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Title: 마이걸 / My Girl
chinese title : 我的女孩
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2005-12-14 to 2006-02-02
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM


When Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) meets the lively and beautiful Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae), he finds out that she has connections to his missing cousin, whom his grandfather has been searching for. He asks Yoo Rin to lie about being his long missing cousin until he can find his real cousin. She says yes, but soon their feelings for each other get in the way of their plans. Gong Chan’s friend, Jung Woo (Lee Joon Ki) falls for Yoo Rin while Gong Chan’s ex-girlfriend, Seo Hyun (Park Si Yeon), a pro tennis player, tries to win him back. Will the two ever tell each other how they feel? Will Gong Chan ever find his real cousin?


Lee Dong Wook (이동욱) as Seol Gong-chan
Lee Da Hae (이다해) as Joo Yoo-rin
Lee Joon Ki (이준기) as Seo Jung-woo
Park Si Yeon (박시연) as Kim Seo-hyun

Extended Cast

Jo Kye Hyung as Ahn Jin Kyu
Hwang Bo Ra as Ahn Jin Shim
Lee Eon Jeong as Yoon Jin Kyung
Byun Hee Bong as Seol Woong (Gong Chan’s grandfather)
Kim Yong Rim as Jang Hyung Ja (Jung Woo’s mother)
Ahn Suk Hwan as Jang Il Do
Choi Ran as Bae In Sun
Jung Han Hun as Joo Tae Hyung (Yoo Rin’s father)
Han Chae Young as Choi Ha Na (the real granddaughter, cameo)
Jae Hee as Lee Mong Ryong (Ha Na’s husband, cameo)
Oh Ji Young as Seo Hyun’s assistant / traveling companion

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Young Sup
Producer: Bae Tae Sup
Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun (Hong Sisters)
Director: Jun Ki Sang
Asst. Director: Park Soo Chul (박수철)

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1,035 Responses to “My Girl”

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  1. 751
    eya Says:

    i’ve seen this kdrama..its really interesting and enjoyable..
    i loved it…this the best kdrama i’ve seen so far…
    i would encourage everyone to watch it..you would’nt regret..^_^

  2. 752
    lee Says:

    the great drama…………..

  3. 753
    asih Says:

    MY GIRL Good drama,good actor+actress and good song

  4. 754
    greenrose Says:

    YES! i like this drama ! good drama, good actor and actress especially LEE DA HAE!She is cute, pretty, and…very good act!chaiyo!leeda hae!

  5. 755
    nisu Says:

    hi guys u were oasum in tat drama. i just love u guys

  6. 756
    nisu Says:

    hi gys u were aosumk in tat drama,. i just love it and i have made many of my frens to watch it each n every one of them becamr ur fan. just love it

  7. 757
    dArEEn Says:

    love it……..i love dis korean drama…………watch it pipol it so funny……and characters are so good looking…….watch.,…:)

  8. 758
    aco Says:

    love lee da hae…:)

  9. 759
    KSA Says:

    GREAT DRAMA i like IT

  10. 760
    SK Says:

    this is reallya great drama to watch!!! everyone must watch!!! Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae is such matching couple! this is a all time fav drama….

  11. 761
    aco Says:

    i wish to make bf like L.D.W..huhuhuhu….

  12. 762
    aco Says:

    ehh im sorry..have a bf like ldw..;)

  13. 763
    shawty{lolo} Says:

    my gurl drama !!! good actor especially the actress Yoo Rin is a funny lady go for it girl you are my number one

  14. 764
    sahar Says:

    still i can’t forget how wonderfull was this drama although i watched it long time ago . what a nice senario i had !

  15. 765
    sam Says:

    my gosh…watched it so many times….love it so much!!!

  16. 766
    Jeshh Says:

    This is the best drama I’ve ever seen. 🙂 This drama made me laugh so hard and cry so hard. :)) Love this drama. Love Lee Dong Wook!

  17. 767
    evep Says:

    yes I watch ‘ My girl ” so many times n still laugh n cry..as always.
    loved it n want to watch again..n again, also goes to ” Spring waltz “!

  18. 768
    love drama Says:


  19. 769
    Po Po (Myanmar) Says:

    Dear Lee Dong wood,
    Now I’am writing a story . Main actor is you . Because you are match and you are the best actor for me. I’am crazy to looking for your new CD
    and VCD.Lee Da Hae also made many people to crazy . She is super star in Myanmar. Thanks all parson from korean movies.

  20. 770
    Po Po (Myanmar) Says:

    Dear Lee don wook & Lee Da Hae,
    now I am writing a story .Main actor is you. Because you are the best for me . I’am crazy to looking for your CD and DVD. Lee Da Hae is super star in Myanmar.Many people love her .Thanks for all people from korean movies.

  21. 771
    amirah and shazana Says:

    we love u so much!!!

  22. 772
    fazz Says:

    to any one who love watching korea drama but your internet is so slow, you can folow this link http://15mbpsspeedhack.weebly.com

  23. 773
    tyas Says:

    Kalo bt drama serial yg satu ini, aq ga bakal lupa ceritanya gmn……
    mungkin indosiar bisa berbaik hati untuk nayangin lagi. cz aq suka bgt ma drama yg satu ini. bt indosiar , please tayangin lagi ya,.

  24. 774
    Rhai Says:

    I looooove this! There’s not a moment when I’m not laughing while watching this.

  25. 775
    rahul Says:

    Hi everyone i just love this drama more than anything….. I am an indian and there are not many here who know about my girl 🙁 and anyway i would love to hear about lee dong wook and lee da hae from someone who knows korean or lives in korea, and all you people from malaysia and thailand other countries, do u understand korean or did you see with english subs. And someonepls tell me what the lead pair are upto now b’coz almost all the sites are in korean and i can’t really understand anything 🙁 ,and so many of you leave responses but none of you show your mail id’s 🙁 and i would love to make friends from other countries so pls mail me : Leedonwookleedahae@yahoo.in.

  26. 776
    rusydan Says:

    the drama and its ost suit well and make me want to be a part of the story.i like i very2 much

  27. 777
    zumofu Says:

    at first i was not that excited to watch “my girl” but seeing GONG CHAN (LEE DONG WOOK) i fell inlove instantly.. and i cant get enough of it.. i was deeply inlove with my gong chan… and after that ive an addict fan of lee dong wook and really love watching my girl over and over again… i even memorized their lines even its korean… my greatest dream now to see the love of my life in person… i love you so much gong chan!!!

  28. 778
    Mei Says:

    I’ve watched this drama abt 10 times!!!!!! Its so nice to watch…….never get bored watching it! I strongly recommend this drama…must watch!!!

    Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae are soooooo lovely! Matching pair!!

  29. 779
    margie Says:

    i love this k0rean drama!i ign0red this when it was first aired here at the philippines,but ive found out that the story is so good!i love lee dong wook he is cute.. 😉

  30. 780
    grandis Says:

    my girl is the best kdrama ever-one of the kind. LDH +LDW-most sweetest couple in the world.

  31. 781
    Liong Says:

    Two thumbs up. Great drama! Never got bored although have watched it several times.

  32. 782
    Liong Says:

    Ah, yes. The CD of the soundtracks, hmm, it is worth to have it. The songs are great!

  33. 783
    diana Says:


    LOVE THIS!!!

  34. 784
    mutiara Says:

    nice drama….
    i like it so much…<3

  35. 785
    ama girlfrenz Says:

    cter pling besh yg penah ak tgok…

  36. 786
    Laine Says:

    i soo love it.. first time ive watched this, I was hooked.. i’ll definitely watch this over and over.. such a lovely cast and has a good story, not to mention those funny and romantic scenes..

  37. 787
    ivryn Says:

    i very love this drama………im very like LEE DONG WOOK and LEE DA HAE in this drama …..they are a sweet and perfect couple……..im very2 like this drama (^_^)……….i hope they will be a real couples in real life!!!!!!!!

  38. 788
    nining Says:

    kyna bagus jd pgn nnton,,

  39. 789
    mel Says:

    looks like so interesting.. i want to watch this

  40. 790
    chanzy Says:

    i love this movie so much and i’ve been watching it over and over until now. i’m also a big fan of lee da hae and lee dong wook together.

  41. 791
    nining Says:

    it’s a good drama,, love korean drama much,,

  42. 792
    f i o n a Says:

    i relly love these casts
    these drama is lovelly
    i like it

  43. 793
    bluebird Says:

    wOnderful drama…
    i watch it again this year..
    i love this drama…
    it the best kdrama in my life…

  44. 794
    najw Says:

    until today this drama still my 1st ever favorite .
    ilove it ,ican’t get bored watching it

  45. 795
    john Says:

    the best drama i’ve ever seen….so much love

  46. 796
    alex Says:

    it’s the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 797
    Mar Says:

    …My Girl is one of my favorite korean drama…really love it!!!

  48. 798
    jennylyn layugan Says:

    i really like this drama’MY GIRL’..i’ve been wacthing over and over untill now..its funny but dramatic.i love lee da hae (joo yoo rin) for me your the best actress i’ve ever seen. and i think i’m fallen w/ lee dong wook your so handsome!! your two are perfect couple..more power and cheer up..GOD Blessed..

  49. 799
    nikky_p_28 Says:

    Years ago, I got introduced to the Hong Sisters’ writings through My Girl drama, My first to be exact…Recommended by my mother, of all people (“,). I never thought, she’s the type to watch this kind of drama. Thus, after this, I got propelled to the world of KDramas. Very good storyline although, the reason they got separated because of the grandfather issues is so lame for me. But all in all feel good rom-com. Loved the chemistry between these 2. Highly recommended drama.

  50. 800
    korean entertainment lover Says:

    i very love this drama…
    korean entertainment news

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