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Mr. Goodbye

Title: 미스터 굿바이 / Mr. Goodbye
Chinese title : 再见先生
Also Known as : Wild Beast and the Witch / The Beast and the Witch
Genre: Romantic comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2006-May-22 to 2006-Jul-18
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Yoon Hyun Suh (Ahn Jae Wook) is an adoptee who grows up in the United States. He becomes successful as a top manager of a hotel chain. He is assigned to do business in Korea. He falls in love with Choi Young In (Lee Bo Young), a sassy concierge from the hotel he is assigned to. There is trouble still looming because Kang Soo Jin (Oh Yoon Ah) who is Hyun Suh’s best friend’s ex-wife comes back with vengeance in mind. The three become entagled in this love triangle.


Ahn Jae Wook as Yoon Hyun Suh
Lee Bo Young as Choi Young In
Oh Yoon Ah as Kang Soo Jin
Jo Dong Hyuk as Kyle

Shijuseu Hotel staff

Kim Ki Hyun as Park Yang Soo (General manager)
Jung Sung Mo as Kang Chul-goo (48) (Bellhop)
Kim Kwang Kyu as Kwon Bok Haeng (Chief, guest room department, 45)
Ahn Sun Young as Hwang Chan Sung (Front desk clerk, 30)

Other people

Jo Dal Hwan as Choi Jae Dong (Young In’s brother)
Lee Hee Do as Choi Young Kyu (Young In’s father)
Lee Hye Sook as Mi Hee (Young In’s mother, 49)
Jo Jae Wan as Jung Koo
Kim San Ho as Kim Dong Rae
Heo Jung Min as Ronnie (Hyun Suh’s younger brother)
Kang Yi Suk as Yoon (Soo Jin’s son)
Seo Yoon Ah
Ahn Jae Sung as Dong Man
Lee Sang In

Production Credits

Director: Hwang Eui Kyung
Screenwriter: Seo Suk Hyang

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  1. 1 : Drama Addict Says:

    Ahn Jae Wook was gorgeous as always, although a bit an old man now, lol!
    Lee Bo Young’s character was a ditzy, odd, but a very lovable girl.
    Their love story – in terms of how their relationship progressed is somewhat unrealistic, but hey, it’s only a drama!
    The ending was really frustrating for me, but all in all, a good series.

  2. 2 : Sumin Says:

    the ending is really sad. he dies in his sleep and the girlfrend adn his son didn’t even realize it.

  3. 3 : Sidney Says:

    A very touching drama, reminds you to take a step and enjoy the time that we often take for granted. I think as a love story, their love could have shown more intensely but it remained strong. Absolutely worth watching!

  4. 4 : kc Says:

    wish there is an english sub

  5. 5 : Perla Says:

    I had watched this drama when it was shown in my part of the world last year, but I would still like to watch it again, can anyone post the English Sub-title PLEASE. I love Lee Bo Young, I wish she has another production again, I miss her and I love to see her lovely face and sweet smile again. She was just plain and simple in this drama, but she still look beautiful.

  6. 6 : JimWang Says:

    I bought this DVD last month. Because not many people wanted to watch this drama, the video store had many inventory of the show. The price was $8.50, a 50% off. I did not know Ahn Jae Wook. But I like Lee Bo Young. So I bought it hoping that if I did not like it there was not much to lose.
    What a plesant surprise! The drama is very good. Ahn Jae Wook is such a great actor. The chemistry between him and Lee Bo young was excellent.
    This drama is a little better than “Queen of The Game”. Ju Jin Moo is too handsome for people not to like “Queen..”. It is Miss Lee made both drama fun to watch.
    Don’t miss this one if you haven’t watched it yet.

  7. 7 : Mapenzi01 Says:

    crave for watching it

  8. 8 : mulan Says:

    I’m still watching this drama. And it’s really interesting, i like Kyle very much he’s awesome for me while watching and adore lee bo young too.

  9. 9 : bernard Says:

    im verry touched when i watched this korean drama movie!!! it really gaved more inspired and touched of our life….it is one of my best korean drama movie i ever saw…..i like it verry much…

  10. 10 : Tae Gi Says:

    I don’t really get the ending at first. I was kinda confused since i was hoping for a happy ending T_T But well, it was a really good series. Worth watching!

  11. 11 : amy Says:

    i luv this drama..it was soo adicting..i am mexican and think korean soap operas are better then mexican ones…you guys are very talented and your writers are very creative =) luv it

  12. 12 : Lumi Says:

    Hola AMY!

    I am Mexican too and I don’t like Mexican telenovelas. I am so addicted to Korean series. Hasta la mas mala es buena. Felicidades!

  13. 13 : Belle Says:

    I haven’t finished yet, I watch the entire series in mysoju but dunno why I can’t access it anymore ;( so sad. 2 more series to go and ….

    arrgh im not lucky!

  14. 14 : bliss Says:

    I’ve spotted Mr Goodbye in YouTube and I bought the DVD, no regrets, a drama which I’d love to keep and watch over and over again. Very touching story line with great casts, Ahn Jae Wook portrayed the character and mood very well, his flicker of eyes, sideway glances, pensive moods etc… he’s very well-dressed and had nice hairstyle too. I like the chemistry between him and the little boy star. I became a fan of AJW after watching this drama! I tried watching AJW’s other dramas but still like AJW in Mr Goodbye best. The OST is also very unforgettable! Lee Bo young is very cute, like a breeze of fresh air, lovely complexion too! Mr Goodbye will remain as one of my favourite drama 😉

  15. 15 : Aigerim from Kazakhstan Says:

    I watched it twice.And it’s still interesting for me.I really like this korean drama,especially Ahn Jae-wook and Lee Bo Young.And also it’s very sad,but after watching this film i really understood,how it’s important to Love and be loved.Actors are really very good and sountracks too!

  16. 16 : sunshine Says:

    The one thing most frustrating about Korean dramas are the unresolved endings like this one.

    Did he die or what? It kind of points to that but the producers won’t have him die lying next to his son. That’s just beyond the pale.

    I like to think that his strong will to live and him leaving his job will make him try to find the best care possible and live every day to the fullest. That is what I like to believe the producers/writers wanted.

  17. 17 : sunshine Says:

    The drama was very good just not the ending so much.

  18. 18 : kdrama lover Says:

    Ahn Jae Wook’s acting in this drama was great! His cool looking as Yoon Hyun Suh was more handsome than the one in the drama of Oh Pil_seung Bong Soon Yeong. I don’t believe that the lead actor were the same for these two drama.

  19. 19 : kdrama lover Says:

    I didn’t believe that Ahn Jas Wook starred in both dramas of “Mr Goodbye” and “Oh Pil-Seung Bong Soon Yeong”. He looked very different in two characters.The acting of Jae Wook in the cool character of Yoon Hyun Suh was great. He was more handsome than the one in Oh Pil-Seung. He has the model figure and is very charming in Mr Goodbye.

  20. 20 : Michele Says:

    Love AJW and his acting. Sad ending as he dies in his sleep which is not the usual korean drama ending. Sigh……wish they would have make it less confusing as it took me a while to realise that he is dead. Jo Dong Hyuk (Kyle) is also great in this drama. He must be new as this is the first I seen him. Thought he was japanese.

  21. 21 : shahrzad Says:

    I am from Iran.I am interested in your dramas.I`m watching this drama.The femal character is so cute.

  22. 22 : Carol Says:

    I watched Mr Goodbye. I like it very much. Its very touching and romantic in its very special way. I love Ahn Jae Wook better in this Mr Goodbye drama than Oh Pil-Seung Bong Soon Yeong. He looks cool and very good looking indeed. I watched Lee Bo Young for the first time. I think she is very refreshing, lovely and very cute. I love to see her and Ahn Jae Wook working together. Its a very sad story. I hope they will play another drama soon. They have a good chemistry to work together.

  23. 23 : Anastasia Says:

    First time I see AJW, love him so much! His acting is very good. He’s so charming and lovable. I really don’t hope the sad ending stories cause he plays so well… Love you AJW!

  24. 24 : zara Says:

    i luv diz drama.
    i luv da actor n actress
    i luv both of them
    bt i dun luv da ending.

  25. 25 : bOOn Says:

    who did the consierge called? what news did soo jin get? who was the old lady receiving the letter?

  26. 26 : daneez Says:

    AJW acting is sooo good.super coool..his smile is sooooooo sweet..LHY acting is not bad either.she’s pretty~

  27. 27 : faryzam Says:

    i like this drama Mr Goodbye….i watched it in KBSW…that my favourite drama korean..
    it very touching…but the ending very sadness…
    Lee Bo Young n Ahn Jae Wook very romantic…
    LBY very cute smile and cute face….

  28. 28 : monaza Says:

    I love this drama very much but so sad because it was ending like that. I hope the produser will continue with Mr Goodbye II. I mean, remain the cast like Lee Bo Young and Ahn Jae Wook and the others.
    The story can begin with Ahn Jae Wook twin brother looking for their mother. No body knows that Ahn Jae Wook have a twin accept their own mother. They been adopted to a different family in US…. So as a twin brother, sure they have same face, interest, but may be to make it more interesting, this time, Ahn Jae Wook more romantic and little bit funny. They both meet coinsidently, may be still in a plane but in different situation. And please remain Kyle as a successfull person to make this love triangle more challenging.
    Please… I love to see “happy ending”… so this time Kyle will be “Mr Goodbye”

  29. 29 : Jewel Says:

    Sobs…I can’t believe you guys write the ending here. I haven’t even finished watching it T__T

    Omg…sad ending? I thought this one will have happy ending T__T

    Why KBS always pick all sad ending drama for their Monday-Thursday drama T__T
    First I watch A Love to Kill, now Mr. Goodbye. I wonder whether the 3rd one will be another sad ending drama…

    But so far (eps 10), I love this drama ^^

  30. 30 : hanasmom Says:

    First time I saw this drama I didn’t like it.
    The uniform… the hotel… The story must be bored.
    But now I really loveee it.
    I just wondering .. Are Yun (the cute kid) and AJW in real life …

  31. 31 : joan Says:

    I love the show!!

    Ahn Jae wook & Lee Bo Young worth for each other (in the drama).
    It is very touching for episode 11 & 12…

    I quite agree with Monaza – a sequel to Mr Goodbye II

    Very sad ending!! Nice OST songs!!

  32. 32 : bOOn Says:

    +1 for Mr Goodbye II..xD

  33. 33 : alis Says:

    what? he dies at the end?

    anyway.. i watch this drama on kbs and i love this drama so much..
    at first i thought that AJW is not so hot (coz i’ve never seen him b4)
    but after 3 or 4 ep he becomes my prince..

  34. 34 : lia Says:

    i watched this on kbs too, but decided to fasten the pace by watching in online. seriously i wanted to know what exactly happened to all of them? the front desk manger might have called another manager? or even kyle? as for soo jin, maybe they know his heart stopped? cause you know it’s a watch, and you can track it, therefore she seemed quite upset? or maybe they found a transplant? as for the old lady? it’s his mother that one i’m very sure of it.

    but most probably he died.. cause well it’s mr good bye for a reason. and the way he said although he wants to live, on earth, and that he wants to stay with her always. that’s probably his spirit? or the memories of him in the people he loved.

    i think young in is kinda well not aware of things…. she didn’t even realize that well he might have died??? it totally depends on how people want the ending to be.. but i can’t think of any alternatives…

    what happened to kyle anyway? and ronny? did he forget his brother in the end? hmmm.. so many unanswered questions! >.

  35. 35 : Sue Says:

    I watched this also in KBS.. really love this drama. First i watched it, i thought i a bit bored.. but now really can’t stop to watch it.

    Anyone can assist me on this.. where i can download the soundtract from this drama.. the music really nice eventhough i can’t understand it.. hehehe 🙂

  36. 36 : Lisa Says:

    omg…. i missed the 1st episode. i love the drama very much. the ending??? so sad ha… please make a sequal 4 this drama. pleaseeeee….. i’d love to watch it.
    AJW is very handsome and cute. he and LBY make a good and lovely couple in this drama. this is the first korean drama that makes me cry…

  37. 37 : krista Says:

    so, the sequel of mr goodbye?! i couldn’t more than agree to this option 🙂 so many questions unanswered, but would it be possible? since it is nearly two years now… *wondering mode on*

  38. 38 : krista Says:

    sorry… made a mistake in calculating the years :d-it’s almost 3 years now. well, let’s keep hoping, shall we?

  39. 39 : lia Says:

    just watched the ending…i hope for happy ending but it so sad…ajw so cool…lby so cute…

  40. 40 : Goong Ju Says:

    Just finished watching from KBS World encore drama. It’s enjoyable drama. Ahn Jae Wook’s acting was good as always. He just have that charisma. The little Yun looks like him a lot. They seem like a real father & son.

  41. 41 : SC Choo Says:

    This is my 1st Korean drama, i am addicted to it. Ahn Jae Wook is such a charming actor, where Lee Bo Young is so sweet and natural. I just love it, but the ending is so sad. Good movie…

  42. 42 : SC Choo Says:

    This is my 1st Korean drama, i am addicted to it. Ahn Jae Wook is such a charming actor, where Lee Bo Young is so sweet and natural. I just love it, but the ending is so sad. Good drama…

  43. 43 : Karen Tan Says:

    I also got to know about this drama when KBS was did the encore for it. Fell in love with it straightaway and went online to watch it. However, the subtitles for the drama on-line were not accurate! It was so weird. Guess I can’t complain since I can watch it over and over (and over) again.. Ahn Jae Wook looked so good in this.. I checked out his other shows (Oh! Phil Seung & Saranghae) but was disappointed with his image.. The songs are so good as well… Have been listening to them ever since…

  44. 44 : LeeBoAhnJae Says:

    I am the fan of Lee Bo Young..I have been following any news on her…Now I am in love with Ahn Jae Wook after watching Mr. Goodbye. Just love them both together. Any sequel for Mr. Goodbye..if not pls couple them again in any other drama, pls..

  45. 45 : maha lakshami Says:

    i didn’t like the first opposide when the two men are marying it is shamful

  46. 46 : surprise Says:

    Surprise that I am addicted to Mr Goodbye!! I am not a fan of Korean drama, however Ahn Jae Wook is the one who attracted me a lot, a very cool, arrogant, proud and smart guy. I like his outfit a lot…he just look gorgeous

  47. 47 : Rose Says:

    Mr. Goodbye is my favorite drama and the songs are very nice.
    Please, Ahn Jae Wook and Lee Bo Young play together again in any other drama, but I love see ” happy ending”.

  48. 48 : arnie Says:

    sad ending….

  49. 49 : Pyrexia15 Says:

    Mr Goodbye is a very sad love story..But,even so,I still watch it coz it is the best story in the whole wide world..[after Boys Over Flowers]

  50. 50 : irene Says:

    I am a great fan & owner of numerous korean drama dvd. Mr. Goodbye is the only DVD I’ve watched over & over again – 4 times to be precise. AJW is absolutely pro & brilliant in his acting. But I don’t understand why most Korean love drama ends with either the lead actor or lead actress dying. Will be there be a sequeal to Mr. Goodbye? If not, I guess I will watch it again cos I just love AJW .. so handsome .. so stylish .. so manly ..

  51. 51 : redpea Says:

    Recently I am tiring of watching the intense IRIS, so I started to watch MR Goodbye for the second time, and this is still my best among all the korean sad ending stories. I really hate crying script, but i can accept this story naturally not only because of my addiction to my first korean idol, AJW, but also the script was really heart-warming, straight forward yet impressive. He really can act well besides all the gorgeous cool characters, I suggest his entertaining comedy will be “Match Made In Heaven 2004”.

  52. 52 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    This is an excellent drama! Watched it sometime ago. Yet, be forewarned…it’s a real tear-jerker!

  53. 53 : teta Says:

    dramanya lucu dan menarik aq suka banget

  54. 54 : dwi putri Says:

    I like this, krn pemainx yg asik, cakep, cantik, dan lau kt udh lht film ini udh ngak ngerasa boring lagi deh.., udh ditanggung asik

  55. 55 : Yuli Says:

    Seru bnget film yc…

  56. 56 : dinar Says:

    this is a unique drama story. Ilike it very much. young in is a charming but confusing caracter. but i like her caracter very much.
    when i saw it on the ist episode, i think it’s will be happiness ending. But when i see the last episode, ouh…….it’s so sadness.
    But i like it too much……..

  57. 57 : no_one Says:

    benar2 cerita yang asik dan nggak ngebosenin….sad ending-nya juga sangat menggungah…a beautiful drama I think…

  58. 58 : Riescca Roezlan Says:

    i like story of Mr.Goodbye…………..

  59. 59 : Riescca Roezlan Says:

    i think,,, story of Mr.Goodbye is unique

  60. 60 : rhea Says:

    Drama yang benar-benar menggugah hati dan sangat inspiratif.

  61. 61 : rhea Says:

    drama yang penuh inspiratif dan sangat menggugah hati

  62. 62 : PUTRI Says:


  63. 63 : ani Says:

    gue suka abis ama yoon hyun suh karena cool abiss kereeeeeen deh

  64. 64 : ANI APRIL Says:

    its amazing ……….!!!!! I like it

  65. 65 : Shara Says:

    Aku ska Drama Indosia Trbaru ini … MR GOODBYE
    ApLagi …KYLE… Gnteng bgt….

  66. 66 : MELda Says:

    kren bgt critanya MR.GOODBYE…….
    sampe” q g mw ke tngalan cratanya n q slalu bca sinopsis x………..
    pha lgi crtA terakhir x nanti SEDIHHHHHH BGTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT…………

  67. 67 : irmayani putri Says:

    gue suka banget sama film-film korea

    ntah kenapa kalau nonton drama seri ini
    seperti dalam kehidupan gue

  68. 68 : agassi Says:

    ih sebel banget , masak kmaren jumat ad mister good bye mana gak ada yang ngasih tau aku lagi , aku kan lagi bobo , jadi sedih, jalan cerita mr good bye tuh bagus banget …………………..
    aku jatuh cinta sama an jan hwuk

  69. 69 : eva maulina Says:

    W sneng bngt klw film nhe berlanjut tyuz
    pa lg pemain cwe n cwo y keren abiz

  70. 70 : yurin Says:

    keren bget ceritanya……

  71. 71 : adhex Says:

    wawww sedih bnget ceritanya… smpai2 pernah nangissss…..
    apakah endingnya ahn jae wook meninggal yha?….

  72. 72 : tyas Says:

    km jdi org cute bgt sich….

  73. 73 : uut Says:

    gue suka bgt akting pemain mr.goodbye krn jln critanya kren abizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  74. 74 : young in Says:

    MR.GOOD bye….
    i like you….

    Oya, bt indosiar jgn bosen2 ya,
    bt nayangin drama2 serial korea/asia.

  75. 75 : vinka Says:

    iiih aku suka bgd sm hyun seo pacaran sm young in,,,tp sun jin jg cantik,, kyle km suka ya sm young in,,,wkwkwkwkwkwkwk
    smpe episode brp c mr.good bye, aku g boseeen kok nnton nya,,,
    i love mr.good bye..

  76. 76 : teeyhaz Says:

    huhuhuh…i love u so muych ahn jae wook…qm gnteng bget ya…awlnya w smpet bngung terakhirnya..mati pa ga,,,tp trnyata w bru sadar klo hyun suh itu…….
    aahhhh…sedih nya..

  77. 77 : Dewi Sundari Says:

    kren abiz film tuh……

    ue ska bget, coz’n menyentuh hati…
    i like it…

  78. 78 : hart Says:

    I like it very much.,
    although sad ending story,,
    I’m crying when i saw the last episode,,
    unforget korean drama,,
    I can’t imagine that it’s true story,,
    Mr Goodbye…
    for AJW i like U’r character….

  79. 79 : eny Says:

    aduh……. so sweet… mau donk…

  80. 80 : eny Says:

    aduhhh so sweet… jadi pingin

  81. 81 : rifgan afganisme Says:

    mr.goodbey jNGAn mATi

  82. 82 : rifgan afganisme Says:

    Mr. JgN MatI

  83. 83 : phita Says:

    Film yg 1 nie meman9 krEN aBiz dEch…
    W suka bgT,.ma hyun se0 ny..
    Hmm..cute bgT dEh.
    I like it..

  84. 84 : kiki Says:

    huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mr.goodbye love you pwooolllllll

  85. 85 : kiki Says:

    mr.good bye huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  86. 86 : yiyin Says:

    drama paling seru……….
    aq ska km mr goodbye…….:))

  87. 87 : anggun Says:

    Mr GOODBYE kamu jgn mati!!
    Aq pgn film ni ttp b’lanjut..
    I lovu u ahn jae wook

  88. 88 : intan Says:

    jngn mti dunk mr.goodbye

  89. 89 : MARTHA TOBING Says:

    never bored … Love Yoon & Young In ^__^

  90. 90 : komariah Says:

    one the best sad ending romance korean drama.. love it so much.. especially the chemistry between young in and hyun suh.. although i know that this drama didn’t have high ratings when it was airing at korea, but still.. i like this drama so much.. it’s airing on indosiar.. love it so much!!

  91. 91 : firly Says:

    mr.good bye huhuhuhuhu….

  92. 92 : Narra Says:

    MR GOODBYE, I like it so much, especially Yoon Hyun Suh or Ahn Jae Wook..
    Hikz, this drama makes me cry..T.T
    But, excellent!!

  93. 93 : tiiasyalala Says:

    a good and sad koren drama
    it ma me cry

  94. 94 : evy Says:

    I lIkE ThE mOvIe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sedihx ceritanya.

  95. 95 : raluph us Says:

    Mr.Goodbye teRnYatA fiLma sDiH jUgA yUaH……
    tPi tEtEp sEru kOk………
    i likE Mr.Goodbye

  96. 96 : debby Says:

    beberapa hari ini… film mr.goodbye selalu mmbuat gw mnangis…
    ahn jae wook cool abz gyanya…
    tpi syang endingnya mnyedihkan…
    skenarionya bisa d ganti gk…??hahaha..
    jdi happy ending dan ada klanjutannya..


  97. 97 : abhy Says:

    mr good bye ………….. toppppppppppppppppp abis dech

  98. 98 : Lea Says:

    Smakin jth cnta am nih korean drama..britany unik,mnyntuh,akting para pemainny jg total bgt..

  99. 99 : amanda Says:

    nyesel banget gak bs nonton ending x……………………!!!!!!!

  100. 100 : hart Says:

    it’s the second korean drama that make me crying..,,
    i really2 make me love it,,
    i’m so sad….
    i wait next U’r acting in another drama ( AJW & bae Young)

  101. 101 : Pipiet Triana Says:

    Indosiar —> ulang lagi dong film mr. goodbyenya!!!!!
    K drama —> bikin mr. goodbye 2 doooong!!!!!! Ceritanya ada yang nyumbang jantung gituuuhhhh

  102. 102 : Gex Youra Says:

    Salut bgt bwt yg bikin film Mr. Goodbye……….Bikin aku bener-bener tersentuh n g bisa tidur mikirin adegan meninggalnya.

    N please bgt bwt Indosiar…,,,,,,,,,,,tayangin lagi y…………………please………………………………………….

  103. 103 : prabanja Says:

    akhir ceritanya gitu doank? apa yg terjadi tuh ? apa lelakinya meninggal?

  104. 104 : anggun Says:

    I like acthing ahn jae wook (yoon hyun seo)..
    Sumpah tiap aku nonton aku pasti nangis terus, apalagi pas tamat aku gag bisa tidur.. Because aku gag rela kalau YOON HYUN SEO mati aku mau YOON HYUN SEO menikah sama CHOi YOUNG IN..
    aku mohon adain MR GOODBYE 2,,yoon hyun seo’nya jangan meninggal..
    Biar happy ending..

    I love you ahn jae wook..
    Aku ngefans banget sama kamu..

  105. 105 : gette Says:

    ceritanya mgharukan bgt………..
    bikin nangis aja…………

    duh.. kapan ya indonesia bisa bikin film ky gini….
    yg ceritanya ga cuma nangis2 doang, tapi juga bermutu….

    two thumbs up for mr goodbye!!

    ga pengin ngucapin goodbye sama mr goodbye nih………..

  106. 106 : gette Says:

    sama yoon hyun suh-nya keren bget!
    aktingnya sempurna lagi!


  107. 107 : vivy Says:

    Bisa ga ya kenalan ama Ahn Jae Wook n Lee Bo Young?! Ada yg bs kasih jalan… ^_*

  108. 108 : syifa isnaini Says:

    aduh pokoknya film korea paling-paling aku byk bgt nntn film korea tapi cuma ini yang bikin aku nangis aku byk nntn korean drama tapi cuma ini paling keren….
    tolong di ulang ya!!!!
    mau di bikin ke 2 juga boleh…
    indonesia patut contoh drama2 korea yang cuma 15 episode keren bgt gak perlu ampe berseason-season males cape tapi 15 berkualitas….

  109. 109 : cepaka Says:

    indosiar, tlong tyngin skli age donk’z mr. goodbye.a..
    cz aq gg dpt nnton apisod 11.a..
    agean mzak ending.a hyun seo mti , kn gg sruu..
    loex prlu adain season 2.a azha..
    eeeaaaa pliiieeezzzzzz….
    loex hyun seo mti kn young in jd mkan sndrian age lma 30 thn k dpn..
    trz nzib.a kyle am so jin gmna????
    tlong ea,, aq mhon..

  110. 110 : nitha Says:

    akk sdihz bngetz pas nnton film mr goodbye……

    krna filmx mnarik bngetz ???

    prtmax mr goodbye egk pngin pcarx tue klu dia sdng skite prahz n smpi akhirx cmex jgae tu klu mr goodbye mempunyai pnyakit,,,,
    n smpi akhirx mr goodbye mningal ???

    krna film tu akk tue bta sdihzx klu ornk ynk kta cintai prgie mningal kan kta ???

    buate akk film korae ynk pling bguse cma mr goobye smpai akk nagis,,,,,,
    krna film tue ????

  111. 111 : yetZy purba Says:

    gOOd,aNd verY gOod bGt deCh stOrY nY…..
    Q amPe bZ nGis nOntoN fLim ne snGkIng tganG nY…..
    aplaGy wkT ktahUan wkT tdUr sma yG cWeX bka bJunY mw nGlhaT jnTunG nY it…..hahahahahaa…….kreN amT
    indosiAr>ulaNg lGe doNkkkkk,….

  112. 112 : ismii Says:

    Mr. goodbye nya jangan mati dundz …
    lanjutin yang ke 2..
    i love Ahn Jae Wook !!!!!!!
    you’re so cuutteee …

  113. 113 : notezzi Says:

    ie.. film.a seru bngetzzz…
    akhir yg menyedihkan.. jd sad dunk,,,
    tolong di puterin lagi dungk..

  114. 114 : syifa Says:

    aku baru tahu kalu umur asli Ahn Jae Wook 39 tahun dia lahir tahun 1971 film itu keluar di KBS2 tahun 2006 emang gak pas itu umur Ahn Jae Wook masih 35 tapi di bandingkan sekarang kalo masih mau buat Mr.Goodbye season 2 juga tampangnya masih oke kok tenang aja aku pasti bakalan nntn sama yang udah komentar di atas sana tapi cukup 2 season aja ya….

    satu lagi setuju deh sama yang udah komentar di atas sana……
    Ahn Jae Wook memang oke……

  115. 115 : maylin Says:

    sumpe lo MR G oodbye keren bgt wlu sebenar x qt2 udah ketinggaln krn udh dibuat 4thn yg lalu tp gue tetap senang bgt apa lg klu INDOSIAR sudi menanyngkn x kembali pasti qt2 pecinta MR Goodbye bersukur bgt

  116. 116 : maylin Says:

    aduh benar bgt tuh gue nangis and g bs tdr gara2 ending x yoon hyun seo x mati begitu sj dlm tdr jd x ngambang and g seru gt cb bs dibuat MR Goodbye 2 pasti jd seru

  117. 117 : reny Says:

    one of the best korean drama ever..
    1. boys before flowers
    2. stairway to heaven
    3. mr.goodbye
    4. the great queen seon deok
    5. endless love
    6. cinderella’s sister
    7. my girl
    8. princess hours
    9. sassy girl, chun hyang
    10. my fair lady

  118. 118 : R A Mutiara Denon Says:

    sedih banget…
    sampe” q nangis

  119. 119 : diandra Says:

    nonton mr.goodbye ngingetin aku sama kisahku cintaku.. dia ‘pergi’ sama kayak YOON HYUN SEO.. sediiiiihhh bgt… tiap kali nonton pasti nangis… T_T

  120. 120 : kayLa Says:

    mr goodbye, jgn ngucapin goodbye dnk … bikin nangis aja …

    sama buatin mr goodbye 2. kali ini yong-in sama pak kyle ato sama gitu, biar ga jadi sad ending ….

    indosiar tolong puterin film2 lain yg ada ahn jae wook-nya dnk ….

    plzt ….

  121. 121 : kayLa Says:

    ada gak sih fan site-nya mr goodbye?

    buat yux

  122. 122 : inten Says:

    tolong dong indosiar saranin ke KBS2 buat bkin mr.goodbay 2 , please
    mkasih ^_^

  123. 123 : hamid arrum Says:

    indosiarrrrr,.,.tolong banget tayangin balik mr.goodbye nya,.,.,.,soalnya ni drama yang paling best buat q,.,.,
    inspirasi banget la

  124. 124 : retno Says:

    tolong dong disiarin lagi dan bikin yang kedua yg seru

  125. 125 : Wulan jae wook Says:

    Tu kan, plis dong indosiar tayangin ulang mr goodbye..Bnyak yg minta juga kan ..
    Plis plis ..

  126. 126 : chatherina Says:

    I love mr. Goodbye very much, ahn and lee r very great couple, I love both of them. Can’t stand to wait their next project drama with happy ending off course. Bravo

  127. 127 : diefan Says:

    wow!.. I really really loved this series… its sooo good. soo touching.. thumbs up!. Beautiful…! Mr. GoodBye.. I willl be forever remember this series. LOVED IT. Everyone should watch it. Great storyline.

  128. 128 : mutiara Says:

    hmmm,, like what I guessed… this is an old drama, why did it just come to my country now, but it’s ok,, it’s good drama though..

  129. 129 : mel Says:

    is it the drama with sad ending?

  130. 130 : a.j.w fan Says:

    mr.goodbye –> good drama, like the chemistri of AJW & LBY. . .
    hope have season 2. . .
    love AHN JAE WOOK forever . . . ^^

  131. 131 : nining Says:

    i love the story..

  132. 132 : bella Says:

    kapan, nich keluar terbitan episode yang baru/??????????????

  133. 133 : riawati Says:

    Mr.Goodbye kembalilah aq merindukanmu..please indosiar tlg tayangin Mr.Goodbye lagi..!!Thnx

  134. 134 : jija Says:

    drama.a bgs bngt…
    bwt q terharu..pa lg pas endingnya…wishhh…

  135. 135 : kirana Says:

    mau-mau lagi…
    ceritanya bagus. sampai ending-nya masih bikin penasaran.

  136. 136 : zohmingi Says:

    Ahn jae wook hi chu a sexy khawp mai. A film channa a tam thei ang ber hi hmuh ka duh. The more i see the more i love. He is also a good singer especially i like ‘ Forever ‘ And i’m from Mizoram, Aizawl. India. I hope to see him in somewhere!!!

  137. 137 : zohmingi Says:

    Mr. Goodbye hmuhnawm zia hi I can’t express my feeling for him. but i’m not a single with two children. But i still like him.

  138. 138 : keongg Says:

    ending’a g mnyenangkan.

  139. 139 : rose Says:

    i think the drama is to much talking…
    especially start from episod 1-6….
    the love conflict between JDH and LBY is not strong enough…
    JDH is not trying so hard to get LBY love….
    he just say ‘sarange’ without any action to get her love…
    i hate so much about the ending…
    it’s not clear whether AJW die or not….
    i give this drama 6 out of 10….
    so-so drama….

  140. 140 : chuchu45 Says:

    kawaiiii, i love this story >.<

  141. 141 : chuchu45 Says:

    KAWAII, i love this story >.<

  142. 142 : reaz_Q Says:

    ending nya gak jelas.. kecewa sih… aku sebel sama dokternya dan juga JDH gk serius bgt tuk ngerespons cinta dari LBY.. sebellllllll……… filmnya bagus… en nyebelin. thanx

  143. 143 : inez Says:

    sedih…haru…lucu…..meskipun sad ending…but I love this drama. OST-nya keren

  144. 144 : Rein Says:

    So sadd.:'(
    But the story is awesome.

  145. 145 : Vivian Says:

    Hi, where to get ost? can’t download from the link. thks.

  146. 146 : bee Says:

    Why this drama not happy ending???

  147. 147 : yuli suherni Says:

    weh…weh…weh….weh …filmnya memang bagus bngt sih tp sangat memuaskan soalnya msh gantung mknya diterusin dong season 2 nya kapan dimulainya…..

  148. 148 : Emil Niken Says:

    Wah ceritanya bagus banget! sampe2 si hyeon seo meninggal
    it so cool

  149. 149 : e Says:

    this drama so good !

  150. 150 : lily Says:

    i love this ..but hate is the ending..

  151. 151 : terri Says:

    I love this drama so so so much…. so so so touching but i really HATE the ending!! I can’t sleep well becouse of that for the past few night!! Do you have another version of the ending???

  152. 152 : violet Says:

    Just finished watching this drama for the second time (after 6 years..) and i still find this story amusing and a very refreshing love story. i love the simplicity of love between Youngin and Hyunseo.. and the pace for their love development is just nice and sweet.. it depicts how love able to turn someone into a new person, and how even doing a simple thing for your loved ones can make them happy..

    There are few plots that i’m still not very clear though, and was thinking maybe i should re-watch again (for the 3rd time?.. :).. Like who send Hyunseo the folded paper with an address.. whose address was that? is it his mom’s address? why Hyunseo never introduce himself to his mother? during last few scene it shows that his mother received a letter and stated the letter is from Nam Hyunseo.. it is really from Nam Hyunseo and not from him?
    Another plot was on Sujin. Did Sujin really fall for him after seeing him being so closed to Yun?
    And lastly why does Hyunseo have to be fired from his position at the Empire Hotel when he does nothing wrong? it was the General Manager who done bad deeds to the hotel..
    And lastly of course why Hyunseo have to die.. they should extend some more episode that shows Hyunseo able to get heart transplant done and live happily with Youngin.. 🙂

    Neverheless Mr Good Bye is a great drama with great and perfect casting. Nice OST.. Great performance and chemistry between the leads. It will become my dream come true if they have continuation for the series..

  153. 153 : HaroroLovePororo Says:

    Theme song, eassy listen!

  154. 154 : JL Says:

    It the 2nd time that I watched. Love it even more.

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