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New Tales of Gisaeng

Title: 신기생뎐 / Shin Gisaeng Dyeon / New Tales of Gisaeng
Chinese Title : 新妓生传
Also known as: New Gisaeng Story
Genre: Romance, drama
Episodes: 52
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2011-Jan-23 to 2011-July-17
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45


New Tales of Gisaeng depicts the love, sadness and pain of people surrounding a gisaeng house, where only VIPs can enter.

Dan Sa Ran majored in classical dance while attending college. Her mother died when she was still young and her father remarried, bringing with him a new stepsister and a materialistic stepmother whom she has trouble warming up to. Sa Ran comes from a poor family, but she maintains her dignity around friends who come from rich families. Either fate or coincidence brings her together with Da Mo, to whom she feels an instant attraction, but her awareness of her poor background restrains her from voicing it. A head gisaeng at Buyongkak observes Sa Ran’s natural beauty and grace as well as dancing talent, and recommends her to become a gisaeng.

Ah Da Mo takes business administration training at his father’s company. He does not get along with his father, who is indifferent towards his family and only shows affection towards their pet dog. Da Mo is cocky and tends to look down on women, but begins to question his attitude when he meets Sa Ran by chance. He finds himself involuntarily drawn to her, and their relationship begins.


Im Soo Hyang as Dan Sa Ran
Sung Hoon as Ah Da Mo
Han Hye Rin as Geum Ra Ra

Sa Ran’s family

Kim Joo Young as Dan Chul Soo
Lee Sook as Ji Hwa Ja
Baek Ok Dam as Dan Gong Joo

Ra Ra’s family

Lee Dae Ro as Geum Shi Jo
Seo Woo Rim as Lee Hong Ah
Han Jin Hee as Geum Eo San
– Park Jin (박진) as young Eo San
Lee Jong Nam as Jang Joo Hee
Lee Dong Joon as Geum Kang San
Lee Sang Mi as Shin Hyo Ri

Da Mo’s family

Im Hyuk as Ah Soo Ra
Kim Hye Jung as Cha Ra Ri
Ahn Young Joo as Park Ae Ja


Kim Bo Yun as Oh Hwa Ran
Kim Hye Sun as Han Soon Duk
Jung Han Bi as young Soon Duk
Choi Sun Ja as Hwa Ran’s mother
Lee Mae Ri as Lee Do Hwa
Park Joon Myun as No Eun Ja
Seo Dong Soo as Ma Dan Se
Song Dae Kwan as Seo Saeng Kang
Oh Ki Chan (오기찬) as Oh Bong Yi
Kang Cho Hee as Han Song Yi
Kim Yul as Baek Soo Jung
Seol Yoon (설윤) as Jang Soo Jin
Yoon Ji Eun as Song Hye Eun
SAT Kim Eun Sun as Ye Rang
Lee Sun Ah as Lee Ji Hyang
Oh Ji Yun (오지연) as Kim-sshi
Ha Na Kyung (하나경)

Other people

Jun Ji Hoo as Son Ja
Jin Ye Sol as Jin Joo Ah
Lee Soo Jin as Sung Ah Mi
Park Yoon Jae as Oh Jin Ahm
Kim Ho Chang as Yoo Tae Young
Michael Blunck as Kyle
Shin Goo as Master Joong Bong
Jun Sung Hwan as Master Jung Do
Lee Hyo Jung as Ma Yi Joon
Kim Joon Hyung as Do Suk
Son Ga Young as Choi Young Nim
Won Jong Rye as Young Nim’s mother
Kim Sun Il (김선일) as Min Jae
Min Joon Hyun as manager
Kyung Soo Jin

Production Credits

Production Company: Golden Pine
Producer: Oh Se Kang
Director: Lee Young Hee (from Episode 9), Son Moon Kwon
Screenwriter: Im Sung Han


Original air date was January 22, but due to the Secret Garden Special, both episode 1 & 2 will air on January 23.


2011 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards (Im Soo Hyang)
2011 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards (Sung Hoon)

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  1. 1 : korean translator Says:

    Looking forward to see it.

  2. 2 : chichaloca Says:

    wonder this drama was saeguk drama or modern drama??hehe
    the storyline look promising but i dont like saeguk drama

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  6. 6 : Isti harfiantha Says:

    I love korean drama, waiting from indonesia…

  7. 7 : kpop Says:

    i love this drama

  8. 8 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    If you liked Secret Garden, you should try this one!
    Great start. It’s on http://www.dramabang.com/G4/korean/board.php?bo_table=Drama20&wr_id=1

  9. 9 : chaxin Says:

    new trend in korean dramas for 2011, more prostitutes (gisaeng). yet another costume drama. whatever

  10. 10 : peneloxii Says:

    I’m really excited to watch this Drama *–* Can’t wait!

  11. 11 : KDaddict Says:

    50 episodes are quite long. Only 1 main actor, isn’t enough guy candy. Let’s hope the story is so good it is worth hanging on for 50 eps. So far (in 7 eps):
    1. The evil step-mother is rearing her head. She has too many scenes, talks too much and is too meddling. Are Korean parents really like this? Have a guy investigated cos he is seen to be talking to the daughter twice?
    2. The girls’ parentage has been brought into question.
    Let’s hope this is not another KD melodrama where the pretty girl is made pathetic and persecuted; until the very end, then her real parentage is revealed and all is well. That formula has been done to death already. That would be so tiresome.

  12. 12 : KDaddict Says:

    There may be only 1 guy-candy in this show, but I enjoy watching the 2 ladies at Buyongkak, Sa Jang Oh Hwa Ran and the Chef, Han Sun Duk. The two actresses playing these roles are superb. Not only are they beautiful at their age, their acting, delicate and multi-layered is art.
    Contrast these two with the loud-mouthed step-mother with the curly hair. That wig is too much. Her acting is totally exaggerated. She is on screen way too much. If you intend to give someone so much screen time, you should cast a better actress in that role.

  13. 13 : USA-Mary Says:

    This drama is EXCELLENT! My favorite character is Sa Ran! YOU GO GIRL! Teach that playboy, Da Mo, that you’re not his toy to play with and discard in boredom after he’s hugged you! A woman with an inferiority complex would have gone into the hotel with him…being another digit added to his conquest record! So, CHEERS…for MAKING him respect you and RECOGNIZE that he’s terribly mistaken about you being like other women who would fall all over him. I must say that Da Mo and Sa Ran are my favorite couple!

    Da Mo (sexy bedroom eyes) wants Sa Ran so bad! If she was an 8 course meal of his favorite foods… from appetizer to dessert he would devour her in a 1 course time and that’s the truth! hehehe

  14. 14 : USA-Mary Says:

    This is one drama that I don’t mind it being 50 episodes long and that ‘s a lot coming from me!

  15. 15 : KDaddict Says:

    This show is very interesting so far. At 10 eps it makes you care about what will happen next. It is anyone’s guess how the Doctor and his parents will come to find and recognize Sa Ran as their own. Sa Ran is being shown as someone who is not only beautiful but understanding and smart, as she makes suggestions to Da Mo in improving his relationship with his father. The introductory trailer shows Sa Ran dressed up as a gisaeng at Buyongkak, where she’ll surely become close with her birth mother, Sun Duk. I wait with anticipation.

  16. 16 : KDaddict Says:

    The main actors playing Sa Ran and Da Mo are newbies, but they are doing a really good job here. Da Mo (Sung Hoon) has a chiseled face, with sharp lines and definition. He is convincing as sb who has some deep-seated angst and a steel rod up his rear. Sa Ran portrays a lonely sadness that at times lifts in a smile to show her true radiance. Contrast that with her acting in Paradise Ranch as a quarrelsome little girl. You can hardly tell it is the same actress. The good ones are like that.

  17. 17 : yoons Says:

    hehe i watched smile,you with 45 episodes i can handle 50 if the story is good and lots of twists

    ….my liking it so far episode 10 is love….i heart sa ran.. i like how these are kinda new people

  18. 18 : KBC12 Says:

    I like this drama so far…..!!!!!

  19. 19 : KBC12 Says:

    Storyline is very good so for…!!!

  20. 20 : KDaddict Says:

    Da Mo went off to HKG with his grandmother for a week. The show felt empty without him! He is falling for Sa Ran more every day. Hope his grandmother will support their relationship when it comes to light!

  21. 21 : jangerr Says:

    Where can I watch this? Can anyone please advise? Those at mysoju don’t seem to work from episode 5 onwards.

  22. 22 : kayreevs Says:

    you can watch with subs at dramacrazy.net or kimchidrama or jacinda. This drama is real interesting – a mix-up of the modern and old world. What makes it more interesting is the lead characters are both newbies – especially the guy playing DaMo. Sung Hoon plays and acts the DaMo character so well.

  23. 23 : jangerr Says:

    @ kayreevs

    Thanks so much for your recommendation! I’ve just completed watching up to epi 14 and loving every single episode. You’re right, the leads are good, especially since they are newbies!

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  25. 25 : KDaddict Says:

    Poor Da Mo seems to be in turmoil. He has gone off to Japan alone, I think, to sort out his feelings for Sa Ran (Ep. 15). But there are 35 more eps. to go. So one fears for Sa Ran for all the calamities that await her.

  26. 26 : jangerr Says:

    I don’t know… I’ve no sympathy for Da Mo. First he treats women like they are playthings. Even with a girl he’s genuinely interested, he took her to a hotel just because she had a meal with him! What a jerk! Next, he has this elitist mindset – just because Sa Ran comes from a poor family, she’s not suitable for him. What a snob! Even his granny is more enlightened than him…

    My heart goes out to Sa Ran. She’s such a fine lady – well mannered, sincere, honest, gentle, graceful, kind-hearted besides being beautiful. She deserves someone who love her despite and inspite of her current family background. Till Da Mo can do that, he doesn’t deserve her. I hope they don’t come back together only when her rich dad finds her…

  27. 27 : KDaddict Says:

    Da Mo is obviously conceited and immature. He has a lot of growing up to do. That’s why Sa Ran is so good for him. He’ll have to change his ways in order to be worthy of her. Because he loves her, he will change. He is already chasing her (again) in the preview for Ep.16.

  28. 28 : KDaddict Says:

    I am waiting to see Ra Ra taken down a few pegs from her high perch.

  29. 29 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddict. I totally agree with you about Ra Ra! She needs humbling, like yesterday! She views herself as if she’s a major planet that her friends all revolve around and needs her existence! Like when the filling of her tooth fell out…everyone had to leave with ‘her’ because there’s only ‘one dentist’ that she’ll see! Wait until its revealed whose daughter she really is; she’s going to have a fit!

    Da Mo’s father is not the most favored of my characters, but is very funny at times! Especially, when it came to praying and editing his prayers for Da Mo for a wife, thanks to Ra Ra’s lie!

  30. 30 : KDaddict Says:

    @ USA-Mary:
    RaRa is more well-off than her friends, pays for more meals, has a car to drive them around, so she feels superior. Besides, she is self-centered.
    When she finds out abt her and Sa Ran’s background, instead of feeling humbled, I’m afraid she’ll turn into a real villain to sabotage things. She’s probably like her own mother, not a likable character either.

  31. 31 : KDaddict Says:

    I hate Sa Ran’s step-mother. She is soooo ugly! (Esp. when she wears that shower-cap thing, a big smile, and makes goo-goo eyes. Yuck!

  32. 32 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddict. It is rather funny when Sa Ran’s stepmother wears the sleeping cap. Eventhough her character’s appearance is over exaggerated…she’s a hard worker and basically has a good family life, and a kind attentive, thoughtful husband. Many chaebol wives don’t have the latter in a husband! Their lives are more like a facade like Da Mo’s parents. His mother is starved for affection because the dog gets it ALL! LOL!

    For sure…I can see Ra Ra becoming a true witch towards Sa Ran. Its about to begin soon…after she sees the photo thier mutual friend took of Sa Ran and Da Mo happily strolling arm ‘n arm wearing matching caps on the street. For starters, its a HUGE problem because Sa Ran is keeping it a secret from the girl pack due to Ra Ra and Ra Ra is still perturbed about Da Mo’s rejection of her! It’s ON!

  33. 33 : USA-Mary Says:

    What I see is Da Mo is softening due to Sa Ran not being an easy lay! It does me good to see a young woman with excellent self-esteem and respect for herself and others. She’s teaching Da Mo a well needed lesson because she geniuingly cares about him. Giving him an affectionate hug (consoling his rejection by his father) without him wanting to run off to a hotel was a huge challenge for him (for sure he’ll make up for it after marriage with her-she may have to pry him away from her-but she wont). Right now, the wall of hurt and bitter towards his father’s undeserved hardness towards his mother and him is gently being removed by Sa Ran. Though he still struggles with the difference between the intimacy of love and just plain old male conquest, her hugging him and the closeness of her body near his when seeing a gray hair in his head is also slowly whittling away the wall of being a sexual-conquesting cad. Poor guy, I thought he was going to jump her then-but he restrained himself-knowing the relationship would end. He’s reminded that she meant what she said about them becoming intimate and he knows it! Well, at least he’s a very handsome, FINE looking cad! hehehe

  34. 34 : USA-Mary Says:

    WRITER, COME ON NOW! I just knew Ra Ra would be contrary, but what’s with Sa Ran taking physical abuse from that chick? Sa Ran didn’t allow Da Mo to play her…so what’s up with her allowing Ra Ra’s rage? I really don’t get it! Writers…having a person just sit clueless and get water thrown in their face or have the saliva slapped out of their mouth! Its beyond my comprehension! Unless, the water was being placed in my face to revive me due to a fainting spell, the culprit had better have on a pair of really good running shoes because it would definitely be a show worth watching outside that restaurant! All I will say is that the end result would be that Ra Ra would have definitely sobered up by the time she reached her home!

  35. 35 : KDaddict Says:

    I think SaRan was feeling somewhat guilty, so she allowed RaRa that one extravagance. She seems to be the kind of girl who’d yield ONCE to an unreasonable person.
    For the amount of screen-time the stepmother has, she is just too ugly for our comfort. So far, she’s tried to usurp Ms. Lu’s job; been scheming to benefit from Son Ja’s apt; spying on Sa Ran in hopes she’s marry a rich guy, not for SR’s good but her own. We’ll see her true colors when things get sticky for SaRan.

  36. 36 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddict. I try to be objective when it comes to the writer’s choice, but…Aint that much extravagant guilty pleasure in the world to allow a supposed “friend” to feel better by hurting me physically over a man that didn’t and doesn’t want her. Then…to get hit twice in 1 evening, at that! NADDA! Da Mo wasn’t interested in Ra Ra and she needs to get over it, like yesterday! Since Da Mo didn’t date Ra Ra at all, I would do the same as Sa Ran, when it comes to him, but would forego Ra Ra’s immature, abusive retaliation!

  37. 37 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddict. I was actually turned off in the beginning by Hwa Ja, Sa Ran’s stepmother, when she envisioned Sa Ran working at Buyongkak as a gisaeng. Her claws and colors showed when she constantly did the math in her head on how much Sa Ran would fetch in wages and tips because of her beauty and gracefulness from dancing. Not caring for her well-being or future, at all. After that, though Hwa Ja is a pivotal key player in this drama, I really don’t pay much attention to her and try not to notice her dealings too much. She’s very short-tempered when it comes to her kind, sweet filial daughter which is a shame. Also, I noticed that she’s not unlike many of the other Korean mothers in Kdramas who want bragging rights amidst her relatives and neighbors from marrying their daughters/sons off well. Hwa Ja is like a hawk, hovering over her prey…ready to pounce on the opportunity to enjoy the proceeds (dowry/gifts/money) she’ll receive before and after her daughters marriages in order to live as close to a chaeobol family lifestyle as she can get. That’s a given!

  38. 38 : WellDamn24 Says:

    I just like that the Kyle character came back after “Assorted Gems.” I understand that maybe SK isn’t ready for a White guy to get with an Korean woman on TV, but it just seemed like it was the worst of both worlds to not have Kyle end up with the second sister in “Assorted Gems.” She was better than the husband she ended up with.

    Clearly the producers realized it also because now Kyle gets new life on this show as a minor character.

  39. 39 : KDaddict Says:

    I’ve no problems with the stepmother’s dealings, just can’t stand the ugly actress, cos she appears on screen sooooo much.

  40. 40 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddict. You’re so funny!

  41. 41 : KDaddict Says:

    Sa Ran’s stepmother:
    I want to slap her silly: ugly, toothy, dumpling, hypocrite who laughs like a toad, “geack, geack, geach”!!! Hey, we don’t watch KD in order to see such ugly people!

  42. 42 : KDaddict Says:

    SaRan has an abundance of dignity, while DaMo is full of sh–!

  43. 43 : jangerr Says:

    The way the story is developing, Sa Ran has a lot more hard times to come… Like she said in episode 17, all the people who love her has died. On top of that, the ‘wicked’ stepmother’s claws are slowly coming out and her good friend, Ra Ra, is no good friend… And Da Mo is not only of no help but adding to her woes… Sigh…

  44. 44 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddict-comments 41 & 42…you are too funny with geack and geach! RLOL! Sa Ran’s stepmother does have a very ugly dark, soul. She’s doing silly, immature things to provoke Sa Ran, who actually knows she’s the one behind it all! Since the subs aren’t out…is she still trying to force Sa Ran to become a gisaeng? Old broom riding witch! She needs the straw in her broom to become cinders in mid-flight!

    That’s right Sa Ran…in ep. 19. Make Da Mo regret that he continues to embrace that ‘chaebol prince syndrome’ play with ’em and leave ’em! Restaurant scene: Sa Ran’s presence is seen in the folding style of the napkins of that restaurant. She’s courteous towards Da Mo’s date, but totally ignores him and he feels the wall between them! He keeps trying to slither up to her to become what to her???? He told the truth…now move on with your life snake. I’m so GLAD that Sa Ran won’t relent to him! That’s right Sa Ran…make him suffer in his ego even more so than any woman he’s ever encountered.

    Side note: Men really do like the ‘chase’ in relationships like that one. Must be the wild beast in them!

  45. 45 : USA-Mary Says:

    I’m going to miss Da Mo’s grandmother and her wisdom. She knows her grandson better than his mother. He needs a woman who’s clever (can handle him) and charming. Because other than that, he’ll run all over her and have affairs on the side during their marriage!

    I bet his father is doing the same, but at a secret location because every knows about the reknowned Buyonkuk establishment! Mr. Ah (Soo Ra) is still a healthy, viable man (check out his physic when his wife went to tell him that his mother passed on). Poppa’s build isn’t too bad for a man his age! I KNOW that Andre isn’t the only one he’s rubbing on affectionately, because for sure it isn’t his wife who’s getting it!

  46. 46 : KDaddict Says:

    :@ Mary–comment 43:
    Evil Stepmother had her husband talk SaRan into working as a Gisaeng; meanwhile she’s making things difficult at home for SaRan until she relents. Pressure cooker tactics. I hate her so much that I could give up on the show, but then I realize that it is necessary for her to push SaR into Buyongak in order for SaR to meet her birth mother n make known her identity!
    DaMo is full of shxx! To him, SaR is good enough to love, but not to marry cos of her “insignificant” background. Korean society must be really class-conscious if all the KDs make a big deal abt this point.

  47. 47 : KDaddict Says:

    :@ Mary–#44:
    You are pretty funny yourself re DaMo’s father’s extra-curricular activities.
    DaMo’s mom is thick as a plank! I’d go someplace else to have some fun too if I was married to her! She objected to SaR for absolutely no reason when Granny tried to matchmake. She just assumed that granny was senile in her preference.

  48. 48 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddict. Da Mo’s grandmother was fine health wise until that person brought whatever it was over for her to take. Speaking of ‘insignificant’ background. Wait until Da Mo’s parents find out who owns Buyongkak! Ra Ra’s adopted mother was the only one who wanted it via inheritance. Ohhh I hope it comes out into the open before she sells it off!

    Re Sa Ran’s dad. Even though there’s no subs on that episode, yet. I perceived correctly that the creature of a stepmother coerced him to try and persuade Sa Ran to work there. Her dad, not her real one-is an overall good man, but weak and stupid to THAT woman. He knows that its not in Sa Ran’s best interest and future to work there. He’s not advocating that for his own daughter. A real dad wouldn’t have even allowed that conversation to come up from that woman. Even if he had to work 3 jobs in his sickly condition, he’d do it. Okay…I’ll accept that she’ll meet her sweet mother as predicted by the seer who frequents Buyongkak. But, don’t be surprised when Da Mo gets wind of it and becomes a regular there! No one else will be able to entertain him except Sa Ran! Humph, my comical prediction is…he’ll become a secret investor and active client, or buy the home next door if there is one, just to have fast access to Buyongkak to be enterained personally by Sa Ran with his slithering self! He’ll more than likely fix it so that he’ll be her only client! I know they have people who entertain and not service the male clients every whim. Its just that we both know that Da Mo can’t wait to get his hands not just on her, but all over her! He’s still sniffing around her with his unrelenting ego, hoping she’ll relent soon. Sigh! She doesn’t deserve that type of attention! What I’ve seen so far does make me wonder how her mother will protect her. Hey, if its her mother, then she’s the doctor’s real daughter and is actually wealthy and won’t have to remain there, right!

  49. 49 : gea c. choi Says:

    thank you very much

  50. 50 : KDaddict Says:

    :@ Mary:
    We seem to watch KD the same way: We like to fast fwd in our head what will happen. That is part of the enjoyment too.
    And we feel the same way abt DaMo: He may be full of it, but we like him cos he’s so good-looking! Heehee.
    Are you watching anything else right now?

  51. 51 : deeja Says:

    i really love ah da mo,,so cool..handsome,,i can’t wait the ending story bout ah da mo and sa ran….hope it will happy ending..

  52. 52 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddict-50. You’re so RIGHT! I too have a tendency to not only fast forward, but rewrite the script if I could (sometimes I do-if I don’t like the ending)! hehehe

    For sure Da Mo’s playboy persona is being pulled in a direction that’s unfamiliar territory to his heart. He’s beginning to really like Sa Ran, but is still wanting to label it as lust! Plus, her ignoring him is driving the conquesting ego part of him crazy! His well-behaved tempering right now due to the presence of his new chaebol girl friend is actually setting him up to face his real heart towards Sa Ran. He’s more focused on pleasing the chaebol folks and his pursuit towards his date is not the playboy, ego driven hunt…which, in my opinion, makes his true feelings surface easier. Speaking of good looking…he is truly that and has the most sexiest, bedroom eyes that I’ve seen on a Korean male actor! Truly sexy! Well, I should say he’s second to Lee Tae Gon! Okay…I will behave myself! hehehe

    What I’m also watching: KDrama: Stormy Lovers. TaiDrama: The Fierce Wife (EXCELLENT). Recently completed KDrama’s I recommend: My Princess and Golden Fish. TaiDrama: Fall In Love (okay) and Sunny Happiness (EXCELLENT)! JDorama: Nagareboshi/Shooting Star (EXCELLENT). It seems like a lot, but I always watch a little here and a little there.

  53. 53 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddict-50. As soon as my comments clear with the moderator, I hope you enjoy my response!

  54. 54 : KDaddict Says:

    Da Mo could benefit from a conversation with Kim Joo Won, who can teach him so much about falling for a girl who “lives in a rented apt”. Tho Joo Won also resisted it, he was much sweeter abt it and therefore captured our hearts.
    I m watching and loving:
    Gisaeng>Shining>Midas>49days. Only abt 2 hours a ago. Light duty really.

  55. 55 : KDaddict Says:

    Re My Princess: no one will complain abt the pairing of KTH with SSH, but that lousy script is lousy 2nd to none!

  56. 56 : KDaddict Says:

    @Mary: Re Evil step-mother:
    You like Lee Tae Gon, so you’ve seen Dear Heaven. The actress who played the evil step-mother in it would have been a far better choice as SaRan’s step-mom. She is Not ugly as a cow!

  57. 57 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddicts. No, I haven’t seen Dear Heaven. Actually, its not only Lee Tae Gon that my tall glass of chamomile tea. I really could make a long list of SKDrama-finest male hotties! Most definitely could! ~BIG SMILE~

    I read the synopsis of 49 days and decided to stay clear of it. No matter how hard I try…I still wind up looking at dramas that have tear-jerking scenes somewhere in them. I’m like…give my tear ducts a break already! ~smile~

    @KDaddicts-56. Every time I see Sa Ran’s stepmother I can’t help but laugh when I think about your comments! I applaud Sa Ran for standing her ground about the gisaneg job (drunken men and old ones at that…ewwww) and nitpicking she’s encountering in their home. She’s not stupid!

    Wait a minute…did you see what Ra Ra’s dad said to the woman he had a child with years ago in ep. 20. In the last part of his conversation he mentioned the two of them discussing ‘us’ as in each other. WHAT!!! Did you see the look on her face…in total shock! She’s not a home wrecker! If he leaves his wife, it won’t be because of her. What’s in the water and air when it comes to the men in this drama…like every woman is a possible gisaeng to them!

    @KDaddicts-54. The subs finally came out for ep. 17 & 18. Its almost hard to believe that Da Mo formed his mouth to ask Sa Ran to become like siblings. WHAT!!! Little sister! LOL! Now you and I both know that’s a farst because he said in his heart he can’t imagine living without her. Yeah..RIGHT little sister and older brother! Not to mention his parents reaction if he brings that up to them right now. They even know him too well for that to happen! Besides, that would be a good excuse for Da Mo to get diagnosed by Ra Ra’s doctor dad for sleep walking because he would be going into Sa Ran’s bedroom every night! Ohhh, I would love to see that outcome! Da Mo would end up seeing Ra Ra’s dad for sure as his primary physician to make sure his wounds are healed after trying that the FIRST night with Sa Ran! LOL! If the thought of that scheme didn’t suit him, he would probably try to use cute little Andre by throwing a treat in the room on Sa Ran’s bed for him to fetch! Either way, he would still wind up seeing Ra Ra’s dad! LOL! My, my, my…Da Mo’s being in love is so new to him that he looks like he would do something stupid like that if he had the advantage!

    @KDaddict-54. I totally agree. Da Mo could learn a thing or two from Joo Won, who himself was hilarious and rather cute with his shenanigans. Excellent point about rented apt. Yay…Sa Ran’s apt. door isn’t broken with tape covering the crack either! hehehe

  58. 58 : KDaddict Says:

    I can’t believe you haven’t watched Dear Heaven if you like Lee Tae Gon. He’s like in every screen. There are also honeymoon scenes that show his very sexy body, hehe. Besides, it is a good drama.
    You are too funny imagining so much re DaMo going near SaR using Andre! She has her head screwed on properly n knows they can’t ever be siblings.
    Shining is pretty good. I like it that the script makes sense and the 3 guys are gorgeous! I haven’t tried ThaiD. Bet there aren’t as many guy candies there.

  59. 59 : KDaddict Says:

    There is no ep. 20 as yet! Only 18 eps. so far.

  60. 60 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddict-61. I know. It should have been ep. 19 preview, instead.

  61. 61 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddict-55. The plot for My Princess was okay. I really believe that whoever did the subtitles during the 1st half of the drama needs to study English grammar for comprehension purposes or the host company needed to get an English born person to fine tune the subtitles before presenting it to the viewing audience. So many times I dismissed that drama because the dialogue didn’t make good sense. But for whatever reason, I continued to return to watch it hoping for it to improve. Once the subtitles made sense, the hidden gem appeared, and I began to appreciate it. Well, that’s my view about it! Different strokes for different folks!

  62. 62 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddicts-58. For sure Sa Ran is grounded in her self-esteem as a woman should be. I applaud her character because I cringe and get put off by some of the women in these dramas who continually have misguided hearts towards themselves.

    Re Da Mo, Sa Ran, and Andre. I just like having fun, trying to get into the writer’s head by using Da Mo’s active, vivid imagination. You know he definitely has one and uses it often, as we’ve seen!

    Re Dear Heaven and Lee Tae Gon. I will look into it. That manly looking, man knows he’s tall and FINE to me! ~smile~ Have you seen photos of SSH on this forum under My Princess (a link to the Actor’s List is provided) or go to the Actor List of this forum at the top of this page. Check it out. Girl, if a man could get arrested for being fine, I’d cuff him NOW…we’d discuss international jurisdictions later! hehehe I have to laugh at myself sometimes.

  63. 63 : KDaddict Says:

    Mary: Re: SSH, LTG, KSW, etc. etc.
    I know! I watch their photos n videos often.
    How come all the fantastic looking guys with even more fantastic bodies are Korean? Broad shoulders, hard muscles, 6 packs, well-defined buns…….I know they all have to spend hours in the pool n gym each day, n we gasp @ the results. hehe.

  64. 64 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddicts-63. It does seem that way about the Korean lead male actors. Especially, when you watch kdramas more compared to others for a long period of time. Yet, believe me when I say this! I’ve seen and do see men who are well-built, fine…did I say FINE…tall…thick…eye-popping…with and w/o six pack abs, who walk with a stride that will make your eyes follow them until they’re out of sight right here in the U.S.! So while we’re on the subject, I must pay homage to the hotties over here, too! ~smile~

  65. 65 : KDaddict Says:

    Preview of ep 20 shows:
    DaMo falling off his horse–I hope when he is temporarily crippled, it’ll dawn on him that nothing matters except SaRan. Numb Skull!
    Things coming to a head at SaRan’s household–Maybe she’ll run off in disgust to join Buyongak, where room n board is provided.
    After SaRan is reunited with her birth parents, when DaMo n his parents come begging, pls let her torment him for at least 10 eps., like he has been tormenting her!

  66. 66 : KDaddict Says:

    What an ice queen! She gave RaRa the double bad news that she and doctor are getting a divorce + they aren’t really her parents without breaking a sweat or a tear! Then she left the room without so much as a hug!
    She must have been seeing her first love, like that time the President of Buyongak saw her have dinner at the restaurant with a man.
    The problem with a 50 ep. show is that things happen too slowly. I wish Ice Queen leaves soon, sooner, soonest!

  67. 67 : KDaddict Says:

    Who’s son is Son Ja?
    His mother gave birth to him as died unmarried?
    Whose life is RaRa’s birth father investigating in ep. 20?

  68. 68 : USA-Mary Says:

    Sa Ran’s stepmother’s constant lies/nitpicking and Da Mo’s constantly appearing/wanting to meet after breaking up with her is enough to make her and anybody else go into hiding!

    I was going to make a comment on how long it would take before Sa Ran’s stepmother would get caught stealing food from Buyonkak’s kitchen. Ep. 19 took care of that for me. The outcome is going to be very interesting!

    Looks like Da Mo misses Sa Ran so much that he seeks comfort in Andre. LOL…it wasn’t that long ago that he couldn’t stand the sight of that dog (not Andre’s fault)! When the subs come out, I’ll know exactly what his thoughts were during that scene with the little pooch!

  69. 69 : KDaddict Says:

    DaMo is just confiding his feelings to Andre. He is saying all women are the same; anyone will do for marriage. That Nitwit!
    So RaRa’s birth father slept with a nurse, n Son Ja is RaRa’s brother??? Ha!

  70. 70 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddict-69. Hmmmm…that’s just Da Mo’s silly ego talking. In my opinion, he wouldn’t have needed to seek comfort from Andre if those were his true feelings about women. The only reason any woman would do is because his dad wants him to hasten marriage to bring forth a child with in a year to replace the presence of the mother/grandmother. As if the pitter-patter of Andre’s paws in the house is not enough for Ah Soo Ra!

  71. 71 : KDaddict Says:

    U r right abt DaMo of course. If SR had been brought home as his sister, n he finally wakes up from his stupidity, then it’d really be messy.
    The Son Ja + RaRa’s father equation brings a whole new dimension into the show i.e. worth anticipating. And the departure of Ice Queen too.

  72. 72 : USA-Mary Says:

    Just finished watching ep. 19 and 20. Has Da Mo lost his mind???!!! Asking his parents to accept a female sibling into their household to help her attain her goals. I imagine, in his mind, Sa Ran is supposed to watch him interact with his wife and act like a good little sister should! NOT! They dated. Even though it was clean dating, its not unusal for an emotional bond to form. That’s what Da Mo is resisting and finally admitted it in ep. 19. He knows how his father will react because of Sa Ran’s status! I already knew she liked him as a man. I laughed after she told him that, when he responded with…she should have told him that she liked him that way! Okay…Will somebody just hose him down with cold water PLEASE…somebody! hehehe

    Now for that stepmother!!! After telling Sa Ran about her being abandoned the way she did…she should go, hang upside down in a deep, dark cavern with the rest of her mammal-winged relatives since she seems to love to suck the life out of folks!

  73. 73 : USA-Mary Says:

    Ra Ra’s adopted mother (aunt) is really something else. Talking lovey-dovey on her cellphone to her lawyer lover while in the spa. She wasn’t an ice queen with him! She’s been carrying on an affair for who knows how long with that man. All the while with a sweet, caring, providing husband at home, too! There’s too much slithering going on in this drama. Whether the snake is wearing dress slacks or designer skirts, its too much!

    Well, that’s alright sweetie 1st Dr. Geum. You are for sure a sufficient man! It’s just that the Arctic glacier you married, heart had already melted for someone else. OMG! Ra Ra and Sa Ran are 1st cousins via Dr. Geum brothers 1 & 2. Son Ja and Ra Ra are half-siblings via their father, 2nd Dr. Geum. Son Ja and Sa Ran are also 1st cousins via both Dr. Geums’! Now all we need is to get some scandalous behavior on Andre’s parents! At least its acceptable behavior for them…woof, woof! I sense one day soon, Dr. Geum will be surrounded by his real daughter, Sa Ran along with his adopted daughter, Ra Ra! I also sense a surgery for Sa Ran’s mother down the road (we’ll find out). The 1st Dr. Geum for sure is going to have that sweet Buyongkak ‘woman chef’ by his side and will not allow anything to get in the way of their happines (once he convinces her to be by his side) that will make her feel self-conscious about being his wife. The 1st Dr. Geum even went so far as to tell madam chef that after 25 years, he still can feel what they had back then for each other! WHEW! Sounds like a 5 alarm fire to me!

  74. 74 : KDaddict Says:

    @Mary: You r too funny! Woof Woof!
    I managed to miss the Ice Queen’s obscene phone call with her boyfriend. I guess I just ff when I saw her face. Don’t even recall her in the spa. Oh dear, which ep. is that in? Now I’ve to go back n look for it!
    Forecast: Dr.Geum’s silly mother will come between him & woman chef, for she is smitten by the beguiling President Oh of Buyongak.
    When the dust settles, SaR can marry DaM, GungJoo can marry SonJa..they can keep it “All in the family”. And the toad-bat-witch will go to jail for some crime some committed b4 or be hit by a container truck. Her brain-dead husband will drink himself into a ditch. Since there is no one left in the family for RaRa to marry, she has to go overseas, to better herself.
    Or she can marry Kyle, that should please one of the fans who left a comment abt liking Kyle. Hehe.

  75. 75 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddict-74. You’re also funny! Hehehe…I enjoy pointing out the humor in situations like this! Re spa. Its in ep. 20 (I know), the last part (if I’m not mistaken) when popsicle is on the phone talking to her lawyer lover. Guess whose lying next to her and over hears her conversation? TADA, none other than Pres. Oh herself! Wait until you see Pres. Oh’s face and thoughts to herself about it!

    Maybe Pres. Oh will intervene on behalf of 1st Dr. Geum and madam chef with Dr. Geum’s mother. After all, they hit it off like mother and daughter! I’m quite sure Pres. Oh will be a huge influence over 1st Dr. Geum’s mother. Ensuring that their relationship is nothing short of being pure and upright!

    Now did you see where Da Mo wonders (as if talking to Sa Ran) if he’ll become an imbecile after his horse accident! In my humble opinion…he’s an imbecile now! The accident hopefully will knock down that chauvinistic, cave-man wall in his head! Oh boy…will his parents have a fit, knowing he’s fallen off his horse. Move over Andre…you looks like you’ll have to share your lone affection with Da Mo for the next few days! By the way…in ep. 21. I wonder what happened between Sa Ran and Da Mo! In the preview, there’s a scene where she contacts him via phone. Then later, all smiley-faced with pep in his step, he goes looking for her at her home (inside???)! Meets her sister who tells him that Sa Ran has gone to Buyongkak to become a gisaeng (I can tell this is going to be really good)! I hope that in her despair over the news of her birth/abandonment, she didn’t give anything up to him. Like letting him inspect the parts under the hood of her car (how’s that censorship for you)! hehehe

    Who is Kyle? Okay…I just recalled someone. Is he the FINE doctor who reports to 1st Dr. Geum at the hospital sometimes about patients? He bumped into Ra Ra a few episodes later after the ski trip. If so…yum, yum, mmmmmmwah! Throwing virtual kisses at him! hehehe

  76. 76 : KDaddict Says:

    I am eager to see DaMo go nuts when he finds out that SaR has left home to become a Gisaeng.

  77. 77 : KDaddict Says:

    I got it now. It’s in ep. 20 when the women are having their facials and body rubs. It’s a perfectly good thing that Ice Queen is leaving, I don’t wish her ill. Why do I have a sneaky feeling that she and her lawyer boyfriend won’t have a happy ending?
    We saw Da Mo fall off his horse, but there is no more mention of it after that one scene. Isn’t that weird?
    I don’t yet know what to make of President Oh. She is scheming to marry Dr. Geum. Still can’t tell if she’ll be a help or hinderance to his reunion with his 1st love. It’ll really be too much if at his age, he still has to get his mom’s approval to marry the woman who gave her a daughter 25 years ago! What is it with Korean parental authority??
    Kyle is the nice American guy who teaches English to the gisaeng girls. I was joking abt RaRa marrying him. : D
    Next ep. DaMo will go bonkers looking for SaR at Buyongak. Yes!!!

  78. 78 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddicts-77. That’s right…the teacher! I completely forgot about him. I like Kyle, he’s a sweetie. Yet, there’s still that doctor (who I was referring to and blowing kisses at) who’s on staff at the hospital with Ra Ra’s dad, the one that was part of their meet up group at the ski resort with RaRa, Sa Ran, etc.

    Hmmm. So Pres. Oh wants 1st Dr. Geum for herself! I knew she was being flirty with him for a reason. 1st Dr. Geum may be an older man, but believe me, he has years of wisdom and experience when it comes to dealing with people and won’t tire that easily in a fight for madam chef. I believe for the first time in his adult life, he’ll stand up and fight for what and the love he wants. Girl, that fire in him which he described for her can’t be compared to Da Mo’s for Sa Ran. He said its the same after 25 years when he sees her. So whoever gets in his way will get burnt to a crisp by the flames! LOL! We’ll just watch and see what happens.

  79. 79 : jangerr Says:

    For once, I’m very happy with Ra Ra! Love the way she ‘expressed her concerns’ to Da Mo about his girlfriend’s brush with Sa Ran’s sister! Way to go, girl!

  80. 80 : KDaddict Says:

    RaRa has grown up fast. She has grown from a femme fatale to a reasonable young lady in a short time.
    But DaMo is dumb. He is STILL going on blind dates to seek a mate. And why doesn’t he ask GungJoo what prompts SaR to enter Buyongak. I hope SaRan make him suffer for many episodes.
    The name of this KD should be: Every one has an illegitimate child or Everyone gets pregnant on the 1st night! heeheehee.

  81. 81 : USA-Mary Says:

    Good…I’m glad and satisfied that Sa Ran only let Da Mo buy her a hair clip! Wait a minute! WHAT’S WITH THE RAISING OF YOUR HAND, MAN!!!What the!!! WHAT’S WITH THE SLAPPING DA MO! GOOD, I’m glad she slapped your behind back! No matter how angry he is with Sa Ran, he as a man should never, never, ever, ever raise his hand to strike a woman period! Whether the excuse is to bring her to her senses or not…that’s not the way to handle any situation! grrrr!!! Da Mo’s showing how truly impatient he really, really is now! The jerk! Though the subs aren’t out for that episode, I understood enough of what was going on!

    My sentiments exactly for Ra Ra! GO RA RA GO!

    Now for bat woman! What’s with these ahjummah’s and beating their adult children in kdramas?!!! I like Gong Joo, Sa Ran’s sister for trying to protect her and sway her decision. Sa Ran’s stepmother is a nasty woman, and I’m not too thrilled with her dad either! Both are despicable! Yet, I trust the writer’s pen which is guiding us to view how Sa Ran will be united with her birth mother and father. Sa Ran is so sweet in character and level-headed! I hope that she only dances and does not drink with the clients like the other girls do. They get stinking drunk and that’s not a pretty sight for a female of any drinking age!


  82. 82 : LUCY MINI Says:

    Is it me or is the gisaeng’s hair style totally chinese?I mean there are a lot of old pictures of gisaengs.And their hair is korean-style.

  83. 83 : USA-Mary Says:

    @Lucy Mini. From my observation, its a mixture of both in modern up-swept hair styles!

    The variety of the hanboks worn in this drama are some of the most beautiful that I’ve ever seen in a kdrama.

  84. 84 : LUCY MINI Says:

    @USA-Mary.I agree with you.But Id prefer they keep the original hairstyle cuz gisaeng is a very unique korean culture,also it doesnt really exist in today’s society so people may get confused by the kinda “chinesey” hairstyle in this drama.

  85. 85 : KDaddict Says:

    The gisaeng’s hairstyles look like modern hairdo’s for formal evening parties or balls, devoid of national association.

  86. 86 : LUCY MINI Says:

    You think so?Then its probably just me.I usually find these kind of hairstyle in chinese operas and dramas.I like the traditional korean hairstyle so I wonder why they didnt use that.

  87. 87 : KDaddict Says:

    @Lucy Mini:
    I am afraid I am not sure what classical Korean hairdos look like. Do you mean like on President Oh on the Poster near the top of this page? Or like President Oh and Manager Lee Do Hwa when they are dressed in hanboks in Buyongak? They are so beautiful, madam chef too, when are in hanboks, tho they are no longer in their 20s or even 30s.

  88. 88 : USA-Mary Says:

    @KDaddicts-87. In the photo of President Oh on this page, her upswept hairdo is definitely more modern. Its not the hairstyle via is talking about, its the ornaments placed in their hair. At least, that’s what I was referring to!

    Re classical hairdos. In many of the period kdramas you will find the traditional/classical hairstyles consisting of hair-raised versions for married women and gisaengs (because going to bed with a man=raised hair). The kdrama Dong Yi had a few traditional/classical hairstyle variations. Though the older women who worked in the palace shared a version of raised hair, they were single, not married. In Goong (S. Korean modern society royals), the queen mother and queen wore their hair in the traditional/classical raised-hair Korean period style while in the palace.

    @Lucy Mini-86. For this drama, in my opinion, that would be waaaay too much hair to fuss with on a daily basis! The thickness of the hair extensions alone are weighty…not to mention the ornaments that are strategically placed around the fullness of the braid which frames the frontal part of the head.

  89. 89 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep. 24:
    Da Mo enters Buyongak to do voluntary work. That’s a nice surprise! He found out that visiting as a guest cost too much money, haha! He may run into his father’s friends or even his father there. The sh__ will hit the fan, wouldn’t it?
    If President Oh is so experienced with men, how come she can’t tell that Dr. Geum isn’t interested in her in the least? She is even fantasizing abt her wedding dress like a silly little school girl. When men in their 50s remarry, most will want to marry a younger woman. We all know that; why not her?

  90. 90 : KDaddict Says:

    Goong’s Maa Maa. I see. I read that the braided hair extension with ornaments weigh up to 20 lbs, and actresse get a literal pain in the neck while filming. Maybe that’s why they modified the hairdo.
    When SaRan wears her formal Korean attire to perform, her hairdo also looks traditional (like the photo in her bedroom). I guess that’s a civilian young girl’s version rather than that of an empress.

  91. 91 : KDaddict Says:

    What if…What if DaMo’s father meets SaRan at Buyongak and falls for her too? Would that be a holy mess? heeheehee (wicked laugh).

  92. 92 : jangerr Says:


    Your thoughts are running wild, you wicked thing!!! But I lurve it!!!

  93. 93 : jangerr Says:

    Finally, it’s dawn on Da Mo that he can’t do without Sa Ran and he’s getting desperate!!! But he’s still too cocky, thinking all he needs to do is tell Sa Ran that he likes her and ‘let’s marry’ and Sa Ran will gratefully accept his proposal… Aishh! He certainly needs to grow up further before he’s worthy of Sa Ran!

  94. 94 : KDaddict Says:

    Silly Da Mo actually looks down on Sa Ran. He has always been of the mind that Sa Ran is so “insignificant” or “amounts to nothing” because of her family background. That’s is extremely classist of him. Perhaps that reflects the value system of Korean society?

  95. 95 : KDaddict Says:

    I really like the actress Kim Hye Sun in the role of madam chef, Han Sun Duk. I’ve seen her before in First Wives Club. She is even better here in this role. She has a pretty face n exudes a kind of humility and serenity that makes it so comfortable to watch, thereby making it credible that Dr. Geum loves her all his life.
    Will RaRa’s birth mother, who is already high-strung, fall into pieces when she finds out that her husband has an illegitimate son?
    RaRa has learnt that the world doesn’t revolve around her. Her “mother” has gone off to pursue her own happiness; her “father” as well. There is pressure for her to marry soon, so that he can too. She is being very level-headed abt it.
    I somehow sense that RaRa’s new boyfriend and his mother are good to her because she is his boss’ daughter, in their dinner in ep 25.

  96. 96 : Tai Says:

    The best sub are at here. http://www.megaupload.com/?f=AR7PN5W4

  97. 97 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 27:
    Da Mo was able to avoid being seen by his father when he came to Buyongak. But his mother came with her friends the next day n saw him. One of her friends (in orange suit) looks like a transvestite. She looks so funny. hahaha.

  98. 98 : KDaddict Says:

    So many men will fall all over themselves for Sa Ran at Buyongak. Da Mo will have a hard time fielding them off.
    Will President of the entertainment co. turn SaR into a movie star? Or will he just pursue her as relentlessly as DaM?
    SaR sings really well. Love her Russian folk song.
    Being found out by DaM’s mom is the best thing for SaR. When she hears that SaR refuses to marry him, she’ll like SaR as they are on the same side.

  99. 99 : KDaddict Says:

    Since evil stepmother was fired n since SaR entered Buyongak, there hasn’t been any need for her to appear. I am soooooo glad. Any ep that has no trace of the very ugly witch is a good episode!

  100. 100 : jangerr Says:

    @ KDaddict

    I’m not sure being found out by Da Mo’s mum is good for Sa Ran. Remember when the grandma was alive and wanted to match Da Mo with Sa Ran, his mum protested? Now that Sa Ran is a gisaeng, the situation is worse! I think she’ll give Sa Ran a hard time, at least till Da Mo is able to convince her that he can’t do without Sa Ran or Sa Ran ‘charms’ her over… It’ll probably be a combination of both and when his mum is on their side, she’ll be a great ally!

  101. 101 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s what I mean. This will give Da Mo’s mom the chance to see SaR as the sensible, non-greedy girl that she is, n to get to know her other wonderful qualities. It’ll take time, but she’ll do a turnaround from her earlier attitude and come to love SaR and support them, just as old grandma did. This is the best thing for SaR, cos, it’ll gain her a useful ally. How else can SaR get accepted into their household?

  102. 102 : KDaddict Says:

    Great news: Ah Da Mo actor Sung Joon will appear in new KD “Lie to me” as 2nd male lead starting May 9. Hurray!! I think Ah Da Mo is so sexy.

  103. 103 : KDaddict Says:

    Re- 102:
    Oh, I got all excited for nothing. I checked the photos. Looks like it is not the same Sung Joon. The other guy should be Seong Joon. Someone’s typo or mistake listed it as Sung Joon in Lie to Me.

  104. 104 : KDaddict Says:

    Our Da Mo is played by Sung Hoon, not Sung Joon, n certainly not Seong Joon. I am easily confused by Korean names.

  105. 105 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 28-29:
    Oh no, SaR wants to get involved with President Ma in order to stop Da Mo from pursuing her! Poor lovers!

  106. 106 : 106 Says:

    Pretty sure ep 29 hasn’t come out, yet. Just 27+28.
    The instant I saw president Ma, he really had a pervert look. it was creepy and he looks as old as Sa ran’s parents. I hope he doesn’t pay to put up Sa Ran’s hair or touch her at all.
    Da mo was doing so good, I’m starting to dislike Sa Ran’s choices.

  107. 107 : KDaddict Says:

    RE #105, #106:
    Ep 29 hasn’t come out yet. I’m saying that it will come to pass in ep 28 & 29 that SaR will side with President Ma so as to turn Da Mo away.
    SaR knows that there’ll only be hardship if DaMo tell his parents abt her. All her choices are abt protecting his welfare. They also protect her from being insulted by his parents (i.e. her dignity, which she values above all), and from being jilted by him when he tires of her.

  108. 108 : KDaddict Says:

    Sung Hoon (Ah Da Mo) is sooooo dashing in his black shirt and black (looks like Armani ot at least Boss) suit, as he stands in the doorway when he enters the living room (in ep 28). The photo above really does not do him justice at all, at all, at all.

  109. 109 : jangerr Says:

    My thinking is the same as KDaddict. Sa Ran is going to pretend to be involved with President Ma to make Da Mo give up… Let’s hope Da Mo doesn’t give up… I’m a little worried since Sa Ran has also taught Da Mo’s mum a very effective trick to keep Da Mo away from Buyongkak…

  110. 110 : jangerr Says:

    Another person I’m a bit concerned for is Ra Ra. She’s getting married so someone whom she doesn’t really love. And worse of all, I don’t think the guy really love her too, at least not now. To top it off, her future mum-in-law is not the good person she’s made herself out to be…

  111. 111 : KDaddict Says:

    Things can’t improve much between SaR & DaMo right now. More than President Ma, I fear what the gang-leader might do. The competition, tho troublesome, will make DaMo more determined. And his mother, while being tutored by SaR, will see her intention and her smarts. How can she not come to like SaR?
    The upcoming drama should begin the meeting between SaR n her birth mother, my lovely madam cook, Han Sun Duk.
    RaRa’s grandma is so funny. She so falls in love with the cooking that I think she’ll disown Dr. Geum if he doesn’t marry Sun Duk!

  112. 112 : KDaddict Says:

    There is also Dr. Geum’s ex-wife. Her romance with the lawyer won’t work out. Will she want to come back to Dr. Geum or bully Han Sun Duk ssi into retreating?

  113. 113 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 28 is worth watching for the way Da Mo (Sung Hoon) looks in a black shirt n black suit alone. Sung Hoon must be a model. Few men look so good in a total black outfit.
    Son Ja looks surprisingly cute next to Gong Ju in Buyongak’s garden. He is jealous of the waiter’s attention to Gong Ju n defers to her in every way. They are wearing matching lovers’ outfit too.
    Will gang-leader fall in love with Manager Lee, from the way he looks at her?

  114. 114 : hoe hoe Says:


  115. 115 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 29:
    I love President Oh for trying to stop SaR from entering a relationship with Pres Ma. When Oh and SaR sit together, one can see a likeness between them: both have the same shape of face of classic beauty. Pres Oh was very beautiful a few years ago in Hwang Ji Yi.
    Abt RaRa:
    When scheming mother n son find out that she is not Dr. Geum natural born, they’d lose interest in her. When they find out Dr. Geum Jr. already has a son, they might not want to marry her. She can thus be saved from a bad marriage.

  116. 116 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 30:
    #115 – It is in Ep 30 that President Oh had a heart-to-heart talk with SaR.
    Da Mo’s mother is beginning to have feelings of concern towards SaR. That’s good.

  117. 117 : USA-Mary Says:

    Been offline for a while and now trying to play catch up! WOW!!! A whole lot has happened!

  118. 118 : KDaddict Says:

    Ah Da Mo was so mad (in ep 31) that his neck puffed up like a blow fish. How does the actor Sung Hoon do that? What do they learn in acting school to be able to puff up one’s neck and blood vessels on the forehead?
    RaRa looks very pretty in that peach color dress, sitting next to the doc at dinner. I think she is even prettier than SaR, just that SaR is an old soul.
    Ah Da Mo still doesn’t get it. He gives up, he wants to go away, he wants to forget SaR. That’s precisely what SaR said he’d do.
    Whether he ends up going on that trip or not, SaR will not go thru the ceremony with Pres Ma. I think DaM’s mother will try to stop it for the sake of SaR n for her own conscience.

  119. 119 : KDaddict Says:

    Son Ja and Gong Joo are good kids who deserve each other. Evil step mother doesn’t deserve either one of them. Perhaps the scriptwriter will do all of us a favor and let her fall into a pit n never to be seen again!

    Give me a break! SaR invites her “parents” to live with her in that big house!!! I mind SaR becoming a gisaeng much less than I mind her sharing the spoils of her selling herself with her stepmother and so-called father. This is rewarding them, esp. her, for her evil.

  120. 120 : KDaddict Says:

    On other sites hosting this show, there are so many angry comments abt SaR’s decision to be involved w/Ma. Well, what she wants is absolute love, DaM falls short time and again. She wants DaM to stop her by doing sth meaningful, like doing what Ma is doing-make her his mistress, or like telling his Dad. If he’d do sth real drastic that threatens his life, his dad would relent. But he stills values his dad’s view of him too much. So he is going away to forget her. This proves that SaR is right abt him all along! How can she trust him with her well-being of a life time?

  121. 121 : jangerr Says:

    @120 KDaddict

    Hmmm… I’ve not looked at Sa Ran’s predictament this way… But I think you do have a valid point. I’ve always thought Sa Ran is a fatalistic. As it is when she first started her relationship with Da Mo, she had assumed that it would be temporary as they are not compatible due to their disparity in status. When she found out that she had been abandoned at birth by her birth mother. that sealed her thought that she’s not meant to be with Da Mo. But more drastically, to her that meant that she is not wanted, that she’s not entitled to happiness…

  122. 122 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 32:
    Da Mo thinks better of it n doubles back fr airport, returning to Buyongak! Good boy!
    I love Gong Ju for alerting to DaM when SaR passes out from drinking, n asking him to take her away until after the appointed time for the ceremony. Good girl!
    Evil step mother runs into RaR’s hated birth mom. Those 2 will do battle in future when Son Ja wants to marry Gong Ju! I hope evil mom will die fr a sudden death then.
    Evil step mother is the ugliest Korean actress in history. When she shows all her teeth I want to tear up her face. When I hear her laugh I want to throw up.

  123. 123 : KDaddict Says:

    Pres Ma is not a simple person. He hired sb to tail SaR! When things get out of hand, say when DaM kidnaps the drunk SaR, will he be the one to break the news to DaM’s father, asking him to reign in DaM?

  124. 124 : KDaddict Says:

    I like Pres Ma’s idea of buying Buyongak for SaR. Maybe one day her birth father, Dr. Geum, can buy it from Ice Queen and give it to her as a stage to show case her dancing skills.
    Ice Queen is going to be dumped by her Lawyer boyfriend. Then what?

  125. 125 : Besting Says:

    My tall dark n handsome ADAMO fighting fighting.

  126. 126 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 33:
    I’ve never been so nervous watching one episode of anything! My stomach was tied up in a knot, worrying how SaR can get out of “marrying” Ma Da Pio.
    Evil Stepmother changes her hair style every time she appears on screen, yet she is just as disgustingly ugly every damn time! She pees on RaRa’s Cha Gua Oma. Hahaha. That should be “helpful” when it comes time to marry Gong Joo to Son Ja. Ha!

  127. 127 : Rohn Says:

    after 6thousand years of civilization this is what it comes down to. A girl with dead eyes and heart that is not much bigger than a pea pod. She had one tuff experience and now she is out to crush everything and everyone. The interesting thing in this soap is that everyone has grown except her. Hopefully she will come out of her tomb when she finds out who she is. Then she can validate herself as an equal consumer with her two cousins. Then her self worth will soar.
    New phone or car anyone?
    Samsung and Cadillac have certainly got a lot of good advertising from this Series. It is a great series funny, agravating it has it all and…
    To be honest Han Hye Rin and Baek Ok Dam put Im Soo Hyang to shame. Both of them could throw cold pails of water and you’d still feel like chiseled granite. Whereas Im Soo Hyang might be wonderful, but there is that personality or lack of one. I think she made the right pick for her Hair Raising experience in the drama, she will have a diamond studded time being in control and all. But how do all cinderella stories end.

  128. 128 : KDaddict Says:

    I like to watch Hwang Jin Yi (again) in between eps of Gisaeng. It helps to understand the historical backgd of the gisaeng — their lowly, almost outcast status. The plot of this series is anchored in the societal structure of Korea, which is very stratified.
    SaR is not a SoCal girl, who can be what she wants, marry who she wants, or say what she wants.

    Ep 34:
    is very satisfying, cos DaMo finally puts his love for SaR b4 his ego n his concern for worldly recognition.

  129. 129 : KDaddict Says:

    I LOVE ep 33 & 34. What a fantastic climax n resolution! I watched the climax (in ep33) 5 times, n memorized his speech. I love Ah Da Mo!
    I m beginning to like RaRa’s Cha gua Oma. She is loud, nasty, tough enough to deal with RaRa’s mother-in-law n Gong Ju’s mother. Look fwd to their battles.
    Ice Queen is snooping around the house. Problem?
    Next up, SaR has to face DaMo’s father.

  130. 130 : Rosita Chua Says:

    I really love this drama especially ep 33 & 34. But I think since this drama has 50 ep., it looks like Ah Da Mo and Sa Ran will be encountering a lot of hardship from Director Ma and Ah Da Mo’s father. It will not be smooth sailing for the two of them. There will be a lot of protestion from the father I guess until Sa Ran’s real parents discover and claim her as their daughter. I also think that Ra Ra’s adopted mother is regreting her divorce and might be planning to go back to her ex husband as she is now finding her new lover inadequate in everything. Ra Ra’s future mother-in-law is also going to be a problem for her as she is not what she appears to be but a greedy monstress. Feel sorry for her as it might be too late after the marriage.

  131. 131 : DAMOFAN Says:

    This is one of the best drama.

  132. 132 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep. 35:
    Not much happens here: Ah Da Mo follows thru on his word. He’ll struggle w/his father over SaR. If only his mother has some backbone n can lend him a hand!

    Next ep: RaR’s Cha Gua Oma meets greedy mother-in-law! I think they’ll back out of or reconsider the marriage once they find out that RaRa isn’t Dr. Geum’s own, i.e. the hosp. won’t be hers to inherit automatically.

  133. 133 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 36:
    I hate the way Da Mo’s father always yells at his wife. He bullies her all their lives. She lets him push her around, until….. he wants to crush her son. Finally, she finds her backbone n stands up to him in the next eps. Hooray!

  134. 134 : ifan Says:

    Very good drama, only the ugly step mum is over acting.

  135. 135 : Dani Says:


  136. 136 : xzaxza77 Says:

    This is one of the best I have seen in the last few years. Love ep 34 for ADM’s relentless pursue of love. Lovely to see SAR smile from her heart in ep 35/36. I am so addicted and the couple looks amazing. RaRa is very striking and such a convincing actress! Son Ja is dashing too and even Gong Joo looks pretty and sweet! Great cast!

  137. 137 : KDaddict Says:

    How will SaR n her parents find each other??
    I bet his adoptive father’ll get really sick; they can’t afford his medical bill, as DaM’s $$ is tied up, so thru RaR, he gets admitted to Dr. Geum’s hosp. Dr. Geum can thus learn that SaR is adopted, etc. That useless man hasn’t done a thing so far in this drama. My bet is he’ll have a role to play in the plot eventually.
    He already knows which house it is. I prefer that he dies, making evil witch a widow, but reveals the address on his deathbed.

  138. 138 : KDaddict Says:

    Dxxx! Throwing dishes is just DaM’s mom’s fantasy!
    DaM’s father is too much! But I don’t understand how he can stop use of assets that are already in DaM’s name n account.
    It’s good that in order to secure as much in wedding gifts as possible, RaR’s future mother-in-law shows all her fangs b4 the wedding. RaR can still back out.

  139. 139 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep. 37-38:
    I’m so happy for Han Sun Duk ssi n Dr. Geum, for realizing a dream 26 yrs in the making.
    And am relieved for RaR too. That doc is an SOB.
    But she is moving out. Cos she doesn’t want to live w/a new mom in the house?
    President Ah and DaM are engaged in a game of chicken. He who has a stronger will prevails n wins. Looks like that person is DaM. Acc to the Preview, he n SaR will get married “tmr”. Somehow, I can’t quite believe it!

  140. 140 : jangerr Says:

    What a bummer! Thought Da Mo’s mum is going to stand up to her husband but it turned out to be just wishful thinking… Sigh…

    Ra Ra is one kick-ass gal! I’m liking her more and more with each episode. She’s smart, she’s gutsy, she doesn’t ‘mince her meat’! Love the way she handled the doc when she caught him blind-dating at the restaurant. Also love how she dealt with his mum’s and her lies! Way to go, girl! No need to suffer such fools!

  141. 141 : KDaddict Says:

    In the Preview for ep 39:
    RaR walked into Buyongak w/a suitcase. Why, just to keep company w/the mom who raised her? Does she want to be a dancing Gisaeng too?
    But, Why is SaR crying at the wedding?
    This morning, I walked out of the house n saw an unusually large pile of dog shit on the driveway. 1st, it reminded me of Evil Stepmother’s face. 2nd, I’d like to stick her nose in it. When is the writer going to do us a favor n kill her off? Say, slip n fall into the subway track!

  142. 142 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 39:
    They’re playing w/us: Previous preview showed DaM’s father chatting amicably w SaR, misleading us to think he has accepted her. Turns out he is only trying to talk her into going away. But SaR stands her ground, n goes ahead w/wedding plans. Good girl.
    Preview to ep 40:
    Dr. Geum walks her down the aisle. Info abt her being an adopted child gets known. President Oh knows, then Han Sun Duk should find out soon.
    RaRa wants to inherit Buyongak! Wow.

  143. 143 : KDaddict Says:

    I am worried abt DaM. Is he sick? What does the woman in the clinic’s waiting room whisper into SaR’s ear? Why does she tell a stranger not to marry DaM? What’s wrong with him? He isn’t going to get some incurable disease, is he?
    Why does SaR decide to marry him right away, even tho his Father asked her to go away? Is it becos DaM is dying?
    KD writers love incurable diseases. Hell, if this drama doesn’t have a happy-ending, then I’ll swear off on-going dramas; I’ll never watch another one until I know the ending.

  144. 144 : hula808 Says:

    wow i hope not..(about the dying PART) i TO WANT A HAPPY ENDING!!
    i figured when DAM’s dad met with the doctor he mentioned her being on a door step something to that effect anyway and he cought on ..hope that him walking her down the isle is not just a dream someones having awesome drama hope it ends happy for them

  145. 145 : KDaddict Says:

    Episode 40 is awesome!
    This is a payoff ep for viewers who have been rooting for DaM & SaR. The wedding is Beautiful, the couple is Beautiful. I love the writer for putting dog-shit parents in an auto accident. If dog-shit face had died, I’d have jumped for joy.
    My only complaint abt this ep is when SaR keeps fighting off DaM when he wants his 1st night privileges, n he is naked (at least fr the waist up) in front of her! Give me a break!

  146. 146 : hula808 Says:

    OMG!!!! i agree with you K addict IT WAS SO WORTH THE WAIT !!! and to have all her real family there and her dad walk her down the isle !!!!! awesome.. i was hoping fake mom and dad wasn’t gonna be with us anymore i was happy ..lol till i saw previews and they were still there ,, Bravo episode 40!!! thanks for the quick upload

  147. 147 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 40:
    A couple months ago, I joked here that RaRa could go w/Kyle. Looks like it is really gonna happen. Haha.
    RaRa has grown up so fast n so well. She is now a nice woman w/her own mind. Can u imagine giving her own apt n car to the newly weds as presents? In fact, Dr. Geum is paying for the apt cos it was gonna be RaRa’s new home in marriage.
    DaM’s mom is just too weak a person. She should at least have helped furnish their apt, instead of leaving it to President Oh to buy the appliances n things. I think it’ll be SaR’s job to tame her new father-in-law. I can see upcoming eps showing SaR melting Wei Jang nim’s heart. I love this show!

  148. 148 : jangerr Says:

    @ KDadddict

    Actually I enjoy reading your posts, partly because I find you quite witty and partly because your predictions seem to be quite accurate! Hmmm… Wonder if it’s because you’re a kd addict or is it a sign of wisdom? Hehehe…

    Anyway think you’ll be right this time again with this Ra Ra and Kyle thing… From the epi 41 trailer and the fact that Ra Ra is now staying in Buyongkak, it is very likely to happen! 😉 Anyway, Ra Ra is not just nice, she’s amazing! Can’t imagine someone giving her apartment and car to a friend… Hope she’ll find her true love…

    As for Sa Ran, really, what’s the matter with her?! For goodness sake, girl, it’s your wedding night! All this running away is not right! I mean, you’re legally married and you’ve said that you’re going to give Da Mo more love after what he’s went through for you… Aish!!! We need some skinship here!!! Hello!!!

    But we must give credit where it’s due. And kudo to Sa Ran for having turn Da Mo’s dad around. Me think she’s definitely be the one to ‘tame’ Da Mo;s dad too…

  149. 149 : hula808 Says:

    @ jangerr Yeah thats the only part that disapointed me the after the wedding scene I feel like the writer should have just ended it with them bowing to the crowd and leave the rest to our imagination…

  150. 150 : jangerr Says:

    @146 & 149 hula808

    You’re right. It would have been better if the writers leave the wedding night to our imagination rather than having Sa Ran playing coy with Da Mo… Such a letdown… I mean, the build up to the wedding was fabulous but after that was such an anticlimax!

    I was really moved to tears at the wedding part, especially when Sa Ran’s real dad was the one who walked her down the aisle… That was truly a stroke of genius on the part of the writers. Though it would have been better if he knew Sa Ran is his long lost daughter but I’m sure this chance to walk her down the aisle will bring him some measure of comfot later on… It is really incredible but I was happy and sad at the same time… It’s been a while since a drama evoke such feelings in me…

  151. 151 : hula808 Says:

    @jagger YES i have to agree this drama has been the kind that has the mix of everything it made you cry made you mad and warmed your heart .yes the writer did well in having fake mom and dad crash to let us have a tender moment like that i cried too!!! I hope that the scene when she does find her parents isn’t harsh but ,,makes us use a box of tissue..

  152. 152 : KDaddict Says:

    @jangerr & hula:
    I’ve been feeling lonely on this thread. Thanks to you, I no longer have to feel like the only one out here.
    I really like this show: the script is good, the supporting cast wonderful, n the fact that 2-3-4-5 newbies are (DaM, SaR, RaR, SonJ, GJ) are carrying the show so well is incredible!
    But it really irks me that a 25 yr old girl, on her wedding night, to a prince who has given away his kingdom for her, who has the perfect face n body, has the calmness of mind to sit there n contemplate picking up Andre, in order to lure her father-in-law, instead of putting on her sexy PJs n turning off the light! Some ppl may find it cute, but this is too much coyness n strategizing for my taste.

  153. 153 : Orlando Says:

    I don’t understand Korean! Only English. However, I’ve been captivated by a few Korean Dramas, especially this one.
    Some episodes are exciting and others are ‘Ho-Hum’, a bit like a car journey. Driving and then being stuck in traffic jams.
    We must always remember that this is not only entertainment but a ‘Business’ too! The more episodes it can run for, the more money it brings home.
    The more money they make then they can produce more dramas!
    I just have been guessing the story line and trying to predict what’s going to happen next. I’ve been successful on average 60% of the time.
    Dan Sa Ran wants her secret kept quiet, so I think we’ll get to know in another way, such as a blood transfusion and or DNA test during pregnancy perhaps?
    Anyway, I really enjoy this series, thank to those who have brought it to us!

  154. 154 : jangerr Says:

    @ KDaddict

    Oh! You were never alone! I’ve been following this drama and your postings closely…

    Once again you hit the spot on Sa Ran! She’s just too level-headed for my liking, especially on the wedding night! Let’s hope the writer made her realise it and change soon, very soon, please!

    I really like this drama too. The storyline, the plot, the buildup, the cast and the acting – all were superb! Totally impressed by the newbies. Really convincing and credible acting!

    @ hula808 & Orlando

    The next big moment will be the reunion of Sa Ran with her real parents. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be truly moving as looks like they’re keeping it for the grand finale! Get ready your tissue box!

  155. 155 : sylvia Says:

    i love this drama very much specially see ah da mo ooooooo my god my heart moving to somewhere haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    da mo is too perfect 4 rich man………………..
    hopefully so will watch sung hoon new tv drama, fighting sung hoon……………..

  156. 156 : hula808 Says:

    I agree KD addict the after wedding scene was BIG let down .. but i still would like to see the English subs . looking forward to it.. although i know what was said from reading the edit page.. but so excited when they come out i check all day lol…..

  157. 157 : hula808 Says:

    ok since i’am waitting for the eng subs lets ponder shall we??? om how she will discover her parents ..ok i got one…. she feels ill and goes to the doctor (who ofcourse he father and discovers she is pregnant and he asks her questions about her back round ..like have your parents and any illnesses heart problems etc… and she tells him she doesnt know them then explains her situation ..or….. come on lets have some fun making up what we think or would like to happen in that scene ..ooooo or better yet grandma comes to sar and dams new home to bring house warming gift and SAR has pic of her and her adopt mom on a shelf or something ..remember the one she brought out of a drawer in an earlier episode..and Grandma see’s it and recognizes the maid !!!!! come on tell me what you would like to see that unfold…

  158. 158 : Orlando Says:

    Remember when Ah Da Mo was having acupuncture treatment for his back and there was this woman in the waiting room who called Dan Sa Ran over to her and said something in her ear?
    Obviously, it has some impact on the story.
    However, why would anyone believe a complete stranger, where is her credibility?
    Consequently, Dan Sa Ran seems to have helped expedite the wedding after that encounter!
    Why was she casting doubt on Ah Da Mo by telling Dan Sa Ran not to marry him?
    Is he sick or will he be in an accident, is she a ‘fortuneteller’, does she know something from his past?
    It’s the second time in the series that Ah Da Mo has been seen in woman’s clothes, perhaps he’s gay?
    Remember when Ra Ra told Ah Da Mo’s father and we saw his thoughts.
    Then during the very first night of the marriage Ah Da Mo dressed up as a woman to demonstrate the Butterfly Hair Clip to Dan Sa Ran!
    That was not necessary.
    It would be disappointing if it really turns out like that!
    I hope the ‘gay’, bit is just a marketing ploy to increase viewer numbers.

  159. 159 : Orlando Says:

    There can only be a few scenario’s to uncover Dan Sa Ran’s secret of being abandoned as a baby.
    Not many people know and some were asked to keep it a secret.

    We all know that Dan Sa Ran’s stepmother can’t hold her own water, she’s a ‘featherbrain’.

    My guess is that she thanks Dr.Geum Eo San for giving Dan Sa Ran away at the wedding and mentions that nothing has gone right for Dan Sa Ran from the begining, even being abandoned as a baby!

    Another scenario might be an encounter between Dr. Geum Eo San and Ah Da Mo’s father at the clinic and Ah Da Mo’s father mentions the whole list of things he’s against that are stressing him out, including the fact that Dan Sa Ran was an abandoned baby!
    Both of the people mentioned were not asked to keep it a secret.

    The next one I’m not so comfortable with because I’ve found her character honest and honourable so far, and that’s Oh Hwa Ran, the wise Buyongkak President.
    Perhaps, she is discussing the situation of Ra Ra with Han Soon Duk after she has helped in the Buyongkak Kitchen for a special occasion.

    Oh Hwa Ran can understand the reason for Dan Sa Ran joining the Buyongkak because of her circunstances but not the reason for Ra Ra wanting to join.
    Of course, in confidence, she tells Han Soon Duk about Dan Sa Ran’s life including that she was abandoned as a baby.

    Remember that Ra Ra was so much against Dan Sa Ran joining the Buyougkak, how come she changed her mind completely?

    Not because of that Puppet-boy and his awful witch mother, hopefully.
    I mean she’s well rid of them, they were poison!

    A great series!
    Can’t wait for the next episode at the weekend!

  160. 160 : hula808 Says:

    Yes i thought of Oh Hwa Ran as well being apart of the climax of her finding her parents because they waited so long in the drama for her to find out.. i cant wait either for the next episode….Has anyone watched 39 and 40 with english sub??? If so where thanks

  161. 161 : KDaddict Says:

    All shows end when the couple gets married! Here we’ve a rare exception. We’ve 10 more eps to see them being married, making adjustments n improvements in their lives. How wonderful! I love it!
    But I m worried abt DaM. My guess is:
    SaR charms Ah Wei Jang nim; SaR n DaM move home; RaR becomes gisaeng n gets serious w Kyle; SaR’s useless dad Or hopefully dog-shit face gets sick (if I should be so lucky); President Oh spills the beans; SaR reunites w parents. Then Sth goes wrong w DaM. I fear we’ll be left seething n swearing at the end. 🙁

  162. 162 : hula808 Says:

    @ kdaddict I could n’t help thinking the same thing while watching tonight..thing is i hope after 50 episodes we won’t be walking away disappointed. but 10 more episodes = drama we known that… i’am eager to see what happens, but at the same time i ‘do not want to walk away feeling robbed… I mean the poor girl does she even have tears left shhesh… Sar and her real mom shed tears at each others wedding. And both used the same reason ..I thought that was cool.. I hold my breath on this one and just hope it ends well.. step mom is really pissn me off already ..her greed is unreal!!!

  163. 163 : LIXI Says:


  164. 164 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 41:
    Things progress as expected. They move home, so SaR gets the chance to prove herself. Kyle moves into Byyongak to chase RaR, like DaM did.
    The preview to 42 shows SaR’s adoptive father revealing to SaR the address where she was picked up! Even he realizes that their getting into an accident is a punishment for what they did to SaR. That means he was purposely withholding that info fr SaR. So he was as bad as dog-shit face. No wonder they love @ other!

  165. 165 : hula808 Says:

    Right on the nose KDaddict ..yep glad he feels guilty about it..i knew she was going to win him over with food lol… wonder what the paper she signed was about,,

  166. 166 : ADELINEGAUDI Says:

    Good Drama and felt like to carry on ..

  167. 167 : Orlando Says:

    Well, what a ‘Ho-Hum’, episode! Looks like the writers have lost their way a little.
    Ra Ra or Lara getting the cold shoulder from her ‘mates’ in the Buyongkak. What all she really needs is an encounter with a rich ‘Dirty old man’ with bad breath and a touch incontinence, that should put her off for life!
    There must be a shortage of handsome western actors in Korea when they picked Kyle as a potential mate for Lara!

    Nice work having Ah Da Mo and Dan Sa Ran turning the tables on Ah Soo Ra by using Andrei the dog.
    Unfair Dan Sa Ran signing a 5 year guarantee to produce an off-spring and if not to leave AH Da Mo. What if she doesn’t get pregnant because of a problem with Ah Da Mo?
    Will he live for 5 years anyway? Remember that old woman in the waiting room whispering to Dan Sa Ran?

    The next episode should be interesting when Dan Sa Ran seeks out the story of her abandonment at the house her ‘father’, told her about, finally!
    Anyway, it’s very entertaining and of course not many things in life go the way we want, including a Korean Drama!

  168. 168 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 42:
    I knew it! SaR got the address fr adoptive father, but was too proud to ring their doorbell! Shoot!
    Ghost!! There is a ghost, that is supposed to be SaR’s adoptive mom, but she looks so old. Do ppl age as ghosts? The ghost enters Hwei Jang nim’s body. He’ll act effeminate for a while. Good for a few laughs! These ppl r hopeless in finding their own lost child/parents, so the heavens have sent a ghost to help them! I hate stories w ghosts!
    The papers said that if SaR can’t get pregnant w/in 5 yrs, she has to leave.
    My comments keep taking 18 hours for moderation; Let’s see how long this one takes.

  169. 169 : Orlando Says:

    You must be joking!
    I think the script writers have spent too long in one of those Pojangmacha’s slurping too much Soju!

    It’s falling apart, it’s becoming a farce!

    A Ghost indeed? What’s that all about? They can’t even sort out the lives of the living nevermind involving a Ghost!

    So many selfish people who not only manipulate their own lives but want to control the lives of others to their own benefit!

    This particular episode really sucks!

    Almost every scene is about people behaving badly to those whom they love! I’d hate to be an enemy.

    This is a blatant attempt at drawing out the series in order to extend the revenue income at the expense of the program quality.

    Any serious actor involved in this series should have complained at becoming a clown in this circus!

    WAKE UP!

    What’s wrong with you writers?
    Get off medication…or Soju, and get back to a believable story line!
    Have a little respect for your viewers (customers)!

  170. 170 : chix 123 Says:

    Where can I get the 2 English songs while Dan sa rang sis dancing?

  171. 171 : Lorelie Says:

    First of, I want to say that I enjoy KDaddict’s (and everybody else’s) comments and spoilers for NTOG. You all make it so much enjoyable to wait until the subs are out!!!!

    Can anybody tell what the old lady was talking about with Ra Ra’s grandma in the previews for episode 43??? did it have something to do with Sa Rang? or was it something else???

  172. 172 : hula808 Says:

    I hate to say it ..But this Story is going down hill..Used to be so excited waiting for it.. not now ..so many let downs ,,When Sar started acting silly on her wedding night and all this with Kyle hello we already saw that with Ad mo and Sar now kyle and Rara re run same thing. nbow a ghost …come on!!!

  173. 173 : hula808 Says:

    oops meant now a ghost..

  174. 174 : Heho Says:

    You are so right KDaddict and Orlando, I’m waiting to read your comments again.

  175. 175 : jangerr Says:

    @ Orlando & hula808

    Totally agree with both of you! What is happening with the scriptwriter! It’s getting sillier and more ridiculous by the episode now!

    Think it started with Da Mo’s cross dressing in his wedding night… C’mon! If the writer thinks that it’s fun and romantic that Da Mo shows his love through the hairclip that he’s kept via that way then he/she should think again!

    To add injury to insult, Sa Ran has to act unnecessary coy on the wedding night. If that’s not enough, the writer decided to rub it in further with this ridiculous ‘ghost’ thing! Who’s this ghost supposed to be anyway?

    Also he/she must be running out of ideas to have Ra Ra going the same route and thinking as Sa Ran… It just doesn’t work! Having one Sa Ran thinking and going the Buyongkak way is already stretching it a bit but to have Ra Ra doing it is just unbelievable…

  176. 176 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 44:
    I’ve liked this show from the beginning. It has pretty much lost my support. It was down right silly to show that SaR never let DaM kiss her b4 the wedding. Then she kicked him off their wedding bed on their wedding night. I can neither forgive SaR nor the writer for that. Is this supposed to make her “chaste”? After the wedding, things are just as frosty. Can we be a little bit more realistic pls? On top of that DaM turned into a complete bore, a sa-la-ri-man with nothing to do but come and go to work in a suit! SaR becomes an in-house dietician. It’s a pain to watch. I find myself impatient for the ep to end.

    This ep is abt everyone but SaR. Mostly, Son Ja n Gong Ju, who want to get married. I don’t mind them, but becos Gong Joo is Dogshit face’s daughter, her mom shows up in the show. Honestly, an uglier face I’ve never seen on TV, except in a horror movie.
    Th ghost just came n left. She entered DaM’s father’s body for a second, n then floated away. It is not DaM’s grandma’s face, it is not SaR’s adoptive mother’s face. So who the hell is that supposed to be? If there is a ghost, it should be haunting Dog-shit face until she falls face down in the gutter!
    My other gripe is the way DaM’s mother lives. Not having grown up in a feudalistic macho society, I get nauseated watching a wife take off her husband’s socks n massage his feet on a regular basis, while being shouted at. N he’s not an invalid. What the X?

    The ahjumma in the previous ep that Loreli was asking abt was in DaM’s mind. He hires sb to pose as that lady who took SaR away as a baby, to go enquire at RaR’s home. RaR goes home fr Buyongak.
    The only big deal in this ep for me is this: Makeup has DaM looking pale and sick at the end. Sth bad’s gonna happen to him soon.
    Preview: shows a truck running into a black car–ought to be DaM’s father’s car.

  177. 177 : hula808 Says:

    OMGt …i feel like knocking on the door already and blurting it out..Sar is the real person that belongs here lol… HEHEHE that is kind of funny that the ugly step mom will see Ja’s step mom cause the episode that she peed on Ja’s step mom LMAO…. was the writer bored that he had to put a ghost in the show for a few moments so grumpy could dance and pee like a lady… looks like everyone will end up at RA’s house.. HMM I already invested to much time in this drama 7 more episodes to go…. MAKE THEM GOOD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! LOL…. WELL ets see what happens to grumpy from hid car crash ..Let Me see this writer has lil imagination … we have 2 girls go in the
    gisaeng house 2 step moms and 2 car crashes and a partridge in a pair tree LOL

  178. 178 : hula808 Says:

    Sorry for the typos in my last comment my work computer keys suck unless you pound on them

  179. 179 : hula808 Says:

    I was just reading the rules for comments it says try to push up the ranking
    for this drama ..some one might want to relay that message to the writer ….. SAR was a beautiful woman in this drama and now she is a maid even her hair doo is sad.. and sitting there pounding what i think was dog treats..
    dragging the parents thing way to far 7 episodes left what you gonna do …
    guess everything will be pushed aside to tend to grumpy from his car crash.. or does he get out unharmed ..or is that just someones thought again?? the disappointments are racking up in this show ..

  180. 180 : jangerr Says:

    @ hula808

    “… and a partridge in a pear tree”!!! You are so funny! ^____^

  181. 181 : KDaddict Says:

    I think that car crash in the preview is them jerking us around again. I’d say that grumpy will be fine.
    Come to think of it, I believe the ghost is the angel of death, who has come to collect DaM’s soul, like the scheduler! DaM will die, n grumpy will get a chance to see what find of a good girl SaR is for sticking with him, caring for him to the end. Maybe she’ll be pregnant, n give birth after DaM dies! Now that is the classic melodramatic plot point! How do you like them apples? YUCK!

    RaRa marries Kyle, n as she doesn’t feel attached to anyone at home, she goes to the U.S. with him. Son Ja n Gong Ju get married, go abroad to study, never to return while Dog-Shit Face is alive. While the ghost reaps DaM’s soul, she runs into DGF, n takes her along to be the next reaper, cos that job fits her looks to a T. SaR of course reunites with her parents, n is loved by both sets of parents, sans SaM. Everyone will have a grand-child to love. Han Sun Duk gets pregnant, so mother n daughter raise their babies together. I don’t think I can stand to watch this thing anymore. Oh, brother!

  182. 182 : KDaddict Says:

    Comment 176: It should be Ep 43. Typo.
    Alternatively, Ah Hwai Jang nim could be injured in the car accident n SaR lovingly nurses him back to health. He comes to appreciate and love her for her dedication!

    But DaM’s little scheme is going to confuse the old folks in Dr. Geum’s household. Until SaR shows up there to clear their misunderstanding!?

  183. 183 : hula808 Says:

    The scedulahhh lol that was a disappointing end too!!! good thing it only reeled me in for 20 episodes,,, Yep Kdaddict looks like Dam will be leaving us … and I thought the same thing with him hiring someone ..now they will think she lied about the leaving the baby just to snag the doc who knows 7 episodes to cram it all into …we came this far they got us hook line and sinker soooooo we will sit and watch till the end ..you know what really bothers me RAR and SAR supposed to be tight friends why didn’t SAR tell her when she visited her at the Buyongak!!! if it was me i would be blabbing to my bff. And madame and soon duk said they just like sisters hmm sisters would have known if one had a baby and left it on a door step!! go figure ,,I know it is just a drama ,,but give the audience a little more credit !!!! and the half a conversation between grandma and soon dook when she told her she thought it was SAR being the lost child and the grandmother says we thought that too ..but it wasn’t ..Soon asking her why they didn’t think so ..and boom they cut our line and the conversation never really ended. OK DONE VENTING

  184. 184 : jangerr Says:

    @ KDaddict & hula808

    They are now just dragging the story to make it to 50 episodes… The scriptwriter is bankrupt of ideas and is now merely rehashing and recycling the initial ideas… To make matters worse, there are just too many loopholes in the story as both of you have rightly pointed out.

    What irks and disappoints me the most is the death of the sizzling romance between DaM and SaR. They are now one of the most boring couples in drama history…

  185. 185 : KDaddict Says:

    Lee Sook:

    Don’t try to look pretty; it will not work!
    As in Ep 44 of New T o G:
    Dont put a crystal clip in your hair; it draws attention to your face.
    Don’t wear a black sequined dress; you look out of place in it.
    Don’t wear pretty colors like turquoise w white; the pretty clothes look like they have landed on you; you are not wearing them.
    And what is that bun on your hair? You think it makes you look nicer?
    Cosmetic surgery is popular in S Korea. Have you considered it?

  186. 186 : hula808 Says:

    KD did you see ep 44 i can’t find it!!

  187. 187 : hula808 Says:

    lol found it

  188. 188 : hula808 Says:

    I was so waiting for the explosion at the end of episode 44 when the car flipped over..(yep I was) SAR still with the food telling them how good this and that is ,,I think they should rename the Drama new tales of Cinderella.2 whole episodes wasted on ja and goog ju getting married dragggggggggggggggggg… i wasn’t as glued to the screen as i used to be i even got up and made a glass of soda with out pausing the show like i usually do,,, sigh………………….

  189. 189 : KDaddict Says:

    This show should have ended at Ep 40, when DaM n SaR got married, and like hula said, if SaR had told RaR, or if Sun Duk had told President Oh, then SaR would have found her parents b4 the wedding. Big happy ending at Ep 40. From the beginning, the writer did not set up enough conflict for 50 eps., so here we r flapping in the wind.

    Have you guys seen Dear Heaven? It is by the same writer. Similar story actually. Evil step mom, girl w uncertain parents. But it has a fuller story (interesting twist) n does not have weak last eps like we r suffering now. If u like this show, you’d like that one; it is a better story. It stars Lee Tae Gon, also a hottie, more mature than DaMo. They used the same house too, i.e. DaM’s house was also the guy’s house. I think it belongs to some SBS exce. I didn’t mention this b4 cos I really liked the bunch of young newbies in N T of G.

  190. 190 : hula808 Says:

    HMMM i think i will watch Dear Heaven thanks KD!!! NTOG is going to ruin the climax of this drama by not giving us what we been waiting for we wanted a big finish with her and her parents ..I mean i wanted a tear jerker like episode 33 and 40.. can it happen??? cause now we got RAR and kyle ja and gong ju and a car crash and a ghost ,,as the main attraction how is he going to trump it all with the finale of her finding her parents… and make us really feel the writer and the 3 souls who lost each other 25 years ago

  191. 191 : Orlando Says:

    Ah Da Mo sets up this ‘actor’, as the mother of a child left at Dr.Guem’s door some 25 years ago.
    She arrives at this strange house and meets two people who don’t live there, Lara (Ra Ra) and her mum, she then asks these two visitors about an event that happened 25 years ago!!!!
    Where’s her common sense?
    First of all she should ensure she’s got the right people and secondly, ask the right questions!

    It gets more silly by the minute.

    I don’t even want to mention the flexible and confusing standards by which Ji Hwa Ja seems to apply to her life and impose upon her family.
    She certainly treats and cares for Dan Gong Joo much differently than she has treated Dan Sa Ran.
    Talk about double standards.
    She’s living in an appartment free of charge from Son Ja but still wants something more grand for her daughter.

    I think there will be a sort of irony here that Dan Gong Joo as a step-sister of Dan Sa Ran ends up in the family home where Dan Sa Ran started off from 25 years ago. They will end up related but not as sisters.

    So, in a way, if you like, 25 years ago Dan Chul Soo gained a daughter from the Geum Household by default and now his Wife’s daughter is taken in by the same household by default!

    This episode is a tad better than the last few, however, it has still lost direction badly.

    I really and sincerely hope that the scriptwriters lift their game and give us a sensible and believable conclusion to an otherwise entertaining program that has the potential of being a classic Korean Drama.


    Please don’t attack the actors personally for doing a great job in portraying what is in the script!

    You may not like a certain character portrayed by a particular actor, however that is their job.

    That’s not necessarily how they are in real life, please remember that!

  192. 192 : KDaddict Says:

    Who’s attacking an actor for doing a good job? Who said anything abt hating her cos of her acting? Where was it said that I hate her becos she is a bad person? It was a comment on her wardrobe choice.
    So damned much self-righteousness. So damned misplaced.
    This is a public forum. “Please remember THAT!”

  193. 193 : hula808 Says:

    @ Orlando I’am am well aware of the script and the actors are just actors..HELLO ….. I know it is acting i can sort between that and reality .
    I make comments on the characters not the actors .I know they are just doing what the script says..btw who died and left you in charge of this forum to be telling us what we can and cannot say! I speak my mind and if you don’t like it skip my comments ..

  194. 194 : Orlando Says:

    KDaddict Says:

    June 18th, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    Quote; ‘
    I don’t mind them, but becos Gong Joo is Dogshit face’s daughter, her mom shows up in the show. Honestly, an uglier face I’ve never seen on TV, except in a horror movie.’

    hula808 Says:

    June 19th, 2011 at 4:11 am

    Quote; ‘HEHEHE that is kind of funny that the ugly step mom will see Ja’s step mom cause the episode that she peed on Ja’s step mom LMAO…. ‘

    KDaddict Says:

    June 19th, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    Quote;’Lee Sook:

    Don’t try to look pretty; it will not work!
    As in Ep 44 of New T o G:
    Dont put a crystal clip in your hair; it draws attention to your face.
    Don’t wear a black sequined dress; you look out of place in it.
    Don’t wear pretty colors like turquoise w white; the pretty clothes look like they have landed on you; you are not wearing them.
    And what is that bun on your hair? You think it makes you look nicer?
    Cosmetic surgery is popular in S Korea. Have you considered it?’

    This whole comment was directed at a particular persons looks and not their acting ability!

    Correct, this is a Public Forum, and it is for that very reason that comments about a persons race or looks or other features that they have no control over should be left out.
    Nobody left me ‘incharge’, I’m doing as you do, speaking my mind, only I’m commenting on the actual drama, New Tales of Gisaeng.

  195. 195 : KDaddict Says:

    Is Lee Sook your mother? If she is, then I wont berate her anymore. Or else,
    you ramble on all u want, I dont read it; We rant all we want, u dont read it n complain. Fair n square.
    In S Korea, the public is very rough on actors. That’s the way it is. “Anti-fans” are part of that popular culture. Our comments are courteous to the extreme by comparison. Grow up.
    Dont be a busybody n try to tell ppl what to do:
    1st, u r spoiling our fun;
    2nd, no one will listen to u. I might step it up just to bug u!!!
    Good luck policing the internet!

  196. 196 : KDaddict Says:

    From commenting on every ep, you dropped out all of a sudden. Hope all is well with you. Sure enjoyed commenting on this drama w you. You were so funny, n made me hurt my guts laughing, esp. making fun of bat woman. If u were here, we’d have a lot more laughs on her acct.
    This show has seriously gone south since DaM n SaR’s wedding. I really dont care abt it n might not come here anymore. C u again on other threads! Best!

  197. 197 : hula808 Says:

    she is the ugly step mom that is her character she is playing OMG in real life she could be a beauty queen for all I care!! but in this drama she is Ugly step mom in her behavior not looks …GET REAL

  198. 198 : anotherday Says:

    I have been watching this forum since the start. And always loved KDaddict. and I have seen Hula808 on many threads . We should be thanking them for keeping the life in the threads. I never write on these but after reading today I decided to. Because I really disagree with Orlando. Hula & KD make a hell of a team and make me laugh… keep it up you two don’t let one person spoil the fun I love your comments and always look forward to them . Thanks

  199. 199 : dramaQ Says:

    I have been here since day 1 , Love this drama although it has fallen off from episode 40 like KDaddict said. I normally read the forum between episodes just to see what other people are thinking. And loved all the comments left here , Busted a gut when Hula808 said and a partridge in a pear tree. I never felt they (HULA808 & KDaddict ) were attacking the actors personally. But that is just my opinion. I have to agree with Anotherday. I love the comments and look forward to them.
    As for the Drama I’am hanging at the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next. jangerr makes good points as well ..hope you all have a great day!

  200. 200 : jangerr Says:

    C’mon guys! Let’s calm down. All of you – Orlando, KD and hula are great writers and you are all right in your own ways!

    Orlando – love your sense of justice! We do need people like you sometimes to speak up your mind on things that you think have gone out of hand.

    However, having said that, I’m sure KD and hula are just having fun! I believe you both have written your comments partly tongue in cheek and partly ranting. I’m sure you meant no harm. So please do not get offended/upset. Please don’t leave this thread, KD. LIke I’ve mentioned before, I really enjoy reading your comments. This thread will not be the same without you…

  201. 201 : hula808 Says:

    OK OK OK
    Thank you for sharing that.. it made me cry..

  202. 202 : OK OK OK Says:

    @201 – hula808

    Re Korea got talent from youtube – Choi Sung Bong — you are most welcome. 7 over million people have watched this video clib.
    I really want to share with everybody about CSB talent. too bad — “they” have deleted all the links i posted in here. ha ha 😉

    New tales of Gisaeng – I watch till ep 8 and i stop becoz too long & also too busy.. will watch when got the times. 🙂

  203. 203 : KDaddict Says:

    @hula, anotherday, dramaQ, Thanks for speaking up.

    I only like to write updates n dont like to argue. But it is a bother when someone who doesn’t know the 1st thing abt how these things are done elsewhere, tells others what to do or not to, writes 2 comments n think they own the thread.
    If only they read Korean or Chinese n can read the comments on those fan sites, they’d know that those fans dont mince words at all. If they so much as THINK an actress is ugly, they say so. Justice is not part of the fan landscape.
    The world is made up of different cultures. We need to respect that. This site has ppl coming fr all corners of the earth. They don’t all live by 1 set of rules or sensibilities. Climbing up on a high perch to judge others around the world n accuse them of not living up to certain standards is a case of ethno-centricism. Go apply it to nursery school, not to citizens of the world.

    Actually there is an etiquette to these fan sites:
    You dont go to a thread where ppl r obviously in love w a star or a show to speak ill of it. If u do, u get spit on. By the same token, if sb isn’t insulting your idol or their show, you leave them alone. It’s that simple.

    True, it is a running gag of mine on this thread, but I stand by what I said:
    1. I dont watch KD to see ugly ppl.
    2. An actor’s attractiveness should be proportionate to their screen time in a show. The less attractive, the less screen time.
    3. Evil step-mom IS the ugliest actress I have ever seen. Tell me who is more ugly?

  204. 204 : KDaddict Says:

    BTW, when this drama ends, a new one called
    Scent of a Woman will start airing on 7/16. It stars Kim Sun Ah of MNIKSS n Lee Dong Wook, just returning fr MS. He’ll be released fr the military this Sat, n fly to Australia the next day to start filming. Looking fwd.

  205. 205 : hula808 Says:

    @ KDADDICT yes i want to watch that one too ..watching city hunter too! so far it is pretty good .

  206. 206 : Orlando Says:

    Lie to me.

  207. 207 : USA-Mary Says:

    Been offline for a while…I have a lot of catching up to do!

  208. 208 : jangerr Says:


    Thanks for not quitting this thread! Part of the fun of watching this show comes from reading your comments here!

    Yup, I’m looking forward to Scent of a Woman too. KSA is such an amazing thespian! Not only can she act, she also has this incredible ability to bring out the best in her co-leads. For those who have only seen her in MNIKSS, go watch her other dramas and movies, and you’ll see what I mean.

  209. 209 : KDaddict Says:

    Word is this show has just been given a 2 ep extension! The follow-up show just isn’t ready yet! SaR will have to go around the loop a couple more times b4 she meets her parents; n no wonder Papa san was hit by a truck! Sb else might need to get a terminal illness just to kill time. I’d not sneer as long as it is Dog shit face. And pls let DaM go to the pool or hot spring a few more times. Poor guy has turned into an ahjussi sitting on the bed w his prudish wife, both in PJs!

    “Where r u?” I held back fr saying it for months cos it isnt cool! I m glad u r well, just busy. I know how it is: I need to cut down on my viewing too. Are you caught up with this show yet? Wait till u get to ep 41+. It’ll drive u nuts. Ep 44 is the worst. So much histrionics from dog-shit face evil mom it drove me bonkers. I needed to vent my frustration but Orlando wouldn’t let me. Oh, how I miss you! Heehee, I should quit b4 this turns into a love letter n freaks u out! 🙂 🙂

  210. 210 : KDaddict Says:

    @jangerr, @anotherday:
    Thanks for liking my comments. I appreciate it, esp. anotherday taking the trouble to register for it. I comment on diff boards in diff languages. Each one has its own dynamics. This site, not only this thread, is generally so quiet. It’d be nice when more ppl pipe up n engage in Pleasant discussion abt the show n actors. Hope to see more of you guys later. Good day!

  211. 211 : hula808 Says:

    WOW another few episodes ,,,hmmmmm ok i can deal with it..lol I will have too @ KD lol the pj’s I know rt. and she still acts like they never had sex b4 ..one time i just want to see her not pull away from him!! . Gonna check out scent of a women too, hope you are all having a great week !!! Hope SAR;s real mom tells her at the temple or something…

  212. 212 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 44: Have u seen the subs?
    She refuses Son Ja as a son-in-law with so much hair-pulling (not her own). She calls him a dog n an illegitimate son–a great insult in Korea. And, she says she didn’t cook a dish (raise a daughter) to feed it to the dog! They r living in his apt, sans rent. She takes a monthly stipend fr him. Her husband asks: What’s so good abt us? She says: “Gong Ju’s sister is Sho Dung’s daughter-in-law!”

    What does the actress think she is doing wearing a black sequined dress early in the morning to cook breakfast under such circumstances? Why does the actress have her char dressed up like an Ahmonim to go out when they’ve no income, if not to make herself look pretty?

    Ep 44, at 38:26;
    RaRa’s mom says to her husband, abt my fav char n actress:
    “I don’t want to be related to such a low class person. JUST LOOKING AT HER FACE IS SCARY.” I rest my case!

    Thx to Orlando, it is no fun telling it straight, sans insults!

  213. 213 : hula808 Says:

    That is so true KDaddict blew me away when she acted like that about Ja,, he is 20 and has more then she ever had and will ever have and her husband is such a whimp ,I want to hear him once to tell her to shut up!!!. She is truly annoying .I think she going down!!!! we will see in the episodes to come…. I was thinking maybe grumpy had fast reflexes from his veggie drinks and jumped out before the car got hit..lol oh well we will see soon enough,, i guess this will take some time to get moderated … …aloha

  214. 214 : hula808 Says:

    ARE MY EYES DECEIVING ME DO I NEED THEM CHECKED? I thought grumpy was in the front seat, before the truck hit ….but it shows him in the back seat??well it was a higher power then the veggie juice but i did think he would get out be fore the car went over. the ghost saved his butt. … looks like sar AND HER REAL MOM are getting to know each other.lol rar and kyle ..everyone seems to be pairing up.
    In an earlier episode grandma ask her husband while looking at his picture ..why has he not come to her in a dream to reveal her granddaughter .I wonder if thats how it will happen? hmm ok enough thoughts..
    have a great weekend all!!!

  215. 215 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 45:
    I came to watch this at 1am. The 1st thing I saw was the ghost! It scared me so I ran away quick quick!
    The ghost has come to carry Grumpy out of his car just b4 it gets hit. (hula ah, he was in the back seat the whole time.) Logically, that should be DaM’s harmoni, but it’s not the same face. Don’t tell me ppl change appearance after they die!
    RaRa’s mom is turning out as a normal person. I guess in the early eps, that actress acted bitchy, whereas she should have shown that she was just frustrated abt not being able to call RaRa her own. Sometimes acting that is not up to snuff leads a character to be misunderstood.
    The rest of the show is cute, what w the other 2 young couples. I miss our love-sick DaMo oppa tho.

  216. 216 : hula808 Says:

    It seemed in episode 44 when they were driving b4 the driver got out to do his thing . .lol… that grumpy was in the front seat. and in ep 45 back seat .Yes i do miss the fire Sar and Admo had wahh they are like old married couple now always in the pj’s!!! I thought the same thing about rara’s mom KD she is so cute now !! I just would like to know who the heck the ghost is????

  217. 217 : hula808 Says:

    ok LOL i went back to ep 44 he was clearly in the back seat !! maybe i was multi -tasking or just plain not paying attention to grumpy !!!

  218. 218 : hula808 Says:

    Episode 46 .
    That is one busy ghost!!! and hungry too. I liked this ep. mama lets grumpy have it!! good for her. lots of things going on . can’t wait to see the subs i wanna know what soon duk’s fortune said and the dream was cute!

  219. 219 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 46:
    was worth it just to see DaM’s mother go ballistic!
    Han Sun Duk’s fortune cookie says for her to spend an enjoyable day with her offspring. Well, she did spend that day with SaR.
    Sun Duk goes on to have a pregnancy dream (for SaR), which Koreans have a deep belief in. Only the next of kin could dream your pregnancy dream. When SaR finds out she is pregnant in the near future, would that make them think abt their true relation?
    I am happy there is no mention of any incurable disease, so far!

  220. 220 : KDaddict Says:

    This is the 1st time I see Ah Da Mo NOT look good in some item of clothing. In Ep 46, fr 35:00 on, he wears this light grey suit that is cut too loose for him. He looks like an ahjussi in it. Contrast that with the way he looked in a Valentino or Boss black suit with black shirt early on, my goodness, it’s like he has aged by 10 years+.
    This KD is called New Tales of Gisaeng. Who is/are the gisaeng? SaR? SaR was in BYG for abt a month. That’s when DaM left home for a month to live there. RaR? She was there for even less time. If it is really abt the lives, struggles n love stories of gisaeng, shouldn’t it be the true gisaengs, like President Oh or Manager Lee? The actress who plays SaR could play Pres Oh when she was young, while the actress playing RaR could play Manager Lee’s younger self. Or the girls who really live n work in BYG every night. The name seems a little off.

  221. 221 : jangerr Says:

    @ KDaddict

    Once again, I have to agree with you – the light grey suit just doesn’t suit DaMo. The colour, the cut, the fit and the double-breasted style are all wrong for him. I think it makes him look kind of bulky too which we know he’s not… After all we’ve see his droolsome body…

  222. 222 : hula808 Says:

    I really enjoyed ep 46 ..I agree with that suit it deff did not fit. I was happy to see grumpy treating SAR human. and the Concepcion dream too cute like i said before. I see KD was right there is another 2 ep. i was on other threads and people were ranting saying that this is just dragging but in all in it really is a good Drama. I was wondering if the ghost is grumy’s wife’s mother..hmmmm

  223. 223 : hula808 Says:

    EP 47 bravo!!!! bravo!!!! LOVED IT

  224. 224 : Mav'z Says:

    wow…saran is pregnant

  225. 225 : Mishaa01 Says:

    yaay, finally Sa Ran’s preggers! I just hope that they don’t creat a “omo she lost the baby” drama. And okay this random ghost coming and going is really annoying. I’m trying to look past it but really …..it’s seems so useless. I hope the writer actually explains its presence soon:S I can’t believe this drama had an extension.More draaging till the birth secret comes out -_-

  226. 226 : hula808 Says:

    ep48.. OK i’am holding my breath now ,Because everyone is just a lil to happy ..you know how these dramas are ..I just hope they Don’t make anything bad happen with SAR pregnancy ..Check pops hair hehehe… He has really been good to SAR, I loved them making the Sushi rolls FATHER and SON moment it was nice to see. The Drama picked up a lil from some dead episodes i was eagar for this week and next week as well. Hope you all have a great week.

  227. 227 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 47, 48:
    This show has morphed from a romance into a family drama. Few shows do this cos it is a difficult task. It was odd during its transition, fr ep 41-43, then it settled into its role as a family show. That’s why the sparks have gone out of DaM n SaR’s relationship! And DaM was turned into an Ahjussi.
    It has been circling around 2 issues:
    1. How DaM’s father will come to accept n love SaR for herself; n
    2. How SaR will come to find her parents.
    A pregnancy easily solves the 1st issue; only the 2nd puzzle is left now.
    4 more eps left. There is still time for them to pull a “49 days” on us, i.e. all goes well, then all of a sudden in the v last ep, one of the leads dies! That sucks big time!
    Everyone is silent abt Dogshit face makeup, hair n wardrobe, n her expectations of SaR over her own n Gong Joo’s BDs. I can’t be the only one who is put off by it.

  228. 228 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh, regarding the Ghost:
    I am pretty sure that is DaM’s maternal grandmother, DaM’s mom’s mother, who has come to save the life of her son-in-law, but also to play tricks on him for being not so loving towards his wife, and also to help her daughter wise up over her marriage. The writer is using it as a comedic device, not too successfully. It has been annoying for the most part, due to its unknown identity n motive, while the gags, Wei Jang Nim acting feminine, not worth the annoyance.

  229. 229 : hula808 Says:

    @KD lol we think alike that’s what I thought that it was Dams mom’s mother.It really is quite annoying at this point ..what I do love about the 2 Episodes is that SAR’s real mom got to tell her she was Pregnant ..I truly believe something bad is going to go down by the end though..

  230. 230 : hula808 Says:

    OH yeah I forgot to mention I just hate seeing the old bag step mom in any of the episodes..she is just so unnecessary !!!!!

  231. 231 : Orlando Says:

    This Kdrama reminds me of Boyle’s Law of Gases!

    Boyle’s law states that the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to the pressure applied to it. In other words, the pressure of a gas times its volume is a constant. It is not necessary to know the exact value of this constant to meaningfully understand the behavior of gases.

    Any given volume of a gas will expand and reduce pressure to fill every available space it’s exposed to!

    Just like this Drama right now!

    Gone is the ‘high pressure’, ‘high quality’ script it started out with, subsequently we are left with a ‘Low pressure’, ‘low quality’ dross.

    A flotsam and jetsam of pasted together ‘ho-hum’, type drama for babysitters and those who fall asleep in front of the TV.

    I wonder if the script writers will go into retirement soon after this program?

    This express train has run out of steam and will just about make it to the final destination!

    How sad!

  232. 232 : jangerr Says:

    Seriously, it’s just same-old, same-old now… Like what KDaddict (I think) has mentioned, this drama should have just stopped at episode 40…

  233. 233 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m watching 2 other shows. I find them exceptional.
    1. Shining aka Sparkling or Twinkle, Twinkle. A drama that is more meaningful than most. It is abt 2 girls mistakenly switched at birth. 1 is fr a rich, well bred family; the other a poor, gambler family. In ep 2 or 3, the girl in the poor family, at 28 yrs of age, finds out abt this, and hurries to join the rich family, setting off a chain of events. The story is abt how these 2 girls react to their changed circumstances, the choices they make, the character they show, and the different ways that they go abt loving the same guy. It is now at ep 42. It hasn’t missed a step so far. 8 more eps to go. It is a solid piece of writing and acting.
    2. Hello My Teaching. Its Korean title is Biscuit Teacher, Candy Star.
    It features Gong Yoo, a year b4 Coffee Prince. He plays a lonely, rebellious youth, who is a repeat final year high school student in love w his temp teacher (Gong Hyo Jin fr Greatest Love). Her students nickname her Biscuit. She calls him Candy Star. It (he) is cute, funny, romantic n moving. Since he is 20, he is naturally childish in some ways. As a man-child, he manages to be both cute and sexy at the same time, a feat that only Gong Yoo can accomplish. 16 eps. Great story n acting. One of my all time favs that I return to time n again.
    Happy Summer Viewing!

  234. 234 : KDaddict Says:

    For 40 eps, this was a hardcore romance, with plenty of intensity n heat. Then it switched gears n turned into a family drama. To be fair, it is doing a good job at it. We just have to modify our concept of the show accordingly. Given that this is payback time, I dont complain. It is satisfying to see:
    1. Hwai Jang nim doting on SaR. He will even more;
    2. Hwai Jang nim’s relationship w his wife equalize;
    3. SaR having Twins, a girl than a boy, I expect;
    4. SaR unite w her parents.
    BUT, if they dare kill off DaM or Not let Dogshit face get what she deserves, I shall be throwing things!
    Meanwhile, my eyes have wandered to other shows.

  235. 235 : jangerr Says:

    @ 233 KDaddict

    Thanks for your recommendations. Will certainly try Sparkling – sounds good from your description. I’ve watched Hello My Teacher and I too enjoyed it.

    I’ve just finished watching 49 Days. And boy! Am I glad I decided to watch it! The storyline was simply amazing! It’s about a lady in coma who has 49 days to get tears from 3 persons who truly love her. In the process, she learned so many valuable lessons about love, friendship, truth and more. The pace was tight – this is one show where I hardly fast forward or skip any sections. The acting, especially by the lead girl, was truly believable. Love how she morphed and transformed herself effortlessly into the different characters she had to play!

  236. 236 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi gals,
    Sorry we r veering off the subjt of N T of Gisaeng. I m excited to see if SaR will really have twins, girl then boy, in that order. Besides that, I said all I’ve to say in my last 3 posts, #227, 228, 234.

    As I mentioned in #227, I watched 49 Days.
    I loved Nam Gyu Ri in Life is Beautiful, but found her look artificial this time. Too much plastic surgery. I watched 19 eps of it during its broadcast period, but getting wind of its ending, I had to wait a couple months b4 I could stomach it! It’s sad, but it makes sense. Or rather, it makes sense, but it’s soooo sad.
    City Hunter looks set to be another tragedy! Sigh…

  237. 237 : jangerr Says:

    Actually there’s something I do like about the recent 2 episodes, and that it the change in DaM’s dad towards SaR. From a dour-faced tyrant to a doting father-in-law. Yay!

    Oh! So that’s what has happened! Half the time, I was wondering what why is Nam Gyu Ri’s face so plasticky and unreal! She’s definitely looked much better in Life Is Beautiful. Anyway, when I mentioned the lead girl, I meant Lee Yo Won. As for the ending, I thought it made plenty of sense. I wouldn’t want Nam Gyu Ri’s character to end with the lead guy – I found them to have zilch chemistry together. At the same time, he can’t end up with Lee Yo Won’s character as she’s not the one he loved…

  238. 238 : KDaddict Says:

    I knew you meant Lee YW. I talked abt Nam GR becos after Life is B, I was looking fwd to her new show, but it was disappointing, her looks n her role in it, her only 2 dresses, etc.

    I love Gong Yoo in Biscuit Teacher even more than his role in Coffee Prince. He played this 20 year old man-child perfectly. I don’t think anyone else could have done a better job as Tae In. All the while I was thinking, “He can’t possibly get the girl, right?” I am so glad that he did! The final ep of their being together is so lovely. Now, that’s my favorite kind of ending!
    I missed Kim Joo Won; Dokko Jin helped me feel so much better; I missed Dokko Jin; I revisited Tae In to feel better. Now what?

  239. 239 : Bii Says:

    this episode 49 have really scared me!!! specially when damo’s father with the old lady ghost inside him was telling damo’s mother that scary story!!! and then the switch of ghost got me chilling. and for bad luch i am watching it at night, now i am going to have nightmares… someone help me. I hope this end quickly, and I mean the thing about ghosts

  240. 240 : Bii Says:

    PLEASE EVERYBODY, comment about the drama, if you wanna comment other dramas, put the comments on their pertinence page!!!
    I am not saying I dont like those dramas, but when i come to this page, or any other page, the thing I want to do is read the comments of the drama I want to read!!!

  241. 241 : hula808 Says:

    GOD so tired of the ghost deal already they took it to far !!! but at last the story unfolds of her parents!!! I’am really turned off by the sumo wrestling and the arm wrestling …. happy day all

  242. 242 : KDaddict Says:

    I’ve diligently commented on every damn ep of this drama from the very very beginning. What have you done for it ever?
    If you don’t like our comments, just skip them.

  243. 243 : KDaddict Says:

    I am beginning to hate these threads, with these ppl who don’t ever contribute, but feel entitled to complain and tell you what to do all of a sudden.

  244. 244 : hula808 Says:

    I agree KDaddict what the heck is the problem we talk here all the time.. this is the first time i see this clown,, KDaddict i don’t know if you understand Korean language but hoping you could tell me what Grandma told The doc and his wife ??? I gathered she told them to quit the search for their daughter because she thought maybe she was dead or something..gonna miss your comments when the Drama is over but I am sure i will see you on other threads ..wonder if Bii and Orlando are related??? HA

  245. 245 : Orlando Says:

    July 10th, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    No! I’m not related to anyone who contributes here!

    “hoping you could tell me what Grandma told The doc and his wife ???”

    She told them that perhaps, they should give up searching for their missing daughter because she could be living, ‘the good life’, with a rich family and doing quite well!
    She also said that to find her now in such circumstances would cause a great deal of upset to all concerned.

    She mentioned about blood group and went on to say that their daughter might have a compatible type with the adopted parents and not suspect anything. (Knowing your blood group is a must for Koreans.)

    Regarding the time running out for meeting with their daughter as predicted by the Fortune-teller, Grandma said that it was up to their daughter to get in touch with them.

    Among other things, she also said that the information in the original Newspaper notice was inadequate, therefore, they should advertise again in a more comprehensive way.

    Grandma said that many families have lost loved ones and life goes on, so, they will just have to cope with the situation, or else try to have another child!

    I do hope that enlightens you and is useful.

  246. 246 : hula808 Says:

    @ Orlando Thank you !!! It seemed to really upset the couple so I was eager to know.

  247. 247 : hula808 Says:

    Thank goodness for 2 more episodes I would have been really upset to see this ending.

  248. 248 : jangerr Says:

    @ KDaddict

    Do not let others’ comments upset you. I appreciate that you want to share your thoughts on other dramas with us. Since we share the same liking for this drama, I’m interested to know other dramas that you’ve enjoyed watching. FYI, I’ve started on Sparkling and as I thought I would, I’m enjoying it!

    Btw, was episode 50 shown yesterday? I can’t seem to find it anywhere?

  249. 249 : cheng Says:

    since you asked that, have you watched Princess Ja Myung Go?

  250. 250 : cheng Says:

    or you don´t know women?

  251. 251 : hula808 Says:


  252. 252 : Jennie Says:

    Argh, I am so frustrated. The drama was so good when I first started watching it on TV that I couldn’t wait n started watching it on Viki. After a marathon on catching up, the excitement of seeing the two leads fizzled out as soon as they got married! I am now at episode 43 and i am getting more and more disappointed with the whole drama. What has happened? Urgh!! I am just going to watch the last two episodes, I think and forget about the rest! The ghost, however freaked me out when I first saw it! Haha!

  253. 253 : HAYE Says:


  254. 254 : jangerr Says:

    @251 hula

    Thanks so much for the info! Didn’t know of this website. Found other dramas which have missing episodes in other sites there too. Awesome!

  255. 255 : hula808 Says:

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ep 51 it was half an hour long and got cut off no 1 hour hmmm well i guess i will see the rest tomorrow

  256. 256 : hula808 Says:

    Jang and Haye glad to help you are welcome

  257. 257 : hula808 Says:

    i take that back found site with hour i knew something was not right with the 30 min

  258. 258 : hula808 Says:

    i am crying like a baby make sure you have tissue this episode!!!! 51

  259. 259 : hula808 Says:

    btw watched it 3 times now and cried every time…. But I know when the subtitles come out I will need 2 boxes of tissue darn better stock up…

  260. 260 : jangerr Says:

    @ hula

    Where? Where can I watch episode 51? Doesn’t matter if there’s no subs yet.

  261. 261 : hula808 Says:

    i watched on both epdrama and drama crazy . net omg bringggggggg tissueeeee

  262. 262 : Orlando Says:

    Now, that’s more like it!

    The penultimate Episode is at last, of the kind of quality one expected throughout the series but didn’t get it!

    Ah Soo Ra seemed surprised at the news, I wonder what other things are hidden at this stage?

    Perhaps, he and Dr. Geum are long lost brothers?

    Looks like Dan Gong Joo is busy studying……to be a Nun, maybe?

    I do hope that the Footmen don’t turn into rats and the Car into a pumkin and Dan Sa Ran’s stepmother into an ugly sister……Oops! what have I said?

  263. 263 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 52: Spoiler Alert:
    It is done! Over! I love the Grand Finale in ep 52. It is completely satisfying!
    When SaR is having the baby, Gong Joo notifies her own parents to go visit at the hosp. But they choose to go ahead with their hiking plans instead. Lo n behold, the writer does us the favor of having them fall off the mountain and die! So SaR’s birth parents repay them by giving them a grand send-off, which they couldn’t have afforded on their own. That also saves everyone the trouble of struggling over $$ with the greedy old witch, who wants a house instead of an apt that Dr. Geum offers to buy them.
    It is sooo cute to see the 2 grand-fathers fighting for access to the baby. Hwai Jang nim is interested in Andre no more! Even DaMo can hardly get his turn. That is going to be one spoiled little princess, with all those adults fawning over her. SaR too is surround by those who love her dearly. That is a satisfying ending if ever I’ve seen one!
    I feel that those of us who religiously followed it for 52 eps have accomplished some feat!
    The next drama, w Kim Sun Ah should also be good. She is always funny. Happy summer viewing!

  264. 264 : KDaddict Says:

    I was miffed and so didn’t come back for days. Sorry I missed your question earlier. RaRa’s grandma has always been the wet-blanket in the search for the lost grand-daughter. Her discouraging comments to Sun Duk sent her crying to Pres Oh, which she should have done much earlier, who then was able to connect the dots for the parties concerned.
    If we watch KD with a western mentality, sometimes it can get frustrating. But if we bear in mind that Asian, in particular Korean society, is very mindful of face n respectability, it then becomes more reasonable that they had kept mum on the subject, until the last moment.
    It’s been fun having you on board. See you again soon! Have a love Hawaiian summer!

  265. 265 : KDaddict Says:

    Turns out the ghosts were just fillers, no one related to the family in particular, just a means to stretch the drama by 2 eps, while the next one gets itself ready. I consider that aspect of the show quite a failure in writing. It is cheating, basically.

  266. 266 : elma Says:

    at last seen the last epi. the best ending in family drama.they got their baby girl.both grandfather are now fighting to have her….lol
    I love the 2 leads in this drama especially ah damo.

  267. 267 : KDaddict Says:

    Thanks for your comment.
    Sparkling has great writing. I enjoy the juggling of moral options by the girls. It is not something that we see often in KDs.
    Yes, see you again on other threads, soon.
    Sent you a message earlier; I’ll wait to see if it appears later b4 re-writing it.

  268. 268 : hula808 Says:

    Truly loved the ending!!! this is the ending I was hoping for BRAVO!!! hope to see you all on other threads..ALOHA

  269. 269 : hula808 Says:

    @ KDADDICT thank you will it has been an awesome ride!!! see you on another KD!!

  270. 270 : jasper Says:

    two thumbs up to the writer of this drama… from beginning to end… twas the very best drama among all KDs that I’ve watched. The writer gave justice to all stories not to forget the ending by taking out the wicked people in the story… that was the best…. Congratulations to all involved in making this drama a success… to everyone who loved this, we truly had one big smile at last. (plus those boxes tissues on epi 51 my oh my..) to Ah Damo anD Geum Saran… and they lived happily ever after…. the end…

  271. 271 : jangerr Says:

    Yup, it has been a great ride! Though it oet boring and kind of ridiculous (what with the totally irrelevant ghost thingy – remind me of the tacky ghost house in theme parks…), those of us who persisted have been duly rewarded!

    The ending was just how we’ve wanted – happy ending for our beloved couple. On top of that, the writer gave in and aive us what we wanted, i.e., killed off the most hated character – SaR’s stepmum! BUt maybe she/he went a bit too far by killing off the stepdad too… Though he was kind of spineless, he has been good to SaR…

  272. 272 : KDaddict Says:

    The finale is an feel-good episode. I’ve seen it 3 times in half a day! It is sth that can be viewed whenever one needs uplifting!

  273. 273 : KDaddict Says:

    Tho the step-dad hasn’t actively done anything horrible to SaR, by just going along with his witch wife, he is an accomplice. He never lifted a finger or said One word to help SaR. As such, he is a morally bankrupt individual. He has betrayed his dead wife who adopted n loved SaR for being on cozy terms w the witch.

  274. 274 : Orlando Says:

    Well, it’s over!

    At best it was good, but at worst it was pretty awful.

    The writer lost his way or at least he lost us from following his way.
    It seemed that the commercial Dollars overruled the story in a few episodes.

    It was nothing if not entertaining, and that’s what it’s all about, entertainment.

    I can’t help wondering about the ‘Disney’ like way that we humans accept death as an ending for most things.
    Like sweeping dust under the carpet, gone from view but not really gone!

    There is a kind of irony that humans seem to believe that they have ‘control’, after death, or at least where we send the soul.

    A war hero is given a military or state funeral with full honours and is said to be going to a ‘better’ place with honour.

    When a long suffering patient with cancer dies, we say that it is a relief for him or her!

    When a murderer or a despot, a president or military leader is responsible for crimes against their own people, we say, ‘they got what they deserved’, by puting them to death.

    You know, the end result is that we all end up dead, like all of the above.
    So, who says they are dispatched beyond death to what we think they deserve?

    How can death be a relief for the suffering, honour for the war hero and punishment for the despot or murderer, all at the same time?

    Most viewers thought that Dan Sa Ran’s stepmother and father got what they deserved.
    Did they really?
    Did their crime of being selfish, greedy, self-centered, inadequate as parents and human beings, really warrant death?

    If so, then a lot of us could join them!

  275. 275 : korea by our self Says:

    this a best drama ………….
    i enjoy see.
    im very no this is the koran drama ……

  276. 276 : jelly Says:

    the best drama i’ve seen so far…. great story. great actors and actres… what a story especially the ep.33 … i cry a lot….

    ah da mo … you’re the best…..

  277. 277 : jelly Says:

    granpa ah soora… very funny while the are in and out of his body…..

    hoping all actors could grab an award and the drama itself….


  278. 278 : bb Says:


  279. 279 : just Says:

    great drama…i’m falling in love with ah da mo (sung hoon),he has charisma,hottie guy…:)

  280. 280 : sal_syaqira Says:

    Very interesting drama. cant wait untill the last episode

  281. 281 : zibOo Says:

    nice drama…very like this story… ah da mo…dan sa ran chukkkae

  282. 282 : sal_syaqira Says:

    i want the sinopsis this story..who can help me..plz

  283. 283 : meerdjuice Says:

    this is a great drama & better than my country….it’s true that especially ep 30-33 i’ve cried assive the story line is telling us that it’s still happened in millenium year….!!! all the actor & actress doing a great job…well done…

  284. 284 : USA-Mary Says:

    I know I’m behind…yet I’m determined, YES!…I will catch up! hehehe The reviews of the ending is just what I wanted to hear!

  285. 285 : myr Says:

    The main highlight of this drama was episode 33. He (the male protagonist) gave simply his best, thumbs-up indeed! Over-all score 8 (1-10).

  286. 286 : Orlando Says:

    Well, it’s over!

    At best it was good, but at worst it was pretty awful.

    The writer lost his way or at least he lost us from following his way.
    It seemed that the commercial Dollars overruled the story in a few episodes.

    It was nothing if not entertaining, and that’s what it’s all about, entertainment.

    I can’t help wondering about the ‘Disney’ like way that we humans accept death as an ending for most things.
    Like sweeping dust under the carpet, gone from view but not really gone!

    There is a kind of irony that humans seem to believe that they have ‘control’, after death, or at least where we send the soul.

    A war hero is given a military or state funeral with full honours and is said to be going to a ‘better’ place with honour.

    When a long suffering patient with cancer dies, we say that it is a relief for him or her!

    When a murderer or a despot, a president or military leader is responsible for crimes against their own people, we say, ‘they got what they deserved’, by puting them to death.

    You know, the end result is that we all end up dead, like all of the above.
    So, who says they are dispatched beyond death to what we think they deserve?

    How can death be a relief for the suffering, honour for the war hero and punishment for the despot or murderer, all at the same time?

    Most viewers thought that Dan Sa Ran’s stepmother and father got what they deserved.
    Did they really?
    Did their crime of being selfish, greedy, self-centered, inadequate as parents and human beings, really warrant death?

    If so, then a lot of us could join them!

  287. 287 : Orlando Says:

    “Lie to Me”, is much better in everyway!

    “Twinkle Twinkle” too.

    …..and then, there’s “Sent of a Woman”!

    Obviously, Korean Dramas will keep on improving in quality, otherwise, they’ll fail and the sponsers will be difficullt to attract.

    Many of the ‘Period dramas’, are colourful, but are not so accurate as a historical story.
    Of course, there again, they are, after all a sales product, and as such, they need to be full of action in order to sell!

    Entertainment is the word, be it truthful or not, and that’s about the height of it!

    Enjoyable, nevertheless!

  288. 288 : instinctive femme Says:

    overall is a good movie … worth to watch, if u can stand watching a long drama …

  289. 289 : Nia Says:

    I just finish to watch this drama

    So lovely..touching..and it’s much better than drama tv in Indonesia…
    the story is go to natural…I like it..

  290. 290 : Bunniesheep Says:

    I love this drama.It’s so long but not boring.It makes me feel happy when actor/actress happy,sad when they sad.Their emotion is mine.Damo has a cold face but childish.Sa Ran is younger than Da Mo but she’s more mature.They are the greatest couple I like:x

  291. 291 : sal_syaqira Says:

    Congratulate…luv so much this drama…the best ever drama

  292. 292 : Grace Says:

    Such a great drama, a little longer but worth it. Da Mo is such a great actor I can’t believe he is a rookie.

    Although not sure if this kind of love actually happens in real life since it is such a Cinderalla story but it sure makes people hopeful.

    The episode where Da Mo begs Sa-ran not to leave him was so emotional and he was absolutely convincing that he really couldn’t leave her. I didn’t think he was acting at all.

    This is one of my most favorite drama. I hope to see more of Da Mo.

    The Secret Garden and this one are my 2 most favorite drama so far.

  293. 293 : tiarahma Says:

    i love this drama……love…and love

  294. 294 : susan Says:

    One of the best Drama I have watched this Year and I have Watched a lot. this Drama is 52 epi, but it’s worth it. I can’t believe I watched all the epis. Happy I gave this drama a chance.

  295. 295 : Kelly Says:

    Muy buen dorama! muy buena historia… los actores… a pesar de ser novatos… lo hicieron como profesionales!

  296. 296 : Misu Says:

    Yes, this is the best drama I ever seem.I cry a lots, and laugh a lots. Love most of the actress and actors in this drama. Hope to see more drama by the Im Soo Hyung and Sung Hoon. Both of them looks really hansome and attractive that you want to look at them more and more. Thanks for the writer. This is the drama that I cried so much until my eyes look swollen.

  297. 297 : Josephine Says:

    Among the 2011 dramas my favourites are Sign, Midas, City Hunter, Brain, the Princess Man and lastly New Gisaeng Story. New Gisaeng Story had me going over and over the show as well as the recaps especially parts featuring Ah Da Mo and Dan Sa Ran I don’t seem to get tired seeing these two. Never had a story and acting of korean stars mesmerised me as these two. Strongly recommend. Don’t let the 52 episodes daunt you. You will not regret

  298. 298 : Kaddict-oriep Says:

    Just finished watching this drama, and I’m really impressed with it.

    The main leads are really great, they act superbly and they have oozing chemistry.

    I have watched so many KDRAMAS and this is the first time I’m commenting on a blog about a drama. And I must say that this drama has the most intense, tear-jerking and unforgettable episodes I’ve ever watched. My favorites are:
    1. Ep 22, when Ah Da Mo Barged into the Gaesang’s House to take Dan Sa Ran, The fight they had was really intense and shows so much emotion
    2. Ep 23, Ah Da Mo told Sa Ran that he would Marry her and the episode where they are in the room is really emotional.
    3. Ep. 33 , I have to say, OMG !!!, i cried a bucket of tears in this episode, during Sa Ran’s GAESANG HAIR RAISING, the ceremony was sooo painful to watch it really breaks my heart, i was literally sweating and biting my lips , I’m so nervous that the ceremony will be done w/out Da Mo doing anything to get Sa Ran back. And the part where he barged into the room was the climax of the Drama, the part where he begged Sa RAn not take him back, is so convincing and heart-wrenching, (The actor is really good).
    4. Ep. 34, the resolution of the issue and their getting back together is really a happy event to watch.
    5. Ep. 40, the wedding and the honeymoon part was great except some part where Da Mo and Sa Ran fell off the floor together, the director could’ve edited it, because it was so fake.
    6. Ep. 50, this is the part where Sa RAn find her real parents, the reunion is very touching.

    Over all I give this drama 9/10, 1 point less, just bcoz, i agree with some comments about the ghost thing being unneccessary, although I would absolutely love of they extended it, by another 5 eps or so.

  299. 299 : mia Says:

    the best korean drama i’ve ever seen!! i like the story very touching..

  300. 300 : Sabrina Tan Says:

    I just finished ep 33, i cry too…like this drama, even i yet to finish. Especially i like Ah Da Mo and Sa Ran and also Ah Da Mo’s mother, very cute. I love this drama so much…….

  301. 301 : ann Says:

    me,too i love this drama the actors and actresses played their role very well.I love the story as a whole .Im Soo Hyang and Sung Hoon looked good together.And they made me cry a lot specially in Episode 33.Wow what a really nice drama am gonna watch it over and over again.But Does anyone knows the title of the song that Sa Ran sung in there,she said it was A Russian song.Anybody should have tell me please!!!!

  302. 302 : Keo chanda Says:

    I am very very love this drama . This drama show us how to love someone and Saran and Ah da mo they are very fit

  303. 303 : Hout Tongheng Says:

    I really like this drama. It’s so cool, funny and meaningful. I love the education of such film.
    Now I’m keeping track on this drama every evening on the TV channel.

  304. 304 : damtei Says:

    I really really like this drama.. I have watched more than 5 times now and could’nt get bored with it…

  305. 305 : yoRoseberry Says:

    Really nice won’t boring?

  306. 306 : miaumiau Says:

    i really like it so far! its my first time watching such a long drama, but im looking forward to it. btw could anyone pleeeaaase tell me title and name of the singer of the song in episode 17 where sa ran is in that karaoke bar with her …friends?

  307. 307 : zarima Says:

    my gosh.. episode 33 was a heartbreaking part i cant control of my tears.. its flowing and am crying like a baby.. and the soundtrack of that episode enhance the drama.. really touching… ohh i love the two couple AH DA MO and DAN SA RAN.. love u guys.. hope to see u again both in kdrama…

    SUNG HOON.. ive seen u in kdrama FAITH thou ure role was antagonist still ure acting is sooooooooo cool..like it..

  308. 308 : Micc Says:

    Just started to watch this. I know Im Soo Hyang, Sung Hoon and Han Hye Rin from other dramas but this one seems to be their first. This drama is very different from the others. Although there are familiar plots, like birth secret, love triangle etc., but most of the casts are fresh faces. The way they talk to each other is also different from the traditional dramas. Only watched 5 episodes so far, I started at episode 5 and now at ep 10. Don’t know if I could finish all 52 episodes, but so far, it’s an interesting drama.

  309. 309 : 2011 Korean Drama — Drama Cafe Says:

    […] Source: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=6626 […]

  310. 310 : kdfan Says:

    agree with Micc it’s the usual plot BUT the romance twist the heart more than other dramas, the humor some so subtle but so so funny. I especially love how quickly the story move along. i was thinking of quickly marathoning 52 eps for a nice quick watch but its just too hard to fast forward. a very interesting and addictive drama.

  311. 311 : rubyplacheta Says:

    i love this drama. i love sung hoon so much. i love dan sa ran too. hahaha! to all staff and cast congratulations. i just hope that bang sung hoon will do more more and more korean tv series. he’s so handsome, he’s perfect. hope to see more of your films and tv series BANG SUNG HOON. i can’t find your chinese tv series or movie “the bodyguard”. where can i download it? pleeeeeeaaaaassssseee!!!!!!!!SARANGHAE….. GOODLUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  312. 312 : Dramamama Says:

    Enjoyed this drama a lot especially the ending. Unlike many others which often rush through at the end, this one took time to elaborate a little more, particularly how the 2 families (her new found family & in-laws) move along. The two fathers were hilarious and of course, I cried a lot too. Initially, just by looking at the number of episodes (52), I worried that it might be a drag but like kdfan said, the story developed & moved along quite fast. It has a good mix of romance, family & comedy content – a very good drama to watch!

  313. 313 : es Says:

    me too…I enjoy watching this drama..I cried a lot and laugh… .very interesting every episode..
    To all the cast…congrats you did a great job…

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