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Nine: 9 Times Time Travel

Title: 나인: 아홉 번의 시간 여행 / Nine: 9 Times Time Travel
Chinese Title: Nine:九回時間旅行
Also known as: Nine
Genre: Time travel, Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery, Melodrama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2013-Mar-11 to 2013-May-14
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:00


This fantasy melodrama is about an anchorman at a TV broadcasting station, Park Sun Woo (Lee Jin Wook) who is in love with new reporter Joo Min Young (Jo Yoon Hee) and is given 9 chances to travel back in time to solve a crime that happened 20 years ago.

Cast (2012)

Main Cast

Lee Jin Wook as Park Sun Woo
Jo Yoon Hee as Joo Min Young

Sun Woo’s family

Jun Noh Min as Park Jung Woo
Kim Hee Ryung as Son Myung Hee

People around Sun Woo

Jung Dong Hwan as Choi Jin Chul
Uhm Hyo Sup as Oh Chul Min
Lee Seung Joon as Han Young Hoon
Yun Je Wook as Kim Bum Suk
Park Gri Na as Lee Joo Hee
Lee Joon Hyuk as CBM News PD

Other People

Lee Eung Kyung as Kim Yoo Jin
Min Suk as Kang Seo Joon
Yoo Se Rye as Sung Eun Joo
Kim Won Hae as Park Chang Min
Choi Woong as Choi Jin Chul’s assistant
Lee Han Wie as Min Young’s stepfather


Park Won Sang as police officer
Lee Jung Sung as Kang Seo Joon’s father

Cast (1992)

Main Cast

Park Hyung Shik as Park Sun Woo
Jo Min Ah as Joo Min Young

Sun Woo’s family

Seo Woo Jin as Park Jung Woo
Kim Hee Ryung as Son Myung Hee
Jin Ye Sol as Son Myung Hee (young)
Jun Gook Hwan as Park Chun Soo

People around Sun Woo

Jung Dong Hwan as Choi Jin Chul
Suh Dong Won as Choi Jin Chul (young)
Uhm Hyo Sup as Oh Chul Min
Lee Yi Kyung as Han Young Hoon

Other People

Ga Deuk Hee as Kim Yoo Jin
Kim Won Hae as Park Chang Min
Park Moon Ah (박문아) as Sung Eun Joo
Na Hae Ryung as Han So Ra

Production Credits

Director: Kim Byung Soo
Screenwriter: Song Jae Jung, Kim Yoon Joo


2016 tvN10 Awards: Content Award (Drama)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Director Award: Kim Byung Soo (Nine)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Top Excellence Actress: Joo Yoon Hee (Nine)


– This drama has the same Production Team from “Queen Inhyun’s Man”.

– Filming of this drama also taken in Nepal.


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  1. 1 : Safa Says:

    Sounds good drama.. Can’t wait to watch this drama

  2. 2 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Oh like If Only starring jennifer Love Hewitt? 🙂

  3. 3 : Aheng Zsu Says:

    So excited..i can’t wait n watch ☺

  4. 4 : Micc Says:


    Why JLH? She was starred in a similar drama? I could only recall her from Ghost Whisperer. 🙂

  5. 5 : ji hyun Says:

    ah..nepal.. the country where lord buddha was born..

  6. 6 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    I love time travel fantasy dramas. Looking forward to seeing this 1. Lee Jin Wook has become 1 of my favs since watching him in I Need Romance, Powerful Opponents, & Air City. Maybe I’ll check out his other dramas while waiting 4 this 1 2 begin. Best of luck to all involved with this drama.

  7. 7 : ance Says:

    i love Lee Jin Wook since I saw him in City of Glass and Myung Wol Spy…i guess after I Need Romance 2 TVN decided to give him another great drama…I like time travel plots, so my expectations from this drama would be like Queen In Hyun’s Man (since it’s the same production team)…I don’t know the girl but she looks cute!

    Good luck! I’ll be looking forward for this drama!

  8. 8 : devilove Says:

    i don’t know why…but almost i like the drama from TvN…so i think i’ll love this drama after seeing “Flower Boy Next Door”……..oohhh i can’t wait!!!

  9. 9 : myeon Says:

    isn’t it like proposal daisakusen? chance back to the past

  10. 10 : Ponunae Says:

    It is so exciting to watch this drama not only because of Lee Jin Wook who is my most favourite actor but also to see Nepal and interseting time travel story. Jo Yon Hee acted well in “My husband has family”. Hope this drama is awsome.

  11. 11 : MoMo Says:

    HyungSik!!! love him after romantic idol!

  12. 12 : saraSJS Says:

    The story is similar to Operational proposal. But as far as i know this is the work of QIM team. Looking forward to this.

  13. 13 : SEOULWHAT Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that it is weird that the two ‘teens’ have an 11 year old age difference?

  14. 14 : jesuisaube Says:

    tvN is on a roll! This should be a good replacement drama for the hole in my heart which Flower Boys Next Door left

  15. 15 : anzu Says:

    there was news about korean drama shooting in my hoom town……..i really want to watch this drama so i can see my country…..

  16. 16 : ahdeen Says:

    cant wait~~ really like drama from tvN

  17. 17 : Sumana Says:

    I reali love kdrama.i am looking forward to this drama bcoz is shooted in my country & also coz kdrama is best……

  18. 18 : KDaddict Says:

    I have no interest in Lee Jin Wook. I’m already in love w abt 30 K-actors, n their shows keep me busy. God knows I don’t need another. But I do love time-travel, n the Himalayan backdrops. Will check in to see how it goes.

  19. 19 : Micc Says:

    역시 tvN!

  20. 20 : KDaddict Says:

    Not a fan of either lead, but love the premise and the backdrop. Enjoyed eps 1, 2! Hope he goes back to the Himalayas, for us to admire the views.
    She looks better here as a ‘tomboy with no attractiveness’ acc to her sonbae, than in LTM as the ex-gf. But her eyes still have the same over-stretched look.

  21. 21 : emerald Says:

    seems like a unique drama for me… the 2 leads are good… its interesting that i want to finished it till the last episodes…

    i think it would be a sad ending…but im starting to love this drama… congratulation TVN…

  22. 22 : gurung Says:

    this is first time korean drama shooting in nepal i can see my counrtry…i really like this drama.

  23. 23 : TrinhVu Says:

    Ahjussi2012 check out City of Class ( Glass Castle) Lee Jin Wook is the lead. It is one of the best drama.

  24. 24 : Ahjussi2012 Says:


    Thanks for the suggestion. I rarely, rarely, watch any drama longer than 24 eps., but since U took the time to recommend it, I promise to give it a try. Haven’t started Nine yet. Hope it brings all of its viewers pleasurable & enjoyable entertainment. Hope to C your future comments in this thread. Peace!

  25. 25 : saraSJS Says:

    I watched ep1. It ‘s what i expected from QIM production team. good story telling style, fast pace of events, nice way of introducing the characters and predictable events that will turn to be very unpredictable as the story is going forward. Although i’m not a fan of either actors, i liked the lead’s acting. For now i’m satisfied. We have to wait and see how things will proceed.

  26. 26 : hallyu lover Says:

    I love Lee Jin Wook…he’s good in acting and is very handsome…this story is very interesting and fantasy-like

  27. 27 : Gesti Says:

    Actually I love Lee Jin Wook since I saw him at drama “Myung Wol the Spy”, maybe cos his rule so poor and I fall for him coz of that. But I know, at that drama isn’t his best acting too.
    But if you see his acting at this drama, his role still the same like before, he became the one who is cool and calm.I have no idea why he always got role like that. That’s little about LJW.
    About the drama, I recommended for you who love fantasy, mystery,story about detective, and time travel of course. At ep. 1, wow..you’ll see romantic scene and you’ll think the story going to fast. At ep. 2, you’ll be little by little get more understand why he act like that.
    For me that 2 ep was wonderful, interesting and cool. Love that couple too.

  28. 28 : Jacklyn Says:

    A very good drama!
    Have another drama to watch in the Mons tues timeslot other than Advertising Genius.
    Seems tvN really produce good drama hmm..
    Omo the first two ep already more interesting than Flower boy next door!
    Looking forword to Ep 3!!!

  29. 29 : rory Says:

    Both leads are not my favourite but I do love the theme so much..It’s so great to see those beautiful scenery Himalayas, one of my dream places to visit..

    It’s fantasy & mysterious..I love it..So I give it try to watch this one..so far it’s really interesting..They already had a kiss on a 1st scene..hehe..Love the plot, my mind keeps working on guessing what’s going on, what will happen & bla3 which is I like 😀 & LOL to that middle finger scene..

    *his bro’s name is Jung Woo..suddenly reminds me of Jung Woo in IMY..Jung Woo yahhh..LOLOLOL~~~

  30. 30 : Jule Says:

    Lee Jin Wook

  31. 31 : ashi Says:

    i am looking forward to watch nepal in a korean drama…it’s a beautiful country…

  32. 32 : Michele Webster Says:

    I am so into fabulous Korean dramas and love Nine!!Thanks for bringing them to us in the States.

  33. 33 : shihui Says:

    where did you watch this drama at? Someone please tell me!!

  34. 34 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i am trying to finished eps 1.. bam… just remember this Lee Ji Wook guy, I like him in Myung Wool the Spy but don’t like him in I Need Romance 2… maybe I should wait till this drama end..

    I notice your comment, I think you still can’t get over of Han Jung Woo ^^
    maybe you should watching IMY again dear hehe..

  35. 35 : shihui Says:

    what is IMY?

  36. 36 : shihui Says:

    Holy shit! i have goosebumps after watching finish ep 2! it is damn nice! btw anyone know when will there be ep 3?

  37. 37 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    park yoochun and yoo eun hye’s drama I Miss You/Missing You… yoochun’s character in that drama is han jung woo..
    if you like melo drama just try to watch it, you will hooked..

  38. 38 : Shihui Says:

    Oh, is it that nice but i heard the rating is low for that drama?

  39. 39 : anzu Says:

    OMG….really great drama….even great my country…

  40. 40 : shihui Says:

    oh, @anzu, u live in nepal?

  41. 41 : anzu Says:

    yup……..I am nepali…..and the place u see in this drama is my hometown…..

  42. 42 : eve Says:

    i love lee jin wook but i dislike the female lead and short hair make her and looks bad on her but i love the drama and scenery its beautifull

  43. 43 : unknown unknown Says:

    I have finished watching 4 episodes and found this drama not bad at all…quite interesting and quick pace. Of course, when watching time travel tales, we should not be bothered about logic at all. I think I will like this drama for its pretty interesting and unique storyline.

  44. 44 : Jyenie Says:

    I really enjoy this drama as much as Queen Inhyun’s man.
    If Joo Min Young were Joo Min Ah, that will make Park Sun Woo her uncle then. OMG.

  45. 45 : Oh Says:

    Oh my god i m going to be crazy cause i want to watch it

  46. 46 : Oh Says:

    Oh my god i m going to be crazy cause i am not able to watch it

  47. 47 : torri Says:

    you all better watch this drama its well written and the main lead this guy knows his job very well lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve it the show is great all watch it

  48. 48 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m crazy abt time-travel stories when it is done right! N these QIH ppl know how do time-travel w intelligence n wit. Just like in QIH, they take 2 ppl who r not big names n by giving them likable chars in an intriguing script, make them popular.
    End of ep 4:
    He think he is trying to give his hyung a 2nd chance w his lover, but it brings unexpected consequences! Gt.

  49. 49 : Nine: 9 Times Time Travel (tvN)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  50. 50 : Anjuli Says:

    seeing nepal in this drama feels good…

  51. 51 : KDaddict Says:

    I’ve a Qn:
    I wasn’t watching too closely, so maybe I missed it. I know that burning the incense sends one back in time, in the same place, e.g. if you want to go back in time to that hotel the Maruna Lodge in Pokara, you have to be there in person when you light the incense. But how does it know WHEN in time to send one back?

  52. 52 : fateme Says:

    hi can u plz add ratings too ? thank you so much 🙂

  53. 53 : gan3117 Says:

    For KAddict at 51,
    Every time an incense is lighted, it will bring the person back in time just like Sun Woo. If the incense was put out or burnt it will bring back that person to the present time. An incense last for 30 minutes only. Thats why Sun Woo always checks his watch. He only got 30 minutes to finish what he wanted to do back in that time.
    Hope you could understand my explanation. Thanks!

  54. 54 : KDaddict Says:

    TQ for your reply. I knew all of that. My Qn is:
    How does the incense know WHEN to send them back in time? 12 years back? 12 n 1 month, plus x days, y hours, z mins, z” secs? With time travel, the most impt thing is: WHEN, or at what pt in time, to arrive in the past.

  55. 55 : Jyenie Says:


    On episode 3- The owner of the incense sticks hid 9 remaining sticks in a mattress at Maruna Lodge, Nepal in January 1992, The current year is 2012, so it has been 20 years. Whenever he burns the incense, he will go back to 1992 at the same place, same time, same date and month where he is in 2012.

  56. 56 : deby murti Says:

    oooooo i really like the storyline……great job for sceenwriter and the past time setting tooo,it makes me recall my old days

  57. 57 : myeon Says:

    omggggg…. this is one of the best twist drama i’ve ever seen 😀 past could change present. and well, his brother life again, but he lost his present girlfriend.

  58. 58 : KDaddict Says:

    I saw ep 3, saw him find the incense sticks in the mattress, but entirely missed that bit, v impt bit, abt him going back Exactly 20 years to the same month, same day, same hour, min. sec. as the present. TQ. But hmm…..where did they say that? It becomes v tricky for him to change the past then. He must time it in the present so that he can go back to a pt in time when an impt change can be made. Tricky.

  59. 59 : Jyenie Says:


    The old man(from Nepal?) told Park Jung Woo in English that the incense will bring him to exactly 20 years back. He wrote that down in his black booklet.
    It’s very fortunate for Park Sun Woo to obtain the incense at the right time, he could go back and make a change just right before all the important incidents-happened on the last week of December,1992. Yes, “exactly 20 years” is the tricky part.

  60. 60 : Jyenie Says:

    On Episode 5

    Park Sun Woo is facing a list of unexpected consequences after going back to the past to help his brother’s love affair. His brother is still alive and his girlfriend has become his niece! He is now having 2 sets of memories which worsen his brain cancer? His doctor friend thinks it’s a curse even though his brother has come alive, so he should go back again to straighten it out. I think when he finally figures out how to make use of the incense sticks, there will be only one left-the critical one.

  61. 61 : KDaddict Says:

    TQ for explaining. Appreciate it. I wasn’t paying attn when the old man was talking to his older bro. Yes, it was Nepal.
    I’m sure you r right, that when he finally figures out what time to arr in the past in order to right past wrongs, he’ll only scrap by narrowly. But it’d difficult to save his family w/o disturbing anything else that he holds dear.
    I hope this’ll be as well-written as QIH’s Man.

  62. 62 : Hello Says:

    I love this drama. It may very well be wind up being the best drama of 2013.
    The writing and dialogue are excellent. The acting matches the writing.
    I love the main characters, especially his best friend (Dr. Han). His reactions are sooo well done and so funny.

    I agree with KDaddict….how does Sun Woo know that he would be going exactly 20 years back in time. Perhaps the incense senses what time period you are wanting to go back to?

  63. 63 : Chips03 Says:

    When he was using the 1st incense(before getting the set of 9) there was once that he ended up 20yrs in the past at the news station, where he picked up the newspaper and called his younger self. That was when he realized that he might be travelling into the past. Thereafter he sought through his brother’s stuff to confirm that fact.

  64. 64 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 5, 6:
    I love it that they are exploring the consequences of messing w the past. If he changes sth that was meant to be, Karma will bite him in the ass– he’ll have to pay a price, incl. the shortening of his life. That’s an interesting angle. As is the idea of having 2 sets of memories! If he goes back again n again, n keeps changing things, he’ll end up w 3, 4, 5…sets of memories? 😉
    The incense is burning in his room; the unsuspecting girl wants to go in. Will she take a sniff n end up in the past too?

    See Jyenie’s post #59, which answered our Qn for us. @Chips’ #64 also add to that info.

  65. 65 : Jyenie Says:

    Episode 6’s ending makes me wonder 2 possible scenarios

    1)I am worried that the girl is going to force the door open and then put out the burning incense, this will disrupt Sun Woo’s mission on the other side. Oh dear.
    2)She might inhale the incense smoke by knocking the door long enough ( she seemed so determined)and end up in the past like what KDaddict mentioned.

    But then, I don’t see either of these coming in the preview of episode 7. Am I analysing too much?

  66. 66 : KDaddict Says:

    I was a sci-fi fan be4 I became a KD addict. So I love time-travel to distraction.
    The idea that his grown-up self can co-exist w his younger self in the same time-space is mind-boggling. All sci-fi tells us that only one version of a person (w those cells n molecules) can exist in one universe. I’d love to see how they explain this. But this is KD, they probably won’t play by sci-fi rules. 😉
    In the Preview: he runs off fr a live broadcast. Interesting!
    At the very last sec of the Preview, a female voice yells out to the grown up Sun-Woo in a dark corridor of his father’s hospital: STOP! Who might it be?
    He’ll be down to 3 sticks of incense! And it’ll only be ep 7!

    Previews can be deliberately confusing. It is fun to play guessing games.

  67. 67 : mariana Says:

    I love this drama. It’s an interesting story and i like all the characters.
    Bravo !

  68. 68 : Jyenie Says:


    It could be Min Young, she gets sucked into the past while knocking the door! A female shouts,” unchuko!”(not dead)

    I normally go with the flow of the drama I watch but this drama makes me put on my thinking cap.

  69. 69 : icegirl Says:

    where oh where art thou english subtitles?!! can anyone tell me where to download the english subs? i have the episodes 1-6 in its original korean audio and no english subs…frustrating!

  70. 70 : saraSJS Says:

    This drama makes me wonder. Is life really predetermined? Nothing will change, even if you travel back in time and change the events? Even if you change it in one way, it will happen in another way? Because it’s meant to happen? And everything happens for a reason? What about our will then? I’m thinking about this now.

  71. 71 : saraSJS Says:

    Watch it on “dramacrazy.net” with English sub.

  72. 72 : icegirl Says:

    Thank you! i just finished watching the first two episodes and i’m soooo loving it!

  73. 73 : rory Says:

    urghhh..this drama really makes me wanna know what will happen everytime he burned that incense..now he became an uncle to Min Young & just realized that he loves her too actually..Is he gonna let her became his niece 4ever?and what will happen to his dad, is he gonna save him too???ahhh..I really have no idea..

    we often said ” if I could turn back time” in our life rite..this drama tells us that “everything happens for a reason”..so we must face it even though it’s hurt..past is history, future is a mystery and present is a gift..

  74. 74 : Torri Says:

    O.M.G ep 7 is the boom .danm it was too good what!!!!! I can’t believe his brother killed their father .what the hell just happened in ep 7. Ohhh !!! I love this show as so existed can’t wait to see what happens next .this writer is good I love the suspense and all

  75. 75 : KAddict2.0 Says:


    If you’ve watched Back to the Future trilogy, you’ll realize that they tend to make us believe that many versions of one self can coexist with the other self on the drama. Particularly part 2, Doc Brown met his other self originally from 1955 fixing the time machine in the clock tower for Marty to come back the first time. So there’s two of him there, the one from 1985 and the one from 1955. Also, at that part, Marty from 1985 who came back to get the almanac from the future was able to coexist with the Marty from 1985 who was playing the guitar for his parents’ dance in 1955.

    Hope that makes sense. lol. So in a drama, I think it can happen. 🙂

  76. 76 : Micc Says:

    Although certain area is predictable, like the real murderer, it’s still an entertaining drama to watch.

  77. 77 : rena Says:

    This drama is interesting. I like Lee Jin Wook acting. The drama will be 20 eps, however in ep 8 the murder case from 20 years ago had been revealed and most incense had been used. I wonder what conflict will happen next

  78. 78 : Micc Says:

    Wow, I can’t wait for the episode 9!

  79. 79 : JABZ Says:

    I reallylike the twist of this drama…can’t wait ep 9..

  80. 80 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 7:
    Wow, the murder mystery just got a mega-charge!
    So elder son is not doctor’s own son. I don’t think he’d have tolerated it if his wife had committed adultery, So she probably adopted a baby b4 she had her own.
    If father hated Jung Woo so much, he could have been more indifferent to JW’s decision to marry a divorced woman. Why got so antagonistic w a young man he cared so little abt? Always a recipe for disaster.
    If I were Sun Woo, I wouldn’t have wasted 30 mins. n 1 good incense stick chasing after JW. Why not stay to make sure his father gets sent to hosp n saved instead?
    But then he probably didn’t expect his mother to be so weak n confused to the pt of letting her husband’s colleague talk her into setting the hosp on fire to cover JW’s crime. No wonder she gets mental illness for that guilt.
    JW, however, manages to be happily married n get promoted to dept head, w the help of some valium. Is that even possible?

  81. 81 : Torri Says:

    Is it really possible he got promoted while on drugs ?hahhahah !!!! .the last ep was so dark for me .it left me feeling sad and frustrated and angry and to top it all the woman he loves is his niece I mean can this whole thing make some sense how does the writer turn things back the way it’s meant to be is what am looking forward too and to think I saw a preview that says he dies is what I don’t get I hope it takes a better turn now .because the drug addict brother does not deserve to be alive .

  82. 82 : KDaddict Says:

    I think the 1st iteration of elder bro’s life makes more sense. That he has become a bum, w no job, no stability, always running here n there, probably trying to run away from himself. It at least shows he is human. Whereas in the 2nd iteration, he appears happily married w the job of dept head in a hosp, that makes him a monster.
    Ep 18:
    It appears that Sun Woo’s best fr is eager to catch a ride to the past, to find a way to save SW, but also to ditch this wife, whom he doesn’t love. I think he was just too timid to say no when she latched on to him 20 years ago. That’s funny.
    But the Preview! This team sure knows how to twist the plot in the most interesting ways, like in QIHM. Love it.

  83. 83 : icegirl Says:

    wow! just when i thought i have it figured out, then bam! some big and unexpected revelation happens! the twists in this drama will probably give me a coronary with too much excitement and shock at the same time! love it! awesome, awesome drama!

  84. 84 : KDaddict Says:

    Sun Woo left the incense sticks in 1992. Somebody has to go back in time to retrieve them. I think his bestf is more than willing to do so, to save SW n also to get himself out of that marriage w an over bearing wife that he doesn’t love. But how? (He actually loved that other girl who was supposed to go on that outing w the 2 boys.)

  85. 85 : Torri Says:

    @KDaddict . I really wish his best friend can save him .the drama has so much suspense and question that need to be answered I love the show well i have my hopes that it will end nicely

  86. 86 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi. Current shows fr the big networks r quite disappointing. They go after large nos. n present the least common denominator, i.e. base line in viewer taste. Small networks can afford to do sth different, which yields some gems. I’m enjoying 2 shows fr jTBC:
    Cruel War, End of the World. Really good n intelligent.
    Is school in session, or r you working now? When does college study for Social Work start? All the best!
    Happy Sunday!

  87. 87 : ian-usa Says:

    I like this suspense drama. I love Lee Jin Wook & Park Hyun Shik!

  88. 88 : ian-usa Says:

    I wish I could see more drama from Lee Jin Wook & Park Hyung Shik

  89. 89 : torri Says:

    hi , working now , am done with college i am now doing my school placement (internship ) and also working full time to pay off school fees did not take school loan , so am kind of working to pay off that , i hope i get a job in my field when am done with internship , but i plan on taking the degree programme next year its a 4 year programme but i will do my best to get it done with , i will check the dramas u talked about , i just watch ep 20 of incarnation of money with no sub yet but damn i loved it the ending was the best the show is getting better and better

  90. 90 : myeon Says:

    this drama should get an award ! it’s have a very good twist and really unexpected ! <3 and i looove all the actors and actress. love love

  91. 91 : rory Says:

    just done watching ep 7 & 8..superb eps!One by one secrets revealed in just 2eps..hoho..
    the preview for ep9 is killing me.can’t wait to know what happened then to those incense sticks he left in year 1992..yes, I love the twist & suspense in this drama so much!

  92. 92 : icegirl Says:

    OMG!!! ep. 9’s ending is awesome! kudos to the writers of this drama… can’t wait for ep. 10!

  93. 93 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 9:
    That’s a really smart and easy way to save his life. It doesn’t even require burning an incense stick! Is it true tho that brain tumor medication hasn’t changed in 20 years??? There must have been some medical breakthroughs, no?
    9 eps down. Father already dead. Sun Woo has been saved. What will happen in the next 11 eps?
    Get his GF back. Save his BFF’s marriage. Redeem his Big bro. What else? Looking forward.

    Since u finished college, wouldn’t the 4 year univ program take less than 4 years? Canada has a good student loan system. You can keep deferring the interest n repayment as long as u r in school. I hope u can take advantage of it. I hope you get to study n go as far as u want. Professional study is really one of the best preparations for life. Love.

  94. 94 : Jyenie Says:

    Wow, I am impressed with episode 9’s ending! Brilliant!

  95. 95 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 10:
    He still gets the same old headaches, even tho his brain tumor has been removed. And her memory of him as her boyF comes back, owing to the message written on the record cover. But why didn’t those words disappear when an alternate reality was created? Why is she remembering him with more n more clarity?
    And why are the messages fr his younger self suddenly appearing b4 his eyes?

  96. 96 : ashi Says:

    so far so good…lovely country nepal

  97. 97 : torri Says:

    i plan on going to the university and yes you are right i get to do 3 years instead of 4 when i take the degree programme which is ok , thanks for the moral support , will keep u undated how things go with my school plans , ohhh and by the way did u see how things seem to be unfolding here , i love how he says at the preview i saw that the word he hates most is “”uncle”‘ hahahah , what will they do now , because now she know she slept with him and not only that. she calls him uncle ohhh that is really weird at the same time , cant wait for next week well i guess the girl will have to make some difficult decision because if she choices her love then she will have to break up her mums marriage hahhahah cant wait

  98. 98 : azia Says:

    This series rocks

  99. 99 : rory Says:

    hi KDaddict..I just realized there’s another 10eps left..wonder what more twists & mysteries they will show us next..
    Is it his tumor really gone?because of his friend found the medicine in his room?but he still got headache or maybe it’s not a tumor then..
    I’m thinking the same too, those message on paper should disappear too just like the date of his father’s dead got changed.
    So, for real, MY is not his niece rite since they’re not sharing same father..Am I rite?
    ahh this drama got me headache sometimes but i like it 😀

  100. 100 : KDaddict Says:

    This is a wonderful script that arouses our doubt, gives us room to speculate and wonder. I think the little cable channels can’t afford big name stars, nor star writers, but work to secure quality scripts.
    In the initial iteration, MY was his lover. Therefore, SW changing the past doesn’t change the writing on the record cover. Just like their removing his brain tumor early enough doesn’t remove his headaches.
    I think the message is to Not mess with sth that has already happened. We r not gods, n aren’t supposed to go back to change the past.
    Jung Woo should be heading into dangerous waters, as his current life has come abt by interfering w the past.

  101. 101 : rory Says:

    yeah, a lil bit disappointed with mostly dramas under big cables currently..Even though I avoid watching before it ends but since I love the theme so much sumtimes I need to break my rules..
    will MY continue with her wedding? I dun think so since MY remember all her memories with SW..can’t wait to know what will MY’s mom reacts since she still mad at SW..SW is too cold-hearted & quite stubborn, if I were in MY’s mom shoes I will mad or hate him too..hehe..fortunately his friend & his manager really understand him..
    As I said in my comment #73 “past is history, future is a mystery and present is a gift..” yes..We r not gods, n aren’t supposed to go back to change the past…I love the messages in this drama even though ppl might says this drama is illogical..of course it will illogical since the themes are Fantasy & Time-Travel..

  102. 102 : Grg Says:

    Woh,,Looking forward to it for my country nepal xx

  103. 103 : ance Says:

    i just started this yesterday and im almost done…for me it’s exciting!!!

  104. 104 : KDaddict Says:

    Big channels can afford big name stars. Big stars r nice, but if the story disappoints, then even big stars can’t make it convincing. I’ve watched too many of those.
    @[email protected]
    I’m sure MY won’t marry her doc BF. It’d mess up things that were originally set to happen. That’s why she’s regaining her memory of SW as a lover. I love the way this script leads us down one avenue after another, w/o evening using any incense sticks. Isn’t that smart?
    I don’t like MY’s mother. I find her to be too smuck in this 2nd iteration, given that her ‘real’ life was so sad.
    She n her husband should have hell to pay when karma catches up w them. Yeeks.

  105. 105 : rory Says:

    I think it’s because this is from paid cable tv so of course they need to give more quality drama..it happens in my country, I prefer watching on paid tv than free tv coz the quality is different..But yes, KBS, SBS & MBC are well known all over the world, they need to do smthg on their scripts & story coz sometimes we’re not buying on their good looking casts..
    Actually i don’t like MY’s mom too so I can’t wait to see her reacts especially if she knows MY & SW had fall in love each other b4..Finally it’s today, what more twists will come on this ep ya? 😀

  106. 106 : richa Says:

    ini pertama kali aku ngasih komentar di web ini. drama ini selalu sukses bikin aku penasaran ama kelanjutan ceritanya. alur ceritanya menarik.
    nggak sabar untuk nonton episode 11…

  107. 107 : KDaddict Says:

    In Ep 11, she remembers him as his BF, so she calls off the imminent wedding w the young doc, avoids him, and goes to cry to heart out in the playgd where the OTP had their 1st kiss. Of course he shows up there to reclaim her as his GF. Next thing to do is tell his brother!
    I can’t understand how his elder bro can stand idly by knowing that the vice director of his father’s hosp had taken everything fr them but their house. He just goes to the U.S. to study, as that man wants, i.e. to get out of the way, n returns to carry on his merry little life w woman n tranquilizers? Come on. Does he even have any balls? He calls himself a man?

  108. 108 : KDaddict Says:

    Preview to ep 12 shows the young SW holding the container w the remaining 2 sticks of incense. How will those be used?
    Young SW has to go back 20 years, to the time when his parents n the creepy doc were all young, to set things right, remove the misunderstanding that JW isn’t his father’s son, so that on that fateful night, 12.31.1992, JW wouldn’t have to kill his father! Then everything will be alright!

  109. 109 : Jyenie Says:

    My prediction for ep 12,

    Young SW might burn the incense found in his room and go back to the past. He will write about his amazing discovery in his diary or something around the house, that helps SW(adult)to retrieve the incense. When SW goes back to the past, he will get JW to turn himself in to police, then JW will not be able to marry MY’s mom. Voila, MY will change back to JMY again.

    Can’t wait to find out tomorrow!

  110. 110 : bigeye46 Says:

    nice drama but i cant wait to watch next esp..

  111. 111 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 12:
    Funny how the incense sticks show up in the present on their own! Two sticks left. SW wants to go back one more time to store the things that he had changed back to their original state, mostly abt his brother’s marriage. But it lands him in trouble. One more stick left. Who will go back to save him? His bestF or his elder bro?
    His elder Bro is really a weak person. He is led by the nose by their father’s colleague time n again, including this latest time. Don’t like him.
    1 more stick. 8 more eps.

  112. 112 : Micc Says:

    This drama is so intense! Whew!

  113. 113 : Sch Says:

    good drama

  114. 114 : torri Says:

    everything seem to be going the wrong way , and for once i cant really predict what comes next with this drama which is A good thing for the writer , but i hope Park Sun Woo come back from the past save , i really cant stand his brother i cant even find words to describe his brother , i mean for a man to be as weak, dumb . stupid and foolish like his brother is what i don’t get . i hope he goes back being dead like he was suppose to be, he ruined Park Sun Woo life am so angry with his brother , cant wait for next week

  115. 115 : bigeye46 Says:

    i love watch park sun woo..nice drama

  116. 116 : breeze Says:

    Like this drama very much…
    cant wait to see upcoming epi 13. btw i watch the 12 epi within 2D1N =D
    love how the writer twist n turn… the writer never fail to introduce new twist in every epi….very good drama indeed

  117. 117 : Sch Says:

    like this drama…

  118. 118 : myeon Says:

    eps 13 is sooo…. like omg. can’t wait for tomorrow

  119. 119 : breeze Says:

    poor thing som-chon….
    SW shi, i miss you so much…. i need to wait a week to see you 🙁
    finally i got to watch ep 13 & ep 14 raw….. grrrr
    feel so anxious ….at the same time feel heart broken :'(

  120. 120 : torri Says:

    ep 14 was too heart broken i just could not take it the tables turn to the worst this writer is perfect i did not see that one coming

  121. 121 : icegirl Says:

    wow! this drama just keeps getting better and better!

  122. 122 : KDrama's Lover Says:

    interesting, yes. romantic, yes. good, yes. but i don’t like this kind of drama. Nine is the most strangest drama i ever watched.

  123. 123 : KDrama's Lover Says:

    I also dislike drama “49 days”. it’s hard for me to accept unlogical story. but i am still have feeling for Gumiho, or Choi Kang Chi, because the story about divine creature, devil, or goblin is a part of myth or system beliefe of people.

  124. 124 : raqzie Says:

    I like on how this drama evolve and the twist and turns of the event arevery unpredictable but the only that worries me is that it might have a sad ending for my absolute OTP because of some stills that i saw before when lee jin wook character was about to kiss min young(jo yoon hee) she dissapears and turns into fog..but im. hoping for a better ending for them..:)

  125. 125 : Dede Says:

    Such an interesting drama, I usually won t watch dramas until they are done, but this is so intriguing that it’s to almost impossible not to come back and see what they will come up with next. Hate unhappy endings, but am willing to take a chance on this one.

  126. 126 : iwdina Says:

    boring at first sight, but then the story more interesting and unpredictable, hopefully not a sad ending

  127. 127 : Jyenie Says:

    I am very optimistic with the ending, it will be beyond your expectation and blow you away!

  128. 128 : raqzie Says:

    I really hope my absolute OTP will have a happy ending they deserve it…

  129. 129 : ranze Says:

    so curious she will married to whom…..

  130. 130 : myeon Says:

    kyaa the ending of eps 17 is just daebak xD can’t wait for tomorrow omg

  131. 131 : rory Says:

    OMG..another 2eps left but I only watched till ep10..gonna marathon this weekend before it’s ended next week…fighting!fighting!fighting!

    BTW, @KDaddict where r u darl? r u still in Binnie’s heaven?

  132. 132 : Torri Says:

    I will be so angry with the writer If it ends bad the guy deserves happiness come on mr winter ep 18 just break my heart like crazy next is just too far

  133. 133 : myeon Says:

    seriously the ending of eps 18 just driving me crazy ! I need eps 19-20 right now T___T

  134. 134 : myeon Says:

    @Torri (132)
    that’s right, ep 8 just break my heart too. i hope they’ll have happy ending. they must !
    but if u watch preview eps 19-20 in tvN youtube channel, park sun woo said “I’m glad”, with smiling face. I hope it’s sign that they’ll have a happy ending :’)

  135. 135 : myeon Says:

    @Torri (132)

    typo, sorry. i mean eps 18 😀

  136. 136 : Torri Says:

    I hope right about the ending I really hope the writer makes it a good ending

  137. 137 : KDaddict Says:

    Hello my friend, TQ for asking. I used to watch n comment, n never had time for K-variety. I’m trying not to comment n use the time to catch up on variety shows. Currently I’m working on eps of 1N2D Season 1, featuring Lee Seung Gi, that I missed. It’s a lot of fun, but my eyes r sure tired.
    I love the Binnie Fanmeeting. I grinned fr ear to ear thru the whole evening, till my cheek muscles hurt. He is sooooo gorgeous looking, n he sang 3 songs. I’m not sure what else happened – was in a daze. Hee. Now I’m hoping Park Si Hoo gets a 2nd chance, n will hold fan meets. I’ll go if he does.

    This show is fantastic. I love all the twists and turns. Certainly didn’t expect what happened at the end of ep 18. I saw the wedding n thought, now what’ll they do to fill another 2 eps, and then BANG! It is the Most creative script I’ve come across! Now, how will he come back??
    But the one flaw in this show is the actor who plays the evil Director Choi. He’s been badly miscast. He usually plays benign chars, n you can see that that’s the kind of person he is. I think he has little experience playing bad guys n sucks at it! It is both silly n comical!
    What else u watching? Unexpectedly, I love Jang OJ too. Yoo AI is great in it. I thought the 1st couple eps were too unrealistic, but then it got me hook, line n sinker. 😉
    How’ve You been? Have a nice Sunday!

  138. 138 : breeze Says:

    I hope this show won the grand prize for 2013!
    the plot & script are nicely written.
    the bond between our lead couple is so match =D

    best drama for 2013!!

    anticipating to watch ep 19 & 20!!!
    hooo… still need to wait 29 hours more 🙁

  139. 139 : rory Says:

    yayy..nice seeing u here again..we’re surely hv missed ur comments/thoughts about KDs on this thread & others while ur MIA..welcome back dear 😀 Binnie’s soon will be back in a big screen rite..I hope there’s drama for him this year, still prefer drama than film..

    I’m now in eps 15, still hv 3 eps to finish b4 the final 2 eps this week..ops, it’s today & tomorrow to be exactly! this is really2 a fantasy drama, it’s so unrealistic but the idea is indeed crazy..I can’t think straight about the way those 2 incenses suddenly missing & goes to Director Choi..never thought that those incenses can be in 2 places..headache!

    Besides Nine, I’m following JOJ starting last week & All About Romance too! What a surprise, I hate SHK’s acting in Brain but suddenly I’m okay seeing him in AAR..hehe..I’m planning to watch Mandate of Heaven too..

  140. 140 : rory Says:

    this drama haven’t ends yet but already out of “now showing” list..what a pity..I think it’s an honor if can keep this in that “now showing” list atleast until tomorrow after they finished subbing 🙂

  141. 141 : laraffinee Says:

    Oh…this drama is SO good! I do not understand why your website does not list it as a currently playing drama when it is. TvN has had some really great dramas!

  142. 142 : arieszai Says:

    omona!!! is he really gonna die back then 20 years ago????
    please dont… huhuhu~
    cant wait till last ep

  143. 143 : myeon Says:

    @Torri (136)
    hope so~~ :’) i’ve already watched eps 19, and.. *sigh* still don’t get any idea what’ll happen next. but i’m sure it’ll be a surprise for ending >v<

    but seriously, this drama should get an awards such like daesang or something like that.
    and the writers, i fall in love with you guys ! after queen in hyun's man, now you guys give me such wonderful drama again :')
    love love love !

  144. 144 : myeon Says:

    @rory (140) @laraffinee (141)

    that’s right ! It’s still airing until tomorrow, why it’s already out of “now showing” list? -________-
    such a pity..

  145. 145 : rory Says:

    OMG!!!!Is he really died?Nooooo!!!!
    For this year, there’s only 2 dramas that makes me cried so hard..IMY & this one..I can’t believe I was moved watching this..Ep.19 is just too sad for me TT_____________TT
    So all those 9 incense sticks are actually his life, no wonder he will get sick everytime using them..
    Really hv no idea how the ending will be, can’t wait but at the same time i’m afraid to know the ending..Park Sun Woo..what a sad life dude 🙁

  146. 146 : Carmen Says:

    no, no,no you have to see it to believe it!!!

  147. 147 : myeon Says:

    and what the meaning of the ‘real’ ending (eps 20)???? I DON’T GET IT AT ALL~~~ T________T
    damn, i hate the ending..

  148. 148 : Narutolost Says:

    Ugh. I would have liked a less open ended ending…did they write themselves into a corner with the paradoxes?

  149. 149 : KDaddict Says:

    This is a not a typical drama. The ending esp. requires some digesting. This is my interpretation:

    Sun Woo now knows that sth bad would happen to him on that night in 1993 in that back alley, n he is supposed to die there, becos he travelled back in time from 2013. So a year b4 that date in 2013, he flies to Nepal, to get the full details of her meeting w the dying SW from JMY, and also to go up the Himalayas to save his hyung from freezing in the cold. His hyung has hidden the 9 incense sticks in the hotel mattress. But all the sticks have already been used, and the min. they are handled, they’d disintegrate into thin air.
    In their current life, SW, his hyung, JMY have 1 year to figure out what to do in order to prevent SW from dying in that back alley.
    In one sense, the ending can be seen as a kind of cop out, in that it is not a definitive ending. But it isn’t a cop out in the sense that the whole story seems to have been telling us that there is sth called fate, which we shouldn’t mess with. SW’s troubles have come abt bcos he has been messing with fate, in trying to save his father, his brother, his mother, JMY from becoming Park MY, etc. Yes, he has gotten in trouble, but he has also succeeded in some of his trials. So the message really is that fate is not written in stone, i.e. our choice and decisions matter a great deal in what happens to our lives down the road, and the ending leaves open the possibility for SW, MY and JW to save SW from his final time travel to die that early death.
    IMO, this has been a great script, n I love the show for its creativity. It is also a very low budget cable show. If they had more money to spend on it, n had hired bigger names to play the leads, the show would have received more attn. Can u imagine what it’d be like w Hyun Bin playing SW, n Ha Ji Won playing MY, for example? 😉

    JOJ is shaping up very well. It’s a crack drama for me!

  150. 150 : Tessa Says:

    very nice drama… main actor is very charming.
    Happy ending… although main actor died 20 years back but he managed to changed this earlier life and grow up to save his brother hence changed his life too. Great writer!

  151. 151 : sushi Says:

    well i just watched finished and i’m confused with the ending. could anyone fill me in? 🙂

  152. 152 : Lee Says:

    has it ended, I am confused too. Felt cheated.

  153. 153 : myeon Says:

    i want to take back what i’ve said before.
    now i finally clearly understand what the ending means >v<
    daaaaaeeeeeebaaaaak !
    the ending was just daeeeebaaak !

    past park sun woo daebak,
    future park sun woo so brave,
    best combination ever !!

    no one die, no one hurt, just do what have to do, just do what he believe.
    and taraa.. everyone have a big happy ending !

    love it love it love it !
    but still, I need a special eps ! i want to see Park Sun Woo and Joo Min Young married xD

  154. 154 : Junie Says:

    I agree with myeon, that’s exactly what I thought !
    Excellent ending !! I’ll definitely watch the drama AGAIN !!

  155. 155 : rory Says:

    The ending seems not enuff for me..I was like what, it’s end already coz it’s fun seeing PSW & JMY couple..the way they bickering, JMY is funny, PSW is cool..I want to see more lovey dovey scenes from them!!!haha..
    But actually the ending is just perfect!! I dunno how to describe, but u can tell it’s happy ending for them since PSW managed to save his brother at Himalayas..If anyone still unclear about the ending of this drama, read the POV from @#149KDaddict or @#153myeon..
    this is totally an awesome drama with super unique ideas!thumbs up!

    myeon, me too wishing there’s another special episode for PSW & JMY 😉

  156. 156 : Kschai Says:

    The scene on the plane where he closed his eyes and he will just keep things simple by loving the girl, should be the last scene. Let fate takes its course.

    But then, the last scene in saving his brother is the 20 years older PSW. It should not be the same timeline, as the new PJW already atoned for his sin by going to jail, and going to Nepal being a humanitarian doctor. How the 20 years older PSW survived the timeline?

    One of the better Kdrama that keep you thinking. Thumbs up.

  157. 157 : Fullheart Says:

    Wasn’t satisfied with the ending. It left me slightly confused so now I have to go back and watch a couple of scenes to see if I can get a clearer picture of the ending. I truly hate vague endings. SonI wouldn’t rate this the best. Episodes 1 through eighteen are so well put together, then they threw nineteen at us and then twenty which leaves me cold. Of course, with that said, I am so relieved they did not leave us with a dead hero. HATE THAT.

  158. 158 : Fullheart Says:


    I am trying to figure out where you got the extra year from. He was going to Nepal on December 2012 wasn’t t he? If he had a year would not it have been 2011.

  159. 159 : KDaddict Says:

    This drama depicts a foldable universe, in which the space-time continuum is flexible and elastic, i.e. it is not a straight line.

    If you recall from previous eps:
    The grown up SW can meet his teenage self; messages fr a Samsung Galaxy Note can be sent to the present fr 20 years ago…
    And so it is entirely conceivable that SW fr the present time line can save his bro fr a previous time line. You can also think of that bro on the snow as being fr the present time line if u prefer, since he did say to SW in that steak restaurant that he’d be leaving for Nepal for his volunteer work. Works either way.

    It is therefore also entirely conceivable that the 3 of them in their present time line can save the present SW from dying. They are now in 2012 at the close of the drama. His wedding day, on which he traveled back to the past in a previous time line won’t happen for another year, in 2013. Many things can happen in a year. The writer leaves it up to our imagination to figure out what those might be. The ending is not pact or final. But it suits this drama perfectly, for that is the tone and message all along:

    The present is path-dependent, but the future is yet to be. Do good, do well, do the right thing today, and tomorrow will take care of itself!

    Hope this helps.

  160. 160 : Kschai Says:

    #159 The SG Note2 were used to record audio messages not text messages. SW handphone was in police evidence for 20 yrs, thats why his friend need to replace with his battery.

    I’d agree with you the writer meant for audience to interpret the ending. The Nepal final scene is so typical horror movie to always throw in an alternate ending possibly for sci-fi fans that don’t like happy ending. 😉

  161. 161 : KDaddict Says:

    See #159 for:
    “messages fr a Samsung Galaxy Note can be sent to the present fr 20 years ago……”.

  162. 162 : JMK Says:

    Time travel stories are so difficult to do right. Keeping all the little details correct in the ‘past affects the future’ continuity is never done perfectly. Usually there are glaring major plot affecting flaws that are simply not possible (assuming you buy into the time travel bit) and just make me shake my head (think ‘Terminator’). This is the best I have ever seen, both in Kdrama and American shows. The writers and director deserve big high fives for their efforts. I let 2 obvious minor flaws pass. One was the writing on the guitar/railing/diary by young PSW..it would not have suddenly appeared bit-by-bit real time in the future, but would have always been there for 20 years. The other was the retention of alternate memory by the characters, when in fact, there should be no memory of an alternate reality. Otherwise…very well done. The ending was perfect….no dead brother…no need to go back in time….but it would have been nice to see the wedding and the happily ever after bit.

  163. 163 : Ttuk Says:

    I agree. This is the best effort in time travel dramatisation I have come across. The writer managed to keep at bay scientific jargons and quantum or relativity theory discussions, choosing instead to focus on people and relationships.

    A smart choice since current scientific theories are inadequate in explaining time travel. We barely understands the self as the perceiver of time and space what to speak of the ability to transcend its influence.

    Excellent drama.

  164. 164 : icegirl Says:

    somehow i was expecting a more dramatic, intense, mind boggling end to this awesome drama…a tad disappointed but nevertheless, this drama will still be one of my all-time favorites…

  165. 165 : Fullheart Says:

    Agree. Loved this drama…………but, sadly because of the weak ending. It’s not one I will go back and watch again and again. Yes, I do that for the really good ones. LOL

  166. 166 : bitbit Says:

    maganda ba o hinde pakisagot ako now na pls…para mapanood ko he he

  167. 167 : Richard Johnson Says:

    JMK 162: Central to the universe that the writers constructed is the 20 year link between the past and the present. So when a character does something new as a consequence of a time-travel, it appears exactly 20 years later. So when young PSW does something like write on a guitar at 9 AM on March 20, 1993, the writing will first appear on the guitar at 9 AM on March 20, 2013. That’s why characters like Dr Choi suddenly acquire new memories — the event they’re remembering occurred exactly 20 years earlier. As to remembering all the alternate events, only 5 characters have this ability. The writers justify this as a consequence of the characters knowing about the incense sticks. The exception is JMY, who has an intense emotional connection via the Bodyguard album.

  168. 168 : Richard Johnson Says:

    157 FullHeart: Part of the problem is the title sequence in Ep 1 and credit roll at end of Ep 20. Since the credit roll in Ep 20 shows the shadow in the title sequence in Ep 1 to be PSW, PJW doesn’t die in the that scene and the scenes are therefore meaningless to the story in Eps 1-20. Obviously, the director or producer added these scenes to the script, for their own reasons. The climax of the story, which centers around characters living after Dec 15, 2012, is the death scene at the end of Ep 19: PSW has accomplished what he set out to do. The whole point of Ep 20 was to demonstrate, without showing it, that the death scene itself, witnessed by JMY, also accomplishes one of his main goals, reuniting with JMY. Unlike earlier episodes, in Ep 20, we see the changed universe through the eyes of the characters from 1993, not those post-Dec 15, 2012. So in Ep 20, there are no odd camera effects.

  169. 169 : Haaay Says:

    @bitbit 166
    sa tingin ko maganda di ko pa rin npapanood kc dina-download ko plang ayoko kc bumili ng cd pangit subtitle di maintindihan.but i can assure that this one if perfect for me cause this kind of drama leaves a deep emotion and a huge question to ourselves for how we are going to end this in our own way to reach our satisfaction,

  170. 170 : Sami Says:

    In the last episode, why did they draw attention to PSW Putting his parka in his suitcase and checking it when going to nepal?

  171. 171 : taiki Says:

    salamat haaay sige panoorin ko dahil sinabi mo he he kasi minsan pagbumili ko d pala maganda sayang naman d ba?

  172. 172 : bitbit Says:

    thanks haaay panoorin ko din.

  173. 173 : peter Says:

    my mother and I are also confused on the ending but I must say it a very3x good drama and a must to watch.

  174. 174 : jamok99 Says:

    The best k drama ever. I suggest that you watch it, its a smart drama and a mindblowing one. Each episode is unpredictable and will glue you to the edge of your seats. The actors are great specially lee jin wook. After episode 4 your amazing journey with NINE will definitely be an unforgetable experience. This drama is one of a kind and its a gem. After watching the final episode you may want to check this forum for some personal thoughts about the ending.


  175. 175 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    The reason why I wanna watch it is because I was amazed that Jo Yoon Hee is a very versatile actress. She was a very beautiful lady in Lie To Me, then she was a boyish-cute but mature woman in unexpected you. So with this one, I am looking forwards to seeing her again in this drama. 🙂

  176. 176 : Indria Says:

    Smart and incredible Kdrama so far, great imagination, two thumbs up for the screen writer. Love the actor sooooo much, Lee Jin Wook can describe the tortured, depressed and lovable person so well, great acting. You deserved an award for this role.

  177. 177 : della1975 Says:

    just finished episodes 5, so worry that seon woo will make a wrong move that will ruined his future present..

  178. 178 : annie88 Says:

    love this drama!!!

  179. 179 : Nafidahh Says:

    want to watch it ^^

  180. 180 : temmy Says:

    @ eve I totally agree wit u I dnt lyk d female lead wit her bad sh0rt hair although I’m still in ep 4… I luv LJW a lot hez one of my fav actor…

  181. 181 : Surian Says:

    Best drama EVER!!!

  182. 182 : Jufry Says:

    this is a masterpiece of drama made. Actually I wished a happy ending story … sadly it is a sad ending …

  183. 183 : Riri Says:

    Great drama

  184. 184 : cheonsa007 Says:

    lee jin wook, good kisser… *whoaaaa

  185. 185 : plis kiss me jin wook Says:

    at first i didn’t like the lead female artist, with her ugly bad hair but i think the character suits her well, since she’s a reporter for news, it’s impossible to be pretty just like a lady~
    and she has a big gap age with sunwoo so it’s really click with her innocent and pure image as his brother daughter~
    she’s a good artist, i could tell~
    and hell! or heaven! LEE JIN WOOK IS A GOOD KISSER!!!!

  186. 186 : Wid Says:

    Good story…daebak!!

  187. 187 : Wid Says:

    Best imagination for screan writer…for park sung woo good emotional for a character.any way this a good drama ever
    Wait for a new drama “lee jin wook”

  188. 188 : imelda Says:

    What a great time travel drama. Love lee jin wook acting and also jo yoon hee. Lee jin wook is really great kisser lol.

  189. 189 : M.A Ruszama Says:

    Such a great drama so many twist but the ending not enough for me many quest can’t be answered by that ending huhu T_T

  190. 190 : windsun33 Says:

    Don’t know why this is not more popular – one of the best of 2013, and the only one that treats time travel in a somewhat logical manner.

  191. 191 : goeunchan Says:

    I dont like this drama but I will definitely watch this drama because in this drama there is scene of my home town country Nepal 😀 😀

  192. 192 : Thinn Thandar Ko Ko Says:

    Why this drama ending like this, I very sad for lee son woo. I watched drama last night but I so so sad still now.:_( :_( :_(

  193. 193 : Rolly Says:

    Greaat plot, bad ending 🙁

  194. 194 : reindeer song Says:

    I am a bit perplexed too, why did the main character die? The doctor died so he should of returned back to 2013.Why did Shin aji asked an injured man are you hurt? Can’t you see he was hurt call for help, she just stood there and watch, in many dramas they do the same asking dumb questions fully well seeing the person is injured.
    Lee jin wook did good deeds, tho he tried to play god he did not benefit, the brother started the inscence stick he should of died in the end, why did he acknowledge the evil doctor as his father, always was weak and spineless.

  195. 195 : mangesh Says:

    Nice story ….
    Thrilling and very exciting what would be next happned.

  196. 196 : Kaylee Says:

    BEST Drama!!! I was hooked fm epi 1. The story was so well written & all the actors portrayed there character so well. I thought the ending was fine. He doesn’t end up alone…he said he was going to live just believing what he believes & just to love the girl he loves. Must watch drama!!!

  197. 197 : leila Says:

    Is this drama.. the same story like the movie “Time Travel” starring Eric Bana????

  198. 198 : dream Says:

    Excellent drama. Falling in love with Lee jin wook, he act very well and is full
    of charming smile. He is one part that made this drama success.

  199. 199 : Yvonne Says:

    I just happened to stumble across this drama – surprisingly and much to my utter delight I enjoyed every episode thoroughly. Finished all 20 episodes over 2 evenings ! The script is fantastic..one of the best I’ve seen. I agree Lee Jin Wook is good – good acting and most natural kisser : )

  200. 200 : TimeTraveler Says:

    I’m just finished ep 7.. I just thought of a way how to undo everything.. To return everything to normal just like what it was before his first time travel.. All he needs to do is tell his young self to never lit an incense that he will found.. I wonder if this is going to happen xD

  201. 201 : Siok Says:

    I still cannot the story after ep 2. Quite confuse. Will continue to watch

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  203. 203 : aznative Says:

    Viewers in the USA can watch this drama on Viki.

  204. 204 : Shellsbells Says:

    This drama super sucked! By the middle of it I couldn’t care less what actually ended up happening. I couldn’t even make it thru this mess HUGE FAIL!

  205. 205 : VeryNiceGuyKl Says:

    Drama series is great BUT The director/producer made ONE big mistake. Suddenly 2013 SunWoo can see messages crafted on guitar. Suddenly can even see changes made.Suddenly can receive josstick & then went missing. Wow! One stupid director. Hope sequel wont be so dumb

  206. 206 : Nine: 9 Times Time Travel (2013) (K-Drama) – MiniLo.me Says:

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  207. 207 : Haerani Says:

    Just finished this drama. Quite confusing at first (totally on his brother’s part), but I am getting addicted and love the plot story. The ending made me cry.

  208. 208 : Korean Drama Review 9TTT | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

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