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Operation Proposal

Title: 프로포즈 대작전 / Operation Proposal
Chinese Title: 求婚大作战
Also Known as: Operation Love / The Proposal
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Time-Travel
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: CSTV
Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-08 to 2012-March-29
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 20:50


The drama has themes of time-travel and is basically about a character who gets to travel back in time to protect his first love.

Kang Baek Ho (Yoo Seung Ho) and Ham Yi Seul (Park Eun Bin) have been best friends since they met first time at the age of 8. They attended the same elementary school, middle school and high school. After they graduated from college and went on to work in different fields, they have remained best friends.

On February 14, 2012, Yi Seul gets married to Jin Won (Lee Hyun Jin), a high school baseball coach Baek Ho played for. During the wedding, Baek Ho is overcome with regret for never expressing his true feelings to Yi Seul, even though he has had 20 years.

Yi Seul’s mother then asks Baek Ho to carry Yi Seul’s stuff to Jin Won’s car. While carrying the boxes, Baek Ho drops a box and discovers a letter. The envelope is addressed to Baek Ho from Yi Seul. Baek Ho slips the envelope into his jacket. After the wedding, Baek Ho walks over to a nearby playground. Baek Ho sits on a swing and begins to read the letter. The letter was written after they graduated from middle school. Yi Seul writes that she felt Baek Ho was a special person from the first time they met and she has liked him since. Baek Ho feels is overcome with his emotions and wails uncontrollably.

A man (Kim Tae Hoon) walks over and hands him a handkerchief. The man introduces himself as a “time coordinator”. He states that he can control time and space. Baek Ho, at first, thinks the guy is nuts, but with just a hand gesture the man makes everyone on the playground freeze. Baek Ho asks the man what he wants from him and the man turns his questions around to ask, “more importantly, what do you want from me?” Baek Ho tells the man that he wants to go back in time to change his present situation.

The next moment, Baek Ho finds himself in his room with the time conductor. The man gives him a small bottle of liquid and then he disappears. Baek Ho looks at some old pictures taken with Ye Seul and notices how sad she looks. He decides that he wants to make her happy. Baek Ho then drinks the liquid …


Main Cast

Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Baek Ho
Park Eun Bin as Ham Yi Seul (Baek Ho’s first love)
– No Jung Ui as Ham Yi Seul (young)
Lee Hyun Jin as Kwon Jin Won
Go Kyung Pyo as Song Chan Wook (Kang Baek Ho’s friend)
Park Young Seo as Joo Tae Nam
Kim Ye Won as Yoo Chae Ri

Supporting Cast

Kim Tae Hoon as Time conductor
Park Jin Joo as Jo Jin Joo
Lee Doo Il as Jo Dae Kook
Lee Eung Kyung as Oh Jeong Rim (Yi Seul’s mom)
Moon Chun Shik as Yoo Byeol Nam
Joo Jin Mo as Ham Seong Hoon (Yi Seul’s dad)
Go In Bum as Oh Tae Bum
Lee Dal Hyung as Home room teacher
Oh Hee Joon as Noh Jin Soo
Kim Jae Seung

Production Credits

Director: Kim Woo Sun
Screenwriter: Yoon Ji Ryun


A remake of the Japanese Drama “Operation Love / プロポーズ大作戦” on 2007.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2012-02-08 1 0.50
2012-02-09 2 0.52
2012-02-15 3 -
2012-02-16 4 -
2012-02-22 5 0.73
2012-02-23 6 0.62
2012-02-29 7 0.50
2012-03-01 8 0.57
2012-03-07 9 0.74
2012-03-08 10 0.79
2012-03-14 11 0.53
2012-03-15 12 0.54
2012-03-21 13 0.41
2012-03-22 14 0.70
2012-03-28 15 0.57
2012-03-29 16 0.66

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : MorMor Says:

    I like Yoo Seung Ho !!!

    + Good story line
    + Good couple with Paek Eun Bin

    Can’t wait for this!!!!

  2. 2 : sulfanti Says:

    i’ll wait to be on…..
    i love to watch korean drama…:-)

  3. 3 : vina fellika Says:

    can’t wait hoooooo ……
    i watch the japanese drama is great story …..

  4. 4 : christovel Says:

    I am so like with the story line…
    Nice tv series…Can’t wait this beautiful drama…

  5. 5 : Zara Says:

    The Japanese version was great and entertaining. I like the fact that Yoo Seung Ho is in this and partnered with Park Eun Bee, drama will be mighty interesting. Will surely watch this 🙂

  6. 6 : nita Says:

    Seems it has interesting storyline.. Wait this drama.. \(^o^)/

  7. 7 : nisa Says:

    look the picture and read the synosis. arghh so interested 😀 waa yoo seung hoo play drama again^^ cant wait his acted right here with eun bin 🙂 yeay! and fighting ^^

  8. 8 : -Autumn- Says:

    I have watched the Japanese version and I like it~ So hopefully korean version won’t disappoint the audience. Looking forward to this drama ~ \(^.^)/

  9. 9 : ichi Says:

    waw, sounds interesting. i like proposal daisakusen, the japanese version with yamapi a lot, so i wish the korean version will bring more joy. .

  10. 10 : TAVAI Says:

    cant wait to watch waiting for the sub

  11. 11 : grace Says:

    oh yeah!! i was waiting for this=) i liked the japan one and now there is a korea one=P best is yoo seung ho is in it=P wahaha..

  12. 12 : Sarah :) Says:

    i can’t wait for this! I’ve watched the Japanese version of this drama! :)))

  13. 13 : john Says:

    i think this would be another hit korean drama for this year! good storyline and good casting.

  14. 14 : Kai Says:

    I love the new dramas that they are comeing out with. so far I havent seen any new japanese or chinese dramas that cought ny eye, like the koreans. They are number 1 in my book
    Go too love historicals the modt

  15. 15 : cilie Says:

    love…love…love… this 🙂

  16. 16 : khaicy Says:

    nt bad…………waiting to see your drama.gud luck!!!!!

  17. 17 : woonaah Says:

    waaa…Proposal Daisakusen.. Operation Love.. Korean Version.. Hope it will be as great as the original version!

  18. 18 : Jessica Says:

    Disliked the original J-drama. I didn’t even finish the movie. But I will watch this one for the sake of making comparisons.

  19. 19 : seunglover Says:

    the jap. ver. was really good … hope its great as the orginal one ..

  20. 20 : issa Says:

    i’ve seen the japanese drama version which is so great…i hope this one also.

  21. 21 : zhiya Says:

    wow, the korean version of proposal daisakusen???? can’t wait, hope it will be as good as the original coz i’m really into the japanese one ><

  22. 22 : Neno Says:

    wow interesting synopsis 🙂

  23. 23 : Pamela Says:

    Sana mas maganda ung korean vers nito, at i tagalized agad

  24. 24 : Gmtn96's Blog Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=15180 Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  25. 25 : kyuki_siwon Says:

    huaaa can’t wait 🙂

  26. 26 : dee haerani Says:

    this drama is Korean version of “proposal daisakusen” (Japan Ver)…
    in Japan Ver, its actor is Yamapi…
    hopefully Yoo Seung Ho acting as good as Yamapi… ^^.. can’t wait.

  27. 27 : FELYMAE Says:

    I believe it is based on a Japanese drama which was aired last 2006.. anyway its seung ho nim so its still fun to watch!^^

  28. 28 : jh Says:

    yes yes.. jap drama!!! but i dont like the leads…

  29. 29 : Apple Says:

    “is he success?”
    umm..dorama said he’s success,,woaa..i luv Yamapi,keke~ ;>

  30. 30 : wennys Says:

    I m sure its korean version of proposal daisakusen ….

  31. 31 : Charlie Says:

    Interesting first episode. It was refreshing and there were many funny moments.
    Yoo Seung Ho is cute.

  32. 32 : KpOp Addicted Says:

    i Want To c thIS

  33. 33 : OK OK OK Says:

    I like the male lead 🙂 BUT not the female lead 🙁

  34. 34 : Tania Liana Says:

    Interesting first episode. It was refreshing and there were many funny moments.
    hopefully Yoo Seung Ho acting as good as Yamapi

  35. 35 : nita Says:

    Admin, why did this drama have no rating table as the other drama detail?

  36. 36 : Oyabun Says:

    The japanese original version was nice. I loved the ring thing. Hope this remake is good too.

  37. 37 : admin Says:

    @nita (35),

    We just add the ratings table. Please take a look.

  38. 38 : Neno Says:

    although it got a low rating in the 1st eps. I’ll still want to watch it after the dvd come out 🙂

  39. 39 : janice Says:

    I like episode 1. I love the male lead. He is a great actor.

  40. 40 : hny Says:

    1st eps..its nice n fun,,,interesting to see next eps.

  41. 41 : n`1ko Says:

    w0w korean version!!!!!!!!!!!!kampai Yamapi my favorite japanese drama

  42. 42 : firdasyyy Says:

    looking forward 😀 since yoo seung ho starred in this drama!!

  43. 43 : Nyein Chan Ruth Cr. Says:

    Neoumu Noeumu Juwayoo!!Very excited to see although I hate leading actress.

  44. 44 : Neno Says:

    even the rating is low, I still want to watch it 🙂

  45. 45 : nita Says:

    @admin : thank you.. \(^o^)/

  46. 46 : ermana Says:

    sorry to say…
    i don’t think this actor can act like YAMAPi….
    and every drama remake from Japan drama was not successful
    this is because the real drama with real cast was great!!!!!!!!!

  47. 47 : drama freak Says:

    i haven’t watch the Jap version b4…but i am in love with the Korean version now….it looks interesting =D

  48. 48 : jassica reem khalil Says:

    i love you yoo seng hoo
    i love u verrrrrrrrry much

  49. 49 : Bithaeonni Says:

    the japan versions is awesomeee…….can’t wait to see korean version…^_^

  50. 50 : cewang Says:

    love to see the drama……^_^

  51. 51 : Dolly de los Reyes Says:

    yeah man, I was able to watch some episodes of the Japanese version, wish the Korean version should surpassed the Japanese version. . .he he he he . . . .I think it’s more fun. . .don’t you think so, guys!!!!!!!!

  52. 52 : theworstme Says:

    I’m so addicted to this drama… i’m so excited for the next episode… hope this drama will be extended. Yoo Seung Ho daebak!

  53. 53 : CANDY Says:


  54. 54 : dallilla Says:

    aaaa.. i m so addicted with this drama…Kang Baek Ho fighting!!!!

  55. 55 : Dina Says:

    this drama so cool may i request sountrack operation proposal? thanks for yoo seung ho fighting oppa ^^

  56. 56 : alison Says:

    OMG!!! i’m so loving this drama <3 YSH and PEB is such a well-matched couple, DAEBAK!

  57. 57 : Neno Says:

    although it has low rating, I still want to buy this dvd 🙂

  58. 58 : Belle Says:

    Ratings are different in a cable tv show/drama…there are less viewers since it’s paid cable television.
    I’m enjoying this drama…great actors & fun storyline! 🙂

  59. 59 : riya Says:

    I’ve watched the Japanese version before and it was awesome. A Korean version of Operation Love- sounds like a great drama already. Yoo Seung Ho oppo I’ll be sure to watch it.

  60. 60 : kang Says:

    I Love ver. japan …

  61. 61 : jassica reem khalil Says:

    i love you
    Yoo Seung Ho i love soooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhh

  62. 62 : zuzarah Says:

    If only kang baek ho, tell his feelings for her.. he dont need to go back..but then the story wouldn’t be interesting if it will happen… hope he would have the confidence to tell her especially on ep 8, Kwon Jin Won
    will tell Ham Yi Seul his feelings..im so excited for the next episode.

  63. 63 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m just starting Ep 1. But Kang Baek Ho seems to be an INCREDIBLE loser! He has had 20 years to Not tell her, but SHOW her how he feels abt her, and he still loses her to another guy?! Even the groom thanks him for not having loved her, bc he is a rival that is impossible to beat! He loses a girl who is impossible to lose. I don’t know if I can root for such a complete loser!

  64. 64 : qwerty Says:

    @KD addict. u should keep watch till Ep 10. dont tell me u are Perfect person without any doubt when u fell for someone. watch it for Ep 10, then tell me if baek ho is a loser.

  65. 65 : KDaddict Says:

    This show is sooo frustrating to watch. It makes me want to tear my hair out.
    To me, Baek Ho is an utter loser. He has had 20 years to tell the girl, show the girl he loves her, n zilch!
    Even the groom thanks him for Not having loved Yi Seul bc he’d be an impossible rival to beat. He goes n loses a girl who is impossible to lose. If that doesn’t make him a loser, what does?
    So Yi Seul doesn’t confess. In KD-land, women r often supposed to be demure, reserved, proper. That makes them “good” girls! She could have done more to encourage him, to show him how she feels. So yes, they r birds of a feather. That’s why they r soulmates?
    Yi S accept’s JW’s proposal. I take it to mean that she has completely lost hope, lost faith in BH. So she settles for a guy whom she is sure loves her.
    See? There we r back to square 1. If BH could show her say starting 15 years ago that he loves her, then he doesn’t have to keep going back again n again. Either he is not v bright, or he is handicapped in expressing love!

  66. 66 : tc Says:


    Watched the entire ep 1 without fast forwarding. The fantasy element ie ability to backtrack sounds interesting. However, don’t quite like the hero’s character whereby he kept his feelings about the heroine to himself all these while and only realized that he wanted to win over the girl after the wedding.

    From the flashback and conversation with the Conductor, looks like he lost the chance to win over the girl because he took the heroine for granted and was not brave enough to confess his feelings. In reality, if he really loves the girl, he would have felt extreme jealousy when his rival Jin Woo (just realized he is the guy who loved Dan Ah in Family Honor) dated the heroine and confess or do something to win her over. Yet, right up to the wedding date, he did not portray a heartbroken man and even confessed to his friend
    that he felt like a father who lost .

    This drama is supposed to focus on giving Baek Ho the chance to go back to the past to rectify his actions and confess his feelings. If that’s the case, then Baek Ho only need 1 chance at the right time to confess and erase the reality of losing the girl to Jin Woo and the drama will just end with 2 eps! However, since there are 16 eps, it would means that the writer will drag out the misery with Baek Ho messing up the chances and audience will
    likely have to sit through until the end to find out whether he will be

    I like hero who will declare his feelings and go all out to win the girl once he realizes his feelings instead of Darsy-type who is more concerned about losing his price and pretend otherwise for so many years.

    I have not seen the Japanese version but will be really pissed to waste time watching till the end if the ending turns out that Baek Ho is unable to change the reality despite been giving the chance to backtrack! I find it hard to ship Baek Ho and the heroine as I believe it takes two to tango and the heroine may not have loved Baek Ho enough since she married Jin Woo.

  67. 67 : tc Says:

    Sorry, I meant to say in last line of 2nd para above – the hero felt like a father who has lost his daughter and not a man who has lost his lover!

  68. 68 : KDaddict Says:

    @tc-66, 67,
    Ya! Can’t ship a guy who doesn’t or can’t “confess” his feelings for 20 years! What’s there to confess? They spend every day together for 20 years. There must be a way to make his feelings known to sb w whom he is so close. Either he is a super loser for not being able to accomplish that much, or she is an idiot for not getting it, or both. Or else the writer is fooling w us.
    I jumped to ep 10; guess what I found? A girl comes betwn them n causes their breakup! 20 years of growing up together n their relationship is not strong enough to w/stand a 3rd party. If that’s the case, they Should break up for the good of both.
    So I’ll give this one a pass, n keep my calm. Thanks for checking it out w me.
    I’m watching I Need a Fairy, up to ep 10 (30 min. @). It’s really hilarious!

  69. 69 : Lee Ji Hoon’s “New Song” | forleejeehoon79 Says:

    […] just click here […]

  70. 70 : annie evangelista Says:

    i can’t wait for more episode …. kekeke
    i love kang baek ho …

  71. 71 : annie evangelista Says:

    kang baek ho FIGHTING …

  72. 72 : Rizzy Says:

    I am a fan! This drama is so refreshing I wish I could watch all episodes now!Keep it up!

  73. 73 : momo Says:

    i love the japanese version of this drama thats why im watching this drama….JAP VERSION is better!!!

  74. 74 : snsdjjang Says:

    i watch ep 1-10 in 2 days…and i hv to say i liked it despite it’s frustrated me alot
    i gotta say, the korean version is even more frustrating than the japanese version…mayb bcoz the total episodes were longer..
    but even so, i still like it…bcoz: i like to see yoo seung ho, i’m a fan of the japanese version, the story itself (time travel to win the girl he loves)
    tho then it got repetitive alot and he still can’t tell her that he loves him after so many time passed….that’s where i get frustrated
    but overall, i still want to watch it till the end

  75. 75 : snsdjjang Says:

    lol…i meant can’t tell that he loves her after so many time passed
    i just hope this drama will have happy ending…just like the japanese version and i hope the ending will be much better than the japanese ver.

  76. 76 : torri Says:

    this drama i have to say is just crazy and stupid , am not tryibg to make any one here mad but to be honest this is just too stupid , i mean the guy just drives me nuts and i realy can not get the going back to past then again to the future and the many chances he keeps getting it makes it boring at least they should have put a limite as to how many chance he can get to tell the girl about his feeling then move on from there and show us something different but no they just keep repeating the back and forth nonsense all the time ,i have seen the preview for ep 11 , i hope it gets better from now , if not then am out , i give this drama a 4.5/10 so far ,as for the actors and actress, well that part i shall save my toughts on that

  77. 77 : loona Says:

    PARK EUN BIN pls teach PARK shin hye and PARK min young how to kiss..those girls always got in excellent drama but sorry to say that they were totally stiff on kissing scene..

  78. 78 : loona Says:

    this drama is better than the Japanese version ! even tho the storyline is almost the same , the feeling is way different I think it’s because the chronological order is well thought and in away makes more sense . The actors are so cute and give u that sweet feeling of “secret love” ^_^

  79. 79 : KDfan S Says:

    @torri, you are absolutely right! It keeps repeating the same for the past 12 episodes, and it’s so annoying. I doubt if they would be any changes for the final 4 episodes. I have not watched the Japanese Version, just hope that this can be a better one…

  80. 80 : s3 Says:

    its a “dog chasing his tail” drama…doesn’t seem to get anywhere (shakes head)

  81. 81 : kdramacrazy Says:

    The Drama is getting really frustrating for me especially ep 12 but the more complicated it gets the more interesting it becomes most especially will it make me more curious about how the ending will turn out to be………………………….GRRRRR!!!! cant wait for ep 13 any longer….im so curious wat wil happen to the next episode

  82. 82 : m4relyd Says:

    aish.. thi is driving me crazy. why baekho just confess her and make her happy all her life.. he keeps return but there is no result.. chinja chinja chinja.. but still i love this drama lol..

  83. 83 : torri Says:

    i guess the writer just wants to keep poeple guessing if the main character will ever get together with the girl but hey it is just stupid the way writers keeps going back to the past then to the furture and its not fun any more to watch , am sure there would have been a better way to keep the viewers wondering than doing this, well am out not watching anymore ,

  84. 84 : hirmah Says:

    i still love this drama even many bad comment…i give 7/10.. this drama watchable but not worth to watch. but still nice to watch if you just have fun and enjoy without thinkable and stress with this drama..one more thing this is just drama and they just acting..

  85. 85 : cil Says:

    I gues this drama like japan dorama ” proposal daikusen”
    but I always interested to korean drama,,,,,,
    may be in korean versi is better……just wacht ^_^

  86. 86 : allyssa Says:

    I think this drama is better than its Japanese version :))

  87. 87 : dhandelle Says:

    i like this drama coz the story is really good.. and as for torri’s comment.. i also agree to him? / her? … i also got bored because the guy just keep repeating and go back to the past.. there must be limitations such as “he must have only 3 or 5 chances only to go back and if ever he failed, his chances will be counted so that the guy will be challenged and the story will be more interesting.. though.. i loved the ending.. i new from the start that the conductor has something to do with kang baek ho’s life why he is doing that.. and i remember the time when the conductor helped him to get up.. since from the start, the conductor is already started monitoring kang baek ho’s life.. AND i admit that at first, i was still confused why is the conductor monitoring him and his ReAl rOlE in their love story.. “SOOO…. does anyone knows where to download the torrent of Operation proposal..please…. comment te link pleaaseee ^_^

  88. 88 : dramaluv Says:

    Well, I saw the complete Korean version. It really did drag for a long time. However, the last 2 eps made me cry and I did like the ending. The flashbacks to the childhood period was what kept me going. So, now I really don’t dislike this drama it just took too long for me to care. I figured I was in it for the long haul once I saw ep 10 that’s the reason I persisted.

  89. 89 : lian Says:

    realy love this drama.baek ho u r so handsome….it the best drama.i finaly complte watchng

  90. 90 : neo Says:

    I’ve just viewed 2 beginning eps and feeling so interesting.I like P.E.B!The story is not good-it is boring,so old in idea- but I like acting performance of PEB.Viewing 2eps above,I feel resaw BYJ n Choi Ji Woo in Winter Sonata.

  91. 91 : Enzo ferrer Says:

    Koreans have no originality they copy most dramas on Japan and Taiwan.Btw yamapi acting is much better

  92. 92 : allana Says:

    this kdrama makes me cry..!

  93. 93 : thiri Says:

    i don’t like that. very dis pointed.i hate actress.

  94. 94 : seumi Says:

    why does yoo seung ho is always pair with park eun bi
    the legend
    queen seon duk
    operation proposal
    like a star (music video)

    and they do even have an intense kiss here!

  95. 95 : PAMELA Says:

    to seumi wht thy always pair togethr? bcuz they have a good chemistry. i like the story its bettr than the jap vers, specially ep11 the kissing part i didnt xpct that their kissing scene is intense bcuz BAEK HO is only 19, and YISUEL is 20. but i like them, did u know that in real life BAEKHO has a crush to IU?

  96. 96 : intan kpop Says:

    i’m so crazy waiting this drama ! but finally , happy ending 🙂
    even ending drama with a happy ending but for me the ending is less satisfying because it was so fast that tells the story kang baek ho and yi seul together when they realize they love each other .

    I would like an extended episode! n__n

  97. 97 : diaha Says:

    4 super favorit drama list :
    1. Secret Garden
    2. Operational Proposal
    3. Oh Dal ja Spring
    4. Hong Gil Dong

    so ” i love this movie” !!!

  98. 98 : abeeb Says:

    totally best drama i haven’t seen before.

  99. 99 : Rebel Angel Says:

    I’ve watched the Japanese version, at the end the two are together, the groom finally gave the chance to the girl to choose, between him or her first love. well, I think it’s interesting, so I’m going to see the Korean version for now. besides, I want to see yoo seung ho here… ^________^

  100. 100 : Jessy Henecia Empresses Says:

    I’ve watched this drama.
    and I love them (Park Eun Bin and Yoo Seung Ho)…
    whatever U say about them,,but I like their act…
    nice couple,,

  101. 101 : ade v Says:

    anak ini mirip lee min ho..

  102. 102 : LatifaBintGanim Says:

    The drama is very silly,you don’t put other episodes!.

  103. 103 : CindyTjahjadi Says:

    I love this drama so much 😀 i watched it 16 eps for 2 days xD n i still want to replay it 😀 make me curious, ahh this drama too great 😀 from this drama i got many lessons, even u have many chances to back to the past,u’ll never change fate. something happend for a reason, what u did in past has an effect for the future . MUST WATCH DRAMA !! LOVEEEEEE IT !!

  104. 104 : diana Says:


  105. 105 : kdramacrazy Says:

    Ahhhh!!!….such a touching story and beautiful ending. I love the way that in the end yi seul finally realizes that she was the reason why her and baek ho never got together…this drama taught me a lot of lessons in life and i cried like 5 times throughout the whole series!!!!

  106. 106 : kaito Says:

    it came from a japanese drama…. I think this is a korean ver. of it……

  107. 107 : yullieanne Says:

    @ade v…
    bukan mirip lee min hoo tapi so ji sub?

  108. 108 : zarima USA Says:

    im now in episode 5… ohhh my GOD this is so BBBBBBBBBBBBBBORING kdrama … AM JUST FORWARDING it so that i can reach the last episode,,,what a waste of money in buying this kind of drama,,,

  109. 109 : Neno Says:

    this is a good drama, I dont wanna say it a best drama but it’s stiil good. quite nice. I like the well random story line and the way it gave me many nice quote :))) like this drama :)))

  110. 110 : putzy Says:

    lebih mirip Nicky Tirta. LOL 😀

  111. 111 : induut Says:

    too boring i guess..

  112. 112 : luna Says:

    Iya mirip so ji sub,tp lebih ganteng ini,sekilas alis ama mata mirip min hoo……(=’.’=)

  113. 113 : shifariesya Says:

    good but boring drama for me.
    I watch this til the end bcause of seungho only tbh >_<

  114. 114 : naeviuz Says:

    very like this drama

  115. 115 : kfangirl Says:

    I’m so glad I didn’t drop this drama based on all the online dissing. I’m happy that I tried it for myself, coz I ended up really liking it quite well. I would even re-watch this sometime.

    Even though romance is a main theme, it’s character development that takes centerstage, and it is Baek Ho’s development and growth that we follow, as we watch him time travel.

    Populated by an earnest and well-selected cast, this drama was by turns sweet, funny, heartwarming, sad, moving and thought-provoking.

    True, there are a few plot holes, but if you overlook them, there’s a lot of good left for the appreciative eye.

    Many people say this turned makjang, but it really isn’t makjang. This is a fantasy drama with some melodramatic elements. And those melodramatic elements work within the fantasy world in which this drama is based. Don’t be too quick to dismiss this drama. I wish more people would appreciate it.

  116. 116 : Hanako Says:

    I can’t say this is a good movie, with all the fantasies and imagination, and this kind of story never exists in real life. I do not appreciate this kind of movie, I’d rather watch movies that really moves you..this movie is kind of childish even though the main actor was good..he is better with other movies with better stories…:~)

  117. 117 : febbriyanaa Says:


  118. 118 : lola Says:

    ratingnya kok low banget ya? padahal bagus banget drama ini

  119. 119 : ika mayasari Says:

    iya.. cowok ini mirip lee min ho bener… nomu nomu nomu cuanikka…:)

  120. 120 : Nanda Says:

    Aku udah nonton drama ini.. Aku suka sama jalan cerita drama’a..
    Yang jadi Gang Baek Hoo’a Juga Manis.. Mirip Kim Bum..
    Manis Bangettttt..


  121. 121 : Lunajoon Says:

    Im just planning to watch this drama but while im reading the comments its not all good and sounds not happy ending, i dont want wasting time to a nonsense drama.

  122. 122 : HELLO Says:

    Is this the drama version of Taeyang’s Wedding Dress? Hahaha Just kidding. I know its from a manga or something from Japan.
    I’m just really curious because I wanna know if its worth over 16 hours of my life? I hate skipping around in a drama, but I just dislike a bunch of fillers. And I am currently in a happy mood, so I would like something fun and whimsical to watch. Is this worth watching?

  123. 123 : Alegane Says:

    I do like this drama, Seung Ho oppa ♥ 🙂

  124. 124 : nunururululu Says:

    This drama,,, worth it..

  125. 125 : issa Says:

    i’ve seen the original version from japan of this drama and i loved it… since i haven’t watch this yet…i hope it will be as good as the original or even better…

  126. 126 : limitzi Says:

    i guess not many noticed the Coach .. he’s cute and what more can you ask from him. Overall the drama is OK (too many flashback scenes, at times boring), but i really pity the Coach all becos of one girl’s pride and ignorant! Coach .. Fighting !

  127. 127 : witlily Says:

    This drama is very romantic, strong chemistry peb – ysh.

  128. 128 : ance Says:

    i love Yoo Seung Ho…he’s so dreamy with those sleepy eyes…
    the one i noticed in this drama is Go Kyung Pyo…he’s so ideal in this drama. i also like his story in this drama.
    we cant help but compare this drama to the japanese version, but i think i still love both versions. im still at ep 8 but im really hoping for a nice ending coz in “operation love” they did’nt give an elaborate ending.

  129. 129 : baekho uri nampyeon Says:

    great drama, ,like my experience,make me cry every time to remember scene by scene

  130. 130 : mona Says:

    love it at the beginning, kind of boring in the middle and make me cry a lot at the end…….

    worth to watch i think

  131. 131 : issa Says:

    haven’t seen korean version….but i love the jap, i hope it is good like the orig.

  132. 132 : Malieka Says:

    i really loved the japanese version of this drama, especially the ‘Chiisana Koi No Uta’ song! i hope the korean version will be just as daebak (Y)

  133. 133 : ajan Says:

    any please.. can i know the last episode ending theme or song? nice song…

  134. 134 : 유승호 / Yoo Seung Ho | Catatan Harian Says:

    […] You @ I Miss You (MBC, 2012)Arang and the Magistrate (MBC, 2012)Operation Proposal (CSTV, 2012)Warrior Baek Dong Soo (SBS, 2011) Flames of Ambition (MBC, 2010) God of Study (KBS2, 2010)You’re […]

  135. 135 : Onna Says:

    both leads dont have chemistry. tsk. anyway i will try to watch this for YSH

  136. 136 : ausery Says:

    just realized that park eun bin was yoo seung ho’s wife in queen seon duk

  137. 137 : Korean Drama Review OP – Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Operational Proposal (2012) 求婚大作战 […]

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