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Title: 네일샵 파리스 / Nailshop Paris
Chinese Title: 巴黎彩绘美甲店
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network:MBC Dramanet
Broadcast period: 2013-May-03 to 2013-June-28
Air time: Friday 23:00


A romance drama about the pretty boys working around a nail shop.

Hong Yuh Joo (Park Gyu Ri) is a woman, but she disguises herself as a man to work at the nail salon “Paris”, where only pretty men work.


Park Gyu Ri as Hong Yuh Joo
Cheon Doong as Jin
Song Jae Rim as Kay / Kang Jong Hyuk
Jun Ji Hoo as Alex / Kim Ji Hun
Byun Woo Min as Woo Min
Kim Chae Yun as Geum Mi Ryu
Han So Young as Kim Ji Soo
Lee Seung Yub (이승엽) as Hyun Woo
Gil Eun Hye as Mi Hye
Jung So Young as Tae Hee
Yoo Soo In (유수인) as Hee Young
Song Young Kyu as Tae Hee’s Husband
Lee Jung Hyuk
Lee Seung Won as Cheol Min
Baek Chang Min as Dong Ha

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Hong Chul
Producer: Lee Man Oh
Director: Park Soo Chul
ScriptWriter: Sung Min Ji


1st and 2nd episode aired on same day (3/May/2013).


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148 Responses to “Nailshop Paris”

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  1. 101
    dinaz Says:

    Ep6:great episode and another touching story..every story depicted till now are very different and very touching..
    i love the plastic hands which were bendable on which bunny was practising her nail art..this is my 1st time seeing something like that.makes me feel like learning nail art too.. 🙂
    coming to my fav topic KAY.. 🙂 he is the one who deserves bunny coz he loved and cared for her even when he thought she was a guy.i hope the writers wont dissapoint us the kay-bunny fans..

  2. 102
    Teresa1994 Says:

    This drama should b longer 😉 😄😍

  3. 103
    Fullheart Says:

    If this drama was longer I would not watch. Many dramas have too much filler and that draws them out until they are unbearable.

  4. 104
    dinaz Says:

    Ep7: OMG finally kay and bunny kissed.i am so happy.. 🙂 best episode ever..love kay and bunny..

  5. 105
    Napjune Says:


  6. 106
    mini Says:

    OMG when they kissed i just scream so happy.. ahahahaa….

  7. 107
    mini Says:

    @dinaz : agree with u !! super excited….

  8. 108
    dinaz Says:

    @mimi hi 🙂
    hope alex won’t interfere now..u screamed.haha..i kept repeating from the part bunny goes to kay..so wishing kay and bunny 🙂 kay kay kay kay..

  9. 109
    mini Says:

    @dinaz… haaaii…
    me too .. repeat parts of it 🙂

    I like Alex, because he’s an falling angel .. but for a boyfriend I would choose kay .. it’s more challenging. ahahaha ..
    btw,looking at the reviews I was very worried about the next episode, why did alex kissing bunny: (

    however, lets pray the best for kay and bunny …


    nb : anyway i am mini , not mimi :p

  10. 110
    chakyna Says:

    If the writers add Alex into the mix after how many episodes I feel that the drama will get cheesy and will be rushed

  11. 111
    dinaz Says:

    @mini oops typing mistake.. 🙂
    i liked alex in ep1 but after seeing kay’s bad boy charm i like only kay after that..i hate that he is now coming in between kay and bunny who has just started their relationship..stupid alex..
    i too would choose kay over alex..hehe..
    FIGHTING kay and bunny..
    kay all the way 🙂

  12. 112
    may Says:

    I’m in love with this drama for real!! this is the best drama it gave me butterflies while watching!! I cnt help it but laugh when the good scenes!!! I totally adore it!!!!!!! I hope it becomes a hit!!! I love KANNY COUPLE!! OMG I think I become a fan of this screenwriter!!
    I used to hate SJR (cuz of 2ne1’s mv go away) but now I really like him I hope he becomes successful!! I can feel the chemistry btw BUNNY AND KEY!! <3 can't wait for the next ep!!! thumbs up for this drama!!!

  13. 113
    Dou Says:

    I like Key and Alex.i dnt want to choose between them I just want Banny to follow her heart. It’s getting more interesting ouch ouch!!!

  14. 114
    Dou Says:

    Guys u have to consider someone else feeling why try to push bunny?everyone here knows her true feeling and that’s what she must follow.thoungh she is with Kay all she can think about is Alex. She only pity Kay.Bunny all olong with u.press on

  15. 115
    agnesia Says:

    I prefer alex for his charming ang angel’s face… soo cutttttee ^^
    but alex seems lil bit boring, kay is more tough and such as bad boy…
    alex is cute, but not challenging 😀
    I wish they can get along togeter LOL!! two way is awesome !!! xoxoxoxo…

  16. 116
    darna029 Says:

    I think Bunny likes Alex a lot but because of the lady boss that she think have relationship with Alex so she give up liking Alex and since Kay is persistent then she give it a try with him but still she can”t fight her feelings with Alex and it shows…. This is what makes this drama exciting so let us see who’s gonna win… fighting!

  17. 117
    dinaz Says:

    i couldnt watch ep8..i cant watch bunny falling for alex 🙁 🙁
    love u kay..fighting!!

  18. 118
    Agnes Says:

    Oh pls let Kay with Bunny…his love to her is so sweet and selfish-less..

  19. 119
    melani Says:

    kok ndak ada muncul berapa % utk pemutaran episode 1 – 10 ????

    memangnya sudah mulai t ??

  20. 120
    min yong Says:

    i love this drama it’s the best drama ever!!!!!
    bunny you must chose : KAY or ALEX you can’t be two timing
    but please be with KAY he is the best and he loves you so much

  21. 121
    billy Says:

    yes, i like kay for her too.

  22. 122
    Fullheart Says:

    Actually I think that Alex needs her more.

  23. 123
    mini Says:

    haaaaa… now i dont know who with who… just be friend together…

  24. 124
    agnesia Says:

    huaaaaa… ‘ ‘ after saw ep 9 so saaaadd coz its going to an end suddenly!!, writer, why did you made so short ep, that i can’t see Alex’s cute n charming face again hikss hikss 🙁

    Alex’s started to open his feelings for bunny, and told her frankly that he likes her OMG, getting fun, but another ep will be the end.

    I think let Bunny get along together with Alex, have a date and kisses LOL!!
    and after that she can run for Kay xoxoxo 😀 her trully admirer.

  25. 125
    Dou Says:

    After watching a lot of dramas and previous of the next episodes, I have to say, that unfortunately it seams, that she will end up with Key. Unfortunately, because I’m with the Alex team. For me Alex have shown that, his feelings are much more matured than Key’s. And the chemistry between those two. you could just see it from miles away – it just seams natural. I know that Key’s feelings are also “straight forward” but… But it’s not the other way round. Supprisingly, lately script writer take into account comments from viewers and they changing their intentions, to their liking… this time – even though I like Kay a lot – I would be dissapointed. So… Alex – do it right!!!

  26. 126
    -Autumn- Says:

    Alex is good looking, no doubt on that. But in this drama, Kay’s charm and coolness “shines” and cover Alex. Alex is kinda dull in this drama. Bunny, why why why. You already have Kay. So you better fall in love with Kay. Choose Kay! I also hope that Bunny will dress up as a girl in the last episode since everyone knows that she is a girl. No point continued wearing man’s clothes.

  27. 127
    dinaz Says:

    Yipee team kay wins 🙂 the end confused me alot..but be it whatever as long as bunny and kay are together.i m happy 🙂
    song jae rim looking forward to see u in Two weeks 🙂
    love kay till the end the best match for our half gumiho bunny.never did i even once imagine bunny would be a gumiho..hehe..

  28. 128
    wild@ Says:

    i’m not watching it till end, so Bunny + Kay together? I love it…must watch it soon >.<

  29. 129
    MintyStar Says:

    i dont like Alex.. i only like Kei… ya baby….

  30. 130
    ikerr Says:

    Alex good looking, but Kei,………… I can’t deny from my heart at 1st sight

  31. 131
    Shane Says:

    I was dissapointed about the ending its bette, if she ends up with alex, yeah kay is also a nice guy but not a good lover he let bunny to became dependent to him and always guarding her so she has no freedom at all.

  32. 132
    dramafreak Says:

    finished it……bad ending…i don’t mind she is with K or Alex…but the story line is weird….she is a Gumiho…the nail owner is her mum?? hmmm….confusing and such a rush for an ending….(SPOILER + PERSONAL OPPINION)

  33. 133
    JustMyLuck Says:

    I think it’s the most absurd drama I’ve ever watched, just can’t get it, why the story will become reaching dream, or something else similar, but it’s actually connected with gumiho and mistic-thing, just can’t get it,
    I think they should be change the genre and the posters, those are totally not representative the story of the drama…
    but however, I still can appreciate those who’ve made the drama, I still can enjoy the drama with some of the hilarious part….

  34. 134
    Ina Says:

    Hemmmm…. To many stories outside Nails shop.. I just like the actor and actress that way make me keep watch this drama.. But about over all stories sorry I didn’t like it..

  35. 135
    anju Says:

    I don’t like the ending….in 9 episode she had a feeling for alex….but in last episode her feeling get changed…..i think they change the story becuz must of the viewer wanted actress to eng up with kay…………….its ending is just like dream high..i hate it….alex was better ………..

  36. 136
    jolie Says:

    Boring…… 🙁

  37. 137
    mggyisaw@gmail.com Says:

    I hope Alex will appear in good drama

  38. 138
    Mia Says:

    The whole story is pointless. Almost the whole story shows that Alex and Bunny will end up together then suddenly she ended up with Kay. How disappointing. You gave us false hope! It’s not that I don’t like Kay but the plot shouldve been better if they didnt show that Alex was kinda the leading man.

  39. 139
    Beren Says:

    very beautiful story 🙂 and hope to see Song Jae Rim in other dramas as well..

  40. 140
    yuki Says:

    @ Mia , I think you got it wrong. The ending is not like you are describing it.
    Remember, her mother told her that there are 2 types
    of guys : Those who can turn you into a human, and those who can’t.
    And she told her that even though she ends up with a guy who can’t turn her into human, she still has
    Alex, who is half gumiho like her.
    So in conclusion : Bunny Married Kay, and they have a daughter. We learn that Kay didn’t turn her into human, Why?
    because their child (the girl) is also a gumiho. So that means, that Bunny will live with Kay as long as he dies, because he is human,
    and then she will spend the eternety with Alex, because they are half gumihos, and they live forever.
    So the ending is not bad.

  41. 141
    Mr M Says:

    Hello,I think was rather left behind since I just watched the drama.In my view,the drama was interesting,so excitement and of course,I predicted that Alex would be Bunny’s choice however it was Kay.But still,still happy as Bunny’s will remains together with Alex forever as they were destined to be together eternally.That’s the most important part.Yes,there’s a confusion about the relationship between Bunny and Kay.But as we can see that Alex was just satisfied as long as the persons dear to him ;Bunny and Kay can live life happily.Actually,I can just skip to the last episode however when it’s about K-Drama we can somehow can predict what would be the ending.Unfortunately,it wasn’t.But then,the overall drama mood was so cool to sense.Just my opinion,not more than that.It could be different depends on individual.Huhu…K-Drama is the best.

  42. 142
    Han Says:

    in my mind come first, that i expected alex and yuh joo their together in end, but it’s ok with k. 🙂 my heart feels broken when, alex……. 🙂 this drama ^^ amazed me.

  43. 143
    Danika Says:

    Absolutely loved this drama! I am bummed that it was only 10 episodes long! I have to admit, I didn’t see that ending coming, but it does make sense in many ways… I felt so bad for Alex because he was so sweet and caring and I wished he would have ended up happy, yet I am glad Bunny ended up with Kay 🙂 Awesome drama! I know people have been a bit confused by this drama, but I think people are over analyzing it…. Just enjoy it for what it is 🙂

  44. 144
    Danika Says:

    I hope to see Jun Ji Hoo in another cute, romantic k-drama as the lead male, and that he ends up with the girl in the end! 🙂 I liked Song Jae Rim in this drama as well! He is very handsome and is a good actor… I hope he is also the lead in another k-drama as well!

  45. 145
    jemahh Says:

    the ending bunny and kayy .. woaa i like

  46. 146
    wint zarchi myo Says:

    i d’not like alex.but i very like kay. i love kay

  47. 147
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  48. 148
    Nailshop | Health.teslatour.net Says:

    […] » nailshop paris » korean drama – koreandrama.org – all […]

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