Title: 내 딸 소영이 / My Daughter Seo Yeong
Chinese Title: 我的女兒素英
Genre: Family, Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-Sep-15 to 2013-March-03
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:55


This family drama will tell the story, love, hate, reconciliation and relationship between a father who separates with his daughter.

Seo Yeong (Lee Bo Young) is a tough woman who tries to escape the harsh life of poverty with a strong passion to gain success, overcome her lower status and rise in society. On the road to fullfill her dream, She cuts ties with her poor family and incompetent father (Chun Ho Jin) who still love his daughter despite her bitterness.


Lee Sam Jae’s Home

Chun Ho Jin as Lee Sam Jae (Seo Yeong and Sang Woo’s father)
Lee Bo Young as Lee Seo Yeong
Lee Hye In as Seo Young (young)
Hwang Eun Hye as Seo Young (child)
Park Hae Jin as Lee Sang Woo (Seo Yeong’s twin brother)
Baek Seung Do as Sang Woo (young)
Kim Min Kyung as Lee Eun Sook

Kang Ki Bum’s Home

Choi Jung Woo as Kang Ki Bum
Lee Sang Yoon as Kang Woo Jae (Seo Yeong’s husband)
Kim Hye Ok as Cha Ji Sun (Woo Jae’s mother)
Park Jung Ah as Kang Mi Kyung (Woo Jae’s sister)
Lee Jung Shin as Kang Sung Jae (Woo Jae’s brother)

Choi Min Suk’s Home

Hong Yo Seob as Choi Min Suk
Song Ok Sook as Kim Kang Soon
Choi Yoon Young (1986) as Choi Ho Jung
Shim Hyung Tak as Choi Kyung Ho

Other People

Jo Eun Sook as Yoon So Mi
Jang Hee Jin as Jung Sun Woo
Min Young Won as Lee Yun Hee
Kim Bo Ra as Yun Hee (young)
Kwak Seung Nam as Ko Seung Chan
Lee Il Hwa as Bang Shim Duk
Park Chul Ho as Yoo Man Ho
Jo Ah Sung (주아성) as Park Jae Hee
Kim Seol Hyun as Seo Eun Soo
Lee Seung Joo (이승주) as Oh Seung Woo
Kim Sang Won as General Manager Gong
Kim Joo Hwan (김주환) as Yong Kyu
Jung Ki Sung as Mi Kyung’s senior
Jun No Min as Bae Young Taek (magician)
Kim Kyung Joon (김경준) as Sung Jae’s friend
Kim Seung Hoon as chief
Jung Soo In as nurse of emergency room
Moon Sang Hoon (문상훈) as Sang Woo’s college friend
Son Hee Ryung (손희령) as Mi Yeon
Im Ji Sun (임지선) as Young Eun
Jo Ryun (조련) as shop aunty
Min Ji as Ha Young
Choi Sang Hoon as Hye San Group’s Chairman Jang
So Hee Jung as Jo Myung Soon


Kim Jong Min (김종민) as Seo Young’s fake boyfriend (ep1)
Lee Ji Hye (이지혜) as top model patient (ep6)
Jung Seung Hwan (정승환) as Restaurant employee
Lee Shi Un as Ho Jung’s blind date man
Kwon Yool (권율) as Man Se (Ho Jung’s blind date man)
Yang Yo Seob (양요섭) as popular star idol actor (ep25)
Jo Dong Hyuk as Kim Sung Tae (cameo)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Moon Bo Hyun
Producer: Hwang In Hyuk
Director: Yoo Hyun Ki
Screenwriter: So Hyun Kyung

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide TNmS Nationwide Seoul
2012-09-15 1 23.4 (1st) 23.4 (1st) 19.3 (1st) 19.3 (1st)
2012-09-16 2 29.1 (1st) 28.9 (1st) 26.2 (1st) 25.9 (1st)
2012-09-22 3 25.7 (1st) 24.9 (1st) 23.3 (1st) 23.7 (1st)
2012-09-23 4 31.3 (1st) 31.8 (1st) 29.1 (1st) 29.8 (1st)
2012-09-29 5 25.0 (1st) 25.9 (1st) 21.2 (1st) 22.1 (1st)
2012-09-30 6 24.8 (1st) 24.9 (1st) 22.2 (1st) 22.0 (1st)
2012-10-06 7 28.9 (1st) 28.9 (1st) 26.3 (1st) 26.2 (1st)
2012-10-07 8 33.8 (1st) 34.9 (1st) 31.5 (1st) 32.2 (1st)
2012-10-13 9 29.9 (1st) 29.2 (1st) 27.5 (1st) 27.8 (1st)
2012-10-14 10 34.4 (1st) 34.9 (1st) 31.2 (1st) 31.4 (1st)
2012-10-20 11 32.0 (1st) 33.2 (1st) 27.7 (1st) 28.0 (1st)
2012-10-21 12 32.9 (1st) 33.7 (1st) 32.6 (1st) 33.2 (1st)
2012-10-27 13 32.5 (1st) 32.4 (1st) 29.6 (1st) 30.0 (1st)
2012-10-28 14 36.7 (1st) 36.1 (1st) 33.3 (1st) 33.8 (1st)
2012-11-03 15 30.9 (1st) 31.6 (1st) 28.3 (1st) 28.1 (1st)
2012-11-04 16 34.0 (1st) 35.6 (1st) 32.9 (1st) 33.8 (1st)
2012-11-10 17 29.8 (1st) 30.1 (1st) 28.2 (1st) 28.9 (1st)
2012-11-11 18 36.6 (1st) 36.4 (1st) 32.7 (1st) 33.4 (1st)
2012-11-17 19 29.2 (1st) 29.2 (1st) 27.9 (1st) 27.9 (1st)
2012-11-18 20 32.8 (1st) 33.8 (1st) 31.1 (1st) 30.8 (1st)
2012-11-24 21 28.8 (1st) 28.1 (1st) 26.1 (1st) 25.7 (1st)
2012-11-25 22 35.2 (1st) 35.2 (1st) 31.6 (1st) 31.0 (1st)
2012-12-01 23 30.0 (1st) 29.2 (1st) 26.4 (1st) 26.2 (1st)
2012-12-02 24 35.8 (1st) 36.9 (1st) 32.6 (1st) 33.3 (1st)
2012-12-08 25 30.3 (1st) 30.0 (1st) 28.6 (1st) 29.6 (1st)
2012-12-09 26 33.8 (1st) 35.0 (1st) 32.2 (1st) 32.0 (1st)
2012-12-15 27 31.3 (1st) 32.0 (1st) 27.1 (1st) 26.6 (1st)
2012-12-16 28 33.0 (1st) 34.5 (1st) 29.6 (1st) 31.2 (1st)
2012-12-22 29 32.4 (1st) 33.2 (1st) 29.0 (1st) 29.2 (1st)
2012-12-23 30 39.8 (1st) 40.2 (1st) 35.6 (1st) 35.0 (1st)
2012-12-29 31 35.5 (1st) 35.2 (1st) 33.9 (1st) 33.8 (1st)
2012-12-30 32 39.9 (1st) 38.7 (1st) 37.2 (1st) 36.6 (1st)
2013-01-05 33 39.9 (1st) 40.6 (1st) 36.3 (1st) 36.1 (1st)
2013-01-06 34 41.3 (1st) 41.4 (1st) 40.2 (1st) 39.8 (1st)
2013-01-12 35 38.1 (1st) 39.4 (1st) 36.8 (1st) 36.0 (1st)
2013-01-13 36 45.0 (1st) 44.8 (1st) 42.3 (1st) 42.7 (1st)
2013-01-19 37 38.5 (1st) 38.1 (1st) 38.1 (1st) 38.2 (1st)
2013-01-20 38 44.7 (1st) 47.4 (1st) 42.2 (1st) 42.2 (1st)
2013-01-26 39 39.5 (1st) 41.1 (1st) 39.8 (1st) 40.5 (1st)
2013-01-27 40 47.2 (1st) 47.5 (1st) 45.6 (1st) 46.1 (1st)
2013-02-02 41 42.6 (1st) 44.2 (1st) 38.8 (1st) 38.5 (1st)
2013-02-03 42 46.9 (1st) 47.9 (1st) 43.4 (1st) 43.5 (1st)
2013-02-09 43 38.6 (1st) 39.0 (1st) 34.6 (1st) 34.5 (1st)
2013-02-10 44 38.5 (1st) 38.8 (1st) 34.6 (1st) 34.7 (1st)
2013-02-16 45 42.7 (1st) 43.4 (1st) 41.1 (1st) 41.8 (1st)
2013-02-17 46 48.5 (1st) 49.3 (1st) 46.0 (1st) 45.8 (1st)
2013-02-23 47 41.7 (1st) 42.9 (1st) 41.3 (1st) 41.7 (1st)
2013-02-24 48 46.3 (1st) 48.3 (1st) 44.6 (1st) 45.0 (1st)
2013-03-02 49 43.7 (1st) 43.8 (1st) 39.0 (1st) 39.7 (1st)
2013-03-03 50 46.7 (1st) 47.6 (1st) 47.6 (1st) 47.7 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Choi Jung Won and Kim Ji Hoon were originally cast in the lead roles, but both actors dropped the project due to the scheduling conflicts.


2013 Apan Star Awards – Scriptwriter Award: So Hyun Kyung (My Daughter Seo Young, Two Weeks)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Best Picture
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Grand Prize: Lee Bo Young (My Daughter Seo Young, I Hear Your Voice)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards, Lee Sang Yoon & Lee Bo Young (My Daughter Seo Yeong)

– 2012 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: Drama Popularity Award (Lee Sang Yoon)


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242 Responses to “My Daughter Seo Yeong”

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  1. 76
    nomeames Says:

    I hope Sang Woo will give his heart to Choi Ho Jung. Ho Jung always lived in loneliness, must suffer unrequited love…., she have pure heart. Kang Mi Kyung has mature, taft and colorful life is perfect if by Prof. Choi (Choi Kyung Ho) who has long been widower and lonely.

  2. 77
    Bj davenport Says:

    Is it traditional for the married children to live with the parents of their husband? How long do they stay in the inlaws home? Is it the culture for the parents to select the children’s mate and to be so controlling or is this just theater?

  3. 78
    JP Says:

    In Esp 20, HJ went for a blind date. The guy she met…I hope the character will be kept alive in the subsequent episodes. He is good looking and suits better for HJ. The parting advice from the guy to HJ was not to go for any blind dates again. So, I really looking forward to see him blossoming into something with HJ.

  4. 79
    ptsh836 Says:

    epi 23:

    omg…LSW is one real headstrong character here; he’s unshakable in his decision to break up with KMK n d way he brushes CHJ aside is simply too hurtful n cruel…calling her disgusting n scary; a stalker n many other hateful adjectives…im waiting for d day d tables are turned against him n will relish seeing him crawl back to win CHJ!

    i enjoy CHJ’s very excellent acting in this epi…d way she’s too afraid even to look LSW in his eyes, d trembling of her hands when she grabs her cellphone to call KMK when their plans to retain LSW for KMK’s sake was in disarray n how CHJ’s eyes brimming with tears was not enough to move a stoic LSW…i wonder what will it take to make them both end up together?? mayb in the end, CHJ’s sincerity, honesty n unabashed attempts to win his heart will work its magic when everything else fails….=.=”

  5. 80
    Micc Says:

    @kdfan @ptsh836

    Hi, so sorry I couldn’t respond earlier, I was in the hospital and just got discharged a few days ago.

    Probably you guys have caught up with the episodes by now. The one I was talking about was Woo Jae rejecting Seo Yeong. He is torturing her right now. He found out about her lie, but couldn’t bring himself to ask her about the truth, so he is torturing her. I don’t like this part. I know what Seo Yeong did (lie) is wrong. She had her reason, but it was wrong nonetheless. However Woo Jae fell in love with her at the beginning thru his own projection of who Seo Yeong was, he didn’t really understand the real her. Now he found out the truth, and instead of asking his wife of three years, he just decided to reject and torture her. What is wrong with this guy???

  6. 81
    ptsh836 Says:

    @Micc: sorry to hear you were unwell…hope ur fine now.

    im jus a lil’ curious…where did you watch this drama which is way past what we are watching now. epi 24 is mostly abt KWJ discovering LSY’s secret by him doing his own investigation work n boy, was he shocked n disillusioned!

    i thought he would accept anything that comes with his beloved wife now that they are already 3 years married…i was wrong! KWJ is not a simpleton; he is way too much a stickler for law n order n honesty in his life…he’s a super freak in terms of having things done perfectly, without a speck of blemish n yes, he truly is obsessed with being righteous n upright n everything else has to be 100% perfect…

    he is now secretly feeling disheartened ovr his perfect wife, i wonder if he can overcome this great shock eventually…

    as for CHJ, after being branded an idiot n a psycho by LSW, she has decided to give up on her love for him…instead she is encouraging KMK to persevere in her quest for LSW’s love…

  7. 82
    no0ct Says:

    hey there, i wanna ask something, what is the Real name of the Girl who is teaching Kang Sung Jae in the ACTING School? she’s kinda cute, is she in some dramas too?

  8. 83
    peter Says:

    This is really a wonderful drama my mother and I are really enjoying watching this. I wish that the drama will now go well with its crisis circulating about halting its production because of problem on talent fee or the budget.

  9. 84
    sharon claibornre Says:

    I enjoy the show so much so much drama and heartaches of peoples past.

  10. 85
    sharon claibornre Says:

    I hope that daughter lawyer will finally be able to tell her husband about her father being a live and that he will forgive her for not telling him the truth.
    Also his sister who is in a same lie except that she is from a rich family and Seo is from a poor family why they both have to say that they were ophans.

  11. 86
    maida Says:

    Strange that this series has 1st rank in rating and less popularity here .
    Would do u recommend it for me esp.it is too long series
    By the way i am big fan of lee bo young

  12. 87
    torri Says:

    what the hell is the lead actress doing ? the girl is driving me nuts with her lies and secret , well i wont be suprise if her husband sends her parking , i cant believe she by pass her brother at the hospital and acted like she did not know him right at that moment i hated her now am only watching to see her twin brother finaly fall in love with the childish funny sweet girl , , the main lead actress can go to hell and i am sure the reason she has not been pregnant is because her mind is not at peace ,

  13. 88
    junjirhenz Says:

    @noOct Her name is Seolhyun, member of the new group Ace of Angels (AOA) who debuted in August this year. This is her first drama. Jungshin (Seongjae) and Seolhyun are from the same agency which is FNC Ent. And you’re right, she is cute. Try watching AOA videos to see more of her.:)

  14. 89
    kdfan Says:

    @micc i hope u r well now. nx wk would be my turn to check in to hosp for a minor procedure ..

    yes i just caught up with yesterday’s kbsworld. to me it’s poor writing making it hard to believe ujae can be so hurtful towards seoyeong now that he knows the truth. and more unbelievable is how seoyeong thinks she could continue living with ujae normally after he asked her straight in the face that its time to spill the beans or else. i was hoping it wont turn out like this but i guess the writer just had to milk this to stretch the episodes. i m turning my focus to sangu n hoejong. i m disappointed hoejong agrees so easily to marry him. i really hope sangu finds his true love with her.

  15. 90
    ptsh836 Says:

    @kdfan: agree with u abt LSY’s thinking that she can still carry on living in dreamland now that her secret is out…

    i think its in KWJ’s character to demand for complete honesty n trust fr his wife as he, himself had nothing to hide nor declare n had always been truthful to LSY…its just d way he handles this shock that appears unbelievable…im sure there is such kind of people who demands to see everything out in d open; they especially hates dishonest people what more fr d woman he loved…im also sure he’s gonna take a long time to get over it now that LSY had specifically disclosed that she has no intention whatsoever of revealing her secret to him… i honestly believe in return, he’ll make her life with him hell n unbearable…gggrrrrrh!

    while LSW proposing to CHJ is a bit preposterous n selfish now that he sees CHJ as his only way out to escape fr the clutches of KMK… he did not consider CHJ’s feelings at all even tho he’s not in love with her…all he cares abt is himself n i think its a bit unfair towards CHJ…however, he did promise to learn to love her in future n i hope he keeps his word…who knows if everything will turn out well for them both??

  16. 91
    bensalinakino Says:

    It is quite astonishing that this drama is way ahead in the ratings game, and in fact is getting stronger in every episode. However, the English subs are a bit slow, compared to other less popular current dramas which are subbed almost instantly, or at least within a day or two.

  17. 92
    bensalinakino Says:

    I also don’t agree with the abrupt change of attitude of Ujae toward his wife of 3 years, whom he had relentllessly pursued in the beginning despite the fact that time and again he was being rejected by Seo-young. Genuine love is supposed to be all encompassing – it includes the readiness to forgive and to understand the person you love, no matter what. Seo-young may have lied about her family background, but it was for a reason. In fact Ujae should be flattered that Seo-young even gave up her own father and twin brother for the sake of her love for him (Ujae). One thing more, actually Ujae should even be proud and grateful that Seo-young has a father who was even willing to risk his own life in order to save Ujae from being run over by a car. And what is wrong with having a poor family background? Seo-young was for a while a judge and is a full-fledged lawyer while her twin brother is a good-looking doctor.

  18. 93
    ptsh836 Says:

    @bensalinakino: at gooddrama.net, they’re 1 day behind in releasing this drama with eng subs…currently they’ve finished epi 26 (same time as those shown on OneTvAsia) we’re now 6 epis behind those aired in korea…

    things are definitely gearing up all for d wrong reasons for KWJ n LSY after 3 very blissful years of marriage…like i said before, KWJ is a stickler for law n order n where everything else should fall into its rightful places…he jus cannot fathom d reasons for LSY’s cover up of her family background.

    after having personally known LSY’s father through his interactions with him a couple of epis before this, KWJ cannot help but feel shock n disbelief over LSY’s actions…tho being poor was never an issue with KWJ.

    i believe all he wants is for his wife to come clean with him n not keep him in d dark like this…

  19. 94
    kdfan Says:

    @ptsh836 i agree ujae is not hung up over what seoyeong lies about but he just can t accept seoyeongkeep hiding secrets from him. Initially i was put off with ujae’s reaction. But as much as i want to hate him, i cant. Probably bec he is too good looking :p . Then i remembered seoyeong’s words to sangu. She said the person she was 3 yrs ago would make the same decision she did to cut ties with her dad although the person she is now regrets it. In the sameway the person ujae was 3 yrs ago will always accept seoyoung with secrets she kept fr him but the ujae now cant. People change over time esp romantic love that is seldom unconditional. I think separation is best for the couple which i m sure will b temporary in kdland. Theres a big part of seoyoung’s personality that is surpressed bec of her lie. I want her to come out clean n unleash it. I hope to see seoyoung living a more colourful life, srarting with her wardrobe!

  20. 95
    raie Says:

    my daughter seo young closing violin music.know ?

  21. 96
    Micc Says:


    Sorry I didn’t check in often as I am still recuperating. Have you had your procedure yet? Hope all is well.

  22. 97
    kdfan Says:

    @Micc yes n i was back to gym two days after. Friends thot i was nuts but i was restless. Hope no recurrence, must hv a healthier lifestyle. Now i m getting more anxious over seoyoung ujae couple. Hope u get well soon n continue enjoying the show.

  23. 98
    rei Says:

    After the recent daily menu of the shallow and mindless dramas which were dished out (except for “My Husband Got A Family), this drama is a classic.

    It is such a solid, substantial, meaningful story of life. The writer/writers of this drama are great sensitive observers of life, so much so that the story of each and every character and events are reflections of what we can find in real life, though not all from one family as depicted in this drama, but which can be found in all everyday life…….

    This drama is so real that we can relate to it – as if watching the story
    of someone we know personally. Blows me away.

    The cast of actors also did justice to this drama. They are all great
    actors. Their acting is so good, that they made the characters “jump”
    out of the screen.

  24. 99
    fransiska Says:

    poor Kang Mi Kyung….i like her..i think she will be married to Lee Sang Woo but …..
    kenapa ya sutradaranya buat sedihh aja..:(

  25. 100
    rei Says:

    My humble opinion is that, Seoyoung should not have done what she did – which is to have told such a Serious and Bad Lie in the first place. Not
    all lies are good. Such as this one, for whatever reason it was used to justify the lie, it is better to have told the truth. The truth last more
    lasting power than a lie. If the truth had been told, Ujae being the character that he is would definitely have continued to fight for her and protect her if there had been resistence from the parents.

    But as the the story goes, the (destructive power of this bad lie is slowing unfurling ……. (Seoyoung made a bad judgement call).

    Seoyoung”s lie has very serious and destructive consequences. She
    knew she had told a Big Lie. She had prepared herself for the
    repercussions/consequences against her should the fallout happen (should she be found out). She prepared herself by not getting pregnant to be loaded with a kid, trying to get her work junior and brother (Sangu) to move away in order to protect her lie, and all her
    other actions to protect a lie, etc

    An intelligent girl like her – she knew what the
    consequences might be – that it might have a destructive ripple
    effect on all far and dear to her, (which was what exactly has
    happened now ) should the secret be known…… but she still did not care. She continued living the lie, and allow it to fester on, giving all the “reasons” and excuses to justify not wanting to reveal the lie. She
    still clung on.

    Seoyoung’s Lie shows the ultimate selfishness of her. Devious
    and conniving.

    Seoyoung’s Lie and the reasons behind it – were like giving a reason
    for pushing someone under a moving train, just ‘cos we think it is justifiable. Just ‘cos we have a reason for doing it, it does not
    mean that we can do it.

    In life, some lies can be told, but some cannot be told. It is all about
    human values.

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