..Hope thinks turn good for both.

  67. 67 : Carmen Says:

    Oh no she maried the spoile brother(he is not by blood), but his father did race him and in a way he is his father too……but not liken now because I like it the MY & YJ couple, but I was thinking that his father was the person that cause the sister and father dead…it will not look good sooner or later…so it is really hard to predict in this drama….at least for the previews for next episode he has a happy face…time will tell…but the rating in this drama are getting down…

  68. 68 : MAS Says:

    So sad….MY & YJ have to sacrifice their love for others to be happy.
    Fate…will bring them back together ! Not apart.
    What is meant to be will be…I hope it is a journey about their fate being together.No matter how everybody try to torn them apart..they hearts can’t be separated.or else I will stop watching this drama.
    That is why drama name ‘Passionate Love’…it’s about how passionate
    their Love are…nothing gonna change their love..the world may change …
    MY & YJ fighting!

  69. 69 : ptsh836 Says:

    i dun really know who d writer is for this drama but his/her amateurism in depicting this tale shows thru glaringly…its full of a mishmash of cliches one can see in most kdramas except of course, d story of d ranch n marketing of milk is relatively new…

    other than that, d story of an overly ambitious n pretentious mistress (together with her son with another man); usurping n outing d legal wife n her shameless n bold moves in protecting her newfound position is irritating n displaying immoral values to d public that its an ok kinda thing to do in today’s materialistic society…

    other than d female lead, choi yoon young (han yoo jung), d rest of d casts’ acting is a disappointment; especially sung hoon (kang moo yeol). he is basically expressionless, cold n ineffective in his role; even when he finds himself falling for yoo jung; he’s still unbelievably one dimensional….it was only when he was on d verge of losing yoo jung to hong suh hyuk that he ups his acting a tiny bit!

    i dislike KMY’s unsupportive grandma n mother in his choice for a g/fren n for throwing yoo jung n her mom out in d cold…they should have learnt fr their own bitter lesson of being thrown out in d first place! n have more compassion for d unfortunate duo n d woman KMY luvs…

    other than that, ive alwayz liked choi yoon young n will be following thru with this drama till d end…:)

  70. 70 : just_saying Says:

    @ptsh836. Nicely wrapped up.

    Abt the typical storyline – it’s up to the actors to convince us why we should stay tuned to the drama. And so far, I stayed because of Yoo Jung too.

    About the grandma and mother – did they forgot abt what happened to them already that they treated CYY and her mom like trash?

    And KMY – now that you mention it, he is kind of 1 dimensional. I prefer Soo Hyuk. Even his character is a bit more interesting. A mistress son, and yet, Moon Do is not the real father. But, he stays loyal to CYY. He’s willing to let go of everything and go to the dark side as his mother’s wishes but he will never give up on CYY. As opposed to KMY’s character – the typical male lead who is going after revenge for what Moon Do’s did to his family.

    We’ll see how it turns out.

  71. 71 : ptsh836 Says:

    o.m.g. i just finished epi 23 n ive no words to describe d direction this drama is heading! wat a stupid writer for leading us on to a path of no return…

    for once, d second male lead in kdrama lands d female lead; im too flabbergasted to say d least!

    i hate d way dis drama is going…i dun care anymore…can choi yoon young hold my resolve to jump ship???

  72. 72 : John k Says:

    This drama gets worse every week. I can tell a female wrote this. Who would want girl to married another guy. The worst drama of 2013?? The dumb bitch who wrote this drama should be blacklisted.!!!!

  73. 73 : WSW Says:

    The only thing that this drama is because of the lead actor and actress, now the drama is killed because the crazy writer marry the lead actress to another guy who she doesn’t love.

    For those who want to start watching this drama, please don’t waste your time as i guarantee 80% percent of you will want to jump ship at episode 22.

    For sat/sun drama, you can watch golden rainbow or will you love and give it away. Don’t make the same mistake like me.

  74. 74 : azzurro Says:

    I really like this drama. Both male leads are great in their part.
    Female lead is a little wishy washy… but I like her. Each episode
    is interesting because you find yourself convinced that she would be
    better off with her old boyfriend but then the next moment you are
    on the side of the other guy. The writer is having fun twisting your
    thoughts and making you change your mind. The mean second wife
    will be punished in the end no doubt but don’t you love to hate her! ha.ha.
    The sub plot with the mother flirting with her ex husband is also intriguing.
    I think I know how it will end but getting there is fun!

  75. 75 : Carmen Says:

    I do agree with 72
    John k Says:
    December 16th, 2013 at 12:38 pm
    This drama gets worse every week. I can tell a female wrote this. Who would want girl to married another guy. The worst drama of 2013?? The dumb bitch who wrote this drama should be blacklisted.!!!! and with WSW Says:
    December 17th, 2013 at 12:22 am
    The only thing that this drama is because of the lead actor and actress, now the drama is killed because the crazy writer marry the lead actress to another guy who she doesn’t love.

    For those who want to start watching this drama, please don’t waste your time as i guarantee 80% percent of you will want to jump ship at episode 22.

    For sat/sun drama, you can watch golden rainbow or will you love and give it away. Don’t make the same mistake like me….

  76. 76 : MAS Says:

    I think KMY& YJ will be together.epi 24,ending..is fate …
    No matter both families want them not to see each other…fate & circumstances will brought them together.writers must make it happenned
    soonest so together will they fight against KMY farther & step mother.
    Awaiting for this week episodes.
    Ps-KMY call YJ name very cute….yoo Jung aaa….

  77. 77 : oliver Says:


  78. 78 : ptsh836 Says:

    “What is the writer trying to do? Soo Hyuk and Yoo Jung are married already, and he/she made them so, so why does the writer keep on pushing the two back together? I was disappointed with Yoo Jung, she’s a weak person, she’s a pushover, she let Soo Yuk coerce her into marrying him so Moo Yeol is better done without her…Besides he has a better girl beside him now.” ………rboicesone (gooddrama.net)

    i super agree with d above viewer’s comments coz everytime d writer creates chance meetings for HYJ n KMY; i wanna kick d writer all ovr again…in d butt!! >w<!

    she's too retarded to think viewers will sympathize with HYJ being harshly treated in her new household; n getting herself thrown out by her extremely mental mil…doesnt she realize d day she made HYJ abandon KMY n choose HSH; viewers will cease to care for her well being n will hate her weak n wimpy character more n more….

    so whatz her point exactly in creating never ending misunderstandings bet d three of them?? o-O!

  79. 79 : Charmaine Says:

    I’m feeling sorry for YJ because she is regretting her decision to marry soo hyuk, but is going to get even more sad when she discovers her father in law murdered her father and the real reason behing it all, omo omo….utterkye…but YJ truly loves Moo Yul hence her sacrifice for him, it’s really beautifully written the storyline really pulls you in, can not wait to see where the script writer is going next….

  80. 80 : vareena Says:

    Don’t feel sorry for YJ, she deserved everything coming to her, nobody forced her to marry him, because she is stupid, she has sensed how soo hyuk’s mother treated her before she married and still marry him and now she covering his crime and enjoyed living with him that show how stupid she is, I hope she rot in hell with this family.

  81. 81 : MAS Says:

    Just hope that YJ & MY back together soon..they deserve to be together & battle against SY & families who making her a total fool.YJ character should be more braver,stronger & not so weak.
    Writer,do not disappoint us…as the title Passionate Love….

  82. 82 : Charmaine Says:

    Vareena 80 – Come on where’s your compassion for YJ, don’t you understand and realise she felt a sense of guilt for SY being injured in her home, also she felt that he has been there for her in the past, and besides she could not get her head around the fact that Moo Yul’s first love was her very own sister, but despite that the love she has for Moo Yul she has sacrificed herself in order for him to keep the farm, that’s why she married Soo Yook. I’m sure you would do anything for the people you love if they were in danger, would you not?

  83. 83 : vareena Says:

    @Charmaine, You can’t marry someone just because they helped you, married should be base on loving each other, when she found out about SY’s biological father, she should come forward and help MY if she really love him. She is just pain stupid. People who has brain surely won’t join this family, they are monster including SY, he try to destroy MY in any way he can and stole his birth right, he is just as bad as his mother.

  84. 84 : fourgreenrose Says:

    This drama is getting worse with every episode. From the beginning the story line was mediocre, but now is even worse. First, Director Han was so stupid to say loud that his has the will of grandpa. He didn’t wander why the old man gave him the will. Grandpa had lawyers, sons in law, daughters and wife, why was necessary to give him the will? Easy, because his enemy was in his own house. Grandpa was evil too, so I cannot blame the son in law too much. Actually grandpa started all this nightmare.

  85. 85 : Carmen Says:

    I was thinking how the girl will divorse(or he may die) I think Moo Yul has sacrificed herself in order for him to keep the farm, it will be too bad when she find out that the one that provoke her sister and father’s dead was her F-I-L, but at the same time it is not because her right now husband is not his son; she was never mean to be with Kang Moo Yeol, due to what his dad did, but you never know what will happend, this drama is really really complicated….we will have to wait how it will end…but I do not think will be a happy ending

  86. 86 : MAS Says:

    I felt bored with the drama right now…..dear writer,what actually the
    Story about? What drive me to watch PL is the love between YJ & MY….
    isn’t it suppose to be about them,how they untangle/struggling to unveil the secret of their parents.It should about both of them TOGETHER .
    Please first get YG & MY together ….or else boring……
    I no more looking forward to this drama….unless YG & MY back …
    Even earlier episodes,also did not show much plot of their affection b4 both separated….turn the story around…..

  87. 87 : Fighting!! Says:

    I am still on possitive thinking.

    Because I want to see the happy ending between YJ (Choi Yoon Young) and MY (Sung Hoon)

    Even though, I love all of them YJ,MY and SH (Shim Ji Ho)

    In My Immagination…!!

    1…I Would like to see both of YJ and MY
    raise their children at that farm with the big family image.

    2…I want more intimate and romantic kiss,
    because in the Ep14., they just did one kiss which is not enough for me. <333

  88. 88 : ptsh836 Says:

    after epi 31, one wud not be mistaken to think that perhaps SH (shim ji ho) is d lead here rather than MY (sung hoon)! why??? coz he’s got all d best lines n he’s in every frame n he’s acting like there’s no 2morrow while MY is still fussing ovr his milk factory n missing all d actions!

    originally, SH was quite a weak n mild character but lately, opinions must hv changed seeing his passionate luv n caring for YJ…he’s not too bad afterall except when he was influenced by his wicked mom/dad n when he tried to do in MY…now we can see how deep/real his luv is 2wards his wife…

    whichever way YJ turns to ultimately ie to SH or MY, she is damned…coz her whole family is destroyed by d evil fil n it will be worse if MY is involved coz he’s d real son while SH is not ~~

    there’s still lots of epis to go while d secrets are already spewing out so there’s not much more d writer must hv up her sleeves…i wonder how this story will turn out, really…

  89. 89 : maja Says:

    after episode 28 29 and 30 i have stopped watching this because i feel that SH and YJ are the real lead couple here… I pity MY because he was supposed to be the lead actor but SH gets to big scenes … also he has YJ who has really no reason to leave him because he is actually a good husband to YJ… but I do not like their pair… I still stick to MY and YJ being together but at this rate looks like they are not and the writer also shows MY having a good relationship with her friend… i am disappointed right now that i have stopped watching… will wait for the final episode… for the last three episodes that i have seen (episode 28, 29 & 30 ) MY and YJ have no scenes together and considering they are the lead couple duuhh … this really sucks …

  90. 90 : Nudge Says:

    I tried watching this a few times but couldn’t get past the first 30 minutes. I’m sure it has more to do with me than anything else, but I kept spacing out. It is such a drab beginning.

    Will it get better? I just don’t have the confidence to invest the time.

  91. 91 : Fighting!! Says:


    I agree with you about SH’s love.. so deep, so real toward his wife.
    And yes,we can see his passsionate love and caring for YJ so much..,seems it never endding in love to her. That’s I can feel his love and always touch my heart.

    Honestly, I love SH (Shim Ji Ho) and YJ (Choi Yoon Young) couple’s love story line and their charisma.

    Especially, Shim Ji Ho, his natural and beautifully protrayed being SH,convinced me.

    I love the kiss scene in ep.21 SH and YJ.

    The intimate and romantic kiss scene between SJH and Choi Yoon young make me gonna suddenly die at that moment when their eyes hit each other.

    I think..Choi Yoon Young’s kiss is the best in drama
    ‘Like a fairly Tale’.., but in this drama
    ‘Passionate Love’ is more better with Shim Ji Ho.
    (sorry, his wife could kill me) Ki..Ki..Ki..!!


    I truly got yah…my friend.
    I love your delicate feeling and your compassion to Yoo
    Jung and understanding all charactors in this drama.


  92. 92 : MAS Says:

    Ive been skipping few episodes,I agreed with 838,seem like SH is the ‘lead’….
    Writer should start to show more of MY trying to reach out to YJ..
    Now her mom died she is alone to battle against the evil family.YJ should
    not trust SH as he let her mom get away on her attempt to kill YJ mom.
    Writer should create a way to meet MY & YJ alone as every time they both met,SH came around.
    As for MY friend???trying to show her feelings towards MY,it will be ridiculous
    if MY excepting her.As it takes over 10yrs to forget YJ sis…how can he forget
    YJ so fast…..anyway YJ married SH to help MY to keep the farm.
    I like fighting imagination,being positive for MY & YJ together…

  93. 93 : Fighting!! Says:

    My freinds…
    About half minute intimate (sad eyes and sorrow feeling) kiss scene between SH and HJ, I did mistake to mention the wrong episode. The correct one is Ep.23, it’s not ep.21 please notice.

    I always love to read your comments.
    I also do agree with your above comment.

    About MY’s (girl)friend, the more she expressed her feeling (+more kisses) toward him is the more redicurous story line.

    And the more they frequently get close to each other is the more destroy MY’s passionate love story image with Yoo Jung and Yoo Rim.

    My question is…How can MY do his business by himself to success without(SK) that woman help?!!

    Possible or not ???!!!..The writer try to let MY and SK get marry together.

    If that is true, I think SK gonna be the most jealousy wife in Korea same like NC(MY’s stepmother). …Ki..Ki..Ki…

  94. 94 : Fighting!! Says:

    Dear Chingu!!…

    Becuase of english is not my second language.
    Please excuse me about my wrong spelt so many words in the past comments such as a word ‘ridiculous’ and..much more, so and so…….

    Including, I did mess up a lot of sentences with wrong grammar.

    Anyway, my freinds, thank you to patiently to read it.

    By the way, I just finished to watch episode 32 with a very confused in MY’s charactor.

    He grew up surrounding with so many family’s members except his father who had separated from his mother more than 10 years, but his father, he still alive.

    So, If not an accident of his girlfriend ‘Yoo Rim’ occured at 10 years ago.
    That means he is the person who nerver lack of the love at all.

    Why does he still always ask the woman (girl..friend) to stand by his side?

    The first person was Yoo Rim.
    The second person was Yoo Jung.
    The third person was SK and this is a second time that he did ask her to stand by his side again.

    I so wonder!!!,
    Does he know or understand what the love is?
    Has he ever or nerver really love both of (2) Han sisters?

    Or he just affraid of woman gonna left him forever like Yoo Rim and Yoo Jung did.

    If SK left him as well. I think he might be hurt for a while.
    And then it will be like the same patch in the past.
    He will give up and never fight for his love.

    THE WRITER NIM give more the strength to MY please.

    If another woman come and close to him again.
    What it gonna happen next?

    I might be an air-brain person with Passionate.

    Today is the last day for me to comment then I gonna take a long..long..longest break overhere from now on.

    However, now I don’t care who gonna be the male lead Shim Ji Ho ( SH..I knew you have so much and deeply love towards Yoo Jung) or Sung Hoon (MY..that I hope your sincerely love Yoo Jung still in your heart) either way I can accept both of you.

    I am ok and happy if (SH or MY) whoever gonna happily end up with Yoo Jung (Choi Yoon Young) please truly love her from the bottom of your heart and take care her until the rest of your life.

    Bye..Bye everyone, I am very sleepy and I will go to heaven now.

    Good night.

  95. 95 : Scorpio23 Says:

    This is quite a boring Drama. I just watch it for the heck of watching this just a passing time. There is no Drama right now that gives me the thrill waiting weekly like that time I had with The Heir. Not even MLFAS which everybody is bragging about. I still love The Heirs. I don’t care what anybody says… I still miss KT & ES. I just watch them again everytime I miss the 2 of them ♥♥♥

  96. 96 : ptsh836 Says:

    @nudge #90 & @scorpio23 #95:

    if u do not have any actor/actress ur rooting for in this drama, u will nvr be able to stay with it till d end coz its really an amateurish attempt by a seemingly greenhorn writer who compiles all that has been written by other writers n recycles the script into this tale called ‘passionate luv’; d closest luv that is passionate happens to be betw SH n YJ when obviously YJ has more sexual chemistry with KMY but d writer has tricked us all by having d lead actress snatched away fr d lead actor n hoping that nobody notices!!

    im sure many viewers dropped out d day YJ married SH coz they do not intend to be fooled further except for diehard fans like me who still stick around for choi yoon young! ~~”

  97. 97 : ptsh836 Says:

    ep 32:

    ive just finished this ep n i almost fell off my sofa when d insanely stupid MY grabs YJ like his life depends on it forgetting for d umpteenth time YJ is someone else’s wife now n in my opinion, too late in d day for him to wake up fr his slumber n fight for a love lost due entirely to his indecisiveness n lethargic inactions; i wonder ovr n ovr again what this hellish writer is trying to accomplish here…can MY n YJ ever be together again?? why give viewers false hope again n again; im getting exasperated i swear ill nvr watch another production by this stupid, brainless writer ever!! >w<!

  98. 98 : Bellatrix Says:

    This drama is really suck….not even gonna lie this is a horrible. Just wondering what this writer is thinking for this drama….oh well.

  99. 99 : Joy27 Says:

    Seriously this is ridiculous I mean the 20 ep is really good but now it gets tiring to watch..it’s like a typical Korean drama with more ep.im sorry to say this but this is not what I expected.i love korean drama but this one is thumbs down..

  100. 100 : WSW Says:

    I drop this drama at episode 24 and this is the first time I ever drop a drama halfway. Even how bad the drama is, I will continue to watch cause I have already sunk in and might as well complete it. This drama force me to drop halfway so it is probably the most horrible drama I ever come across.

    For those who want to start this drama, I hope you caught my comment and don’t start on it cause you will surely regret it. For hardcore fans of SNSD, you can just see catch first 5 episode. Don’t move on from there. LOL

  101. 101 : susu Says:

    It’s getting more and more exasperating watching this drama! It keeps going round in circle. There’s no real development or interesting plot movements! Every step forward will be followed by two to three steps backwards!!! Sheeeeeeeesh!!!

  102. 102 : Carmen Says:

    I can not beleave how many of you feel like me, but yes after that writer Make his father kill the gilrs family die, That is when this drama was destroy, The father always have someone do his dirty jobs, anyway this drama went from bad to worst….no dout about this….I will keep watching just for curiosity to see how it can be fix, I dout it too, but time will tell, at least they try to put something funny in there, but still not that funny…and by the way how can a woman be soooooooo stupid, yes stupid, there is no way a wife will do everything her husvand said, for more money he may have….anyway I got it out……

  103. 103 : hunee Says:

    Yes this drama is just too much, its really going around the circle. Wowww she married into the family that killed her sister and dad. How psycho is that.
    The family is all pyscho.

  104. 104 : Juana love Says:

    Am really waiting for what is going to happen

  105. 105 : hk fanatic Says:

    guys did you watched already ep 36-37?i thought they not aired that episodes,but when i saw the ratings on that episodes,I’m not yet watch it,koreandrama.com didn’t post it ,their eng sub on it?if someone knew where can I watch that episode,I’m very grateful!Thank you!

  106. 106 : Fighting!! Says:

    Hey you guys…my dear Chingu!!

    I come back here because I have 2 good news.

    -The first one is the good news for all fans of this drama.
    -The second one is the good news for me.

    1.The notice from SBS that……
    Episode 36 of The Passionate Love Drama will be resume broadcasting on this Sunday Feb 9th,2014.

    2.Yoo Jung (Choi Yoon Young), she is not alone in this world now. (Bcoz she escaped from SH for one day)

    On late Wednesday night Feb 5th,2014.
    A lot of celebs..actors, actresses and singers included Yoo Jung (Choi Yoon Young) attended the Premiere of upcoming movie ‘The apostle’ at Megabox in Seoul.

    YJ (CYY) and her best Chingu from the Primary school, Super Junior Eun-hyeok and Donghae were shown on this day too.

    This is a good news for me because I can get more beautiful elegantly picture of her.(all of her pictures are my collection)
    I like her cuteness,her chic and charming. I think she got the unique face and the character that the Make-up Artist can do any magic to her.

    @ptsh836 on page4, Jan23rd,2014.

    I am the same as YOU darling. I still stick around her(CYY) like you and I am also the one of diehard fan of Choi Yoon Young too. Since the beginning of this (Passionat Love) drama and in the last other dramas as well.I will never give up on her forever.

    Truthfully, in this drama…I am so tired and felt embarrassed to watch (SK) a woman chasing to made forced kiss to a man(MY).That ‘s the reason why I had to take a break to comment from the couple weeks ago.

    In the meantime, I have more anxious to watch this drama with all the great acters and actresses here again.

    With Hopefully to see the HAPPY ENDING story Pleaseeeeeee,THE WRITER NIM.

  107. 107 : linda28 Says:

    where I can watch episodes from 36 to 3,, viki don’t have them=((((

  108. 108 : ptsh836 Says:

    i find this comment so amusing but its true! d psycho writer is to blame for creating this senseless, hot mess! >.<

    "@ bguimaraes YJ marrying the son of a murderer is a tragedy. But now you want her to leave SH to join hands with another murderer's son. That's one tragedy to another. YJ doesn't know that but you as a viewer knows it yet you still want her to be with MY. Talking about a fish jumping from the frying pan into the fire and sleeping with the enemies. She should run away from these 2." (credit: crazylove @ gooddrama.net)

    so u see, either way YJ turns to is d fire pit! she will get burn n suffer endless nitemares, one parent killed her dad n sis, d other killed her mother! its actually too hilarious if u dun take this drama seriously, one can still laugh silly ovr this double tragedy!

    @ fighting!!: you wont hv to suffer heart pains if u had taken this drama for a comedy of sorts like i did, otherwise, u will drown in this tragic sea of ridiculousness!! ~.~!

  109. 109 : hk fanatic Says:

    i dunno what happened to korean drama subbers now,i cannot watch on time,they posting so late…I hate this feeling,I’m waiting too long,the only two sites that i knew subbing all korean dramas are viki and dramafever,so we’re just relying on it if they already post it!i hope koreandrama.org can also has their own subbing

  110. 110 : Esther Says:

    What’s happen to Episodes 37 – 39? Why aren’t these episodes available to be seen?

  111. 111 : Fighting!! Says:

    Hi..Uri Chingu!!

    About 2days ago I found Passionate Love ost (Part4) by chance at Choi Yoon Yung’s Facebook.

    I like this MV very much because (ESRA) the person who made this, She or He (?)..selected the best pictures from many scenes in PSNL by flashback since the beginning of the drama and started with the first lovely youngest couples (Yoo Rim and MY) had appeared.

    ESRA used the song that sang by M TO M
    (I’d searched at google.. M TO M is the group of 3 male singers who make good ballad music by their talented voices)

    Even though I don’t know the name of this song and I don’t understand the meaning of the korean language in this lyrics either, but I can feel and touched by this beautiful song and voices.

    For my guess, this song, told about A MAN WHO TRUELY (ENDLESS) LOVE JUST THE ONLY ONE WOMAN, Am I right or wrong? (who know about this song,tell and suggest me too please)

    By the way, I think this song being mixed with the sweetness and the bitterness at the same time.

    For my opinion, the writer nim, (might be) would like to think different from the other dramas and think out of box like marketing strategy.

    Sincerity, her drama is ok (75%-80% good ) that is work enough for me to love to watching and following.

    With your suggestion about PSNL, that let me take this drama like a comedy, Yes. I will do, and the most of your previous comments I am (agree)with you, my dear.

    I would like to sing a song
    ‘Que Sera,Sera…Whatever will be, will be…..’

    and this is for the Writer nim
    ‘Que Sera.Sera…Whatever will do, will do…..’

    *** BUT would you please……
    DON’T make this ‘PASSIONATE LOVE’ end up tragedy as the same ending of the movie called…’THE WAY WE WERE.’… (+more)Pleasssssseeeeeee.

    Because at the end, I need YOO JUNG will be the person who is very HAPPY with a lot of loves by everyone from her BIG FAMILY.*** (^___^)

  112. 112 : Fighting!! Says:

    The EP.37-39 are not on air yet.

    I’d read the news from the other web side,PSNL drama EP37 will be on AIR on this Sunday Feb16th,14.

    But,It still not quite sure, please recheck to confirm by yourself again.

    @Choi Yoon Young (Yoo Jung)
    We do really love you and miss you, please come back more often.(2 times a week as usual, it gonna be very good indeed.)


  113. 113 : Esther Says:

    Fighting!! Says:

    Thank you for the information – I’m going crazy waiting for new episode 37 – 39 to be aired.

  114. 114 : Nancy Clemente Says:

    I want the ending of this story to have Han Yoo Jung and Hong Soo Hyuk be together and have a happy life. Kang Moo Yeol can marry the other girl and be happy with their business. I love Hong Soo Hyuk!

  115. 115 : MAS Says:

    Hi hk fanatic,

    You can try dramafire.com…I watch via this website.
    You can watch latest drama with subtitle.

    On Passionate Love,I still vote for YJ & MY.it’s about both of them betrayed
    by their love ones.for the lost of times they both been through,they deserve each other to be able to shower each other with their love.
    Eitherwise,the story serve no purpose.Everyone’s have secrets but not YJ&MY.
    Both are searching for the truth!

    Fighting YJ & MY.
    Soo hyuk should be punished for his evil plans to ruin MY life.
    A person who know his wife real love is MY,fear of losing her, he will do anything.

    Normally,He should let her go,as her happiness will be his happiness too,that
    is true love!

    Happy Valentine Day!

  116. 116 : Fighting!! Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all My Friends here, and…

    Happy Birthday to Sung Hoon sshi, (1983-Feb-14)
    Your age turn to 31 years old today.

    May You have all your best wishes come true…luck, love, health, wealth and happiness.

    I wish your love with Choi Yoon Young sshi also come true this year. ****(^___^)**** ki..ki..ki

    I and my husband’s Valentine’s Day on Friday next week Feb 21,…Because that day is Our 29th years Marriage Anniversary. So, I will go to celebrate the day of our love somewhere (on Earth) at the corner of Korea.^.^

    Love You Guys!!

  117. 117 : grace antonio Says:

    yes.. I’m waiting for the ff. ep 37/38/39 already are not air yet, earlier I’ve noticed that they air 1 ep only it should be ep. 36/37.. what happen on this.. I like the drama much but the airing is too slow..

  118. 118 : [email protected] Says:

    I tried to play ep37 and 36 played as if it was 37. I hope that MY and YJ get back together which is more logical. SH knew that his mom caused the death of MY’s mom so why would anyone want them together? His mom is completely crazy. Sometimes I don’t understand what the writers are writing about, they have one family kill another and the police are never involved to the point of investigating. I love the characters though because they can only act according to the script.Maybe this drama will end in a better way than the Prime minister and I. That was a disappointment for me. Thanks to the subbers for what they do.

  119. 119 : amapola Says:

    This a poorly written drama. The scenes are dragged out with no dialogue, while the music plays in the background. Just bad. The actors are no prize either.

  120. 120 : hk fanatic Says:

    i hate waiting,i think they not aired again this sat-sun episode,i saw in KDO no episodes released this weekend,and I’m really upset,maybe because of SOCHI Olympics,haisstt…bad trip!

  121. 121 : linda28 Says:

    i love the drama

  122. 122 : hk fanatic Says:

    just one episode this week and the pacing is too slow,the writer of this drama must be awaken to her senses its not going well,i hate her,her writing abilities is too slow,she must better stay at home and study more!

  123. 123 : ptsh836 Says:

    @[email protected]:

    i think ur forgetting one crucial point!

    SH’s mom may be responsible for d death of YJ’s mom but MY’s dad is responsible for d death of YJ’s dad n sis!! o.O!

    i dun understand why viewers r still rooting for YJ/MY ending; either way n whoever ends up with YJ is going to be a disaster! O.O!

  124. 124 : MAS Says:

    The story is about YJ & MY going through bitterness of finding the truth of their families.
    I like that the nurses/doctors mistaken MY as YJ husband.Its sound cute.
    They both look good together.

  125. 125 : Fighting!! Says:


    I and you might be have the same heart, because I like their (nurses/doctors) mistaken (very much) about MY as YJ husband.

    Even if,YJ and MY will be very painful (more bitterness) at this moment but I can see the EXIT ways.

    Truthfully, I still rooting for YJ+MY as always.
    I need them to be together until the rest of their life.(crossed my fingers)

    But the finally, I think at the end YJ will be the person who make decision to leave both of SH and MY.

    So…,For my second imagination….

    YJ got hurt by the accident that make her miscarriage.
    These’s a reason one.. that let her to rethink and restart the new life by herself alone.

    And then,she go to study aboard and joy with her old friend Ban Dal. (*__*) ki..ki..ki..

    5-10 more years later, YJ (still a single woman) come back to Korea and go to visit her (father) old house and farm, and that places MY still waiting for(ever) YJ.

    With Passionate Love and Eternally love. (^__^)


    ** Good news for us —-> PSNL will be on aired as regular program on Sat and Sunday as usual.**

    Let enjoy everyone, my dear friends.

  126. 126 : Shirley Says:

    I like the idea of being together in the end between YJ & MY. So I am hoping the writer is going to make a good script to put them together by the end of the drama, that way writers should make your fans happier eh !

  127. 127 : hk fanatic Says:

    I’m just waiting to release their english subtitle,yes!They aired as usual but the subbing is too slow!

  128. 128 : reindeer song Says:

    Look ahead, would you live with a murderer knowing what your mother and father did to your parents? YJ should be left alone, move away then return and decide who she wants as a partner. MY should get on with his life by building a strong company so his evil father can never touch. Mum should marry the Barristar, ex should eat his heart out with envy…the off to jail for both mudereous parents. Disappear from YJ sight and please writers NO FORGIVENESS!!!

  129. 129 : emerald Says:

    Where’s the passionate love??? I don’t see any passionate love from any characters in this show yet!!!

  130. 130 : Carmen Says:

    It should have for a Title
    “Misserable love ever and ever againg and again”

  131. 131 : loulou Says:

    @emerald, I agree with you this drama had no ‘passionate love’ or maybe they’re referring to Soo Hyuk & his mom’s obsessions over their “significant other” lol.
    This drama had so much potential…41 ep and the girl still has not found who killed her family…this drama should not have had more than 20 ep….

  132. 132 : Charmaine Says:

    Seriously, LOL, people it’s called Drama for a reason, lol, the plot lines are dramatic and specifically written and created that way to draw viewers in and create a forum and talking point, so therefore the writers are doing their jobs, for the ratings whether you like it or not. I personally get and understand why this drama is called Passionate Love, maybe you have to be a deep thinking person to realise and get it, hence I’m stating my opinion…… Happy viewing.

  133. 133 : Yuna Says:

    @ Charmaine All Korean tv series are called Drama ! So , be it a comedy, a tragedy, or a history tv series, it is called in the same way : A Drama! So your statement is completely wrong.
    In my opinion, which is also the opinion of the majority of the people out there, this drama is NOT a good drama. Nothing good comes from it. We see a father hating his own child and doing everything on his hand to destroy him. I mean WHY ???? WHY??? We see a woman marring a man JUST BECAUSE. WHY ??? We see e storyline moving around it’s own circle without a way out !
    Why am I watching it??? That’s a good question. I have this rule : I finish every drama that I start to watch so I have to finish it. Why I started it? Because of Sung Hoon.

  134. 134 : ptsh836 Says:

    one thing abt this drama….uve gotta take it like ‘oh my, ive sooo much time to waste n nothing better to do, so im watching”! hahaha! otherwise one will drown in one’s own exasperation n not live to tell it…:))

    another thing i notice is d writer or maybe a substitute writer took ovr d reins 3/4 of d way of this drama; suddenly u see KMY acting like real in d scene where he confronted his dad n heard his dad’s confession…that was his greatest scene, i must say….he’s like a sleeping lion suddenly awakening fr such a long slumber…i actually enjoyed it vry much!

    d dialogue is getting better too…that’s why i suspect something must hv happened after so much complaints against d clueless writer; i find d drama tolerable at last…yet, there r still some characters that bug me to no end…eg. MY’s aunt n her fostering a child episode, it did not serve any purpose at all ><

  135. 135 : ptsh836 Says:


    mayb just a filler…i cannot seem to like SK too….i dun know why!

    my interpretation of d title ‘passionate luv’: one can definitely see d passionate luv MY has for YJ altho she now belongs to another man…at d slightest mention of YJ n at every sight of YJ, one can see how vry affected MY is…he still has lots of luv for her n cant seem to forget her; at d drop of a hat, he’ll be by her side n yes, d writer creates many opportunities for them to meet n yes, you can feel luv in d air each time unlike when YJ is together with SH, there d feel is different; its more like obligation than anything else! ><

  136. 136 : Charmaine Says:

    @ ptsh836 -135, Finally someone has the intelligence to agree with me and realise and understand why this DRAMA is called passionate love, good on you viewer.

    @ yuna 133- As for your statement my opinion is NOT WRONG, just because I have a different point of view from you does not make my opinion wrong, yes its called DRAMA and is dramatic for a reason hence that’s why I stated it that way, I repeat it is specifically written dramatically to draw people in for the ratings regardless of wether you like the plot lines or not and even wether you feel it goes round in circles or not, but I guess you don’t get that, and that’s just MY OPINION, don’t take it personal…Happy viewing

    Finally Yoo Jung knows the truth, woah she’s gonna let rip omo omo dramatic much….LOL

  137. 137 : yuna Says:

    @Charmaine I don’t wanna argue with someone who doesn’t know that ALL THE KOREN TV SERIES ARE CALLED DRAMAS ! That’s the basic. The plot is absurd. It is absolutely predictable, ex. When the grandmother took the will, it was absolutely predictable that Nan Cho was going to take it away from her, or the moment when Nan Cho went to the hospital, it was absolutely predictable that she was going to do something to Yoo Jung’s mother. This are only some of the things that come in my mind.
    There are a lot of “dramatic” series out there which make a lot of sense. This one is full of birth secrets and other elements that make your nerves wrack. (it is a bad written makjang).
    And please read the comment -134 from ptsh836 : “one thing abt this drama….uve gotta take it like ‘oh my, ive sooo much time to waste n nothing better to do, so im watching”! hahaha! otherwise one will drown in one’s own exasperation n not live to tell it…:))”
    Jun Kwang Ryu and Jun Mi Sun were together in another drama , which is super dramatic and super fantastic : King of baking Kim Tak Goo. That one Is a well written drama. There are birth secrets, but the story flows wonderfully. In this case the rating were super high. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should, and then you’ll see the difference.
    I’m not arguing about the Passion in their love, or why this drama is called Passionate Love, because that is another story. I understand the case of ex husband and wife, but I can’t see the passion in a relationship which was never consumed (between MY and YJ).
    The only thing I like in this drama is Kang Moon Hee and her cute love story. ……
    THIS IS JUST MY HUMBLE OPINION…………………………………… Respect and peace to everyone !!!

  138. 138 : MAS Says:

    I had not seen the last 4 episodes as I lost interest…I root for MY & Yj,
    seem not happening……6 epi to go….so I just read updates from here…
    Probably Only watch if the story turnaround .
    Writers must have confuse over the drama title ‘passionate love’.
    A waste potential lead actor & actress ,where they can make viewers
    Stuck to the screen by acting as a caring couple to create chemistry.
    I decide to watch this drama..bcos of the title /synopsis & the lead actor & actress.beginning when they both meet & confess their feelings ,2 episodes
    Was great but after till now are so frustrating…writer should understand
    In every drama there’s always 1 or 2 couples play the main lead to keep viewers to religiously follow….hoping n hoping….the couple happy till the end..

  139. 139 : Fighting!! Says:

    About rating in the ep42,
    For my opinion, I don’t think the number of rating in this episode is accurated.

    Anyway, I love all actors and actresses in the ‘Passionate Love’ drama, they all did a very good job.

    Especially my favorite 3 young leads.

    The first one is Choi Yoon Young (Yoo Jung), she is the main reason that I kept watching this drama from the beginning until the end, I love her voice and deeply-complextion feeling performance, it was superb.

    Now I am interesting in Shim Ji Ho (Soo Hyuk), this is the first time that I ever seen his drama), I love his naturally and beautifully performance, it was so amazing for me.

    For…Sung Hoon (Moo Yeol), this is the second drama that I ever watched him before from his first drama ‘NTOG’, and his performance these days, it was really very cool.(nice and good), that can touched through inner.

    I knew all youguys worked very hard since last years on september, at that time the weather was very cold ,it must be very tuff for everyone and until now is almost 7 months which is neary to the ending for this drama.

    And the finally I want to say that I always appreciated your jobs and thank you so much the Passionate Love’s Production Team, the Directer, the Writer nim,all Actors- Actresses and SBS.

    Please stay STRONG and HEALTHY everyone,I lOVE YOU.

  140. 140 : Fighting!! Says:

    Hey!..youguys..my dear FRIENDS…

    DON’T forget to watch ep44 tomorrow and ep45 on the day after. (March 15-16,2014)

    For releasing my stressness from the last couple episodes of this drama, I used the songs from ‘My daughter Seo Young’ and ‘Passionate Love OST’ to heal and it worked for me very well. I’d enjoyed so much.

    By the way I would like to share ‘PSNL OST’ with you..my friends.

    ‘PSNL OST’ is very BEAUTIFUL, so sweet,so bitter and HARMONIOUS…These are some Ost that I found at youtube.

    1.OST– *Burn*– by Insooni

    2.Passionate Love Ost (Part2)
    –*You or It’s you*–by Lee Ji Soo

    3.Passionate Love Ost (Past1)
    –*I want to go back*–by Sojin (Girl’s Day)

    [Thai Sub]–*I want to turn back time*–Sojin
    by Gstyle Sub

    4.Passionate Love Ost (part4)
    –*Like a Trash or Like a Garbage*–M TO M

    Additional, Passionate Love (Ost) Insooni **Burn**

    Please enjoy everyone!!

  141. 141 : just_saying Says:

    Just re-start watching this drama at ep 42. I stopped at ep 6 (I think). And seriously…. The climax has just started when its going to end in 8 more episodes? What has been going on for the past 30 eps?

    I guess we all know that YJ and MY ends up together because YJ is getting a divorce and SK & MY is breaking up. But seriously???? These all are just starting at ep 42? Might as well film it at

  142. 142 : just_saying Says:

    Oooooppppsss, accidentally clicked the send button. As I was saying;

    This drama should have been a 16 eps drama. Max is 20 eps. And how can YJ left SH just like that. Yes, she left because how can she stay with a family that ‘kills’ your family but still… Is it really SH’s fault. If she really needs to leave SH, PL team should have come up with a better way to do it. Now it just looks like YJ is so heartless leaving SH.

    SH is also a victim. In fact, I think he’s the most ‘unfortunate’ person in this drama.

    First, he knew he was a mistress’s son, a bas**rd – the stigma alone is very deep. Imagine a teenage boy living knowing that..

    Secondly, when his mother manage to become the Madame of MD’s house, he was so happy that he is ‘accepted’ but then he found out that MD is not his real father.

    Thirdly, he gets to marry YJ, the only women he ever loved but then, he found out that his parents killed her family and now he’s getting a divorce and YJ hates him.

    Though YJ is the ‘real’ victim here but at least she gets to live happily because she doesn’t know the truth. Now that she knows, she really suffers because the pain is too much. Can you imagine how SH has been suffering? He’s not really happy because he knows all. It’s a secret/knowledge that burdens him. And he’s been suffering since his teenage days…

    Now that I look at it – SH deserves a happy ending.

  143. 143 : reindeer song Says:

    Just_saying, NO! SH does not deserve any happiness,he knew the truth, and he continue to deceive his wife he says he love, for what? Money, which they stole, from the onset he knew he was not the real son, he knew about the will, he knew what his Mum didto his wife mum, so what’s his excuse? Oh, he love his family? Okay he deserve to suffer big time, he kept the secret instead of atoning for his family sins, he perpetuated the cause of trying to ruin the real sons chances. The writer went off cockily on a tandem and ruin this drama by marrying off YJ into that family, the drama should of been 26 episodes the story is done already.

  144. 144 : MAS Says:

    Well at least happy now MY & YJ on the road to be together.
    SH from epi 44,commit suicide,it’s journey to punish his parents.
    Writers,just do more shots of YJ & MY caring for each other.They deserve it & viewers who’s been loyal to watch waiting for this moment deserve it too.
    Writers do not disappoint us with poor ending.
    I continue to watch PL after browse through epi 43…


  145. 145 : Fighting!! Says:

    May I send this song to..’Sung Hoon and Choi Yoon Young’ please.

    This Lyric was very delicate for…**Moo Yeol and Yoo Jung’s Love story.**

    _______Anne Murray—-‘Just fall in love again’_______

    *Dreaming*……I must be dreaming
    or am I really lying here with you

    *Baby*……You take me in your arms
    and though I’m wide awake
    I know my dream is coming true

    And though I……….*Just fall in love again*
    Just one touch and then it happens every time

    There I go I………*Just fall in love again*
    and when I do
    I can’t help myself *I fall in love with you*

    *Magic*……It must be magic
    The way I hold you and the night just seems to fly

    *Easy*……For you to take me to a star
    Heaven is that moment when I look into your eyes

    And though I……….*Just fall in love again*
    Just one touch and then it happen every time

    There I go I……..*Just fall in love again*
    and when I do
    I’can’t help myself *I FALL in LOVE with YOU*

    I can’t help myself


    Hopefully I can see YJ n MY being together until the rest of their life please Writer nim because they really DO LOVE to each other.

  146. 146 : Fighting!! Says:

    @ptsh836…with comment no.135

    “mayb just filler….i cannot seem to like SK too….i dun know why!”

    me : A lot of viewers @ other web sides mentioned that too. SK, she should be disappeared for good or gone with the wind forever.

    If SK end up with MY, and SH end up with YJ again this drama will change the title from..’Passionate Love’..to…
    ‘Compassionate Love’ (for One Sided-love)

    @MAS…with comment no.144

    “Writers, just do more shots of YJ & MY caring for each other.They deserve it & viewers who’s been loyal to watch waiting for this moment deserve it too.”

    me: Flash back :- I love the scene that they had shared the food such as the ramen noodle and shared egg white and egg yoke, so lovely!!.

    Especially in the EP18 @ the dining table MY+YJ and her mom…I called ‘the intimacy chopsticks scene’ that I think this scene so romantic when MY eaten steamed rice from YJ’s bowl and then he put the pickle (sided-dish meal) to YJ’s mouth and then he sucked the chopsticks and stared at YJ. For me that means ‘Kissing.’
    Daebak!!…My thought he kissed her by that unique way.

    @The Writer nim and the Director nim I would like to thank you to did these scenes for us.

    By the way,to make other next scene, YJ n MY (Choi Yoon Young and Sung Hoon),if they are the OTP, May you add more sugar, more sweet and more romantice scenes for this couple too,PLEASEEEEeeeeeee.

  147. 147 : Fighting!! Says:

    KNOCK!!..KNOCK!!..Anybody here?

    Hello…Chingu..where are you?
    why are so quiet here?…KNOCK!!..KNOCK!!

    I just finished ep45 with a lot of tears for Soo Hyuk.

    The scene that make me cried.
    It’s not the attempted-suicide scene but the scene that SH met Yoo Jung with his last dicision to let her go, he said that it’s not because he wants to.

    When he gave her an open account bank book with the divorce papers.

    I noticed at YJ’s eyes which its can tell you a lot of things deep in her feeling and emotion. (sad, sorrow, trauma even symphaty..and..etc.)

    For SH, I saw his very sad looking face and deeply sorrow eyes with tears at that point make my heart breaking, even more when he says apologize to her and thanks for being his wife, suddenly I cried a river and got heart-sick, I pity him so much and so symphatize him too.

    With my wonder.. why did he still ask the same question with his wife and Moo Yeol about their (previous) love (each other)…I am curious because I think the writer might be hide something in that message(question).

    Why the writer kept SH’s child?…I had asked myself!!

    1.SH will end up again with YJ and baby.
    Additionally, Or right now YJ had realized that she is also love SH.
    If that are all the reasons, at this point I don’t mind if they gonna end up by being husband and wife again.

    2.This baby belongs to MY (by SH kept secret on that first night at the hotel…and only he knew what happen with YJ after drank a lot of wine that night!!!)…I might think too much…LOL…ki..ki..ki (*___*)

    BTW, I don’t want to do homework, please let it clear happy ending,Writer nim.
    SO, Please DON’T DO open ending!! (^.^)”

  148. 148 : Charmaine Says:

    @ yuna 137, I am fully aware that all and most Korean Tv series are called drama’s, I have been watching for many of years, so don’t try to insult my intelligence, I am Korean, I am not here to argue with the likes of you or anyone, so don’t get twisted, I have my opinion as a person of Korean heritage and you have yours, clearly your not Korean, therefore you can not tell me about my own culture, just learn to accept someone’s opinions, also if your going to say or write the word Korean at the very least you should spell it correctly. Thank You

  149. 149 : reindeer song Says:

    MY & YJ did the nasty in the freezer, if the writers let YJ keep the baby that will be an exceptional reason to say it’s MY baby. Both father, mother, son should be in jail, the son get the lies going, no excuse.

  150. 150 : Yuna Says:

    @ Charmaine 148. Firstly I apologize if I was rude,and if I insulted you , but it wasn’t personal or intentional. I was merely talking about the drama, because I have been watching them for so many years and believe me I have watched tons of dramas and I know very well what a good drama is about. I mean : A story must be touching without being this tragic. Of course if you kill somebody’s family, of course it becomes tragic, of course the person becomes miserable. But the point is to be able to transmit emotions without going to that extend, which I believe is extreme. And I don’t see this in this drama. We are here to talk about the drama, and trust me your opinion sounded like someone who hasn’t watched any good drama in the past, and doesn’t know how to make the comparison. And again I apologize If you feel insulted because of this. Yes I’m not Korean, and I don’t see why you had to mention something like that, it is inappropriate, anyway it doesn’t matter .Asia is far away from Europe(where I come from) but this doesn’t mean that also the people should be the same. We are here to give our own thoughts our own opinions which of course are different.
    As for the spelling, well that’s a bit out of place, because you also know that people can make mistakes (when they type).

    Thank you! And have a nice day !

  151. 151 : Charmaine Says:

    @ Yuna 150, I can appreciate the fact that you are not of Korean heritage, that much to me was obvious and you don’t quite seem to me to understand the fundamentals of my heritage and Korean culture only what you have learnt through dramas, clearly when you live it it’s different, I feel if you fully understood then your thought process would make a bit more sense, I feel I just need to point out to you when your born into a specific culture who is better to talk about that culture, only the person born to it, if you only knew that although this may only be a drama to you it is born out of a real life situation that happened in the past in Korea, and yes the story has be elevated in parts for a more dramatic effect, hence the word Drama but the underlying story actually happened, I thought I should share that fact with you, anyone can watch tons of dramas but it clearly does not make them an expert, also the reason why I mentioned I’m Korean is because I wanted you to be aware of the fact that I actually know what i’m talking about, you really shouldn’t make assumptions about people on here because you don’t know the background of the forum writers on here, if you don’t agree with the comments then you don’t agree you do not have to state to anyone that their opinion is wrong, it’s just as valid as yours, that was very spurilous and unnecessary. Happy Viewing

  152. 152 : Fighting!! Says:

    @reindeer song with comment no.149

    For SH , I always asked myself.. ‘if I were Yoo Jung, How should I do?’

    My answer is 1million% absulutely no-NO-NO-NO..noway to return back to him!!
    I CAN NOT live peacefully-mind until I die!!!

    His mom killed her mom that made permanant terrible scars in her heart.

    If it was happened to me, I might be got the severe trauma disorder syndrome. (coz I am so sensitive, so weak and so chicken! “(^_*)’ …ki.ki.ki..)

    My curiousity is the baby, or this baby (if) it gonna be importance massege about MY’s Unconditionlly Love and Passionate Love towads YJ?

    Sincerely, At the ending of this drama, I would like so much to see * the ROMANTIC REAL KISS scene* between MY and YJ.

    Whenever I recalled their kissed scene in the ep.14.
    I must laugh so hard!!

    Flashback to :-

    The night on episodes 14, after MY’s nightmare with his half conciousness.
    He felt hurt on his hand and he was looking around the room before he walked towards YJ and kissed her.(like an half-awake / half-sleep) and when he realize that passionate kissed it was not for Yoo Rim but Yoo Jung.

    He kept apologize YJ so many times, that made YJ so embarrassed and upset about his mistaken kissed.

    YJ told him that should not called the kissing because just like byby and baby only did ‘lips smacked lips’…that nothing meaning to her, and then she walked away from him to hide her (almost to cry) feeling (^.^) LOL!!
    (This is the one of the best of CYY portrayed scene)

    With my opinion, both Choi Yoon Young and Sung Hoon did a great job.

    Only 2 more finale episodes to come on this weekend. Don’t forget to watch my dear friends.

    Take it easy..and be HAPPY everyone, I LOVE YOUGUYS.

  153. 153 : Fighting!! Says:

    @comment no.152

    Correctitude :-

    1.My curiousity is the baby….
    …..inportance message*……..

    2.YJ told him that should not called the kissing…..
    just like baby and baby only did ‘lips smacked lips’……

  154. 154 : reindeer song Says:

    Charmaine, a tad bit sensitive eh! I can understand, I’ve been to Korea many time likewise Japan. Korea the most beautiful country that’s it, delicious foods. Charmaine, log into “The Top Ten.” Each person has their own opinions, may not be the same as others but people speak thru experience.

  155. 155 : Charmaine Says:

    @ reindeer song 154, not sensitive per say, just stating the facts, it’s just not right when someone you don’t know believe they know more about my korean culture and everything that encompasses more than I do, someone who don’t know you tells you your opinion is wrong, like you said everyone has their own opinions, but I would never tell someone their opinion is wrong in such a dismissive way asthough what they have to say does not count, it’s just not right, that’s all i’m gonna say on the matter, but thank you for your input.

  156. 156 : reindeer song Says:

    Having said that, I am a smorgasborge of ethnic culture, so in my young age my parent encourges us to travel the world and learn about other people and culture, he stated it will be our learning ground, I would not dear say to someone who is culturally and ethnicly of a certain group what is wrong about their culture that will be crossing the line. I can elaborate on my own experience within that culture be it good or bad. I truly love Korea, especially Jeju Island, there I will visit again on my next trip to Japan. Fighting!!!!!

  157. 157 : just_saying Says:

    @reindeer song 143; that’s my point, this drama should not be a 50 eps drama. It should be shorter and the drama will be GREAT.

    If it’s a shorter drama, then YJ will not have to marry SH. But since they are marrying YJ and SH – there should be some sort of loyalty and fairness to SH because they’ve been a married couple for more than 20, 30 eps? And now the writer is trying to get YJ and MY back at ep 44? With only 6 more eps to go?

    And of course, they cannot show too much lovey dovey scenes between YJ and MY in the next few episodes because SH just tried to kill himself because he can’t live without YJ. We can’t expect YJ to be portrayed so callously right.. (* So MAS @144, don’t get your hopes up).

    I just hope that the ‘really romantic, lovey dovey scenes’ between YJ and MY is not shown only at the last 10-20 minutes in the final eps. Sigh …

  158. 158 : Yuna Says:

    @Charmaine – 155 ….From the beginning there is a misunderstanding. I NEVER said that your opinion was wrong !!!!!!!!!! Read carefully what I wrote my darling: this is my comment -133 “@ Charmaine All Korean tv series are called Drama ! So , be it a comedy, a tragedy, or a history tv series, it is called in the same way : A Drama! So your statement is completely wrong.” It clearly refers to this statement of yours: -132 “Seriously, LOL, people it’s called Drama for a reason, lol, the plot lines are dramatic and specifically written and created……….. “. Well, I said enough. It doesn’t matter anymore to continue this conversation. And just for information: I studied Korean for years, I met Korean people and visited Korea, and watching Korean dramas came much more later my darling…………..
    I didn’t wanted to respond to your previous comment,because I thought I should stop this nonsense talking. But when I saw that you were insisting in something that is completely non existent, I thought I should explain myself.
    Please next time be sure to understand the comment before you respond to it. LOL

  159. 159 : Charmaine Says:

    @ yuna 158- Im starting to feel very sorry for you, seriously, what are you not understanding, you have clearly contradicted yourself, if your saying my statement is wrong you are stating my opinion is wrong, who are you to tell anyone their statement or comment is completely wrong, therefore check yourself before you respond to anyone, you must really need to study some more I feel, as you said your not Korean so that speaks for itself you can never truly know, Please next time you should be fully aware of subject matters before being so dismissive, as the saying goes Ignorance is bliss. NFOADO

  160. 160 : Yuna Says:

    @Charmaine -159 Wowwwwwwwww seriously !! This is so ridiculous! I can’t believe that you don’t get what I’m saying!
    You said that THIS DRAMA it is called a drama for a reason: because it is supposed to be dramatic, and I said that this is wrong, because all Korean TV series are called dramas! This is not an opinion but is a FACT!!!!! And we are sure about facts,we know exactly if they are right or wrong! You could have been offended if I said that : “Your opinion that this drama is beautiful is wrong”; but my darling i NEVER said so…………..
    AND I don’t need to study more, thank you for your concern, but I already know everything I need to know. You should study more my darling……..I FEEL SO SORRY FOR YOU, and please don’t be for me!
    I can see that you are only RUDE, nothing else!
    Because I already apologized if you felt offended, but you continued your own way!
    I can only say : Have a wonderful and peaceful Life!!!
    THE END !!!
    P.S (Don’t mention my name ever again)!

  161. 161 : Fighting!! Says:

    @comment no.159 n 160

    With my intention, may I apologize to both of youguys about my comments have always came between your’s comments as usual.

    My friends, let just have fun with ‘Pasiionate Love’ drama together.

    I just visited other web side and I saw the picture of Yoo Jung and her son.
    Let me so overwhelming to see YJ by this happy image.

    Her son is so hansome and so cute like his mom YJ, and so adorable with kindly smile.
    (My personl opinion, this child actor’s smile, his smile looks like Choi Yoon Young’s smile a lot but his eyes and his face look like Shim Ji Ho, I think the child’s casting team did a great job on this.)

    Tomorrow it will be the last day for the finale episode.

    Whoever gonna end up with Yoo Jung, Right now I don’t mind at all.

    Additionally, For Choi Yoon Yong’s fan club

    I had watched her (24 minutes) short movie ‘Couple Ring’
    and repeated to watch several times (no Eng sub), It’s so funny and I liked it so much. (I knew and understood just a few word of korean language and they used some body language in this movie too)

    TASTEmakers Film Project (Couple Ring)-Movie Full….
    on Youtube

    Have a good time my dear friends!!

  162. 162 : MAS Says:

    Hi ….
    Comments no 161..,
    Just curious when you said finale episode…mean epi 50…is it..
    In Korea the episode ahead of others is it..
    If yes,how can I excess to the web…

  163. 163 : Fighting!! Says:

    Comment no.162

    @MAS…I’m glad to see you here again.

    The SBS official finale episode is ep.47.

    So, Today is the last day that ‘PSNL’ drama will be broadcasting in Korea.

    BTW, I’m not korean, my dear, and now I live in Southeast Asian Country.

  164. 164 : MAS Says:

    I had just watched the final episode & very very disappointed with the ending.
    Wasted all the months watching & anxious to see MY & YJ to be together
    but never did.
    Such a terrible ending.just like fashion king.
    Even SH had head injury never die….⚡️⚡️⚡️
    Agreed its not MY the lead but SH.
    Should change the both actors playing the role than it is more meaningful.
    Good that it was cut 47 episodes only or else more hatred….

  165. 165 : Fighting!! Says:

    We wasted time to watch this drama almost seven months(more than an half-year) by got a little bit fun but more stress /painfulness and torment.

    I pity all actors and actresses who worked very very hard in such a real bad gloomy (environment) drama.

    Hwang Shin Hye / Choi Yoon Young and Shim Ji Ho.

    There were a lot of crying /screaming /yelling scenes etc.,those emotions can make them real sick and got trauma after.

    I worry about CYY’s eyes so much because she had cried her eyes out almost 2 in 3 parts of this drama, and HSH/SH/YJ’s mother/MY’s father and Sung Hoon as well.

    Please take good care yourself, be strong and be healthy everyone.

    Finnally, Hope to see all of my 3 favorite CYY+SJH +SHB in other show by professional writers, soon.

  166. 166 : reindeer song Says:

    Oh! Oh! Heads Up! How can these writer do this to YJ & MY? How can they force a woman to live with a man whos parents murdered their parent because there is a child involve? RUBBISH! In this day and age who thinks like that? A constant reminder of how her parent was brutaly murdered due to greed, and having to call then Mother & Father and Grandparents? That is so dispectable to fathom. Who are these writers? The son still carries the guilt and blame of his parents he continued the deception what reward him for his shame? THis is soo insane>>>>that is why Kdramas are a laff fest we see inside the deviuos mind of these writers, blood for blood. Are they forgetting Korean history is a mixed bag of make beliefs!!!???

  167. 167 : MAS Says:

    @165,hi fighting ….
    Totally agreed -a waste of time.

    Just hope CYY & SH in other drama as a couple as they don’t got the chance in this.
    take care all,as this chapter is close.
    Hope to see you all again in other drama,I’m watching Emergency Couple & cunning single lady.
    Stay Healthy & be well!

  168. 168 : vareena Says:

    The only disappointment I have is YJ go back to SH. I don’t want MY to end up with YJ because SK is a better choice, she is smart and understanding. she helped MY with all her heart, she never got mad when YJ called MY never show any jealousy. As for YJ she deserved SH, he is a scumbag who tried to destroy MY even though MY never fight back. SH sitting on the wealth that belong to MY, when he learned the truth about his bio-father, he still wanted to be living with his fake father and never stop to hurt MY with all dirty plots The writer is somehow feel sorry for his crime and let him got away with it, that is what I don’t like about the writer, you let the ass** SH
    got away with out punishment. That suck, tell me if I am wrong.????????

  169. 169 : reindeer song Says:

    This is the problem again and again with Kdrama they pull you in , you invest all the time and then they either rush an ending or make it so unbelievable stupid that you become frustrated. Let send a message to these writer they have to step up and write believable endings according to the drama and its characters, these endings are the worst to comprehend, the writers think they are dealing with idiots not realizing we are much more smarter than them because we see the character understand and see how the flow should go. Why do they continue these stupid and unbelievable endings. These DUMB ending seems personal to these writers, like it has happened to them. Punishment should of been distributed all around from son to parents.

  170. 170 : Charmaine Says:

    @ yuna – you are a very sad individual, you should study more even if it is for you to learn some manners, clearly that’s very lacking, your so called point is now mute, and so Zzzzzzzzz boring (PS) NFOADOUSADO

  171. 171 : Yuna Says:

    @ Charmaine- 170- Thank you, sincerely……….
    Life is Beautiful !

  172. 172 : hk fanatic Says:

    so they just finished only 47 episodes,it ends well!thank you!

  173. 173 : hk fanatic Says:

    its better to pull out the ending fast than make it worst,and maybe because they received a lot of criticism and the ratings is really bad,but I’m excited for the replacement,so don’t be affected for what their decision,if there is an end there is a better beginning

  174. 174 : Maddie Says:

    Thank you for the heads-up re: the ending folks. A drama this long ought to leave the viewer contented with the ending. Anyway, up to episode 11 was all I could take. The script is pretty awful with lines like:

    “Why don’t you say what you really want to say…”
    “So you finally said what you’ve been wanting to say.”

    Which is okay I guess, but the rest of what I have seen is much of the same droning in the key of mediocrity and fluffy padding. It’s not in the gutter but it doesn’t rise above it either.

    Were it not for the good looking players, this thing would bomb.

  175. 175 : maja Says:

    after reading all the comments here, i am so happy i stopped watching this a long time ago…. 20 episodes were all i can take… i didn’t like where the story was heading….

  176. 176 : reindeer song Says:

    Maja 175, I wanted to stop watching this drama to but my curiosity got the better of me, now I am so PISSED! Be it drama and elevated instances the underlying focal point still remains power for thought. As a drama the writing are saying hye people of the world come live in korean you can murder your whole family but you stillhave to love us and take care of us because you have our BLOOD! Who care about remorse, please be understanding, I had nothing to do with this ..it’s my parents fault, is this the message you the writers want to send to the young people watching this drama? You made a big “FAUX PAS” not a goos message.

  177. 177 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:

    bang sang hoon i love you, saranghae, mahal kita! you’re very handsome. hope to see more korean series of your’s in a lead role. pls a romantic comedy next time and 16 to 20 episodes at least. so that we can repeat it over and over…. thank you…..

  178. 178 : phebcy Says:

    i love dis movie,but the title of d movie do nt go wit d content of d movie. .

  179. 179 : Borneo Says:

    im so Bored with this drama.. That’s all I can say. no fun at all.. always crying+yelling. i stopped.. wasting my time.

  180. 180 : jyl77 Says:

    There is a new web drama called, “6persons room”. Sung Hoon is the male lead. You can watch it on YouTube.

  181. 181 : hnyJo Says:

    now I understand why sung Hoon drama not soo popular, is not becouse he not good in acting coz the episode of drama are too long..this is the same like New tales of gisaeng…that time I skip that drama coz too long episode, i just known him after watch Noble my love…hmmmm now i finish watching New tales of gisaeng and run to this drama 4 sung Hoon oppa ;)) love him so much mostly at Cool kidz on the block.

  182. 182 : ShellBell Says:

    I’m glad I always read the overall comments before wasting my time watching any of these shows. It’s sad because tho I’ve seen a few great works when it comes to Korean dramas. Too many of these show’s have character’s that are complete idiots. The writer’s lack talent, so they can’t write about clever people. The only thing that really causes the so called drama is the fact that people never speak up, so misunderstandings cause issues that would quickly be avoided if only someone talked. I’m ready to see writer’s achieve some skill as well as growth and write about people that aren’t practically mentally handicapped. Stop with same ole same old verbiage and scenario’s. Write some real plots and story lines that not only make sense, but are believable. The people that watch these show’s aren’t extremely stupid so why would we want to continue to watch shows with character’s that are imbecile’s?

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