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My Woman

Title: 내여자 / My Woman
Also known as: My Lady
Chinese title : 我的女人
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2008-July-26 to 2008-Nov-08
Air time: Saturdays & Sundays 21:40 (9:40 Korean time)


Se Ra is an ambitious woman who discarded her long time boyfriend, Hyun Min, in order to join high society. Though she seems weak, she actually has a great determination to fulfill her dreams. Se Ra betrays Hyun Min in order for her to become successful. This in turn causes Hyun Min to hate Tae Sung. The drama also portrays the #1 export industry.


Park Sol Mi as Yoon Se Ra
Ko Joo Won as Kim Hyun Min
Yoo Tae Woong as Hyun Min (young)
Park Jung Chul as Jang Tae Sung
Choi Yeo Jin as Jang Tae Hee
Chu Sang Mi as Hong Min Ye

Extended Cast

Lee Bo Hee as Ha Shin Ae
Park Jung Soo as Lee Soon Hwa
Jung Han Yong as Jang Joong Han / Chairman Jang
Seol Yoon (설윤) as Jang Tae Ryung
Hwang Gun as Yoon Se Ho
Yum Chul Ho as Park Il Do
Lee Ye Rim as Choi Jin Sun
Lee Jong Rae as Choi Choong Ki

Production Credits

Director: Lee Kwan Hee
Scriptwriters: Lee Hee Woo (이희우) & Sun Kyung Hee (선경희)


Official Site


Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : fee-yui Says:

    wanna know the view rating in korea???

  2. 2 : Ivy Says:

    this drama will start showing on this saturday.

  3. 3 : Nina Says:

    this drama won’t get popularity in Korea

    anyhow, those who wanna the latest information of korean drama

    plz send me e-mail.

    [email protected].

    I wanna be penfal mate for u.

  4. 4 : MEIRAV Says:

    i started to watch the frist two epoisdes and waiting for the rest of it
    it looks good

  5. 5 : Basuha Says:

    Love this drama it like the korean version of Cruel Intenations and very similar to “Say You Love Me” I love Hyun Min charater, strong, gentle , honesty and caring it pains me that he will be hurt but strangely I feel more sorry for Se Ra. She got played by the brother and sister, you know that old saying don’t burn your briidges, it to late for Se Ra when you enter hell everything gets burn (episode 6). Se ra is so stupid to destroy the love she had with Hyun Min. I can’t wait to see how this drama unfold.

  6. 6 : anna marie Says:

    i wish you could upload a little faster because wanting to know what comes after each episode is frustrating.

  7. 7 : R.. Says:

    it does not seem that interesting

  8. 8 : yime Says:

    i like to watch the episodes w/ english subtitle but only 5episodes are uploaded with such subtitle

  9. 9 : samia Says:

    yes ,its really frustrasting. uploading is so slow! whoever is doing english subs, please more episod

  10. 10 : kdrama fan Says:

    I find this drama to ramble on at times. The script is not very tight. Actors are OK, however. Park Sol-Mi really has Angela Jolie lips. lol.

    Funny that Choi Yeo Jin’s character does not want to manage her fathers hotel business, but according to her bio, she’s a Hotel Management graduate from a Toronto college in real life.

  11. 11 : weeeee Says:

    So, what drama followed My Woman in Korea, since this ended Oct. 5th? The “what’s showing now” list has not been updated yet.

  12. 12 : admin Says:

    this drama has been extended to 24 episode and last episode will be shown on 8 Nov 2008

  13. 13 : weeeee Says:

    oh, that’s sad! I was hoping that 16 ep. was enough, but now it’s going to 24! How on earth are they going to stretch this thin plot out that far. I guess they can build another ship. lol. Oh well, I suppose I can take Park Sol-mi for a bit longer, it’s Choi Yo Jin thats getting on my nerves. lol. Thanks anyway, admin.

  14. 14 : babababa Says:

    This drama is getting predictable, and we can now see where the story will end up. Wish it didn’t drag things out so much. And what’s up with the shipbuilding company presidents grey hair? And can the rich family live in a bigger house? It’s huge… lol… no wonder nobody wants to move out…. hahaha get on with it already!

  15. 15 : weeeee Says:

    OK, this drama is finally done. Any idea what the next Sat/Sun drama is?

  16. 16 : abcdefgh Says:

    i just want to know where to watch the episodes of My Woman. Any websites?

    thank you

  17. 17 : ivy Says:


  18. 18 : novie Says:

    I have to watch all this episode but i don’t like character park so mil play, cuz it’s too ambition and she broken off her relatioship with koh jo won.

  19. 19 : Basuha Says:

    What can I say about My Woman? It was differently not the typical Korean drama. But the one thing that would never change is the incorrect synopsis of these dramas to state that Se Ra was ambitious and she seems weak is completely false.

    Se ra was very strong and determine woman, she wanted to get out the terrible middle class life how awful “middle class”. Tae sung and Tae Hee consider her human existence the same as trash, her feeling was not important she was use like a toy for they enjoyment. They thought she was beneath them due to her status in society and Se-ra confirm they opinion of her with her own sinful actions.

    I have read some review (aznv-addict) that stated Se-ra loved Hyun-min as a brother and Tae Sung make her heart flutter. I don’t believe the too be the case at all. I think Se Ra love Hyun min as a man, but he wasn’t able to give her want she needed to make her heart flutter and that was status, power, and fortune. If any thing I don’t think Hyun Min loved Se Ra whole heartily. I base that opinion on the fact he couldn’t tell her he love her in Korean. Se-Ra knew that Hyun Min didn’t love deeply but he care about her endless in reality that is more important. Love ends, fades and dies but it hard for humans to stop caring.

    Se-ra, betrayal will always be her greatest sin that will differently be carried over in her next life. This drama reminds me a lot of cruel intentions. In the end Se- Ra will realize having good sex is great but that not what forever is build is on. Everlasting love is built on Respect, communication, compromise, and trust. Se-ra is a bad person, because she was well aware what her action would do to Hyun Min, his mother, her brother and sister-in-law. Se –Ra always thought about herself first, but try to justify her actions for the better good of her brother and sister-in law.

    The punishment for her greed will not be instantaneous. When she afraid she will “not” be comforted with sincere words, when she happy it would “not” be enjoy by her partner because the man she chose is so deeply scared that is whole existence is too be miserable and make other miserable. When she sad she will “not” have someone that understand her. The irony of this whole drama is that Se-ra put herself first then married a man that put himself first. (Reap what you sow)

    Hyun Min is someone to feel sadness for but not to be pity, Tae Hee loves him sincerely and in time he would grown to love her because Tae Hee will show Hyun Min that being at his side is her “status” , Love is the greatest “power” and “fortune” is HYUN MIN because a man with his depth is priceless!

    I really enjoyed this drama it had a lot of twisted and turn, but it did lack detail. I got the feeling the writer wanted us to believe she really fell in love with Tae Jung and she didn’t really love Hun Min as a man but as a brother but they fail to make me believe anything other then Se-ra being an “Gold Digger”. In the 24 episode she stayed by Tae Jung side, support him even was thick skinned to asks Hyun Min to die for her (asking Hyun Bin not to work ) but all that just reinforces she didn’t want Tae Jung to lose, because it would mean she will be back where she started from.

    It lack consistency Hyun Min from the being stay true to his feelings about Tae Hee and come to term with the kind of person Se-Ra really is with maturity, but just like all Korean drama they want to make a happy ending even when it not appropriated. He really shouldn’t have been with Tae Hee at the end especially since he starts to have feeling for the older lady, and I can see them being happy! I didn’t think it human possible to be friends with someone who didn’t just betrayal you, but ask you to die for her and her new love (when it comes to him working again). Hyun Min let Se-ra go gracefully that they should never have to meet again but in the end they are working side by side smiling at each other! WHAT THE _ UCK!

    Finally my last negative comment the skin ship, the director wasn’t skill enough to understand the major reasons behind Se-ra betrayal was the feeling that Tae Jung brought out in her sexually so if anything those scene should have be natural. If they couldn’t perform those scene correctly they shouldn’t have attempt to do them. It would have been better to the close mouth kiss for 2 minutes then to have the viewer go there the stiff love scene. Never the less still a good Drama!

  20. 20 : Cambria Says:

    I finished watching ep 20, still have the last 4 to go. This drama is quite instructive, since a lot can be learned about shipbuilding business. Handsome actors and actresses with good acting skills.

    Park Sol Mi portrays SeRa, an ambitious woman, since everything she does is geared toward securing her “pot of gold”. Scary character. Her husband Tea Jung, the billionaire shipbuilder’s son, is no less scary, the only important things to him are power and money.

    The only appealing character is Huyn Min, an honest, straightforward and gentle ship designer. I am curious to see if he can handle the heartless and very cunning SeRa.

  21. 21 : meirav Says:

    u can watch it on dramacrazy.net

  22. 22 : chloe Says:

    I am happy i was able to see this drama, but i feel also regret to have wasted my time watching to the ending I DONT REALLY LIKE!

    I agree when Basuha says “just for a happy ending..” YES! i dont think it is logical for Hyun Min and Sera smiling at each other at work place on ep.24, nor the fact Hyun Min was presumed (or was the viewers were lead to believe) is becoming in love with Tae-hee ( please not this! considering she was the evil woman that initiates the break up of Sera and Hyun Min)

    I prefer the ending to be that of while Hyun Min to enrich his skills/talent on ship designing, was on an educational tour (sponsored by his benefactor, Pres. Hong). There he met a nice lady, and after 2-3 years of dating they got married to each other..

  23. 23 : Cambria Says:

    Thanks meirav for letting me know about dramacrazy.net. I just finished watching My Woman on it.

    This drama is way too long, it should have ended by the 20th ep. But it dragged on and on, and finally lost all appeal. Even Hyun Min who started out as a particularly nice character, ended up looking like a loser with amnesia, considering all the hurt he suffered in the beginning.

    In the end, the only character who stood out for her strong and fair personality is Ms. Hong.

    I did not like the ending. Too sugary, not at all logical with what characterized the drama, wickedness in its true sense.

  24. 24 : kdrama addict Says:

    I love this drama, it’s about the rich and famous and how they still stay true to their family. The old shipping magnate (dongjin’s chairman) is kind hearted, like accepting se-ra a commoner to marry his son (unlike other dramas which disallow marriage that is not compatible). Tae Jung is my favourite character. Park Jung Chul brings out the character of tae jung very well – naughty, unscrupulous, intelligent, yet sexy, charismatic and warm as a family man. Hyun Ming on the other hand has consistently portrayed the character of a young, determined, honest man very well.

    I like the plots and characters and the male actors, especially Tae Jung.

  25. 25 : veve Says:

    The drama was not bad, but something was missing to complete the story. Hyun Ming a very honest man, but no affection at all. He was not in love but was lonely! For me he should not be with Jang Tae Sung. Yon Se Ra knew what she wanted and managed to put the family together. Growing up as an orphan, she knew the value of a family and she did well. I loved her character. But do not think she was in love with Hyun Min.

    Not bad, very informative in regards with relationships (family members).

  26. 26 : yovita Says:

    The worst korean drama i’ve ever watched..
    I prefer Hyung Min with Hong Min Ye than Tae Hee

  27. 27 : Madonna Says:

    I really hate yon sera. I don’t like her at all! I like Hyun min with either tae hee or hong min ye.

    Yon sera got a really annoying face!!!

  28. 28 : Madonna Says:

    And i am not really impress with the story.

  29. 29 : karlene Says:

    I watch only four parts of this dram.I really detest sera,but i like hyun min.

    Can Someone Pls tell me the end of the drama?

  30. 30 : deanaz Says:

    i’m agree with yovita, this is the worst drama i ever watch too. I’ve been watched until eps 12 and after see all comment for this drama maybe wasting my time to wacth it until the end. I love Hyun Min but he will end up with amnesia it’s not a good ending.

  31. 31 : deanaz Says:

    And maybe this is the worst caracter for the woman lead actrees. Yon Sera is annoying person, hate her so much..

  32. 32 : eugene Says:

    OMG! I really hate everyone in this drama except Hyun Min. I hate those two Tae Hee and Tae Sung because of them then Hyun Min’s life and love were ruined. One thing that I really disappointed in Se Ra. I don’t understand how could she do that? I don’t understand how could she marry Tae Sung while Hyun Min was in jail?The more i’m watching it the more I’m getting angry at those people. I hate the ending of this drama. I felt more pitiful for Hyun Min because Se ra betrayed him and he was in jail and his mom died. The scene that i could not forget in ep 1 is when Se Ra wants Hyun Min says I LOVE YOU to her and he said it in different languages but when she wants him to say it in Korean then he said “There is a feeling deeply in my heart, a few word cannot express how I feel” I felt touch at that moment. Se Ra, why did not you choose Hyun Min?

  33. 33 : liverpool Says:

    I LIKE ko jo-won at his drama hope all actress at this drama read what did i say i love KOREA now this film playing at BRUNEI can i have your all email?

  34. 34 : coco Says:

    anyone knw the title of the ending song?really luv it..

  35. 35 : Bathroom radiators Says:

    Thanks for posting this, lifted my day.

  36. 36 : diefan Says:

    I liked it a lot. Refreshing!

    It was suprisingly good series. Its different story alright, the setting, the script/dialogue is what rich people should say. I thought Actors were good.
    I can understand some people here are disappointed watching it but if you watch it again you’ll understand what they trying to tell and what the story is about.

  37. 37 : avid fan Says:

    coco Says:

    November 9th, 2009 at 12:49 pm
    anyone knw the title of the ending song?really luv it..

    I was wondering that too.. that name of the ending song. Anyone knows???!

  38. 38 : Jamie Tank Says:

    Important info on the subject of fashions definitely concerned me personally. The actual story, » My Woman » Korean Drama, helps make a couple of totally intriguing on top of that up to date advice.

  39. 39 : Bayles Says:

    My neighbor was full of joy when reading this line on your blog “… Cast Lee Bo Hee as Ha Shin Ae
    Park Jung Soo as Lee Soon Hwa
    Jung Han Yong as Jang Joong Han / Chairman …
    ” it gets me look more intelligent after understanding it.

  40. 40 : mutiara Says:

    was the story good?

  41. 41 : mel Says:

    i want to watch this…

  42. 42 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  43. 43 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it..

  44. 44 : hina kahina Says:

    i am kahina from algeria i think that my lady is the worst drama i ‘ve ever watched

  45. 45 : yuli Says:

    I really hate drama.
    But I’d hate tae hee and Taesung. More than that, I really hate Sera.
    I do not believe it was as bad as they are human.
    Google Terjemahan untuk Bisnis:Perangkat Penerjemah

  46. 46 : Irene Says:

    I agree with Yovita. I prefer Hyun min ended up with Hong min ye than Jang Tae Hee. How come Hyun min ended up with the sister of his own rival? It doesn’t make any sense. The story was quite good and interesting in the early episodes but really bad in the end.

  47. 47 : Lottye Says:

    I suppose there really are women like Sa Ra. Hyun Min was a great character in this movie. Felt much sympathy for him.

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