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My Older Sister

Title: 누나 / My Older Sister
Chinese title : 姐姐
Also known as : My Sister / Noona / Nuna / my beloved sister
Episodes: 55
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2006-Aug-12 to 2007-Feb-18
Air time: Saturday and Sunday 19:55


She faces poverty, something that is more scary and unfamiliar to her than sadness. But she proudly recovers her original place by believing in herself.

Many people regard accumulation of riches as the ultimate value of life. However, we have now reached a point where we need to look back and reconsider our life goals. This drama series revolves around a twenty-something woman who is suddenly thrown into the cold world together with her immature brothers, after losing her father to a sudden accident. Within a very short period, she experiences the two extreme facets of life. Coming face-to-face with poverty, something that is more scary and unfamiliar than sadness, she also has to withstand psychological downfall, which is more difficult than her loss of wealth. Fortunately, there is a man standing next to her, quietly supporting her. She overcomes her crisis thanks to this simple, warm-hearted man and his family, finally recovering her original place through her own strength and means. Through this young woman and stories about people around her, this drama series intends to ponder about the true and worthy values that we need to pursue to make our lives more meaningful.


Yoon family

Song Yoon Ah as Yoon Seung Joo (28)
Jo Kyung Hwan as Seung Joo’s father (50)
Baek Hyun as Yoon Hyuk Joo (brother, 22)
Maeng Se Chang as Yoon Young Joo (brother, 14)
Heo Young Ran as Yoon Soo Ah (cousin)
Jo Hyung Ki as Soo Ah’s father (49)
Song Ok Sook as Soo Ah’s mother (48)

Kim family

Kim Sung Soo as Kim Gun Woo
Kang Kyung Joon as Kim Gun Se (brother)
Yoon Yoo Sun as Kim Gun Sook (sister)
Park Geun Hyung as Gun Woo’s father (59)
Kim Ja Ok as Gun Woo’s mother (56)
Oh Hyun Kyung as Gun Woo’s grandfather (80)

Other people

Ahn Yeon Hong as No Yoo Soon
Yang Hee Kyung as Gun Woo’s aunt (45)
Kang Nam Gil as Gun Woo’s aunt’s husband (47)
Kim Sun Hwa as a grocery store owner
Jung Ho Geun as a loan shark
Park Eun Bin as Ji Na (Young Joo’s classmate)
Song Seung Hwan as Ji Na’s father (40)
Jung Hye Sun as Ji Na’s grandmother

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Kim Jung Soo
Producer and director: Oh Kyung Hoon

Official Website

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : jas Says:

    does anyone noe if this show is good?

  2. 2 : titixSaRang Says:

    not a lot of people know if this drama is good or not cuz the subs is only out 3 or 4 eps only.

  3. 3 : koreanshowaholic Says:


  4. 4 : Janice Says:

    I want to watch this korean drama sooo badly. My mom is watch this korean drama and this drama looks sooooo good.

  5. 5 : kojunop Says:




  6. 6 : rn324 Says:

    Anyone know when the US version will be published?

  7. 7 : SqueeGee Says:

    I know that crunchyroll.com has episodes 1 and 2. and I don’t know if they are going to put more up. can anyone tell me if there is anywhere else that has past these episodes. I want to check this one out. Looks kinda interesting. Thanks. 🙂

  8. 8 : Tira Says:

    This is once great drama with two of my favorite actress Song Yoon Ah and actor Kim Sun Soo except a bit long. The little girl is so good in acting plus the grandpa is funny! They were both make the drama look more hilarious and enjoyable with a lots of great acting skills from Song Yoon Ah and Kim Sun Soo! I hope to see more of their drama in the future! Thanks a lots.

  9. 9 : sandy Says:

    I love it.

  10. 10 : Sheena Ojeda Says:

    This series is great…so many lessons to learn and cultures to discover…
    the casts are very good, its fun to watch and at the same time inspiring…congrats to the casts and crew…you did a great job…
    and by the way…Kisses to kim sung-soo! haha

  11. 11 : Demen Says:

    This drama will be aired in a local TV channel from next week, hope i can watch it cuz SYA is my favorite actress 😀

  12. 12 : mankind Says:

    How many eps does this show have ????

  13. 13 : admin Says:

    55 episode

  14. 14 : Leilani Says:

    The story is so beautiful plus the acting of Song Yoon Ah and Kim Sung Soo is fantastic. I like their tandem though I still prefer Bae Yong Joon and Song Yoon Ah. Ot is full of moral lesson. It’s worth watching.

  15. 15 : Goong Ju Says:

    It was a heartwarming drama. Good work

  16. 16 : Kelly Says:

    The story is fantastic. Both Kim Sung Soo and Song Yoon Ah really makes a pair. They’ve alots of chemistry and is so naturual. I’ve learnt something out of this show. All the other casts have impressive acting skill. I fall in love with this show and gotta watch again.
    I hope to see more of Kim Sung Soo and Song Yoon Ah together in new drama. Good Job and excellent pair! Keep it Up!

  17. 17 : siska Says:

    I’m from Indonesia. I also fans of Song Yoon Ah and Kim Sung Soo. I really want to watch this series but I don’t know where to buy. Could some one help? But it should have the english subtitle because I don’t know korean language at all. Please !!!!!

  18. 18 : Minia Says:

    I, and my family are so glad that there are english subtitles on this Korean drama. We are from the Philippines and we are hooked to watching Korean dramas with english subtitles instead of American films and tv programs. Korean dramas are very compelling, wonderful, wholesome and educational with emphasis on family values which Asians could identified with. They are rich in life’s moral lessons and wisdom. We were able to learn Korean cultures and traditions which are very admirable and interesting. We hope that Korean TV stations would continue to provide us with Korean dramas with english subtitles. Thank you very much.

  19. 19 : jelly Says:

    It’s so cool
    I like this.

  20. 20 : pupu Says:

    Included the best one that I have ever seen. The director has good idea.

    The best

  21. 21 : slim Says:

    Yes I do wholeheartedly agree that this is one very good drama with a good storyline. The pairings were fantastic. Have watched it many times in crunchyroll. Hope the two leads will pair up again!

  22. 22 : YADIRA Says:



  23. 23 : slim Says:

    Hi Yadhira,
    You can watch it in dramacrazy.net. Not sure about eng subs though.

  24. 24 : lovetingting Says:


  25. 25 : altitude143 Says:

    This is a great drama, a must see! You can watch this at crunchyroll.com just search “My Beloved Sister”. The OST is in youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlhr41vaAIw

  26. 26 : hadis Says:

    It is the best that i’ve ever seen.Suprisingly, it inspired me when i was in tough situation and it helped me to over come my problems by learning things from the Soong Ju behavior.I love it too much,congratulations to producing crue!

  27. 27 : amir ashkan Says:

    this is one of the best or even the best korean drama.i watch it in tv but it’s so annoying to c it like a series and i wanna know the end.so could any one tell me end of the story,plz?

  28. 28 : Elham nazari Says:

    hello everyone

    i know the end … i didnt watched it completely yet but i read all the episodes
    and yu wanna know the end… i will tell yu …
    sunju’s father lost his memory and gina’s family will find him at the last 3 – 4 episode …
    Yoon Seung Soo and kim gun woo will marry
    Kim Gun Se and no yoo soon will marry also
    soo Ah’s mother will divorce with her husband btw the story and at the end she went to jail
    and Soo Ah will go to timarestan * have no idea wat timarestan is in english*

    I LOVE this show 😀 and i love Hyuk Joo and kim gun woo 😀

  29. 29 : sahar Says:

    yeah I love this drama too.
    and timarestan in English is called (asylum) 😀

  30. 30 : mellisa Says:

    I think all many iranians now days watch this amazing korean serie too !!
    on Farsi 1
    we all love it .
    I must say it’s taking too long to find out what will happen next
    also I hate suas mother and the evil Sua ! hope they get arrested at the end .

  31. 31 : sara Says:

    the drama is not bad.but i wonder has gun woo any will.why korean parents interfere in everything their child does.it s really really disgusting.why sua and her mother are so evil?all humen are grey.not that much bad not that much good.they are unrealistic.i cant sympathze gun woo s parents.even the aunt interfere.how this is possible?we live in 21th centurey.i hate gun woo.why he doesnt scream.why gun woo s family admit every thing sua says?if somebody loves some body else should love him/her there s no power in world that says you cant.so why gun woo just watch the situation and goes every where situation takes him.i really hate him.i dont recommond this drama.cause it gets on your nerve.

  32. 32 : annie Says:

    Actually ,I love Korean Drama,But this Drma makes me feel absolutely furious,Just for So ah and her mother’s sake I really hate both of the devilsh family:( I would like kill them as well ;] This seems to be a hopeful way of have confidence in the other people ,it ‘s good…
    Finally,I ‘m disappointed from Gun woo ,only because he is not power and brave man…

  33. 33 : Lisa Says:

    hello to all Tajiks Irianians And koreans
    i am tajik and i love watching farsi1
    i also love the seris my beloved sister
    if this finishes i dont no what to watch next coz im adicted to it
    I would like to say that soo haa’s family is soo annoying and i feel like killing them (LOL)
    the other thing is i am on the part were gun voo is trying to forget about songo

  34. 34 : sanaz Says:

    hi every1. does any1 know where 2 watch this series up 2 the end???

  35. 35 : sina Says:

    hi everyone this korean series is fantastic . sungjoo and gunwoo is a very lovely couple and hope they get marry together.

  36. 36 : sara Says:

    well watching this drama entertains me but i dont have time to watch all the episodes cuz i have uni entrance exam which is called konkur! but lemme tell u something,that girl su ah really pisses me off oh i want her and her mom die…!

  37. 37 : Maria Says:

    Hiiii, can anybody tell me the time that this drama is aired on Farsi1?
    btw, Kim Sung Soo is my favorite korean actor,he’s just wonderful. I’ve seen other dramas from him, like “my precious child” casting with Lee Taeran.

  38. 38 : parham Says:

    i just came to Australia and have no access to Farsi one, Can some body please tell me , hoe on earth can i see this TV series???????? any answer????

  39. 39 : parham Says:

    any idea how can i watch this drama in Australia? On line??????

  40. 40 : fujikyouya Says:

    this drama is very good. it is 57 eps long. you may watch it online at crunchyroll.com with english subtitles.

  41. 41 : farangis Says:

    hey !
    where can you watch the entire serie?!
    plz tell me if you know…! i do really NEED to see the ending…

  42. 42 : Mahshid Vahidi Says:

    Hi everyone
    4 all of whom I know love this serie I have suggestion.
    I strongly recommand u watch also a Korean Drama named FULL HOUSE(only 16 episodes). I watched it few weeks ago on KBS intensively in 4 Days and each day 4 episodes, it was aired exclusively 4 New Year Holidays after I think 4 or 5 years.
    I suggest it coz KIM SOONG-SOO(GUN WOO) acted @ this series 2.
    His character is so lovely, charming and … FYI

  43. 43 : Mahshid Vahidi Says:

    Parham I think u can find the site by googling .
    I search & inform u …
    here or on facebook.

  44. 44 : Maria Says:

    I would like to tell to all fans of Kim Sung Soo to watch the korean drama “My precious child”, you’ll love it.

  45. 45 : Hadi Says:

    سلام به همه ایرانی ها – فارسی زبان ها و مخصوصا کره ای ها
    من این سریال و از طریق شبکه فارسی1 نگاه میکنم
    واقعا که زیباست من متاسفانه بعلت مشغله شغلی پخش مجدد اونو توی ساعت 2 نصف شب میبینم و تا نبینم هم محال بخوابم

    من از همه بیشتر از شخیت گان وو خوشم میاد

    موفق باشید.

  46. 46 : aydin Says:

    we ,iranins are whaching my belove sister now.
    ما ایرانی ها سریال خواهر دوست داشتنی را دوست داریم.

  47. 47 : Persian Says:

    Hi guys… I like this series..we spand our evening in Tehran with this nice episodes…

  48. 48 : mahya Says:

    hi every body iam mahya from iran i really love kim soong su he is so nice in the movie my beloved sisterبروبکس ایرونی بین خودمون بمونه خداییش خیلی جیگره

  49. 49 : mutiara Says:

    Interesting story,, I wanna watch this..

  50. 50 : mel Says:

    looks like interesting… i want to watch this drama…

  51. 51 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  52. 52 : liechien Says:

    i’ve already watch this drama from the first it’s aired….
    It’s really good drama…. From here we can learn how to survive the life….
    love this drama so much!!!!! especially the couple…..

  53. 53 : hermes bags Says:

    love this drama so much!!!!! especially the couple…..

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  55. 55 : Jyenie Says:

    OMG, this drama is so damn good! I am at episode 24 now and I have enjoyed it immensely!

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