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On Air


Title: 온에어 / On Air
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 21
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-March-5 to 2008-May-15
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


This new drama is about the behind the scenes of TV drama production. It also portrays how the whole production team and performers complete a project in a tight schedule and as well as how actors, actresses, and entertainment agencies handle rumors surrounding them. Jang Ki Joon is a manager who is in charge of the activities of many famous actors and actresses. One of them is Oh Seung Ah who is a rising actress. Lee Kyung Min is a drama PD, Seo Young Eun is a script writer with a young son.


Lee Bum Soo as Jang Ki Joon
Kim Ha Neul as Oh Seung Ah
Song Yoon Ah as Seo Young Eun
Park Yong Ha as Lee Kyung Min

Extended Cast

Ricky Lee Neely as Aidan Lee (Seung Ah’s friend)
Yoo Seo Jin as Yoon Hyun Soo
Sung Woo Jin as Ra Seok Hyun (Hyun Soo’s husband)
Lee Kyung Jin as Kwak Wook Shim (Kyung Min’s mother)
Hong Ji Min as Lee Hye Kyung
Choi Sang Hoon as Kang Ho Sang
Yeo Ho Min as Hong Sung Hwa
Han Ye Won as Cherry
Kang Joo Hyung as Ahn Da Jung
Lee Chae Won as Seung Ah’s assistant
Park Joo Ah as Park Hyung Ja (Young Eun’s mother)
Lee Hyung Chul as Jin Sang Woo (SW Entertainment President)
Shin Dong Woo as Kim Joon Hee (Young Eun’s son)
Kim Dong Gyoon as Noh Yong Chul
Im Hyun Sung as Kim Beom Rae
Min Seo Hyun as Yang So Eun
Lee Dal Hyung as Park Bong Sik
Lee Won as Kwon Oh Suk
Lee Sung Min as Song Soo Chul
Lee Chul Min as Kim Hak Seon
Jin Sung as Lee Won
Kang Rae Yun as travel guide
Maeng Bo Hak as movie producer
Yook Hye Seung
Lee Seung Hyung
Ban Min Jung as Eun Hyung (cameo)
Samuel Kang as airlines manager
Kim Ah Joong (cameo)
Lee Jae Jin as himself (cameo, ep1)
Lee Dong Kyu (cameo, ep 14)

Production Credits

Director: Shin Woo Chul
Scriptwriter: Kim Eun Suk (김은숙)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2008-03-05 1 13.4 (8th) 15.2 (7th)
2008-03-06 2 15.2 (8th) 16.1 (7th)
2008-03-12 3 14.7 (5th) 15.9 (5th)
2008-03-13 4 18.9 (6th) 20.5 (5th)
2008-03-19 5 16.7 (5th) 17.9 (5th)
2008-03-20 6 18.1 (6th) 18.5 (6th)
2008-03-26 7 20.1 (4th) 20.9 (4th)
2008-03-27 8 21.2 (4th) 22.1 (3rd)
2008-04-02 9 21.6 (3rd) 22.9 (2nd)
2008-04-03 10 22.8 (2nd) 24.4 (2nd)
2008-04-10 11 19.4 (6th) 20.1 (4th)
2008-04-16 12 21.1 (2nd) 21.9 (2nd)
2008-04-17 13 22.2 (2nd) 23.7 (2nd)
2008-04-23 14 22.9 (2nd) 23.7 (2nd)
2008-04-24 15 23.3 (2nd) 24.1 (3rd)
2008-04-30 16 21.4 (2nd) 21.9 (3rd)
2008-05-01 17 24.0 (2nd) 25.6 (2nd)
2008-05-07 18 23.5 (1st) 24.1 (1st)
2008-05-08 19 25.6 (1st) 26.2 (1st)
2008-05-14 20 23.5 (1st) 24.9 (1st)
2008-05-15 21 25.8 (1st) 27.4 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : petite Says:

    Woww, It’s nice to know that my favourite actress and actor will be in this movie.
    For sure I’ll watch this…

  2. 2 : Rowena Says:

    Me to I say, WOW!!! I will surely watch for this. Perfect cast…. hopefully with very good story line.

  3. 3 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    Really looking forward to this, sounds like it will be fun…

  4. 4 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    I just noticed the Director worked previously on Lovers, Lovers in Paris & Prague all great romances. On Air promises to be a good romance with lots of terrific cameo appearances.

  5. 5 : idril Says:

    huhuhu…….. i missed park yong ha so much!!!! can hardly wait to see him as lead actor!!!!

  6. 6 : hanifa Says:

    hi!! ilike korean movies and all the cast specially niko,rain,gian and my paolo Chung..

  7. 7 : emilza s'kalit Says:

    well…., i can’t wait to see Kim Ha Neul new drama.
    I think this drama will be fantastic….

  8. 8 : hiesan Says:

    i think it will be a good drama. 🙂

  9. 9 : rene Says:

    lee hyo ri is in the first episode.. have watched the first episode and it makes me wants to continue watching.. nice storyline…
    this drama’s storyline seems a little hard to portray at times really admire the director of this drama.
    its like watching a drama within a drama..haha everyone should watch this.

  10. 10 : Mapenzi01 Says:

    i crave for watching this!

  11. 11 : CS Says:

    When can I watch this drama with English Subtitle?
    Eager to watch this new drama.

  12. 12 : Wall Paper Says:

    Wallpaper link

  13. 13 : CS Says:

    waiting for this drama desperately with English Subtitle.

  14. 14 : emilza s'kalit Says:

    I can’t wait to see this drama…… I really love Kim Ha Neul.
    She is so talented & preety

  15. 15 : Paper Walls Says:

    Is it really a great drama ???
    Sure I must watch if it’s a great one.

  16. 16 : maple3 Says:

    This is a really nice show. It has a very nice storyline and is something that is not really of the usual type. Didn’t notice it until just the day before. Finished the first 10 episode in just one day( Just couldn’t stop watching). No wonder the rating kept going up, now should be about 24.0.”Patiently” waiting for episode 11.

  17. 17 : janice Says:

    i love this drama…
    dont know how to describe it, just awesome!!!!!!!
    i love Song Yoon Ah so much.
    defiantly, one of the best dramas forever.

  18. 18 : Imuyachan Says:

    my god i’ve been waiting for Park Yong-ha’s drama since years… so glad to see his comeback 🙂 im so gonna wacth this.. hope it will be as great as his previous drama 🙂

  19. 19 : HannyBae Says:

    Welcome back Park Yong Ha!

  20. 20 : *** DVD Cover Label *** Says:

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  21. 21 : k kang Says:

    i will save my word.
    just watch!

  22. 22 : liang Says:

    One of the best korean drama in recent years after Hotelier, Damo, etc.

  23. 23 : Abby Says:

    I have watch up to eps 13. and it’s amazing that I couldn’t stop watching it. The storyline and all the actors actress are excellent so far the best drama of 2008. My original plan is to watch it after it’s all out, but after I started the first eps, I can’t stop myself, I have to keep watching it. The bad things is I have to wait for the next eps to release, that kills me. So watch it when it’s all out, if not you’ll be hanging there just like me.

  24. 24 : lln6 Says:

    same goes here, can’t even stop thinking about the drama after watching 13 episodes.

    Song Yoon Ah’s is really cute in this drama, hope that Park Yong Ha & Song Yoon Ah will be together finally.

  25. 25 : k kang Says:

    i don’t usually watch korean shows
    but this one is different.
    as some of you said you can’t wait
    but tomorrow night i can watch latest episode.
    go “on air”
    bitch ! Miss “O”

  26. 26 : 안엄 Says:

    this drama is awesome!!
    i love Lee Bum Song Yoon Ah so much!!
    great!!!!!!!!!!!!!just watch it!!

  27. 27 : barbie Says:

    Since this isn’t shown in our country I’ve been watching this drama through the internet and I LOVE IT! Great actors+ great story/plot = ONE FANTASTIC DRAMA! Cant wait for the next episodes!

  28. 28 : k kang Says:

    there are only 2 episodes left to go.
    so sad but can’t wait to see how it ends.
    this show is soooooooooooo cooooooooooooool!!!!

  29. 29 : smk Says:

    watching from NY. Love the show, have a bad feeling ki joon and seung ah won’t be together in the end (but I’m still hoping for the best). Loved the concept of drama in a drama (it’s like watching two shows for price of one). Ha neul was great as the twenty something with mind of seven year old (got very emotional whenever she cried as this character). My favorite scene? Without a doubt when she said not you and looked at ki joon for approval after finishing one of the most emotional scenes in the whole drama (while still crying her eyes out)

  30. 30 : Luv_Bi Says:

    i’m trying to watch this drama frm Dubai, UAE..
    i dunno why have a prob loading epi 5 onwards..
    anyone knw why?
    can anyone help?!!!

  31. 31 : z0e Says:

    It was indeed a good drama. Both actresses’ roles in this drama turn bad to good and their relationship grew better as it progressed. As for actors, the character for actress’s agents (LBS) has a good heart; you will love his character as story moving forward. Actress Song Yoon Ah is my favorite actress all this while ever since I watched her in “The hotelier” with Bae Yong Jun. Her previous drama in “My sister” was good too. Her acting is becoming so versatile nowadays, she can be sweet and sentimental, or can be funny and evil too if you have chance to see her acting in different dramas and movies. And her role as a divorced lady with one child plus ‘hyperactive’ character, it was a big change for her too although I don’t really like her to be in “hyperactive” role, but as story progressed, I love her in this role (quite funny at times) and of course happy to see her pairing up with PD Lee eventually on the last eps 21. It was so difficult for a single mother to accept a younger man in this relationship especially in Korea’s society whereby women status is not so high in male-sovereignty world.

  32. 32 : cath_hong gi Says:

    annyeong haseyo

    i’m a big of ft island from bataan philippines,

    wow so nice and great lee jae jin so cute….

    and the song is very adorable…

    hong gi have a precious and beautiful voice..

    gambatte ft island !

    good luck to your new digital single….


  33. 33 : HannyBae Says:

    this drama got a good rank! can’t wait to see it!

  34. 34 : HannyBae Says:

    “On air” give me a clue about how broadcasting life is. Very interesting. After seeing this drama, I know how challenging the works of scriptwriter, director, manager actress and actress it’ self. It’s really recommended to watch.
    Park Yong Ha looks cool here. He seems more mature than when he played in Loving U.

  35. 35 : weng Says:

    Park long ha!! welcome again i waited this drama for a long time!!

  36. 36 : meirav Says:

    i just started to watch on air and i love it the cast is great and so is park yong ha i hope to saw him in winter sontana and i loved it i hope to see him more on tv

  37. 37 : hooi Says:

    This is a real good one after quite some disappointments with Korean drama series lately..But this one is worthwhile,not the usual plot and learn something about this industry.Love all the 4 main actors.
    Must watch!!

  38. 38 : Tiramisu Says:

    I like this drama in the beginning. I just do not like the story that Kim Ha Neul like her manager. Somehow the way Song Yoon Ah acting in this drama not that interesting. Her bahavior is kind of weird. At first Park Yong Ha like Kim Ha Neul, later the story change toPark Yong Ha like Song Yoon Ah. The story does not flow very smoothly. Overall this drama is ok. It will be more interesting if Park Yong Ha like Kim Ha Neul. I think this two should be the main actor and actress. I do not know why they pick this person as manager. We watch drama or movie sometimes not because of story but good looking guys or pretty girls. If we want to see simple looking person, we can see those people every where in the street.

  39. 39 : Emilza Says:

    I already finished watching this drama. And Oh My God, this drama was soooooooooooo……………. good. The story was amazing, the actors were very talented….

    This is one of the best of Korean Drama of all time. For Kim Ha Neul, you are so beutiful and your acting was great…

    Love Kim Ha Neul, can’t wait to see her next drama…

  40. 40 : me Says:

    to be honest, this show isn’t the best for me, because im such a romantic freak and there wasn’t much love scene between the actors and actresses. however, this drama is so exceptional because it’s unlike any other typical k-dramas (girl get sick and die, extremely sad and dramatic, you get the picture) i like the twist and mystery behind this drama because you never really know who’s gonna pair up with who until the very end. at first, you would assum that park yong ha is going to be with kim ha nuel because he seemed to like her, plus, both also seemed younger compared to the other cast. however, as you continue to watch the drama, you realize and see as park yong ha slowly start to like song yong ah. the love relationship is sooooo interesting. i actually enjoy p

  41. 41 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    Finally got to see this drama all the way through, it is TERRIFIC!!!!!!!
    I would absolutely recommend this drama, it is very well written. The weaving together of the characters a masterpiece.

    Love, love, love the chemistry and development of relationship between Director and Writer, well done!

  42. 42 : Dmingz Says:

    I suppose the trend nowadays is not to make the love connections too clear so that there is room for imagination (or regrets) later on in the drama.

    The story kinda end abruptly, as though if the production team was told to cut the story short as they had exceeded the planned number of episodes. They did not really play out the relationship between Ki Joon and Seung Ah throughout. Before you know it, they are going new york (hand-in-hand)to expand her career (and she is supposed to be a bad actress) Will be nicer if they talked about how she improved her acting or perhaps switch to hosting since she has a pretty sharp tongue. LOL

  43. 43 : citi Says:

    Superb drama!

    It is certainly refreshing to see Kim Ha Neul in this role which is totally different from what she usually does. The 2 male leads were really great too. But it is Song Yoon Ah who really shines here. It is such a delight to watch her in her role as the slightly neurotic & highly excitable scriptwriter who carries all her emotions on her face.

    Love how the friendship & love between the leads develop too. Subtle & not too overdramatic. Very real & convincing. Not too much melodramas which is typical of most kdramas.

    All in all, a totally enjoyable drama…

  44. 44 : BG Says:

    Sorry, but this show didn’t do it for me. I think TV writers writing about TV writers is a cop out. Plus, I could care less about any of the so-called dramatic hooks, like whether or not the show will get good ratings, or if they pull off production on time, or which actress gets what part. Plus, too many characters, none of which I could relate to or feel sympathetic towards.

  45. 45 : alws Says:

    Superb drama! Highly recommended!!!

  46. 46 : zeL Says:

    just finished this series…
    gosh! terrific and absolutely amazing!
    the cast was perfectly chosen for their roles…
    i recommend you guyz watch this..
    you can learn many things, big time..
    i congratulate the four main leading casts…
    kim ha-neul specially.. very good actress.. made me more admire her…
    and so with song yoon ha.. who put a very bright light unto the show..
    for the guyz. well… ahjussi, nice one!
    hay.. i am really sad that it ended sooner than i thought..
    promise.. this is a great one… everyone should watch this…^^,

  47. 47 : Daphne Says:

    This is the best korean drama i have seen recently. After watching a few of the korean series, the story kind of predictable and i got bored of them. but, this drama is exceptionally good. Really like the love story between the director and the writer. Highly recommended !

  48. 48 : nrps Says:

    i am from the philippines…me and my friend loved to watch korean dramas…once we’ve watched the korean awards goes the saying translated in filipino language “mabuhay ang pelikulang koreano”…we’ve just finish watching “on air” last night and it so beautiful and the ending is nice…the actors and actress are cute…especially the relationship of the director and the writer…one of the best ending and stories…more movies to come…keep it up!!!

  49. 49 : nrps Says:

    i like the way park yong ha handle his feelings towards song yoon ah though she is divorce and had a son….the way park yong ha holds her hands and when he kissed song yoon ah saying don’t be scared…wowwwwwwww!!!so romantic…so kilig!!!

  50. 50 : princess Says:

    yeah.. love it! simply amazing!
    guyz, pls keep on commenting that we’ll be able to promote this..
    it is a MUST SEE!!!^^,

  51. 51 : Maggie Kwok Form HKG Says:

    good story,good actors, nice shooting………feel it!!

    i support korean drama.aza aza

  52. 52 : Ida Says:

    I have watched this drama, and I believe this drama shall be in my all-time favourite lists. I really like the storyline, even it is a little bit fast-paced, and how the relationship developed. I like the subtle love relationship between them, which is so sweet, can be detected via their expression. I like the love-hate relationship between PD Lee and Scriptwriter Suh, they argued so much but later on they finally understood each other’s stand.

    Praise for Song Yun Ah. She has done her job well in this drama. Scriptwriter Suh is very emotional and frank, she speaks what shw wants to speak, sometimes it has its consequences, she looks tough to people outside, but internally she’s very fragile.

    The other actors also has done well. A really good and matured comeback for Park Yong Ha. Kim Ha Neul has successfully made me hate Oh Seung Ah earlier on because she’s so diva-like, but at the same time made me fall in love with the mentally retarded character. Very convincing! Lee Beom Su’s performance is very different from his previous work, I see him as a happy go lucky and eager to please people around. (But I was lead to believe that he is also like this outside, so this maybe a natural for him). Great performance from him too.

    Definitely will try to purchase vcd of this story. anyone know where can I get this vcd (Korean with English subtitle).

  53. 53 : snowangel Says:

    yeah yeah..
    guyz.. we should at least also have 500 comments.. for this…
    it is really great when we could at least help other people let know
    that on air is this great… wheee…

  54. 54 : siska Says:

    I don’t really like it especially with the song yun ah’s character. Seems to me she look like a very fuzzy person than a frank person maybe because of her mimic. I like her much better in Hotelier.

  55. 55 : Mey Says:

    Hi..Hope anyone of you can help me. I can’t remember in which episode where the scriptwriter Song Yun Ah watched an extract of 2 drama series which 1 of them was Lovers in paris (either episode 3 or 4 if i am not mistaken).. I have been looking for the title of the other series but to no avail. To ease you, the drama showed that there was this guy bought donuts from the girl who apparently he loves and there was a line the guy said ‘she was my breath’ …If you could tell me the title I would be very much grateful. Thank you so much…

  56. 56 : K Says:

    to mey
    that show Lee chun hee stared was just made up!
    there’s no such thing as that drama.

  57. 57 : Mey Says:

    Hi K.. many thanks for the info. That tells why I couldn’t find it..silly of me.. anyway thanks again. cheers

  58. 58 : limdra Says:

    One of the best drama I’ve seen.. highly recommended!

  59. 59 : X) Says:


  60. 60 : apple Says:

    One of the best kdramas of 2008!!! Great story, great cast, superb acting!!!

  61. 61 : hunk511 Says:

    enjoyed it!

  62. 62 : armijenlee Says:

    great story luv da endin….nd even da soundtrack best k-drama of da year….

  63. 63 : marites gerona Says:

    episode 1 is so boring. the dialogues are so long..and the acctress who was the writer in this drama is the same acctress in Hotelier. She is still over-acting to me esp when she does her comical, facial expresssion, i dont like very much. Now I see why this has few comments…i wish they put other actors instead

  64. 64 : lord of galaxy Says:

    f**king retarded show. stupid to the max!

  65. 65 : marites gerona Says:

    although the first few episodes are boring, it only became interesting on the last few episodes, which it shows in the high ratings. i love the storyline of the love-hate realationship of the manager and his actress and how their care for each other developed or evolved in seven years. what frustrates me is that there were no scenes like they profess their love to each other and have a kiss!!!!ha ha ha! these two people are the most incredible actors in this drama. wish they had just focused on them as the main lead.

  66. 66 : Lhamo Says:

    The best drama that came out of Korea this year! Highly recommended. It’s not your typical drama full of cliches. The dialogues are witty, and drama is well made. It is about people who make and act in dramas so that makes it really interesting.

  67. 67 : Sisca Says:

    Very good drama.. highly recommended.. Good casting… Real conversation…

    I still can’t believe the director pairs Park Yong Ha and Son Yoo Na together… They are matched together!! They have the chemistry… I couldn’t guess that they would be together until episode 10(ish)…

    Great work…

  68. 68 : Monica Says:

    this has to be the most original and interesting K-drama ever!!!
    this drama is the best and the acting and characters are so real-life type!
    a 100/100, this drama is!

  69. 69 : Lumi Says:

    I enjoyed this drama a lot, but it ruined it for me because now whenever I am watching a K-drama, I mentally get behind the camara and I am aware of what is going on with the actors.

    Anyway, it is interesting and I am happy to see Park Yong Ha back (after Winter Sonata he starred in Loving You which I did not feel was a great drama), and Song Yoon Ha (who I hadn’t seen since Hotelier).

    The ending was satisfying and happy.

  70. 70 : adie Says:

    i have seen this k-drama before. it’s true that the first few episodes is kind of boring, but as the story moves on, it’s becoming interested to watch. i love the OST!

  71. 71 : adie Says:

    i have seen this k-drama before. it’s true that the first few episodes is kind of boring, but as the story moves on, it’s becoming interesting to watch. i love the OST!

  72. 72 : tone Says:

    I see this drama several times and now 2008 SBS drama awards have song yoon ah and kim ha neul and lee bom soo for nominees. I’m rooting for song yoon ah the most,her action in this drama’s very great and had good chemistry with park yong ha.Cheer this drama……..

  73. 73 : Goong Ju Says:

    It was a very entertaining drama. Get to see how things works behind the scene. A very big applause for SONG YOON AH, she blend herself well as Seo Young Eun. Good acting. A very good come back from PARK YONG HA. He acted very well as PD Lee Kyung Min & they have so much chemistry. Well done too for LEE BEOM SU & KIM HA NEUL. Highly recommend.

  74. 74 : twistie Says:

    Pls advise which part of Taiwan did ON AIR went to when whole TV staff went to see & study the surrundering for their Drama.

    I would like to know the name of this place they visited….

    From Singapore

  75. 75 : Qi Singapore Says:

    TRUST ME! U will love this drama. Not the usual storyline. Good job to Director and Scripwriter for making this drama so interesting that I watched non stop and completed it within 24 hours! IoI Praises to all the Actors and Actress for fantastic performances. KUSO!!

  76. 76 : slim Says:

    This series made me take note of Song Yoon Ah. She is very good! Her character started off a little lost at first but she developed it well as the story progresses. Well worth watching. I love the pairing of SYA and PYH. They have good chemistry together.

  77. 77 : lemizeraq Says:

    Hi there Twistie,

    They stayed at the Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan at the Lalu Hotel which was one of the holiday resorts for the Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek.

    With regards to the outdoor shoots at the seaside, I have no idea where that is.


  78. 78 : la Says:

    wow, i just started watching this drama, and i must say that it’s really very good! love it!

  79. 79 : bORabEll Says:

    another great drama to watch! although a few first episodes are a little bit boring, but as the story go on, it become more and more interesting!
    I love this drama and recommend it to all! all the four main casts are doing a great job…i love the script too…congrats to the director and the scriptwriter! now I understand more and learn about behinds a drama.

  80. 80 : Lovelva Says:

    I just finished watched. Nice drama. Kim Ha Neul, rocks!!!

  81. 81 : Piggy Says:

    this is a really gd show!! have watched it repeatedly like 4 times, and yet, still cant STOP!! simply too good!!

    Yeah, the director and scriptwriter finally together, they were so sweet, i love them!! Park Yong Har, handsome, man!!!!! haha..

    now i know its not easy to film and will appreciate it even more..

    thanks to Song Yoon Ah and Park Yong Ha!!!!!!

  82. 82 : sam Says:

    i couldn’t understand why park yong ha is pair up with song yoon ah..a bit disappointed..
    anyway..kim ha neul is so pretty and so damn cool..like her characteristics so so much!!

  83. 83 : christ Says:

    really nice movie until I could ignore my exam towatch this drama

  84. 84 : Jenny Says:

    I really really love this movie. It’s perfect

  85. 85 : saha Says:

    i’m not really a fan of korean drama, i’m not even into romance movies, and i must say a lot of people must be disappointed that at the end the manager and his actress still never confess love to each others although they are in love. but to me, their eyes contact, and some of the phrase they said all along show it. that’s why theirs is an excellent “love” story.

  86. 86 : Ran Says:

    love this drama very..very much..and start fall in love with park yong ha and song yoon ha..(^_^!)

  87. 87 : smoke Says:

    wel I think it’s a nice works.

    –stop smoking–

  88. 88 : fizah Says:

    I dont really like Yong Ha in Winter Sonata, but really loves you in On-Air, so cool.

    I like Song Yoon Ah too, even her act in Hotelier also.. good.

    Love to see more act in dramas.

  89. 89 : 蓝玄镜 Says:

    i don’t like K-drama before or K-actors, actresses, but since i watch episode 1,i attract by Seo Young Eun (SONG YOON A),i don’t her before. I watch out this drama because of her!!!Very happy because she finally together with PD Lee.

  90. 90 : ana Says:

    helloo….i don’t do with this drama at first but recently when i watch it, i’m stuck into this drama.i am just attached to it.it expose me to the world of korean dramamaker,behind the scene, etc.

    unfortunately, i missed out the final episode.huhuhu….i think this drama is great.i wonder if this drama has a 2nd part.i hope not cause when a drama series has a 2nd part it’s usually boring

    however,a big applause to his drama…i’m supporting this drama forever

  91. 91 : mao Says:

    wanna got all ON AIR’ songs name 🙂

  92. 92 : crash Says:

    This drama is alright except for the casting. OMG i hated his guts, the manager of kim ha neul that is. he doesnt move me at all. i fast forward whenever his scene gets too long. hes acting is just bland. even the supposed secret feeling of his for his talent, i really almost dont feel it. i dont understand why he is casted opposite the very pretty kim ha neul. this guy just dont have the on screen presence that kim ha neul has. their supposed mutual attraction is just nil. i just dont feel it sorry.

  93. 93 : Nitz Says:

    All praises for the drama itself except the portrayal of Song Yoon Ah who was OVER ACTING in all episodes. Her facial expressions were so disgraceful from loud mouth to lip twitching and eyes rolling. In real sense, a scriptwriter has no role in meddling in the job of directors and artists. The other artists did their job well.

  94. 94 : sweet S Says:

    anyone know where i can download the subtitles for this drama for free????
    i’ll really appreciate that…

  95. 95 : franne Says:

    Very good drama.. just got hooked with it the moment I watched the 1st epi.. but I’m quite disappointed about Seung Ah and PD Lee not end up w/ each other.. I love the two of them..(:

    And Park Yong Ha’s voice is so damn good… I actually downloaded his song..

    Kim ha neul.. my lovely sky rocks!! She’s always great in all of her shows I’ve seen her… and she’s really beautiful…

    Love also the OST!!

  96. 96 : cathy Says:

    Excellent drama , i wonder if this drama got any award ? East of Eden is ok
    drama , storyline , plots are confusing , actings are ok but why this drama
    got so many awards , politic related ?
    I’m not Korean , i have watched few K drama , i find some actors , actresse with poor acting skills but they still got some awards , as long as they are
    good looking , well-dressed , prince charming type .

  97. 97 : myatpwintaye Says:

    i like one Korean drama. good actors & nice shooting.

  98. 98 : love13forever Says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW SO SO SO MUCH! Was addicted to it once i started watching.. so sad that i had finish it already..

  99. 99 : jsp Says:


  100. 100 : jsp Says:


  101. 101 : jsp Says:

    good story,good actors, nice shooting………feel it!!

    i support korean drama.aza aza

  102. 102 : esso Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw this korean drama is sooooooooooooo fantastic please keep on such good editions love u allllllllllllllllllllllllllll specially Song Yoon Ah u r so goooooooooooood

  103. 103 : maro Says:

    love it soooooooooooooooooo mutch

    love oll the cast

    i resbact the corean drama

  104. 104 : adamsmithecons Says:

    yup, it’s a great korean drama.

    in fact, as I prepare students for their JC2 Econs prelim exams as well as the JC1 Economics promotional exams, many still did not do much of my assigned work, thanks to their catching up of this drama on SCV!

    Happy revision, Singapore GCE ‘A’ Level Economics students! (“,)

  105. 105 : reham Says:

    serial de very beautiful and gorgeous
    romantic and passionate and wonderful

  106. 106 : maryam Says:

    i really like this drama
    but unfortunately i coudn t watch the last episods……so now i have a request….i want ask u that if there is some one who have watched this drama….e mail me and tells me the ending……….i want to know want to know what happened after episode 12……….

    this is my id : [email protected]

  107. 107 : Zin Zin Says:

    I like Lee Bum Soo.His acting are really really great.His one sided love for actress is very romantic.Any how I like him.

  108. 108 : Ghenie Says:

    itz sooo grEat!!!!
    i riLi LovE 2 watch it!!!
    an cUtE kEa!!!!
    anTAray nLa….

  109. 109 : mary grelen Says:

    sinong nakakaalam ng title ng themesong nito? ung tagalog…na my lrics na: binuhay mo ang nabgo qng puso, sa mga pangako…tnx n advance

  110. 110 : Michelle Says:

    ISANG KATULAD MO,that was the title of tagalog ost in On Air..

  111. 111 : Michelle Says:

    I really love the On Air korean tv series..it was a good story and love story, at first I like Director Rico for Arian, but after how many days, mas gusto ko na c Jared for Arian..but the ending was very KABITIN, most of all the love story of Arian and Jared..

  112. 112 : polpol Says:

    gusto ko talaga ang kwento,,,gusto ko rin sana mapanood yung korean drama ni song yun ah na “HOTELIER”,,,i love song yun ah,,,i like her very much,,,tnx

  113. 113 : edilyn Says:

    gus2 q makta ulit ang on air sa gma7 kasi hindi buo ang pnakta cut yung ibang episode nakaka-inis sana ibalik yun at buo na marami kasi hindi pinakita .sigs na plz balik nyu na ang on air sa 7 o sa qtv.plz yung hindi na cut .im the no.1 fan of kim ha neul i like the she acts .nakita ko kasi sa youtube young ibang scene maganda pro hindi ko maintindihan…………………………………..ibalik nyu na sa susunod na koreAN drama wag nyu nang ikakat …………………

  114. 114 : mon cute Says:

    ang ganda talaga ng on air san ulitin kc di ko nasimulan at sana ung buo na ang ganda ganda talaga..maganda iyong ending kc si moreen at ung director nag nagkatuluyan..grabe…okey naman ang fated to lve u nag pumalit pero kc super ganda rin nung kwento..namimiss ko tuloy sila arian, at moureen.hehehhehehe

  115. 115 : kelly Says:

    anu poh ung titile ng on air theme song tagalog?

  116. 116 : edilyn Says:

    i really like this drama the story is really nice i watched in tv but the othr scene hindi pinikita nakakainis i want 2 see 8 again on tv but in complete i want to watch all episode on tv ep 1-21 nothing cut .i’d seen in youtube but i cant understand dis is one of my favorite korean drama
    ibalik nyo na sa tv yung completo nothing cut

  117. 117 : edilyn Says:

    i really miss arrian and manager jared i like the scene in airport wen arrian cried b coz of jared i want to see it again sana bou na wala ksi akong absent and i like also maureen and rico i like der chemistry!!!!!sana walang ng cut

  118. 118 : Michelle Says:

    I miss u arian and manager jared..

  119. 119 : Michelle Says:

    “ISANG KATULAD MO”.. that was the title of tagalog ost in on air.. and the singers are AJ TABALDO and BERNIE ANN.

  120. 120 : monchii Says:

    🙂 niceone

  121. 121 : Lily Says:

    I didn’t expect this drama to be so good, watch it on TV one day, then couldn’t stop following…

    It opened my eyes for how a k drama is produced…
    and the suspending beginning till mid still dont know who is going to end up with who.. :p

  122. 122 : Arai Says:

    Really enjoy this drma…love the romance sooo much

  123. 123 : juliet Says:

    ano nga bang theme song ang ginamit sa on air? please reply………

  124. 124 : kimi Says:

    i like film on air

  125. 125 : MozaVidyanata Says:

    thank’s for O’CHANNEL yang udah nayangin film ON AIR.I’m verry-verry enjoy watching movies ON AIR……..

  126. 126 : wita warnita Says:

    tolong ceritain dong episode terakhirnya seperti apa?? Karena saat itu aku tidak ada di rumah…

  127. 127 : Warner Woodie Says:

    This post was mentioned on Facebook by Richard Hawkesford.

  128. 128 : kdfan101 Says:

    More than half way through the drama up to now. The drama is fine. Boy, Park yong ha’s acting hasn’t improve since Winter Sonata at all. In fact, it has become worse. Of the 4 lead actors/actresses, his acting is the weakest. A law student? Does he look like an attorney the way he acts?

  129. 129 : ena Says:

    Nkakainis kasi nkakabitin. Ibalik nyo na uli sa GMA. Yung buo, sana walang cut. PLS..PlS…

  130. 130 : ena Says:

    Ibalik nyo na po yung On Air sa GMA. Sana walang cut. Ipakita nyo po yung buong story. Pls..Pls.. Im a number one fan of it

  131. 131 : gail Says:

    The drama was good, didn’t expect it to be interesting especially in the mid-part. You can see everything that they’re preparing and doing just to make a good drama. Though Lee Bum Soo’s character, I wasn’t so much satisfied. Cause every time he’s holding an actress you’ll think that “Oh he’s really taking good care of” but, he has some desire from his actresses and which in the end he still can’t hold and he losses it kinda funny but I like how he acted. Kinda mysterious. Hmm, Park Yong Ha, although he’s great yet he’s not fit to be a director. You can try giving him lawyer role then we’ll see. 🙂 I like this drama too. Hope that most who watches this drama can really appreciate it.

  132. 132 : minou Says:

    I’m from algeria and I adored this fabulous serie,but evrey time I see it I never saw how was his ending thats why I’m litle bit obset…. in general I loved it,and I’m a fan of korean series in ganeral

  133. 133 : mutiara Says:

    I didn’t watch it till the end.. T_T

  134. 134 : mel Says:

    i love this drama…

  135. 135 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it..

  136. 136 : jessica Says:

    hey guys,,,,,,,,waaaassssssup……..i jessica frm u.s.a……….i just luv this drama,,,,,,,its amazing,,,,,,,,but nw its over,,,,,,,they dnt show it anymore T_T,,,,,,,,,,but thank god i saw da last episode 😛

  137. 137 : idril Says:

    park yong ha…. rest in peace…. love u always…..

  138. 138 : marzi Says:

    when i found park young ha died i crying i became sad why suicid is so commen in korea we lost such a nice person im iraniean

  139. 139 : kdfan101 Says:

    Too bad, it looks like PYH’s career is jump starting again with his forthcoming movie “love song”.

  140. 140 : Ery Says:

    love this drama 🙂 seen it twice and never get tired of it 😀 love the character of PYH, so cool & so romantic. ;). RIP PYH 🙁 Another talent lost.

  141. 141 : oji Says:

    im from Jakarta, Indonesia, I love this drama,,,,,,ParK Yong Ha i will miss U……RIP

  142. 142 : reen Says:

    i love this drama series!
    park yong ha is a good actor
    and he is one of my favorite korean actor

  143. 143 : My Favorite Korean Drama (again) : On Air « Just Dinhie Says:

    […] gambar-gambarnya, ato klo mo donlot OSTnya bisa di dramawiki, koreanmovies.com , hancinema , dan koreandrama.org […]

  144. 144 : marwa Says:

    hi i’m marwa from algeria and i love this drama.

  145. 145 : tifah Says:

    uh…. keren

  146. 146 : Lydia Says:

    best romantic korean drama! but i hate oh seung ah! she s too proud of her self… Park yong ha saranghae wish u rest in peace :]
    seo young eun & lee kyung min are perfect couple….

  147. 147 : mimi Says:

    the best drama i love song yoon ah & park yong ha so much bay

  148. 148 : mimi Says:

    if you need a friend im your friend

  149. 149 : de2 Says:

    SUTRADARA LEE…Park yong ha….saranghae, wish u rest in peace… 🙁
    i lov u…cool

  150. 150 : Wen Says:

    Nice drama that show you the inside story of Korean entertainment world. Soon Yoon Ah is really a very good actress, very impressive performance. Also very impress with Park Yong Ha but too bad he was gone already. Was one of PYH best drama. Plan to rewatch it soon… The OST in this drama was good too especially those sang by PYH.

  151. 151 : Kiky Says:

    I do love this Korean drama 🙂

  152. 152 : bintang Says:

    I LOVE THIS !!!
    Hope this happen in my real life… OH! met a lovely actresses and beautiful script writer! Kakoii~

  153. 153 : girls peeing Says:

    This was a truly wonderful post. In theory I’d like to create like this also – taking time and true work for making a great posting… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never appear to get something done.

  154. 154 : Theresia Says:

    it’s really sadness….. unbelievable …. i’m really shocked when i know that Park Yong Ha was dead. I can’t say anything …………
    I only can say this message : …. for everybody …. artist or not artist, if you have something problem… trouble… something wrong with your life… that you can’t handle that…. just remember that GOD CAN HELP YOU, just Pray in Faith and GOD Will answered … he will help you to handle any problem ….., or you can share with your family, friend, or anybody who you trusted…. Just Don’t do the wrong way (suicide) cause God doesn’t like that way, and you will never see the HEAVEN if you do that….

  155. 155 : yoona Says:

    it’s the best drama which ever i watch…i love this drama..this drama was make me knew about the production of drama…behind the scenes…and a lot of crew for make a drama.thanks very much for this drama. i like it.

  156. 156 : MULE Says:

    IS DRAMA SO GOOD, I hope SBS make new drama again. Ican always it.ok

  157. 157 : MULE Says:

    so good,

  158. 158 : MULE Says:

    so good.
    I love korean drama

  159. 159 : Rae Says:

    I just watch this dvd again as I really miss PYH , just cannot believe he was dead 🙁 …RIP

  160. 160 : munerra Says:

    o really love this drama i love oh seoung ah she had coool style i m munerra fan from kuwait

  161. 161 : ash Says:

    i love on air. marvellous!! Fantastic. actually i love the character of Oh Seung Ah

  162. 162 : bee Says:

    i really love this drama,,, also OST [ft island]
    aigoo,, ON AIR virus— 😮

  163. 163 : eYik Says:

    Really…really love this drama ON-AIR!! Great recommended!

    OMG I miss PD Lee Kyung Min and his uber cute dimples TT_TT
    Park Yong Ha such a good actor n a singer…he has incredible voice,, we sarang ..luv it!!
    Thanks for being part of this world,, thanks for your Love ^^

    Rest in peace my dear, YongHa! ♥♥♥

  164. 164 : sandy Says:

    I miss you so much park yong ha <3
    I adore this drama <3 RIP
    I luv you , you are very good actor an d we 'll never forget u

  165. 165 : FT Island: One Word (Hanmada) [On Air OST] Says:

    […] FT Island records a new song again called One Word ???  for the upcoming OST of a kdrama called On Air. […]

  166. 166 : Bleep Says:

    “On Air” (2008-March-5 to 2008-May-15) had almost prophesised Jang Ja Yeon would, by the following year 2009, commit suicide due to severe depression caused by sexual exploitation.

  167. 167 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] and Gynecology Doctors Oh Lovers حليو مره   Oh! My Lady Oh! Pil Seung And Bong Soon Young On Air Once Upon a Time in Saengchori شاهدت الى 4 وما كملته  One Fine Day One Million […]

  168. 168 : Nad's Says:

    I love On Air.! especially the actors, Lee Beom Soo and Park Yong Ha.
    very good drama.! ^^

  169. 169 : jonghyun kim Says:

    I love to watch korean drama

  170. 170 : sadaf Says:

    ada yg tau dmn download subtitle indonesianya??

  171. 171 : Cos Says:

    luv Lee Bum Soo so much >”<

  172. 172 : singapore e-commerce Says:

    Thank you for the good writeup. It in truth was a leisure account it. Look advanced to more added agreeable from you! By the way, how can we communicate?

  173. 173 : devi zee Says:

    i love song yoon ah as seo young eun,,
    she is so cute and funny,,,
    i like her character in this film.
    saranghae neoul saranghae..
    i wait for your next film with other character.

  174. 174 : maxi Says:

    I love this drama. I like all characters, especially Kim Ha Neul. When i was watching this drama for the first time the one who attracted me the most was Oh Seuong Ah ( thanks so much that was Kim Ha Neul) a lonely girl in a big world. I’m the one that love her from far away. I’m gonna be Kim Ha Neul’s fan for long time more.

  175. 175 : chen Says:

    this dram is very borign

  176. 176 : mary ying Says:

    can I still get this DVD? if so where?
    I live both in Hong Kong and San Francisco.

  177. 177 : Travel Impressions Of Cherrylog | Travel Impressions Says:

    […] guide with travel has really was and what China is in variety of industry and you have accessible now than in the subjected to hospital benefits that come with some risk of […]

  178. 178 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] On Air Rating : 4 out of 5 […]

  179. 179 : rose Says:

    this is a very good drama series on the making of a korean tv drama – the twists and turns of events because of the egos of people in the industry, etc. you could see how the industry can be dirty. since i watched it recently, episode after episode at you tube (sbs free vod), at one point i got a headache i stopped watching because i felt the frustrations depicted, i would have decided to shut down the project if i were the person in charge. anyway, it’s a 9/10!

  180. 180 : mystisith Says:

    Watched Secret Garden: Loved it. City Hall: Loved it. A Gentleman’s Dignity: Loved it. Now I’m marathoning On Air: And it’s just awesome. Kim Eun-sook is just the best drama writer for me. On Air is so interesting because you see how a drama is made from A to Z, with all the struggles, hurdles and joys. The characters are complex and touching. The OST is great, like always. And it’s beautifully shot. Granted, I’ve only watched 6 eps by now but wow…

  181. 181 : FARAH hazirah Says:

    I love this drama 🙂

  182. 182 : Jennie Says:

    @mystisith Yep KHN is way better here than in AGD, she was great with that b** role and loved everything about the drama back then. Became a fan of Park YH from this drama actually, may he RIP. My favourite parts from this drama were when they sang Shanghai Shanghai on stage, at a closing/farewell party, I think and at a campfire where they played a game and KHN sang!? These scenes are still stuck in my head after all this time 😀

  183. 183 : Park Si Yeon « hanipoollazuardi (first) Says:

    […] House (SBS, 2010) Red Candy (KBS2, 2010) A Man’s Story (KBS2, 2009) Bittersweet Life (MBC, 2008) On Air (SBS, 2008) cameo When Spring Comes (KBS2, 2007) Yeon Gae Somun (SBS, 2006) My Girl (SBS, 2005) Lotus Lantern […]

  184. 184 : Jason Sud Says:

    The screenwriter may be famous but
    I am having a hard time wTching this movie.!it rely drags

  185. 185 : Jason Sud Says:

    I do not care for Kim Ha Neul. She does not have presence and she is not pretty. Her voice drives me crazy.

  186. 186 : Jason Sud Says:

    Geez Kim Ha Neul looks really weird as a high school student. Her hair is do strange it makes her look ugly.

  187. 187 : Nancy Oh Says:

    The script writer in this drama must have had someone real on mind when she wrote the role of the screen writer in the movie.she is certainly obnoxious. Guess that screen writers in Korea have a lot of leverage

  188. 188 : Nancy Oh Says:

    The womannplaying Cherry gets on my nerves!

  189. 189 : lina Says:

    i loved the drama.i got to wonder if that’s what actors go through in the real world also if that’ s how hectic it is to finish producing or directing a drama.though it was a drama it looked like they were really experiencing what was happening to them.this was a great drama nice work

  190. 190 : Dramas Review 2012 « mystisith Says:

    […] Dramas: 11 episodes aired and I can already tell it’s one of my darlings. After the excellent On Air, another drama which takes us by the hand to show us how a drama comes to life. Korean drama 101? […]

  191. 191 : May Saw Oo Says:

    Hi—I finished watching ON AIR dvd on 20 May 2013.Since I liked Park Young-Ha’s natural look acting and good look,I googled his name to find his artistic performances.Then I found he passed away on 30 June 2012 by commiting suicide.Its too late to comment about his death.As a buddhist I wish you to be free from sufferings.I hope this is your last life of born and death.I will always share my merits to you,that’s the only thing I can do for you,Park.

    Thank you for all your entertainments providing to us.Love You!!!

  192. 192 : May Saw Oo Says:

    Hnatural look acting and good look,I googled his name to find his artistic performances.Then I found he passed away on 30 June 2012 by commiting suicide.Its too late to comment about his death.As a buddhist I wish you to be free from sufferings.I hope this is your last life of born and death.I will always share my merits to you,that’s the only thing I can do for you,Park.

    Thank you for all your entertainments providing to us.Love You!!!i—I finished watching ON AIR dvd on 20 May 2013.Since I liked Park Young-Hnatural look acting and good look,I googled his name to find his artistic performances.Then I found he passed away on 30 June 2012 by commiting suicide.Its too late to comment about his death.As a buddhist I wish you to be free from sufferings.I hope this is your last life of born and death.I will always share my merits to you,that’s the only thing I can do for you,Park.

    Thank you for all your entertainments providing to us.Love You!!!a’s natural look acting and good look,I googled his name to find his artistic performances.Then I found he passed away on 30 June 2012 by commiting suicide.Its too late to comment about his death.As a buddhist I wish you to be free from sufferings.I hope this is your last life of born and death.I will always share my merits to you,that’s the only thing I can do for you,Park.

    Thank you for all your entertainments providing to us.Love You!!!

  193. 193 : endah Says:

    good story..akting song yoon ah jempoll

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