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New Heart

Title: 뉴하트 / New Heart
Chinese title : 新心 / 医疗先锋
Genre: Medical, romance
Episode : 23
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Dec-12 to 2008-Feb-28
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


This drama will be about the growth and sufferings of the heart surgeons who work in the thoracic surgery department. Lee Eun Sung graduated from a newly established medical school in the provinces. He applies for a job at the hospital and has high hopes of becoming a great doctor. Nam Hye Suk graduated at top of her medical school. She is an absolute fundamentalist but starts to show her humane side once she gets to know Eun Sung. The problem is Choi Kang Gook just became the new head of the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. He believes that only doctors can save peoples’ lives and is a genius but he is also a stubborn surgeon who does not care for hospital policies. Only Eun Sung and Hye Suk apply to work in his department.

One day, a famous actor Lee Dong Gwon is admitted into the Hospital for arrhythmia surgery. He immediately falls for Hye-seok, who is his classmate from elementary school. He later gets jealous when he sees that Eun Sung and Hye Suk are getting closer to one another.


Jo Jae Hyun as Choi Kang Gook
Ji Sung as Lee Eun Sung
Kim Min Jung as Nam Hye Suk
Lee Ji Hoon as Lee Dong Gwon

Extended Cast

Sung Dong Il as Lee Seung Jae
Jung Dong Hwan as Park Jae Hyun
Lee Ki Young as Kim Jung Gil
Jung Ho Geun as Min Young Kyu
Kang Ji Hoo as Woo In Tae
Jang Hyun Sung as Kim Tae Joon
Shin Dong Mi as Jo Min Ah
Lee Chang Joo as Lee In Ho
Son Yeo Eun as Choi Hyun Jung
Shin Dae Eun as Kim Mi Mi
Park Chul Min as Bae Dae Ro
Park Kwang Jung as Kim Young Hee
Kim Joon Ho
Eun Ji Won (Cameo)
Lee Seol Hee as nurse
Choi Jin Ho
Park Hyo Bin
Yoo Jung Suk

Production Credits

Script writer: Hwang Eun Kyung
Producer: Park Hong Gyun

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2007-12-12 1 17.1 (4th) 17.6 (4th)
2007-12-13 2 19.2 (4th) 19.9 (4th)
2007-12-20 3 20.7 (3rd) 21.7 (3rd)
2007-12-26 4 21.0 (2nd) 22.0 (2nd)
2007-12-27 5 22.3 (2nd) 23.8 (2nd)
2008-01-02 6 22.5 (3rd) 23.7 (3rd)
2008-01-03 7 25.6 (2nd) 26.8 (2nd)
2008-01-09 8 23.1 (2nd) 24.0 (2nd)
2008-01-10 9 24.0 (2nd) 25.4 (2nd)
2008-01-16 10 24.3 (2nd) 25.5 (2nd)
2008-01-17 11 25.2 (2nd) 25.7 (2nd)
2008-01-23 12 28.5 (2nd) 29.6 (2nd)
2008-01-24 13 28.8 (2nd) 30.1 (2nd)
2008-01-30 14 28.2 (2nd) 29.0 (2nd)
2008-01-31 15 30.0 (2nd) 30.3 (2nd)
2008-02-06 16 19.2 (3rd) 19.6 (3rd)
2008-02-07 17 21.2 (2nd) 21.6 (2nd)
2008-02-13 18 27.8 (2nd) 28.5 (2nd)
2008-02-14 19 30.0 (2nd) 30.5 (2nd)
2008-02-20 20 24.4 (2nd) 25.4 (2nd)
2008-02-21 21 30.0 (2nd) 30.8 (2nd)
2008-02-27 22 32.0 (2nd) 32.9 (2nd)
2008-02-28 23 33.6 (2nd) 34.3 (2nd)

Source: TNS Media Korea

Official Site 


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  1. 1 : leciel Says:

    OMG! I soooo love Ji Sung… Can’t wait to see this one

  2. 2 : Lilian Says:

    So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3 : ayelet Says:

    hope i can watch it as soon as possible in my laptop bcoz im working here in israel… miss soooooo much for ji sung…

  4. 4 : farriza Says:

    hmmn… i gonna watch 8

  5. 5 : Hollywood Says:

    Another mediocre romance drama. Cast Ok, Hmmn… we’ll see how they pull this off.

  6. 6 : angulas chung hen Says:

    where can i see this wonderful drama pls can anyone pls tell me (if you know)

  7. 7 : yuki-chan Says:

    will this movie like surgeon bong dal hee?wow…that movie is really nice…i hope this one is even better!haha….

  8. 8 : Lilian Says:

    Same here, i would really like to wtch the live online streaming of it…but where and how?

    The airing date is today, 12th Dec, 9.55pm (Korea time)
    Ch MBC

  9. 9 : TSL Says:

    Anyone know where to watch this show??

  10. 10 : Lilian Says:

    Its currently being aired in Korea, 1st episode started on 12th Dec…I doubt anyone would be that fast to upload and furhtermore translate!

    I tried watching live streaming, manage to get it but its in Korean,so cannot understand 🙁

    But Ji Sung still look cute, with the helmet 🙂

  11. 11 : yurie Says:

    wowoow ji sung ji miss u alot!!!!

  12. 12 : kdramafanatic Says:

    If you want more details on the cast, go to this page:


  13. 13 : Lilian Says:

    HI people!!!!

    So excited i found this :http://www.veoh.com/videos/v16319678xrKgcqC


  14. 14 : K-addit Says:

    why there is not any “New Heart” drama with English subtitle the above website has no subtitile at all. Please if anyone found this show with english sub please type it in in this website.

  15. 15 : Lilian Says:

    k-addit, eng subs are not available as yet 🙁

    Im waiting for it too

  16. 16 : cutekoreanlover Says:

    omg !!
    ji sung
    i miss him
    luv him alot
    i MUST watch diz
    ji sung-ah….wait 4 me

  17. 17 : cutekoreanlover Says:

    ji sung
    i miss him alot
    i MUST watch diz !!!
    ji sung-ah…wait 4 me !!

  18. 18 : Lilian Says:

    Im now at episode 3 of ‘New Heart’…

    Ji Sung’s character is damn cute and he look sooooo cute too…those facial expressions makes me laugh 🙂

  19. 19 : K-addit Says:

    Hey Lilian do you know where to see New Heart with english subtitle please tell me plsplspls

  20. 20 : Lilian Says:


    I have no idea too for now…also searching for it as well.

    I guess not done yet.

    If u happen to come across do keep me inform too.

    He looks really really cute in ‘New Heart’ 🙂

  21. 21 : K-addit Says:

    ok i will thanks for responding to me

  22. 22 : K-addit Says:

    I search veoh youtube and there is no EL sub yet
    By the way wat other website i can search for video pls tell me

  23. 23 : Cheryl Says:

    haha this.. is nearly like a spin-off of Iryu! love medical dramas ^^

  24. 24 : Ree Says:

    I love Ji Sung!! He is so cute in “New Heart”. He is my favorite Korean actor by far. I wish i could meet him and get his autograph! lol..ahh..i wish!

    Anyways, does anyone know the songs being played in this drama series? I would so appreciate those who can give me the titles and singers of the songs. I want to listen to it all nite!

  25. 25 : Wall Paper Says:

    wallpaper link

  26. 26 : Lilian Says:

    Hi people,

    If you would like to, you can all participate in the discussion of this drama here:


    Its more interactive 🙂 Need to register a free account first.

  27. 27 : laura Says:

    This is definitely the best Korean medical drama to-date! Ji Sung’s acting has improved tremendously and he portrays his role very well. The cast is refreshing as you have Jo Jae Hyun as a surgeon instead of his usual cop or rough images. The script is well-written, if only there were more episodes…

  28. 28 : Poohs Says:

    anyone know what is the ending of this drama?

  29. 29 : Lilian Says:


    I doubt anyone will know cos its now airing in Korea…only the scriptwriter will know.

  30. 30 : Poohs Says:

    sigh ….. hope this DVD is coming to Singapore soon. Am a fan of Ji Sung.

  31. 31 : idril Says:

    OMG, so damn cute is that the guy u all talking about is ji sung (guy at the left)?
    he reminds me of my favourate actor jo hyun jae (off topic – u guys here know what happend to jo hyun jae? i am so into him but i dunno the latest update bout him….. poor me!!!

  32. 32 : idril Says:


    i also hope the dvd has been released at malaysia!!! cant hardly wait!!!! LOL!!!!!

  33. 33 : =cHaRiSsE♥ Says:

    .’i really lyk lee jee hoon…i hate ju sung..
    he’s ugly…….(joke)…
    i just lyk lee jee hoon than ju sung…

    hope i can find a “new heart” wd english sub..

  34. 34 : Rowena Says:

    Well, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder… Ji Sung has charm. May not be as good looking as Lee Dong Wok or Lee Dong Gun, but he’s got charisma and has good acting ability. Looking forward to seeing Ji Sung again. I am right now, rewatching “all in”, starring Lee Byun Hung and Song Hye Go. Ji Sung is second lead here, but he looks so suave and charming here.

  35. 35 : Lilian Says:

    I think Ji Sung is very versatile.

    From this drama, one can see that he fits into the role very well.
    That look he has fits his character in the show cos he is to portray someone blur, passionate and from country side who is an orphan.

    In STLDFM, he was utterly charming, heave-sent cos he is a wealthy business man….. and if one look at his daily pic, he is charismatic 🙂

    I like his role in ‘New Heart’ and he portrayed it very well…very blur but full of passion.

    Keep it up man!

  36. 36 : JoRim Says:

    I love ‘new heart’ very much.
    This drama is booming in Korea. 😀

  37. 37 : Lilian Says:

    oh really? this drama is booming in Korea now? I saw the viewership, looks pretty impressive.

    The serial is now at episode 9, and things are sizzling up btw Eun Sung and Hye Suk 🙂

  38. 38 : Yakatsu Says:

    You can watch the first two episodes of New Heart with English subtitiles at crunchyroll.com

  39. 39 : Poohs Says:

    anyone know what is this show’s rating in Korea?

  40. 40 : aein Says:

    i love ji sung!!!!
    i agree with you rowena beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Sad to say im still waiting for my copy.
    ur the man of my dream!!!!!!!!
    numo saranghae…….

  41. 41 : Lilian Says:

    This is great, check it out!


  42. 42 : Juliaaaaa Says:

    I just found a website that has the first 3 episodes of this with English subtitles!!!


    I love this drama! Can’t wait till more videos are submitted!

  43. 43 : Lilian Says:


    The viewership ratings is no. 1 ever since debut if i’m not wrong. I read it somewhere in another website/ blog.

    And it is not showing any sings of slacking down…. which is causing a concern for SBS and KBS (the other 2 Korean channel).

  44. 44 : Winnie Says:

    wow…this movie is just soooo exciting…
    I LOVE IT!

  45. 45 : Tammy Says:

    very interesting show, i’ll keep watch, but man am i watching too much dramas

  46. 46 : jung Says:

    Ji Sung is mine!!! ;p

  47. 47 : Poohs Says:

    wonder if this show is going to be an open ended?

  48. 48 : K Says:

    hi ladies~~
    i had a high expectationg for this show but it really dissapointed me and some of koreans.
    we koreans are sick of loveline!
    so i stopped watching it.

    but lots of koreans love it dispite that.
    it has reached 30%.
    30% lately in korea is so high.
    even coffee prince failed to reach that number.
    due to its high rating
    it became to be extended to episode 23.
    Ji seong seems to be dead.
    didn’t you notice that he got bleeding nose twice?
    he’s got dignoised with a leukemia.

    it’s not quite sure but it’s likely happen that way.
    since he got a leukemia he can’t donate his heart
    but considering its title” new heart”
    i don’t know.
    it’s done soon and you could get this show by this month at the earliest.

    this show is ok.

  49. 49 : Lilian Says:


    Where did u get the source that Ji Sung will be dead in this drama????

    This is devastating!

  50. 50 : Poohs Says:

    what’s the ending of this drama? sad ending?

  51. 51 : musicbox Says:

    i haven’t watch this drama yet..
    but is it about love triangle again??
    hope not..sick and tired of it
    make somethg new without loveline..
    without elders getting in the picture spoiling everthg and ask the hero 2 back off from their daughter..
    ok i’m blabbing..

  52. 52 : Lilian Says:

    besides romance, its also about how medical doctors are perceived and their typical day, job scope nd of course sufferings and stress.

  53. 53 : lilian Says:

    AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…am at episode 19 and is looking forward to the last episode which is 20… will Ji Sung be penalised for the mistake which is not his?????????????

  54. 54 : Samantha Says:

    Besides the main casts, all the small roles have very interesting characters and they acted just as well. I was very tickled by them. They added colours to the entire serial. I love all the characters. Recommended. Surely make u LOL (laugh out loud)

  55. 55 : Hollywood Says:

    I discover that the eng. sub. is now available and started watching since I am pretty bored at the moment. Ok, I am currently at ep. 2 and I truly cannot handle this scene where the newly elected President walked into the operating room during a surgery and argue about administrative issued! He basically disrupted the surgery to engage in a dispute?? This really blow my mind, you see I only have a small bird size brain and does not really know anything about the internal affairs in a hospital and that small portion of my brain told me this is not right. I got hammered again when that Ji Sung rushes in to volunteer his 3rd rate medical skill, then I asked myself again. Can anyone, in this case an intern from another hospital, not an employee of the hospital just walk in to volunteer their services in a surgery that is currently in session?
    Correct me if I am wrong, does any hospital works this way??
    Then there are those nurses staring at the side during a major heart surgery??
    I better stay damn far away from such a hospital or choose death. I told myself, this is just a dramatization of a story, it is not real. Don’t get all work up on a stupid scene. For heaven sake, some logic used would be good even for a story.
    I am contemplating whether to continue this series or abandon.
    I think I give up.

  56. 56 : Rowena Says:

    I am always fascinated with stories that deal with life of doctors behind their white gown. I am just in episode 8 and I think it’s too early to say that this is outstanding over and above the other two which I’ve already watched, namely: Behind White Towers and Surgeon Bong Dal Hee. Both series are good, not only of its storyline but more specifically with the performers.

    So far, of the three leading characters here, I am impressed with JI Sung’s performance. Here, I see a different side of him. It’s quite different with his roles in STLDFM and All In. It’s my first time to see him in a character that is both funny and lovable because of his adorable ways in caring for his patients. He has his own struggle as a resident Doctor. His peers do not have confidence in his abilities because he didn’t graduate from a reputable school. But, in spite of that he still tries his best to be good and his immediate supervisor take notice of that. He is an exact opposite of his leading lady,Kim Min Jung, who believes that she wanted/became a doctor to provide needed treatment to her patients, according to what she has learned, not to save life if the situation doesn’t call for it anymore. The other doctor is their supervisor, head surgeon, who’s intention to save life always ends him up in trouble and conflict with his peers.

    The story gets better and interesting as I continue to watch each episode. I am in the portion where Min Jung is feared to have been afflicted with HIV during an operation, along with another doctor. Will give a further comment once I am true with it.

  57. 57 : Lilian Says:

    I had finished everything, watched the chinese subs one…


    Esp Ji Sung, his character here is cute and he acted it really well

  58. 58 : Poohs Says:

    what is the ending of this drama?

  59. 59 : Rowena Says:

    I am glad I’ve chosen to watch this drama during the long weekend over and above the other series that I have, namely In Sun Is Pretty and The Robbers (Although, some say that these two are also outstanding).

    During the first few episodes, I was nearly getting bored (because of its bad english sub). But I am glad I’ve given it another try. The storyline talks about greed, pride, manipulations, power and how these were overtaken by compassion, warmth, true love and right choices.

    Again and I won’t get tired saying it, I am so impressed with Ji Sung’s performance and he was consistent up to the end. I thought that his serious nose bleeding during the early part would pose a problem on the latter part and another tragic ending is awaiting. But, it did not. Probably, the producer was contemplating on that, but the romance of the leading characters was so good to be true to be halted only by a tragic incident (hope korean producers should realize that more than 50% of their audiences around the globe prefer a beautiful ending especially if it lasts more than 20 episodes). Aside from him, almost everyone gave a credible acting, especially Ji Sung’s leading lady. Wow, she’s so good and pretty (I think she’s one of the girls in Fashion ‘70’s). Their professor’s (mentor) acting is cool. He always manages to give an impact of his presence on the small screen. I love the scene where he has professed his love to his wife towards the end of the series. The last four episodes were really exciting, intriguing but at the same time heart wrenching/warming.

    This is one series that I really want to watch over and over again minus those scenes showing actual operation at the operating table…yakkk!!! Aside from its satisfying ending, the dialogues have enriched my knowledge of wisdom on dealing and caring for sick persons, especially those seriously ill and feeling hopeless! It’s an awesome drama. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  60. 60 : Paper Walls Says:

    Lee Ji Hoon as antagonist… Wow… quite interesting. ^__^
    I think i should watch this one.

  61. 61 : [email protected] Says:

    New Heart is sooo good! Does anyone know where I could get it on english subbs episode 11 ane up? I know you can watch it in korean but i’m only learning korean! email me on [email protected]

  62. 62 : raspberry Says:

    to comment # 48

    i think the bleeding of his nose was due to something else, i think one costumer/patient punches him in the nose and i think is broken thats why it keeps bleeding.. i would be very disappointed if he dies and has leukemia. i think the title New Heart represents the three main character’s changing attitude… but anyways, if what you said is true, what can i do.. its still good.

  63. 63 : mulan Says:

    After reading some comments on this drama series I’m interested to watch this. And will give my comment too.

  64. 64 : Lilian Says:

    The cutest part of JI Sung in this drama was when the both of them got together….OMG…he was sooooooooooooooo cute 🙂

    Must watch must watch!

    He was hot in STLDFM and very cute in New Heart

  65. 65 : *** DVD Cover Label *** Says:

    DVD Cover Image

  66. 66 : supple18 Says:

    .!……………………….A must-see drama!I just finished watching this morning.OMG!I’m speechless..from the beginning up to the end…it’s so amazing how surgeons perform inside the operating room trying to save patient’s life.Likewise with the nurses,they are all awesome!On the other hand we really can’t deny the fact in this world,there are some persons that are greedy,just think about theirselves.Anyhow I like Ji Sung more..he’s sooooooooooo cute especially in the scene when he danced to cheer up Kim Min Jung.Hey!don’t fail to watch it guys!

  67. 67 : jenny Says:

    Does anybody know what those songs were where ji sung start dancing to cheer kim min jung. I think its on disc 8…thank you

  68. 68 : HannyBae Says:

    I ever thought new heart is not interesting, but after I read all your comments, I can’t wait to watch it! THX guys

  69. 69 : Shirley Says:

    I’ve finished enjoy this drama untuk ep.23, and i enjoy it. All about the making of this drama that becomw such a real true condition about what happen around the hospital, with all the doctors, their responsibility, their selfishness and the love that they can share to rescueing any body from death.The last episode is very touching, when the President Hospital die because of the complication of the new heart. It teach me, however smart and skillfull the doctor, but if his life must end, no one can help him, even the doctors.

  70. 70 : lilian Says:


    yes i agree that dance was something to watch out for…so cute right 🙂

  71. 71 : panyangbear Says:

    i think i will like it since I’ll be working on a hospital soon. i hope to learn more through this drama. =) I’ll watch it soon

  72. 72 : mier Says:

    best medical drama i’ve ever seen!

  73. 73 : Poohs Says:

    can someone tell me what is the ending of this drama pls?

  74. 74 : Lilian Says:


    U got to catch it yourself 🙂 dont worry its a happy ending!

  75. 75 : tkiok Says:

    This drama is good. Heart thumping scenes, well balance drama. You cry on heartbreaking scene as well as laugh on their funny antics.

  76. 76 : Eugene Says:

    New heart is such a coold drama! The love story is so good in the drama, and there’s no love triangles! Well, not throughout the entire drama. Bit I thoroughly enjoyed it! Ji Sung is so handsome!

  77. 77 : Goong Ju Says:

    It was a great drama eventhough storyline wasn’t so special. The operation scene was awsome. Worth watching.

  78. 78 : HannyBae Says:

    this drama is recommend.

  79. 79 : ayelet Says:

    wow i just finished to watch new heart i really love it i love the role of ji sung he’s so sweet in here!!!.. highly recommended guys so you have to watch it you’re going to fall inlove all over to this series….

  80. 80 : annabella Says:

    Sometimes, I can’t understand why kim min jung stares blankly and with her big eyes. Also she shed her tears unnecessary. (I dont know the reasons)

  81. 81 : Lalanana Says:

    Hi there this drama is aired in brunei i love the story from beginning to the end and i lovd this drama all about. It about how struggle surgeon or doctor to save their patience although they save them bt nt all disease cn b cure eventhough they struggle to it they r nt god people live n they will b die 1 dy that all fate n there 1 episde i cnt rmembr its vry sad n i cry it jiseong is a good n cute `doctor’ i like it^_^n jiseong n kim min jong gd cple

  82. 82 : oyunbileg Says:

    Hi Ji Sung,

    Pls refer my email [email protected]. I understood it’s wasting of your time but I do not think so. I have a thing to tell u….


  83. 83 : Lilian Says:

    Im looking forward to Ji SUng’s next drama…pls make it very very soon!

  84. 84 : AY Says:

    I’m looking forward to Ji SUng’s next drama. I love this drama …

  85. 85 : amktsy Says:

    Nice drama.Just don’t like episode 10-20 as i think it is too romantic.overall is a darama reccomanded to watch.

  86. 86 : Anne Says:

    Very nice movie!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love episode 17

  87. 87 : Anne Says:

    Very nice movie!!!!!!!
    I love episode 17

  88. 88 : Yaeji Says:

    I think that this is the best movie besides General Hospital 2[in korean]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. 89 : Susan Says:

    Love all the songs in the drama…
    Yet it is a vitamin for me as i gained a lot of knowledge about cardiology.
    So, I’d say this drama is “Better than the best”! Aja Aja Fighting!!!

  90. 90 : panyangbear Says:

    New Heart. My whole December was filled with it. So before 2008 ends, I wanted to give a good comment on this one.

    First and foremost, I never thought that I would like this drama so far. Bad subtitles always make the watch boring and confusing. But since I’m too inclined with medical dramas, I decided to watch it anyway. Then I found http://www.mysoju.com (which gives really good English) right after watching it with my DVD. After watching it for the second time, I just can’t get over it. This talks about the lives and struggle of heart surgeons and those who aspire to be great ones. You can see a lot of discrimination, self-love and greed among doctors who only thinks of fame and power. In my opinion, it really isn’t bad to protect the reputation of the hospital you’re working but if this is prioritized over the lives of patients, it’s no good anymore. Sadly, we have to accept the fact that there are still doctors who think that way and who only work for money.

    I so love the way each actor portrayed their roles. I came to understand that it wasn’t that easy to act on this kind of drama, unless you’re a doctor or a surgeon yourself. Let’s talk about the characters.

    Professor Choi Gang Kook (Jo Jae Hyun). I’ve never seen him before but anyone of you here never noticed how good he was? First time I saw him on New Heart, I was like WOW. Yes he’s old but I still think he’s hot and irresistible. I really love the Choi Gang Kook he played in here. I really didn’t care about that “stubbornness” of his, so long as to save a life in every way he can. Even if the situation doesn’t call for it anymore, he gives hopes to dying patients. What made me admire him so much was the way he treats the resident doctors, just by treating them coffees or a good meal. Well he made a fuss at first but as the story goes on, his true colors had shown. He’s truly a good person and a heart-warming doctor, who just wanted to save patients never even minding what other people might think of him. A surgeon who never thinks of greed and a genius who remains humble and patient. One of my favorite lines from him was when he said something like, “Everyday while I’m still here, there is no VIP. All patients are equal.” And the part when he told Hae-Suk “I hope a smart person like you has a heart full of tears.” had touched me the most. That alone probably changed a cold resident doctor’s view on patients. I was fascinated how Hae-Suk, who once was stone-hearted, changed day by day. And every time he enters the operating room, oh I can feel my heart racing! Not to mention, he has nice nice hands. I liked the operation scenes even more because of his impressive skills. He’s like a real surgeon. He was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Well some people might find the surgical scenes gross and disgusting though, but I, having much experience in the OR when I was a student, just find it the best scenes in this drama. Every time there’s an operation done, the thing that goes in my head is like “Oh I wish I’m a surgeon. Not just a typical surgeon but the best one who can save numerous lives in a day”. I have learned a lot from Professor Choi, from being the most intelligent doctor to a person with an undying devotion to his work and his patients. Professor Choi is like a candle who burns up his own body just to give light to someone else’s world. He was my dream surgeon. He was the BEST.

    Lee Eun Sung (Ji Seong). I really didn’t get to like him at first because of his foolish
    acts. Only then I realized he was so handsome when the story got deeper. His personality makes him cute and I was captivated by that. I liked him more when he’s serious and sweet. I wondered what is it like to be kissed by him. Uh-huh? And because he is JI SEONG, he acted so perfectly that he actually made me cry on that part when he left the hospital because of too much discrimination. I can really feel his pain. The emotion he showed had gotten into me. It surely wasn’t a mistake of choosing him to be the Lee Eun Sung.

    Nam Hae Suk (Kim Min Jung). Well I didn’t get to see her in other dramas too but she’s totally good in here. It was actually the first time I appreciated a big-eyed Korean actress. I find her prettiest when she smiles.

    Aside from the main actors, I also admired Professor Lee Sung Jae and Professor Kim Young Hee. These two persons remained loyal to my idol Professor Choi till the end of the story. I liked Professor Kim because of his determination to make Lee Eun Sung a great doctor. And Professor Bae, haha! He gave spice to the drama itself; he was so funny!

    Overall, I find the drama really good. It impressively widened my knowledge. What made it worthwhile was that while I’m entertaining myself, I took down side notes. That way, I won’t be able to forget how they really placed effort in researching. If it weren’t for this drama, I never would have known about such rare conditions like Moyamoya Disease, Marfan Syndrome, Crawford Type 2, Cardiamorphia, Da Vinci Surgery, Behcet’s Disease and the like. Our clinical instructors never taught us that, or even just mention about it. Too bad! And if I were to end this drama, I would want Professor Min Yong Kyu out of his position. He was causing too much trouble in the hospital, compromising the lives of the patients. I mean like, oh man, HE SUCKS. He was too greedy for surgeries and yet he can’t perform a good one. When that grandma died, it pains me much to see Professor Choi that way. I wish Professor Min was sued for medical malpractice and will stay in jail for the rest of his life. Or if I was a bit too harsh, I want him to stay on a third-rate hospital, well at least. Haha! But it was a happy ending after all.

    One month of sleepless nights, wasn’t it too much? But New Heart is just worth the watch. Well, people have different tastes and opinions. I’d like something more educational this time than just plain romantic comedies. When Head Nurse Cho Bok Gil quoted “The heart is like a drug. A lot of people, once they get addicted to it can’t get out of it.”, I knew it right then and there, New Heart’s got me addicted! For those who haven’t watched this drama yet, I hope I had inspired you, people.

    Have a happy new year! =)

  91. 91 : panyangbear Says:

    New Year.

    New Life.

    New Heart.

    i miss Professor Choi already! =)

  92. 92 : Lilian Says:


    u should watch ‘save the last dance for me’ by Ji Seong, u will be crazy over him!!!!

  93. 93 : Lilian Says:

    Actor Ji Seong is considering to be in the new drama “Con Man’s World”.

    It is known that the staff for this new drama has picked Ji Seong as the best actor for the main character, Kim Jeong-woo.

    After the drama “New Heart” he has been getting a lot of cast requests. And “Con Man’s World” is being considered out of the many.

    More news soon to come whether he will be in this drama, or not!

    “Con Man’s World” is by the same Producer for “All In” and will be one of his greatest dramas for next year’s June.

  94. 94 : panyangbear Says:

    To Lilian:

    Yeah, I’m planning to watch Save The Last Dance. Actually i have watched a few episodes of it and Ji Seong there was kinda still young. Haha! But he’s still good in there. i hope i will like the drama all throughout. =)

  95. 95 : Korean Drama Freak Says:

    hi, guys…
    i’m one of the korean drama series freak…
    i have watched many drama, started from Winter Sonata until the latest one in Malaysia, New Heart.
    before this, in Malaysia, we watched 2 out in the 9th Inning…
    for me, the korean drama series are very interesting and very familiar with the audience…

    straight to the point, i love this drama..
    actually, this movie should be watched by medical student, who are want to be a doctor.
    this drama just not story about love, but it story us about friendship and commitment in our carrier..

    last but not lease from me,
    all people should watched this drama…

    ok, if i must rate this drama, i can give infinity of rates…
    i love korean drama and film…

  96. 96 : Korean Drama Freak Says:

    who can help me to download this drama?
    i want to download this drama and other drama….

  97. 97 : mimi16 Says:

    i really gained lots of information here about cardio topics coz im a nursing student here in philppines.. The drama is also good…i watched it for 2 times. u can really learn a lot of things here and the romance is really cutE!

    God bless

  98. 98 : Lilian Says:


    dont stop…keep watching… u won’t regret, I guarantee u 🙂

  99. 99 : lieda Says:

    new heart make me fei great and enjoy. This drama give me a new experiance and give me a great lesson what the actually doctor’s job!

  100. 100 : morie Says:

    if possible, can the SBS team create a part 2 new heart…. =D

  101. 101 : morie Says:

    please create a NewHeart part 2….. =D =D =D

  102. 102 : Sweet Says:

    Good, Very Good, Very.. Very.. Very!! GOOD!! Drama. I recommend that everyone watches this drama. VERY GOOD MORAL MESSAGE w/ comedy included. I Love this Drama!! All the thumbs in the world up for the script writer, being able to thought of such a good story. Love it if there’s New Heart 2 ^_^

  103. 103 : ahn Says:

    a damn series…nice;luvly just like bong dal hee…really love it…

  104. 104 : mb4796 Says:

    very good drama i like it

  105. 105 : gendee Says:

    it is very nice movie .Good luck to they

  106. 106 : gendee Says:

    [email protected]

  107. 107 : cathy Says:

    This is good medical drama , much better than sugeon Bong Dal Hae ,
    all of them acting skill are excellent . Korean actors are always better
    in acting but in this drama , a lead actress as DR Nam is very good in
    her role , pretty realistic and the most important thing is she makes
    me like her character .
    Some of K actresses , pretty , but poor acting skill , usually make us
    dislike their characters .

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  109. 109 : eugene Says:

    An excellent medical drama I have ever watched. I love Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung. Love this drama so much. I just bought the DVD.

  110. 110 : eugene Says:

    Another excellent medical drama. I like Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung. I just bought the DVD. Highly recommend to those who major in medical just like me. Love this drama so much.

  111. 111 : Arai Says:

    Really love this drma.i like jisung here rather than in swallow the sun…highly recommend

  112. 112 : Norme Says:


    Luv the drama..Awesome…. keep fighting. Ji Sung & JJH…Luv you all the way… kamsamida….

  113. 113 : Norme Says:


    Luv Jisung, JJH…awesome performance…keep fighting…Happy 2010..


  114. 114 : Norme Says:


    Luv the drama..awesome performance. Luv Jisung, JJH…keep fighting…


  115. 115 : mike Says:

    awesome,..awefull…..drama…….n i very like it , n please create new heard 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god bless u

  116. 116 : COD Says:

    really love this drama…………………..It’s a GREAT show…………….MUST watch at all costs($$$)!!

  117. 117 : laiza Says:

    hi!!!!!!!! i really love the drama!!!!!!!!!!!good luck dr.nang and dr.lee

  118. 118 : laiza Says:

    hi!11i really love this drama!!!!!

  119. 119 : Hanna Says:

    I love this medical drama!! i want to be a doctor someday… and it really helps me for encouraging myself to be a good doctor!! Every scene is exciting!!!

  120. 120 : kenn Says:

    i like this KD . . .

  121. 121 : Online shopping Says:

    heart sergen must have Patience because they have somebody life in their hands.

  122. 122 : mutiara Says:

    wow, interesting…

  123. 123 : mel Says:

    woow… i wanna watch this movie… sound like interesting…

  124. 124 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it.. i love korean drama..

  125. 125 : korean entertainment lover Says:

    i love this drama, its so awesome
    korean artist news

  126. 126 : korean entertainment lover Says:

    love this

  127. 127 : Wen Says:

    I like all Korean medical drama. Always very real and informative. Of course this one was very good too because my fav actor Ji Sung is in it…lol! The lead actress Kim MJ performed well too.

  128. 128 : sssss Says:

    ji sunggggggggg

  129. 129 : @[email protected] Says:

    i love this drama, because it’s real medical drama. very informative and cahyooooooo……………..

  130. 130 : Nora Says:

    i like it…

    ji sung love you so much…

  131. 131 : thalya Says:

    ji sunnnggg sarangheayo…

  132. 132 : Yuss Says:

    Ji Sung Love U………..

  133. 133 : anna pangilinan Says:

    it was shown here in the philippines but i dont know why they stopped airing it.Ji Sung is one of my fave korean actor. kamsahamda

  134. 134 : Wenny Says:


  135. 135 : Wenny Says:

    I like all Korean medical drama. Always very real and informative. Of course this one was very good too because my fav actor Ji Sung is in it…lol! The lead actress Kim MJ performed well too.

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    dan lucu juga ada tang penting filim ini tidak membosankan………..
    pokok nya saya suka sekali filimnya………

  140. 140 : souk Says:

    i like this movie very much and give alot Knowledge to me

  141. 141 : souk Says:

    it is great movie

  142. 142 : souk Says:

    wow it makes me feel chenge to be a good person

  143. 143 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] New Heart Rating : 4 out of 5 […]

  144. 144 : soak Says:

    who she is the real name kim jiyeon nurse?

  145. 145 : mylz Says:

    …….congratulations for this wonderful and very excellent medical drama!…All the casts are really did their best on their characterization of their role!…….Fighting!

  146. 146 : fennie Says:

    I enjoyed this drama.

  147. 147 : sara Says:

    i love ji sung. saw 4 ep and enjoyed it. i will complete it

  148. 148 : mona liza Says:

    I like the acting of JI SUNG <3 and also JAE HYUN uncle <3…FIGTHING……..

  149. 149 : Klenz Says:

    I already finish this drama. I love this! Lot of Learning! 🙂 And best couple.

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