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One Warm Word

One Warm Word 04

Title: 따뜻한 말 한마디 / One Warm Word
Chinese Title: 溫暖的一句話
Also Known as: Kind Word / Good Word
Genre: Family, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 21
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Dec-02 to 2014-Feb-25
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama is about a messy love square between two married couples.

Song Mi Kyung (Kim Ji Soo) is a housewife. Her husband, Yoo Jae Hak (Ji Jin Hee) runs a business and her neighbors are envious of her. One day, she know that her husband is having an affair with Na Eun Jin (Han Hye Jin). She then approaches them carefully. Meanwhile, Kim Sung Soo (Lee Sang Woo) will plays Na Eun Jin’s husband.


Main Cast

Han Hye Jin as Na Eun Jin (Sung Soo’s wife)
Ji Jin Hee as Yoo Jae Hak (Mi Kyung’s husband)
Kim Ji Soo as Song Mi Kyung (Jae Hak’s wife)
Lee Sang Woo as Kim Sung Soo (Eun Jin’s husband)

Eun Jin & Sung Soo’s Family

Yoon Joo Sang as Na Dae Ho (Eun Jin’s father)
Go Doo Shim as Kim Na Ra (Eun Jin’s mother)
Yoon Jong Hwa as Na Jin Chul (Eun Jin’s younger brother)
Yoon Joo Hee as Yoon Sun Ah (Jin Chul’s wife)
Han Groo as Na Eun Young (Eun Jin’s younger sister)
Lee Chae Mi as Kim Yoon Jung (Eun Jin & Sung Soo’s daughter)
Yang Ohn Yoo as Na Hoon (Jin Chul & Sun Ah’s son)

Jae Hak & Mi Kyung’s Family

Park Jung Soo as Madam Choo (Jae Hak’s mother)
Park Seo Joon as Song Min Soo (Mi Kyung’s step brother)
Kim Dae Sung as Yoo Hye Hwang (Jae Hak & Mi Kyung’s eldest son)
Choi Ha Ho as Hye Hwang (Child)
Jun Jin Seo as child Yoo Hye Joon (Jae Hak & Mi Kyung’s second son)


Choi Hwa Jung as Choi An Na (Cooking Class instructor)
Son Hwa Ryung as Ji Hye (Cooking Class student/Eun Jin’s friend)
Kim Hye Na as Young Kyung (Cooking Class student/Eun Jin’s senior)


Kim Jin Soo as bank costumer
Lee Jae Won as lawyer
Yoon Jin Young as Jae Hak’s secretary
Jo Sung Kyu as bank customer

Production Credits

Production Company: HB Entertainment
Chief Producer: Han Jung Hwan
Director: Choi Young Hoon
Screenwriter: Ha Myung Hee


2014 SBS Drama Awards – New Star Awards: Han Groo (One Warm Word)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – New Star Awards: Park Seo Joon (One Warm Word)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Special Acting Actress (Mid-Length Series): Go Doo Shim (One Warm Word)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-12-02 1 6.8 7.1 6.8 7.5
2013-12-03 2 7.3 (19th) 9.1 (16th) 8.4 (19th) 8.8 (17th)
2013-12-09 3 5.6 6.6 6.8 7.8
2013-12-10 4 6.7 8.2 (18th) 8.3 (18th) 9.5 (15th)
2013-12-16 5 5.2 5.7 6.8 7.1
2013-12-17 6 6.9 8.5 (20th) 8.5 (18th) 9.3 (18th)
2013-12-23 7 6.5 8.3 8.5 9.7 (16th)
2013-12-24 8 6.7 8.0 9.1 (16th) 10.0 (12th)
2014-01-06 9 6.5 7.1 8.6 9.3
2014-01-07 10 7.5 8.3 10.5 (12th) 11.8 (7th)
2014-01-13 11 7.7 8.0 9.9 (16th) 11.4 (11th)
2014-01-14 12 8.6 9.8 (18th) 10.2 (16th) 10.9 (11th)
2014-01-20 13 9.2 9.5 10.8 (12th) 12.3 (7th)
2014-01-21 14 8.5 9.6 (15th) 11.3 (12th) 12.2 (7th)
2014-01-27 15 7.5 7.7 9.7 (16th) 10.0 (13th)
2014-01-28 16 7.9 (20th) 8.1 10.5 (13th) 10.4 (9th)
2014-02-03 17 7.4 7.8 9.9 (20th) 10.1 (17th)
2014-02-04 18 9.3 (17th) 10.4 (13th) 10.9 (11th) 11.4 (9th)
2014-02-17 19 7.7 8.3 11.2 (14th) 12.7 (9th)
2014-02-24 20 (<9.2) (<9.2) 8.7 9.7 (18th)
2014-02-25 21 (<6.9) (<7.7) (<7.8) (<8.2)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


– Episode 9 & 10 was originally scheduled to air on 2013-Dec-30 and 2013-Dec-31 but delay to 2014-Jan-06 & 2014-Jan-07 due to award shows and special programming.
– Episode 19 was originally scheduled to air on 2014-Feb-10 but delay a week later (2014-Feb-17) due to the 2014 Winter Olympics.
– Episode 20 was originally scheduled to air on 2014-Feb-18 but delay a week later (2014-Feb-24) due to the 2014 Winter Olympics.


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  1. 1 : Jawa timur Says:

    Pemainnya om-om sama tante-tante, pasti seru tuch.

  2. 2 : Pim Says:

    Ji Jin Hee, Lee Sang Woo, Han Hye Jin, WOW!!

  3. 3 : puput Says:

    lee san woo oppa,,,,,you aren’t the lead actor again. how dissapointing it is 🙁

  4. 4 : mona Says:

    drama about affairs>> fighting!!!

  5. 5 : jury Says:

    The story looks like jtbc’s your neighbour wife which curently airing and it will be head to head soon.

  6. 6 : jury Says:

    And also WTH with One warm word title which I think it’s not suit with the story about cheating couple

  7. 7 : me_nina Says:

    wow..like Japanese Drama: Saiko no Rikon[Great Divorce]..the story around two married couple..

  8. 8 : dian Says:

    who is the main lead actress?Han Hye Jin as Na Eun Jin or
    Kim Ji Soo as Song Mi Kyung, since the synopsis begin with Kim Ji Soo but the movie picture was by Han Hye Jin?

  9. 9 : mal20 Says:

    sorry i don`t like cheating, i don`t support it

  10. 10 : OK OK OK Says:

    ONE WARM WORD can be :

    I love you
    I need you
    Take care
    You are so beautiful
    You are my darling.
    Good morning, good nite.
    Have you eaten.
    Sleep well.
    How are you?
    Are you ok?
    As long as those caring words, not hurtful — all will make you happy and warm. Will have a long lasting marriage… 🙂

  11. 11 : jury Says:

    @10 OKOKOK
    LOL you have long list of one warm word.

  12. 12 : liza Says:

    i want to watch only because of Lee Sang Woo

  13. 13 : zehra Says:

    ı m waiting this drama , I missed ji jin hee :))

  14. 14 : Sandy Says:

    Not sure about this one. One thing I do not like is dramas about cheating spouses–once a cheater, aways a cheater.

  15. 15 : tera Says:

    I love lee sang woo since i watch him in feast of god….
    I really want to see him on screen again, but it’s really disappointing…
    I’ve skip his previous drama because of the cheating theme….
    and for his next drama…he also choose to be involved in the similar character…cheating wife, love square and all that….the kind of story really not in my cup…i guess i’ll have to skip his drama again….

  16. 16 : yuukichan Says:

    ji jin hee , lee sang woo, han hye jin ♡.♡ ♡.♡ ♡.♡

  17. 17 : Princess Says:

    Cnt w8 bcoz of Lsw…… Luv him soooo much 🙂

  18. 18 : devie Says:

    Kim Ji Soo ssi fightin (ง`⌣´)ง
    I can’t to wait this drama.. Kim Ji Soo you’re so beautiful.. (ง`⌣´)ง (ง`⌣´)ง (ง`⌣´)ง

  19. 19 : momO Says:

    I like lee sang woo but sp disappointed tat he is not a main lead again…..

  20. 20 : Joanne Says:

    When are these producers going to cast Lee Sang Woo as the main actor? He’s awesome, great looking, excellent actor, just tired if seeing him secondary. Disappointing.

  21. 21 : japs Says:

    so excited for Han Hye Jin.. this is a different type of drama..looks challenging for her…

  22. 22 : eny Says:

    this is drama, doesn’t mean to support cheating, cheating really happen around us, nothing wrong making a drama about it

  23. 23 : htayapril Says:

    I will watch because of Lee Sang Woo but he is not main lead…so disappointed

  24. 24 : iammee Says:

    I am also disappointed knowing Lee Sang Woo won’t be the main actor here. I hope that after this one, he will get to star on a drama with him as the main lead.

  25. 25 : marika Says:

    ok ok ok I agree.The absence of warm words in any type relationship leads in cheating .

  26. 26 : julia Says:

    what this changing partner?dont like it

  27. 27 : kel Says:

    Wow. First episode is nice. Will be following this drama. Wow

  28. 28 : WO Says:

    Whoa!!! This is one refreshing drama to watch! Not the mushy love fantasy world but the reality of issues that confront couples in real life! Han Hye-Jin plays a very different and mature role. A must watch if you dare to confront your own shadows in life because let’s face it, all of us are capable of infidelity (in relationships and beyond) in one form or another…

    (a bonus is that there are also light hearted comic moments too in this drama!)

  29. 29 : Maria Says:

    When a man wants to cheat, warm words or great wife, they still cheat.

  30. 30 : torri Says:


  31. 31 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @WO -28
    “A must watch if you dare to confront your own shadows in life because let’s face it, all of us are capable of infidelity (in relationships and beyond) in one form or another…”

    I think you should speak for yourself – just because you are capable of that does not mean everyone else are also.


    I think torri is right that Na Eun Jin’s marriage will be saved but that’s mostly because that’s how korean dramas usually turns out. The women who cheats usually gets forgiven (especially if she’s the main character).

    I think Na Eun Jin should have divorced her husband when she found out about the affair – it’s clear she never really had the heart to forgive him (which is TOTALLY understandable) but still decided to live with him.
    I find Na Eun Jin worse than her husband because she’s doing the exact wrong he did while she’s ALSO using his wrong against him. If she decided to keep being married to him she should have put the past behind her and if that was not possible she should have divorced. I also think she’s a shitty mother – yelling at her husband for a divorce while her daughter is sitting in the car…

  32. 32 : Sharon Says:

    I really don’t think because @ WO states that people are capable infidelity that don’t mean he/ she is a cheater. I think He/she might means that no one is perfect and life have a way of testing you. Things happen, we just all have to pray that we are strong enough to resist, if the situation ever rises.
    I totally agree with you, that she should have divorce from the get go, or seriously work on the marriage. She has a daughter to consider and she is being quite selfish and childish.

  33. 33 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I didn’t say he/she was a cheater – I “just” said that because he/she might be capable of doing something like that does not mean everyone else are too.

  34. 34 : Sharon Says:

    Arreso, arreso!!

  35. 35 : onyi Says:

    i think eun ji is doing what she can she is trying her best to make ha family realise that its not just her husband’s fault. she gave up on dia marriage and the other guy seems to be really nice to her but atleast she made a good choice breaking up the affair. the other lady is quite scary. what i do not understand is that who is spying on eun ji

  36. 36 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I only have sympathy for “the other lady” Song Mi. I honestly have no sympathy for Eun Jin at all.
    If Eun Jin really wish to save the marriage she has to come clean about the affair so that the their marriage can honestly start afresh on equal terms if it’s meant to be – right now it’s not on equal terms since she knows about his affair while he is still in the dark. I’m also sure that her husband will find out sooner or later and it’s probably far better for him to find out from Eun Jin. I honestly hope the husband will have a huge smile on his face while giving her divorce papers when he discovers her affair – as in him telling himself ‘I am free’ after being put down so many times by Eun Jin in the last 5 years because of his affair.
    I really really hope Lee Sang Woo will not become that very very understanding man he’s always typecasted as in all of his dramas.

  37. 37 : xxxzxxx Says:

    The worst part is that Eun Jin has experienced the hurt of being cheated on herself and now she’s participating in giving the same hurtful experience to another woman…

  38. 38 : meme Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz who can lead me for the OPening Title of this drama ????

  39. 39 : WO Says:

    @Sharon – Thank you! I think you understood me.

    As a clarification (to @xxxzxxx and anyone else), I referred to infidelity “in relationships and beyond” – meaning I did not limit the term “infidelity” just to adultery (or cheating in a relationship) but unfaithfulness or disloyalty or breach of trust or cheating in any form.

    My point then is that although the theme of the drama touches on infidelity in marriage, if one is truly honest with oneself, one can draw parallels with one’s own lack of fidelity or faithfulness or truthfulness in other areas of life, given that indeed, no one is perfect.

    I usually try to find a deeper meaning to a film or drama, and where possible, reflect and draw on areas of spirituality. Ultimately, grace builds on nature and I hope the story line of the drama would eventually lead to that conclusion too. All the characters (like each of us) are broken and wounded (in varied ways) – I’d like to think this drama would help me ponder further on how we still go on with life with our wounds (do we create more wounds for ourselves and others? or do we seek healing and eventually be wounded healers?) It is my hope the drama will indeed have some redeeming elements.

  40. 40 : Sharon Says:

    I am really not as empathic for MK. She is living a lie, why not confront the situation head on and let the chips fall where they may. She keep telling her husband how much she loves him and he is so indifferent to her. She keeps a clean house and put up with a trifling mother. Yet she acts as if nothing is wrong, then break down bawling in her room!! Tell him!!
    I have a feeling that MK is behind the notes to EJ and the accident.. She has gone through a similar situation growing up with her mom and dad. Her brother is a product of her dads infidelity. I feel there is more to MK than what meets the eye.

  41. 41 : Sharon Says:

    You are welcome!! I too like to look for deeper meaning in a drama.
    I think some people are very adamant about cheating because it might wake up certain insecurities and memories of past experience. As we are all imperfect people we can understand each other and not view thing one way. There are many reasons why people cheat. Some cheat because they can, some cheat because of culture, some cheat due to revenge, Some cheat because they are unhappy in a relationship and so on and so on. On the other hand, there are people who will never cheat and are proud of it!!☺️

  42. 42 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I actually don’t think there are any good reasons for cheating – all the reasons may be reasons for a divorce/break-up but not cheating. It has nothing to do about insecurities or memories of the past (at least for me since I can’t speak for everyone else) – I’ve never been cheated on but I can’t accept cheating anyway. I can’t accept it because I find it so low that someone can do that to a person they “apparantly” love. I don’t think a person who cheats on another person actually loves that person – they may depend on that person and may be attracted to him/her but they don’t love him/her because if they did they would not have been able to cheat on him/her.
    I think now a days people throw out the word love way too lightly. This is probably why the divorce rates are so high.

    I don’t think it’s MK who is behind it all – I think it’s more likely that it’s her brother. I hope it’s the woman who had an affair with EJ’s husband though just so that EJ can see how big a hypocrite she is.

  43. 43 : Sharon Says:

    I believe there are many good reason why people cheat. The reason may not be understandable to you, but to them it’s valid and legitimat. People sometime take each other for granted and cheat , but that does not mean they don’t love that person. Like I have stated before we are all fallible humans that make mistakes. To be cheated on can be the most devestated thing that can happen to a person and picking up the pieces can be hard especially if you were in love. People cheat from the beginning of time until present, will it ever ends , no!
    I don’t feel like it’s her brother. It’s either his wife, or someone they both know. Why was that person following the husband in a black tinted car??

  44. 44 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @Sharon – 43.
    “The reason may not be understandable to you, but to them it’s valid and legitimat.”

    I don’t think they are valid and legitimate reasons to them either – I see them all as excuses to shift focus away from their own wrongdoings upon someone else. It’s a weak act to feel better for themselves.

    I think people give out all kinds of stupid excuses and now a days a lot of people accepts them and accepts people doing heartbreaking stuff to each other by saying ‘we are all flawed’. I’m not saying I’ve never done anything bad because sure I have but I’ve never made excuses for myself nor have I hurt a person who truly trusts me. It’s when people gets the mindset that ‘we are all flawed so it’s okay’ that it becomes the norm to hurt each other. I don’t really care for EJ’s reasons because wrong is wrong and I know someone will reply saying ‘not everything is black and white’ – but for me that’s also a shitty excuse for not accepting when someone does something wrong.

    If you’ve ever been really really in love I’ll just ask you one question – do you think you would be able to cheat on that person?.

    I guess we can conclude that I’m a very unforgiving person while you are far more forgiving than me :P:P.

  45. 45 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahahaha!!! I think you are not as tolerant of others, because I know you have forgiven people, especially love ones.
    There are all kinds of people in this world . We have the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s up to us with our innate instinct to differentiate between the three. If everyone says kill when someone makes a mistake the world would be people less and that includes you and I. We have to be more understanding of others. I am not saying to be a fool, because that I am not, but we have to give and take.
    So, you have hurt someone that didn’t trust you? Maybe they knew you would, that’s why they did not trust you. Hehehe!!
    I agree with you. Although he cheated and the trust was broken within the marriage. What I totally dislike with EJ is her badgering and fighting with her husband for 5 years after the affair, while she herself is having one. I think that’s a low blow!
    I have been really, really in love and still is. Would I cheat??? I don’t know, life throws curve balls and I hope I will be able to stand firm and weather the storm.

  46. 46 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I don’t go around hurting other people – whether they trust me or not. That was not what I meant. I think you meant it as a joke but it’s sometimes hard to tell through written words so I just wanted to make sure :).

    If someone makes a mistake – I don’t think they have a right to be forgiven by the one they have hurt. They might be forgiven but it should never be expected that they are. That’s how I see it. I’m not saying they should be killed or hunted for all eternity – I’m saying the person who was hurt should not be expected to forgive. My opinion is still that people too easily finds excuses for people who does something wrong. If someone does something wrong then they’ve done something wrong.

  47. 47 : Sharon Says:

    It was a joke!! ! Smile a while😄 hahaha!!
    I am not saying wrong doers should go unpunished. What I am saying is with your perception you should be able to dish out the proper punishment. One can differentiate whether the perpetrator is been sincere, or not..
    Honestly, xxxzxxx have your heart been broken before??
    For me it’s not an excuse for wrong doing. It’s just that people do things for all different reason some you understand and some you will never comprehend, but we have give chances, so we can get in return.

  48. 48 : xxxzxxx Says:

    My heart have not been broken but maybe that’s exactly due to my opinions on this matter?. I know that people have reasons for wrongdoings but that does not change the fact that they are doing something wrong. I see them as bad excuses to defend wrongdoings and you don’t – I guess we will not see eye to eye on this matter.

  49. 49 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, I guess we won’t see eye to eye. Give people chances and eventually someone will give you when you really, really need it.
    Have a good day and SMILE!!!😄

  50. 50 : iammee Says:

    I am just watching this drama because of Lee Sang Woo, I can’t seem to miss any drama starring him, although It was a bit disappointing because he was never the lead star on the two previous dramas that he starred him. I wish to see him again next time doing the lead role in a romance/comedy drama.

  51. 51 : zehra Says:

    bence güzel bir dizi, takip ediyorum merakla . Aldatma ve aldatılma duygusunun güzel işleneceği bir dizi olacağını düşünüyorum .

  52. 52 : Nudge Says:

    What makes a mother risk her child’s happiness in pursuit of her own desire for apparent happiness? When there is no guarantee she will be any happier changing partners, we might ask; what compels one who appears intelligent to abandon logic, common sense and a few thousand years of tried and proven traditions?


  53. 53 : Nudge Says:

    But of course that was all in episode #2 and now the story threatens to become a tale of woe revolving around a woman scorned. I hope it won’t be too heavy on the melodrama.

    I like Jin Hee and having seen Hye Jin out of character (as herself) I can say she’s a nice girl with a porcupine-like personality. Handle with care or get pricked, all the while maintaining that smile on her face. 🙂

  54. 54 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I don’t agree that Na Eun Jin is a ‘nice girl’. I know what you mean but being nice when everyone treats you well is not (normally) hard but it’s when everything is not easy people show their true colours on how they act – Na Eun Jin has been acting like a hypocritical bitch who got no problem doing unto others what she herself had felt.

  55. 55 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I might have misunderstood – you might have refered to Hye Jin as a person and not her character in the drama when you said she was a nice girl :).

  56. 56 : Sandy Says:

    At this point, I only feel for the wife who appears to have tried to be a good wife, but has a cheating husband who pursued a relationship with a married woman. The cheating wife, although having gone through the pains of being cheated on by her husband, felt no problem with doing the same thing to another woman. More than that, the cheating wife has a young daughter. If she can’t forgive her husband for cheating on her 5 years ago, then she should have left him. Now she’s running around in fear because someone knows she’s a cheater.

    I’m not sure what the purpose of this drama will be. I especially don’t like the man she’s cheating with–despite the fact he’s one of my favorite actors. People who cheat are selfish–they don’t care who they hurt. The cheating wife really gets on my nerve because the minute she found out that her cheating has been exposed, she immediately breaks up with the cheating husband. Makes me wonder why she’s cheating with him, it wasn’t because she imagined herself in love.

  57. 57 : Nadege Says:

    @ xxxzxxx, I totally agree!!!

  58. 58 : Nadege Says:

    MK is so wrapped up in her marriage that she will end up being destroy by it & potentially her brother too. I hope she sees the light & leave him before it is too late. Her Husband is so cold; I mean he has no remorse that in itself is scary!!! People with no remorse with a sense that they in the right are not ones to tangle with because you will destroy yourself trying to make th understand the pain they inflict on you with their action.

    I thing the person that rear ended Sang Woo & his wife is associated with Sang Woo; it could be his former mistress. I don’t think it is MK’s brother because he appeared suprise in ep 4.

  59. 59 : Sharon Says:

    I am not sorry for the wife, she is crazy.

  60. 60 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t think it’s the x g-friend. Remember, it’s been five years since he had the affair, so I don’t think so. It cold be the mother!!

  61. 61 : katy Says:

    our husband loves another woman , it mean he divorces us from his heart .
    woman like us can not forget so the best solution is divorce our husband .
    marriage without love is not marriage , we always cover the fact our loveless
    marriage and try to find excuses or blame somebody for our problems .
    make it simple , be honest to yourself

  62. 62 : torri Says:


  63. 63 : maknaee Says:

    dear, I’m sorry, but, would you mind turning off your capslock? kkk

  64. 64 : Sharon Says:

    I am sorry, but you had an affair and you are acting like the victim!! JH is soo cold and brass towards MK. She is a really good wife, because I would be Bruce Lee on his ass. Then there is the mother; how dear her treat her daughter in-law like that and MK just go along with it. Can someone shake some sense into her. Divorce him, take him for every penny and live your life.

  65. 65 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “Divorce him, take him for every penny and live your life.”

    This is the kind of attitude I hate from women.
    I agree divorce. I don’t agree about the penny thing. This was an arranged marriage – you can’t force people to love. The husband is wrong that’s for sure but my opinion about alimony still stands that it’s totally outdated and a weak way for women to avoid taking responsibility for their own life and work… The only one I feel sympathetic toward in this drama is MK but alimony is a no-no for me. I think that at the end of the day it was her own choice to go along with the arranged marriage – she does not deserve any alimony. I feel for her though – I really do.

    I’ll also add that the female lead is just like the cheating husband as she too is acting like the victim even though she herself has had an affair.

  66. 66 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “This is the kind of attitude I hate from women.”
    In the heat of the moment I wrote it wrong – it should have come out as following.

    “This is the kind of attitude I hate from SOME women.”

  67. 67 : Sandy Says:

    Sharon @ 64, I am so with you!! At least EJ is feeling guilty about their affair at the moment, we’ll see if that continues, but JH has not shown one ounce of remorse. He’s angry with MK for having him followed. And the MIL who can’t spit her gum out in a trash bin has to spit it out in MK’s hand and then leave her standing on the curb!! They are absolutely so hateful towards her.

    I loved when MK’s brother made JH feel some shame about his treatment of MK, but that same won’t last. I just know that was the best part of this episode.

  68. 68 : Sandy Says:

    Sharon @ 59, I disagree at this point unless the directors change her character completely, but I don’t think MK is crazy. Although this was an arranged marriage, I believe that she loved him. She had two children with him and tried to create a loving home despite being verbally and emotionally abused.

    Actually, MK’s reaction is no different than EJ’s reaction when she found her husband was cheating on her. She found out who the other woman was, text messaged her to leave her husband alone, got in a public argument and brawl with the other woman. I don’t see anything that MK has done that can be classified as crazy.

    Personally, I would have called EJ out in the cooking class for being a hypocrite. Everyone thinks she’s the sweet forgiving wife, when she’s no better than her husband. If she was in the U.S., could be sued for alienation of affection.

    MK is the only one I’m feeling sorry for in this drama. I want her so bad to get control of her emotions and realize she would be happier without him. Look at EJ, she hasn’t forgiven her husband in 5 years. I doubt she’s even been intimate with him during that time.

  69. 69 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I think in one of the episodes he complained that EJ had not been intimate with him since the affair 5 years ago. I’ll also add that it’s obvious that EJ does feel more guilty than JH since she does have a daughter to make her feel more guilty and her marriage was not arranged. This also might make her affair worse (besides the fact that she’s a hypocrite) – both of them are wrong but at least JH does not have a child and his marriage was arranged. This does not negate the fact that he’s doing something wrong though since he accepted the arranged marriage himself and therefore should live his life true to that decision. I’m just trying to say that just because EJ feels more ‘guilty’ does not mean that she deserves any or more sympathy than JH since it might not be because she’s more humane that she feels more guilty but rather that what she’s doing is worse which is why she feels more guilty – it can be seen both ways.
    The fact that EJ’s husband still does not know of her affair might also add to the guilt factor..
    The fact that JH seems genuinely in love with EJ might also be why JH feels less remorseful and it actually seems JH would leave his wife for EJ. It’s usually that kind of excuse people use when they defend affairs – that they are truly in love.

    I think none of the cheaters deserve any sympathy – I’m just trying to make clear that just because EJ feels more guilt does not mean she is any better than JH.

  70. 70 : xxxzxxx Says:

    EJ’s fake innocent smile is also very irritating – at least JH does not walk around with that fake innocence…

  71. 71 : Sandy Says:

    xxxxzxxx @ 69 I agree with your comment, I don’t mean to imply that EJ deserves any sympathy, because I can’t find any for her or JH at the moment. Although JH doesn’t have small children, he and MK have two children in college in the U.S.

    I also don’t feel much sympathy for EJ’s husband. I have to wonder why he became such a heavy drinker over the past 5 years. Is it because of not wanting to be married or not able to reconcile with EJ. Who knows at this point, but something is making him turn to the bottle.

    I truly do feel sorry for MK and hope the writers don’t make her into some evil character and people begin to sympathize with the cheating couple and thereby glamorizing adultery. MK from what I’ve seen so far, does not deserve the treatment she’s being dished out by the husband or mother in law.

    I do think JH thinks he’s in love with EJ, but in reality he doesn’t really even know her. There time together has been stolen moments here and there. I don’t see how he can quickly fall in love with person he doesn’t know–heck, he doesn’t even know his own wife of 20 plus years. He is so ready to believe the worse about her.

    EJ has a loving extended family who would have supported here 5 years ago if she had left her husband–which I would have after the public fight with his mistress and he couldn’t make up his mind. It appears she left him emotionally, mentally and physically but not literally.

    MK on the other hand, doesn’t have an extended family to fall on to help support her; she only has her brother who she’s currently supporting in this marriage. I can understand her fear of losing everything, but I would have to step out on blind faith with the help of my brother and leave that cold marriage. I would also hire a top attorney and take JH to the bank.

  72. 72 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I agree with most of your comment Sandy and I think you kind of answered your own question in the same time. It seems EJ’s husband turned to the bottle because of “it appears she left him emotionally, mentally and physically but not literally.”

    I’m also praying that MK will not be turned into some evil character – she deserves better than that.

    I also agree with the love part – about JH falling in love too fast. I think in real life people throw out the love word too fast without really being in love. This is not only a fault in the drama it happens in real life also. I don’t think people can really fall in love this fast as you said but since the rules in dramas are made by the writers I really do think JH is supposed to be genuinely in love or at least think he is genuinely in love as you said – his cheating is still wrong (don’t get me wrong :)).

    I only really have sympathy for MK also – she’s the only one I’m really wishing for a happy ending. I would not have felt any sympathy for EJ’s husband if it had not been for the fact that I think EJ is far worse than him. If EJ had just divorced him then I’d not feel any sympathy for him at all but what she’s doing to him is emotional torture. He did that 5 years ago also by having an affair but EJ has tortured him emotionally because of that for 5 years and then she throw in her own affair also which just add to that torture and totally overdo his mistake.
    I hope none of the couples stay together but if one do (which I think since the writer probably will not let both couples divorce) then I hope it’s MK and JH (I think it will be EJ and her husband though). This might sound weird considering how JH has been treating MK and they being the couple originally ‘not in love’ but my reasoning is exactly because of that. EJ and her husband got together in the first place because they were ‘in love’ with each other but her husband still managed to cheat on her after she had been (according to him at least) distant for only a year. Then EJ still go on with the marriage and even though she was supposed to be in love with him at one point still manages to torture him for 5 years as penance and to top it off even has an affair of her own.
    The MK and JH marriage is different because they (at least for JH’s side) were never in love. JH never considered himself in love with MK so him acting like a fucking asshole towards her is him acting like this towards someone he does not love. This fact is very important I think. I’m not saying it’s okay to act like this towards someone you don’t love I’m just trying to say that we’ve never really seen how he would treat MK if he actually loved her. EJ and her husband already had their chance while being in love – MK and her husband never had that chance.
    The marriages should ideally both end in a divorce though (since I don’t think JH actually deserves that chance of loving MK and I would probably find it unconvincing also..) but I don’t think the writer has that kind of courage (how I wish he has!) – they mostly don’t.

    “I would also hire a top attorney and take JH to the bank.”

    I still have no sympathy for that and I think women should chose whether they want to be equal or have rights like alimony. I know alimony can be given to men also but women are honestly the ones who mostly gets it – even if they can work for themselves.

  73. 73 : xxxzxxx Says:

    Oh yeah and Kim Ji Soo is an amazing actress. If you have the time I think you should watch ‘This Charming Girl’.

  74. 74 : Sharon Says:

    You are correct!!! JH don’t give a darn about MK right now. She should divorce him and take him to the cleaners with his ungrateful mother. I did like the fact that her brother told JH off! The brother states to JH that could eny her just take care of her because she is drunk. I could tell he felt bad. I also believe that JH is not in love with her. I think she loved him from the start, but JH entered into marriage because of his father wish.

  75. 75 : Sharon Says:

    Here you are! I left you a Christmas greetings on the other thread.
    What you have to realize women are totally different than male when it comes to certain things. Have you heard the saying there is nothing like a womans scorn. A woman will try her best to hurt you as much as she has been hurt, or even more. She also knows where it will hurt the most and she will attack that area. Especially, a man that’s cheap and don’t want to let go of his money, that where she will attack to get some satisfaction. Not all woman take this route. Some woman also chest on the spouse, while others will divorce once they fines out there is no chance given, while some will forgive and try to make the marriage work. Sorry if you feel that way xxxzxxx
    But that’s just human nature.

  76. 76 : Sharon Says:

    JH has 2 boys with MK!! You are right, JH seems to be in love with EJ therefore, he has no desire for MK. I wonder how their relationship was before the affair, because this will give more of an insight on who and how they are. I believe EJ is just realizing how important her family really is and not to mention she’s worries about what people think about her, so after receiving the threatening letters she began to realize that she could be exposed and what will people think about her.
    I think MK and JH will get a divorce in the end. The kids are grown up and there is nothing to really keep them together, or he/she might die in the story. However, I do believe that Kdrama are pushing the envelope a little, so the writer may take the chance.

  77. 77 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @Sharon – I was already told about those two kids by Sandy but had forgotten about it – it does not really matter to the situation of JH cheating though since none of them actually live with their parents and also are older. You wrote it yourself; “The kids are grown up and there is nothing to really keep them together”.

    @Sharon – “A woman will try her best to hurt you as much as she has been hurt, or even more. She also knows where it will hurt the most and she will attack that area. Especially, a man that’s cheap and don’t want to let go of his money, that where she will attack to get some satisfaction. Not all woman take this route. Some woman also chest on the spouse, while others will divorce once they fines out there is no chance given, while some will forgive and try to make the marriage work. Sorry if you feel that way xxxzxxx
    But that’s just human nature.”

    This is something that does not make sense to me – I don’t really care about a saying. It’s a very very lame and weak excuse by calling it a human nature. I think you can call it whatever you wish to but it’s still low and wrong for women (and men) to get alimony as long as they have a right to work. It has nothing to do with being cheap either. Why should someone freely give out money to other people who are able to work – it makes no sense. I can understand an angry woman or man wanting to get revenge trying to go for the money but the law should not celebrate and enforce such wrong and low behavior – the sad thing is that both you and Sandy seemed to celebrate/wish for it too. If you don’t want equality and free work for women then sure keep alimony but as long as both genders can work then it’s low and wrong to still celebrate alimony – especially as means of revenge….

    I agree with the fact that EJ is scared of being found out and lose her very very irritating fake innocence – this point is def. also adding to her having more guilt than JH. I already wrote that indirectly though when I wrote that; “the fact that EJ’s husband still does not know of her affair might also add to the guilt factor..”

  78. 78 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I can accept MK getting some kind of initial! compensation because of JH’s cheating which has let to the divorce because I do feel very sorry for her but she should not get any monthy! alimony after the divorce.

  79. 79 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I don’t wish for it because of revenge either though – it should be because of all the years she has been faithful to JH.

  80. 80 : Sharon Says:

    I understand your plight, but that’s just the way it is. Everyone is going to choose to deal with a situation the way they wish. Yes, we can give our opinion on how it should play out. However, in the scheme of things people are going to use methods that’s comfortable, profitable and cause the least pain. As we can see with the character in this drama everyone is dealing with the situation the best way for them.

  81. 81 : katy Says:

    agree with Sharon

  82. 82 : Sharon Says:

    ES look so terrible, can guilt make you that sick, or us it embarrassment. I think ES should confess to her parents and her husband about the affair and make up her mind to accept whatever punishment that’s dished out to her. That the only way she will be free!! I am glad she told him like a woman. I have so much mixed emotions about this. The husband has to also realized that he has cheated too and draw strength from that if they want to keep the marriage together.
    ES’s husband is going to call MK’s husband. Now, it’s getting interesting.

  83. 83 : Jyenie Says:

    This drama is getting like Fatal Attraction but it’s the ‘lover’ who is suffering this time. Somebody is trying to plant the guilt feeling into ES, it has ballooned as soon as she was introduced to JH by MK, she is so horrified to the core, all the feelings of shames, pride, lies, darkest secret, embarrassment are rushing down on her at once!

  84. 84 : xxxzxxx Says:

    It’s ugly to watch how they show EJ being sick because it has no effect on me – she did something wrong knowing full well what she was doing and now she’s sick because of it? – I can’t feel any sympathy from that. I think EJ deserves every misery coming her way.

    “The husband has to also realized that he has cheated too and draw strength from that if they want to keep the marriage together.”

    The husband cheated and paid 5 years of emotional torture for that from EJ which is why you can’t reasionalize it like this. If they have to be ‘even’ then the husband first have to torture EJ for 5 years like she did to him… EJ kept putting him down time and time again over those 5 years while she herself had that fake self-righteous grin on her face the entire time afterwhich she has an affair too. The way she told him about it was kind of stupid also with the romantic dinner set-up and all.
    The ‘he cheated too’ excuse does not really work when the other part (EJ) kept torturing her husband because of that mistake for years before doing the cheating herself.

  85. 85 : Sharon Says:

    What should they do??? I know EJ was a hypocrite big time. What should be done now!

  86. 86 : Jyenie Says:

    Whether DJ is sympathetic or not is another story, the main thing is how they handle their life crisis! I understand that they have to go through stages of emotion but eventually they must come to a point to really deal with it! So it’s good that EJ is confessing to SS in order to move on, his reaction is expected but now what should they do next? They have to forgive and forget if they still want to keep the marriage and grow stronger from there or else getting a divorce is not a bad idea at all if the betrayed one doen’t want to forgive and forget. The same thing applies to JH-MK couple. Life is too short to feel miserable for too long!

  87. 87 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “They have to forgive and forget if they still want to keep the marriage and grow stronger from there or else getting a divorce is not a bad idea at all if the betrayed one doen’t want to forgive and forget.

    I agree with this but that is also why this drama only has one real option for me.

    “Whether DJ is sympathetic or not is another story, the main thing is how they handle their life crisis!”

    I don’t agree because if she’s not sympathetic for me (which she is not) then I don’t feel sorry for her and then I can’t wish for any happiness for her which leads to me not wishing for her to be forgiven.

    There is only one possible ‘good ending’ for me now and that’s a divorce… It will be too pathetic a marriage for me to actually root for them to stay together. I can’t – as mentioned – hope for EJ to be forgiven because she has been too big of a hypocrite and she took it too far. It has been seen over those 5 years how far her own ‘forgiveness’ and staying together with SS reached – based on that she does not deserve any sympathy or forgiveness from SS herself.

    I feel sorry for the child but ony a divorce is an option for my taste.

  88. 88 : Jyenie Says:

    @xxxzxxx 87
    “I don’t agree because if she’s not sympathetic for me (which she is not) then I don’t feel sorry for her and then I can’t wish for any happiness for her which leads to me not wishing for her to be forgiven.”

    Honestly and seriously, what you, me or others think about EJ and our opinions are not important to her at all, she doesn’t need to give a fly because we are not significant at all in her life. This explains why she has always appeared to be happy and innocent in her marriage in front of her cooking class ajumma friends and family because she cares too much how she is perceived by others. The people who know the truth like you, the prettier ajumma and MK will find her hypocrite which I disagree as she has not bashed any couples who commit adultery, she just goes with the flow in the subtle way whenever her ajumma friends bring up this kind of topic.
    Since she is so worried sick and horrified to the core about the affair, I think it’s good for her to confess to her husband. A series of incidents have made her feel guilty of her affair, she has already stopped seeing JH and now she is asking for SS’s forgiveness, she wants to keep the marriage and also for the sake of her daughter. The ball now is in SS’s hand, it’s up to him how he wants to handle this situation after sweeping all the dishes and glasses to the floor. After trying his best for a few rounds and he still thinks he can’t handle it, then divorce is the option. As I mentioned before, life is too short to be miserable for too long 🙂 This is especially so for MK.
    I think the moral of this drama is “never say never until it’s happening to you and how those people handle the crisis when they themselves are in that kind of situation.”

  89. 89 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “Honestly and seriously, what you, me or others think about EJ and our opinions are not important to her at all, she doesn’t need to give a fly because we are not significant at all in her life.”

    I know but this is not really about her personally since she’s not alive – it’s about people acting like this :). This goes for everyone who gives an opinion on a show I think :). I just state how I see people like this and what I think about them – just like you are.

    “The people who know the truth like you, the prettier ajumma and MK will find her hypocrite which I disagree as she has not bashed any couples who commit adultery, she just goes with the flow in the subtle way whenever her ajumma friends bring up this kind of topic.”

    EJ is a hypocrite that one is certain at least and for me it’s not even debatable because it’s so crystal clear… EJ is a hypocrite concerning SS cheating five years ago with her punishment of him and then following her own cheating all the while acting innocent. EJ is a hypocrite the way she confronted that other woman her husband had an affair with and then she herself goes out and becomes the other woman to MK.

    “Since she is so worried sick and horrified to the core about the affair, I think it’s good for her to confess to her husband.”

    This only happened once she was at the risk of getting FOUND OUT. I think you explained it yourself also by writing the following.

    “This explains why she has always appeared to be happy and innocent in her marriage in front of her cooking class ajumma friends and family because she cares too much how she is perceived by others.”

    It’s when she was about to be found out that all this guilt and being ‘sick’ happened…. – no sympathy from me.

    I wrote in another thread that EJ is in a ‘no man’s land’ concerning her affair and I’ll just add it here.

    “If it had been for love (the affair) then she (EJ) would not have cut JH off as soon as she became scared of being found out and shamed. If she really loved her husband she would not have tortured him for 5 years and top it with an affair.
    These actions have placed EJ in a ‘no man’s land’ and this is why I can’t accept the marriage to not end in a divorce and I can’t accept EJ to end up with JH either – her choices have left her hanging out to dry.”

    “now she is asking for SS’s forgiveness”

    – which I don’t think she deserves (my post 87).

  90. 90 : Sharon Says:

    Your solution is a divorce!?
    I believe if one can save the marriage one should.
    They are still in love with each other and if the love is there they will come to a solution. The thing about people today is that they take love too lightly and forget that love is not just a feeling it goes way beyond that. Love is forgiveness, understanding, kindness, acceptance, forgetfulness and patience. People are human they do hurt and get angry, but after that then what?? Because you do cross that hurdle, you do heal, you do smile again. Now what!! Give up on your marriage? Yes, if you are no longer in love, or feel love for each other. However, if you still love each other fight for your love, fight for your family. It’s not going to be easy, but with patience and spiritual understanding love will conquer all. That’s what I believe.

  91. 91 : dtdt Says:

    The name of the TV series is “warm word” so eventually, at the end the couples would stay together, they only need to say the warm word sincerely which they failed to do so.

  92. 92 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I believe if one can save the marriage one should.

    No – not if I don’t find the marriage worth it – I have already given reasons as to why I don’t.

    They are still in love with each other and if the love is there they will come to a solution.

    The love that was so strong that she was able to punish her husband for 5 years while playing miss innocent after which she has an affair herself. (I’m being sarcastic about love so strong..).

    “Love is forgiveness, understanding, kindness, acceptance, forgetfulness and patience.”

    It’s like that for people who are worth it – this does not include EJ. Why fight for someone who is not worth it. EJ was not willing to fight for SS those 5 years – so why should he.
    You have to ask yourself – will I be more happy staying in this marriage or get a divorce and maybe fall in love with another girl who is actually worth it. In SS case staying in the marriage is def. not worth it – especially not after EJ made it as if she had feelings for JH.

    “The thing about people today is that they take love too lightly and forget that love is not just a feeling it goes way beyond that.”

    If you actually consider what SS and EJ have for each other as love then you are the one taking love too lightly.. The husband cheat on his wife after she according to him has ‘neglected’ him for a year. Then the wife spend 5 years emotionally torturing him and at last finish it off with an affair of her own – what great love they have.

  93. 93 : Sharon Says:

    Like I said! If they still love each other fight!! People are fallible creatures, so in the midst of love come temptation. Some people look temptation in the eye and said no, while others fall.
    It’s up to the individual who are in the relationship to decipher if it’s worth saving, or not. I think they should save their relationship, because they still love each other. Not to mention, they have a child.

  94. 94 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I think the difference between us is what we consider as love. I don’t consider what they have as love – at least not a love worth fighting for. I also think you are watching the relationship from EJ’s point of view while I’m basing it on SS. If I was EJ I’d want SS to forgive me too since she’s the person in the most wrong. If I was SS I’d never want to forgive such a woman…
    – SS spend 5 years trying to save/correct his mistake for no results what-so-ever but instead he got emotionally beat down again and again by EJ and now you want him to fight/save/correct EJ’s mistake after those 5 years of agony..? In my opinion it’s just not worth it.

  95. 95 : katy Says:

    my humble opinion ,
    JH -MK couple married out of arrangement , no love foundation . They live as dutiful husband and wife , MK loves her husband but JH never loves her back ,
    quite pitiful .

    EJ -SS married out of love , good foundation from the beginning , SS made mistake , if Ej can not forgive SS she should divorce him , not keep living and torture each other to the point there is no more love left .

    From first few episodes . EJ said she loves JH more than her husband and when she admitted to SS she also said she had affair not bc she wants to revenge SS , it means she loves JH .

    I really feel sorry for 4 characters here ,
    Divorce is not tattoo , JH should not prison MK in loveless marriage , Mk should not try to win JH heart , men if they don’t love us they don’t love
    us , don’t waste your time bc out there there are someone love us .

    EJ-SS try to work on their marriage but if they fail then divorce this the best solution .

  96. 96 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I think you are kind of contradicting in that you write that MK should not try to win JH’s heart but you at the same time think EJ-SS should try to work on their marriage. This is after you’ve stated yourself that EJ loves JH more than her husband.
    I think it’s just as much a waste for SS to work on his marriage as it is for MK to work on hers.

  97. 97 : katy Says:

    i think back , you are right ,


  98. 98 : Sharon Says:

    I really don’t think EJ loved JH . I could be wrong! But I think she was driving on hurt and that make you more venerable to temptation. JH came along after the SS affair and make EJ feels like a woman that desirable and push aside her insecurities.

  99. 99 : katy Says:

    @Sharon , if that the case then EJ-SS can work on their relationship.

    what do you think about JH-MK, should they stay in their dutiful
    marriage , as we all know , JH never loves MK in the first place .

  100. 100 : Sharon Says:

    I am not one for divorce, but if it’s not salvageable let it go. I do think MK and JH can work it out, but it will take a lot of time and patience. The question is are they willing? If both are not willing to, or one is willing more than the other it won’t work it may turn out like EJ and SS relationship where MK might cheat.
    MK and JH did not really have a marriage in the first place it was one sided, so the foundation is weak. They would have to start from scratch. Are they willing??

  101. 101 : dramalady Says:

    This drama is under rating. The script is beautifully written and the director presented it very well. They surely have picked the right actors and actresses. They are superb. Every episode I watched twice (see how I was hooked by this drama). A week is toooo long to wait for the next episode. I have not have this feeling for a long time for dramas.

  102. 102 : violet Says:

    human emotion..will stay in the loop and see what happened . TO ERR IS HUMAN TO FORGIVE DIVINE

  103. 103 : violet Says:

    I LIKE LEE SANG WOO very ccomplished actor. ,he portray his role so good.For heaven sake Lee forgive ..everyone make mistake. Go see an expert change paradigm on how you feel both of of you need counselling. Infidelity survive its how both of will take after .If there is love remain save it.

  104. 104 : Sharon Says:

    You are a girl after my heart!!! Save it!

  105. 105 : chika Says:

    the story this drama similiar with bollywood movie kabhi alvida na kehna…please to be creative…

  106. 106 : Jyenie Says:

    Ha ha, Lee Sang Woo made a brief appearance in Let’s eat ep 8 :). He was at the lawyer’s office for contesting his divorce, he told the lawyer, ” My wife said our marriage could have been saved if I had said one warm word to her.”

  107. 107 : jewles Says:


    That’s so cute! 🙂 I love when actors make cameo appearances in other shows and sort of make fun of themselves or play on the roles they are know for.

  108. 108 : paRangCute Says:

    this drama was so great…i don’t care about the rating..it’s just a number..

    but this drama leave a big impact to me…i so pity to SMK and KSW…with her mother in law and her husband…


  109. 109 : paRangCute Says:

    this drama show us about the reality in our life…i have no idea if i were them..i mean how we are going to solve this problem if our partner love and give all his heart to someone else?

    i’m so speechless when EJ said that she love YJH….

    i think divorce is the best way…and if YJH is the best man like EJ told her mother, he won’t cheat his wife and will love his wife until he died..

    and i think if EJ and YJH get married they won’t live happily ever after, after what have they done in their first married..!!

  110. 110 : jjetjakarta Says:

    Worth watching drama shall give positive messages for its viewers. This one??.. How odd.. using love as an excuse for infidelity? Worthless drama, I say.

  111. 111 : Pam Says:

    this is the real life ,
    i agree that they should divorce , not to be with anyone else , but to be alone
    for now .
    Foundation of marriage is love , if they don’t love each other anymore ,marriage life would be the life in prison !
    the the best solution is divorce , they can not stay in marriage bc of their
    extended family need .

  112. 112 : fourgreenrose Says:

    Thank you Ha Myung Hee. The story line is really great. The korean actors are very good in most of dramas, but only few kdramas have a good story line.

  113. 113 : vareena Says:

    If 2 people living together w/o love, it just a waste of life. It is not their fault that EJ and JH felt in love, I think JH married his wife on arranged married, so there were no love involve and he did a wonderful job as a good father and son and to his wife, but w/o love, it is just painful, and later he did tried to make it up to her but it’s too late. As for MK, she is a perfect wife and she expect a perfect husband (in this world no body perfect) to love her as she loved him, so she could not take it. As my opinion she should be by herself. b/c she never find any one perfect unless you live in fantasy world.

  114. 114 : Sharon Says:

    I think the last two eps were boring and annoying! MS need to get over it and try to work out his relationship and live for himself. EJ gets on my nerve, she doesn’t try or put any effort in making her marriage work.

  115. 115 : peyutnduy Says:

    Don’t know why I’d like to see the younger couple (EJ & SS) keeps on being married but the older couple separated. I guess it was because JH & MK are too serious and they were trying too hard to become a couple who wasn’t united by love.

  116. 116 : Pam Says:

    Agree with Vareena ,

    JH-MK should divorce ,.
    EJ- SS should work thing out if they still love each other and can forgive each other .
    I did not agree with EJ father , we marry bc we need each other help when
    we get older , very wrong foundation for marriage .

    EY- MS , I find it annoying , MS got angry and committed murder
    act , this is very dangerous personality , if he marry to EY , if one day EY would love another man he would kill both of them out of his anger ..
    Thanks for all comments .

  117. 117 : Goya Says:

    So much bitterness in this drama. Cannot take it anymore. Goodbye !

  118. 118 : Bb Says:

    Only dramas with young handsome actor will get high rating 🙂 other than that, never. No matter how good the story is.

  119. 119 : hani_kl Says:

    the story is simple but with the touch of a very good director and a very good dialog it comes out to be a very good drama indeed.i’ve had the same experience as Mi Kyung unfortunately,the words uttered in the drama were exact,precise,and straight to the point as what i’ve said.brings back memories of the hurting times.
    kudos to all the crews esp director,script writer.

  120. 120 : paRangCute Says:

    can someone tell me did Na Eun Young and Song Min Woo getting married after they know the truth about the affair??

  121. 121 : paRangCute Says:

    can someone tell me did Na Eun Young and Song Min Woo getting married after they know the truth about the affair???

  122. 122 : Jewles Says:

    @120 paRangCute

    You won’t findout about them until the last episode which will be on air on 2/24{??}

    I think this show is about rediscovering each other and loving each other again through the hardship in their marriages.

    Both couples thought that they lost each other and their love for each other, but as they are going through the process of disolution of their marriage, they are learning new things about each other and what each other needed in the marriage.

    I was so touched that YJH finally realized that his wife was also as lonely as he was in the marriage when they were at the hotel by the beach.

  123. 123 : Mytran Says:

    Its such a great movie. I am so surprised abt the rating, how can it be so low? The script, actors…are very good. Im very impressed with Kim Ji-soo (as Song Mi-kyung in this movie). She has portrayed realistically how an wife got pain in such situation! Very good movie 🙂

  124. 124 : Mytran Says:

    Its such a great movie. I am so surprised abt the rating, how can it be so low? The script, actors…are very good. Im very impressed with Kim Ji-soo (as Song Mi-kyung in this movie). She has portrayed realistically how an wife got pain in such situation! Very good movie 🙂

  125. 125 : kimchilee Says:

    This drama has all to substance that married couple not faithful to each other should watch.. casual flings, guilty conscience, anger, agony, picking up the pieces and moving forward. The dialogues and feelings that is experienced from both parties are well said and acted out and also the one who committed the acts.. it is said what goes round comes round.. so this drama has all these factored in..

    Kudos to the writer who kept this otherwise dull slow drama into a more intellectual drama where the dialogues itself managed to keep this drama interesting.

  126. 126 : Sharon Says:

    I am, so happy that the couples are working on their marriage. Sometimes people get lost in their everyday life and loose track of what’s important. Like, taking the other for granted, stop communicating and lack romance. Sometimes life wake us up to face reality and focus on what’s really important, Love and family.

  127. 127 : aulia Says:

    hate women like na eun jin with her face not guilty after destroy another women married …..

  128. 128 : chin Says:

    total have 21 episode or 20 episode

  129. 129 : ann Says:

    the ending episode is 20 or 21… why i can find the e21 ?

  130. 130 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    So far I am not connecting to either one of the fourth people . I basically also don’t like Na Eun Jin. I don’t know why either man likes her. She has no redeeming qualities plus her nostrils are huge and that only means that she’s had a nose job which makes me like her even less!

  131. 131 : kimchilee Says:


    I think you are being unfair to just criticise Eun Jin.. it takes 2 to clap and the MAN is also equally at fault! why always blame the woman.. as if they dont suffer enough.

    @130-Lucy Applestone,
    Eun Jin is very good actress here.. you dont like her looks.. but look at her overall acting.. she’s ok.

  132. 132 : Yankee Chingu Says:

    I think Korea should pass laws like Saudi Arabia where when you cheat you get stoned. That means that Mi Kyung and the Keejeebeh are the only ones in this show that will survive. Oh yeah, and please stone the mother-in-law.

  133. 133 : KoJangee Mi Gun Says:

    You can watch Episode 21 at: http://www.viki.com/tv/20295c-a-word-from-warm-heart It is not a true episode but interviews, teasers and Bloopers. Thank you Viki.com for the English Translations. Question: Why are Korean Women so beautiful, that is not fair, I want to marry all of them.

  134. 134 : reindeer song Says:

    Pam, Isn’t that the mentality of Koreans? You marry in the hopes when you get old your spouse will look after you, those words has been inbred into young women and men, you are not marrying for love but a business to be elivated into society, that is utter greed and nonsense, make sure you bring into the marriage enough money and status to educate your spouses lazy family menbers and ignore your parents. It a dwarf system, looking in from the outside makes me cringe.
    No wonder some spouses cheat. I do not advocate cheating but they did not chose their partners it is a business transaction, that will grow on you.

  135. 135 : Dev78 Says:

    I likes more eun young and min soo couple , they cute ,sweets, and fun. Hope can see them in another drama as a couple again

  136. 136 : caye Says:

    I love it very much !!!

  137. 137 : 爱上鱼 Says:


  138. 138 : Seo Naeun - trondolo site - trondolo site Says:

    […] One warm word – koreandrama.org – korean drama, » warm word » korean drama synopsis, details, cast info korean drama tv series. File Name : One Warm Word – KoreanDrama.org – All About Korean Drama Source :www.koreandrama.org Download :One warm word – koreandrama.org – all about korean drama […]

  139. 139 : One Warm Word Says:

    saya suka drama ini..

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