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My Girl

Title: 마이걸 / My Girl
chinese title : 我的女孩
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2005-12-14 to 2006-02-02
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM


When Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) meets the lively and beautiful Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae), he finds out that she has connections to his missing cousin, whom his grandfather has been searching for. He asks Yoo Rin to lie about being his long missing cousin until he can find his real cousin. She says yes, but soon their feelings for each other get in the way of their plans. Gong Chan’s friend, Jung Woo (Lee Joon Ki) falls for Yoo Rin while Gong Chan’s ex-girlfriend, Seo Hyun (Park Si Yeon), a pro tennis player, tries to win him back. Will the two ever tell each other how they feel? Will Gong Chan ever find his real cousin?


Lee Dong Wook (이동욱) as Seol Gong-chan
Lee Da Hae (이다해) as Joo Yoo-rin
Lee Joon Ki (이준기) as Seo Jung-woo
Park Si Yeon (박시연) as Kim Seo-hyun

Extended Cast

Jo Kye Hyung as Ahn Jin Kyu
Hwang Bo Ra as Ahn Jin Shim
Lee Eon Jeong as Yoon Jin Kyung
Byun Hee Bong as Seol Woong (Gong Chan’s grandfather)
Kim Yong Rim as Jang Hyung Ja (Jung Woo’s mother)
Ahn Suk Hwan as Jang Il Do
Choi Ran as Bae In Sun
Jung Han Hun as Joo Tae Hyung (Yoo Rin’s father)
Han Chae Young as Choi Ha Na (the real granddaughter, cameo)
Jae Hee as Lee Mong Ryong (Ha Na’s husband, cameo)
Oh Ji Young as Seo Hyun’s assistant / traveling companion

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Young Sup
Producer: Bae Tae Sup
Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun (Hong Sisters)
Director: Jun Ki Sang
Asst. Director: Park Soo Chul (박수철)

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  1. 1 : Elain Goh fr Malaysia Says:

    I really love this drama. Every chapter of the movie is so interesting. I bought it and I’m watching it over & over again. Lee Da Hae is so cute & sweet so as Lee Dong Wook. Good job.

  2. 2 : Kin Says:

    Lee Da Hae’s character is adorbale and Lee Dong Wook does a good job acting and so does Lee Joon Ki. Park Si Yeon was okay, it’s just that repititive rolling of the eyes w/ the sneer that bugged me! The story was awesome though and the ending was great. It made you wonder “how in the world is this gonna end?” and kept you hooked until you got to the finish. Great drama. 8.5 out of 10. 🙂 Anyone who wants a good time, watch this.

  3. 3 : Nina Says:

    I love it so so so much!!The end is great!!Sarang hae Lee Dong Wook!!Upa, waitin!!!Arrastoooo!!

  4. 4 : Syafiqah fr Malaysia Says:

    i really like this drama..Lee Da Hae is so cute and Lee Dong Wook is so handsome…
    they are the perfect match…it was a great drama….

  5. 5 : filippina Says:

    i love this show i’ts so funny ^-^
    i’d hoped that joon ki gets the girl but it wasn’t meant to be. it’s so sad to see him get hurt but glad to know that he learn to love someone.

  6. 6 : shue Says:

    I Have Download All The Soundtrack. i really love this drama.
    lee da hae is sooo cute…

  7. 7 : Rowena Says:

    I guess this series is loved by every k-series lover I know. Except for Cloud Stairway, which has two good looking stars as leads also, My Girl clicks because of the beautiful chemistry of Lee Dae Hee and Lee Dong Wook, I think one of the best ever.

  8. 8 : jas Says:

    THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA EVER!!! (except for goong!!)lol…

  9. 9 : jas Says:

    I agree with filippina!!

  10. 10 : Goro Miyazaki Says:


  11. 11 : jas Says:

    how can ppl see My girl in October when the show was broadcasted in December???
    still wondering..

  12. 12 : ah phy Says:

    dis show ish FANTASTIC!!!i thnk dis ish de first korean drama dat i seriously luv watching!!Lee Dae Hee ish beri adorable “n” pretti… Lee Dong Wook ish beri handsome in de show!!i thnk he has acted beri well for his “Gong Chan” role…Lee Joon Ki has proven dat he deserved de “Best Newcomer Of The Year”…i lye de way he cares for “Yu Rin”..it ish so touching lor…and even the songs feature in the show are fantastic too!!

    Overall “My Girl” is a very nice show wif the story line new “n” interesting!!

  13. 13 : zHao Says:

    oh my g0sh!! i really like the movie… w0w! fantastic.. zChocknesS!!
    mabuang jd ko!! ganahan au ko sa “my Girl” AY!!

  14. 14 : -michan-philippines Says:

    god, this drama is so crazy nico is so cute

  15. 15 : Soo-Eun Says:

    love this drama!!!
    they even mention delightful girl-choon hyang lol!!
    love this

  16. 16 : kristine Says:

    my girl is such a great drama to watch. beside that, lee dong wook and lee da hae really make a great couple in this drama. i hope can see more drama that have both of them together. no one should miss this drama because this drama is valuable to watch.

  17. 17 : InDy MeLinda Says:

    ^_^ FunNy & RoManTiC Movie…!!

  18. 18 : ji young Says:

    this show is freak’n good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19 : Zen Says:

    It is one of the best K-dramas that I have watched. In fact, I have stopped watching K-dramas for quite sometime. The last K-drama was “Da Chang Jin”. I always found that most K-dramas are very slow and draggy. Surprise is the word to describe “My Girl”. It is short and sweet. Story line is good. Actors and actresses are good in their acting.
    I would highly recommend this drama to anyone. It is really very good.

  20. 20 : NewKviewer Says:

    I thought this drama was hilariously funny and entertaining all the way to the end. The ending was oh-so sweet. The leading actor and actress were great together which is always a big plus.

  21. 21 : June T-malaysia Says:

    Great show…..never a dull moment…..highly recommended to those who love romantic dramas.

  22. 22 : taany from sg Says:

    yoorin character is very annoying. Lee dong wook and Park si yoon have to go to acting class befor they get a new movie they have only cute face can not act.The story is so plain nothing new in the plot. some gag may be funny, but overall still not so good.

  23. 23 : ayutie Says:

    hehehehhe….very funny……best drama

  24. 24 : jith_cute Says:

    hei,i really love your show,i always watch it here in philippines,i wish you can visit us here in batangas in philippines…I LOVE YOU ALL ESPECIALLY YOU LEE DONG-WOOK AND LEE DA HAE!!!REALLY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL,MHUAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25 : ka3na Says:

    I really like the story!!! OMG!
    Go dong wook! X]

  26. 26 : In love with Korean Drama Says:

    Fun and funny!! Highly recommended.

  27. 27 : KOTSHEKO Says:

    wonderful story… can ease all the sadness that you have… cheeerrrrssss

  28. 28 : Yang Says:

    hey hey.. I love this show. my first Kdrama. heheh..

  29. 29 : Sherry Says:

    I really the movies!!!!!! I watch many many times!!!!

  30. 30 : Sherry Says:

    I very like the movies!!!!!! I watch many many times!!!! this the best drama!!huai ti huai ti!!

  31. 31 : Ayla Farihah Says:

    No Comment!!!

  32. 32 : Stacey Says:

    oh my god i love this movie..especially lee dong wook! i love him he is so hot…i love u lee dong wook…..

  33. 33 : Nora Says:

    I love My Girl. It again showed Lee Dae Hae’s talent in both
    comedy & dramatic roles. She’s very talented & very very
    pretty. She won best actress award for this drama. She
    already won several awards for best acting inspite of her
    young age. I love Lee Dong Wook, too. He’s so handsome. Lee Dae Hee & Lee Dong Wook had good chemistry in this drama. I hope they are sweethearts in
    real life. Hope to see them again together in another drama
    real soon.

  34. 34 : lyn Says:

    i watched this kdrama and i was inloved with the character.. the flow of the story is unpredictable and i love lee da hae and lee don wook.. aza!aza! FIGHTING

  35. 35 : celine Says:

    damn this movie is too cool…….. hmm love to watch it again

  36. 36 : miki Says:

    i totally 100% agreed with comment #2: “Lee Da Hae’s character is adorbale and Lee Dong Wook does a good job acting and so does Lee Joon Ki. Park Si Yeon was okay, it’s just that repititive rolling of the eyes w/ the sneer that bugged me!” i loved this drama to the end and the thing is that though you are supposed to love the main characters and not like the supporting roles… my heart was wrenching every time lee joon ki was crying over lee da hee and why she wouldn’t fall for him no matter how he loved her and what he did for her…. i love the drama love junki!!!!!

  37. 37 : Starz Says:

    love my girl!!! lee dae hae, lee dong wook & lee joon ki are fabulous!

  38. 38 : Karen Says:

    lee da hae,,
    she is very awsome..

    by the way..

    why is it that

    has no profile hare..?


    Him Nae Ja, Lee Da Hae

  39. 39 : missy Says:


  40. 40 : missy Says:


  41. 41 : supple Says:

    Hahaha I really made a terrible laugh watching this Drama Julian,Niko and Jasmin..they were really good!..I wasnt able to watch the whole story so I bought my own dvd..nowadays i dont know where it is..maybe one of my officemates borrowed it…I like the episode when Jasmin and Niko were at the reastaurant..Jasmin pretended that the bell pepper is not hot when eating and when Niko tried hahhahaha..I cant forget that episode…Do you believe in Destiny guys?I do..kkk

  42. 42 : angelic Says:

    Lee Dong Wook!!!he’s so handsome.the most extremely handsomest man…
    Sarang hae…yoo rin is very………………………cute….i love this very much…felt sorry for jun ki.he tried his best to win yoo rin’s heart.but, yoo rin is best matched with dong wook.i laughed most of the tyme while watching this.hope dat i’ll find someone like dong wook.heheheh…
    sarang hae!!!

  43. 43 : something Says:

    i loved it! lee jun Ki and lee Da Hye were really good at acting! i watch it over and over again alot! I just loved it! i wanted lee jun ki to go with lee do hye!!! i got really mad! lee jun Ki’s when he cries he doesn’t need the anything its natural when he cries in the series! i loved it from the first episode! after you watcch this watch FULL HOUSE!

  44. 44 : astri Says:

    gue sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bgt sama fil my girl funnyand romantis abis
    klo aku jd yoorin gongcan iap hari gua pelukin &cium biar jd milik gue seorang

  45. 45 : febb Says:

    where can I buy the dvd ??

    tell me please ..

  46. 46 : Sumin Says:

    my 2nd favorite drama ever!!
    joon-ki is super hott!!

  47. 47 : [email protected] Says:

    I LOVE THE SHOW! Im only at disc 5 and im hooked!!!! I think thats epi 13? AHHHHHH I LOVE GONG CHAN!!!! he’s really cute ^^ Plus Yoo Rin is really sweet and lovable, deserves those awards she got!

  48. 48 : melody Says:

    This is a very funny show.
    Nice plot.

    I like the actress!

  49. 49 : Nettye Says:

    i love this film
    i love lee dong wook
    i love lee dae hae

  50. 50 : bbyron Says:

    All I can say about “My Girl” Superb!!!” the three character was perfect specially LDW & LDH sooo hilarious and pure acting on the last episode the kissing scene on the elevator totally fell in love with them. Pls make more more drama LDW & LDH. from califonia

  51. 51 : podo Says:

    my girl is HILARIOUS! some of the funniest moments i’ve seen in a korean drama. lee da hae is superb in the show. i’m glad she won an award for the show. she deserves it!

  52. 52 : thooru Says:

    i love everything bout tis movie…

  53. 53 : g-na Says:

    i’m malaysian…and i’m one of the korean drama fan..i really love everything about this drama..it’s very different.congratulations

  54. 54 : MAIKO Says:


  55. 55 : momD Says:

    Really enjoy & interesting to watch it. I’m start to fall in love with K-drama after I saw My Girl!
    Joo Yoo Rin Shii & Seol Gong Chan Shii very lovey dovey couple. so charming! I’m so in lurve with Lee Dong Wook… hahahah

  56. 56 : 진 사 민 Says:


  57. 57 : handz Says:

    forever favorite! its been years since i first watch my girl…
    but i still watch it over and over again!!!
    i hope lee da hae and lee dong wook
    will work together for another drama!

  58. 58 : fie Says:

    The best Korean drama, I’ve ever see, yet.

  59. 59 : brooke Says:

    the bezt of all dramas!!!this is mah first……….second is it started with a kiss(taiwanese drama)…….and my third is I really really like you(Love Truly in the Pihlippines)…!!!i love lee dong wook(gong chan) and lee da hae(yoorin)chemistry…..they are really best for couple not just for the role but also the appearances!!!love yah gong-chan….lots of hugs and kisses!!!mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  60. 60 : abitless2love Says:

    =3 my girl was OSMMMMM haha i loved it but where can i stream the episodes for free? (watch the episodes online) please reply back at [email protected]

  61. 61 : PmHiUsOhNaG Says:

    WITH FULL HOUSE and HELLO!MISS da best….LUv dis kdrama…LEE da HAE and Lee Dong Wook rockS…

  62. 62 : girlPOWER Says:

    one of my favorite k-dramas…..
    lee dong wok is very handsome and i love all the cast of it!!!!

  63. 63 : soso:) Says:

    love this drama;P

  64. 64 : -- 62 gloriawu Says:

    this is actually one of the best dramas I’ve watched..
    I love the charactors

  65. 65 : LJK Says:

    man… this was so darn good esp coz LJK was in it haha…
    YAY… LEE JUN KI all the way… i wanted LJK to go wiv LDH oh well still good la~ i want LJK’s earring la~

  66. 66 : griffin Says:

    I wanna marry Lee Da Hae

  67. 67 : mooncake Says:

    the end of the movie r wonderfull…

  68. 68 : michelle Says:


  69. 69 : tran jean yves Says:

    please let to see the film

  70. 70 : Windxchime Says:

    orrrhhhh…Dong Wookie Oppa n Joon Kie Oppa…sarangheyo!…
    Orrrhhh….Dae Hae Oni

  71. 71 : lyda Says:


    Everybody here say My Girl is the best right? Yes, it makes me really want to watch it. So I bought this drama yesterday. 2dishes costs6$. They are for the rise of the story.

    I also see Hello baby is available,6$ too. And it is original(come from KBS). For me, I think my dishes are not original. I mean it is just a copy. Chinese do it. The view is not clear. Ha, I have just watched it for a bit two yesterday. If I compare My Girl with Hello Miss, I think my girl is better. Lee Da Hae is very celver in My Girl while she is so stupic in Hello My Lady. However, I still love it. In the begaining of my girl, she can do things already. One is delaying the plane to take off. This point is very funny hahahahha because she is lying. She said she want to find her lover,hahhaha. And second, when a group of gangster come to find her to pay back the money, and they manage to caught her, she shout Daddy run!!! Daddy run!!then they discare on her and she run away ….finally meet the main actor….the group of gangster follow her to the hospital ….to be continous. I catch at this point. I wonder what she will do next to escape this suitation?hahhaha~~~

  72. 72 : naimah Says:

    i’ve been watching this series over and over again if i have time because it’s so funny even though i have been seeing it… hehe… love it…

  73. 73 : naimah Says:

    i love this series…

  74. 74 : naimah Says:

    i wish there will be a part two of it and same cast…

  75. 75 : susan_indonesia Says:

    hii… i susan from indonesia…
    this film sometimes make me happy and sometimes make me sad but 100 voice to the team always fighting,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  76. 76 : Rani Says:

    hai I from indonesia,
    it’s so cute, I love all

  77. 77 : cj Says:

    i love this drama!!! lee dae hae is a very good actress!!! :))

  78. 78 : Tsa Says:

    I really like this drama, i love these stars action…
    From, Measmorokot

  79. 79 : marina jaafar Says:

    Best sangat ceritanya.Antara drama TERBAIK pernah saya tengok

  80. 80 : nhunu Says:

    LUV U LEE DONG WOOK………………………………………….

  81. 81 : Bell Says:

    Hello, I’m from Brazil. I laught and cry a lot watching this drama! I think it is the best! I can watch it many times, becausa I really really like it. Lee Da Hae (이다해) as Joo Yoo-rin is so hilarious! Anyone know where I can download the OST?

  82. 82 : mary jane Says:

    i really want to see the cast of this series especially Lee Dong Wook Lee Joon Ki Lee Da Hae…haaaay!!!my idols…

  83. 83 : waniey Says:

    best giler wei…. aku sampai ari ni pom… mmg dah cair gile ngan sme cast dlm cte nih…. nak nak plak Gong chan dengan Yoo-rin… sampai nak beli sme cte yg diowang blakon mcm cte island teacher, cte hello! miss… ah.. hello miss dah tgk ep 1… bapak laa lawak nye… sbb lee dahae mmg best laa blakon….

  84. 84 : NightLizard Says:

    Одна из лучших драм! Очень веселая и с интересым сюжетом! Очень люблю Lee Da Hae и смотрю все фильмы с её участием!

  85. 85 : myka Says:

    lee dong wook we are splendid because you are like my face

  86. 86 : nomin Says:

    it’s the best k drama i’ve ever wached before

    MY GIRL you’re ROCKS

  87. 87 : mAy Says:

    This one of my favorite Korean series. I have been watching Korean series ever since I saw this. Lee Dong Wook is really good in acting and Lee Dae Hae is one of the best actress of Korea. I really love their chemistry and talent. I hope they can come up with another series soon. I can’t help watching this series over and over again. “MY GIRL” rocks no matter what.

  88. 88 : loungegirl Says:

    Great drama! The two main leads have such a sweet chemistry! The leading female character was especially refreshing to watch – so adorable! On a side note, the second male actor was extremely feminine looking… and what’s with his hair?!

  89. 89 : pandabear104 Says:

    BEST DRAMA IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its is funny and depressing and AMAZING. Anyone that wants to have a good impression of Korean dramas must watch this. Its freacking awsome.

  90. 90 : anna Says:

    hi, do anyone have a picture of the snow globe that the male actor gave to the female actress? the one with a moon in it. it would be even better if someone can provide with me the weblink. thanks in advance.

  91. 91 : Lyda Says:

    I like this drama at the first but I turn to hate it since espisode6-16. I don’t like Lee Da Hae in this series. She acts really bad!!!!! The one who stole other boyfriend. She is the third person. I don’t like the girl who acting like this at all. Anyways, I have found some link to download the whole OST of this drama. HOpe everybody like it.

    (All these links are for listen)

    And this for downloading:


    But before you can download, you have to be a member frist by signing in.

  92. 92 : yea eun Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA!! lee da hae was soooo good in it as well as lee dong wook!!!my girl 4ever!

  93. 93 : jen Says:

    Lyda: u hate this drama coz you dont know how to appreciate it la! Lee Joon Ki (이준기) as Seo Jung-woo broke up first and left gong chan for 2years then come back want him back. this kind of girl friend dont want also good.

  94. 94 : jessica Says:

    this movie very nice!
    all the character also very handsome n pretty
    and yet the story also very touches!

  95. 95 : DIDOO Says:

    well,it is the second drama i watched…..very interesting n very touch…..it reminded me to my life that i always have pretending in everything i do….Oh my,this is very good story….

  96. 96 : tes Says:

    I have seen it four times and never got tired of it. I fell in love with Lee Joon Ki in this delightful comedy. The ending, the music, the scenery were great. I would not mind watching it again in the future.

  97. 97 : bella Says:

    it’s very when looking joo yoo-rin fall in love to seol gong-chan.it’s most touching story i ever seen.LOVE MY GIRL

  98. 98 : bella Says:

    it’s very sad when looking joo yoo-rin fall in love to seol gong-chan.it’s most touching story i ever seen.LOVE MY GIRL

  99. 99 : Lyda Says:

    Hi Jen thanks for ur reply, maybe it is right like u said, I don’t like the main actor in this drama te. In real situation if the man or woman each other, they can give each other opportunity to stludy from each other. everything need time. Two years she went to aboard because it is her mission, her work. It doesn’t mean that she goes forever. If the man really love her, he probably wait for her…. so if he does like this, it mean it is a fake love, just for fun, not real. and the one who is hurt is the woman’s side you see.

    Ok, u understand what I mean?? I just get those point because my sister is going to have her boss soon. so some of these point should be take to consider if you want to marry someone. Should think cleary. Not like this drama, that kind of love is called a Teenager Love. It is not ture….

  100. 100 : didoo Says:

    assalamualaikum to all muslim and hi to everyone!!!well,my name is didoo and i would to share with all of you about this drama….well,i’m not a fanatic fan of this drama but once i watched LOVERS IN PARIS….i started to change my mind…….then,it stopped coz i need to do my obligation first…..after that,it continues when i begin to watch the other dramas and you know what FULL HOUSE attracts my soul to watch KOREAN again….OH GOD,when the time comes…..MY GIRL succeed to realize me that KOREAN is good although the stories remain the same theme….but,it’s amazing…….same theme……..different styles……LEE DAE HAE…LEE DONG WOOK….LEE JOON KI…PARK SI YEON….good luck!!!!you guys marvellous!!!!hopes you all will act together in another drama….

  101. 101 : snow Says:




  102. 102 : violet Says:

    I just see this drama a few week ago and i believe that there is a true love story in this world…I really like this story

  103. 103 : ADZ Says:

    this story is sooooo sweet…….i love this story

  104. 104 : nizz Says:

    gwe sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bgd my girlllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!

    gokil nd so romantic!!!!

    2 thumbs uppppp!!!

  105. 105 : verycuteme Says:

    You can grab the downloads link for this series at http://xfobtroopers.net/tv-shows/korean-drama/my-girl/

  106. 106 : farah nur filza Says:

    besh glerrr rrr cite nih.. dah la si gong chan tuh ensem n yoo-rin cute.. sweet couple..hek2

  107. 107 : anfarhana Says:

    i pun suka saangat2..funny, funky, romantic, sad..sumer ada..
    yoo rin n gong chan the best couple..ehe =)

  108. 108 : uberalethea Says:

    This is my favorite Kdrama. I love Lee Da Hae as a romantic comedy actress. She is flawless when it comes to tickling the heart of the viewers. Her aura radiates such humor that once it hits you, you’ll get addicted to it. I’ve watched this drama more than 20 times already. It almost became my radio when I slept. Until now, if I feel bored, this becomes my alternative entertainment.

  109. 109 : lala Says:


    this is the sweet love story ever.

  110. 110 : nanda Says:

    duh lee dong wook cakep banget sampe gw naksir tujuh turunan. kapan ya aaaaa ke indonesia lagi ntar sapa tau dia mau ma gw .
    maaf ya gw narsis mang itu yang gw mau

  111. 111 : shin Says:

    my girl is one of the most unforgettable korean drama in the philippines….

  112. 112 : michelle Says:

    hello, i’m michelle from indonesia..
    i’ve seen this drama last year. but i still love it till now!
    one of the best korean drama!
    by the way, are lee dong wook and lee da hae dating in the real world?
    i’m so curious about it..

  113. 113 : Irene Says:

    i dont have comment yet coz i juz watched some part.. hope soon i can buy one copy for me…but my cousin told me its good and funny…

  114. 114 : ce_"gokiel Says:

    guw cinta bangedh ma ni drama…………..
    cerita nya gokil abis
    keren bangeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttzzzzzzzz
    gak dari cowoknya yaitu LEE DONG WOOK as seol gong chan ya ampyuuunnnn tu cowok memang gentle abies…..kerendh degh…lee da hae nya juga cute abieszzz mukanya baby face bangedh…..mau dong kaluw kalian married…..undang guw iia……harusss…
    yang laen nothing!!!!!!!!!

    annyong hi kyeseyo..
    sarang haeyo Lee dong wook and lee da hae….

  115. 115 : Karma Says:

    this is is a must watch korean series. One of the best ever watched. LDW lookin really cool keep it up. Actully this series is really fun to watch. Ive watched like 7 times hehehe

  116. 116 : ikazzz Says:


  117. 117 : by Says:

    i love my girl……………….mun mok tauk, dong wook gerek aku……hahahaha…………………

  118. 118 : by Says:

    cita tok best abis and dong wook gerek aku……………………

  119. 119 : rinna24 Says:

    citer ni best.. tgk lah.. tp udah 2 tahun lewat..

  120. 120 : kema Says:

    bes ke???
    erm, nk tgk sgt2 citer ni…hehe
    tapi nape mamat sorang tu muke cm pompuan..pelik muke die..
    tapi xpe, die comel!! hehe

  121. 121 : annie Says:

    This Drama Is Really Very Nice And Intresting. Lee Da Hae acted very well. =)

  122. 122 : >., Says:

    I Love this drama is very romantic..=D

  123. 123 : babygirl Says:

    my girllllllllllllllllllllll you rockkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  124. 124 : Jan Says:

    I really love this story I hope to see another new comedy and romance like thin soon.

  125. 125 : ija Says:

    citer nie best sesangat2!!!!!!!

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    This is more exciting to watch compared to Hello Miss and Green Rose. In fairness to Lee Da Hae, her acting is very sophisticated and you’ll love it. She handles her role beautifully and very convincing to the viewer. More power to Lee Da Hae, hope you and Eun Hye be together in one drama series. Wow sounds interesting ha!

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    may god bless u

    bbasya…. kamshahamida.


    rahmat damiri (malaysia)

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  177. 177 : mercy Says:

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  181. 181 : JULIAN Says:


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  195. 195 : Jirel Says:


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    i dun care what people said about this drama..but it is definitely my all time favourite!!!!1i will watch it for my lifetime…the first time i watch it is in 2006..at first i watched the commercial on tv.i recognized lee dae hae at first. she’s so cute.i’d watched her b4 in green rose..it was totally a split personality compared to the character in green rose.i thought i would never like this drama.but then i watched the first episode.the plot was interesting..the way gong-chan freed his chair from yoo rin’s grip made me laugh..i have never laugh like that when i watched other korean dramas.then, i proceed to the following episodes,i liked the way yoo rin cheated another person including gong-chan especially when she stole gong-chan’s orange.lol.i also like the song – happy happy.it really makes me happy and forget all my problems.i also like the tall, mysterious,egoistic,rich,robot-like walking gong-chan.seriously, i never fancy other character like this…its just surreal!!then, i watched the ending…a very happy ending!!!yaaay!2 years later…i found the vcd and i immediately watch it again…it still the same..i still laugh my head of just like the first time i watched it..what a great drama!!keep up the good work.
    p/s i actually like seol gong-chan,not lee dong-wook!!do not confuse!

  197. 197 : dolly Says:

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    but in the end, its so grateful that they become together..

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    bez gilerrrr…..

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    i really admire this show…
    the way the Story make us to see and feel ..the Feeling of the people who used to be madLy inlove with someone..
    i reallY love the cast wHo really made their effOrts to portray the characthers….
    i really love this show…
    Because the blends are Good…

  204. 204 : PEACE! KoReAn LoVeRs Says:

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  210. 210 : hotaru Says:

    may I comment about this drama please: it is really weird and amazing how Gong-chan was destined to be left by his girlfriends. First, Seo-hyun left him bcoz of tennis and Yoo-rin left him bcoz she has to protect him. But strangely, 2 years after Seo-Hyun left Gong-chan, he takes the time to forget her and does not even try to find her. Conversely, when Yoo-rin left him, he became loony and crazy. He even gave up his work and went to every place to find her. The most touching part is when he will always and must bought one snow globe every time it snowy. He will keep in inside the glass closet. Did I mention there are a lot of them? There are many kinds of it: the big one, small, and everything. This shows that even though its 2 years already, he can’t seems to forget Yoo-rin. Seems that his love for Yoo-rin is very deep,huh? He also told Seo-hyun that Yoo-rin is not his past like her. That’s a very romantic act for a guy who previously egoistic and stubborn. After he met Yoo-rin again, he has to follow her to get her attention.(Yoo-rin doesn’t seem to ‘like’ him anymore) His personality also changes when he became shameless and lies every time compared to his straightforward and robotic-like attitude. I also like the part when Yoo-rin and Gong-chan confess their love (not to each other). She said that her love doesn’t contain any lies and she had to pretend that she had planned all to get Gong-chan’s wealthy just to protect him. Gong-chan on the other hand said that he had to pretend that he believed the lies to prevent Yoo-rin from hurting. The ironic part of the drama is when Yoo-rin said that she was a good liar at the first place. But then, when she falls in love for Seol Gong-chan, she was unable to tell lies anymore while Gong-chan said that he never tell lies b4, but when he falls in love with Joo Yoo-rin, he always tells lie. This kind of shows me that people who are in loves often change their personalities and ironically, the same personality that your lover had b4. I think that is the real true love!!!

  211. 211 : mia Says:

    Favorite Scenes:
    – When Yoo Rin sees Gong Chan’s tangerines as money-making trees
    – when Yoo Rin cleans the house that she “borrowed” from Gong Chan
    – When she thought that an author from Gong Chan’s elevator was a serial killer and thought about being in Leon and X-Files with Gong Chan.
    – When the two accidentally locked lips, because Yu Rin was drunk and mad at Gong Chan for not going to Jeju Island with her.
    – When they tried to run away together and confessed their love for one another (right before the grandfather tried to go public with her being the lost cousin).
    – Yoo Rin teaching Gong Chan and Jeong-Woo the art of lying (at different times).
    – When Gong Chan’s aunt sulked about letting the driver goes, and farted right when Yoo Rin was sending the clip to the driver.
    – Don’t get me wrong : the scene where Gong-chan saw Yoo-rin naked in the bathroom. Accidentally, of course. lol
    – The scene where they went out shopping and Yoo-rin was arguing with the seller about her cup size, interfered by Gong-chan of course..you are definitely an A cup!
    – The end, when the leads of “Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang” came to be the ‘real’ cousin of Gong Chan.

  212. 212 : tinkerbell Says:

    Very funny. Worthwhile watching.

  213. 213 : citi Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this show! One of the best kdramas… It has many memorable parts & characters. A show that you can watch over & over again & not be bored…

  214. 214 : Wonder Says:

    This is the best korean drama, best story and best actor and actress, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Dai Hae are the best matching couple, they really have the good chemistry together, is worth watching “My girl” and hope to see two of them can act in the new korean comedy drama serial together soon.

  215. 215 : carmsyh Says:

    ++ hi im from phil.
    can i ask a question?????????
    ++ is lee dong wook still working as an actor????????????
    ++ pls. reply me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. 216 : 0oow Says:

    this is still the best drama i have ever watch. i love the ost a lot

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    Thoroughly enjoyable! Totally hilarious!

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    My all-time favourite!!!

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  222. 222 : stellar Says:

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    i love this story!!
    so romantic and it really made me laugh!!
    i watched it in dvd only!!hehe
    lee jun-ki and lee dong-wook are so handsome!!!=)

  224. 224 : Charmaine Says:

    I love this series! The best korean series Ive ever seen! I love Lee dong Wook! So handsome! Lee da hae is so pretty! They look good together! I love the story! Very entertaining! They really did their good job! Im inlove with Dong Wook but if Da Hae and Dong Wook will be couple in the future, It’ll be happier! I love this! Another project for them! Pls!!!

  225. 225 : hye Says:

    best comedy drama ever. i love lee da hae acting in my girl, it is so natural

  226. 226 : kittengurl Says:

    i still like this drama no matter how many times i watch it!such a great drama. i also like the main character ju yoo-rin and seol gong-chan,especially gong-chan!!

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    the series is so amazing…
    cant get enough of it..

  228. 228 : tyas Says:

    crazy .
    amazing .
    super comedy .
    great .
    unforgetable .
    cool .
    make me hahahaha .

    i can’t comment again .

    lee dong wook saranghaeyo ………………

  229. 229 : alberto Says:

    More, please! My Girl 2!!!!

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    yeah, this is one of the best korean comedy drama

  231. 231 : Charmaine Says:

    haha.. cant ignore this site… Love reading all people’s comments.. I love this series!!!

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    my girl is forever!!!!!!!

  233. 233 : izia Says:

    who’s the girlfriend of leed ong wook is it lee da hae?

  234. 234 : Charmaine Says:

    Im just replying about Izia’s question, I think not YET! Lol. Well, let just say Its not YET confirmed that they are really together, But I hope they are/will…

  235. 235 : Rika Says:

    This is the first film series i watched.. and cas this series, I LIKE KOREAN DRAMA… I like all OST of this serial… N the story too..

  236. 236 : Pansy Says:

    Agreed agreed bet comedy drama. Lee Dong Wook very handsome.

  237. 237 : Wonder Says:

    Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae all are good actor/actress , hope to see them act together again.

  238. 238 : alberto Says:

    Lee Dong Wook & Lee Dae Hee look so good together. Hope there’ll be more shows with them together…

  239. 239 : nina echizen Says:

    this story is very interesting…..

  240. 240 : Maggy Says:

    I have seen more than 55 (among korean dramas and movies) and this show is NUMBER 1, the BEST ever watched. I felt in love…. I like happy endings, not too seen in korean dramas. Am a fanatic number 1 of korean stuffs, hope to visit that country not far away, to feel the snow. I live in Central América and went three times to USA, but never in autumn nor winter season.

  241. 241 : tenxin Says:

    this movie is rele good…..i m fallin more in lob wid korean guys hehe…..so far i hab seen lee dong wook in this series only…does he work as an actor?”? can u plese tell meh his otha movie names…..thanks ^^all da best to lee dong wook …. fightin..lol

  242. 242 : ppp Says:

    to texin…yeah it’s that good. just read a few comments and you’ll know what i mean. i love it to death and even after watching like a hundred other dramas…this series is still my number one. dude i sound as though this drama was my first love or something…creepy…>.

  243. 243 : SHA Says:

    this is also one of my favorite korean drama shown in the Philippines in behalf of SPRING WALTZ…

    this show is so funny….. but i love its romance..
    SPRING WALTZ too… my Favorite ever….
    SEO DO YONG is so HANDSOME and LEE DONG WOOK too… yeS!!
    HAN HYO JOO is pretty and LEE DA HAE too….yeS!!

    MY faVorite LOVErs in KOREAN DRAMAS EVER !!!

  244. 244 : [cute] Says:

    love dis series!!!
    i want more!!!

  245. 245 : gtgret Says:


  246. 246 : annaliza Says:

    i love lee dong wook

  247. 247 : Renzel Says:

    The Best Koreanovela i’ve ever watched!

  248. 248 : Renzel Says:

    I love Wookie and Da hae. Their tandem is simply amazing. Hope to see both of you again on another koreanovela. God Bless!

  249. 249 : Janice Says:

    i’ll never stop watching this drama… it really makes me laugh… love this a lot! 🙂

  250. 250 : ifah Says:

    i really like this drama so funny gong chan and yoo rin are so childish and immature i will truly remember this drama for all of my life

  251. 251 : ifah Says:

    gong chan !!!! saranhaeyoooo!!! mmmuahhh i love u very much
    yoo rin you are so cute `she very pretty’ arabushi said
    i love this drama very muchhhhhhhhhhhhh
    i want to see my girl two please and keep the actor and actress
    the same people

  252. 252 : Mi-Rae Says:

    hi all…
    where can i watch …this drama ….. faster and clearer….cos watched the above link…very very slow…

  253. 253 : heina Says:

    Anyeong Haseyo!!!!
    Hey Im your # 1 fan here in the philippines and i really love your korean drama…..And I hope I can see you!!

  254. 254 : baby Says:

    Nice website!!

  255. 255 : hazeyra hady Says:

    nape citer nie best sangat huhh???? dis iz da best drama that i’ve ever watch. gempak giler….. i hope dpt jump ngan lee dong wook oppa, and lee dahae unnie…. ANIYOOOO……………’
    ^^Bbasya!! …SaRaNgNaYo…

  256. 256 : Jeffrey M Says:

    This website is great! I like korean drama especially this koreanovela MY Girl! I also have a crush on Lee da Hae because she acts geratly as in she can do comedy action and drama!

  257. 257 : Gia Says:

    Hello Koreans….
    You guys have done a great job…. theres a state in northeastern side of india its called manipur….. All fellow manipuris are crazyafter Korean Drama……… and ofcourse i am big fan of korean drama specially my girl… this one of the best drama i va ever seen … keep it up…

  258. 258 : syam Says:

    this is the best edited drama…
    good job…
    song has been edited excellent…
    actor & actress are so good…
    good job u guys…
    erm, before i’m forgot,
    i just want to say if you want to hear the My Girl song that i edited
    go to youtube…
    “My girl editted”

  259. 259 : rosmiza Says:


    I like to wacth new drama they act together (LDW and LDH)

  260. 260 : encore Says:

    yuck, kim chiu & gerald anderson remake? yuck..

    no one can ever replaced them..

  261. 261 : encore Says:

    yuck, kim chiu & gerald anderson remake? yuck..

    no one can ever replaced lee dongwook, lee jun ki, lee da hae, park si yeon even ABS CBN (phils) CAN MAKE HUNDREDS OF REMAKES!!

  262. 262 : loveroftv Says:

    This is still the BEST drama I have ever watched… and the effect of being one of the best dramas (full house and my girl)I have ever watched… I am watching it all over again and I seriously don’t get tired in watching this!!! WHOOT WHOOT go Lee dong wook and Lee da hae!!!

  263. 263 : loveroftv Says:

    This is still the BEST drama I have ever watched… and the effect of being one of the best dramas (full house and my girl)I have ever watched… I am watching it all over again and I seriously don’t get tired in watching this!!! WHOOT WHOOT go Lee dong wook and Lee da hae!!

  264. 264 : drama addict Says:

    Definately one of the best korean drama i ever watched. Lee Jun Ki is just so cool! can’t wait for iljimae! Hope Theres gonna be modern piece for him tho.

  265. 265 : Alexis Says:

    Credit goes to Lee da Hae here, she is the most happening element in the show.

  266. 266 : gwapotalaga Says:

    lee da hae for the win. nice series! a must see ^^

  267. 267 : ain n paah Says:

    we luv dizz drama so much…mmmuuuaaaahhhh……especially we like gong chan n yoo rin…..luv them so much….

  268. 268 : ain n paah Says:

    citer nie bezz gilerr…rmantic,lawak,cdey pun ader…….arap ley jmp actor dierrr…..

  269. 269 : mirae Says:

    Like dis drama…got perfect combination in terms of character and the casts…like ldw and ldh….also like lee jun ki soooo much2…i jz finished watching ‘the time between dog and wolf’..it is really2 a good drama to watch..a MUST SEE drama..i can bet u wont regret..seriously the character role by Lee Jun Ki in dis drama is totally different in My Girl…love Korean Drama..im going to Korea dis December..cant wait!! =)

  270. 270 : Johnny Says:

    one of the best k drama in recent time. good looking leads, nice scenery, great songs… it’s a typical k drama. you’ve gotta watch it.

  271. 271 : iluvit Says:

    ONE of the BEST.ONE of the KIND
    simply LOVED it
    simply ENJOYED it
    i can just sit back and watch it all over AGAIN!

  272. 272 : Humblehard Says:

    Thanks for wonderful collections. I watch most of Korean Dramas on Hana TV these days but still, Internet is my love.

    After having watched “Choon Hyang” Drama, I dont think there will be any other serial which will over take “Choon Hyang”. I was searching for this in Hana TV just now but no need as I can watch here itself. Thanks for the awesome website. Love it. Clap Clap Clap to teh admin of the site and Uploader/s.

  273. 273 : mi-rae Says:

    not bad… i am rewatching for the 2nd time… yoo rin is quite cute… very funny though… the only thing..i think jeong woo is too “pretty” for a guy.. and seol gong chan… hmmm…you won’t find him handsome if see him for the first time or two, but the more you see.. then you will realised that he is quite handsome too….

  274. 274 : totoro Says:

    wow…………..it’s amazing.lee joon ki is so lovely

  275. 275 : Sarahngge Says:

    Hi encore! Yes you’re right. MY GIRL the original can never be surpassed. But, hey, kim chiu & gerald will n0t try to surpassed it. They’ll never be a sec0nd rate trying hard copycat at all. They are also a fan who w0uld like to xperience h0w to be in their idol’s shoes. Let’s n0t criticize them. No crabmentality here, ok. Let’s just wish them luck! So let’s watch MY GIRL- filipin0 versi0n. Encore, cgurado ako filipin0 ka din. Let’s support each other.

  276. 276 : Pakou Chang Says:

    lee da hae is a GREAT actress and i hope i get 2 be lyke her when i grow up so i can decieve a lotta pplz hahahahah and lee joon ki is SO kute and prettie and seol gong chan is kinda kute and handsome but when he get mad he looks lyke a mouse hahahaha no offense out thea and no comment on se hyun b-cuz she cant cry foe nothin hahahahah but it’s okay b-cuz i can probably cry either… heheheheh bye!!!

    pk tsa

  277. 277 : bee89 Says:

    i love this drama………. but why yoo-rin cannot accept jung-woo

  278. 278 : bee89 Says:

    Le da hae is great….she also act in hello my lady….her character so cute….

  279. 279 : bee89 Says:

    yes i agree pakou chang about gong chan..he also like to make other people mad to him….hahaha……

  280. 280 : bee89 Says:

    i never bored to see korean drama because it made your fillings had sad angry and many more…..but i enjoyed it…

  281. 281 : Linsay Says:

    You can download this at http://www.tokiemedia.com/tv-shows/korean-drama/my-girl/

  282. 282 : sinting Says:

    wookie n lee da hae is so adorable in tis drama….its one of my fav drama ….i cudn’t help but laugh through the whole drama!aza..

  283. 283 : fatty! Says:

    i LOVE this drama! yoo rin is sooooo cutee.
    ahahaah and the guy lead is HOTT.

  284. 284 : Shin Chae Kyung Says:

    My GIRL………..mixture of sad, love and happy story.. Yoo rin ..she’s very cute and the liar that she had made. Although it is a fake but if we happy with that, juz continue..the liar that she had made is not for herself but for all of trhe person that she love

  285. 285 : SAMMY Says:

    This is ‘the best’ drama I’ve watch. And I’ll/I’ve watch it over again and again.
    Lee Da Hae is so GORGEOUS/PREttY/TALENTED! Lee Dong Wook is so FREAkEN HOtt/GREAt-LOOkING/CUTE! His role in this drama is perfect for a guy like him. He makes the funniest/cuttiest face EVER when his scared of the needle. And it’s so sweet when how he buys a present for her even though she’s not there and I wish that could happen to me (in a way). And I agree, I wanna see My Girl 2, even though this is the second part of another drama.
    So come on Hong Jung Eun & Hong Mi Ran (scriptwriters) and do add another part into this amazing drama.
    Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae makes a GREAT couple on-screen and I’m sure off-screen as well (if they’re single) AHAHAHHAs.

  286. 286 : zzul Says:

    i like gong chan….. he is so handsome while he in my girl…… i love you gong chan

  287. 287 : af Says:

    hi everyone…

    yeah…go go go my girl..
    best of the best its make me wanna watch it again n again
    the actors was so cute…especially yoo rin.. 😛

    gogogo bbasya!!

  288. 288 : marik_sam15 Says:

    wooooooshoooooo my girl is so super duper cute!!! luv this koreanovela a lot!!! well i love gong chan… jung woo… en yoo rin!!! they’re love triangLe is so good… let’s try to watch the tagalog vesion of this kim an gerald… aja! fyting!… but seriously no one can replace the original my girl… yay! luv em!

  289. 289 : zzzLovezzz Says:

    i watched this series for like the “Nth” time. This was one of the reason why I got addicted to dramas. i never get tired watching this over and over again. i saw a lot of dramas from Korean to Chinese and to Japanese but this still tops my list. Lee Da Hae is a superb actress. She rocks!- literally!!!! My Girl is just perrrrrrrffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeccccccttttttt for me!

  290. 290 : Mona Shely Sharita Says:


    everybody there know what song in my girl episode 13 side gong chan want go to jeju island in airport when snow come down..
    can everybody tell me

  291. 291 : mi-rae Says:

    Hi all,

    i am sad now.. cos all the episode are broken… i can’t even watch it….please help….towa juseyo….. chebal……

  292. 292 : MY GIRL Says:

    i love MY GIRL!! soo muchh

  293. 293 : mulan Says:

    I’ve watched this again together with my 15 yr old daughter and she really enjoyed it. She’s pond of comedy that’s why i recommend this drama to her. While we’re watching we made a lot of bonding and I’m happy knowing that my girl can now understand and adopt the meaning of life.

    Thanks for these Korean drama series.

  294. 294 : mi-rae Says:

    hi all…i can’t wait to watch again but all the episode are broken….*** ysomeone out there can assist on this matter**** please…. cos i can’t wait to watch again…

    mulan….. i would recommend you to watch snow queen….
    good educational series… if you want to watch with your daughter….

  295. 295 : jena Says:

    My girl is the best i hope there will be a My Girl 2 with the same casts!

  296. 296 : ymai Says:

    My Girl is one of my favorite Koreanovelas shown here in the Philippines..i really stayed late at night so as not to miss a single episode of it…i really enjoyed the story especially the actors portraying each roles…Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae really have a good chemistry..it only makes me sad that ABS-CBN is said to be making a remake of it, the Philippines version..i just don’t want the story to be spoiled like what happened to other remakes…also, i don’t personally like the local actor and actress that are supposed to portray the roles of Julian and Jasmine..i just don’t understand why the network chose this two teen stars to play the roles..filipinos are just sensationalizing the pair but actually, they’ve got nothing to show off..sorry for the rude words, but it only makes me feel bad that my favorite Koreanovela wil just be messed up by this two local teen stars…i hope the network won’t get me wrong…i just want to express my opinion…after all, its the views of the audience that matter, right…Nevertheless, My Girl will always be my favorite Koreanovela…

  297. 297 : jownee Says:

    i never thought that i’d appreciate a soap, not a korean soap, not dubbed. not until one day when my lil sis brought ‘my girl’ dvd at home. dunno what pushed me to at least take a moment and check it out… i have night shift job and i usually get back home around 12mn. when i started to get hooked with gong-chan and yoo-rin i’d sleep at around 6am! that was uber sacrifice! it’s so unlike me!

    well… i agree with you ymai!!! that so-called remake isn’t a good idea. hope they’d leave it alone and not mess up with it.

    hope to heavens that the original producers would consider a flick with same cast.

  298. 298 : karen Says:

    enjoyable. lee da hae did a gd job.

  299. 299 : Goong Ju Says:

    LEE JUN KI bravo!

  300. 300 : wien Says:

    the best k-drama did i ever seen
    storyline very good
    the cast also bravo
    love ju yoo rin and seol gong chan
    if u stress
    just watch my girl
    very funny and it will make u laugh never end
    believe me..

  301. 301 : hani Says:

    i finish watching it in 1 sitting > Its a repeatedly-MUSTWATCH drama for me maybe bcoz i’m addicted to almost all of its OST n use it as my ringtone = ). Dashing LDW and beauty-brilliant-humble LDH together with beauty-yet-gorgeous-mesmerising almond-shaped-eyes with lovely jawline LJK and promising PSY, d wonderful supporting casts and d storyline makes My Girl an outstanding story. Altho final episode is tiring a bit but i suppose d writer want us to feel d sweetness love between d lovers later on…[My Rating : 5/5]

  302. 302 : Rayhanah Says:

    mygurl is my feberet drama…..
    especially yoo rin…..!!!
    lee da hae looks chubby in this drama….!!!

  303. 303 : mandy Says:

    this drama was a long time my favourite

    now i think goong is a little bit better

  304. 304 : yo Says:

    my favorite drama! 🙂 the only one i got so addicted to that i bought a dvd. :)) and also cause i didn’t get to watch it while on air cause of classes. grr. the last ep was sooo :(( but the ending was sooo :))

  305. 305 : lene Says:

    gwapo ni lee junki. ……………

  306. 306 : PhuongThanh Says:

    I´ve seen a lot of kdramas …but My Girls is still the best,it´s totally funny,the actors and actresses are great!totally love it…

  307. 307 : PhuongThanh Says:

    I´ve seen a lot of kdramas …but My Girl
    is still the best,it´s totally funny,the actors and actresses are great!totally love it…

  308. 308 : chee Says:

    i love this drama; my favorite.

  309. 309 : ymai Says:

    i just can’t help but feel sad about the upcoming My Girl, the Pinoy version…i never thought it will push through but i saw its trailer shown on channel2 and i really felt disappointed how they still chose to continue airing the supposed remake….My Girl, the original version is really one of my favorite Koreanovela and i just really feel bad about how the network easily decided to do a remake and just chose those teen stars to portray th roles just like that…in my opinion, these young stars aren’t good enough to accept those big roles…they’re just being sensationalized by the young population overlooking the fact that they dont have the talent to do such a big show…they’re only pacute and it will only make the remake a failure…

  310. 310 : Jackie Says:

    One of my ultimately favorite Kdrama. (=

  311. 311 : nica Says:

    ano ba yang my girl fil. version!!
    nkkdiri… gross…..
    wla cla sa original cast…

  312. 312 : byha jo Says:

    love hero n heroin in this drama,,,,,,always be my faberet drama,,,,chaiyok gong chan!!!!!!!!!!will you mrry my nanny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hu3

  313. 313 : posh Says:

    this drama is really cool!.. this is the first kdrama that i watched.. and after that i became addicted with kdramas!!
    cast>> i like all of them… 🙂

  314. 314 : Kryz Says:

    No offense meant to the kapamilya channel, but why oh why? Just WHY?!!! Did you have to remake this series?
    Ok, so maybe i’m just over reacting without watching the outcome first but… gosh the mere fact that you have to decided to copy a master piece from another country, doesn’t that say anything about our orginality… plus, if i could just be honest to myself i would just want to ask, why you have to do a remake with Kim and Gereald?

  315. 315 : Kryz Says:

    Comments on the main leads. Sorry but i just think that Gerald and Kim are just way too young to play those main roles and they seem too… cute, for want of a better word.
    And truthfully, i was thinking that TONI GONZAGA would do better with the role. I was actually thinking of her playing it while watching the show: and that was a time that i wasn’t even aware that they are planning to do a tagalog remake of the series… and maybe Sam Milby could play opposite her. What could i say, they have chemistry…
    But still i would prefer them not to do the remake…

  316. 316 : Kryz Says:

    PS. i like this drama. it made me laugh like crazy as i watched this in the middle of the night while trying not to wake up my housemates… The korean lead is very endearing! You’ll definitely like Her!

  317. 317 : Kryz Says:

    PS. i like this drama. it made me laugh like crazy as i watched this in the middle of the night while trying not to wake up my housemates… The korean lead is very endearing! You’ll definitely like Her!
    This series is the reason why i watched Sassy Girl Chun Hyang. And i love both! You’ll be hooked!

  318. 318 : Nabila Says:

    i really2 like this story laa… Especially Seol Gong-Chan and Joo Yoo-Rin

  319. 319 : ymai Says:

    thanks goodness…! i thought i was alone in my sentiments regarding the pinoy version of My Girl….im grateful that there are still some people out there who are against the remake…its really not worth it, especially the two teen stars to portray the roles…they’re so trying hard, over acting and “pacute”..it doesnt make any sense at all…it’ll just ruin the nice feedback the original My Girl had…

  320. 320 : pinkika Says:

    Hohoho….Lee Dong Wook is really cool….
    But I cannot see him when he comes to Jakarta, Indonesia
    The ticket is sold out…

  321. 321 : apple:) Says:

    PERFECT! i really love this drama..nothing can compare!
    Napakasakit talaga ng loob ko when i heard na magkakaroon daw ng remake ito…kimerald version?OH CMON!GET A LIFE!
    why dont they make their own drama series and leave MY GIRL alone!

  322. 322 : apple:) Says:

    i never understimated filipinos…but ang i- remake ang my girl ay malaking MALAKING MISTAKE!!!!!
    i dont care kung sinong casts man ang ihampas nila…still…napaka layo pa rin.
    why dont we just stick to our emotional reputations of drama making?
    obvious naman sa mga drama na nililikha nila diba?
    kahit nGa kapuso channel may remake ng isang korean novela…
    call me O.A…or watever you want..but im not shutting up!
    SObrang lav ko ang my girl…and after touching many lives this is what they get?remake ng mga BATANG pinoy?

  323. 323 : chenez Says:

    hahaha!!.. agree ako sau!…
    kimerald!.. huwaaaat?!
    grabeh..sinira lang nila ang isang magandang obra!

  324. 324 : micaela Says:

    oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! agree ako sa inyong lahat hndi bagay sa kimerald ang role dahil masyado pa clang young, pero sana kung inisip nla payag na ako si tony at sam ang bagay kase nasa age group nla ang 22ong bida sa koreanovela at hndi magiging OA kasi magaling talagang mag comedy si tony hndi na kailangan na magtry natural na, hndi ko man napapanuod ang original na my girl but i realy love lee da hae, but pnanuod ko parin ung pinoy version kase d2 sa california TFC subscriber ako at solid kapamilya ako kahit na may kapuso kmi d2 minsan lng akong nanunuod don, isa pa wla na kasing mapanuod! ewan ko nlng kapag pati Princess Hours ay iremake nla? anu kayang mangyayari?

  325. 325 : divi Says:

    I watched it.. it was trendy and all good.. but I don’t get it.. why are some people crazy about this drama? I don’t see it.

  326. 326 : bonbon Says:

    hmmm.. nakakatuwa dn pala ung remake ng My Girl d2 sa pinas.. hehe..
    nung una sabi ko ang CORNY! ndi ko panonoorin
    kaso na-curious ako..
    and it turned out great.. it was the exact opposite of what i was thinking of,,
    kudos to Kim!!. haha..
    napatawa at napahalakhak nia ko.. (^^,)
    sana naman mga ganitong klaseng genre ng mga tv series ang gawin ng abs-cbn.. something new.. and fun to watch..
    sa wakas ndi drama!!..

    nakakaumay na kc ang drama.. madrama na nga ang buhay ko,, panonoorin ko pa drama..
    buti naman romantic comedy na ung ginawa(ni-remake) nila..

  327. 327 : kikay Says:

    magtatagalog ako para pinoy lang makaintindi nito. masyado naman kayong mabilis maghusga agad, hindi nyo pa nga napapanood yung outcome. minsan lang makilala ang mga artista natin sa ibang parte ng asya, imbes na papuri ang ibigay ninyo, agad naman ninyong sinisiraan at sa salita pang ingles para maintindihan ng lahat. ang pilipino nga naman. hindi iniisip kung ano ang magiging dating sa ibang lahi ng mga pinagsasabi basta may masabi lang. ayos lang naman sabihin ang inyong opinyon pero nakakalungkot lang na nakikita dito na haban sobrang papuri ang binibigay natin sa gawa ng mga koreano, agad nating sinisiraan ang gawang pinoy. imbes na sabihin nating kaya ng pinoy na gawing maganda din ang kalalabasan ng ating bersyon, tayo mismo ang nagsasabi sa ibang lahi na jologs ang kalalabasan nito!

    Naipalabas ang Sana maulit muli sa ibang parte ng Asya. Nakilala dito sina Kim at Gerald. Pero paano magugustuhan ng ibang lahi ang gawang Pinoy kung tayo mismong mga Pinoy ang unang sisira sa ating mga produkto?

    Hindi ba tayo kahit minsan lang, maging proud sa sariling atin? Kahit sa tingin ninyo ay meron pang mas magaling, e sila ang lumabas sa tawas eh. Sila na ang gumanap. Paano mo maexpect na mapatunayan natin sa mga Koreano na ipinagkatiwala ang palabas na ito sa mga Pinoy na kayang kaya natin, kung may mga kagaya nyong naninira agad dito?

    Kung hindi kayo masaya, wag na ninyong isulat sa mga forum na may ibang lahing nakakabasa. meron sigurong lugar para dyan. Kaya nag Pex! Lahat pinoy makakabasa. Doon magandang maglabas ng saloobin.

    pero wag naman dito. kasi hindi magandang repleksyon sa ibang lahi na ganito tayo.

    Matagal na akong naninirahan sa labas ng Pilipinas. Maaari nga ay nakalimutan ko na na may mga kagaya nyo na may masabi lang, hindi iniisip kung ikakasira ba ng bansa. Naging proud pa naman ako nung nalaman kong may mga ipinalalabas na teleseryeng pinoy sa ibang bansa.

  328. 328 : mayleen Says:

    agree ako sa’yo Kikay!

    Hindi ko din magawang hindi malungkot nung nabasa ko ang mga comments nung iba at dito pa sa site na may iba pang lahi na nakakabasa.

    tama ka dyan! daming utak ipis na Pinoy dito na makapagsalita lang ay hindi na iniisip kung ano ang magiging impact nito sa lahat ng Pilipino sa iba’t ibang parte ng mundo. These people should run for public office! Hehehe…

    Minsan minsan lang ako manood ng mga teleserye pero I’m still proud of the Pinoy talent! I believe we can compete anywhere else in the world! And I’ve seen an episode of My Girl Pinoy version, not bad at all! Kudos to Kim Chiu! Nagjudge lang siguro tayo ng maaga dahil mukhang bata sila for the role, pero so far, they’re doing great job.

    Galing ng Gawang Pinoy!!!

  329. 329 : deb Says:

    galing ni kim umarte

  330. 330 : leslie Says:

    I really Love My girl!
    IM so hook on It love the cast
    lee dong wook is the best korean male ever!
    lee da hae is so pretty
    hope there would be MY GIRL 2!
    i like lee da hae better in this kdrama than hello!MIss
    no other drama can beat my girl!

  331. 331 : ymai Says:

    mayleen Says:

    May 29th, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    tama ka dyan! daming utak ipis na Pinoy dito na makapagsalita lang ay hindi na iniisip kung ano ang magiging impact nito sa lahat ng Pilipino sa iba’t ibang parte ng mundo. These people should run for public office! Hehehe…

    i just want to comment to your comment…Well, you can be Kim and Gerald’s loyal fan for eternity,i respect that, but please don’t get too personal on the matter…if you patronize the lousy love team, go ahead but please dont say that “we”, who are against the remake are “utak ipis” for i think we’re more rational than being too “loyal” to that lousy team up…i think we’re more just being true to ourselves that really these young stars do not deserve the roles…im not putting down our local artists coz there are a lot of them that i salute to, but these two, they still have to grow up and stop being so “pacute” coz its really irritating seeing them… i ask pardon for other races who post their comments here and read us arguing on the matter…but i guess, this way, other people may have a better view and weigh things out…

    i just want to say please stop being too personal on the matter…you have your own views and i have my own opinions too..lets just respect that….peace….

  332. 332 : ymai Says:

    mayleen Says:

    May 29th, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    tama ka dyan! daming utak ipis na Pinoy dito na makapagsalita lang ay hindi na iniisip kung ano ang magiging impact nito sa lahat ng Pilipino sa iba’t ibang parte ng mundo. These people should run for public office! Hehehe…

    i just want to comment to your comment…Well, you can be Kim and Gerald’s loyal fan for eternity,i respect that, but please don’t get too personal on the matter…if you patronize the lousy love team, go ahead but please dont say that “we”, who are against the remake are “utak ipis” for i think we’re more rational than being too “loyal” to that lousy team up…i think we’re more just being true to ourselves that really these young stars do not deserve the roles…im not putting down our local artists coz there are a lot of them that i salute to, but these two, they still have to grow up and stop being so “pacute” coz its really irritating seeing them… we can’t just patronize our own local talents just because we have this “i love my own syndrome”..we have to be sensible enough to praise what’s worth praising and what’s not…i ask pardon for other races who post their comments here and read us arguing on the matter…but i guess, this way, other people may have a better view and weigh things out…

    i just want to say please stop being too personal on the matter…you have your own views and i have my own opinions too..lets just respect that….peace….

  333. 333 : zilje Says:

    when i saw then the trailer of this remix.. i kinda don’t like it.. but.. the moment i’ve seen their first aire on tv.. i was amazed by how kim played her role.. thumbs up !! but on the contrary i don’t like gerald..hehehe

  334. 334 : rhoj Says:

    ganda ng pinioyversion ng my girl,sobra!Kim is so funny. I love my girl and i love kim chiu!

  335. 335 : khadija Says:

    I watched My girl it was reallycoooooooool actually i’m from an arab country “Tunisia” here we are fond of the Korean drama we have seen my girl on dvd we hope to watch it on tv .

  336. 336 : grace a. Says:

    i really like lee da hae so much…hmmm for kim.i think she cant act as wat lee da hae does..

  337. 337 : jill Says:

    Galing ni Kim sa My Girl Pinoy Version. She is so cute and she is so funny!!!

  338. 338 : mayleen Says:


    Who’s getting personal now?

    I don’t think I mentioned being a Kim-Gerald fan! If you hate them so much, it’s up to you. I don’t care.

    What I meant is that as a whole, I like the Pinoy version of My Girl.

    If you think you are rational, then you should have seen the context of my comments as a whole! Why are you so bent up on bringing back the argument to the two stars that you seem to hate so much? It seems that you’re the one getting personal. It ain’t about them. (baka hindi mo nagets!)

    We’ll I didn’t mention any names in my comment, but you just proved na isa ka sa mga tinamaan. Sabi nga nila… bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan… TOTOO! hahaha! 😀

    Sa tingin ko, hindi ka sa ibang race dapat mag-apologize (did you mean, ‘I ask pardon FROM other races’?), kundi sa mga kapwa mo. But it didn’t have to be you. Kaw lang kasi, masyado kang nag-rereact dyan! You’re getting too personal! PWede namang deadma na lang kung hindi ka affected! Kaya nga tinagalog di ba? Para pinoy lang ang makaintindi. Sumagot ka pa sa salitang Ingles, mas lalo tuloy makikita ng ibang lahi na nag-tatalo tayo. At ngayon, you are asking pardon FROM (hindi TO!) them. (By the way, First language ko ang salitang Ingles sa lugar na tinitirahan ko, kaya na-nosebleed ako sa grammar mo! And this is me being personal!)

    (Tagalog na ito, tayo lang mga Pilipino ang makakaalam kung ano nangyayari dito!)

    At sya nga pala, sa iyong comment na:

    “we can’t just patronize our own local talents just because we have this “i love my own syndrome”..we have to be sensible enough to praise what’s worth praising and what’s not…”

    Bakit hindi? It worked for the Japs, didn’t it? Kaya marami sa kanila successful, because they love their own!

    Wag ka na magbother sumagot dito. It’s boring me already. Ito na ang huling beses na bibisita ako sa site na ito. Kaya useless kung magreretaliate ka!

    All I can say is that, i’m proud of My Girl Pinoy version! It’s worth watching!

    Kahit ako ay nasa bansang dayuhan, Proud ako maging Pilipino!

  339. 339 : Sarahngge Says:

    To mayleen: agree ako sayo. Bkit kya may mga kbabayan p tayo na trying hard mg-english makapanira lang s kapwa nila kbabayan gaya ni YMAI. Nakakahiya nman nbasa p ng ibang lahi wr0ng grammar nya. May mentalidad p din sya ng talangka. SA MGA FILIPIN0: Love our own. Sinabi b ng mga amerkan0 n pangit versi0n nla ng Betty la fea at cnbi din b ng mga hap0n n pangit versi0n nla ng Hana kimi? Hindi ako kim-gerald fan, ang sakin lng, wag tayo manira kapwa ntin lalu na’t may nkakabasang ibang lahi. In fairness to 0ur MY GIRL pin0y versi0n, it’s really g0od. Nagkata0n lng na teenager p c kim, pro bigyan m0 p ng 2yrs c kim, bagay na bagay na tlga s knya ung role, meaning, para tlga s knya ung role.

  340. 340 : ymai Says:


    i’d still want to post a comment because i’ll bet, you’d still visit this site in curiosity if i really won’t answer you back…

    well. i guess my fault here was that i was being too vocal about my personal views on the pinoy remake…i failed to comprehend that there a lot of people out there who have different views than mine…only that they never understand the word “respect”…i thought we can post our comments here freely without judgment..but, may mga tao pala dito na hindi sa “issue” nagco-comment kundi sa mga tao mismo na nagco-comment…i respect you naman if you think the remake is good….but please huwag mo namang sabihin na “utak ipis” kami just for that matter..hindi naman yata tama iyon..it is only my comment na i dont like the remake, i hate the local artists..that’s it…. ang point ko lang eh, hindi ang taong nagco comment ang dapat icomment dito kundi ang “issue” ng remake…i thought you’re proud to be pinoy, then bakit ka naninira ng kapwa mo pinoy by saying we are “utak ipis” just because we have opposing views…?respect lang naman eh, ang kailangan…ok lang if you say that the remake is excellent for you…i wont comment on that…but being too personal na nilalait mo na ang kapwa mo pinoy, parang di naman yata tama…irony lang kasi you’re being so pinoy but you’re proud to say that “By the way, First language ko ang salitang Ingles sa lugar na tinitirahan ko, kaya na-nosebleed ako sa grammar mo! And this is me being personal!”….i salute you kasi you have a good command of the English language…kaya lang you’re being “i love my own” na naman…well if ganyan ka, ok lang….i admit, trying hard akong mag-English because this is the only way to enhance my english…you’re lucky kasi you had the privilege to stay in a foreign country and have the opportunity to speak the language first hand…..kung dahil lang sa remake na ito tayo magtatalo, there’s no use….sayang lang effort natin..let’s just respwect one another as i was saying nga…sana naiiintindihan mo na ako ngayon…peace again….

  341. 341 : ymai Says:

    Sarahngge Says:

    June 2nd, 2008 at 9:55 am
    To mayleen: agree ako sayo. Bkit kya may mga kbabayan p tayo na trying hard mg-english makapanira lang s kapwa nila kbabayan gaya ni YMAI. Nakakahiya nman nbasa p ng ibang lahi wr0ng grammar nya. May mentalidad p din sya ng talangka. SA MGA FILIPIN0: Love our own. Sinabi b ng mga amerkan0 n pangit versi0n nla ng Betty la fea at cnbi din b ng mga hap0n n pangit versi0n nla ng Hana kimi? Hindi ako kim-gerald fan, ang sakin lng, wag tayo manira kapwa ntin lalu na’t may nkakabasang ibang lahi. In fairness to 0ur MY GIRL pin0y versi0n, it’s really g0od. Nagkata0n lng na teenager p c kim, pro bigyan m0 p ng 2yrs c kim, bagay na bagay na tlga s knya ung role, meaning, para tlga s knya ung role.

    i admit, pangit engligh ko pero this wont stop me from saying my opinion na i dont like the remake most especially the young stars portraying the roles….i thought opee ang site na ito for all comments, no biases, pero meron pala ditong mga mag nang oopress sa mga mga nagpopost ng comment…i just want to say my opinion..baka sabihin niyo na paninira naman ang gingawa ko kina kim..ang sa akin lang, di naman maiiwasan na macomment sila kasi they’re celebrities, prone talaga sa criticism…huwag naman magalit ang iba dyan…this is my own opinion…kung type nyo ang remake, go ahead…i respect you…at tsaka i have no crab mentality…talaga lang na hate ko ang kim-gerald team up dahil para sa akin hindi bagay sa kanila ang roles….love ko lang talaga ang original “My Girl”…..peace po….

  342. 342 : ymai Says:

    hindi ko inaasahan na ganito ang mapapala ko sa pagiging tapat lang sa sarili ko at sa pagsasabi lang ng nasasaloob ko…akala ko may kalayaan tayong magsalita ng naayon sa ating nasasaloob pero ito pala ay magiging daan lang para siraan ka ng kapwa mo pa man din pinoy….siguro nga hindi ito ang nararapat na site para sabihin ko ang nasasaloob ko hinggil sa “remake” na iyon..kasalanan ko din..sa lahat ng nagalit sa akin sa pagiging tapat ko lang, pasensiya na po at humihingi ako ng patawad…pero panininidigan ko pa rin ang opinyon ko at irerespeto ko ang mga opinyon niyo….sana po, huwag niyo po akong ijudge..talaga lang iba iba nag pananaw natin..ang sa akin lang, ayoko ng may sama ng loob kaya humihingi ako ng sorry sa lahat….ito ang unang beses na nakipagsagutan ako sa sa isang site, at parang sobrang babaw lang na itong isyu lang ang pinagtatalunan dito…ang portal na ito ay para sa original “My Girl” at hindi sa kung ano pa man…kaya sorry po sa lahat….sana maintindihan ninyo ako….

  343. 343 : raica Says:

    oopps..peace na diyan mga mare..hehe..
    well, i still think that the Korean version was much better..
    kim chiu was okey but i think she’s not yet that good in her acting..she’s cute , yes.. but she’s just cute..
    and like what you guys have been saying..hindi talaga “fitting” ang fil. casts sa role..masyado pa ata silang “hilaw” for this series..ü

  344. 344 : TAE Says:


  345. 345 : fiefa Says:

    best r cte my girl ni…..

    lg2 ad gong chan n yurin…..
    best sgt

  346. 346 : anony Says:

    nakaka-nosebleed ang labanan! ahhaha 🙂

  347. 347 : rHael Says:

    i like the pinoy version of MY GIRL^^

  348. 348 : apple:) Says:

    alam nyo bang sobra ang natanggap kong pagkasira nung nag palabas ako ng views over MY GIRL ,p version? alam nyo bang tinawag na akong kapal ng face..inggetera…at inutusan pa akong i compare ang sarili ko kay kim at tumingin sa salamin????
    ANG SASAMA nila!!
    whats wrong with expressing ones opinion??kahit nga pag english ko,sinasabihan nila akong parang di pilipino…at pa english2x!
    KASALANAN ko ba kong di gusto ang PINAY version????
    why cant they just mind their own business…?????wag kayong maki alam sa opinion ng iba!
    And one more thing.. mag ka iba lang talaga ang pananaw ng tao…sa tingin nyo ang mga ni remake na shows sa ibang bansa ay walang natatanggap na negative comments from their own races???
    ano kayo automatic poll machine at pwede nyo ng i sabihin confidently ang pwedeng mangyari???????

  349. 349 : apple:) Says:


  350. 350 : apple:) Says:


    hindi naman sa hindi kami proud being pinoy…porque ba masyado naming minahal ang gawa ng iba madali nyo na kaming i JUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  351. 351 : apple:) Says:

    Theres nothing wrong with it! the only thing is,others are too emotional and too repulsive!!!
    There’s no such thing na nag babawal not to express each of our views and opinions!
    We’re both victims of uncertain reactions na umabot na sa point na ayoko ko ng i open ang computer ko!
    I’ve said my comment nicely and they reacted and gone wild telling me to go to hell!!(mabuti pa ang site na ito…di masyadong mean ang nag rere act)
    I am not hurting anybody(well,emotionally,yes,i guess,para sa mga nag remake at nag portray). But i know theyre expecting this!
    We’re proud being pinoys…PERO, IS LOVING OUR OWN A LAW?
    As far as i know were not violating any law in here!(ang iba kasi umaabot na sa legal aspects kahit joke pero nakakasakit parin noh!)

    Until now masakit pa rin talaga ang loob ko sa mga natamo ko…di ko naman sinabing kailangan ko ng response nila sa mga comment ko at di nila kailangang gawin yun……….
    wala akong care if mapodpod ang daliri nila praising kimerald or the remake…basta just leave us alone and stick with it!!


  352. 352 : Sarahngge Says:

    Ang sakin lang, kung mgbibigay kay0 ng violent reacti0n o di magandang k0mento s kapwa m0 filipin0, magtagalog na lang kayo. Kung may mentalidad p rin kayo ng talangka, hala cge, tira- tira. Mag- english kayo s pagkokomento ng di maganda hanggat gusto nyo.

  353. 353 : TWIXMIX Says:

    Para kay Sarahngge, TAMA KA! PASOK KA!!!! 😀

    Sarahngge Says:

    June 9th, 2008 at 2:38 pm
    Ang sakin lang, kung mgbibigay kay0 ng violent reacti0n o di magandang k0mento s kapwa m0 filipin0, magtagalog na lang kayo. Kung may mentalidad p rin kayo ng talangka, hala cge, tira- tira. Mag- english kayo s pagkokomento ng di maganda hanggat gusto nyo.

    Nabasa ko mga comments. 😀 Nakaka-nosebleed nga! 😀

    I think hindi langa talaga nagegets nung mga taong nagcocomment na hindi ang pagiging kimerald ang pinag-uusapan dito. At hindi rin ang fact na ayaw nila yung remake. Kundi ang pagcocomento sa salitang Ingles para naiintindihan pa ng ibang lahi.

    Sarangghe, wag ka na magtaka na hindi nila magegets ang point! (utak talangka nga di ba?)

    tapos kinokoment pa nila na kayo ang emotionally nagrereact. E sila nga yung nagsasabing,

    “grabeng panlalait ang dinanas ko sa pagsasabi ko ng opinyon ko!” Parang ganito ang dating nito sa akin:

    “wala kayong awa! huhuhu! Inaapi nyo kami! dinudurog nyo ang aming puso!!! huhuhu! ipinaglalaban lang naman namin ang aming paninindigan! Ang aming prinsipyo!!! Huhuhu!!! hindi namin gusto ang remake!!! maawa na kayo! intindihin nyo kami!!! huhuhu!!! Pilipino ako pero hindi ko gusto ang gawang pinoy!!! mahirap bang intindihin yun! huhuhu!!!”

    Aba? Sino ang emotional ngayon??? Hmmmm…

    O yan, hindi ko sinabi ito sa salitang Ingles. Kasi hindi ko namiss ang point! 😀

  354. 354 : Kiwi Says:

    I like the Pinoy Version remake of My Girl!

    It gets better every episode.

    para kay apple,

    Yung sinabi mong

    Is loving our own a law?

    Hindi. Pero it doesn’t have to be a law for you to realize its significance.

    It’s not about it being a law. It’s about you having some sort of common sense.

    Marahil dapat nga siguro gawing law ito. Baka sakaling ikaangat nating lahat kung parurusahan ang mga kagaya mo. Hehehe…

    Talagang ALL CAPS ka pa sa pagsabing hindi mo gusto ang pinoy version ha! Talagang for the benefit ng ibang lahi ito. Bakit? Makiki-sympathize ba sila sayo? I don’t think so. Wala silang pakialam! Ang subliminal message lang ng sinabi mo ay hindi maganda ang gawa nating mga Pilipino.


  355. 355 : Sarahngge Says:

    Hay nku! Salamat TWIXMIX at may mga tao p na 2lad m0. Maligayang araw ng Kalayaan nga pla sa iny0ng lhat. Pati pangulo ntin inilipat ang pag-gunita ng Araw ng Kalayaan. Pro ipinagmamalaki ko p din ang pgka- Filipin0 ko. Tira- tira mga Filipin0! Ipakita ntin di lang s salita, pati din s gawa.

  356. 356 : Sarahngge Says:

    Trivia: did u kn0w dat Lee Da Hae is also a singer in Korea? * guyz, if u’re a fan of Lee Joon Ki, u’ve g0t 2 watch THE KING & THE CL0WN. His character here is s0o totally different frm his rebellious character in MY GIRL. He plays a gay here. Ü * You can also watch Lee Da Hae in HELLO MISS w/ Lee Ji Hoon. *** O, yan ha! Ceasefire muna (bkit, may away b). Ü

  357. 357 : Sarahngge Says:

    Tira- tira, Kiwi! Ü

  358. 358 : ymai Says:

    to apple:)

    alam mo, since nabasa ko ang mga comments nila sa akin regarding this “issue” medyo bumaba ang self esteem ko…parang ayoko ko na ring mag comment kasi i know i’d just be a subject to criticism…masakit din tawagin ka sa ibat’ ibang pangalan tulad ng “utak ipis” at “utak talangka”…medyo hindi maganda sa pandinig lalo na’t gusto ko lang naman ipaabot ang ang saloobin ko na ayoko sa remake dahil gusto ko lang ma preserve ang imahe ng original My Girl at lslo na ayoko ko rin sa pinoy cast…di ko alam na ganito ang aabutin kong panlalait ng kapwa ko pinoy…pero naiintidihan ko na rin sila..sana nga lang irespeto na lang nila ang mga opinyon ng bawat nag cocomment dito…isa pa, ang site an ito ay para sa korean version ng My Girl, the original one, kaya dapat lang na the original version ang pinag-uusapan dito at hindi ano pa man…

    ano’t ano pa man, nakikisimpatya ako sa iyo….alam ko ang nararamdaman mo, medyo masakit sa loob pero dapat intindihin na lang natin ang isa’t isa…nag sorry na nga rin ako kung anuman ang mga nasabi kong di nila nagustuhan pero pinaninindigan ko pa rin ang posisyon ko na ayoko sa remake na ito….

  359. 359 : ymai Says:

    to apple:)

    alam mo, since nabasa ko ang mga comments nila sa akin regarding this “issue” medyo bumaba ang self esteem ko…parang ayoko ko na ring mag comment kasi i know i’d just be a subject of criticism…masakit din tawagin ka sa ibat’ ibang pangalan tulad ng “utak ipis” at “utak talangka”…medyo hindi maganda sa pandinig lalo na’t gusto ko lang naman ipaabot ang ang saloobin ko na ayoko sa remake dahil gusto ko lang ma preserve ang imahe ng original My Girl at lslo na ayoko ko rin sa pinoy cast…di ko alam na ganito ang aabutin kong panlalait ng kapwa ko pinoy…pero naiintidihan ko na rin sila..sana nga lang irespeto na lang nila ang mga opinyon ng bawat nag cocomment dito…isa pa, ang site an ito ay para sa korean version ng My Girl, the original one, kaya dapat lang na the original version ang pinag-uusapan dito at hindi ano pa man…

    ano’t ano pa man, nakikisimpatya ako sa iyo….alam ko ang nararamdaman mo, medyo masakit sa loob pero dapat intindihin na lang natin ang isa’t isa…nag sorry na nga rin ako kung anuman ang mga nasabi kong di nila nagustuhan pero pinaninindigan ko pa rin ang posisyon ko na ayoko sa remake na ito….

  360. 360 : ymai Says:

    ang iba dito ang ikinagagalit ay ang paggamit ng salitang banyaga (ingles) para maiparating ang mensahe..para sa akin, wala namang masama kung mabasa ng ibang lahi na may mga Pilipinong ayaw sa remake…dahil talaga namang hindi lahat ay sang-ayon dito…dapat lang tayong maging totoo sa sarili natin na kung ayaw natin sa isang bagay, walang sinuman ang magdidikta ng nasasaloob natin..hindi ito ibig sabihin na wala na tayong pagmamalasakit sa lahing Pinoy,dahil lang sinabi na ayaw niya sa remake…di nga ba may kasabihan na “You cannot please everybody”? siguro, sakto ito sa remake…hindi lahat ay natutuwa sa remake na ito….kaya nga respeto lang sa kanya kanyang opinyon ang kailangan dito…hindi kailangang umabot sa panlalait na kesyo “utak talangka” at “utak ipis” ang isang tao dahil lang sa salungat na paniniwala…

  361. 361 : Kiwi Says:

    To Apple and Ymai:



  362. 362 : Kiwi Says:

    Ymai at Apple:)



  363. 363 : kris Says:




  364. 364 : Geniune Says:

    Maganda ang gawang Pinoy!

    MY GIRL PINOY VERSION has a different style, made to fit the Filipino Viewers!

    The Actors may be too young for the role, but they gave justification to the role of the characters in their own way! And they turned out great, considering they are just new in showbusiness. Shows dedication, ambition and determination to succeed, which is an admiring quality of the Filipino Youth!

    I love MY GIRL!

  365. 365 : Kix Says:

    I love MY GIRL!


    The plot is brilliant and the Filipino Main Characters gave justice to their Korean counterparts!

    Different styles, both are absolutely AWESOME!


  366. 366 : Gertrude Says:



  367. 367 : Nikki Says:

    Nothing beats the original version! The Filipino version is okay. Kim (Jasmine) portrayed her role very well. Gerald (Julian) is so-so, still very boyish. Lee Dong Wook is still the best Gong Chan.

  368. 368 : jasyoo29 Says:


    i think KIM was able to portray the role of yoo rin very well…she was able to put her own character on the role…she did not imitate LDH…but was able to give the essence of the character…more filipinos are loving her bec of this remake,,,
    …with regards to gerald…i think in every episode of the remake..he is improving…he’s becoming julian in his own way…

    ,,,this remake could not please everybody especially those who are BIG fan of the original version,,,but i think..we shouldn’t put our own version DOWN…
    ..this may not be as good as the original[as most people say] but this entertain a lot of people…and we should be proud of it…KIMERALD is just new in business but they were able to GIVE THEIR VERY BEST to make this REMAKE BEAUTIFUL…

    ,,FLAWS in a series is unavoidable,,,,this remake has flaws and so as the original….

  369. 369 : mistyfied Says:

    i love my girl pinoy version! I hope they put more on youtube! and I also love that song they did, it was called tira-tira on ASAP ’08! I hope i can really listen to the whole song!!! peace out ya’ll! :]] KIM CHIU u rock my sox!!!!

  370. 370 : maria Says:

    hi guy

    isa akong masugid na tagahanga ng kimerald,I love kim and gerald,kaya happy talaga ako sobra sa tuwng nakikita ko sila sa my girl ang galing galing talaga nila,at sila rin ni kim at gerald ang dahilan kaya ako nag subscribe sa tfcnow ng abs-cbn…kaya kim and gerald go go go lang kayo ng go,dahil marami kaming nag mamahal sa n u,dito lang sa sa europe marami na kaming nag aabang lagi na makita kayo sa tv or sa movie….I love pinoy version ng my girl soo much……

  371. 371 : Jeri Says:

    My Girl is Awesome!

    I haven’t seen the original but I want to see it now because I just love the Pinoy version so much! It’s funny and interesting! Now I know why the Kimerald loveteam is such a hit! They have an undeniable chemistry and you know that they aren’t faking the sweet scenes! They are so fond of each other and they have a special bond in real life that will make you ask for more when you see them on TV.

    NOw, I can’t wait to know how the story really went and I want to see the original version. I’m sure the rest of the story is just funny and brilliant!

    I Love this!

  372. 372 : apple:) Says:

    to ymai:)

    kapatid..wag kang masyadong pa apekto, those discriminations aren’t worth it for you to lower your self steem. dont take those words seriously lalo na’t galing sa mga taong makikitid ang utak at medyo paki alamera. mag tagalog ka man o english sa pag papaliwanag sa kanila,ang mga taong yan ay di tayo ma iintindihan kaya cheer up! PBASHYA! eka nga ni joo yoo rin!

    is’nt it funny…my girl ang topic dito tapos umabot na sa batas,even ang utak ng ipis at talangka nadamay na.siguro kung kilala lang tayo ng mga ito,matagal na tayong pina assasinate . at saka,oh c’mon! masama bang mag english?worried sila na mabasa ng mga dayuhan and everything,at masira ang image ng pilipinos and the phil.,eh matagal na ngang sira eh.

    sinadya ko talagang panoorin ang P version,di ko talaga kaya…tumitindig balahibo ko.

    be free to express what you feel and never care kung ano ang sasabihin ng iba.nakaka gaan yun ng loob diba???

    tawagin man nila tayo ng kahit ano as long as sa tingin mo ay di naman totoo,tawanan mo na lang. paki alam natin kung umusok ilong nila sa galit at mag mukha silang stupid para ipag tanggol ang pinoy made na di natin type!! at saka.di naman bababa ang presyo ng bigas kung sasang ayon tayo sa kanila…GODBLESS!

    totoo nga talagang haters will make you famous!
    and,may nag comment sa ibaba,in response sa akin na sana talaga maging batas ang loving our own(pertaining sa my girl P topic) para maparusahan ako,well,if that so,mas willing akong makulong even forever than pretending i like something that i dont!haha!

  373. 373 : ymai Says:

    to apple 🙂

    thanks for the encouraging words…ehehehe…im grateful im not alone in my sentiments….

    but still, nothing beats the ORIGINAL, KOREAN VERSION OF MY GIRL…!

    Go, Lee Da Hae..! Go, Lee Dong Wook..! Go My Girl..! ;p

  374. 374 : islandgurl Says:

    OMG!! i love this KOREAN drama.. It is ONE of my favorite K-DRAMAS
    LEE DONG WOOK is sooo HOT, LOVE it soooo much.
    It was suuppper Funny!! This korean drama was AWESOME:]

  375. 375 : apple:) Says:


    korek ka jan! nothing can really beats the original!!

    sa mga nagalit. ….loser!;p

  376. 376 : apple:) Says:

    sa mga galit sa amin:P


    wag na kayong mag react…kung mag cocomment man lang kayo,wag nyo na kaming pag sabihan…dahil talagang hindi kami makikinig..call us whatever you want…we dont care.
    leave us alone…..and mind your own business.
    matatanggap ko pa siguro kung ang ABS o KIMERALD o si GLOria ang mag sermon sa amin….eh wala kayo sa lugar eh…so better stay put.

    ang lalakas nyong manlait…wala kaming ginawang masama kaya tumigil na kayo…..
    BE BLESS!…sana.

  377. 377 : mj Says:

    hey girl!
    i’m also a fan of my girl-the original! hindi naman bgay sina kim and gerald sa role e! there too young for the original casts. they should have another title na lang sana and refrain from copying from other country’s shows. besides, we are talented filipinos right? we could create our own and don’t remake at all!…that’s why i’m so disappointed with abs-cbn! i don’t think they gave justice to the original version..sana they should have make it “my little girl” na lang…pwede naman yun di ba?

  378. 378 : mj Says:

    and yes, nothing could really beats the original! abs has great actors and they should have chose better ones to play the roles….anyways, i’ll still remain a kapamilya whatever happens….hehehe…

    and girl, so what if others do not like your opinion…who like theirs anyway?

  379. 379 : saku Says:

    I LOVE MY GIRL IT ROX! i wanted it to go on fer longer…but i was pretty happy at the end. wat happened to jun ki thou??

  380. 380 : apple:) Says:

    to mj:)

    You ROCK girl!
    ganda ng suggestion moh!!!


  381. 381 : apple:) Says:


    aside sa my girl…my type ka bang ibang korean dramas or movies?

  382. 382 : Mansanas Says:

    Bravo MJ at Apple!

    Apple at Ymai, we must apologize for focusing on your not-so-great English! Meron pa palang mas Nosebleed sa inyo!

    And the award goes to:

    [b] MJ! [/b]

    FYI (for your information, just in case di mo alam) kung gagamitin mo ang word na HAVE, make sure na hindi Past tense ang gagamitin mong kasunod. So CHOSEN would have been the correct word.

    THERE, translation: DOON. So I think ang gusto mong word ay THEY’RE, which means THEY ARE.

    Sobra! Nosebleed! Again, namiss mo rin ang point namin na sinasabi naming kung hindi ninyo gusto ang version ng ABS, ay itagalog nyo na lang para tayo lang ang nakakaintindi at hindi ang ibang lahi pa! YUN LANG ANG GUSTO NAMIN.

    Kung ibabash ninyo ang Pinoy version ng My Girl sa sarili nating linguwahe, e di sana, walang pumupuna sa inyo ngayon.

    E Pilit kayo ng pilit sa opinyon ninyo kahit na nakakanosebleed ang Ingles ninyo!

    bakit ba kaming mga nasa ibang bansa pa nakatira ang syang nakakaappreciate ng sariling atin?

    The more you retaliate, the more lang na napapasama kayo.

    So please! Just Stop!

    At titigil na rin kami dahil kahit humaba pa usapan natin dito, hindi nyo talaga magegets ang point at pilit ninyong ipopost ang opinyon ninyo sa limitadong Ingles na alam ninyo!


  383. 383 : i love mangga Says:

    *** para kay Ymai> A REAL SELF- ESTEEM BOOSTER: (1) Love your OWN; (2) Watch a ‘feel-good’ d-series like MY GIRL PINOY VERSION. Ü. Tira- tira!

  384. 384 : ymai Says:

    for the information of all, this site is for the ORIGINAL KOREAN VERSION OF MY GIRL, starring LEE DONG WOOK and LEE DA HAE..cant you read the heading above..? KOREAN DRAMA..KOREAN DRAMA..local versions have no place here…. need i say more…?

  385. 385 : ymai Says:

    To i love mangga,

    sorry but i dont buy the idea of “loving my own” especially if i know i cant be proud of it (the casting of the pinoy version, i mean)….

  386. 386 : nanah☻ Says:

    bakit ba nagiging malaking issue dito ang pag gamit ng english?

    bobo ka ba?
    wala ka bang ibang magawa kundi mamintas ng grammar??

    talagang hindi matitigil ang usapang ito kung may taong kagaya mo na hindi marunong umintindi,hindi alam ang salitang respeto,at hindi nag iisip na talagang iba ang pananaw ng tao!
    kung concern ka sa pagiging pilipino mo,pwes umuwi ka dito sa pilipinas at dito mo ipakita ang PAGMAMAHAL mo sa bansa o kaya sa dramang pinag uugatan ng lahat ng ito•

    web page ito ng ORIGINAL version…napaka babaw ng mo rason kung pag tatagalog lang ang pag uusapan.☺

    hindi mo talaga mage-gets ang point kumg ipag papatuloy mo ang kababawan mo at kakitidan ng utak mo:)PEACE!

    todo ka talaga sa sa pag korek ng grammar ng iba noh?hanggang dun lang ba ang kaya mo????
    mag post ka na lng kaya ng advertisement…tungkol sa yong grammar tutorial….atleast may silbi ang pagiging “MATALINO” mo at of course,ang iyong walang humpay na pagiging MATAPAT na pilipino!:P

  387. 387 : nanah☻ Says:


    bakit ba nagiging malaking issue dito ang pag gamit ng english?

    bobo ka ba?
    wala ka bang ibang magawa kundi mamintas ng grammar??

    talagang hindi matitigil ang usapang ito kung may taong kagaya mo na hindi marunong umintindi,hindi alam ang salitang respeto,at hindi nag iisip na talagang iba ang pananaw ng tao!
    kung concern ka sa pagiging pilipino mo,pwes umuwi ka dito sa pilipinas at dito mo ipakita ang PAGMAMAHAL mo sa bansa o kaya sa dramang pinag uugatan ng lahat ng ito•

    web page ito ng ORIGINAL version…napaka babaw ng mo rason kung pag tatagalog lang ang pag uusapan.☺

    hindi mo talaga mage-gets ang point kumg ipag papatuloy mo ang kababawan mo at kakitidan ng utak mo:)PEACE!

    todo ka talaga sa sa pag korek ng grammar ng iba noh?hanggang dun lang ba ang kaya mo????
    mag post ka na lng kaya ng advertisement…tungkol sa yong grammar tutorial….atleast may silbi ang pagiging “MATALINO” mo at of course,ang iyong walang humpay na pagiging MATAPAT na pilipino!:P

  388. 388 : nanah☻ Says:

    bakit nga ba kailiangang mahalin namin ang gawang atin na SA TINGIN NAMIN ay di maganda?? ang plastik!

  389. 389 : Mansanas Says:


    Hindi ako bobo.

    Kaya nga alam ko ang proper grammar eh!

    Bakit naman ako uuwi ng Pinas? E hindi nga ako pinanganak dyan eh! pero kahit paano, proud ako sa pinanggalingan ng ancenstors ko! At kung uuwi kaming lahat na nasa ibang bansa, lalong babagsak ang piso! At alam ko ang economics nito, kasi hindi ako Bobo!

    Nagegets ko nga ang simpleng Point na niraise dito.

    Wag pintasan ang sariling atin sa harap ng ibang lahi. ganun lang kasimple.

    Lahat tayo entitled sa opinyon natin. Ang nakakasama lang ng loob dito ay yung nagpupumilit pang mamintas ng sariling atin at TH pa mag-Ingles!

    Kung hindi nyo gusto ang Pinoy version ng My Girl, fine! Nasa sa inyo yun! Kung di nyo gusto ang Kimerald, okay lang din! Iba-iba tayo ng opinyon! Pero ang pagsira sa sariling atin sa harap ng ibang lahi ay kahihiyan sa parte nating lahat.

    Yun lang ang pinopoint namin dito.

    Kung sasabihin nyo ang punto nyo in tagalog, hindi namin kayo papakialaman. Hindi rin mababaw at makitid ang utak ko. Pero ang pagpipilit ninyong mag-English ng balu-baluktot para lang mapulaan ang Pinoy Version sa site na ito is just beyond me!

    Nanah, cool ka lang! Judging from your comments, napipikon ka na! Ikaw din ba si MJ? 😀

    Alalahanin mo, ang Pikon, laging Talo!


  390. 390 : Mansanas Says:

    Nanah sa quote mong:

    nanah☻ Says:

    June 16th, 2008 at 10:55 am
    bakit nga ba kailiangang mahalin namin ang gawang atin na SA TINGIN NAMIN ay di maganda?? ang plastik!


    Yan! Okay to. Tagalog. I respect your opinion. May point ka dito kasi itong ang perception nyo.

    May pagkakaiba ang Orihanal na bersyon sa bersyon natin. Mahirap din namang gayahin ng sobra sobra kasi magkaiba sila ng setting.

    Sa mga fan ng orihinal na bersyon, talagang merong madidismaya.

  391. 391 : Anne Says:

    I’ve watched a lot of Korean dramas but My Girl is still my favorite!

    About the remake, uhmm… never mind.

  392. 392 : scully Says:

    Whatever others says, I love the Pinoy My Girl than the original. Kim Chiu is so natural & she never fails to make me laugh plus her age is closer to the character’s age so it sit well with me how Kim portrays Jasmine. Added to the beauty of the Pinoy My Girl is the abundant & very evident chemistry of Kim Chiu& Gerald Anderson. My week nights have never been better…well, except for the scenes between Julian & Annika which I can do without, I am so looking forward to future scenes. Our PEX Kimerald thread is very fun to visit esp nowadays that we have so many kilig & funny scenes to discuss. Tira, Tira. Mabuhay sina Kim Chiu & Gerald Anderson. Good job. (I hope they’ll retain the ‘Mulder/Scully’ scenes. another show I love is the X Files so you see how hard it is to please me. For the comedy, I love Friends.

  393. 393 : nanah☻ Says:


    im totally cool…ganun lang ko kung mairita…
    anyway…lets stop this…im not mj or sino…it doesnt matter..
    you’ve said your point and i’ve said mine…thats all….wag ka na lang mag comment back sa mga nag cocoment dito…para wala kang maka away and di ka matawag nang kung ano.

    TH?why not….:)

  394. 394 : chae rim Says:

    Mahal ko talaga ang MY GIRL ORIGINAL VERSION….!
    Sa ABS version…ewan! Di ko pinapanood dahil baka masuka ako. kim?im sorry guys pero di talaga bagay,lalo na kay gerald.

  395. 395 : chae rim Says:

    Guys….di ito website ng kimerald!
    mag comment kayo sa website nila kung gusto nyo! kaya nga may nosebleeds at away dito ay dahil sa inyo!para lang to sa MY GIRL ORIGINAL VERSION fans. sure ako na di nyo magugustohan ang mababasa nyo dito tungkol sa kimerald o pinoy version. wag nyo kaming sisihin,dahil talagang paninindigan namin ang opinion namin….:P


  396. 396 : apple:) Says:

    sana sa last episode,nagkatuluyan sina park si yeon at lee jun ki…:)

    crush ko si jun ki pero ibibigay ko siya kay si yeon for the sake of a really,really happy ending:P

  397. 397 : lian Says:

    I love both the original & most especially the Pinoy My Girl….Kim Chiu & Gerald Anderson….love you both!!!!

    My Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!…..TIRA! TIRA!

  398. 398 : kIX Says:

    Because of the Pinoy Version of My Girl, I learned about the original. And I’m watching it now. I want to know how the story really went.

    So far so good!

    Both the Pinoy version and the Korean version are good!

    I like the way Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson! They have become Jasmine and Julian in their own ways! Kudos to both of them!

    My Girl Rocks!

  399. 399 : ronald Says:

    Whatever…KIM is the excellent as Jasmine. She gives justice to the role & fits her to a T. I just ADORE her.

  400. 400 : ronald Says:

    Whatever…KIM is excellent as Jasmine. She gives justice to the role & fits her to a T. I just ADORE her.

  401. 401 : ronald Says:

    Whatever others say, still there’s no denying that KIM CHIU is perfect as Jasmine. She’s excellent to say the least. I just adore her oh boy!!!!!

  402. 402 : JL Says:

    Tama ka Ronald!

    I like her better as Jasmine!


  403. 403 : ronald Says:

    Sorry kung MG Original thread ito but I just can’t help but admire Kim Chiu. Palaisipan pa rin sa akin kung papaano naging napakagaling ni Kim in such a short time. Mapapanganga ka na lang while she performs, drama & comedy combined, she never falters.

  404. 404 : joshy Says:

    hindi talaga aasinso ang ating bansa until matoto tayong tangkilin ang sariling atin…. be proud of being a filipino ika nga…. we are not saying na magsinungaling at magpanggap, pero huwag naman laiitin ang mga gawang atin sa harap ng mga dayuhan…….. ito talaga ang ugaling pinoy na dapat maalis sa atin….. this is not about kimerald…. this is about being patriotic at mahalin ang pagka pinoy and be proud of it….

  405. 405 : lee Says:

    ang sarap basahin ng mga komento dito!

    Nakakaaliw! Nakakanosebleed! 😀

    Pero tama ang point mo Joshy! Kung hindi natin gusto at alam nating may mga dayuhan na nakakabasa, pwede namang tumahimik na lang tayo. Agreeable na din yung sasabihin sa salitang tagalog lang para kapwa pinoy lang makaintindi.

    In fairness sa version ng Pinoy ng My Girl, maganda ha! Akala ko teeny-bopper lang ang dating. Magaling pala si Kim Chiu umarte. Akala ko kasi baguhan pa lang sya at alam naman natin ang normal na acting ng mga newbies. Pero dito sa My Girl, ang galing nya!

    Si Gerald din, kahit na mas bata sya sa role nya, he’s becoming Julian in his own way! The series gets better and better everyday! Kudos to Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson!

    My Girl-THE BEST!

  406. 406 : Paris Says:


    I wasn’t a fan of Kim ang Gerald. I didn’t even know who they were because I have limited access to Filipino channels in our country.

    But the series of My Girl in the Philippines is very good! I laughed and I feel inspired with Jasmine. She’s an epitome of strength and determination.

    Kim, the girl who portrayed Jasmine, is so damn good! She’s very funny. And she’s only 18! And I have to admit, Gerald is smoooking hoooot!!!

    Now, I get why my Filipino friends here in Europe are so addicted to this series even though we just get to watch this over the Net!

  407. 407 : joshy Says:

    thank you lee…… maski nasa malayo ako, pinoy pa rin ang values ko …. i keep the good filipino values at learn from other cultures too…. and i can still say “i’m proud to be a filipino”


  408. 408 : DAMIAN Says:


    REV-U-TUBE: My Girl: Your Primetime Kwela
    By Kokit Blancaflor

    Tatlong linggo na mula nang ipalabas sa Primetime Bida ng ABS-CBN ang Pinoy version ng “My Girl” starring Kim Chiu bilang Jasmine and Gerald Anderson bilang Julian. Ang My Girl ang unang adaptation ng Korean drama series sa Philippine television. Ipinalabas ng ABS-CBN ang original na My Girl Korean series noong 2006, at ngayon nga ay local version naman ang napapanood natin sa telebisyon.

    Ang kuwento ng Pinoy version ng My Girl ay katulad pa rin sa orihinal na series, pero siyempre marami ring iniba para maiangkop sa Philippine setting. Isang halimbawa na lang ay ang imbes na pagiging famous tennis player ni Anika (ex-girlfriend ni Julian) ay ginawa siyang beauty queen sa Pinoy version. Tama lang ito dahil mas makaka-relate ang madaming Pilipino sa beauty queens o beauty pageants, kesa sa tennis players o tennis mismo. Mabuti ito dahil ibig sabihin ay pinag-isipang mabuti ang paggawa nito sa tagalog, at hindi basta-bastang gumawa lang ng Filipino version.

    Sa tatlong linggong pag-eere ng “My Girl” ay marami na akong naririnig na positive comments dito. Marami ang natutuwa kay Kim sa pagganap niya bilang Jasmine, pero mas marami ang natutuwa kay ‘Jasmine.’ Kung mas marami ang natutuwa sa karakter ni Jasmine, pinapahiwatig lang nito na very efficient ni Kim sa pagganap niya sa kanyang role dahil hindi siya nakikita ng mga manonood bilang Kim Chiu, kundi bilang Jasmine mismo.

    Talaga namang nakakatuwa ang karakter ni Jasmine sa palabas dahil siya ang nagbibigay ng buhay sa buong show. Very comic, bubbly,OA, makulit, at ‘best actress in a sinungaling role,’ ito ang nakakakuha ng kiliti sa mga sumusubaybay sa palabas. Tama lang siguro na kay Kim Chiu ibinigay ang title role dahil nagre-reflect din ang pagiging bubbly at natural niya sa tunay na buhay ang ugali ni Jasmine. Siguro ay kaya marami ang naaaliw manood ng “My Girl” ay dahil sa ipinapakita nito, specifically sa karakter ni Jasmine, na pagkakaroon ng positive outlook in life; na sa kabila ng mga kinakaharap na problema ay nakukuha pa ring tumawa at hindi nawawalan ng paraan para lutasin ang gusot. Pinapakita rin dito ang pagpapahalaga at pagmamahal sa pamilya, na talaga namang nasa dugo na ng mga Pilipino.


  409. 409 : tina Says:

    I’m an addict to Pinoy Version MY GIRL kasi sobrang nakakatuwa si KIM CHIU nakakatawa at kung sa kilig well di madedeny ang natural na kilig sa dalawang bida. Bagay na bagay kay kim bilang Jasmine and Julian bilang gerald ang galing nilang dalawa I find myself always looking forward for the next episode.

    TIRA TIRA!!!

  410. 410 : kris Says:

    i love kim chiu.sori sa mga koreans pero mas maganda ang pagportray ni kim sa jasmine role than LDH. i like LDH in dramas!robbers rocks!

  411. 411 : judie Says:

    i like the korean and pinoy version:)

  412. 412 : chae rim Says:

    kim over lee da hae? si kim ang nanggaya! layo kayo nya!:P

  413. 413 : DAMIAN Says:

    of course kailangan gayahin ni Kim Chiu si LDH kasi sa kanya binigay yung role eh.

    Pero I like Kim Chiu’s Jasmine better dahil Pinoy style na yun. For sure sa mga Korean LDH is better. Kailangan itweak ang MG Pinoy version to suit the Filipino setting.

    But both are really good!

  414. 414 : Anne Says:

    Who the hell cares about remake? AFAIK, people came to this site to know more about the Korean My Girl and not about Kim Chiu. This is a Korean drama blog, people. Original My Girl fans don’t really care if you think that Kim Chui and Gerald’s portrayal are the best actors in the world (which in reality, isn’t the case). They can rot in hell for all I care.

  415. 415 : Anne Says:


    Who the hell cares about remake? AFAIK, people came to this site to know more about the Korean My Girl and not about Kim Chiu. This is a Korean drama blog, people. Original My Girl fans don’t really care if you think that Kim Chui and Gerald are the best actors in the world (which in reality, isn’t the case). They can rot in hell for all I care.

  416. 416 : SC Says:


  417. 417 : ronald Says:

    “Rot in Hell”? Napaka-devilish mo naman day? Parang wala kang Diyos?

    Sabagay ganyan ang mga insecured. God bless pa rin sayo.

  418. 418 : cha Says:

    Korean lang ba ang pwedeng magappreciate nung nung Original? Hindi naman porke Filipino ka kailangan tangkilikin mo na yung gawa dito. I mean hindi ba unfair naman yun? Sa korea nanggaling yung original, anong magagawa namin? I don’t see the point.

    And for those who said that Kim’s portrayal is better that Dahae, wth?

    anyway, if you want to give comment about your fave show My Girl Philippine Version, make your own site, coz this site is only for those who love the ORIGINAL version….

  419. 419 : cha Says:

    Well, you can say that Kim’s better coz you’re a fan of them. Can’t blame you. But, obviously, this is not the right place. Go to site where all posters love your idols.
    If you don’t want to read negative comments regarding your idols, you better not post here. I really hope you can read. There’s a pic above of My Girl ORIGINAL casts, so this thread is for only who appreciate the original.

    I feel sorry for the one who made this site.

  420. 420 : cha Says:

    I super love this series. Nothing can beat this. This is the best dramas I’ve ever seen.

    Wookie and Mukgu really look good together. I really hope another project for them.

  421. 421 : DAMIAN Says:

    Sorry about posting about My Girl the Filipino Remake.

    It’s just that, because of the remake, it made me appreciate the whole story. It was only now that I discovered My Girl.

    So we’re not just posting and complimenting the Filipino Remake. We are complimenting MY GIRL as a whole! Because the concept came from the Koreans. And it is so damn good!

    Both Kim Chiu and LDH are great in portraying the lead character! They have their own way and both are quite good.

    Not just admiring Kim Chiu and LDH, I’m admiring Yoo Rin! Such a great Character!

    My Girl Rocks!!!

  422. 422 : elaine Says:

    I believe the korean version is way better although i am also a fan of kim chiu,she’s good. but like…………the korean version is WAY BETTER. gosh its so obvious. hahahaha
    ok…i know people’s gonna go hate on me now. xD

  423. 423 : DAMIAN Says:

    Hi Elaine,

    No, why would people hate you? Taste mo yun, and I’m sure marami ang nagsheshare ng opinion mo. At least, hindi mo sinisiraan ang sariling atin. You still see the good in it.

    The Korean version is better for many people because they have seen it the first time, and it’s the original. NOthing beats the original.

    But the way the remake is going is also good. For me, I appreciate the Pinoy Version more because I haven’t seen the original before I learned about the remake. So this is a refreshing concept for me.

    Plus, there are many things that we cannot sync from the original coz the setting is very different. Until now, I wonder how they’re going to do the snowball thing and the snow thing, which is quite significant in the original version. That setting added so much drama in the original, which touched the hearts of the viewers so much. I don’t think the remake can do that. But we’ll see. They may come up with something creative, which we willl also appreciate.

    But as a whole, MY GIRL, both the original and the remake, are so refreshing to watch on TV. It’s so light, funny and yet it touches your heart. 😀

    Tira-Tira!!! 😀

  424. 424 : ronald Says:

    Wow bilib naman ako sayo Damian, walang masamang tinapay para sayo. Ewan ko lang din pero kuntento na ako sa Pinoy version, although I must admit that I haven’t seen the original MG. Still I find Kim’s performance quite remarkable. She can do both Comedy & Drama quite effectively.

  425. 425 : emdy Says:

    Honestly…I only watch the local version of MG bcoz of Kim Chiu. The girl is just adorable.

  426. 426 : polohot Says:

    hey, you guys know where can i find the sheet-music for this OST
    please gim it to me plzzz [email protected]

  427. 427 : apple Says:


    Anyway,kaming mga di type ang remake eh,na appreciate naman ang effort ni kim. I’ve watched the pinoy version twice last week,NO COMMENT(kasi mag comment man kami ng mag comment,di matitigil ang remake).:)

    Disappointing medyo, kasi ang mga writers natin ay wala ng idea. Siguro talagang magiging proud ako kung original PILIPINO piece ang trabaho ngayon ni kim at gerald.

    Tama ang nag suggest na ANG MGA GUSTO ANG REMAKE at gustong mag pahayag ng comment nila sa remake na yun eh…talagang mag hanap ng MY GIRL PINOY THREAD. I-consider nyo naman sana ang laawan sa itaas…
    Kahit pa sabihing sa dramang ito nanggaling ng remake,unawain nyo kaming mga taong sobrang na touched ang life sa dramang ito:(

    Subukan nyo ngang tingnan ang thread,fan sites…watever ng MY GIRL PINOY VERSION,wala kang makikitang NAPAKA TAAS NA COMMENT PARA SA ORIGINAL VERSION..ni hindi nga halos banggitin ang name ng mga korean characters eh…subukan mo ring mag comment sa site na yun at baggitin ang names ni lee da hae at lee dong wook…talagang mararanasan mo kung paano ipag tabuyan at sabihing hindi welcome ang mga katulad naming ayaw sa remake.

    Ganun din kami dito…kaya dont blame us kung may mababasa kayong negative….and PLEASE lang,wag na kayong mag comment back kung mang aaway man lang kayo sa amin.

  428. 428 : apple Says:



    Anyway,kaming mga di type ang remake eh,na appreciate naman ang effort ni kim. I’ve watched the pinoy version twice last week,NO COMMENT(kasi mag comment man kami ng mag comment,di matitigil ang remake).:)

    Disappointing medyo, kasi ang mga writers natin ay wala ng idea. Siguro talagang magiging proud ako kung original PILIPINO piece ang trabaho ngayon ni kim at gerald.

    Tama ang nag suggest na ANG MGA GUSTO ANG REMAKE at gustong mag pahayag ng comment nila sa remake na yun eh…talagang mag hanap ng MY GIRL PINOY THREAD. I-consider nyo naman sana ang larawan sa itaas…
    Kahit pa sabihing sa dramang ito nanggaling ang remake,unawain nyo kaming mga taong sobrang na touched ang life sa dramang ito:(

    Subukan nyo ngang tingnan ang thread,fan sites…watever ng MY GIRL PINOY VERSION,wala kang makikitang NAPAKA TAAS NA COMMENT PARA SA ORIGINAL VERSION..ni hindi nga halos banggitin ang name ng mga korean characters eh…subukan mo ring mag comment sa site na yun at baggitin ang names ni lee da hae at lee dong wook…talagang mararanasan mo kung paano ipag tabuyan at sabihing hindi welcome ang mga katulad naming ayaw sa remake.

    Ganun din kami dito…kaya dont blame us kung may mababasa kayong negative….and PLEASE lang,wag na kayong mag comment back kung mang aaway man lang kayo sa amin.


  429. 429 : shue Says:

    I Have Download All The Soundtrack. i really love this drama.
    lee da hae is sooo cute…

  430. 430 : disappointed Says:

    i never thought that i’d appreciate a soap, not a korean soap, not dubbed. not until one day when my lil sis brought ‘my girl’ dvd at home. dunno what pushed me to at least take a moment and check it out… i have night shift job and i usually get back home around 12mn. when i started to get hooked with gong-chan and yoo-rin i’d sleep at around 6am! that was uber sacrifice! it’s so unlike me!

    well… i agree with you ymai!!! that so-called remake isn’t a good idea. hope they’d leave it alone and not mess up with it.

    hope to heavens that the original producers would consider a flick with same cast.

  431. 431 : Jeril Says:

    The Pinoy Remake is Sooooooo Gooooooddddd!!!

    Kim Chiu gave an outstanding performance! Especially on the scene that she was drank! She was drunk and crying! It was so damn amazing!


  432. 432 : DAMIAN Says:

    Syempre Ronald. Kahit hindi ko maintindihan ang pag-iisip ng mga haters na ito, kailangan ko tanggapin ang opinyon nila para matuto din silang makaintindi at tanggapin ang opinyon natin!

    Basta para sa atin, maganda ang pagkakaganap ni Kim Chiu at Gerald Anderson sa remake ng My Girl. Oo meron din namang scenes doon na hindi ko gusto eh. Na may pagka-corny para sa akin. pero kailangan siguro yun.

    Basta ang importante, maganda ang tandem ni Kim at Gerald, maganda ang performances nila at nakakakilig sila! nanood ako ng My Girl dahil sa kanila!

  433. 433 : zen Says:


  434. 434 : zen Says:


  435. 435 : DAMIAN Says:

    Ang website na ito ay para sa My Girl at everything that has to do with it!

  436. 436 : veela Says:

    hay, nakaka disappoint naman…i visited this site to know more about the Korean version of My Girl pero ba’t may nag cocomment about the pinoy version? sana naman irespeto naman nila itong web na intented for the Original version.parang nakakainsulto naman na dito pa ipinangangalandakan ang pinoy version at pilit pang iinukumpara si Kim kay Lee Da Hae.para sa akin, magaling pa rin si Lee Da Hae at disappointed ako na sina Kim at Gerald na kinuha para sa roles nina Julian at Jasmine.

  437. 437 : KYLE Says:

    I don’t like this series!

    It’s so cheesy!

    They can’t act! The female character leaves you asking for something more from her. I mean, I couldn’t understand why the male lead fell in love with her in the first place. The chemistry between the two leads also leave you wishing there was something more there. You just can’t feel it! The onscreen chemistry was missing. And the two other characters are more charming than the lead characters. Whew!

    That’s just my opinion.

  438. 438 : DAMIAN Says:


    Ang nagstart naman ng pagcocomment dito about the Pinoy Remake ay yun ding mga haters ng remake. Hindi naman na dapat banggitin pa ang tungkol sa Pinoy version, binanggit pa ng binanggit. Natural, marami ring nagretaliate kasi marami naman talagang nagagandahan sa Remake. At yun ang puno’t dulo ng argumento dito. Pero kung nagstick na lang sila sa pagcocomment about the Korean without mention of the remake, wala sanang gulo.


  439. 439 : Mansanas Says:


    oo nga Damian!

    Sila naman nagsimula tapos nung marami na ang sumagot, sila na ang sumusuko at sasabihing wala daw place dito ang mga may gusto ng Remake at ng Kimerald! hahahha! Very funny! 😀 😀 😀

  440. 440 : i am sam Says:

    Honestly, I ain’t impressed with this Drama.

    I don’t understand what THE fuss was all about.

    Sorry for ya’ll fanatics! But the acting leave much to be desired. It doesn’t make ya fall in love with the love story at all. The actors lack chemistry! The plot was good though, I’ll give ya that. I think if the actors were not too cold on their acting, it would give more excitement to the viewers.

  441. 441 : zen Says:


  442. 442 : zen Says:


  443. 443 : zen Says:

    diyos ko…paki alam namin kung ayaw nyo sa korean version….basta we love LEE DA HAE AND LEE DONG WOOK!! AJA!

  444. 444 : jessie Says:

    Ang pinoy version ay walang sinabi sa original!

    Masyadong pa cute,hindi naman bagay.

    How sad:(


  445. 445 : Mansanas Says:

    Hindi ah!

    Maganda ang Original Version kaya nga ginawan ng Remake eh!

    Basta MY GIRL ROCKS! Both the Korean and the Remake!!!


  446. 446 : DAMIAN Says:

    O, Akala ko ba bawal na magbanggit dito ng tungkol sa Remake Pinoy version?

    E kayo rin pala ang hindi makatiis eh!

    O di sige, sasabihin ko ulit ang opinion ko about the Remake version to balance things out!


    I respect your opinion, respect mine.

    You mentioned about the Pinoy Version in this site to criticize it, I’m going to mention it to praise it! It’s currently number one now, so I guess there’s more of us na nagkakagusto dito.

    Okay? Peace!

  447. 447 : CHRISTY Says:

    Ok. Fair enough.

    My Girl Filipino Remake rocks!!!

    Chemistry of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson is really really good!!! Really really natural!!!

  448. 448 : RONALSING Says:

    hahaha…basta’t ang totoo ang siyang laging mananaig..maganda ang Pinay MG & KIM CHIU is just amazing. Ang galing-galing niya talaga.

  449. 449 : Proud to be PINAY Says:

    Guys, watch out for Lee Dong Wook in BITTERSWEET LIFE. —> My Girl Pin0y Versi0n rocks! Tira- tira! Gomsahapnida! Saranghae!

  450. 450 : andie Says:

    in the first place, bakit nga ba may pinoy version? bat ba hindi na lang tayo maging contented sa oriignal My Girl? why do we have to snatch the spot light from korea? as i see it, nakiki-ride on lang ang ABS-CBN sa kasikatan ng My Girl KDrama hindi lang dito sa Pinas kundi sa Asia…pinoy talaga o, we want instant glamour at the expense of other country’s efforts…

    anyway, i could be a fan of this remake if only Kim wasn’t chosen for the lead role of Yoo Rin…why was the role given to her? because of her oriental features? because she’s so “in” for the younger population? talent? i don’t see any other than magpacute ng magpacute…what more? i couldn’t think of any valid reason why she is casted as Yoo Rin.this is such a disappointment not only to me but i guess for all those who loved the Original one..

    having said all these, there is no point comparing kim to Lee Da Hae coz nothing beats Lee Da Hae as Yoo Rin…trying hard lang ang dating ni kim sa pagpupumilit na gayahin si Jasmine…

    to all kim’s fan, sorry but she is REALLY a disappointment to the remake..plus gerald..grosssss….

  451. 451 : andie Says:

    im a loyal of My Girl Kdrama………

    just love Yoo Rin and Ging Chan……….

    such a romantic couple…….

    more power…!

  452. 452 : andie Says:

    im a loyal of My Girl Kdrama………

    just love Yoo Rin and Gong Chan……….

    such a romantic couple…….

    more power…!

  453. 453 : emdy Says:

    For your info andie bago ka magsulat ay magresearch ka muna day. Hindi lang pinoy ang nagre-remake, USA din nagre-remake like Bea La Fea. So ano ang pinagpuputok ng butse mo darling? Dahil ayaw mo lang kay Kim na NAPAKAGALING DAY..I tell you.INGGIT KA ANO? Masama yan baka ka hindi makatulog..sige ka lalabas lahat amg pimples mo hahahaha..

  454. 454 : andie Says:

    haayz, emdy, alam ko, nagkalat na talaga ang remake ngayon.dahil ano? dahil ito ang easiest way para sumikat.bakit? dahil nga maganda ang naging reviews ng My Girl dito sa Pinas.so, ganon na lang, gaya gaya na lang ba for the sake of profit maximization?nakow, masarap talagang makisabay sa kasikatan ng iba, kumikita ka pa.lolz

    i beg to disagree, si kim, napakagaling?kelan pa? kelan pa naging magaling ang nakakasuyang acting?trying hard lang talaga ang dating niya.lolz.

    at lastly, bakit ako maiingit? bakit? at kanino?! hehehehe…

  455. 455 : andie Says:

    emdy, kung gusto mong ipagpunyagi ang sa tingin mo ay napakagaling (kuno) na acting ni kim eh, gumawa ka ng sariling thread para sa kanya at doon mo isulat lahat ng gusto mo.dahil ito, site ito ng MY GIRL KDRAMA.nababasa mo ba ang nakasulat above?KOREAN DRAMA.nakikita mo ba ang pic sa taas?sa tingin ko wala ni anino ni kim jan.lolz.

  456. 456 : emdy Says:

    NAGAGALIT KA so ibig sabihin totoong NAIINGGIT KA hehehehehe…period yon na yon bye bye na sa thread MO

  457. 457 : ronaldsing Says:

    Well sa inyong dalawa emdy & andie, ang masasabi ko lang ay…..wala..hahahaha..wala kasi never ko kasing napanood o nasulyapan man lang ang MG Original. Pero tama si emdy mahusay talaga si Kim Chiu ngayon. Mga critics ang nagsasabi noon, you don’t have to be a Kimerald to appreciate her. Wether you accept it or not, napakahusay na niya. I myself nagulat din ako dahil hindi naman siya ganoon kagaling dati. Peace to both of you.

  458. 458 : andie Says:

    hayyzz, nakakatuwa ka naman emdy.

    ronaldsing, i advice u to watch the original My Girl for you to have a better comparison of the two.see it for yourself. My Girl KDrama is really worth to watch. then, you’ll be able to say kim is way too far from Lee Da Hae.baka dito, mas magulat ka.lolz.

  459. 459 : ronaldsing Says:

    Ok andie, why not? So if u don’t mind asking is it on web or youtube? What is the link? Pero teka paano ko maintindihan? Is it in English or Korean?

  460. 460 : andie Says:

    you can check http://www.mysoju.com/ or simply click the link above “Watch Online with English Subtitle”. i just hope its not broken.

  461. 461 : cha Says:

    can we stop mentioning that remake, nakakasira ng mood..

    anyway, I super love the series, for those who hate it, stay away on this one, you are just wasting your efforts to post here.

    wookie and Mukgu rocks!!!!

  462. 462 : juliecute Says:

    hoy ang ganda ganda ng my girl no who the hell are you to say such words against my fave korean drama!!!!!!! jowk!!!! peo pwamis ang ganda ganda talaga ng my girl ang cute ni julian(gong chan)

  463. 463 : cha Says:

    That’s true, juliecute. This series is the most beautiful k-drama I’ve ever seen. I’ve never hook to any drama, but this one, it gave me full obsessions.

    Another series for Wookie and Mukgu would be great. More power to both of you.

  464. 464 : geles Says:


    Just simply LOVE yoorin and gongchan!
    They made such a perfect couple!
    So cuteeeeeeeeeee:)

    Can’t watch it on http://www.mysoju.com bcos it’s broken already!
    Hope it repair faster so i could watch it again!

    miss DONGHAE couple =P

  465. 465 : Mansanas Says:

    Andie, sa advise mo kay Ronaldsing na manood ng original, dahil baka magulat sya, ako mismo ang magsasabing:


    At Nagulat talaga ako!!!


    Ang galing-galing ni Kim umarte considering na baguhan pa lang sya! At tama talaga ang ABS for giving hte role to her!

    Tsaka tama na criticize nyo kay Kim!

    Kanya-kanya lang tayo ng opinion! Yun nga lang, we share the opinion of many!.

    Including all the critics sa Pinas! Kayong mga haters, okay lang. Wag pansinin! HINDI NAMAN KAYO QUALIFIED para magsalita kung ano ang magaling at hindi magaling!

    At oo, siguro dapat magresearch ka! Dahil baka hindi mo alam na merong series na Ugly Betty sa US! At baka hindi ka afford manood ng sine, dahil marami ring remake ang THE RING at the THEY sa US! Pero baka hindi mo alam!!!

    Alam nyo, sinabi nyo na na wag na imention ang remake dito dahil sa original ito, eh kayo rin naman ang nagsisimula eh! Tapos tumigil na, you brought it up again!

    natural, may magrereact!

    At yung sinasabi mong magopen kami ng site about the remake, wag ka mag-alala, hindi lang ISA o DALAWA ang site na open for the Remake!!! Marami pa! Kaya kami dito nagpopost kasi gusto namin maging balanse naman ang opinion dito sa site na to!

  466. 466 : fadi Says:

    I like the plot of this.

    Very unique. Very interesting.

    However, the lead star just… SUCKS!!! So… overacting!!! Not lovable. NOt someone I’d like to call My Girl!

    I like the Meteor garden lead a lot better or that girl from Sassy Girl!

  467. 467 : andie Says:


    haayzz, as far as i know, people visit this thread to learn more about lee dong wook and lee da hae at hindi sa tungkol sa remake at sa kung sinu-sino lang na trying hard na mga starlet..i thought may thread na kayo para sa kanya. wala cgurong bumibisita dun at dito nyo pa ipinagpipilitan ang mga comments nyo at kailangan nyo pa ang approval ng mga My Girl Kdrama fans.lolz. sabi ko nga, paki check ng pic sa taas at ni anino nya wala dun.heheheh.

    tungkol naman sa mga remake, u need not lecture me on that. napaka obvious naman talaga na kahit saan may remake. sabi ko nga, gaya gaya na lang lahat. pero, tama ba? do we have to do the same just because everybody does it? band wagon mentality nga naman, o. haayyyz…plus free riding pa.

    anyways, i will always be a loyal fan of My Girl Kdrama, the Original. ORIGINAL!

  468. 468 : mawar Says:

    simple story but represented in amazing way.
    Has strong chracter that’s what i like about “MY Girl”.
    The characters were well developed along the story to the end.

  469. 469 : cha Says:

    don’t worry,andie, you’re not the only one. I will forever love this series. Like on the quote saying, “Imitated but never duplicated”, nothing beats the original.

    anyway, for those who are still posting about that Remake and keep on fighting on us, please, give us a break here. For your peace of mind, we won’t post anything about the remake anymore. We’re My Girl fans already sick of this chaos.

    My Girl rock my world!!

  470. 470 : ronald Says:

    Thanks Mansanas. Oh hayan ha wala akong na-mention na words na ayaw niyo dito.

  471. 471 : andie Says:

    yey! http://www.mysoju.com/my-girl/ is almost fixed. guys, we can again watch and enjoy My Girl Kdrama. happy watching everyone!
    You’ll be blesseD…! 😉

    love u, Yoo-rin and Gong chan…! 😛

  472. 472 : ted Says:

    ….my Girl is one of my favorite kOrean drama : )
    ….i enjoyed the characters played by Dong wook and da hae ; )
    ….they did such a nice job there ; )
    ….they’re incomparable, the romantic chemistry is there ; )
    ….yah, ryt. nothing beats them!
    ….My Girl kdrama is no. 1 for me ; p

  473. 473 : adrian Says:

    i think my girl korean version is still the best kdrama i’ve watched so far. it has the elements of a drama i’ve been looking for:
    1. good looking lead casts ( well, this really matter to catch viewers’ attention)
    2. superb acting ability ( each character can portray and carry their respective roles well and can show proper emotions needed for the scenes)
    3. good plot ( simple but has substance. it has a comic-romantic genre but still has the ability to pull out the crybaby in you. its not the typical storyline that goes running round and round ang ends up with the feeling of disappointment) its really a feel good drama.
    4. the lead characters have this romantic chemistry and comic timing that blends well with each other and to other characters. you can’t say they’re overdoing it. it comes out naturally from them.
    5. most importantly, its original. not remake. heheheh

    in my opinion, my girl kdrama is a highly commendable drama.
    more power!

  474. 474 : adrian Says:

    hehehe..1 more thing, i simply love Yoo-rin’s character for being such a best actress for the role of an impostor. i simply love the lying scheme here. and the fact that they can’t hold on to their originally fabricated lies because their feelings for each other gets in the way of their plans, well, that simply touched me. really nice storyline line. good job there, My Girl kdrama. you made me feel its nice to be inlove and be true to ourselves, ryt! heheh

    fightin’! 😉

  475. 475 : cha Says:

    adrian, I super love reading your post. Hay, I really hope there’s a new series for Wookie and Mukgu in the future.

  476. 476 : cathy herrera Says:

    Oh My Girl the best comedy drama ive ever watch and i will watch it all years of my Life. My Girl inspire me so much that makes me Cheer up! Fighting! chayo!. I have a copy of it and whenever im sad i just have to watch and then my sadness flew away. This really touch my heart and soul and bcoz of this i want to go to KOREA. Im dying meeting Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae. Luv ol of them! Youll be blessed!

  477. 477 : moon Says:


  478. 478 : mygirlfanatic ;p Says:

    i think im falling for lee dong wook..:) i can’t help but admire his gorgeous looks and killer smile.his role as gong chan is really remarkable. im hoping all the guys out there are like gong chan, mysterious-serious type but can totally melt every girl’s heart.(hahaha wishfully). no doubt, nobody can duplicate his acting here as gong chan. there is only one gong chan and that is lee dong wook.

    ju yoo rin is also adorable here. i love lee da hae’ s funny-innocent-witty-charming-wacky-liar-adorable-happy-go-lucky character. it seems, everybody can fall for her charms and of course, her well fabricated lies. 🙂 well, i think noboby can portray ju yoo rin better than lee da hae. there’s no point of comparison whatsoever. (hahaha, totally fanatic, here)

    good job, my girl korean drama. you made my world a little more fun!

  479. 479 : lixies Says:

    sobrang gus2 q po tlga 2…
    paulit-ulit po nmin xng pinapanood
    di po tlaga kmi nagsa2wa…
    galing tlaga nila lee da hae at lee dong wok..
    sna mkapnta cla d2 ulit sa pilipinas….
    sana my part 2…
    more power…..!

  480. 480 : liyah Says:

    i feel sorry for those viewers na bilib na bilib sa remake, and up to now di pa napapanood ung original.
    2006 lang ata pinalabas dito sa pinas ung orig tapos after 2 years ginawan agad ng remake na pang-masa version, tsk tsk… business nga naman…

  481. 481 : jes Says:

    All these nice comments make me want to watch it again. Good acting by all the cast. Both Lees are great.

  482. 482 : cha Says:

    Due to my obsession, I made a lists of different episodes, in each episodes, I wrote those important scenes to make myself more familiarize on it. wahahaha.

    And I have to copies, I’m planning to buy another one and if lucky, to buy another dubbed version. wahahaha..

  483. 483 : cha Says:


    Due to my obsession, I made a list of different episodes, in each episodes, I wrote those important scenes to make myself more familiarize on it. wahahaha.

    And I have two copies, I’m planning to buy another one and if lucky, to buy another dubbed version. wahahaha..

  484. 484 : jessie Says:

    sa opinion ko lang…si KIM ay parang prostitute ang dating sa remake……

    TSK TSK>>……di talaga bagay!


  485. 485 : apple Says:

    jes,kapatid..masyado kang harsh,di naman masyado!haha

    in fairness,to the highest level na ang away dito huh..hanggat may naliligaw kasing mga pro-remake dito at pinangangalandakan ang kagalingan ni kim at gerald(daw) at sumasagot sa mga comment kahit di tinatanong,aba…di talaga ‘to matatapos.

    it does not matter if kaming mga fanatic sa korean version eh mabanggit ang remake sa thread na ito…dito kasi nag simula ang lahat….sa korean version,kaya,wag nyo kaming sisihin!

    sa ngalan ng mga kapit-bahay kong agree sa akin..in behalf of them…nakaka disappoint talaga ang remake.


  486. 486 : apple Says:

    last week nanood ako ng mv ni lee da hae..ung iloverock n roll bah…josh ko! ang sexy…kakaibang image..i was really shocked..

    and now mag sisimula nang ipalabas sa 12 ang hello miss nya…plano ko sanang bumili ng dvd nito kaso wala akong makita…cute pa rin daw si da hae dito..kakatawa parin….im excited!

    sino man yung naka panood na ng hello miss,paki share naman kung ano ang plot !…YOULL BE BLESS! pbashya!:)

  487. 487 : chika Says:

    ewan ko sa inyo..but mas nakilig ako sa orig version ng my girl…and i don’t care kung marami ang magrereact sa comment kong to because it’s my opinion…anywayzz..to those who say that the original my girl version is way better than the remake…nasa likod mo ako..nyahahahahaha…

  488. 488 : chika Says:

    ah baSTA….lee da hae rocks…lee dong wook should be commended by his portrayal of julian…ewan ko lang but very young pa sina kim and gerald for such mature roles such as these…i can’t help but compare…kahit kayo…kahit sino…magcocompare talaga…may mga parts sa series na pang mature na and sad to say..kim and gerald are way too young to portray these parts…

  489. 489 : Proud to be PINAY Says:

    Apple, ikakasal c LDH at LJH s ending. It’s a traditi0nal korean wedding. BTW, im a fan of both korean & pin0y versi0n of MY GIRL. Alam nman ntn n lahat tau ay entitled s knya-knyang opini0n so peace taung lhat. U can check out HELLO MISS a.k.a. HELLO MY LADY. I’ve also seen LDH music video of I L0VE ROCK & ROLL and she’s damn g0od c0mpare to BRITNEY SPEARS.

  490. 490 : apple Says:

    komapsuminida! ptbPINAY!

    pinanood ko sa you tube ang part 1 at 2 sa youtube..at talagang kakatuwa parin sya,josh ko! to the max daw ang gross ng album ni da hae..deserving naman…..hehe

    magkakaiba nga talaga tau ng opinion so the best thing to do is to respect each other..alam mo na…

    i really love the original version…

  491. 491 : apple Says:

    komapsuminida! ptbPINAY!

    pinanood ko ang part 1 at 2 sa youtube..at talagang kakatuwa parin sya,josh ko! to the max daw ang gross ng album ni da hae..deserving naman…..hehe

    magkakaiba nga talaga tau ng opinion so the best thing to do is to respect each other..alam mo na…

    i really love the original version…

  492. 492 : cha Says:

    anyway guys, catch Dahae on her new series called East of Eden starring SSH. Her role will be very exciting. check out soompi for more information. 🙂

  493. 493 : apple Says:

    to cha..


    who’s SSH?

  494. 494 : Mhel Says:

    I’m a fan from philippines.
    I love his TV series.
    Great actors and actresses!
    great story and it was fun…
    More power to all!!

  495. 495 : cha Says:

    to apple, oh, sorry if I only wrote acronyms. 😆

    anyway, SSH is SOng Seung Heon, the one is Endless Love Autumn in My Heart with Song Hye Kyo. 😀

    Dahae’s role will be very exciting, Can’t wait for it.

    hay, I miss My Girl Couple. huhuhu..

  496. 496 : highsockz Says:

    paAno b ung story ng my girL,,???
    cOusin b tLgah ni juLian c jaSmine?????
    pki kwento nman po,,,maRming sLmat!!!!

  497. 497 : highsockz Says:

    sa mga korean fans ng my girL,,,
    we cnt bLame u guys,,,
    oo mgnda ang korean versiOn pro sna nman,,,we’re FILIPINOS kya sna tangkilikin ntin ang gwa ntin….
    sna suporthan nLang ntn ung ngmuLa msmo sa obRA ng mga pilipino,,,
    hey! guys,,,,

  498. 498 : Yu Says:


  499. 499 : gurL17 Says:

    i lab watching my girL in fiLIpino version!!!!

  500. 500 : jane:P Says:

    to highshockz:

    anneyeong hasseyo! ang kapal moh!


  501. 501 : jasmine Says:

    I don’t watch much TV but I accidentally got a glimpse of The remake of “My Girl” and it inspired me to watch the original version again. IMO, the Korean “My Girl” is thrice better and it is one of the best drama shows I’ve seen and that’s saying something since I don’t like these Korean novelas or all telenovelas for that matter. I like the Korean show not only because it’s the original but because of the superb acting. Lee da hae is an excellent actress who can shift from drama to comedy so naturally. Her facial expressions are just packed with emotions, something that’s lacking in KIm whose forced acting turned me off in that one episode I saw. And Lee dong Wook is both good looking and perfect for the role. His seriousness and coldness are so natural that I actually thought he was like that in real life. The direction also is very good, compact and fluid. The new one is soo Pinoy in that there are a lot of “extensions” in the storyline just to make the story longer. Not putting down our own shows but let’s give credit where credit is due.

  502. 502 : jane:P Says:

    to cha:


    sounds exciting nga..eh si lee dong wook may bago ba?
    last yata na narinig kung tv appearance nya eh sa THE BEST ROMANCE..may bago ba?

  503. 503 : apple Says:

    to cha..


  504. 504 : louise Says:

    when i watch my girl korean version, my life is the same with the drama especially the role of yoo-rin. but except for being imposter…Ü

  505. 505 : grace Says:

    yungseyo………………………saranghe……………………leeeeeeeeeeeeeeee daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  506. 506 : misty_rose03 Says:

    Korean My Girl is the best!! I love Lee Da Hae..She’s a very good actress…I love all her dramas…I dont know why they made another version in the Philippines..Lee Da Hae is much much better than Kim Chiu..No one can compare Lee Da Hae!!!

  507. 507 : cha Says:

    @ jane

    yep, may new series si Wookie called La Dolce Vita, kasama niya dito si Park Xi Yeon..

    pero hindi ko feel looks ni Wookie dito eh..

  508. 508 : cha Says:

    😆 Someone even dare to post negative comments to loyal fans of My Girl ORIGINAL though he/she didn’t know what the story of My Girl all about? 😆 Pathetic.

    anyway, let’s keep our banners up. Don’t get upset. We’re not the losers here. This is our thread.

  509. 509 : carlski Says:

    lee dong wook won me over, he is really a good-looking guy, simply gorgeous. parang ang bango-bango di ba? also, magandang magdamit, although some of his suits were a bit dated, kasi mga 2005 pa yata iyon? but i believe he is also a model kaya magandang mag project. hope to see more of his projects in the future…please…

  510. 510 : claire Says:

    hey! well, i miss this movie! SO MUCH* haha, can you email me the FULL script of this movie? please? i will use it for our role playing contest of korean movies. I’ve chosen this one, because it’s so nive.. really.. here’s my email: [email protected] thank you so much! more power!

  511. 511 : shh Says:

    kayo talaga parang mga bata.
    ano naman nagyon kung may remake?
    may karapatan naman silang gawin kung anong gusto nila diba?
    at marami namang nasisiyahan sa reamake ah.
    para sa akin ok lang na ginawan ng pinoy version ang my girl
    dapat nga matuwa ang mga koeans na na rerecognize ang kanilang movies dito

  512. 512 : khae-shi Says:

    i just love this..can’t stop watching

  513. 513 : May Says:

    ummm can the last episode of this drama doesnt have english subtitles >.

  514. 514 : jason kidd b. cano Says:

    ang ganda ganda ni lee da hae! mwah! more power! but wish ko lang na sana there’s part 2! galing mo lee da hae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! saranghae!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sana mapanood ka pa sa world galing mo umarte! sobra!

  515. 515 : jason kidd b. cano Says:

    my girl philippines ratings: 100%
    my girl korea ratings: 100%

    pantay na pantay lang! hi kim chiu! hi lee da hae! mwah! to you two!

  516. 516 : jason kidd b. cano Says:

    looser ka kim sam soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my girl both korean and pinoy versions are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  517. 517 : jason kidd b. cano Says:

    sory ki sam soon pero totoo [email protected]#$%%%^^&^&&**(()))__{}|:”>

  518. 518 : jason kidd b. cano Says:

    kim sam soon pala hehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  519. 519 : cha Says:

    I’m a My Girl original fan but I’m also a fan of ASKSS remake. I love it, just perfect. I know it’s like I betray the My Girl, but I just want to watch which is good.

    I’m a fan of Original, not the remake, so, that’s not a way of betraying the original.. 😆

  520. 520 : dot.com Says:

    i am sam(page 9)..R U NUTS??????????

  521. 521 : cha Says:

    don’t worry, we can please him if he doesn’t want this drama. The hell we care? as long as we love this show. 😆

    I saw pics of Wookie at soompi, so love his new looks, no mustache…

  522. 522 : ninjagirlz Says:

    why i cannot watch this drama???

  523. 523 : Liseth Says:

    Hi!!please can you tell me a page where to find the drama My girl? Please I was watching it but it broke so now I cant watch more please tell me!!I will be very grateful


  524. 524 : zel Says:

    whaa. i really love this..
    absolutely the best.. hehe^^,

  525. 525 : Sasak Says:

    i love this drama – i laughed, i cried, i feel sad, i feel happy, i feel angry and i watched it till the end one episode after another on dvd – now i have to catch and recompensed for loss of sleeping hours. i enjoyed it tremendousely – am i the only male watching this drama? i am new to korean drama series – all you korean drama connosiours out there – any recommendation what to watch next? thank you – may good things be bestowed upon you all!

  526. 526 : Camellia Says:

    Ive bought the dvd 2yrs ago n watching it 5x already.It is such a wonderful drama….This is 1 of my fav drama including jumong,full house,time between dognwolf,hong gil dong n the legend..Hope i cn get a copy of iljimae,i started to admire junki when watching TBD&W,he cries a lot there,huhu!

  527. 527 : mieze Says:

    Waiting new best drama like My Girl. Possible LDH & LDW act together in new drama.

  528. 528 : kittie corpse Says:

    Lee Dong Wook

  529. 529 : kryztel Says:

    hi… i love this drama actually im watching it right now!! XD
    i can tell wer im watching it..
    jst message me…
    my email: [email protected]

  530. 530 : angelcoffeeprinceaddict Says:

    ang lapad naman ng mukha ni kim…..bat pa kasi nila ni remake…but my girl korean version is nice and better…much better coz its shorter and coz when its longer like the philippine version, magsasawa rin kayo na para bang hindi nila kayang pagandahin na maiksi lang..lee da hae is better…i like lee da hae better….duh!….but COFFEE PRINCE IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  531. 531 : emieylia Says:

    i really like watch this drama………..
    lee dong wook u are really good looking guy,symply gorgeous

  532. 532 : syara Says:

    the sondtrack of this drama is so INCREDIBLE..I’m really like it,beside the actor was so handsome..
    now,there is someone infront of me,a chinese man that is resemble with kwon sang woo..but i’ll not flirting him..

  533. 533 : devin Says:

    at sasak. i’m a 16 year old teenager and my girl is my favorite drama. i’m a dude. i agree with you, this drama is amazing. as for recommendations go, you should watch my name is kim sam soon, thank you, war of money, lovers, full house, coffee prince, yi san, wonderful life, save the last dance for me, and soulmate. that’s just naming a few. there are plenty more out there though. hope that helps. hong gil dong and illjimae are good too. i should stop now…>.

  534. 534 : cha Says:

    seriously, I hate the remake, Just laughable. hahaha..

    anyway, I really hope ABS just re-run instead making an imitation. hay…

  535. 535 : Camellia Says:

    To sasak:Time Between Dog&Wolf is currently airing in brunei..Try watch this,it is such a great drama..The casts are also gud looking n great too..I get hooked the 1st time watching the drama..Im watching it 4 da 4th time now.So dont missed it!

  536. 536 : apple Says:

    hi guys!im back!

    how i miss this thread..may matitigas parin pala ang ulo:/
    as usual..laughing stock pa rin ang remake para sa akin at sa mga haters..hehe:P

  537. 537 : JAMAICANBRAT Says:



    Anyway,kaming mga di type ang remake eh,na appreciate naman ang effort ni kim. I’ve watched the pinoy version twice last week,NO COMMENT(kasi mag comment man kami ng mag comment,di matitigil ang remake).:)

    Disappointing medyo, kasi ang mga writers natin ay wala ng idea. Siguro talagang magiging proud ako kung original PILIPINO piece ang trabaho ngayon ni kim at gerald.

    Tama ang nag suggest na ANG MGA GUSTO ANG REMAKE at gustong mag pahayag ng comment nila sa remake na yun eh…talagang mag hanap ng MY GIRL PINOY THREAD. I-consider nyo naman sana ang larawan sa itaas…
    Kahit pa sabihing sa dramang ito nanggaling ang remake,unawain nyo kaming mga taong sobrang na touched ang life sa dramang ito:(

    Subukan nyo ngang tingnan ang thread,fan sites…watever ng MY GIRL PINOY VERSION,wala kang makikitang NAPAKA TAAS NA COMMENT PARA SA ORIGINAL VERSION..ni hindi nga halos banggitin ang name ng mga korean characters eh…subukan mo ring mag comment sa site na yun at baggitin ang names ni lee da hae at lee dong wook…talagang mararanasan mo kung paano ipag tabuyan at sabihing hindi welcome ang mga katulad naming ayaw sa remake.

    Ganun din kami dito…kaya dont blame us kung may mababasa kayong negative….and PLEASE lang,wag na kayong mag comment back kung mang aaway man lang kayo sa amin.


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    Lots of love

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    mygirl Wallpaper ;


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    like lee da hae n lee dong wook..
    they r swet couple..
    loving couple…
    but somtime they look GEDIK au..
    wa…nympah tgk park see yoen..
    ase nk sepk au…
    haahaa..but thiz drama..
    jz acting…
    tabik rr….
    lov gler thiz drama…
    …my guz….
    tgu ak….

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    shes such a flexible actress
    i cant believe she can do comedy
    after watching green rose its just so hard to imagine
    that shes the same crying girl
    she has a really good chemistry
    with lee dong wook
    simply amazing

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    The best ever.
    I love the plot, the soundtrack, the technique of photography, the outfits, the chemistry between the actors and actress.. everything!!

    And the hilarious scripts… A bonus.. Made me watched it again and again.. almost 10 times

    And I expect other drama meet these qualities

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    fell in love wif lee dong wook(his name is the 1st korean actor name that i managed to remember)huhu.
    well, come to think of it, i think it was won bin. but it is 2-word name. so its easy. so, for 3-words name, its lee dong wook…
    i love dis drama coz it made me laugh so hard,
    mad as hell n sad that i cried…

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    its really really nice..and I also salute the director of my girl because as I watch it you cannot feel loneliness
    very awesome to watch
    hope I can have a full tape on this drama cause im only watching it over the tv and internet and I guess they cut a lot of scenes…..

  630. 630 : =) Says:

    Kung talagang love niyo ito manood kayo sa channel 23 1:00-2:00 in the afternoon.Hindi ko nga ito pinapalampas eh…Sure ako wala namang masama kung try niyong tignan kung totoo.

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    i super duper love it and i know di ako magsasawa.

    its funny and romantic at the same time.

    i hope that in the future ipapalabas p rin ang my girl. heehee^^

  635. 635 : rikkibolz Says:

    This drama will always remain in my memory forever.
    When there are laughing scenes, you laugh
    When there are crying scenes, you cry
    The cast really did a splendid performance
    even though the setting is limited
    the episodes are short
    but it’s worth watching!
    Lee Jun Ki had an awesome role there XD
    as well as Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook and Park Si Yeon
    Maka-touch jud siya!

  636. 636 : Evyrose Says:

    The best show for me!! Gosh, this drama is so addicting! Every episode is so FUNNY and ROMANTIC. I want to watch it again and again.. LOVE KOREAN MY GIRL!!

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  640. 640 : jelynharra Says:

    graveh gnda tlga ng my girl sana may part 2 Chief Producer: Kim Young Sup (김영섭)
    Producer: Bae Tae Sup (배태섭)
    Scriptwriter: Hong Jung Eun / Hong Mi Ran
    Director: Jun Ki Sang
    Asst. Director: Park Soo Chul (박수철)
    Cinematography: Bae Hong Soo (배홍수)
    Production Company: DSP Entertainment / 칼리스타
    Line Producer: Yang Kwang Shin (양광신)
    Marketing Producer: Moon Jin Ki (문진기)
    pls. make a part 2 of one of your greatest achievement thats MY GIRL and hope 8 will be soon

  641. 641 : Keniki Says:

    I love My Girl is soo romantic drama, i really love the couple Lee Da Hae&Lee Dong Wook

  642. 642 : yndy_friendly Says:

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    as in!!!!!11
    sana ibang korea teleserye na naman ang ipalabas ng abs!!!
    yung nakakatawa rin!!1

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    . . I enjoy watching my girl because it really enternating. . the casts are very good they deliver thier role perfectly. . more power to all casts of my girl and more projects to come for all of you. .
    . . i hope i will meet the casts soon because its my pleassure to meet them in person even if I’m a pure filipina. . Godbles

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    my girl korean version is the best!!

    masyadong O.A si kim!!pinipilit nyang gayahin si lee dae hae..

    halata na mang mas exciting at mas nakakakilig ang original version..

    i hate KIMERALD..

    si kim masyadong pa-cute!!!
    si lee dae hae super natural..

    lee dong wook and lee dae hae are THE BEST!!!

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    hi…. i love this drama pls po sana may take 2 po ang my girl kasi gustong gusto ko ang my girl. thank you……………….

  646. 646 : ALYSSA AMOUR Says:

    Hindi ko pa nakikita yung korean version.
    kung mapanood ko ung, tagalog/english sub, or ung boses lang
    baka mas maganda. and oa taalga ni kin.
    jssyn lang to, kahit na cute sila kimerald^^
    pero honestly, mukang mas maganda yung korean version.
    gusto ko panoorin T_T.

  647. 647 : [email protected] Says:

    hi sa inyo.ngaunn q lng naappreciate ang my girl(korean)wen i watched it in studio 23 and ang bilis ng soap ha.nghahanap nga ako ng dvd kahit pirated papatulan ko na eh.hehe…..sino ba my dvd senyo padalhan nyo naman ako.meron b sa record bars?txt nyo ko,heres my number.09083307943

  648. 648 : Maria Says:


  649. 649 : Maria Says:


  650. 650 : Maria Says:


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    lee dong wook ;the most hansome guy…i luv him so much …muah muah ..muah lee dong wook

  652. 652 : mechelle Says:

    hi!alam niyo napakaling ng mga cast ninyo..sana may part 2 pa kayo kasi gostong gosto ko ang my girl walang oras na hindi ko naaalala ang mga drama nila aantayin ko po ang part 2 ng my girl

  653. 653 : eeee Says:

    ; D

  654. 654 : arcinia a. delfino Says:

    cool my girl n tv show most popular!!!

  655. 655 : arcinia a. delfino Says:


  656. 656 : em Says:

    i was addicted with this opera!!! ilove all the cast!!! God bless

  657. 657 : Joanne Says:

    MY GIRLS is one of the most entertaining dramas ever…

  658. 658 : amit grg Says:

    It,s cooooooooooooooool &nice tv show
    Ilike it ya……….

  659. 659 : reeni Says:

    hi! lee da hae is beautiful woman. she’s my favourite actress. good luck for you lee da hae! MY GIRL IS THE BEST! WELL DONE!

  660. 660 : a-zie96_my gurlz Says:

    ellooo……i everyone…nice day,right?who open it comment??i LIVE now..the drama of my girl is the best..but very slow..nevermine..it drama is number one in korean drama (KBS)..i like lee da hae,lee doon wook and lee joon ki..maybe lee joon ki is gossip with BoA..but don`t worry girls,he is mine..hehehe..k..chow

  661. 661 : LuV Says:

    This drama is great…
    Luv the story (funny, great chemistry)
    Luv the cast (gorgous & can act)
    would recommend

  662. 662 : natsumi Says:

    this drama is awesome…….! I have cried so much throughout the episodes. It’s like every episode is so interesting…….I strongly recommend this drama to everyone…….>_

  663. 663 : sarati8 Says:

    the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest ever,watched it 5 times and gonna watch it again and again and agaaaaaaaaaaaain
    coz i …….adoooooooooooooooooooore it,and i adore Lee Da Hae & Lee Dong Wook,great acting,fabilous plot,incredible chemistery,hilarious,touching,romantic………the best Romance,Comedy ever.^_^
    if u haven’t watched it yet,then what are you waiting for???? PaboOoOo

  664. 664 : sese hangma Says:

    my most most most fav drama

  665. 665 : Korean lover Says:

    i love this movie…..but it was so sad…..i love the character of lee joon ki…he was very attractive n more imprtant his loyalty towards the girl….anyway, i love this movie…

  666. 666 : cuitcuit Says:

    i watched it over and over again…
    today is the 10th times i guess…
    never get bored on it…
    luv them all…

    Fifa forever Lee Da Hae – Shi !!!

  667. 667 : wim Says:

    i really love this! MY GIRL!..it’s been more than a year ago since i first saw this and i kept on watching it, until my dvd got lost..i was busy during my college years and this has been my stress reliever (together with fullhouse)..hehe, i wanna watch more drama like this genre, anyone who can recommend? thanks

    i can’t miss without saying this is a must see and if you want to laugh with tears, hehe.. the creators of this drama is great! i salute!

  668. 668 : Smile Says:

    Great Drama!! made me laugh out loud… u must watch it!! I like Ju Yoo Rin! She gives me strength when i see her fighting so hard to survive while her situation is bad, she doesn’t gives up! Reminds me of..Go! Girl power!

  669. 669 : Leyzell Says:

    Whoaa…! Two of my favorite actors/actresses in Korea.
    This drama is one of my favorites too 🙂
    I am really hoping they would do another drama/movie again in the future

  670. 670 : are-da Says:

    lllllllllllllllloooooovvvvvvvveee korean ddddddddrrrrrrrrraaaaaaammmaaaaaaa

  671. 671 : are-da Says:

    rrrrrrrrromantic sttttttttttorrrrrrrrrrrry

  672. 672 : samantha Says:

    wow, I love KOREAN movies. but this is THE BEST. ^^

  673. 673 : Petala Says:

    This is the best Kdrama I’ve ever watched!!! It’s hillarious!!! Love Lee Da Hae so much!!!

  674. 674 : ilovekorea Says:

    i loved it .

  675. 675 : Valentia Says:

    I love this show verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy much! I like Lee Jun Ki. He’s so pitiful. Ahh.. Actually its Seo Jung-woo who like Joo Yoo-rin 1st. Not Seol Gong-chan. Seol Gong-chan and Kim Seo-hyun was together at 1st. Its should lasts. Seo Jung-woo was the one who say he likes Joo Yoo-rin
    1st. The show like very stupid. Because at the last part, it doesn’t show what happen to Seo Jung-woo, what happen to Kim Seo-hyun and Ahn Jin-kyu with Yoon Jin-kyung. Anyway I love Lee Jun Ki!

  676. 676 : xitsjennyyy Says:


  677. 677 : alinaish Says:

    i really luv this drama……..and all of their songs…….and also their actors and actress.. 😉

  678. 678 : EunJae Says:

    really Love this DRAMA!!!
    i really love lee dahae and lee dong wook!!!
    Im waiting for the Part 2 also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pls…grant my Wishes!hehe….bbasya!

  679. 679 : Sony Says:

    My top 20 of Korean Drama I’ve ever watched are:
    1. Boys Before Flower
    2. The Snow Queen
    3. Coffee Prince
    4. Jumong
    5. The Legend
    6. Hong Gil Dong
    7. My Girl
    8. Princess Hours
    9. Full House
    10. Witch Amusement
    11. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    12. Bad Love
    13. Single Dad in Love
    14. Lovers in Paris
    15. One Mom Three Dad
    16. Love Story in Harvard
    17. Who are you?
    18. Hello Miss
    19. Stairway to Heaven
    20. Wonderful Life

  680. 680 : Ann Says:

    Lee Dong Wook =

  681. 681 : Kelly Says:

    This drama is probably my favorite out there. The acting and storyline was superb. And the cameo at the end was the whole reason I watched Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang! 🙂

  682. 682 : pqah Says:

    this movie is REALLY BEST

  683. 683 : hanna mae vino Says:

    nag gwapo talaga ni lee dong wook ,,bagay sila ni jasmine…

  684. 684 : pyka_wookiehae Says:

    i’ve watch almost all korean drama with various actr/actrss
    Non of them can deFeat
    >MY GIRL

    luv dong wook 4eva!!

  685. 685 : mumu Says:

    i think it’s a little bit too late to me to watch this drama.but “my girl” has good story, good conflict, good actor/actress..
    so it’s really really worth watch this drama!

  686. 686 : roger Says:

    I love Korean tv shows, although I usually only watch the romantic comedy type. Here are my top 5.

    1. Coffee Prince
    2. My Girl
    3. Princess Hours
    4. Vineyard Man
    5. Full House

    My wife got me started on these and we both watch them even though we are not Asian and speak only English. They have good values and are lots of fun. Personally, I like the ones with less dialogue – easier to watch the performers and keep track of what’s going on.

  687. 687 : awynsyam Says:

    i lov Lee Dong Wook….. the most hansome and Perfect Guy!! Muuuahhhh….

    ‘My Girl’- the best korean drama

  688. 688 : iya Says:

    4 months ago, i have absolutely no idea about kdramas, thank goodness i gave it a try after hearing a friend raving about my girl nonstop LOL…my girl got me hooked to kdramas, watched it 6x already and i never get tired of it, i can practically watch it without subs and still understand it, ack! ack!…it tops my list together with city hall which i absolutely adore too.these 2 definitely set the bar high for me…now i cant seem to watch US series anymore LOL…kdramas FTW! aja! aja! fighting!

  689. 689 : wea05 Says:

    i love this drama!!! i laugh when she act… i love the character in this drama, especially lee joon ki!! he’s so cute!! supah!

  690. 690 : evp Says:

    I just started wachting Korean drama..but made me addicted with k drama..best storyline n never bored even if u wacth fr time to time..n My girl..aahhh very veryy..good, make laugh n cry n Le Da Hae – she’s funny.too.. all the actr/actrss R great!!!

  691. 691 : JOY Says:

    i love this tv series it was my favorite one.i will never get tried watching .i wish their a sequel to it.. i really miss their love team..lee dong wook you hella fine…

  692. 692 : denisse Says:

    love this drama a lot. Together with delightful-girl choon-yang..the cameo in the end. hha. both series were great.hope to watch more kdramas with the genere of comedy & romance. They’re so cute together

  693. 693 : jaju Says:

    who will not fall to Lee Dong Wook… he is so charming on TV well how much more in person… i like this drama esp the middle part … it made me cry.. my heart melts eps the “you and me against all odds thing” lol

  694. 694 : Zooey Says:

    My Girl is one of my favorite Korean dramas. It’s just so much fun to watch. And I’ve got to say that I have this super big crush on Lee Dong Wook. I just want to squeeze him all day! XD

    Zooey Korean TV Dramas

  695. 695 : jeesuki Says:

    this is my 2nd drama that i have watch after full house…it was very excellent and wonderful story…i like it very much!!!! ~0~

  696. 696 : Devina Says:

    Sorry Guyssss…………. but in my opinion, this drama is just too common, not as great as people said…. it’s nice… but nothing special…. in my opinion, full house n cofee prince are much better than my girl…. but anyway, my girl is quite worth watching.^^

  697. 697 : cutie Says:

    best drama ever-excellent acting by lee da hae, good looking casts, good ost, fast track, not repetitive, funny and sad -all element for good drama.

    Full house and coffee prince just good-nothing more to say.

  698. 698 : yoon eun hye.o5 Says:

    how dare you say that FULL HOUSE and COFFEE PRINCE were nothing compared to these freakin’ ugly show???!

  699. 699 : lavender Says:

    I thought LDH’s fans are among the worst, YEH’s fan even worst + soooo childish. People are entitled to say the drama is just good or excellent. Bt the way, who are u, a pricess?, people must follow whatever u say. when you grow up, please don’t work in quality department k.

  700. 700 : kali Says:

    this is da 1st one
    korean series i ve seen
    this series inspire me to look forward others series tooo
    i dint slept 2 nyt becoz of dis series in 2 day i finished dis series
    hope to see dis kind of romantic , funny n intresting series in da future
    thanx for intire unit
    kep going on
    love yo lee dong wook

  701. 701 : Sara Says:

    i love BBF! my all-time fave drama forever!
    I love you Kim Bum!

  702. 702 : megan cullen Says:

    lee jun ki cute huhh…i love himmm…..jun ki kawaiee..muaaxx

  703. 703 : ushmana Says:

    lee joon ki.
    you r looking so so cute.
    at the climax the heroine should be yours but its ok.
    love you.
    ushmana from Nepal.

  704. 704 : sami Says:

    i loved this drama ‘my girl’.
    lee dong wook and lee joon ki both looks fab.
    And i also liked the climax part with lee dong wook and lee da hae together.

  705. 705 : Umai Says:

    Lee dong wook is so hot…

  706. 706 : laxMee Says:

    hey… this is one of my all time fev drama… i love it

  707. 707 : callalily Says:

    love drama & love song

  708. 708 : meico c. Says:

    i really get addict bcoz of this drama!! i watch it in mid night bcos my mom is going to be mad at me if she saw me watching it everyday. as if i watch it in mid night so that no one can notice me. hehehe can i comment back to ifah. bcoz i dont agree if they make my girl 2, becoz if they make a new my girl maybe the story will go badly… its better to stick on my girl only.. at least we can still be a #1 of them. hehehhe. lets just cheer for them.. i just hope another drama that lee da hae and lee dong wook are the couple but not another my girl. just another story for them bcos i really like their chemistry,….

  709. 709 : BiGiKu Says:

    I wish Joo Yoo-rin would like Seo Jung-woo

  710. 710 : BiGiKu Says:

    PS. I love this drama!!

  711. 711 : Toyin Says:

    I love this drama. I have watched it three times already. Very interesting and funny. Love Lee Da Hae! Go girl!

  712. 712 : aimee lagahit Says:

    hi there, im aimee of phillipines i really really like the tv series of my girl the charcter’s are so great specially lee dong wook, i hope i can see him in person but right now his in millitary service good luck for him happy new year every one ^_^

  713. 713 : Yvonne & Padme Says:

    annyong haseyo, this message especially to the chief producer and director and to all the crews for “MY Girl” series, i hope u all can make another series like my girl, coz it really a nice and romantic series,, but must host by lee dong wook and lee da hae (they are perfect couple to all the fans) we are looking forward to their new series, and hope our dream will come true and hope my wishes will come true soon,, happy new year,, kamsamida (thank you)

  714. 714 : My Girl Fan Says:


    Please visit http://fuckyeahmygirl.tumblr.com and let’s reminisce altogether!

  715. 715 : irah Says:

    annyong haseyo…………..
    seol gong chan…
    you are so handsome
    saranghae oppa
    this story is so funny
    eu kyang kyang…..

  716. 716 : ueoa Says:

    There is a newer drama, You’re Beautiful (Q4 2009), that has a very similar feel to My Girl (in my opinion.)

    It made me laugh and cry. The main couple is very cute together. The male lead has similar mannerisms to Gong Chan in My Girl and is handsome once you get used to his face (or that is how it was for me anyway) : )

    love love love my girl!

  717. 717 : sahar Says:

    wow ! i’ll never forget about it’s really lievly love and atmosfier that it considered! the acting was very good and the senario was bilieveble.
    i would fall for gong chan as well if i were in yu rin’s shoes:)

  718. 718 : shebee Says:

    never bored of watching this comedy romantic drama. i’ve been watching it for over and over and over again. it’s because of wookie and lee da hae’s chemistry. really really hope they can play together again as the main actor and actress in the other drama. love it!!!

  719. 719 : farhana Says:

    Annyo…..well done to all actors of this drama…..i enjoy this drama….i like yoo rin’s character….good luck to all actor’s of this drama…..KAMSA HAMIDA….pupa shikoayo…sarangi…..

  720. 720 : junki fan Says:

    At first I started to watch this drama because of Lee Jun Ki. But then I understood that it’s a beautiful drama! It’s a great comedy and love storey! All actors did a good job. I like Lee Da Hae since hello miss.Now I like her better.I found out a good actor Lee Dong Wook.And of cource Lee Jun Ki is cutest! Jun Ki oppa hwaiting! Basya!

  721. 721 : julia Says:

    This drama is a good drama I ever saw, and I watch that many time. I like main actor and actoress very much. lee joon ki is a nice guy and brave to speak out his feeling to lee da hae but lee dong wook not. the rich old man ask lee jon hae to leave the house because of lie. but she works there for pay. another point even she work for pay but she treat the old man as her real grand pa. my feeling is the old man should give her a chance to stay. at the end…… still a good movie.

  722. 722 : calla Says:

    One of the BEST….. Thanks to the HONG sisters.

  723. 723 : adjustable beds Says:


  724. 724 : mylene Says:

    i love this korean drama..

  725. 725 : Tika Thapa Magar Says:

    This is the first korean drama i have watched.This drama is very good . It has all features including comedy, romance,tragidy all………..Lee da hee was very good in this drama ,since i watched this drama she is my best actress ,i have watched her many drama. She looked nice with Kim dong wook-is one of mine best korean actor . They look like real couple .I’m hoping that i can watch their next drama together. In other Hand Lee jun ki is also very good. Actually all of the four are so good. When Lee jun ki cried in the drama ,i also felt sad and touch my heart .

  726. 726 : toronoto swingers Says:

    One of the BEST….. Thanks to the HONG sisters.

  727. 727 : Nisu Says:

    Hey guys i just love the drama Mr seol u rob my heart and joo you rin i just wanna b like u but not that kind of bluffer.

  728. 728 : Ratih Says:

    so nice… so interest… so funny… so romantic ! i like it !

  729. 729 : VA USA Says:

    charming, delighted kdrama series. I enjoyed it very much

  730. 730 : VA USA Says:

    charming, delightful, kdrama series I’ve seen. I enjoyed it very much.

  731. 731 : LaDy ninie Says:

    hello….. i from malaysia.. i like this movie….lee dong wook the most handsome juy… i like u..

  732. 732 : marjorie Says:

    Hi! Ms. Lee dae hae i like this movie and so romantic,funny,nice……… And i enjoyed it and very best the movie in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!

  733. 733 : Aaliyah Says:

    This is the BEST Korean Drama i have seen so far. If there is anything better please do let us know.

    would incourage any1 to watch it. you wont regret it.

  734. 734 : christina Says:

    i reaallly enjoyed this drama. i’ve watched a LOT , but this was the best one i’ve watched so far. i must say that this is even better than full house and you’re beautiful. sorry guys .

  735. 735 : drama korea Says:

    i very like this drama!!

    lee dong wook is the best actor…
    love you!

  736. 736 : meemee Says:

    Hi……….. i from myanmar . i like this lee jun ki. welcome to myanmar. myanmar people’s this movie very nice.

  737. 737 : nana Says:

    i like my girl. This drama be my top fav drama for 1 year. But after i watch You Are Beautiful i will go for YAB. go and watch YAB, guys. The script writer is same person. If you all like this drama, u will like YAB too. The way of funny scene is almost the same. PLEASE WATCH YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL TOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    aaliyah: You are beautiful is better than my girl for my opinion. Watch it!!!!!!!!!!!

  738. 738 : czar Says:

    i really liked this serial i wish 2 meet da characters esp seol chang

  739. 739 : czar Says:

    i really liked this serial esp seol chang. wishh 2 meet him

  740. 740 : nurul affira Says:

    hi… i’m nurul.. this is best korean drama i was seen… Congrate to lee Dong Wook n Lee Da Hae… it’s very touching of my heart… n congrate to director also

  741. 741 : JUNIE Says:

    i love this drama’my girl’.this is the one all time my fav’kdrama.

  742. 742 : Ratih Says:

    I’ve watched it two times but I’m still not bored

  743. 743 : samar Says:

    I have much of fun, thanks you make laugh and cry
    the songs are good

  744. 744 : ririn Says:

    my girl i love you…its my favourite drama

  745. 745 : ririn Says:

    i love u

  746. 746 : diefan Says:

    my girl is one of my faves kdrama series. thanks

  747. 747 : nor Says:

    my girl is one of my faves kdrama series. thanks

  748. 748 : INA Says:


  749. 749 : kristina Says:

    cute stars…… >_

  750. 750 : traijila Says:

    i have seen this drama any times and i still i like it n see it eberytime. the songs are good and humming too.its a good drama….

  751. 751 : eya Says:

    i’ve seen this kdrama..its really interesting and enjoyable..
    i loved it…this the best kdrama i’ve seen so far…
    i would encourage everyone to watch it..you would’nt regret..^_^

  752. 752 : lee Says:

    the great drama…………..

  753. 753 : asih Says:

    MY GIRL Good drama,good actor+actress and good song

  754. 754 : greenrose Says:

    YES! i like this drama ! good drama, good actor and actress especially LEE DA HAE!She is cute, pretty, and…very good act!chaiyo!leeda hae!

  755. 755 : nisu Says:

    hi guys u were oasum in tat drama. i just love u guys

  756. 756 : nisu Says:

    hi gys u were aosumk in tat drama,. i just love it and i have made many of my frens to watch it each n every one of them becamr ur fan. just love it

  757. 757 : dArEEn Says:

    love it……..i love dis korean drama…………watch it pipol it so funny……and characters are so good looking…….watch.,…:)

  758. 758 : aco Says:

    love lee da hae…:)

  759. 759 : KSA Says:

    GREAT DRAMA i like IT

  760. 760 : SK Says:

    this is reallya great drama to watch!!! everyone must watch!!! Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae is such matching couple! this is a all time fav drama….

  761. 761 : aco Says:

    i wish to make bf like L.D.W..huhuhuhu….

  762. 762 : aco Says:

    ehh im sorry..have a bf like ldw..;)

  763. 763 : shawty{lolo} Says:

    my gurl drama !!! good actor especially the actress Yoo Rin is a funny lady go for it girl you are my number one

  764. 764 : sahar Says:

    still i can’t forget how wonderfull was this drama although i watched it long time ago . what a nice senario i had !

  765. 765 : sam Says:

    my gosh…watched it so many times….love it so much!!!

  766. 766 : Jeshh Says:

    This is the best drama I’ve ever seen. 🙂 This drama made me laugh so hard and cry so hard. :)) Love this drama. Love Lee Dong Wook!

  767. 767 : evep Says:

    yes I watch ‘ My girl ” so many times n still laugh n cry..as always.
    loved it n want to watch again..n again, also goes to ” Spring waltz “!

  768. 768 : love drama Says:


  769. 769 : Po Po (Myanmar) Says:

    Dear Lee Dong wood,
    Now I’am writing a story . Main actor is you . Because you are match and you are the best actor for me. I’am crazy to looking for your new CD
    and VCD.Lee Da Hae also made many people to crazy . She is super star in Myanmar. Thanks all parson from korean movies.

  770. 770 : Po Po (Myanmar) Says:

    Dear Lee don wook & Lee Da Hae,
    now I am writing a story .Main actor is you. Because you are the best for me . I’am crazy to looking for your CD and DVD. Lee Da Hae is super star in Myanmar.Many people love her .Thanks for all people from korean movies.

  771. 771 : amirah and shazana Says:

    we love u so much!!!

  772. 772 : fazz Says:

    to any one who love watching korea drama but your internet is so slow, you can folow this link http://15mbpsspeedhack.weebly.com

  773. 773 : tyas Says:

    Kalo bt drama serial yg satu ini, aq ga bakal lupa ceritanya gmn……
    mungkin indosiar bisa berbaik hati untuk nayangin lagi. cz aq suka bgt ma drama yg satu ini. bt indosiar , please tayangin lagi ya,.

  774. 774 : Rhai Says:

    I looooove this! There’s not a moment when I’m not laughing while watching this.

  775. 775 : rahul Says:

    Hi everyone i just love this drama more than anything….. I am an indian and there are not many here who know about my girl 🙁 and anyway i would love to hear about lee dong wook and lee da hae from someone who knows korean or lives in korea, and all you people from malaysia and thailand other countries, do u understand korean or did you see with english subs. And someonepls tell me what the lead pair are upto now b’coz almost all the sites are in korean and i can’t really understand anything 🙁 ,and so many of you leave responses but none of you show your mail id’s 🙁 and i would love to make friends from other countries so pls mail me : [email protected].

  776. 776 : rusydan Says:

    the drama and its ost suit well and make me want to be a part of the story.i like i very2 much

  777. 777 : zumofu Says:

    at first i was not that excited to watch “my girl” but seeing GONG CHAN (LEE DONG WOOK) i fell inlove instantly.. and i cant get enough of it.. i was deeply inlove with my gong chan… and after that ive an addict fan of lee dong wook and really love watching my girl over and over again… i even memorized their lines even its korean… my greatest dream now to see the love of my life in person… i love you so much gong chan!!!

  778. 778 : Mei Says:

    I’ve watched this drama abt 10 times!!!!!! Its so nice to watch…….never get bored watching it! I strongly recommend this drama…must watch!!!

    Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae are soooooo lovely! Matching pair!!

  779. 779 : margie Says:

    i love this k0rean drama!i ign0red this when it was first aired here at the philippines,but ive found out that the story is so good!i love lee dong wook he is cute.. 😉

  780. 780 : grandis Says:

    my girl is the best kdrama ever-one of the kind. LDH +LDW-most sweetest couple in the world.

  781. 781 : Liong Says:

    Two thumbs up. Great drama! Never got bored although have watched it several times.

  782. 782 : Liong Says:

    Ah, yes. The CD of the soundtracks, hmm, it is worth to have it. The songs are great!

  783. 783 : diana Says:


    LOVE THIS!!!

  784. 784 : mutiara Says:

    nice drama….
    i like it so much…<3

  785. 785 : ama girlfrenz Says:

    cter pling besh yg penah ak tgok…

  786. 786 : Laine Says:

    i soo love it.. first time ive watched this, I was hooked.. i’ll definitely watch this over and over.. such a lovely cast and has a good story, not to mention those funny and romantic scenes..

  787. 787 : ivryn Says:

    i very love this drama………im very like LEE DONG WOOK and LEE DA HAE in this drama …..they are a sweet and perfect couple……..im very2 like this drama (^_^)……….i hope they will be a real couples in real life!!!!!!!!

  788. 788 : nining Says:

    kyna bagus jd pgn nnton,,

  789. 789 : mel Says:

    looks like so interesting.. i want to watch this

  790. 790 : chanzy Says:

    i love this movie so much and i’ve been watching it over and over until now. i’m also a big fan of lee da hae and lee dong wook together.

  791. 791 : nining Says:

    it’s a good drama,, love korean drama much,,

  792. 792 : f i o n a Says:

    i relly love these casts
    these drama is lovelly
    i like it

  793. 793 : bluebird Says:

    wOnderful drama…
    i watch it again this year..
    i love this drama…
    it the best kdrama in my life…

  794. 794 : najw Says:

    until today this drama still my 1st ever favorite .
    ilove it ,ican’t get bored watching it

  795. 795 : john Says:

    the best drama i’ve ever seen….so much love

  796. 796 : alex Says:

    it’s the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!

  797. 797 : Mar Says:

    …My Girl is one of my favorite korean drama…really love it!!!

  798. 798 : jennylyn layugan Says:

    i really like this drama’MY GIRL’..i’ve been wacthing over and over untill now..its funny but dramatic.i love lee da hae (joo yoo rin) for me your the best actress i’ve ever seen. and i think i’m fallen w/ lee dong wook your so handsome!! your two are perfect couple..more power and cheer up..GOD Blessed..

  799. 799 : nikky_p_28 Says:

    Years ago, I got introduced to the Hong Sisters’ writings through My Girl drama, My first to be exact…Recommended by my mother, of all people (“,). I never thought, she’s the type to watch this kind of drama. Thus, after this, I got propelled to the world of KDramas. Very good storyline although, the reason they got separated because of the grandfather issues is so lame for me. But all in all feel good rom-com. Loved the chemistry between these 2. Highly recommended drama.

  800. 800 : korean entertainment lover Says:

    i very love this drama…
    korean entertainment news

  801. 801 : merzy Says:

    I’ve watched this for several times already. My husband commented about it but i told him that i love the story and the casts. Wow, Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook were a great pair. Great acting guys. Take care and god bless. Love you both.

  802. 802 : janete Says:

    the story is really great,what you see is what you get,unlike other dramas so many twist that i forgot to count where in the world are they now.i’ll give this a rating of 10.i like the cast and their characters,hope you’ll make this kind again.

  803. 803 : KPOP7.com Says:

    loved lee dong wook


  804. 804 : BP Says:

    love the girl

  805. 805 : microchip Says:

    Lee da Hae soo good in here, can’t dscribed it-so GREAT.

  806. 806 : Marjan Says:

    Love it So much , my favrite Dramaaa:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  807. 807 : eunicy Says:

    really love my girl..
    lee dong wook is very handsome as well as lee dae hee so pretty…
    such a nice tandem…

  808. 808 : eunicy Says:

    such a nice drama..
    I always watch it… really love it…
    what a fabulous pair.. hope you’ll do it in another series..

  809. 809 : eunicy Says:

    MY GIRL S NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    REALLY LOVE IT……………………

  810. 810 : heyheyhey Says:

    HAHAHAHAHHAA! I watched this drama a long time ago, and I must say, the character of Lee Da Hae is just downright HILARIOUS! The lies she pulls and faces she makes are so funny, especially at the beginning of the series. Love her character’s personality x100000!!!!

    SUCH A GOOD DRAMA! I watched it twice.
    The last two episodes were kind of a drag…I was kind of thinking “c’mon get it over with” (for those of you who have watched it, you know what I’m talking about, but I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t watched it), but it was still worth to sit through it. You will love the ending!

  811. 811 : Yoon Hee Says:

    I like the drama it so very funny! I also like Lee Da Hae very good in acting!

  812. 812 : heaven4u777 Says:

    love it

  813. 813 : dandio Says:


  814. 814 : saraya Says:

    the best of the best drama ever,best plot,chemistery,the best romantic comedy,the best actress Lee Da Hae and actor Lee Dong Wook.
    whoever didn’t get to watch it is missing a whole lot..

    My 4ever favorite Korean drama ^__^

  815. 815 : Any good KOREAN dramas like…..? | rizi Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=199 […]

  816. 816 : super junior ladies Says:

    Hai! I’m a super junior ladies in Malaysia and
    i like the title of story my girl and time between dog and wolf lee jun ki so very gentle.I luv lee jun ki so much.

  817. 817 : nima Says:

    hi i have watched this drama many times and i luvvvvvvvvv u

  818. 818 : nima Says:

    hi i luvvvvvvvv this drama

  819. 819 : Carole Says:

    I have just finished watching this drama to take my mind off Winter Sonata and I LOVED it. Will watch it again next year. I agree about the last two episodes – what a shame they have to string it out. Also the soundtrack can be wearisome but I haven’t laughed so much in ages. I couldn’t wait to get home to watch another episode.

  820. 820 : Ella Says:

    This is, so far, tha only Korean drama series that made me cry like a baby.

  821. 821 : nurul Says:

    hello!! …take care…i love korean drama…be happy always…success always…

  822. 822 : mahdieh Says:

    i love it

  823. 823 : subreen Says:

    This one of the best drama i had ever seen.

  824. 824 : iPhone repair Says:

    This is honestly not something you can put a time on. My brother and his wife have been trying for two years. Some woman get pregnant while on the pill some about two months after getting off.

  825. 825 : RIE Says:

    woooww i’ve just finished watching this film. amazinggggg!!!
    i love the plot, the song, the player, the script. and the chemistry built in this film.
    and the last but not least is there’s chunhyang and moh yong from sassy girl at the end. love love

  826. 826 : Rose Glendelyn Says:

    Beyond awesome drama! Im so loving it! Im hoping for a part 2 were they’re going to have children. awwww! 🙂 THEY’LL BE BLESSED with lots of children. :DD LOL.

  827. 827 : masumeh Says:

    nice film thanks- iran-girl-

  828. 828 : dariush Says:

    Perfect Thanks

    You’ll Love It****

  829. 829 : MULE Says:


  830. 830 : danny Says:


  831. 831 : Salena Jove Says:

    indonesia is really a great place for travel , plan to go bali next month

  832. 832 : honey cone Says:

    love it..

  833. 833 : Vala Says:

    omg i loved it!!! it was soooooooooo funny
    but that song yoo rin was allways singin about picking stars do anone know he name ?? i cant find it

  834. 834 : ali Says:

    One of the Best Drama is always on my mind

  835. 835 : oana Says:

    so…lee junki…i saw iljimae and junki was amazing with his acting skills.my girl isn’t my favorite drama but is good…i can’t say is the best.is a comedy that i like…

  836. 836 : bblve07 Says:

    THe bEst drama I ever wached!
    Until n0w, u still n0.1 in my heart!!

  837. 837 : bblve07 Says:

    I really lovE IT!!
    Fr0m the beggining til thE end,
    Every epis0de is so great,,

  838. 838 : Jen Says:

    i very loved this drama, i have a DVD of this and i have watched it 4x. I keep watching it everytime i miss lee da-hae and lee dong-wook, i love the both of them…i hope there will be a sequel of this which both lead characters will retain, but i thinks its impossible.

  839. 839 : hana Says:

    da best drama 4 ever.. lee da hae n lee dong wook.. both are amazing…

  840. 840 : grace Says:

    i love this drama so much….great drama with best couple- Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae…saranghe..

  841. 841 : ali Says:

    This is one of the best korean dramas that I’ve watched. It has a nice love story and you could not help but fall in love with the drama. It made my heart beat fast as I watched some of the captivating and touching love scenes. A truly compelling drama.

  842. 842 : little zhun Says:

    i like joon gi the most since his first drama- my girl….
    joon gi the best^^

  843. 843 : taal Says:

    i love the drama full of sadness and happiness cheers

  844. 844 : Hanna Says:

    I LOVE this drama…. one of the best dramas in Korea.
    I love you lee da hae and lee dong wook

  845. 845 : Chris Says:

    Recently Lee Da Hae commented about Filipino English….she’s so rude. Look first in the mirror before you comment like that. Koreans are so rude, unbehave and noisy. They dont know how to speak in English.

  846. 846 : Chel Says:

    @chris, ure not any better, now u insult koreans like how LDH did to filipino. if u were to say LDH is rude, u too, is rude.

  847. 847 : alisa franciska Says:

    i like this drama and the ost very much..very nice story,love the actors…^_^

  848. 848 : syaa Says:

    people, please don’t be so racist and respect others’ culture and nationality. BTW, Lee Dong Wook :*

  849. 849 : inaa adil Says:

    i like it so much…..muah….:)

  850. 850 : al Says:

    This is the best romantic comedy drama ever. It’s top on my list and I keep watching it over and over again. I just love this drama so much.

  851. 851 : calm supplement Says:

    I really love this korean drama..ive watch this 2x

  852. 852 : zatie Says:

    this was the superb k-drama i have watch

  853. 853 : iPhone Repairs Says:

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  854. 854 : Nour from Singapore Says:

    Muacks muacks..luv lee dong wook and jung ki..da hae is adorable..awww shucks…why must dong wook act with park si yeon in bittersweet life..coz i hate park si yeong – yucks!!

  855. 855 : Lee dae hee fan Says:

    why i dont hv feeling when watching coffee prince, u r beautiful, BOF, just like i watching my girl, i have watching over 10 time, the more i watching the more i hv a feeling.. lol, to me my girl is the complicated masterpiece.. anyway i love lee dae hee.. she can play any character.. cheerful, emo, happy, cuty.. woo.. i wish she deserve the best to what she was done.. bassya..

  856. 856 : ainor ombiga Says:

    this is the best korean drama i have ever watched! i hope they will make more comedy/romantic drama like this. i love the work chemistry between lee dae hee and lee dong wook. i hope they’ll make “my girl 2”

  857. 857 : azrul_malaysia Says:

    good actor and good feeling for watch this drama…..beatiful girl..

  858. 858 : LovuKoreanDrama Says:

    Love this drama alot2,one of my all time fav!!lee dae hae so aegyo!!^ ^v

  859. 859 : Jasmine Says:

    I wish this can be contiune … It really Nice … When I watch My Girl … I Feel Like Watch Again !!! I Wan To Watch Part 2 !!! Can Have Any Part Two ? I Really WANts To Watch !!!! This Korean Drama It Too Romantice !!!

  860. 860 : Angie Says:

    I Love This Show ! They All Very shuai And Chio !!!!<3 Wish they can continue work together .. I Love their Acting !!!! Hope They Will Do My Girl Two !!!!

  861. 861 : Yvessaint Says:

    i like it

  862. 862 : mekjah Says:

    i really love this drama…. joo yoo rin n seol gong chan love u both…

  863. 863 : wookieAha Says:






  864. 864 : GibiGibi Says:

    Ho My GOD…

    i really need ” MY GIRL 2″

    i’ve watched my girl 77x

    i laughed all day long… ahaha…

    lee dong wook’s driving me crazy 🙂

  865. 865 : l Says:

    it’s very funny drama. Make me laugh a lot

  866. 866 : mr.q Says:

    my girl #1
    my sassy girl #2

    it’s to many great Korean movie or drama,can’t list it….

  867. 867 : takgu99 Says:

    i watch ur beautiful, baker king, MSOAN, shining inheritnace & many more..
    i dont find the drama better than this drama…
    i laugh every time i watch it!! i love it very much!!
    my girl no. 1 kdrama in my life….

  868. 868 : nieeeego Says:

    @takgu99.. hey..I agree with eu..this drama is the BESTTT ever!! made me Laugh all the tyme too..LOL..xDD

  869. 869 : Shahera Says:

    2010 drama is nothing compared to an old drama like my girl and full house. lately, korean drama is so boring and kept repeating the same concept. i have to say old korean drama really have a high standard and successfully kept me stuck in front of my lappy the whole week.

  870. 870 : kim bora Says:

    Love it!!!

  871. 871 : roy99 Says:

    yes exactly!! my girl & full house is much much better than 2010 drama…

  872. 872 : takgu99 Says:

    yes exactly…full house & my girl is much much better than 2010 drama..

  873. 873 : santirosanti Says:

    lovvvvvvvv the drama

  874. 874 : laucky_jan15 Says:

    my girl drama so…………………….best

  875. 875 : namira Says:

    love this drama !

  876. 876 : azzi Says:

    i love this story and this drama so touching…love u all muahkss!!

  877. 877 : KUenzang Says:

    i just love the drma and the characters ! the actor lee dong wook n lee jong ki! they both are so awesome……i wish i cud hold dem jus 4 once…..love the story!!

  878. 878 : sumijo Says:



  879. 879 : one Says:

    funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy loved it

  880. 880 : eda Says:

    The best drama ever, Korean really know how to make good comedy drama.

  881. 881 : Charis Says:

    The drama is so good n along with the talented n beautiful characters .i jus love it.

  882. 882 : nita Says:

    love this drama,, much much

  883. 883 : Lil Says:

    another awesome comedy genre drama ! highly recommended ! =D

  884. 884 : kimmy Says:

    yup, another fantastic show worth recommending. you will not be disappointed! 🙂

  885. 885 : dan Says:

    when you have a problem, when you’re sad, when you have nothing to do, watch MY GIRL as soon as possible!!!

    MY GIRL IS SO FUNNY,, make me forget all my troubles for a while. VERY ENTERTAINING..


    THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA… wish there will be MY GIRL 2 or MY LADY or MY WIFE ,, which is casted by all the casts of MY GIRL… please..

  886. 886 : aliz Says:

    For me, this is still my number 1 Korean drama series and it’s the most entertaining. I must agree with Dan that watching this drama is one way of getting rid of stress. There is just no dull moment starting from the first episode to the last. I just love it so me. Great, great, great.

  887. 887 : ayuazura Says:

    my favourite drama…i love this drama my girl

  888. 888 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] the Day Mr Goodbye Mrs. Town Mun Hee My Fair Lady (2003) شاهدت منه حلقه جنان    My Girl جنان    My Girlfriend is Gumiho My Happy Home My Lady Boss, My Hero My Life’s Golden Age My […]

  889. 889 : [email protected] Says:

    i love you u have part 2 i love u verry much………

  890. 890 : ary Says:

    great story, great cast, great soundtrack. this is the best korean drama I’ve ever seen. in the few first episode it seems that it is a funny drama, yet in the next episodes it turn out to be the most romantic one. funny and touching, I wish there are many more drama like my girl

  891. 891 : binyoz Says:

    really a nice romantic drama…the chemistry between lee dong wook and lee dah hee is really awesome..my favourite scene is in last episode while they met in the elevator and yoorin said sarang he yo ..omo..really a sweet scene..i am particularly interested in yoorin clothes..really beautiful dresses..

  892. 892 : e-one Says:

    Never let me go!!!

  893. 893 : mel_bernard Says:

    i was teary-eyed after watching the last episode…

    very romantic drama!

  894. 894 : lalola Says:


  895. 895 : nora elena7 Says:

    great story,great soundtrack,but dislike Lee Dong Wook (Seol Gong-chan) character here.poor acting..but two thumbs up for Lee Dae Hae

  896. 896 : june Says:

    Thanks all of you those recommended this drama..love this drama so much..definitely worth to watch..

  897. 897 : eda Says:

    Forever the best comedy drama in the world.

  898. 898 : Facebook | Korean Drama Fun Club | Blog Orang Lidi Says:

    […] aku gila dengan drama Korea. Bermula dengan drama My Girl, kemudian diikuti dengan drama Princess Hour dan sehinggalah ke hari ini. Memang sentiasa dengan […]

  899. 899 : Facebook | Korean Drama Fan Club | Blog Orang Lidi Says:

    […] aku gila dengan drama Korea. Bermula dengan drama My Girl, kemudian diikuti dengan drama Princess Hour dan sehinggalah ke hari ini. Memang sentiasa dengan […]

  900. 900 : awfff Says:

    do you know? when this drama still aired in my country, i had ever lied to my dad for watching the last episode. before the day he invited me to attending family gathering in other city, but i said that i had a strong headache and i can’t join him. whole night i pretended to be sick. i had been lying down on my bed until he and my mom left. hihihi when i watch this drama again, especially the last episode i always feel so guilty to my parents

  901. 901 : chy ayumi Says:

    dari sekolah dulu da suka nntn drama korea

  902. 902 : welaie Says:

    I really love this korean drama.. it inspires me not to give up my love to the boy i really love since i first saw him.. true love can wait even if it is so long if your love is true don’t give up and wait for the right time to come..

  903. 903 : welaie Says:

    i really love this korean drama….

  904. 904 : El-El Says:

    sayang kaau nindot unta dali lang man mahuman uip… so sayang.. sana magka cousin like julian.. when i first saw julian.. i want to see him in person.. he is so handsome and very cool.. i love you JULIAN.. hehehhe

  905. 905 : eeeeee Says:

    my girl is the best korean drama ever…
    this drama in 2006 but why i knew this drama for this year (2011)??
    owh i’m too late to love wookie oppa

  906. 906 : debY1day Says:

    i wanna see this couple in a drama again. To all producers and directors, please make my wish come true. LDW vs LDH.. (even in initial name, they are perfect couple)

  907. 907 : LILY Says:


  908. 908 : SL fan Says:

    Excellent drama… soooooo lovely. I really like the couple.. a lot

  909. 909 : b Says:

    Yeah…this korean drama is one of so many great series that i’ve watch…..love this….

  910. 910 : home decoration Says:

    i really love this korean drama….no one can disturb it

  911. 911 : home alarm Says:

    Hi there,

    great drama. This is the best drama I ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

  912. 912 : Beth Says:

    I just finished this drama (its almost 3am, I couldn’t stop watching). I love it!!

  913. 913 : kish Says:

    the best korean seies i’ve ever watch! watched it for like 15 times! i’m not joking! i super love it! i love lee dahae and lee dong wook!

  914. 914 : marissa reyes Says:

    I love this “My Girl” korean drama. sooooooooooooo lovely, simple, very real story. The acting of lead stars were superb. I can’t resist watching soooooooo many times, still I keep on crying and laughing. I really like Ms. Lee Da Hee and Mr. Lee Dong Wook. PLEASE HAVE MORE OF DRAMAS FOR THE TWO OF THEM. THANKS.

  915. 915 : palax Says:


  916. 916 : Psychic a.k.a Haunters | diary zahidah wahid Says:

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  917. 917 : Sunny Says:

    Best drama!!! Very like it much..

  918. 918 : ms.x Says:

    i love my girl so much……….and lee dae hae is superb!she is da best actor ive ever seen!

  919. 919 : ms.x Says:

    my girl is the best!lee da hae is superb!she is da best actress ive ever seen!
    luv u lee da hae and hope 2 c u in these type of drama again

  920. 920 : ophie Says:

    Joon Ki Oppa!!!

  921. 921 : ophie Says:

    Lee Joon Ki……….

  922. 922 : Nithya Says:

    Hi all , my girl s simply superb . . u guys work’d hard to mke tis drama to be realistic . Its simply superb . . I spent all my nite to watch it n slept in my college . . Its awesome n great . . I feel tat i didn’t get a chance like tis in my life .

  923. 923 : reine Says:

    Quirky romantic comedy! not on my all time favorite list but i wouldn’t mind watching it again!

  924. 924 : Shiver» Blog Archive » My girl korean drama pictures Says:

    […] My Girl В» Korean Drama My Girl В» Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series. […]

  925. 925 : ratna Says:

    first, i’ve watched You’re Beautiful Korean Drama. This drama has became my favorite and become no.1 in my heart. This drama was the one which made ​​me interested to Korean dramas. but, after I’ve watched My Girl Korean Drama, I started to like My Girl more than You’re Beautiful. My Girl was a very great drama. always makes me laughing and crying. Both dramas were great ! they’re written by the same scripwriter. Go You’re Beautiful & My Girl !!!!! :’)

  926. 926 : ratna Says:

    Both You’re Beautiful and My Girl Korean Drama were great !!!! watch, & you won’t regret it ! I’ll rate You’re Beautiful 4.9 out of 5 stars, while My Girl 5 out of 5 stars ! 🙂
    the best korean dramas ever.
    and dont forget to watch Boys Over Flowers Korean Drama too.. the drama was great too… same like YB and MG. i laughing & crying all the time i watch this drama. :’)
    trust me. you won’t regret it. 🙂

  927. 927 : kalong Says:

    YOU’RE RIGHT… This drama is THE BEST so far. me too give it 5 of 5 stars. PERFECT DRAMA (CASTS, STORYLINE, OST and EVERYTHING…) ME TOO perfect laughing, perfect crying, perfect interesting, perfect mesmerizing…

  928. 928 : upyle Says:

    i’ll be so sad and mad if this drama out of 20 most commented drama. actually this is must be number 1 before you’re beautiful

  929. 929 : maya Says:


    of coz both drama YB and MG have the same writer called HONG SISTER..if u like hong sister drama so much,u will like their newest drama THE GREATEST LOVE which recently ended…Cha Seung Won(city hall) and Gong Hyo Jin(pasta) doing a great job there…and its so funny like hell as well…u will love it and im not lie…my girl always be on my must re-watch list because im so in love with seol gong chan and joo yoo rin..

  930. 930 : hyomin Says:


  931. 931 : takgu99 Says:


    the BEST!!! i like it…..no other love stories can compete with this drama……
    no.1 in my heart…..baker king also no. 1….bcoz..i think both drama was really2 amazing!! for me..both drama has the same ratings….

  932. 932 : takgu99 Says:


    im also sad….why such an amazing n perfect drama can’t get response from many viewers….i think this drama should get more than 1500 comments…
    for me…this drama is better than YAB..

  933. 933 : takgu99 Says:


    all the things u said was true….
    u will never regret watch this drama……
    i start loved this drama since im 12…n now..i’m 17….still love this drama so much!!! never forget this drama…highly recommended to all viewers who haven’t been watching this drama…..
    love lee da hae…very2 amazing actress….
    love the OST also….

  934. 934 : Matty Says:

    Well macdaamia nuts, how about that.

  935. 935 : upyle Says:

    even 10 years later, this drama won’t be forgotten. My Girl is absolutely EVERLASTING..!!!

  936. 936 : ryeong8 Says:


  937. 937 : maxdhdobno Says:

    gxv0Cv oieqnjwbretc

  938. 938 : Goura Goura Says:

    this is the best drama ever!!!
    i was laughing and crying when i watched this drama..
    and i’m a big fan of lee dae hae.. i love her..

  939. 939 : Goura Goura Says:

    i hope there’s season 2 for this drama..

  940. 940 : takgu99 Says:

    @goura goura

    amboi kaw..amboii…..
    how come u can cried watching this kind of series…memalukan…
    my tears dont want to come out…but,still the best drama…NO.1 ALL THE TIME N in my hear….the most important is…this drama was really2 great!!

    wei,aku nk tnye…kalo aku amek pen kt lantai,,kotor x??

  941. 941 : takgu99 Says:

    @ goura goura…

    exactly…i really want season 2 of this drama….can’t wait to watch….
    its okay if the director make new version of my girl….i like also…
    best drama ever!!! WOW!!! 😀
    air revive x bley minum….

  942. 942 : Goura Goura Says:


    amboi ko!! amboi!!
    i was crying coz the end of this drama is really2 sad…
    n each of the episodes had never failed to make me laughed all the time…
    not like kim tak goo,,, only certain episodes that are interesting..especially at the end of the drama..boring nak mampos..kat syarikat jer..

  943. 943 : Goura Goura Says:

    yea..u’re right..
    i think it’s great if the director continues this drama with season 2…
    but i hope they continue with better story la… jgn la yg boring..
    air revive xleh minum,,
    klo x bkak pnutup…
    hahahaha (mata juling)..

  944. 944 : takgu99 Says:

    @goura goura

    bongok btol!! x perlu la scene mate juling tuh….hahaha buat aku glak je..
    BTW,,,THE BEST project from hong sisters….n jun ki sang….
    i really like the story & the plot was amazing!!
    i really excited watching this drama for the 1st time at 2006….very interesting…
    n thumb down for squash scene…n jung woo cried when he drove the car…very slow n waste my time….i’ll smile when i watch lee da hae in this drama..i like her….she made me laugh all the time…

    the most important…i’ll waiting for jun ki sang new project with hong sisters…..bcoz i know it must be interesting!!
    i give 5 stars n 10/10 for this drama….

  945. 945 : takgu99 Says:


  946. 946 : upyle Says:

    @takgu99 and @goura goura
    kalian anak melayu,!!!! hahahh… tak kusangka kita serumput, eh.. serumpun. gue kira lo ber2 dari mana gitu..?!
    it’s fate, we share a same things. as malay people and as big fan for my girl

  947. 947 : buttercup Says:

    My first Korean drama and the reason I watch Korean dramas is because of My Girl!! Totally in love with this drama!! 😀

  948. 948 : takgu99 Says:


    yeah! m’sia… jgn lupe kt 8TV…1st time tgk my girl kt 8tv le taon 2006 dkt2 bulan ramadhan….ingat lg sbb cte ni best..!!
    by watched the ratings..i really shocked bcoz 16 ep drama can get really high ratings besides kim sam soon & choon hyang…..
    such a superb drama!! 😀

  949. 949 : takgu99 Says:


    100% agree with u…such a great drama!!
    the best!
    n the most important…all the characters in this drama not stupid…like gong ae jung characters in lie to me..such a stupid character…
    BTW..this is the best drama besides baker king!!!!!!!!
    in love..this drama really into me…

  950. 950 : UEE Says:

    BEST EVER!!!

  951. 951 : Goura Goura Says:

    i was really enjoy n happy while watching this drama…
    each of the episodes full of interesting n humor scenes..
    it is not empty like certain drama..
    n i will not forget how lee dae hae/joo yoo rin jumping on the bed with a cute action..haha:) sarang hey!!

  952. 952 : The_Joker Says:

    enjoyed this drama a lot. this drama makes me laugh a lot 🙂

  953. 953 : lulu Says:

    i watch dis drama..many tme..since 2005 i guess til now..

  954. 954 : sa Says:

    i love this drama so much very funny and more interesting plot and their thinking in between was more humerous my girl rocks……….

  955. 955 : sa Says:

    what was ther ratings overall

  956. 956 : its me Says:

    the best drama for me.. love LDW and LDH

  957. 957 : takgu99 Says:

    such a great drama,,best ever!! love this one!!
    best best best…..:D
    to hong sisters,,thanks for making this kind of drama…..i’ll always follow ur drama…u 2 the best!!

  958. 958 : ally Says:

    I love this drama! It is a great drama! LTH’s acting is really great! So sweet & adorable! She could make me laugh out happily!

  959. 959 : kritika Says:

    this is best drama i hv ever seen….

  960. 960 : porkodi Says:

    i watched out this drama fully.its very nice and i liked very much…especially the hero & heroine’s performance…..

  961. 961 : awesomedanielle Says:

    this is my first EVER korean show and i love it. LDH X LDW. it’s hard to make me laugh but this show made me laugh a lot. i watch this show in 3 days. I LOVE IT! hope they make a 2nd season with the same characters. i even love the song – never say goodbye.

  962. 962 : Chai Says:

    My girl and smile, you are the best dramas ever. I’ve watched my girl in 2005 n it was the drama that put me in Korean dramas. I was amazed when lee da hae cries at the airport Smile, you have the real love in it like truly love each other n sincerely

  963. 963 : Yessi sii bayem Says:


  964. 964 : upyle Says:

    until now, my girl’s still on the top list of my favorite k-drama all the time..

  965. 965 : diyana Says:

    hehe…one of my fave korean dramas^^

  966. 966 : arla Says:

    love this drama….BEST SGT2!!!!!!…ske tgk hero n heroin..so cute…

  967. 967 : אסנת Says:


  968. 968 : myheart.. Says:

    i love this story…so much…:) i laugh many time when watching this drama…

  969. 969 : Haythi Says:

    Love the drama but I am feeling bad for jun ki oppa whenever i watch this drama. Hope jun ki oppa will act in such a drama like this in main actor role.

  970. 970 : Ojaswi Says:

    this drama is very funny..i enjoyed watching this…

  971. 971 : ika Says:

    puterin lagi dooooooooooooong filmnya my girl

  972. 972 : ika Says:

    please puterin lagi filmnya meskipun sudah 5 tahun lewat aku tetep gak bisa lupa

  973. 973 : Jay Says:

    one of the best drama i have wwatched so farr!!!.

  974. 974 : Hay Mar Says:

    oh my goodness,,, luv u, wookie…

  975. 975 : may Says:

    so badtrip coz i cant watch the final episode,,,,how can i watch it

  976. 976 : minty Says:

    one classic good drama.

    love gongchan, love leedongwook si

  977. 977 : Cesar Says:

    Anyone knows the song is playing at episode 4 when Sae Hyun gets drunk??? Please.

  978. 978 : Cesar Says:

    Anyone does know the song is playing at episode 4 when Sae Hyun gets drunk? Please.

  979. 979 : Rosalia Boudle Says:

    Watch complete films free of charge

  980. 980 : Ma. Kris B. Rebancos Says:

    I really love this Korean movie!

  981. 981 : movie lover Says:

    I loved this movie and i would love to watch more eposides

  982. 982 : claire Says:

    Lee Dongwoo’s later dramas outbeat his past ones. He performed convincingly well in La Dolce Vita and the Partner and these outperformed all others. He was that good that I watched his shows with ‘A’ list actreses like Oh Yeon soo and Kim Hyun Joo, whom I’ve not known before. I’m into Korean dramas but only exceptional ones like the ones mentioned.

  983. 983 : bala Says:

    Lee Da Hae loooooooks awesome and thats really amazinggggggg!!!!!!!!
    very entertaining and so good that i ve ever watched:-) **************

  984. 984 : chen Says:

    hong sister’s are best screenwriter. my favoriate list #1 my girl #2 you are beautiful. i highly recommand these two drama. they are the best stories and the best music. thank you i really enjoy them and watch them so many times

  985. 985 : saufi Says:

    i watched it about 5 times, not bored… Love lee Da hae.. So much

  986. 986 : Ainonymous Says:

    I’m so in love with this drama. Even it has been showed 6 years ago my sisters and I still watching it again and again..Aja aja fighting Bashayahhhh!!

  987. 987 : saufi Says:

    This drama, I watched it more that 5 times,and still make me Laugh and touching.. Love Lee Da hae. SO MUCH, fullstop.

  988. 988 : bibi Says:

    Woww!!!!!! one of the best dramas ever!!!still love Boys over flowers,you’re beautiful,secret garden.but this drama surprised me a lot.didn’t expect to like it so much!!its wonderfull……..

  989. 989 : chen Says:

    i just bought the dvd in China. this is my collection. my eight years old daughter whose chinese is that good loves to watch this drama. she is anxious to watch the end

  990. 990 : osyeen Says:

    Lee Da Hae & Lee Dong Wook.. Luv u so much…
    both of u.. awesome.. fighting… basyaaa…

  991. 991 : gaya chan Says:

    i got addict to dis serial… wow.. amazing… Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae gave their stunning performances.. eager to know their present projects and real life… all the very best

  992. 992 : Yoo rin fAN Says:

    anyeonghaseyo i love yoo rin she`s so damn cute hehe yoo rin saranghaeyo

  993. 993 : Neno Says:

    just finished watching it’s all episode. so funny, romance by lying haha, love it :))))

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  995. 995 : Eenaz Says:

    One of the best drama ever watched…love Joo Rin and gong chan chemistry

    Will never get bored of watching this drama ever :)))))

  996. 996 : AsumaSwan Says:

    One of the best drama ever seen!!!! i juste LOVE it !!!

  997. 997 : choisiwon-addict Says:

    this is what i call a story it has everything :comedie drama romance and the girl oh my god she is so talented i loved the way she talk ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssso funny

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  999. 999 : Krtcgaxp Says:

    Where did you go to university? http://ouqoqukifu.de.tl preteen banned pics Love the closeups on the pussy while you screw her. Great video, just wish we could have seen those beautiful boobs.

  1000. 1000 : monalisa behehera Says:

    My girl is one of my favourite korean drama.All the characters are good.seol Gong chan is sooooooooooo cute & yoo-rin also.

  1001. 1001 : Viwiacemm via wina Says:

    Lee dong wook..
    Sarang hamidha….

    I like very much drama korea my girl..

    Hanieonseo lee da hae..and lee dong wook…

  1002. 1002 : Tricia Says:

    I’m happy to see Korea Drama once again, and Love My Girl. Never a dull or no sex, that why Love Korea Drama, Love it Love it…Thank you for giving me great Dramas..

  1003. 1003 : a2a+13 Says:

    if you want to see the comedy drama from korean i suggest this drama….

  1004. 1004 : Tanvi Thakre Says:

    simply awesome drama….i look forward for the same kind of dramas in future,,,gong chan is sooooooooooo cute…n juyoorin is beyond every beauty…fabulous actress…

  1005. 1005 : al Says:

    This is my favorite Korean drama. I have watched this several times already and I will surely do it again. There’s just no dull moments watching this drama and I enjoy everything about it. Truly captivating….

  1006. 1006 : JUNE Says:

    great !! i really had a wonderful time watching this drama.. so cute.. 🙂
    i love it..

  1007. 1007 : unknown Says:

    best korean drama i ever watch,…..

  1008. 1008 : Vidya Says:

    Superb drama. .gong chana s so cute n gud acting. .:-). .nice story.

  1009. 1009 : Rvt2323rvt Says:

    It is a hilarious drama yet so sad. I loved how each episode ended with a problem and was resolved in the next episode, only to be followed by another problem… 500 out of 5. A MUST SEE DRAMA!!!

  1010. 1010 : Amy Says:

    It’s great ‘n wonderful drama…
    Lee da hae with Lee dong Wook it’s best couple..

  1011. 1011 : bernadette Says:

    what can i say!! whoo.. a very hilarious drama! love it much. perfect couple of lee dong wook & lee da hae. they’re just great & cute together. it’s a drama to watch, very relaxed & funny but one can learn a lot of lessons about life. i appreciate the artists & korea for sharing their tele dramas here in the philippines. thanks much…

  1012. 1012 : vicky Says:

    fun and happy

  1013. 1013 : priyanka Says:

    awesomeee awesome….. my love 4 lee and lee couple is growing much and more! mwwwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh… “my girl” is jusstt awesum ! 🙂

  1014. 1014 : vaness Says:

    i love it so much.and i have watched it severl times.! lee dong wook is one of my favorite korean actors….. i love my girl so much..it’s so funny..

  1015. 1015 : X Says:

    Hi i love al korean serials. . i hv watched 6-7 serials. .al r unique. . n u hv done gud job in both my girl n wild romance. .even my ringtone also changed to my girl music .i hope u see dis cömment. Dis s frm india:-). .all d best for ur future works:)luv u ppl:)

  1016. 1016 : Thanu aiyappa Says:

    Lee joon ki, i loved ur act. My first korean movie……. Wonderfull….

  1017. 1017 : Thanu aiyappa Says:

    Lee joon ki, i loved ur act. My first korean movie……. Wonderfull…. U look great too.

  1018. 1018 : jagruthi Says:

    out of the world….\m/
    it captured my heart:)
    great work\m/…

  1019. 1019 : sean Says:

    my all time favorite……..


  1020. 1020 : amira mirou Says:

    great !! i really had a wonderful time watching this drama.. so cute.. 🙂
    i love it.. love al korean serials. . i hv watched 6-7 serials. .al r unique. . n u hv done gud job in both my girl n wild romance. .even my ringtone also changed to my girl music .i hope u see dis cömment. Dis s frm india:-). .all d best for ur future works:)luv u ppl:)

  1021. 1021 : Marjan Says:

    I missssssssss My Girl so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch……. I’ve watched it 3 times n never get bored…i had a lota fun during watching it , miss those days…Wookie is in his most perfect charm in this drama:P;;)

  1022. 1022 : wini dwi anggraini Says:

    nice story. amazing character. Love it so much. wish can meet them at the time. o:)

  1023. 1023 : azra Says:

    best drama ever ……lee dong wook is my best

  1024. 1024 : chwn Says:

    support this drama

  1025. 1025 : bluesky Says:

    <3 one of my most favorite drama. miss lee da hae and lee dong wook so much :')

  1026. 1026 : fouziya Says:

    I lovd dis drama…. mis u lee donk wook… u wer bst….

  1027. 1027 : fangirl Says:

    watched it a lot and still not tired of it! I absolutely love this

  1028. 1028 : Linda Says:

    I watch it again after watch in 2009, but I can’t found ep 3 it already bean remove. Pls upload it again thx D;

  1029. 1029 : ezrianaa Says:

    last time I watch this drama is in 2006. Its been 8 years since I was 12 years old back then and now Im 20. how lucky I am when Im start to search to download this drama and I’ve finally found it on kickass torrent website. It completely full of eng sub from Ep 1-16. this drama will never gets old and I’ll keep watching forever 🙂

  1030. 1030 : ella Says:

    recommended watch it for like 10 times!!! ll time fave!!! lee da hae nailed it so is lee dong wook. they are the best on screen couple!!! 🙂 chemistey is great. 🙂

  1031. 1031 : Sajana Says:

    I love this drama soo much.. Saranghae My Girl… Saranghae Lee dong wook….

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  1033. 1033 : Daisy Vega Says:

    Just finished watching MY GIRL, today. It was very, very good. I cried a lot during the last few episodes when it looked like GongChan and YooRin were being kept apart by the granddad and the tennis player. Thank you for delivering a “happy ending.” I highly recommend it. 🙂

  1034. 1034 : Inoka Says:

    I really enjoyed this drama watched over and over again.

  1035. 1035 : Orokiel Says:

    I love you guys

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