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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Title: 내 여자친구는 구미호 / My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Chinese Title : 我女友是九尾狐
Also known as: My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox
Genre: Romance, comedy, fantasy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-11 to 2010-Sep-30
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Cha Dae Woong accidentally releases a gumiho, a legendary fox with nine tails that eats the livers of humans. When he finds out that she is a gumiho, he ends up doing crazy things to prevent the girl from eating his liver.


Lee Seung Ki as Cha Tae Woong
Lee Tae Woo as Cha Tae Woong (child)
Shin Min Ah as Gumiho
No Min Woo as Park Dong Joo
Park Soo Jin as Eun Hye In
Byun Hee Bong as Cha Poong (Dae Woong’s grandfather)
Yoon Yoo Sun as Cha Min Sook (Dae Woong’s aunt)
Sung Dong Il as Ban Doo Hong
Hyo Min as Ban Sun Nyeo
Kim Ho Chang as Kim Byung Soo
?? as Lady Kang
?? as Yoo Tae Joon
Im Hyun Sik as monk (cameo)
Min Joon Hyun (민준현) as policeman (cameo, ep 4)
Lee Soo Geun (이수근) as policeman (cameo, ep 4)
UEE as art student (cameo, ep 5)
Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nyeo (cameo, ep 6)
Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy (cameo, ep 16)
Kim Ji Young as Samshin grandmother (cameo, ep 16)
Oh Na Mi (cameo)

Production Credits

Director: Boo Sung Chul (부성철)
Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun (Hong Sisters)


– 2010 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actor Award – Drama Special (Lee Seung Ki)
– 2010 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actress Award – Drama Special (Shin Min Ah)
– 2010 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Lee Seung Ki and Shin Min Ah)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-08-11 1 12.7 (6th) 13.0 (6th)
2010-08-12 2 12.6 (8th) 13.1 (8th)
2010-08-18 3 14.6 (6th) 14.9 (6th)
2010-08-19 4 14.1 (7th) 14.0 (7th)
2010-08-25 5 14.0 (6th) 14.1 (6th)
2010-08-26 6 14.2 (8th) 14.1 (8th)
2010-09-01 7 13.4 (9th) 13.4 (9th)
2010-09-02 8 13.4 (12th) 13.6 (12th)
2010-09-08 9 13.2 (9th) 12.8 (9th)
2010-09-09 10 12.3 (11th) 12.6 (11th)
2010-09-15 11 13.0 (9th) 12.8 (9th)
2010-09-16 12 10.7 (11th) 10.4 (11th)
2010-09-23 13&14 20.9 (1st) 21.3 (1st)
2010-09-29 15 18.6 (3rd) 18.6 (3rd)
2010-09-30 16 21.3 (2nd) 21.0 (2nd)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : kuutie Says:

    OMG! This has to be a good drama 🙂
    i love Lee Sung Gi so MUCH!!

  2. 2 : unik karlita Says:


    i like u lee seung gi & shin min ah…

    aku akan menonton drama mu… ” in indonesia..”

  3. 3 : lovlyndar Says:

    this drama will compete to get high rangking w/ baker King, Kim tak Gook (since we known, this drama got high rangking) and Playful Kiss ( will airing on 1 september)..
    and the three of drama have good casting..
    oh.. thi’s interesting and make little confuse to choose what i watch the first….
    but since i love so much korean drama, of course i watch all of them…

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  5. 5 : jh Says:

    looks interesting…

  6. 6 : cal Says:

    i can’t wait to watch this drama.
    You know why?
    Because the scriptwriter of this drama is the same writer of
    my other favorite korean dramas;
    Sassy Girl Chun Hyang, My Girl, and Fantastic Couple.

    So i have a big expectations of this drama!

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  8. 8 : Risma Says:

    seung gi oppa sarangheneun..
    I have to watch this drama..

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  10. 10 : chichaloca Says:

    omg..seem a good drama..but’t can watch it since at malaysia just has kbs channel…but i gonna watch it at u tube or my soju..huhu..now i will keep watchin baker kim takgu..my current faveret drama 🙂

  11. 11 : chichaloca Says:

    omg..seem a good drama..but i can’t watch it since at malaysia just has kbs channel:( But i gonna watch it at u tube or my soju..huhu..now i will keep watchin baker kim takgu..my current faveret drama 🙂

  12. 12 : young rully Says:

    like this drama , hmmmm
    seung gi oppa . . .

  13. 13 : just me Says:

    Lee seung giiiii…. Ok, added to must watch drama list…. Hehehe…
    This is comedy version than Gumiho’s grudge… ( Han eun jung )…. I’ll watch these 2 for sure….

  14. 14 : korean entertainment lover Says:

    cant wait 4 this,,I have to watch this drama..
    korean entertainment news

  15. 15 : MARTHA TOBING Says:

    yes.yes.yes SeungGi oppa is back !!! Saranghae hehehehe ^^

  16. 16 : QREZPY Says:


  17. 17 : QREZPY-INDONESIAN Says:


    GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18 : cygnusx1 Says:

    Seung Gi!!! I really can’t wait to see this drama. I miss seung gi act since brilliant legacy. I love whatever he did. I also watch 1 night 2 days and strong heart. No, i really can’t wait to see his new drama.

  19. 19 : korean drama lover Says:

    finally a page for this drama, thank you..

    i really cant wait to watch the drama, it’s gonna be interesting!!


  20. 20 : shirley Says:

    can’t wait to c dis new drama of lee seung gi… it sure will be a new challenge for lee seung gi since dis drama character is different from his previous drama…

  21. 21 : PrettyLady Says:

    Oh wow, Shin Min Ah. Liked her in the drama “The Devil”. Looks like she gets to show more emotions in this role. aja fighting!

  22. 22 : Jillian Says:

    HO-LY CRAP!! I can’t wait for this to come out! I love Lee Seung Gi! I am eagerly awaiting the premiere! ^^

  23. 23 : jung Says:

    the synopsis of this drama gives me a impression that the story of this drama will be unrealistic >.<

  24. 24 : KPOP7.com Says:

    This drama will most likely succeed or be on par with playful kiss solely because Lee Seung Ki is in it ..

    Download Korean Songs & Albums

  25. 25 : zizou Says:


  26. 26 : warda Says:

    i love this drama soooooooooooooooooooooooo mush

  27. 27 : warda Says:


  28. 28 : warda Says:

    cmt je peu télécharger ce drama

  29. 29 : best korean drama Says:

    Very funny drama. I really like Lee seung ki! I love this drama.

  30. 30 : cori Says:

    love SMA… can’t wait to see this drama :))

  31. 31 : nikkyp28 Says:

    The fact that the HONG SISTERS pen this drama is worth to watch it.
    Enough said. Whatever its competitor in its time slot will have a hard time competing with it. Can’t wait!

  32. 32 : blue Says:

    I just know that this drama will also support by No Min Woo… The one that played Philip in Pasta… Mamma Miaaa…
    This is gonna be good to watch…
    Story by Hong sisters.
    Cast : eye candies LSG n NMW

    Result : unknown but must be not dissapoint me at all…
    Har har

  33. 33 : masfie Says:

    I’m waiting this drama….

  34. 34 : dreamboy82 Says:

    I’ve just watch the first episode.
    It’s definite hit! I love it. It’s on

  35. 35 : dierezz Says:

    love this drama..
    I waiting…

  36. 36 : b.m Says:

    its perfect …. love the way that mi ho scares lee seung gi 😀

  37. 37 : b.m Says:

    go and watch it in viikii with en sub … ( the best drama ever ) 😀

  38. 38 : Adeline Says:

    Excellent drama and OST – enjoyed first episode and look forward to watching subsequent episodes. Lee Seung Gi is cute and adorable.

  39. 39 : kai Says:

    this drama very funny..i think..^^
    because the girl frind,,,a monster with beautiful face,,hehe..

    actor and actris in this drama veri cute and handsome,,,^^

    shi min ah..lovu u,,^^

  40. 40 : Anne Says:

    I hv watched the 1st & 2nd episode. I enjoyed it so much. I like both Lee Seung Gi & Shin Min Ah. Both are very cute and very natural in their acting. Natural comedian. Looking forward to next episode.

  41. 41 : weissman Says:

    So far after two episodes I am in love with this series. The two main actors have amazing chemistry and Shin MIn Ah is really amazing as the female lead. She has this innocence about her thats really brings the character of Mi Ho into everyones heart. So far a great story about what it means to be human and what it means to love.

  42. 42 : haha Says:

    Oh man ! i watch this two ep and i am crazily in love with this show!
    it is so so so superb nice sia!the girl so cute adorable naive , the guy so cute handsome mischievous!awww , but it air out too slow , i going turn crazy waiting for ep 3 out ;(

  43. 43 : bunessy Says:

    i saw 2 episodes already its so fun,romantic and definitely entertaining. seriously hong sisters are freaking geniuses in terms of kdramas they should venture into film or better yet have them as writers for our own dramas in the Phil….good chemistry between lee seung gi and shi min ah
    everyone in these drama is an eye candy cant wait for next week

  44. 44 : Moon Says:

    Hong sisters are my favorite screenwriter. All drama written by them is damn nice, they know what their audience want. Thumb Up.
    For this drama, hope it will be as nice as their previous 5 drama. 🙂 Fighting!

  45. 45 : V Says:

    Pls upload the OST tracks.

    I love this drama so much. same as 倩女妖魂 台湾版~

    超喜欢 这部韩剧

    MIN AH is beautiful~

  46. 46 : Adeline Says:

    Gosh, this drama is really entertaining & hilarious. Love the scenes with the Grandpa, esp when he called LSG’s HP but SMA answered that he was on top of her (ha, ha) & when LSG tried to run away with one of his precious fish. So funny & LSG was really cute !! Can’t wait for episode 3.

  47. 47 : ruiasa Says:

    i love this drama and i cant wait to watch…

  48. 48 : ruiasa Says:


  49. 49 : ruiasa Says:


  50. 50 : sukomol chowdhury Says:

    movies see

  51. 51 : I LOVE Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child Says:


  52. 52 : moyka jansen Says:

    not a bad start..

  53. 53 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Shin Min Ah is so cute in this one. I can’t believe that Tae Woong left her all alone on that river cruise. This one is my favorite so far.
    Episode 4 is out at http://www.dramabang.com/G4/korean/board.php?bo_table=Korean_drama83

  54. 54 : chyin Says:

    I love this drama to date. Both the leads are great and I also heard that both LSG and SMA are actually dating each other in real life.

  55. 55 : eugene Says:

    I’m watching this drama now. Honestly, i’m falling for it not because of LSG and SMA but No Min Woo. He’s so hot with his role as a fox hunter. He definitely rocks in this drama. I’m waiting for the next episodes.

  56. 56 : Adeline Says:

    No Min Woo is too pretty for me (ha, ha!). Just watched episode 4 and enjoyed it tremendously. I was laughing so hard at some scenes that my family members thought I had gone crazy. Love both LSG and SMA, perfect couple !

  57. 57 : Lynn K Says:

    omg… this drama is funny….. i love it!!!! gona continue watching it!! ppl… this drama is highly recomended!!! ^^

  58. 58 : Rebel Angel Says:

    can’t wait to see this drama….I wanna watch it now…

  59. 59 : oystercafe Says:

    Great! Would you like to master English so you can enjoy English drama? http://www.youtube.com/user/OystercafeESL or http://www.oystercafe.com
    This site is amazing. Love Korean drama

  60. 60 : kcomments Says:

    Shin Min-ah is the best Gumiho ever!
    When it rains on a clear blue sky, I think of this drama.
    The Hong Sisters have done it again, breaking up the rules!

  61. 61 : ok250682 Says:

    I am fan of Lee Seung Gi becoz I love his singing v v much. I like him more after watching his drama Shining Inheritance (rated over 40%). To my surprise, he can act very well too. When seeing the trailer MGIAGumiho, I got a little worried becoz i thought its not interesting but I force myself to watch the 1st ep. I really like this drama & I quickly recommend friends & others. Both LSG & SMA got excellent chemistry and all e jokes r so new & fresh! Looking forward to ep 5 & 6

  62. 62 : weissman Says:

    It keeps getting better and better, SMA was so sad when she was left alone on the cruise. I am so glad that LSG went back for her. Is he starting to have feelings for her, see her as a person?

  63. 63 : sweetie Says:

    Hong’s sister did it again!!
    This drama really make my days..

  64. 64 : MinnieBell Says:

    love this drama very much!!!! cuteness overload =)
    everyone, please support this drama :))
    wishing for hepi ending…

  65. 65 : chow Says:

    love this drama!keep on watching this

  66. 66 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Tae Woong is done!
    It’s sad that Gumiho doesn’t know what’s going on. Can’t wait for Epi #7.

    Episode #6 is on http://dramabang.com/G4/korean/board.php?bo_table=Korean_drama83&wr_id=7

  67. 67 : KELLY HOANG Says:

    oh,me and my sis just love this dramma so much,that’s the best 4ever!
    we r waitting for the next part like every time.
    SMA is so cute and oppa LSG too,i like this couple
    come on GIRL ! support to this drama please !

  68. 68 : bleh Says:

    it’s such a sweet drama! It draws out emotions from me, which is very rare for a romantic comedy.

  69. 69 : jeezvive Says:

    I started watching this drama last night, and ow I am hooked! Both of the actors are so cute!

    I live the facial expression of Shin Mina as Mi Ho!!! ^_^

    Sad i have to wait until next week for the next episodes… 🙁

  70. 70 : quiceberrylady Says:

    Addictive! So far the best drama for the second half.. can’t wait for the next episodes!

  71. 71 : b_m Says:

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him

    adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her

    get crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for drama

  72. 72 : Great drama Says:

    This drama is soooo good so far…I’m looking forward to ep 7!!!

  73. 73 : kyong0816 Says:

    I am very like this drama, I hope got more people well try to watch its!!!!!! Beside that, all the actors is very good in this drama.

  74. 74 : nattChou Says:

    I love this drama Lee Seung Ki & Shin Min Ah so cute!!!! Fighting Long live My Girlfriend is a Gumiho ^^

  75. 75 : سریال های در حال÷خش در کره Says:

    […] 내 여자친구는 구미호 / My Girlfriend is Gumiho / 我女友是九尾狐 Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-11 to 2010-Sep-30 Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 […]

  76. 76 : nawar Says:


  77. 77 : nawar Says:

    good drama

  78. 78 : korean drama fan Says:

    this is the reason why they chose Shin Min Ah


  79. 79 : aBOUT Girls [http://about-girlsz.blogspot.com] Says:

    i like this drama from ep1 (it’s funny) but until ep 5 i think this drama gotta be boring and unbelievable story (i’m still watching, coz i want to see the ending)

  80. 80 : Adeline Says:

    It has been a long wait, finally I can get to watch episode 7 today. Yipee…………

  81. 81 : saya Says:

    this drama is awesome.. i laughed lot..and in one second my tears fall.. i can’t wait for the next episode…
    and the original soundtrack “fox rain” by lee sun hee is daebak..
    i keep listening that again and again…

  82. 82 : Cecelia Says:

    i love this drama like seriously….it is touching….funny…cute!!! haha… and the animal doctor in this drama is DAMN HOT!!!hahhaha…. the male lead is cute too…and the female lead is cute and pretty!!! love ths soundtrack of this drama too… FOX RAIN is nice!!!! pretty song=)

  83. 83 : oka Says:

    i love u miho…can i buy a coke

  84. 84 : jeezvive Says:

    Episode 7 is the sweetest!!!! Awwww thank you mysoju for the quick subbing!!

    i love love love the scene in the gym when MH kicked DW mat so he can fall on her mat! she is so cute, but sadly they had to be interrupted by director arg!

    LSG and KMN look so good together!

  85. 85 : Rosette Peh Says:

    This drama just keeps hooking and unhooking me. Seriously, it can be pretty interesting at one time and gets extremely boring the next moments. However, the lady portraying gumiho is still very likable. Quite a good job to this drama.

  86. 86 : jeezvive Says:

    It’s the thought that counts in gift giving and DW clearly taught us how to be appreciative! Awwwww

    MH’s innocence is so funny, refreshing and touching all at the same time.

    I am looking forward to episodes 9 and 10 next week!!!

  87. 87 : Bess Says:

    Can’t wait for episodes 9 & 10….time passes too slowly.

  88. 88 : Brendee Says:

    Hey anyone know any links to watch ep 8? I tried viikii but theres like a broken link and I cnt watch it == and I’m so curious what gonna happen next 🙂

  89. 89 : Brendee Says:

    With English subs 😀

  90. 90 : Babygirl Says:

    Can’t to watch it too this would be the first time seeing lee sung gi acting in a drama never used to watch drama until now.

  91. 91 : anggun Says:

    i will be crazy cz cant wait next ep…

  92. 92 : chow Says:

    I’m so moved with this drama.perfect match!!!!!!

  93. 93 : weissman Says:

    Shin Min Ah just keeps getting better and better, you fall more and more in love with Mi Ho in each episode

  94. 94 : jeezvive Says:

    Yey today is Wednesday! Episode 9!!! I hope somebody can make an English Subbed video right away, please… Thank you in advance!

  95. 95 : nawar Says:

    it is avary good drama.Iam afan of LSG

  96. 96 : khraze Says:

    I like this drama because of Hyomin..Go Hyomin fighting!!!

  97. 97 : Hennessy Says:

    I LOVE this drama!!! It’s very cute, funny, n yhe story was great! I wish they have more of this kind of drama instead of
    the typical drama where someone dies from cancer n etc.. Typical k drama is too depressing sometimes.. Don’t get me wrong I have seen so many that it’s getting too redundant.. Except this drama!! U’ll enjoy a good laugh out of this!!!! ;D

  98. 98 : Bess Says:

    Finally I can get to watch episodes 9 & 10 this week……….hurray !

  99. 99 : love drama Says:

    how about the ending? will be sad or happy…..
    someone please tell me… please

  100. 100 : jeezvive Says:

    i have been restraining myself from reading recaps for EPs 9-10 from dramabeans, i want to watch it first! But sadly Ep9 from viikii is broken/unavailable. Does anyone of you knows any other site which hosts videos with english sub. I heard Ep10 sooooo nice!!!

  101. 101 : beng Says:

    try to watch it at http://www.dramacrazy.net or http://www.jacinda1st.com,this is where i watch dramas,i hope this site will make you happy….and if you didn’t watch shining inheritance,try this too because lee seung gi and han hyo joo(dong yi) is the leading actor and actress here…..happy viewing……

  102. 102 : jeezvive Says:

    Good thing viikii was able to fix the problems for Ep9, they have also uploaded and subbed Ep10. Thank you so much for your hardwork My Girlfriend is a Gumiho team in viikii!!!

  103. 103 : jeezvive Says:

    mysoju has also linked the Ep9-10. You can watch them already with English sub guys.

    Cant wait for Ep11-12

  104. 104 : XN Says:

    lee seung ki is damn cute! :DD love this drama <3

  105. 105 : jeezvive Says:

    Congrtaulations to LSG for winning Netizens’ Popularity Award in the 2010 Seoul International Drama Awards!

  106. 106 : nawar Says:

    I cannot wait for next eps

  107. 107 : nenon Says:

    i really wait 4 this drama…………………

  108. 108 : jessica Says:

    i cant wait for the first kiss episode!! lee seung ki saranghe!!!

  109. 109 : melika Says:

    is it good drama??

  110. 110 : jeezvive Says:

    Thanks to viikii, Ep11 is up! A little bit spoiler, Mi Ho is scary 😀 Happy viewing!

  111. 111 : oka Says:

    gumiho i love u..dae woong pabo

  112. 112 : Brendee Says:

    OMG ep 11 is sooooooo goood 😀

  113. 113 : jeezvive Says:

    Hi Brendee!

    I just finished Ep11. In my 110 comment, I only finished part 2 of Ep11.

    You are right, Ep11 is soooo good! Full of emotions especially that last part! Awww so sweet!

    I so so love this drama!

  114. 114 : jeezvive Says:

    They kissed! Sigh so sweet and cute! Ep12 is up in viikii. Thanks for the quick subs!

  115. 115 : MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO « Korean Dramas Says:

    […] credits: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=2642 […]

  116. 116 : oka Says:


  117. 117 : ChilliChops Says:

    Amazing,amazing drama 😀 Sad it’s gonna be over on the 30th 🙁 But anyone who hasn’t watched it… IT’S REALLY GOOD! *hint hint*

  118. 118 : sara Says:

    this drama is just amazing,lovely lovely cute and wonderful.the best couple ever.dae woong and miho.a must see.i love it so much.i really want to comment on this drama so many times that it become the most commented drama

  119. 119 : sara Says:

    the story is very fresh and cute,full of metopher and meaning.and the acting is so solid and exellent.i love both shin mina and lee seung ki.their performance is wonderful.love you show more than any show i ‘ve ever seen

  120. 120 : sara Says:

    yeah you are exactly right,the same idea here.i am really mad about him

  121. 121 : MGINTF Says:

    Love this drama!!!!!!!!! Lee seung ki you’re handsome 🙂 😉

  122. 122 : DramaFanatic Says:

    I’ve watched till ep5 so far! And i really like the storyline, its something fresh! ALL the characters are just amazing, from the flirty aunty of Dae Woong & director’s love story, to of course the main characters..Dae Woong and MiHo! Reallly Hilarious i tell u ..they are really cute and charming!

  123. 123 : jh Says:

    aww… Miho is so cute.. i love miho!! hope it will nt be a sad ending….

  124. 124 : cicit Says:

    i really like gu mi ho… cute woman with best acting… this drama so interesting,.. gu mi ho…. fighting…

  125. 125 : iiim Says:

    gu miho… gu mi ho…. i always love korean drama like it…

  126. 126 : jeezvive Says:

    You are right ChilliChops! I a starting to get sad already. Only 4 epsiodes left to go, 🙁 sooo sad.

    We just have to love them until then.

    Please see this article from http://www.allkpop.com entitled The Hong Sisters put a gag order on “My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox” finale. Interesting part to note is “The director and the writers are debating on whether to keep the original storyboard or swap it with a completely different ending. The cast and staff have been forbidden from speaking about it. Please stay tuned.”

    “My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox” will not air on September 22nd. Instead, both episodes 13 & 14 will be aired back to back on the 23rd.”


  127. 127 : sara Says:

    the best drama ever.love it so much

  128. 128 : jeezvive Says:

    Some news on My Girlfriend is a Gumiho


  129. 129 : jeezvive Says:

    Happy Chuseok Dae Woongssi and Mihossi!!!

  130. 130 : dori Says:

    LOVE THIS DRAMA~ ♥ :* 🙂

  131. 131 : jeezvive Says:

    Just want to share this video clip, the latest track in MGFG OST sang by LSG with english lyrics, from a good friend in my other board, thanks to YSH4ever!


    what a very nice song!

  132. 132 : oka Says:

    next chapter.plisssssssssss

  133. 133 : MUSA Says:

    I love this drama a lot. This is the best drama in 2010 year. I highly recomment this drama to whoever has not seen it.

  134. 134 : jeezvive Says:

    Shin Min Ah’s tired yet pretty face garners interest…

    Cute and pretty Mihossi


    From : http://www.allkpop.com/2010/09/shin-min-ahs-tired-yet-pretty-face-garners-interest

  135. 135 : sara Says:

    i don’t want this drama to end.i love it so much.i ‘m so sad.please extend it for more episodes.i love seung ki and shin mina.this drama is sooooooooooooo different and lovely

  136. 136 : sara Says:

    the scene where miho tell dae woong “i really really really really really like you “is to die for.don’t miss this drama.the best in 2010

  137. 137 : ikhamel Says:

    i hope this ending can be happy ending. very interesting n funny drama.

  138. 138 : XN Says:

    this was a great and funny drama ever! worths to watch :)) congrats for the 13rd & 14th rating! keep it on. lee Seung Ki, Shin Min ah, fighting!

  139. 139 : Si Says:

    The best drama so far..
    I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really love it.

  140. 140 : sara Says:

    13&14 episodes proved that this drama could have become a mega hit if there wasn’t a powerful and good rival like kim tak gu.the drama deserves it.all the people shoul watch it.go my seung ki and shim min ah.fighting

  141. 141 : sara Says:

    i love this drama so much.happy ending please

  142. 142 : mihomiho Says:

    i’m sure will promote this great drama to my friend :)) keep the comment up guys!

  143. 143 : oka Says:

    ty..ep 13 n 14

  144. 144 : MUSA Says:

    Hong sisters, they are such good writers. The story line is almost very interesting and catches audiences’ eye. I love this drama so much. The eps 13 and 14 are so good. I am happy that the rating is over 20%. This drama deserves a high rating. 🙂 Congratulate to Lee Seung Gi and MiFu! Keep it up with your work. We all love you.

    LSG, your acting is sooooo good. You bring the love to the show.
    MiFu, your acting is sooooo cute. You bring the Mifu character alive for the drama.

  145. 145 : JDR Says:

    Anyone feels the same as me?

  146. 146 : sara Says:

    which character do you mean?

  147. 147 : sara Says:

    is there somebody here who love lee seung ki so much and wants to comment on his page to raise his comments?i ‘m really mad about him,but i ‘m so sad he is not among the most commented ones.me and my friend can’t raise the comments that much by just ourselves.if there ‘s somebody who love him,please go to his page and comment.thank you,

  148. 148 : TRACY Says:

    Oh I love Lee Seung Gi. After being crazy over Tae Kyung in You’re Beautiful, I will sure watch this one! After all, the scriptwriters are the same.. I’m sure this is a good one as well ^^

  149. 149 : Kazel Anne S. Figueroa Says:


    LOVE this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  150. 150 : Kazel Anne S. Figueroa Says:


    love this drama

  151. 151 : weirdo Says:

    I felt elated that the ratings of this drama has shot up. The storyline of the drama is really interesting! I really like the main male lead, who acted so well in this drama. He is so cute and sweet. And the female lead looks cute and blur. Both of them made a great couple!
    But I really think that the 2nd male lead is like an extra person, trying to interfere the relationship between the two of them. He is even more evil than the 2nd female lead, who always tried means and ways to win over the heart of gumiho!
    But still loves the drama <3

  152. 152 : kcomments Says:

    Ep13/14 LSG rocks! Hong Sis rules!!!

  153. 153 : Lynn K Says:

    This drama is AWESOME!!! i love it… and it is gona end soon….T_T good dramas really end very fast….i love all the actors here…EXCEPT THE 2ND FEMALE LEAD…hate her to the max!!!! 2nd male lead is hot and he actually loves gumiho very much…anyway….love this drama!!! XD

  154. 154 : Hind Says:

    حلقة 13و14 لايق عليها اغنية عبدالحليم حافظ اي دمعة حزن لا

  155. 155 : oka Says:

    hurry….sub ENG…love this drama..

  156. 156 : sara Says:

    i don’t know why Hong sisters always make their couple seperate.i don’t forget how much i cried when chun hyang and mong ryong were forced to seperate.i was so angry when grandpa forced yoo rin to go and seperated the couple.i was so sad when go mi nam and tae kyung seperated.and now is our so lovely couple ‘s turn to seperate.episode 13 made me think seperation does’nt happen in this drama but see what happened.i think they are the best couple ever.so cute together.now i am sad,angry and crying at the same time.you are so damn hot dong joo,unless i killed you that made my dae woong cry.

  157. 157 : sara Says:

    please hong sisters,happy ending

  158. 158 : Si Says:

    Episode 13 and 14 made me cry a gallon of tears.
    I beg for a happy ending, Hong sisters, please. Jebal.

  159. 159 : Si Says:

    Let’s present our hoi-hoi couple as the best couple of the year.
    SBS, can we give Seung Gi and Min Ah the best couple award earlier?
    They deserve it.

  160. 160 : jin Says:

    Trivia: in episode 13, the picture of the Japanese garden that Gumiho looks at is actually the Japanese Garden at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California not Japan!

  161. 161 : jin Says:

    Correction: Episode 12!

  162. 162 : sara Says:

    what a good suggestion.they are not only the best couple of the year.but the best couple ever
    i really really really really really love you seung ki and pretty min ah.fighting

  163. 163 : Si Says:

    Oh true..
    Best couple ever..

  164. 164 : ahdin Says:

    this drama is wonderful ! i love the couple 🙂

  165. 165 : sara Says:

    i don’t want wednesday and thursday come.i dont want this drama to finish.please at least happy ending.i ‘m afraid one of them dies

  166. 166 : sara Says:

    do you love lee seung ki?if you love him,would you go to his page and comment there?me and my friend wanna make him one the most commeneted ones

  167. 167 : Si Says:

    @ sara
    Just check his page sara. You will know whether I love him or not. ^^

  168. 168 : oka Says:

    last episode…i hope happy ending for gumiho..i dont want her disapear

  169. 169 : jeezvive Says:

    I have mixed emotions re MGFG…. I am so excited to see the last 2 episodes to know how the love story of Mi Ho and Dae Woong will end and of course I am so sad that there will be no more MH and DW to look forward to next week.

    I hope the Hong Sisters will leave us more happy than sad will the ending of our beloved Hoi Hoi Couple!

  170. 170 : Si Says:

    Countdown to the last two episodes.

  171. 171 : sara Says:

    thanks.i checked it.welcome

  172. 172 : sara Says:

    sighhhhhhh.it ‘s raining here.i wonder miho is crying,cuz her woong hs not by her side.poor miho.i ‘m going to miss you

  173. 173 : sara Says:

    the same here.i m so sad

  174. 174 : Si Says:

    I prepare my self for withdrawal symptom after MGIAG end.
    Hong Sisters please bring us fantastic last two episodes.
    I’m expecting happy ending.
    But, if it’s not a happy one, please end this drama with a high note ending.
    The ending that all viewers remember as the best ending ever. The most memorable ending.

  175. 175 : ida hwaiting Says:

    shin min ah looks so cute in this drama. and seung gi is charismatic as always. i’m gonna miss this hoi-hoi couple. hope we get a happy ending this week..

  176. 176 : Si Says:

    @ ida hwaiting
    Shin Mina is so cute, and Lee Seung Gi is so charismatic.

  177. 177 : Si Says:

    Can’t wait for episode 15.
    Gumiho team, fighting..!

  178. 178 : DramaFanatic Says:

    I reallly enjoy this drama…you just keep wanting for more!~
    And i think Miho is soo cute, especially the part where she bought the “camera poster” when actually what Dae Woong was referring to was the real camera! hahaha..that was really really creative humor!
    Hope the ending is good! fingers cross =p

  179. 179 : sara Says:

    tonite is ep.15.hope a happy ending.please don’t seprate our couple

  180. 180 : Lost Angel Says:

    luff the drama…its damm gud.

  181. 181 : Si Says:

    Woong ah
    Woong ah
    Woong ah

  182. 182 : Si Says:

    Miho ya
    Miho ya
    Miho ya

  183. 183 : Si Says:

    One episode left. And I don’t know how Hong Sisters will wrap up this fantastic show. I hope nobody dies. Please.
    Oh I’ve begun my withdrawal.
    Hoi hoi

  184. 184 : Si Says:

    This is the most unpredictable drama ever.
    Love you miho ya and woong ah. I’ll miss you.

  185. 185 : jeezvive Says:

    Huhuhu 1 episode left. I am crying with episode 15 🙁

    Please make us all happy in the end Hong Sisters!

    Saranghae Hoi Couple!

  186. 186 : Si Says:

    I’m going to rewatch you for unlimited times.
    Can’t wait for the sub..

  187. 187 : Si Says:

    It’s over with a happy ending.
    Woong ah, miho ya..
    Nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu johwa..

  188. 188 : Si Says:

    What a fantastic drama.
    One of the best.
    One of my top 10 drama.
    Bye hoi-hoi couple. I’ll miss you.

  189. 189 : Si Says:

    Happy ending..

  190. 190 : ray Says:

    its final episode shines over ‘Runaway’…and led it to the top spot…
    hoi-hoi !!


  191. 191 : jeezvive Says:

    Congratulations to LSG nad SMA for successful drama. HOI COUPLE is the best ever pair this year!

    나는 너무 너무 너무 너무 너무 너무 너무 너무 좋아!

  192. 192 : Ashley Says:

    wow! 1st rating ! awesome…

  193. 193 : oka Says:

    i hope happy ending..

  194. 194 : Si Says:

    Guys, what do you think about this drama?

    I think it’s daebak.

  195. 195 : sara Says:

    wow.wow.happy ending for our hoi couple.i ‘m so happy.the best couple ever.the first rating.sooooooo good.lee seung is the best

  196. 196 : sara Says:

    this drama is a must see.recommended to everyone for some reason
    1.because the lead is prince seung ki
    2.because his performance is exellent
    3.because of undenyable chemistry between the couple
    4.because of shin min ah that shines in whole drama
    5.because of so well-written scenario
    6.because of all the cuteness it has
    7.because you can’t see prince seung ki at least for one year in drama

  197. 197 : sara Says:

    good work sis.you are too happy and call woong ah.all right,prince seung ki is mine,woong ah can be yours.hehe.it ‘s fair sis,no?cheers for our hoi couple.

  198. 198 : Si Says:

    @ sara
    Do you mind sharing seung gi with we?
    Ok then, I’m glad having both dae woong and woo hwan.

  199. 199 : MUSA Says:

    The last eps is so good. The Hong sisters, they are really good writers. The main actor does so good in expressing his sadness in the last eps. Love him very much. The main actress is very good too. I will miss this hoi couple. They are the best couple this year.

    I will miss this drama and will watch the drama over and over again. 🙂

    Love you forever LSG.

  200. 200 : Si Says:

    @ MUSA
    @ Jeezvive
    Do you guys love LSG?
    Do you mind sending comments about LSG at his page?

  201. 201 : ida hwaiting Says:

    yay! finally happy ending..
    Hong Sisters, nomu nomu nomu nomu komawo ^___^
    hey everyone, watch it. you wont regret.

    @ Si
    yeah. shin Mina and Lee Seung Gi are suit each other

  202. 202 : sara Says:

    no sis.seung ki is mine.i don’t give him to anyone.of course i love to have dae woong as my boyfriend too.hehe

  203. 203 : sara Says:

    hey guys,as si says if you love prince seung ki,go to his page and comment.we should make him one of the most commented ones

  204. 204 : chow Says:

    great great series.ang ganda talaga!THAKS ALOT SUBBERS!DID A GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!kung wala kayo i doubt if marami ang makakapanood nito…go go go subbers……

  205. 205 : Si Says:

    @ sara
    Unni, this is what I’m going to say in Seung Gi’s page, unni. It successfully submited, but never appear.

    I asked a fan site’s admin. She said that the detailed info about the agency seems to be mistery. She said that fans who’ve been longer with Seung Gi know more. So she suggested to tweet AIREN-AIREN (official fan cafe) or DC_SeungGall (dclsg). And the email on the official website is [email protected]

  206. 206 : pandora Says:

    The series is so good ,as for me Miho and Tae Woong are very perfect in their acting. I wish them to get success on this series

  207. 207 : Jenjen Says:

    This drama is the best. I recommend for you to watch it. Once you watch it, you would not want to stop. It’s so addicting.

  208. 208 : Bess Says:

    What an excellent drama, just finished watching the last 2 episodes. The 2 leads have completely captured my heart. Now that the drama has ended, my Wed & Thur nites will be so empty………….

  209. 209 : MGIGaddict Says:

    Highly addictive drama !

  210. 210 : fave Says:

    Lee Seung Gi, you are my favourite K-actor ever ! Good chemistry between LSG and SMA ! This drama is hilarious, sweet and sad atb the same time. All the ingredients for a great drama !

  211. 211 : adeline Says:

    Well, this type of fantasy drama don’t usuallly appeal to me as I prefer the storyline to be more realistic. But since LSG is the main lead (know him from 1N2D and SH) and I am a huge fan, I thought I just give it a try. To my surprise, i enjoyed the drama tremendously. MGIG fighting !

  212. 212 : adeline Says:

    The love between Taewoong and Miho is so sweet………..best couple ever !

  213. 213 : Dan Says:

    This drama is on par with my all-time favourite, “Äll about Ëve” !

  214. 214 : sara Says:

    you said prince seung ki is your fave.?could you go to his page and comment?me and my friend wanna make him one of the most commented ones.don’t you feel his empty place when you look at the most commented ones list?

  215. 215 : Si Says:

    @ adeline
    Are you LSG’s huge fan?
    Why don’t you go to his page and comment there?

  216. 216 : Si Says:

    This drama hooked me. Really.
    I always say MASHITA after eating meat. I even asked my niece to do hoi-hoi together. This morning I said nomu nomu nomu johwa *finger gun* to my mom.
    I really love this drama.

  217. 217 : Hind Says:

    i do like the happy ending.good drama

  218. 218 : fave Says:

    Si and Sara : You two are probably his number one and two fan respectively. I am number three (ha, ha!). Ok, will try to comment on him but is this so important ? Is an actor’s popularity judged by the no. of comments made about him ? I don’t think we shd be sensitive about such things, right ?

  219. 219 : adeline Says:

    Yes, I am a huge fan of LSG. I hope he remains humble, sincere and hardworking despite all his awards. I love hiim in 1N2D and MGIG. Such a cuitie !

  220. 220 : sara Says:

    i think it ‘s a way to show how much we love him.look at jang geun seok comments.it ‘s over 10000.even if somebody doesn’t know him,seeing his comments can draw his attention.it ‘s okay if you don’t want to comment dear

  221. 221 : sara Says:

    hi sis.i think there ‘s a problem with prince seung ki ‘s page.i don’t have the comment segment.ido you have the same problem?

  222. 222 : Si Says:

    @ sara
    Yeah unni. There’s problem with seung gi’s page. I checked others’ page, but they don’t have the same problem. Why?
    Is it because we talked about unrelated topic? But, which one is unrelated to the topic? Almost all we talked about are related to him. I can accept admin deleted comments that he/she thinks unrelated to the topic, really, but not with the comment segment. I read others, and some comments are the same as ours.
    Do I judge admin? Sorry. Again, I’m so sorry if this problem is, in fact, not related to admin.
    Let’s wait and see unni.

    ps. Admin, I really really really thank you if you solve this comment segment problem asap. ^^

  223. 223 : fave Says:

    Yes, I sort of notice that jang geun seok has received lots of comments but I didn’t bother about it because I am not his fan !

    Anyway, now that MGIG has ended, I really feel quite empty………….maybe I will watch from ep 1 again (ha, ha!).

  224. 224 : Cute_BoA Says:

    one of the best drama in 2010.
    this is seriously a must watch drama..
    i love shin min ah and LSG here!

  225. 225 : sara Says:

    did you noticed the explanation above the comments?it is written that the page does’nt have comment segment,because it includes contents which has been uptated frequently and i think it is temperory.i sent an email to admin and asked him/her to solve the problem.but till then we can talk about MGIAG.all our comments were related to him.see other actores pages and you ‘ll see how their comments are unrelated.but we can discuss this drama we both love so much

  226. 226 : sara Says:

    this drama is so cute,full of comic moments.but there are some scenes that made me cry.first the scene where dae woong left miho in a ship and ran away.what a sad scene.miho is holeless and helpless.the second scene is where miho runs out of excuses to go and cries and say”i don’t wanna disapear woong-ah”so lovely but sad.the third is when miho tests dea woong to see whether he is able to not forget her after her death.she says a sentence”i just wanted him to remember me,i didn’t think how painfull it might be”what a sentence.it broked my heart.the last one is where miho disappears and tae woong opens his eyes and she is not there and he cries like crazy.what ‘s your idea?

  227. 227 : Si Says:

    @ sara
    Oh my bad… 🙁
    I didn’t notice it unni. I was sad when I didn’t see the comment segment. I didn’t check the whole page. Sigh. It’s my bad……
    Hope this problem is temporary.

    side note: Admin, I’m so so so sorry for everything I did wrong. Peace. ^^

  228. 228 : bess Says:

    Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah are such a sweet couple ! Love the grandpa too in this drama .

  229. 229 : Si Says:

    @ sara
    I agree with everything you said unni.
    I cried buckets of tears when I watched dae woong hardly held back his tears when miho applied lotion on his face. It’s so sad seeing him tried so hard not to cry in front of her. I felt his pain, unni. Really.

  230. 230 : Si Says:

    This, for me, is the most recommended drama of the year.

  231. 231 : sara Says:

    you are right sis.and one of the best scene and brilliant part of prince seung ‘s acting is the same scene too.loveing has no reason,but there are a lot of reasons to love this drama.i say the first one sis.i think the first reason for loving this drama is unique story line.it ‘s one of the most well-written stories that you can’t predict what happens next.it just grow on you episode by episode.you can say the next reason and we say the reason by by one.at first me either didn’t notice the explanation.but it ‘s all admin ‘ fault.i miss my prince sis

  232. 232 : sara Says:

    sorry for mistakes in my comment.i just typed it fast and clicked the submit botton.i should have checked it.sorry

  233. 233 : hellokitty1044 Says:

    love this drama…….. i have seen lots of movies , such as chinese/hong kong movies and vietnamese movies , but i think korean movies are the best!!!! 😀

  234. 234 : Si Says:

    @ sara
    Yes, this drama is different from others.
    It’s the only drama I’ve ever watched that fill my brain with theories. I kept guessing, and guessing, and guessing.

    No problem unni…
    Just see my comment, full of errors. I know my english is so-so. I hope you’re not scratching your head too often while reading..well I bet you are..hihihi..

    Oh unni, I think we should learn what does it mean by commenting unrelated topic. So, when the comment segment is there, we can be more careful. I don’t know. I keep thinking that that problem occured because of that ‘unrelated comment’.

    Miss you seung gi ya..

  235. 235 : meow Says:

    Love love this awesome drama ! It a must to watch !!! Love Lee Seunggi and Shin Min Ah. Best couple of the year.

  236. 236 : Si Says:

    @ meow
    I think seung gi and min ah is gonna be awarded as the best couple of the year at SBS award.

    @ sara
    Unni, I got my email replied. But, is it ok to write the address here? I bet you’ll get the reply soon. I’m sure. If you don’t get the reply, er, in three days, tell me, I’ll write it here.
    ps. Let’s try to not too much talking about unrelated topic, unni.

  237. 237 : MUSA Says:

    Oh, so sad the MGIG ended last week. I feel so empty now without the drama. I like it so much. I am a huge fans of LSG. I already commented to his page. I just can’t believe a person can be so good on everything. He is hard working and gets to who he is today. His sincere and humble look is heart catching.

    I love the last eps very very much. Go LSG!!!!!

  238. 238 : sara Says:

    really sis?i hope i get the reply soon.i agree we can just talk about the drama.but i don’t think it ‘s related to unrelated comments.just take a look at other pages.full of nonsence.your english is so good sis

  239. 239 : sara Says:

    guys ,choose the best scene of the drama.i in my opinion the best scene is where miho disappears and dae woong open his eyes.you can feel the pain in his face.he seems so hopless and cries like crazy.so heart touching and heart breaking in a same time

    i will be more careful sis

  240. 240 : Si Says:

    @ sara
    Yes, that scene is really heart touchin.
    My another favorite scene is at the end of ep 13 when dae woong said ‘If we live, we live together, if we die, we die together’. Then he kissed miho while crying. Awww, dae woong had grown up to be a man. This scene contributed to my red eyes.

  241. 241 : sara Says:

    but the cutest scene of whole drama is where miho tells dea woong,with a finger gun”woong-ah.i really really really really really like you”so lovely.the cutest scene ever.i haven’t scene any similar scene in any drama that the female lead expresses her love that clearly and beautifully

  242. 242 : micro Says:

    THe ratings for this how are rather erratic, ep 12 being the lowest and the last episode highest !

  243. 243 : dan Says:

    Love all the songs in this drama !

  244. 244 : whaaaaaaat Says:

    Wanna whatch -_-

  245. 245 : Si Says:

    @ sara
    I love that scene. The effect is that I often said nomu 15x johwa complete with finger guns to my mom. Hahaha. Silly me. Dae woong and miho really affect my life.

  246. 246 : sara Says:

    so right sis.hong sisters always make the audiances surperized.all their dramas are so good and well-written but this drama is the best.the most intersting with good actores.i think one of factors of the success of this drama is the actores.you can’t imagine somebody beside seung ki plays the role of dae woong and shin minah is thebest choice for the role of miho
    by the way sis,please send the address to this email address:
    [email protected]

  247. 247 : t3nt3n Says:

    I haven’t watch this dorama but after reading the episodes recap, i really like the story line. I’m a fan of shin min ah. She’s so cute and adorable. Just watching the fan made mvs makes me fall in love with the hoi couple.

  248. 248 : Si Says:

    @ sara
    Yup, Hong Sisters Rules.
    MGIG is my most favorite of their work. The actors are brilliant. We can see the chemistry between Seung Gi and Min Ah since first episode. Best couple of the year.
    ps. Check your email unni.

  249. 249 : Thiha Says:

    the drama is so excellent.The building of drama is so firm and attractive.This is really so good.The best in the best.
    I wanna tell in whisper!
    Actress in this drama(shin min ah) is my favourite.

  250. 250 : Trixie Says:

    it a best drama in 2010!! highly recommended to all drama lover out there. This drama is so funny and so romantic. I love the hong sister, all their drama is a brilliant. I watch it like 3 times but can’t get enough of this drama. when i was bored I just go back and watch it. 🙂 The OST in this drama is brilliant too. Best drama ever!!!! Hoi-Hoi couple is LOVE!

  251. 251 : Si Says:

    It’s been a week since MGIG ended, but I’m still in withdrawal and denial that it really ended.

  252. 252 : mihomiho Says:

    waiting for the dvd ~~ i can’t watch online because of my inet is not supported. ep 11-16 ~!!!!!

  253. 253 : jeezvive Says:

    I just noticed that Aunt Min Sook is the Queen in Goong (Princess Hours) 😀

    She was so strict in Goong, but now very funny here in MGFG Hahaha

  254. 254 : jeezvive Says:

    Hi Mihomiho

    Have you tried viikii.net? I watched all the episodes there using Firefox or Google Chrome and luckily I did not have problems

  255. 255 : sara Says:

    just keep watching it over and over sis.this must see drama worthes watching 100000000000000000000000 times cuz:
    1.it has seung ki
    2.you can’t prpbebly see seung ki till next year in a drama
    3.even if you can,dae woong is gone
    4.you miss him so much
    i ‘m so biased sis,no?

  256. 256 : Si Says:

    @ jeezvive
    She’s also as a queen in Queen Seon Deok. She’s Lady Maya, Deok Man’s mother. What a talented actress. All the casts in MGIG really fit their characters, I think.

  257. 257 : Si Says:

    @ sara
    Yeah unni, I rewatch it over, and over, and over, and over, and over untill I can memorize the dialogue…….

  258. 258 : jeezvive Says:

    Hi Si

    Thanks for the info. I did not watch QSD, I am bored with historical dramas, except for Goong 😀

  259. 259 : Si Says:

    @ jeezvive
    I think goong is not categorized as historical drama. Hmmm, fantasy?
    Well, anyway, what is your favorite scene of MGIG?

  260. 260 : Nata Says:

    does this drama have a happy ending?i reaally wanna watch this 🙂

  261. 261 : sara Says:

    it ‘s better to not know the ending.you can feel the excitment and romantic tence through the drama.it ‘s so lovely and enjoyable.so watch the drama without knowing the ending

  262. 262 : sara Says:

    no exaggeration.this drama is really the best of 2010.a must see

  263. 263 : Musa Says:

    This is the best drama of the year 2010. I watch the drama over and over and still have not get enough of it. Highly recommended. This is drama that I fall in love after “You re beautiful”. It is another nicely done drama by Hong sisters.

    Dae Hong ah, miss u. I like you so much.
    Midi ah, miss u too

    Fans of LSG

  264. 264 : cd Says:

    best drama of the year!

  265. 265 : hony Says:

    Best drama of the year oh god this is goooooooooooooddd

  266. 266 : l Says:

    I’ve been watched this drama. Very interesting, very funny and amusing

  267. 267 : Trixie Says:

    I have watch this drama like 4 times already but can’t get bored to it. it want to re-watch it. heheh. Best drama in 2010!!!

    My favorite all time drama after you’re beautiful.

    Guys keep commenting to this page to made our Hoi-Hoi couple to join the most commented section. 🙂

  268. 268 : cd Says:

    Hoi-hoi couple is the best couple ever. Mgig is the best drama ever.

  269. 269 : Si Says:

    @ Trixie
    Wow, you’ve rewatched MGIG for 4 times. I’m still in the middle of my 2nd time rewatch this drama. You’re really great. MGIG is worth rewatched over and over again. It’s hoi-hoi couple is fantastic. Btw, my friends and I are doing the same thing in seung gi’s page. Would you like to join us?
    @ MUSA
    Are you LSG’s fan? Why don’t you send one or two comments in his page? Well, more comments are better. 🙂

  270. 270 : kdramaaddict Says:

    Best drama for 2010. It is sweet, hilarious at times and sad at some other times. 16 epsiodes is too short !

  271. 271 : Si Says:

    @ kdramaadict
    MGIG really moves me from cheers to tears to cheers again. 16 eps are too short. I want season 2.

    As far as I know kdramas rarely have season 2. They usually have spin off, such as goong s, athena, or queen of reversal.
    I really want MGIG 2. I want to see more hoi-hoi couple cuteness in a great story from hong sisters. I never get enough of this drama. I want mooooore…..
    What do you guys think?

  272. 272 : MG Says:

    MY NO.1 Kdrama as of 2010 is “MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO” – I LOVE IT!
    IT’S THE BEST when compared to “Playful Kiss”.

    LEE SEUNG GI-I LOVE YOU & MORE POWER! Your so talented Actor and a very Smart Guy. For me you have all we call a COMPLETE PACKAGE.


  273. 273 : mmg Says:




  274. 274 : jee Says:

    this drama is so wonderful. i felt in love with the actor and actress. they’re really sweet. this is the first time i watched lee seung ki acted and i already fall in love with him. you guys should watch him in ‘strong heart’. he’s really good.
    there were episodes in strong heart about the drama. it was so funny. highly recommended!

  275. 275 : Trixie Says:

    @Si: yeah it my 4th times rewatch it. I only watch the Hoi-Hoi couple and the funny part that why is fast. I skip the noona part. lol
    This drama is so addicted. I love their chemistry. Now this drama is my No. 1 in my list and it the first drama that I re-watch over and over. 🙂

    Yeah, sure I will come by to post some comments in his page later. 🙂

  276. 276 : Trixie Says:

    Do you know where I can find strong heart that my GF is gumiho cast in it? If you know can you post the link here for me? I want to see LSG and SMA together in the show.

  277. 277 : KorDrix Says:

    I love this this series!! Its recommended to watch!! Storyline is interesting, and i especially love the script! I just love how the scriptwriters put words into their characters, its funny and the underlying meaning fits as well!
    CHemistry between LSG and SMA is just awesome…i think they did a superb job in this…good ending too 😀 but i was just expecting that she’ll be a real human, but anyways, its ok as long as no one died…=p

  278. 278 : KorDrix Says:


    Yes, you can actually watch it at Viikii..here’s the link =)

  279. 279 : sara Says:


  280. 280 : Si Says:

    It was raining in the bright day. I thought miho was crying. Sigh.
    I Really Looooooooove MGIG.

  281. 281 : Dawn Says:

    Cute and refreshing drama. i would say the best drama for 2010 !

  282. 282 : Dawn Says:

    Not forgetting the great cast in this drama, from the main leads to the grandpa and aunt. Love all of them, even the evil noona.

  283. 283 : Si Says:

    I love this drama to bits. I love MGIG. Highly recommended drama.

  284. 284 : ullah Says:

    drama ini, is the best 2010.i love it…,shin min ah you’re the actrees,i like you’re acting full emotion.

  285. 285 : Toast Says:

    This type of drama normally does not appeal to me but I watch it because of LSG (I am a huge fan, esp love to watch him in 1N2D). Imagine my surprise when I found myself hooked to the drama from the start. It is really entertaining and I will recommend it to all my friends !!

  286. 286 : sara Says:



  287. 287 : Trixie Says:

    For those who missing the Hoi-Hoi couple here the NG of the Hoi- Hoi couple kissing scene from strong heart. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xf6bp6_101012-sh-ep-47-mgig-kiss-scene-ng_shortfilms

    Seung Gi look so shy when they show the clip. 🙂

  288. 288 : danish Says:

    The hoi hoi couple is so sweet, I vote them the No.1 couple of all korean dramas.

  289. 289 : Si Says:

    @ danish
    I agree 100 %

  290. 290 : Si Says:

    Hoi couple is awarded as model of the year.


    @ Trixie
    Thanks for the link.
    So cute.

  291. 291 : Trixie Says:

    Thanks for the infor. they deserve it. yay, I can’t wait to see the Hoi couple to reunion. The this pair so much.

  292. 292 : danica Says:

    wew !! ilove this drama so damn much .. even though i already finish watching it, can’t help but watch it all over again .. i really admire this ‘HOI-HOI couple’ ..

  293. 293 : sara Says:

    so bad.there wouldn’t be season 2.i want to see how they apply miho ‘s life plan

  294. 294 : Trixie Says:

    I want season 2 of this drama so bad!!! Can’t get enough of Hoi couple. I watch the drama over and over and the strong heart show too when the cast future in it. SMA is so cute in the show and LSG too.

    I highly recommended to all fan of Hoi couple to watch strong heart episode of Shin Min Ah in it. They so show in the show.

  295. 295 : kim seung woo Says:

    i love this drama.sy ykn pasti drma ini akan menyabet penghargaan sbg best drama,best actor,best actress and best couple in 2010.aku menunggu lanjutannya gumiho 2.

  296. 296 : Si Says:

    This drama is full of dimples.
    Hoi couple is dimple couple. Dimples overload. Sweeeeet.

  297. 297 : sara Says:

    the best couple ever
    i can imagine them when recieving the best couple award
    angel LEE SEUNG KI and pretty SHIN MINAH

  298. 298 : cd Says:

    i really really really really really love this drama. My all time favorite.

  299. 299 : Si Says:

    My rating for this drama is 100.
    Anyone agree?

  300. 300 : iin Says:

    i like like like like like this drama…………..

  301. 301 : Naga Says:

    Good ending. LSK’s acting has improved compared to Shining Inheritance. LSK and SMA – cute couple.

  302. 302 : sara Says:

    nooooooo.he has been the best fron the beggining.he is great now.i ‘m si biased about angel seung ki.sorry

  303. 303 : sara Says:

    sorry i got so emotional.i mean i ‘m so biased.but what should i do.i have seung ki syndrom

  304. 304 : Danish Says:

    No apologies needed, we are in the same “Seung Gi”boat. This drama is a must-see for all Seung Gi fans.

  305. 305 : Vanish Says:

    SMA’s dimples are to die for, such a beautiful Gumiho !

  306. 306 : sara Says:

    really?do you have seung ki syndrom too?so could you go to seung ki ‘s page and comment?we really need seung ki lover’s help to raise his comments.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  307. 307 : sara Says:

    go to his page and comment.we should raise his comments.what our angel is lacking that he is not in the most commented list ones?he is so much better than all those there.yes.ALL THOSE.

  308. 308 : MUSA Says:

    After the drama ends for 2 weeks, I feel so empty. I just hope that the drama never ends. I love the actor and actress so much. Their excellent acting make the drama so fun to watch.

    If you can read Chinese, you can go to PPSTREAM.com to watch “Strong Heart” and “2 day 1 night”. These two shows you can see totally different side of Lee Seung Gi. He is just so talented person.


  309. 309 : MUSA Says:

    If you want to watch LSG laughing hard, go watch the “Strong Heart” – “Moon cake Festival” eps. I think it’s on 9/28/2010. He laughed so hard. It just make you laugh by looking at him losing control.


  310. 310 : Si Says:

    This drama deserves to get best animal performance, best acting of an animal, and animal of the year. Ddong ja is so cute. What do you think guys?

  311. 311 : menarik Says:

    yes…agree. ddong jja is soooooooooooooo cute and can act…!!!!

  312. 312 : menarik Says:

    i looooooooooooooooooooooove this drama. everyting is goooooooooooooood. the best drama of the year…….!!!. i recommend this drama to everyone….!

  313. 313 : sara Says:

    yess.dong ja is so cute.but he is more cute when his owner is dae woong and when he plays with that cute fox miho.i ‘ve never seen such a pretty and cute fox.wow,miho is really cute.i think shin minah has start a new begginng with this role

  314. 314 : sara Says:

    could you please put the link here?

  315. 315 : Si Says:

    @ menarik
    Oh true, ddong ja can act. She is a smart dog, I think.

  316. 316 : cd Says:

    @ si
    yeah, ddong ja deserves an award too. I can’t imagine she comes to sbs award along with Seung Gi and Min Ah. She walks on the red carpet in a glamour gown. Bwahaha. My wild imagination. She is the same dog in 1n2d, isn’t she?

  317. 317 : t3nt3n Says:

    hv finished watching this drama. nomu nomu nomu like the hoy hoy couple.
    hope these two will be awarded best couple award..

  318. 318 : pho Says:

    it’s so romantic film but it also a funny film
    i like it

  319. 319 : Si Says:

    @ cd
    Yes, it’s the same dog.

  320. 320 : Si Says:

    Hoi couple NG kiss scene.


  321. 321 : woo Says:

    Best Drama ever!! My no. 1 all time drama favorite. I keep replay the drama. Love to see the Hoi Hoi couple. what a nice chemistry of them.

  322. 322 : sara Says:

    the best drama ever.i have written this sentence more than ten times.but it ‘s not enough for prasing this drma.

  323. 323 : Si Says:

    I’ve finished watching eps 11 for the second time this evening. I’d like to name this eps as ‘the declaration eps’. Or can I say this eps as ‘the first kiss eps’?
    Aww, I love hoi hoi couple. I’m sure there’ll be the second, third, fourth,fifth, …….. time for me watching this drama.
    Hoi hoi

  324. 324 : Jessica Says:

    Love this drama. Very cute couple and lots of chemistry between them.

  325. 325 : sara Says:

    oh…ep.16.it made me cry so much.i ‘m happy it had happy ending unless i couldn’t stop my tears.lovely couple.really the best drama

  326. 326 : iin Says:

    film nya bagus banget.. aq baru selesai nontonya…
    filmnya sedih tp lucu jg.. i love this drama..

  327. 327 : iin Says:

    bagus banget…..

  328. 328 : ais.... Says:

    tis drama is very oke…

  329. 329 : kim seung woo Says:

    ini drama korea yg terbaik yg pernah aq tonton.. #SHIN MIN AH# sarange…HOY-HOY

  330. 330 : flaty Says:

    great chemistry between SMA and LSG…hahahha
    love them both
    i really wish both of them can work together again…hahah

  331. 331 : Si Says:

    I’ve just finished watching ep 16. Even it’s my second time, I still cried when I watched dae woong held back his tears when there’s no movie tickets for their last night, when miho apllied lotion to his face, when no body they can visit, when the water fontain is under repaired, and when they play fireworks.
    I cried so hard when miho dissapear, and when dae woong hit by the truck. Oh my. I really love this drama.

  332. 332 : Si Says:

    Oh, when dae woong recalls his memories with miho from the first time they met to the time miho dissapear, we can see his character development. I love you woong ah.

  333. 333 : sara Says:

    you are so right.that scene is really painful and sad.me too cried so much when woong held his tears till he exploded and cried so much.it was one of the lee seung ki ‘s briliant performances.a must-see.don’t miss it

  334. 334 : Amy Says:

    Loved this drama! The posters/teasers for this drama wasn’t very interesting so i’m glad my friend introduced me to this drama! Seung gi and Min Ah’s acting is great. The funny scenes were cute and the sad scenes cause me to cry. Min woo is the best eye-candy ever. No jokes xD. Great actor too! The director and Dae Woong’s aunt were the greatest couple ever! I enjoyed this drama, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a drama!

  335. 335 : iin Says:

    aq g bakal bosen buat nonton film ini…

  336. 336 : sara Says:

    you said min woo is a GREAT actor,so which word we should use for SEUNG KI?SUGGEST SOMETHING GRETER THAN GREAT.

  337. 337 : sara Says:



  338. 338 : Naga Says:

    Was worry that only one of them will surive. Luckily it is a good ending. Nice drama

  339. 339 : Si Says:

    @ sara
    Seung Gi is BEYOND THE GREATEST. 🙂

  340. 340 : Si Says:

    I read someone’s comment somewhere that the plot of this drama is thin. Ok, this drama is different from others which, for example, tell love story, politics, food, economics, etc, at the same time. But, with this thin plot, hong sisters succesfully created this fantastic and epic drama. MGIG IS EPIC.

  341. 341 : sara Says:

    good word sis epic.yes.agreed.THIS DRAMA IS EPIC.

  342. 342 : dewi Says:

    this drama is so great, it’s not easy to make fantasy drama with this kind of plot and line story,,,,great for hong sister and of course the cast,,,,,
    They should be the best couple of this year,,,,lee seung ki + shin min ah^^

  343. 343 : wii Says:

    The best drama in 2010. Love the cast, love the story line, love their chemistry, love everything in the drama. No Min Woo and Lee Seung Gi is so hot in the drama. I want to kidnap both of them and hide them in my cloths set. LOL

    I want Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi to win the best couple of this year.

  344. 344 : Si Says:

    This is the n-th time I say this.

  345. 345 : wii Says:

    Admin can you add these pic please.



  346. 346 : wii Says:

    Oh I forget to add these pic.
    so here two more.



  347. 347 : Si Says:

    Hoi couple is #1 celebs whom people want to track their real-time location.


  348. 348 : via Says:

    I love this movie too… funny and it wont get you bored, you will want to continue to watch this drama till the end.. I love Park Dong Ju Though, he is very cute even his character is not very good..but I love the couple.. Min ah and Seung Gi.

  349. 349 : Si Says:

    I plan to watch this drama for the third time this weekend. I just love it, and never get enough of it. Woong ah and Miho ya, I’m coming.
    Hoi hoi.

  350. 350 : Yoph Says:


    so romantic & funny ♥
    much watch this drama!

    HOOY..HOOY!! 😀

  351. 351 : sara Says:

    i think 2010 was one of the best years for dramas.but none of them were as awesome as this drama.the best of 2010.i bet they win the best cuople of the year.seung ki and shin minah were really great in this drama.it worthes wtching so many times

  352. 352 : Trixie Says:

    This drama is the best in 2010… I been re-watch each episode of this drama. To be honest this drama is 100 better than playful kiss. I just decided to watch playful kiss last weekend but I can’t stand their story line. The drama is so boring and they chemistry is not great compared to HOI couple. hehehe.

    HOi HOi couple is the best. Somehow I want them to date in the real life. 🙂

  353. 353 : cd Says:

    @ Trixie
    yes, this drama is the best of 2010. I’m sure they’ll get best couple of the year.

  354. 354 : cd Says:

    I really want the sequel. Please mr. Pruducer, I want MGIG season 2. I want to know how miho implements her life’s plan. And what about their kids? Will they be human or half human? Argh, I’m dying to know that. Mr. Producer, please. I’m not a drama sequel lover, but for this one, I really want it. And don’t change the writer. It’s hong sisters’ masterpiece.

  355. 355 : cd Says:

    @ si
    true, this drama is EPIC

  356. 356 : Si Says:

    @ cd
    I hope it helps.


  357. 357 : Si Says:

    Guys, please keep commenting here. We need to place this page in the most commented session. It deserves it since this drama is EPIC. And for Seung Gi’s fans, please send your comments to his page. He also deserves to be in the most commented actor list.

  358. 358 : Si Says:

    Hoi couple is #1 and #2 in cf model likeability rangking. Check this out.


  359. 359 : via Says:

    Wow.. she still a gumiho till the end.. which make it more interesting for their relationship. I love the couple, they are very sweet and very compatible for each other. But I love Park Dong Ju, he is kind eventually at the end, poor him, I wish I can replace Gumiho in her heart and makes him mine.. hoi hoi… hahahaha…

  360. 360 : Si Says:

    @ via
    No, she’s not a gumiho in the end. Remember dae woong’s voice over in the end of the episode? He said, ‘my girlfriend is still a fox’. So, she’s not a gumiho (nine-tailed fox) anymore since only one tail left (a fox).

  361. 361 : cd Says:

    @ si
    it means those novels and comics are written based on the drama? The script written by Hong sist? I hope there’s gonna be MGIG 2.

  362. 362 : Si Says:

    @ cd
    Yes, Hong Sisters wrote the script first.
    I also hope there’s season 2 of this drama.

  363. 363 : Si Says:

    Hoi couple wins…


    I correct my previous comment. Shin min ah is also #1. Sorry.

  364. 364 : Peace Says:

    Hi, anyone know when is the part 2 showing?? i like the show so much… will they continued to act this show again??

  365. 365 : Si Says:

    @ Peace
    There’s no news about that, dear.
    I hope there’s part 2, too.
    Do you like this drama? Would you please keep commenting here?

  366. 366 : Si Says:

    Seung Gi’s and Min Ah’s speeches in 2010 KAA Award.


  367. 367 : cd Says:

    hong sisters rock. This drama is soooooooo fantastic.

  368. 368 : cd Says:

    @ si
    thx for the link. I nomu nomu nomu miss hoi hoi couple.

  369. 369 : sara Says:

    i love this drama cuz:
    1.there are a lot of love symboles in this drma
    2.there is an undeniable chemistry between the two leads
    3.the senario is well-written and there ‘s no useless scene in this drama
    4.the comic and tragic parts get along well and are in balance

  370. 370 : sara Says:

    the bead is the symbol of pure love and it has to be completely empty of the feeling for others to let the two lovers get closer.
    the rain is the symbol of pure love too.as if it has a role in this drama.something that connects the two lovers spiritually.it helps dae woong knwos whenever miho is sad.
    the tails are symbolic too.they are miho’s identities.and each time she loses one of them,she gets closer to death of her identity and her having one tail left at the end shows she has maintained her identity and dae woong loves her as she is.he doesn’t want her to change.i love this concept.you should love her/him with as s/he is

  371. 371 : sara Says:

    i don’t think there would be season 2.it is my wish too.but two lovers ended up together and there is no need to countinue

  372. 372 : sara Says:


  373. 373 : sara Says:



  374. 374 : Si Says:

    I start rewatching MGIG for the third times now. Woong is really scared of boar.
    Oh, I remembered that tae kyung is also scared of boar.
    Hong Sisters, as cd said, you rock girls.

  375. 375 : Si Says:

    @ cd
    Yeah, I also miss hoi couple. That’s why I keep rewatching MGIG.
    They’re best couple ever.

  376. 376 : sara Says:

    i really love how they support their idols.i ‘m so sad that i can’t do anything for my idol.
    you are right.there are some similarities in all hong sisters dramas.i think all of them have the airport scene,no?did my girl has the airport scene?i don’t remember.in their dramas it is the girl who first fall in love with the boy.their girls are sweet and weak at first and determind and strong at the end.in all their dramas one of the lovers is forced to leave her/his lover.the boys are cold at first but when they fall in love,they are in love so deeply that they can sacrifies themselves for their love.i love all these trends in their dramas.but this is intersting that there are all of these similarities in their drmas but all of them have their own identity and sweetness and MGIAG is the best

  377. 377 : sara Says:

    i think i repeated “in all their dramas” too much.hehe.i ‘m good in repeating.i love to watch this drama again and agian.i love repeating.so i say repeatedly:please don’t forget to comment here and in SEUNG KI’s page

  378. 378 : Si Says:

    @ sara
    I know, supporting our idols is a must. But to make sure that our idol is in a compfortable zone is also a must, right? Don’t you think when fans doing something too much can make our idol sad, embarassed, dissapointing, and uncomfortable? What does our idol feel when other people see him in negative way because what we did as fans?
    Anyway, yes, my girl also had airport scene. There were also symbols there, such as when the ‘lie coin’ fall from gong chan’s grasp before his separation with yoo rin.

  379. 379 : Si Says:

    For you haven’t watch the press conference/interview.


  380. 380 : cd Says:

    El. Ou. Vi. I.
    L. O. V. E.
    This drama so much.

  381. 381 : sara Says:

    looking forward to the best cuople award for seung ki and shin minah…they desrseve it

  382. 382 : miracle Says:

    i’ve been watching for a third time! and I have not even bored! very unusual, I highly recommend this drama. a very good story and Lee Seung gi’s acting is incredible.

  383. 383 : miracle Says:

    very nice story, players have the quality of the acting is outstanding! oh I do not know what else to say. This drama is really required in the watch. and even now all my family watch it. my brother love this drama. very loss if there is not yet seen it. I highly recommend this drama. mandatory in the watch!

  384. 384 : miracle Says:

    I think is hard to combine myth with the reality that is in today. but not in this drama. although it may gumiho legend or myth, but capable at present in a very modern feel in accordance with the age. This is an extraordinary drama.

  385. 385 : Si Says:

    This drama is nice, sweet, and funny. Happy and sad at the same time. The fantasy and the love story were well combined.
    It really moves me from cheers to tears to cheers again.
    A must watch and rewatch drama.

  386. 386 : Si Says:

    Hong sisters are doing a brilliant job in this drama.
    All the casts are great and fit the characters.
    The school loft where miho and dae woong live is the most memorable place in kdramas for me.
    Two thumbs up for this drama.

  387. 387 : miracle Says:

    hey, do you think dae cha wong same house with her hwan in Shining Inheritance? or maybe everyone was aware of it. and only I was left to discuss it .. hahaha

    oh my gosh, I really like this drama, I agree with si who say that they live a very full memory. I really like the bed of mi ho. and I’m now looking for a pillow chicken thighs. can anyone ever see it? I really want to have!

  388. 388 : Si Says:

    I don’t think hwan’s house and woong’s house are the same house.
    They are different, I think.

  389. 389 : wazabi Says:

    i’m really love this drama,lee sueng gi opa sarangheyo…………..’

  390. 390 : miracle Says:

    I noticed when I saw his room cha tae wong, because the same background image, picture of the tower clock, and there are shades of green. according to my friend was also the same room, but maybe we were wrong.

  391. 391 : Riya Says:

    I just finished watching 5th episode and i think this drama is really nice. 10 out of 10 for mgig. But whats wrong with the ratings? Highly recommended. Watch it. Its fun.

  392. 392 : Naga Says:

    Congrat to Shin Min Ah for winning popular actress award.

  393. 393 : pricilla Says:

    @ miracle (your name is sweet) I think you’re right, I feel if that same room. but I do not know if that same house, only I’m sure the same room.

    love this drama !

  394. 394 : MUSA Says:

    I love this drama. At first, it is ok but at the end it’s super. The actor and actress do such a good job in this drama. They have very strong chemistry as couple in the drama.

    Hong sisters you rock!

  395. 395 : kişisel depresyon anları film » Nae Yeojachinguneun Gumiho Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=2642 […]

  396. 396 : maria Says:

    ia have just started watching this drama…em really injoying it…its damm good drama.

  397. 397 : LostAngel Says:

    nan jeongmal-i deulamaleul salang,i deulamaneun boneun gachigaissda.nan-i deulamaleulbogo jaemi iss-eoyo….i deulamaneun naega jeongmal joh-a

  398. 398 : angel Says:

    lee seung ki was fine at shining inheritence,but in this drama he is awesum…em luving it

  399. 399 : eve Says:

    its too worthy too watch this drama.

  400. 400 : Riya Says:

    It’s an awesome drama. The protagonists are really cool. The songs are also very good

  401. 401 : cal Says:

    can’t wait for Hong Sister’s next drama!

  402. 402 : amber Says:

    i just finished watching 12 episode of this drama…damm gud.
    hoy hoy couple fighting.

  403. 403 : miracle Says:

    i really recomended this drama !!!

  404. 404 : bebe Says:

    I just finish this drama. it’s pretty good. But I like the second male lead actor more than the first male lead actor. Hopefully I can see him soon in his next drama. So far I wouldn’t said it’s the best drama for the year of 2010. I like Chuno more than this one.

  405. 405 : pho Says:

    I will watch it again

  406. 406 : heidi Says:

    i love the drama…….. i am now in ep. 12 😀

  407. 407 : hermione Says:

    i love this drama.. and lee seung gi.. he has a sweet smile in the world !!

  408. 408 : Trixie Says:

    Will re-watch this drama after my semester end. Yay.. can’t get over this drama yet. Hoi couple is so adorable.

  409. 409 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    this has gotta be one of my favorite dramas of the year..and of the hong sisters! i soooo love the hoi hoi couple! <3

  410. 410 : MUSA Says:

    I watch the drama again. It is still fun to watch. It is the best drama of the year. Funny, romantic and sad. The drama has the whole package.

    Love it, Seung Gi yah!!!!

  411. 411 : amber Says:

    I really really really really really really really really like this drama…ia just love this drama…after a such long tym nice drama had come.
    hoi hoi couple fighting.

  412. 412 : jane Says:

    i jus finished watching this drama…and em liking it.
    i will miss hoi hoi couple….

  413. 413 : kiki Says:

    lee seung gi did it! and shin min ah is perfect as gumiho.. the drama is funny and touchy, but the plot is not that good.

  414. 414 : cinta Says:

    my all time favorite drama. highly recommended.

  415. 415 : cinta Says:

    i nomu nomu nomu love this drama. a must watch. the main couple and the second couple (director ban and aunt min sook) are so adorable.

  416. 416 : Lostangel Says:

    na nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu salanghae yo this drama…i again nd again repeat this drama…worth it.

  417. 417 : mikha Says:

    really good drama.. i watch and watch again… and i fall in love with seung gi.. his so adorable !

  418. 418 : Si Says:

    I looove this drama.
    Looove sooo muuuch.
    The cuteness overloads.
    Best couple ever.

  419. 419 : Lynn Says:

    Highly recommended!!!

  420. 420 : jetz Says:

    this drama was so amazing
    after i watch this drama i crying for one hour
    damn good
    always make a great drama korea
    couse i love it soooo much

    Love it

  421. 421 : MUSA Says:

    This drama is so good. I will keep watching it.

  422. 422 : the.only.angel.on the earth Says:

    vote for seung ki here
    the language is Korean.but it ‘s okay.you just need to click on seung ki ‘s picture

  423. 423 : it girl Says:

    recomended drama…….nice story

  424. 424 : ladies~ Says:

    i love this drama make me insane!!

    oppa jinja saranghe!! keep up the good work,,
    annyeong na kanda,,,kurigo do dekoya,,asero..

  425. 425 : mikha Says:

    my favorite drama !!!

  426. 426 : Si Says:

    I love this drama to bits..
    So great and highly recommended.

  427. 427 : MUSA Says:

    I know the actress from this drama. She is so cute and really does a good job as “Mifu”. I know LSG since last year after I watch “Brilliant Legacy”. I love him more after I listen to his songs. He is very talent person. After I watch this drama, I want to add LSG is a great actor. He nails it!!!!! Great Work!!!

    Highly recommended.

  428. 428 : wilma Says:

    The story is cute and cool….funny running through it…..

    Though it was a bit slow pacing,hope they’ve put fillers that are more exciting and adorable….

    Both characters did good especially the fox…

    Love the songs they are cool and happy songs..

    all in all it is very good…….

    aja aja fighting c:

  429. 429 : ezrael Says:

    i miss the HOIHOI couple. I really enjoyed this drama. PRETTY COOL. AWESOME. :))

  430. 430 : ana Says:

    drama yang baguss,lucu dan mengharukan…..
    saya sangat suka drama ini….

  431. 431 : Si Says:

    Quote from this drama:
    ‘real action, my dream’
    Oh this drama is great.
    The miho and dae woong are adorable.
    Hoi hoi

  432. 432 : KdramaLover Says:

    I really like this so much much much !
    Shin min ah you’re so pretty here..saranghanda !!!
    You’re korean drama lovers have to watch this series Ok …..I highly recommended.

  433. 433 : MUSA Says:

    This is a must watch drama for Year 2010. You can see LSG’s acting skill improved so much … very funny and touching story.

    MGIG fighting!!!!

  434. 434 : sam Says:

    everybody must awtch this drama,the “very good drama” i’ve watched after u r beautiful…….hoi hoi

  435. 435 : rayner~RETRo Says:

    wau,…..this movie is very great……
    i was so enchantic when seeing this movie……
    oh my goodness…….this is the best movie of all…

  436. 436 : upuk Says:

    best drama I ever watched…..highly recommended

  437. 437 : Rey Says:

    I really love this drama.
    lee seung gi is a great handsome actor 😀
    hoi hoi

  438. 438 : Trixie Says:

    Best. BEst. BESt. BEST Drama Highly recommended. My all time favorite drama. BEST drama in 2010

  439. 439 : Si Says:

    Yeah, best drama ever.
    Looooove it.

  440. 440 : bayliss Says:

    very touching, make me cry. hoi hoi !!

  441. 441 : JEJE Says:


  442. 442 : rica Says:

    a feel good drama.. makes you smile and cry… actors are great.. its soo..sooo. cute, esp. when the lead actress do the hand gesture thing.. ahahah.. its cute..

  443. 443 : Dody Says:

    Is the Episode 01.2 available already?

  444. 444 : herti Says:

    verrry verry good

  445. 445 : maggie Says:

    This is a really feel good series. Very entertaining highly recommended!
    Good job to the actors,directors and script writer!

    Aja Aja!!

  446. 446 : three Says:

    I love this drama. everyone should watch it. SMA and LSG are so great together. best couple ever. hoi~hoi.

  447. 447 : dewi Says:

    I so much in love with this drama,,,,,,,
    Recommended one^^

  448. 448 : dewi Says:

    Love their great chemistry^^

  449. 449 : Si Says:

    @ Dody
    Do you mean eps 1 and 2?
    Well, you can watch all the eps online at mysoju.com, dramacrazy.com, or viikii.net.

  450. 450 : jj Says:


  451. 451 : Park Dong Joo Says:

    very2 nice romance & comedy…
    and Dong Zhu san very cool…
    I hope will see this person again in other movie…

  452. 452 : upuk Says:

    what a fantastic drama………….great…………love it………..

  453. 453 : JEJE Says:


  454. 454 : three Says:

    I love this drama. It teaches me the meaning of true love to accept the one we love for everything he is. Hoi~hoi.

  455. 455 : V2 Says:

    i like this drama>>>>>

  456. 456 : Trixie Says:

    I love this drama and the OST in this drama is awesome..

  457. 457 : cd Says:

    Black Rain Hyun Woo a.k.a Cha Dae Woong a.k.a Lee Seung Gi.


    Miss him.

  458. 458 : oyabun Says:

    This drama is good until the main guy gives back the pearl and collapses at the airport. After that, the writers seems to have no idea. It is like the polls told them to use more “romantism” instead of “fantastical” so they turn the drama into a shit mix of situation you dont know how it ended there, where it comes fro, what it means, what the hell why… How can the gumiho marry the pet doctor out of the blue? Dam it. This drama failed big time in the end.

  459. 459 : minminnie Says:

    i really2 love this drama…
    i so in love with hoi hoi couple…
    i hope that i found someone that can do Hoi Hoi with me…
    so cute….love it!

  460. 460 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  461. 461 : upuk Says:

    just watched the NG kiss scene of this drama in strong heart…………..and………….i agree, the kiss scene in episode 13 is the most heart breaking kiss scene of 2010…………

  462. 462 : upuk Says:

    i absolutely vote for this drama………….best drama of 2010………best drama ever…………..

  463. 463 : jing2x Says:

    best korean drama for 2010! yepey! this is the best drama ever… it’s funny and at the same time drama.. i really love this series..

  464. 464 : Grace Says:

    Me n My Thongseng Ingrid Loves This Drama So Much…..

  465. 465 : cd Says:

    I vote for this drama since obviously this is the best drama of 2010.

  466. 466 : emily08 Says:

    Let’s post more comments so that this drama is under the most commented drama.. hehe ^^ i love seung gi very much.. ^^ nomu nomu chu-ah <3

  467. 467 : Si Says:

    Please, vote for seung gi.
    Thank you.

  468. 468 : Raara'LuvSeunggi Says:

    the most awesome drama ! 😀

  469. 469 : JEJE Says:


  470. 470 : dan Says:

    i really miss this drama.. amp. i love the HOIHOI couple.

  471. 471 : spynsml Says:

    really love this film. This is 1 of 2 drama I watched this year

  472. 472 : icha Says:

    LOVE this drama so much!!!!!!!!!
    I love how mi ho call cha dae woong
    i watched it now again!!!

  473. 473 : DaeMi Says:

    i love this drama so much…
    naneun niga neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu choaa…..

  474. 474 : three Says:

    it’s the best drama of 2010 for me.

  475. 475 : toh quan ming Says:

    when is this korean drama dvd going to release ?

  476. 476 : Si Says:

    Check this out.
    MGIG rocks.


  477. 477 : bblve07 Says:

    My girlfriend is a gumiho..
    I love it,, i watched it 3times..
    Hope you won the best pole in this year..

  478. 478 : Allison Says:

    Ahhhhh I completely loved this drama!!!!
    It was so cute, and funny. I fell in love with both Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi. I want more of them :(((. I completely recommend this drama, made my days really happy. Yay

  479. 479 : Allison Says:

    This was the best drama of 2010 for me, I watched a thousand times, SO GOOD!!!!

  480. 480 : Si Says:

    @ toh quan ming
    Check this link out. You’ll get the informations about MGIG director’s cut dvd.

  481. 481 : iin Says:


  482. 482 : jing2x Says:

    this is the best korean drama i’ve ever seen. Hope there’s a part 2…pls… pls… pls… same actor and actress…

  483. 483 : ony Says:

    this is a best from the best korean drama that I’ve seen… hope there are session 2 for this drama and with a same actor and actress. I like it.. please hehehe…^_^… hope this drama won the best pole of this year.. Amiinn…

  484. 484 : hardie Says:

    MGIAG is the best drama in 2010,….the best comedy,…the best couple….the best love stories ever……MGIAG forever!!!!

  485. 485 : okka Says:

    she is like angel to me,,,i love u gumiho…

  486. 486 : nita Says:

    the best drama i’ve ever seen. I like the story and the romance of this movie.

  487. 487 : upuk Says:

    this is definitely the best drama of 2010…….the best couple ever……….ever……..

  488. 488 : nati Says:

    this is definitely going to be the best drama of year 2010.
    love all the characters in there
    Gumiho Hwaiting!

  489. 489 : whaaaaaaat Says:

    aaaaaah i love this drama <33333

  490. 490 : JEJE Says:


  491. 491 : three Says:

    the best drama. hoi~hoi

  492. 492 : arista Says:

    aq g bosen2 nontonnya… ampe2 adx spu2 q yg co nangis nonton ni film..

  493. 493 : arista Says:

    oke..oke..oke..oke..banget ni film..

  494. 494 : ruth Says:

    very good movie, I hope this film won the Korean film awards

  495. 495 : fans Says:

    i love this drama sooooo much 🙂
    Sometimes i hope shin min ah and lee seung gi can be a real couple 🙂

  496. 496 : .............. Says:

    this is the best korean drama of 2010. I love this drama very much……..
    LEE SEUNG GI u r so cute

  497. 497 : upuk Says:

    it’s december already…….I watched many kdramas this year……..in my conclusion………my girlfiend is a gumiho is the best among others………

  498. 498 : Roche MArie Says:

    omo, naneun…nomu nomu nomu nonmu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu joa this drama!! very heart warming & touching!!
    i also like the mischievous kiss and sungkyunhwan scandal!!

  499. 499 : Roche MArie Says:

    highly recommended!!!

  500. 500 : JEJE Says:


  501. 501 : three Says:

    the chemistry between LSG and SMA in this drama is undeniable. the best couple in a drama i’ve ever watched.

  502. 502 : come on Says:

    this is obviously the best drama of the year

  503. 503 : Si Says:

    This drama presents a great story with the most adorable chemistry between the main leads.
    Yeah, the best drama.

  504. 504 : lovekd Says:

    super enjoyable drama

  505. 505 : spc Says:

    highly recommended drama.

  506. 506 : spc Says:

    i like this drama. the lead is so cute. i watch it again and again. i recommend this drama

  507. 507 : asbak Says:

    I love this drama. It showed what does it mean by true love. Very endearing. The best drama ever.

  508. 508 : justme Says:

    i watch fo 4 times, and now i watch for 5 times, i love shi min ah

  509. 509 : Chakra Says:

    Full of sentiments, interesting series

  510. 510 : virgi Says:

    I love this drama so much..Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gie nomu nomu nomu joaheyo..highly recommended for you guys..i love the soundtrack to..so touching..chongmal chaemiissoyo..

  511. 511 : upuk Says:

    I hope seung gi and min ah win best couple award in sbs…………….the most fabulous and the most loveable couple of the year…………..the best…………

  512. 512 : farah Says:

    love love love this drama very much!!!!
    Lee Seung Gi especially, very different character than his last one drama!!
    omo I love Gumiho as well!!!
    very good drama because the drama writers used to be write in “You’re Beautiful” drama.Good Job

  513. 513 : three Says:

    LSG and SMA are nomu nomu adorable in this drama

  514. 514 : mekjah Says:

    love this drama…

  515. 515 : Ta Says:

    Mi-ho is so adorable and sweet

  516. 516 : upuk Says:

    love this drama so much………………….

  517. 517 : arista Says:

    i like..like..this drama

  518. 518 : denger Says:


  519. 519 : ica Says:

    really love this drama !!
    Cha tae woong, soo sweet :*

  520. 520 : maeash Says:

    MY FAVORITE KOREAN DRAMA OF 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  521. 521 : minha Says:

    minho egch aimaar huurhun bi minho egchid hairtai bolchloo.

  522. 522 : cici Says:

    funny…i like it..

  523. 523 : JEJE Says:





  524. 524 : sheila Says:

    this is a stellar kdrama. i didn’t really take an interest on it at first because the lead actor is not as handsome as lee min ho, or kim hyun joong. but heads up,ladies: this is another proof that you can’t judge anything based on shallow aspects such as appearance. once you get into the first few episodes, you will notice yourself falling for lee seung gi.he’s a very,very brilliant actor.

    the lead actress, shin min ah, is equally delightful.unlike other korean actresses who turn bland towards the middle or end, she’s constantly charming.she and lee seung gi are the cutest couple in kdrama so far.i don’t get tired looking at the mvs made by fans in youtube.

    kudos to the cast and producers of my gf is a gumiho.i hope that a lot more fans will enjoy this as much as i did.more power! 😉

  525. 525 : Si Says:

    Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah won three awards in 2010 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Best Couple Award, and Top 10 Award.
    Congratulations. They really deserve them.

  526. 526 : upuk Says:

    seung gi and min ah deserve those awards……….they are best of the best……….
    love them………..

  527. 527 : 100view Says:

    what a GREAT drama~~~!!!

  528. 528 : sophie Says:

    I watched this for seung gi. Oh man, this is so good. I love seung gi and mina here. The cutest main leads ever.

  529. 529 : Lia101 Says:

    OMG! No Min Woo is so HOT here!

  530. 530 : Jenjen Says:

    This drama is one of my favorite. It’s a very cute and lovely drama to watch. Some scenes are funny and adorable. I recommend this drama for you. You will NOT REGRET watching it 😀

  531. 531 : dy_ans Says:

    very fun drama to watch!!!! love the couples!!

  532. 532 : areej Says:


  533. 533 : areej Says:

    you have to watch this drama
    it is sooooooooo romantic

  534. 534 : areej Says:


  535. 535 : einjeljox Says:

    waaaaah!i’v watched MGIAG f0r 2 times already,and im still watching it n0w!i just cant get over it!i’m attachd to mi ho and dae woong’s character!i’m s0 glad they’ve w0n many awards,th0ugh the ratings in k0rean aren’t that g0od,still MGIAG will f0rever have a space in my heart.i’m falling f0r y0u lee seung ki!th0ugh it’s imp0ssible f0r us to be together,i still want to let you kn0w that im always here,silently loving you.saranghae.

  536. 536 : Jampu Says:

    Nomu Nomu nomu nomu nomu enjoyed a drama. They are really great together and both were nomu nomu cute. And background tone was so fantastic…Tubi rubi ru rafpa, I’m sure spelling is wrong..haha. Thanks for such a cute serial….thumps up!

  537. 537 : jave Says:

    i really love this movie,its quiet interesting because the story is different from other movies in korea.

  538. 538 : dewi Says:

    I am very thankfully for uploading this drama,,,,

  539. 539 : iin Says:

    film nya romantis banget… campur aduk deh..

  540. 540 : gomiho Says:

    what a GREAT drama~~~!!!

  541. 541 : hoi hoi Says:

    I love it sooooooooooooooo much
    my heart hurts me

  542. 542 : upuk Says:

    nomu nomu nomu jowa……..this drama……….

  543. 543 : godlife Says:

    watch it slowly…
    enjoy it…
    really really really really interesting….
    i love it..
    best drama everrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!11

  544. 544 : lovely girl Says:

    the drama have a unique story..but fresh and sweet..

    Lee sung ki is very georgeous!and si min ah is beautiful..

    very fun and romantic story!!!loved it soooooo muuuucchhh 🙂

  545. 545 : Cristina Says:

    Sorry but I write in portuguese…
    Eu amei essa novelinha Coreana, é realmente muito boa…a história super romantica e o casalzinho é nota 10…tem que ver…um dos melhores kdramas que já vi!!!!

  546. 546 : ony Says:

    wow,,,I’m still love this drama
    so great and this drama is the best drama that I was watching

  547. 547 : Nissa Says:

    Seung gi my maaannn.. love u

  548. 548 : Si Says:

    This drama is my all time favorite.

  549. 549 : ladybug Says:

    One of my favorites aside from youre beautiful and sungkyunkwan scandal,, i feel hurt when the cast are lonely, hurt and crying specialy mi hu,, i was crying when mi hu left dae wong, i feel his hurt,, i feel sad for dong joo because i like him,, i was very happy for the ending,,, if i feel the cast meaning to say this is a very gud drama

  550. 550 : serenity Says:

    mashta! nomu nomu nomu nomu….. love this drama. esp when both of them are together!

  551. 551 : Felifake Says:

    I love miho for dong joo,. Hes hot

  552. 552 : Felifake Says:

    The last part makes me cry when miho dis appeard, i feel dae wong ‘s pain,, perfect ending when mi ho is back, so happy

  553. 553 : Jethro Says:

    Okay .. I’ve Finished It Again Earlier . FOR THE 3RD TIME !!!

  554. 554 : andythy Says:

    love this drama…

  555. 555 : bedug Says:

    omg. it’s so amazing.

  556. 556 : megan fox Says:

    Keep the comments we are nearly closing to the top

  557. 557 : megan fox Says:

    no min woo – handsome and hot
    lee seung gi – cute
    shin min ah – gorgeous and hot

  558. 558 : fox89 Says:

    i am from indonesia, i am really fun with this drama… since i knew that the screenwriter is a hong sisters, i had a big expectation to this drama.. i don’t care about the casts, i just wanna say “good job.. BRAVO.. to hong sisters”
    from sassy girl, my girl, you’re beautiful until my girlfriend’s gumiho.. all of these make me crazy to k-drama.

  559. 559 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Superb,, wow it will be airing in the philipines soon,, i just worried to the tv station who acquired this,, i hope that they will not destroy this drama just like how they destroy youre beautiful,,

  560. 560 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @fox yes all k dramas of the hong sisters are realy fantastic,, im looking 4ward for their next project i dont care who will be the cast,,,,,

  561. 561 : andythy Says:

    really good actor,,good story (so different right??),,good soundtrack..
    never bored to watch this drama again,,again and again..
    c’mon guys keep comment in this post..
    this drama worth it to be on the list…

  562. 562 : putrimard Says:

    Two thumbs up for this Korean drama. Really good, hillarious and funny. Greaaaaattttttt!!

  563. 563 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    so exited, , gumiho wil be airing in my country soon, i hope that abs tv network will not destroy it just like youre beautful full of cut scenes…. I stil hasnt get over this drama

  564. 564 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @andythy yes it deserve to be on top,,, if this drama will air in my country we will an increase of fans here

  565. 565 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    I miss this drama

  566. 566 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Love love love,, ,, superb drama should be on top,,

  567. 567 : right Says:

    so right. this drama really deserves to be in the most commented list. love this drama a lot.

  568. 568 : right Says:

    never get enough of this drama. such a great drama.

  569. 569 : ya..ya..ya.. Says:

    yay~! great drama~

  570. 570 : Si Says:

    You can’t help but love this drama coz it’s really hilarious.
    Best drama of 2010.
    Love. It. So. Much.

  571. 571 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Guys this drama should replace playfull kiss on top

  572. 572 : shincheng Says:

    wahaha.one of my fave kdramas:)
    this is where I fell in love with Lee Seung Gi:)

  573. 573 : shincheng Says:

    huwaaaw!this is one of my fave kdramas:)
    this drama made me fall in love with Lee Seung Gi XD
    hoi hoi couple fighting!^^

  574. 574 : digna Says:

    i really love this drama..i like Lee Seung Ki and Shin Min Ah..gumiho!!!

  575. 575 : azumi143 Says:

    hmmmnn..the comments are good… just enough reason for me to spend my time and give this drama a try 😉
    plus, this was produced by the hong sisters just like ‘you’re beautiful’

  576. 576 : Jyjlove Says:

    i love this drama i fall inlove with no min woo and lee seung gi.. I love shin min ah, I love the soundtrack,,, i love everything,,’! SUPERB

  577. 577 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @azumi thanks for the visit in this page,,, the comments here are all positive,, most people love the drama after watching,, the hong sisters are realy good

  578. 578 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    I fall in love of no min woo,, i love the story of this drama

  579. 579 : pinay Says:

    Im so excited, this drama will be soon airing in the philippines,, i love no min woo too hes hot and shin min ah,, seung gi is cute,, i love this drama, one of my favorite

  580. 580 : vp Says:

    Love this drama, the hong sisters are the best writer in this generation

  581. 581 : felifake ngozong Says:

    Im gonna cry for this beautiful drama

  582. 582 : lol Says:

    Its about 2nd time to watch this drama
    this drama is lovelier the 2nd time around

  583. 583 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Wow many visitors

  584. 584 : kreme Says:

    I love this drama, its part of my favorite now,, my newest idol is lee seung gi, no min woo and shin min ah.. Love the 3 of theme

  585. 585 : georgina Says:

    This amazing drama! Because its writen by the best writers in this generation, the hong sisters

  586. 586 : Si Says:

    I love it to the bits.

  587. 587 : chip Says:

    No min woo, aka park dong joo, so hot, i love this drama

  588. 588 : katypery Says:

    Im so excited this drama will be airing soon in the philippines,, lee seung gi so cute

  589. 589 : Ashland Says:

    This silly little I always cry when watching the movie, but it’s true that movie makes my heart erratic. Because his story touched my feelings. I LOVE SHIN MIN AH

  590. 590 : Cygnus Says:

    I really liked the movie, because this movie can make me cry and laugh in the nearby time. Saranghae Shin Min Ah 🙂

  591. 591 : georgina Says:

    Once you started episode one, you cant stop watching it,,, and wow it was writen by the best writers hong sister,, addiction of this drama was no surprise,,, as expected from the hong sisters,, in this drama i feel inlove with lee seung gi and no min woo,, i love shin min ah, very gorgeous and best actress,,

  592. 592 : georgina Says:

    The ratings was high despite of its counterpart in kbs the baker king,,, very impresive drama MGFG,,, 🙂 🙂

  593. 593 : Sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    My gf is a gumiho is soaring high,.,,, keep the comments comming

  594. 594 : bella Says:

    The most watch korean drama in China for 2010,, as expected 🙂

  595. 595 : bella Says:

    Like it to the highest level fighting!

  596. 596 : sophie Says:

    5 word.Best.Damn.K-Drama.There.Is
    Will love it forever and my love for Lee Seung-gi is everlasting C : x

  597. 597 : powerzip Says:

    So true, it’s so damn good

  598. 598 : powerzip Says:

    never get enough of it <3 highly recommended.

  599. 599 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    I just feel in love with lee seung gi and no min woo so hot,,,,! Im excited for shin min ah new drama fullhouse season 2!such a good actress, a gumiho in real life a lot of kpop boys admire her

  600. 600 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Best actress – shin min ah,

    best actor – lee seung gi

    best couple – lee seung gi and shin min ah

    new comer award – no min woo

    and more awards,, this drama is award winning, as expected! Fighting!

  601. 601 : Gumiha Says:




  602. 602 : dae woong Says:


    hehehe, i’m with you gumiha….

  603. 603 : Si Says:

    How can I not love this drama.
    It made me laughed like crazy and cried like baby.

  604. 604 : igorota Says:

    Addicted to this drama,, no min woo is burning hot,, lee seung gi is so cute,, shin min ah is goddess of beauty,, i love all cast,, thanks hong sisters for writing this drama,, i love all your creation,

  605. 605 : jhane Says:

    i really, really, really love this!!!!!!! hope there is a part 2 and mi ho will totally turn into a human.plsssss

  606. 606 : Gumiha Says:

    Its my 3rd time now,, i still cant get over i miss lee seung gi and shin min ah,,, i hope they will be real life lovers,, a cute guy with cute dimples and a beautiful lady with fantastic dimples.., how sweet a dimple couple

  607. 607 : Sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Hapi valentines pipz,, to all the cast,, watching it today in valentines day

  608. 608 : Sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    There are times when i just want to look at your face with the stars in the night, i just cant believe that you are mine now… Hapi valentines

  609. 609 : Gumiha Says:

    I heart MGIAG

    @sungkyunkwan hi happy valentines

  610. 610 : begete Says:


  611. 611 : jebal Says:

    gReAT dRAmA

  612. 612 : niznat Says:

    superlike! this is so hilarious and sweet!
    i loved the whole idea of gumiho, its really funny, entertaining and touching!!!

  613. 613 : Angeli Says:

    I very love it ! Really !
    The idea and story is very nice !
    The great combination of the fantasy and the real life..
    I think, this is one of best korean dramas.

    Btw, how about “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 2” ?? 😀

  614. 614 : Sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    So far zero unlikers,,, congrats MGIAG

    @gumiha helow my frend from wat country are you?

  615. 615 : sam Says:

    yes, me too want mgiag2

  616. 616 : sam Says:

    hoi hoi

  617. 617 : Gumiha Says:

    @sungkyunkwan helo im a filipino, and you? Yes zero unlikers,,, 😀 lets take this drama at the top

  618. 618 : Sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @gumiha, im a filipino too nice to meet you my friend,,, latest news lee seung gi having a meeting with our favorite writers the hong sister with a possible new drama,,, so excited

  619. 619 : andythy Says:

    @sungkyunkwan : of course..this is the best korean drama ever for me…so really deserve to be on the list..
    luv all in this drama…all characther is good..and than especially the hongs sister..is the greatest writer in the world..
    hope if this drama will be airing in your country,,,can increase this coment until the top!!

  620. 620 : Emily Says:

    This drama is the best! I’m a fan of korean dramas but never have seen such amazing drama… Wow, i don’t know what to say!.. I really fell in love with this drama! Ost was wonderful specialy with the cast voices..
    Hmm… I love the cute casts: lee seoung gi and shin min ah..
    Hey guys! Don’t miss this amazing drama!

  621. 621 : Lee Min Da Says:

    The “Fox Rain” OST is match with this drama ! Excellent !

  622. 622 : Chin Min Says:

    This is “THE MOST-VIEWED” korean drama in China !!! 🙂

  623. 623 : jewel Says:

    a MUST-WATCH drama. ost are AMAZING! i fall in love with this drama over and over again.

  624. 624 : Sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Thankz andythy, this drama will air soon in my country, how bout yours?

  625. 625 : Sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Yes chin min i read an article that it is the most viewed in china,, china is merely billion people,,

  626. 626 : Megfox Says:

    This is amazing,, all the major cast won major awards in acting,,, shin min ah not used to cast in drama, but wow win best actress,, such talent

  627. 627 : andythy Says:

    not yet in my country,,,:(
    hope soon,,,

  628. 628 : Gabbygti Says:

    I love this drama so much!,, once i get to start watching it,, i cant help it to stop,,, i fell inlove with no min woo

  629. 629 : Gumiha Says:

    @andythy it will air in yah country for xure!!

  630. 630 : Gumiha Says:

    MGIA soaring high!

  631. 631 : Megfox Says:

    Wow mgiag comments raising up! Looking forward to be in top, such a great drama

  632. 632 : Si Says:

    I love this drama so much.
    I shows the power of love.

  633. 633 : Si Says:

    Oops, sorry..
    I mean it showed..

  634. 634 : sh3ldims Says:

    i love this drama so much….so light and fun..and full laugh :))

  635. 635 : sam Says:

    loved hoi hoi couple… lee seung gi and shin min ah

  636. 636 : Megfox Says:

    Gosh my 2nd time to watch, realy love it, best writers plus perfect cast = MGIAG outstanding!

  637. 637 : iin Says:

    this is the best drama…

  638. 638 : vsj Says:

    i have the complete episode of this i just watch it after I finish the kim soo ro. hehegaling ng korean drama i’m collecting it. 09227229568

  639. 639 : XIENN Says:

    i really love this drama… soooooooooooo much!!!!!

    2 thumbs up for it!!!!!! <3<3.

  640. 640 : suppledexplorer Says:

    arasu! will get a copy of this drama tomorrow..missing Shin Min Ah so much after THE DEVIL.

  641. 641 : Si Says:

    Shin min ah is the cutest gumiho ever..
    She’s so beautiful..

  642. 642 : rogue Says:

    loved this drama so much

  643. 643 : amira Says:

    love this drama so much.!!!!

  644. 644 : Violet Says:

    I’m at episod 11 but really can’t wait to know the ending. so i end up reading recap from dramabeans! 🙂 and now become more eager to watch the remaining 5 episods.. though i know it’ll take me at least 3 days to finish it since i only have 1 hour ++ each day dedicated to my k-drama addiction… horay!!, happy ending for the hoy-hoy couple.. 🙂 this is definitely gonna be in my all-time fav-list for k-drama…..

  645. 645 : rogue Says:

    want to watch it again

  646. 646 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] by the Day Mr Goodbye Mrs. Town Mun Hee My Fair Lady (2003) جنان    My Girl جنان    My Girlfriend is Gumiho My Happy Home My Lady Boss, My Hero My Life’s Golden Age My Love My Love Patzzi My Lovely Fool My […]

  647. 647 : sam Says:

    just saw the awards they received and i am so happy for them

  648. 648 : riya Says:

    i really like this drama. The story line is fresh and interesting. The songs are nice. The actors have done a fabulous job. I have already watched it 18 times. And i am watching it now. Hats off to the prodtction team. Lee seung ki rocks.

  649. 649 : jewel Says:

    the best OST EVER was in this drama!

  650. 650 : nungky45 Says:

    all of story, cast and ost were amazing.. i’m still waiting for next project from hong’s sister.

  651. 651 : gonggong Says:

    hurry! hurry! give more your comments.. there are 25 comments left to make this drama one of most commented drama. actually mgfiag is far far far better than mp.. that drama just has great actor and actress to raise popularity up, but mgfiag has a good screenplay, good talented actors and actresses, good OST and the best point is really realy romance comedy fantacy.. each caracter of romance side, comedy side and fantacy side is very strong. so you can find a pitiful, sadness, fun, and gothic mixed in this drama
    happy watching everybody..

  652. 652 : eeyore Says:

    i love this movie!! 😀

  653. 653 : killuaph Says:

    I’ve fallen in love to shin min ah watching her in this drama. . I hope she have another drama with lsg. . I love you SHIN MIN AH!!!

  654. 654 : TeruTeruBozu Says:

    i really, really, really love this drama!! I cried a river watching this drama..hehee.. I love Shin Min Ah’s character here..she played the role very well..and Lee Seung Ki are awesome too! Plus the gorgeus Ni Min Woo..love u all.. best drama! I need more thumbs to show how great this drame is.. muacks!!~ ^__^

  655. 655 : Si Says:

    What a great drama.
    Can you imagine to love someone from different world?
    Daewong is so lovely to have such a deep love to miho.
    MGIG is my all time favorite drama.

  656. 656 : bblvE07 Says:

    £uv it,wait for there new drama.
    Love all the cast,shinMinah,leeSeunggi,nohminwoooo!

  657. 657 : andythy Says:

    lovvee this dramaa…
    not boring to watch again and again,,,,hee

  658. 658 : Si Says:

    This drama is so great.
    So great that I will watch it over and over again.

  659. 659 : Fernanda Says:

    nos encanta….¡¡¡¡¡…hermosa serie….felicitaciones al elenco…saludos desde CHILE.

  660. 660 : Soon-Hee Says:

    I like the ending of this drama..
    how awesome!!

  661. 661 : Si Says:

    The main couple in this drama teach me how to appreciate my life, how to appreciate every breath I take, and how to appreciate what I have.
    I’m so grateful of my life.
    Hong sisters, thank you for giving us this sweet story.

  662. 662 : jowil deray Says:

    Hate this drama so much coz I can’t do anything else but to watch this show over and over again. Love the chemistry. I just hope that there are more movies as good as this one. Hope the main characters make another drama.

  663. 663 : takgu99 Says:

    i wonder why this drama doesn’t have many fans…
    i think this drama better than PK…
    the storyline really2 interesting…

  664. 664 : wafa Says:

    this is one of the best dramas i have seen so far lee seung gi and shin min ah did a n amasing job .i enjoied eyery moment and will defenitly whatch it again 🙂

  665. 665 : intan Says:


  666. 666 : erick Says:

    dramanya bagus skali,….. aku sangat senang menomtonnya.

  667. 667 : samuel Says:

    Ini drama Korea yang saya rasa paling bagus. Biasa nya saya tidak suka ninitin drama Korea,tapi begitu liat yg satu ini,wahhh gmna gtu crta nya.
    Pokok nya bagus lah.
    I like this 😀

  668. 668 : VintageRose Says:

    best drama on 2010 .. it had a story ! , and it’s really something ,
    it keeps you attached with it till the last second ..
    it’s amazing !

    a lot of silly dramas nowadays .. but this you can say ..
    Something you never heard of before !

    Hell i do love the fox now ! XD

  669. 669 : sara Says:

    one of the bests.watch it over and over and still don’t have enough of it.highly recommended

  670. 670 : Si Says:

    Admin, please accept this picture.


    It feels like it won’t complete without this picture.
    Thank you.

  671. 671 : andythy Says:

    highly recomended for everyone just like romantic and funny drama…
    never regret guys…:)

  672. 672 : samy Says:

    i think this is the best korean drama’s that i’ve ever watched
    so romantic..

  673. 673 : bblvE07 Says:

    love it,,
    Nominwoo!! Fighting and
    Love MGIAG
    One of the best drama in 2010.

  674. 674 : Bblve07 Says:

    Im losing my mind..
    Ha ha!!!

  675. 675 : Bblve07 Says:

    I want to watch Midas because of you!

  676. 676 : Megfox Says:

    Nice to be back, wow comments increase!! Go go go! Were nearly on top!

  677. 677 : Si Says:

    I’m sure you won’t regret watching this great drama.

  678. 678 : gensrul Says:

    this is the best drama i’ve ever seen in 2years time…
    i spent just 2 days to finishes whole story…
    nomu,nomu,nomu chuwa….and i like the Fox rain OST…just listening to that song can bring me back the moments in this story…

    thumb up…yo

  679. 679 : andythy Says:

    and one more comment… to make this drama on the list…
    fighting guys…:)

  680. 680 : Sunny Says:

    Love the drama!!!
    Best chemistry between Lee Seung Ki and Shin Min Ah..

  681. 681 : Si Says:

    I’m watching this drama for the..um..fourth time.
    Ok, I’m addicted.
    Ah..what a great drama.

  682. 682 : Megfox Says:

    I miss no min woo

  683. 683 : marie Says:

    i like this drama….the scriptwriters are very good they write for all funny and good story such as fantasy couple,my girl, you’re beautiful, and others… i love no min woo in this drama.

  684. 684 : kgurl Says:

    i so love this drama.. hoyhoycouple is so cute.
    with great music on the drama..

  685. 685 : teazz Says:

    i love this drama so much.. !! lee seung ki make me sooo melting..
    cute couple and lovely song.. *fox rain

    4 thumbs up !!

  686. 686 : Anjulika Says:

    love this drama so much!!! nomu nomu nomu chuae!!

  687. 687 : honey Says:

    im in love with it.. super…!! hoy hoy..!!!

  688. 688 : Si Says:

    I really love this drama.
    The main couple has super enjoyable chemistry.
    Highly recommended.

  689. 689 : Via Says:

    keren cui cerita na..

  690. 690 : shineens Says:


    i like the children song singing by seung gi..

  691. 691 : Jisper Says:

    dang…very very very nice story and superb song ‘FOX RAIN’
    i keep repeating this song like 50 times [email protected]@
    especially at dubidubidu wafa part…^^

  692. 692 : Hyungjung Says:

    Aku suka drama ini,mulai dr akting,alur cerita,dan intrik2nya aku suka smua,pokoknya top abiezz dah……hoy-hoy

  693. 693 : sam Says:

    nice top 20

  694. 694 : qwerty Says:

    a very good drama!!!

  695. 695 : king KonG Says:

    all the time, this is the 3rd top korean drama on my list.. my girl, YAB, and my gf is gumiho. and i don’t know why all of those dramas was written by same scriptwriter.

  696. 696 : tikapikaluna Says:

    why not broadcast on TV ..? even though the movie is very nice .. all of them would prefer lagii

  697. 697 : tikapikaluna Says:

    I beg broadcast this movie .. I have not finished watching this movie .. I only watched until episode 8: (yah yah yah me please ..

  698. 698 : tikapikaluna Says:

    later at the end of his story Woong die dae .. : (yah so sad .. continue .. HO MI? so human

    I beg this movie in my impressions yahhh

    later at the end of his story Woong die dae .. : (yah so sad .. continue .. HO MI? so human

  699. 699 : Mysterious Says:

    I’m loving it so far, i’m only up to episode 7. What happens at the end? Is it sad?

  700. 700 : awxxx Says:

    hi… just make it complete 700 comments.
    hoi hoi

  701. 701 : Trixie Says:

    My ultimate fave drama. will rewatch this drama next week and it gonna be my fifth time re-watchong it. 🙂

  702. 702 : camasplayz Says:

    I love this drama so bad… I love this couple to death … I love every second 😀

  703. 703 : Megfox Says:

    Soon in philippine tv premier! HOI HOI, filipinos are excited to see this drama, they fined shin min ah realy pretty!

  704. 704 : Si Says:

    Lee seung gi is so cute as dae woong.
    Shin min ah is so cute as gumiho.
    What a cute couple.
    What a cute drama.
    Hoi hoi.

  705. 705 : Mike Says:

    The story-line got a little “tired” at the end – and (spoiler alert) it really, really bugged us that they never even showed the baby at the end – was there no budget money left even for one cute baby closeup?

  706. 706 : akireyoj Says:

    best drama ever…i really love to watch this drama..so unique..
    lee seung gi and shi min ah are so cute..i have been watching this drama for 6 times..hoi couple nomo0 nomo chuwa..

  707. 707 : helga Says:

    I love drama my girlfriend is a gumiho.
    the story funny, touching, sad, happy, and much more expression.
    I like character tae Woong (Seung gi), the expression is like an innocent. until I laugh myself.
    I liked drama this Koren.

  708. 708 : honey Says:

    love it.. hoy hoy..!!

  709. 709 : tayson Says:

    love these drama super,,!!hoy hoy,,!!

  710. 710 : tayson Says:

    can you suggest me a good drama!!!

  711. 711 : Megfox Says:

    @ tayson try YOURE BEAUTIFUL the same writers of my gf is a gumiho, and SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL one of the best drama of 2010

  712. 712 : tayson Says:

    thanks megfox!!!

  713. 713 : katherine Says:

    i really really really LOVE my girlfriend is a gumiho
    im so addicted in this drama
    they are so so so cute..
    after i watched this drama
    i felt i can die .. hahahaha :))

  714. 714 : kgurl Says:

    watching it over and over again.. oppa seung gi!! the best 🙂
    hoihoi forever..

  715. 715 : nicole Says:

    ahm very nice movie end romantic scene

  716. 716 : nicole Says:

    my favorite movie is my girlfriend is a gumiho cuz very romantic movie sweet scene very nice movie plz watch it

  717. 717 : Bernz Says:

    Make a part 2 please

  718. 718 : [email protected] Says:

    so cute hahaha wish that i could go to south korea i think im falling in love with shin min ah hahaha

  719. 719 : jhoana26 Says:

    anneonghaseyo..je iruemeun jhoana imnida..jo neun pilripin eso wasseoyo..je guhyangeun pilripin manilra yeyo…her in the philllipnes abs cbn my girlfriend is a gumiho (내 여자친구는 구미호)this caming may 2011..its so awesome romantic comedy…all korean series i like…someday i want to go korea to see the beautiful country…gobbless u guys…more power Broadcast network: SBS..gumapsuemnida..anneong..

  720. 720 : jhoana26 Says:

    Broadcast network: SBS CoNGRATS…another one good story ( 내 여자친구는 구미호 / My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) yeoja chingo neun gumihu..i liked it alot…HOYHOYHOYHOY…SBS brodcast network always gaved the best that the people would be satistfy…keep it up…GODBLESS

  721. 721 : Megfox Says:

    It will be MGIAG vs PLAYFULL KISS in the philippines,,, i can see how MGIAG will beat playfull kiss .. Go MGIAG

  722. 722 : leah Says:

    Oh! You know what? I do not already watch this korean drama titled “My girlfriend is a gumiho” but when I saw the trailer, I think this will be ONE of my favorite korean movie I’ve ever watched …..
    YES YES YOW ! I Love Shi Min Ah. She’s So beautiful. And I think She’s a good-hearted girl……. mwa mwa

  723. 723 : Carla Joy Says:

    the trailer makes it exciting to watch!! 🙂

  724. 724 : manatee Says:

    It’s one of my favorite drama ever! I was touched with this drama.
    I love you Lee Seung Gi!!!

  725. 725 : Megfox Says:

    MGIAG trending in YAHOO PHILIPPINES! Wow! Its not yet aired, it seems filipinos are excited about this drama! HOI HOI will surely a capital H I T in the Philippines!

  726. 726 : alysa aira Says:

    i lOve it!!!!!!!….

  727. 727 : Si Says:

    I nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu like this drama.

  728. 728 : Myahh Says:

    Too bad Kramas usually doenst come up with a sequel! Looking 4ward to another dae wong=miho romantic-comedy drama with d hong sister.
    For now, I will nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu like 2 watch this again.
    Hoi hoi fellow addicts!!!

  729. 729 : schen_03 Says:

    very optimistic for their new shows!!! i nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu LOVE IT!!!

  730. 730 : sittie-aina Says:

    well for me i love Korean especially romance drama”s with also two love team couples i mean two lover couple i am a FILIPINO her in PHILIPPINES ALSO I AM SO EXCITED TO WATCH THE YR.2011 Drama’s Korean

  731. 731 : JAson Says:

    I love it !

  732. 732 : JAson Says:

    YOur So BEautiful !!!!!!! :DD

  733. 733 : Apol Says:

    I really really love this drama. Just finished watching it.. Definitely one of my fave korean dramas besides Full House, My Girl, Shining Inheritance, Personal Taste and Secret Garden.. Mi-ho is sooo pretty.. I love Mi-ho and Woong. They look good together.. I got so carried away and it made me love my husband even more.. Congrats SBS!! Hoi!Hoi! 🙂

  734. 734 : jonmar Says:

    ang ganda ganda n2 crush ko tlaga c Shin Min Ah like na like ko 2

  735. 735 : ZERONERVE12 Says:

    i love mi ho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  736. 736 : Garner Says:

    The drama is now popular in the Philippines ans we are requesting for part 2
    hope you will make it…

  737. 737 : dnangeljomar07 Says:

    GO MIHO!!!!!!!!! We wish you to visit here in the Philippines….. You’re the cutest korean actress i ever watch. Hoi Hoi….

  738. 738 : maryrose lachica Says:

    you know i love your korean drama so cute ^^ ..

  739. 739 : igay Says:

    sobrang ganda sarap ulit ulitin pati ung song maganda din..

  740. 740 : rhush Says:

    .HI i m rhush.i really love youre show…it makes me excite whenever i watch it…whenever i hear the song from you’re it makes me sing too (hahaha)…i really love the hoi!hoi! love team… i cant wait for the next season…:D

  741. 741 : kaetishamau Says:

    i LOVE this koreanovela. it’s definitely ONE of my FAVE.MUCH korean dramas of all time.
    Hoi—Hoi Craze ♥
    go Miho 🙂 ♥.♥.♥
    I love Dae Woong ! 🙂 he really looks like my (was) super special guy.
    i swear, they’ve got some same features ♥ watchin the episode, and Dae woong every day, i get kilig.much 🙂 and it makes me remember this ‘special guy’ and ended up missing him ♥.♥.♥


  742. 742 : xv Says:

    i realy really love it season2 pls

  743. 743 : nomonomo Says:

    i love shin min ah.

  744. 744 : Rin Says:

    Im a korean drama fan..
    i havent watch this drama..is it THAT interesting?
    hmmmmm (thiniking)..

  745. 745 : carol Says:

    i love mi ho,she looks so good
    she`s not the typical koreana who`s very petite,she`s very sexy

  746. 746 : Chidai Meha Says:

    this is absolutely a nice korean drama! Still, I believe that the end might be more better if in tragic point of view… Well just a comment

  747. 747 : blood43 Says:

    waahh i have been watching these and it is beautiful like shin min ah.. but i love the best is the secret garden totally freaking me crying.. whaha=) just saying anyway i also love these because my crush was telling me that he’s crush is shin min ah so thats why im telling these because i love my crush even if it hurts me so bad!! but im a fan of a gumiho..!!! kip up the gud work!!waaaaaaa:D T.T

  748. 748 : blazed Says:

    the best korean drama at all time #1.. you should watch it ,both of them are good actors :))

  749. 749 : Saranghe2 Says:

    Best Korean Drama Of All I’ve Watch Simple But Touching

  750. 750 : pearl 9286 Says:

    I ♥ 당신 나가 나가
    당신을 보는 당신을 모두 원하는 hahahahahaha가 당신에 의하여 분
    아아 i ♥를 기어오르기 위하여 당신

    구애한ㄴ다는 것을 보고 싶은 바람막이쪽 seung ki!!!!!!

  751. 751 : pauL1828:) Says:

    best Korean drama that i’ve ever watched. shin min ah your the best 🙂 pLease come to the Philippines.

  752. 752 : bhOsxzt richito Says:

    Make a part 2 please

  753. 753 : bhOsxzt richito Says:

    GO MIHO!!!!!!!!! We wish you to visit here in the Philippines….. You’re the cutest korean actress i ever watch. Hoi Hoi…. ilOveyOu mIhOo ..

  754. 754 : hazel fotreza Says:

    i really really like it..you are so cute Lee Seung Ki …we love you…you’re the best

  755. 755 : mi-ho Says:

    wew! the best!!!

  756. 756 : DNangel Says:

    Hi Miss Shi Min Ah,

    Don’t know you before and I’m not also a fan of Korean Dramas until I saw “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”. I am one of your fans now. Your series was a big hit here in the Phils. I was moved by the story of the drama. Congratulations for winning the “Best Actress Award”. Looking forward to see part 2 of this drama with Lee Seung Ki. Hope to see you visit here in Philippines.

    Now I want to have a Gumiho girlfriend like you hehe..Hoi!!! Hoi!!!

    I’ll be glad if you could message me on this post 🙂

  757. 757 : DNangel Says:

    I love you Shin Min Ah! ^_^

  758. 758 : julejans Says:

    i love this comedy drama…they’re very cute and sweet couple…shin min ah is very pretty…love you Lee Seung Ki!!!!!the best korean drama i’ve ever watch

  759. 759 : jobeth Says:

    hello. congratulations to all of the cast of the “my girlfriend is a gumiho” !!! especially to ms.shi min ah and lee seung ki .. that korean drama really proved how powerful love is ..

    congrats!!! you’re number here in the philippines!!

    love you all .. god bless

  760. 760 : princess Says:

    hi ! im princess ur #1 fan .. i love your show my girl friend is a gumiho ..i always watch it .. that’s all hope you’ll come here in philippines !! it’s a cute story ! i love it ! 🙂

  761. 761 : Glenmore M. Manuba Says:

    Hi im Gllenmore i hope u can read my message uhm… you are so cool Shim min. I hope that you can visit us here on philippines please grand our wish . um.. i almost forgot wish that you`ll show gots more beta and beta u now …..

  762. 762 : Jash Says:

    The best romantic comedy that i`ve ever seen.. Season 2 plzz..

  763. 763 : mygf Says:

    the best drama in history. filipino’s love shin min ah.. everyone should watch. :))

  764. 764 : rhobeL francisco Says:

    GUMiHO ! i just onLy watch it once but it’s a compLete series of it . it was so interesting to watch . a cute and awesome story .

  765. 765 : Carmel Joy Says:

    it’s is nice korean drama but it doesn’t satisfy me like Boys over flowers
    it lacks of tendersness that will impact into the viewers like Boys over flower it has the melody that catch up the viewers attention that’s why i love to watch Boys over flowers until now i idolized Boys over Flowers bacause it is the best Korean Drama I ever watched in my entire life. it is the most unfforgetable Korean Drama I ever since. it has the feelings that satisfy me. I love to watch it until now so if I asked by some people over their if what Korean Drama i am Going to watch It’s the BOYS OVER FLOWERS
    I really love it. i wish i can have a movie like that it’s a memorabe movie i ever watch it makes my life change.

  766. 766 : ilovemgig Says:

    it’s so good. must watch.

  767. 767 : rassil16 Says:

    this is the BEST!!! .. very cool drama in every episode. i think i cant forget this easily .. because it touched my heart ♥ .. and the casts are very good! they all got the looks, the attitude of every characters, and they did their role very well!!! 2 thumbs up ;))

    i hope there is still part 2 of this!!! .. nakakabitin tlaga
    hayzzzt .. please make part 2!!! i will be missing this :'( .. they’re so cute together .. as in bagay sila!! they got the chemistry .. i really really love this drama .. i’m really into it!!! and the sound track are really cool!!! .. i like it so much!!!!! .. neomu neomu neumo chuae ~^^ many of your supporters are expecting for the sequel.

    hoi hoi ~♥

  768. 768 : cherry Says:

    i love this one.. and of course Secret Garden.. 😀

  769. 769 : sephi27 Says:

    sino kaya gaganap sa Philippine version nito.. hehehe

  770. 770 : chel Says:

    i really like it,,,i always watch this korean drama…

  771. 771 : Si Says:

    My all time favorite drama.

  772. 772 : Maxi Says:

    I have compiled a complete playlist of this teleserye.
    I am also a fan.
    see it at http://forahotdate.com/movie-guide/my-girlfriend-is-a-gumiho-english-sub

  773. 773 : the sphinx angel Says:

    ya! i hope shin min ah will visit us here in the philippines. i like her so much. shin min ahand lee sueng gi are match for each other they’re so cute !

  774. 774 : hoi-hoi Says:

    more power! shin min ah. lee sueng gi is a bit cute too…

  775. 775 : alene mae Says:

    hello i am watching ur show now in TV.. i really like it.. very nice and funny. love this show. korean movies are the best..

  776. 776 : sef_ahoy Says:

    ..i love this show..im from d phils. and watching it completes my day..it made me realize that being different is not so bad after all -hoi hoi-

  777. 777 : kristine cala adante Says:

    gwapo ni cha dae wong……bagay cla ni miho…..

    kakilig kayong dalawa……….

    araw araw akong nyan…….

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    I love this show very much! I’m addicted now in the koreanovelas 🙂 hope you two can visit here in the philippines..

  786. 786 : kristine lopez Says:

    i love the movei so much. infact, i got many pictures in my phone & im planning to collect all those. i will make tarpaulin’s in this movie. i so love it.. and i will do my best to meet the true cha dae wong & the true gumiho. i am a big filipina fan of those. please i wanna see them :(( i can’t take them off my mind. i wanna see them :((

  787. 787 : rii Says:

    hui hui… nice

  788. 788 : yobi Says:

    i love this series. i could recommend it to people who wants to be entertained to the end. the leads have chemistry, it has a good storyline, the pacing of the drama is good as well. i believe this wont waste your time watching. 🙂

  789. 789 : Si Says:

    Looking for a drama that can make you laugh and cry at the same time with adorable chemistry, cuteness, great story, wonderful casts, and lovely ost?
    This drama is highly recommended.
    Trus me.

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    I really really really really really love this Korean noble hope their will be a part 2 for dis show…………..

    Requesting for the part 2.. heheheh…

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  792. 792 : nono_07 Says:

    a reaLLy reaLLy like thiS K- series….!!!

    gWap0 ni parenG Dae w0ng..!!

    i Love Mi ho kUn . . . ! ! ! 🙂

  793. 793 : nono_07 Says:

    i reaLLy reaLLy like this K- series . . .

    gwap0 ni parenG Dae w0ng . . . ! ! !

    i L0ve Mi h0 kUn . . . ! ! !

  794. 794 : nono_07 Says:

    i reLLy reaLLY like thiS k-sreies . . .

    gwap0 ni parenG Dae w0ng . . . ! !

    i l0ve Mi ho kUn . . . ! ! !

    Hoi ! Hoi ! 🙂

  795. 795 : nono_07 Says:

    i reaLLY reaLLy like thiS k-series . . .
    gwap0 ni parenG Dae w0ng . . . ! !
    i l0ve Mi ho Kun . . . ! ! !
    Hoi ! Hoi ! 🙂

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  797. 797 : Ramazziel Says:

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    Plssss, I’m begging for part II!!!

  798. 798 : christelle Says:


    i want a part 2 of this…

    i really love this show!!!


    ……love you gumiho :DDD

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    laughter and tears… really worth watching….
    Hope there is Part 2!! 🙂

  800. 800 : tAXXXXy Says:

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  805. 805 : genyrose Says:


  806. 806 : Bat^Man Says:

    I really, really, really love this drama. From start to end. One of my most favorite Korean drama. Hope their will be second season 🙂 example My wife is gumiho… and Want to see miho became real human too

  807. 807 : Daisy aisya Says:

    Dong joo….. im melting…. argh!!!!

  808. 808 : SMWG Says:

    the best K-drama of all!

    please, make Part 2 of this… I really really love this K-drama!

    I still feel the excitement whenever i watch every episodes of this K-drama, i like the story, i really really love its story!…



  809. 809 : lanny florencondia Says:

    ..kakakilig tagala ung tandem nla sna ulitin p uli..

  810. 810 : I love Mi ho Says:

    I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really love this series! I’ll be waiting for the next season as well like what Bat^Man (comment 806) said. Ahahahaha!

  811. 811 : james esmundo Says:

    hope there will be part 2 of this very exciting movie..and fulfill her dream to bocome human.i really like it

  812. 812 : bella Says:

    HOIHOI haha , like it..

    oppa lee seung gi spiritttttttttt

  813. 813 : BoBxRhona Says:

    i really love this story .. it is very inspiring for those people who has a greatest love to someone. I hope, there will be a part 2 for this drama … I really, really, really like all the cast of MGIF …

  814. 814 : kim aguirre Says:

    I really love this story. 🙂 It is very INSPIRING! XD I hope that this will have a part two! XD I love dea wong and miho.:> they look so good.. Hope that they have a relationship in real life.:))

  815. 815 : rassil16 Says:

    na naega neomu neomu neomu joha ~ ^^ ♥

  816. 816 : rassil16 Says:

    saranghae MGIF .. expecting for the part 2!!!! ~ ^^ ♥

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  818. 818 : izaac Says:

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    wwwooohh nakakakilig

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  821. 821 : karenScherzy Says:

    PART 2!! PART 2!! PART 2!! PART 2!! PART 2!! PART 2!! PART 2!! PART 2!! PART 2!! PART 2!! PART 2!! PART 2!! PART 2!! PART 2!! PART 2!! PART 2!!

    please!!!!! MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO PART 2!!!!

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  823. 823 : karen Says:

    GUmiho please comeback…Season 2 please!!!! Shin Min Ah & Lee Seung GI!!!!

  824. 824 : Sean Says:

    Season 2 PLS!! and hahaha Dubirubiruraffa , Dubirubiruraffa Dubirubiru Dubirubiru Dubirubirurafa

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    i like this drama very much!!! i hope there will be a part two!! part two!!! part two!!! i love Mr. Park he is cute but i love Dae Wong very much… ME-HO your the best!!!

  826. 826 : ilovePK Says:

    i didn’t like this one, it’s not realistic. can’t relate at all

  827. 827 : mizzy Says:

    nakakaiyak ang huling palabas

  828. 828 : James Says:

    the real reason why you cannot relate is because you don’t have a taste…, the story tells about a human and a gumiho who love each other…till death do as part….moron!!!

  829. 829 : Si Says:

    Oh this drama is GREAT. It’s a fantasy drama that gives symbols and metaphors related to real life. It gives messages on how to live our life, to appreciate each breath we take, to appreciate every second of our life. The story is about pure love. The chemistry is adorable and enjoyable. The story is strong. I prefer MGIG (fantasy but we can feel it that it feels so real) to a drama which seems realistic from the outside but totally unrealistic from the inside. Imo, MGIG is a drama with soul. I cried. I laughed. And, the actors CAN ACT. MGIG is a drama with clear plot points, clear characterization, and clear characters development. I hate a drama with little plot points and zero/little characters development.

  830. 830 : mr.romnick Says:

    my girl friend is a gumiho is the best i love the show thre so many people like and love miho here in the philippines thaks cha de wong and miho hope you make a part 2 of the show thanks from your fan mr.romnick

  831. 831 : sara Says:

    to 826

    it ‘s okay you can hate it butyou can’t say it ‘s not realistic.can you say love is unreal?love in its all forms,in any plot and background is real.completely real.here just a great love,the greatest love matters.furthure more the drama is super best in every aspect comparing to most of the dramas i have watched.let’s compare it to your lovely playful kiss,a drama about love without any feeling of love in it.how can somebody relate to a drama without any love,with stiff acting of the leads who don’t have any chemistry at all?the story line is really unlogical.i love KHJ but accept he is like a robot.where ‘s his tears,his feeling?there aren’t any deep meanings in the objects.they are just objests but we have MGIAG.every object has a meaning,the rain,the sand clock,the knife,the tails,the place…everything is symbolic and just thinking about them makes the drama so realistic.add exellent acting,story line and music to this.the outcome is 1000000 times more realistic than your playful kiss.so if you want to say something,elaborate on it then critisize.although this two dramas are not in tha same level so it ‘s better to not compare them at all.MGIAG is the king and PK is just a commoner

  832. 832 : sara Says:

    i love you drama.i love you.you are one of my great memories.i laughed and cried with you.you have an angel in you.this reason is enough to love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much but you as a drama are exellent.i don’t believe the ones who are saying you are not realistic.i ‘m in love with you forever,the most realistic drama ever.i love you

  833. 833 : irmayanti arief Says:


  834. 834 : nandy Says:

    it’s so great!… it makes me addict… i always watching this drama…everytime i open my computer.. i love it so much.. hope that there should be a part 2 on this drama….

  835. 835 : jayson Says:

    this koreanovela can touch and inspire ones heart… i really love it… i really love MI HO, the nine-tailed fox… i really love her attitude and the way she reacts on different situations… i really love her face…. i really love you, MI HO…

  836. 836 : kristine Says:

    i really like this drama!!! I hope there will be a part 2 of it!!!

  837. 837 : alma rosa antolin Says:

    i love to watch all korean novela coz very much interesting and touch the hearts of all Filipino…very harm…it also has moral lesson in each story..i seriously love My girlfriend is a gumiho. I hope there is a part 2 to watch…same actor and actress..May God bless you both!

  838. 838 : korean dvd Says:

    9 best korean drama of all time (year based) to me are:

    1. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)
    2. You are beautiful (2009)
    3. Coffee Prince (2007)
    4. My Name is Kim Sam Soon (2005)
    5. Couple of Fantasy (2006)
    6. Full House (2004)
    7. The Kingdom of Wind (2008)
    8. Stairway to Heaven (2003)
    9. Successful Story of a Bright Girl (2002)


  839. 839 : cik idayu Says:

    they are looks so cute together…. their keep smiling with each other and had a sweet dimple!

  840. 840 : TO Says:

    @KOREAN DVD : I agree wth my girlfrnd s gmiho is good…and addict…and i’ll recomended..u to watch Secret Garden…too…if u have already watched..secret garden will be enter to ur list…n_n okokok

  841. 841 : ken Says:

    i really really really like it…… 🙂

  842. 842 : kDRAMAlovers Says:

    I liked so so so so so so much ,MI HO ah and Woong ah were matchad and siutable couple then :p THIS DRAMA IS REALLY fantasy , sadness and more importantly is comedy in this drama so so so so so laughable :’D Miho acts really brilliant and spotaneously HAHA like i say , its real act .. I have done watched this drama.Shin Min Ah love you (: Never forget

  843. 843 : aya Says:

    hong’s sister always make a great drama!! like it so much…. try watch sassy girl chun hyang, its a great drama too from them.

  844. 844 : Agatha Dhita Says:

    love this movie, it’s so romantic… i was cried on last episode… daeng wong you so cute boy.. wanna have boyfriend like you… hahaha…

  845. 845 : Agatha Dhita Says:

    really love this drama, so romantic and touching.. i was cried on the last episode.. wanna have boy friend like daeng wang,….

  846. 846 : YELLYKEROPPY Says:

    waaahhhhh … cool movie,,, want to again see the acting lee sunggii and shi min ah,,, make another movie my girlfriend is agumiho part II …

  847. 847 : ilove mgig Says:

    PLeaaaaaaaaaaase , make a seaason 2 . ! .

    this draamaa was my faavourite ever . !/

  848. 848 : kyumelikey Says:

    cute drama! i even cried~ hope they’ll make a s2 out of this. dae woong neomu neomu joa HOY HOY 😀

  849. 849 : lightning Says:


    part 2!!!!!!!

    season 2!!!!!!!

  850. 850 : nishli Says:

    just finished watching it with tears freely flowing down my face! huaaaa… luckily i’m alone now or else it would be embarassing. what a sincere love and earnest sacrifice, not to mention that the hoi-hoi couple are freaking cuteee… Hong sisters, you guys are always awesome..!

  851. 851 : lhubshie Says:

    i love this show : )) please do it a part 2 :p please : ))
    numo numo numo joa ! hha : ))
    addict talaga a’coe nito oh ! oH M !! i hope have a part 2 .
    cause it so amazing . gosh : )) ii love miho and dae woong team up ♥
    SHiN MiN AH and LEE SEUNG Gi : )) they are so really nice loveteam i ever addicted : )) please . please . please do it a PART 2 !!

  852. 852 : lhubshie Says:

    BALiW na BALiW a’coe nito ♥

  853. 853 : jing Says:

    annyeong haseyo! i am a Filipino but i love Korean dramas and i wanna learn Korean culture. i am now studying korean language.kamsahamnida! your my inspiration.keep up the good work.

  854. 854 : megfox Says:

    Hong sisters are thingking about youre beautiful 2, i hope they will consider MGIAG too, oooh i miss park dong joo, he is hot

  855. 855 : Sony Says:

    Worth to watch!
    Also Funny like!

  856. 856 : Si Says:

    This drama is a gem.
    Highly recommended.

  857. 857 : chariejerk62*26 Says:

    i realy lov diz,
    i miz u miho^^

  858. 858 : jeP^_^ Says:

    part 2, part 2, part 2, part 2, part 2, part 2, part 2, part 2, part 2,
    i fall in love to u shin.. lol

  859. 859 : Lorem Says:

    Shin Min Ah is wonderful.

    This was a fun show to watch with the family. My kids loved it and we know little of Korean culture.

    My only gripe; what is this obsession with meat in most of the Korean shows? Don’t they know meat is the main contributor to bowel cancer among humans?

  860. 860 : rose Says:

    Saranghae Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah, part 2 please…. Kansahamnida.

  861. 861 : IloveKoreanMovies Says:

    season 2. my wife is a fox.. i miz shi min ah. she is so pretty especially when she smile.

  862. 862 : sara Says:

    everyone want part 2 but i don’t think there would be a part 2.they say Hong sisters never re team with an actor twice let alone the second part of their own dramas cuz everuthing is closed in the first one.they don’t leave anything unsolved to be solved in the season 2

  863. 863 : Si Says:



  864. 864 : Si Says:

    Another nice article.
    Hoi-hoi couple is daebak.


  865. 865 : rachel Says:

    this is really nice drama. i like it so much. i watched it for many times and i still not boring with this drama. the story is wonderful, lovely and romantic. i like Lee seung gi. he’s a good actor. shin min ah is very beautiful. good pairing. must watch drama!

  866. 866 : anna Says:

    I lovee so this dramaa :)))))
    and a love so muchhh lee seung gi :*

  867. 867 : Nishi Says:


  868. 868 : buttercup Says:

    this drama surely isn’t one time watch!!!

  869. 869 : a fa Says:

    reaLLy reaLLy reaLLy reaLLy Love seung gi oppa, . . .
    shin min ah too . . .

  870. 870 : loveseungggi Says:

    The story is very interesting. Good couple seung gi and min ah !!
    I watched this drama for many times !!
    This is the BEST korean drama !!
    Love seung gi oPpa !! U are handsome and you had a lot of charisma !!
    Min ah is beautiful !!

  871. 871 : happylol_Jypsy Says:

    pls have part2..plssssssssssss.. i really love this drama.i like the story.because of this,i love watching koreandrama

  872. 872 : karen Says:

    Part 2 please!!!!!

  873. 873 : sandriane Says:

    ohayou ni sau….i was soo impress ,,im xoo addicted talaga..i just hope more part two.i love korean people…

  874. 874 : sandriane Says:

    I so happy that in saw a movie like gumiho

  875. 875 : choi min mi Says:

    the show made me fall inlove with love, over and over., hehe.. I really wish there’s a sequel or a reteam-up of seuggi and min ah.. Pleasssse…!!!

  876. 876 : sandriane Says:

    talagang bagaii na bagaii.ANg dalawa.huhuhu……..3 gabii ko talaga natapuz ung 16 episode…..sulit naman

  877. 877 : esamin Says:

    Gerçekten çok hoş bir diziydi, başlarından güldüm güldüm eğlendim :), ortalarında gerçekten güzel bir aşk vardı… Özellikle fantastik öğeleri harikaydı. İzleyeceklere kesinlikle tavsiye edebilirim. Sıradan bir dizi değil, gerçekten güzel bir masal…

  878. 878 : lulu Says:

    im tired of crying when i watch dis..its sad..and its sweet

  879. 879 : Dla Zack Says:

    One of my FAVOURITE Korean dramas. The casts have a strong chemistry that bind them together throughout the drama. I cried and Laughed MAO when I watched this drama. Just LOVE IT!!!

  880. 880 : bloodsteel Says:

    i hope that theres a part 2 of this movie, because i love shin min ah,she is so cute!!and i will miss her!!

  881. 881 : Angel Says:

    i love my gf is a gumiho!shin min ah is so cute and lee seung is a good actor!everytime he cry i cry too!i watch it over and over comedy action drama and romance

  882. 882 : qcaj Says:

    I want a part 2! I want to know what happen to them [email protected]
    A special episode will be awesome too. i love this drama so much. i love the two main characters. 🙂

  883. 883 : wdr Says:

    AWESOME!!! 😀

  884. 884 : wdr Says:

    cry and laugh watching this drama!

  885. 885 : wdr Says:

    shi min ah is so cute.

  886. 886 : cynthia Says:

    This movie is so good, this movie is so romantic. made me understand that love requires sacrifice so profound. This movie makes me cry every watch her​​. ah so romantic .. I love you lee seung gi and shin min ah ~

  887. 887 : natalie Says:

    This movie is so good, this movie is so romantic. made me understand that love requires sacrifice so profound. This movie makes me cry every watch her​​. ah so romantic .. I love you dae cha wong and shin min ah 😀

  888. 888 : karen Says:

    i really miss dae woong & miho….

  889. 889 : japs Says:

    part 2 please!!!!!!!!!

  890. 890 : blog Remaja Says:

    waw, keren euy… ceritana seru. rubah berekor 9 mirip naruto. hehe 😆

  891. 891 : sara Says:

    almost a year has passed and Hong sisters wrote “the best love” but i really think our hoi hoi couple love is ” the real best love”

  892. 892 : tiff Says:

    i cried watch the end. uu but its happy end. soo relieve

  893. 893 : shethebest Says:

    i love this drama badly., mi ho is really beautiful..

  894. 894 : natalie Says:

    i want season 2 !! :'(

    saranghae LEE SEUNG GI !! I LOVE U !!! success always for you oppa ^^

    i love this movie so much ..please season 2..

    LEE SEUNG GI so handsome…!!! i love you oppaaaaaa!!!…

  895. 895 : callmetryna Says:

    hoi hoi

  896. 896 : sayran Says:

    hhii..i love this drama very much its one of my favourite drama and i love gu mi ho so much…i am in kurdistan i hope to see part 2..
    dae woong i love you gud luck

  897. 897 : givson Says:

    nice drama miho and dawoong season2 plz plz plz plz plz plz

  898. 898 : yoka Says:

    i love this drama so much ,,,,,, hoi hoi

  899. 899 : mi Says:

    enjoyed every bit of it! such a cute ending ^_^

  900. 900 : david Says:

    part 2 pleaseeee, I really2 miss shin min ah (mi ho) :'(

  901. 901 : Jeremy Says:

    neomu…neomu…neomu…neomu chua…

    i like Shin minh ah,,, ( gumiho a cute, pretty, and kind)
    I’m very happy if there is 2nd season …
    his story may daewoong and gumiho already have children …

  902. 902 : AndroidAnthony Says:

    I really really really really love the story…
    Until now, the effect of watching it is still there…
    After watching the whole 16 episodes, my mind clears out that true love really conquers all.
    I will wait for the season 2, I hope it has season 2.

    To the writer and Director, You did a great job. It feels like it really happens. I will search for my gumiho too and give her everything even my life…

  903. 903 : fadli Says:

    non-sense korean drama and stupid….at least better than Secreat Garden…

  904. 904 : jay-r Says:

    i think FADLI is the stupid one,..!
    u don’t know how to love,..!
    you idiot,..

  905. 905 : syidah Says:

    how to download this story

  906. 906 : mambal Says:

    verry nice

  907. 907 : alyssa Says:

    yaeah.. i feel like i am miho..

  908. 908 : iklan internet Says:

    is very good,,
    thank you so much

  909. 909 : haha Says:

    ahh…ini nyang maen kagak asik… cowo’nya gak gitu menarik, seperti kata2 di filmnya: rambutnya dikriting kelamaan kaya bibik2 ahahah… kata deskripsi profile die sih, die handsome, ya selera kali yee…kata yang nulis ni, dia kagak handsome. si fadli disini rupanya juga bikin stori, cela2 seri ini juga secret garden. ok dah abang fadli, kita iye-in aja ape kate loe, ni filem jelek, lebih jelek lagi secret garden… biar ati loe demen dan adem..ahahah.

  910. 910 : melani Says:

    Aku suka banget ma drama ini… Saya pikir kisah yg romantis n unik… Pokoknya sukaaa… Ost nya aku jg sukaa…

  911. 911 : dewi champera Says:

    aq suka banget nie filem,,, ada cerita romantisnya n diselingi oleh lucunya jg …… pokonya semua filem korea aq suka banget,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  912. 912 : JustQ Says:

    simply just love it..
    enjoyable, cute and the last episodes are just greats.
    i love them both.. love the soundtrack and of course….

    nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu choa *winkwink*

  913. 913 : Dongbin Says:

    Ceritanya unik dan ringan dicerna, I love it beside full house…..do you think as me guys…

  914. 914 : Medicine Of Herbal Says:

    Ceritanya unik dan ringan dicerna, I love it beside full house…..do you think as me guys…

  915. 915 : nature-pills Says:

    manknya makanan makanya ringan di cerna…ahaha

  916. 916 : mainelyequal Says:

    that was a great review…thanks

  917. 917 : sinhui Says:

    ntah..masa mikirnya makanan mulu….heheh
    mantab reviewnya

  918. 918 : beritatoday Says:

    thx for the review….hehe

  919. 919 : Truly is me retha Says:

    This drama was playing in my country Indonesia now. Thx a lot INDOSIAR ^^`. When the first time i read the title ‘my girl friend is a nine tiled fox’, what? Nine tiled fox, is it a girl version of NARUTO, so funny, thats make me wanna watch this drama. Min ho so cute, she still look pretty without any make up on, her acting very natural. And tae woong i dont like his hair style he look old, but its okey! he still handsome, i luv his big smile. The face of doctor dong joo so perfect, his eyes, nose, even his red lips, everything so pecfect, just like statue! This drama funny, sweet, and make my heart warm. Although i’m not watch the ending yet, but i’m sure the ending will gonna be so great.
    Thank you a lot for the director, the writer and the other. You’re doing a great job guys, you’re awesome, God bless you… Truly luv u… ^_^*

  920. 920 : Lee Says:

    Hoi hoi ~ Hahahahaha Mi Ho so cute ^_^

  921. 921 : miz_yumi Says:

    i luv this drama so much!
    the episode was so fun and joy.
    when i watch ep 15 and the final, 16,
    i can’t help from cry!
    my heart goes crazy want to know the ending..
    searious, my eyes become red and swallow!
    the actor and actress work were so ‘daebak!’
    lee seung ki and shin min ah,
    wishing and always support u!

  922. 922 : widia pangesti Says:

    sukaaaaaaa banget ma mba gumiho…

  923. 923 : lestari Says:


  924. 924 : Today Soundtrack: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – “Losing My Mind” by Lee Seung Gi « Korean Drama Choa Says:

    […] source; video […]

  925. 925 : Aida Nur Says:

    I love this drama. For me, Miho and Woong are sweet couple .
    Hoi Hoi . Hope there are season 2 for this romantic drama 😀
    I Hope So.

    Ahhh , in Love with Lee Seung Gi
    He has a sweet smile

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  930. 930 : giatry azzahra Says:

    aku harap lee seung ki dengan shin min ah beneran menjadi pasangan kekasih ,, wow so sweet 🙂 :*

  931. 931 : devy rizkilahh Says:

    aq suka smua komentar tmen2..
    film.a bgus, bsa bkin ktawa & nangis

  932. 932 : farahh Says:

    flim.a keren bangetttt ..

  933. 933 : herzi Says:

    akhir yang menyakitkan,,,,

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  936. 936 : devy rizkilah Says:

    bgus bgd nih drama??/
    nnti d ulang gi iia????

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    lee seung ki saranghae

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    aku sangat sangat sangat menyukaimu……

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    like this,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!! my girlfriend is gumiho very very very very very good,,,,,
    I want to film my girlfriend is gumiho there continued his story and reproduced episode, because I want to see it if so human gumiho what not, because I think episode 16 has not been appropriate for the end … I am very please so I wanted to have continued his story, because this movie really good, and I ask for the actors do in the fox, because if not changed his story would be very nice, I beg you once

  943. 943 : rifkaaaaa Says:

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    kita berdo’a supaya ada klanjutan film gumiho 2.

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  949. 949 : indah Says:

    Dubirubiru raffa :*

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    please make a long story
    lee seung ki and gumiho please maked a drama again
    i wait yaa

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    kpn da film’a age, q ktinggalan nie……,
    cz kmren2 age gk smpet lyat ampe hbis….
    pterin age ya please sangat…………..

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    are they married? i want to know..
    are they have a child? please there is again…
    i’ll be waiting

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    di skolah q,,.hampir semua anak yg aku tanyai menyukai drama korea ini,,..
    btw,,kpn my girlfriend is gumiho di tayangkan lg,,????..
    kami semua menunggunya..,,
    saranghae lee seung gi,,.ilove you,,aku cinta kamu..,aku tresno slira mu

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    my first korean drama i’ve REALLY love…u can make me laugh,cry at the same time ……before MGFIG shown at Indonesia TV, i dont like korean drama indeed..thanks to Lee seung gi and Shin min ah.. ilike to see u both again .

  960. 960 : shinee Says:


    love this drama so much…

    SMA is definitely the best cast for mi ho..shee really cute with her white short dress, and her long hair..magic in this drama 🙂

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  962. 962 : Si Says:

    Best drama ever.
    Highly recommended.

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    I LIKE it

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    saranghe, cha dae woong is mi ho….

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    my girlfreind is gumiho yg ke2 kapan di tayangin

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  969. 969 : tara Says:


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    aku jugak seneng nonton
    banget_baaanget-banget deh mau nonton lagi yang season baru aduh aku kangen banget dehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    mau jadi mihoo cupaya deket trusssssssssss cadeung n park dong jooo
    mau nonton yang season 2 ni cepetan ya tayang nya mau nonton lagi
    by by bybyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    Ihh …..
    Aq jga suka baaaaaaaaangeeeeeeet mha nhe film , soalx ada miho yg lucu n dae wung yg gitu deh …..
    Hm bgus bangeeeet …..

    Indosiar putarin lgi donk ….!!!

  985. 985 : shinta Says:

    eh …..
    Aq lupa ….

    Aq maw bilang….
    Nega neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu chua ….

  986. 986 : anastacia Says:

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  987. 987 : Grey x28 Says:

    Wlaupun dah nntn mpe tamat d dvd, tp asik jg wat nntn yg ke 4 x nya.

  988. 988 : Rex_13 Says:

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    ma lee seungki cool


  993. 993 : vee Says:

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    pkok’a tue film yg pling sru mnuru http://www..???? 🙂

  994. 994 : vee Says:

    kren beud ichh aking lee seung ge n shin min ah cocweat beduuudddd…..????kpn tyang agy 🙁

  995. 995 : Sinopsis My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Drama Korea di INDOSIAR - Sinopsis My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Drama Korea di INDOSIAR - Sinopsis My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Drama Korea di INDOSIAR - Sinopsis My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Drama Korea di INDOSIAR | Asuhan Kepe Says:

    […] Korean Drama.org, Starones […]

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    hmmm,my favorite movie
    mmmmmuuuaaacchhhh :*

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    I just couldn’t stop watching this drama. Sweet drama and cute couple.

  1008. 1008 : Alyssea Says:

    I’ve seen lots of k-dramas but My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is in my top 3:
    1- Secret Garden
    2- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
    3- Personal Taste

    Loved the stories, characters, acting, couples.

  1009. 1009 : HyunKi Says:

    Good drama :p

  1010. 1010 : Si Says:

    The best drama ever!
    highly recommended.

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    @ alyssea

    try to watch baker king kim tak goo.
    for me..no one drama can compete with baker king drama..

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    what can i say..
    For best Korean Drama 2011 .,no doubt i 100% vote for The Princess Man..nice story line.,superb acting.,heart suspended.,incredible Ost.,tears jerking.,Best Ending.,powerful rating.,the most outstanding!!
    who still not watch it again..please believe us..The Princess Man will make you finish the drama just in 2 day with full of tears and suspend ending for each episode..
    vote for Best Korean Drama 2011 should goes to:-


    (deleted by admin due to unrelated to this topic)

  1015. 1015 : yi zhi ma Says:

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    This drama is very interesting and different from other dramas

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  1029. 1029 : alyssah cuachin Says:

    김 태 희 안녕하세요 잘 지내 ..
    모든 가족이 건강 여부를 …
    당신을 만나고 싶어요.

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  1031. 1031 : tsultrim Says:

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  1032. 1032 : Si Says:

    What a great drama!

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    This is one of my favorite drama forever. i like both of the main actor/actres ( Lee seung Ki and Shi Min Ah)

    this drama very funny and entertaining.

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    wow…..best giler,…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    gumiho is very prety girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    dae wong and gumiho
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    when the new film ?

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  1053. 1053 : Ellys Directory Says:

    thanks for your review

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    ๑۩۞۩๑ I love you ๑۩۞۩๑
    。◕‿◕。 生ㄖ快樂 。◕‿◕。
    ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ❤.¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

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  1056. 1056 : rinalyn dela cruz Says:

    i love this so much ! korean drama i cant wait to see the rewind episode of this … i hope! (cha tae wong and gumiho ) i really loved their team up .. absolutely! *_*

  1057. 1057 : mae Says:

    i really love it its very nice

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    its so so so so so so nice drama…m lovin it

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    my girlfriend is a gumiho…..?
    puterin lge donk?

  1060. 1060 : devi_aplisiasari Says:

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    pngn d ptrn lg y, vlm’a aq jja iy,

  1061. 1061 : OK OK OK Says:

    I am so happy – Lee Seung Gi will be pairing with Ha Ji Won in up coming new drama – King 2 hearts 🙂

  1062. 1062 : phenmeh Says:

    I like this drama and i enjoy it very much, THANKS!!!!!!

  1063. 1063 : Si Says:

    Congratulation to MGIG for winning an award in The Philippines:

    2012 USTv Students’ Choice Awards: BEST FOREIGN SOAP OPERA



    And Admin, are the award list above only for awards from Korea?
    If not, could you include this award above?
    Thank you.

  1064. 1064 : admin Says:

    @Si (1063),

    Sorry to inform you that we can not include this award into his award list.

  1065. 1065 : taryn Says:

    can’t wait for LSG’s upcoming drama.. another daebak!!!

  1066. 1066 : fatima Says:

    verry nic filme My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” plz I need a postal address to mealove you lee seung gi I want to speak with him plz

  1067. 1067 : Si Says:

    @ admin
    Oh I see. Thanks, anyway.

    Congratz to MGIG team once again.

  1068. 1068 : kay Says:

    nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu çuva.Nomu nomu nomu kiyopta,nomu nomu nomu yeppuda .Puguş pusso Cha Tae Woong&Miho…

  1069. 1069 : alla_de Says:

    aq mau tau dh,,,
    mihooo vlm qm ad sisn k2’a g ya,

    sin min ah, aq ska ska ska bngttt sm qm,*^_^*

  1070. 1070 : grace Says:

    i love u dae woong. best movie with miho hope to have more

  1071. 1071 : grace Says:

    ideal boyfriend… ur so cute… great chemistry with miho

  1072. 1072 : yunas Says:


  1073. 1073 : Chris Says:

    Hello…You Know Wat…this drama is soooooooo marvelleous!!! Im waiting for My Girlfriend Is Gumiho II..Director please make this real..i wish Gumiho Turn to Human and they marry…

  1074. 1074 : Chris Says:

    And…i also wish…Lee Seung Gi & Shin Min Ah will be the actor…this story made me realised wat the meaning of the TRUE LOVE…

  1075. 1075 : thunya Says:

    please continue with season 2, I like very very very much this drama…
    miho & dae woong so cute ^^ I wait wait wait season 2.

  1076. 1076 : baek ja eun Says:

    i love this couple so much that i really think i can live happily ever after!

  1077. 1077 : rachelle anne Says:

    I’ve really love this show ..
    Specially the nomu nomu chua …
    that Shin min-ah did ……

    more power to all the cast …

  1078. 1078 : nca Says:

    PLSS make GUMIHO season 2, of COURSE with LEE SEUNG GI and SHIN MIN AH. They both are so perfectly matched !!!!!

  1079. 1079 : chen Says:

    so far i need watch this show again. i love Hong’s sisteres screenwriting

  1080. 1080 : amina Says:

    i love you seung gi <3
    i love you min ah <3

  1081. 1081 : Si Says:

    Highly recommended drama.

  1082. 1082 : Shankar gm Says:

    This is that drama i wish 2 see by repeating n reapting daily. This drama has that story whiz… All d people can surely wish 2 be in d drama.:-)

  1083. 1083 : emer Says:

    how can i download this korean drama?

  1084. 1084 : Wilfred Says:

    hai…this drama is the best one…i hope there will be next one (My Girlfriend Is Gumiho 2)…and the actor are still the same…<3 <3 <3…^^…(hoy~hoy)

  1085. 1085 : Prince syaf Says:

    Be number one forever. On of my favorit korean drama. season 2, please.

  1086. 1086 : Jae Says:

    Love this series! Best yet! 11 out of 10! 🙂 I’m so happy there is a happy ending. *points* That’s right Grandma! You better keep your word. 😛 I feel bad for the hot phantom! He loved her so much in both her lives!

  1087. 1087 : [email protected] Says:

    u know what shin min ah u really2x cute!!!!!and i love ur korean drama:):):)

  1088. 1088 : Chhetri Pradeep Says:

    Fantasy drama,but WoW…
    No words to explain about this drama.,
    really..tears came out while watching…So
    So So So So So So Heart Touching performance by both of actors… waiting
    for Season 2….
    Sarangae…Shin Min Ah…

  1089. 1089 : Chhetri Pradeep Says:

    Fantasy drama,,,,
    but WoW…
    No words to explain about this drama.,
    Really,Tears came out while watching…
    So So So So So So Heart Touching performance by both of actors…
    for Season 2….
    Sarangae…Shin Min Ah…

  1090. 1090 : Sandy Says:

    This show was really good. My husband and I started watching it,with a little skepticism,considering the storyline. But it turned out to be great,one of our favorite Korean shows. The cg/computer graphics were great,the tail/tails looked very realistic. I liked the ending,just wished that there were more episodes. They should make more of them with the same actors in it(if they would do it). Although we were kind of rooting for the bad guy.lol. Now if only they would try to do a live action of Inuyasha.

  1091. 1091 : julie jen abaned Says:

    ..i really love the story…so cute and gentle.

  1092. 1092 : Maria Says:

    I watched this drama twice and Its my favorite, I love the couple acting they did an excellent job and wish they do part 2.

  1093. 1093 : Hara Muhammad Yerikho Says:

    This film … Make me sad , funny … And crying……….. Is the best film korean (y) (y) .. I love. “My girlfrien is a gumiho” .. Forever …

  1094. 1094 : IrenaBelle Says:

    this kdrama has a high rating here in the philippines, they received an award for best foreign drama.

  1095. 1095 : IrenaBelle Says:

    Date Episode Nationwide
    2011-05-09 2 11.2 (1st)
    2011-05-10 2 10.4 (2nd)
    2011-05-11 3 10.2 (2nd)
    2011-05-12 4 10.8 (2nd)
    2011-05-13 5 9.6 (5th)
    2011-05-16 6 10.9 (9th)
    2011-05-17 7 11.1 (1st)
    2011-05-18 8 10.7 (2nd)
    2011-05-19 9 12 (1st)
    2011-05-20 10 11.6 (1st)
    2011-05-23 11 12.7 (15th)
    2011-05-24 12 11.4 (19th)
    2011-05-25 13 13.6 (16th)
    2011-05-26 14 14.2 (13th)
    2011-05-27 15 13.1 (17th)
    2011-05-30 16 14.5 (10th)
    2011-05-31 17 13.3 (15th)
    2011-06-01 18 12.9 (14th)
    2011-06-02 19 11.7 (19th)
    2011-06-03 20 16.6 (10th)
    2011-06-06 21 12.9 (14th)
    2011-06-07 22 11.7 (18th)
    2011-06-08 23 14.8 (13th)
    2011-06-09 24 14.8 (12th)
    2011-06-10 25 14.0 (14th)
    2011-06-13 26 28.9 (1st)
    2011-06-14 27 23.4 (1st)
    2011-06-15 28 24.8 (1st)
    2011-06-16 29 22.0 (1st)
    2011-06-17 30 26.7 (1st)

  1096. 1096 : Neno Says:

    this drama is sooo great 🙂

  1097. 1097 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Rating : 2 out of 5 […]

  1098. 1098 : Carly Says:

    For me it is 4.95 out of 5.

  1099. 1099 : ivan Says:

    Ketikkan teks atau alamat situs web atau terjemahkan dokumen.
    Bahasa Indonesia
    i could meet you … I would rest well .. I’ve watched it many times but I do not lose heart … if there is subsequent I would be very happy

  1100. 1100 : ivan Says:

    if i could meet you … I would rest well .. I’ve watched it many times but I do not lose heart … if there is subsequent I would be very happy

  1101. 1101 : cha dae woong Says:


  1102. 1102 : cha dae woong Says:

    an nyeong haseyo 3:)

  1103. 1103 : reza natadipura Says:

    This is the best Korean films I’ve ever seen. I turned it up a few times and not boring, I love gumiho .. if i find him .. 🙂

  1104. 1104 : Top 3 Korean Actors I Am Willing to be Trapped in an Island With | Unravel the art of self-expression.. Says:

    […] Lee Seunggi – Ever since I watched him as the leading actor in “My Girlfriend is A Gumiho,” I have been fantasizing about him. It came to a point where me and my sister who’s […]

  1105. 1105 : Damia Irdina Says:


  1106. 1106 : Prayas Shakya Says:

    Where was this film shooted??

  1107. 1107 : chen Says:

    i got watched the end. it is kind of a little boring

  1108. 1108 : JUNE Says:

    so nice… hmm.. i used to prepare a tissue the second time i watched this..
    the last episode makes me cry 🙂 🙁

  1109. 1109 : lea young Says:

    soooooooooooo cute

  1110. 1110 : jharna rai Says:

    gumihoo iz soooooooooooo beautiful

  1111. 1111 : 3k4_26 Says:

    i never seen any korean drama..but this make me feel what love can be colorful and can strengthen the power itself ^^ ;)..Mi Ho chan..

  1112. 1112 : Miguel Mateo Says:

    This made me cry so much! Truly a beautiful KOREAN DRAMA!

  1113. 1113 : Miguel Mateo Says:


    “she didn’t disappeared… she is still here”


  1114. 1114 : telly don Says:

    loved this drama alot……this drama made me cry alot…..hehe….
    am a big fan of korean drama……>____<

  1115. 1115 : anggie Says:

    this is one of the best korean drama, and one of my favorite drama. especially the actor, lee seung gi, he is perfect to figure out as cha tae woong, so does shin min ah, she’s so pretty and cute. I hope they will become a partner again in another drama

  1116. 1116 : ikram Says:

    hoy ! hoy ! i miss you miho ,..

  1117. 1117 : Poecut Ana Dharma Says:

    saya berasal dari Aceh indonesia, saya sangat menyukai drama korea yang satu ini, My Girlfriend is a gumiho…. kapan ya keluar episode selanjutnya,?? soalnya drama ini membuat saya tersentuh hati & terharu ,,,THE POWER OF LOVE,, I LOVE YOU.

  1118. 1118 : jdfe Says:

    @ poecut

    i’m sorry i couldn’t bear anymore with you. dont you understand that my firlfriend is a drama with just sixteen episodes and this drama already ended long time ago. and there wont be any new episodes from this drama anymore because it has ended. dont you understand? if u cant speak english go to google translate and translate this.

  1119. 1119 : ilmii Says:

    the best drama i’ve ever seen! i love lee seung gi and shin min ah soooooo muchhhh!!!!!!!!!! they r so cute and good couple 2gether! i hope they’ll act 2gether again in different dramas!!!!!!

  1120. 1120 : samacha Says:

    is a beautiful drama i love it<3<3<3<3

  1121. 1121 : qiky Says:

    i’m in love always with this drama,,, LSG n SMA daebak !!

  1122. 1122 : dyas Says:

    not too good but not bad, i watched this just wanna see LSG backgroud act, he make very big progress in King 2 heart tough the script is bored but i love the final chapter of K2H

  1123. 1123 : rykoe Says:

    can’t imagine how it could happen, gumiho with a man?

  1124. 1124 : brenda Says:

    AAAAAAA nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu chuwa<3333333

  1125. 1125 : FARAH hazirah Says:

    I love this dramas 🙂

  1126. 1126 : sapelia Says:

    Funny and awesome drama 😀

  1127. 1127 : brenda Says:

    OMGGGGG pleaseeeee somebody make a drama starring lee seung gi and shin min ah again! i just love seeing them together :(((

  1128. 1128 : Ivy Ecalnir Says:

    I Really Love This Movie I Fell That I’m Really In love With Someone. But I Fell Also Some Sad and Funny. That’s W

  1129. 1129 : Ivy Ecalnir Says:

    That’s Why Im Very happy to saw them on tv. i love (shin min)-She Is So beautiful and
    (lee seung gi)- He’s So Handsome.

    Thank You God Bless That’s My Comment

  1130. 1130 : VIA Says:


  1131. 1131 : pulpyadorable Says:


  1132. 1132 : Leonix Says:


    please for the next sesion “mygirlfriend is gumiho 2 ”

    i hopefully that wanna be….

  1133. 1133 : Jason Sud Says:

    Kind of a boring drama. Besides, I do not lile Lee Seung Ki.

  1134. 1134 : Mary Loreta Says:

    good drama . lee seung ki n shin min ah cute tgether. hoi-hoi . 🙂

  1135. 1135 : witlily Says:

    Nomu..nomu..nomu..nomu..nomu.. Saranghae (Shin Min Ah very cute (งˆヮˆ)ง ).
    Very best ending.

  1136. 1136 : Vea Says:

    No Min Woo! Park Dong Joo!! Aww..so handsome…><

  1137. 1137 : Samyar Says:

    Hi.i am from iran.this film is chonmal chonmal chonmal beautiful.

  1138. 1138 : loveseunggi Says:

    The best drama I’ve ever seen!! Lee seung Gi is so handsome and good acting. Good story and nice couple. Sweet drama and the best drama so far!!!!!!

  1139. 1139 : bblve07 Says:

    huhu, I miss this drama so much… I also like the kings2heart for leeseunggi, and arangandthemagistrate fo shiminah.. is nominwoo has a new drama?

  1140. 1140 : senahensem Says:

    Best couple in the screen. Hope can have their drama soon *-*

  1141. 1141 : akash Says:

    i never seen fabulus drama as it is……………….i love shin min asssom

  1142. 1142 : jen Says:

    the best..thumbs up for this series

  1143. 1143 : rashad Says:

    it had lots of tears and problems thats wat made it good it felt real

  1144. 1144 : Si Says:

    Lee Seung Gi is going to do a Fan Meeting at Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta, Indonesia on November 4, 2012. You can buy the ticket online here http://rajakarcis.com/2012/09/25/tonight-with-lee-seung-gi-in-indonesia/
    Come on guys, let’s meet Seung Gi and have fun together.
    Sampai jumpa di Jakarta, Seung Gi ya. ^^

  1145. 1145 : langpem Says:

    i super like it..ever

  1146. 1146 : japs Says:

    i miss the hoi couple

  1147. 1147 : genietaeyeon Says:

    I will never forget this drama! I am so in love with it T.T

  1148. 1148 : japs Says:

    i miss the hoi couple!!

  1149. 1149 : joshina Says:

    verry nice and funny korean drama

  1150. 1150 : Korean Drama Recommendations | bebelac48 Says:

    […] My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho : 16 […]

  1151. 1151 : ryan Says:

    Nomu Nomu nomu nomu nomu cowa.. : )
    can’ t find better drama then this :'( i shed a lot of tears T_T even iam a man… Shin min ah noona noereul nomu..nomu..nomu..nomu… cowa *doing sign that miho does

  1152. 1152 : Jenny Says:

    i really love these above all movie

  1153. 1153 : Bam Says:

    Still hoping on its part 2…

    my wife is a gumiho hahaha!

    Saranghe LEE SEUNG GI and SHIN MIN AH

    HOI HOI!

  1154. 1154 : uly Says:

    Rooftoop prince.. Ok

  1155. 1155 : elif boz Says:

    slm ben türkiyeden elif sizleri çok seviyorum <3

  1156. 1156 : elif boz Says:

    lee sun hee ne olur bana yardım edin size aşık oldum çok gizel bir film yapmışsınız comasimida fakat ben türkiyedeyim : (

  1157. 1157 : cassie Says:

    The ratings of this is not as good as Shining Inheritance. I guess the story line here is not as appealing as Shining . HAven’t watch this but I keep on rewatching Shining for the characters are well executed by the actor/sses. Is this one good I kind of don’t really like fantasy or out of this world stories. Even King 2 hearts did not appeal to me at all. I hope to see Lee Seung Ki in some roles more realistic and of this world. Thanks My opinion.

  1158. 1158 : arjun Says:

    Hoi-Hoi gumiho

  1159. 1159 : arjun Says:

    i never liked love story movies before watching guhimo
    i nomu nomu…………………..nomu cowa
    very touching movie,made be drop tears,i really love it
    keep on making episodes similar to guhim

  1160. 1160 : kristian clavecillas Says:

    I’m Still hoping there is a part two of My girlfriend is a gumiho !!!!! nomu nomu nomu cowa i like this love story movies very much !!! I am a kind of person who really didnt watch an korean movies, Im so curious about this movies because a lot of my classmates will say that this movie is good very well !!! And ill try to watch it untill now ill watch even I’m done to watch it!!!! very Execellent love story my heart will break when mi-ho’s cries a lot. Hoi Hoi God bless to you shin min ah Saranghe !!!! I’m Kristian Clavecillas ….

  1161. 1161 : My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (SBS)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  1162. 1162 : Park Ya See Says:

    Sa Rang Hey…….Gu Mi Ho….

  1163. 1163 : Jae Says:

    This couple is just so cute. The poor guy keeps running away and then realizes she’s a pretty awesome girlfriend. He learns a lot of tough lessons and becomes a better person having met her. Each was willing to die for the other. But I felt bad about the other guy being left alone, knowing she was made from his lover.

  1164. 1164 : KDadiktus Says:

    Here’s ep13 preview :)very exciting!

  1165. 1165 : yullieanne Says:

    dah yg ke3 kalinya nonoton drama ini…
    sukkaaaaaa banggeettt_

    poko’e.. nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu cowa–,,

  1166. 1166 : ANU Says:

    I really love this drama.Hoy! Hoy!

  1167. 1167 : enjoy! | Movies Says:

    […] Hunter (SBS) You’ve Fallen for Me (MBC) Lie to Me (SBS) 49 Days (SBS) Secret Garden (SBS) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (SBS) Scent of a Woman (SBS) The Princess’ Man (KBS2) Protect the Boss (SBS) Flower Boy Ramyun Shop […]

  1168. 1168 : Noona Says:

    Love Lee Seung Gi in this drama. Thumbs up !!

  1169. 1169 : ria Says:

    i like this drama….hoi hoi…

  1170. 1170 : airen——forever Says:

    I must admit that I’ve seen this drama more than 5 times and Seunggi can still make me laugh and cry. The best drama I’ve ever seen.

  1171. 1171 : Dae Woong Says:

    This drama always make me cry like a little baby even though I keep rewatching it over and over again!! Dae woongaa, Mihooaa hoy hoy, :p

  1172. 1172 : kkkkkkkkkiiii Says:

    coooooooooooool dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i think i should watch it over again to see if it will make me cry again

  1173. 1173 : phyoe Says:

    no AIREN and other.you wong.if you want to see the best drama?kang chi (the beginning ………)
    is the best.there ,seung gi and suzy include.this drama is got eight awards.it can
    make you feel happy ,sad and cry.if you watch thid video till finish .you will think there has
    part-2.and y ou will talk this is the best.if you doubt and think that it is not good. you can watch this drama.there seung gi is the son of thousand year old wolf.yoe wool
    is know that if she love kang chi and kang chi love her.she will die.they met each other
    where tree and moon met at night.at the e nd yoe wool dead and kang chi wait her for about 422years.in 2013 they met.but yoe wool cannot remember him because
    .because he wished` when you and i meet .i want to remember you first.i want to
    love you first
    and they meet again where tree and moon meet.
    if you want to watch.it exist the right side in this page.counting from under.it is no.9 watch .and please submit comment

  1174. 1174 : lydia Isaac Says:

    hoy…..hoy…..wow! i really loved this drama,keep it up guys!!!!

  1175. 1175 : Jate Rae Says:

    I really love this drama… i even watch everyday… i almost repeated it 10 times… hahahah so touching… even i always repeat it i still cry… so i hope there will be a second season for these kind of drama…… i also know that all of us want to have a second season… so i’m trying to find if there will be a second season and after i found something about it i’ll try to inform it to al of us… tnx guys

  1176. 1176 : Jate Rae Says:

    Wow! very very beautiful drama i every seen in my life…. so beautiful drama that i even watch it more that ten times…. every day, even i always repeat it more than ten times… hahah can’t wait for the next season but i don’t really know if there is a second season

  1177. 1177 : Jodel Cornito Says:

    I really like MGIAG, I’ll be waiting for Part 2 of it. The story of Gumiho living with Cha Dae Woong. 😀 PLease

  1178. 1178 : Wow...i really like this drama..love it..am thanking to my gf coz she request me to watch Says:

    Wow…i like this drama..and am specially thanking to my gf..coz she enquire me to watch..

  1179. 1179 : dinklik Says:

    this drama is my fav

  1180. 1180 : Temmy Says:

    Very funny and nice film cant wait to finish watching.love it so much

  1181. 1181 : EMERLYN Says:

    nice!!!! love it,i hope there’s a next movie with miho ang dae wong. sana maging si miho din ako,jejeje!!–

  1182. 1182 : Anna Thomas Says:

    Chilling 2 watch season 2 but d movie Z rili nice.

  1183. 1183 : cars Says:

    i love this drama.. thnks for share this

  1184. 1184 : UniqueStream Says:

    Watch online @ http://www.uniquestream.net/watch/nine+tailed+fox/

  1185. 1185 : lizzy Says:

    i really really really really really really love this movie

  1186. 1186 : Hannah Says:

    My favorite drama of all time. When I miss a certain drama, I would open its page and look at the ratings, the pictures and all. Lol, I’ve weird habit.

  1187. 1187 : kpop Says:

    this is the best drama for me

  1188. 1188 : Anj_heilnerds Says:

    It’s been years since I first watch this. Still this is the best korean drama ever. I love it to bits. Also I’v watched the whole series 4, 5 times #best couple #cuties

  1189. 1189 : My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 내여자친구는 구미호 [2010] | My Drama Links Says:

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  1190. 1190 : MayaF Says:

    My favourite drama… Best of the best… Great story.. Great actor and actress.. Thanks for director and screenwriter… Very nice drama^^

  1191. 1191 : hilman de collinz Says:

    im so happy,, very, very very very very very happy coz i can watch this drama,, thanks to make this film,,,

  1192. 1192 : minmin Says:

    So boring. Early episodes were good but it got draggy and boring towards episode 9. 6.5/10 rating

  1193. 1193 : Shellsbells Says:

    Amazing drama loved loved loved it very fun and playful. Heartfelt as well hella loved the cast yippee

  1194. 1194 : Elif Season 2 Episode 184Download Materi Presentasi | Free PDF Files, eBook, and Document Sharing | Download Materi Presentasi | Free PDF Files, eBook, and Document Sharing Says:

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  1195. 1195 : Xiitho Says:

    this drama so amazing 😀

  1196. 1196 : Chathu dewmi Says:

    I love very mach this drama…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
    Lee seun ki & shin min a.. actin very beutiful and very unique..
    I love so much mi ho….😚😚😚😚😚😚

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