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My Secret Hotel

My Secret Hotel 04

Title: 마이 시크릿 호텔 / My Secret Hotel
Chinese Title: 我的秘密饭店
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Mystery
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2014-Aug-18 to 2014-Oct-14
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00


This is a romantic mystery drama that will depict a murder and a romance story taking place in a luxury hotel.

Nam Sang Hyo (Yoo In Na) is the manager for the wedding department of a hotel. She is a perfectionist with a bright personality. She meets her ex-husband Goo Hae Young (Jin Yi Han) as a client at the hotel. Sang Hyo and Hae Young were in love and married 7 years ago, but they divorced less than 100 days later. A murder case in the hotel gets in the way of the wedding and throws the characters into unexpected situations.

Meanwhile, Jo Sung Gyum (Nam Goong Min) is the management director of the hotel and Sang Hyo’s boss. The murder case that brings about a crisis at the hotel is related with his personal history. He is in a love triangle with Sang Hyo and Eun Joo (Lee Young Eun). Eun Joo works as public relations manager for the hotel. She is ambitious with her work career.


Main cast

Yoo In Na as Nam Sang Hyo (The Secret Hotel’s wedding planing manager)
Nam Goong Min as Jo Sung Gyum (The Secret Hotel’s managing director)
Jin Yi Han as Goo Hae Young (Sang Hyo’s ex-husband)

People around Nam Sang Hyo

Choi Jung Woo as Lee Moo Yang (The Secret Hotel’s general manager)
Uhm Soo Jung as Yang Gyung Hee (The Secret Hotel’s wedding planing chief)
Kim Bo Mi as Heo Young Mi (The Secret Hotel’s wedding planing staff)
Choi Tae Hwan as Jang Ki Chul (The Secret Hotel’s staff)

People around Jo Sung Gyum

Lee Young Eun as Yeo Eun Joo (The Secret Hotel’s PR manager)
Go Yoon Hoo as Cha Dong Min (The Secret Hotel’s security team leader)
Lee Kwan Hoon as Simon (Sung Gyum’s secretary)

People around Goo Hae Young

Ha Yun Joo as Jung Soo Ah (Hae Young’s fiance)
Choi Jung Won as Yoo Shi Chan (architects)
Hwang So Hee as Joo Jung Eun (magazines reporter)
Kim Jae Seung as Kim Ki Ho (Soo Ah’s bodyguard and driver)

Police Officers

Ahn Kil Kang as Kim Geum Bo (police team leader)
Hwang Choon Ha as Detective Lee


Kim Byung Choon as Hwang Dong Bae
Ha Soo Ho as Soo Ho
Kim Dong Gyoon as Kim Soo Bok
Ahn Bo Hyun
Yoo Jung Rae


Cha Hwa Yun
Hong Suk Chun
Lee Joo Shil
Hong Jin Young as strange woman

Production Credits

Production Company: Verdi Media (베르디미디어)
Director: Hong Jong Chan
Screenwriter: Kim Ye Ri (ep.1-4), Kim Do Hyun (ep.5-16)


Episode 1 to 4 was written by Screenwriter Kim Ye Ri. However, she died of cancer on 2014-March-29. Therefore, Kim Do Hyun will take this position from episode 5 to 16.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2014-08-18 1 0.96
2014-08-19 2 1.36
2014-08-25 3 1.00
2014-08-26 4 0.92
2014-09-01 5 1.083
2014-09-02 6 0.795
2014-09-15 7 1.193
2014-09-16 8 0.824
2014-09-22 9 0.724
2014-09-23 10 0.744
2014-09-29 11 0.676
2014-09-30 12 0.617
2014-10-06 13 0.741
2014-10-07 14 0.835
2014-10-13 15 0.595
2014-10-14 16 0.765

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : nana Says:

    unusual storyline ..hope it’s good

  2. 2 : maknaee Says:

    Looking forward for this drama!

    R.I.P Kim Ye Ri writter-nim </3
    Fingers crossed this drama will be an interesting one. No doubt for the casts and I believe in this team. TVN, daebak haja!

  3. 3 : Hannah Says:

    sounds promising.

  4. 4 : Taiwofash Says:

    It about time we watch something refreshing and combine.

  5. 5 : Micc Says:

    Yes, Nam Goong Min! I hope you have better luck this time, unlike in Wild Chive and Soy Bean Soup.

  6. 6 : ahdeen than Says:

    Anticipating~~ tvN drama always good..

  7. 7 : lavander Says:

    What happen to yo in nas face she undergo surgery???

  8. 8 : YOO IN NA Says:


  9. 9 : asdfsdadf Says:

    Yoo In Na <3 can't wait for this drama!!!!

  10. 10 : Lmfao Says:

    what happened to yoo in na’s eye in the picture? her face look strange right now. sesanghe. but anyways i love her acting in Qihman. <3

  11. 11 : Dlcne Says:

    omg tal tal is back! Definitely gonna watch this!!

  12. 12 : Jang nara Says:

    More update of this please!!!!! More teasers!! Im going crazy.. Ughhh! :((( Yoo In Na and Jin Yi Han shipper here. :”””)

  13. 13 : Regine choi Says:

    who’s the OTP?? taltal and inna plzzz. <3

  14. 14 : [email protected] Says:

    go TALTAL go!!

  15. 15 : usa-mary Says:

    My sincere condolences to writer Kim Ye Ri’s family for their loss.

    I look forward to watching this drama.

  16. 16 : hankgyu Says:

    dont tell me one of the hottest actress in korea will have a love story with nam gong min??
    i really hope not it would ruin this whole drama! i am sorry i like him at we got married but hes not good enough for a male first lead role in romance storys

  17. 17 : Brooke Says:

    Great episodes of first 2 episodes and I’m hooked already. Amazing chemistry for our OTP in this drama: YIN and JYH. Can’t wait for next episodes.

  18. 18 : Mary Says:

    Liking ep 1 & 2! First time seeing the two male leads. Hope it’s fast paced throughout the whole series. 😃

  19. 19 : Micc Says:

    The Secret Hotel. Anybody see any guests in the hotel? I only saw staff walking back and forth. That’s secret alright.

  20. 20 : Dic's Says:

    Good start, I expect the story is not the same as other drama before ( cunning single lady n emergency couple ), although I liked the main character Tal-tal, but I prefer a story that gives a new color because it feels the same with drama before that still around in my head… Good luck..

  21. 21 : Metz Juele Says:

    So far I like the story as of now and the cast are are good hope it will be a good ending

  22. 22 : WSW Says:

    Episode 3 a bit confusing for me, did HY commit the murder? If he does, isnt it a bit extreme just to kill someone for knowing he is married to SH. I hope there is more than meet the eye or else it wont be a happy ending for HY and SH.

  23. 23 : didie Says:

    Interesting and eager to found out what is happening on the murder case and the love story .. can`t wait for the next episode..

  24. 24 : Min Says:

    The show is very good. Chemistry between YIN and JYH is very good… NGM was good in Unemployed Romance…

  25. 25 : she Says:

    looking forward for this new drama…

  26. 26 : yerike Says:

    Can’t wait for the next episodes!!! The drama is really exciting!!!

  27. 27 : Mi Mi Says:


  28. 28 : es Says:

    This is a good drama…secret hotel fighting!

  29. 29 : plain Says:

    I just want to say this,this drama seem to be nowhere,I hate when a woman make her husband chose weather he likes it not,SH contently make a big mistake by not be considerate after her husband witness other man mishandling her,no man can understand that,and the best solution was to look for other job for her,she made it clean clear that her job comes first before anything else including the man she claim to love,I am a woman, a true woman don’t do that,especially if you have any respect for your husband.

  30. 30 : one true woman Says:

    dear plain, disliking a behavior is one thing, it’s another thing to justify that dislike by asserting your beliefs on other “true women”. your comments seem gender-biased; it would perhaps have been better if you had just said that spouses should respect one another. i presume you would be likewise agitated if that behavior was switched, ie husband acting that way, so let’s go gentle on the expectations of a “true woman”?

  31. 31 : sunshine Says:

    wow amazing drama.

    good job yoo in na.

  32. 32 : Connie Says:

    It’s a fun drama. I like watching Yoo In Na. She is so adorable especially with the Managing Director. They look good together. Keep it up!!!

  33. 33 : mml Says:

    It’s not a comedy drama, the person who murdered and caused the death of Jo Sung Gyum’s father was this guy whereby this actor his real name is Choi Jung Woo. And I really don’t know what’s his real motive of killing Jo Sung Gyum’s father. And am really getting curious on whether can Sang Hyo find back her love and what’s happening with this triangle love between Sang Hyo , Jo Sung Gyum and Eun Joo ? And I really hope that Sang Hyo can re-unite with Koo Hae Young upon finding the truth about the murderer ? In fact, Sang Hyo and Hae Young shouldn’t have divorced, the fault was due to the murder case occurred at the wedding scene that resulted their divorced. If, there is true and sincere love, Hae Young should re-consider to want back his ex-wife Sang Hyo and formed a romantic loving drama for viewers.

  34. 34 : Shinigami Light Says:

    Hey, guys! Are episodes 7 & 8 delayed to next week due to Chuseok?

  35. 35 : DramaDrama Says:

    This is definitely a romantic comedy wrapped in a drama! A great plot that keeps you guessing! I like all the characters from the ex-husband and wife to the stalker blogger. So many hot leads, 2nd leads, 3rd leads and extras! The hotel is eye candy central!

  36. 36 : maknaee Says:

    @Shinigami Light yesss

  37. 37 : g14 Says:

    can you tell me how i can download this drama??
    I’curious but i don’t know to get this drama…

  38. 38 : Lily Says:

    Can pls upload the ep 6 and 7 fast. Thanks.

  39. 39 : Lily Says:

    Sorry, should be ep 7 and 8, .. Thanks

  40. 40 : i love JYH Says:

    Hi guys…..i really am confused! Who is the lead role for the male artist.


  41. 41 : lucyelena Says:

    Definitivamente me encanta este dorama, sus actores son magnificos y el trama muy interesante, por esto difiero de quienes lo han criticado, sigan con entusiasmo que lo estan haciendo perfecto

  42. 42 : twinkle Says:

    You can see it in ….. good drama… in eng sub

  43. 43 : Micc Says:

    Although I haven’t watched We Are Married. But that’s a funny touch in episode 7.

  44. 44 : Diyan Says:

    Like like like….
    I hope happy end… NSH & KHY….

  45. 45 : bird Says:

    @i love JYH- i think the ex couple is the lead role of this drama.

  46. 46 : tagalog Says:

    i dont like the girl in this story ..maarte ..so copy cut in this story…iba lang ng channel..

  47. 47 : jinci Says:

    Wow Yoo in na is actually a good actress!!!!!

  48. 48 : Nita Says:

    Love this drama. Love the entire case. Keep up the good work

  49. 49 : aim Says:

    Episode9 was so unbearable for me to watch I skip all most the whole episode,the episode leave me with sad face,sometime one wonder why Korean writer always lose ideas in the middle of a drama to write nonsense story for someone to watch,common,SH character is very immature here,no woman with respect and decent manner will do what her character is doing.You just got married,what about respecting the man you just got married to,settle things first before deciding what next to do,jumping kissing other man at same time you are wearing other man’s ring ,while?while will you disrespect a man who deeply cares for you like that?now people may say,she got married just to keep her job and the hotel image,if that is the case I hope she end up alone with the hotel.SH look like a woman who is unstable,who does not know what she want,who is playing with two men heart at same time making them miserable,which is uncalled for.

    I want HY to move on,is too much to see him trying to get the woman he love back,but the woman keep torturing him with her bad attitude including hitting him all the time,which I call abuse.I don’t know while a man will love this kind of a woman who is always abusing him.

    Korean writer always have this ridiculous idea to write two men loving one woman,the drama have no base at all,it goes round and round till ridiculous ending,my guess this writer is out of ideas too,he or she does not know what to write next,just making the SH character look stupid.

  50. 50 : 214 Says:

    i was disappointed too!i am hoping that the kissing scene part was just the imagination or the husband.if not,i will stop watching this silly story.sigh…

  51. 51 : plain Says:

    @AIM,after reading your comments, I feel the need to say something,SH character here is like the one in WHEN A MAN LOVES”kissing two men at once,not stable at all,the annoying thing about this writer is you just can’t have one woman messing around with two men,you have to write your story clear to which one she loves,if she no longer loves her ex husband then make the man move on,there is no need giving the viewers mix signal if this writer has no plans bringing them together,then no need for this writer to make HY look so sympathetic to SH and SG relationship,SH is abusing HY love for her.one hint the writer gave us earlier episode why they break up their married was the incident in the hotel were her husband watched other man hitting on her plus when she rebuke the man he started mishandle her with HY standing there with flower in his hand watching what is going on,and when they got home he ask SH to seek other job she said no,that is a woman who has a husband?she has shown to love her hotel job above her husband that is why @aim I myself hope she end up with her hotel.

    This drama just remind me when a man loves.

  52. 52 : @odds Says:

    I am really disappointed in the writers. This started out as a good drama, but after seeing the SH marry HY then allowing another man to kiss this married woman, don’t understand. You have allowed them to either develop the relationship or refuse the marriage and take it another way, rather than have her kissing her MD at the end of ep. 9. Now, in ep. 10, you have the husband thinking that everything is starting to get better, and then you have the MD, who I think really has some issues, singing in public and her crying with her husband standing there being totally disgraced. Is this how things are done in Korea? And now that she has made her choice, will you write the husband out or give him other to the two crazies. Let’s be real . . . the storyline is horrible when it comes to the relationship of the three main leads.

  53. 53 : Carmarie Says:


    I have to agree with you. I really liked this drama in the beginning, and still would like to see who is behind the killings; however, the storyline between the three leads, is terrible. I do not like the way Yoo In Na never stops to listen to what Jin Yi Han has to say. She still loves him, at least according to previous episodes; therefore, why not have an intelligent conversation about what happened. Nam Goon Min knows that In Na still loves her exhusband; therefore, once they remarried, he should step aside. If I was Nam Goon Min I would be insulted, insulted enough that I would not have anything more to do with Yoo In Na. Where is his pride? She was so upset because Jung Soo Ah said she was loose and slept around on Jin Yi Han, now where her self respect? Isn’t that what she is doing now, being loose?
    I am at a lost. I cannot understand what the writers are thinking, perhaps they need the insight from a female writer. If the story continues in the direction it is going, I am going to stop watching it.

  54. 54 : joe Says:

    i don’t like jong song gyum, go hae young the pity man, why nam sang hyo not accept hae young

  55. 55 : b!%@h Says:

    lol…. @odds and @carmarie.

    you guys are too funny, you guys watch to many dramas with similar storyline.

  56. 56 : -Autumn- Says:

    This drama starts off good but now I don’t feel like watching anymore. It is too confusing. And I thought Hae Young and Sang Hyo will be getting back together but seems like no. Okay, I’m confused.

  57. 57 : Carmarie Says:


    You are right and I am getting a little crazy because they all have the same formula. I guess that is why I am also watching The Night Watchmen and Secret Door.

  58. 58 : Shazwani zr Says:

    I’m starting to dislike this drama too. Pity to hae young. He tried so hard to get sam hyo back, but from my eyes, sam hyo is too stubborn and don’t want to admit that she still loves hae young. Even after kissing with the ceo, why sam hyo still remember to hae young? Why she still keep seing illusions of hae young in her eyes instead of ceo? Does this makes sense? I really pity for hae young. It broke my heart when hae young cried so badly. Even when they broke up seven years ago, why don’t sam hyo just grab the ticket plane and just go to New York rather than crying. Hae young just want to be together with sam hyo but sam hyo doesn’t understand him at all. So dissapointed. Now I’m totally hates the ceo. Why he still disturb someone else’s wife. They are already married!! He should realise the fact and step aside.

  59. 59 : Jinci Says:

    hahahaha….. do not get disappointed… we are still halfway through the whole series… of course the 2nd leading man, the CEO, will have his moments with the leading lady. it makes the story complicated and exciting… the writers are good because, look a you, you really reacted to the episodes. it means the writers are effective.

  60. 60 : @odds Says:

    At this point, however, I am not interested in the triangle. I just want to know “who done it.” I will wait until the series is concluded and watch the last episode to find out who the murder. No longer interested in the rest. See you then.

  61. 61 : Carmarie Says:


    I agree with you, I am not interested in the triangle I also want to know who the killer is. I am tired of triangles and I am sick of women acting as if they don’t have a clue. After this last episode, I will not be watching this drama until the 14th or 15th episode, hopefully by then, the killer(s) will be revealed.

  62. 62 : Callan Says:

    #51 Nice post @plain. I agree. We are in drama-land for pete’s sakes. It’s a fictional place, someone ought to remind the writer. We can afford to leave our collective human foibles behind and tell the story in a way which reminds us how much better we can be.

    When the sleeze-manager kissed our heroine, my interest clocked an all-time low. I actually stopped watching and not checking out the next. I feel like I just witnessed someone I care about, betray a friend. Lol.

    I know the writer will probably bring it all around, but no thank you. This viewer is moving on.

  63. 63 : aysha Says:

    Can u please tell how can i find the song “my secret love”. I cant find it

  64. 64 : Micc Says:

    Agreed with the above comments. This drama is taking a spin, not in a good way, and I’m dizzy. Reveal the killer already! And I hope it’s logical, not something ridiculous as in most parts of this drama.

  65. 65 : nisi Says:

    EP 12 I can’t stop laughing when Hae Young squeeze Sang Hyo’s finger it was funny omg they are so HILARIOUS. Love Hae Young and Sang Hyo good acting love it. I don’t know why the RATING is so low but i love this drama. Funny and I like it. BEST Drama!

  66. 66 : @odds Says:

    The rating are low because of the triangle love interest.

  67. 67 : diana Says:

    Hahaha… when i read the comments above, all of it echo my own thought..cant wait for the next episode actually coz in the preview its all about SH dan HY.. fighting Jin Yi Han.

    And @Shazwani zr .. i love it when u said u totally hates the ceo. Me too. In the last two episod when he sang to SH, I just forward it..hahaha. I dont want to waste my precious time watching it.

  68. 68 : CikoMarco Says:

    This drama breaks the common formula regarding divorce and remarried Kdrama from the previous ones. They try to set something unexpected story line in the middle process. They try to get us emotional. There is a passionate husband or exhusband trying to win over his wife or exwife sincerely, but the wife or exwife is just too stubborn and there is third party who is just too thick faced, imagine if once they reunited for good after all that stubborn process, there should be great happy ending. Could not wait to see the ending to this… i know they try to drag the middle process, just to get us more anxiety. I have good laugh from this drama, don’t get too serious…

  69. 69 : Un .... Addicted Says:

    Unrealistic ?!? …. YH and SH character seems that to me. Who thinks of another persons when he/she is with someone ?!? Argh … Frustrating ….

    My hopes are for a different ending but likely SH will end up with HY. My feel is that SG’s character is stable, secure, supportive, forgiving, loving etc, therefore my wish for SH to move on from her past and HY’s antics and end up with SG happily.

    Expecting and Predicting that SH will be with HY at the end, I’m now only interested in the murderer identity … Like some of the comments, I’ll watch the last episodes.

    Kudos to the acting abilities of the 3 leads but Writers/Storytellers .. Please work harder …. Producers and Directors, good job and thanks.

  70. 70 : eny Says:

    Sang hyo is annoying me, i think she didn’t clear with her feeling she hold SG but keeping close relationship with HY, SG better leave her, he sincere with his feeling but SH always take action which make him feel push aside.
    I wanna see different ending not typical ending where SH go back to his old husband.
    HY action is annoying me too, he just need to tell SH his real feeling not just making trick to get her back, his action to make SH marry her make me hate him, girl doesn’t like being forced wrong move to make a girl love you

  71. 71 : eny Says:

    I didn’t see SG as thick face,he ask SH for dating him n she agree, then he found out she marry HY again with reason because of bussiness, he is the victim here he doesn’t know how SH real feeling , is she already forget HY or not what he know is SH tell him she wanna be with him. i feel pity for him because eventhough SH say she wanna start a new with him she keep connected to HY with many reason. If i’m SG i will just break up with her, because it’s hurt

  72. 72 : kyunghan8712 Says:

    Oh my god it is getting so good!!!! Am really sick og Eu Joo maybe she should have got hit with a candle stick instead lol some love for her ex husband is obviously there but she is trying to move on frankly in my honest opinion if her ex really loved her no mattet what the reason was he would have stayed. I like her with the director way better 😍 he is sexy and its funny because her ex acts like a kid sometimes. I hope she picks the right one, plot twist she goes for Simon lol just kidding that would make me mad i hope she picks her director!

  73. 73 : jasmin Says:

    I think people dont get that the marriage between Goo Haeyoung and Nam Samhyo is only in ceremony alone and was not registered. So technically they are not married. The couple could easily have not have the ceremony but sign the documents in the council and be more married than they are right now. it is true that the writer either hasnt fallen in love before or is heavily a two timer or playboy and has no conscience to heavily string two guys like that in a relation ship. I do not doubt for a second that the original writer will be crying in heaven when she sees what is being done to her previously awesome story. shame

  74. 74 : Carmarie Says:

    A simple question would have solved this whole issue episodes ago.
    YNA: Hae Young, why did you leave me without saying anything? I loved you so much and was very hurt.
    At that point, listen to what he has to say. Consider his answer and then make a decision. These relationships remind me of high school. All of them need to grow up. Someone wrote that JSG was more mature; no, he is not because he knew before he asked her to date him, how she felt about her ex. This is drama is relationship hell.
    What I wonder is, who is killing everyone. Who killed JSG’s father, was it his father’s successor? I hope they place more focus on solving the crimes and less on the love interests.

  75. 75 : Bobbie Says:

    Ah, I am quite enjoying the drama, Jin-yi Han my heart pain when I see you cry in the drama, such a man, I ll definitely choose you if I m Sang Hyo. Oppa yi Han fighting ya!

  76. 76 : Carmarie Says:

    Who is killing everyone, any guesses?

  77. 77 : Hanako Says:

    I do not actually like this actress, when she did other movies I also do not like her acting. Over here she acts like a bitch which suits her in fact. For me she is not one of the good actress for Korean drama. Kind of boring drama to me

  78. 78 : Bri Says:

    I actually really love this drama and I’m sad to see it ending. It was really good. I love whenever Yoo In Na does dramas she’s the best !

  79. 79 : @odds Says:

    I was hoping for a better ending, but this is to be expected when you change writers. I understand why they had to, but inspite of the fact, this writer is suppose to be one of the best drama writer of Korea. She left much to be desired. Oh well, I hope the next Korean drama has a better ending, beginning and middle. Just a note, I am also a writer.`

  80. 80 : Daimotfkr Says:

    THIS DRAMA SUCKS! THE ENDING SUCKS… Why did she choose Hae Young…? He from the start of the drama is a total jerk and dick to everyone around him… The writer purposely start to change his character personality in the late of the drama but still that doesn’t justify what he did before is good…! He is childish, a pain in the ass and act all though around and never consider for her… He is just trying to win her because of jealousy and never care really about her…

    The write change the ending to which In Na character have a change of heart is soooooo awkward and unprepare… What does that jerk good in? Damn, I’m so disappoint and never expected this drama to go down this low…

  81. 81 : happy Says:

    after done watching…i don’t think the ending is fair enough for jo sung gyum…among the characters with their own ego,include sang hyo,i think he is the wisest person…

  82. 82 : dasyang Says:

    Nice ending..like sang hyo and hae yung..

  83. 83 : Reeta Says:

    I tend to agree with what aim says (49) indeed, it is ridiculous to kiss other man while you are still married. That’s unfaithful! HY should move on. Why must he still clingy to this unfaithful and abusive wife? Though I was hoping for many romantic scenes between HY and SG, I just could not accept traitorous in a relationship. However I still hope for SG change of heart and appreciate HY in the end. That the ending I want…

  84. 84 : Reeta Says:

    I like the ending, yeay HY and SG! Great chemistry between them.
    The reason I watch this drama is because Jin Yi Han. Like his acting as Tal Tal in Empress Ki. Super cool

  85. 85 : Chae Won Says:

    The story was ill-conceived and contrived. I think too much was hidden purposefully by the writer with respect to the main couple/characters. I could not warm-up to or root for our couple. It wasn’t so much the actors rather the writing.

    I was reminded of an incident when someone I barely knew gradually became abusive. It wasn’t until his guardian came and told me he was suffering from mental illness that my anger subsided.

    The point is that if we knew more about why the characters behaved so in this drama we might have developed empathy towards them. But the writer keeping us in the dark till the end was short-sighted at best.

    I guess writer-nim didn’t realise that the struggle which culminates in triumph is plenty to give the audience an awesome ride.

  86. 86 : Dev78 Says:

    I’m glad that the ending sh with hy, horeee

  87. 87 : Lin37 Says:

    Funny, good looking leads, good music. Nice drama

  88. 88 : nadya Says:

    I dont like this drama… bad story… bad acting….

  89. 89 : killy Says:

    i love this drama…light love story…awesome pair lead stars…funny..just like reading a pocketbook…nice love story..

  90. 90 : pearl Says:

    Finally, happy ending. I love this drama. I love two main characters Yoo In Na and Jin Yi Han. They have a chemistry as Nam Sang Hyo and Goo Hae Young. But I guess the story line is little weird. It’s not polite for people who just got married cheating another guy. Look like not a good girl. It’s so shameless. But what makes me happy is Nam Sang Hyo and Goo Hae Young come back together, find their way each other. Love it!

  91. 91 : iin Says:

    good story nice actor but bad actreess. i dont know why YIN not match with nam sang hyo.

  92. 92 : erica gonzales Says:

    the ending is so very bad i dont like this my secret hotel

  93. 93 : Jacinth Says:

    I really disappoint about this ending, i love goong min oppa character, why did she choose hae young? Why im so sad about it, i hate hae young character si much

  94. 94 : ann Says:

    one of the best drama in this year…good ending afterall..good performe JYH…good chemistry YIN n JYH…i reaali like JYH from empress ki..waiting for your next drama..n hopping really soon….

  95. 95 : reyn Says:

    Anyone knows who is the girl on the hotel where Goo Hae Yong and NamSang Hyo spend there night after there fake wedding? The girl who grab Go Sung Hyun and thought he is her husband? Who is she?

  96. 96 : krys Says:

    I really don’t like the story! Sang Hyo, didn’t know what she really like or who she really like. And Sung Gyun was full of his self! He want to listen to what he want to hear. Most especially….the story had lots of misunderstanding!!!!!

  97. 97 : RunawayRyuki Says:

    Thanx god!!! At first, I saw the main actress “Yoo In Na”… I don’t think she fit to be the main lead,..when I read the synopsis, my first impression..’not interested’

  98. 98 : yeh Says:

    I really love the ending… sometimes mis understanding makes our life miserable.. thumps up to the writer…

  99. 99 : bingquizon Says:

    Love dem both HY-SH..k drama as well👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😍

  100. 100 : choopatiu Says:

    the last episode could have been better but all in all…love it

  101. 101 : Syajaehwan0604 Says:

    Wow!!!Im so happy cause the ending are very unbelievable.I know why Sang hyo choose Hae young,cause hae young was her first love,especially they both are still in love~how sweet their story~

  102. 102 : 💛 Says:

    I hate go hae young!!!! He stole sung gyum’s girl

  103. 103 : Autumn Grace Says:

    A good ending is always a plus. For me, it’s nice that NSH is with GHY. The lead actress is not that impressive to act specially in the beginning. She has a lot to improve. The lead actors are good.

  104. 104 : Ammy Says:

    really unbelievable … it ended beautifully … but only for Hae Yung alone .. and really not fair to Sung Gyum. and actually Sang Hyo have to choose Sung Gyum. So why Sang Hyo suddenly to choose Hae Yung? whether due to his first love? but too look forced…

  105. 105 : winnie Says:

    i have a feeling in the beginning that sang hyo and Hae young will reconcile. I’m glad they did becuase they do care a lot for each other. It was a bad misunderstanding. This leaves us the lesson of being patient and not to resort to drastic moves.

  106. 106 : sara Says:

    the lead actors are so impressive

  107. 107 : Shellsbells Says:

    I like this tho it was a bit slow in the middle. Love the cast and if it had been written better there is so much more that could’ve been accomplished with this script.

  108. 108 : AIDA Says:

    I love this drama, so funny for 2 main actor and actresses. Will recommend it and watch it again. Even the detective is so funny. Salute to Director and Script writer. Loves it, give 10/10 rating.

  109. 109 : acel Says:

    i dont recoomend this drama.. youll be bored around ep 10.. im currently watching ep 12 and feep like i wanna stop watching it.. from the 1-4 episodes its so fun to watch but it get boring and youll be so confuse about the storyline.. its not romcom drama anymore its more about investigation who kill mr. hwang and hyeong mi so boring..plus youll get confuse about the married woman kissing another guy.. :(( ..

    i agree from the above comments ~~ wasted my time

  110. 110 : Hanako Says:

    It is kind of frustrating to see the main actress acting so childishly i this whole scene. No doubt the story is good but the way the main actress act made you dislike the whole story..well that’s my opinion. She is like not sure who she likes and flirt around the MD of the hotel. Te story line itself is not bad with all good actors and actress except the main character Yoon In Na, she is not a real good actress comparing to so many others..

  111. 111 : Dilini Says:

    Hey nice post

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