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Monstar (tvN)

Title: 몬스타 / Monstar
Genre: Musical, Romance, Youth
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: Mnet & tvN & KM & Onstyle
Broadcast period: 2013-May-17 to 2013-Aug-02
Air time: Friday 21:50


A drama about behind-the-scenes stories of many people who want to become singers and how teenagers who have been hurt and scarred will be healed through music while find out about love, friendship, and their dreams along the journey.

Yoon Sul Chan (Yong Joon Hyung) is vocalist of fictional band called Men in Black. His past have made him, cold, cynical and hot temper that get him in many troubles. Therefore, he was sent to new high school where he has to behave or else. He will join the high school band and help his fellow students achieve their dream. Yoon Sul Chan will be a pair with Min Se Yi (Ha Yeon Soo), a high school student who moved to Korea from New Zealand and though she isn′t interested in school or her studies, she feels happy whenever she sings. She will join the band with Yoon Sul Chan and gets involved in the incidents scattered throughout the story.


Main Cast

Yong Joon Hyung as Yoon Sul Chan
Park Ji Woo as Yoon Sul Chan (young)
Ha Yeon Soo as Min Se Yi
– Kim Cho Eun as Min Se Yi (young)
Kang Ha Neul as Jung Sun Woo
Yoon Chan Young as Jung Sun Woo (young)
Ahn Nae Sang as Han Ji Woong
Jung Joon Young as Han Ji Woong (young)

Monstar Members

Kim Min Young as Sim Eun Ha
Park Kyu Sun as Cha Do Nam
Kang Ui Sik as Park Kyu Dong
Dahee as Kim Ha Na

All For One Members

Moon Yong Suk as Ma Joon Hee
Kim Yoo Hyun as Ma Hyo Rin
Yoon Jong Hoon as Shin Jae Rok


Lee Hee Jin as Dok Go Soon
Kim San Ho as as Choi Joon Goo
Kim Sun Kyung as Choi Kyung (Se Yi’s mother)
Kim Ye Rim as Choi Kyung (young)
Jo Jae Yoon as Manager Hong
Kim Hee Won as CEO Go
Kim Jae Heung as math teacher
Kim Young Hee as language teacher
Lee Dal Hyung as head teacher
Ryu Hye Rin as Sul Chan’s fan
Yook Sung Jae as Men In Black member
Kim Min Ho
Lee Jung Min as Lee Jung Min


Lee Joo Yeon as Ah Ri (ep 1)
Lee Sung Min as movie PD (ep 1)
Lee Min Hyuk as Men In Black member (ep 2,6)
Im Hyun Shik (임현식) as Men In Black member (ep 2,6)
Lee Chang Sub (이창섭) as Men In Black member (ep 2,6)
Yook Sung Jae (육성재) as Men In Black member (ep 2,6)
Kim Young Ho as Min Kwang Ho
– Kim Tae Hyun (김태현) as Kwang Ho (teenage)
Kim Ye Ryung as Sul Chan’s mother
Natthew (나튜) as Nawin Thammarat (ep 4, 8, 11)
Go Chang Suk as Do Nam’s judo master (ep 5)
Ivy as adult Eun Ha (ep 5)
Kim Ji Soo (ep 10)
Jo Moon Geun (ep 10)
Kim Jin Pyo (김진표) as ‘Kiss of The Goddess’ MC (ep 12)
Son Ji Hyun (ep 12)
No Min Woo (ep 12)
Kim Young Jae as Byun Hee Sool PD (ep 8)

Production Credits

Production Company: CJ E&M
Chief Producer: Kang Hee Jung, Lee Chan Ho
Producer: Yoon Hyun Ki
Director: Kim Won Suk
Screenwriter: Jung Yoon Jung


2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Best Rookie Actor: Yong Joon Hyung (Monstar)

Episode Ratings

Date Ep Title Nationwide
2013-05-17 1 It all started with lips 1.60
2013-05-24 2 Hey girl, I am a star, star 2.60
2013-05-31 3 Returned Idol Seol-chan causes a huge accident 2.40
2013-06-07 4 I like her, Min Se Yi 2.80
2013-06-14 5 Let’s fight, All for One! 2.20
2013-06-21 6 Jealousy incarnate, danger of team breakup? 2.80
2013-06-28 7 Finally the battle! Color Bar vs. All for One 2.30
2013-07-05 8 To you who hopes for my despair 3.10
2013-07-12 9 If you want help it will come 2.80
2013-07-19 10 What do I do? I’m still so bad at this 2.50
2013-07-26 11 I Loved My Friend's Friend -
2013-08-02 12 - -

Source: AGB Nielsen (Combine ratings of tvN, Mnet, KM & OnStyle)

This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating.


  • This drama is CJ E&M’s first music drama and a collaborative effort of Mnet and tvN.

  • This drama broadcast simultaneously on tvN, Mnet, KM, and OnStyle.


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  1. 1 : Safa Says:

    Look Interest drama. Can’t wait to watch this drama.

  2. 2 : Kulitz Says:

    Hope this drama is also a romance not just musical.

  3. 3 : Jennie Says:

    A Korean “Glee” in the making?

  4. 4 : ogrenji Says:

    @jennie thought the same thing.concept GLEE “in new- korean – directions” :))

  5. 5 : Shada Says:

    i think Btob member also join this drama right ?! WOW cant wait 😀

  6. 6 : wynn 윈 Says:

    interesting to it d~!!! >v<
    hope that it episode can add on more~!!! *o*
    start wait till it appearance d~!!! ^^Y

  7. 7 : Nina Says:

    are you serious abot the screenwriter?kim tae hee?or just the same name?

  8. 8 : han ha woo Says:

    when is the airing??

  9. 9 : min mi Says:

    woahh!! daebak.saranghae this drama.

  10. 10 : rory Says:

    I think Kim Tae Hee is the same person who wrote for SKKS drama but of course she’s not that famous actress Kim Tae Hee 😀

  11. 11 : something Says:

    the writer isn’t Kim Tae Hee but Jung Yoon Jung (Tale of Arang)

  12. 12 : lhanie mallillin Says:

    i’m really excited to watch this movie♥♥♥♥

  13. 13 : drama love Says:

    when can i see this drama i love music one and romance!!<3

  14. 14 : riafeatriana Says:

    OMG….this is the drama of the year!!!i’m excited to see Junhyung oppa n Haneul oppa…another wonderful musical drama is coming this May^^

  15. 15 : MintyStar Says:

    found a new drama to put my free time…. fighting

  16. 16 : victoria Says:


  17. 17 : MINON Says:


  18. 18 : SILVIO Says:


  19. 19 : ani Says:


  20. 20 : red Says:

    nice pilot episode .thumbs up!!!!!!!its very interesting to watch and im looking forward for the next episode

  21. 21 : NAOMI Says:


  22. 22 : jezdgreat Says:

    only 12epsiode?? I hope they would extend to 16episode it would be great..not mentioning about Strongest kpop audition they end it abruptly and really disappointing, they rushed the ending in o messed episode…I hope this one would end nicely and perfectly…

  23. 23 : Sharon Says:

    The first episode was really impressive. I can’t wait to see more of the story :D. I hope the whole story will not be disappointing. Love Sulchan!

  24. 24 : Torri Says:

    Beautiful first ep loved it well done keep it coming

  25. 25 : karerina (@Samy89_SJSNee) Says:

    wheere can i see the drama??

  26. 26 : Mint Says:

    I usualy watch mon-thrus drama and i barely don’t like the drama which a lead male is an idol (but lead women is ok, like suzy, iu and sully etc). But, i just want to looking for a teenager drama for watched in boring time. And i just felt in love with this drama even in the 1st episode!!!!

  27. 27 : soo nee rha Says:

    Mint: I also felt the same but why does the other episodes take so long time to arrive please make it fast please.

  28. 28 : rana Says:

    i am really in love with this dramaaa can not wait to see the next episode <33333333333333333

  29. 29 : NAOMI Says:

    this drama my favorite!fighing!

  30. 30 : droset Says:

    omg!drama the best!

  31. 31 : Sabrina_GG Says:

    I’ve watched ep 2 !! But no subs .. Urgh, there are sooo many thoughts in my mind !! I think that Yoon Seol Chan and Seon Woo likes Min Seyi…

  32. 32 : Sabrina_GG Says:

    You guys can watch it here

  33. 33 : MintyStar Says:

    loving it

  34. 34 : droset Says:

    i love it!sarane!

  35. 35 : miramax Says:

    i like this drama!i love Koreq!

  36. 36 : daniel Says:

    perfect drama!

  37. 37 : haruhi28 Says:

    i’m loving this drama…the male lead is so funny 🙂 i really like the beauty of min se yi…she looks so pure and innocent…the only sad part of this drama is it is shown only once a week…

  38. 38 : Kash Says:

    I’m a person who has a hard time sticking with a drama one of the few dramas I sticked with was Dream High and it was THE BEST thing ever. I started watching monstar and it’s sooooo good! When are the episodes released? As in weekly, which day?

  39. 39 : cio Says:

    agree!!!! good musical drama good plot. doesn’t bore you. one of the best idol drama

  40. 40 : daniel Says:


  41. 41 : VIO Says:


  42. 42 : dianne Says:

    why it takes so long to upload the next episodes..i really like the story…..

  43. 43 : saman Says:

    i love dennis oh i hope to see him in drama in 2013

  44. 44 : vic Says:

    I just finished watching ep.2 and it is really good.. sad that it is only 12 episodes and only one episode per week..

  45. 45 : myeon Says:

    oh man, i really really really really really love this drama <3 why it has only 1 eps per week? 🙁

  46. 46 : tera Says:

    I finish watching ep 3…the drama was good so far…but really I can’t understand Min Se Yi. Seems like she’s holding a grudge to Seol Chan…Why.. seol Chan is so sweet…MSY irritate me sometimes…

  47. 47 : saranhe Says:

    drama very good!

  48. 48 : Keito Says:

    The second male lead and the girl have so much chemistry ;A;

  49. 49 : myeon Says:


    haha maybe it’s because seolchan always did something which makes se yi angry. like, he stole her phone, he answer call from her mother without she knew it, he played her dad’s song, etc. but i think they’re both soo cute <3 and somehow seol chan reminds me of rain's character in full house, and dok go jin character in the greatest love. lol

    love it !

  50. 50 : Sarang.gen Says:

    Love this show….. And the chemistry is sizzling!

  51. 51 : simbad Says:

    i love it!

  52. 52 : dorisp Says:

    love the actor playing as seol chan, so funny….and i think he looks a little hyun bin to me especially the eyes?….but anyways, though I think most of the actors here are fairly new and am only seems to know one or a couple of faces but after watching the 1st ep am instantly hooked and loving it now! ….and it really is one of the best drama this days that you shouldn’t miss!

  53. 53 : Jae Says:

    Loved the title and thankfully so far the series isn’t disappointing me. I hope this keeps up. XD It looks like a love triangle will unfold! Woot! YSC is funny. I love when he says stuff like ‘Am I chasing her/Why am I chasing her?’ He can be pretty cute yet dorky at times.

  54. 54 : Jae Says:

    And MSY is too funny. When she’s serious she really does look like she’s joking and when she’s joking she looks deadly serious. I got a little scared when she said she’d eat the bird. XD

  55. 55 : Amel Says:

    I love this drama! XD

  56. 56 : dari Says:

    love the song love the drama so sweet where i can download the song???

  57. 57 : rumenia Says:

    i love this drama!faighing!

  58. 58 : samuel98 Says:

    this drama my favorite!

  59. 59 : shymugga Says:

    Love it..I thought it was gonna start of slow but the first episode was awesome and every1 after was awesome as well..Good job..

  60. 60 : victoriq Says:

    i like it!

  61. 61 : CarolineDL Says:

    Surprinsingly good… Great photography and filming. It is different than most teen shows: it has a lot of darkness and angst. Very interesting!

  62. 62 : Abibuyog Says:

    I super like this show.. :). waiting for Friday is such pain. I like the character of Seolchan and how ” I am a star ” so treat me like a star and how his world turns upside down because of SeYi not realizing how hard he likes Min SeYi.. and how exciting will be how SeYi will fall for him since she never show any slightest emotion towards him :).. like like like !!! 🙂

  63. 63 : Jyenie Says:

    It’s good that the star is being put down to earth and given a chance to interact with ordinary kids of his age. 🙂 It certainly helps with his mental health and whatever he holds against his past and his mother. Is he an adopted child? Why is his interaction with his mom a bit awkward?

  64. 64 : vanq Says:

    i love this drama!faithing!

  65. 65 : neo Says:

    drama the best!the songs are great!aktors are cute!

  66. 66 : myeon Says:

    my favorite korean drama right now.<3 it's really refreshing to watch

  67. 67 : nikol Says:

    ty favorite too!

  68. 68 : KDadiktus Says:

    Cute drama :)lovet!

  69. 69 : darna029 Says:

    I really enjoyed it.. first time to watch musical drama .. the cast were all amazing and talented as well.. the beat box was awesome! it would be nice if they make it twice a week like other dramas .., was it possible? anyways MONSTAR highly recommended it so entertaining ..

  70. 70 : zhian Says:

    this is the best musical drama this year…
    I love soundtrack



  71. 71 : SANIMA Says:


  72. 72 : avocadooo Says:

    I never thought I would love this drama. So cute!

  73. 73 : ridha Says:

    this drama is worth to watch? i see the coments from all of you looks like love this drama hehehe^^ i knew this drama is recommended from the twitter fansite 😀 okaaay i’ll wait for the dvd 😀 i was disapponted from when a man loves. what a stupid drama!! -_-

  74. 74 : dezire Says:

    i like it!very special story!figthing!

  75. 75 : montana Says:

    i love this drama!i love songs and actors!figthing,Monstar!

  76. 76 : smile Says:

    Best drama faithting!but why ep 6 late for eng sub…huhu.soel chan & se yi love u two…..

  77. 77 : SWINI Says:


  78. 78 : KONSTASA Says:


  79. 79 : TV Novel – Eun Hee « rohmatwidi48 Says:

    […] Shark (KBS2) Dating Agency: Cyrano (tvN) Cruel City (jTBC) Princess Aurora (MBC) Ugly Alert (SBS) Monstar (Mnet) Good For You (MBC) Nailshop Paris (MBC QueeN) Sincerity Moves Heaven (KBS1) Mandate of Heaven […]

  80. 80 : jo Says:

    interesting n fun. one week once episode. cant wait…..

  81. 81 : jorico Says:

    so beautiful!i like it!

  82. 82 : marissa Says:

    saraneo!i love this drama!perfect songs and actors!

  83. 83 : peach98 Says:

    Monstar is so good. I wish they air two episodes a week.

  84. 84 : Tira Says:


  85. 85 : söta sara Says:

    LOve is only made for this show! Cannot wait to see next ep! Ep 6. 7 were a splash! fighting and all the best greetings from sweden!

  86. 86 : smile Says:

    cannot wait to see next ep! ep 8…

  87. 87 : minolsara Says:

    epizod 7-perfect!figthing!saraneo!

  88. 88 : SIMON Says:

    i love this drama!

  89. 89 : walencina Says:


  90. 90 : Jia Says:

    Wow!!! I love this drama!! I like dramas about music like this one or dream high!! But when does ep 8 come out??? I’m so impatient!! I wanna see it solo badlyyyy!

  91. 91 : Alice-Chan Says:

    I like this drama!!!! Yong Junhyung oppa,, FIGHTING!!

  92. 92 : song ji hoon Says:

    Salute for this drama..
    This is the best k-drama musical I never see ^^

  93. 93 : krincing Says:

    Too bad it only has 12 episodes. Why they made such good drama so short.

  94. 94 : VIOLA Says:


  95. 95 : CarolineDL Says:

    Wow, episode 8 was great and heartbreaking!…

  96. 96 : annebelle Says:

    So love this drama a lot. One thing, why 1 episode per week only? It’s dreadful to make us wait that too long, isn’t it too much? ohhh… and why only 12 episode? can it be extended into more extra episodes.. well.. too short, this drama is awesome from the first episode I watched ’till the last… and the next… fightinggggg! ah, one more… so love SeChan couple.. okay I’m really so impatient for the next episode… nice drama eva…!!

  97. 97 : karamelika Says:


  98. 98 : smile Says:

    SeChan couple…i like it..best couple!

  99. 99 : dafne Says:

    epizod 8-OMG!I LOVE THIS DRAMA!

  100. 100 : KATQ Says:


  101. 101 : Simnani Says:

    Figthing,Monstar!i like this drama soo mach!

  102. 102 : Rossa Says:

    I loved Monstar so much i can’t wait the next episode every week. I used to watch korean drama at dramacrazy.net but it’s down now. Can somebody reccommend other korean drama sites? besides dramafever because it doesn’t work in my country.

  103. 103 : rist Says:

    Rossa: check it on gooddrama.com 🙂

  104. 104 : Ttuk Says:

    Phew.. episode 8 shows us the bullying that can push some over the edge. Heavy. The drama grows on you.

  105. 105 : sarkita Says:

    i would like to know what app could have all 12 episodes
    because dramafever and viki just shows me 7 and 8 episodes so i would like to know what others app could have it

  106. 106 : Ana Says:

    sarkita , this drama did not finnished , it is airing right now in Korea and you can’t find the all episodes until the drama is finnished

  107. 107 : sarkita Says:

    ohh i get it know thanks i didnt know but thanks to you now i know
    thank you so much.

  108. 108 : sneji Says:

    epizod 8-WOW!

  109. 109 : SAMIRA Says:

    This is very special drama!i like actors !figthing.Monstar!

  110. 110 : nino98 Says:

    i like ep8!thank you!

  111. 111 : Ana Says:

    Love it!!!

  112. 112 : saraneo Says:

    drama -perfect!i like songs ,loves actors!

  113. 113 : Beatrix Says:

    awesome musical drama!! i like ep8. that busking scene was cool

  114. 114 : Kayla Says:

    Where can I watch ep 9 with english subtitles!!!! I’m dying to know what happens now!!

  115. 115 : Vicky Says:


  116. 116 : jo Says:

    very good drama… the lead actor is cute…..

  117. 117 : Susan 33 Says:

    Rosas, try Viki.

  118. 118 : smile Says:

    finally seol chan confess to sei yi…best!i like it…yippi…

  119. 119 : yojz Says:

    OMG! i love this korean drama… it makes me thrilled and i’m so excited for the next episode.. i have watched the whole episode from 1-8 3 times already and i never get bored of watching it… so cute and it makes me laugh and cry at the same time …. try watching this drama @ gooddrama.net

  120. 120 : yojz Says:

    KAYLA watched it @ gooddrama.net… this website is to update..

  121. 121 : Ttuk Says:

    Anyone know the meaning of the title. There’s no word “monstar” in the English language.

  122. 122 : Alice-Chan Says:

    Does anyone know the ending song of the drama ep 7, 8, and 9?? I like it so muchh… Please 😕

  123. 123 : saraSJS Says:

    This drama is not anything to be considered serious or something. The whole matter is something stupid for fun. Still if you think about it deeply, you can find an irresponsible writer in a money hunger industry. Why a 18 year old girl is just thinking about boys, love and music instead of her future in a hierarchical society like Korea’s? Why she goes to a stranger man’s house alone without fear of being raped or kidnapped? It’s not like that that man is a saint. Why they always try to show their idols in love while Joon hyung himself lost lots of his fans when they found he had gf? What’s the point of creating a complete fake world for the target viewers who are mostly teenagers? After watching K-dramas for more than 6 years, I firmly believe most of the K-writers are irresponsible people who don’t pay attention to the fact that how their dramas can affect teenagers in a negative way.

  124. 124 : vanessa Says:

    Rossa, Dramacrazy.eu still works even though dramacrazy.net doesn’t and they are literally the same site.

  125. 125 : vanessa Says:

    Ttuk, “monstar” is “monster” and “star” put together.

  126. 126 : virjiniq Says:


  127. 127 : Rossa Says:

    vanessa & rist thank you so much 😀

  128. 128 : koin Says:

    ini alur cerita sama genrenya sama yah kaya dream high?

  129. 129 : jess Says:

    episode 11 preview here guys 🙂

  130. 130 : lisander Says:

    i like drama Monstar!Minsey so beautiful!Solchan -fighing!

  131. 131 : Ttuk Says:


    I loved the walking up and then down the steps scenes in ep#10. Hahaha. And the hallucinations reminded me of “Something About Mary”, though “Cat Balou” with Jane Fonda used the same treatment. But I especially liked it in this drama as it resonated with the girl’s state of mind — fallen in love.


  132. 132 : nzul Says:

    @koin; sejauh yang gw tonton beda bos alurnya, kalo Dream High kan mereka punya tujuan untuk debut dan terjun ke industri makanya sekolah dan belajar musik di Kirin, kalo Monstar itu lebih ke penggunaan Musik sbg alat untuk menyatukan mereka yg karakternya beda-beda, dan juga sbg obat atas rasa sakit hati anak-anak itu pada kehidupan mereka masing-masing slama ini, meskipun ujungnya bakal jadi STAR juga kayaknya 😀

  133. 133 : milena Says:

    i like this drama!

  134. 134 : deniss97 Says:

    I LOVE!!!!!!

  135. 135 : yojz Says:

    i don’t think that ep 12 will be the end.. there is a lot of incidents or stories to reveal and i don’t it will fit in one episode only right? i hope that the ending will not cut it short…

  136. 136 : 1st comment Says:

    It doesnt make sense why ma joon asked se yi to call him w his name? Does he likes seyi? But i dont get it theres only 1 ep left, you should be more focusing on love story of se yi & seol chan, especially kim nana & seo woo or better yet add some more ep. To satisfied the viewers. Hekhek..

  137. 137 : smile Says:

    yes i agree “more focusing on love story of se yi & seol chan”

  138. 138 : Tik Says:

    LoVe….so much, Seol Chan, my son!!! I am 40 year old. Outside Korea fan…555

  139. 139 : TEAMINA Says:


  140. 140 : KATQ Says:


  141. 141 : Music Video Monday | DrEaMz Says:

    […] been watching “Monstar” (K-drama) enjoying and loving it… Here’s 1 of them song i enjoy for this […]

  142. 142 : jo Says:

    episode 11 – a bit disappointed which not focus on the love story between seol chan n seyi. seol chan just appear a whle on this episode….

  143. 143 : jo Says:

    episode 11 – a bit disappointed which not focus on the love story between seol chan n seyi.

  144. 144 : jo Says:

    seol chan is cute n arrogant….

  145. 145 : jo Says:

    anyone can tell me , is it happy ending between seol chan n seyi ????

  146. 146 : VANILASKY Says:

    i like this couple-Seol Chan and MinseyiBut ,why 12 epizode,why?

  147. 147 : DESIDO89 Says:


  148. 148 : Mira Says:

    Daebak… Love it.

  149. 149 : smile Says:

    how about ep 12..anyone can comment please…

  150. 150 : Jade Says:


  151. 151 : Sarah Says:

    I honestly feel that the end was not the end!!! It was to open it didnt feel done and Nana is so heartbroken I cant deal I need a season 2 focusing on Nana and Sun Woo or at least an update !!!! Episode 12 was so dissapointing honestly there was so much missing for me

  152. 152 : bigeye46 Says:

    i feel disapoint bec it didnot end story now and should be 13 esp

  153. 153 : Tilly Says:

    I just finished watching the ending and it just felt, rushed. It’s very disappointing because there should be MORE!! But there isn’t :c I hope they continue it or do something with it because in the beginning, it captivated me but now, this ending just sucks..

  154. 154 : yin Says:

    a: se yi are you win the concert ?
    se yi : …..mmmmmm
    a : are you lose ?
    se yi : guess… …

    …..I guess lose 🙁

  155. 155 : yin Says:

    a: se yi are you win the concert ?
    se yi : …..mmmmmm
    a : are you lose ?
    se yi : guess… …

    …..I guess lose 🙁


  156. 156 : milena Says:

    i love this drama!!!!!!why,why finish?

  157. 157 : Carmen Says:

    I bet this will have a 2nd park…is was and open end

  158. 158 : sahel Says:

    is it good for watch?

  159. 159 : seesar Says:

    I like this drama …..I don’t want drama end.
    I hope show like this drama

  160. 160 : Ayi75 Says:

    Love sol chan so much. And now i’m already miss ‘im

  161. 161 : Maryjoy Yoo Says:

    Why the ratings so low…why why why? The story for me are great,

  162. 162 : dlynn Says:

    @maryjoy because tvN is pay-tv channel so not many people watch it.. But for pay-tv channel ratting between 1-3 is high

  163. 163 : maryjoy Says:

    Really 2/3 rating really?oh,well im happt for that if high there rating,thanks to dlynn.

  164. 164 : Betty Says:

    I never watch Korean dramas I recharged many times Monstar’s new drama makes me want to see it continue, funny drama, romantic and adorable for all the players, hopefully there it goes to Monstar 2

  165. 165 : jolie Says:

    *Yoon Sul Chan : Cool 🙂
    *Jung Sun Woo : Handsome 🙂

  166. 166 : cecil Says:

    Dissappoint ending, I need season 2, waiting seon woo and nana story, must, I’m very happy and glad if that true ^_^

  167. 167 : cuity17 Says:

    Very entertaining, love seeing, soel chan n se yi, couple, I like the way how they get close each other, it’s so naturtal.. ;), n I’m still curious about seng woo n na na he..he.. 😉 season 2 pleasee…

  168. 168 : Didi Says:

    ..what is the name of the high school? it is so beautiful..

  169. 169 : JamesPH Says:

    i thought it would go up to 16th episodes but i was so shocked it ended up with only 12 episodes!i just buy a tape of it here in the Philippines and was so excited to watch…now im on episode 10! As what i read from the previous comment almost all of it was disappointed with the ending and for me im making some decision if ill continue watching it or not cos i just dont want to disappoint too like to the others. Just hoping for MONSTAR 2 soon!Please….

  170. 170 : anzu Says:

    I think ending was nice……seung woo take out the cloth given by nana and he smile looking at mirror…this mean he start to like nana……..
    and of course seol chan and se yi ended together…….it doesn’t matter who win bcuz it’s not about the loss or win..it’s about overcoming the pain they had in their heart thru music…………….

  171. 171 : Amy Says:

    like very much

  172. 172 : bernadette Says:

    I really want a season 2 of monstar ^^

  173. 173 : Luca k Says:

    Hello my fellow korean drama lovers! Please support your OTP at thatssodrama! It’s a blog that will become a proper website with your support. Please follow them (my friends work very hard on this website) on facebook as well. Thank you 😀

  174. 174 : jow Says:

    i’m surprised with this drama..great drama…very entertained…..

  175. 175 : Fullheart Says:

    Just watched it a second time. Was even better.

  176. 176 : shima Says:

    Love this drama sooooo much♡♡ nice script, good directing, great acters and wonderful songs…. a real perfect drama. Recommend it to everyone 🙂

  177. 177 : olaitan Says:

    Nice drama,i love ha yeon soo&dahee.wish 2 see you in another drama,fighting…

  178. 178 : zeez22 Says:

    I enjoyed watching this drama… love the songs, bring back fond memories…

  179. 179 : Catherine Says:

    WILL THERE BE A SECOND SEASON?? It ended too quickly with a lot of hints at future conflicts, but they weren’t played out. Not to mention Sul Chan who hasn’t even confessed yet.

  180. 180 : lia Says:

    i love dahee… hiks ^_^ even she seem too cold.. why not she being the main actor.. 🙁 she good.. i always wait for her action..

  181. 181 : xiumin Says:

    i just watch the episode 3 waiting for episode 4 omo chuwaeyo i hope you two had another movie 🙂 araso saranghae

  182. 182 : Lyda Says:

    Like this drama! Very interesting!!!

  183. 183 : Snoopy Says:

    One doubtI want to ask all fans here! This drama was since 2013 but y just broadcoast now on Channel M?! I wonder this so much! Anyone here can tell me y?!

  184. 184 : Sheskie Says:

    Did the ending purposely to be like that??? Is there a second season???? I hope there will be since the ending leaves so many questions and unsettle issues…I love the love triangle so much but obviously we all know who’s the main female character wants to be with, hope they have another date and i’m curious on how is it going to be this time when they are already in the relationship. How will Yoon Sul Chan react when there will be another reporter to approach them. So excited to have the second season if there will be…Please do as second season, and the the next, and the next…..Good job guys, I REALLY ENJOY WATCHING this series…Keep up the good work…

  185. 185 : sangli wangham Says:

    This drama has something which is very different from others.
    I like the girl in main role.
    There should be more episodes,even seasons.

  186. 186 : Khanza Says:

    bagus, sayangnya cuma 12 episod

  187. 187 : Sherri Says:

    I love with this drama! forever!

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