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My Love Patzzi

Title: 내 사랑 팥쥐 / Nae Sarang Patjwi / My Love Patzzi
Chinese Title : 紅豆女之戀
Also known as: My Love Patzzi
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2002-08-26 to 2002-09-24
Airtime: Monday & Tuesday at 9:55 PM
Theme song: Sweet Dream by Jang Nara


Song Yi is a girl with a pure heart with a bad temper. She was tricked and humiliated by her “best friend” Hee Won as a child. From then on, Hee Won has always been the princess and successful while everyone mistook Song Yi as the evil child. When Song Yi did not have a job, Hee Won introduced her to the amusement park that she is in charge of. There she found her childhood friend and ex-crush Hyun Sung, who Hee Won has “stole” when they were kids. From then on, Hee Won tried to humiliate Song Yi many times, framing her in many situations that Hee Won has created herself. To get back at Hee Won, she decided to break the train that the park was launching so that Hee Won would be blamed. Little did she know that she caused more damage and that the train caught on fire. What was worse was that the son of the president of the park was in the train. Ridden with guilt, Song Yi risks her own life to save the life of Seung Joon. Seung Joon fell in love with Song Yi for her brave spirit and charming attitude, but what will happen to their relationship when Hee Won exposes to the world of what she has done?


Jang Na Ra as Yang Song Yi
Kim Rae Won as Kim Hyun Sung
Kim Jae Won as Kang Seung Joon
Hong Eun Hee as Eun Hee Won

Extended Cast

Kang Rae Yun as Hwang Bo Yu Ri
Kim Kyung Shik as Yang Sam Yul (aka Yang Yoo Bin)
Shin Dong Mi as Noh Ji Young
Park Kwang Jung as Nam Joo Im
Heo Jung Min as Moon Seung Man
Park In Hwan as a Pool technician
Lee Se Young as Yang Song Yi (as a child)
Kwon Oh Min

Production Credits

Scriptwriter: Kim Yi Young
Producer: Lee Jin Suk

Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : InDy MeLinda Says:


    i still can remember this soundtrack…

    I’ts gonna be another day with the sunshine….

  2. 2 : Rin Hee Says:

    Ahhh…Kim Rae Won obba…
    so cute in this drama,,,with his Hair style…
    And he so funny with Jang Nara…

    And the soundtrack,,sweet dream…I like it

  3. 3 : CiKiN_CuTe...... Says:

    I like Kim Jae Won
    He is so cute and handsome
    Look like my boyfriend

    Ohhhhhh……Jang Nara
    You are so pretty and cute
    Look like a baby doll

  4. 4 : ada Says:

    i like diz drama..;)

    jang nara so cute…

    i still remember that song…;p

  5. 5 : Cathy Says:

    Very funny and cute. I loved Nara’s and Rae Won’s relationship. It’s very twisty. 😛

  6. 6 : fina Says:

    i luv da drama,,,
    jang nara is totally cute,ahakz

  7. 7 : ella Says:

    i luv dis drama also…so, cute….

  8. 8 : Starz Says:

    watched the drama quite some time ago…not to my liking…sorry 🙁

  9. 9 : Laura Says:

    Wow~ I watched this drama again after so many years, and it’s still nice! With only 10 episodes to its name, it sure is short and sweet. ^^

  10. 10 : asma Says:

    i love this drama………. its fun

  11. 11 : lala lilip0p Says:

    love this drama ever..the s0ng is so cute ;]

  12. 12 : fionajb Says:

    i like this drama..especially kim jae won,he so macho in this drama…

  13. 13 : Reza Says:

    jang nara and jae won..
    pasangan serasi yach..
    jang nara and jae won, kalian imut banget..!!!
    aku mau jd teman kamu, boleh tidak ?
    mampir ya di email aku..

  14. 14 : karen Says:

    enjoyable. better than expected. 🙂

  15. 15 : Cm22 Says:

    Unexpected ending. I thought she was gonna choose only one! ahah! I liked it though!

  16. 16 : Kryz Says:

    Actually, i think the plan is supposed to be that she ends up with the super cute and much more eligible Kim Jae Won but the viewers commented that Patzzi has more chemistry with the character of Kim Rae Won so not to upset the Kim Jae Won-Jang Nara fans and the Kim Rae Won-Jang Nara fans.. they changed the ending and had it hanging…
    I really find KIM JAE WON the cutest! He’s the first korean actor i had a major crush on that i researched him on the internet saved all pictures i could find of him. But of course, KIM RAE WON is ruggedly handsome.
    I also find JANG NARA’s pictures sooo cute. I’m actually still hunting for the series OH HAPPY DAYS where they say Jang Nara has done better than she did in My Love Patzzi.

  17. 17 : sjh Says:

    Although I did not watch it,but i really hope to watch!Me,I`m a fan of Kim Rae Won and Kim Jae Won.My impression of Jang Nara is very good but not considered as a fan of it…

  18. 18 : Da Says:

    It`s a old drama but to me although i haven`t watch,it looks really really attractive.Featuring of Kim Rae Won and Kim Jae Won will attract me to watch as i am fans of both.

  19. 19 : zapiun kaning Says:

    my love patzzi is the most dramas.i love to see jang nara and kim rae won to be together in one dramas and this the right film for them.

  20. 20 : zapiun kaning Says:

    hello i.am zapiun kaning from sabah would like to be anyone that want to be my friend so just e-mail me at [email protected]

  21. 21 : hunny Says:

    y i unable to watch the video! can someone do something bout the video…it prompt video not found! 🙁 been wanting to watch this drama due to jang nara…love her! someone pls do something bout it! pls! pls!!

  22. 22 : MoviesWeWatched Says:

    For me this drama was just okay. I checked it out from the library and even seeing it free I would not watch it again. The lead actress was cute but I didn’t find her to be a particularly good actress, at least not in this drama.

    Just my opinion.


  23. 23 : Naily Says:

    Please…please i really-really like this movie, i ever had this movie but my friends lot it hiks…please if somebody or someone could tell me or help me how i can get this movie again because in Indonesia this movie is not available again, please if you guys can help me please contact me in email at [email protected]. Please i need as soon as possible. Thank you ^_^

  24. 24 : Elly Says:

    Dear, I have couple of Jang nara movie, like oh happy day, wedding, and one other i forgot. In that movie, Jang nara played with chiness actor….if i’m not wrong the tittle is revolution girl, oh girl revolution. It’s quite interesting movie. But I’m still sad cause I can find my love patzzi movie…hiks…hiks…

  25. 25 : fudo Says:

    this story is the best one that i have seen ……………. i love this story ………… it so funny …. n also touch my heart ……….. i hope i can see this movie again cause i love that. if anyone have this movie i hope u all can tell me he………… bye 2 i also hope u guys success in yours workkk

  26. 26 : laven Says:

    i like this drama..it so funny and romantic..kim jae won is so cute..
    i love him and i want to meet him…jang nara you so cute with your body size..

  27. 27 : arnie Says:

    wholesome drama. jang nara, kim rae won, kim jae won are great. one of the Best soap.

  28. 28 : mr romen Says:

    Can i watch these dramtic scene on my small mobile whic support upto 2 gb.

  29. 29 : mr romen Says:

    Can i watch these dramas on my mobile which support upto 2 gb

  30. 30 : eugene Says:

    I can’t believe it. She loves both men. Kim Jae Won in this drama is really handsome. I hate Jang Nara’s friend.

  31. 31 : Violet Says:

    I re-watched again this series recently, and still thrilled and excited about it. The most sweet and well-written short soap drama for light theme/genre. I like the way Song-Yi and Hyung Sung’s relationship developed. It started purely with sincerity and platonic. However, it’ll be more interesting should they shows how the relationship/love deepen towards the ending of the shows. Kinda sad that Song Yi had never actually express her feeling (love) towards Hyung Sung till end of the story. She only mentioned that she doesn’t know exactly her feelings for him, whether it is friendship or love. She only knows that she’s happy the most whenever she’s with him..
    Anyway, RAE WON is dashingly handsome in this drama! And match well with the super cute JANG NARA. JAE WON is handsome too, and kind-hearted as well. But I guess chemistry and suitability is more important in a relationship. That’s why she choose RAE WON/Hyung Sung in the end. The ending is just to emphasize the kind of friendship between the 3 of them.

  32. 32 : Luk Says:

    I liked this one….. only 10 eps, but they compressed it well. I mean, it took place mostly in the amusement park, so I’m not surprised it’s only 10 eps. There’s no truly deep story to this, but it conveys the naivity of someone who has never had a relationship, or a type of person who has never had a relationship. Song Yi was negative towards Sam Yeol, Hyun Sung’s friend, and not to mention Hyun Sung himself, but Sam Yeol, in an attempt to win over Eun Hee, Song Yi’s friend, he pretended to like Song Yi to make Eun Hee jealous. Song Yi accepted the (fake)affection from Sam Yeol just because he liked her, even if she hated him before he said he liked her. Hyun Sung even asked why she likes him and all she could say was “because he likes me”. Even with Seung Joo who does genuinely like Song Yi, when Hyun Sung asked her why she can’t let him go after he finds out about her sabotage of the train, Song Yi replies by saying that since Seung Joo was the first guy to really like her, she was afraid there may never be another guy who will like her for who she is. As you can see, Song Yi portrays a girl who has never been in a relationship and when she finally gets one, she immediately think that it’s love and is afraid to let them go for fear of never having another chance with anybody else, except, Hyun Sung steps in. That’s why she, though still undecided about whether she loves him as a guy or friend, chose Hyun Sung over Seung Joo because of her comfort level with him compared to with Seung Joo. Well, more like Seung Joo making that decision for her realizing she has not fully chosen him. Then again, a lasting relationship stems from friendship. Patzzi, deep and meaningful, no, funny and enjoyable, yes. Plus the scene of her wearing the seal hat with a flower in her mouth was funny, sad, and cute at the same time.

  33. 33 : mutiara Says:

    My Love Patzzi, I love this drama, I love the casts, I love everything on it…

  34. 34 : ontak Says:

    funny and romantic.

  35. 35 : mel Says:

    this drama so funny and romantic… i like this..

  36. 36 : Tilney Says:

    After watching this drama again, i still conclude that she likes Seung Joon but Hyun Sung did many things for her. She feels grateful and plus she knows that he likes her. Also, she knows that he has the heart problem. That’s why she decides to stay but she’s just his friend. The ending, it wants to emphasize the friendship between 3 of them.

  37. 37 : eugene Says:

    I love this drama. I love Song Yi’s character when she’s with Seung Joon. She looks cute when she’s with him especially when she smiles. Also, Kim Jae Won looks so handsome with his glasses in this drama. I have fallen for both of them

  38. 38 : lapland Says:

    After watching this drama, It’s much alike the cinderella story. The only significant moment is when Song Yi saves Seung Joon from the parade car.

  39. 39 : shoshlev Says:

    ..kim Rae won ! he Is my first favorite player .

  40. 40 : koreafanz Says:

    I LOVE YOU KIM JAE WON!!!!!!!!

  41. 41 : Sanlinaung22 Says:

    I like Song Yee. She is a little grumpy but, I like her.

  42. 42 : bijay Says:

    [email protected] s0ng er so amazing dat i lov herrrrrrrrrr.

  43. 43 : Betti Says:

    Yup, that shuold defo do the trick!

  44. 44 : Romeeo Says:

    what the??????
    i dont like this drama so much..
    i think you all should watch hindustan drama…

  45. 45 : astuti Says:

    are they twins (kim rae won & kim jae won)? coz they look alike. i’m just gonna watch this drama.

  46. 46 : chitchitlay Says:

    I like this drama

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  48. 48 : Alice Says:

    hahaha Kim Jae Won and Kim Rae Won indeed have a lot of similarity in their look . If you make them wear same outfit and hairstyle you could mistook them as siblungs or twins.. :-D.. i love all of them..

  49. 49 : 324 Says:

    Jang Nara, why do people say that she is such a good actress. She looks like a mouse!

  50. 50 : henna mary xavier Says:

    I love this drama n so romance n feeling da

  51. 51 : Korean Drama I Have Ever Watched | My Life My Journey Says:

    […] #13 – My Love Patzzi (2002) Rating : 6 out of 10 […]

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