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Title: 보고싶다 / Missing You
Chinese Title: 想你
Also Known as: I Miss You
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 21
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Nov-07 to 2013-Jan-17
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


This drama is a melodrama that will portray a story of a teenage couple who fall in love and get painfully separated, and then meet again as adults by playing game of love hide and seek.

Han Jung Woo (Park Yoochun) has been a homicide detective for 2 years and he is looking for his childhood love. Lee So Yeon (Yoon Eun Hye) is a fashion designer and often dream of Han Jung Woo searching for her…

Meanwhile, Kang Hyung Joon (Yoo Seung Ho) is a cold-hearted, charismatic fund manager, who tries to take revenge on Han Jung Woo because of the troubled relationship within their family.


Main Cast

Yoon Eun Hye as Lee Soo Yeon
Kim So Hyun as Lee Soo Yeon (young)
Park Yoochun as Han Jung Woo
Yeo Jin Goo as Han Jung Woo (young)
Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Hyung Joon
Ahn Do Gyu as Hyung Joon (young)

Supporting Cast

Jang Mi In Ae as Kim Eun Joo
Yoo Yeon Mi as Kim Eun Joo (young)
Song Ok Sook as Kim Myung Hee
Han Jin Hee as Han Tae Joon
Do Ji Won as Hwang Mi Ran
Cha Hwa Yun as Kang Hyun Joo
Jun Kwang Ryul as Kim Sung Ho
Kim Sun Kyung as Jung Hye Mi
Lee Se Young as Han Ah Reum
Jun Min Seo as Ah Reum (young)
Song Jae Ho as Choi Chang Shik
Jung Suk Yong as police station lieutenant
Oh Jung Se as Detective Joo
Jo Duk Hyun as Nam Shil Chang
Jin Hyuk as Detective Ahn
Park Sun Woo as Kang Sang Deuk
Min Sung Wook as detective
Kim Mi Kyung as Song Mi Jung (Janitor)
Kim Sae Ron as Bo Ra
Lee Seung Won as detective

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jae Dong, Park Jae Bum
Screenwriter: Moon Hee Jung

Episode Preview

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20
Episode 21

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-11-07 1 7.7 8.4 7.7 9.0 (19th)
2012-11-08 2 6.9 7.9 6.2 7.2
2012-11-14 3 8.0 10.0 (17th) 6.6 7.6
2012-11-15 4 8.4 9.9 (19th) 7.0 7.5
2012-11-21 5 10.3 (13th) 12.1 (10th) 10.2 (12th) 11.2 (8th)
2012-11-22 6 11.9 (13th) 14.0 (5th) 11.0 (13th) 12.7 (9th)
2012-11-28 7 12.5 (10th) 15.0 (4th) 10.6 (12th) 11.9 (9th)
2012-11-29 8 12.1 (15th) 14.2 (7th) 10.1 (13th) 11.8 (9th)
2012-12-05 9 10.7 (17th) 12.5 (9th) 11.0 (10th) 12.5 (7th)
2012-12-06 10 12.9 (14th) 15.3 (5th) 11.5 (10th) 12.7 (8th)
2012-12-12 11 14.2 (7th) 17.4 (3rd) 11.7 (9th) 13.3 (6th)
2012-12-13 12 13.9 (9th) 17.9 (3rd) 11.6 (11th) 13.8 (6th)
2012-12-20 13 11.9 (9th) 15.1 (3rd) 9.7 (13th) 10.8 (10th)
2012-12-26 14 12.2 (12th) 15.2 (4th) 10.5 (13th) 11.8 (9th)
2012-12-27 15 10.9 (15th) 13.8 (7th) 11.2 (12th) 12.8 (7th)
2013-01-02 16 11.1 (14th) 12.9 (11th) 10.9 (12th) 12.4 (5th)
2013-01-03 17 12.2 (15th) 15.0 (7th) 10.4 (17th) 12.2 (12th)
2013-01-09 18 11.8 (12th) 14.0 (5th) 10.2 (13th) 11.8 (10th)
2013-01-10 19 12.9 (14th) 15.4 (6th) 10.9 (15th) 12.8 (10th)
2013-01-16 20 12.3 (12th) 15.4 (4th) 10.6 (12th) 11.7 (7th)
2013-01-17 21 11.8 (14th) 14.4 (7th) 11.6 (12th) 13.2 (6th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


– Due to the President Election on 19/Dec/2012, Episode 13 has been postponed to 20/Dec/2012.

– This drama was originally only slated for 20 episodes but the episode extension to 21 to create a complete drama for viewers until the very end. (Source)


2013 49th Baeksang Arts Awards: Most Popular Actor (Park Yoo Chun)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Actor Acting Awards, Jun Kwang Ryul
2012 MBC Drama Awards:: Hallyu Star of the Year, Yoon Eun Hye (I Miss You)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Award (Mini Series): Park Yoo Chun (I Miss You)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Actress Awards: Yoon Eun Hye (I Miss You)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Best Child Actor Acting Awards, Yeo Jin Goo
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Best Child Actress Acting Awards, Kim So Hyun


Main Cast

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Press Conference & 6 Minutes Preview

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2,148 Responses to “Missing You @ I Miss You”

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  1. 801
    KDaddict Says:

    No worry, JW is not hurt by SY’s reaction to him. When he asks his little sister what she would do if she was SY, she says she’d want revenge. He eagerly responds, w a smile on his face: “You totally would, wouldn’t you? And you’d stare at me sideways, like this, right?” He is actually happy that Zoe is treating him poorly, cos that proves that she is SY. Next day when he goes to see her, he is all smiles. I think he is so relieved to have found her after all these years that he’d be happy to take all the abuse that she can dish out. It’s like a lover’s quarrel. He understands that it’ll take time for her to walk towards him. Moreover, I think SY will relent soon enough.
    Micky is Fantastic in this, isn’t he?

  2. 802
    KDaddict Says:

    I think the reason that YooSH acts that way is becos Harry has a personality that is understated, likes to keep things to himself, is not usually expressive, i.e. it implies he has a dark side.
    And the reason Micky acts exuberant is that JW has a more sunny personality. He wears his heart on his sleeves.
    I’m sure YooSH is capable of acting like a fool, n Micky likewise is capable of acting like a zombie. Both r good actors who deliver what the script calls for.

    I’ve said a couple times that SO FAR we haven’t seen Harry do villainous things yet. So to us, he isn’t a villain, yet. But we suspect he has been keeping busy doing things that don’t stand well under the sun, don’t we?

  3. 803
    unknown unknown Says:

    Now I recall a pivotal scene in the earlier part of this drama… Little Harry was taken to the neighbourhood clinic by HJW and LSY…. The nurse forcibly took little Harry away and entered a taxi while HJW and LSY gave chase running behind the taxi. The nurse told little Harry to turn around and look at HJW and said that HJW is the son of the man who killed Harry’s mother. With this scene, can we then assume that Harry, even way back then, intended to separate LSY from HJW (for revenge since it was obvious that they were a couple) when the opportunity arised when LSY fell in front of his car on that fateful night. I think Harry wanted to keep LSY for revenge more than anything else and he did this by brainwashing LSY that the fact that HJW did not come back for LSY that night, it meant that he has abandoned LSY.

    Another good point about this script is that they bother to explain smartly why die-hard HJW, Eun Joo and even LSY’s mother could not recognize Zoe/LSY despite that only 14 years had passed (because LSY was already a teenager then and the look would be more or less be recognisable). There were a couple of scenes just before the nurse took little LSY and little Harry overseas that showed LSY’s face badly injured and all bandaged up (probably due to being knocked down by the car). Therefore it has to be assume that LSY had extensive plastic surgery done on her face while she was overseas. This was reinforce when the adult Harry asked Zoe whether she wanted more work to be done on her nose during one of their conversations in the car back in Korea. Smart script right? Otherwise discerning viewers like us will question why these loved ones do not recognise her despite pining for her all these years. (HJW mostly finds Zoe’s voice and mannerism similar to LSY.)


  4. 804
    ASDFGJ Says:

    I love this drama! And I’m happy that the ratings are getting higher than before. 😀

  5. 805
    mic Says:


  6. 806
    eve Says:

    after watch ep7-8 i lovve the story so much,when i think as LSY i think i would do the same thing to HJW coz i feel that he betray me

  7. 807
    santino Says:

    I am watching this drama because of YEH. But as the drama goes on never expected that i will also like PYC, his facial expression really goes in my heart .. his simply irresistable. YHS is also adorable and a good actor in spite of his age (19) but i can’t really see him now as a MAN but still a BOY (hehehe)…this drama is awesome … Can’t predict who are real killer of michelle kim and LSY rapist … Does LSY really love KHJ or after all those 14 years the person she wants to be with is still HJW in spite of the pain and anger she feels for him. Ahhh korean drama really made my day … good that the english sub is available right away.

  8. 808
    nana Says:

    @801 KDaddict
    Yup..Agree! If I were in her shoes, I might hate HJW too..I believe she still love HJW more than Harry but she can’t accept why he left her alone in that critical situation..
    After watching the preview for EP.9, we can see she still can’t forgive his mistake..It’s really painful to see HJW live in guilty…HJW, he need to slow down at this time, give her a time but don’t give up..It’s okay if LSY can’t accept his love but I just hope she can forgive him..
    The criminal problems is one of the issue that he must solve too..I know, he believe in LSY more than others..I love Det.Han’s char, when he work, he really work hard!

  9. 809
    KDaddict Says:

    Good points both of them.
    HJ has said to SY more than once that JW wasn’t come, that JW had abandoned her. So that idea originated w HJ, n SY absorbed it into her system. It’ll take time n reversed circumstances to change her mind, i.e. JW will have to Prove that he hasn’t abandoned her, n we know he’ll go to the end of the earth to Prove it.

    It’s very discerning of u to pick up the pt concerning plastic surgery. What I love abt this script is that AT Times it can be very subtle when it wants to be, n Hard-assed painful when it suits it purpose, like in the 1st couple eps, while giving us red-herrings all the time. Smart writing indeed.

    Where were you all the other times? Which other shows have u loved?

  10. 810
    KDaddict Says:

    Typo: I know it is “unknown”, not “unknow”. 1 finger didn’t hit the keyboard.

    First half of #809 addresses your pt too. 😉

  11. 811
    mic Says:

    I can’t wait for every eps. Love it!

  12. 812
    Mylene Says:

    love YEH since Goong era, can’t wait to watch 8th episode, I miss you is a good Kseries we must see. Yoochun character is totally different. Fighting!

  13. 813
    Nana Says:

    Omg id love to see harry and zoe to end uptogether,

    But, theyre the second pairing here, right? Do they still have chance to end up together? D:

  14. 814
    nana Says:

    @812 Nana
    OMG..we have the same name?But I’m not Harry + Zoe shipper.
    I love HJW more but I don’t ship HJW & LSY as well..haha..IDK, at this moment, it’s difficult to say who really deserve her love..I’m more into the crime scene, love is the 2nd issue in this drama..
    But I really love to see the relationship between HJW with LSY’s omma n his partner..It’s really beautiful n harmony..

  15. 815
    Nana2 Says:

    @nana I think so…well then, I willchange my name to Nana2 hahaha,

    I really love Harry and Zoe together. I am such a fan girl… I also love the crime scene, especially Harry (Lovely wicked villain)

  16. 816
    unknown unknown Says:

    Hi KDaddict

    I have been a huge Korean drama fan for the past two years and have been watching all the mostly new dramas as they come out and, whenever time permits, also watched the older dramas based on rankings and viewers recommendations. I always visit this website for info on the dramas but never felt compelled to give my own comments. However, while reading the comments by you and the other discerning viewers on “Missing You”, I thought it would be fun to join in last week and have not regretted since. Many people said that watching too much Korean dramas will make one dumb and dumber but I think if we watch, analyse and comment, then perhaps it would be a good exercise for our brains, right?. This is like an inner circle club for Korean drama addicts. 🙂

    The reason why I am now a bit more discerning about smartly scripted dramas nowadays is due to “Fashion King”. I had enjoyed the drama from the beginning because the protagonists acted well, are good looking and the sad love story is very engaging. However, the last part of the drama, particularly the ending, made one felt really stupid watching it even though we knew it was just a show and not to be taken seriously. Until now I am still keen to know if the scriptwriter has an agenda that I am not aware of. Did you watch Fashion King? Do you have any insight or explanation on why the ending had to be like that or able to figure out what was the scriptwriter’s agenda if any? The other show that puzzled and intrigued me was the recent “Ohlala Couple”…a comedy that turned into a major tragedy melodrama half way. What was the production crew thinking of? Viewers (including myself) disliked the ending even though it was one big happy ending!

    (Sorry to all) I don’t intend to mess up this page discussing other dramas. Is there any generic comments section whereby viewers (like all of us here) can generally discuss our views, insights and findings of Korean dramas? Ha ha ha.

    Thank you.

  17. 817
    bella Says:

    Hi all..

    this Kdrama “I MISS YOU” is making me insane, just cant get over it, my mind is blowing from to much thinking… I just hope Harry and zoe will end up together? hehehe YEH, shes one of the best accress in Korea, just luv watching her… waaaaaaaaa…. harry n zoe figthing……. 🙂

  18. 818
    Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    weeww already 1 thousand likes!

  19. 819
    KDaddict Says:

    There is mighty little discussion on this site. Most ppl are happy to express their love for their fav actors, n their dislike; sometimes sparring occurs. Real discussion is rare. There isn’t a separate section for it. Here goes:
    KDs are made on a live-shoot system. A writer is hired on the bases of her reputation, past successes, an outline for a story, n summary for 1-2 eps. There is no finished script when shooting begins. Often times, revised pages get delivered into the hands of actors an hour before shooting for that scene starts. It is chaotic to say the least. On top of that, SK is a most internet savvy society. Viewers quickly express their opinion on relevant boards. Ratings too r real-time. PD teams feel the pressure to cater to viewer demands. It is easy n safest to fall back on cliches. Or writers had a good but sketchy idea when they started, n then couldn’t juggle all the balls in the air (arcs in the story), so they fall flat.
    May I suggest On Air n King of Drama to get an idea on the crazy BTS of drama production.

    Fashion King was a major disaster. I’m glad I didn’t watch it. W shows I’ve doubts on, I usually wait a few eps. Word of mouth on it was so bad, I wouldn’t touch it w a 10 ft. pole.

    Ohlala, I felt was a one-trick pony, that of cross dressing. I watched 2 eps n left. There r only so many laughs you can milk out of KimEJ behaving like a man, n Shin HJ behaving like an ahjumma. With the Fairies of Marriage running intervention, the ending was pretty much a foregone conclusion.

    My friends r surprised that I’m addicted to KD, cos they too say it is for soft-brains. I don’t watch it to nurture my brain cells. TBH, I watch it for eye candies. I can’t stop marveling at how ppl can look so pretty!
    After many years of watching, I’m discerning but pragmatic. I embrace the shows that don’t insult my intelligence (e.g. IMY), relish the ones that r wonderful/enjoyable (Arang), tolerate the ones that have some merit (Faith), quit the ones that crapped out (Rascal Sons), n skip the rest.

    Hope to see you around often!

  20. 820
    addylovesbwoowd Says:

    while watching ep 8… I said to myself “this kinda reminds me of Can you hear my heart. I go on drama wiki only to find the writer and guess what?? it’s the same writer as CYHMH…. aigoooo

  21. 821
    Nana2 Says:

    @817-bella I hope theyll end together! But theyre not the main pairing so im not sure…. But remember dream high 2? The lead went with the fourth lead.

  22. 822
    kimchilee Says:

    @KDAddict, I must say I grew to love the narration you wrote for each and every episode, love the way you give your opinion, explanation etc. In short, I simply love reading your own ‘script’ .. i usually look out for your comments at times before I start watching an episode or a drama. Heyy.. you should be a film critic or maybe they should hire you to be a KD critic!! haha! you always give such precise views.. thank you!

    @Unknown2, welcome to such websites.. I dont watch fashion king after hearing the bad endings.. too bad the hero chose such a drama..but I do love him in S.Scandal. He looked so gorgeous with his beard and long hair.

    @Nana and Nana2.. both of you are so funny and even funnier calling one Nana2.. Its really cute! I saw in some drama website there was also someone called KimChi or KimChee.. hope you all dont get confused this with mine.. otherwise, i will have to change my name too! cheers!

  23. 823
    Cc Says:

    It’s been long time I din submit any comment. But this drama really super duper good…. I love three of them….. Very good in acting!

  24. 824
    roxyalso Says:

    I don’t take to much stock in people who have opinions about the dramas I watch. I like what I want to and for my own reasons, not for someone else’s. I like all type of dramas not just one particular type. I like solid actors who can act instead of those who are the advertisers children. Advertisers can help make an actor who is good looking but may not be the greatest actor.

    YEH, PY, KSH and all the other supporting actors are going to make this a popular drama. I love the mature supporting actors they are always wonderful in dramas and without them the dramas wouldn’t work. Just my opinion.

  25. 825
    Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Since it’s the end of year, there will be the station’s drama awards, SBS, MBC and KBST. Correct me if i am wrong, last year SBS had many hit and top rated series, but this year 2012 is the best for MBC like the top rated TMTETS, Horse Doctor, May Queen, TheKing2Hearts, Arang and The Magistrate, Golden Time and now Missing You which all have positive ratings.

    There are too many great dramas from MBC this year! And what would happen to MBC Drama Awards? All are deserving to win particular categories. weeeww! But im rooting for this drama to win awards, oh please!

  26. 826
    Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    At last I finished watching episode 1-8. and I have my own suspect. and it’s a HER! Yeah it’s a woman. I’m confident with my prediction.

  27. 827
    Xanne Says:

    It’s been a while since I last watched Korean dramas. “I Miss You” is definitely the one that caught my attention just by watching the trailer. Can’t wait for the new episodes to be posted every week!!

    I know it’s most likely that Zoey and Jung Woo will end up together. BUT I’m still hoping that for once Korean would make a change because I want Zoey and Harry together. <3

  28. 828
    simolkaw Says:

    Wow This drama Make me Cry, Last of EP3

  29. 829
    shanedrie Says:

    its a beautiful drama, i like it very much…can’t wait to episode 9 & 10

  30. 830
    mic Says:

    tonight ep9. Hope this ep will hight rating

  31. 831
    swift Says:

    Storyline not developing well, writer keeps lingering on the main actress’s feeling of remorse and indeciveness of whether still have feelings for Jung Woo. Hyung Joon’s character is the best as he is able to maintain the cruel demeanor and yet being calm in handling Seo Yoon.

  32. 832
    nana Says:

    Tonight Ep.9…arghhh..really can’t wait..Besides LSY will under arrest for being their main suspect, I’m looking forward the bento scene as well..Will prepare for a big towel tonight 🙁

  33. 833
    Isabella Says:

    Quiero ver los dramas pero no se como???

  34. 834
    Miss LHH Says:

    ahhhhh… Zoey and Harry is Really Sweeeeeet~
    I hope they will be together until the end. 😀

  35. 835
    Elmas Says:

    Jung Woo ya! …. Han Jung Woo

  36. 836
    EXCITED94 Says:

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I CAN’T WAIT FOR EPISODE 9 AND 100000000000000000000000000000. What will Jung Woo do? Will he cover up for her and take the blame???

  37. 837
    gif Says:

    I don’t see how the writer can convincingly give JW and SY a shot at happiness when the boy saw her brutally raped as a teenager. Let’s say she forgives, but the cruel imagery is still there in her brain, and is going no where.

    Intimacy should be out of the question for this character until SHE comes to terms with her life apart from anyone else. Yeah, people can be there for her, but it’s no one’s business but hers how she copes or not. If they have not been there then these groping and moping characters need to back up because her adult life is not about them as much as they want her in it. Some are being a leeeeettle bit selfish. And it’s portrayed rather starkly imo. I’m only reading the recaps because the writing and characterization of the subject matter just pisses me off. I’m not a survivor of rape but came close to being a victim in uni because I let him in. Only by grace did I not get attacked in my own apartment my senior year. Others had.

    I guess as long as the leads “kiss”, all is right in Kdrama-land even though one was brutally traumatized repeatedly (physical, verbal and sexual) as a child.

  38. 838
    rory Says:

    After watching EP.9[raw], what can I say..I was really really really moved by YEH, PYC & SOS acting…Perfectly and amazing! Cried so hard especially when YEH crying under blanket n bento scene with PYC & SOS..can’t wait for the subs

  39. 839
    jung woo Says:

    ep 7 prt 4..soo yun’s mom watches the drama horse doctor…grt to see it was horse doctor she was watching

  40. 840
    addylovesbwoowd Says:

    I don’t think zoey’s murdered him. there’s so many clues. 1st. there were two cars in the garage but yoochun only focused on hers cuz she was in it. what about the other car that was pulling in?
    2. Remember zoey had a reason to be there. the guy called her and she said she would come. would she be that stupid and murder wen theres evidence she’s the last one he called? I think she went but never got out the car out of fear.
    4. at the end of ep.8 Yoochun remembers that she said she wouldn’t ever kill anyone. He really believes her. He know she did not commit this crime which is why he will probably stand up for her or maybe take the blame….

    This drama is EPIC in everyway possible.

  41. 841
    KDaddict Says:

    Ep 8:
    Micky’s acting. He really hits it out of the park in this one!
    I’m so glad Song Ok Sook was cast as SY’s mother. It is a role that I believe Only she can play well. The look of shock n emotional upheaval as she tries hard to get a good look at SY’s face thru the windshield manages to be real. Gt acting.

    While we’ve been busy being impressed by the acting of Yeo Jin Gu, KimSH, Micky, YooSH, Song Ok Sook, YEH has been playing Zoe, who has been low-key. She only clings to Harry as her security blanket. But in this ep, YEH is given a chance to step up to the plate, n portrays a char wounded in more ways than one. Good job all around!

    There was much controversy surrounding this drama when it dealt w rape early on. It is not a pretty topic, but once in a while, it needs to be dealt w in a drama. And to its credit, IMY does IN No Way downplay the hurt n psychological damage rape causes, not only to the victim, but to everyone who loves her. We know from preceding eps, that Zoe has been living a life of make-believe in France. Harry encourages it. In these few eps, since meeting JW, Zoe is coming to terms w the fact that she IS SY: she is facing her past, the rape, the fact that JW left the scene, n that her mother didn’t come to her rescue. I think that’s why she comes back to Seoul to face the music. Facing JW, her mother, forgiving them, accepting their love for her, n hers for them, that is her healing. I think that’s what upcoming eps are abt.

  42. 842
    KDaddict Says:

    Thank you for your compliment.
    I think the lot of us who r no longer teenagers, who have finished univ, have some work n life experience, have some common ground, when it comes to criteria n expectations for watching KDs, that set us apart from our younger counterparts. Still, it is a gt pleasure to find ppl we click w, r on similar wave-lengths w, in KD viewing, which is essentially a solitary activity. Sharing w like-minds makes it a richer experience.
    I do toy w the idea of writing a blog, but am not sure I have the commitment. I’d do it w a small group, like on thundie’s prattle. Several contributors can cover more dramas, n it’d takes the pressure off of doing it alone. 🙂

  43. 843
    santino Says:

    OMG just looking on the captures pic of epi 9 …YEH is really a great actress just looking at her crying …i am also crying .. i am really dying to watch it .. can anyone upload the eng sub..please…

  44. 844
    etha Says:

    i think eun jo did it, clearly

  45. 845
    KDaddict Says:

    Ops! #841 refers to Ep 9.

  46. 846
    nana Says:

    OMG, I really2 love Ep.9…Finally we know Zoe still love HJW..It’s very clear she felt guilty for saying that line to HJW during the interrogation session..Crying under the blanket, OMG, so heartbreaking..But at least she let go her true feeling this time..Maybe half of her heart…This is the best performance from YEH…

    For the eating scene, I can’t help to cry with them too..Thumbs up PYC, u’re nailed it..crying while eating, in front of LSY’s omma, my heart really torn into pieces..we can see his mouth shivering, damn u PYC, why crying like that??? No wonder, all crews crying too while filming this scene..My respect to Madam SOS, u’re really great actress, I love the way u treat HJW, just like a son..She’s the one who really understand him the most..Agree with u KDaddict, only she can play well this role..

    YEH, PYC, SOS, I’m waiting for their awards…they really deserve it!

  47. 847
    ladyopegonzales@yahoo.com Says:

    Daebak! I cant get over this drama… but im depressed with the ratings… it should be HIGHer because this drama is UNIQUE plus all the actors are OUTSTANDING! LOve Han Jung Woo, Lee So Yeon & Kang Hyung Joon… Fighting!

  48. 848
    santino Says:


    Your POV in every episode is awesome … I must say great critic .. Are you a Filipino?

  49. 849
    KDaddict Says:

    In ep 9, in the Interrogation room, Zoe says to JW:
    If I was SY, the first person I’d kill is you!
    That is an open admission that she Is indeed SY. How else would she know that the person SY wants to kill is JW?
    It is also an open admission that JW is the person that means the most to her. You won’t want to kill sb that doesn’t mean life n death to u, right?
    3rdly, it means JW walking out that day hurt her emotionally as deeply as the rape. She didn’t want to kill the rapist, who to her might be likened to a mad dog, but JW is the love of her young life.
    I love this script. A line can be a looking glass into a char’s soul.
    I love IMY so much that i’m forgetting to watch other KDs. Mon, Tues, I was impatiently waiting for Wed, that I forgot all abt School, n KoD, which I also love.

    Unfortunately, Nothing we can do abt the ratings tho.

  50. 850
    unknown unknown Says:

    Outstanding episode 9. Micky Park Yoochun’s bento eating scene alone should win him an acting award – it was no longer acting but real anguish and tears that matched the drama. Throughout this episode, you can sense reality in his emotional upheavals, and facial contortions were perfect…difficult to act out so kudos to PYC. Yoon Eun Hye is equally good here.

    I find that once in a while, there will be a good drama/script that has one or two outstanding actors and then everybody else in the drama seemed to turn up equally outstanding performances even for minor roles. The chain effect is that all the actors feel it necessary to outdo one another in order not to be seen as a weak link in the show. I Miss You is one such drama – credit should also go to the Director of course.

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