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New Wise Mother, Good Wife


Title: 신 현모양처 / New Wise Mother, Good Wife
Chinese title : 新賢母良妻
Also known as: Wise Mother Shin / Modern Housewives
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-May-28 to 2007-Jun-26
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Kim Ho Jin will play Heo Myung Pil, an elite newspaper reporter but an immature and irresponsible husband. Kang Sung Yun will play Gyung Gook Hee, a bright and valiant wife.

Along with the two, Kim Tae Yun will play Lim Tae Ran who is a successful scenario writer who possesses both fortune and fame, she is considered an ideal female figure in today’s society, and Kim Nam Jin will play the college student, Seok Doo, who receives the love of many wives.


Kim Ho Jin as Heo Myung Pil
Kang Sung Yun as Gyung Gook Hee
Kim Nam Jin as Park Seok Doo
Kim Tae Yun as Im Tae Ran

Extended Cast

Sa Kang as Nam Jang Mi (Gook Hee’s friend)
Kwon Yong Woon as Kim Man Suk (Jang Mi’s ex-husband)
Lee Hye Eun as Kim Soo Duk (Gook Hee’s friend)
Im Dae Ho as Oh Bong Goo (Soo Duk’s husband)
Uhm Soo Jung as Lee Myeon Sil (Gook Hee’s friend)
Park Yong Gi as Kim Jo Han (Myeon Sil’s husband)
Sa Mi Ja as Myung Pil’s mother
Seo Jae Kyung as a reporter
Son Il Kwon as Detective Oh
Lee Jin
Jung Sung Woon

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Yoon Young Mi
Director: Lee Jae Won

Official Site 

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : hoon Says:

    omg, Kim Ho Jin is sosososososo funny in this drama.

  2. 2 : marinela Says:

    I want to watch korean drama in New Wise Mother, Good wife because I want to be a good wife. Please upload and translate for english substitue. I beg you….. Thank you..

  3. 3 : Christina Says:

    You can watch with english subtitles here:

  4. 4 : Mya Says:

    I wantched this drama coz i want to see Kim Nam Jin acted.
    Whoo hoo… he’s a college student there.. so cute..

  5. 5 : mina Says:

    its a must watch drama, even though i didn’t like the ending, they should’ve aded another episode at least telling us if she got back with her ex or with the college guy….

  6. 6 : boys before flowers Says:

    you can find ost of this drama : http://yuyaindou.blogspot.com

  7. 7 : mel Says:

    many people in the poster… is it a family drama?

  8. 8 : nining Says:

    it’s really fun,, i love it,,

  9. 9 : toh quan ming Says:

    It is really fun and interesting.

  10. 10 : wilma Says:

    For the first episodes its kinda boring but the other half is great,it became more interesting and the comedic side of it became more visible thou i wish it could be more funnier….

    The young guy here is Hot Hot man…..as well as the other cast, good acting…

    The story in tell us that woman/girls, let us all be happy,be strong willed, continue to grow as a woman and not to be stuck on just to being a mother or a wife….you also need to explore new things ok….enjoy life…girl power!

    aja aja fighting c:♥

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