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My Holo Love

Title: 나 홀로 그대 / My Holo Love
Also known as: You, Holo, and Me / I Am Alone / I Holo You
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Science fiction
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: Netflix
Broadcast period: 2020-Feb-07


This drama is about a lonely young woman meets the “perfect” companion, a holographic artificial intelligence.

Because of her face blindness disorder, Han So Yun (Go Sung Hee) decided to live a reclusive life. This changes when she starts using the AI program Holo whose appearance is the same as the developer’s assistant, Go Nan Do (Yoon Hyun Min). The latter slowly falls in love with So Yun but his cold personality, which contrasts with Holo’s, isn’t in his favor.


Main Cast

Yoon Hyun Min as Go Nan Do / Holo
Go Sung Hee as Han So Yun

Supporting Cast

Choi Yeo Jin as Go Yoo Jin
Hwang Chan Sung
Jung Young Ki as Jo Jin Suk
Son Jong Hak
Kim Soo Jin

Production Credits

Production Company: Studio Dragon
Chief Producer: Choi Jin Hee
Director: Lee Sang Yeob
Screenwriter: Ryu Yong Jae


Official Site

Trailer I
Trailer II

Watch Online in Netflix.com


  1. 1 : ELIE Says:

    Finish the drama in 1 days. Love it so much. Cheer for all the actors. They all did a great job. Especially yoon Hyun min. I love both nan do and holo character.

  2. 2 : Jinhwa Wang Says:

    I could not finish the drama in 1 day, I am enjoying watching it slowly. This is a great drama. What a great love story!
    I am wondering why all the 12 episodes were all appeared on the web in one day.

  3. 3 : Jinhwa Wang Says:

    The first 8 episodes are beautifully written. But in the 9th episode, the story collapsed.

  4. 4 : candy Says:

    Started the drama and running to episode 4, it is quite interesting.I find it cute when Nando and So Yeon had a moment, Holo is cute.

  5. 5 : meriem baitorou Says:

    at the 7th episode it starts to be boooooriinng

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