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My Life’s Golden Age


Title: 내 인생의 황금기 / My Life’s Golden Age
Also known as: The Prime Of My Life / The Golden Period of My Life
Chinese title : 我人生的黃金期
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 56
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2008-Aug-30 to 2009-March-08
Air time: Saturdays & Sundays 19:55


The drama revolves around three siblings, their parents, marriage, and re-marriage. Lee Hwang is a fashion designer with a six-year old daughter.


Moon So Ri as Lee Hwang
Lee So Yeon as Lee Geom
Jin Yi Han as Lee Ki
Shin Sung Rok as Go Kyung Woo
Lee Jong Won as Yoo Tae Il

Extended Cast

Jang Yong as Lee Man Se
Kim Hye Ok as Bok Mi Ja
Park Geun Hyung as Lee Man Ae
Moon Hee Kyung as Lee Man Sook
Park Jung Soo as Kim Hee Kyung
Kim Ji Young as Grandmother
Lee Joon Ha as Yoo Hyo Eun
Ha Joo Hee as Jung Yoon
Lee Jung Gil as Grandfather
Go Na Eun as Jin Soo Kyung
Lee Tae Im as Yoo Tae Young
Im Chae Moo as Yoo In Sik (Tae Il’s father)
Lee Tae Gon as Dong Han
Yang Hee Kyung as Yoo Kyung Ja (Kyung Woo’s mother)
Lee Yeon Doo
Kim Tae Hoon as Principal

Production Credits

Director: Jung Se Ho, Kim Dae Jin
Screenwriters: Lee Jung Sun (이정선)

Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : Micky Says:

    i like family drama!!!

  2. 2 : HomeSchoolFamily Says:

    May be worth a look. We’ll see. So many of these dramas just seem so cliched that I hope they don’t rely on too much of the same formula.

  3. 3 : Basuha Says:

    This drama is so good so far, can’t wait tell it subbed

  4. 4 : weeeee Says:

    I’m starting to like this drama. Lot of story lines, but the one with Lee So Yeon is great. She’s so much better in this show than in Spring Waltz. Don’t care for Moon So Ri’s character, but it’s still early. Maybe she will grow on me. Oh yeah, and the guy from “3 Dads and 1 Mom” is great.

  5. 5 : wee wee Says:

    I am attracted to this series because of the guy from “3 dads and 1 mom” Shin Shung Rok, he’s also from “Hyena” and “Thank You”. Don’t like Moon So Ri, hope the story line on Shin Shung Rok will be more.

  6. 6 : babababa Says:

    OMG! the scene where Lee So Yeon’s character announces, during the family meal, that she is getting married. LMAO.. what great comedic writing and timing…. truly a classic moment. GREAT.

  7. 7 : babababa Says:

    OMG! yet another funny scene, when Geom (Lee So Yeon’s character) gets ready to see her fiance’s mother before the marriage. lol.. Loved how all the other other characters said that she makes all clothes look bad on her. lol… She is such a jock. Great writing.

  8. 8 : BigBang Says:

    Just read somewhere that Chae Rim will star in a new “weekend drama” on MBC titled “Good Job”. I guess that means that “Good Job” will follow “My Life’s Golden Age” when it concludes.

    Not a big Chae Rim fan, but hope she cheers things up after this “depressing” drama. Talk about one family having all the bad luck. lol. Just need a tornado or earthquake to hit and put an end to this tragedy. lol. Lighten up, already! =)

  9. 9 : CuriousGeorge Says:

    Just noticed something curious about Geum’s wardrobe in the show. Every time she wears her puffy down nylon jacket, it’s a different color. Same jacket only a different color in every episode. Did anyone else notice this? Unless her character has a closet full of the same jacket in different colors, the producers may be playing a trick on the viewers. Very funny!!!!

  10. 10 : Lina_Praya Says:

    I love Hwang_Geom_Ki familly, so many members are there but they care each other.

  11. 11 : DARRIN D Says:

    I love this show. I have been watching it every weekend since I discovered it about a month ago on MBC in Las Vegas. But last weekend MBC went off the air. I am so depressed about it.

  12. 12 : Mel Says:

    Me too. I hope MBC will air the last few episodes. The just stopped. UGH!

  13. 13 : Romina Says:

    I truly like your blog, please keep posting.

  14. 14 : mutiara Says:

    It’s interesting.. I’ll watch it..

  15. 15 : mel Says:

    family drama always make me interested…

  16. 16 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  17. 17 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it.. i love korean drama..

  18. 18 : jezebelle Says:

    I like this drama very much.

  19. 19 : Kim so yan Says:

    Oh no, Lee So Yeon is in this movie as well. I wonder if she plays an evil perspn like in her other movies. How old is she anyway? In her forties??

  20. 20 : Kin Seung Yun Says:

    Oh no, Lee Jong Won is in this drama and I cannot stand him. I don’t think I’ll be watching this drama although from people’s comments it sounds good even tough it seems like other people don’t like one of the actresses.

  21. 21 : Kin Seung Yun Says:

    Yes I noticed her puffy jacket as well. She must like that jacket as she wears it in many colors, Lee So Yeon playing Geum. She has weird taste in clothes….

  22. 22 : sangjhoon Says:

    i’m currently watching this & liking it! shin sung rok is so funny in this drama, i like this actor, he’s so versatile & can sing very well too in this drama! i can’t wait to finish it!

  23. 23 : sangjhoon Says:

    i just finished watching this drama & i highly recommend it! it’s a wholesome family drama & i luv the leads like shin sung rok who’s very funny as kyung woo! he’s just adorable! lee seo yeon is also gr8 in here! it’s a happy ending too which i was glad!

  24. 24 : Cindy Says:

    How can Korean parents expect their children to do what they want? That is so selfish! They don’t own them! That’s retarded!
    Koreans are still living in the 1800 when you didn’t question your parents no matter how old you were… What nonesense !

  25. 25 : Cindy Says:

    I really hate these despicable self righteous Korean women. They can be so nasty and back stabbing. If I’d ever meet one of them, I don’t care how old they were, I’d tell them to go back to the bloody hell they came from!

  26. 26 : Cindy Says:

    I cannot stand when these people start kneeling down and saying ” I’m sorry”.. How many times? Are they nuts? I would never get on my knees like that! These Koreans are way out of line and they customs are really weird. If you say it’s out of respect, I say it’s ridiculous,no one should have power over anyone else like that

  27. 27 : Ryan k Says:

    They must have switched writers after episode 48 since the writing is so repetitive there is nothing original or that writer ran out of ideas and ” jumped the shark ” as they say. Korean dramas do get boring right before they end. Those three or four mothers are so relentless that you wan to round them up and throw them to the lions!!!!

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