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Panda and Hedgehog

Title: 판다양과 고슴도치 / Panda and Hedgehog
Chinese Title: 熊貓小姐與刺蝟
Also Known as: Porcupine And Miss Panda
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: Channel A
Broadcast period: 2012-Aug-18 to 2012-Oct-07
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:30


Go Seung Ji (Lee Dong Hae) is a patissier who has been an orphan since young and behaviour like a porcupine.

He then meets and fall in love with an easygoing lady called Pan Da Yang (Yoon Seung Ah) who is the owner of ‘Cafe Panda’.


Main Cast

Lee Dong Hae as Go Seung Ji
Seo Dong Hyun as Seung Ji (child)
Yoon Seung Ah as Pan Da Yang
Kim So Yun as Pan Da Yang (young)
Choi Jin Hyuk as Choi Won Il
Yoo So Young as Kang Eun Bi

Byung Moo Bakery

Park Geun Hyung as Park Byung Moo
Lee Moon Hee as Park Mi Hyang

Cafe Panda

Yang Hee Kyung as Kim Kap Soon
Im Eun Hye as Pan Da Na
Yoo Seung Mok as Gil Dong Goo
Goo Bon Im as Mi Ra


Park Geun Hyung as Park Byung Moo
Lee Moon Hee as Park Mi Hyang


Hyun Suk as Choi Jae Kyum
Hong Yeo Jin as Hwang Jung Rye
Song In Hwa as Choi Won Yi
Park Sang Hoon as Jo Kyun Woo

Other people

Han Seung Hyun as Hwang Bum Bo
Jung Min Jin as Jo Ki Tae
Hwang Byung Gook as Lee Jong Gab
Park Ha Na as Park Ha Na
Fujii Mina as Shiratori Mina (cameo, ep8-9)
Son Ji Hyun as Manager Nam Ji Hyun (cameo)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Sang Hun (김상헌)
Producer: Song Hae Sung (송해성)
Director: Lee Min Chul (이민철)
Screenwriter: Han Joon Young


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  1. 1 : sakura Says:

    this drama is really cute

  2. 2 : Summer Says:

    I am waiting this drama.. Donghae oppa, hwaiting…

  3. 3 : aq2jules Says:

    i will definitely watch this. Donghae, 1st time to see you act. So excited..

  4. 4 : Cherry172 Says:

    I am so looking forward to this drama! Donghae and Seungah make such a cute couple…how cute 🙂

  5. 5 : babu13 Says:

    i’m think i’m excited in this drama coz donghae oppa is here!!!!

  6. 6 : AngelLuv Says:

    im watching this drama!!! DONGHAE is in it!~

  7. 7 : nyinyinyinyiung Says:

    i think lee dong hae’s drama will be hits

    can’t wait

    Oh yeah Guys. if you curious all about Panda and Hedgehog
    you can visit us at


  8. 8 : mifta Says:

    can’t wait for this drama..!

  9. 9 : linlin Says:

    yeaaaahhhhhh donghaeee <3

  10. 10 : Jennie Says:

    I like Lee DH the singer but the last time I saw him act, he didn’t impress me at all but Choi JH in the same drama did. I liked him with Moon CW in Daddy’s Here so I’ll probably check this out later when it’s completed 😀

  11. 11 : Darebee Says:

    first time I see this drama @ http://idws.in/319767 im very excited and @koreandrama.org will be published thankyou koreandrama.org

    i hope this drama will be the best rating @cable channel

    oh yeah , maybe can I see rating ? because, cable rating TV is too difficult to see for viewers

  12. 12 : Ayaara Says:

    WOW! ^^

  13. 13 : wynn 윈 Says:

    another week plus, then it appear~!!! (*- *)
    i continue waiting till it appear~!!! (^- *)Y

  14. 14 : ads Says:

    choi jin hyuk <3

  15. 15 : jhen Says:

    oppa…….. fighting………….. can’t wait……..
    saranghae…………….. oppa dongs……..

  16. 16 : 김 혁 분 Says:

    Oppa Donghae spirit ….
    ELF definitely support you ^ _ ^

  17. 17 : minkyuwik Says:

    oppa donghae…
    waiting your drama….

  18. 18 : john Says:

    im looking forward to watch dis drama…

  19. 19 : john Says:

    everythin looks cute here…cant wait…hopefully its worth watching

  20. 20 : kaylah Says:

    i hope this drama is a hit!!! i cant wait till it comes out…its such a cute story.

  21. 21 : Marwa Says:

    yeaah!! i love Lee Dong Hae i was waiting 4 his new drama,it’s sooo cute 😉 <3 <3

  22. 22 : arsvio Says:

    I’m excited bcz Donghae oppa. Don’t know weather this drama will be hit or not, cz the synopsis is an cliches. But, still curious about Haeppa’s acting. He really mesmerize. Wish more about this drama.

  23. 23 : ELFish Says:

    i am so excuted 4 this drama coz the first time i watch donghae’s oppa drama oppa hwaiting

  24. 24 : 애비 Says:

    can’t wait to see oppa lead this drama! donghae oppa fighting!^^
    이 드라마에서 내 지원을 제공할 것입니다. donghae oppa 사랑해~<3

  25. 25 : sheryl Says:

    wow.. lee dong hae & choi jin hyuk patner again after drama “it’s okay, my daddy girl” ..look forward to c this drama 🙂

  26. 26 : Nahala Says:

    Time is going by too slow…I want to watch this already!!!

  27. 27 : kdfan Says:

    I like Choi JH but not liking that he is second lead. I like Donghae too, hope he will do well. Not sure about the leading ladies. Looking fwd to this.

  28. 28 : lauren kim Says:

    hope this drama will be a good one !!! donghae oppa fighting !!! i really can’t wait to see oppa’s acting <3 🙂

  29. 29 : Nurrahma Fittra Says:

    . Aduhhhhhhhhhh
    . Oppa main flim’ny kereng bgt……………
    . Choayo….. Oppa…….

  30. 30 : qiky Says:

    hwaa.. donghae oppa keren

  31. 31 : shem Says:

    i want to watch this…tired of waiting..

  32. 32 : kaylah Says:

    ahhhh!!! first episode is out and its almost all in english sub on viki:)

  33. 33 : momo Says:

    DongHae fighting!!!!

  34. 34 : Genie Says:

    Donghae oppa fighting!!!<3<3<3

  35. 35 : iin Says:

    donghae oppa fighting….

  36. 36 : dexuan_1230 Says:

    Donghae fighting, Go seung ji fighting.. this drama will be a good results. Donghae always say 1…..2….3…..Go in this drama.

  37. 37 : qiky Says:

    wah donghae oppa daebak !!

  38. 38 : han nee dae Says:

    i’ve been waiting this drama since i’ve known it,and i hope it’s make us happy………
    because you dong hae!!!!!

  39. 39 : hae wife Says:

    donghae oppaa.. dirimu tampan sekali di serial ini..

  40. 40 : kaylah Says:

    this drama is good so far 🙂

  41. 41 : swift Says:

    Storyline a bit slow, hope it will pick up its pace in the forthcoming episodes, kept thinking about Donghae’s character in ‘Skip Beat’ – taiwanese drama which he acted with Sinwo.

  42. 42 : melishasiregar Says:

    Yaaay~~LEE DONGHAE oppa ^^
    fighting ^^

  43. 43 : eve Says:

    at least after waiting for so long yoon seung ah become lead rule n she’s so lucky that she can be a couple with donghae….i’l watch this drama definately

  44. 44 : hny Says:

    not bad..nice to watch..will look for next eps..

  45. 45 : mitch Says:

    mnnnn, nice start! keep it up!

  46. 46 : 김 혁 분 Says:

    Happy birthday Yesung oppa
    I hope you are blessed in all things
    you probably will not read it but I know for sure you’re reading it ^ _ ^
    please give him know Donghae

  47. 47 : claudia Says:

    come on already i wanna watch this Jeez!

  48. 48 : kimchilee Says:

    KDFan, if you have watched The Moon that Embraces the Sun and loved the girl servant/bodyguard of the lead actress, her acting was good in that drama. So I will have high hope of her acting here and wish her all the best for the lead actress role here. She is pretty as well with big eyes.. rather suited with Donghae.. all the best to this drama.. i look forward to it.

  49. 49 : kimchilee Says:

    oh and for once in a long while, they finally pair the right couple with almost the same age.. not the leading actress always older than the actor.

  50. 50 : dreamer Says:

    donghae.. cincha saranghae nomu nomu saranghae.. saranghamnida.. saranghaeyo. donghae oppa, I hope your drama will get the highest ratings and favorite. I love the first and second episodes. i’m waiting for the next ones.

  51. 51 : noesyafiqah Says:

    On episode 2 I think panda is good if with choi won I’ll …┼┼ee..┼┼ee..┼┼ee..

  52. 52 : hny Says:

    finish watch eps 4…so far I’m enjoyed this..

  53. 53 : mitch Says:

    ..love this kdrama.. so cute and entertaining.. the story is light but with sense.. the actors and actresses are also great! love it.. keep it up

  54. 54 : ваня Says:

    drama the best!!!!

  55. 55 : drama freak Says:

    i am watching till ep 02….it’s entertaining…and i am looking forward to it =)
    the 2 male leads are handsome too….the female lead is very pretty too =)

  56. 56 : haehae Says:

    g sabar pengen cepet2 nonton

  57. 57 : swift Says:

    i kept thinking about the lead lady’s role in ‘the moon that embraces the sun’. she acted well in that drama, more strongwilled and courages.

  58. 58 : anchovy Says:

    Donghae oppa, fighting ! !
    Keep healthy . .
    `super junior` daebakk, `ELF` jjang ^^

  59. 59 : =D Says:

    It’s a nice drama but I wish the story would become more exciting…

  60. 60 : swift Says:

    it looks like won il’s younger sister is the most funniest character in the drama, hope the script writer can improve on the storyline to make it more funny

  61. 61 : nina Says:

    This drama is very good
    and all the players good at acting!

  62. 62 : thieyhanelfishy Says:


  63. 63 : jahaleel Says:

    i luv food drama. i hope i will come to lik this one…

  64. 64 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama is so refreshing! I really like Panda, her family, and Hedgehog’s collaboration in making the bakery better than Saint-Honore. I do like the new President of Saint-Honore Won Il…its just that he’s too anxious about getting Panda to be his very own and trying equally as hard to trash Hedgehog. That gets a person in trouble every time in the dramas. Yet, its exciting to see what mischief he corners himself into with Hedgehog before realizing that it doesn’t take all that to win a woman’s heart. Especially, when the woman is destined to be with another!

  65. 65 : kinchay Says:

    GSJ is the true son of the Honore chef that is why he is good at baking and decorating cakes. it is in his blood-

  66. 66 : jahaleel Says:

    Yoon Seung Ah is sooooooooo cute!!!

  67. 67 : kameonna Says:

    ive watched up to ep 5 it is still good to watch! im enjoying this

  68. 68 : yana asyira Says:

    the story become more interesting for every episode..keep wondering if the director is the same with it’s ok daddy girl..most of the actor are the same

  69. 69 : mitch Says:

    love this kdrama.. kep it up!

  70. 70 : mitch Says:

    …for the new sets of kdrama, my #1 is TTBY.. i really like the cast of korean version of Hana Kimi.. so funny and cute.. love it.. keep it up! my #2 is Panda and the Hedgehog.,, you’ll find the story light but it makes sense.. i really enjoy watching it.. my #3 is 5 Fingers.. although their mother was wicked, as long as the two actors are there, i’ll watch it.. besides the story is good, and full of twists.. my #4 is Arang and the Magistrate.. it’s quite funny and fascinating… looking forward for the next eps.. last but not the least, #5 Faith.. although i like LMH so much, i think i have watched so much of “back to the past story”.. Dr. Jin is quite boring except for Jaejoong of course.. but still i’m watching Faith.. keep it up!

  71. 71 : sleeplessnseattlekdcrzy Says:

    the lead actor seems to outshine the lead actress…i couldn’t feel their chemistry 🙁

  72. 72 : swift Says:

    LOL, i thought the tattoo was gonna be fierce, ended up looking cute. Love all the desserts shown in the drama, wish can have some too. I wonder how do they design the wallpaper/ ceiling to have that kind of effect. Do they make designs of Korean actors/ actresses/ idols, i am sure it can sell like hot cakes.

  73. 73 : Erin Says:

    Why hasn’t this show gotten more attention? It’s super adorable.

  74. 74 : hny Says:

    yammie !! .. maybe I’m the 1st buyer 😀

    @ Erin
    there’s many great dramas this month .. maybe they make priorities which one they should watch first .. nor to not become like me .. my eyes get watery cuz force myself to watch the faith, may queen, THBU, Arang and this drama .. even though it aired at different time but sometimes I got trouble w link or cuz I wait for English sub, so it’s piled up and force me to watch marathoned.. now sometimes I get sleep disorders: D
    .. so it’s not because the drama not interesting to watch !! (that’s my opinion)

  75. 75 : jeannie Says:

    love tis drama…..

  76. 76 : maryta Says:

    BECAUSE “”””””””JUNSU””””””””””””
    HE IS IN MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SEPTEMBER 6H 2012

  77. 77 : sujuelf Says:

    why there is no rating for the rest of the episode (beside the first two)!?

  78. 78 : Micc Says:

    This drama is just so-so, except for the two pretty boys, of course! 🙂
    But one thing makes this drama very comfortable to watch: the second lead is not a villain, and he joins force with the main leads to fight the evil dad. Feels good.

  79. 79 : iwed akana Says:

    love this drama…. when I watching it, I feel warm…
    the expression of all characters are very good.. when they laugh, jealous, sad… they’re so in to it…

  80. 80 : hny Says:

    panda is in the air … 2 nice men Compete for her!!
    but for notice .. Pencak Silat is a martial art from Indonesia not from Malaysia, writer-nim !! plz check it out 1st

  81. 81 : usa-mary Says:

    I always try to stay open to new ways writer’s present characters to us. Though the competition set up by Panda to choose who to date is no exception. I still feel that’s going a bit too far given the ages of all involved. Yet, its the writer’s preference and right, so I’ll just watch and enjoy the good acting and see where it goes from there.

    Even though Hedgehog has already broken some rules by not showing good sportsmanship towards Won Il who came to get his brownie points in, I’ll watch and see what happens when the kindness roles are reversed.

  82. 82 : mitch Says:

    ,,nice drama! keep it up especially Dong hee… !!

  83. 83 : Swingfire912 Says:

    Boring drama .

  84. 84 : laraffinee Says:

    Oh my Gosh!….I LOVE this series!

    It started out as a cute story, but has been evolving into a deeper, tender story. The three main leads are fantastic….their dynamic and chemistry is great and the acting is superb!

    This is a real winner! Thank you Viki and the phenomenal subbers for making this available for us! Once people get a chance to see this, they will realize how good it is!

  85. 85 : Dede Says:

    Having a hard time watching it. Don t knoe why?

  86. 86 : jahaleel Says:

    i think Panda has a little screw loose… i dont know if i call it innocence or she is a little off in the mind for her age. -ep 10 she is an irritation to me now. anyway good thing other characters of the drama are still interesting to watch.

  87. 87 : jin Says:

    oh. rating so low. reply 1997 ( is aired on Pay-TV channel ) so interesting

  88. 88 : kimchilee Says:

    i hope this is a good drama.. but ep 1 & 2 still cannot get my attention.. wonder why .. but will still watch it in support of Donghae..one of my favourite guy in Super Junior group..

  89. 89 : ance Says:

    i chose to watch this drama instead of nice guy and may queen coz it’s a rom-com…
    i liking this drama so far at ep.7…

  90. 90 : ance Says:

    this is a fun drama! i’m really enjoying and now waiting… 🙁
    most of the sites actually post this drama 3 or 4 days after so i’m a little disappointed that i think it’s not that popular coz its from a cable channel…i really hope that they would post ep. 13 & 14 soon!

  91. 91 : swift Says:

    Storyline is somewhat slow moving but a good distraction as a side dish while also watching May Queen that is very serious of melodrama. Writer need to pick up the pace of the storyline with more quirky and funny scenes. The lead lady is too soft and fragile, need to give her a stronger character. The guys are okay and funny with their relationship getting more stronger and closer, if people do not know better they may end up thinking the guys are gay.hahahahhahah……. just joking.

  92. 92 : roxyalso Says:

    This is a sweet drama, some dramas make you work hard when you watch them, this one doesn’t.

  93. 93 : Dede Says:

    Dropped it after episode 4. But wanted to see it because of Donghae.

  94. 94 : swift Says:

    Found the storyline is sidetracked from the romance of Panda and Hedgehog, now focus on the piecing the puzzle of Panda’s first love who turns out to be Hedgehog. Hahahahaha……… what a small world, even the supposedly grandfather and aunty turns out to be his paternal grandfather and mother, plus the evil saint honore president is his father and now his friends are his step brother and sister.

  95. 95 : NextDoor Says:

    Panda is naive and dim witted. i really really dont like her. how old is she anyway? her sister has more sense than her. i dont know if is because of the actress’ kind face that enhances the stupidity of Panda. she is like a marshmallow too soft, too sweet. sometimes i just want to slap her to give her more IQ and life. if it werent for the other characters in the drama i would not have lasted to the end. i want to know how their stories unfold.

    i would rate this drama a 5/10. dont bother watching this because you could choose a much better drama to spend your time.

  96. 96 : Micc Says:

    Nothing really too exciting about this drama, but it’s one of those rare feel-good kdramas. No teeth grinding!

  97. 97 : tjen_sari Says:

    hemmm…. the story goes too slowly at the beginning… but not too bad, just not so curious to watch the next episode…
    but… my 5 year old girl, really love this drama, the one who makes me to continue to watch is her, she didn’t understand the language, but she love to see the cake and she said that it was a handsome man and a pretty girl and a lovely cake as well the Panda dolls 🙂
    Dong Hae.. hope you get a great roll next time…. 🙂

  98. 98 : dinda Says:

    I just wanna say “Pencak silat are from Indonesia not from malaysia” remember that!!!!! From Indonesia.

  99. 99 : -Autumn- Says:

    A relaxing and warm drama. No heart twisting scenes. The more I look at the lead female, the more I think she looks pretty and cute. I like Won Il’s sister. Her personality and character makes me want to be her friend. She is fun and so natural. Good job!

  100. 100 : Hanako Says:

    It is an emotional story sad at some parts but it is to me quite a good story but the main actress Panda acts too childish in the movie, a 28 year old behaving like maybe a 1 year old kid..so if she behaves more matured then I can say the movie drama will be so much better . The ending wasn’t that great, it is an ok movie to me

  101. 101 : Hanako Says:

    Sorry what meant is behaving like a 12 year old kid not one year old

  102. 102 : B Says:

    OK what’s not to love about this drama hello one word Donghae baking. Plus it has everything a girl could want in a drama panda’s, cakes Donghae,adorkable looking female lead actress and romnce and comedy

  103. 103 : Witlily Says:

    I was hooked with choi won yi (song in hwa), best act in this drama very fresh

  104. 104 : rein Says:

    im just starting watching this drama but decided to stop it,it gets me board, yeah i like lee dong hae but not this one his role is not good for him and also yoon seung ah is not suitable in this her appearance is just like a sister or a friend of a lead actors…dong hae hope to see you soon on a good drama,much much more better in this

  105. 105 : kimrein Says:

    im just starting watching this drama but decided to stop it,it gets me board, yeah i like lee dong hae but not this one his role is not good for him and also yoon seung ah is not suitable in this her appearance is just like a sister or a friend of a lead actors…dong hae hope to see you soon on a good drama,much much more better in this.,

  106. 106 : Fiana Says:

    Basically, artists and actors who play in this drama also played part in drama “It’s Okay Daddy Girl”. it’s like a reunion, and for the Writer-Nim, I was advised before writing a script to help find out where does “Pencak Silat” martial arts come from? “Pencak Silat” is the martial arts of Indonesia, not Malaysia. this is about culture,so will be sensitive if you there is an error.

  107. 107 : Nee Agashi Says:

    Fiana, yess i m agree with you
    after i heard the dialog, i m not interest to wacth the drama till the end..
    and the drama is over like that.. 🙁

    #Mian haeppa

  108. 108 : caroline Says:

    hi im Caroline from US.
    i like this drama so so so much. but in eps7 choi won il said about ‘pencak silat came from malaysian traditional martial’ i think its a mistake. because i searching in google pencak silat came from Indonesian traditional matrial, and my friend tell me too it came from Indonesia. hahaha out of that i really like this drama so much.. and i like choi won il too his so cute

  109. 109 : Natasha Says:

    i very interesting with this drama but the writer had one little mistakes lol, abuot culture and i think its so sensitive. too Fiana and Caroline. I agree with you, im not Indonesian but im once came to Indonesia. Pencak Silat so famous in my university at my country Australia, and it reason i visited to Indonesia. in my university i learn about Indonesian culture, languages an including about martial arts. and surely Pencak Silat came from Indonesia 🙂 .

  110. 110 : Natasha Says:

    i very interesting with this drama but the writer had one big mistakes lol, abuot culture and i think its so sensitive. too Fiana and Caroline. I agree with you, im not Indonesian but im once came to Indonesia. Pencak Silat so famous in my university at my country Australia, and it reason i visited to Indonesia. in my university i learn about Indonesian culture, languages an including about martial arts. and surely Pencak Silat came from Indonesia 🙂 .

  111. 111 : joo rae won Says:

    hai I’m from Indonesia and rather disappointed with the writer of this drama.


    I shocked when I watched CWI said that Pencak Silat is from Malaysia.
    I really hope that the writer will say sorry about it. If you need proof that Pencak Silat is from Indonesia, I give it a lot

  112. 112 : Viera Says:

    The director has to amend the episode 7, PENCAK SILAT is from INDONESIA not MALAYSIA..

  113. 113 : usa-mary Says:

    Nothing personally against the writer or the actors…yet I tried, but just couldn’t continue to watch this drama to the end! It became too childish for me. What caught my eye and did maintain my attention for the length of time that I did watch it was the beauty of the pastries. What creative, visual delicacies!

    Hopefully, others will see somethings in it that I didn’t get out of it. Maybe I’ll try again to watch it…maybe!

  114. 114 : leonard dominic o dela cruz Says:

    wahhhh >< so cute panda and hedgehog really love it

  115. 115 : leonard dominic o dela cruz Says:

    the story so cute i wish it can publish in the philippine tv i hope cause its so very lovely cute story!!!!!i really love it i want to ba a pattisier

  116. 116 : tika Says:

    Just finished watch this drama… I like it.. It sweet..cute… ♥ …

  117. 117 : Nancy Says:

    Upon Seung Ha is really plain looking. Cute? Not at all and there is something wrong with her face. Does she have face para lists?
    Then , what the heck does she do all day? Does she know how to run a business? If it weren’t for Go Seung Jo, she’d be broke . He gives all the money and she should get a small percentage. She is so stupid!!

  118. 118 : Nancy Says:

    Yes that’s it! The drama is childish, it makes no sense. It’s supposed to be a comedy and what it turns out to be is that it’s silly and makes no sense. The writers didn’t know what they were doing!!!

  119. 119 : Doreen Wightman Says:

    What is it about Koreans and that draggy voices? They drag a word up and around like a mule in heat and then the other person answers them the same way.. It’s so ornery it makes them all sound like country bumpkins. Another thing that is annoying is when they purse their lips and start talkingije babies. Now that’s nasty!! Specially the girls. Then they have these super skinny legs and they wear short hot pants to show them off. Now that is weird because they are usually su white it looks unappetizing

  120. 120 : Doreen Wightman Says:

    This drama is so stupid it makes no sense ! And Panda is a pushy little mouses girl who likes men paying for everything while she is doing nothing and not even paying hedgehog. She is so annoying I can’t stand her!!!

  121. 121 : Yink Says:

    Last week i saw this drama but i get shock when someone said that Pencak Silat from Malaysia..For you know PENCAK SILAT is a TRADITIONAL MATERIAL ART FROM INDONESIA. Please clarification since there are so many people (worldwide) see this drama.

  122. 122 : yink Says:

    Last week, I saw this drama but I get shock when someone said that Pencak Silat from Malaysia. For you know that PENCAK SILAT is a TRADITIONAL MATERIAL ART FROM INDONESIA. Really dispointed to hear that. Please clarification since there are so many people (around the world) see this drama!.

  123. 123 : Joobjoo Says:

    Ah all the negativity. The drama is made for the actors and actress to act cute and all that. Yes quite irritating but it did not turn me off and not finish watching it. OH well I just wanna eat cake now! =)

  124. 124 : Weldon Concannon Says:

    kue ulang tahunnya halal

  125. 125 : june syahieera Says:

    I love this drama a lot.. everyone made mistakes.. so… i dont mind about pencak silat which is came from! I support u!!!

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