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One Mom and Three Dads

Title: 아빠셋 엄마하나 / One Mom and Three Dads
Also known as: Three Dads and a Mother
chinese title : 三个爸爸一个妈
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-Apr-02 to 2008-May-22
Air time: Wednesday & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


Song Na Young and her husband, Jung Sung Min, desperately want a child but her husband is unable to get her pregnant. Her husband’s friends decide to help them. But Na Young suddenly loses her husband in an accident and she gives birth to her daughter but does not know which of her husband’s friends fathered her child. The father of Na Young’s child can either be Han Soo Hyun, Choi Kwang Hee, or Hwang Kyung Tae.


Eugene as Song Na Young
Jo Hyun Jae as Han Soo Hyun
Jae Hee as Choi Kwang Hee
Shin Sung Rok as Hwang Kyung Tae
Kim Bin Woo as Park Seo Yeon
Joo Sang Wook as Jung Chan Young

Extended Cast

Jang Young Nam as Noh Hee Sook
Go Do Young as Jang Joo Mi
Jun So Min as Nam Jong Hee
Lee Hui Do as Song Mong Chan (Na Young’s father)
Park Chil Yong as Han Bong Soo (Soo Hyun’s father)
Jang Jung Hee as Lee Jin Nyeo (Kwang Hee’s mother)
Yang Hee Kyung as Hwang Soon Ja (Kyung Tae’s mother)
Kim Jin Tae as Park Dae Seok (Seo Yeon’s father)
Yoon Sang Hyun as Jung Sung Min
Lee Ye Sun as baby Ha Sun
Kim Byung Man as French cook (ep7)
Lee Chae Eun as Na Young’s friend

Production Credits

Scriptwriter: Jo Myung Joo (조명주)
Producer: Lee Jae Sang

Official Site



  1. 1 : ayana Says:

    omo… i love all 4 of them..

  2. 2 : melanie Says:

    can’t wait to watch eugene’s new drama
    been a while since watching her dramas
    only thing that’s don’t wanna watch are the main guys
    think they’re ugly and don’t match eugene!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3 : Goody Says:

    JHJ…! love his smile best…

  4. 4 : gtgret Says:

    finally jae hee is back on screen!!! i will defitnely be watching this!!!

  5. 5 : idril Says:

    oh God!!! cant hardly wait for JHJ…. i love him so much and i love eugene too……

    Thanks for the producer who bring back our JHJ…. SARANGHAE!!!!!!

  6. 6 : shirley Says:

    i’m so excited about this new
    i really like the main cast, both actor and actress…
    the synopsis was also very unpredictable…
    i hope this drama will be enjoyable…

  7. 7 : Chris Says:

    Hae Jee is back, I love him in “Witch”. Hopefully he will pair up with Eugene on this one.

  8. 8 : krissyang Says:

    Isn’t the story somewhat like the Hollywood movie, ‘3 Men & A Baby’?

  9. 9 : C_slim Says:

    I really don’t like Eugene but since Jo Hyun Jae is here I might watch the series. I love Jo Hyun Jae.

  10. 10 : Eugene Says:

    C_slim, what did you say?

  11. 11 : sany Says:

    Some body watch this movie? is it good ????

  12. 12 : harokitty Says:

    cool guys, found a new korean drama video web site. http://www.video2ding.com. finally one with good quality vids

  13. 13 : Paper Walls Says:

    Wow… Jae Hee is back again on screen.
    But the synopsis doesn’t sound really interesting, or… am I wrong ??
    If someone or somebody already seen it, please give me a response.
    Is it really worth to watch or not…

  14. 14 : Janice Says:

    this drama will be showing on this coming 2th of April.

    Nobody ever watching it yet.

    but you can watch the preview and also get the info in http://www.threedadsonemom.com/

  15. 15 : Goody Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae I really like your acting, especially in Seodongyo….

  16. 16 : bleuzelle Says:

    fudge! cant wait to see this! To Melanie…these guys r ugly???? u need to have your eyes examined! Jo Hyun Jae is simply *sigh*

  17. 17 : Tynice Says:

    omg! i can’t wait to see this drama! i missed eugene. i’m glad she’s back with a new drama:D i also love jo hyun jae and jae hee

  18. 18 : bebe Says:

    I can’t wait to watch this drama with my gergious Eugene and JO HYUN JAE his COOL though. Does anybody watch the NAILED FOX AND ONLY YOU his so handsome. How can say ugly? to Melanie. PLEASE DON’T SAY THAT! and don’t judge people No good. Just watch it! Goodluck and be safe JO HYUN JAE! fr Cal.

  19. 19 : goody Says:

    I’am so in love with Jo Hyun Jae. He’s like the most gorgeous Korean man i have ever known.

  20. 20 : Toral Says:

    i’ll be watching this drama too….this dramas has been made from one of the bollywood film named Heyy Babyy!!!(till i know)

    i am 99.9% sure about it….but even 00.1% can chang my whole belife!!!

    but i know itz made from that bollywood movie!!!

  21. 21 : Lulia Says:

    Hmmmmmm she doesnt know which one of her “husbands” friends fathered her child? sounds interesting.

    keep me posted when the eng subs are available for this drama
    thanks a bunch !D

  22. 22 : Supermum Says:

    When can we watch online with ENGLISH subtitles??? I love to see Eugene and Jo Hyun Jae – he is so good looking man!

  23. 23 : Ishida Says:

    Great drama. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Hope to watch the rest of the video.

  24. 24 : goody Says:

    I love this drama!!..it’s funny and good…..

  25. 25 : jenny Says:

    i’m so in love with this drama. i love eugene and all 4 guys, doesn’t matter who she’ll end up with, they all are great actors and cute. can’t wait to finish this drama

  26. 26 : amy yang Says:

    i love this movie……….hope to see the rest

  27. 27 : totoro Says:

    can’t wait to watch…i luv all of them

  28. 28 : [email protected] Says:


  29. 29 : citi Says:

    Wow! Eugene & the 3 guys… This is most definitely going to be a good one!

    Besides being sweet & pretty, Eugene is such a superb actress. JHJ is really good looking & dashing… JH is so cute & fun… SSR looks so dependable & kind of adorable… This gotta be good!!!

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  31. 31 : mitch pasuquin of dubai Says:

    oooohhhh, it seems that this is nice hah! eugene, change image, huh?.it seems fantastic and it’s not boring.,good start!

  32. 32 : mitch pasuquin of dubai Says:

    Good start ! it’s not boring hah??

  33. 33 : Rowena Says:

    Eugene has one of the most refreshing faces among korean actresses. And, pairing her with the good looking JHJ is something to look forward too.

  34. 34 : dantene1208 Says:

    napanood ko po ang 2 pisodes with eng subs, my gosh , naaliw talaga ako, canT wait for the next episodes!!!!

  35. 35 : Nc0t Says:

    i hope this is the good one

  36. 36 : Nc0t Says:

    i hope this is the good one, i love eugene

  37. 37 : goody Says:

    It’s very interesting to see funny and comedic side of Jo Hyun Jae in 3 Dads and 1 Mom

  38. 38 : goody Says:

    Can’t wait to see this drama with Eng. subtitle….

  39. 39 : Angie~ Says:

    this drama is ridiculios..so childish , unbelievable I do not like the story…

  40. 40 : ME Says:

    I bet that at the end, the baby is actually her deceased husband’s
    and not the other three.

  41. 41 : chabe Says:

    I’m so happy to see Jae Hee & Jo Hyun Jae plus Eugene. This Kdrama is very comical & it has its moods also. I remember the movie 3 men & the baby but for sure the writers made this Korean style that has twists.

  42. 42 : Goong Ju Says:

    Good drama. It’s funny & very entertaining. Love their acting. Well done to all the casts.

  43. 43 : dantene1208 Says:

    if only i can understand korean! im so much addicted to their dramas.they are all good!congrats to all who made them not only the actors and actresses.moreso, thnx a lot for mysoju.com for w/out them i will not be able to watch those dramas!

  44. 44 : miza Says:

    I waiting to watch this drama. Look like good drama

  45. 45 : lucky_star Says:

    anybody here can tell me who is the really one will become that baby dad???

  46. 46 : Eka-Jkt Says:

    watched until episodes 10 already. Well..its very funny yet interesting. I hope Song Na Young will be end up with Han Soo Hyun:) they really fit to each other.

  47. 47 : callie Says:

    it’s so funny.
    i love eugene and jae hee 🙂

  48. 48 : kriska Says:

    i love this drama.i wonder who the real dad is? but i think its hyun jae..but jae hee is ok:)

  49. 49 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    dantene1208, you are so right… without http://www.mysoju.com, I’d be miserable. I too do not understand Korean but LOVE Korean dramas!! This drama promies to be a god one, great actors, just hope it ends strong.

  50. 50 : goody Says:

    in this drama Jo Hyun Jae is having a perfect partner who played by Jae Hee and Shin Sung rok…

  51. 51 : Nang Nang Says:

    I love this drama…definitely will buy the dvd.

  52. 52 : khae-shi Says:

    i like this too…do you know where to buy the DVD???I live in europe

  53. 53 : addy Says:

    hi, i lke this drama but where can i buy the vcd/dvd in Malaysia

  54. 54 : goody Says:

    can anybody here tell me how’s the ending this drama ?
    coz in Korea this drama already end yesterday….

  55. 55 : addy Says:

    hi…….plz help me for this matter

  56. 56 : kk Says:

    Saw the ending just now, I think it is good one given the situation that all 3 of them love Na young. Fair but still wish it would end with a stronger and more obvious story line…enjoy everyone!

  57. 57 : Eka-Jkt Says:

    Hi KK i’m so curious about the ending of this drama. So,at the end, with whom so na young end up? could you please tell me. Thanks a bunch

  58. 58 : agashi Says:

    I love the series. Please, please let me know the ending. Any of the 4 (including the Team Leader) will do. But I prefer the stock broker.

  59. 59 : agashi Says:

    Fair but still wish it would end with a stronger and more obvious story line….

    KK, now you really got me intrigued. Perhaps she ended up with none from the four.

  60. 60 : goody Says:

    Yes i thought she ended up with none from the four……

  61. 61 : kk Says:

    Eka-Jkt, I really want to tell you but don’t really want to ruin the ending for you…however after seeing a few more comments from others…you guys have got it right! She was not with any of them but somehow the ending indicated that she liked one of them a bit more…I hope I have not spoiled for the ones have not seen it…do watch it if you have not, it is a good show!

  62. 62 : agashi Says:

    Please, please…Which one did she like a bit more? I will watch the whole series definitely.

  63. 63 : goody Says:

    I guess….the person who she like a bit more is Han Soo Hyun (JHJ)…

  64. 64 : agashi Says:

    The stockbroker? Good choice. Did she marry someone in the end? or sort of hanging for a possible Part 2?

  65. 65 : goody Says:

    No…she is not marry someone in the end…ughh……..but i dont think that they will make the part 2 for this drama coz JHJ will start his military duty this year for two years….

  66. 66 : agashi Says:

    I am now looking forward to the rest of the episodes! JHJ going to do military service too? Actors like Gong Yoo are presently doing it.

  67. 67 : chenez Says:

    woah!.. i wanna watch this!.. i really like jae hee..

    grabeh.. wala pa akong mahanap na dvd nito!.. haaay!

  68. 68 : pinkx13 Says:

    where could i watch dis complete ???????????? pls………….. help me just e-mail me @ [email protected] pls………. help me find a website that i could watch it complete……….

  69. 69 : goody Says:

    to pinkx13…you can watch this drama at http://www.mysoju.com or http://www.youtube.com...

  70. 70 : geneva Says:

    anyounghasaeyo! waaa! i want to watch this drama because it includes my ultimate korean crush JAE HEE!!! i will definitely watch this drama! ill find a way!

  71. 71 : nayoung Says:

    It has been a week since the ending of One Mom and Three Dads. The final episode had a tv rating of 9.1 nationwide. Even though it was less than 10, personally I feel that it wasn’t that bad considering MBC’s Spotlight and SBS’s Iljimae airing at that time with both having popular stars such as Son Ye Jin and Lee Joon Ki.

    Viewers will ultimately want to know who the father of the baby is. The answer is none of them. Yes, not any of the three; it was not even clear if Na Young’s husband is actually the real father although many said he is. The ending is far from ideal as it just leaves everything hanging there. How can all three of them continue to live with Na Young? It will be quite unrealistic to think all the three guys wanted to stay together with Na Young even though they all knew themselves that they are not the father. Towards the end of the show, a clue was given on who is the guy that Na Young actually likes.

    Aside from the ending, the rest of the show is great. The story is refreshing and funny at times showing how they slowly like haseng (the baby) as they were “forced” to take care of her. All of them acted well especially Ja Hee. And so it has finally ended. As a consolation, I think this drama series is popular on the internet judging from the discussions on the forums I had visited.

    Mini Thoughts

  72. 72 : megumi Says:

    you can buy this dvd One Mom and Three Dads with english subtitle by going to http://www.ebay.com

  73. 73 : megumi Says:

    the final epsiode is that eugene doesn’t end up with anybody she’s not married.she lives with her kid and also with the three guys that are into her. the kid’s really father was the guy that died in the car accident.

  74. 74 : SUGARPOP Says:

    i love this drama, so funny, all the three guys are so lovable especially, hyun jae. it’s just that the ending was not that good. it’s good that none of them was the real father, coz it that happens, na young will feel sorry for her husband.
    i was hoping that eugene ang hyun jae will end up, but sad to say, it didn’t happen…. open ending…… will there be a second season for this despite earning a low viewers rating?
    why not a new drama for eugene ang hyun jae after his military service.

    love hyun jae……

  75. 75 : agashi Says:

    Great idea! Eugene and HJH doing a film together after HJH’s military service.

  76. 76 : agashi Says:

    Nayoung mentioned on an earlier posting that a clue was given on who is the guy that Na Young actually likes.

    Please, please share that clue.

  77. 77 : sleepless Says:

    A delightful series to watch! Loved every minute of it .

  78. 78 : sleepless Says:

    Dying to see the rest of the of the series.

  79. 79 : Leni Says:

    I’m dying to see the rest of the series. If you know where to watch the rest to the episode that’s English sub let me know. here is my e-mail address: [email protected]

    Please… Please… Please…

  80. 80 : sleepless Says:

    I’m still waiting for the rest of the episodes. Saw up to Episode 12 so far and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

  81. 81 : sleepless Says:

    Is the Official DVD out already? If not, then the ebay copy won’t be good.

  82. 82 : sleepless Says:

    I so love HJH! He can adopt to any character given him – may he be a modern day stock broker, priest, rich restaurateur businessman, or even a King. (Off topic – but has anyone seen him on the Ballad of Suh Dong? Another must see series).

  83. 83 : Yugene Says:

    I like Yugene, thanks for KBS, this drama story is very different from others, it show the advance of IVF technique, good new for infertile couples… great drama!! I hope will be on Malaysia TV soon! Eugene, Hyun Jae, Jae Hee, Sung Rok,thanks for bring to us this new drama, cheong-mal-gamsahamnida !

  84. 84 : mygurl Says:

    rugi bto xdpat tgk cite ni kat kbs world coz 2syen…..huhu…..

  85. 85 : Maggie from HKG Says:

    If Na Young re-marry with her manager and keep the friendship forever with 3 guys……and complete her wouderful life^^

  86. 86 : sarah Says:

    really like this drama. missed the earlier episod. where to get the dvd in malaysia. i wish na young will end up with the fund manager cos they look so romantic together and he’s so cool. it would be nice if the father is the fund manager. this drama is different from the other romantic drama. really like Eugene and JHJ, hope they will become real couple.

  87. 87 : Aks Says:

    one mom n three dads rocksss…..its gr888…..awesome…..mindblowing!!! the baby is particularly sweet. the best among the three dads is i feel JO Hyun Jae.. he is so dashing n handsome! also the cartoonist is so cute…and of course the cop is funny
    not 2 forget na-young, she has done justice to her role as a mom.
    but i am sad that the series ended so soon…. can we expect a second season plzzzzzzzzz…..!!??

  88. 88 : poohh Says:

    TO: agashi

    what nayoung is referring…. there is a hint thrown at the last part of the show whom she likes… the handsome stock broker…. because whenever she sees him, she will be blushed… 🙂

  89. 89 : Goong Ju Says:

    It was a great drama. Storyline was touching & heartwarming. All casts were so awesome. Really love this drama eventhough the ending did not seem realistic but that’s acceptable for me. Highly recommand. Bravo bravo bravo

  90. 90 : fan Says:

    this drama was great. i really hope there will b a second season for this.
    it will b great if we know who nayeong marry with..i hope she marry the handsome stock broker.it nice to see them together. its really sweet..

  91. 91 : lizzie Says:

    uhm. excuse me. can someone please tell me what happened in the ending. I only finished until the scene where na young’s boss went to their house to confront the three guys. i slept and i’m so sad because i didn’t finish it. can someone please tell me?

  92. 92 : agashi Says:

    Thanks poohh for the info,

    Although it wasn’t said, it was implied then that Eugene likes HJH more than the others.

    I am soooo pleased.

  93. 93 : agashi Says:

    I’m just wondering if JHJ will make any special movie before he goes into military training.

  94. 94 : Basuha Says:

    I thought the storyline could have been better. I didn’t like the romantic route they took with Na Young and her husband childhood friends. It would have been better if the screenwriter would have focus on how the 3 friends had to adapt to the new man in Na Young and the baby life. As while as dealing with they own love interests. I felt very uncomfortable with any possible of her being with one of the 3 friends, reason being those are her husband childhood friends they watch the love between her and her husband since college thru marriage. To see either one of them replace him in that role was just wrong to me. This work on the America version of 3 Dads and a Baby because the mother of that child was a woman neither men knew or remember. There was no history, love and loyalty in the America version of this drama unlike the Korean version. I couldn’t get past the Director/screenwriter even hinting in that direction especially since there was better, greater aspect they could have developed on.

  95. 95 : Hotshot Says:

    I absolutely LOVED this drama! One of my all-time favourites. I’m nearly at the end of watching it and hope JHJ ends up with Eugene!The characters were soooo funny and cute. I loved the three guys especially JHJ and the cartoonist. I just feel that the show finished too soon though. We needed more episodes for this type of storyline.

    I reeeeallly hope they do a Three Dads One Mom 2 as I feel there’s soo much more they could do with it e.g. JHJ and Eugene being married and seeing their married life. Seeing HaSeon growing up etc. And the other 2 dads can still be involved in Haseon’s life.

    It’s one of those stories that you just want to keep one watching more and more about. I know it’s sad her husband died but this drama shows that life moves on and so far, it seems like Na Young was fated tobe with JHJ’s character as they’ve always had a weird love/hate thing between them. I would like to see them develop a romance.

    Hopefully we will get sequeal to this drama as the story’s great, the actors are AMAZING and there’s just sooo much more we wanna see!

  96. 96 : stellar Says:

    Of all the 2008 dramas that I’ve watched so far, this is the only one that I don’t want to end so soon… It may not be the best show but it most certainly is one of the best so far!

  97. 97 : jangerr Says:

    This show is sooooo good!!! I really enjoyed watching it. All the lead characters – the 3 dads, the mom, her boss, are fantastic!!! I just wish there are more episodes… I really don’t want this show to end…

  98. 98 : denya luvseoul Says:

    Well..two tumbs up for this series! Altough at d first eps wasn’t so yieck.. I’d never pass each eps cause so unpredictable plot! But yes it’s interesting.. at the ending i’m not satisfied really too short! How bout the boss?he’s really cute, i hope na young ends up with him en went to Cuba. But a lil dissapointd she ends up with none guyz! Haseon has grown up so she didn’t really need the 3uncles! A mom is enough except nayoung get marriage again.. Anyway Viva 3dads 1mom! Love it..

  99. 99 : alberto Says:

    A must-watch drama of 2008! Great fun, interesting storyline, superb cast – what more can you ask for?

  100. 100 : kyopta Says:

    i really love this drama!! just finished watching it!.. i love those 3 guys.. i thought that the police was the real dad.. haha!.. i love his character..

  101. 101 : mmtutuy Says:

    First i was little upset with Eugene acting but the story line was great and see the dads love and care for the baby was touching.
    Smart choice not going to Dubai – U.A.E. with the boss.

  102. 102 : SARiNA Says:

    Aww i seen this one. It’s cute and funny but here is a place where you can go watch it with english sub.


  103. 103 : marites gerona Says:

    its boring and the script poorly made.

  104. 104 : jane Says:

    Out of the many Korean dramas out there, this was probably one of the most enjoyable one I have seen in years. I’m sad that it is over because it was something I looked forward to watching. I’m going to miss it!

  105. 105 : jarenz Says:

    One of the most enjoyable drama series ive ever watched so far. Im glad that this series will be shown here in the Philippines thru ABS-CBN. Can’t wait to see Haseon again. Missed all Haseon’s lines in this series.

  106. 106 : kell Says:

    Definitely worth watching!

  107. 107 : jangerr Says:

    Watch this. It’s great fun!!!

  108. 108 : goody Says:

    i like this drama……..

  109. 109 : yj Says:

    like eugene so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. 110 : 2010MAL Says:

    this is 5the best drama i ever watch…love it so much…love jae hee so much….

  111. 111 : lorraine Says:

    love this show!!rly gud!its fun to watch xD im in ep 7 ryt now and i rly rly love it…i wonder who’s the dad…worth watching it !

  112. 112 : inda Says:

    woow…three dads one mom is one of the greatfull korean drama that ive ever seen. when i saw who staring at this drama, i knew that three dads one mom is a good drama.

  113. 113 : inda Says:

    woow…three dads one mom is the one of greatful korean drama ive ever seen. the character of the staring in this film are very cute. stringy person, playboy and a policeman. a wonderfull drama

  114. 114 : Emilza Says:

    Funny drama and relly entertaining. Although, i hope that you jin can be together with her boss because he is so kind….. Too Bad. Wast ae guy like him

  115. 115 : beverly Says:

    this series seems interesting, i hope the real dad would be jo hyeon jae….toinks….. hope ABS-CBN network will televise it so that we can understand and enjoy the flow of the story, it is still fun if it dub in tagalog……..:)

  116. 116 : Mee Says:

    i really really like this drama..
    i hope jo hyeon jae the real dad..
    jae hee so sweet.,
    This drama is very good n i liked it.

  117. 117 : ey Says:

    really love this drama.. just finished watching it yesterday.. its so funny yet very touching..

  118. 118 : keiko Says:

    the plot is really different from other kdrama (other ones are usually about a rich,handsome,nice guy liking a poor girl) however, this one is so different. i really enjoyed it! it is so cute and hilarious, long time havent watch any really good dramas!! this is is one of the best so far

  119. 119 : Col Says:

    This is a very good show and nice ending but only lacking of something.
    Not sure Eugene is with who end of the day….but overall still very good show….

  120. 120 : christinechua Says:

    i really want to know who ends up with eugene among the three guy?who love her the most?

  121. 121 : an Says:

    hey guys watch 1 mom nd 3 dads, fun fun fun to the maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. love it…

  122. 122 : lee je-ni Says:

    yoo-jin’s role is a mother again! hahahaha! but nevertheless, the plot is oh-so-awesome! the three guys are also super duper cool! i wish i was the baby in the series! hahaha! just kiddin’. is this a comeback for jo hyun-jae? hehehe! he snd yoo-jin look so good together. i swear! i wish this series would click here in the philippines. aja! =)

  123. 123 : sandra Says:

    i love you jae hee…

  124. 124 : yoo na il Says:

    hmmm the drama was kujakeure….
    Jo Hyeon Jae is really hot~ chongmalya… chincharu~ *sigh*

  125. 125 : Novi Says:

    I love this drama…very funny…i wonder who the real father of the baby…n who will eugen choose for her husband…

  126. 126 : robert a. Says:

    I love this Korean drama. Very very funny. I’m excited to know if who is really the father. It’s exceptional.

  127. 127 : lina Says:

    it is the best drama that i have never watched.

  128. 128 : andie choi Says:

    i really miss eugene kim. i really like her

  129. 129 : meme Says:

    I havent watched this but reading the synopsis – makes me wonder, cant they just do a DNA test to decide who the father is?

  130. 130 : nel Says:

    wow!!! this korean drama is great!! today is ny birthday and im glad that i know the story already even it is not finished showing in our country… iT’s ok that na young did not marry of those three guys coz they are friends of his husband…

    Funny and very touching!!!!!

  131. 131 : Lilet Says:

    I really love this drama… though bago pa lang ito…
    Super natatawa tlaga ako…
    hehe.. I love Eugene as lizette and Jo Hyun Jae as Jake…
    Sana sila ang mgkatuluyan n d end of this telenovela…
    BEST MATCH silang dalawa…

  132. 132 : jarenz Says:

    i already finished watching this kdrama in KBS World thru cable. And i can assure all viewers na di nila pagsisisihan ang pagpupuyat tuwing gabi para lang mapanuod ito. It is such a hilarious and very funny drama series. Cno makakatuluyan ni Eugene?..answer is WALA. Pero magbibigay ng hint si Haseon(Nicole) kung cno sa 3 daddies ang nagpapaganda ng araw ng mommy nya..So better watch na lang keo..And enjoy every single episode of it.

  133. 133 : iLoveAlexisC Says:

    the real father is her husband..
    it was a real miracle seong min didn’t know

  134. 134 : michelle Says:

    this drama was really funny..I always laugh when Im going to watch it,the three dads are really cute and funny,but for me the im not satisfy with the ending,it shows that the real father is lizette husband,i thought the father of the child is jake,but im wrong and the ending did not show that who of the three will end up with lizette,how sad:(
    I hope there’s a part 2,hehehe

  135. 135 : cey Says:

    Waaahhh!!!! the real husband is the real father!!!! haha!! i thought it was Guangxi or Xiuxin! I love this korean drama!! I love Jae hee!!!

  136. 136 : jarenz Says:

    i don’t think that seongmin was the real dad. because he already insisted at first that he can’t have a child. Also, Haseon claims that it’s not Seongmin her father. I’m pretty quite sure that Seo Hyeon(finance manager) was haseon’s(nicole) real father. He does not tell the other two guys because they might feel sorry for themselves. And as we all know, this is an open ending type of story. So anyone can say their opinion regarding the ending of this korean drama.

  137. 137 : jarenz Says:

    one more thing. I love jae hee’s get-up in this kdrama. He always look good in whatever clothes he wear.

  138. 138 : pat Says:

    my family and i have been watching this series every night and it is soo much fun. i am hoping there will be a real closure in the end. it seems lizette will not end up with any of the 3 guys. im hoping it will be jake because he and lizette look good together.

  139. 139 : MAYROS"MING" Says:

    i really like dis series……….jake and lizatte are so cute…………hope they end up 2geder…………..hahahaha…..i hope jake will be the real dad of the child……………..no argumant……………okey?

  140. 140 : farhana Says:

    am i the only one who thinks that the policeman is HOTT????

  141. 141 : jarenz Says:

    wel, i think its really Soo Hyun(jake) is the real dad of Haseon(nicole). Y? just watch episode 9 where Soo Hyun(jake) merely lost Haseon(nicole) in the supermarket. And readers of these forum might at least agree with me. It’s just that, the writer didn’t reveal it because of the title(3 daddies)…

  142. 142 : april Says:


  143. 143 : april Says:

    i really love this orean drama… lol.
    one of the most enjoyable tv series to watch.. who’s the real father??? it makes me wonder lol..

  144. 144 : izangel Says:

    i love Hwang Kyung Tae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. i wnt 2 marry him……

  145. 145 : firna Says:

    i hope there will be season 2….i want na ying with finance manager..please producer..season 2 please….please…please…

  146. 146 : Ezzie Says:

    I agree with you farhana the policeman si Hot!jeje…
    jae hee as kwang hee is coo cute, love his outfits and his character in this series…
    But Soo Hyeon(jake) is I love the most, he’s handsome specially when he smile, (sigh..) Mr. kuripot. jeje
    I’ve finished watch the series bcoz I can’t wait anymore….but still watching it on ABS-CBN…..

  147. 147 : Miss CUte Says:

    sobra ang ganda talaga ng episode na to sana poh mag karoon ng season 2

  148. 148 : karasashanna Says:

    i super like this series, bad thing is I can’t watch it every nyt c0z it airs l8 already.. G0od thing it’s in the internet..haha.. As for me, I think Jo Hyeon Jae(Han Soo Hyun) is the father..I just think s0..well I haven’t finished watching the series yet.. But I really like Jo Hyeon Jae(Soo Hyun)..he’s s0o0oo hands0me.. He was the leading man in the series ‘only you’ and he was a father in that series t0o..haha..

  149. 149 : jarenz Says:

    ang pogi ni Jo Sang Wook. No matter why the three daddies get jelous of him…hehehhe

  150. 150 : jarenz Says:

    ang pogi ni jo sang wook. No wonder! the three daddies get jealous of him…hehehe

    He’s such a good actor

  151. 151 : lina Says:

    It the best and the funiest drama.

  152. 152 : lina Says:

    jo hyun jae is very handsome in this drama.

  153. 153 : Tun Says:

    I like One mom and three dads drama very much and I have been watched about three times.I am looking forward to watch just like this drama.All chacters in this drama are good at their role.When I watch this drama I can’t close my mouth.This drama is good ,fun and romantic .

  154. 154 : naomi Says:

    i liked the drama very much! its fun and very entertaining but just a bit disappointed with the ending its quite confusing who the real dad was..isnt it at the beginning sung min was impotent?? and it would have been even better if na young ended with one of the 3 dads preferably soo hyun..but anyhow, the drama still a must-see!!!

  155. 155 : justine Says:

    i really love this I wish there will be a part 2!

  156. 156 : jessica Says:

    .i really love this episode. i wish there will be a partr two.

  157. 157 : jessica Says:

    .i love lizette..as she role a mother. im really excited when i watched it.
    i want her to be her man is the architect but he is not belong in the three dads.thatsz why i decide that she belong to the businessman, he’s really cute and im falling in love w/ him everytym he smile and the way he treat lizette..thanks for the director of this episode
    i really really love this so much

  158. 158 : Irene Says:

    My favorite korean drama are Coffee Prince and Full House, now there’s a new one The Three Dad and One Mom.. The story realy great its full of fun and also good lesson… For the director congratulation.. aja aja… keep up the good work..

  159. 159 : Irene Says:

    the 2 dads i already seen their drama the title are Witch Amusement and Only You.. also Eugene has seen her drama too.. their al great actor and actress.. to the character continue to make good acting, God Bless..
    by the way the baby is so cute..

  160. 160 : Jan Says:

    im not actualy watch this kind of drama but my girlfriend tell me the story and its seem nice.. so i try to watch .. definitely my girlfriend is rigth…

  161. 161 : Kazandra Says:

    there’s a lot of drama i seen but its only few drama that you can choose to be your favorite drama ever. well, the 3dads & 1mom is my favorite ever…

  162. 162 : Rene Says:

    i realy bougth this dvd… gosh can’t wait to see this drama again..

  163. 163 : Annalie Says:

    i stop watching drama because its realy make me addicted to keep watching.. but went i heard my 2 friends talking about this drama, can’t wait to watch it… so you too watch this drama..

  164. 164 : anne Says:

    i L O V E it!!! nice drama

  165. 165 : shiela Says:

    its so beautiful!!!hehehe

  166. 166 : whong Says:

    ang galing ng show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. 167 : shanerocelle Says:

    ….Gosh….i started watching this series yesterday…i love the casts,…
    —i think Mr.Cartoonist, was the lead star in chun yang,sassy girl..Mr.Stockjobber casted in Only you…How i wish naying partner is Han Soo Hyun

  168. 168 : ann Says:

    luv it..
    its has a good story..
    i luv jae hee and eugene t0gether..
    and also jo hyun jae..
    who’s the real dad of nicole..
    tell me please.. 🙂

  169. 169 : jeying Says:

    i love the baby.. very cute..
    nice story.. i just don’t like the ending..

  170. 170 : miya Says:

    tricky ending! i love the story really funny hook me on till the ending. its definitely a must watch. my favorite korean drama till now ! i whish to see the actors in more dramas like this. i might watch it again i really love it !

  171. 171 : lina Says:

    a must watch drama, i highly recomend it.

  172. 172 : Hannah Says:

    i like it !!!!
    at the end, the three dads finally know that they are not actually the real dad, its the husband of eugene!…

    coffee prince is still the best drama in the world…

  173. 173 : john Says:

    i wish there was a season 2. this story is the best

  174. 174 : fash Says:

    Who was the partner of Eugene in the end? The businessman, free lance art or the detective? ;P

  175. 175 : fash Says:

    Who was the partner of Eugene in the end? The businessman, the artist or the detective? 😉

  176. 176 : grace Says:

    i like jo hyun jae is so very handsome!!!!!!!!!
    i like eugene she very pretty!!!!!!
    goodluck in ur show!!!!
    i love it!!!!
    popular in the philliphines!!!!

  177. 177 : grace Says:

    no the three dad and one mom is the best in world wide!!!!!!!1
    ahaha!!!give it up!!!!!!!!
    love u!!!!!!!!
    EUGENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best

  178. 178 : grace Says:

    i love ur show!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. 179 : jayamy Says:

    I really love this drama especially JO HYUN JAE………….JHJ and EUGENE look good together………….sana may part 2 pag lbas ni JHJ at JH ng military……………….!!!!!!!!!!!GUDLUCK…………….!!!!!!!!!!

  180. 180 : betty Says:

    the best drama in 2008

  181. 181 : majah Says:

    i hope there will be a part two of this drama because i’m not yet satisfied wuth the ending!!

  182. 182 : majah Says:

    i hope there will be a part two of this drama because i’m not yet satisfied with the ending!!

  183. 183 : majah Says:

    pls pls pls!! part two pls!!!!!!!

  184. 184 : majah Says:

    i’m reaaly begging for part two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. 185 : marj Says:

    i really like this drama…the three guys are all handsome but my heart goes to jae hee..the artist..he’s cute..i just hope that he will be the one that eugene will like in the end of this drama…they look good together..

  186. 186 : KoreaLoverGirl Says:


  187. 187 : KoreaLoverGirl Says:


  188. 188 : pure Says:

    3 dads & 1 mom is such a nice show.
    very entertaining.
    we love all the characters.
    but most especially nicole.
    she’s such a sweet baby.

  189. 189 : jane_blazer Says:

    three dads with one mommy is a very funny and amazing drama it is really fun and I’m just little mad because the ending is hanging I hope that there would be part 2 so that it would be amazing and the fun will continue.

  190. 190 : Khay Says:

    Bongang bongang ganda tlga nitong 3 dads with 1 mommy… cute n baby nicole n xiempre jake is so handsome and eugene is pretty and she’s my idol…

  191. 191 : Poohs Says:

    what is the ending of this drama?

  192. 192 : vic Says:

    The best korean series i’ve ever watch..i like nicole , she’s so cute..

  193. 193 : Nealy Says:

    Somebody knows which brand of cell phones they are using in this lovely drama? I love the white one!! thanks!

  194. 194 : betty Says:

    it the best one so far. I like all the actors and actress, especially hyun jae. He is the most handsome guy in the world (in my opinion).

  195. 195 : betty Says:

    I wish there will be part two After hyun jae and jae hee finish their millitary service. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. 196 : melody Says:

    haaaaaaaaaaa… its nice so much…
    there are trill and funny i like JAyden so much..
    very entertaining is the show

  197. 197 : Kelly Says:

    It’s very interesting drama that I have never meet before,
    it’s seldom to find such topic drama in 2008, do you agree ? and really like the handsome guys of Hyun Jae and Jae Hee (will it happen in real life ?). Am looking for part 2.

  198. 198 : anne Says:

    This is a very, very good show. It is very funny, natural, and the script is well written. There should be a sequel. Im looking forward to it! Ü

  199. 199 : elma Says:

    Ha Ha ha …it’s funny too and it shows their so much love to the child, how nice the 3 dads are. It’s really entertaining and they are all handsome, eugene is so pretty too. I like the show.

  200. 200 : TheresaAshley Says:

    this show was really awesome.. The story itself and the whole cast..
    They all have wonderful characters and i love how the story goes… The scrptwriters would be so imaginative to think of this kind of story! But i am wishing for a part 2 because it wasn’t stated who would be Naying’s real partner…you know????

  201. 201 : vickie Says:

    i love this drama..very funny..how these 3 cute dads portray their role as a father to nicole. esp. the businessman they’r really good together…

  202. 202 : beauty Says:

    100 rate of this drama…. 3 dads w/ 1 mom… i love u all the cast… eugene so pretty; jo hyun jae… so handsome… ariel & jaeden so mabait

  203. 203 : beauty Says:

    100% rate of this drama.. perfect match !!! funny, emotional..etc….

  204. 204 : hannah Says:

    여보세요 나는 당신의 경력에 당신의 쇼 및 행운을 빕니다를 좋아한다!!! ~

  205. 205 : hannah Says:

    여보세요 it’ s는 당신의 경력에 좋은 쇼 그리고 행운을 빕니다 및 나 그들 그를 위한 귀여운 한 쌍 그리고 투표가 이기 때문에 김유진 및 조현재 또는 그녀의 ~ 좋아한다~: -)

  206. 206 : hannah Says:

    좋은 자물쇠 ~

  207. 207 : Kelly Says:

    By chance to read the previous message that Jo Hyun Jae and Jae Hee is on their military service now, is that true ?
    as so far I know both guys should have finished the service already. would please Korea people reply me in English, many thanks.

  208. 208 : karen Says:

    the tilevision drama three dads with one momy very happy wach drama in abs cbn

  209. 209 : vEs Says:

    i really..really love this korean drama. it’s so funny and all the actors acted so well.. hope to see you all in person. .. take care and god bless!!!

  210. 210 : venus Says:

    all i can say, if are bored, this drama would be a real entertaining.
    it’s quite cute, sweet and funny.
    but afterall, it’s still revolving the 3dads, since the start till the end.

  211. 211 : vanessa 24 Says:

    the baby is so cute.. she looks like my daughter… hihihi

  212. 212 : honey b Says:

    I thought this daama will be bored, but since so many positive comments, I can’t wait to watch it.

  213. 213 : Rosvie Says:

    hello all i can say about the drama series hmmm….is so very interesting guys kept up the good work luv you all …..

  214. 214 : ma Says:

    It’s really worth to see .You ‘ll find alot of fun .So let’s enjoy…..

  215. 215 : monique Says:

    i really love this drama.. so entertaining.. the actors and actresses are excellent.. also, this is interesting.. LOVE IT.. and for the rating, ill give it a hundred.. 100 for you!! keep it up!!

  216. 216 : leslie Says:

    the 3 guys are so cute. who’s the true father of the baby (nicole)? this show was airing here in the Philippines. And I love the story.. hehe…

  217. 217 : Lumi Says:

    Dear Kelly,

    Jae Hee and Jo Hyun Jae started their military service last month, so they will be away for a couple of years. Several very popular Korean actors have just started their service (Eric moon iis one) and others will soon be going in ( ike Kim Rae Won). They will be missed. I hope they will soon resume their career and good luck to them all.

  218. 218 : Daisy Says:

    I liked this comedy so much I had to buy it to share it with friends nd family. It would be nice to have a sequel when Jae Hee and Jo Hyun Jae leave the service.

  219. 219 : joh annw Says:

    i really love this korean drama,also the character of the 3 dads
    baby nicole is so smart. .

    love it. .

  220. 220 : mary ann Says:

    hai…i really love this korean movie especially the casts…….hahahaha…i hope they have another movie together…for sure..many people will watch…hahahah…..i love you…and congratulations..you have the best movie..

  221. 221 : mary ann Says:

    hai….i like also baby nicole….she is a smart little girl and so cute…
    i hope…..i have a baby like her….CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!….
    i hpoe there is a part 2….i will wait for that…soon…


  222. 222 : adrifsina Says:

    yup…this drama was very funny…

  223. 223 : Kelly Says:

    Dear Lumi, You’re so nice.

    Many thanks for your information, and thanks for those people whom love Korea drama, YES we do LOOOOOOVE it. Haha….

  224. 224 : Hanie Says:

    Hi there to all fanatics! I just wanna ask all of you about a website where I can watch lots of korean drama for free, no downloads whatsoever.. I’m having a hard time looking the right one.. Hoping all of you could help me with this.. Thanks! =)

  225. 225 : betty Says:

    Hi Hanie! You can watch korean ,japanese and taiwanese drama online for free at mysoju.com. enjoy and take care.

  226. 226 : Gianne x] Says:

    hey! It’s their last week here in the Philippines! awww..I really love adorable little nicole! and jayden too! oh well, he’s just soo cute..i hope he’s the daddy. but i guess he isn’t..thanks a lot,

  227. 227 : kazuyoshi Says:

    sana d pah tapos ung three dads with one mom kasi crush ko c jake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU JAKE

  228. 228 : JEANICA RUBIS Says:

    grabe ang gwapo ni jayden!!!!!!!!!! sana di pa tapos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTE NYA NI JAYDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU

  229. 229 : Maggy Says:

    I really loved this kdrama, it´s so refreshing, the actors were so fine, the sweet little girl (I think there were almost three of them) and Eugene, she´so pretty and talented.

  230. 230 : Hanie Says:

    thanks betty.. but how come sometimes it doesn’t show?. even i try reloading it.. there’s also this moment while i’m watching it will just stop.. that’s why i still keep on searching.. unfortunately, can’t find the good one..

  231. 231 : vhem vhem Says:

    ..hi i really2x like the korean drama lalo na si james ang cute niya he so nice and good looking,,

  232. 232 : vhem vhem Says:

    i love this drma

  233. 233 : jessie_iconexdagupan Says:

    3 dads with one mommy is the series that caught my attention most!!!
    it’s one of the best because it’s not just a drama, but a very exciting story that I’ve ever watched,nice blending of character personalities. All the characters were great including the whole story, even Nicole as a baby, did a very nice role. And the ending was so unpredictable. I even thought, there will still be a 2nd part of it.
    For me it’s the BEST!!!

  234. 234 : karen Says:

    hi ganda nmn nang tpos nang tree dads ony momi san my mga sumunod p n mga koreandrama sa abscbn dbes talaga kyo lalo ang mga drama nyo pag gbi iba talaga ang ABS CBN,,,,,,,,,,,

  235. 235 : alilie Says:

    ganda n eugene at guapo n jake……..cna may part 2 kc dpa alam f cno real father n nicole at cna may piliin c uegene sa 3 daddys…

  236. 236 : tel Says:

    i really like this korean drama…

    i really love JAE HEE and JO HYUN JAE

  237. 237 : Saypo83 Says:

    i love this korean drama. im from philippines, ill been watching this drama from the start until the end. im very amaze to story. i hope to have a part 2.. hehehehehehe

  238. 238 : ana Says:

    ..eu te amo everyone

  239. 239 : ana Says:

    ..part 2 plz!!!!i really 2x like it so much..
    three dads jo hyun jae, shin sung rok, jae hee so the best and funny
    ai lab u all eugene ur so beautiful
    Godbless’ and
    GudLuck everyone love u all

  240. 240 : gieroma marie Says:

    sana nga po magkaroon ng season 2 ung 3 das with 1 mommy…at sana magka2luyan na talaga c jake at lizet kc bagay na bagay cla…parehas nman clang me gusto sa isat isa…takot lang clang umamin kasi ayaw nilang masaktan ung mga friends nila….season 2 sana…

    sure maraming matutuwa…kaso nga lang if ever sana na magkaroon ng season 2 sana naman is mas paagahin nila…kc mas magrerate 2 f mas maaga…kc mas maraming makakapanood…maraming gusto kaso nga lang inaantok n cla laya di nila naaabutann…kc 2log n cla b4 p magumpisa…22o nman halos 10 30 na at past 11 pm kung matapos…buti nga ung iba is matiaga ka2lad ko na talagang nagsasacrifice poara lng talaga mapanuod ynnn….i love this romantic comedy korean drama…more pwers 2 produce good dramas

  241. 241 : gieroma marie Says:

    i love itt
    dumalw sana ku d2 sa pilipinas

  242. 242 : aquera Says:

    ..oo nga dpat mas maaga ang korean novela kawawa nman ung iba hindi nakakapanuod hehe tulad ko buti konti lang ang na mimis ko ang cute din ni justin kaya lang na matay kagad pero ok lang ms. eugene i hope u come back again “phillipines” sya nga pala wala bang part 2 ung save the last dance ang ganda din nun grabe ‘ka inlove like 3 daddys w/ 1 mommy sana magkaron ng part 2 pareho plzzzz!!!…
    jae hee, jo hyun jae, shin sung rok, the best actor and handsome
    ms. eugene ur so pretty i like u..’db???c justin ang ama ni nicole heheheh…i love u all kahit magkaibang lahi tayo!!!
    Godbless everyone have a wonderful day…take care”

  243. 243 : aquera Says:

    ..baby nicole she’ so cute like eugene’!!!

  244. 244 : angel Says:

    “i love this show part 2 plzzzz!!!!…

  245. 245 : kidaben Says:

    sobrang ganda na koreanovelang to!! grabe!! indi ko to malilimutan! gabi gabi nlang akong napupuyat mapanuod ko lng episodes nito!! mas maganda kasi kung tagalized dub kc mas maiintindihan mo ung kwento!!
    grabe indi ako makafocus sa thesis ko sa pagiisip kung sino nga bang talaga sa kanilang tatlo ung tatay….tapos sa huli c justin din pala ung ama!! ayayay!! magnificent ung story and very unique, funny, romantic at my twist! galing ng korean magisip ng story in so many genres… sa dami ko ng napanuod na koreanovela halos indi ko mapagkumpara sa gaganda na memories na naiiwan nila sakin… di 2lad d2 sa pinas na halos ung mga remake pa ang mas inaabangan.. sana may remake tong 3 dads and i mom in pinoy version!! hehehe wish ko lng mahawaan ng mga novels na to ang Philippine film, indi ung puros pagdurusa at kacornihang mga fantaserye ang inaatupag nila!! NAKAKASAWA NA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haiz..

    mamis kita ng sobra nicole.. sina pareng jayden, jake at ariel…syempre malilimutan ko ba ang sobrang gandang si lizette!! ikaw ang DYOSA!!
    3 DADS AND I MOM the best ever!!! ROCKZ!

  246. 246 : Sarahngge Says:

    TO ALL EUGENE’s FANS in the PHILIPPINES: It is rum0red that EUGENE will be doing a drama series w/ our local actor here in our c0untry. This will be produced by ABS-CBN in partnership w/ DOUBLE VISION, same company that co-produced KAHIT ISANG SAGLIT starring Jericho Rosales & Carmen Soo. The said drama series will be entitled, PANGARAP KO AY IBIGIN KA. Hope this project will n0t simply be a rum0r & hope it will push through.ü

  247. 247 : kidaben Says:

    talaga!!!! unbelievable! sana totoo yan!! yeba!!! aabagan ko yan!! where did you get that info sarahngge?

  248. 248 : alfiyah Says:

    drama ni buat perasaan q campur aduk, yang tadinya ketawa-ketawa tiba-tiba bikin q nangis…….tapi drama ni bener-bener keren…..

  249. 249 : kolin Says:

    ganda… pwedeng ulitin muli. sanda ni Eugene

  250. 250 : 3dadsw/1momaddict Says:

    Part 2 pls!!!!!! Parang medyo bitin kasi so I really like it to have a part 2 parang may kulang! O sobrang ayaw ko lang cya matapos agad? Hehehehehe! I love this korean drama! 1 of the best talaga!

  251. 251 : jhammiE Says:

    ….can you guys maker a sequel of this tv series,…hmmm..love it so much…haiizzzz….im riLLi looking forward to watch the season two of this..hmmmm…im watching it even its so late in the evening..hmmmm…hehehe…so addicted to this show…great job guys…i really enjoyed it…part II pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!
    Love you guys…and you jae hEe…yOu rOck…

  252. 252 : zai Says:

    hayyyy…naku… ganda talaga ng 3 dads, lalo na c jayden…hehehe..ang cute nya talaga…..sana ulitin nla ang 3 dads w/ 1 mom…

  253. 253 : ar-jay Says:

    THis show is very beutiful……….JO HYUN JAE is so CUTE….PLEASE have a part 2………WHOOOO….JO HYUN JAE FOREVER!!!!

  254. 254 : sarahngge Says:

    hi kidaben! i’ve read it at bechay’s blog: http://www.buhaykorea.com —> nice site. she said it’s in wikipedia. di ko lng lam if lahat ng nbabasa ntin s wikipedia totoo.

  255. 255 : sarahngge Says:

    Eugene was here in the Philippines last yr. She filmed the m0vie R0MANTIC ISLAND in Boracay. This m0vie is n0w sh0wing in Korea.

  256. 256 : gerald mallari Says:

    anyang anaseyo

    3 dads with 1mommy was a nice


    pls have apart 2 ………

    im sure all fans of your drama

    will be happy

    and please visit our country PHILIPPINES

    all your fans are waiting for your tour

    i hope to see you in personal

    and in philippines national television

    kamsa hamnida…

  257. 257 : mentally_korean Says:

    i luv this drama so much ! the baby is so cute and her mom is cuter 3 dads are damn hot and this drama is so sweet

  258. 258 : MeJoHyunJae Says:

    i think this video will have a second part because when you remember the last episode they know that they are not the father of the child and they go to EUGENE but its cut by the director..

  259. 259 : gerald mallari Says:

    it was a nice story..

    all my friends and classmates love it..

    i know all want to a part 2 of these..

    pls forgive us

    i miss it very much

    i cannot sleep without watching it

    and i will thanks to kbs2 and staff that they -plan this drama

    and also to abs-cbn2 that make it a habit..

    thank you very much for making me smile ……..

  260. 260 : judith Says:

    nice story,,,sna may part 2

  261. 261 : glory Says:

    it is the most seen korean drama here in the philippines…..even though the airing time is already late, i still watch it…Love it!!!!!!!!

  262. 262 : mizzah Says:

    i like jo hyun jae he is so very,.,., handsome i have ever seen in korean actor,.,., hope that there will be a part 2 of this story ha.,.,.,.!!!!
    but i dont like the ending of the story.,,. i want jo hyun jae will be the
    daddy of baby nicole.,..:).,..,.,.,.

  263. 263 : mizzah Says:

    but i don’t like their real name in 3 dads.,.,.,
    in filipino.,. they name them.,.

  264. 264 : durian Says:

    i dont understand. why dont they just take a DNA test to confirm whose the child is – in all fairness though i havent watched this drama yet so i dont reely know but reading the synopsis i would have thought they will take DNA test and finish the drama in one episode …

  265. 265 : joylakshmi Says:


    I am Joylakshmi from MANIPUR …a state in INDIA where korean serials re very very popular…I myself am a big fan…yes,..i saw thsi One mom n three dads”…iI enjoyed thoroughly …it was hilarious..the dads are cool…esp…the stock broker (correct?)…
    the baby is cute n so is the mom…

  266. 266 : anis Says:

    this series is so funny..
    i watch it with my friends.. the 3 guys also cute especially kwang hee and soo hyun..i luv kwang hee characters bcoz he is loving and cares the baby.
    soo hyun also so cute with character luv money.. hope part 2 will come out soon..pleaz continue this series..

  267. 267 : Imah Says:

    hai…my name is imah…from malaysia…i really like this drama…it’s different from other korean dramas…it’s not only about romance…ermmm….i just love this drama…n one more thing…i really like Jae hee….hi JAe Hee…i’m ur big fan u know…hahaha

  268. 268 : Beauty Says:

    I love Hyun Jae he is very cute and the bets good looking. Wish will have part 2

  269. 269 : kimmie Says:

    I don’t like the ending i wanted it to be jo hyun jae to be the father of the baby. he and eugene look good together as parents of the baby. they look like a happy family especially when they were riding together at the amusement park. so cute!!!wish there’s part 2 cause i want to see this time around what happens with the love story of eugene and whomever she chooses. kbs part 2 pls!!!!

  270. 270 : princess_19 Says:

    I Love to watch three dad with one mommy…..Especially Jae Hee,Shin Sung Rok And baby……….s cute ^_^

  271. 271 : Ian Says:

    I really like this korean drama…so cute and heart-warming! I hope to see a part 2 to it to know the happy “ending”…which “father” Eugene eventually choose to be with 🙂

  272. 272 : Siti NY Says:

    Mmmuuahh…. just love Jae Hee in this drama and that’s the reason for watching it… sarang haeyo darling Jae Hee…..

  273. 273 : pbzna Says:

    I like this drama,,
    so funny..
    and so do the cast..
    but I quite dissapointed with the ending,,
    I really hope one of them becomes the father,,
    and he is Jo Hyun Jae..

  274. 274 : Bless Says:

    The drama was good and funny. The casts played their roles very well. But I found this drama to be dragging towards the end. They could have done the DNA test earlier rather than at the last two episodes.

    Just like the others here, I would definitely wish for a sequel to this drama. Cheers to all….

  275. 275 : fudo Says:

    wa…………………… i want to seee this story ………….. i hope if everyone have his story can telll me ye …………………… to jae hee n others actors succcesss i u all work he4 ……………………. cayokkkkkkkkkk########

  276. 276 : FARAHFILZALEE Says:

    What a cute movie!Jae Hee!

  277. 277 : Siti NY Says:

    Jae Hee, you are just GREAT!!!!! Love u

  278. 278 : Cinnamon_pie Says:

    i luv this story..it was very funny.the three dads were awesome,they portrayed their characters well. i enjoyed it a lot. i hope they’ll make a part 2 of this.Eugene as Song Na Youngo and as Han Soo Hyun are so perfect together. i luv Jo Hyun Jae, i think he’s absolutely gorgeous. 🙂

  279. 279 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    This happen to be another one of the more entertaining serial. JHJ and Eugene are a matching pair.

  280. 280 : angela Says:

    best ending EVER!! 😀

  281. 281 : koreanprincess Says:

    OMG!!! i luv this show so much and the whole cast especially jae hee (his so funny and hott) and jo hyu jae ( so hondsome) and the baby she’s so cute.
    I just started watching this and i like it alot already its so funny i can’t stop luaghing the best… i remember when eugene is delivering the baby and jae hee is like puish push anden napadumi lol that is so funny..
    i wonder kung napalabas na to in philippines..
    tiyak pagpinalabas to magiging hit to

    so funny..
    the two daddies r hott lol..
    the ending is nice but parang bitin parang there is something missing..
    i hope they make part 2 …
    i wonder what will happened now that they knew that none of them is the fahter ummm!!!??
    if you will imagine living with three guys like them that would be awesome lol but complicatyed too.. its kinda hard choosing one guy among them …

  282. 282 : keenezie Says:

    really…i love you alll….
    it’s a great movie…
    i fall in love with you all
    i wanna see you alll
    with the baby also…hehehe

  283. 283 : Justine Esteban Says:

    Wow, this show is really great!!!, PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL OF THIS PLEASE!!!!!!, I want Jo Hyun Jae to be the real father. JHJ and EUGENE really look cute together.

  284. 284 : meirav Says:

    i realy love this drama all the cast i have watch it over 10 times
    i realy love the drama the actors did a great job

  285. 285 : gerald mallari Says:

    very very nice drama i have watch….

    i love the charActers and the story..

    hope it will have a part 2 soooooooooooon

    all here in our country( philippines)

    and also there in south korea

    want this drama have a part 2

    kamsa hamnida!!

    more power

    go eugene kim, Jo hyun jae,Jae hee,Shi shun rok and nicole

  286. 286 : gerald mallari Says:

    good partner

    will be


    hope it will have part 2


    on television,…………….

  287. 287 : kysha Says:

    Yes! Sequel please! Love JHJ!

  288. 288 : bluebell Says:

    A must see if your looking for a just for laughs drama. Very funny…good cast and story. Sequel PLEA………………..SE!!!!!! I wanna know who SNY will choose? I thought she would choose HSH…as was shown in the series that she has feelings for him. Sequel PLEA………………..SE!!!!!!

  289. 289 : Sony Says:

    My top 20 of Korean Drama I’ve ever watched are:
    1. Boys Before Flower
    2. The Snow Queen
    3. Coffee Prince
    4. Jumong
    5. The Legend
    6. Hong Gil Dong
    7. My Girl
    8. Princess Hours
    9. Full House
    10. Witch Amusement
    11. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    12. Bad Love
    13. Single Dad in Love
    14. Lovers in Paris
    15. One Mom Three Dad
    16. Love Story in Harvard
    17. Who are you?
    18. Hello Miss
    19. Stairway to Heaven
    20. Wonderful Life

  290. 290 : roelka Says:

    best drama……………………
    you must see that……………………ok

  291. 291 : Hafizd Says:

    i love this series so much. the characters was alive~!!! the best part during the have to separate with the baby~

    they’re crying a lot during preparing the gudbye video for ha seon.. omg, i got goosebumps~ very very interesting series..

    not to slow, not to fast and just nice…

    btw, what really happen to the na yeon dad, soo hyun’s girlfriend, police lady, soo hyun’s dad, kwang hee’s girfriendsss and the team leader???

    please, we want part 2 of One Mom and Three Dads!!! thanks!

  292. 292 : Michheell Says:

    best drama eva!! love the ending and btw this drama is way way better than that stupid shining inheritance!! i hate that drama coz of freaken HHJ ewwww

  293. 293 : TRin Says:

    CUTE BABYYYYy!!! was the baby the one that acted with Jang Geun Suk?? is it gilr or man??? i mean boy ^^

  294. 294 : SDub Says:


  295. 295 : jhay-jhay Says:

    i love it………….mwuahhh

  296. 296 : Pooke Says:

    love the ending!!!!

  297. 297 : Anonymous Says:

    good [email protected]@@ awww why was the ending soo [email protected]@@ i neever knew yoon sang hyun acted as the dad!!!!!!!!! aaagg he got a kiss scence with the [email protected]!! they eeven did [email protected]@@ ahhhhh hate her 🙁

  298. 298 : Surrender Says:

    WOW~!! great drama! i only watched like 3 epizodes n i lovv it!! the story is so diff from othrt dramas!! most dramas are like soo predictavle and this is like diff story and great plot 😀

  299. 299 : Sam Says:

    YOYO! 5 guys for 1 girl… isnt that a little too much and unreal??

    -the husband
    -business man
    -her boss



  300. 300 : Elaine Says:

    i love Jae Hee… the story is really nice…

    they think that one of them was the father of the baby but at the end they knew that the real father was the dead husband of eugene… *

    love it

  301. 301 : hm5airy Says:

    i enjoyed this drama alot

    thank you all

  302. 302 : princess_19 Says:

    huhuuuu….da drama is very interesting…..I enjoy a lot…
    Da baby so cute….Jae hee is a gooooooodddd!!!! actor……^_^

  303. 303 : fathe Says:

    it is a very good and spesial drama i love it saw mutch

  304. 304 : didisalma Says:

    wah the best drama ever

  305. 305 : che suke Says:

    wow ..i enjoy this dramaa….:) WE had very good time with that..we love shin son rok ,,,,love you

  306. 306 : esther Says:

    i love this drama it is so hillarious!

  307. 307 : jeesuki Says:

    i love it….. soooo much… make my problem gone….due to the humour they make…hihi..

  308. 308 : Dvoy Says:

    can anyone please give me a link from episode 14 to 16. mysoju link is broken. can’t load page. please……… thank you

  309. 309 : melody Says:

    I dont really like this show…but i love Eugene’s acting here.

  310. 310 : Hana Says:

    i love this drama so much…so cool and funny especially shin sung rok plays a role as Na Hwang Kyung Tae so funny and this drama always makes me laugh..the best drama ever! I give 2 thumbs up…:)

  311. 311 : Itho Says:

    Love this drama, makes me cry and laugh at the same time,,,

  312. 312 : yana Says:

    i love Jae Hee so much! he is so so so handsome 😛

  313. 313 : zaina Says:

    wow, jae hee is so cute! i love him :>

  314. 314 : Dlssnts Says:

    what’s the ending?i love watching it but i’m afraid i won’t be able to watch the ending.Who’s Nicole’s father?Is it Jake?Jayden?or Ariel?or is it really Justin?

  315. 315 : aycel Says:

    I really enjoy the drama… because it has a comedy,drama and love story.
    The actor and actresses acts very well..
    Its really great..!!!
    I hope that it has a part 2..

  316. 316 : witch Says:

    this story is really2 funny…the actors were soooo great.

  317. 317 : Changmi Says:

    I enjoyed this drama verymuch..

  318. 318 : margreth angelique Says:

    it’s a great n lovely drama..i realy enjoy that..love the story and the actors..

  319. 319 : feraya Says:

    i love this korean drama.very funny.i hope there will be part two for this drama.i really like JO HYUN JAE .he is so handsome and baby is very cute

  320. 320 : feraya Says:

    i really enjoyed this drama.the best korean drama.part 2 plzzz

  321. 321 : sayan Says:

    i love jo hyun jae in this drama.so hot

  322. 322 : THE OFFICE Says:

    your blog is very good, and i have subscribed to your blog, i read a couple of posts on your blog and they all were so great, really nice.

  323. 323 : Lyndon Irvine Says:

    Great Blog. Very informative info and good layout. i am heavily into KDramas, Asian dramas on the whole. So your blog is a resource site for me. Keep up the great work. i know how time consuming it can be doing something like this.

  324. 324 : shekufe Says:

    it was great,but i cuoldn’t watch the last 15 minutes of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please help me!what happened in last 15 minutes?
    i’m waiting for it……….

  325. 325 : s1nt4 Says:

    It’s nice movie for relaxing, each scene very interesting and funny. Enjoy a lot…The ending made the viewer predict by themselves about whom that will be the father of the child. The actor and actress were expert… love them…

  326. 326 : mutiara Says:


  327. 327 : mel Says:

    i wanna watch this.. sound like interesting…

  328. 328 : nining Says:

    it’ so fun drama,, i wanna watch it again,, 🙂

  329. 329 : wilma Says:

    definitely fun fun fun…..story is very interesting and wanting….having 3 guys in your life thats love 3 times as not normal as the usual hhahahah…..but who cares i want also to have 3 guys falling in love with me and loving them in return as well…..dreammy…….but one of the best for me

  330. 330 : Netta Says:

    FunnY movie..,
    Can’t heLp FaLLing in Love with Sung Rok oppa here..,
    Love him much..,
    He made me Laughed en Laughed en cry..,
    Funtastic en hiLLarious Korean drama that’s aLL..,
    hahaha ^_^

  331. 331 : reina Says:

    i love this drama

    very…. interesting….

    but why end of this drama na young not with soo hyeon???

  332. 332 : via Says:

    I just finished watch this drama, and I just love this drama, funny and entertaining, I can not stop laughing. Actually I prefer Na ying with So hyun (The one whose dreaming get married with rich girl), although he seems very cheap but he’s not when it comes to Na ying and the baby, and he changed a lot since he had feeling for her. Although all of them is very nice, I still think Na ying and so hyun is very match couple.

  333. 333 : ehsan Says:

    very very nice
    korean drama kbs2 very intersting

  334. 334 : Cristina Says:

    I just finished the drama and it’s very nice I liked a lot…If you want to see something fun and interesting you have to watch it!!!

  335. 335 : nara.dakochan Says:

    I also just finished watching this Korean drama. Almost all the stars had played in other series. For example Eugene playing in the series Wonderful life, Jae Hee, who also played in Sassy Girl ChunHyang. I think one mom three dads pretty interesting, good story. Many scenes are very funny. I recommend not watching this series, soon to watch. nothing to lose.

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  336. 336 : nara.dakochan Says:

    I also just finished watching this Korean drama. Almost all the Google stars had played in other series. For example Eugene playing in the series Wonderful life, Jae Hee, who also played in Sassy Girl ChunHyang. I think one mom three dads pretty interesting, good story. Many scenes are very funny. I recommend not watching this series, soon to watch. nothing to lose.


  337. 337 : nara.dakochan Says:

    I also just finished watching this Korean drama. Almost all the stars had played in other series. For example Eugene playing in the series Wonderful life, Jae Hee, who also played in Sassy Girl ChunHyang. I think one mom three dads pretty interesting, good story. Many scenes are very funny. I recommend not watching this series, soon to watch. nothing to lose.

  338. 338 : Riya Says:

    I like this drama. Its funny. I am half way through seeing it. So far so good. But who does na young end up with?

  339. 339 : louis vuitton outlet Says:

    I also just finished watching this Korean drama. Almost all the stars had played in other series. For example Eugene playing in the series Wonderful life, Jae Hee, who also played in Sassy Girl ChunHyang. I think one mom three dads pretty interesting, good story. Many scenes are very funny. I recommend not watching this series, soon to watch. nothing to lose.

  340. 340 : Abbie Says:

    One word to describe this drama is WONDERFUL. I laughed and cried throughout the whole drama. Unlike many other dramas involved babies and child actors, they’re mostly seem disconnected. But in this drama, Eugene and the 3 dads are so fond of the baby. Their hugs, touch, and kisses are so real. Great bonding between the baby and Eugene also. They seem like a real loving family. Such a wonderful heart touching genuine love story. If you have not seen this one. DO NOT wait…. This is the drama where you can cry with happy tears and feel the warm emotion flooding your heart.

  341. 341 : E.Daniel Says:

    I love This serial a lot. also KBS too. I miss KBS world in SUN DIRECT. Its an awsome channel than all INDIAN Channels

  342. 342 : Bee Says:

    Nice drama.

    At first i downloaded the whole drama and told myself that i will finish the drama no matter how awful it is as i stop watching a lot dramas ever since i change my way of watching from buying vcds/dvds to downloading it online.

    I end up enjoying the drama.

    I hate the ending.
    It sucks 🙁
    No 1 died or whatever.
    But to me,it isn’t a perfect ending.

  343. 343 : vanz Says:

    i really enjoy this drama!!…the baby is very cute,.,
    thank you to all!!……

  344. 344 : azumi143 Says:

    absolutely good! this drama is filled with so much emotions.. i’ve had a good laugh and then found myself crying for the next episodes.. i can’t really forget this one.. the cast are all soooo good..can’t imagine other actors playing this roles! great job!!!

  345. 345 : azumi143 Says:

    ..and it’s totally heart-warming drama! super-like! but i’m still a bias of ‘you’re beautiful’ hehe

  346. 346 : emjae Says:

    this drama is so amazing. but no matter how i tried i really can’t find the title nor the artist of the song that usually played when the scenes are dramatic. i felt like it’s the ballad version of Everything by Eve but now i’m not sure coz i can’t find it in any sites. can somebody please help me find that ballad song? thanks in advance.

  347. 347 : reply Says:

    so, who’s Haseon’s father??

  348. 348 : Yudis Says:

    I like this korean drama and I idolized Jae Hee 😀

  349. 349 : OK OK OK Says:

    I am so happy Jae Hee is coming back with his new drama — Hooray For Love after 3 years in army. 🙂


    I wonder, does lead actress Lee Bo Young suits him?? She had a kind of “mature look”
    Hope it turns out well………………..


  350. 350 : varandhorn Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae is very very handsome and cute. I love Jo Hyun Jae so much.

  351. 351 : secret Says:

    i might falling love with jae hee…

  352. 352 : sheena Says:

    im going crazy because of this drama. anyone who can help me watch this online english sub without broken video? please please. i love jhj. help me please.

  353. 353 : jade Says:

    i love the movie its so nice… i hope it has part 2

  354. 354 : Budok Kelate Says:

    you can watch this story in this website http://www.maaduu.com/

  355. 355 : kelimutu Says:

    this is must watch drama.. super funny, I swear.
    hhaha,, Jae Hee is asdfghjkl awesomeh!! :*

  356. 356 : 09dialer09 Says:

    han so hyooo!!!!!!!!

  357. 357 : 09dialer09 Says:

    can anyone please tell me the ending?

  358. 358 : ade v Says:


  359. 359 : Korean Drama I’ve Ever Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] One Mom and Three Dads Rating : 3 out of 5 […]

  360. 360 : Htenaj Says:

    I love this drama…..i am korean fanatic…((:

  361. 361 : Hanako Says:

    Not too bad movie but the ending is ridiculous. In the video the husband of Eugene said it is because of his three friends that the baby was born and a gift from heaven. In the ending it was none of those three…so it is kind of misleading story..anyhow was a good comedian drama ..i cannot say it is 100% good…it also had its sad parts..where there were four men liking her and will be 5 including the husband…the quality of a woman ..sincere, caring and loving

  362. 362 : berna Says:

    Just loved this comedy series so much.. I’ll rate it a 9/10!
    I was truly amazed Hyun Jae to be a part of this comedy drama. I’ve always known him to be a dramatic actor but nevertheless, his comedy antics here were just awesome. Can’t help but watch it over & over again… the baby was so CUTE…

  363. 363 : Yanny Lestari Says:

    This Drama Series is Violent. :))

  364. 364 : Yanny Lestari Says:

    This Drama Series is Violent. 🙂

  365. 365 : Faith Says:

    A must watch drama…LOVE this drama…

  366. 366 : mail Says:

    really funny…this series really made my dad:)……u all should watch dis too…

  367. 367 : mail Says:

    really funny…this series really made my day:)……u all should watch dis too…

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