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One Fine Day

Title: 어느 멋진 날 / One Fine Day
Chinese title : 美好的一天 / 精彩的一天
Eps: 16
Genre: Romance
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2006-May-31 to 2006-Jul-20
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


After Seo Haneul (Sung Yu Ri) lost her mother in a fire, she was later adopted by a wealthy family and experienced a life of many twists and turns. Seo Gun’s (Gong Yoo) father had married an unwed mother, thus making Seo Haneul his sister in the eyes of the law. After their parents passed away, Seo Haneul was adopted by a wealthy chairman of a large organization who has also became a gangster. Upon using Haneul to extort money, Seo Gun and Haneul slowly fall in love with each other.


Gong Yoo as Suh Gun
Sung Yu Ri as Suh Ha Neul / Park Hye Won
Nam Goong Min as Kang Dong Ha
Lee Yeon Hee as Goo Hyo Joo

Extended Cast

Kang Sung Jin as Goo Seong Chan / James
Lee Ki Yeol as Goo Kyung Taek (Gun’s adoptive father)
Jung Dong Hwan as Park Jin Kwon (Ha Neul’s adoptive father)
Sun Woo Eun Sook as Ji Soo Hyun
Yoo Ha Joon as Park Tae Won
Ahn Yeon Hong as Kim Mal Ja (Ha Neul’s friend)
Lee Eon Jeong as Choi Sun Kyung (Gun’s friend)
Woo Hee Jin
Suh Ji Hee as young Ha Neul
Lee Ki Young

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Sa Moo El, Son Eun Hye
Director: Sin Hyeon Chang
Producer: Yoon Jae Moon

Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : aida mahmud Says:

    i saw a fan-made music video on youtube for one fine day, and i must say, that I am looking forward to the release of the series in Malaysia.
    GONG YOO’s acting, seen on the video, was great. when he shed tears, i felt like crying too. that man is simply beautiful.


  2. 2 : jas Says:

    is this show good?
    the picture looks good but i am still wondering if this show is good..

  3. 3 : jas Says:

    can someone tell me if this show is good?

  4. 4 : Mavi Says:

    another korean drama about 2 people, who grew up as stepbrother and stepsister, who was separated and reunited.Both their parents died so there relationship supposed to be as sibling but turn out to be love as a man to a woman.

  5. 5 : nasha Says:

    I already bought that drama. Its really worth to buy. You should watch it! Specially, Gong Yoon acting is very very good on this movie

  6. 6 : sakura Says:

    i’ve watched this drama 2 time 🙂 it’s so interesting and touched one..
    Gong yoo is my most favorite actor & he’s really really good in this drama . i mostly watch him as teenage highschool boy ..but now i’m so glad to see him acting as a mature guy..not only cute n sexy but also very talented actor (^0^ FIGHTING GONG YOO OPPA!!!!)

  7. 7 : arewin Says:

    is it sad or happy ending?i will watch this drama if happy ending…:)

  8. 8 : Bunk Says:

    I’m pretty critical when it comes to dramas, but I LOVED this one. I’ve already watched it twice. I was sold on Gong Yoo’s acting because of this series. He is so convicing, and so great at that role. And his relationship with his sister in this is a cocktail of innocence, hurt, love, longing, destiny…

    This series is awesome. If you can get past the first episode, you can’t put it down. The premise provides great tension and plenty of obstacles to overcome. Her character was a little too dependent for my liking, but Gong Yoo more than makes up for it with his acting and his role. I just wanted to hug him in this.

  9. 9 : Starz Says:

    watched the drama and love Sung Yu Ri & Gong Yoo!!! scenes from the aqua world are awesome. highly recommended!

  10. 10 : gemini Says:

    .. also a feel good romantic drama series

  11. 11 : ixora Says:

    dun wory dis is a good drama n as usually of course its a good ending between 1st Hero n Heroin.

  12. 12 : kattie Says:

    i dunno….the Synopsis does sound very brotherly sister love thing going with another guy liking the sister but…. da pics looks very interesting though…..

  13. 13 : yelody Says:

    I’ve just finish watching this serial… don’t really find it nice and interesting as compared to other K-dramas.
    I prefer Sung Yu Ri in the Snow Queen though.

  14. 14 : kitty Says:

    I love sung yuri, she is the reason that I hv watched this drama and hv fallen in LOVE with this drama, both yuri and gong yoo has expressed their emotion very well in this drama, they are both GREAT actor and actress. But still I agree with yelody that yuri has better potential in Snow Queen and therefore I prefer yuri in Snow Queen more but conclusion still yuri no matter which dramas she has anticipated. I sincerely hope that she has more dramas and movies in future as she has shown that she is not just a pretty face but has talent in acting too.

    Sincerely hope that there will be more fans out there to support her.

    Must watch drama, very nice storyline.

  15. 15 : rs3y Says:

    how are they going to fall in love when the’re siblings.. looks like confusing but interesting..

  16. 16 : misha Says:

    i watch it..nice drama
    highly recommended..

  17. 17 : nhoang Says:

    its hella good..but the back and forth brotherly love thang…i wasnt feeling that one bit…lol.. still watch it! because i stayed up all night doing so, it was worth it. sung yuri hellla cute made it more enjoyableEE

  18. 18 : michka Says:

    helllo!…….if anyone wants to know how good it is…i’ll tell you…its great!^^ the love story is really intersting…..the only thing i dont like is the outcome of the movie…..but overall, its a good movie but not great.

  19. 19 : Eric[k]a Says:

    OMG, this is such a good show, i love the fact that its shot here in australia…it looked great, but i thought the whole gangster thing was a bit overboard and their english wasn’t really good, for they were supposed to have grown up in australia…but other thatn that the guys they chose were all good looking!!! but it was disgusting how her supposed-to-be brother turned out to be her half brother…ewww…but watch all, it’s really good

  20. 20 : Itho Says:

    the scene is beautiful, I am watching this drama and hope that there will be a happy ending, but I thought someone told me that the ending is sad???? hope not :d
    love the songs also 😀

  21. 21 : meaw Says:

    really hate this k-drama… this is my first time i hate a story about sibling’s love…. don’t know why.. maybe the story line not interesting between the hero and heroin… or maybe i more prefer the 2nd hero with ha nuel…. they look so sweet together…. now i have delete this drama from my collection…. love authum in my heart and heaven’s tree sibling’s love story…:p

  22. 22 : Pouwz Says:

    i don’t like this drama…it’s bored

  23. 23 : fantasy Says:

    really excited 2 watched it in rtm2 dis coming m0nday :p

  24. 24 : lea Says:

    i really like this drama….sung yu ri and gong yoo are both good!

  25. 25 : lirna Says:

    Yeah..dis drama is da best drama ive been watch…..One Fine Day mke me like 2 see Sung Yu Ri again.i luv u Sung Yu ri…NAm Gong Min is good actor..i like him so much more..hope can c his acting again……

  26. 26 : Holly Says:

    This drama was alright I suppose.. gong yoo was fab!

  27. 27 : panyangbear Says:

    i’ve just finifshed watching a dvd on this drama. i wasn’t supposed to cry over such simple story but because of Gong Yoo’s acting, oh.. i was able to shed tears. i love Gong Yoo. His dramas were all good!

  28. 28 : aleend Says:

    the story really2… makes me sad..cause its different than the other k-d.i really love the actors & actress,s’cially gong yoo & the actresses…i just finish watching it in malaysia yesterday…it was a happy ending but i got cried cause the song is really touching…it has a great actors,great script and its very good…

  29. 29 : stafanie Says:

    why you all always get sister and brother together in the end like Song Hye Kyo and the actor in Love autumn in my heart? I agree with Mavi response on January 5th 2007. And I hope there’re no more like this korean drama. I prefer Sung Yuri with the 2nd Hero, he’s very interesting in his acting and they are more resonable and romance couple.

  30. 30 : eujin27 Says:

    this drama is really good, everyone please watch this series, goong yoo is a great actor, i love his confidence here and that makes this drama a sense to watch over and over, sung yu ri is a pretty lady..

    pls watch, it’s worth watching!!!

  31. 31 : Kylie Q Says:

    Love ya Gong Yoo!

  32. 32 : regy Says:

    great acting here gong yoo… i miss you so much..

  33. 33 : chinita pinay Says:

    sana palabas to sa philippines kasi ang ganda nya sobra

  34. 34 : chinitapinay Says:


  35. 35 : akemi Says:

    i absolutely recemmend this Kdrama! Gong Yoo’s acting is superb!!! He’s one of my favorite Korean actor! When he shed tears you’ll shed tears too! i love this guy…so handsome! love his smile…

  36. 36 : Cho Yin Chun Says:

    All fans out there, could you please tell me how to get hold of the original soundtrack of this Korean Drama, One Fine Day. I love it and most of all, Gong Yoo. Have watched the DVD umpteenth times. Don’t know why some of you do not like it. The clothes worn by Gong Yoo are also very classy. He’s got style!

  37. 37 : mulan Says:

    I’ve just watched this a long time ago it’s because of Goong Yoo and admire Sung Yu Ri too. But when the more i adore sung yu ri after watching snow queen. She’s really a great actress indeed.

    And this drama is quite good to watch then.

  38. 38 : Faye Says:

    I just finished watching this drama, bought the DVD because of Goong Yoo and Sung Yu Ri. Goong Yoo’s acting is really good especially in all the crying scene, the tears in his eyes…It makes me cry and also Sung Yu Ri, she do very well in this drama. I like hem both, I have also watched snow queen and coffee prince. The soundtrack of this drama is really nice, I like all the songs

  39. 39 : evy Says:

    very nice drama…
    gong yoo is the best!!!

  40. 40 : ifat Says:

    can someone help me?? i’s trying to watch one fine day with eng sub buti can’t, i’ve tried in http://www.myso ju.com with no luck

  41. 41 : sunny Says:

    Just watch finish last night.
    I like Gong Yoo.
    I just do not like the end of the movie.
    it should do more drama and romatic
    after what they have been through.

    Anyway, overall good one and recommend

  42. 42 : gen Says:

    ive seen this….and it was great…..good acting and great plot plus a splendid location……its about 2 people who grew uup knowing that they are siblings…..they wer so close that they loved each other so much…..a tragedy happened that killied thier parents and leaving the once rich kids in an orphanage….they got separated when the girl was adopted by a rich couple but the boy promised to search for her…..after 15 years they met again but problems arose because of money matters…(the girl thinks that the boy didnt find her to be with her but because of money…) and the girl discovered that they really are not brothers and sisters….but soon as they were able to accept the fact and thier love as siblings prevailed came another twist….they were then confused about thier love….wwwhether it was brotherly love or love of a man to a woman….soon they realized that the once brotherly love blossomed to a more intimate and passionate love they cant hide….nor escape,……try this and youll surely not stop watching it till the end……

  43. 43 : gent Says:

    ive seen this….and it was great…..good acting and great plot plus a splendid location……its about 2 people who grew uup knowing that they are siblings…..they wer so close that they loved each other so much…..a tragedy happened that killied thier parents and leaving the once rich kids in an orphanage….they got separated when the girl was adopted by a rich couple but the boy promised to search for her…..after 15 years they met again but problems arose because of money matters…(the girl thinks that the boy didnt find her to be with her but because of money…) and the girl discovered that they really are not brothers and sisters….but soon as they were able to accept the fact and thier love as siblings prevailed came another twist….they were then confused about thier love….wwwhether it was brotherly love or love of a man to a woman….soon they realized that the once brotherly love blossomed to a more intimate and passionate love they cant hide….nor escape,……try this and youll surely not stop watching it till the end……

  44. 44 : ashley Says:

    at the end is that hanaruel in the tank or is that someone else?

  45. 45 : MIMI Says:


  46. 46 : Kitty Says:

    Ashley, that was ha neul in the tank. I personally don’t really like the series. I mean the actors were great but the plot was rather boring. Seriously, the hero and heroine just make things difficult for other people. Why can’t they just confess their feelings for each other rather than giving false hopes to the other people. That’s MEAN. But anyway, the acting was good though I don’t think I’ll watch it again.

  47. 47 : Bless Says:

    Well as for my own comment…. I started watching this drama sometime last year up to episode 4, then I went for a holiday, came back but watched different series instead. Then, watched it again but managed to finish only two episodes. But because of Sung Yu Ri and Gong Yoo, I have to finish it. I just hope the plot gets better towards the end.

  48. 48 : Bless Says:

    I finished watching it two weeks ago and I must say, I found this drama to be a bit boring. They could have done it better. The flow of the story is too slow. It only got better towards the end bit, but not as good as I expected.

  49. 49 : JJ Says:

    I really like this drama espacially sung yu ri acting.
    i like her so much .
    she is very cute and lovely more than other actress.
    i love her.

  50. 50 : regia Says:

    please, please help not see drama
    what pagina

  51. 51 : soph Says:

    Could anybody tell me that where Aqua World in this drama is ? I really wanna visit this aquarium… Thanx

  52. 52 : kim Says:


  53. 53 : kristian Says:


    I am kristian and from canada. I love korea drama but I am not korean. I like to see on the subitlies english. it’s Googs looks good and wonderful

  54. 54 : esso Says:

    lovely tnx

  55. 55 : jssg Says:

    I find korean dramas to be much more intresting than any soaps or novelas. Which all seem to have the same plot in a diffrent setting,each one I see has a new unique story. However I sometimes find myself to be lost in translation (not literal but cultural). If someone out there could give the need to know on korean customs so that I can better understand why some things that wouldnt be an issue in the states are a big deal there. a little crash course on korean tabus PLEASE!!!!!!!

  56. 56 : sylvia Says:

    wow……….. nam gong min, so handsome…………….
    may at aussie soph, cause this film same acting play in aussie……………

  57. 57 : Luk Says:

    Though I like Sung Yuri, I just thought this drama could’ve been better. It’s like they could’ve added some stuff here and there, fill in some holes, stir it up a little and end up with maybe a few more eps than what it does have. It was a little intense too, especially around half-way through, but I can’t help but think that I only liked because of Sung Yuri and maybe Gong Yoo.

  58. 58 : ziena Says:

    this drama is trash
    dont wast your time
    even the romance is super boring
    brother and sister falls in love crappp

  59. 59 : bathroom suites Says:

    Completely agree with your comments on this – thanks for taking the time to post.

  60. 60 : skipper Says:

    to ziena

    1 . this drama isn’t trash !
    2. watching this drama is not wasting time !!
    3 . even you are super boring !!!

  61. 61 : ratna Says:

    its wonderfull drama,,,
    i love goong yoo so much..

  62. 62 : watch weeds season 5 episodes Says:

    What a great post, thanks for the read

  63. 63 : diana Says:

    im watch 15 episode
    n i dont know .. i dont want to finale this movie…

    not really good for me… 4 / 10…

  64. 64 : mutiara Says:

    great picture… is it good drama?

  65. 65 : Sarah Says:

    It’s A Great Drama, I Loved It <3

    Now I'm Watchin' Episode 15 And I Can't Watch The Final Cuz I Don't Want It To End =[

    Wish There Were More Episodes..

  66. 66 : mel Says:

    sound like interesting.. i want to watch this movie…

  67. 67 : nining Says:

    it’s a good drama,,

  68. 68 : Mark Says:

    I disagree with what Ziena said.

    Sung Yuri has a mother who brought her up. But her mother’s husband is not Gong Yoo’s father lah. Because she is an unwed mother.

    So to speak Sing Yuri’s father is who we do not know as this is not important in this drama. But Gong Yoo’s father married Sung Yuri’s mother making her the sister under the name of the law.

  69. 69 : marwa Says:

    hi, i love this drama and ha-neul should be with dong-ha not with gun

  70. 70 : via Says:

    I also agree with Mark, they are not brother n sister by blood, like Devil beside You Taiwanese drama also have the same story line and finally the parents leave the decision to their child and let them be in love and be a couple, I don’t think it will be a problem, its different when they are related by blood, it will become incest story,hehehe..
    I love this drama, and happy with the ending because Suh Gun finally back to Korea after 3 years taking care of the sick hyo joo, its very romantic when he sees Ha neul inside the supersize aquarium and she’s cleaning the aquarium when he suddenly appear in front of her, I can feel that ha neul very surprise by his coming especially when suh gun said “saranghae” to her.. she can not hear of course cause she inside the water but she can see his lips saying that.. very nice ending i can say… 🙂

  71. 71 : dallas Says:

    it,s reall a nice drama>>>>>>>>

  72. 72 : Nerede kalmıştık? « "Aslı" Gibidir… Says:

    […] Fotoğraf http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=253 adresinden alınmıştır. […]

  73. 73 : KDaddict Says:

    I love Gong Yoo’s Biscuit Teacher. Is this show good? Pls tell me abt it. Is it sad, a melodrama? Does it have many cute, funny moments? I’d like to watch it but don’t know if it is a good bet. Thank you.

  74. 74 : via Says:

    This drama is nice, I like this drama, because I love Goong yoo and Sung Yu ri, the story is kind of mess a bit, hehehe.. but I love GY and SYR chemistry, they amazing, and many says that the ending is not good, but i love the ending..
    What Im trying to say is it depend on their own point of view, Im saying its a nice and good drama, but others said it is not, then what can I say? its a matter of taste, everybody say that “My princess” and Mary Stay All Night” are a Great drama, I said they’re not.. Some Say Playfull Kiss is suck, but I love it!!! ;p So Its all up to you KDaddict whether you want to watch this drama or not… who knows maybe you will end up liking it or hating it.. But heyyy..you should watch many other KDrama so that you can compare them or it will make you able to know what kind of Kdrama that suit for your taste, right?!

  75. 75 : KDaddict Says:

    Taste is Always personal. So instead of whether you like it, What I asked for is:
    Is this a melodrama? Is it sad? Does it have many cute, funny moments? What is the ending like? They don’t end up together? Why not? Give me Spoilers if u can. Remember you copied a long synopsis for Midas from a certain blog? I am hoping for that sort of a review, not a simple statement of whether you like or recommend it. Thk u.

  76. 76 : via Says:

    Ha Neul (Yuri) and Suh Gun (gong yoo) are not brother n sister by blood because their both parents get married, but they become very close like they are related by blood. Then suddenly their parents die and they have to be separate. Ha neul get adopted by a rich family in Korea but Suh Gun get adopted by a poor family in Australia. There he lives with his new sister Hyo Joo (lee yeon hee) whose fall in love with Gun. Then Gun come back to Korea but in order to keep living and earn money to cure Hyo Joo ilness, he had to become a gangster/thief/a liar/ you named it.. Then He met Ha Neul again, at first he want to cheat on her to take her money (he knew she live with her adoptive wealthy parents), but then he fall in love with her, they falling for each other. Twist n turn happen, and suddenly Hyo Joo, his adoptive sister wants to go back to Australia, and she wants Gun to accompany her and stay with her there. He actually didnt want to leave Korea and Ha Neul again, but Hyo Joo Father or his adoptive father begged him to do what she wants because Hyo joo is very sick. Shortly he leave to Australia and stay there for about few years (before, he promise to come back to Ha Neul again), and Hyo Jo finally gave up and let Gun to come back to Korea. Gun finally be able to come back and he went to see Ha Neul whose working in A large Aquarium, she was working there at the first place because it reminds her of his long lost brother (Gun). There she also meet the owner of the Aquarium KangDong Ha (Nam Gong Min) whose also fall in love with Ha Neul.

    Its just a short sinopsis, but actually its a lot more story inside this drama, something about their parents etc.

    So I think you should give it a try.. maybe you will enjoy and like it as much as me..

  77. 77 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank you much for telling me the story. It sure sounds like a typical melodrama. I’m currently working on When It’s Night, starring KSA n Lee Dong Gun. It is funny n enjoyable. U might have already seen it, cos u like KSA.

  78. 78 : The most popular korean site in Iran » Blog Archive » Sung Yuri_ Biography Says:

    […] 2011) Swallow the Sun (SBS, 2009) Hong Gil Dong (KBS2, 2008) The Snow Queen (KBS2, 2006) One Fine Day (MBC, 2006) Prince’s First Love (MBC, 2004) Thousand Years of Love (SBS, 2003) My Platoon Leader (MBC, […]

  79. 79 : quack Says:


    The pilot was horrible and the ending was a bit silly when Gun fulfilled Goo Hyo Joo’s wish. Gun and Ha Neul went through so much. After being apart for 15 years, another 3 years? Silliness.

    Anyways, I hate to admit it. I think this is a better melodrama than THE SNOW QUEEN, which I thought was epic.

    Don’t hesitate, watch this NOW. Please, you’ll love it.
    Great music.
    Great casts.
    Great story.

    Anyone who commented how they hate the idea of siblings dating are just really stupid. The two leading roles are not siblings.

  80. 80 : RK Says:

    how to watch this drama?

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