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Title: 황금빛 내 인생 / My Golden Life
Chinese Title: 我黃金光輝的人生
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 52 + 4 Specials
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2017-Sep-02 to 2018-Mar-11
Air time: Saturday & Sunday Night 19:55


Seo Ji Ahn (Shin Hye Sun) is a former rich girl, but was forced to be her family’s breadwinner after her father’s bankruptcy. She is now a contractual employee and living her life with restrained emotion. The drama chronicles her struggles to find new meaning and happiness in life.


Main Cast

Shin Hye Sun as Seo Ji Ahn
– Moon So Hee (문소희) as Ji Ahn (child)
– Kang Yoon Ah (강윤아) as Ji Ahn (Teen)
Park Shi Hoo as Choi Do Kyung
Seo Eun Soo as Seo Ji Soo
– Song Seo Eun (송서은) as Eun Suk (child)
Uhm Seo Hyun as Eun Suk (teen)
Lee Tae Hwan as Sun Woo Hyuk

Seo Ji Ahn’s Family

Chun Ho Jin as Seo Tae Soo
– Lee Jon Seung (이존승) as Tae Soo (young)
Kim Hye Ok as Yang Mi Jung
Lee Tae Sung as Seo Ji Tae
Shin Hyun Soo as Seo Ji Ho
– Ji Won Ho (지원호) as Ji Ho (young)

Choi Do Kyung’s Family

Kim Byung Gi as Noh Yang Ho
Jun Noh Min as Choi Jae Sung
Na Young Hee as Noh Myung Hee
Jun Soo Kyung as Noh Jin Hee
Lee Da In as Choi Seo Hyun

Sun Woo Hyuk’s Family

Jung So Young as Sun Woo Hee
Kwon Hyuk Poong (권혁풍) as Sun Woo Suk
Hong Yo Seob as Sun Jong Gil
Lee Hye Sook as Song Hye Sook

Haesung Group

Yoo Ha Bok as Jung Myung Soo
Seo Kyung Hwa (서경화) as Min Deul Re (director)
Lee Kyu Bok as Yoo Kwan Woo (secretary)
Wi Ha Joon as Ryu Jae Shin


Choi Kwi Hwa as Kang Nam Goo
Park Joo Hee as Lee Soo Ah
Lee Jong Nam as Shin Hae Ja
Do Yong Goo (도용구) as Hae Ja’s husband
Kim Sung Hoon as Lee Yong Gook
Baek Seo Yi as Yoon Ha Jung
Kim Sa Kwon as Kim Ki Jae
Gong Sang Ah (공상아)
Baek Ji Won as Jo Soon Ok
Yoo In Young as Jang So Ra
Park Sang Hwi (박상휘)
Noh Susanna as Kang Myung Hin
Gong Min Jung as Song Mi Heon

Production Credits

Production Company: Studio Dragon
Chief Producer: Bae Kyung Soo
Director: Kim Hyung Suk
Screenwriter: So Hyun Kyung


UEE was first offered the lead female role, but declined.

– There are 4 special episodes on this drama. 2 episode of “Chuseok Special” on 2017-10-04 and 2 episode of “Behind the Scene” on 2017-12-30 & 2017-12-31.


2017 KBS Drama Awards: Best Screenwriter Award – So Hyun Kyung (My Golden Life)
2017 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Park Shi Hoo and Shin Hye Sun (My Golden Life)
2017 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Long Series) – Shin Hye Sun (My Golden Life)
2017 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Long Series) – Park Shi Hoo (My Golden Life)
2017 KBS Drama Awards: Daesang – Chun Ho Jin (My Golden Life)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2017-09-02 1 20.7 (1st) 17.5 (4th) 19.7 (1st) 19.5 (3rd)
2017-09-03 2 22.5 (1st) 20.0 (1st) 23.7 (1st) 23.5 (1st)
2017-09-09 3 23.2 (1st) 19.4 (2nd) 22.4 (1st) 22.2 (2nd)
2017-09-10 4 29.6 (1st) 26.0 (1st) 28.4 (1st) 28.2 (1st)
2017-09-16 5 25.2 (1st) 20.9 (1st) 25.3 (1st) 24.5 (1st)
2017-09-17 6 28.8 (1st) 24.5 (1st) 29.7 (1st) 29.7 (1st)
2017-09-23 7 25.8 (1st) 22.0 (2nd) 26.2 (1st) 25.6 (1st)
2017-09-24 8 31.2 (1st) 28.4 (1st) 30.9 (1st) 30.5 (1st)
2017-09-30 9 24.4 (1st) 21.0 (3rd) 25.4 (1st) 24.3 (1st)
2017-10-01 10 28.1 (1st) 23.9 (1st) 29.6 (1st) 29.8 (1st)
2017-10-07 11 24.8 (1st) 20.3 (3rd) 27.2 (1st) 26.7 (1st)
2017-10-08 12 30.3 (1st) 27.4 (1st) 30.9 (1st) 30.1 (1st)
2017-10-14 13 27.9 (1st) 23.3 (3rd) 27.4 (1st) 26.5 (1st)
2017-10-15 14 31.2 (1st) 27.5 (1st) 32.4 (1st) 31.7 (1st)
2017-10-21 15 30.2 (1st) 27.8 (1st) 29.7 (1st) 29.5 (1st)
2017-10-22 16 34.2 (1st) 31.4 (1st) 35.0 (1st) 34.8 (1st)
2017-10-28 17 30.3 (1st) 26.8 (1st) 30.2 (1st) 30.2 (1st)
2017-10-29 18 34.2 (1st) 30.3 (1st) 34.5 (1st) 34.2 (1st)
2017-11-04 19 31.1 (1st) 27.1 (1st) 31.2 (1st) 30.8 (1st)
2017-11-05 20 35.5 (1st) 31.3 (1st) 36.0 (1st) 36.0 (1st)
2017-11-11 21 32.2 (1st) 30.1 (1st) 32.3 (1st) 32.1 (1st)
2017-11-12 22 37.1 (1st) 34.0 (1st) 37.9 (1st) 36.6 (1st)
2017-11-18 23 31.4 (1st) 27.9 (1st) 35.0 (1st) 34.6 (1st)
2017-11-19 24 36.3 (1st) 33.6 (1st) 37.7 (1st) 37.5 (1st)
2017-11-25 25 30.7 (1st) 27.0 (1st) 34.7 (1st) 34.3 (1st)
2017-11-26 26 35.9 (1st) 32.1 (1st) 39.0 (1st) 38.6 (1st)
2017-12-02 27 32.7 (1st) 29.9 (1st) 35.7 (1st) 35.4 (1st)
2017-12-03 28 38.7 (1st) 35.7 (1st) 38.8 (1st) 38.9 (1st)
2017-12-09 29 33.2 (1st) 29.0 (1st) 35.6 (1st) 35.5 (1st)
2017-12-10 30 40.2 (1st) 36.3 (1st) 41.2 (1st) 40.8 (1st)
2017-12-16 31 34.2 (1st) 30.7 (1st) 35.7 (1st) 34.7 (1st)
2017-12-17 32 39.6 (1st) 35.5 (1st) 40.7 (1st) 40.1 (1st)
2017-12-23 33 32.8 (1st) 29.1 (1st) 34.7 (1st) 33.1 (1st)
2017-12-24 34 35.9 (1st) 31.6 (1st) 37.8 (1st) 36.9 (1st)
2018-01-06 35 37.3 (1st) 34.4 (1st) 37.6 (1st) 37.2 (1st)
2018-01-07 36 42.3 (1st) 38.2 (1st) 42.8 (1st) 42.5 (1st)
2018-01-13 37 36.4 (1st) 33.5 (1st) 37.8 (1st) 37.9 (1st)
2018-01-14 38 39.6 (1st) 35.7 (1st) 43.2 (1st) 42.9 (1st)
2018-01-20 39 35.3 (1st) 31.9 (1st) 36.8 (1st) 35.4 (1st)
2018-01-21 40 41.7 (1st) 37.0 (1st) 41.9 (1st) 41.2 (1st)
2018-01-27 41 37.5 (1st) 34.0 (1st) 38.8 (1st) 39.3 (1st)
2018-01-28 42 42.5 (1st) 38.9 (1st) 44.2 (1st) 44.6 (1st)
2018-02-03 43 39.6 (1st) 35.8 (1st) 40.3 (1st) 40.5 (1st)
2018-02-04 44 43.9 (1st) 40.4 (1st) 44.6 (1st) 44.1 (1st)
2018-02-11 45 39.9 (1st) 36.4 (1st) 41.9 (1st) 41.5 (1st)
2018-02-17 46 30.0 (1st) 26.1 (1st) 34.7 (1st) 34.8 (1st)
2018-02-18 47 35.1 (1st) 31.3 (1st) 38.7 (1st) 38.9 (1st)
2018-02-25 48 30.7 (1st) 27.2 (1st) 29.3 (1st) 28.8 (1st)
2018-03-03 49 41.2 (1st) 36.7 (1st) 38.1 (1st) 37.6 (1st)
2018-03-04 50 45.8 (1st) 41.9 (1st) 43.9 (1st) 43.0 (1st)
2018-03-10 51 39.4 (1st) - 38.1 (1st) 36.7 (1st)
2018-03-11 52 41.2 (1st) - 45.1 (1st) 44.3 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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231 Responses to “My Golden Life”

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  1. 151
    dramalady Says:

    The success of this drama has nothing to do with the leads especially Park Shi Hoo. IF he is not in the drama, I am sure the rating can be higher.
    In fact the drama also not that specially good. It is really because the other dramas in this period are not in standard.

  2. 152
    luzzieh Says:

    I prefer FIS

  3. 153
    Anne Says:

    To 151
    What makes you sure that ratings will be higher if PSH is not in the drama when you are saying it is not that specially good? You should have watched the KBS awards night. PSH got the loudest cheers every time his name was mentioned.

  4. 154
    USA Says:

    Anne #153 – Agree, PSH combined with great writing, directing & acting, the k-drama audience can’t help but to tune into this drama & boosting the ratings. Most folks have kind heart to forgive & give someone a 2nd chance, & we all root for the underdog. Thanks for pointing out the award night & people rooting for him.

  5. 155
    tigerb Says:

    what i learned from the past is that this time slot is always 1st for KBS. i like psh, but i think it does not matter who are leads for the kbs drama in this time slot, it’s highest in saturday ratings for many dramas since ‘unexpected you’. i thought that ‘money flower’ would be a good competition since jang hyuk has a good following, but no.

  6. 156
    Janice Says:

    Many follow this drama because of Park Shi Hoo, inc me and he has not disappointed me up till now, his acting as Do Kyung worth praising. he deserves the award. I hope he will resume his good reputation from this successful drama.

  7. 157
    Florensiana Says:

    many tears fall for ep40💔

  8. 158
    hikmah banna Says:

    i like park sii hoo & shin hye sun, they’r both have talenta n good acting too.

  9. 159
    Nonuts Says:

    So, Noh Myung Hee is an adulteress and a hypocrite. And grandfather Noh; the guy is drunk with power. He couldn’t control his grandson so he directs his efforts on to the parents of the girl his grandson likes, manipulating them by threatening to ruin the children’s lives in order to effect his will. The grandfather is scum and a thug.

    While elements of the story make it predictable, how they actually play out is refreshingly unpredictable.

  10. 160
    Kim Lau Says:

    Park Shi Hoo and Shin hye sun – V. Good acting !!! many tears fall…… I like to watch this good drama.

  11. 161
    Daniela Says:

    We often forget that kdramas are made for Koreans and they’re reflecting Korean society, culture, mentality, moral standards, lifestyle etc. so how the Korean public receives them is critical. To say that MGL would have been more successful without Park Si Hoo is just a biased opinion and has none relevance since the scriptwriter wrote the role for him and fought to cast him by all means and she was right because Korean public really likes this drama and the whole cast as well, otherwise they would criticize any inadequacy. The ratings greater than 40% are a parameter for success and MGL is considered successful.

  12. 162
    USA Says:

    This drama is not only about the rich and the poor, but also about manhood and fatherhood. When will CDK’s dad find the guts to be the father his kids need and protect them against their money & power crazed grandfather, and his gutless wife/daughter who bows to her dad who is trying to break down her own son? Both females roles (CDK’s & JiAn’s mothers) don’t represent the best of women or motherhood. JiAn’s eldest brother is The Man protecting his unborn child whereas his idiot wife is ignorant of true love, the unconditional love. Love this screenwriter’s keen perception of manhood and fatherhood. Very well written, very well directed, and awesome acting by great cast.

  13. 163
    Dee Says:

    It’s a good drama played with good actors and actress, so it deserved high ratings…i rarely watch kdrama with long episode like this, but here i am watching eps 44, hoping from what DK said in last scene, i just hope that there wouldn’t be a loose end. Please writer-nim.

  14. 164
    Bubut Says:

    Everyone of the major Actors Deserved the Accolades that they have received period

  15. 165
    mzpane Says:


    so the committee of KBS drama award are practically blind by giving PSH an award of Excellence Actor? and the high rating this drama got from 1st episode til now is what? bollocks? i think you need to live in a real world and start seeing the facts…

  16. 166
    Hyeongnam Says:

    Shin Hye Sun is one serious actress. Awesome to watch her doing her thing.

  17. 167
    kurayuzaki666 Says:

    This is my honest opinion though. PSH’s performance is mediocre in this drama. I could not feel the emotions especially his eyes. BLANK EXPRESSION. Giving him an excellent award is decent though but SHS’s acting in this drama deserves not an excellent award but a TOP EXCELLENCE AWARD. She delivers this drama in the most effective ways as Ji Ahn.

    Now, @dramalady, yes the slot of this drama is advantageous considering that the timeslot is not a standard timeslot for drama series. (The drama airs in early timeslot than other Sat-Sun dramas of MBC and SBS) but when this drama had reached 30%, better at above 40%, is undeniably spectacular and is considered a SUPER HIT DRAMA.

    Unexpected You is one of an example of this but there are many previous KBS Sat-Sun dramas with same time slot which have only achieved 20% above ratings and yes it still in rank 1st, but factually the ratings are below the ratings of My Golden Life.

    And I enjoyed this drama while waiting for my death. I have cancer though.

  18. 168
    Hyeongnam Says:

    Eh? @kurayuzaki666 you’re leaving. Put your mind on God and go Home.

  19. 169
    Hyeongnam Says:

    I don’t understand why their first choice is UEE. She is not a patch on Shin Hye Sun.

  20. 170
    MaxT Says:

    Wow, haven’t seen 45% rating for a very long time. It’s a dinner time show and all the Ajumma and Ajusshi stayed home watching TV.

  21. 171
    triplestar Says:

    dramalady please stop watching mgl we dont need your nega opinion.

  22. 172
    naila009 Says:

    Until now, I can say that Shin Hye Sun is the most suitable female lead role for this drama. Because, she seems bring good vibe for the drama. Also for Park Shi Hoo, Lee Tae Hwan, and Seo Eun Soo. 7 episodes to go, but I don’t want this drama come to an end. How beautiful and moving the story is. Congratulations for the team!!!

  23. 173
    ina_karin Says:

    Finally in ep.45…another kiss just happen. Wish it was sooner and more often. I’d like to see how CDK and SJA’s hardwork toward their success in work and of course, their love. To the CDK’s grandpa; how far you will become so arrogant? just seeing him, so despicable enough. Also for CDK’s mom.

  24. 174
    Babs Says:

    Can someone tell me how I can watch this show in Tempe, AZ

  25. 175
    tigerb Says:

    @Babs#174: suggest you watch it online.

  26. 176
    annmasae Says:

    Enjoying this drama very much. Amazing ratings for an amazing cast.

  27. 177
    CaSaNiña Says:

    hi. so, who is the real rich daughter?

  28. 178
    CaSaNiña Says:

    hi. so, who is the real poor daughter?

  29. 179
    nina34 Says:

    Wow…a bit shocked how CDK changes overnight after what happened to his grandpa. I just have a feel that his grandpa make a scenario to bring CDK’s back to Haesung corp. But, maybe he doesn’t know that his daughter (CDK’s mom) scandal will be big.

    As for SJA, she still stay low profile. Seems not feeling lose at all even CDK return to his family. She needs to play “poker face” in order to make her family have a higher pride. Should she just left to Finland and become a successful person to make CDK’s grandpa and mom’s mouth just shut up. Feel annoying and can’t wait how it will end.

  30. 180
    amanda Says:

    I’m curious how SJS and SWH couple (second lead) will stay their relationship. I also don’t know until now how SWH’s past because in the synopsis, he’s a mysterious character with such past.

  31. 181
    amanda Says:

    I’m curious how SJS and SWH couple (second lead) will stay their relationship. I also don’t know until now how SWH’s past because in the synopsis, he’s a mysterious character with such past.

  32. 182
    solo najeong Says:

    @amanda: you wrote it double. what happen??

    Support this drama until the end. I’m curious how this drama will end. Will Seo Ji An reach her higher status? Will Seo Ji Soo and Sun Woo Hyuk will be together until the end of the drama? I hope there are other lesson to pick. Reccomended to watch for those who love K-Dramas. 47 percent rating, fighting!!

  33. 183
    tigerb Says:

    @solo najeong #182: where did you get 47% rating? the table above says 34.7/34.8, went down from 41. missing a day last week made the difference?

  34. 184
    Raynnn Says:

    Rating dropped for olympic.

  35. 185
    tigerb Says:

    @Raynnn: thanks for the info. i forgot that olympics can take precedence. so with the botox grandfather gone, will dk’s parents get removed too?

  36. 186
    lesle Says:

    @Babs#174: Online-
    •http://kissasian.ch/Drama/My-Golden-Life @720p
    •https://www1.watchasian.co/drama-detail/my-golden-life @720p
    •http://quick-drama.com/series/my-golden-life/?action=watching&server=6&movie=my-golden-life @720p

    There are several more. Learn to use the internet to hunt them down. Good Luck!

  37. 187
    Hyeongnam Says:

    Shin Hye Sun hits the ball out of the park with her acting.

  38. 188
    USA Says:

    PSH’s character has NOT been easy in terms of acting. He had to repress who he is with JiAn because she doesn’t like his family but that’s who he is. He can’t be himself with his own family because of their rejection of JiAn. He tried in her world & found independence & joy. He tasted 2 different worlds now – his & hers. JiAn too lived in his world as a Choi member. He’s now forced to be in the Choi world because of the family business knowing JiAn doesn’t care for it. What do you do?! Her character lives in her own world which has been easier than CDK’s. PSH has done a marvelous acting where he has to suppress his genuine feelings for JiAn while his Choi world wraps/imprisons his mind body & soul. It’s the ultimate internal battle of ying & yang. Seeing how the story unfolds – This writer is excellent. PSH’s character will now come alive, how will he be free him from the bondage?!

  39. 189
    Dulce Says:

    @USA, like your analogy of what’s happening with PSH character I am also hoping that the angst will end soon. We have only 4 Epi left and I don’t want to have an open ending for our OTP. Just really sad that writer nim may kill STS(Dad):(

  40. 190
    Daniela Says:

    There are only four episodes of MGL and I wonder if it will be enough time for the lead couple to set their life together or the poster and the title of the drama, in fact have nothing to do with the story. Firstly, the fight for power in HG will continue consuming time and I don’t know, if CDK will be the CEO eventually, I feel that his higher position will enlarge the social gap between him and JiAn, making even more unrealistic their future together, unless CDK will cede the power to his grandfather or so and he will be free to live as he wishes but that is pretty unrealistic too. Secondly, father Seo’s illness turned to be in a terminal faze and what will happen with him will have a tough impact on his family and consequently on JiAn – CDK’s relationship, delaying their happy end if will be one for them anyways. Thirdly, in a good tradition of almost every kdrama I ever saw at the end of it, the lovers will be temporarily separated (often 1 year), before she/he/they to comeback in Korea and resume their relationship. Personally, I hope in these last 4 episodes, the writer will give JiAn-DK couple the importance and the time well deserved in the economy of this drama, surprising us with something different and special but also credible. It’s time for them to take the spotlight, my opinion.

  41. 191
    USA Says:

    @Daniela – think 4 ep is doable. JiAn’s dad will resurrect his family & JiAn by saving the Choi business dynasty. JiAn’s dad discovered the securities fraud whereby CDK’s aunt purchased stocks for the parents of handicap children through the foundation supporting handicap children (the name of the fraud foundation was on the school bus of 2 parents JiAn’s dad visited). These parents were the minority stockholders that pushed the outcome in CDK aunt’s favor. Once the fraud is proven, his aunt/uncle are done. CDK will return the CEO seat to his grandfather. Hopefully the greedy old geezer will give it back to CDK. The old geezer will realize his company would have been lost without JiAn’s dad & will accept JiAn into the family. JiAn’s dad resurrects the fatherhood for all men/fathers – successfully accomplishing the role of a protector for his family. Yes he will likely die, but the writer may not. In gratitude, the Choi family may find the best doctors and expensive treatments to cure JiAn’s dad in which case JiAn will be grateful to them. There are 56 ep with 4 special ep, don’t know what all that means, but definitely doable.

  42. 192
    Daniela Says:

    I referred precisely to JiAn and DoKyung’s love story that in my opinion it’s time to be the protagonist story of this drama, I should say at least as much how it was the love story of WooHee and NamGoo at some moment and they even weren’t the main characters. Will be enough time for their love story to be delivered and ended in a satisfactory way for the viewers with so many other substories evolving around them? We will see.

  43. 193
    USA Says:

    @Daniela – Agree. Sorry I went off the tangent… Can’t wait for the two main characters to play out their love story in full!

  44. 194
    USA Says:

    @Dulce – Thanks. Goodness, I was replying to you about JiAn’s dad and addressed to Daniela. Am too anxious for the next episode & like you hope JiAn’s dad survives. Enjoy.

  45. 195
    Aston Says:

    Don’t know why, I feel that writer have to make Seo Ji An (Shin Hye Sun) go to Finland to reach her dream (success in her career). To make it a bit more dramatic. Both SJA and CDK will feel lost and realize their love.

    The realities are: SJA won the competition (got the chance to learn in Finland), SJA and Choi Do Kyung not together again, and SJA’s dad is sick now. I can’t wait how it will end, but I’m not ready to face the end of this drama.

  46. 196
    melisa221 Says:

    Maybe I heard wrong, who is dead? CDK’s grandfather from his father or his mother?? Because, when CDK’s dad seems pissed off about how his life has been wasted because of his wife’s family dynasty of company and now he really wants to divorce.

    Please, can’t wait the english sub for ep.49 and ep.50!!

  47. 197
    park jun sung Says:

    excuse me, may i ask, why this drama become so popular until on top list of “popular show now”? and how can the rating became sooo high???? just curious…

  48. 198
    molly Says:

    This weekend drama has “a bit” differerent tone, compare to preceeding time drama (KBS Weekend Drama). Just drawn me to the stories, actors/actresses, and OST.

  49. 199
    tigerb Says:

    @park jun sung: you should be asking the admin of this web site how they rate a drama to belong to the “popular who now” list. if you read the comments above, you may learn an idea or two how the “rating became sooo high????”. have you watched the drama yourself? whatever you come up with, everyone has his own preferences and opinions. cheers!

  50. 200
    Nana03 Says:

    I haven’t feel drawn too deep to a weekend drama since: What Happens to My Family? (I compare this to other weekend dramas). My excitement starts from casting process, drama synopsis, trailer, to stories, scenes, dialogues, and few of OST’s.

    Even today is 2018, this drama has it own spark and viewers. There are still some flaws in, but I got some lesson from this drama. If I have to tell, what is the flaw, extending two episodes seems not enough. It has to 4 extension episodes. As for this week, Seo Ji An hasn’t go to Finland, I hope she goes in ep.51. Let her character will change and bright in the end. Hope for her love and career become better. Can’t wait for next week (one week to go only).

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