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My Sweet Seoul

Title: 달콤한 나의 도시 / My Sweet Seoul
Also known as: My Bittersweet City / My Sweet City
Chinese title : 我的甜蜜都市
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-June-06 to 2008-August-01
Air time: Fridays 20:55 (2 episodes back-to-back)


The drama will be about the love life of an old maid, Oh Eun Joo. She has been working at a book publishing company for seven years. Eun Joo forms a love triangle with Tae Woo and Young Soo. Tae Woo is younger than Eun Joo by seven years and Young Soo is an ordinary office worker.


Choi Kang Hee as Oh Eun Soo
Ji Hyun Woo as Yoon Tae Oh
Lee Sun Gyun as Kim Young Soo / Yoo Tae Kyung

Extended Cast

Moon Jung Hee as Nam Yoo Hee
Jin Jae Young as Han Jae In / Jane
Kim Young Jae as Nam Yoo Joon
Yoon Hee Suk as Huh Chan Seok (Yoo Hee’s first love)
Lee Ho Jae as Eun Soo’s father
Kim Hye Ok as Eun Soo’s mother
Lee Jung Gil as Eun Soo’s mother’s boyfriend
Hong Sung Bo as Eun Soo’s brother
Im Hyung Kook as Photographer Yoon
Lee Han Wie as Director Ahn
Oh Na Ra as Ms. Jang
Min Bok Ki as Mr. Hwang
Jung Bo Hoon as Kim Myung Jin

Production Credits

Original Work: Novel by Jung Yi Hyun
Director: Park Heung Sik (박흥식)
Screenwriter: Song Hye Jin

Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : devin Says:

    well it doesn’t sound too great. like they said, it’s a “love triangle”…ugh when i hear those words, i just wanna hurl, though they’re still quite entertaining. but i do like the age differance between the actors. hopefully this “old maid” as they refer to, has grown past the whole “i’ll cry a lot and will let you go” phases of typical dramas.

  2. 2 : Jane Says:

    I will give it a try!

  3. 3 : Basuha Says:

    I’m looking foreward to this drama, I like the actress she from Sweet Bun and I like the younger actor also. I not a great fan of love triangle, but if the girl make a stand and not waiver from her true love, then I’m all for it. I love the cover that dress and her hair is great!

  4. 4 : imurfren Says:

    can any1 send me the link to watch dis drama wid eng sub when it comes.
    u can email me in [email protected]

  5. 5 : Parker Says:

    The first two episodes were HOT! Love the intimacy between the two main characters and the chemistry is unbelievable. Can’t, wait to complete this drama.

  6. 6 : McJayJay Says:

    is anyone going to sub this?!?!?!
    i REALLY want to watch this =(

  7. 7 : Catherine Says:

    @[email protected]

    Wow, when I saw Ji Hyun Woo on the poster, I knew it was him. God! I want to see K-drama so badly! Please have it subbed and soon! >_

  8. 8 : imurfren Says:

    i want to watch dis coz i dun
    have any good draMAS to watch…….
    can u plz send me the links to watch dis with eng sub……..
    [email protected]

  9. 9 : mary Says:

    Just caught the first two episodes and 😀 it was pretty darn good, I hope the rest of the series is just as good as the beginning

  10. 10 : SARiNA Says:

    Hmmm… Where can i go watch this at?

  11. 11 : SARiNA Says:

    can u please send me the links to watch dis with eng sub on [email protected]

  12. 12 : Lisa Says:

    I can’t wait to watch this drama soon

  13. 13 : zel Says:

    sounds like dalja’s spring…

  14. 14 : jay Says:

    coul u please send me the links to watch this
    [email protected]

  15. 15 : Benny Says:

    just found out about this drama, lookz good, really wen to give it a try… plz email me wen u find out the eng subz…thanx ma korean frendz

  16. 16 : kattie kim Says:


  17. 17 : shawn Says:

    My Sweet City ( AKA my sweet Seoul ) is available with English subtitle at http://www.kimook.com , free shipping.

    Enjoy guys.

  18. 18 : pineapple princess Says:

    I love this drama! It’s really funny but also can get a bit emotional at times. Still, I’m happy I stumbled upon it. After watching My Lovely Sam Soon, I didn’t think I’d come across another dramedy like that again. I was wrong. What’s not to like? I hope you guys’ll appreciate it as much as I do.


  19. 19 : Anna Says:

    this series is a MUST-WATCH, it’s not like Dalja’s Spring which was a bit raggety-brash plotwise. My Sweet Seoul is a lot more polished. It’s sentimental, sweet and human. Don’t expect your typical girl meets boy or love triangle theme. Actually, I didn’t feel much of a love triangle in this series, well none of that stupid two guys fighting their lives over the one girl, ending in a big tangle of emotions and tears sort of thing. The ‘love triangle’ (if there is any) in My Sweet Seoul, is quite real and touching. TOTALLY LOVED THIS SERIES!! ONE OF MY FAVORITES FOR SURE!!

  20. 20 : Anna Says:

    and might I just add, Ji Hyun Woo is one AWESOME actor!!

  21. 21 : a man of parts Says:

    Well, thank God. I don’t wanna ruin anything for anyone who hasn’t seen this yet, but I think it ended the way it should have. That guy was soooooo needy…in any case, great drama…really hard not to fall for Eun Soo, she’s really cute in this. It’s not quite Sam Soon or Goong, but entertaining and worth watching until the subs are up for When Its At Night.

  22. 22 : Sally Choo Says:

    Very good drama !!!
    I think this drama is very much different compare to the other Korean drama that I had watched. I love all the charactors as well, everyone is cute in their own way.

  23. 23 : orihim Says:

    Just finished watching this drama. Can any one please explain to me why Young Soo (Tae Kyung) has to go into hiding towards the end? Why the meeting with Eun Soo on the train where he reveal to her of his past need to be so secretive? I don’t think he is hiding from the law, because he has already done time for the friend’s death, and he has been living pretty openly using the name of Young Soo. Is he hiding from the REAL Young Soo? What is there to be so afraid of? The guy only wants to switch back to his real identity. Isn’t that better for all concerned?

  24. 24 : eunyoung Says:

    the drama was actually really cute and funny. i liked it, and all the characters was really cute.

  25. 25 : airliebird58 Says:

    I’ve just finished this series and quite enjoyed it. I liked all the characters and it was a nice change to see characters go from one relationship to another like you do in real life, and not have all the drama of one guy fighting another for the hand of the fair maiden (although that can be fun too!) It’s quite a slowly paced series, in fact I took a break from watching it half way through then went back to it. I’m glad I did.

  26. 26 : paul Says:

    aim Paul of nueva ecija i really like this drama but the problem is hard to understand can you translate in English…. tn x.. 09169363184 any one…. oops buy the way i practice to speak Korean language hehehehehehehehe…. annyong haseo

  27. 27 : mentally-korean Says:

    does anyone have download links for this show?
    contact: [email protected] thnx !!!

  28. 28 : marites gerona Says:

    this drama sucks. not good at all.

  29. 29 : korean lovers Says:

    anybody can tell me what happened at the end of this story. I started up to CD 5 and to be continued……

  30. 30 : korean lovers Says:

    anybody can tell me how’s the ending of this series. i started up to CD 5 and will continue…….

  31. 31 : ayudonny Says:

    well’ this is quite good at the beginning. love the scenes about the girl and her young lovingly guy… i really want them to go all the way to the end, but…. I must say, the ending is so not what i expected…

  32. 32 : beebie Says:

    i have many question while watcing this series..that is a korea’s culture why still fear lady to be oldmaid..why they rush her to get marry earliest..however,i love this series since i have watched in ep.1..dun know how everyone are thinking wiz it but i can guarantee that it doesn’t make you to regret after watched

  33. 33 : Your mom Says:

    I read this novel and so am now finally watching the series. After reading the book, I’m surprised they made it a drama at all–it’s a totally non-romantic ending in the book. I am anxious to see what they changed to make this something that they thought they could sell as a drama.

  34. 34 : deanaz Says:

    i’ve finished watching this drama….and it’s fun…….but still not one of my fav drama. is Tae Kyung en eun soo start from begining and being together again in the end???

  35. 35 : H Says:

    I loved it, found it a bit different from the usual Kdrama.

  36. 36 : vic Says:

    this is an amazing drama !!! one of the best ever made (and boy,i’ve seen a lot). there are some original things in this drama that i haven’t seen in any other dramas.

    ps. omg there is this spooky scene in ep.5 !

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  38. 38 : Luna Says:

    Looks like it’s a good drama. I liked the first episode and will keep watching it.

  39. 39 : mutiara Says:

    It seems very interesting… i wanna watch it..

  40. 40 : nining Says:

    love eun joooo,,,,, :p

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  43. 43 : mehran Says:

    Pope I dont like it

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  46. 46 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Older Sister My Precious Child حليو   My Princess My Sister’s March My Sweetheart My Darling My Sweet Seoul My Woman N New Heart New Tales of Gisaeng New Wise Mother, Good Wife Next Nine Tailed Fox O […]

  47. 47 : pc repair Says:

    This sounds like a good synopsis. But I still don’t like how the young woman is in a rush to marry somebody. Maybe that’s just the difference between Eastern and Western culture.

  48. 48 : wilma Says:

    First thing First I like the animation part,but i hoped that it is consistent like before the usual series starts the animation is covering the first part,but here it is not consistent….

    Second, the background musics are superb,like it so much…..
    I like the cast, love them as always…

    The story is excellent,a feel good story not complicated like the other series that have killings,hurtings or hard core drama,also its unpredictable: like I thought that Tae oh and Eun soo will end up together because they did everything, i mean even to the point that they make love!!!! hhahahah…and honestly I like there chemistry…most especially on the first episodes my gosh it so SWEET and more kisses too,first time that have a lot of kisses haha…

    I like also the valuebility of friendship in here,thats when also i missed my friends Huhu!!!!!

    aja aja fighting c: ♥

  49. 49 : mylz Says:

    Just finished the 1st four episode…looks good esp thier initial beginnings of thier love story (Choi Kang Hee as Oh Eun Soo and Ji Hyun Woo as Yoon Tae Oh) Kdrama seldom done lots of kisses and things like that….its sweet watching those things! excited to finish all the episodes …hope its gonna be a happy ending…

  50. 50 : vivaldi Says:

    is tis drama nice ????

  51. 51 : Goo Na-ri Says:

    looking forward to watch this .. i think this series is nice. :)) aja !!!

  52. 52 : Leia Says:

    Kang hee is the best!!! Like your acting in protect the boss… Im gonna watch this too… 😀

  53. 53 : junior Says:

    to be running off the screen in Ie.

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